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Cat-astrophic Time in the Garden

(Note: This story is part of an short series of Bleach stories)
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HAH, TAH, HIYAH!” Yoruichi Shihouin roared as she performed through a flurry of kicks, punches, and flips. Her movements were so sharp and precise, that they actually left an afterimage in the air for a full two seconds before they faded. Well, normal human eyes would see an afterimage anyway. In reality, the purple haired woman was actually holding back a great deal. If she were to go all out in her little demonstration, then her audience wouldn’t have been able to even see her!


TAH!” Yoruichi yelled as she finished her series of movements with a high kick that showed off her sexy legs, and also gave her audience a clear look at her crotch. She was dressed in the new “uniform” that Former Captain Unohana wanted to submit to the Gotei 13 for the female Shinigami. Apparently, Isane had tried out a version of this outfit a while ago, and Retsu had since made a new version that more closely matched the color scheme Shinigami used. It was little more than a pair of sexy panties with an intricately tied strip of cloth around the body. There were also leggings and arm warmers. But it all worked.


Sitting on top of a large boulder in the clearing was a somewhat portly middle aged man. Portly around his midsection anyway, as his arms and legs were pretty well defined, making for an unusual contrast. He had an all over deep tan that made him look almost like a foreigner. His hair was thinning on top of his head, but he carried himself with an air of confidence that the mocha skinned woman respected. Not the false confidence and bravado of some fool who had an overly high opinion of himself, but rather the confidence of someone who knew who he was, and accepted it entirely.


His name was Dio, and Yoruichi had met him the other night.


He was the owner of a local gym in the Busteez Nudist Beach and Resort Colony, making him a resident. The name of his gym, which she learned later, was “The Muscle King Dio’s.” A fairly gaudy name, especially since he was in dire need of adding crunches and sit-ups to his routine. But, from what Yoruichi could tell, he didn’t give two shits what anyone thought.


Maybe that was why she liked him?


From his perch, Dio let out a low whistle, “Daaaamn woman, where did you pick up skills like that?” he asked after taking a cigar out of his mouth and extinguishing the end against the rock before tossing the remainder out into the forest. He only smoked high end hand-rolled cigars. The biodegradable kind, so the forest would just turn it into mulch.


“Family business.” Yoruichi said. It wasn’t entirely a lie, but it wasn’t the full truth either. It had been a long while since she’d dealt with a normal human, so she needed to watch what she said very carefully. “My brother is in charge of it now after I stepped down.”


“Heh, the little shit that wants to fuck you that you mentioned?” asked Dio.


After having sex at least six times the other night, Dio offered to buy her breakfast this morning. Seeing no reason to turn down a free meal, she accepted. And if he wanted another run at her cunt, she was game. Breakfast, as it turned out, was at the local Botanical Garden, the same place she’d had some sexy fun with Byakuya and Toshiro a few days ago. They talked about several things, starting with her reasons for being in the gym the other night to begin with. How life was living in what was basically a twenty-four hour orgy. She even told him about some of her adventures with Ichigo. Though she obviously left out a few key details.


Yoruichi nodded, “That’s the one.”


“Hmmph,” was all Dio said, while nodding back, neither questioning nor agreeing with her choice. After talking about several other topics, Dio eventually asked about her workout routine. He noted that she had a physique that wasn’t in tune with a woman who worked out just to maintain an, as he put it, “Fuckable bod.” When she told him she regularly trained in martial arts, he’d asked to see a demo. Yoruichi happened to have the new “uniform” Unohana had made in her purse, so she figured why not go all out with it.


That brought her to right now.


It almost felt odd, wearing clothing again after wandering around buck ass naked for a couple of days. Strange how quickly one could get used to things.


Dio slid down from the boulder he sat on, with his big dick standing at a full erection after watching her display. “I’ve been wanting to add a self defense course at my gym. When you mentioned martial arts, I thought I might be able to hire you to teach a few classes. You mentioned you were staying in town for a while, right?” he asked.


Yoruichi nodded, “Maybe even a few months. An old friend of mine is trying to move here, and might live here with a couple new wives.


HAH!” Dio laughed heartily, “Won’t be the first time I’ve heard that story!”


“Hoh? I thought hu- Ahem, modern society frowned on polygamy?” Yoruichi said.


“Depends on the circumstances. It’s still technically illegal in most countries, including Japan. Though there’s a loophole. About this friend of yours, you said he already had a wife that’s knocked up? That’s why she sent him here with another lady friend, right?” asked Dio as the two of them began walking together through the garden path. They passed the area where Yoruichi had gotten double teamed by Toshiro and Byakuya and she saw some of the grass looked wilted. Likely from all the cum those two pumped out.


Yoruichi nodded, “Orihime, yeah. She’s a complete perv. Part of the reason why I like her.” she said with a grin.


“Hmm, right,” Dio nodded again, “Well, he can be legally married to her. As for the other two, he can just marry them in a private ceremony, just not file any paperwork with the state to that extent. So, as far as the country is concerned, he just has only one wife. If he wants his estate split between the three, then he just has to put it in his will. Simple as that. The rest is just considered an act between consenting adults, much like everything that happens here.”


“You know a lot.” Yoruichi said.


“There’s actually a brain behind this ugly mug of mine.” Dio said with a boisterous laugh, “Also, I was a lawyer in another life.”


Yoruichi stiffened just slightly, reaching out with her senses. Another life? Was there more to Dio than she thought? He came off as completely human to her. Even now, she sensed nothing special about the man other than that he had a decent dick which was STILL hard.


“Hmm, what’s the matter?” asked Dio, who was noticing her slight change, “Don’t like lawyers? Don’t worry, I retired from the job years ago.”


Yoruichi relaxed instantly. He meant “another life” figuratively!


“Sorry, no, just thought I saw my idiot brother for a second. Didn’t feel like dealing with his jealousy…” she half lied. She COULD actually sense Yushiro, but he was at least a kilometer away.


Dio smirked, “Heh, well, if he WAS here, I wouldn’t mind showing him how to properly satisfy his big slutty sister!” he said as he turned toward her and reached up with one hand, sliding it under the fabric covering her left tit and giving it a firm squeeze.


Smirking back, Yoruichi pushed her tit against his hand, “Hoh, and just what would you do?” she asked.


His smirk turned to a grin, “First, I would do THIS!” he said, while placing a hand on her shoulder and whirling her around so her back was against his chest. She then felt his fat cock sliding up between the cheeks of her ass as he then used both hands to yank the strips of fabric covering her tits aside, exposing them both. From there Dio grabbed both her breasts, squeezing roughly and pinching her nipples between his thick fingers.


“I’d say, ‘Hey you dumb punk, THISis how you get a slut like this all hot and bothered!’” he told her as he tugged on her nipples until they turned stiff. Yoruichi chewed her lower lips as she then felt Dio’s big dick sliding between her thighs. The purple haired woman could feel the raw heat coming off his dick as he rubbed it back and forth. Next, he moved one hand down, grabbing the front of her thong panties and pulling them up so that crotch dug even farther into her pussy than it already did!


“‘Women like this one want a MANthat takes charge!’” he said, while still talking and demonstrating to her brother who wasn’t actually there and Yoruichi felt herself getting turned on just imagining the look on his face as he freaked out. She then let out a little yelp as he pulled her thong even tighter, until…




The fabric of her panties ripped apart at the crotch, exposing her now soaking wet hole!


HMMMMMMH!” Yoruichi purred, while feeling his cock rubbing directly against her cunt now. She slid his cock back and forth more, making her pussy drool all over it as he moved both hands back to her tits.


“‘A woman like this isn’t some delicate flower that needs to be handled with care,’” Dio said, “‘She’s a slut that wants to be FUCKED!’” he said as he pulled his cock back and without even needing to use his hands to guide it, SHOVED his length up her sopping wet hole with a lewd wet SQUISH!


OHHHHHH FUUUUUUCK!” Yoruichi moaned in a deep voice. Dio’s cock was so deliciously thiiiick! She could feel her pussy being spread so wide she came almost instantly as she quickly rocked herself back against his thrust. “NMMMMH, YES, DEEPER!!!” she gasped, then moaned as Dio reached up, grabbed her chin, and turned her head to one side, covering her mouth with his. He tasted like cigar smoke as he pushed his tongue into her mouth in a sloppy kiss.


“Hmmmm, yeah, like dat…?” he asked as he began slowly pumping his cock back and forth. “Want me to scrape your insides out with my big, fat, dick in front of your little cuck brother?”


MMMMMMMH, YESSHHH, PHUCK MEH!!!” Yoruichi moaned, “SHLAM DAT BHIG PHAT CAWK INDO MUH HOOOOOLE!!! YESH, HAWDER, OOOOOH…” she moaned as Dio began slamming his cock back and forth, as the angle of his position made his dick hit ALL the right spots. She swirled her tongue back against his, feeling more and more aroused with every passing second as he tore off the rest of the outfit aside from her leggings and arm warmers.


AHHH PHUCK, THAT CAWK ISH SHO BHIG!” Yoruichi moaned as she moved to put a hand down on the slight, but noticeable bump in her belly, marking exactly where his dick was inside her. “AWWW, YEAH, IT’SH SHO DHEEP! MOAR, HAWDER, ROUGHER, MESSH MEH UUUP…!!!” she begged, with her pussy gushing every time he shoved his cock back inside.


“Nmmmmmh, yeah, I’d show your little brother that you don’t wanna be worshiped, you wanna be FUCKED!” Dio said, breaking the kiss and bending Yoruichi forward at a ninety degree angle. He then grabbed her wrists, and pulled on them like the handles of a bike before he began pounding his cock in and out of her with a loud SLAP SLAP SLAP! Yoruichi could feel the baby fat of her ass rippling with every thrust as she panted hard, her mouth open and her tongue hanging out of it.




Dio laughed, and she felt his hand come down on her ass with a loud echoing SMACK that made Yoruichi cum again. She LOVED this, feeling a thick, hard, and confidant dick spearing into her again and again. It was reaching so deep inside, she could feel his length moving in and out of her womb, the tip getting caught by her cervix every time. Sure, her brother was way bigger, but size was all but useless if you didn’t have the confidence to USE it.


HOOOOOOH, MORE!!! FUCK ME MORE, MAKE ME CUM, YOU FAT BASTARD!!!” she yelled at Dio. The man only laughed again and slapped her ass once more before reaching down and grabbing her thighs. With almost no effort, he lifted her up, holding her aloft by her legs as he pumped her up and down on his cock. Yoruichi leaned herself back against him, while grabbing her own fat tits and squeezing them hard.




The sound of her pussy gushing was almost as loud as her screams as Yoruichi felt herself cumming again and again as Dio used her like a life-sized cock sleeve. She pulled both her tits up towards her face, sucking her own nipples together as she continued cumming again and again.


“Then, after I’d shown him how to properly take you, I dump a huge load up your cunt right in front of him!” Dio told her.


AH, HAH, AHH, AHAAH, YES, DO IT!!! PUMP MY CUNT FULL OF YOUR FUCKING BABY BATTER!! GIMME A THICK CREAMY LOOOOAD…” Yoruichi begged, cumming just thinking about it as she let go of her breasts and moved her arms behind her head. Hugging Dio’s head to her shoulder as he kissed and slobbered all over her neck, she felt his cock pushing all the way into her womb again as he began cumming inside her!


Thick, sticky, liquid heat pumped into her, and her womb felt instantly full as Yoruichi’s entire body felt like it was spasming in orgasm. Dio held her aloft until he finished cumming inside her, then dumped her to the ground like a sack of potatoes. True to her cat-like nature, Yoruichi landed on all fours and turned around. Dio quickly grabbed her head and pushed his cum covered cock down her throat.


GUUUUUUUUPH!!!” she gagged, then immediately started cumming again from just having her mouth fucked. “AGUH, GUG, GUH, GUMMPH, GURK…” she choked around his cock as he forced his length in and out of her mouth.


“Mmmmmmh, yeah. Clean that up, cat slut.” he told her. “I bet if your brother did that, you’d be his personal cum dumpster, wouldn’t you?”


“Haaaah, aguh…” Yoruichi gasped as he let her pull away. She coughed once, then looked up at Dio, most of his face was obscured by his cock as he rubbed it all over her face.


“Gimme a sexy meow like a good kitty.” he told her.


Holding both her hands up like a cat pawing at a toy, Yoruichi moaned, “Nyah!”


Grinning, Dio hawked and spit to his left, smacking her face with his dick again, “THAT’S what I’d do.” he said.


Yoruichi licked his cock and balls with the tip of her tongue, purring contentedly before she got up with a wide grin on her face. “Maybe that would help him mature a bit.” she laughed as the two of them continued on through the garden.



(Story by User: SailorIo)

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1 year ago

Hey Sailor how you’re doing? I hope you’re doing good hehehe

Man i loved the chapter, Yoruichi is definetly my favorite girl in the story alongside Rangiku, and this arc with her and her brother is being a very enjoying read.

Talking about the OC Dio i really like this character lol, he brings a sexy side of Yoruichi that she already had but becomes more evident because the way she acts around him, i hope he continues being a regular character he’s Awesome 😄

Also i like this lemon, it was very erotic and kinky and i definetly want to see Yushiro seeing Dio and Yoruichi having sex, this love triangle. Affair of Yoruichi and Dio is very hot.

I kinda had an idea that Yushiro could see them having sex in the gym again, or another place like Yoruichi’s place, or in a party club either ways the NTR would be amazing lol.

Amazing chapter 10/10

Hugs Lizardon 🤗

1 year ago
Reply to  Lizardon888X

I’m doing okay. And I’m glad you enjoyed it. Honestly I didn’t think the one-shot UB character would be enjoyed by so many people.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago

Really enjoyed the deeper look at Dio in this chapter. He’s way more than your average UB (Ugly Bastard) and his time with Yoruichi really shows this. Aside from the legal/harem advice he gave her, he also provided her with a really unique pounding experience. The way he talked about what he “would” say if Yushiro was there with them, makes me wonder what “would” happen if he “would” fuck Yoruichi right in front of him. Kind of me wants to see him completely dominate and destroy Yoruichi, though another part of me just doesn’t want to see Yushiro hurt, he’s just too cute for that. On the flipside however, that’s sorta the point of certain NTR scenarios… Only chance for me to find out what will happen, is to keep reading, I guess. And with sex like the one in this chapter, this shouldn’t be an issue. It was a perfect mix between rough and funny, which kept me on the edge the whole time.

I hope it’s not weird that I hope that Yoruichi will continue to stick with Dio from now on. They make for a nice duo and she’d definitely fit right in his gym.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Honestly, I’m surprised my one shot character was so well received by everyone. So well I was asked to use him again. And now a third request.

1 year ago


1 year ago
Reply to  Xcelsior

Hope you enjoyed the story!

1 year ago


1 year ago
Reply to  Mich