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Engaged in Eden (Special Edition)

(Note: This story is part of an short series of Bleach stories)
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Isane Kotetsu stood naked in Retsu Unohana’s apartment guest room looking at the odd choice of decor. The small cabinet closet set next to the window looking out on the resort city had a bunch of those anime posters taped to it.


Isane had no idea why Captain Unohana had placed them there, and when she asked the dark haired woman simply replied, “They were giving them away at the store when I went by.” Seemed she thought it’d be rude to simply throw them out, so she put them up in a guest room. After trying out the new function of her Gigai with Captain Hitsugaya, conversations actually became normal for a while. Ichigo and Rangiku never arrived to join them for dinner, so Isane and the others ordered some insanely spicy food and ate together naked.


After that, Momo and her sister Kiyone went to stay at a nearby hotel while Isane herself had spent the night in one of the other guest rooms. Toshiro meanwhile went off with Yoruichi and Captain Kuchiki somewhere. When morning came Isane found herself touring an actual city where people were actually just walking around naked and fornicating in public like it was the most casual thing in the world. The founder of this resort, someone named R. Tenzo, had slowly but surely bought up enough land near the beach to build an actual city.


The man it seemed wanted to build a new “Eden” on Earth. And since he was apparently some kind of multi-billionaire, he had the money and resources to do it. The city had its own set of laws on top of the normal laws of the human world. Just some things were openly allowed here that weren’t elsewhere.


Like walking around naked and having sex in any setting you wanted. There were even schools, businesses, and hospitals, all of them perfectly functional and meeting the standards of their counterparts outside the city limits.


How such a place actually functioned was beyond Isane, but Retsu told her that it was best to not think too much about it. Now, Isane had returned to her former Captain’s apartment at the edge of the city where it connected to the beach with Chizuru and Hanataro. While exploring the city itself, right after a rather stimulating brunch at one of Retsu’s favorite places, Isane had inadvertently drawn the worship of a young lesbian woman. She later learned the girl was a friend of Ichigo and Orihime’s named Chizuru Honsho who had been tagging along ever since.


From there, things just continued to get even more insane, though Isane didn’t even care anymore, deciding to just embrace the madness. It was all so surprisingly liberating, Isane found she liked it, she liked it a lot! Before finally coming back to Retsu’s apartment, she’d run into another familiar face here.


Ichigo and Rangiku had finally come to the apartment, though they had several other women with them. Isane knew Orihime well enough, and she was very loosely acquainted with Nelliel. But the other two, they were girls Isane had never met before. Ichigo apparently had run into them when he’d gone for a walk.


Isane had thought nothing else could surprise her after everything that had happened over the last couple of days. She’d been wrong, though this surprise was less shocking, just unexpected. The two girls were from the West Branch of the Soul Society. They’d come looking for Retsu to help with a cursed Kido seal that one of the girls had been branded with. Isane was again in awe of how easily Retsu was able to dispel the curse with almost no effort.


The platinum haired woman could have done the same, though she would have had to use the entire spirit chant. They spent the next couple of hours explaining some of the more complicated details of the Soul Society to Ichigo and his wife. Isane understood how he felt in a way, it was a lot to take in after all. Even after they were done, Ichigo still looked confused, which was likely why Retsu had him escort the two foreign women to a nearby hotel where they could spend the night.


While Ichigo did that, everyone here was working on making dinner for a rather large group. By Isane’s count, she, Retsu, her sister Kiyone, and Chizuru would be dining with… Isane counted them off on her fingers, Ichigo, Rangiku, Orihime, Nelliel, Captain Hitsugaya, Yoruichi, Soi Fon, Captain Kuchiki, Momo… There was also Yushiro and Hanataro, the latter of which had come to deliver a message to Retsu and had been invited to stay for dinner. And if Yushiro found his sister, he would no doubt be coming as well. There was also that Mod Soul in a Gigai copy of Ichigo. As well as the two Witches from Wing Bind. Sixteen in all if everyone showed up! Isane worried there might now be enough room in the apartment at first, but then she remembered the place was rather spacious.


“Penny for your thoughts?” asked Retsu’s voice, jarring Isane back to the present.


“Oh! I was just thinking about the last couple of days, that’s all.” Isane said as she looked over to the dark haired woman as she stood naked in the middle of the room. She could hear movement in the kitchen as Orihime and Chizuru went about making a rather large meal together. A little ways off from there, she could see Nelliel and Rangiku finishing setting dishes around a table large enough for everyone to sit at, if a little close together.


“Also, I was wondering what else you do here when you’re not, um, fucking?” she asked nervously. Isane asked because she imagined that she wasn’t having sex with strangers every moment of every day. Though by now, it wouldn’t actually surprise her.


The dark haired woman smiled warmly at her as she explained she’d taken up a hobby embraced by the younger crowd in the world of the living. Something called “Cosplay.” Retsu explained it as basically an advanced form of dress up. But with the added complexity of making the clothes yourself as you tried to imitate the attire of characters from “Pop Culture.”


Apparently Retsu was adept at designing and sewing her own clothes for when she bothered to wear them. “Actually, I just finished one before you arrived, I was thinking of submitting it as a new women’s uniform for the Gotei 13.” she told her. She turned to the kitchen and called out, “Orihime, Chizuru, I want to show something to Isane, can you handle the rest for a little while?” she asked.


“We’re good!” called Orihime’s voice.


“We got this, just wait Megami-sama, I’ll make you the best meal you’ve ever tasted!” called Chizuru.


Isane giggled and called back, “Can’t wait.” She could almost hear the burgundy haired young woman swooning as Retsu escorted her to the guest room where she now stood. The dark haired woman moved over to the closet with the anime posters taped to it. The doors opened with the softest of squeaking noises and Retsu removed a large clothing bag with a hanger coming out the top. She laid it out over the bed and unzipped the bag, pulling out the outfit she’d spoken of.


It’s red.’ was Isane’s first thought when she took a look at it. Shinigami traditionally wore black, but traditions had slowly begun to change in recent years. It took her a while to figure out how the costume went on, since it wasn’t a traditional hakama and robe. It was more like a very long ribbon of fabric that was wrapped around the body in an intricate fashion, then held in place by a wide white sash around the waist. There were some thigh high black stockings and some geta shoes as well. But what stood out most to Isane, was the lack of panties!


“It looks good on you, Megami-sama!” said Chizuru’s voice from the doorway. Isane yelped in surprise and turned around quickly, her arms at her sides to keep her massive breasts from spilling out of the loosely fitting top!


“Don’t scare me like that!” she said, panting slightly.


“I’m sorry!” the burgundy haired girl said to her, “I came to tell you both dinner is almost ready, and Ichigo is back with those British girls.”


Isane had felt Ichigo’s Reiatsu closing in, he still didn’t keep it bottled up very well, making it harder to sense Chizuru’s much weaker Reiatsu. Isane then turned to look at Retsu before she spoke again, her heart still racing slightly.


“Uh, um, right… Retsu, don’t you think this is a little uh, revealing, for a women’s uniform?” Isane asked.


Retsu tilted her head, “No, not really. I think it’s quite functional, allows for a greater ease of movement, and is very comfortable.” she said with a straight face.


“I think it makes you look divine, Megami-sama!!!” Chizuru said, giving a thumbs up sign.


“Re… Really…?” Isane asked.


Retsu and Chizuru both nodded and walked over to her, the former turned Isane around so she faced a body length mirror on the wall. “I always thought the old uniforms were far too bulky and a little stuffy in the summer.” she said as she stood behind Isane with her hands on her hips. Isane felt a tingling sensation at how close her idol was to her without any clothes on. She could already feel Retsu’s naked breasts pressing gently against her back, her stiff nipples poking against her skin. Meanwhile Chizuru closed in on Isane from the left, her hand moving to caress and squeeze her heavy breast.


“Well… That’s true…” Isane agreed as she felt Retsu’s hands gently caressing her exposed hips. “They do get a little… Ho… Hot!” she yelped slightly and Retsu’s right hand moved down to her thigh. At the same time, Chizuru slipped her hand along her inner left thigh, making Isane shiver as both women pressed in closer, their naked bodies rubbing gently against her.


“Hmmm, I see what might be bothering you. You think the design leaves the chest a little too exposed, right?” Retsu asked, her voice a husky whisper in her ear as she felt Chizuru’s fingers rubbing across the folds of her pussy.


“Among other things…” Isane said, feeling her knees getting weak at the two women’s touch.


“Well, you do have your breasts set at a rather large size still.” Retsu told her. “They’re stretching the fabric a little thin.” she whispered into her ear softly.


“I… Uh… Um, well, you… You said they looked good on me, so I just thought, ohhh…” Isane stammered softly, then moaned in arousal as Chizuru pulled aside the fabric covering her left tit, exposing the painfully stiff nipple. She then opened her mouth wide, wrapping her pillowy lips around the hardened nub of flesh and sucking on it gently.


“That you’d like to look sexy for me?” Retsu asked her as she wrapped her arm around her waist and hugged her closer. Isane let out a soft sound as she felt Retsu’s big soft breasts pressing against her back harder now. She was so close now, Isane could feel the heat and softness of her naked skin against her. The feeling sent an electric thrill through her as Retsu whispered hotly in her ear.


“Did you think I hadn’t noticed?” she asked, her voice was just barely a whisper. “You tried to make it look like you were watching Toshiro before, but I felt your eyes on my body.” she said quietly, “Even when you were using these big heavy things on him, you would look over to see if I was still watching.” she said as she moved her hands up to cup Isane’s heavy right breast.


Isane let out a soft moan as her idol and pet fondled her massive breasts gently. Retsu then pulled the fabric covering the other tit aside slowly, exposing them completely. “I also knew how much you watched me when I was still Captain. I couldn’t say anything back then, but I can now, I liked feeling your eyes on me…” she breathed into her ear before she began nibbling on the edge of it softly.


“Haaaahhh…” Isane moaned loudly as she felt herself cumming right then and there!


“Ara ara, from just a little nibble…?” Retsu giggled, “I wonder how you’d get if I got a little more serious…?” she asked as she began slowly tracing her fingers around Isane’s stiff pink nipple. “Mmmmh, you know, I do love large breasts like these, so heavy and soft…” she cooed as she gently pressed on her nipple as though it were a button. At the same time, she felt Chizuru’s tongue swirling around her other nipple lovingly as she continued to suck on it. The burgundy haired girl’s delicate fingers then slowly pushed inside the folds of her now dripping pussy. Isane heard the soft wet SQUISH of her digits sinking inside.


“Ahhaaa…!” Isane moaned again, “Pl… Please…” Isane moaned.


“Hmmm, please what? If this is making you uncomfortable, we can stop…” Retsu told her, slowly pulling her hands back, Chizuru doing the same.


“No!” Isane gasped, closing her hands over Retsu’s, making her squeeze her massive breasts softly, “Please don’t… Please don’t stop!” she begged as a trickle of hot juices began running down her thighs.


“Mmmmh, Isane… Do you want us?” Retsu asked her, “We’re not in the Soul Society, no one will judge you here.”


“I… I…” Isane panted, her breaths coming in slow ragged gasps.


“Say it,” Retsu told her as she pinched one fat nipple, tugging and twisting it gently, “Say you want me! All those years watching me with adoration and desire in your eyes… But so afraid I might reject you. But I won’t here, so you can say it now. Just let it out…”


“Haaaah, I want you, I want you, I WANT YOU!!!!” Isane moaned, cumming again at the admission, “Ahhh, I want you both!! Ahhhnnnn, take me… TAKE ME!” she said as the dark haired woman grabbed both her breasts tightly, squeezing them firmly in her delicate hands. Her pussy let out a hot gush of juices, soaking her thighs and the front of the “Uniform” she had on.


“Hmmhmmhmm, there, doesn’t that feel better?” Retsu whispered, untying the sash around Isane’s waist, letting the costume fall away from her naked body. She then turned Isane around and stood up on her toes to press her lips against that of the taller woman! Isane moaned into the kiss, opening her mouth for Retsu’s tongue as she wrapped her arms around her naked body.


“Mmmmmh…!” Isane moaned happily as Retsu began fondling her body all over. She then felt Chizuru hugging her from behind, her face buried in her now exposed ass. Isane moaned into Retsu’s mouth as the burgundy haired young woman began licking her ass and pussy together, moaning in utter bliss as she did so.


“Hmmmmn, Megami-shama, ahhnom nom nom…” Chizuru moaned as she began licking Isane’s pussy in long slow strokes with her tongue.


“Mmmmh, ah…” Retsu gasped, breaking the kiss after a long while. “Nmmmmmh, you look so beautiful right now, all that unbound lust in your eyes, so beautiful… It’s like a beautiful piece of art, but it speaks to my soul more than anything else could!”


Isane looked down at her mentor, not trying to hide the open desire in her eyes. She didn’t resist as Retsu led her over to the large bed across the room and laid her back on it. Chizuru immediately claimed a spot between the platinum haired woman’s legs, her mouth covering her pussy as she continued sliding her tongue across the moist folds. It felt so good! Isane couldn’t think straight anymore as she gently rolled her crotch against Chizuru’s face. Retsu then stripped off her remaining clothes before climbing on top of her, straddling her hips. Her body was so soft and warm, so smooth. Isane shivered in pleasure as she sat up and claimed Retsu’s beautiful breasts for herself! Grabbing both of them in her hands and moaning lustfully as she pulled the right one into her mouth, sucking on her nipple.


“Mmmmmmh,” the dark haired woman purred, holding Isane’s head to her breast, pressing her nipple against her mouth harder. She slowly began running her slender fingers through Isane’s platinum colored hair, sending shivers down her spine as she turned to speak to Chizuru.


“Suck on her clit harder,” she commanded the younger girl. Isane felt Chizuru nodding, then moaned as the burgundy haired girl turned her focus to her sensitive clit!


NMMMMMMMMPH!!!” Isane howled against Retsu’s nipple, sucking it harder now as she wrapped her arms around the dark haired woman’s waist. She slowly swirled her tongue around Retsu’s nipple, loving the taste and feel of it in her mouth!


“Nyaah, mehgami-shama’s pusshy… Sho tasty… Ahhnom nom nom…!” she heard Chizuru moaning as she began sucking on her clit harder, making Isane’s hips buck lightly. She then felt Chizuru shoving three of her fingers inside, spreading them apart wide within. Isane moaned against Retsu’s mouth, biting down on her nipple slightly.


“Mmmmmmmh, ahhh, yes, suckle my breast to your heart’s desire…!” Retsu moaned, still stroking Isane’s messy hair. Isane then gasped as she managed to tear herself away from the other woman’s tit. They kissed again, and Isane felt her mind beginning to drift away. She’d never felt so happy as she did now! If she could stop time and live in this moment for eternity she would!


“Mmmh, mmmh, mmmh…” Isane moaned into Retsu’s mouth as the older woman sucked on her tongue lightly. The two of them dueled their tongues, each one trying to dominate the others. Isane felt dizzy with pleasure as she felt Chizuru continuing to lick and suck on her pussy as she shoved her fingers in and out.


“Moar, moar, moar!” Isane begged against her lips.


“Ahhh…! Please, don’t stop, make… Ahhh, make me cum, both of you!!! Make me cum, please…!” she begged as Retsu broke the kiss, a long rope of saliva stretching between their mouths. Isane panted heavily, her body felt as though it were on fire as Retsu kissed her again and lifted herself up. For a moment, Isane feared her idol would stop until she found the dark haired woman’s crotch in her face! Her pussy was beautiful! So pink and wet, and it smelled so strong Isane felt dizzy as its scent filled her nostrils.


AHHHHHMMMMMMMH!!!!” Isane gasped, opening her mouth wide and covering Retsu’s pussy with it, shoving her tongue between the delicate pink folds. Retsu’s rich and sweet juices washed over her tongue and Isane couldn’t stop herself as she moaned, sliding her tongue back and forth.


“Ooooooh, yessss…!” Retsu moaned, “Mmmmmmh, that’s it Isane, ahhh, devour me… Ooooh it’s been so long since I felt this… Mmmmmh!! Yes, stick your tongue in deeper, ahh, you’re gonna make me cum!” Retsu moaned as she reached a hand down, grabbing Chizuru’s head and pushing it between Isane’s legs and pushing her head harder against her. Isane bucked her hips at the feeling, her pussy letting out a surge of heady smelling juices.


“Mmmmmmh, eat her pussy more Chizuru!” Retsu commanded the younger girl, “Make Isane cum harder!” Retsu said in an amused tone.


MMMHMMM!” Isane nodded and moaned, hugging her arms around Retsu’s thighs as she kept her mouth firmly pressed into the other woman’s crotch. “ISH DELISHOUSH… BETTER DAN DOSHIROSH CAWK…! MMMMH MMMMHH!!” Isane moaned, lashing her tongue in and out of Retsu’s pussy before she began sucking on her swollen clit. She then moaned louder as Chizuru continued darting her tongue in and out of her pussy, making her cum over and over again! Her pussy sprayed like a broken water pipe, the hot fluids splattering all over Chizuru’s face as Isane couldn’t keep herself from cumming!


She’d dreamed of this moment! Spent so many nights masturbating to the very thought of doing something just like this! Chizuru had never been a part of those fantasies, but now that she was, it was even better than she could have imagined! Her entire body sung with pleasure as she felt herself cumming over and over and over again!


Above her, Retsu fondled her own breast with her free hand, “Ahhhh, yes, that’s it… Eat my pussy, feast on me all you want!! Ahhh, that feels so good, haah… You’re gonna make me cum… Mmmmmh, ahhhh, yes, cumming, I’M CUMMING!!!!” Retsu moaned, washing Isane’s face with her hot juices!


MMMMMMMMMMMH! CUUMMMINGGG!!!” Isane howled with her as she came harder than she could ever remember as she felt her consciousness fading to black.



When Isane woke up, she found it was already morning. She was laying naked in the guest room bed she’d stayed in the first night. Sunlight streamed in through the open window and she could hear seagulls crying on the beach not too far away.


“Nnngh, Cap… er, Retsu-sama…?” she muttered, then said, “Chizuru?”


When no one responded, Isane got up and tried to clear the grogginess from her head. Reaching out with her senses, she felt Retsu nearby as well as a number of other familiar Reiatsu. With a little effort, she found Chizuru’s Reiatsu some distance away. Her memory or the local area layout allowed Isane to guess Chizuru was walking to a local convenience store.


YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS!!!” yelled a voice she recognized as Ichigo Kurosaki’s. It seemed he’d come by Retsu’s apartment as she slept. Isane got out of bed and was looking for her clothes when she remembered where she was. Letting out a soft sigh, she just walked naked out into the living room where she found Ichigo, his wife Orihime, Rangiku, and the Arrancar girl, Nel. Captain Hitsugaya, Momo, and Kiyone were also there, making the spacious living space seem almost crowded. Captain Kuchiki and Yoruichi were the only ones not present. Everyone was still naked, which helped Isane feel better about not getting dressed before coming out.


“What’s going on?” she asked when everyone noticed her presence.


“Good morning sleepy.” Retsu said, “I was just explaining to Ichigo that having multiple wives is a common thing in the Soul Society.”


“Huh?” Isane asked with a blink. It was true, a man could have as many wives as he liked, so long as he could provide for them. At least as far as the nobles were concerned. Captain Kuchiki only had one wife because he felt so strongly about her. Something that she’d heard actually bothered his family as it meant the chances for a proper heir were lower. Worries that were confirmed when she passed and he didn’t take another wife or even a mistress.


“Orihime proposed to us on Ichigo’s behalf!” Rangiku said with a cheerful smile.


“Yeah! Nel wants to marry daddy right away!” said Nel as she hugged Ichigo tightly, mashing her huge breasts against the man’s shoulder.


“Ah, I see…” Isane said quietly, “Well, um, congratulations Kurosaki-sama.”


Ichigo let out a loud groan as he covered his face with his hands, “Not you too!” he said in a defeated tone.


“I can perform the ceremony if you’d like?” Retsu offered, “I’d be honored to.”


“I wanna be a bridesmaid!” Kiyone said happily.


“I’ll witness.” Toshiro offered politely, seemingly disinterested in the entire thing, “I’m sure Renji would like to be best man if I remember the way these go in the Living world correctly.”


“Um, can I be a bridesmaid as well?” Momo asked timidly.


“Sure!” Orihime, Nel, and Rangiku all said together.


“Oh, Ichigo Darling! We should move here after, Retsu said the marriage would be legally recognized in this city!” Orihime added.


WHAAAAAT!?” Ichigo yelled, his eyes wide as all the women around him just smiled.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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Ichigo Kurosaki
1 year ago

excellent history toshiro x harribel

Smiling Fiend
1 year ago

I wonder if we’re going to timeskip to after the wedding. I want to see more stories with Ichigo and the girls in the harem, but at the same time I feel like that’s too specific to get a good pic for the story.

1 year ago
Reply to  Smiling Fiend

There was a timeskip right after this in the original, but from here on, I’ll be doing more of the lead-in to the wedding, and possibly the wedding itself. It might need a story specific pic, I gotta talk to enzo about it beforehand when he has the time, see if he goes for it, if not, then I’ll improvise.

1 year ago

How about Yoruichi want join on the marriage?

1 year ago
Reply to  Gundamexia00

Sorry, nope, Rangiku, Nel, and Orihime are the only ones Ichigo will be married to, please don’t take this the wrong way, but I will not hear any arguments for additions or replacements.

1 year ago

Thanksgiving and a banger chapter😫

1 year ago
Reply to  Xcelsior

Glad you enjoyed it!

1 year ago

Happy Thanksgiving 🤗 and nice image

1 year ago
Reply to  Gokuwithdrip0

It is a fun image, though coming up with a story for it was tricky even the first time around.