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Arrancar Double Team

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Bleach stories)
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Children ran across the sand, their laughter filling the sweet smelling air of the beach. Sakura petals danced in the wind as people all across the beach set up umbrellas and towels for another relaxing and hot summer day. Yet, there were marginally less people here than usual. Rumor has it that some kind of monster had appeared on this beach the night before during that strange event with the aurora borealis. Its screams could be heard all across the beach and there were even some shaky videos of a pale thing with the horns of a bull and black markings all over its body on the internet.


“Heheheheheheh…!!” the man chuckled, giddily rubbing his hands against one another like a child on Christmas eve at the sight that greeted him. Saliva dropped from his tongue, which hung out of his mouth, and dropped onto his MASSIVE naked belly. His chest heaved with every deep breath he took, and deflated again when he breathed out through his nose again.


“So, you’re our client?” asked Tier Harribel, the caramel skinned slut, in front of him.


Her hair was a bit too short and boyish for his liking, and the weird tattoos on her face made her look not nearly as slutty as she otherwise could look, but, DAMN, her tits and ass alone more than made up for it! She easily had some of the biggest knockers he had ever seen, bigger even than her head, covered only by the flimsiest excuse of a pink bikini one could find!


The woman next to her had also seemed to be a fan of those weird face tattoos, having a red one stretched horizontally underneath her eyes. What was even more odd, was she actually wore some kind of animal skull on her head. It looked like some kind of African animal, yet alien at the same time. If the man cared as much about weird animals as he did care about fucking sexy sluts, he probably would have been able to tell what kind of animal the skull belonged to.


But he didn’t.


Instead, he preferred to stare at her tits and how they were pressed together by the blue bikini she wore. Hers were slightly smaller than those of the other girl, yet just as enticing! They practically screamed to get squeezed and fucked! But they didn’t scream nearly as much as her voluptuous buttocks! Even with her standing right in front of him, facing him directly, he could clearly see the two mounds, covered only by a flimsy blue bikini bottom that matched the top she wore.


“Isn’t it obvious? He’s just as handsome of a man as Unohana-san told us.” the teal haired whore, Nelliel, replied with a smile on her puffy lips. She even managed to sound sincere.


Their client was impressed, “You can drop the act! I know that I’m ugly as fuck!” He told them with a wave of his meaty hand. “And while you’re at it, drop your clothes as well! I didn’t come here to have you swim or something! I paid good money to fuck both of you sluts out in the open!”


“Hmph! How vulgar!” He could see that the bronze skinned blonde tried her hardest not to roll her eyes at his demand, even as she already untied the strings that kept her bikini top together. If it bothered her that she stripped naked out in the open like that, she hid it well.


His mouth contorted into a lecherous grin at the sight of her bouncing tips as she pulled the bikini away. They looked so soft and mesmerizing! The woman next to her followed, and soon enough, her tits were freed from captivity as well, which attracted the attention of several other people on the beach who started to openly stare at the odd trio.


“Yesss, that’s it!” groaned the Ugly Bastard, with his voice deep and loaded with lust, “Damn! Your face paintings are weird, but at least the rest of your bodies make up for it! You’re both sexy as hell!” He told them while rubbing his rapidly growing dick through the flimsy excuse of swimming trunks he wore.


“Mmmh~ you like what you see?” asked Nelliel. She lifted her hands above her head and spun around, giving him more to leer at than just her boobs! With her back towards him, she moved her hips from side to side before spanking her own ass! The resulting SLAP echoed loudly across the entire beach, amplified by the tight sitting bikini thong she still wore. “Having me and my friend all for yourself here in public?”


“Heh! I don’t like it!” He said, rubbing his dick with even more vigor now. “I LOVE it! That butt of yours is just begging to get pounded by a nice and fat cock, isn’t it?!”


“Hmmmnh… why don’t you come and find out?” The teal haired woman looked over her shoulders and traced the index and middle finger of her left hand over her wet pussy. The man could see trickles of her arousal running down between her thighs!


“Ugh! Let’s just get this over with!” Harribel grunted. She also presented him with a good look of her juicy fit ass, while trying, and failing, to keep a sense of modesty by covering her nipples from the sight of the other people on the beach with her hand.


Unlike her friend, the ass of the blonde was a whole lot firmer and well trained. Her thighs weren’t that meaty and thicc, but instead more muscular. It gave her a more well-balanced appearance that wasn’t lost on the Ugly Bastard at all, though he still preferred the over-the-top bubble butt of the skull wearing girl!


Nelliel smiled, placing one hand on her partner’s ass and giving it a firm squeeze, “So, which one do you wanna pound first? Harribel-sama’s small but tight butt, or…” her smile widened as she pulled her other hand away from her crotch and spanked her own butt again before rubbing and kneading one of the two mountains of flesh. “My own much bigger, much softer, much more enticing ass?”


“Gnahahahaha!! Is that even a question?” the Ugly Bastard walked up to the two sex workers, already tearing his swimming trunks to shreds on his way. He did the same with Nel’s bikini thong as well, before putting his meaty hands on her hips. “With an ass that big, you were made to get fucked!”


“Hmmmmnh… then prove it!” She purred at the feeling of his cock rubbing between her cheeks. Clenching them tight around the hot shaft of dick, she began to grind her hips against his crotch. “Show me just how bad you want to fuck me senseless!”


“You bet I will!” He stated proudly as he pulled his hips back, only to shove them forward again, driving his dick deep into the teal haired woman’s tight asshole!


AAAAAAHH!!!!! MY ASS!!!!” Nelliel yelped in a mix of pain and pleasure. She arched her back and stared up at the cloudy sky above, her eyes crossing as a numbing sensation spread through her entire body. “FEELS SO GOOD!! FUCK!!!


HA! That’s what I thought!” The man slammed his cock deeper and deeper into her ass with each thrust, completely indifferent to the fact that he hadn’t used any lube beforehand. “Sluts like you always cum when I whip out my bitch breaker and fuck their holes!”


YES!!! I’M CUMMING!!! I’M CUMMING FROM GETTING MY ASS FUCKED SO GOOD AND HARD!! IT HURTS BUT… AAAAAH!!!!!” She screamed loudly, attracting the attention of several other people all around them.


“Mommy, what’s going on over there?” a little girl asked her mother.


“What the… they’re fucking out on the open like that?” asked the voice of a man somewhere to Nelliel’s right.


“Are they allowed to do that?” asked another man.


“Someone stop them! Think of the children!” said a hysteric sounding woman.


“Damn! What’s up with that other girl? She looks sexy as fuck but does nothing!” commented yet another man.


In the flashing lights of countless cameras, the Ugly Bastard grabbed Nelliel’s hands by the wrists and used them like handlebars, “That’s it! I hope you sluts don’t mind the audience! And if you do… Heheheheheh! Then that’s too bad!” He groaned into her ear.


Harribel kneeled down next to the man and watched with an unmoving expression as her friend’s body writhed in pleasure with each thrust. Her boobs swung around wildly like the udders of a cow. Each upwards thrust from the Ugly Bastard lifted the teal haired woman off the ground a couple centimeters, leaving her toes dangling above the sand.


She held on to one of his oddly muscular and hairy legs, “You really do enjoy humiliating us in public, don’t you?” the Arrancar Queen asked him rhetorically and, with a little extra motivation, wrapped her lips around one of his nuts.


“Please, there’s nothing humiliating or embarrassing about this! Just three adults having sex out in the open!” He told her with a way too smug grin, not even acknowledging the fact that she now sucked on one of his balls. “It’s only as embarrassing as you make it! Then again, sluts like you shouldn’t be bothered getting fucked like this, right?”


What a dick! He’s totally getting a kick out of this!’ thought Harribel. Tears formed in the corners of her eyes and rolled down her cheeks as she repeatedly breathed in the musky foul stench of his genitals, “HMMMMMMPH!!! WHA’ A BIG PAIW OPH BALLLSH…” She moaned erotically, despite the less than pleasant taste of them.


“Heh! You two sluts like ‘em?! No girl so far could resist my charms for long, y’know!” He said. A shiver went up and down his spine as Harribel swirled her tongue all over the hairy orb while her face got repeatedly hit by Nelliel’s ass cheeks. “Such a shame your other friend was so prissy and too much of a chicken to give it a try during the opening! Maybe I can have some fun with her after I’m done with your tight ass!”


MMMMMMNH!!!! YES!! FUCK MY ASS!!!! HARDER!!!! I NEED IT!!! I’M CUMMING!!! YOUR BIG MANLY COCK… IT’S MAKING ME CUM LIKE CRAZY!!!” Nelliel shouted for everyone to hear. Her eyes rolled back in their sockets while her pussy sprayed its juices like a broken faucet. “FUCK!!! I LOVE THIS!!! TOO GOOD!!! HOW CAN A SINGLE DICK FEEL SOOOOOO GOOD????


GRUUUUMPH!!! SHPEAK PHO URSHELPH!!! DESHE BALLSH TASHTE LIKE SHIT!!!!” slurred Harribel. Still, the bronze skinned woman blew and sucked on the Ugly Bastard’s nutsack, despite how awful she described it. “HMMMMMPH, GUGH, GURK!!!!


Letting go of one of Nelliel’s wrists, the man put his hand on the back of Harribel’s head and pushed her even tighter against his crotch, “Guess that means it’s perfect for a horny bitch like you then!” He stated proudly, clearly enjoying the job she did with her tongue!




“Heheheh! You want it that bad?!” their client teased the bottom heavy bimbo over the PLAP PLAP PLAP of his hips against her gigantic ass. “Too bad! I’ve rented you two for the entire afternoon and I ain’t gonna end it anytime soon!”


His thrusts came to an abrupt halt as he instead pulled his length out of Nelliel’s ass, resulting in a nasty and wet sound, and a plaintive whimper from the busty Arrancar, “Nhooooooo… please… m- more!! I need MOOOOOORE!!!!!” She moaned longingly, staring at the Ugly Bastard with a heartbroken look in her eyes.


“Trust me, you’ll get more!” He told her before slapping her bubbly butt with his meatsword, “But why don’t we ask your audience what they would like to see next? Let’s give them a show they’ll surely never forget! So, guys, tell me… which one of these two should I fuck next and how?” He asked the couple of people still around them.


“Fuck the blonde’s mouth-cunt! Stuff her throat good and hard!”


“Let the blonde give you a rimjob while you fuck that other one like the bitch she is in her pussy!”


“Paizuri! Let’s see the tits of those bitches smashed together around your cock!”


HA! I like that!” declared the Ugly Bastard. He laid down on the sand between the two girls, with his still erect dick pointing upwards like a pillar, and rested his head in the palms of his hands. “You heard your fan! Show me how good your udders feel!”


Harribel spat out two strains of pubic hair that got lost in her mouth when the man pulled away from her, “Pfft! You’re disgusting!” She told him, already kneeling down to his left and putting her tits around the left side of his cock.


“Tell me something I don’t know!” He replied with a hearty laugh before groaning lowly in pleasure. “Ahhh, damn those titties feel hot!”


MMMMNH… Don’t forget about me!” Nelliel mewled. She dropped to her knees next to her friend and pressed her tits against Harribel’s, “I… I want… cock! Cock in my throat!” With a sultry moan, she dragged her tongue against the side of the throbbing length between their tits. “It shtinksh sho much… but… I luv it!”


“You’re such a slut, Nel!” Harribel chided her friend even as she started to lick the dick’s other side, “Ugh! Who could ever… urk… luv licking shuch a filthy cawk?”


The man then let out a satisfied sigh. Numerous cameras flashed all around them as the spectators took hundreds of pictures or videos of the ongoing sex. “Don’t be like that, slut! You clearly seem to enjoy yourself just as much as your little friend!”


“I mosht certainly don’t enjoy thish!” Harribel argued. The dark skinned Arrancar lifted her head up a bit and wrapped her plump lips around the pulsing red tip of the cock between her tits, “AYE’M DOING DISH BECAUSHE IT’SH MUH JOB!!!” She told him, while moving her head and tits now in perfect harmony as she bobbed up and down on his cock.


“Hmmmmph!!! No phair!! Aye wanted to blow him firsht!” complained Nelliel, who was now stuck with only licking the lower half of the Ugly Bastard’s dick that Harribel couldn’t get to due to their tits being in the way.


“No need to bicker, you two! I’m sure I can fuck both of your faces at the same time!” their client boasted as he put his hands on the back of both girls’ heads.


HMMMM???” Harribel’s eyes widened for a second as he pushed her down some more on his dick.


A little bit after the halfway point, he pulled her face back and instead shoved Nelliel’s face down! Once she bathed his cock with her saliva and went a few inches further than Harribel, he pulled her back and replaced her mouth with that of the bronze skinned beauty again. He switched them again. And again. And again. And again! Their heads became a blur of motion, being used like nothing more than fleshlights by the Ugly Bastard as he thrusted his hips against them. The foul stenches of his crotch made it harder and harder for the two rulers of Hueco Mundo to think as their entire world disappeared in a musky haze of maddening pleasure!


UGGGGH, UGUUUH, GURRRK, HUUUUULK, GRUUUUAH, AAAAAAMPH, HMMMMMNOH!!!!!” their combined moans vibrated around his cock and against each other’s cheeks as he held them so close to one another!


“That’s it! That’s the stuff! Taste my cock, you dumb whores!” groaned the man. His eyes were closed in relaxation at the sensation of their mouths and tongues all over his dick. “Haaa, haaa, haaa… You’re both such excellent cock-suckers… Why haven’t I met you earlier?”


OH GAWD!!! OOOOOOH PHUGGG!!! AYE… AYE’M LOOSHING MUH MIND!!!!” wailed Harribel, her saliva running down the man’s cock and balls as he roughly yanked her back by her hair.


HUUUUUURRRGH!!!!” next to her, Nelliel’s cheeks ballooned outwards as she got her mouth filled by the thick meat again. “SHO… WAAAAAHH!!! AYE’M CUMMING AGAIIIIIIIIN!!!! AYE’M CUMMING PHWOM HAVING MUH PHASHE PHUCKED!!!! MOWE!!! GIMME MOOOOOOOAAAAAAH!!!!!!


The man panted, “You want more? I’ll give you more!!” He declared, pulling Nelliel away from his crotch again. He pressed both their faces against his dick. “In fact, I’m gonna give… you… EVERYTHING!!!!


His roar caused an uproar in their audience as they all watched the man emptying his balls over both girls! His sticky rancid smelling jizz rained down on the two Arrancar, drenching them from head to toe in the gooey substance!


AAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!” they both opened their mouths impossibly wide in an attempt to catch as much of the cum as possible.


Letting go of their heads, the man let himself fall back on the sand, “Worth… haa, haa, haa… every single… cent!” He groaned between his rigid pants for breath. “Hope you sluts are ready for round two… after I take a little rest!”


With that said, the Ugly Bastard started snoring. His dick, meanwhile, remained hard and tall between the two girls as they rose to their feet and looked down on him, “What a mess.” declared Harribel as she looked down on herself and her fellow Queen.


“At least he’s tuckered out and we have a little time for ourselves!” replied Nelliel. She looked around and into the mesmerizing blue waves of the ocean. “Skinny dipping?”


Harribel ignored the lewd catcalls of the other people around her and stepped out of the rest of her bikini as well, freeing her dry pussy. “Skinny dipping!”



(Story by: Mr. Akrononym)

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Sauce am
Sauce am
2 months ago

I have an idea for you! Bambietta Basterbine has sex with Giselle!

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
2 months ago
Reply to  Sauce am

Maybe. If I get an artwork with either of the two. Or any Quincy really. They’re a rare breed in terms of artworks.

Sauce am
Sauce am
2 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Does bimbo Orihime sound like a good idea! Portray her as ditzy, airheaded, and not very bright! Another sex story though of course! Not sure how that would fit in your current stories though.
I am more interested in a bambietta/Giselle story now though!

Last edited 2 months ago by Sauce am
3 months ago

This was not only a very good chapter in itself, we also have the Arrancar ladies take center stage. Not to mention seeing both Nelliel and Harribel in their own chapter for the first time in a long while. So let’s talk about it. 🤓

To start with, I really liked how the overall chapter was set up and written from beginning to end. Not just with the beach scenario, but also the very public sex for all of the people there to see. It also helped that this had a UB {Ugly Bastard} as the client of the ladies for the day. And he was a bold one! Plus the comments from the beach goers were another highlight. 😆

On the topic of the two Arrancar Queens, they were written and used nicely. Not to mention contrasting each other in a very creative way. Harribel for example not approving of any of the UB’s shenanigans, or of the man himself, while Nelliel was very eager and just rolling with it. Even though they both work in the same place, I still enjoy how different they are, more so in mentality and personality. 😀

On that note, the sexual side of things was just plain crazy! And the audience participation from the crowd only enhances it. Though it was a good thing the UB tired himself out. Otherwise, we could have had a very different outcome. LOL 😂 Though at least the queens have some time to themselves!

Overall, nicely done. I hope we see more of Nelliel and Harribel down the line! 👏 😃

– Hiryu

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
2 months ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Sorry for the long wait. Your comments are always so fleshed out and detailed, I don’t wanna rush over them and forget anything, so I usually wait a bit until I can really get into it.

With that out of the way, I’m really happy you enjoyed the chapter as much as you did. I really wanted to have a chapter where the reader sees the girls in Unohana’s club at work and that not every customer is as appealing as the one Rukia had during the opening. And I wanted to show that, while she now works essentially as a whore, Harribel won’t try to change be more appealing or slutty for her customers. She’ll be herself no matter what and won’t shy away from being a bit harsh with the men who desire.