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Sui-Feng’s Sexual Awakening

(Note: This story is part of an short series of Bleach stories)
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Sui-Feng looked at her reflection in the mirror mounted on the wall. “I look ridiculous.” she muttered, “How can anyone fight in a body like this?”


The Squad 2 Captain was currently in the Living World at the same kinky resort town she’d been to on her last visit. Like Captain Kuchiki, she’d had to return to the Soul Society to deal with a large number of rather mundane but still vital tasks. The truce with Hueco Mundo was still holding strong, though Shinigami still needed to be deployed in the Eastern Districts of the Soul Society. She also had to deal with an incredibly BORING meeting with a representative from the Western Branch’s Wing Bind. Apparently there’d been some unusual movements of Dragons in the Living World.


It was odd, but the Stealth Force didn’t really deal with dragons. She’d simply listened to the report and filed the information to her subordinates. Anything worthy of note would make it back to her and she’d then report it to her superiors. It had taken over a week, but she was finally able to go back to the Living World and try to find Yoruichi again! Getting the clearance she needed to go back was a pain, but thankfully an old acquaintance had managed to help her through the red tape.


“You’re not supposed to fight in it, you dummy. The idea is to look sexy and give every dick that sees you a hard-on!” snapped Kukaku Shiba.


“Like I care about anything like that.” Sui-Feng said with a roll of her dark colored eyes.


“Yeah yeah, you prefer taco to sausage. Everybody knows!” Kukaku said, rolling her own eyes.


“What the hell is a taco?” Sui-Feng asked.


“Really? You really need to brush up on the modern cuisine of the Living World.” Kukaku told her, “Then again, you don’t visit the Rukon District often, so you might not get up to date info on stuff like that. Anyway, in this instance it’s a euphemism for pussy. I basically just called you a yuri bitch.”


Sui-Feng blinked, still not really understanding the comparison, but decided she didn’t really care. The dark haired Squad 2 Captain once again looked at her reflection. She really did look ridiculous. This new model Gigai had a function that allowed the user to dramatically augment their body in a variety of ways. For Sui-Feng, currently that meant she had a pair of breasts that were both bigger than her entire natural body with an ass to match! She was dressed in an equally ridiculous swimsuit called a V-Sling suit. It might not have been so comical if she had her Gigai matching her actual proportions. As it stood now, the swimsuit was pretty much just some floral patterned pink dental floss!


Kukaku herself was dressed in an equally slutty bikini. It was little more than a red and white set of triangles that barely covered her nipples and left her areola completely exposed. The two of them were inside a studio apartment where a large blue tarp had been hung in front of a mess of dark colored beach sand. All around the area was a plethora of cameras and other photography equipment.


“I gotta say, you’re both pulling that off easily!” said a man’s voice.


Sui-Feng turned to look at the man who owned the apartment they were in. He looked like a regular human in his mid to late twenties. Kukaku had only introduced him as King. He was a tall dark skinned man with close cut dark hair and a matching goatee beard. His build was one of someone who worked out almost religiously, with well muscled arms and a chiseled chest she knew some women swooned over. He had a long and intricate tattoo of curling lines going down his right arm. Sui-Feng remembered that it was called a “tribal” style tattoo, though she never could figure out why it was called that. Sui-Feng couldn’t sense any significant Reiatsu from him, but if he knew Kukaku, then he wasn’t just an ordinary human.


All Kukaku would say about him, other than the basic introductions, was that she owed him a debt. Which was why the two of them were now in his apartment studio wearing next to nothing in these ridiculously proportioned Gigai bodies! King made no effort to hide his massive erection that could give both Captain Kuchiki and Captain Hitsugaya a solid run for their money. Sui-Feng felt her cheeks heating up every time she caught a glance of the massive pole jutting out from between his legs.


She kept flashing back to seeing Yoruichi sandwiched between the two captains moaning like a whore without a hint of shame. Sui-Feng wondered if it could really feel that good… The look on Yoruichi’s face, the way she moaned as those two, huge, hard cocks drove in and out of her ass and pussy. The dark haired woman felt her pussy clenching on its own at the memory, and she shook her head to try and force the images out.


“Alright ladies, I’m all set here,” said King as he finished attaching a complicated looking camera to a tripod mount. “Who wants to go first?”


“I will.” Sui-Feng said, “The sooner I’m finished here, the sooner I can go and look for Yoruichi-sama.”


“Hey, I’ve heard that name before.” said King. “Local buddy of mine named Dio has been putting her up for a few nights.


“Really!?” Sui-Feng asked, suddenly interested, “Where does he live, can you give me dir…” she began asking in a rush but was cut off when Kukaku loudly cleared her throat.


AHEM!!!” she fake coughed into her prosthetic hand, “Captain Sui-Feng, we can discuss that later.” Kukaku said in a mildly annoyed tone.


Sui-Feng collected herself, “Yes, of course. I apologize.” she said back to the other woman. “Before we start, can I ask why you do this?” she asked King.


“This is my ART, sweet lady!” King said with a grin, “Sexy ladies, with sexy bodies, in sexy poses.”


“With tits next to impossible by human standards.” Sui-Feng added dryly.


King winked and clicked his tongue while pointing at her, “You got it!”


“I suppose I should ask, just who or what are you exactly?” Sui-Feng said, unable to hold back her curiosity any longer.


“That’s…” King began.


“Complicated.” he and Kukaku said together.


“Suffice it to say I am physically human, just built a little sturdier than most.” King told her.


“If you count being immortal as being sturdy.” Kukaku quipped.


“Are you a Bount?” Sui-feng asked, now suddenly on guard.


“Nah, nothing that nasty. Like I said, it’s complicated. If I tried to explain it in terms you’d understand, we’d be here for the next couple of days. What I will say is I’m no one’s enemy, so you don’t have to worry about that.” King explained to her.


Sui-Feng relaxed, though only a little. She trusted Kukaku to a certain measure, and she seemed completely at ease. So she decided to trust Kukaku for the time being.


Sensing the tension had abated, King directed the women’s attention to the patch of sand in front of the tarp. “Go ahead and get down on all fours there,” he said.


“Alright. But I don’t get the tarp. What’s it for?” Sui-Feng asked as she moved into position, then dropping down onto her knees and resting on her insanely huge tits. The position was actually a lot more comfortable than she thought it would be, and she openly admitted it felt good to have the floor handing the weight now.


“Check the monitor.” Kukaku said as she turned a wheeled table around so Sui-Feng could see the screen on it. The Squad 2 Captain blinked in confusion when she saw herself on the sand on the screen, but she didn’t look like she was kneeling in front of a plain tarp. She looked like she was outside late at night with mountains and a lake in the background!


“It’s called blue screen. The tarp behind you is all one solid shade of blue. My computer then removes it and swaps in another background. I can have you appear to be anywhere. A desert, a beach, barren mountains, you name it. Saves me the trouble of driving to the actual locations.” King explained.


“I see…” Sui-Feng said, still feeling confused. “Is that a moon behind me?”


“It’s a planet,” King said as he grabbed his camera and began snapping photos. The flashes that went off left after images in her eyes, but she just bore it as King told her to move through various poses.


“Aww yeah, you’re so fucking hot. Yeah, show off those big knockers! You’re a goddess! Men are blessed just to be in your presence!” he told her, while snapping away with the camera. “Now lay on your back for me. Oh yes! Fucking great! Now, squeeze those giant tits together! Yes, just like that! Beautiful! Now give me sexy! You wanna be fucked! You’re craving sex and you need it bad!”


Sui-Feng moved her body this way and that, all while her mind was still thinking about seeing Yoruichi taking those two huge dicks. Her mouth moved up and down several times, though she didn’t say anything. The dark haired woman found her eyes repeatedly drawn to King’s huge erection. Like almost everyone in this town, he didn’t bother wearing any clothes. His dick was so big, easily as long as her leg from her hip to her knee and thicker than her thigh!


How would something like that feel…?’ she thought to herself. She wasn’t exactly a virgin, but her few encounters with sex were less than memorable. Most of the time, men didn’t really arouse her. But right now, Sui-Feng couldn’t make herself look away as the man’s dick throbbed in the air. Her pussy felt hot now, and the way the sling-suit dug into her crotch wasn’t helping.


It only got worse when King asked her to lay on her back and use her legs to thrust her hips into the air. She could feel the fabric rubbing over her clit, and she let out a soft moan.


“Okay, good! Really good! You look great!” King said as the flashes went off again and again. She didn’t even think to question it when he told her to take off the sling-suit. She just did it. Truly it was a relief, but her pussy still felt hot as she moved through one pose after the next. Sui-Feng then began moving into some “sexy poses” she’d seen from various magazines that Nemu had shown her. One in particular she always thought was rather provocative. Squatting on her toes with her legs splayed wide to show off her pussy. Her giant tits made balancing a challenge, but she managed somehow.


King’s reaction was instant, “YES, YES!!! THAT’S IT!!!” King said excitedly, “More! Gimme more! You just wanna be fucked! Oh yes, gimme the pouty lips!!! You’re a fucking natural!”


Encouraged, Sui-Feng took on several more poses, all of them showing off her pussy and several showing off her ass. She was actually surprised at how fun this was. Before she even realized it, Sui-Feng was moving through poses, taking on any and all poses King asked of her. She didn’t even care that she was naked. Though partially that was from the fact this wasn’t her real body, it felt more like she was wearing a costume in a way.


Eventually Kukaku came over onto the patch of sand with her, and the two women began posing together! It wasn’t long before the other woman was naked as well and the two were hanging all over one another. Rubbing their gigantic tits together, sitting with their legs crossed together, pressing against one another while each gripped the other’s ass!


“Yes! Yes! Now, show me passion! Lust! Open raw desire!” King said.


“Nmmmmmmh…” Sui-Feng suddenly found herself moaning into a sloppy and wet kiss with Kukaku, with her tongue swirling around the other woman’s as their lips smacked together. A strange mixture of shock and arousal kept Sui-Feng from pulling away instantly. Her entire body felt so hot and sensitive right now. The smooth and warm feel of Kukaku’s big tits rubbing against her gigantic ones was only serving to make her even more aroused! Flashes strobed around the pair as they began moving into more erotic poses, and Sui-Feng found herself panting heavily in pleasure as she lay in the sand clit to clit with the other woman.


“That’s the stuff! Pure gold!!!” King cheered them on.


“Ahhhhn… Ahh, ahh, ahhhh…” Sui-Feng moaned, while grinding her crotch against Kukaku’s harder. Both of their pussies were completely soaked! They made a wet squish squish squish noise as they rubbed together.


“Ahhhhh yeah… Hmmmmmmn!!! Fuuuuck!” Kukaku moaned, with her own huge tits wobbling wildly as she moved her body against Sui-Feng’s.


“Ahhhaah, so good…” moaned Sui-Feng as she rocked her crotch into Kukaku’s. She could feel a pressure building up inside her, aching to be let out as she moved against the other woman. Sui-feng didn’t even really notice when the flashes around them finally stopped.


It wasn’t until she felt herself gagging around King’s insanely thick cock that Sui-Feng came back to the present! What!? When did this happen?! Sui-Feng didn’t remember King putting down his camera or coming over to join the two naked women. It was like his dick suddenly just manifested in her throat!


HUUUGUUUUUUGH!!!” Sui-Feng choked as she leaned her head back with King standing over her, as his cock slammed in and out of her throat with his heavy balls slapping against her face!


AGUG UGUH GUG GURG HUGUPH GUUUURGH…” she gagged repeatedly as the man fucked her mouth, throat, and stomach!


“Nmmmmmh, yeah, fuck her harder!” Kukaku moaned as she grabbed Sui-Feng’s tits with both hands, then began swirling her tongue around her painfully stiff nipple. “Her throat is so swollen and sexy looking!” she moaned as she moved to lick Sui-Feng’s bulging throat.


“Awww yeah!! Your mouth-cunt feels great!” he told her, while thrusting his cock back and forth faster.


NHOOOOH AGUH GUG GUH GURK GUUUGH, TUU PHIIIIICK!!! AGIH GUHIIIH GUG HURGH GUPH GUG GUG…” Sui-Feng moaned and gagged. She could barely even breathe, her jaw felt like it was gonna come unhinged and she could barely even think. But it all felt so… Good!


HRMMMMMMMMPH!!!!” Sui-Feng moaned as she felt her entire body seizing up as she came, hard. “GNMMMMMMMPH!!! GUUMMINGH!!! AGGHUUUGH, GUUMMINGH!!!” she gagged loudly. King groaned above her as he began slamming his huge dick in and out of her mouth faster. The wet and sticky SHLICK SHLICK SHLICK noise echoed in Sui-Feng’s ears. She felt so dizzy, as everything around her seemed to be spinning as she felt herself cumming again. Her pussy began gushing hard when she suddenly felt Kukaku’s fingers stabbing inside!


AHGUUUUURG GUG GURG GUH GUCK HUCK HRRRRGH AGUUUGH…!” she gagged repeatedly as her mind went blank. She could hear even more wet and squishy noises as Kukaku’s artificial fingers pushed in and out of her even more.


AHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMHMMMMMMMMMMMMMPH!!!!” Sui-Feng then moaned loudly, cumming even harder as those same artificial fingers began buzzing and vibrating inside her! Her hips bucked and rolled on their own, trying to draw the other woman’s fingers deeper into her gushing hole! She then felt King’s cock throbbing inside her throat as he groaned wordlessly. A feeling of liquid heat flowed into her belly, making her feel suddenly very full like she’d over eaten a meal.


GWAAAAAH HAH AH HAH ACK ACK ACK…!” Sui-Feng gasped and coughed roughly as King pulled his cock out of her mouth. The sensation made her feel like she was being turned inside out, but it felt so good she came again!


The dark haired woman had no time to collect herself before she found herself on all fours with her face pressed into Kukaku’s crotch. Her mouth covered the other woman’s dripping cunt, her tongue moving to dip in and out on instinct alone. Sui-Feng then moaned loudly into Kukaku’s pussy as she felt that still rock-hard, huge, throbbing dick pushing into her pussy with a wet sound.




It was the only thing Sui-Feng could think of at that moment as she felt the dark skinned man’s cock pushing into her very womb! Her pussy was being spread open so wide, it felt like she might be torn in two, but it felt so good at that moment, she didn’t care if she did or not. She began licking Kukaku’s pussy even harder, sucking on her clit in the same way she always imagined herself doing for Yoruichi.


It was all so insane. She hadn’t come here to have sex with these two. She still couldn’t remember how or when it came to that, but she didn’t even care anymore as she just moaned in ecstasy.


“Ahhh yeah, so tight! It’s like a fucking vice!” groaned King as he slammed his hard length into Sui-Feng again and again as he gripped her huge ass tightly.


AHNMMMMPH MMMMPH HMMMMMMMMMMPH!!!” Sui-Feng moaned into Kukaku’s crotch. Even if her tongue weren’t occupied with lapping up the other woman’s juices, she couldn’t think clearly enough to say anything. All she could do was moan at length as King pistoned his cock in and out of Sui-Feng again and again with a loud and wet SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP!


“Ahhh fuuuuuck, yeah, eat that pussy!!!” Kukaku moaned in a throaty voice, “Hooooooooo, feels so good, gonna cummmm…”


NMMMHMMMMMMMPH!!! MMMMMMMMPH NMMMMMMPH AHMMMMMMMMMPH!!!” moaned Sui-Feng as she felt another orgasm mounting inside her already. “GUUMMMMMINGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!” she managed to moan out as her whole body shook in raw pleasure. She felt King’s cock pulsating inside her again as well as an oozing sensation as his cum gushed back out of her pussy as he didn’t stop thrusting even for a second!


“Pwaah, hah, ah ahah…” panted Sui-Feng as she suddenly found herself lying on her side in the patch of sand. Her whole body felt like a wet noodle. She didn’t have the strength to move as several smaller orgasms ran through her as she felt copious amounts of cum leaking out of her. Somewhere else in the room, she could hear Kukaku screaming and yelling like a whore.


YEAH, YEEEEEAH, FUCK ME!!! AHH SHIIIIIT, POUND THAT BIG BLACK COCK INTO MY TIGHT LITTLE CUNT!! FUCKING STRETCH ME OOOOOOUT!! AHH YES, CUMMING, I’M CUMMMMINGH!!! YES YES YES, FUCK ME!!! DON’T YOU DARE STOP UNTIL THOSE NUTS ARE DRIED UP RAISINS!!” she heard Kukaku screaming over the loud SMACK SMACK SMACK of bodies colliding. She could also hear King groaning along with an occasional SLAP like he was spanking her ass periodically.




Sui-Feng suddenly remembered the answer Kukaku gave when she asked why she was coming to the Living World at all.


“To scratch the old itch,” she’d said. At the time, Sui-Feng had no idea what she meant.


“So that’s what she meant…” Sui-Feng said in a slightly hoarse voice. She would have rolled her eyes, but she was too tired to do so. Also, the way Kukaku was moaning was making her get horny all over again!!!


“Ahhh, I just wanna find Yoruichi-sama…” she whimpered.



(Story by User: SailorIo)

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10 months ago

Yes, everyone, I know the pic doesn’t match the story. A bit of a mix-up that will be corrected later, so please do not point that out over and over in the comments.

Ichigo Kurosaki
10 months ago

Excellent history 10/10 i hope more Kukaku and Sui Feng

10 months ago

Thank you!