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Coitus Among Colleagues

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Bleach stories)
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So Unohana actually wanted to recruit you, hm? That’s concerning!” Kisuke Urahara thought out loud as he walked side by side with Orihime Inoue over the beach. Aside from a couple white clouds at the far western horizon, it was an otherwise sunny summer day, “What did you say then?” He asked, all while closely observing the young girl’s every reaction.


“W- Well… after she and I were… done with Grimmjow and Renji-kun, she asked me again if I wouldn’t like joining her club instead.” the curvaceous orangette replied, bashfully pressing her index fingers against one another in front of her massive chest, which was currently discreetly covered by the blue coat she wore. “I said that I had to think about it first. That it’s not a decision I can make so soon.”


Mentally, Urahara wiped some sweat from his forehead, “Good, good! I can’t lose my sexiest girl so close to the grand opening!” He said, carefully keeping up his composure and not showing any signs of actual worry. “And especially not when I need you now more than ever!”


“Oh? Did you have something special in mind when you called me here?” Orihime asked with a raised eyebrow.


Putting a hand on her back, the former Captain/shop owner gently patted his employee, “Perceptive as ever, my dear Orihime!” He complimented her. “You see, with the opening of the club so close at hand now, I actually thought about letting the employees get to learn from each other some more, and to run some tests with the different toys and such. To see if everything works just fine for when we actually need them.”


“-aaaAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! M- MILLLAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!!!!” in the distance, they could already hear Yoruichi’s moans growing louder.


How Urahara managed to get the entire beach for himself, despite it being the height of summer and the beach being one of the most beautiful ones Orihime had ever seen, the young girl didn’t know. Nor did she care all that much at the moment. Crystal clear blue waves lapped against the shoreline, while a few clouds blocked the otherwise searing sun above, which made walking barefooted on the sand at least a little bit more bearable.


“Oho. Seems as if the others have already started without us.” Urahara mused to himself while pulling his fan out of the sleeves of his kimono.


P… LEEEEEAAASEEEE!!!!! Let…!!” The two of them walked around a little stretch of palms, fern, and other plants that blocked their path, “LET ME CUM ALREADY!!!!!!!” the deafening screams of the dark skinned purplette greeted them as they spotted the other employees of Urahara’s Mansion of the Carnal Arts.


Yushiro Shihoin, Sui-Feng, Jackie Tristan, and Mila Rose all sat or stood around Yoruichi who writhed and shook on the floor as if she was possessed by Satan himself. The look on her face made it quite clear though that she did kinda enjoy her current predicament, with her tongue lolling out of her mouth as a small little puddle of her pussy juices formed on the sand beneath her.


Her protegé and her brother looked as if they wanted to intervene with what was currently happening to their idol, but ultimately didn’t do anything and just simply watched instead as Yoruichi bucked her hips against thin air. Sitting on a fallen palm, Mila Rose pressed on something in her right hand, which caused a silent buzzing sound to grow louder and more intense for all but a few seconds, before another press on a button caused the buzzing to silence down again. Jackie Tristan followed the whole situation from her spot in the shadows. Unlike the others, she didn’t seem all that much invested in the entire situation and actually looked as if she contemplated her decision to come here.


Similarly to Orihime, Jackie also remained as the only person, next to Urahara, who actually wore some clothes. In her case, they consisted of white jeans that framed her long and fit legs perfectly, as well as a brown leather jacket that she left open. Golden pasties in the shape of hearts were the only things that kept her nipples hidden from prying eyes as she didn’t wear much else underneath the jacket. Well, unless one would count the piercing on her belly button and the two strings of her panties that were visible above her jeans as clothes.


“Having fun with that vibro egg, I see.” Urahara greeted the array of his employees.


Mila Rose didn’t even look his way as she instead waited for Yoruichi to calm down somewhat before immediately putting the vibro egg inside her pussy to the maximum level again, “Obviously.” she replied over Yoruichi’s lustful moans.


“So… SOO GOOOOOOOODDD!!!!! I… wanna… CUUUUUUU-!!!” Right as Yoruichi was about to cum again, her new mistress/girlfriend deactivated the vibro egg again. If their reactions and the muddy sand between her legs were any indication, then they had played this game for quite a while already, “NOOOOOO!!!! Please just… haaa, haaa, haaa… let me cum already!! It’s driving me crazy!!!” the purple haired woman begged and pleaded, with her breath actually steaming in the salty sea air.


“Mhm…!” Urahara nodded as he observed his former Captain’s every reaction, “They seem to work quite well. And if our dear Yoruichi’s moans and screams are anything to go by…” he went on to say while squatting down next to her, then immediately scooping up the trickle of her arousal with his index and middle finger. “Then you seem to have gotten quite the hang of it already. I’m impressed!”


They all watched as Urahara let Yoruichi’s liquid lust drop from his fingers into the dark skinned woman’s open mouth. Almost as if in reflex, Yoruichi instantly gulped down the sweet nectar.


“Enough with the sweet talk, old man. Why exactly did you call us all here?” Mila Rose asked as she pushed herself up from the palm tree she was sitting on so far. Her dark, chocolate skin glistened in the sunlight due to a thin layer of sweat covering her entire body. If her natural smell was any indication, then she didn’t seem to bother with applying any form of perfume. The mixed scent of arousal and sweat that she emitted was almost intoxicating.


“You’re already doing it.” Urahara answered her question while sitting down on the tree she previously occupied. He let his eyes wander between his few employees, “Just have fun. Let loose. Get to know each other some more. Explore your bodies and limits. Don’t mind me at all; I’ll simply sit here and watch the whole thing unfold.” he told them.


“You… just want us to have sex? Just like that?” Jackie asked from her place in the shadows.


“By all means, yes. Go for it!” affirmed the former Captain. “You’re about to work in a business that requires you to fulfill your client’s wishes. Some of them might even request sessions with two or more of you together, so it would only make sense for you to get a better understanding of one another.”


“If that’s the case…” Jackie’s eyes wandered over to Yushiro, who in turn hasn’t been able to look away from the quivering mess that was his sister. “I’d like to continue where we left off last time!


Orihime watched as Jackie stepped out of the shadows. She put her arm around Yushiro’s slender waist and lifted him over her shoulder as if he weighed absolutely nothing at all, “H- HEH!?!?” the younger Shihoin sibling gasped in surprise as he found himself getting carried away by the taller woman.


“No need to be so ashamed. I remember exactly how much you loved to be pampered and taken care of by me!” she told him while simultaneously reaching for his throbbing, half-hard dick. “And if your friend is any indication, then you think the same way!”


“Hey! No fair!” Orihime quickly followed after the Fullbringer and the Shinigami. “I want to spend more time with Yushiro-kun too. It’s been way too long since I’ve had some time with Yushiro-kun!


Still standing next to the writhing Yoruichi, Sui-Feng looked between her former mentor and Yushiro. Before she could come up with a decision of her own, whether or not she would join Yoruichi or Yushiro, Mila Rose already pulled the vibro egg out of the purple haired Shinigami’s pussy and threw it into a little box to the side where the other toys and Urahara’s inventions remained.


“Little Bee, or whatever she likes to call you, are you gonna help me with her or not!?” the Arrancar asked, though it didn’t sound like a question, but more like an order. She reached into the box and pulled out one of Urahara’s Futa Pills.


Urahara silently giggled to himself. ‘Oh, this is gonna be promising!


The farther Jackie carried Yushiro away from the other employees, the less he struggled, as he now seemingly accepted his current predicament. Walking right after them, Orihime had a good look at his rapidly growing cock. The dark piece of meat throbbed and twitched vividly against the black haired girl’s leather jacket. Once they were a safe enough distance away from the others, Jackie gently laid him down on the sand and looked down at him with a loving, yet hungry, look in her gray eyes.


“So, you already know what you want to do with him?” she asked Orihime while already pulling down her jeans.


With her pussy dripping in frantic anticipation, Orihime opened her coat and revealed the silver sling bikini that she wore underneath for her two dark skinned colleagues to see, “Oh, I already have an idea in mind!” she stated while looking down at Yushiro’s now completely erect dick.



MMMMHH… YESH!!!!” Jackie slurred wetly as she pushed her tongue deeper into Orihime’s mouth, “Phuck… who knew ‘ou could lick pusshy sho ghuuuudd??” she moaned while grinding her entire lower body against the young Shinigami’s face.


SHO PHIIIIIIICK!!!!” The thin ropes that connected their lips vibrated from Orihime’s outburst of pure joy and ecstasy as she continued bouncing on top of Yushiro’s cock. Her usually flat stomach was stretched out noticeably from the sheer girth of his thick black length. “‘OU’RE REASHING SHO DHEEP, ‘USHIRO-KH~UUUUNN!!!!!!


“Uuuugh, guuuh, huulgh…!!” Yushiro could only moan and groan into the dark skinned woman’s pussy. Every other form of verbal communication was simply impossible, due to her pussy spraying load after load of her juices directly into his mouth, nose, and eyes.


The two women broke their kiss, but kept staring into each other’s eyes. They haven’t spent all that much time together so far, though at this very moment, they found themselves closer than realistically possible. Something about the fact that they both shared a man with one another brought them on the same wavelength. It was as if they knew exactly what the other desired. And what they needed to do in order to make their friend cum!


Jackie let go of Orihime’s cheeks to instead reach for her tits, “Don’t mind if I do…” she then opened her mouth wide and took in the stiff pink nub, “MMMMMMPH!!!!” while moaning around Orihime’s nipple, Jackie also massaged her peachy plump breasts with both hands.


They felt so incredibly soft and smooth to the touch… It was obvious that the young orangette took great care of them and her body! “Ah~HAAAAAAA!!!!!” moaned Orihime. She put her hands behind her back and pushed her boobs more against Jackie’s hands and mouth. “YESSSSSSS!!!!! EAT MY TITSSS!!!


Her ecstatic scream echoed, albeit slightly dampened, in Yushiro’s ears. Even more, however, he felt her pussy ass clench tighter than any vice ever could around his length, “HRRRRRMMPH!!!!” He moaned into Jackie’s moist pussy.


HMMMM… whatever you’re doing… do it MORE!!” Jackie purred as she switched from Orihime’s right nipple to the left. “It makes him lick my cunt even harder!”


AAAH… HAA, HAA, HAAAA… I’ll try!” Orihime panted and moaned like a whore as she bounced up and down on top of Yushiro, “He’s just so…” She put one of her hands on her stretched out stomach, “SO BHIIIIIIIIIIGGH!!!!!” She screamed in wild pleasure, moving her fingers delicately over the outline of his cock.


Sweet, heady smelling cents of both women sprayed in every direction as they came at the same time. Orihime, from getting her tits sucked and her ass fucked hard, and Jackie, by having her pussy being eaten out by Yushiro, while experiencing the pleasure of the orangette’s tits first hand!


UMMMPH… SHACKIIIIIIIEEE!!!” The young man slurred as breathing became more and more difficult with every second. “Shee’sh… shee’sh ripping muh dick OOOPPPPPHH!!!!


MMMNH… you hear that?” The dark haired chocolate beauty whispered hoarsely after spitting out Orihime’s nipple, while still kneading the two mounts with both of her hands, “He’s gonna cum soon!”


I… I KNOWWWW!!!!” Orihime bit on her lower lips as her eyes rolled back in their sockets. “IT FEELS SO GOOD… HIS DICK IN MY ASS… IT’S MAKING ME CUM MY BRAINS OUUUUUUUUTTTT!!!!!” She hollered in orgasmic madness. “HE THROBS SO MUCH INSIDE OF ME, IT’S LIKE… AAAAAYEE!!!!!” Jackie didn’t let her finish her sentence as she then pressed both nipples together to bite on them at the same time.


With an arching back, Orihime’s arms and legs trembled and shook as if she just pushed a fork into an electrical outlet. Raw pleasure coursed through her entire body as the other girl’s perfect white teeth sunk slightly into her pink nipples. Beneath the two, Yushiro squirmed in place while patting the sand on either side of his body as he found himself struggling to breathe!


AHAAHAAA!!! SO GOOOOOODDD!!!!” Orihime’s tongue lolled out the side of her mouth as she climaxed again and again and again. With each orgasm, her inner muscles clenched even tighter around the dark skinned boy’s length, further amplifying the pleasure they both experienced, “But… haa, haaaa, haaaaaaa,… I, I wanna try something ouUUU~UT!!!


“Hrrrrm? What ish id?” Jackie asked wetly around Orihime’s nipples. Her saliva dangled off the two stiff nubs as she looked up into her colleague’s bedroom eyes.


In a haze of madness and lust, Orihime reached for the coat she had dropped earlier and pulled out one of the pills that Urahara had created. She then simply threw the pink drug into her mouth and waited for the effect to kick in. Just mere rapid heartbeats later, a dick began growing out of her soaking pussy. Jackie, who had already seen the effects of the pills firsthand when she saw Mila Rose fuck Yoruichi with such an artificial cock, back when she joined the club, now eagerly watched as the futa cock grew larger and larger.


Within seconds, the length became as long as Jackie’s entire arm from her shoulder to the wrist and twice as thick. Orihime’s nectar turned into a steady stream of cum that now dripped onto Yushiro’s muscular, heaving chest. Before Orihime could even say a word, Jackie leaned forward and wrapped her lips around the pulsing hot shaft!


HMMMMMMMMMMPPPH!!!!!!!!” Her previously slender throat doubled in girth as she took half of Orihime’s new dick in one swift swoop. She licked the underside of the frantically throbbing meat as if it was the most delicious lollipop she ever had. “DAMMMMMNN… DISH PHEELSH JUSHD LIKE DA REAL PHINNNNNGH!!!!


Yushiro sighed in relief as he finally got the chance to breathe more freely again, due to Jackie leaning forward more and more in an attempt to get more of the artificial dick past her lips and down her throat!


UUUUUUUGH, UHUMMMPH, UHUUGH, GUUHG, GUUHG, GUUHG, URRRKLE!!!!” The Fullbringer gagged at length. With every inch she swallowed, Orihime’s neatly shaven pussy came closer and closer, with the sweat that gathered there glistening invitingly in the sunlight from above. “HUUURK, KUUGH, UUUMPH, UAAAALGH…!!! PHUCK!!! DISH CAWK… IT’SH SHO PHAAAAAAAATTT!!!!


HMMMMNNH~!!” Orihime arched her back and put both hands on Jackie’s head, “S- SLOW DOOOOWN!!!!” She moaned, while continuing to shove the dick deeper into Jackie’s by bouncing up and down on Yushiro’s cock. “THIS… THIS IS SO STRANGE!!!! LIKE… I’M GONNA POP ANY SECOND NOOOOOWWWW!!!!!!!


Right as Jackie managed to throat the entire thing and thought that she would be rewarded by the mind shattering sensation of cum flooding her insides, something strange happened. The artificial cock deflated inside her mouth, like it was a tire without any air left inside of it anymore, but just as Jackie was about to ask what was going on, it instantly disappeared with a loud PLOP!


“Hmmph??” Jackie blinked in surprise as she instead got rewarded with the beautiful wet feeling of another woman’s orgasmic juice sprinkling against her face as Orihime held her head firmly in place.


OOOOOOOAAAPHAAAA!!!!!” At the same time, Yushiro howled into the dark skinned Fullbringer’s pussy as he climaxed together with Orihime.


AAYHAAAA!!!!” Orihime arched her back as white dick-cream painted her insides white. Yushiro released so much of his seed, that it instantly filled the orangette’s stomach to the brim and shot back out around his BBC.


Beneath them, the sand turned even more clumpy and muddy as their three bodily fluids dropped from their sweating and heaving bodies. Then, all at the exact same time, the energy they had in reserve left their bodies as they all felt over one another, with their bodies getting slack due to lacking hydration while cumming so much.


For a long moment, they all just laid there, one over the other and with blissful smiles on their faces. Even Yushiro didn’t seem to mind anymore that he hadn’t breathed right for the last hour or so.


Then, Jackie pushed herself up, “I think… We can definitely count this as a nice bonding experience! Don’t you agree?”


Orihime and Yushiro simply nodded. “MHMMMM!!!!



(Story by: Mr. Akrononym)

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Ichigo Kurosaki
10 months ago

Excellent History 10/10

perfect syncronization Orihime, Yushiro and Jackie

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
10 months ago

Glad to read that you enjoyed their interactions.

10 months ago

A very good chapter this turned out to be, I have to say. 😊

We not only saw the whole roster of Urahara’s club in full display {so far anyway}, we all saw each one of their traits and personalities, as well them in action. 😆

Plus good to see them addressing not just the opening, but also what happened last chapter with Orihime and Unohana. Good moves with them. 👍

Also, apart from the very creative threesome, I really liked how each person had something to do here, especially Mila Rose and Jackie in particular. That and Sui-Feng being rather indecisive with choose to join the threesome with Yushiro or the action with Yoruichi, who was taking on a vibrating egg. Good thing Mila Rose made her choose. 😂

Overall, it was a nice little chapter with a good bonding experience. Can’t wait for what’s next. 😍

P.S Sorry for the late response. Been really busy with things lately. 😅

– Hiryu

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
10 months ago
Reply to  Hiryu

No problem. Reading your thoughts is always worth the wait! No need to rush anything.