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The Honeymoon Tale

(Note: This story is part of an short series of Bleach stories)
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Ichigo Kurosaki smiled at the three naked women sitting in the room with him. His wife giggled at the end of the story Rangiku finished telling about her encounter with a Dragon. He had sensed the whole thing, but by the time he got to where everything happened with Retsu and the two Witch girls from the Western Branch, everything had already been resolved. All that was left was having Retsu cleanse a set of curses that Rangiku and Isane had been struck with.


Ichigo had stayed with his wife and the group of women to discuss what might be going on, but Noel insisted that they might have just been followed here from England. Ichigo wanted to look into it further, but Ninny said they should just leave it to them and that they’d call if things got out of hand.


So, in the end, he’d simply taken the girls back to their hotel before meeting back up with Orihime, Rangiku, and Nel at a hotel that Retsu recommended. It felt nice to be out of public view since all three women still insisted on staying naked. The room they’d rented was a full suite, complete with a kitchen and full bath. The walls were pretty plain, with simple landscape art hanging on them. The images looked like they were painted by an amateur, but then, Ichigo wasn’t an art critic. They also had a large screen TV set up across from a large bed that was big enough for all four of them to sit comfortably on as they were doing now.


“So anyway, sorry about cheating with Toshiro like that!” Rangiku said, clasping her hands together in front of herself as she bowed apologetically.


“Don’t worry about it,” Ichigo said, “I know first hand how powerful those curse marks that hit you could be. I don’t think you could have stopped if you tried.” he said to the strawberry blonde. “I’m more glad that none of you were hurt.”


“Pssssh, that was nothing!” Rangiku said as she moved over to him and hugged herself against his left arm, making sure to press her huge tits against him as hard as she could. They squished around his bicep and felt so soft against his skin. “Honestly, I was really just worried for Orihime and your human friend. That’s why I had Nel get them out like I did.”


“And I’m glad you did,” Ichigo said to her.


“So!” Orihime said, “Back to the wedding! You said you won’t have any trouble staying in the living world, right Nel-chan?”


“Yep!” Nel said, raising her hand with a happy expression, “This Gigai Nel is in right now, it converts regular food into Reishi that Nel can sustain on, so Nel doesn’t need to eat any souls or anything. Besides, for an Arrancar, regular human souls are nasty tasting anyway.” she explained, making a disgusted face, “Ah, no offense…” she then added.


“None taken. I don’t have a regular soul as it is, but I don’t for a minute think you’d ever try to eat me.” Ichigo said.


“Not true! Nel loves eating Daddy’s big dick!” said Nel with a giggle as she moved to lay on her stomach, grabbing Ichigo’s half soft cock with both her hands, “AHHHHMMMMMPH!!! NMMMMMMH, SHO YUMMYYYYY…!” Nel moaned around his cock.


Ichigo groaned softly as his cock began getting hard in the teal haired woman’s mouth. He looked down at her, watching as she moved her head back and forth slowly. Her hot little mouth felt so good as she worked to take his dick deeper and deeper into her mouth as it grew bigger and bigger with every second.


NMMMMMMPH, NISHE UND PHIIICK, DADDY’S DHICK, SHO BHIG AN’ YUMMY…” Nel cooed happily as she slurped and sucked at his cock. Ichigo looked down at her as she gazed up at him with her pretty hazel eyes. He then reached out with his right hand, tracing the large 3 tattooed on her back. She cooed louder at his touch, arching her back into it like a cat.


“So,” Rangiku said, “Where should we go for the Honeymoon?” she asked with a smile. The strawberry blonde then blinked her crystalline blue eyes as though she remembered something. “Oh, speaking of, tell us about your first honeymoon, Ichigo and Orihime. You mentioned that your kinky wife here invited Rukia along for some fun the first night?”


“Oh yeah!” Orihime said, “That was a fun few nights!”


“Nights, plural?” Rangiku asked, “The way Rukia mentioned it, I got the impression that it was only one night.” she said to Ichigo.


“Well I uh… Ahhhh…” Ichigo began, then groaned as Nel managed to throat his entire dick, burying her cute nose in his orange pubic hairs.


NMMMMMMMMPH… AGUUUUU, MWAH, AHH…” Nel gasped as Rangiku gently pulled her off of his dick, “Nhooooo, Nel wants to suck more of daddy’s dick!” she whined.


“And I’m all for that, but let him talk first.” Rangiku chided the teal haired woman before giving her a kiss and spanking her sexy ass.


“Mhaaah, ‘kaaaay…” she moaned softly when Rangiku broke the kiss. She then let go of Nel, who instantly began hugging herself against his huge erection, kissing it with her soft pink lips.


“You were saying?” Rangiku pressed.


“Well, it all started when Orihime and I got to Kyoto for our Honeymoon…” Ichigo began.



Orihime giggled and kicked her feet in the air as Ichigo kicked in the door to their hotel room with his foot. The door swung open wide as he held his wife aloft Princess Carry style. The volume of her wedding dress made getting through the door without it snagging on the frame tricky, but he managed it somehow. The orange haired woman clung tightly to him, kissing his cheek repeatedly.


“I love you…” she said happily as they crossed the threshold into their honeymoon suite. The room was pretty lavish, though not extravagant. The carpet was a deep rich red, almost the color of fresh blood. The walls were a different shade of red, and the furniture was all done in red velvet. The entire room smelled like roses, which explained the red theme to everything. There was a large table just inside the door with a large fruit basket sitting on top of it along with a bottle of wine.



“Hey, enough details on the room. When did Rukia show up and you guys started fucking?” Rangiku asked, interrupting him.


“I was getting to that.” said Ichigo as he ran his fingers through Nel’s long teal colored hair, looking down at her as she bobbed her head up and down on his cock.


NRMMMMPH, GUH, MMMMPH, GUG, GRMMMMMPH, AGH DADDYYY, SHO BHIG AN’ HAWD, NHEL WUV’SH SHUCKING DHIIIICK…” Nel moaned happily as she continued moving her head up and down. Her pillowy lips stretched away from her face erotically every time she pulled her head back.


“Mmmmh, keep going Nel-chan. Make your daddy feel good!” Orihime cheered her on as she rubbed her hand over Nel’s curvy ass gently.


YESSSH, NEL VILL MHAKE DADDY PHEEL SHO GUUD… AGUH GUG GUH…” Nel gagged as she moved her head up and down faster. Ichigo groaned and leaned back on the bed slightly, looking down at Nel as she moaned erotically around his cock. He then turned as Rangiku pressed herself in closer, her hand touching his cheek and turning his head to face her. She then pressed her lips to his, her tongue slipping past them to slowly explore his mouth.


“So anyway, after we looked around the room…” Orihime continued.



“Wah, ahahahaha!!!” Orihime giggled as Ichigo tossed her down onto the huge and plush bed that dominated most of the room. She bounced up and down on it before scrambling up onto her hands and knees. Then, standing up on her knees only as she reached her hands behind her back, pulling at the zipper that held her wedding dress on. She let out a breath of relief as the tightly fitting dress came undone quickly, letting her heavy breasts spill out as the top half of the dress fell forward, exposing them. She smirked as she saw the thick lump spreading down the pant leg of Ichigo’s tuxedo. She loved how her body turned him on as she grabbed both her breasts and hefted them in her hands.


“Mmmmmh, these are all for you now.” she giggled as she bounced them up and down before pinching both her nipples between her thumb and index fingers. She let out a low moan as she teased her own nipples until they were achingly stiff. Next, the orange haired girl lifted her left tit to her own mouth, slowly swirling her tongue around her own nipple as she watched Ichigo. He gulped as he began taking off the jacket of his tuxedo, tossing it to the floor before he yanked open his shirt. Buttons scattered everywhere, their soft clattering seemingly loud in the room before he closed in on her, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her close.


“Ooooooh…” Orihime moaned as Ichigo instantly began sucking the nipple of her right tit, taking as much of her breast into his mouth as he could. She felt his tongue circling her nipple as she hugged his head against her tit.


“Yessss… Ahhh, suck on my boobs darling, ahhh, that feels so good… Nmmmmh…” she moaned, rolling her entire body against him. She then felt his hands pulling her dress down farther, exposing her lace thong white panties. Orihime then leaned herself back on the bed, pulling her husband down with her. When Ichigo pulled his mouth off her tit, she grabbed his head and kissed him passionately, sucking on his tongue as the two of them practically ripped one another’s clothes off. It seemed a waste to ruin such a lovely set of wedding attire, but Orihime could fix them later.


“Ahhha, nmmmmmh, such a big dick!” she cooed happily as she yanked his pants and underwear down, freeing his cock. Just looking at the thing made her pussy completely soaked, to say nothing of the thick and potent manly smell coming off of it. The smell made her dizzy and horny as she kissed his balls gently. Ichigo let out a soft groan as Orihime moved to slowly drag her tongue over his fat balls. They were SOOO big, and the smell coming off them was as powerful as the smell coming off his dick, but somehow, the orange haired woman could tell the difference.


She then moved her head up, kissing the base of his dick gently before moving up farther, kissing and licking her way up his waist, chest, and neck until their mouths connected. Ichigo kissed her even more passionately than when they finished taking their vows, his left hand grabbing her now bare ass while the right gripped her tit tightly. She slipped and slid her tongue along his for a long moment before the two of them broke apart and gazed into one another’s eyes.


“I love you,” Ichigo said in a heavy voice, dripping with desire.


She kissed him again and smiled. It was time. Looking back at him, Orihime smiled and said, “I love you too, darling, and I have a present for you…” she said in a husky tone before she looked behind him at the naked woman standing there. She had been there for the past couple of minutes, having come out of the closet while she had Ichigo focused entirely on her.


“Turn around.” she whispered.


Ichigo turned, and his brown eyes went wide at the sight of a stark naked Rukia Kuchiki leaning back against the dresser that the TV was mounted on. She grinned back at the two as she groped at her own right breast with one hand while she had the other pressed firmly between her thighs.


“Hey.” was all Rukia said before Ichigo pulled away from Orihime, moving over to grab Rukia, pushing her up on the dresser and shoving his gigantic cock inside her! “OHHHH FUUUUUCK!!!!” Rukia howled as her stomach stretched up high from his size, her gray eyes crossing as her mouth hung open.



“Hold on! That’s not how it happened!” Ichigo protested, interrupting Orihime.


“Whaaaaat!? But it was just getting good!” Rangiku protested. “I can see you tackling Rukia like that and stuffing that fat dick into her and stretching her tiny body around it like a condom! Nmmmmmh, it’s so hot to visualize!”


Ichigo groaned and looked back down at Nel, watching the teal haired woman pull her mouth free slowly. Long, sticky ropes of her drool stretched away from her lips, keeping them connected to his dick as she pushed it up and slowly licked the underside of it.


“Nmmmmh, what happened next, Daddy?” she asked before moving to suck on his balls, “Nhel whant’s to knoh… Ahmmmmmmh, nmmmmmh, ahhh, dhaddy’sh bhallsh are sho guud…” she slurred lewdly as he felt her rolling her tongue around his nut.


“Yeah, tell us what really happened then, Ichigo, but make it spicy!” Rangiku told him as she moved to kneel in front of him, leaning down to press her huge tits around his still throbbing erection. “I know you had to put this monster into Rukia’s tight little cunny… Did it make her moan like a whore, or coo like a lover…?” she asked, rubbing the soft flesh bags up and down with a squishing wet sound from Nel’s drool.


“Ahhh… Ohh…” Ichigo groaned at the feeling, looking down at both women as they looked back at him expectantly. Rangiku kissed and licked the tip of his dick slowly, pushing her tongue into the entry at the end of his cock.


“Well, I freaked out a bit at firsssst… Ahhh, that feels good…” he groaned, “Su… Suck it more…” he told both women.



Ichigo felt the blood draining from his face as Rukia stood naked across from the bed. Looking over at the newly wed couple, she had a seductive expression on her face as she dipped her fingers in and out of her pussy slowly. The seductive look quickly vanished though as she began snickering, then laughing.


“Ahhh, AHAHAHAHA, the look on your face!!! I’m sorry!!! I just, HAHAHAHA!!!” Rukia said, laughing hysterically.


“What…? What’s going on, why are you here, Rukia?” Ichigo managed to ask when he calmed down slightly. He turned to look at the naked woman, his cock still throbbing and hard.


“Like Orihime said, I’m your wedding gift.” Rukia said as though it were obvious, still snickering slightly. She then looked down at his dick and licked her lips, “Though now, I’m wondering who’s getting more out of this… Good god, Ichigo, it’s no wonder you’re so confident!” she said with a smile.


Ichigo had to force himself not to roll his eyes, like he hadn’t heard that a thousand times in the locker room! He then turned to look at Orihime, his newlywed wife grinning like an idiot at him before she moved to embrace him from behind, hussing her huge tits against his back. She then reached her hands down to grab his cock. The sheer thickness of it prevented her from bringing her fingertips together around it.


Slowly, Orihime stroked his cock as she nibbled on Ichigo’s ear before whispering into it, “I know it’s every guy’s fantasy to have two girls together. And I know there’s no one you trust more than Rukia for something like this. So, do you like my gift?” she asked him while tugging on his ear with her teeth.


Before he could reply, Rukia came over and hugged her naked figure against his cock, using her entire body to stroke his cock as she licked the tip. “Don’t even try to pretend you haven’t fantasized about this either. Because I have!” she told him before she kissed the tip of his cock, holding her lips against it before slowly parting them and taking the giant head into her mouth.


Ichigo groaned at the warm wet feel of Rukia’s mouth as she took his cock down her now bulging throat. “Ahhh, look darling, Rukia’s swallowing your whole cock!” Orihime said as she hugged herself against him tighter. “Does my hubby’s cock taste good, Rukia?” she asked excitedly.


YESSSSH!!! AHHHGUUUUH, ID TASHTESH SHO GUUD…!” the dark haired girl moaned, “AGUH, NMMMMMMMPH, GUG, NMMMMMPH, GUH, MMMMMMMPH…” Rukia moaned as she began moving her head back and forth slowly, taking his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth every time, until Ichigo could feel the inside of her stomach!



NMMMMMMMH!!! That was so hot too! Rukia really loves sucking big dicks like Ichigo’s!” Orihime said, squirming where she knelt on top of the massive bed. She watched as Rangiku and Nel took turns sucking Ichigo’s cock as they lay in front of him. The orange haired girl kneeled between both women as they lay on their stomachs. She slipped her hands between both their thighs, slipping her middle and ring fingers into their pussies. Nel and Rangiku both moaned, pushing their asses up in the air like a pair of slutty cats.


She was so turned on by the sight of Ichigo’s cock moving in and out of Rangiku’s hot little mouth and the way it made her slender throat swell from its size as she moaned around it. Nel looked so cute and Sexy as she kissed and licked at the base of Ichigo’s cock, and the way she’d taken to calling him “daddy” was so erotic! That this would be their lives now made her feel so happy as she plunged her fingers in and out of their pussies faster, the lewd wet squish squish squish her fingers made caused Orihime to squirm where she sat.


AGAH, GUGUH, NMMMMMPH, GWEH, HMMMMMMPH…” moaned Rangiku as she throated Ichigo’s cock repeatedly, her plump pink lips pulling away from her face lewdly every time she lifted her head back. “NRMMMMMMPH, SHO, WHAD HABBENED NHEXT!?” she said, still slurping Ichigo’s cock happily.


Orihime picked up the story next, “Well, as Ichigo became more relaxed…”



NMUUUH, NRGH, NNNNNGH, AGUH GURK, GUG, AGH, GAAAAWD, YESH, HAWDERRRRGGH…” Rukia gagged loudly around Ichigo’s cock as he held her head in both hands and pumped her face up and down on his dick. Her deep gray eyes were almost completely white as they rolled back in her head. Ichigo’s cock glistened with her drool as Orihime masturbated to the sight. She pushed four fingers in and out of her pussy with one hand while the other squeezed Ichigo’s pectoral muscle as she hugged herself against him.


“You heard her darling, ahnn, do it harder…” Orihime breathed into his ear before gently biting the lobe.


“Oh… Okayyy…” groaned Ichigo, moving his hips now along with his hands, and Orihime could hear Rukia’s pussy gushing all over the floor as she let out a long strangled moan.


OGOOOOH!!! HOGOOOH!!! NBOHJUBOBOH…!! AGGH, GUH GUH GUH, AHHAAAAGH, GUUMMING, AHGUUGAH, GUUMMINGGGH!!! GUG GUH GUG GUH GURK GURK GURK…!” she choked loudly. Orihime clenched her teeth and let out a low moan, her own pussy gushing against her fingers as she dragged her nails across Ichigo’s chest lightly.


“Nmmmmmmh, yes Ichigooo, do it more, fuck her face…” Orihime moaned softly before leaning her head over his shoulder and locking lips with her husband. He groaned softly into her mouth as their tongues swirled together and she moaned back as he closed his lips against hers, sucking roughly on her tongue!


AGURK GUH GUMMMPH!!!” Rukia gagged and moaned as Ichigo slammed his huge cock in and out of her throat!


“Huuuunh, huuh, uuuh…” grunted Ichigo as he slowed his movements.


“Nmmmmmh, don’t stop, keep going…” Orihime urged him, moving her head to the back of Rukia’s head and pushing her face down hard on his cock. She could feel Ichigo’s entire body tensing as he began cumming, his cock so far in Rukia’s mouth that he was dumping his cum directly into her belly!


Ahhhn! He’s cumming! Don’t pull out, love!’ she thought to Ichigo before moaning into his ear, “Yes, keep thrusting into her face as you cum, ahhh!!!”


AGUUUNMMMMMPH…” Rukia gagged and moaned, unable to keep up with the steady flow of cum. Ichigo let go of her head and Rukia fell back, his cock pulling out of her mouth and throat with a wet sliding sound as more and more cum kept splattering on her face. Rukia fell back on her big, round ass, coughing and panting hard.


“Ahhhhn, that was beautiful…” Orihime said, looking at Rukia’s cum splattered face as she sat back on the floor, bracing herself upright with both hands as she gasped for breath. Her jaw hung open as if unhinged, long ropes of cum and drool hanging down from the corners of her lips. The sight was so erotic and beautiful that Orihime was cumming just from looking at her!


On the floor, Rukia gasped and panted several more times as she worked her jaw up and down testingly. It wasn’t unhinged after all as she slowly picked herself up. Orihime locked eyes with her as she climbed onto the bed with the newlywed couple. She sat in Ichigo’s lap, her pussy rubbing against the upper side of Ichigo’s still hard cock as she and Orihime locked lips together. She could taste Ichigo’s cum on her lips as their tongue began dueling together. She heard Ichigo groan softly as his body tensed slightly. She and Rukia made a show of kissing one another, and Orihime did her best to lick up all the cum and drool from the other woman’s face.


“Nmmmmah…” Orihime gasped softly when she and Rukia finally broke the kiss. Both of them then turned to Ichigo, pressing their cheeks together as they smiled at him. The two women then tackled him back onto the bed. Orihime kissed him first, sucking his tongue like he had with her earlier while Rukia busied herself with sliding her pussy up and down the thick length of his cock The orange haired woman then broke away and relinquished her husband to the dark haired woman.


Orihime slightly chewed the tip of her index finger as she watched her husband kissing a naked woman on top of him. Her pussy twitched as her nipples were so stiff they actually hurt! She then looked down at Ichigo’s cock, throbbing and hard, practically screaming for a pussy to bury itself inside. Orihime wanted to see that, to see her husband’s cock stretching out another woman’s hole, making her cry out in ecstasy as he pushed into her deepest parts!


She leaned her body down over Rukia’s, licking her way down the other woman’s spine to the crack of her round peach shaped ass. Grabbing both cheeks, she kissed each of them as she moved down farther, looking between Rukia’s thighs at her puckered asshole and her dripping cunt. The smell was so strong, as strong as Ichigo’s cock. Orihime was dizzy as she kissed Rukia’s butt one more time before licking the length of Ichigo’s dick. She could taste Rukia on him, and that only turned her on even more as she licked all the way to the tip of the gigantic dick.


“Ahhhhnmmmh, hurry darling, Rukia’s pussy needs to know the joys of your dick!” Orihime said.



“’Joys of his dick’? You actually said that?” Rangiku asked, clearly trying not to laugh.


“I know, it sounded better in my head, okay!?” Orihime said defensively with a pouty expression. She then smiled as the strawberry blonde woman rocked herself back against Ichigo, plunging his cock back into her sopping wet pussy. Her stomach tented upwards with a phallic outline as his cock filled her, and Ichigo could feel her pussy clamping down on him tightly, as though it never wanted to feel him pull out.


“Am I wrong though?” Orihime asked, “Doesn’t his cock make you feel so happy?”


“Uhhhnnnmmmmmmh, I can’t argue thaaaaat…” Rangiku moaned at length as Ichigo grabbed her hips with both hands. Standing up on his knees, he began shoving his cock back and forth with a low SQUISH SQUISH SQUISH noise as his cock moved in and out of her.


“Oh go~d… My pussy feels so full… I… Ahhh, I love this…!” she panted, rocking her body into his thrusts. Ichigo looked down at his dick, loving the sight of Rangiku’s pussy clinging to it every time he pulled back, and the wide sexy shape of her ass as he brought his hand down to spank it loudly, making Rangiku squeal!


“Nhoooo!!!” Nel protested, crawling on her hands and knees to turn around and present her ass to him, “Spank Nel, daddy!!!!” she pleaded, “Spank Nel for being such a slutty girl!!!”


He grinned, moving one hand from Rangiku’s hip to Nel’s round ass, “You ARE a slut!” he said, slapping her ass hard, making a loud SMACK that echoed in their hotel room. Nel let out a loud wailing moan of pleasure as a red handprint welled up on her alabaster skin.


YESSSS, NEL IS SUCH A BAD GIRL, PUNISH HERRR!!!!” Nel begged, panting like a dog, complete with her tongue hanging out of her mouth.


“Kinky, masochistic, slut!” Ichigo said through gritted teeth, slapping her ass with every word.


YES, YES DADDYYYYY!!! NEL IS SUCH A BAD BAD GIRL, SPANK HER MORE, AHH, NEL IS CUMMINGH!!!” Nel moaned while he shoved his cock into Rangiku again and again.


“Nmmmmmh, dhon’t stoooop, tell us more… Ahhh, tell us how it felt fucking Rukia’s tight little pussy for the first TYYYMME!!!!” Rangiku moaned as Ichigo shoved his cock all the way in. “OH GOD!!! SO FULL, CUMMING, YOU’RE MAKING ME CUUUUUUM! AHHHHNMMMMMPH… NOMMPH MMMMPH, NMMMMH…” Rangiku screamed, then moaned as Orihime sat in front of her with her legs spread wide, displaying her pussy for all to see before she pushed Rangiku’s head into her crotch. There, the strawberry blonde instantly began licking and sucking on the orange haired woman’s clit and cunt.


“Nmmmmmmh, yeah, lick my pussy Rangiku… Ahhh, eat me out while my husband fucks your pussyyyy…” Orihime moaned, “Keep going dear, ahhh… Tell them what happened after thaaaat…” Orihime moaned.


Ichigo nodded, slapping Nel’s ass one more time before shoving three of his fingers into her pussy! They slipped in easily, making a lewd SQUISH SQUISH SQUISH as he moved them in and out of her. He then spanked Rangiku’s ass lightly as he continued.


“Orihime had Rukia take my cock inside cowgirl style, it was an amazing sight, her body stretching around my cock like that, but…” he began.



AHHHH, HAHHHH, AHHHH, OH GOD!!! THIS IS SO AMAZINGH… MY WHOLE BODY FEELS LIKE AN ONNAHOOOOOLE!!!” Rukia screamed, her hands rubbing along the phallic shaped lump in her torso.


NMMMMMMMH, I’M SO FULL, IN MY PUSSY, AHH, THIS FEELS SO GOOD, DO IT HARDER, AHH, I WANT IT ROUGHER ICHIGOOOO!!!” she moaned as she bounced up and down on his cock every time he thrusted his length up into her.


He sat up quickly, hugging Rukia closer and moving to suck on one stiff nipple. He then got up on his knees on top of the bed, lifting her practically with his dick alone. Rukia’s legs wrapped around his waist as she squealed in pleasure.


SO DHEEEEEEEP!!!!!!” she moaned through clenched teeth, drool running down the left side of her chin. Orihime then moved up behind her, sandwiching Rukia’s small frame between them. Ichigo saw his wife lightly nibbling on Rukia’s ear as she moved her hand to play with her unoccupied tit.


“Nmmmmmh, kiss her darling, kiss her…!” Orihime panted softly.

YHESSS, AHH AHHH AHHHH, KISS MHEEEE…!” Rukia moaned in ecstasy as her entire body seemed to convulse in pleasure. Ichigo didn’t hesitate, locking lips with the dark haired woman, his tongue sliding against hers as he continued moving his cock in and out of her again and again. Rukia moaned back against his mouth, her pussy clamping down around his cock again and again as she kept cumming.




Ichigo groaned in pleasure, feeling the pressure building in his balls again as he broke the kiss. Long ropes of their combined spit stretched between their mouths as he instantly moved to kiss Orihime next, his hand going from Rukia’s tit to Orihime’s big sexy ass. She moaned into his mouth as well, pressing her butt back against his hand, his fingers sinking into the soft skin.


The three then broke apart, Ichigo laying Rukia on her back on the bed, pulling his massive cock out of her with a rude wet noise. Her pussy gaped open, the inner walls puffy and pink, twitching as if searching for the missing dick that had just been pressed against them.


AHHHNNN, NHOOOO, PUT IT BHACK, PUT IT BHAAAACK…!” Rukia moaned plaintively, rolling her crotch at the air wantonly, her pussy dripping with need.


Ichigo grinned, rolling Rukia over onto her stomach before spreading her legs wide. Then, grabbing her slim waist, Ichigo RAMMED his giant cock back into her pussy with a loud wet SQUISH!


AHHAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!” Rukia screamed, cumming instantly as Ichigo pushed in deep, feeling more resistance than before, as though her pussy had gotten tighter in the brief time he’d pulled out. She then turned her head and looked back at him with a mildly irritated expression, “THAT’S MY ASS YOU JERRRRRRK!!! AHHHH, WARN ME NEXT TIIIIIIME!!!!” Rukia squealed as he began slamming his cock back and forth again.


OOOOOOH FUUUUUCK, MY ASS, MY ASSSSS!!!! ORIHIME, YOUR HUSBAND IS FUCKING MY ASSSSSS!!!!” Rukia screamed as she bucked back and forth from the force of his thrusts. Ichigo wanted to apologize, but he was fighting not to cum as he felt Rukia’s asshole gripping his cock like a vice, squeezing and choking it with every move he made. It was almost as if her butt was TRYING to milk his balls.


“Ahhhh, I see, I see!!!” Orihime moaned, “Ahhh, fuck her harder Ichigo, you’re making Rukia cummm!!! Do it, I wanna see her O-face more, ahhh, it’s so sexyyy…” Orihime moaned, kneeling at the foot of the bed, holding Rukia’s face in her hands with a lewd expression of joy on her own face. Ichigo realized that his wife was seriously getting off on watching him fuck another woman, seeing him bring Rukia to a climax again and again was making her cum as well!


AHHHH YESSSSSS!!! I’M CUMMING!! CUMMING, CUMMING, I’M CUMMING WITH MY ASSHOLE ORIHIME, YOUR GIANT DICKED HUSBAND IS RUINING MY ASS, BUT IT FEELS SO GOOOOOOOD!!! OOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!” Rukia howled in ecstasy. Orihime moaned with her, as her gray eyes rolled back in her own head as both women cried out in pleasure.


AHHHAAAAAAAAAHHHH, CUM… CUMMINGH!!!!” Ichigo groaned through clenched teeth as he shoved his cock all the way up Rukia’s asshole, stretching her body around it! His cock felt like it was exploding inside her, his cum shooting through it with the force of a firehose.


OOHH, OOOOHH, SO MUCH CUMMMMM!!! MY ASS, MY ASS IS FILLING UUUUP!!!” Rukia moaned as her stomach was filled with Ichigo’s cum! Rukia let out a low throaty moan as Orihime still held onto her face, looking at her as though her face were the most beautiful thing in the world.


“Ahhhhhh, yeessss, I’m cumminggggh…!” Orihime moaned as she orgasmed endlessly.



DADDY!!! DADDY YESSSSS!!! NEL IS CUMMINGH!!! NEL IS… AHHAAAAAH!!!” Nel howled as she looked up at the ceiling, howling in pleasure, her voice echoing on itself like a Hollow’s howl!


Laying on either side of Ichigo and Nel, Rangiku and Orihime both cried out with her, the teal haired woman’s fingers buried in their pussies as Ichigo gripped Nel’s tits tight, holding her upright as he came inside her! He’d lost track of how many times they’d changed positions. One minute, Ichigo had his cock balls deep in Rangiku’s cunt. The next, he was fucking his wife’s throat. Now, he was cumming deep in Nel’s asshole, his balls throbbing almost painfully as they drained themselves into her ass!


He fell back on the bed, feeling completely spent as Nel fell forward, his cock sliding out of her ass with a SHLOOOOP sound. The four of them just laid there for what felt like hours, but could have only been a couple of minutes. Orihime was the first to move, sitting back up on her knees before crawling on top of Nel who lay on her stomach with her ass in the air. She kissed the other woman from behind, finding her gaping asshole and tracing her fingers around the very slowly closing hole.


“Nmmmmmh, after that, we just stayed in bed like this until morning.” she said with a giggle.


“Nmmmmh, fuuuuck, that was great…” Rangiku said, having gotten up and was now cuddling her naked sweaty body against Ichigo’s. Her hand found his dick and was lovingly stroking the half hard phallus as she hugged herself against him.


“Oh, and I liked the story too.” she added quickly, “How long did Rukia stay with you guys?”


“About a week.” Ichigo answered, “She mostly stayed in our room, though we did bring her to see some of the sights in Kyoto with us. I think she wanted us to enjoy the public time of our honeymoon alone.”


“No, she just didn’t bring any clothes except her Shihakusho, I had to pick her up something from the store first.” Orihime told him.


“Huh, really?” Ochigo asked. He hadn’t realized it until just now, but Rukia had been naked when he first noticed her. And whenever he and Orihime came back to the room, she was still naked until she finally went to see the gold and silver temples with them. Even then, her clothes were all tourist themed, meaning Rukia had picked them up at a gift shop! Ichigo slapped his forehead at his own stupidity for not having even noticed that until NOW, several years later.


Orihime got up again and moved to sit on the edge of the bed, clapping her hands together, “Say, after we all get married, let’s invite Rukia along on our next honeymoon! You two can see her with Ichigo’s cock stretching out her belly!” she said excitedly.


“I like that idea!” Rangiku said with a giggle.


“Nel too, Nel too!!!” Nel added.


“Wha… Hey!!! Rukia’s married to Renji now, and she’s expecting!” Ichigo protested.


All three women looked at him with confused expressions, “So…?” they all asked together.



(Story by User: SailorIo)

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Ichigo Kurosaki
1 year ago

Excelente historia espero mas de esta Ichigo y sus tres bellas esposas
Toshiro y Halibel por favor

1 year ago

I’m glad you enjoyed the story, but please, stop requesting pairings. I have said this I don’t know how many times, but I don’t have any control over the images I’m given. And frankly, this constant asking for that pairing is making me NOT want to do it. Please, if you wanna comment on one of my stories, comment on the story, don’t just request the pairing for the next one. Now I know how Soma’s dad felt when he lost the desire to cook.

1 year ago

Rukia looking fine af as always😩

1 year ago
Reply to  Xcelsior


Smiling Fiend
1 year ago

I knew I was in for a treat when I saw the title, this was amazing, easily a masterpiece ! The thumbnail with Rukia is very fitting imo, not only because she looks pretty but because that’s from episode 342 (if you know, you know) and because this story focus around Ichigo and her.
I wonder if that part with Rukia coming out of the closet and that other part mentioning her “round peach shaped ass” were references, I’m almost sure they were.
Fun fact, this story came out the same the day the anime episode covering “everything but the rain” released, at least in this side of the world. I think that’s a nice little coincidence since the community likes making parallels between Ichiruki and Masaki x Isshin. I must know if this was intentional !

1 year ago
Reply to  Smiling Fiend

All of it was entirely coincidental. I’m not that good with planning and writing to factor in all that. Also, I’m way behind on the TYBW arc, I’m waiting for the dubs so I don’t have to turn on the closed captions which block part of the screen. Hulu and my TV are funny about subtitles, they don’t appear like normal subtitles, it uses the closed captions setting with white letters in black bars. And I can’t alter them to look more like regular subtitles in either my Hulu or TV settings. Which kinda sucks.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago

Now that… was an incredible story. I believe that handling all these different women having sex with one guy isn’t exactly easy to write, so seeing you pull it off so seemingly easily is quite the sight to behold. Nice to finally have the details of that famous “honeymoon-threesome” that was always mentioned but never explored in greater detail. And, let me just say, I personally think that it lived up to the hype surrounding it! Reading about how Ichigo reacted to his wife’s perverted wedding gift and how he fucked the living hell out of Rukia was quite an interesting to experience. Especially when you consider that he fucked Orihime, Rangiku, and Nel while telling this tale.

I love how this entire chapter was essentially just two incredibly long sex scenes. Not much story, but who cares about that when we get to see Ichigo getting serious!?

1 year ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Well, I knew people have been excited for this story for a while now, so I really wanted to go all out, but I wanted also to make it a little more unique among the stuff I’ve done. Then I remembered the first Prince of Persia game, the modern ones, not the 8bit classics. How he’s telling the story and every time you die, he interrupts and such. So I went with the idea of both Ichigo and Orihime telling it, with Orihime embellishing it a bit, or someone interrupting it.