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Sexual Healing

(Note: This story is part of an short series of Bleach stories)
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The inside of the building reminded Isane of the Infirmary back in the Seireitei. Which was no surprise since the place was a clinic. The walls were all a sterile white, while the floors were gray colored tiles. The air inside the building smelled of the antiseptic cleaner that humans were fond of, which was called bleach.


Isane never liked the smell of the stuff, as it made her eyes water. In the Soul Society, they used a cleaning Kido spell to sterilize floors. It was more efficient and faster, though the dirt still needed to be swept and mopped up.


“So, this is where you work, Capt… I mean, Retsu-san?” Isane asked as she walked behind the dark haired and naked woman.


“I wouldn’t call it work exactly, but it does give me something to do when I’m bored.” Retsu Unohana replied as she showed Isane to a room past the main waiting area.


There were only a few people there. None of them looked like they were in any immediate pain, so Isane wondered why they were here. She knew humans suffered from a variety of maladies, maybe they were sick? OR, given the kind of place this town was, maybe they were being checked out for something that was transmitted sexually? The Gigai body Isane currently occupied was like the perfect full body condom. Not only could she not get pregnant while inside it, but she also couldn’t catch any disease, no matter how contagious.


The room where Retsu moved her was a small locker room of some kind. There were some small lockers, mostly filled with shoes rather than clothes. And there was a clothes rack with a number of identical coats hanging off hangers lined up on it. Their coats were all a pale pink with red trim. Each hanger also held a small folded cloth hat with a red + sign on it.


A nurse’s cap.


Retsu quickly removed her shoes and placed them in an empty locker before flipping through the coats until she found one in her size. That was when Isane noticed that the coats didn’t have any fasteners on the front, meaning they would hang open on the wearer, leaving the tits fully exposed. It took Isane all of one second to understand that it was the whole point!


This “clinic” was likely just a fetish club that catered to the “Naughty Nurse” genre. Copying Retsu, Isane switched over to a pair of pink croc slippers after putting her own sandals away, then found a jacket that fit her tall frame. When she caught herself in a mirror mounted against one wall, she had to admit, she did look pretty sexy in the getup. It really was just a nurse’s coat and a hat and crocs, but somehow, as an actual uniform, it worked!


Once the two of them were “dressed” Retsu led Isane to another part of the clinic where several more women and one man were gathered. All were dressed in minimal clothing that left nothing to the imagination. One of the women, a violet haired woman with her hair cut in an angular bob looked up at Retsu with a smile. She had impressive breasts and a very nice figure overall. Her pussy was completely devoid of hair, without even a trace of stubble to be seen.


“Hello, Retsu,” she said as she set aside the clipboard she’d been holding, “Haven’t seen you for a while.”


Retsu nodded to her, “I’ve been entertaining some old friends.” She then turned to Isane, “Isane, this is Oboro Yoshimine. Oboro, this is Isane Kotetsu. I told you about her once, remember?”


The violet haired woman’s matching violet eyes widened with recognition. “Ah yes, the girl who took over your old practice. Hmm, I pictured you as a little older.”


The human woman couldn’t know Isane was a couple centuries older than her. “I get that a lot.” was Isane’s only reply.


“Isane here is thinking of taking some time off from it to live here for a little while,” Retsu explained. “And I thought I’d show her around town a bit more.”


“Ah. Well, we could always use more volunteers.” Oboro said with a smile. “In case you didn’t know, this IS a clinic, although most of the patients here are just here to live out a fantasy. Though we do get the occasional sex related injury.” she explained.


“I had guessed as much.” Isane said.


“Speaking of injuries, got anything today?” Retsu asked.


“There’s one,” Oboro said with a smile, moving over to a table with several tablets. Her fingers tapped the screen for a few seconds before she handed it over to the dark haired woman. Retsu’s eyes scanned the contents.


“I wouldn’t call this an injury exactly, though here it might count.” Retsu said before handing the tablet over to Isane. The platinum haired woman took the tablet and looked over the information. The patient’s name was Takashi Takeda, age 23. He was complaining of an inability to get aroused anymore after living in this colony since he was younger.


Isane raised an eyebrow, as it sounded to her that his condition was more likely in that way because he’d probably had too much sex and had become so desensitized that nothing aroused him anymore. It wasn’t impossible, as she’d heard similar stories from some of the guys in Squad Eleven. One even said that the reason why Zaraki enjoyed fighting so much, was because he was so desensitized to sex, and that a good fight was the only thing to get him hard.


“I’ll take a look at him.” Isane volunteered.


“Wonderful,” said Oboro, “Normally we’d ask to see your certifications, but if Retsu here vouches for you…”


“I do,” Retsu said.


“Then we don’t need to bother.” Oboro finished.



Isane walked back out into the waiting area, her cheeks reddened slightly as she suddenly felt a bit self-conscious about her lack of clothing. Just when she was getting used to being naked all the time in a public setting, her sense of modesty came back the moment she put on a little bit of clothing.


Though with the embarrassment, she also felt excited by the lustful gazes of the men in the waiting room. She could already feel a slight tingle between her legs as she cleared her throat quietly, “Ahem, Takeda-san.” she announced.


Among the patients seated, one young man rose. He had a head of neatly shorn dark hair that looked somewhere between black and gray. His build was healthy, with the kind of muscle definition Isane liked. Not too light, but not bulky either. Like his chart said, his dick was currently soft, so Isane couldn’t make a decent size estimate, after all, a cock could be quite deceptive in how big it got. Yushiro and Hanataro were decent examples. While they were soft, they were big, but when they were erect, they were inhuman!


Isane reached out with her senses, his Reiatsu was the same as a regular human’s, so there was nothing special there. Though she did sense something off. There was a Reiatsu, that wasn’t his, circulating through his body.


“Come with me, please.” Isane said, smiling weakly at him. He nodded and walked over to her as Isane stepped aside to allow him to walk past her into the hallway. She led him to Exam Room 6 and opened the door, “Let’s get you fixed up.” she told him.


Takashi nodded and walked into the room ahead of her, moving to sit on the examination table. The wide strip of sanitary paper crinkled as his weight settled on top. She asked him to lay back as she came over.


“I saw why you came on your chart, so there’s no need to tell me again. I’m sure it’s not something you like speaking of.” Isane told him.


“Thank you.” Takashi said.


“Lay back for me, I wanna take a good close look.” Isane told him. She waited for the young man to do as she asked. All the while, she stared at his naked body, enjoying the sight. The tingle between her legs began to heat up as she moved closer. Taking his cock in her hand, stroking the soft length gently. After several moments, there was still no reaction. Which was odd, considering that the human body generally reacted involuntarily to genital contact.


“Can you tell me when you noticed something was wrong?” she asked, “Were there any symptoms before this one?”


“Well, the night before it happened, my balls were hurting something fierce. I was just about ready to go to the ER when it suddenly just stopped.” he explained, “Guess I should have gone anyway, but I figured I had just overdone it with my girlfriend and her mom and sisters. Kurumi’s family is fucking insatiable.”


Isane raised an eyebrow at that. She didn’t know who Kurumi was, but the fact that this guy had fucked her mother and sisters as well didn’t surprise her, not after spending a few days in this town. Ever since she saw Retsu wildly fucking Captain Hitsugaya like that, very little surprised her.


The platinum haired woman continued stroking the young man’s cock, and she felt some stiffness build up inside. But it was nowhere near what would be needed to achieve full penetration. She wouldn’t even be able to give him a titfuck like this.


“The day all this happened, outside of the orgy with your girlfriend’s family… did anything else happen that seemed out of the ordinary, or anything in the days leading up to when your testicles hurt?” Isane asked before moving to take the soft cock in her mouth. She swirled it around in her mouth with her tongue, applying some gentle suction to try and pull some blood into it. The young man probably thought she was just being lewd, but she had a real reason for doing this!


She could still feel the odd Reiatsu within him. It definitely didn’t come from him, and from what she could tell, it was acting like a kind of clog in his circulatory system. He was lucky it wasn’t around his heart or brain. She distantly listened to him recounting his days leading up to the incident. Nothing worthy of note happened as far as she could tell.


She would occasionally go, “Nmmhmm,” or “Goh ohn…” with his cock in her mouth as it steadily got stiffer, but it was still far too soft. The good news was he still had full sensation in his penis since she could hear him groaning softly at her attentions.


“Kurumi and I did hook up with this blonde foreign woman a few days ago… Ohhh… She was, really cool, like I mean, she was really quiet and soft spoken, ahh…” Takashi said as Isane bobbed her head up and down gently.


“Nmmmmh, mmmmh, hmmmh…” Isane moaned softly, having managed to get the young man to a half erection. She was actually starting to enjoy this as she reached out with her own Reiatsu. When she touched it to the Reiatsu within the young man’s groin, she instantly knew what the problem was! This was definitely a Hollow’s Reiatsu. She could tell instantly, but it wasn’t just any common run of the mill Hollow, this had to come from an Arrancar. The Reiatsu was far too faint for her to tell exactly who it had come from. She doubted it was Nel’s, as she’d been sticking to Ichigo like glue for the most part. And when she wasn’t with him, either Rangiku or Orihime was with her.


Neither of them would have let the teal haired girl mess around with a regular human unsupervised. No, it was likely from another Arrancar. She could sense two others in the area of the colony, but she couldn’t pinpoint them because they were keeping a low profile. One was close to Yoruichi though, but the other was moving around a lot, but the signal was still too weak for her to know who it was.


“Ahhh… Whatever you’re doing, ahhh… That feels greaaat…” Takashi groaned as Isane sent her Reiatsu deeper, using it like a pair of tweezers and gently pulling, or in this case, sucking, the foreign energy out of his dick. She needed to be careful, if she pulled too hard, it could do some more physical damage.


“Nmmmmph, hmmmmph, ahmmmph…!” Isane moaned, bobbing her head faster and faster, sucking out just a little Reiatsu with every motion. And with every bit of it she pulled out, his cock grew bigger and firmer!


“Ahhh… Ohhh, fuuuuuck…” he groaned.


“Nrmmmph, hmmmmph, mmmmmph… Aguh… GUH, HMMMMMPH, GURGH, HMMMMMMPH…” Isane moaned, beginning to gag slightly as she managed to pull the final bit of the Reiatsu out and his cock shot to a full erection in her mouth!


“Ahhhh, fuuuuuuuuck!!!” Takashi groaned as Isane pulled her head up and off his cock, “Oh man, that feels so much better!” he said, looking down at his now throbbing hard-on.


“Mmmhmm, yes, a much healthier reaction!” Isane agreed, “But, we should double check everything,” Isane told him, “Just to be sure.” she said as she grabbed her own huge tits and hefted them up, then let them fall so they bounced enticingly. The young man stared at them lustfully and Isane felt the heat between her thighs getting stronger. She then moved to stand next to the exam bed, smiling at him as she pulled his head to her right tit. She cooed happily as he put his mouth around the fat pink nipple and began sucking it roughly.


“Nmmmmmh, ahh…” she purred as she reached her hand down to grab his thick and hard cock. He wasn’t very long, but he was quite THICK! Her hand couldn’t fully close around his cock as she began stroking his dick slowly.


“Nmmmh, mmmh, mmmmh, mmmmmmmh…” Takashi groaned softly as he continued sucking her nipple roughly, opening his mouth several times to try and pull more of her tit into his mouth. As he did, Isane stroked his cock faster, enjoying the way he would thrust it up against her hand.


Takashi then moved his hand to grab her other breast, his fingers sinking into the huge mound and nearly vanishing entirely. Isane moaned, pressing her tits against him more, “Yes, squeeze harder, suck more! Ahhh…” she begged as she jerked her hand up and down faster. She could feel his cock throbbing in her grip and she squeezed it tighter, loving the thick, hot, firmness of it.


“Nmmmmh! Mmmmmh!!” Takashi groaned, sucking on her nipple even harder as his hand kneaded and squeezed her tit. His cock throbbed in Isane’s hand as he openly thrusted his cock in her grip. The platinum haired woman’s breathing was steadily getting heavier as the heat between her legs was rapidly reaching unbearable levels!


She could already feel her cunt drooling down her thighs as thick and potent smelling precum oozed steadily from Takashi’s dick. Isane clenched her thighs together, lightly biting her lower lip as she felt his cock twitching in her hand. Without even thinking about it, Isane pulled her tits away from the young man, making him gasp as though he’d forgotten to breathe while sucking on her tit. The next thing she knew, she was on top of the exam bed with him, with her giant tits pressed firmly around his cock!


“Nmmmh, go ahead and just fuck my tits as much as you like. I want to be sure you won’t lose your erection suddenly.” she said, with her voice sounding completely serious in spite of how horny she felt right now. The young man nodded and groaned, pumping his cock up and down between her massive cleavage.


“Oh my, you must be very pent up from being blocked like that!” she said with a moan as her tits jiggled and rippled from the force of his wild thrusts. The exam room was filled with the soft SLAP SLAP SLAP of his hips against the underside of her boobs. Isane moaned again at the feel of the hot, hard, throbbing feel of his cock against the super soft and sensitive skin of her tits. His hands grabbed them both again, gripping her by the nipples and twisting them toward one another.


“Ahhhn…. Yessss… My tit… Ahh, my tits feel so gooood!!!” Isane moaned breathlessly. She turned her eyes towards his and licked her lips slowly, moving her entire body into his thrusts. “HMMMMM, DON’T STOP!!! USE MY TITS LIKE THEY’RE A PUSSY! YESSSSS!!!!” she moaned, not even trying to hide her voice. She loved this feeling, having a big, thick, hard cock rubbing against her was the best!


“Ooh, oh yeah…” Takashi groaned, thrusting his hips harder, his cockhead peaking up from between her tits every time he moved them up. Isane could tell from the look on his face how much he was enjoying her big tits! She began rubbing them together around his cock as she rocked herself into his thrusts. She then leaned her head down to lick the tip of his dick every time it came out the top of her tits.


AHHN, MY TITS…! MY TITTIES FEEL SO GOOOOOD!!!” Isane moaned, “DON’T STOP, FUCK MY TITTIES HARDER, AHHH, I’M GONNA CUM! I’M GONNA CUM JUST FROM RUBBING MY TITS ALL OVER YOUR DIIIIICK!!!” Isane screamed, panting hard now as she felt his oozing precum making everything all sticky and slippery between her tits. The stink of it was making her dizzy, and she loved it!


“Ahh, ohh… Fuck, your tit-pussy is great, Nurse!” Takashi groaned.




Takashi eventually moved to sit up on his knees, thrusting his dick between her heavy tits from the front. Isane kept her big knockers pressed together around it, panting softly. The wet SHLICK SHLICK SHLICK of his cock moving back and forth seemed to echo forever in her ears, and to Isane, it was like beautiful music! Takashi then grabbed Isane by her shoulders, using them for leverage as he began moving his cock in and out of her cleavage even faster.


AHH, AHHH, AHHHHN… I… I’M CUMMING!!!!” Isane screamed as her pussy gushed like a faucet even though it wasn’t even being touched. She could feel something warm and wet pulsing between her tits and when she let go of them, as their weight made them part enough for her to see thick wads of cum dripping down. The amount was fairly impressive, as the inner sides of her tits were completely soaked! Isane traced her fingertips through the globs of thick and gooey spunk, then looked at Takashi as she licked those same digits clean.


“Delicious…” she said in a soft voice. She then looked down at Takashi’s dick, which was still rock hard and throbbing. Isane could almost hear a cavalry charge being played on a horn as she looked down at it. The platinum haired woman again moved without thinking, pushing Takashi onto his back again and mounting his cock like a horse.


HWEEEEEGH…!” Isane squealed through gritted teeth, instantly moving to bounce herself up and down on the young man’s fat cock! “SO… THIIIIICK!!! AHHN, MY PUSSY IS BEING SPREAD NICE AND WIIIIDE!!! IT FEELS GOOD! I… I LOVE THISSSS!!! I LOVE BEING FUCKED BY A BIG HARD COOOOOCK!!!!” Isane screamed, bouncing her ass up and down on Takashi. He again grabbed her heavy hanging tits, gripping them tightly and moving his body with hers, thrusting his cock into her again and again with a lewd wet SQUISH SQUISH SQUISH.


“Fuuuuck, tight, so tiiiight!!!” Takashi groaned.


NMMMH, YEAH!? YOU LIKE MY TIGHT LITTLE PUSSY?!” Isane asked as she panted and moaned. He nodded and Isane moaned, loving that he liked fucking her hole, “HNMMMMMMH, DON’T HOLD BACK, FUCK ME HARD, FUCK ME DEEEEP! AHHH, I WANT IT! I WANT YOUR BIG MEATY DIIIIICK!!!!” Isane panted, feeling herself cumming at her own brazen slutty words.


“Huuh, huuh, huuh…!” grunted Takashi as he slammed his cock up into Isane’s tight pussy, she loved the feel of it pushing in and pulling out. Her pussy was drooling non-stop now as she began rolling her own hips into his thrusts.


AHHH, YES YES YES!!! FUCK MEEEEE!!! AHHH, IT’S SO GOOOOOD!!! I’M CUMMINNNGH!!” Isane screamed, looking up at the ceiling and spotting a mirrored tile over the bed. She could see the slutty expression on her own face. She barely even recognized herself with the way her eyes were rolled up and her tongue hanging out her mouth.


“Ahhh, haaah, gonna… I’m gonna cummm…!” Takashi groaned.


YES! CUM!! DO IT INSIIIIIDE!!!!” Isane moaned, half mad with lust and desire. She then felt Takashi ram his entire dick up inside her as he began cumming. “AHHHN, I FEEL IT! YOUR HOT STICKY MAN MILK IS FLOWING INTO ME AND MAKING ME CUMMMMMMM!!!!” Isane screamed in pleasure.


She then fell forward, panting hard as her entire body shook with repeating micro-orgasms. She then raised her ass up again, letting Takashi’s cock flop out of her as it began softening again. The young man seemed out of breath as well, with his whole body dripping with sweat. Several long minutes passed, and she finally found enough strength to get up. She then helped Takashi up and ran him through the boring process of checking out of the clinic before he left.


The platinum haired woman then stepped back out into the waiting room with cum still leaking out of her pussy.


“Next.” she said with a smile.



(Story by User: SailorIo)

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8 months ago

Impressive! I liked what you’ve done for the chapter’s overall story. 👏

This really utilized the characters and the setting of the clinic in a very unique way. Well, if you consider that the location of it being in a sex resort anyway. Haha. 😆 Still, I liked it. In fact it really reminded me of how those clinics work in porn and regular Hentai. Also, can I just say that I really like how you brought in Oboro, who is a very telling reference in herself? If you guys know, then you know. 😉

Not only that, the chapter was actually paced nicely, including everything that lead up to the sexual checkup. 👍

In addition, I really liked how the checkup itself turned out too with the patient Takashi, as well as exactly how he ended up the way he did in the first place. Jesus, Harribel! 😳

All in all, this was a pretty neat chapter overall. Nice work. 😎

Looking forward to your next chapter. 🤓

– Hiryu

8 months ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Well, I figured that if the colony is functional, then it has things like clinics and such. In fact, with all the sex, they’d be a good business. I liked the idea of a kind of STD the guy picked up, a “Spiritually Transmitted Disease” lol. Mainly, for a regular everyday human to hook up with an arrancar, isn’t good for your health. They DO eat our souls after all. Ichigo and Kazui are fine, natural immunity from their reiatsu. So I saw this as a good opurtunity to worldbuild a little.

8 months ago

Nurse fetish go crazy

8 months ago
Reply to  Xcelsior


Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
8 months ago

I’m somewhat impressed that Chizuru didn’t drive away every last patient just to spend some more time with her Megami-sama XD. That aside, I really like the way you fleshed out the workings of the colony and how Unohana (and later on Isane) contributes to it. The sex between Isane and the random guy was quite good, but I found it more interesting that the guy apparently managed to fuck Harribel. In which case, the little problem he had with his dick afterwards seemed way worth it. Lucky bastard.

Very good story as always!

8 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Yeah, Chizuru was a bit fussy, something I’ll clarify in the next Isane story.