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Eden’s Forbidden Fruits

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Bleach stories)
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“Id’sh nod phair… sho, sho unphaaaair…!” a lonely woman stumbled through the streets of Karakura Town.


Rangiku Matsumoto lifted a green bottle of sake above her mouth and wanted to drink from it, only for two last remaining drops to fall on her tongue. With an annoyed groan, she simply tossed the bottle over her shoulder. She heard it break somewhere behind her, but she didn’t care about what she hit, nor did she care about all the splinters now scattered across the sidewalk. All Rangiku wanted was to drown her sorrows in more booze!


Luckily for the self-pitying strawberry haired woman, she had stocked up on more than enough booze to keep her drunken state consistently high. Reaching into her cleavage, which was made easily accessible due to the fact she only wore a stars-and-stripes patterned bikini top at the time, she pulled out a bottle of red wine. Rangiku bit down on the cork and pulled it out in one swift move, spitting it onto the street right after.




With just three gulps, she emptied half of the alcoholic drink just like that. “PWAH~!!” She let out a satisfied sound from deep within her as the alcohol did its job and made her forget all about her worries momentarily. “Wha- HIC~! Wha’ did I do to… to… to… deserve this?!”


She kicked an empty can onto the street in frustration, right in front of an incoming vehicle. But she couldn’t care less at the moment!


Firshd Capdain Unohanaaah!!” She raised the bottle to her lips and took a sip. “Den Capdain Hikifune giphesh me hopesh…” She took another gracious sip, causing some of the red liquid to run out of her mouth again. “And den she leaphesh me hanging on da beach! Dey’re all sho bhig meaniesh!! Only cawing aboud demshelvesh and shduff! BAAAAAHAA!!!!


The limousine that Rangiku had kicked the can in front of came to a screeching halt. The nasty metallic sound echoed in the busty Shinigami’s ears for a good while, made even worse by her current intoxicated state. She stumbled back and forth a bit, trying to regain a sense of balance.


Through hazed eyes, she watched as a man in a black tuxedo stepped out of the car. He had a thick, bushy gray mustache and was overall more on the fatter side of things. That alone was enough to give him the appearance of a walrus in Rangiku’s intoxicated mind. He gave her a quick sideways glance that was something between contempt and compassion before opening the other door on the driver’s side of the limousine. As soon as the door was open, a long and sexy leg inside a red high heel came through it!


The rest of the woman’s body followed soon after. And to say that she was breathtaking was an understatement! She was easily tall enough to contest with that big tittied bimbo Isane and had an intense air of confidence and maturity around her. Age wise, Rangiku made her out to be in her mid to late fifties, though that didn’t stop her from being one of the sexiest women Rangiku had ever seen. There were definite signs of aging, like a couple of wrinkles at the corners of her eyes, though she managed to keep a youthful appearance. Another sign of her aging were the couple silver streaks in her wavy red hair that she kept in a ponytail. A prominent beauty mark rested a bit to the left of her chin, similar to the one Rangiku herself had. Her boobs were easily as big as her head and remained a bounce and firmness that Rangiku had never seen before, even with other older women like Captain Unohana or Hikifune. A tight sitting crimson dress with a floral pattern left one of her legs completely exposed, allowing men and women alike to ogle at her natural curves. Sharp, piercing golden eyes that sent chills down Rangiku’s spine, judged her, and closely followed her every breath, like those of a hawk observing its prey right before the strike! She shook her head from side to side upon looking at Rangiku, almost as if she was disappointed in her.


Rangiku leaned her head to the side, trying to figure out what was going on as the woman walked over to her. “What are you doing here, darling?” She asked with a sultry foreign accent. She didn’t seem to be from Japan, that was for sure. “All alone like this…”


“Nunya busshinesh!” Rangiku huffed, downing the rest of her wine all in one gulp. “Now get loshd… I wanna beh alowne!”


“Ara ara~! That’s no way to talk with people who only want to help you, darling!” Before Rangiku even had the chance to process what was going on, the other woman already pulled the empty wine bottle out of her hands. “Francis, get her in the car. Clean her up and give her something nice to wear. She’s joining tonight’s party as my special guest!”


“As you wish, m’lady!” The chauffeur bowed down and then walked over to Rangiku. “Right this way.”


“Waid… what’sh… what’sh goin’ on?” asked Rangiku as the walrus-looking chauffeur guided her over to the still open doors of the limousine.


“You’ve just been invited to Miss Von Gurgel’s birthday party as a special guest.” the man told her as he gently moved her into the backseat of the car. “Rest assured, it’ll be the time of your life!”



(One hour later…)


The man had driven her to one of Karakura Town’s fanciest hotels at the outskirts of the town and left her in the care of the talented personnel there. Rangiku had been far too perplexed and drunk to even question what was going on, but it all felt nice, so she simply let the women there do their magic. They had cleaned her up, washed away the smell of alcohol, dyed her hair from orange into a golden blonde, and even shaved her entire body clean. The now blonde haired woman didn’t know what kind of cream they used her, but her entire body felt so hot and smooth now, she actually could get used to it. As the women had applied a light blue lipstick and some more makeup on her, the chauffeur then returned a little while later with a bag under his arms. He remained completely professional and showed not a single sign of arousal, even as the female staff of the hotel wrote something on Rangiku’s bare ass. The brushes of the marker made her giggle and squirm, but other employee’s held her in place and ensured that their colleague could do her job.


When the women were done, he ordered them to leave and walked over to Rangiku. The last thing she remembered happening then was that he put a blindfold on her face, shackled her hand and feet, and put a ring gag in her mouth. Once she was secured like that, he held something awfully stinking right under her nose that immediately drove the alcohol out of her system.


AAAAAH?? WHA’ GNGH NGH??” She tried to ask, but found herself only able to gag incoherently.


“There is nothing to worry about.” the gray haired man told her with professional stoicism. She felt his hands around her neck, followed by a clack sound as he put a collar on her. “You’ll be more than rewarded for your time here! Now come! The other guests are already waiting.” He said.


Rangiku didn’t want to, but had no other choice as she was forced to comply due to him pulling on a leash that was attached to her collar. “WHEWE AWE OUH TAWNGH MH??!” each word she uttered resulted in more of her saliva to run out of her open mouth and drop on her swaying tits.


It was humiliating. She couldn’t see anything, couldn’t talk right, and the shackles around her feet prevented her from walking at a normal pace and were connected with the ones on her hands, making it impossible to raise them in any way. Strangely enough, she also wasn’t able to use any of her Shinigami powers and strength. She felt completely helpless. But worst of all?


She actually kinda liked it. The anticipation of what was going on sent a steady flow of her clear juices to run down her thighs as she was led through the hotel. She ran countless different scenarios in her head, about why she’s unable to summon her strength, who the woman that “invited” her to this place was, and what she had planned for her.


“Okay. Get down on your knees now.” the man ordered her after they came to a stop.


WHA??” She slurred against her gag.


Instead of answering her question directly though, the man did something with the chain that connected the two shackles between her hand and feet. She felt her restraints beginning to constrict, naturally forcing her to get down on all fours as her limbs were pulled closer together. Once she was on her hands and feet, the man opened a huge door and led her into a world of chatter and laughter!


It seemed to be the garden area of the hotel. The air was a lot cooler and less oppressive as back inside. The smell of all kinds of food and drinks filled her nose, once again reminding Rangiku that she hadn’t had anything good the entire day.


“Have fun. And don’t make too much of a scene.” the man who had led her here said before closing the door behind Rangiku again.


The moment the door was shut, she heard the sound of a spotlight being activated, followed soon after by the warm sensation of being caught in its light. The party went silent for a moment. ‘What is going on? What should I do?’ Rangiku asked in her mind.


BEHOLD, OUR SPECIAL GUEST FOR THIS EVENING!!” The voice of the woman that invited Rangiku here came through one of many loudspeakers across the entire garden. “PLEASE, GIVE HER A WARM WELCOME AND FEEL FREE TO DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO WITH HER!!! SHE’S FREE TO USE FOR THE ENTIRE NIGHT!!!


Wait! WHAT???’ underneath the blindfold, Rangiku’s eyes widened in shock and terror as the garden broke out into enthusiastic applause.


“Oh my, what a cute little one.” a woman called out somewhere ahead from Rangiku.


“Mmmmmh… and what big tits she has~!” another one said, this time much closer to the blindfolded Shinigami.


Rangiku startled a bit as she felt a pair of hands running down her spine and grabbing her ass. “AAAAAAYEEEMPH!!!!” She squealed as the strong female hands squeezed her butt tight, sharp fingernails digging into her soft and peachy skin.


“God, and such a cute voice.” purred the woman currently fondling Rangiku’s ass. She then gave her a quick, playful spunk on her butt, animating her to crawl further out into the garden. “Those parties never disappoint!”


Another woman seemed to pick up Rangiku’s leash and pulled her along. ‘What is going on? Am I really being shown around like this? This is so humiliating!’ She thought as she was paraded around through the garden.


All around her, people stopped talking with one another when she came by to praise her for her beauty, patting her on the head and stroking her chin as if she was some kind of dog, or fondling her big tits. Aside from one or two male waiters offering the other attendants of the party new drinks, all other people present here seemed to be female. It made Rangiku feel a little bit less embarrassed about her current predicament, but, at the same time, the longer she was shown around like this, the hornier she got!


“Would you look at that?! She’s already dripping with anticipation.” one of the guests pointed out from behind Rangiku.


AHUUUUPH!!!” Rangiku yelped as she found two digits being unceremoniously shoved into her wet twat.


“I bet she’s hungry, Saruko.” another woman suggested. “We should give her something!”


“You speak right out of my mind. Waiter!” The woman holding Rangiku’s leash, Saruko, snapped with her fingers and ordered one of the few men to sprint over. “I’ll take this one… Saraha, you can take that one.”


“With pleasure!”


Rangiku heard some rustling from above, which was quickly followed by a pair of strong hands grabbing her buttocks. “I think a woman of your character is used to getting pounded in her ass day in and out all the time, right? No need to use lube or anything!” Saruko purred before thrusting her hips against Rangiku’s.


AAAAAAAUUUUUGH!!!!” the blonde haired special guest screamed in ecstasy as the BIGGEST dildo she had ever felt in her entire life was shoved into her tight ass! Tears of joy and pain rolled out underneath the blindfold that obscured her vision as Saruko began to mercilessly pump her hips back and forth. “GHAAA… NHO SHO PHAAAAAAAAGH!!!!


“Aww, so cute! I love it when they scream like that!” Saraha moaned from ahead of Rangiku. She took hold of Rangiku’s chin and raised her head a little bit. “But let’s put that whore mouth of yours to better use!”


NNNGAAAH!!! AYE… AYUUUUGH, GHUUUGH, GHUUUUGH!!!!” Before Rangiku could even say anything, Saraha pushed a dildo of her own past the ring gag and deep into the blonde’s mouth.


Both Saruko and Saraha moved in perfect harmony back and forth, drilling their dicks relentlessly into Rangiku’s ass and mouth. ‘FUCK!! This can’t be happening! Why does it feel so good?!’ Rangiku thought at the edge of her sanity. All around them, the other guests cheered for the ongoing fucksession, edging Rangiku’s two assailants to fuck her even harder. ‘Why am I cumming so much from this? FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK!!!!! I’ve never came so hard before! Yumichika and Ikkaku are virgins compared to those women!


Saruko’s hips collided with Rangiku’s ass in a rhythmic PLAP PLAP PLAP PLAP that echoed across the entire area. “Let’s get rid of that stupid thing! I wanna look you in the eyes as I fuck your slutty throat!” Saraha then said.


The blindfold was finally pulled away, giving Rangiku her first look at what the women around her looked like. Each one of them seemed to be at least above thirty, and each single one was stark naked, save for venetian masks that all of them used to cover their faces. Some were made from gold, some had peacock feathers attached to them, and all of them made the woman who wore it feel all the more alluring and mesmerizing.


As it turns out though, Rangiku wasn’t the only “special guest” at this party. Scattered around the entire garden were numerous other girls on their hands and knees, all of them serving one, two, or even three other women! Most shocking of all however, at the end of the balcony, on top of a golden throne, there sat the woman that had gotten Rangiku here in the first place. A barely noticeable smile curled around her velvet lips as a man with spiky white hair that felt all too familiar to Rangiku knelt in front of her and ate her pussy out!


Saraha, a short white haired woman who actually headed towards her sixties, yet still looked no older than thirty, held on to the side of Rangiku’s head and used it as leverage to fuck her mouth even harder. “That’s more like it! Squeal for me, little girl!”


AHHGHU!!! ‘OO BHIGG, ID HUUUUURRRRDSH!!!! BUD ID PHEELSH SHO GHUUUUUUUGH!!!!!” Rangiku’s eyes rolled back in their sockets, making only the white left visible as her entire body trembled with orgasmic pleasure!


“Scream louder, slut! I wanna hear those sexy screams for the rest of the night.” Saruko whispered hoarsely into the blonde’s ear, her boobs squishing against her back.


AWWW GAAAAAWD!!!! AYE’M LOOSHING MUH PHUGGING MIIIIIIIIIIND!!!” Rangiku hollered in response around the other woman’s invasive plastic dick. “AYE’M GE’ING SHPLIDD IN HALPH BY ‘OOOOOUU!!!


“That’s it, bitch. Cum yourself stupid for us!” Saruko hissed while her hips gradually picked up pace with their thrusts. Rangiku felt the inner walls of her ass clamp around the strap-on as if they never wanted to let go of it again, something that made Saruko only want to fuck her rougher.




EEEEEEEEPHA!!!” Rangiku threw her body back. Ripples went over her jiggling butt after Saruko had spanked it hard enough to leave a red mark behind.


“Oh? Seems like someone seems to be a little pain slut… were those just your nasty pussy juices leaking out and on the floor?!” Saraha asked the still cumming Rangiku. She then looked at her partner. “Spank and fuck her harder! I want this bitch unable to sit down for the rest of the month!”


Saruko licked her lips, already raising her hand again. “With pleasure!”


Rangiku quickly lost all sense of time as she was passed around from one woman to the next. Each single one of the horny women sent her from one kinky experience to the next. She was forced to lick the pussy of one other special guest as she was getting fucked by one of the waiters. After that, she found herself surrounded by the three male special guests and stroked and sucked their erect cocks while the other women stood in a circle around them and masturbated. Then she was forced to crawl around and lap up all the cum and other bodily fluids from the ground.


It was all so humiliating, but made her cum all the same!


When it was way past midnight already, she found herself in the hands of her Captain, Toshiro Hitsugaya, who was indeed the man who had licked out the hostess of today’s party. The perpetually young looking white haired man held on to her sore ass while fucking her pussy. The water of the small lake they currently were in sloshed and splashed with each minor movement of the small man’s hips.


Luckily, the gracious hostess had released her from her shackles and gave her permission to remove the ring gag as well, which now gave her the freedom to scream as loud and freely as she wanted. Something that she now did non-stop, much to the approval of the audience from the balcony.


YEESSSSSSS!! TOSHIROOOO… FUCK ME HARDER! DEEPER… BREAK MY PUSSY WITH YOUR FAT FUCKING DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK!!!!” Saliva flew from her mouth in all directions as Toshiro slammed her up and down on his cock. Her usually flat stomach turned outwards with the motion of the prodigy Captain’s ridiculously huge member. “I’M CUMMING! CUM, CUM, CUM, CUMMMMMMMINNNNGH!!!


“Hurr, hurr, hurr…” the white haired man’s face was deep red in color now from all the exertion. “Matsumoto…” He groaned under his breath so that the others didn’t hear him, “What are you doing here? How did you end up as one of the special guests?”


DOESN’T MATTEERRRRRRR!! JUST KEEP FUCKING ME! IT FEELS SO GOOOOOD, I HAVEN’T FELT THIS WAY IN AGES!!!!! A BIG DICK IS DESTROYING MY PUSSY!!!!” She screamed from the top of her lungs, as the world around her slowly began to fade away into black. She glanced to her right, and the red haired hostess standing there at the edge of the balcony with a sardonic smile on her face as she swirled a glass of wine between her fingers. “NEVER WANT THIS FEELING TO STOP!!!!!




(Story by: Mr. Akrononym)

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6 days ago

You are the worst writer Enzo has ever had.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
5 days ago
Reply to  Anon

OOF. What did I do to deserve this?

8 days ago

While the chapter was good I think Rangiku should have tried to break free, after all she should be strong enough to snap those restraints shouldn’t she, not to mention she never agreed to join them.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
7 days ago
Reply to  IchigoStud25

I plan to do more explanation about Rangiku’s current predicament in the following chapters (when she’s the focus). The woman she’s with is one of my first OCs I ever came up with, so I wanna do more with her for sure.

8 days ago

Dang. This chapter is wild

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
8 days ago
Reply to  Random

Glad you like it. Rangiku’s decend into depravity has only just begun!