The Road of Legends: Introducing Eiji Nakamura, Anya Adebayo and Kaede Makoto

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(The night before orientation.)


It was a busy night on the party scene, given the fact that SPLASH had ended a couple of days earlier. Many of the celebrities in town for the late summer bash stayed to attend Busteez Slut University’s 1st Annual Orientation Assembly. The main event for the evening is a “Back to School” themed going away party being thrown by well known socialite, former reality TV star and current BSU freshman, Nicole Wellington. Nicole invited all the young elite stars from World City’s social circles, however one man chose not to attend. That man is Eiji Nakamura.


(8:30pm The World Steakhouse, Downtown, World City…..)


Two figures, a man and a woman sat at a private booth inside of the restaurant.


“So why didn’t you go to that big party going on uptown at PARADÍS?” Asked a low and somewhat deep and slow sounding female voice.


“Just didn’t feel like going. Those Hollywood schmoozing types of shindigs aren’t my thing.” Replied a male voice. The brown haired, blue eyed young man then cut another piece of the porterhouse steak in front of him.


The male voice belonged to former college basketball sensation and current BSU student Eiji Nakamura. His basketball career was brought to a devastating halt over a year ago when he tore 3 ligaments in his knee during a playoff game. Sitting across from Eiji was Hitomi Shinoda, the popular Youtuber and online streamer, also set to begin her 1st year as a BSU student.


“Besides, orientation is tomorrow. I don’t wanna fuck around and miss my presentation because I went over there and go to drunk. My sister would kill me if I got kicked out of BSU.”


“That surprises me. I figured you would love to be at a party like that with all the celebrity girls throwing themselves at you.” Hitomi replied.


“That’s kinda overrated. I met a lot of them already while I was playing ball. I gave Nicole Wellington an autograph just last year in fact. Celebrity bitches are groupies for athletes just like how regular people are groupies for celebrities. Besides, I would rather spend my time with you.” Eiji explained with a grin, before taking a sip of his beer.


“I know how that is. You would be surprised if you knew who has been in my inbox lately. Some pretty famous guys have asked me to marry them. It’s crazy…” Hitomi remarked. As the pair were finishing up their meal the waiter approached.


“Would you like to try one of our wonderful desserts?”


“I’m stuffed but I think I can fit in some dessert. Wanna share one?” Eiji replied to the waiter while glancing at his partner..


“We’ll take the creampie a la mode…” Responded the busty date, shooting a glare at Eiji as she spoke.


“I will be back with it shortly.” The waiter said before walking away.


“You’re stuffed huh, well I’m not.” Hitomi teased in a rather deadpan tone. She then stood up and gestured for Eiji to do the same. She walked out of the private room and nodded for Eiji to follow.


“Come with me.” she said in the cool tone that she only really used when dealing with him. As far as Eiji knew, she’d never really shown her ‘real’ face to anyone else. To the world at large, Hitomi was an energetic embodiment of sex appeal. But it was a mask she wore over her true self, a quiet, almost shy girl who didn’t show much emotion at all. At least that’s what one would think if they saw her like this unprepared. Eiji thought ‘this’ Hitomi was actually a lot more passionate.


“Hitomi, this is the ladies room!” Eiji said as the young Web Idol dragged him along by the wrist.


Hitomi took Eiji to the back of the restaurant and led him into the ladies room. Eiji had only ever seen the space just inside the door when he spied someone going in or coming out. Deeper inside the ladies room was nothing like he had ever pictured. The mens room was simple and functional with a few urinals along one wall, some stalls along the other, and a space for sinks to wash your hands.


The Ladies Room however, was almost like a living room! There were two couches along one wall, with a large plasma screen TV set on the opposite wall displaying a serene waterfall scene. The floor was a black tile polished to a mirror shine, and the ceiling was a bleach white that was so smooth it looked like cream. Eiji gulped when he saw a young woman with dark hair standing by the sinks. She had with her some hot towels along with an assortment of perfumes, mints, candy and gum for patrons to use.


A bathroom attendant, furniture… a TV?!’ Eiji thought, ‘The men’s bathroom doesn’t have any of that!


When she spotted the attendant, Hitomi quickly ran over to her and began whispering in her ear. The woman’s eyes went wide, then she looked back at Hitomi and nodded. Nodding back, the woman then walked past Hitomi and bypassed Eiji completely before stepping out of the bathroom. Eiji heard the lock clicking closed a half second later.


“What did you say to her-MMMPH…!” Eiji began to ask before Hitomi covered his mouth with her own. He instantly closed his eyes and kissed her back, sliding his tongue along hers.


“Hmmmmmh…” Hitomi cooed softly, her arms wrapping around him and hugging her body tight against his. He could feel her heavy breasts pressing against his chest. The feel of the incredibly soft mounds smooshing against him was sublime as he tenderly sucked on her tongue, loving the taste of her saliva.


Hitomi gently began pushing him back until he found himself parted from her as he fell back onto one of the plush couches. Hitomi then climbed onto his lap while holding his face in her hands. Her face was almost completely emotionless, but her eyes had a soft luster in them that spoke volumes more.


They kissed again, and Eiji moved his hands up to grab her heavy tits, slipping up under the top she had on. Unsurprisingly, she didn’t have a bra on and he could feel her stiff bare nipples against his palms. Hitomi moaned softly into his mouth as she rolled her pelvis against his lap softly.


“Mmmmmh, Eij~i…” Hitomi moaned into his mouth again.


“Mmmmh, Hitomi…” he whispered back, breaking the kiss and pushing up her top slowly. Hitomi raised her arms for him, letting him slide it off, baring her heavy breasts. She then pulled his face to her left tit, pushing her fat nipple into his mouth and letting out a soft, sexy moan as he nibbled on the stiff nub gently.


“Haaha… Ahh…” Hitomi panted quietly, rocking her body against him as he swirled his tongue around her hardened nipple before sucking it roughly. “Mmmmmhaah…” she gasped, grinding herself against him harder.


Gently releasing her nipple, Eiji looked back up at Hitomi and saw her giving him a soft smile. It wasn’t like the happy-go-lucky smile you would see on her stream. This was so much gentler and warmer and it made Eiji just want to hold Hitomi in his arms all night.


She leaned down to kiss him again softly before she slipped out of his lap and moved to kneel down in front of him. With swift and deft motions, she had undone his belt and pants, pulling his cock free so smoothly he didn’t even feel the fabric of his clothes rubbing against it!


“Hmmmmmph…!” Hitomi moaned softly, swallowing his cock down her throat. Eiji let out a low groan at the smooth wet, and oh so warm feel of her mouth. Her teeth didn’t even graze his cock as she began slowly moving her head up and down. Her sensuous lips dragged along the skin of his dick, making it glisten in the harsh fluorescent lights overhead.


“Hmmmmph, nmmmph, mmmph, hmmmph…!”


Hitomi cooed around his cock, moving her head up and down in slow even motions. Eiji could only grunt lightly as he leaned his head back on the couch, closing his eyes to savor the pleasure she was giving him. When he opened his eyes again, he tilted his head back down, his eyes met hers as she looked up to him. Reaching a hand down, he slowly ran his fingers through her hair. Hitomi cooed again, leaning her head into his touch and closing her eyes like a cat nuzzling his hand.


The streaming video idol then slowly pulled her mouth free, gasping quietly before slowly dragging her tongue along the side of his cock. When she reached the tip, she kissed it softly before moving back down, peppering his dick with kisses before she began kissing and licking his balls gently.


“Oh, ahh…” Eiji groaned when she gently took one ball into her mouth, rolling it around with her tongue before releasing it. Hitomi then moved back up slowly, pressing her huge breasts around his cock, enveloping it in their smooth and oh so very soft warm mounds of flesh! She then tilted her head up as he leaned down to kiss her again. Most guys didn’t like kissing a girl after she had given head, but he didn’t care, Hitomi’s lips were so beautiful, they begged to be kissed at all times.


He sucked on her tongue again as she rubbed her tits up and down his dick slowly, her saliva making everything so smooth and slippery. Eiji actually had to hold himself back from busting a nut! When they broke apart again, Eiji looked down into Hitomi’s glistening eyes and smiled at her. The two of them then got up together and Eiji reached down to grab her rounded ass, pulling her topless body against her, his cock sandwiched between them as he hissed her hard. Their tongues wrestled in one another’s mouths as they moved over towards the sinks against the other wall. Eiji slowly pulled up Hitomi’s miniskirt, completely unsurprised to find she wasn’t wearing any panties. The two of them broke the kiss in the same moment as Eiji held onto Hitomi’s hips and spun her around! The two toned haired sexpot gasped as she bent forward, pushing her ass out just as Eiji shoved his thick cock inside her!


HMMMMMMMMH!!!” Hitomi moaned as she felt him enter her tight pussy. She welcomed him inside wholeheartedly! Eiji squeezed her booty with both hands as he started to thrust. He wasted no time getting to work pounding Hitomi’s twat hard with a steady pace, going completely against the serene sound of the light rock music pumping out of the bathroom and waterfall noises from the TV. Hitomi moaned loudly as Eiji slammed her from the rear.


“Ahhhh! Ugghhhh! Ooohhh!” Moaned the Youtube starlet calmly, taking a deep breath as Eiji entered her.


The brown haired basketball player grabbed onto Hitomi’s hips and rammed her even faster. The lusty gamer’s tits swung forward each time his stomach clashed with her ample backside. Hitomi’s moans became roaring screams of pleasure.




“Oh Shit! Ahhhhh! Eiji! So hard! My body is so tense!” Hitomi squealed, clenching her teeth. Her knees buckled and her legs started to wobble.


Eiji then grabbed the back of Hitomi’s neck and raised her head so that she was staring directly at the mirror in front of her.


“Look at me fuck the hell outta you! I look good don’t I?!” Eiji questioned with a smirk.


“Ooooh Yes! This…Feels…..So….Good!! ” Hitomi moaned in a breathy cadence. She inhaled at the start of each thrust and exhaled as he rammed his rod into her.


“Now you’re gonna watch yourself cum!” Replied the jock while stepping all the way out of his pants which were around his ankles. He then raised one leg up and put his foot on the counter; pumping her pussy like a wild dog! She reached behind her and rubbed Eiji’s face with her hand.


UGGHHH! ohmygod! ohmygod! ohmygod!” Hitomi whimpered as Eiji laid into her with even more intensity! She grabbed a hold of the hot and cold sink handles to brace herself as her hot love juice ran down her thick thighs. Eiji then reached around and grabbed her tits. He squeezed and needed them like a boy playing with putty for the first time.


“I’m gonna show you a trick, like the one you did on me.” boasted the blue eyed beefcake, referencing the spin move Hitomi did in their first encounter.




Eiji then took his leg off the counter and scooped her up by her thighs, shifting to a reverse standing carry position. He then started running the length of the bathroom like he was sprinting towards the basket on a fast break. He then leapt into the air and sailed slowly, catching incredible hangtime as he flew towards the 13 foot high ceiling. While in flight rapidly thrust into Hitomi’s warm pussy!


“Ummnm Annnnn! What are you doing?” Hitomi panted heavily, surprised by Eiji’s actions


Eiji then pulled out and spun Hitomi around so that he was holding her in the regular stand and carry. As he drifted back down he grabbed hitomi’s hips.




Eiji landed on the couch in a sitting position. He forcefully lowered Hitomi onto his dick, perfectly aligning his cock head between her pussy lips.




AHHHHHHH! OHHHHHH MY GAAAAWWWWDDDDD I’MMMMM CUMMMMMMING!” Bellowed Hitomi as she landed on his meatpole. The force of this “Slam Dunk” immediately sent a quaking tremor through her body! She embraced Eiji with a bear hug-like grip. Her body tightened up so much that she clamped onto his cock like a chinese finger trap. Eiji groaned loudly in unison with Hitomi’s screams as she squeezed him to the point of eruption. He wrapped his arms around her as she slowly grinded on his dick. The two shared another french kiss.




Outside of the ladies room, the attendant struggled to hold off other patrons who needed to use the bathroom.


“I guess it’s time for us to go.” Eiji said.


“Yeah, I forgot we were in a public bathroom…” Hitomi replied calmly while getting dressed hurriedly. Eij scrambled to get his pants back on. The pair then left the ladies room. The sound of Hitomi’s screams had drawn an audience of women to the door to listen. Women of all ages smiled at Eiji as he and his date returned to the table. Hitomi’s disheveled clothes and partially undone ponytail clearly revealed to the women outside of the bathroom that Eiji had shown her a great time. The waiter approached them carrying a bag. He chuckled slightly as he handed Eiji the bag.


“Judging by the sounds of things, I figured you would like this to go.” Remarked the waiter.


“Yes!” confirmed the young BSU starlet in a cheerful tone as she pulled a wad of cash from her purse and handed it to him.


“Thank you miss Hitomi. Good luck tomorrow. Can’t wait to see your next livestream!”


“No! Thank you! Don’t forget to enter the raffle to win a free gift pack from yours truly.”


“No way would I miss that!”


Hitomi and Eiji waved goodbye to the waiter as they left the restaurant and approached the sidewalk. A red SUV pulled up and parked. The window came down to reveal a teal haired woman with wild neon yellow eyes. She had on a pair of sunglasses that were raised up on her forehead.


“Are you Takiko? Our Voyager driver?


“Hell yeah I am, welcome to the quickest and most convenient transport you will ever have….Lemme guess…Two for BSU…Passion Tower right?” Remarked the driver as she apparently knew who her two customers were already.


“Yep!” Answered the couple before getting in the car. The vehicle then darted away, disappearing into the night.



(The next day, BSU Orientation…)


As the 1 hour lunch break came to an end, Eiji walked back into the auditorium. He took his time getting back into the building. Eiji’s typically cool and laid back demeanor gave way to an uneasy expression as he walked towards a dressing room off to the side of the security checkpoint at the main entrance. Hitomi sat down and saw that Eiji was no longer behind her, his empty seat cluing her in to who is presenting next. Returning students and spectators in the audience chatted amongst themselves as Headmistress Kuriyue approached the stage, however, the chatter ceased once she grabbed the microphone. She then commanded the attention of everyone in the audience, students and spectators alike. Xavier, however, struggled to focus on what was going on. He groggily shook his head in an attempt to snap himself out of a fatigue driven stupor. Although he was sad and heartbroken from his break up with Maihime; his choice to stay up for nearly 2 days, purging his emotions and punishing himself for his mistake was clearly taking a grea
ter toll on him than earlier this morning. But he managed to get his bearings in time to catch most of what the headmistress was saying.


“Good afternoon and welcome back! I hope you all enjoyed the break. Before we resume with the next presenter I’d like to introduce the man who will be announcing him, Frank Buffer!”


A man dressed in black tuxedo pants along with a white shirt, a white tuxedo jacket and black bow tie walked on stage to a chorus of loud cheers. Frank was perhaps the most successful and famous announcer in all of sports. He’s announced the starting lineups for NFL and NBA games, announced fighters for championship boxing matches, professional wrestling along with several other sports. However he is best known as the voice of the Supreme Fighting Championship. Taiyohime handed him the microphone.


IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITS TIIIIIIIIIIIIMMMMME!” Bellowed the ring announcer. A fast paced remix of the classical music song ‘Also Sprach Zarathustra’ began to play as a group of women paraded out of the auditorium entrance, dressed in skimpy BSU themed cheerleader outfits, complete with pom poms. They made two line formations in the center aisle. The cheerleaders began to dance to the music, shaking their asses with the beat. The lights in the room dimmed before being replaced with an array of strobe lights.




Matsunami and Jade looked at one another and giggled at the display while Hitomi smiled, amused by the theatrics taking place.


“Those cheerleaders are girls from work!” Matsunami observed.


“Yeah I guess he had the same idea I did.” Jade replied.


NAKAMURA IS THE MAN AND THAT AINT LUCK! I DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU BUT HE CAME HERE TO FUCK!” Shouted the cheerleaders exuberantly while all bending over for the TV cameras; smacking their asses with their pom poms while doing so.


“Starting at Point guard, he stands 6’2 and weighs 245 pounds. He hails from World City by way of Tokyo Japan, Number 23! EIIIIIIJIIIIIIIIII NAKAAAAAAAAMUUUUURRRAAAA!” screamed the announcer at the top of his lungs, jumped and did a fist pump in mid air while yelling the ‘Nakamura’ part.


Eiji then busted out of the entrance wearing a silver break away warm up sweatsuit. The jacket had the letters BSU stitched in navy blue across the chest. The letters were outlined with bright, shimmering gold trim. Eiji walked down the aisle, slapping the asses of each of the cheerleaders who flanked him on both sides; like he was slapping hands with his teammates during pregame starting lineup announcements. After passing all of the cheerleaders, Eiji looked directly into the TV camera and pounded on his chest with one hand before kissing his index and middle fingers and waving to the camera with them. He did this to say hi to his sister Keiko who couldn’t be present due to having to work a late overtime night shift at her job. She didn’t have time to go home, change and come to the arena, so she was watching from home. Gesturing to the camera is a common practice among basketball players when they know they are on television.


“Look at how he carries himself! The gall of this degenerate! He doesn’t care at all.” Scoffed Brooke.


“Yes, this guy is absolutely deplorable. He is a disgrace to honest, clean living men. I sincerely apologize to you on behalf of this buffoon and all the decent guys out there who respect women as equals, my pure queen!” Gushed Todd, 2nd in command of the Purity Movement. Brooke simply looked at him with an expressionless face.


Eiji stood in front of the stage with his back turned for a moment, taking in the cheers of the crowd before turning to face the audience.



It was clear by the sound that the majority of the voices cheering were women, for Eiji had been a darling of the sport’s world since he was a high school freshman.


The former star absorbed the energy being given to him by the audience, raising his hands in the air and prompting even louder screams in his favor. Eiji approached the steps and then walked on stage where a chair and a coffee table sat waiting for him. Atop the table were a bucket of ice and a bottle of whiskey. After getting to the center stage area, he kicked off the sneakers that were on his feet to reveal that he was wearing expensive, wingtip dress shoes underneath. Next, he ripped off the warm up pants and jacket to reveal his school uniform. Eiji’s uniform was very dapper, definitely one of the flashier, classier male uniform designs.


The young man then sat down in the chair and propped up his feet on the table


“Good afternoon people! I’m Eiji Nakamura, but you should already know that by now and if you don’t, allow me to inform you. I’m not gonna bore you by telling my life story so I’ll show you this. If a picture is worth a thousand words then this is infinite.” Eiji said before pulling out a tv remote. With the push of a button all of the megatron screens in the arena came on simultaneously. The screens started showing highlights of Eiji playing basketball starting from his early childhood going through his Freshman year at the University of North Carolina. It was a festival of high flying dunks, long range 3-point shots, slick passes to teammates and quick pick pocketing steals which lead to more rim shaking dunks by Eiji. Those were followed by a quick montage of Eiji posing and taking pictures and videos with numerous women including some of the hottest young celebrities in the world today. The footage then paused.


“This was my life. I was taking it to the hole on and off the basketball court. I was rollin with one of the top college teams, getting every girl I wanted and I was projected to be the #1 pick in the NBA draft. All I did was win until….” Eiji commented again before resuming the video footage.


The next video consisted of highlights from Eiji’s last college game. At this moment the young ball player spoke with more force and energy, for what he was going to say next was critical.


“I was straight cookin these dudes on the way to breaking the record for points scored in a single game. But with 15 seconds left on the clock this happened.”


More footage was played which showed Eiji stealing the ball from an opposing player on an inbound pass. He rushed down the court for a fastbreak. Players from the other team chased him down the court. The basketball prodigy took off into the air just short of the free throw line with intent to end the blowout victory with an emphatic dunk; a final punctuation to a dominant performance. However things didn’t go as Eiji planned. The opposing player whom he stole the ball from lunged forward and undercut Eiji’s legs from under him while in midair. The clothesline-like swing of the other player’s arm from Eiji’s rear caused him to backflip.




Eiji landed hard on his feet, causing his leg to twist the wrong way, tearing his ACL, MCL and PCL in rapid succession. The popping sounds reverberated through the crowd as the grotesque injury was shown. Close up visuals made it possible to see the turn muscles roll up his leg under the skin. Skyla turned her head in angst, not wanting to see her beloved Eiji in pain.


“Ewww. That’s horrible!” Maihime remarked before turning her own head as well.


OH NOOO!” Hitomi yelled with a grimace on her face. Although she knew Eiji was injured playing the sport of basketball, she had never seen the footage until now. Matsunami didn’t flinch at the sight of this gruesome injury. As a mixed martial artist, she had seen horrific looking bone breaks and other injuries in combat sports.


“That day I lost almost everything, fame, fortune, my childhood dream….My potential.” Eiji explained. His jovial cocky grin was replaced with a tougher, more serious expression.


AWWWWWWWWWWWW!!” Replied the crowd.


“Getting the diagnosis from the doc after that game was the hardest day of my life…”You won’t ever be able to play basketball again.” That’s what he told me…No NBA, no millions of dollars, no team to be on…..” said the basketball player before pausing


“I’m used to being a part of a team ya know? Having people that got your back; and you have theirs, that kind of thing. Having the guys around to give encouragement when you’re having a cold shooting night or even a bad day in general.”


“But when I was rehabbing from my injury, that was something I had to do alone. My teammates from North Carolina all either got drafted into the NBA or are still playing ball there and are gonna get drafted this year. Those times were tough.” Eiji admitted, the feeling of defeat evident in his voice.


I thought my life was over. I couldn’t do what I trained my whole life to do…..For a while I didn’t know what to do. I worked a bartending gig and did some other things on the side, ya know, but getting a regular minimum wage or salary 9-5 job just ain’t for me.


BUT, the one thing I didn’t lose was THIS!” Eiji barked with fierce bravado as he grabbed his crotch! This prompted the crowd to woo.


“Basketball aint the only thing I’m good at! And for that reason I’m standing in front of you today!”


“I love the attention, the fame, the headlines about me! I love the money!…. But more importantly I love the competition and of course, I LOVE TO FUCK!!” Eiji declared, getting more fired up with each word spoken. The audience roared in laughter at the candor of his last sentence.


“But most importantly, I want to be a part of something, something bigger than me….” He said calmly after taking a deep breath.


“Lucky for me I can get all of those things in my new life here at BSU. So ladies, I hope you’re ready cuz I am.” Remarked the brash freshman standout. Eiji then sat back down in his chair and scooped some ice into his shot glass and poured himself a healthy shot of whiskey”


“I know you guys don’t have any whiskey to take a shot with me, hell some of you are already sauced courtesy of Jade.” Joked the youth.


HAAAAAAHAAAAHAHAHA!” Responded the crowd in laughter.


“If you have something to drink with you, water, soda, coffee, whatever, raise it up in the air.” Eiji encouraged. Skyla was the first to respond, raising her cappuccino. Hitomi, Jade, Matsunami, Maihime, Violette, Nicole and Ashani followed by raising up bottles of water and soda. Xavier joined in next and held up a bottle of gatorade. Shortly after everyone who had a drink lifted their cups and bottles for a toast.


“This is a new beginning for me…To my future and yours BSU!” Eiji proclaimed forcefully before leading the crowd in taking a drink. He guzzled down a doubleshot like it was water before taking another pause.






Eiji slammed his shot glass on the table before getting up to exit the stage. He was serenaded with deafening chants from the crowd as he walked down the stage steps. As he approached the bottom of the steps. He lost his footing and nearly fell down. His leg had given out.


Damn it, not now, not on national TV!!!’ Eiji cursed to himself. As he began to plummet forward, he quickly recovered and regained his footing, playing it off like nothing happened. Some gasps could be heard in the audience.


“Did you see that? He stumbled a little.” Brass remarked


“He’s trying to “no sell” it.” Xavier commented.


“Look at this guy! All of these girls go crazy for him cuz he used to be able to shoot a basketball.” Eric remarked jealously to Saitou.


“Sure him being a top recruit who’s been on TV a lot helps, yes. But he has charisma. You could learn something from watching him.” His boss said to the young man.


“How did you manage to get him to sign?” Ryoko asked Sara next to her.


I paid him a visit personally. The other universities prioritized female recruits for personal visits so that gave me the chance to talk to him before anyone else could.” Sara answered. Ryoko nodded.


“Our competition has underestimated the value of the male recruits.” The Head of Admissions added.


“He is a nice catch. We have never gotten an athlete of his caliber before. He still looks hobbled though. You might have gotten damaged goods.”


“You might be right but I think the risk is worth the reward.” Sara concluded.


As the cheers from the audience slowly faded, excitement gave way to curious silence. Television cameras focused on the entry doors. Everyone in the audience shifted their attention towards the door. After about a minute of this, the silence was broken by the rhythmic, beating sounds of a bongo drum being played. This was followed by the melody of triangles. The sounds of other instruments gradually joined in as the beat continued to build.


Kaede nodded her head as she listened, taking in the tune. Brass then looked at Kaede while also nodding her head


“This is definitely not a recording. There is a band playing this from somewhere in the building.” Remarked the Amazon.


The music had a tribal sound to it, one that was regal like a king or Queen was about to walk through the doors. The sounds of violins and horns and cowbells joined in sonic symphony. The doors opened to reveal a figure draped in a platinum colored hooded cloak. The figure’s face was hidden by the hood as it slowly walked down the center aisle. The figure was barefoot and its immaculately pedicured, painted toes revealed the fact that there was a woman underneath the hood. Behind her were a small procession of men and women dressed in what appeared to be formal military attire adorned with numerous medals pinned to their coats. The man at the front of the group carried a black flag which had two thick green stripes near the end. In the center of the flag were seven golden stars configured in a pattern that resembled the north star or big dipper constellation. The flag bear waved it around triumphantly as the crew followed the hooded young woman.


“I’ve seen her around campus before but I’ve never seen her face before,” Takiko commented.


“She’s always covered up by that cloak.” Kaede added. Xavier watched on eagerly with his hand on his chin.


The cloaked woman continued to calmly walk down the aisle towards the stage. Her companions then moved to the side and left the hooded woman standing in front of the stage.




The figure leapt into the air, effortlessly rising up above the stage. Her cloak blew upwards revealing that she wasn’t wearing any clothes underneath. She then flipped and corkscrewed her body while in midair in order to orient her body so that she was facing the audience when she landed. She came down onto the stage floor in half squatting, half kneeling 3 point stance position. As she made contact with the floor she pressed the palm of her hand on the stage floor mimicking the famous “Superhero landing” pose popularized by Marvel Comics movies. She then raised her head in snapping fashion, whipping her hood off of her head to reveal her face to the audience. The formerly hooded woman then flashed a seductive grin to the TV cameras. Her acrobatics caused the audience to roar in approval.


WOW!” Xavier remarked clearly still in awe of the chocolate beauty on stage. She slowly stood up in a slightly pigeon toed posture and scanned the audience before forcefully extending her arm to one side. The movement sent the cloak flying off of her body causing another eruption from the crowd. The woman walked up to the microphone and performed a curtsy, bowing to acknowledge the audience.


“She is a proper Zatarian woman. She comes from a family of status.” Ashani commented as she observed the cloaked woman’s gestures.


“What’s Zataria?” Nicole asked, oblivious to the existence of the country.


“Nikki, you should invest your time into learning world history….Zataria is a country in Africa.” Violette answered


“Zataria is known for their military might. They are one of the African nations that was never successfully invaded or conquered. They defeated the Americans who tried to invade during the age of slavery. For centuries they remained an isolationist country but in recent years they have opened trade with the rest of the world.” Explained the Egyptian Princess.


“They possess a rare metal called Infinium. It can’t be found anywhere else in the world. It’s power makes it the most valuable substance in the world. More than gold, platinum, diamonds and even petroleum. Zataria is the most technologically advanced country in the world because of Infinium.” Violette added.


“Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen of BSU. I am Anya Adebayo, it is an honor to stand before you all today.” Anya greeted before putting her hands to her side and doing a second martial arts style bow before grabbing the mic.


So that’s the woman I had lunch with…‘ he thought to himself. A smile formed upon his lips at the fact that he now knew the mysterious naked woman’s name.


“Anya….Adebayo..” Xavier said as he gazed upon the mocha beauty on stage.


“Some of you might be wondering ‘Anya, where is your uniform?’” She asked rhetorically before taking a brief pause.


“The cloak that I just took off IS my uniform. You see, I am a nudist. I prefer to be naked…ALL the time. Both humans and beasts are born into the world naked. This is the natural order, the way we are meant to be. I’m proud of this big ol ass, my huge tits, my wide hips and thicc thighs. Why should I cover all of this up? I’m proud of how I look and I love to be seen!” Anya declared proudly.


“For those of you out there who are campaigning against sex and public nudity, give it a try some time, free yourself, release your body and your MIND from prison.” Anya waxed poetically while taking a subtle shot at someone in the audience.


“How dare you. You no good naked hussy…” Brooke fumed.


“This wench needs to be taught some class!” Replied Todd, Brooke’s blonde haired yes-man.


Anya’s sneak diss triggered the audience to start cheering for her once again. As the audience reacted, she turned around and started twerking. She bounced her ass up and down, first her left cheek and then the right before doing both at the same time and making that ass clap. This revealed a distinct tramp stamp tattoo on her lower back, a green and purple heart shaped flower with roots that extended to her hips. The audience began to quiet down.


“Though I am a nudist and I love to show off my body, that’s not what I came up here to say……”


“Opportunity is such a great thing. Being here is the biggest opportunity in my life. I’m from the Kingdom of Zataria, born and raised. My mother is a general in the Zatarian military and my father is a physicist and chemist. I grew up in an environment full of discipline. School, ROTC and martial arts training is what my life consisted of. As a hobby, I dabbled in robotics and created my own inventions. I was pretty good at it too.” Anya remarked while pulling a capsule out of the choker she was wearing around her neck. She then pushed a button on the capsule. There was a small explosion of smoke that came from the capsule. When the smoke cleared there was a table on stage. On top of the table was a metallic black crystal substance which started to glow. Maihime, Matsunami and Yuriko watched with enlarged eyes.


“Anya is one of the most skilled inventors I’ve ever seen. We’ve traded wins and losses in competition since we were kids. We competed against each other in science fairs and Robo-battles countless times.” Skyla explained.


“This stuff you see on the table is Infinium. Everyone wants it but until recently that was impossible. But it is a new era, and Zataria has gradually been shifting away from it’s antiquated policy of isolationism that we’ve held for centuries, and making allies with the rest of the world. I think it’s a good thing we get to do business with everyone else but more importantly we get to show the rest of the world who we are.” Anya explained.


“Infinium only exists in Zataria. There are many theories, myths and legends of the origin of this mysterious metal. Scholars speculate it to be the solidified fragments of the sun that broke off due to the immeasurable heat of a super solar flare. Scientists hypothesize it to have come from the fossils of an ancient race of dragons that had once existed on Zataria. Theologists claim it to be a product of divine creation, put there by a higher power. However, My people believe it is the crystallized energy of the cosmos that plummeted onto our world from the depths of space. Whatever it truly is, it fell down on my country a long, long time ago, permeating it’s power throughout the minerals and soil deep beneath the surface of my homeland.” Anya explained before taking a pause.


“Infinium is a highly highly powerful resource which unlike coal and petroleum and other resources doesn’t run out.” She stated while grabbing a baseball sized nugget of infinium off of the table.


“This one piece can be used as a source of energy for years because infinium itself continues to generate its own energy and it will take A LOT of heavy, continuous usage for it to finally burn out. This is where the comparisons to the sun come from. The power of infinium rivals and even surpasses nuclear energy while also being an infinitely safer alternative to it.” Anya stated confidently.


“Zataria is very protective of it’s infinium, but I managed to get a hold of it for a project of mine.”


“Last year, in our last head-to-head competition, she helped supply me with some Infinium as a gift. It was the final component I needed to finish ‘Project: Andromeda’. ” Skyla told Maihime.


“So right now I would like to show you one of my inventions right now, however I need a volunteer from the audience to help with the demonstration.” Anya said while putting her hand on her chin. Several young men and women raised their hands. Anya stood there and looked around before shooting a gaze over members of the camera crew. At that moment the cameramen shifted their lens over to where Maihime and Skyla were sitting. Maihime immediately thought the cameras were focused on her again. She briefly wore an expression of fright but then recalled that Skyla had history with the woman on stage.


“I would like to invite Skyla Wu to join me on stage. C’mon down!” Anya yelled into the mic. Skyla sat hesitantly for a moment but then her expression changed. The cameras captured the exact moment the light bulb went off in her mind which caused her to grin. Taking a big chug of her caffeine drink, the bespectacled nerd rose to her feet with purpose and marched out of her row and down the center aisle to the stage.


This gets me more exposure! Appearing twice on this show is chemically better than just coming up for my presentation. The more they see me, the more they will remember… SHA SHA!‘ The young genius thought to herself.


As Skyla stepped onto the stage Anya pulled out another capsule and tossed it on the table.




There was another explosion of smoke. As the smoke cleared, Skyla and the audience could see a set of 4 shining obsidian black bracelets which were decorated with white diamonds.


“So, what’s your name, young lady?” Anya asked despite already knowing that information.


“I’m Skyla Wu. Nice to meet you…..again Anya.” Skyla remarked half jokingly.


“The pleasure is all mine.” Anya retorted back with a smirk. The verbal interaction here gave away the fact that the two already knew each other, which was Anya’s intent. Some individuals in the audience searched ‘Anya and Skyla’ on the internet.


These two have been facing off against each other for years. I see what they’re doing. Nothing gets attention like personal beef.‘ Xavier thought to himself as he looked at his phone’s search results before taking a very deep breath. Despite the room being heavily air conditioned, he continued to sweat profusely.


Back on stage, Anya grabbed the bangles from the table and approached Skyla.


“Please put these on your wrists and ankles.” Anya instructed. Skyla took off her socks and shoes and put on the anklets first and then put on bracelets.


“Ladies, how many times have you been ‘getting it on’ and your man just can’t hit that sweet spot?” Anya asked.


“You know, THAT SPOT, the magical one, that when hit just right makes you melt and wanna cook him a big meal, wash all his clothes and do whatever he asks of you?” Anya asked. This question was met with a mixture of laughter and loud chatter from the women in the crowd audibly responding to her.


“I know that nearly every woman has had a partner that wasn’t up to the task at least once.” She commented. This was again met with applause and some laughter by the ladies in the crowd.


“I guess we have that in common.” Koko joked to Violette, referencing Xavier’s failures to satisfy them.


“Issues like this can interfere with intimacy between partners and even lead to break ups and divorce in some cases. But what I’m gonna show you today is a solution to this problem.” Anya announced while holding up one of the bangle bracelets.


“This is the Climaxxx Cure Sensory Bracelet. This uses the power of Infinium to send a continual kinetic pulse thru the body. This pulse penetrates beneath the skin and stimulates the nerves. This shock awakens the nerves and makes them more sensitive to being touched. This gives YOU the power to make orgasms much easier to achieve.” The chocolate genius explained.


“But words are not enough. I can show better than I can tell you about it.” Anya cooed seductively while walking up to Skyla who was standing center stage. She then moves behind the smaller Skyla and presses the button on the side of her bracelet.


“Ah!” Yelped Skyla lightly before being overcome by a calm, soothing feeling.


“Ahhh!” Skyla sighed as Anya ran her fingers along the four eyed inventor’s forearms.


“Yes! This feels so chemically good…” Skyla moaned lightly.


“The Climaxxx Bracelet affects all of the nerves in the body, which turns ANY body part into an erogenous zone. Like so!” Anya detailed while grabbing Skyla’s hands with her own. She gently rubbed Skyla’s fingertips with her own.


“Ahhhhhh….unnnnngh..yeeeeaaahhh..” Skyla cooed. Her breaths grew deeper. Anya then raised her leg and wrapped it around one of Skyla’s legs. The two toned haired woman rubbed Skyla’s calf muscles with her own.


“Oh Shit! You really got me with this!” Skyla moaned.


“No, I haven’t got you yet.” Anya whispered lightly into her ear. She then shifted her attention to the audience once more however, she remained positioned behind Skyla. She stopped touching her rival so that she could deliver the next portion of her presentation.


“This device also has 10 settings for you to choose from. If you just want some mild foreplay you can try settings 1 and 2. If you’re looking for a little more or your man just needs a little help getting you off, I suggest trying settings 3 through 6.” Anya explained before turning up the power on the bracelets Skyla was wearing. She then resumed touching and groping Skyla, this time, squeezing the sides of her stomach while also playing footsies with her.


“Ahhhhh!! Annnn! This is so real! Skyla whimpered. Anya continued to play with the fatty area on Skyla’s side with one hand while gliding her hand across the front of her belly with the other. As the glasses wearing inventor got more into the moment, she slid her hand in the top of her skirt and reached down into her panties and started touching herself down low. Skyla bit her lip and tried not to cry out for the moment to allow Anya the opportunity to speak again.


“Don’t stop!” Skyla whispered to Anya. The chocolate honey resumed speaking this time continuing to touch her competitor.


“If you’re really wanting to cum with or without a partner or you wanna test your stamina and endurance then, you could try settings 7-10.” She said with a lusty smirk. Anya looked at Skyla for a brief second before turning up the power all the way up to 10.


OH MY GOD! THIS THING IS POWERFUL! AHHHH! OOOOHH!” Skyla screamed. Her legs began to quiver. The green haired nerd squeezed her own tit while digging her fingers into her pussy. Anya continued to lightly touch Skyla’s stomach with the tip of her fingeers while rubbing her scalp with her other hand.


OH SHIT! OH SHIT! I’M CHEMICALLY CUMMIIIIIINNGGGG!!!! SHA SHAAAAA!!!” Hollered Skyla in orgasmic bliss. Anya then switched the bracelet off. Skyla inhaled and exhaled deeply.


“That’s some good shit you got there.” Skyla said. The two hugged before Skyla moved to the side.


“And here are your results. The Climaxxx Cure can be used as a sex toy for mastsurbation as well. Right now this is in the prototype phase. I don’t know if I’m gonna release this or not.” Anya remarked before taking another pause. She then walked back and forth across the stage once as she thought about what she was going to say next.


“For decades my homeland has been known for 2 things, Infinium and our military. The Adebayo tribe has faithfully served the Kingdom of Zataria by joining the army generation after generation, but as the times change, so should we. I want to do something different than the same old traditions carried on by my tribe, create my own identity. The one thing Zataria isn’t known for is sex!” Anya yelled into the mic.


“I want to become the first Adult Entertainment superstar from Zataria! I want to forge my own path and have fun doing it! I want to see and experience what the world has to offer and pursue a new challenge in life!” Anya said energetically.


“She is trying to create a new lane not just for herself but for others to follow.” Maihime remarked to Matsunami, who sat silently with a semi smirk on her face.


“However this isn’t just for me alone, I do this for my country! Everyone will get to know the pure sexual power of Zatarian women! I wish to show the world our SEXINESS, our PASSION, our HEART, our LUST, our LOVE!


The crowd erupted again in response to Anya’s declaration.


“I know it won’t be easy, but what is your life worth if you don’t face the challenge? I’ve been good at nearly everything I’ve tried my entire life. I’ve trained, studied and fought my way to being the best at everything I tried my hand at. But over the years I got stagnant and my life got boring.” Anya explained. But since I arrived on campus, I’ve had this feeling, uncertainty, nerves, doubt. FEAR… THAT’S JUST THE THING THAT GETS ME GOING!” Anya yelled furiously, prompting the crowd to roar back at her. Anya had immersed herself in the moment. She took in the cheers of the crowd, the hot lights shining down on her and the tv cameras that documented her live. Her legs began to tremble and a drop of love juice trickled down her thigh as she got more into it.




“Look at what you guys have done to me BSU!” The black and white haired beauty remarked nearly having an orgasm on stage.


“To all my future classmates I look forward to going on this journey with you all. So let’s kick ass and have some fun this year!” Anya affirmed firmly in closing. The young exhibitionist picked up her cloak and put it back on.




She then jumped off of the stage, exiting the same way she entered. The procession of Zatarian military officials followed as the band resumed playing her theme music. The band continued to play until she got back to her seat. After about a minute of sustained cheers the crowd faded until there was nothing but indistinct chatter going on.


“She’s a wild card.” Violette commented, looking at Anya’s figure before looking down at her own breasts.


“For her to be able to develop a toy like that she has to possess some sexual skill.” Ashani added.


“I want a couple of those bangle things!” Nicole remarked, going completely off topic.


(Elsewhere in the arena.)


“That’s a lot of pressure. She’s representing an entire nation.” Maihime said.


“She seems ready for it by the looks of things” Yuriko replied. Matsunami looked on silently in interest due to Anya being a fellow martial artist.


“I think I want to invite her on one of my livestreams and do her first interview. Maybe I can get some of that Infinium technology” Hitomi chuckled to Eiji.


“I wanna know the fuck they’re eating over in Zataria. This bitch is stacked!” Takiko observed.


“If she does well, Anya will bring in other students from Zataria who will follow her.” Leilani noted aloud.


“Serrabelle has assembled quite the cast of personalities for her home room.” The Headmistress continued.


The chatter in the arena was broken up by the sound of booming bass from a hip hop style beat. The hard drum pattern was joined by the sound of snares and an accompanying melody of horns. The arena doors opened to reveal Kaede as she walked towards the center aisle, microphone in her hand. The short haired beauty rocked a uniform that consisted of a custom made silver and gold micro mini skirt which had been tailored to remove the back portion, to allow full view of her rotund fatty of an ass in all its bootylicious glory. Her ass is so fat that you could sit a baseball bat on top of it and it wouldn’t fall to the floor! Her big tits were held by a silver bikini top with pockets on the front.


WHAAATSSS UPPPPPPP PARTY PEOPLE! BSU IN THE HOUSE!!” Kaede yelled into the microphone. This was a strategic act on her part. It is a common practice for anyone one hosting or performing as a DJ at an event to acknowledge, shout out and interact with the audience to immediately get them actively involved in what’s going on.


“♪♪ Oh my it’s THAT CHICK K-B-O, O-T-Y!
Check them hips, peep dat ass, see them thighs!
Look at dem tits, I’m the shit, the baddest bitch, think im lyin, ask yo clique!
Illest Dj in the city, got “The World” rockin wit me. Ask the clubs, they’ll tell you KB keeps it litty!
Play my music on the corner when you ridin down the block, or in the strip joint when you teasin on the cock!
Squeeze my ass when I shake it like the trigger of a glock!
Fellas, don’t fear, the girl of dreams has arrived, in living color and live, lemme tell you why i’m here! ♪♪” Kaede announced as she ended her verse.


“Here to suck! Here to fuck! If you down then what’s up!”


Here to suck! Here to fuck! If you down then what’s up!” Remarked the red and black haired cutie as she rapped the chorus to the song. She looked directly into one of the camera’s filming her, putting her finger on her lips while winking at the camera lens.


“Here to suck! Here to fuck! If you down, that’s what’s up!”


“Here to suck! Here to fuck! If you down, that’s what’s up!”


Other students began to move around in their seats.


“Sha Sha! This song is chemically fire!” Skyla remarked while moving side to side.


“This is kinda catchy.” Maihime added while nodding her head. Brooke, on the other hand, was not impressed.


“This little Jezebel is a horrible influence on the youth, on two fronts! She’s gonna push her garbage through disgusting videos and that filth she calls music. I’m so appalled right now!” Fumed the young activist.


“How dare she pollute your ears with such filthy nonsense. They need to cut her mic right now.” Todd added.


“♪♪ I’m a certified honey, my mission: get dat money!
Got my pictures on your wall, I’m a playboy bunny!
When I walk down the street all hoes stare funny, cuz they know their men want me.
Put that cash away you can’t do nothin for me! I ain’t a gold diggin bitch, My hustle makin me rich. Wait a minute, changed my mind. There is somethin you can do…lemme see dat dick! ♪♪”


At that moment several men in the audience dropped trow and exposed themselves, causing Kaede to smile as she repeated the chorus part of the song. Her sister Takiko stood up and started dancing to the music, which prompted Kianna to follow along and join her.


“Kill that fuckin shit K!” Yelled Takiko excitedly.


“Here to suck! Here to fuck! If you down, that’s what’s up!”


“Here to suck! Here to fuck! If you down, that’s what’s up!”


“Here to suck! Here to fuck! If you down, that’s what’s up!”


“Here to suck! Here to fuck! If you down, that’s what’s up!”


“♪♪ I like em big, like em black, like a stallion, (cue horse sound effect) gotta hit it from the back.
Work it hard, work it fast like a 9 to 5 job, put it in my mouth, lemme slob it down like corn on the cob!
The other night at splash, I let this little dude smash, he had a dick like a horse (cue horse sound effect), he really gave it to my ass!
Addicted to it like crack, he didn’t cut me any slack. Made him cum 4 times, he was like baby got back!
I gave him the business, puttin in that work, clapped that ass on him like the congregation in church!
I climaxed with the quickness, god is my witness!
Drained him down to nothin like the liquor at an open bar, I say that to say this, meet your new favorite porn star. Imma take it to the top wit the homies at BSU, the realest bitch in it, you know what im gonna do!”


Xavier’s brow raised as he listened to Kaede’s last verse. He smiled briefly as he realized she was shouting him out and showing love by referencing him in her lyrics.


“Gonna suck! Gonna fuck! If you down, that’s what’s up!”


“Gonna suck! Gonna fuck! If you down, that’s what’s up!”


“Gonna suck! Gonna fuck! If you down, that’s what’s up!”


“Gonna suck! Gonna fuck! If you down, that’s what’s up!”


Kaede rapped as she walked up the stairs and stepped on stage. There were 2 turntables set up on stage complete with shelves of records. Kaede walked up to the turntable as the beat continued to play and started spinning and scratching records. She did multiple scratch patterns and even turned around and put her ass on the turntables. They bounced her ass cheeks around, moving them up and down and side to side, spinning and scratching records with them. The audience erupted in cheers as she scratched the record. The beat slowly faded away as the crowd roared Kaede’s stage name.




Kaede then moved from behind the turntables and held up the microphone.


BSU HOLLA IF YA HEAR ME!” yelled the black and red haired DJ before pointing the microphone at the crowd


WE HEAR YOU K!” roared the audience.


“What up! My name is Kaede Makoto, better known as DJ K-Booty. You already know a lil bit about me from my sister “T” earlier so let’s skip the backstory. I can show you who I am better than I can tell you!” Kaede said with a slick smirk on her face.


The megatron screen lowered from the ceiling once more. The bootyful DJ turned her back to the audience briefly, shaking her ass grabbing a remote. She pressed play which launched a video. The video depicted the inside of an expensive looking hotel room. The grayscale color of the footage indicated this was filmed with the camera’s night vision feature. A woman in nothing but a cutoff shirt and thong underwear came into view. As she walked further away from the camera into the background her short hairstyle and her big round bouncing jello ass made it apparent that the female figure was Kaede. She hopped on to a rather gigantic, super king sized bed where another figure was laying under the sheets and covers. Kaede lightly shook the figure who appeared to be laying on his side with his back turned away from the camera. Kaede continued to shake the figure until it started to stir on its own. The figure turned on his back. Kaede then leaned in close and started kissing the figure passionately.


The figure on the bed began kissing back, his arms reaching up to encircle her shoulders. Kaede glanced back to where the camera was, pulling her face away just a little to let the lens catch the way their tongues wrestled and swirled around one another’s mouths. She then closed her lips with his again, moaning quietly into his mouth. The dark haired recruit felt his hands running down her back slowly, making her moan a little louder into his mouth.


She then let out a loud squeal as his fingers traced the wide curve of her ass before pulling away; only to have one hand come down on her ass HARD!




She felt the fat actually rippling from the impact as both his hands gripped her butt tightly. His fingers sunk in, almost vanishing into her soft flesh as she wriggled her ass back against his grip. Moaning into his mouth again, Kaede rolled her hips back against his hands as he moved them all over her ass. His fingers gripped both cheeks tightly, prying them away from each other then slapping them back together with a loud ‘CLAP’ sound. The male figure playfully repeated this action, smacking Kaede’s cakes together over and over as if they were extensions of his own hands, causing the aspiring recording artist to moan even more. He then spanked both her cheeks again, making her butt jiggle and wobble like jello.


Kaede slowly broke the kiss, lifting her face away from his. A long thin rope of their combined saliva connecting their mouths for a long moment before snapping silently. As she sat up on her knees slowly, the young man gripped the bottom on her thin shirt, and Kaede lifted her arms up high as he pulled it up and off her body. Her bare tits jiggled free as her shirt was tossed aside like it was trash. His hands instantly went for the fat mounds, gripping them roughly and kneading them like they were biscuit dough.


While nibbling on her lower lip, Kaede lifted him into a sitting position, pulling his face to her left breast. She opened her mouth in a long moan as he closed his lips around her nipple. Kaede could feel his teeth biting down gently, just right as she pressed her breast against him more. He only sucked for a moment though before pulling his head back, keeping her nipple between his teeth.


Leaning her head back and moaning, Kaede felt him stretching her boob with his teeth, pulling it into a cone shape before letting go! Her tit bounced back into position, jiggling almost as much as her ass before the young man made his way over to her right breast. He left a trail of soft kisses along her smooth skin as he moved from left to right. Upon reaching her other nipple, he began snaking his tongue around the already stiff knob of flesh, making it stiffen even harder. Once it was so stiff it began to ache, the man engulfed it in his mouth, sucking it hard while his hands moved to trace his fingers along the curve of her ass playfully.


Kaede moaned again, relishing the feel and sensation of her nipple being sucked on so hard! She already knew she would have a set of hickies on each tit in a couple hours. The figure then wrapped his lips around her nipple and started reverberating them.




“Ahhh” Kaede cooed lightly


As his hands continued to fondle her ass, Kaede felt a mounting heat in her crotch. Her thong panties were already completely soaked through, thin trails of juices drizzling along her inner thighs. Her whole body felt hot now and she grinded her body against him.


“Mmmmmmh, hahhh…” she gasped softly,


“Yes,” she whispered loudly, “Do… Don’t stop…!”


“Mmmph…” he grunted around her nipple, still sucking it hard, nodding his head slowly.


She smiled down at him affectionately, looking into the figure’s green eyes with approval. She loved the way his face looked with his lips around one nipple. She never grew tired of this sight, of him lusting for her. It turned her on when she felt the male gaze upon her, and it turned her on more when she had someone’s total attention!


Xavier looked on with extreme discomfort as he recognized the male figure in the video to be himself and recalled exactly when this took place. It was later on in the night of their first encounter at SPLASH.


Dammit Kaede! Why this? You could have asked me about showing this video!’ He thought to himself. But then he thought again and pulled out his phone. He turned it on and it immediately lit up with multiple missed calls, voicemails and text messages, including several from Kaede. After the breakup with Maihime, Xavier turned his phone off and disappeared for nearly 2 days before showing up at BSU just hours before Orientation.


Judging from his call log, Xavier realized that Kaede had actually been trying to get in contact with him. His stomach began to churn uneasily because he knew what was coming next and that “SHE” would see it all. His knees shook uncontrollably, as there was nothing he could do about this.


Meanwhile as the video continued, Kaede pulled away suddenly, her nipple popping free of his mouth with a wet sound. She felt saliva dripping down her breast as she moved back just a little. Grabbing the edge of the covers, she yanked them away, sending the sheet to join her skirt on the floor. She then slowly licked her lips at the sight of the man’s MASSIVE fucking dick. It was nearly as long as her arm and easily twice as thick. And it was only half hard!


Both Maihime and Matsunami looked closely at the black and white footage. At this moment the male figure was easier to see and identify. The spiked auburn hair, the humongous penis, and the distinctive bead bracelet on his left wrist, revealed the figure’s identity to them. Maihime sat there trying hard not to show any emotion on her face as she watched. She felt a pain in her chest as she witnessed the ex boyfriend she still cared about being pleasured by another woman. To hear him admit it is one thing but to see him in the act was even more painful. Matsunami scowled as she watched the situation play out on screen.


Moving to sit next to him, Kaede pressed her mouth to his and kissed him again, her hand reaching down to grab his thick meat. It felt hot to the touch and she could practically feel his pulse throbbing through it. She slowly moved her hand up and down, marveling at how thick it was. Try as she might, there was no hope of closing her fingers around it unless she used both hands!


In just a few short moments she had him fully erect. She smiled and moved to lay down next to him, holding her forearm up next to his cock, showing off how it was even longer! Gripping the base with both hands, Kaede looked up at him while she slooowly dragged her tongue along the underside of his cock. She savored the salty taste of it as she made her way from the base to the tip.


“Oooh yeah…I like that baby.” he groaned as she reached the tip and pressed her lips against it in a soft kiss. She then opened her mouth wide and swallowed his cock down her throat!


AGWEEEGHMMMMPH…!” she choked, feeling her throat bulging from the sheer thickness. Her jaw ached as though it were going to dislocate, but she ignored it as she began moving her head up and down. Her plump lips slurped and sucked his dick loudly as she let herself drool down the length.




Xavier grinned with approval as he watched Kaede suck his dick.


GUUHMMMPH, HMMMPH, MMMMPH, GWEH, GEH, MMMMMPH!” she moaned loudly, taking his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth every time she brought her head back down. It felt like she was trying to to swallow a baseball bat it was so hard, but she loved it!


Above her, the young man leaned back against the pillows, groaning softly as he rested a hand on top of her head. She felt him running his fingers through her dark hair, but he didn’t try to make her move any faster or more slowly. Kaede liked that as she managed to get to the halfway point before finally lifting her head up and away. Multiple ropes of saliva stretched away from her lips as she took in a deep breath.


She then began kissing her way down the side of his cock, making her way towards his balls. Peppering them with kisses before taking one inside her mouth! Xavier grunted again as she swished it around in her mouth like it was a piece of candy.


Spitting it out, she repeated the action with his other nut before brushing her tongue along the other side of his cock all the way back up to the tip. She then opened wide again, swallowing his cock back down her throat. It was easier this time as she moved well past the halfway mark she felt before. Moaning deep in her throat, Kaede felt as though she might cum just from sucking this beast of a dick!


“Hah, uhh… Slow… Slow down…” Xavier groaned suddenly. He was struggling to withhold his seed and not cum prematurely. Kaede stopped, pulling her head free and licking his cock from the base to tip again.


“Oh yeah, that’s it babe,” he told her with a smile, pulling her face up to kiss her again. She sucked on his tongue roughly before he broke the kiss.


“Turn around, get down on your hands and knees for me.…” he told her


Kaede shuddered at the sound of Xavier’s voice, her pussy actually quivering in need of his hefty meat! She did as told, moving to kneel on all fours like a bitch in heat! She looked back at him while assuming the position, eager to feel what was gonna happen next!


He then hooked a finger through the back on her thong and pulled. Kaede squealed again as the fabric dug deep into the folds of her pussy before tearing free. She let out a long moan of open NEED, not caring at all that her panties were ruined, they were made to be torn off anyway! The breakaway panties made it convenient to get down to business in a hurry. Kaede grinned as she felt his hands slapping down and fondling on her ass cheeks again. The green eyed young man then knelt behind her and lined up the apple sized head of his dick with with her throbbing slit.


AAHWEEEEEE!!!” Kaede squealed as she felt his cock plunging into her like a lance!


A sudden, intense, and complete FULLNESS suffused her entire being all at once.


AHHH FUUUUUUCK…YES THAT BIG BLACK DICK FEELS SO GOOD!” she moaned, cumming instantly just from feeling his cock slamming into her. Her pussy felt as though it were being stretched to the utter limits of her body! She could actually feel his cock in her very WOMB!




Kaede screamed, pressing her body back against his. She moved her hips back and forth, gliding on his dick as he plowed away. Xavier moved at a steady pace to conserve his energy, as Kaede tired him out with her lust mode earlier in the night.


AH FUCK, DON’T YOU DARE HOLD BACK ON ME NOW! GIMME DAT SOUL POLE!” she moaned as he gripped her ass tightly, pulling his cock back slightly. Kaede whimpered like a dog as she felt her pussy clinging to his dick needily.


HOOOOOOOH GAAAWD, IT’S LIKE YOU’RE DIGGING MY INSIDES OUUUT…!” she moaned, pushing herself back against him again. The spiky haired mate mustered the little strength he had. Sweat poured down his face as his temperature began to gradually rise. Kaede then arched her back, making it easier for Xavier to probe her. Kaede did this in order to keep the encounter going and to relieve some of the physical stress that’s consuming her partner.


MORE, PUSH IT IN MORE AHH PUSH IT, PUSH IT REAL GOOD !!! YEAH, LIKE THAT, POUND THAT PUSSY!!!” she screamed, rocking her body back and forth as she clenched down with her inner muscles. Kaede was outpacing him, meeting his stomach with her ass consistently. The Auburn haired young man chuckled at this fact as well as how good Kaede’s pussy felt. It was a feeling unlike any other woman he’d had sex with. He then brought his hand down on her ass with a loud SMACK, making her ass jiggle and ripple again as she rocked her hips.


MMMMMH YEAH, HIT IT HARD WITH THAT CHOCOLATE DICK!! FEED MY HUNGRY PUSSY!!!” she moaned, bucking her hips then moving them in a circular rotation, stirring that massive meat stick inside herself.


Ah fuck it feel like my organs are getting stirred uuup, I love it!!!’ she thought as she moaned while he began pounding his cock back and forth. The lewd wet smack of sweaty naked flesh against sweaty naked flesh was loud in the bedroom as the bedframe creaked softly. Indeed Taiyohime and Sara’s speculation was true! Kaede’s pussy and Xavier’s dick were a match made in heaven!




“Whoo shit!…This is perfect!” he groaned, spanking her other asscheek as she began rolling her hips faster. Having had sex with Kaede once before, Xavier was more comfortable with her. The rapping beauty arched her back and raised her ass higher, grabbing the edge of the bed for leverage. She swung her ass from side to side like a plump Georgia peach shaped pendulum on his dick.


MORE, MORE, MORE… FUCKING POUND ME…!” she moaned, feeling herself cumming again already! She demanded that Xavier fuck her with all his might! The green eyed rookie took more labored breaths as fatigue reared its ugly head once again, much quicker than the first encounter earlier in the night. He thrusted his hips a little more forcefully.


“Like that baby?” Xavier asked with a slightly hesitant smirk on his face.


YEAH, LIKE THAT! JUST, LIKE, THAAAAT YOU SEXY CARAMEL BULL!” she hissed with encouragement, rocking her entire body faster now, loving the feel of his cock pushing and pulling at her insides. Kaede sensed that her partner was tired and responded by moving her body more vigorously, compensating for the strength Xavier didn’t have! She threw her ass in a circle, first clockwise and then counterclockwise , mimicking the wax on wax window washing movements popularized by 1980’s Karate films!


AHHH, CUMMINGGGGG, I’M CUMMING AGAIN ALREADYYYYY, HAAAAAH!!!” Kaede screamed, rocking and rolling her hips now, knocking the young man off balance slightly that he nearly fell back.


She wouldn’t let him though, pushing herself back with him and sitting up on her knees. She felt him reaching his arms around her, encircling her waist as she let herself fall forward again, pulling him down with her.


HMMMMMMPH!” Xavier grunted as he landed flat, his weight briefly smothering her before the bed bounced them back. The spiky haired young man gasped for breath as he felt his arms weakening, the lactic acid building up ever so rapidly.


I don’t have much left! I’m gonna put everything into this!’ He thought to himself. The only reason he didn’t cum already was because he had busted several nuts in his previous session with Kaede earlier that day.


He then pulled his arms out from under her and propped himself up with them, slamming his cock in and out of her as she lay helplessly on her stomach.


MMMMMMMMPH, YESSSH, HAWDERRRR…!” Kaede screamed, her fingers clawing at the soft sheet, gripping them tightly as she bucked her ass up and down to meet his thrusts. Xavier answered her call to fuck her more forcefully and brought his hips up high like he was making a capital letter A with his body. He came down on her like an anvil being dropped from a 5 story building!


MMMMMPH, HMMMPH, MMMMPH, MMMHMMMMMPH X! X!! XAVIIIIERRRR!” she screamed into the mattress, her cries muffled by the sheets and other material


HMMPH!…” he grunted above her, continually slamming his cock into her. She felt as though her body were being hollowed out every time he pulled his thick dick out, leaving only the apple sized head inside her. He then rammed his long rod back down into her mercilessly. Kaede could feel every single inch slamming through her as if she were being skewered! She bucked back against him every time he thrusted his cock back inside, her ass clashing with his stomach with each thunderous repetition.


YEAH, YEAH, YEEEEEAH, FUCK FUCK FUCK, FUCK MEEEEE!!! I WANNA FEEL THAT MANDINGO DICK IN MY STOMACH!!!” she screamed, biting down on the sheets as she lifted her head up.


MMMMMMMMMMMH, CUMMINGGGGGG, YOU’RE MAKING ME CUMMMMMMM!!!!” she moaned through teeth clenched around the fabric of the bedsheets. She couldn’t stop her pussy from letting out as her love juices entire body shook in pleasure. Xavier moved back up to his knees for a moment, putting his hands behind his head to help get more air. He fell backwards, completely spent from the drilling he had just given Kaede. She sat up, still hungry for his fat dick. She looked at him with a smile.


“Exhausted baby? I’ll take over from here!” She remarked enthusiastically. She then mounted the black stallion, assuming a squatting reverse cowgirl position. She leaned over and grabbed Xavier’s feet using them as a literal foothold for leverage. The short haired BBC lover brought her ass up so high she lifted off of his dick for a second before lowering herself back on it. Perfectly aligning his rod with her moist opening for re-entry, she slammed all the way down, taking every inch of his long, thick pipe into her pussy! She bounced up and down like a rubber ball, loudly savoring each repetition.


THANK YOU FOR GETTING MY STUFF BACK! THANK YOU FOR FUCKING ME SO GOOD TONIGHT BABY. THANK YOU FOR HAVING SUCK A BIG BLACK DICK BABY!!!” Kaede yelled out, praising Xavier for events earlier in the night. The thunderous smacking together of flesh could be heard each time she came down on him. Kaede then sat up and leaned backwards, laying on top of her partner. She winded and grinded her healthy hips as she slid up and down on his pole. She turned her head and looked over her shoulder at him. Xavier leaned in and kissed Kaede passionately. He squeezed her tits as they smooched




Kaede then spun around on top of Xavier and pressed her palms against his chest. She then resumed riding his monster cock, making her ass clap when she came down on it. Xavier smacked her ass repeatedly and moved her hips back and forth.


Kaede learned forward and the two of them looked at one another for a long while, locking lips again for a long moment as she slowly swirled her hips around. Kaede loved this feeling, of his massive dong stirring her up inside.


Breaking the kiss, Kaede panted softly as she reached her arms up high, grabbing the top of the bed’s headboard. Gripping it tightly, she used it to keep herself steady as she used her legs like springs, bouncing herself up and down now. The wet SHLICK, SHLICK, SHLICK of his cock sliding in and out of her sloppily was enough to make Kaede cum all over again as she bit down on her lower lip lightly.


HMMMMMMMMPH, AHHHH I WANNA FEEL YOUR WARM MILK CHOCOLATE CUM INSIDE ME!!!!” she moaned as she felt sweat dripping down her back now and running down the valley between the cheeks of her ass.


YEAH, YEEEAH, YEEEEAH!!!” Kaede screamed, bouncing herself up higher and higher, eventually jumping off his cock entirely and impaling herself on it all over again. She bounced multiple times, gyrating and winding her hips on Xavier’s dick in between repetitions.


YEEEEEAAAAHHHHH!!!!” Kaede roared as she jumped up one last time, coming down and doing a perfect splits on top of him, his cock pushing her womb up high as she let out a long silent wail of ecstasy. She heard him groaning as his cock surged inside her, filling her with a thick, liquid heat that seemed to permeate her entire body!


The two stayed like that for a long while, both of them too spent to even try and move. Eventually, she found the energy to move her legs enough to wrap them around his waist, letting her weight rest entirely on him. Xavier’s arms hugged her close again and she pressed her naked tits to his bare chest. To his credit, his dick stayed hard for a while as they laid like that. Soon, Kaede rested her head against his shoulder, cooing softly as she felt him kissing and sucking on her neck.


“Mmmmmmmh…” she purred like a cat now. Slowly, Kaede managed to pull herself off of him. Whimpering softly as she felt his cock sliding out of her wetly. The black and red haired woman could feel his cum shifting around inside her, it was an odd, but pleasant sensation. She moved to lay down beside him, cuddling her naked body against his. She would have pulled the sheets up over them, but they were still on the floor.


Just as well, both their bodies were radiating heat right now, sweat dripping off his forehead and down his face. Kaede giggled, moving to lick a droplet off his cheek. It was salty. When he moved to lay back on the bed, Kaede moved with him, lying at his side, one leg draped over his, with her head on his chest. She listened to his heartbeat slow down to a steady rhythm over the course of a couple minutes.


Oddly soothing sound…’ she thought as she reached one hand behind herself. The nightstand was within reach and her hand slapped around the surface several times before she found what she wanted. The tiny remote was only about the size of a small candy bar, but each button had a distinct shape to it. She quickly found the one she wanted and clicked the stop button. There was a barely discernible ‘bleep’ as the command was accepted and the recorder turned off. The screen then turned to complete static before going black.

(Story by User: Strider_Seiryu)



• Eiji’s Voice Actor is Robert McCollum, who voiced Date Masamune from Sengoku Basara and Reiner Braun from Attack on Titan.

• Eiji’s Seiyū is Nobuhiko Okamoto, who voiced Katsuki Bakugo from My Hero Academia.

• The character was originally conceived as a Bleach OC part of the ‘Road of Legends‘ series. Set 40 years after the end of the Bleach Manga, Road of Legends tells a tale of new heroes in the battle for the fate of the world. Eiji was adopted by the Nakamuras, an Echt Quincy family that blended into human society after the defeat of Yhwach at the hands of Ichigo Kurosaki during the Thousand Year Blood War. He was taken in after his biological mother, a spiritually aware Fullbringer, was committed to an asylum for repeatedly telling others about the ghosts and hollows she saw daily. Although he wasn’t a Quincy the Nakamuras loved him regardless. Two years prior to the events of the story, Eiji’s older sister Keiko mysteriously vanished while hanging out with her friends. Suspecting foul play, Eiji researched Quincy history and the long time feud between them and the Shinigami. This led him to join forces with foe turned friend, Substitute Shinigami Xavier Williams to find Keiko and bring her home. He would later go on to manifest Fullbring powers.

• The idea for Eiji being a basketball player is inspired by Lebron James and Michael Jordan. Eiji was so good at basketball that his high school games were shown on national and international TV similar to a teenage Lebron James. Prior to attending BSU, Eiji played basketball at the University of North Carolina, the same school Michael Jordan played for in college.



• Anya’s Voice Actress is Elizabeth Maxwell, who voiced Ymir from Attack on Titan.

• Anya’s Seiyū is Yuu Asakawa, who voiced Shiryuu Chou-un from Ikki Tousen.

• Anya’s design originally belonged to SailorIo but the character design and rights was given to Strider-Seiryu a couple of years ago for him to however he wants.

• Anya is an original character created for Welcome to BSU. However, due to the impending return of Bleach, along with Tite Kubo’s Burn The Witch, Strider-Seiryu has begun making a Road of Legend’s version of the character.

Zataria, a technologically advanced African civilization, is heavily inspired by Wakanda from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the concept of Infinium is inspired by Vibranium but have no similarities beyond inspiration point.

• Zataria is a nation where men still practice polygamy. As a result of this Anya has 3 stepmothers and numerous siblings and half siblings.

• Anya is a martial arts expert who practices capoeira, a style that was popularized in Brazil, which has roots in African dance and Pankration, an old, no holds barred style which is the ancient predecessor to modern day Mixed Martial Arts.

• Anya is an environmentalist who believes in the conservation of water and other resources as well keeping the environment clean. She believes that by sharing some of Zataria’s Infinium with the rest of the world, it will cut down on the use of other forms of energy which are harmful to the environment.



• Kaede is one of Strider Seiryu’s oldest OCs. She was originally inspired by Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan. She was first drawn by Rtenzo when Strider jokingly suggested doing a Mikasa influenced character.

• The character was originally conceived as a Bleach OC part of the ‘Road of Legends‘ series. Set 40 years after the end of the Bleach Manga, Road of Legends tells a tale of new heroes in the battle for the fate of the world. Kaede is the current Vice Captain of the Gotei 13’s 2nd Division. In the aftermath of the Thousand Year Blood War, it was decreed that a Vice Captain must oversee Yosai City, due to it being a hotbed for spiritual activity and possessing a higher threat level than any other region of Japan. During a typical day on city patrol, Kaede encountered newly turned Substitute Shinigami, Xavier Williams. Recognizing that he possessed “stolen” Shinigami powers, Kaede attacked and defeated Xavier in battle. However, she chose not to apprehend him after he explained that he was given his powers by another Shinigami in order to save his life after being fatally wounded by a Hollow. After hearing this, Kaede let him go and even trained him on some of the basics to being Shinigami. She quickly befriended the upstart teenager after getting to know him. However things took a turn for the worst not long after. One night, shortly after performing a routine Kanso on a lost soul. Kaede sensed the suppressed Reiatsu signature of another Vice Captain in the city. Upon heading to the scene, Kaede witnessed one of her peers in the act of striking down a human civilian. She swiftly intervened and engaged her comrade in battle in order to protect the human. Xavier sensed a battle taking place from his apartment nearby and rushed to Kaede’s aid. As he arrived, he witnessed Kaede reluctantly deal a fatal blow to the other vice captain. After reporting this information, Kaede was shockingly apprehended and charged with capital murder and high treason which resulted in her being swiftly sentenced to death without ever receiving a trial. Xavier was charged with the same crimes for allegedly conspiring with Kaede and serving as her accomplice. With Kaede facing execution for a crime didn’t commit and timing ticking away Xavier has sworn to prove Kaede’s innocence and save her life.

• Kaede’s Road of Legends counterpart’s real name is Tsukyo Temari Gozen. She is the daughter of former Gotei 13 captain and head of the Gozen clan, Takanori Gozen. Born as a result of an affair, Kaede was given to the Makoto family, a clan of farmers in order to allow Takanori to save face and protect his reputation as a man of honor and principle. Due to Takanori’s wife being unable to have children, Kaede is the princess and true heir to the Gozen clan’s throne. Since the murder conspiracy against her and subsequent exoneration on all charges. Kaede has been protected from a distance by a team of assassins led by her elder cousin Takiko Gozen. They mostly observe her battles, only intervening when her life is in imminent danger. By extension Kaede’s security detail are Xavier’s allies because he risked everything to prove her innocence and save her life.

• In Welcome to BSU, Kaede comes from a blended family. Her biological father left her mother before she was born. However Kaede’s mother began dating Cliff Jackson, a younger man who worked as a bus driver for the city. Cliff raised Kaede and her sister Takiko like they were his own. Later on Kaede’s mother married Cliff and gave birth to Kaede’s younger siblings Clifford Jr and Tamaki. Kaede’s preferences in dating partners, music and overall style may be the result of being raised by Cliff.

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10 months ago

Profile Infoboxes have been updated! Check em out! They contain minor spoilers for the character tho

Xavier: [LINK]

Violette: [LINK]

Brass: [LINK]

Matsunami: [LINK]

Brooke: [LINK]

Tigre: [LINK]

Jade, Takiko and Hitomi: [LINK]

Elizabeth, Nicole and Kiana: [LINK]

Thank you for reading! it means a lot to us! The Orientation arc concludes in 2 chapters.

10 months ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

It would be cool if you made Profile Infoboxes for the other characters too.

10 months ago
Reply to  Buddy

They’ll be made when it’s their turn lol

10 months ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

I want to see Mei’s specifically.

8 months ago

In the first part of the story I liked hitomis little maneuver with the lip locking. Funnily enough first time I’ve read about someone videotaping while having sex. I’ve always heard about it but never did see the appeal of it till now. With the presentation part I couldn’t help but chuckle a bit with the cheerleader group demonstration. Very jock like, haha. Anya’s big demonstration of a show was awesome, loved the pomp and circumstance of it all with all the music and Anya’s flexibility. It’s no wonder Brass had to chime in haha. And of course it’s nice to hear of Zataria itself. And you can’t forget about that chemically cumtastic Skylar there with her gadgets~

10 months ago

Damn, that bubble butt on Kaede!

Citizen V
Citizen V
10 months ago

Yes, Finally we get to learn more about Anya. It’s cool seeing her character in this type of environment (I’m very aware of her original background from Sailorios angel moon stories) and this is an amazing revamp of her character. It’s going to be interesting seeing how she goes up against the other stand out girls seeing as they have noticed her and Violette sees her as a “wild card”. I kinda laugh but enjoyed the Black panther inspiration, mixed with DragonBall g corporation. It’s a fun little little shout out.

Ej seems like a chill dude, I think there’s more to him than just former basketball hopeful that got injured and likes to fuck. So hopefully we get to learn more as the school year goes on because his character seems a little flat but has potential, time will tell.

Kaede k-booty, this girl knows how to make an entrance and one hell of a showing so far especially with the video of her and X getting it on. I know that Mai and Nami aren’t the only ones who noticed it’s X on that screen and that cliff hanger ending is extremely suspenseful.

I can’t wait to see what and who’s next, because there are still a lot of stand outs presentation to get too. I know one particular girl we all are waiting to see hers, and one guy we must see since he’s so highly regarded.

Great job Strider and Enzo.

10 months ago
Reply to  Citizen V

What up V. It’s been a few months but it’s nice to see you back in the comments. Nice to see you are familiar with the Anya character. Sailor and I were introduced a few years ago by Rtenzo. Sailor and I became friends pretty fast. He gave me Anya as a gift after I helped him out with a few things.

I redesigned her face and altered the hairstyle a bit but kept her first name. Anya is a character I grew attached to. I have always had a fascination with the continent of Africa and their women both real and fictional. The white in her hair is a reference to storm from the Xmen. X Men the animated series is one of my favorite TV shows of all time. The blue eyes are a reference to storm as well as Bulma who is one of my favorite all time anime girls. Her relationship with vegeta is one of the best anime couples, as it really helped develop and grow Vegeta, my favorite DBZ character. Most people who read my work know I love all things Street Fighter and capcom. Her martial artist history is semi influenced Elena, a character who has a capoeira/ dance influenced fighting style. However the main influence came from UFC fighter from Nigeria named Kamaru Usman. Rtenzo and I are both huge mixed martial arts and UFC fans in real life and watch the ppvs together every month. This inspired his characters Matsunami and Saitou Shinoda to be mma fighters.

But back to Kamaru, He is undefeated , the current welterweight champion and pound for pound the best martial artist/fighter in the world right now. Nigeria and its neighboring country Cameroon has produced 3 UFC champions. This contributed into Anya’s development because I wanted design a female mixed martial artist character for myself like what I wrote for Matsunami.

Anya’s arrival into BSU took this long because I had to figure out her character. Im looking forward to showing her off in future chapters.

There will be more to Eiji. In American team sports, namely basketball and football, there is an unwritten rule on how to behave when your team is winning by a large number of points. Its considered rude for the and disrespectful for the winning team to keep playing their hardest and keep on kicking the losers ass when there’s 0% chance for the losing team to make a comeback and win the game. When a winning team does this its called running up the score. Eiji continued to show off, score more points and build up an insurmountable lead on the other team. Often times when this happens in real life the losing team will retaliate by attacking and trying to injure the opponents best player which is what happened here. Eiji getting hurt is his own fault because of his arrogance and hubris. One of the character flaws I tried to illustrate is Eiji’s immense pride. Pride usually comes right before a fall.

Kaede is a fun character for me to write. The way I write her is inspired by women ive been ive been involved with in real life. In my childhood and teenage years rap music was blowing up and becoming popular in the mainstream world and internationally. When I first started writing BSU RT suggested making a character with a BBC fetish. I took that and ran with it. I took some inspiration from a real life lady friend who is Asian and implemented some of her traits into Kaede. I’ve been to Japan once while I was in the military and while there I noticed that there was a booming rap culture there. Japanese women who lived around the base were heavy into hip hop and black culture and often dated and guys married American soldiers who worked on the base . The BBC fetish is a real thing with women and hentai artists in Japan which is why the raikage is so popular in the naruto themed hentai lol.

Thank you for taking the time to read the chapter and give your thoughts!

10 months ago

Very interesting chapter. I rather enjoyed Anya’s part in it. I really love what Strider has done with her. She’s completely different now from the character I made for an old fanfic series of mine. I’ll spare you the details of her since they are irrelevant here.

Anya’s inventions were fun. As was her backstory.

I like Kaede, her quirks are fun.

What I thoroughly enjoyed was seeing Eiji’s design. Having done a few chapters with him, I found it difficult to write him without a clear mental image in my head. I enjoyed this entry, and I hope to see more of everyone in it soon.

10 months ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Lol! What Eiji looks like was something other readers asked me about, to the point it became a running joke because he was never in the art for chapters where he was one of the feature characters.

10 months ago

Glad to see a new chapter of BSU and as per usual it didn’t disappoint. The highlights for me were definitely Hitomi getting epicly dunked by Eiji during their date and Xavier sweating bullets as everyone, including Mai and Matsu, watches the sextape that Kaede secretly recorded, poor Xavier just can’t catch a break lol

10 months ago
Reply to  xfuski

What up Fuski! Long time no see.The slam dunk move was inspired by an old basketball video game called NBA Jam. In that game the players could do over the top dunks in which they jumped thirty feet in the, did backflips and a lot of other crazy stuff while dunking the ball.

Xavier has had a rough time here. I tried to show that he’s exhausted and stressed out from the Mai break up and its affecting him physically. X is very shy and doesn’t want to be seen having sex which is ironic because hes going to a porn school. Kaede did try to contact him to ask permission to show the sex tape but he had his phone turned off at the time.

Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.

10 months ago

Honestly I feel like Kaede would sound more like aqwafina but that’s prolly just me lol but I like how her ass is described in this and really want to see what the audience thinks of her presentation. Hopefully they take it well which helps X out as well. Lastly I like how Kaede may view Anya as a rival or love rival for X be interesting to see if goes anywhere.

10 months ago
Reply to  Princenoctis

Yo Noctis! How you been? Nice to see you back. Awkwafina’s rapping voice would fit fit Kaede. I looked her up after reading your comment. I hadn’t heard of her until going to see Shang Chi a few months ago. As for the audience response to Kaede, I will begin the next presentation chapter with the response to Kaede. Glad you liked the chapter and stay tuned. I’m hoping to finish my next chapter and get it posted in less time than the last few have taken

10 months ago

Can you update Matsunami info box and add the love interest part?

10 months ago
Reply to  Flinchin

She doesn’t have a love interest at the moment. Do you have any suggestions?

10 months ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Xavier, for one.

10 months ago

Zataria, l’m getting some wakanda vibes. Is their a black panther equivalent for Zataria? I hope you somehow connect Zataria to Xavier maybe his missing father, maybe future royalty and as a king he can have multiple consorts or multiple wives to help make his love interests happy.

10 months ago
Reply to  Whitis

What up white!Yeah I went for the black panther influence. As for your hopes, I’m not going to spoil but there is reason for Xavier being the first person Anya interacts with on screen. I hope you enjoyed the chapter. Im beginning work on the next one soon

10 months ago

It is so good to read BSU again thank you strider and tenzo the both of you. Happy to see Kaede get more spotlight plus seeing more of the characters interact with each other in the audience was a highlight too.

10 months ago
Reply to  AxelRayne44

Thank you Axel! please look forward to the next chapters. Hopefully they will come out sooner this year since the orientation chapters took the longest

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
10 months ago

This chapter… it was interesting. Starting of with Xavier having a date with Hitomi the day before Orientation was nice but it definitely felt flat when compared with the way it was handled during Nicole’s introduction for example. It just was them swiftly being mentioned to be in a restaurant before turning into them fucking one another in the ladies room. While on it, I guess it was just meant as a joke, but I’m kinda bothered that it never gets mentioned why there is a TV in the ladies room. The slam dunk move was a nice over the top move to end the sex that was, by the way, described really beautifully. On to the main event, Orientation continues and Eiji is the man of the hour. It was pretty alright, showing the man he was prior to his accident and the man he is now, with him walking on stage while slapping the asses of his cheerleaders. As for Anya… look, I know she/her country is inspired by Wakanda and whatnot but I can’t help but feel like it’s a bit too much on the nose, with it also being in africa, isolated from the rest of the world but slowly opening up to the rest of the world. The Infinium seems a bit different from Vibranium and the way it was used on Skyla during Anya’s introduction was rather interesting. From what I’ve seen so far, she seems to have the most potential and I hope I’m not the only one when I say that I want to see her and Tigre “wrestling”. Kaede had probably the most audience involving introduction in this chapter. I like how the whole audience just went with her DJ gig and started moving to her beat. It portrayed her expertice as a DJ really well. The sex tape with her and Xavier was a nice surprise and maybe helped Xavier regaining some credibility after what Koko had done.

Now, for something more negative: I wasn’t the biggest fan of the way the reaction shots were handled! There were way too many and they slowed down the pacing quite a bit. I know, it’s a staple in Shonen manga/anime and gave some intel on Brooke and Todd but it just felt really tiring. It also created this strange situation where Kaede reacted to something that Takiko said, despite stepping on the stage seconds later. Now, maybe there was a small time jump in between but if so, it wasn’t portrayed all that well. Kaede’s sex tape also felt kinda strange with it suddenly switching into the events of the sex tape, meaning that we got to see Kaede turning off the recorder… I mean… yeah, it makes sense that she did it but if it’s still the sex tape that we’re basically looking at… does that mean that she didn’t cut out that part? You know what I mean?

Nice chapter! Much better than the last one! I hope you’re doin well. I haven’t heard anything from you in the last chapter.

10 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Hello AK. You are right. I oriiginally planned for the restraunt dinner sequence with Eiji and Hitomi was going to be longer and have more going on before the sex part but I ended up cutting it down to keep the chapter from becoming too long. In the end I decided on saving more of the personal interaction and detailing more of Hitomi’s personality for a chapter thats about her and features her in the artwork. The slam dunk move was based on two old basketball video games, NBA Jam and NBA Street. Both have wild over the top dunks.

With Anya I see what youre saying with the wakanda references, however that won’t be the only thing going on with her character. I plan on growing her beyond this as the story goes on. I’m happy you like the character, I got some complaints about Anya and her appearance saying she doesn’t look black enough in regards to her hairstyle among other things, but I’m glad you are open minded and patient enough to allow the story to play out and give her time to appear more and show her personality before coming to a judgment on her. I appreciate that!

As for the reactions. These are done to get the first impressions the characters have about each other, as many of them haven’t met one another yet.

Back to Eiji for a minute. The TV being in the womens bathroom is a joke referencing the quality of womens public bathrooms as opposed to the mens counterparts in my country. In the United States its pretty common that the womens bathrooms are cleaner and far better maintained than the mens restrooms are. And in some places they furniture, artwork on the walls and even tvs.

For the sex tape Kaede didn’t edit out her turning the camera off because she thought letting that part show.

I wasn’t around for the last chapter because I had a manpower crisis at work due to covid. I was in high demand during that time and at one of my jobs a lot more than usual. I am back now.

Glad you liked the chapter and thank you for sharing your thoughts.

10 months ago

Good Lord…! This was NOT how I expected this chapter of Welcome to BSU to go…! Like, not at all! O____O

Especially that cliffhanger ending in particular! But I’ll get to that bridge when we cross it. Don’t you worry about it. :O But let’s start from the top, as always. And be warned, it might be pretty long. XD

Our first POV today is the former basketball star and bartender Eiji, who finally got some more time in the spotlight. And like usual, he’s with Hitomi. But here we see them making out and fucking each other in a very unconventional women’s bathroom. Though we do learn why Eiji wasn’t at the last party before orientation, he’s not into that kind of pageantry. Which is pretty ironic given his presentation and past rep. Haha. But anyway, nice to see that romp go down, and then having Takiko pick them up afterwards. We then fast forward to seeing Eiji do his turn on stage, with some help from a sport cheerleader squad that’s from his old job at Peaches and even the Bruce Buffer reference character introducing him. Now that was impressive! We also read and learn exactly what his background and basketball experience was like, including his nasty injury. That was rough. But he now has a new lease on life through BSU. And I have a feeling he’s going to be just fine.

Next we have the technologically sound, physically stacked and diverse Anya, who we find out is of military royalty from her home country of Zataria, that’s more than a clear reference to Wakanda and countries like Nigeria and South Africa. I like how she came in with live music,something Brass and Kaede appreciated. We found out much more about her and mindset too, such as her past and martial arts skills and her loyalty and devotion to her country although she clearly wants to make her own way through life as well. And that’s something I’m sure we can all relate to. Anyway, that wasn’t all she wanted to do here either. Oh no. We also found out some intriguing information about the resource Infinium and its many forms of use, including for clean energy. Plus we learn that she has a rivalry with fellow inventor and scientist Skyla as we learn more about one of Anya’s latest inventions, The Climaxx Cure Sensory Bracelet. And she demonstrated just how well it could work for sexual situations, even with masturbating. She is definitely someone to keep a close eye on. That and it seems like she may be joining Xavier’s crew later on if her profile is anything to go on. :O

And finally, the main event of today’s chapter, the long awaited presentation of the insanely stunning waitress and DJ Kaede. I really love her section the most, including how it started with her coming on stage to rap with the crowd and showing off her assets, especially her trademark fat ass, of course. This also led to her usual her DJ setup and played it like second nature. Of course she got the crowd to really get involved with her performance too, including Kianna and Takiko dancing to it, which was fucking awesome! Not gonna lie! This is where we see her properly introduce herself, but instead of just simply talking about herself and her backstory, as she left that part for her sister Takiko to handle earlier on in the arc and even rap verses, she had a recorded night vision video of her first hookup with Xavier during SPLASH. Now judging by how it went down, it was after their first time together that night, but definitely some time later. But this one was even more intense. Guess this also explains why she was trying to call him before but he didn’t even answer anyone’s calls at the time. She wanted to ask about showing the video in advance. Unfortunately, this did nothing to ease X’s concerns, or Mai and Matsu’s for that matter. Getting back on their good side has just gotten so much harder now. But at the same time this also shows how much of a insatiable freak Kaede really is too, as well as someone who can really handle his colossal dick and be one of the first to really take him to his absolute limit. GOD DAMN, GIRL!!! This alone has moved Kaede to my top 3 favorite ladies in the BSU lineup. But this CAN’T be how it all ends! I was hoping to hear from Kaede on stage a bit more. That was a bit too abrupt. O_O And it looks like Kaede’s info at the bottom of the chapter is incomplete.

Still, that’s one bombastic cliffhanger! I really hope we get the rest of the picture next time. That aside, this was probably my favorite chapter of this arc AND one of my favorites in the series as a whole!

Seiryu, take a bow, my brother. Phenomenal work. 🙂

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Back to BSU, this was an alright chapter. It’s funny, but the intro part kind of made me want to see an alternate version of these characters where things aren’t as extravagant. A more down to Earth version where no one is a huge celebrity or protegies, just normal college students with still a fuck ton of sex

Anyway, Eiji seems neat for the most part. The slam dunk move was a little too silly for me as it made me laugh. By the way, don’t drop people on your dick. It’s a good way to hurt yourself and them hahaha. I do like that his injury still persists to this day and his leg can give out at any moment. Adds a good flaw especially since porn can be physically demanding.

Anya seems a little OP, which to be fair she admits herself, so I’m more interested in seeing where she falls short. The marvel influence, as stated, is very clear so I hope you plan to build off of it rather than rely on it as I feel like it can become a weight that drags her down if focused on too much. Since people will just see her as female black panther rather than her own character.

Kaede, is the most visually appealing to me. But then again I have a weakness for Asians with giant asses that put even Hispanic and African ladies to shame. I don’t care so much for the DJ aspect, but at the same time its not bad. I wonder if her and Hitomi ever did a collab.

Hitomi’s real personality is still rather cute and I was surprised how much screentime Brooke got in this chapter as I dont recall her making as many remarks in the past.

I will point out one issue I had with the ending. Besides being really abrupt, I felt the transition was too jarring. We went from viewing the video as a past event, as it was, to suddenly having it be the present event by stating what she was feeling and thinking. So its a bit of whiplash as we went from observing an event with the crowd, to literally being in the event itself with the couple. So I think if we had focused less on the sex act as a present event and focused more on the crowd reactions to the sex it would have flowed more naturally.

I’m unsure if the ending was meant to be a cliffhanger since it literally just stops once the sex stops. Like a bit of a teaser would have went a long way. Like the second it ends, have Xavier’s thoughts and anxiety on the forefront as now everyone’s seen him in action before we cut off.