The Road of Legends: Introducing Elizabeth Bloomfield, Nicole Wellington and Kiana Ma’halona

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Twas the night before BSU Orientation, most freshmen were in bed, sleeping or preparing for the day that lay ahead. However, one soul is out tonight, painting the town red. She partied like a rockstar, dressed to kill in top designer threads. It’s only a matter of time until those clothes are shed. There’s little doubt that tonight her legs will spread……




The outside of Hotel Paradís bustled with traffic. Limousines pulled up to the curb and valets parked an assortment of the world’s most exotic and expensive automobiles from Ferraris, Porches, Lamborghinis and Mclarens, to chauffeur driven, top of the line luxury vehicles such as Bentleys, Roll Royces and Maybachs. Bellhops wheeled in multiple racks which held copious amounts of posh, designer luggage through a side employee-only entrance. Security agents, dressed to impress in costly tuxedos, stood vigilant like sentries guarding the gates to heaven itself. These well-trained and well-armed individuals controlled entry into the hotel by thoroughly checking guest invitations against the event manifests on the screens of their state of the art VIC mobile devices. This was an extravagant, exclusive affair.


As for the guests themselves, they stepped out of their vehicles and walked down the velvet, gold trimmed red carpet, stopping to pose for dozens of paparazzi who were present to document the event. However, entry into the building was NOT opened to the press because for this night, what happens in the Paradís stays in the Paradís… Unless of course, one of the many esteemed guests wanted to go on social media as they often do and livestream the entire event to their audience.


The guest list consisted of the elite of America’s and the World’s social hierarchy, from actors and athletes to musicians, business people, super models, career socialites and figurehead monarchs representing numerous nations; this was indeed a star studded gathering. They mostly had one thing in common, they were the most well known and brightest under the age of 25. Some had flown in to World City from other major hubs such as Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago and Atlanta for this event and more than likely were going to attend the BSU Orientation Assembly the next morning. Others were already in town, having come for the annual Sapphire Shores event a few days earlier.


The dress code for the event was a “Back to School” theme. Attendees showed up wearing an array of different school uniform style attire from Japanese sailor fukus and gakuran to more western themed garb such as sweater vests. Judging by the appearance, everyone sported gear to fit their individual styles. Everyone in attendance showed up for the same reason, to show support for the party’s host and guest of honor herself….Nicole Wellington. Attendees were all family friends, associates or affiliated with Nicole in some capacity.


Nicole stood front and center, holding court with some of her friends and having a great time. She was indeed a gorgeous sight to behold. Her deeply tanned skin glistened in the light as if she had oiled up before coming to the party. Her body was a buffet of bountiful T&A glory, boasting huge tits complete with tanlines on her massive flesh orbs. She also had tanlines down below in the shape of the micro thong underwear she almost exclusively wore. Seeing them run up her waistline was a turn on for most men because it made men want to see what was beneath her skirt. Nicole’s face resembled that of a cat, with big, beaming blue eyes. It was clear that she regularly got her eyebrows and lashes done because of her perfectly arched brows and evenly cut eyelashes. Nicole possessed a bright cheshire like smile which fueled the popular rumor that she came from a cat beast lineage. Her lips were full and more than ample to get the job done, ideal for long bouts of sloppy toppy. If you looked up the term “DSL” on Urban Dictionary you’d likely find a picture of Nicole’s face under the definition. Her long aureate hued locks hung down her back with a single ahoge style lock in the front, characteristic of kawaii girls seen in many anime and manga.


She was dressed in her BSU uniform which consisted of a shimmering silver colored skirt with a regal looking golden stripe that ran along the frills of its lower portion along with a navy blue, gold trimmed dress shirt which was so tight it was on the verge of exploding off of her body. It was hemmed at the bottom to show off her well toned belly, the results of hours of work put in inside of her vast home gym with her personal trainer. Nicole took pride in her voluptuous yet fit physique. Since early teens she had resolved to keep herself in shape for the TV cameras that followed her on the set of her hit reality show, Wellington World. Nicole’s top was open in the front, revealing her enormous gazongas. They were perky and ovaluar shaped, resembling a pair of oversized bullets. Instead of the standard bikini top that most female BSU students wore with their shirt, Nicole sported 2 pastie pockets which covered her nipples. She wore her silver and gold jacket rather than drape it over her shoulders like most students do. It was her opinion that wearing it in the traditional way gave her a more distinguished appearance. Her stylish ensemble was completed with a pair of navy blue, knee high equestrian style boots, which were perfectly fitting for her because she loved to ride big stallions whether it was outdoors on the riding trails or in the bedroom. Nicole gyrated and twerked with her friends, shaking that ass on the dance floor like it was her last day on Earth!


♪♪WHOOMP THERE IT IS! (C’mon ya’ll) WHOOMP THERE IT IS! (A lil louder)
WHOOMP THERE IT IS! (C’mon ya’ll) WHOOMP THERE IT IS! (A lil louder)
WHOOMP! Shaka-laka-shaka-laka shaka-laka shaka
WHOOMP! Shaka-laka-shaka-laka shaka-laka shaka ♪♪


Nicole backed up into her dance partner whirling her hips around in a circular motion like she was trying to wax a car with her ass.


“Wax on, Wax off bitch!” exclaimed Nicole’s dance partner. The young man was quite the handsome lad. Though he was average height he had a very fit build. His hair was cut short and dark blue in color. Bright scarlet red streaks ran throughout. The teen’s eyes were a crimson shade reminiscent of Nicole’s best friend. The youth began to thrust his hips forward.


AHH!” Nicole yelled in shock as she felt something hard sliding between her healthy sized buns before turning around.


“Jaune! Stop playin. Like, you know I’m not going there with you. You’re 17 and still in high school. Plus, Violette would kill me if I did ANYTHING with you.”


“She doesn’t have to find out.” Jaune replied with a cheesy, used car salesman like grin.


“Why don’t you find a girl from school?! There’s plenty of them to choose from.”


“The girls at school ain’t built like you.” Braun quickly retorted back.


“No offense Jaunny boy, but even if you weren’t 17, I want a real man. You’re a boy, a nobody. Just Gen and Scarlette’s son, Violette’s little brother. No one knows who you are. You have like 100 followers on Twitter, What have you even accomplished?” Nicole asked sarcastically.


“Look who’s talking! You’re only at BSU because your dad cut off your inheritance and you don’t wanna get a job! You can’t tell me about what I haven’t accomplished in life, I’m still in high school!” Jaune yelled back, irritated that he struck out with Nicole once again. Nicole giggled in response making it clear that she was trolling him to get the reaction he gave her.


“Like, It’s so easy to make you mad..” Nicole said with a giggle


WHAATEVER!” the young man replied, dismissing her remarks.


“Relax Jaunny boy, theres all kinds of hoebags for you to fuck in here but you won’t find them hovering around me. Look over there!” Nicole instructed while pointing. Jaune turned around to take a look.


“Who? Where?” Jaune asked but he got no response. He turned back around to see that Nicole was gone.


“Dammit! She got me again!” The streaky haired young man cursed. “Jaunny Boy” is Jaune Beauregard-Fubuki, son of Beauregard Industries CEO Gen Fubuki and BSU Professor and Head of R&D Scarlette Beauregard. He is also Violette’s younger brother. Nicole got a kick out of teasing Jaune and due his gullible nature when it came to her, he always took the bait. No matter how many times Nicole had done stuff like this he always fell for it, hook, line and sinker.


After leaving Jaune high and dry, Nicole made a beeline to one of several bar stations inside of the vast ballroom. She was slightly buzzed already but it was her intention to get sloppy drunk.


“Lemme get a ‘Knock me down and Fuck Me’ please” Nicole requested. This particular drink suited the blonde bimbo like a hand in a glove given her highly promiscuous behavior. During a brief lull in between songs, Nicole heard voice call out to her from a distance


“Hey Nikki Baby!” yelled a man’s voice. On cue, 1970’s soul music began to pump through the ballroom speakers.


Nicole looked over her shoulder to see a familiar face approaching. People near the bar parted like the red sea to make way for him to get through. It was a black man, impeccably dressed in a custom all gold school uniform. The man’s pants were of the bell bottom variety which showed off his sparkling glitter laden, 3 inch thick leather platform boots. He wore a gold silk dress shirt with a matching sweater vest and a big bow tie to go with it. Most impressively the man sported a golden overcoat that hung so low it was nearly dragging on the floor as he walked. The man’s coat appeared to be made of fur from the golden fox, a highly endangered species. Individuals wearing fur would usually enrage animal rights activists. However, the man’s coat was of a material called ‘polyfur’, A fur substitute made of the material nanopoly fiber which can be used to mimic the appearance, texture and color of fur from just about any mammal in existence. His outfit was completed by an oversized fedora hat whose brim was turned upwards on one side like he was Aramis, Athos or Porthos from Alexander Dumas’ classic novel ‘The Three Musketeers’. In his hand, he carried a gold box with a removable top. The music stopped for a moment as he got to Nicole.


“How ya doin sweet thang?!” The man asked with a big smile which revealed s diamond encrusted platinum grills on both his top and bottom teeth.


“Dr Pimp!” Nicole yelled before giving a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.


The man who greeted Nicole at the bar was Cedric “Pimpalicious” Sampson, PH to the muthafuckin D, also known as “Dr. Pimp”. Known for his magnetic charisma, flamboyant, eccentric 1970’s style and his larger than life personality. However, the good doctor was most renowned for his profound mastery of the medical arts. For many years, Dr. Pimp has been one of America’s foremost practitioners of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation. He is an impresario of the operating table, having performed career resurging surgeries to fix some of the nastiest injuries in professional sports. Dr Pimp is an avid lover of basketball and a fan of former top NBA prospect, Eiji Nakamura. Because of this, the Good Doctor invited Eiji for a free consultation and to give a second opinion on his triple ligament knee injury and to check the status of his rehab.


“Like, I’ve been good, I’m gonna be going to college soon. My Orientation is tomorrow. Thanks to you and this body you gave me, I’m gonna like, totally kick ass at BSU this year.”


“No doubt, you gon’ be the baddest bitch in that muthafucka. I’m comin to the show tomorrow to watch you shine too baby gurl!” Dr. Pimp said. The Good Doctor then looked at the people to the sides of himself and Nicole.


“Ya’ll see this gorgeous, magnificent brick house of a woman right’chea? This body is courtesy of Dr. Pimp, PH to the muthafickin D!…And yes you do have to say the ‘To the muthafuckin D’ part.”


“Every time?” asked a female voice from the bar.


“Yes…EVERY time.” Dr. Pimp reminded. Nicole couldn’t help but to laugh at Dr. Pimp schooling her guests on how to properly address him.


“Thank you for your help Dr. Pimp. Like, I totally couldn’t do it without you.”


“No…Thank you Nikki baby. You were my first patient for my new hustle.”


In recent years, Dr. Pimp became a certified practitioner in a second field of expertise, Plastic Surgery. Last year, Dr. Pimp opened his plastic surgery clinic. Nicole was his first plastic surgery patient. Through his friendship with Scarlette Beauregard, he secured limited time exclusive use of Beauregard Industries new plastic surgery product, Thiccygel, getting his hands on it months ahead of other plastic surgeons worldwide. After photos surfaced of Nicole 6 weeks post-surgery, business took off. Women from all walks of life and professions lined up to get breast or butt implants. Hell, a lot of them ordered both. Dr. Pimp credits Nicole coming in as his first client as the spark that set his current sweeping inferno of success in motion.


“Check this out!” Dr. Pimp said while handing her the box he was carrying. Nicole opened it to discover a massive, solid gold pimp cup style goblet shaped like an oversized margarita glass. It was lined with white diamonds just beneath the rim that went all the way around. There were even more diamonds that ran around the base of the cup right above the stem. In the center area, the words ‘Nikki Baby’ were spelled out with even larger, pink colored diamonds than there were on the other parts of the goblet.


“I fuckin love it!” Nicole yelled excitedly while jumping up and down.She turned to the bartender and grabbed her drink, pouring it into her brand new pimp cup. Dr. Pimp then reached into the inner lining of his coat and pulled out a flask sized bottle of Cognac along with his own pimp cup.


“Lets have a muthafuctkin toast!” Dr. Pimp suggested while pouring himself a drink.


“I’d love to,” Nicole replied before holding up her cup. The other people around the bar looked at the duo and held their own drinks up as well.


“To pimpin!” Nicole yelled as she bumped cups with Dr. Pimp. She guzzled down her drink like a champ, tilting her head back and turning her cup bottom up like the athletes do in those sports drink commercials on TV.


“I’m gon’ go see what I can find here. I got a feelin I’ll find my next client. A pimp’s work is never done. You be a good girl now, ya hear me?” Dr. Pimp joked.


“Like, being a good girl never was my thing” Nicole retorted back.


“Don’t get too drunk, you got shit to do in the morning.” Dr. Pimp said as he walked away


“Like, I’ll try but no guarantee. This my last night of freedom so I gotta get lit!” Nicole yelled back. She then proceeded back to the dance floor. As she left the bar she could feel her buzz getting stronger. She had taken multiple shots and had a few mixed drinks already before the toast with Dr. Pimp. However, she had been more hammered than this on the many vacation trips she had with her best friend Violette Beauregard.


Several guys approached her with no success because this night she didn’t want to bed just anyone. As she progressed further through the crowd, she spotted someone who caught her eye, a young man who was dancing with another woman. He was a tall strapping fella, standing 6 foot 5 with a strong, athletic build. His shoulders were thick and broad like the stumps of oak trees. His biceps and triceps were big and well toned, perfect for throwing a football. He was also quite handsome. His long brown hair hung freely down his back, making him look more like a surfer dude than someone who would be at a party like this.


It’s him, ADAM JENSON!’ Nicole thought to herself as she continued to approach.


This was no ordinary guest, for Adam is the starting Quarterback for the World City Gamblers, the local football team. Last season, he led the Gamblers to their first ever Super Bowl, winning the game for his team; carrying them from a 21 point deficit to win the game in a dramatic 4th quarter touchdown in the final seconds…. As a rookie! Because of this, Adam was a made man in World City, one who could do no wrong. Adam was a prolific touchdown throwing machine on the gridiron, however he was far from a slouch in his personal life. He had a reputation for going deep to wide receivers and tight ends off of the football field as well. Nicole always preferred athletes over actors and singers because of their well muscled looks, physicality and their generally alpha male personalities. Nicole got nervous as she got closer as she was a huge fangirl when it came to the Gamblers and Adam himself. While typically cool and confident in her ability to take whatever man she desired, this time was different and it showed in her walk.


“Shit!” Nicole cursed as she nearly stumbled and fell to the ground. It was a combination of her nervousness and drunkenness that nearly caused the humiliating folly. She quickly recovered however, her slip didn’t go unseen. As Nicole looked up she saw Adam, his dance partner and several others staring at her, some even giggled.


No way he missed that. Like, Don’t spaz out like a groupie!’ Nicole thought to herself


Nicole kept calm and continued on, no selling her near fall like a champion professional wrestler. The bodacious blonde moved in for the kill, stepping in between Adam and the other woman.


“Excuuuse me.” Nicole said while interrupting the couple, gesturing with her other hand for the other girl to walk away. She heeded Nicole’s non verbal order and went to the bar.


“You’re a subtle one aren’t ya?” Adam joked.


“When I see something I want, I go get it.” the blonde replied with a seductive smirk.


“Don’t go too fast or you might fall and hurt yourself,” Adam said with a grin.


“These boots are brand new, look at the heels. I’m not used to walking in them.” Nicole answered, dismissing her accident.


“It happens to us all. You know how many times I fell down at parties?” Adam asked, his cheeks a rosy red from several beers. Nicole then grabbed his arm.


“You’re fucked up. I think you need to get some rest. Let’s go upstairs, It won’t matter if you fall down there. I won’t tell anyone.” Nicole suggested sweetly before pulling him toward the nearest elevator.


After stepping off the elevator, Nicole stepped out, pulling Adam by the hand. The duo hurried down the hall until they got to her suite. She fumbled through her purse looking for her keycard, anxious to find it so she could get her prey inside. After about a minute, she found it and swiped it to open the door.


“I’m gonna sack you tonight!” Nicole told him with a gleeful grin while pulling him into her hotel room by the tie of his school uniform costume.




Nicole slammed the door shut and pulled Adam towards her, placing her palm on the back of his head. She leaned into him, pushing her mountainous breasts into the quarterback’s chest. Adam bent down to meet her lips with his own, caressing her ass and thighs with his lunch box sized hands.


MMMMMMHHHH!!” Nicole cooed as she slipped her tongue into Adam’s mouth. She could taste the strong biting flavor of liquor on his tongue and the scent of booze rising up out of his pores, the intoxicating aroma got Nicole even more aroused!


While continuing to make out, Nicole pushed him backwards into the door, pinning him up against it. Eager to get Adam’s clothes off, she placed her hands on his shoulders and grabbed the fabric of his uniform jacket, jerking it downward. The football star quickly assisted her by slipping his arms out of the sleeves allowing it to fall to the floor. Adam then moved his head to the side slightly, breaking this kiss before leaning in to target Nicole’s neck. Starting from the side, he peppered her neck with kisses, running his tongue up and down.


AHHHH… OOOOOOHHH! A little more to the right!” Nicole moaned softly. The blonde bimbo reached up with both hands, using her left to loosen Adam’s tie while nimbly unbuttoning his shirt with the right. She swiftly did both simultaneously within 3 seconds! It was clear that Nicole had plenty of experience undressing a man. Adam slid his tongue to the right slightly, shifting his focus to the center of the neck and throat area. The young man bit her lightly, nibbling at her weak spot.


“Yeeeah! Right there baby!” Nicole cried out joyfully. She shuddered slightly, which Adam noticed, emboldening him to pour it on even further! Nicole’s moans grew louder and louder as the NFL player suckled her neck like a vampire that hadn’t eaten in 3 days! Meanwhile, Nicole peeled off his shirt, gliding over his burly chest with her palm and finger tips. Adam let out a low groan in response, signaling the reality TV starlet to keep going. She played with his nipples, softly pinching at them. Adam’s body jerked in response to this which told Nicole this was his sensitive spot.


“Nevvvvvverrr… Haaaaad thaaat done before?” Nicole whined as hickey marks began to form on her neck.


“No… BUT I LIKE IT!” Adam emphasized with a big smile on his face. He then reached towards Nicole’s heavy tanlined breasts with both hands, grabbing a hold of the pocket pasties that covered her nipples.




In a single motion, he ripped the pasties off, exposing her nipples which were as hard as freshly dried cement. Nicole let out a loud scream but it was one of great pleasure rather than pain. Nicole had grown accustomed to the ripping sensation due to her regular visits to the spa to get Brazillian waxing done. Adam then groped her tits, kneading and squeezing away like they were biscuit dough. He slapped them together and moved them up and down before pinching them in between his thumb and index fingers like she was doing to him.


OOOOHHH! IT HURTS SO GOOD! TWIST EM FOR ME BABY!” Nicole yelled in glee. Adam turned his fingers in a clockwise motion, twisting her fleshy nubs like he was turning a dial. Goosebumps formed on her areolas as if it were 20 degrees in the room. At this point Nicole’s warm, heady juices were flowing mildly, running down her thighs like teardrops. Nicole kept her hands busy, reaching down for his waistline.




Like the shirt and tie before, Nicole undid his belt and unzipped his pants with the quickness of a cheetah. She pulled them down halfway and then pushed them the rest of the way down with her boot. By this time, Adam had his head between her huge boobs


VRRRRRMMMMMM! VRRRMMMMMM!” Adam sounded as he motorboated the first year recruit.


HAHAHAHAHA! AHHHHH!” Nicole giggled as Adam flapped his lips on her cleavage. The star athlete then shifted his attention to her nipples. He nibbled at them gently and flicked his tongue against them, pulling at Nicole’s tits like he was trying to milk her




The buxom beauty then pulled Adam’s underwear down, exposing the sizable bulge it contained. Adam possessed an impressive third leg which matched his 6 foot 5 frame.


“Such a big, beefy, beautiful cock!” Nicole said after looking down at Adam’s meat missile. She grabbed it with one hand and stroked it back and forth while swinging her torso from side to side.


“You like when I stroke your dick daddy?”




“How bout when I smack your face with my tit?




Nicole grasped his dong and walked him over to the nearby chair before pushing him backwards, causing him to fall in the chair. She moved her body for him in a slow winding motion, removing her shirt and jacket as she did her short dance; tossing them off to the side. After this the blue eyed blonde dropped down to her knees and took hold of Adam’s dick again.


“Lemme show you how I get open!” Nicole boasted before opening her mouth wide.




She slowly took the head of his meat pole in her mouth, flickering her tongue on its tip. She held his cock in her mouth for a few seconds before beginning to lightly nibble on it while taking it in slowly. Nicole did this expertly, showing that this was far from her first time.




She shoved Adam’s cock into her mouth like a submarine sandwich on one of those old timey cartoons.


“Ur cawk iz deelicious.. sho thwick an meaty!” Nicole mumbled as she savored his big tube of flesh. The blonde bobbed her head up and down in a slow, fluid motion; leaving a trail of saliva on his shaft as her plump, juicy lips dragged on his skin.


“Yeah, suck it good bitch, take a little more!” Adam groaned while leaning back in the chair. He reached out and grabbed the back of her head, lightly pumping his hips. This pushed his dick to the depths of her throat, causing her to gag a little bit because she wasn’t ready for it.


COUGH COUGH!!! Ummm… angghh…” Nicole gagged. She stopped for a moment to catch her breath after the unexpected deepthroat.


“Like, that’s how you’re gonna play it?! I got something for you Mr. MVP!” Nicole said before leaning back in to resume. She started off by holding his cock at the base with both hands and licking it from the shaft to the tip. She pressed her tongue up his flesh rather hard, so much so that the quarterback could feel her many taste buds! Nicole thoroughly coated his member with her spit while gently squeezing on his balls with her soft, ivory smooth hands.


“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” sounded Nicole as she opened her mouth again.




Nicole then locked her lips around his cock again, sloppily slurping away as bobbed up and down. This time she moved at a much quicker pace, sucking like Adam’s dick contained liquid gold! The young man grunted louder as she worked his dong, loving how her lips and tongue felt on him. Nicole felt him shudder a bit, letting her know she was doing a good job.




This was indeed a big mouthful but Nicole had a big mouth which was good for much more than giving attitude. She then shifted his dick slightly to the side so that its head was pointing into her cheek.


WANNN! WANNN WOOOSH!” sounded the busty freshman as she swished the head of his dick around like she was rinsing with mouthwash!


“Take that dick girl! Take it all the way!” Adam barked.


And Nicole responded in kind, going down with her head and taking the heavy schlong to the depths of her throat! She took it back and held it there for a moment before repeating this 3 more times.




Adam then grabbed Nicole by the hair and thrusted his hips, gliding across her lips and poking her in the back of the throat. The young sexpot opened her mouth even more to allow Adam’s cock to go even further! His eyes widened with shock, for he had been with a lot of women but none who could do this! She looked at Adam seductively, pretty much fucking him with her eyes as she deepthroated his massive phallus. Not wanting to leave her tits out of the fun, Nicole pressed them against her partner’s dick, lodging it between her fantastic, man-made flesh mounds.


“Ahhh, yeah, put those sweater puppies to good use!” Adam groaned as she rubbed her Thiccygel funbags up and down the lower half of his cock while she deep throated the upper half. She savored the feel of it moving in and out of her mouth, the way the tip pressed against the back of her throat every time her head came down. All the while she kept her heavy tits mashed around his pole, rubbing them against each other as she moved.




Nicole gagged and moaned as she let her tits fall away from his shaft before taking every long inch of his fat dick into her mouth. She could feel her throat bulging from the sheer girth of Adam’s cock as it reached down towards her stomach.


“Ooooh, fuck yeah, take it all baby… Shit, your mouth looks so sexy wrapped around that dick!” he groaned.




Nicole moaned deeply, making her throat vibrate around him as she held his cock in her mouth. She absolutely love how he shuddered at the feeling as she VERY slowly pulled her head back; her lips making a loud slurping noise as his cock pulled away




Nicole gasped, moaning in raw lust as she licked his cock from the base of his balls to the very tip of its head, slapping its length against her face as she did so.


The butter scotch haired nympho moved her body up languidly, dragging his cock between the grand canyon that was her cleavage. She then quickly ripped off her skirt, which came off with ease thanks to Maihime Shinoda’s break away design for BSU uniforms. This revealed her micro-thong black panties held onto her with a pair of thin side tie strings on her hips. A quick little tug and those fell away like leaves in Autumn, he pulled on the strings lightly, and let the thong fall, exposing her perfectly pearl smooth pussy. She kept it this way using another of Dr. Pimp’s little patented procedures; A laser hair removal that didn’t grow back for months at a time!


Nicole yelped and giggled as Adam reached out and grabbed her waist, pulling her on top of him, his cock ramrodding its way into her already dripping hole!


HMMMMMMMMMMMM, FUUUUUCK!!!” she moaned, feeling his man meat probing all the way to her womb!




She told him as she instantly began rocking her hips toward him, stirring his cock inside her in long undulating motions. Her pussy made all manner of wet noises as he began pumping his hips with hers, their bodies smacking wetly against each other as their mouths connected, tongue swirling against one another’s in a fit of lust that only excited her even more!


“Phuck, sho phucking taight…!” Adam slurred against her tongue, pressing his mouth against hers harder. Nicole kissed back, sucking his tongue roughly as she bounced herself in his lap. She could feel his massive rod digging deep inside her, filling every inch of her womb as she rocked and twerked her body against him.


DHON’T SHTOP, KHEEP GOHING!” she slurred back, moving her hips in a swirling pattern now. She couldn’t get enough of this feeling, that of a big thick dick beating her insides like a bongo drum!


She then planted her feet on the seat of the chair as she encircled her arms around his shoulders for leverage. Using her legs, Nicole began bouncing herself even higher! She moaned in sheer pleasure as she pushed herself up until just the tip of Adam’s cock remained inside, then she let herself fall back onto him with a loud, wet squish!


Adam groaned in pleasure as he reached down to grab her plump ass, his fingers sinking in between her soft buns as he pulled her closer. She then gasped as he stood up suddenly. Her legs instantly wrapped around his waist for added support.


“Hmmmmm, yeah, fuck me baby!!!” Nicole moaned softly as Adam began bouncing her up and down. She felt her fat sexy ass slapping against his thighs as he began swinging his hips faster.


MMMMMMH, YEAAAH, HARDER, POUND MY PUSSY DEEPER! AHHH FUUUUCK!!!” she screamed rapturously, craving more and more of a thrashing!


“Hurr, Huurrr Umph…” Adam grunted, leaning her back as he held her aloft, locking his lips around her nipple once more. Nicole let out a long low moan as he sucked on it roughly, his tongue swirling around the stiffened knob of flesh. Nicole smiled and held his head against her tit, rocking her hips against his thrusts.


YEAH, OHHH FUUUUCK! POUND MY HUNGRY LITTLE PUSSY MORE! MORE, MOOOOORE AH FUUUUUCK I’M CUMMINGGG!!!” she screamed as her entire body shook in pleasure. This caused her to involuntarily buck her hips back against him.


Adam groaned and slowed his motions, pulling her back up so they were face to face again. Their mouths connected and this time he sucked roughly on her tongue.


MMMMMMPH, YEAH, HAWDER… PHUCK MUH HOLE HAWDER BAVY…” Nicole slurred, her vision doubling as her eyes crossed.


She hugged her legs around Adam’s waist tighter, wanting to feel that fat dick dig even deeper inside her! She then moaned again as he sped up his thrusts, pumping in and out of her even faster than before!


FUCK FUCK FUCK FUUUUUCK!!!!” Nicole moaned against his mouth, her entire body cumming hard.


TOUCHDOWN!!!!” yelled the NFL star as he felt Nicole’s body trembling against his own in climax.


Adam moved the two of them over by the bed as Nicole released him from the grip of her legs. She then yelped and giggled as he spun her around on his dick like a top. Landing on all fours atop the mattress, Nicole let out a low purring sound as she arched her back, then threw her ass back against him.


“Mmmmmh, yeah, do that again babe!” Adam groaned.


Still purring, Nicole repeated the motion, relishing how his pipe stirred inside her. She then began to buck her hips back harder, swinging them in long figure eight motions. Nicole’s form was a sight to behold! She moved that ass with such style and technique that it could rival booty queens like Kaede Makoto!


Adam groaned again and reached down to grab her ass. Nicole cooed once again as his fingers sank into her soft butt.Grinning above her, Adam gave her ass a hard slap!


OOOOOH! YEAH, SLAP IT!!! SPANK MY SLUTTY ASS!!!!” Nicole moaned in a sultry voice.


Adam chuckled and brought both his hands down on her ass hard. The slapping noise was only outdone by her loud screaming moan.


HARDER!!!” she screamed. Adam spanked her again, and again, and yet again! Nicole howled in pleasure, clamping down even tighter on Adam’s schlong as her entire body shuddered in ecstasy!


The quarterback then leaned his body over hers, his broad chest pressing against her naked back as he began slamming his cock into her again and again. The wet slap of the bodies and Nicole’s screams echoed so loud that the guests staying in the suite next door could hear them! Nicole moaned and screamed as she gripped the bedsheets tightly, her long nails tearing holes in the sheets.


HMMMMMMMMH, YEAH, DON’T STOP, POUND MY HOLE!!! FUUUCK YES, MORE, MORE, MORE MORE MORE!!!” Nicole screamed as her body rocked back and forth from the force of his thrusts.


Adam pumped even faster, ramming her so hard that the headboard of the bed slammed into the wall over and over!


OH SHIT! I’M ABOUT TO BUST!” Adam growled as his pace began to slow, staggering his thrusts. Hearing this drove Nicole to the brink of climax once again. Adam pounded away with 5 more powerful strokes, sending her over the edge into orgasmic bliss!


ANNNHHH UNGHH! ADDDDDDUMMMMM I’M CUMMMMMMINGGGG!” Nicole bellowed! Her scream pierced through the walls and rivaled the battle scream of a banshee! Nicole’s leg twitched involuntarily as a result result of the intense fucking she recieved.


UNNNNNGH!” Adam grunted as he pumped his white fluid into Nicole’s pussy. Luckily for Nicole , she was on birth control. Her leg continued to twitch uncontrollably until…




Adam was knocked off of the bed by a mule kick from the busty blonde. He fell backwards and hit the floor with a loud thud.


I’M SO SORRY!” Nicole yelled apologetically as she jumped off of the bed to help him to his feet.


“It’s ok! I’m good. Didn’t expect that! Never had a girl cum that hard for me.” Adam said with a chuckle. After confirming that Adam wasn’t hurt she laughed. She then grabbed a big bottle of champagne and 2 glasses from a nearby table and popped the cork. Adam took long deep breaths as Nicole poured them some champagne.


“Like, it’s too early to go to sleep! I think you have at least 1 more round in you.” Nicole remarked.


“I dunno… You drained me. I never had a fuck like that before.”


“That’s because i’m like, totally one of a kind ya know.” Bragged the surgically enhanced bombshell. It was indeed ironic for her to say this because the city was full of women with custom made bodies. However, there was some truth to Adam’s compliments for Nicole was far more skilled than the fans, groupies and celebrities he was used to running around with.


“Just give me a minute.” Adam asked, prompting Nicole to giggle.


“I got plenty of fuel for you in here!” She replied, pointing to the assortment of liquor and champagne on the table. Nicole then downed the rest of her oversized bottle. Despite being highly intoxicated at this point, Nicole didn’t slur when she spoke, probably because she was so used to being drunk.


“Let’s go again… Now!” ordered the blonde, grabbing Adam’s hand and leading him back to the bed as she spoke. She pushed him on the bed and jumped on it herself afterwards, crawling toward him like a wolf stalking its prey. Adam didn’t know just exactly what he signed up for, as this was gonna be a looooong night……





I’ll meet up with you there. I have some business to attend to.” Violette said with a mischievous smirk.


“Alright. See ya there~” giggled both Nicole and Ashani simultaneously while looking over at Terrell at the grill. Each had a clear idea of what kind of business Violette was getting into. Nicole and Ashani proceeded towards the arena. There was still another 40 minutes until orientation started but the duo wanted to get front row seats.


“You won’t believe what happened last night!” Nicole exclaimed.


“What?” Ashani asked.


“I hooked up with Adam Jenson!!!”


“Uhhh isn’t he the guy that won the Super Bowl for the Gamblers last season?” The Princess asked dismissively.


“Yeah! Like, how do you not know that?” Nicole retorted.


“I keep up with what’s going on in my city.” Ashani answered, still salty about the outcome of the big game back in March. The Redskins were the opposing team in that legendary contest. Ashani had adopted them as her hometown team because she lived in Washington D.C. whenever she came to the United States from Egypt.


“You’re just mad cuz you lost! Quit hatin girl.” The blonde woman teased.


“Nah, I just had better things to do than be a groupie for some football player. I got your invitation, but I had to practice for my presentation. This is the first time the world is gonna see the real me so I have to be ready for it. Did you do ANYTHING to prepare?” Ashani questioned aggressively.


“I was going to but then I went to the Bahamas and then to Italy and when I came back there was SPLASH, plus I had to promote the next season of the show, so I kinda forgot.” Nicole answered in a very meek tone of voice.


“So what are you gonna do?”


“Like, I dunno… I’ll figure out something.


“You didn’t even plan a stage entrance?”


“Nope. I’m fucked.” Nicole sighed.


“I see why your dad cut you off.”


“Well, it can’t be that hard. I can come up with something on the fly.” The tanned girl said while reaching into her purse. She pulled out a pack of pills called Hang-B-Gone, an over the counter anti hangover medication that alleviates headaches, nausea and other symptoms associated with hangovers. She popped the pill and followed it up with a long gulp of water.


“The professors are going to use this as a way of judging you. You’re making a terrible first impression by half-assing this.”


“No way this is half ass!” Nicole countered, slapping her enhanced backside.


“This is about more than just looks or how good you can suck a dick. We’re gonna have written tests and projects too. The professors here aren’t going to just pass you automatically because you’re a Wellington like the teachers did in high school.” The teal eyed princess explained.


“Violette told you about that?”


“Yeah she did.” Ashani responded as they entered the arena.



(A couple of hours later…)


The crowd roared as Takiko walked down the aisle. Her friends cheered her on as strutted back to their row. Drops of sweat ran down Xavier’s face while he fanned himself with an orientation program.


“Is it hot in here to y’all?” Xavier asked Kaede Brass and Kiana.


“Nah, it feels good in here to me. Maybe my sister’s presentation really turned you on!?” Kaede replied with a grin.


“I’m perfectly fine. They are running the air conditioning.” Brass added. As Takiko got closer Xavier stood up.


“You killed it T!” Xavier said excitedly before giving her a hug. As they embraced, Takiko noticed that his skin was unusually warm.


“You’re warm… Are you alright?” Takiko asked


“Yeah, I’m good. You have that effect on me!” Xavier answered with a smile, causing his friend to laugh, before returning to his seat.


As Takiko sat down, Nicole began to look nervous.


“It’s my turn to go and like, I couldn’t think of shit.” Nicole complained to her friends.


“Hmph! I’ve been reminding you about this for weeks Nicole! You kept putting this off until today?!” Violette asked, the disappointment apparent in her voice. Silence took over the auditorium. Not wanting to be called out by Headmistress Taiyohime, she stood up and walked to the stage. Because she was seated in the front row it was a short walk to get to the stage. The crowd cheered her as she walked.


WHAT THE HELL AM I GONNA DO?’ she thought to herself.


Nicole walked up the steps slowly as if she were going to her own public execution. The sounds of the crowd’s cheers were drowned out by her own thoughts. She approached the microphone and grabbed it, anxiously clearing her throat.


“Umm… Hello, some of you might be familiar with me but if you’re not i’d like to introduce myself. I am Nicole Wellington.” She said. Her typical ditzy, airhead persona was replaced with a more serious vibe. She got straight to the point and did not mince any of her words either.


“Now, I’m gonna get straight to the point here. I’ve been in the public eye for a long time now and since high school i’ve been known for partying, drinking, spending a ton of money and fucking lots of guys.” Nicole told the audience.


“I know some of you have heard the tabloid rumors about me and my family, dad in particular have cut me off from my inheritance.” She stated before a brief pause.


“I’m here to tell you all that everything you heard is true.” she admitted.


“My dad turned off my credit cards, froze my accounts and blocked me from my trust fund… But that’s not all..


“I recently found out that the upcoming season of Wellingtons’ World will be the last. I thought I was going to have an easy job lined up for the future by getting my own spin-off reality show but that ended up not being the case. My sisters got picked up for a spin-off but I didn’t. They are in France filming right now.


“So there goes my backup plan. I can’t say I didn’t deserve all of this happening, cuz let’s be honest, I’ve been a selfish, inconsiderate, immature, spoiled brat. I’ve gotten everything I wanted my entire life and on the rare occasion I didn’t get my way I threw tantrums and got an attitude.”


“I’m sure all of my fellow freshmen were either preparing to present today or getting a good night’s sleep so they could be ready to take the stage. I know that’s what my friends Violette and Ashani were doing, but not me.


“I was at the Hotel Paradís, partying, drinking, dancing and chasing after popular athletes. I didn’t bother to prepare a presentation at all. I procrastinated and kept putting it off because I wanted to go on trips out of the country and do other things instead of getting myself ready like I should have been. That is why I’m talking like this right now, I had no other ideas so I decided to tell you the truth.”


Somebody said that I don’t belong at BSU and that my spot could have gone to someone else more deserving.” Nicole recounted, staring squarely at the woman who said it, Brooke Beaumont. The audience followed along with Nicole’s gaze, shifting their attention to Brooke as well. The crowd gasped in anticipation. A few boos followed this but Nicole interjected.


“Please stop!” Nicole interjected.


“Don’t boo her, what she said is true. You can’t fault Brooke for that. I didn’t earn my place here….. I applied to attend BSU because I thought it would be fun. Lot’s of cute guys to play with and my best friend had already committed to come here. I wanted an easy out. But watching my future classmates present has shown me something. Being a Busteez Slut isn’t just a party.”


“I’ll admit this scared me. I could have found work doing paid appearances in clubs and hosting parties, easy money. In fact, I was considering walking out of this arena, dropping out of this and do something else instead.” Admitted the buxom blonde candidly.


“But then I thought, “If I do this it confirms that I’m a slacker , an underachieving brat who’s always looking for the easy out.” I want to be better than that!” Nicole declared forcefully.


“I want to prove that I belong here, earn the attention I get! I want to become successful on my own. I have hid behind the Wellington name and my father’s money all my life and now I’ve realized that it’s time for a change!” Said the busty bimbo with fire and determination.


“Professors, students and everyone else that’s watching me right now, I hope you’re all ready for me. I’m gonna give this my best effort and show you all who Nicole Wellington is…. The future #1 BITCH in this business!” Nicole screamed into the microphone before pausing. She stood there for a few seconds, thinking about everything she had just said. She kept it real with her classmates, teachers and the fans but even more importantly, Nicole kept it real with herself. The crowd was stunned to have heard everything she had to say, as no one expected. Because of this there was silence after she finished speaking. It was so quiet one could hear a pin drop. However as she left the stage she heard the sounds of a single person clapping.


YEEEEAAAHHH! YOU TELL EM NIKKI! I BELIEVE IN YOU! NIKKI, NIKKI, NIKKI!!!” yelled a male voice. The cameras focused on the young man getting a close up of him which was shown on the megatron screen. Violette shook her head in embarrassment, facepalming as she realized the guy on screen cheering Nicole was her brother.


“Damn it Jaune…..” Violette cursed. Other audience members followed Braun’s lead and began to clap. The smattering of applause grew and grew until everyone was applauding Nicole. Thanks to Braun’s display, the awkward silence in the crowd was replaced with applause and cheers. While it was quite embarrassing and humiliating for Nicole to explain her reasons for attending BSU in front of a live audience, it was commendable and courageous for her to confront the rumors and admit the truth publicly. As a result, Nicole had taken the first step towards becoming a more responsible woman. She walked back to her seat with her head held high.


“I wasn’t expecting that from you Nikki.” Ashani said while clapping.


“It’s good you got that out of the way. Now no one can use it against you.” Followed Violette while patting Nicole on the shoulder.


“Like, I was only up there for a couple of minutes but it felt like hours. I’m just glad it’s over with. I’m NEVER gonna drink like that again!” Nicole promised.


“Yeah right!” Violette and Ashani replied simultaneously.


“You never met a drink you didn’t like.” Violette teased.


The lights gradually dimmed in the auditorium which was a sign that the next presentation was about to begin. There was a slight delay which may have been intentionally done by whoever was standing on the other side of the door. A massive megatron screen lowered from the ceiling of the building above the stage. It was nearly as wide as the stage itself. Videos began to play on the screens, displaying a scrolling text that said “START YOUR DAY OFF RIGHT!!” Shortly after this, the double doors at the auditorium entrance swung open. Standing in the doorway was a behemoth of a woman. Standing 6’5 in height, the woman towered over most other students. She was slightly shorter than Rubii Tiānshàng in height. The curved horns that protruded from the sides of her head and ears easily identified the woman as being a Beast Maiden. The woman’s long hair hung down her waist and was a very light, strawberry brown shade. Two ahoge style locks of hair stuck out from the sides of her ears and drooped downward at a diagonal angle.


The beast woman’s looks were absolutely dazzling. Her resplendent eyes seemed to glow in the dimly lit room, radiating a mixture of brown and green. Her soft skin was slightly tanned, making for a light bronze look. This woman’s body was a phenomenal masterpiece of flesh. She was holding heavy loads both up top and in the back, more than enough to satisfy the ass men and the titty loving crowd. Her humongous chest udders were perfectly shaped. Her backside was plump and immaculately curved, so much so that she could balance a bottle of wine on each of her meaty cheeks. Like all of the presenters before her she was dressed in the silver, blue and gold of Busteez Slut University. She wore a blue top with an opening in the chest area to let her gargantuan tits hang freely. They were held by a silver bikini top. Her silver uniform jacket sat atop her shoulders. The most noticeable feature on her variation of the uniform was her skirt. It was a unique design which didn’t have a back portion, exposing her thicc, sizable ass. The Beast Maiden’s ensemble was completed with a pair of thigh high gold colored stockings and a pair of silver stiletto high heels.


As she began to walk down the aisle, the bell she wore around her neck began to ring slightly. This along with her horns, ears, and tail identified her as being a bovine or cow breed Beast Maiden. However, as she passed Xavier’s row he recognized her for a different reason.


That’s her! The girl who asked me to take pictures and videos with her a couple of days ago!’ the young man thought to himself. As she passed by, he took notice of her tattoo on the left side of her ass. It was a round circular design which was colored different shades of orange and red to represent the burning effect of a branding iron. The words on that tattoo read “100% PRIME XXX”.


“Good morning ladies and gentlemen, students, professors and welcomed guests of Busteez Slut University! Allow me to introduce myself… I’m Elizabeth Bloomfield and I represent the Bloomfield Farms Dairy Company.” She said, speaking into a hands free microphone headset she was wearing . This caused a video to begin playing on the megatron screens. It started off showing the Bloomfield farms logo. It then switched to something that looked like the 1940’s era United States complete with black and white color effects. A white van pulled up to a house in the video and then a giant bull beast man stepped out. He opened the hatch at the back of the van and grabbed two 6-packs of milk which were in glass bottles. The man knocked on the door. The Bull man then greeted the woman who answered the door, handing her the milk.


“My great grandfather, Eli Bloomfield started working as a milk deliveryman many years ago in Coral Springs. He eventually met my great grandmother and together they launched a small dairy business, producing and delivering milk in the local area at what is known today as World City.”


The video then showed a montage of cows in fields, milk being bottled and several topless Holstaurus women with suction cups and tubes hooked to their massive mammaries.


“Since inception, Bloomfield Farms have strived to deliver the highest quality products. Our cows are 100% grass fed with no steroids or antibiotics. We operate cage free and give our producers the best living conditions in order to put out a superior product.” Liz explained as she got closer to the stage.


“In addition to the wide variety of milks we offer, Bloomfield farms specializes in an assortment of cheeses, sour cream, yogurt, Ice Cream, pudding, coffee creamers and several other dairy items.” Elizabeth explained while walking up the stage stairs. The arena lights came back on which revealed several tables on stage. Several Bloomfield farm’s products were sitting on stage.


“I think I’ve done enough talking for now, I can show you our products better than I can tell you about them.” She said with a sultry smirk. Liz then looked around the audience, putting one hand above her eyes and moving her head side to side as if she were searching for a specific individual.


“I’d like to invite someone to the stage to assist me in the next part of my presentation. This woman is a controversial figure, someone who invokes a passionate opinion, both positive and negative whenever her name is mentioned. She is a spokeswoman for Bloomfield Farms but more importantly she’s my friend…. Brooke Beaumont, come on down!” Elizabeth yelled energetically. Television cameras then focused on Brooke to capture her reaction to the impromptu invitation to join her friend on stage.


What is she thinking?! Why does she want me to go up there?!’ Brooke thought to herself. She sat hesitantly for a moment as the cameras filmed her.


“I can’t refuse to go up there, that would make me look bad. Plus Liz is backing me with an endorsement deal…”


Brooke then stood up and walked down the aisle.


“Along with our regular selection of milk, we will be making our Maidens’ Milk available to the public!” The sexy cow woman announced with a suggestive smile. Brooke knew exactly what Elizabeth meant when she said Maiden’s Milk. Her eyes widened as she got closer to the stage. Some in the audience speculated about what Maidens’ Milk was.


“Is she about to do what I think she’s gonna do?” Maihime said to her sister and her new friends. Matsunami sat silently and waited to see what the others would say.


“If you’re thinking what I’m thinking then yeah!” Yuriko replied.


“What are you two thinking?” Jade asked.


“That cow girl is gonna get chemically milked!” Skyla exclaimed.


It was too late for her to turn back at this point. After walking onto the stage, Brooke whispered to Liz.


[How can you just call me up here like this on national television!?] Brooke whispered angrily. Elizabeth pushed a button on her headset to turn it off briefly.


“I didn’t tell you before because I knew you’d say no. I had to put you on the spot to get you to do this.”


“And you knew I couldn’t say no if you called me out in public!” Asserted the mini meteor.


“Please just do me this favor.” Elizabeth begged.


“Fine.” Brooke said with a sigh. She walked over to a step stool that was positioned behind Elizabeth and stepped up to the top of it, which made her the same height. The audience looked on in anticipation. Two small hands crept forward from Elizabeth’s back, along her sides and into her bikini top. The tiny pair of hands squeezed and tugged away at Liz’s huge fleshy mounds. She let out a low moan in response.




Brooke continued on, pressing into Liz’s breasts with her fingertips while moving her hands in a circular motion.


“Ooooh! Annnnn….That feels good!” Elizabeth moaned under breath. But it came out loud and clear to the audience because the sound on her mic came back on.


The pint sized participant then shook Elizibeth’s tits, moving them up and down before moving them around in a circle, clockwise and then counterclockwise like the hands of an old school time telling device. Liz gradually grew louder as Brooke continued her melon massage. The busty bovine then shrugged her shoulders several times, which caused the straps of her bikini top to fall off.


A ripple of hoots and hollers ran through the crowd, Elizabeth could hear Brooke grumbling under her breath as she hefted her breasts up again. The fire haired young woman gave her friend’s pliable breasts another squeeze. The cow girl could feel each finger as it sank into her heavy udders. A soft heat began building in both nipples as her bikini top finally fell away. Brooke moved two of her fingers to cover Liz’s nipples, but not to hide them, she instead pressed down on them like buttons, making the girl let out a long low moan. When she pulled her fingers back, both nipples looked achingly stiff as Brooke slowly traced the areola with her middle fingers. A bit of moisture could be seen beading up on the surface of the stiff nubs.


“Haaahh… Ahhh…” Elizabeth panted softly, “Mmmmmh…”


“I really think you enjoy this too much.” An unamused Brooke said as she gave both melons a firm squeeze. Liz moaned again, louder this time as a small trickle of milk began to flow from the tips of both nipples.


“Honestly, these are meant for feeding a child, not for any kind of gratification.” Brooke lectured her.


“Hmmmm, maybe in you humans, but for maidens like me, ahhh, if I don’t let it out regularly… Haaahh… It… Really starts… To huuuurtmmmmmh…” Liz moaned back,


“Ahhh, just a little harder, please…” she begged.


“You’re lucky I’m your friend.” Brooke said as she moved both hands to the base of her breasts where they attached to her chest, then as she squeezed, she moved them forward. Liz leaned back against her more, her breaths coming in slow ragged moaned as twin streams of milk began squirting out gently. She could feel the warm liquid dribbling down the curve of her breasts as Brooke moved her hands back to start again and repeated the motion.


“Haaaahhhh, yessss, harder, squeeze them harderrrr…” Liz begged shifting her hips slightly as Brooke applied more pressure this time. Her now dripping wet tits were slick with milk, making it easier for the ginger haired girl to squeeze and push at the same time.


HAAH AHHHHHAAAA!!!!” Liz howled as her milk began flowing more freely. Brooke’s movements sped up now, the flow of warm glistening milk was now dripping off her hands and Liz’s breasts.


MMMMMH, YEAH… HAH AH HAAAH… MNH… MOOOOOOOO!!!” Liz moaned as her nipples both became like geysers, milk spurting out of them in a long steady stream that Brooke quickly caught in a pair of large jugs that she moved in front of the woman.


I’M CUMMING!!! I’M CUMMING FROM MY BREASTS ALONE, AHHH IT FEELS SO GOOD, MOOOOOOOO!!!!!” howled Elizabeth as her entire body shook in pleasure.


“I feel so dirty…” she heard Brooke muttering to herself as the audience went crazy. Elizabeth used the period of sustained cheering to catch her breath.


“Maybe we need to update the “No Sex” presentation rules next year.” Leilani proposed


“Why?” Questioned the Headmistress.


“Because students keep finding ways to circumvent it.” Answered the Dean of Students sharply.


“I disagree.. This rule forces our students to think outside of the box. It also allows them to flex their creativity and resourcefulness.” Taiyohime countered. After about 90 seconds, the crowd gradually calmed down


Elizabeth let out several deep breaths as she placed the two jars of milk on a nearby table. She then put her bikini top back on.


“Thank you for your assistance Brooke.” She said before giving her spokeswoman a hug.


“You owe me one for this”. Brooke whispered during their embrace. It was quiet as Brooke left the stage. No one dared to boo her because they didn’t want Liz to unleash verbal wrath upon them. Shortly after, a chef walked out onto the stage from behind the curtain. He was pushing a cart which had 4 plates on them, each with a metal cover over it so no one could see what was on the plate. Next to each plate was a glass full of ice. The megatron screens then came on again, this time showing several different food entrees, including favorites such as hamburgers, spaghetti, steaks, pizza, fried rice and bbq.


“For decades Bloomfield Farms provided the highest quality dairy products on the market. Yet and still, that isn’t enough. Today we take our next step towards changing the food industry forever!” Said the voice narrating the video.


“For this next portion I will need a few more volunteers from the audience to join me on stage.” The beautiful Holstaurus explained as she walked down the steps into the audience area. She scanned the crowd looking for brave souls who were willing to step forward. After a few seconds the first volunteer stood up. The camera followed the direction she was looking in to find Kokoro Izumi. The Fox then walked towards Elizabeth.


“What is your name?” Liz asked as if Koko was a stranger to both herself and the audience. In truth, Koko and Liz had history. The two met about a year ago at an animal rights event and became fast friends. They remained in contact since then. This put Elizabeth in a precarious position because she was square in the middle of Koko’s cold war with Brooke.


“I’m Koko.”


Elizabeth continued to look down the front row where she noticed the trio of rich girls.


“You gonna go up there?” Ashani whispered to Violette.


“I’m not into the vegetarian thing.” The blue haired recruit replied.


“Me either. I gotta have the meat!” Nicole added jokingly. Liz then walked up to Ashani.


“Princess Ashani, Have you ever had a vegetarian dish before?”


“No I haven’t but I’m willing to give it a try.” The princess answered. She wasn’t expecting to be chosen but accepted Liz’s offer because she wanted to look as good as possible on television. Declining Elizabeth’s offer would be a bad first impression to make and give her detractors within the industry ammo to convict her of being a pretentious bitch in the court of public opinion. Elizabeth walked further down the aisle until she spotted Hitomi and Eiji. Both were high profile individuals, Hitomi because of her internet following and Eiji because of his status in the sports world.”


That’s 2 of them. It would be great if I could use them both but I only have 4 plates. I should have gone with 5.‘ She thought to herself. Eiji rubbed his hands together with a grin as Elizabeth got closer, believing that if he went up he would have yet another notch on his belt of female conquests after orientation. However, Liz walked right past him to get to Hitomi.


“Would you like to come take the taste test, Ms. influencer?” Elizabeth asked.


“Sure! This sounds like fun!” Hitomi replied, knowing this would drive even more views to her Youtube and Twitch channel.


The audience members looked around at each other, wondering who would be asked to take the last plate. Liz walked a little further down the aisle, looking in the area where Matsunami, Maihime, Yuriko, Jade and Skyla were seated. As Elizabeth got closer, she locked eyes with Maihime. The younger Shinoda sister felt her gaze upon her.


She’s looking at me!‘ Mai worriedly thought to herself before turning away.


“How about you, the girl who just looked away!” Elizabeth called out, putting Mai on the spot. A nervous Mai looked back and noticed that everyone was staring at her.


I’m scared to go up there, but on the other hand, I’m curious what’s under that dish.’ She thought to herself while looking at the plates on stage.


I gotta know what’s under those plate covers!‘ she continued. The pudgy silver haired woman rose to her feet and walked towards Elizabeth. “I’ll go!” Mai answered enthusiastically.


“Elizabeth chose her ‘volunteers’ strategically.” Taiyohime noted.


“Yes, first Brooke and now Koko, Princess Ashani and Hitomi. Her approach is very well planned.” Leilani added.


“Maihime was selected to be a representation of the average customer base. Elizabeth needs the everyday ‘normal’ consumer on board for this to work. How Maihime judges this will carry much more weight than the others.” Explained the Headmistress.


The four testers followed Liz to the stage. The girls each sat at mini tables which held the plates and glasses.


“And what is your name?” Liz asked


“Maihime Shinoda….” Mai answered in a timid tone. She could feel the heat from a thousand gazes fixed upon her.


Xavier looked on at Mai, briefly admiring her beauty while also lamenting the fact he had lost her days earlier. He wore a tense, uncomfortable expression on his face out of concern because he knew the fear and anxiety she was feeling at that moment.


“Let’s have a look ladies!” The girls removed the lids which revealed 4 unique hamburgers. These were not the typical single patty and bun fare. Each was monstrous in size, weighing in at ⅔ of a pound. The hamburger sitting in front of Koko was the classic American Cheeseburger with lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, mayo, ketchup and melty cheddar cheese. Next to Koko was Ashani. The aroma of the burger on her plate filled the area with the scent of pungent spices. It consisted of lettuce, tomato, bacon and bleu cheese along with 2 types of sauces, ranch and a light red, buttery buffalo sauce. Hitomi’s plate held a breakfast style burger which was topped with American cheese, fried eggs, bacon and crispy, shredded hash brown potatoes along with some ketchup. Mai was positioned all the way to the right. She removed the lid from her plate to reveal a monolith of a burger. Unlike the sesame seed bun the others had, Maihime’s burger had an artisan roll type of bun which was thicker and able to hold more tasty goodness without falling apart. This burger was loaded with 2 patties, 4 slices of swiss cheese, grilled mushrooms, caramelized onions and a hearty steak sauce. This was all topped off with 2 scoops of rich and buttery garlic mashed potatoes! To the side of Maihime’s plate was a bowl of Au Jus for dipping. Liz then poured each girl a glass of her milk before stepping to the side.


DIG IN!” Elizabeth yelled, commanding her volunteers to commence eating. Ashani picked up a fork and knife to eat with, while everyone else picked up their burgers with both hands. Elizabeth stood and watched, eagerly awaiting their reaction. Ashani cut a piece of her burger as the others all took their first big bite. Their facial expressions clearly told the story of what they thought. She watched as the girls chewed and swallowed, approaching as they finished the first bite.


“So, how is it?” Liz asked Koko.


“This burger is oh so delicious!” Koko answered.


“Meat is so juicy!” Koko continued.


“How about yours? What do you think, princess?” The busty Holstaurus asked Ashani.


“This is exquisite! This has some spice and kick to it. This is the best burger I’ve ever had!” The princess said as she put her fork and knife down, in favor of eating it the classic, old fashioned way. Elizabeth then made her way over to Hitomi.


“What’s the verdict?”


“This burger slaps! I never had a breakfast burger before but I know this one won’t be the last!” Hitomi said while doing a thumbs up and flashing a big smile for the cameras for the tv cameras. Meanwhile, Linkum, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and other internet platforms lit up with activity. The hashtags #BloomfieldFarms, #AmazingFoods, #LizBloomfield, #ElizabethBloomfield #BoobieMilk, #BreastMilk and #MaidensMilk were all trending, reaching top positions. The stock market was buzzing as well with Bloomfield Farms stock skyrocketing in value. Liz beamed with confidence as this information was relayed to her through the earpiece on her headset. She then walked over the Maihime, the remaining taste test volunteer.


“How are you liking the Steakhouse Burger?” Liz asked the silver haired beauty.


“It’s like a party in my mouth! The texture, the flavor, it’s magnificent! The meat is rich and flavorful. The onions are sweet and smoky, it combines with the mushrooms so well! The sauce is sweet yet tangy! The Mashed potatoes are so fluffy and creamy! All of these flavors come together with such harmony. It’s an explosion of heavenly foodie greatness!” Maihime declared. Without hesitation Mai picked up the glass and put it to her mouth, turning it bottom up. She guzzled down the white liquid without second thought. Drops of the Maidens’ Milk ran down her chin and dripped onto her bra busting melons. The other girls all had reservations about drinking breast milk, but Maihime’s cavalier approach to it encouraged Koko, Ashani and Hitomi to give it a try. Each took a big gulp to wash down the big bites they had taken.


“The milk tastes like sweet vanilla cream! It goes down so smooth! It’s perfect!” Maihime announced.


“Oh my god! look at this, 5 lovely beauties on stage and they have gourmet burgers too! Elizabeth the Maiden of Milk, Koko the magical, musical Kitsune, Hitomi, the youtube mistress of desire and Ashani EL-Karim, the princess of lust. They all make my heart flutter, but madame Maihime, you are a true goddess, a marvelous wonder to behold! Your voice sounds so magnificent when you speak! It is you who is truly perfect!” Gushed the Love Cook.


“Our Maidens’ Milk is 100% organic without any chemicals or additives. Our staff Milk Maidens maintain peak health and physical fitness in order to provide you with the best milk you will ever taste in your life!” The buxom bovine guaranteed as she paced back and forth across the stage. She then shifted her attention back to the 4 testers. However, she became silent as she watched Maihime devour the rest of her gigantic burger. The thicc gal became lost in her excitement for the dish, chomping down with rapid short bites, whittling away at the burger like a sanding machine grating down a block of wood into nothingness. Liz delayed saying anything else in order to watch Mai, because this did more for her brand than any high priced TV commercial could. This was raw and real. Fans began to laugh as Mai made a mess with her gluttonous eating habits. Even the typically stoic Han couldn’t help but smile.


She’s really into it. She’s truly enjoying the experience…’ He thought to himself as he watched Maihime on stage.


But not everyone who was laughing was happy for Maihime. Others in the crowd roared in a loud heckling type of way. Some even pointed in her direction. The laughter grew louder and louder the longer it went on. Maihime heard laughter and recognized that it was directed at her but she didn’t show any kind of reaction because she didn’t want to mess up Liz’s presentation. Mai drifted down in her chair slightly, hunching over the table as the ridicule towards her continued. Matsunami sat helplessly, lowering her head as she watched what her sister was going through.


Saitou stood at his post at the back of the arena with a look of concern on his face, feeling for his daughter. ‘These people are brutal.’ He thought to himself.


He looked to his left to see Eric laughing and once the junior security officer saw Saitou’s expression he immediately stopped laughing. Elsewhere in the arena, Taiyohime watched on. She wore an uneasy look on her face. The Headmistress clasped her hands together to keep them from shaking. Leilani noticed Taiyohime’s discomfort with what was happening but didn’t comment. The audience gradually quieted down as Liz resumed walking as this was her cue to the audience that she was about to speak.


“Ladies, where do you think these burgers came from?” Elizabeth questioned.


“McDonalds?” Koko guessed


“Hardee’s?” Ashani asked


“Applebee’s” Hitomi inquired


“Burger King?” Maihime guessed hesitantly. She lowered her head frowning while she spoke and the tone in her voice was rather melancholy, indicating that the heckling hurted her feelings.




These burgers aren’t from any of the big chains. They are replicas made by my team of chefs. They are almost identical…. But the differences are what makes them so special. The “Meat” on these burgers isn’t meat at all!” Liz revealed.


“This is the Amazing! Burger, the world’s first, authentic tasting meat substitute. Our team of culinary technicians have worked for YEARS to develop plant based proteins that can accurately mimic the taste, feel and texture of beef. Why the Amazing! Burger you ask? As a cow myself, I care about the health, safety and well being of my people. America’s farming industry hasn’t been kind to us in the way cows and other farm animals are treated. When I was 13, I wondered what I could do about this? As a lifelong vegetarian, I couldn’t understand humans and carnivorous beasts’ desire for meat. The fact is that there are critical vitamins and minerals traditionally found in meat which are needed for survival.” Elizabeth explained.


“So I thought, what if I could make something that tastes like beef and has all of its nutrients but from plants… And now after 5 years of research and development, this is the end result. The Amazing! Burger is now available for purchase at grocery stores and online on our official website!” Liz said before taking a pause.


“To celebrate the launch of the Amazing Burger and Maidens’ Milk, we are offering a special deal for everyone in attendance today. Please look under your seats.” The Holstaurus instructed. Audience members got out of their chairs and lifted up their seat cushions. Underneath each seat, there were 2 coupons.


“Half off on Maidens’ Milk, and half off on a pack of Amazing Burgers!” Xavier exclaimed while reading the coupons.


“I’m aware that I can’t convince everyone on just how great our products are by just talking about them, so I cordially invite you to give us a try. I have left 2 coupons for everyone in this arena towards Maidens’ Milk and our new Amazing Burgers!” Announced the beautiful cowgirl. The crowd was abuzz while everyone retrieved their coupons. Meanwhile outside of the BSU campus, stores were selling out of not just the Maidens’ Milk and Amazing! Burgers, but all of the Bloomfield Farms products. Back at the arena, Elizabeth wrapped up her presentation.


“I would like to thank you all for giving me a moment of your time and big shout to you for helping me out by volunteering!” Liz said while looking over to Koko, Ashani, Hitomi and Maihime, who were all departing the stage at that point.


“Show these ladies some love!” Liz exclaimed which prompted the crowd to cheer.


“But before I go, I wanna let you know about something we have going on for the future. Today I showed you our Amazing! Burgers but I’m not stopping there. Amazing! Bacon will be hitting stores next week and next month Amazing! Chicken will be released!” The hazel eyed cow announced happily. The crowd erupted into cheers once more.




Elizabeth then took a bow before exiting the stage.


“Well we definitely know what she’s here for. She didn’t say a word about herself or our industry. She’s all about selling her family’s products. She used this stage as an opportunity to advertise to millions of people watching on television and online.” Ryoko pointed out.


“There’s only so much time our students have on stage. I think this was a good use of that time. She has made herself a mascot for Bloomfield Farms. Fans will remember her when the school year starts and beyond, because of this presentation. This propels her notoriety by leaps and bounds, much further than simply talking about herself.” Sara explained while showing Ryoko her phone. Liz had risen to #2 on trending topics worldwide since starting her presentation.


There was a period of silence that was longer than usual following Elizabeth’s presentation. Members of the crowd began to chat amongst themselves about who was going to be presenting next. To everyone’s surprise, professor Sara Reed stood up and began walking towards the stage.


“Professor Reed is going up there. What’s going on?” Brass questioned.


“I don’t have a fuckin clue!” Takiko replied while scratching her head.


“Maybe she’s making some kind of announcement.” Kaede guessed.


“She’s probably calling someone up like the Headmistress did when I walked in.” Xavier predicted while looking at Brass, Kaede and Takiko. He then shifted his gaze to Kiana. The young woman wore an expression of anxiety on her face, it was clear to Xavier and the others that she was nervous about something. Kiana sat silent, her knees knocking together uncontrollably as she looked directly in Sara’s direction on stage.


“Hello again students, spectators and esteemed guests. Our next presenter is a very special young lady. She is very shy and has little bit of trouble communicating. This can be very overwhelming so I am going to assist her with her presentation. Coming to us all the way from Honolulu Hawaii, let’s give a warm BSU welcome to Kiana Ma’halona!” Sara yelled energetically. The crowd immediately exploded on cue, showering the arena with cheers.


Kiana remained seated, practically frozen by the moment that was taking place. She looked around to see camera men on both sides of the section she was seated in, capturing her apparent fear for the world to see on television. She could feel the heat of hundreds of eyes in the audience staring in her direction, having watched the camera men move to her location in the arena.


“Ahhhh!” Kiana gasped, terrified by what was happening. Even though she knew ahead of time when she was going to present, this didn’t lessen the weight of this moment.


Xavier knew exactly what she was feeling at this moment, having gone through it himself. The pressure on her was tremendous. Even though he didn’t know Kiana, having just met her when he first took his seat; he knew she was struggling. He quickly recalled that Kiana had given him support and encouragement when he presented, despite not knowing him or even who he was. He had to do something to help her.


“Kiana!” Xavier called out. She looked toward him, seemingly waking up from her frozen state.


“It’s your turn to present. I know how you feel. I know it’s scary but you can do it!” He said. After a moment, his words sunk in and Kiana nodded. She then rose to her feet slowly and turned to walk down her row to get to the aisle.


“Show em whatch’a got.”


“Go up there and fuck this presentation in the ass!” Takiko said, offering encouragement in a way only she could as the tattooed young woman walked by.


“You got this Kiana!” Kaede added as Kiana walked past her. As Kiana walked past Xavier, he stood up and stopped her, leaning in to whisper something in her ear.


“Fear can be a motherfucker sometimes ya know. I was just up there, I know what it’s like to be afraid.” Xavier whispered, paraphrasing the words a wise man once told him. He held his hand to the side of his mouth to block cameras from picking up what he was saying.


“Don’t let the moment freeze you. If you don’t go up there you’ve already lost. Never accept defeat!” Xavier said with fiery conviction.


“Now go show them who you are. I got your back, we got your back!” Xavier encouraged while placing his hand on his shoulder. Kiana then looked Xavier in the eyes before looking down the row at Brass, Takiko and Kaede. The 3 of them gave Kiana a nod which she returned before nodding to Xavier. She pressed forward toward the aisle slowly, taking in the cheers of the audience. She was still afraid but the support of her newfound friends gave her the courage to carry on and go through with her presentation.


As Kiana got closer to the stage she could make out Sara’s face, seeing her smile.


“This is quite an unexpected recommendation coming from you Leilani. I thought you would have chosen someone with experience ” Taiyohime pointed out.


“Kiana is from my home city and state. I know what she’s come from to get here. She has the hunger. I know you can relate to that because of your own picks. Like that Maihime girl who designed the uniforms, she lacks experience too.”


“Yes, I’m glad we see eye to eye on some things. I’m looking forward to seeing how Kiana progresses this year.” Taiyohime replied with a grin.


Kiana’s heart beat rapidly as she walked up the stage steps. She winced slightly, as she could feel her stomach churning as she approached the microphone stand positioned at center stage. Once she got there she grabbed the microphone. Kiana stood next to Professor Reed which highlighted her diminutive size. Sara towered over the freshman. Kiana was about 5’3 only slightly taller than Xavier. The student then looked at her teacher and gave a tentative smile, nodding her head to Sara before turning to face the audience. A bead of sweat ran down her tattooed face and her legs quivered from her thighs to her pretty bare feet as she prepared to address the audience.


“Hi!…….Me…….Kiana!” The busty tattooed young lady said with a forced smile.


“Kiana is new to World City. She recently arrived here from Hawaii just a few months ago.” Sara explained.


Kiana then grabbed a stack of large white poster boards which had been placed on top of the speakers following Takiko’s presentation. She then held up the one in the front of the stack. The artwork depicted what looked like a map with several islands drawn on it.


“Kiana is from an island off the coast of mainland Hawaii. Her tribe has existed and thrived indepently for centuries. For most of that time their existence was unknown to the rest of the world.”


Kiana then put the poster she was holding down and showed another poster which had drawings of what appeared to be a jungle and another of a beach.


“Kiana’s homeland was a vibrant ecosphere filled with life. Its jungles were a vast labyrinth of plant and animal life some of which could only be found there.” Sara continued. The nervous student turned to the next poster which consisted of a stick figure version of herself standing amongst dozens of other stick figures.


“Kiana’s family and her tribe were a very close knit community. Family was not just something that was determined by blood relationships. Family is determined by the experiences one shares with others.” Sara explained. Kiana then held up another poster of 3 men holding spears facing off against a monstrous beast.


“Brotherhood was forged through life threatening experiences where men could easily be killed looking for the next day’s meal. It was struggles and situations like this which brought and kept her people united and strong for hundreds of years.” Sara detailed. Kiana then switched to another hand drawn, map-like image of several islands. However the difference was that she had drawn several swirling spiral formations hitting the islands. She lowered her head while displaying this picture, reflecting the sadness she felt inside. Sara gulped once before resuming her speech. The cracking in her voice revealed that this next part was difficult for her to say.


“Earlier in the year the islands she called home along with others were hit by the ‘Quad Hurricane’ . The lives of thousands were lost and Kiana was separated from her family and her tribe. She was found floating at sea on a piece of debris by a fishing boat the next morning..” Kiana continued to stand with her head down after Professor Reed was done speaking, paying tribute to her fallen tribesmen. After that she raised her head again and switched the poster to a stick figure image of herself sitting alone with a worried expression on her face.


“For the next several weeks Kiana lived in a shelter in Honolulu. She remained there while the Navy and Coast Guard searched the Pacific for survivors. They scoured the ocean for any soul they could find. She waited for several days to hear something back about her family. Some family members were eventually located at another shelter but other members of her family and her tribe are still missing.” Sara explained while grimacing and struggling not to break down herself.


She’s really been through it. After all of that she’s still facing us today.‘ Xavier thought to himself, feeling both respect and admiration for Kiana. She then closed her eyes for a few seconds before switching to her next hand drawn sign. It was an image of stick figure Kiana hugging another female stick figure with long dark hair.


Kiana found her way to BSU through a national scholarship program offered to individuals from developing countries and indigenous people. During Kiana’s stay at the shelter one of our professors, our very own Dean of Students, Leilani Kane participated in the relief efforts by giving money and countless hours of her time to assist those who lost their lives, family and homes in the hurricane. Taiyohime looked over to her second in command and nodded her head with approval.


“So this is why Leilani took a leave of absence last school year.” Saitou commented to Eric.


“During that time Professor Kane worked as a volunteer collecting information from and processing with refugees.” Sara told the audience. Before she could explain anymore Kiana, pointed out Leilani in the audience and did a hugging gesture. The cameras then zoomed in on the unsuspecting Dean of Students getting a close up of her. She waved slightly while waiting for the cameras to shift focus back to the stage. The nervous recruit switched her posters once more.


The next sign had a crude looking picture of several buildings and a road with cars on it. Standing in the foreground of the picture was a female stick figure with big breasts drawn on it. The figure had short, light purple hair and deep purple eyes. The figure was none other than Kiana herself. The purple haired beauty had drawn this herself.


“The last few months have been a total shell shock for Kiana. It all has been moving very fast for her. Concepts that are pretty basic and normal for most of us like cars and watching TV are completely foreign to her; The infrastructure of the land technology, the idea of college and modern American society as a whole are a lot for her to adjust to, however, Kiana is approaching this with optimism, zeal and curiosity!” Sara declared proudly. Kiana flashed a bright smile, her mood immediately shifting due to the change of discussion topics.


Kiana really enjoys living in World City. It’s such a big place for her to explore. This is her first time being away from home and her first time seeing modern civilization, so she is really looking forward to life in World City and in BSU.” Sara explained.


“Awwww. She’s so cute.” Matsunami said to her sister.


“That’s a pretty creative way to present.” Mai praised.


Kiana then tossed that poster to the stage floor and held up another one. This second piece of artwork depicted Kiana kicking a soccer ball, running with a football, dunking a basketball and punching another busty female stick figure with boxing gloves on.


“She is really into sports.” Sara stated. As she continued to speak, Kiana walked up and nudged a soccer ball with her foot. She then kicked it straight into the air, ricocheting it off of her feet multiple times before knocking it high enough to bounce it off of her head. Kiana then leapt into the air.




The violet eyed beauty raised her head and cracked the ball, launching it high above her. As the ball dropped back down she went airborne again!




She hit the soccer ball with her huge melons, launching it forward into the crowd. The audience exploded with cheers as she ricocheted the ball off of her ample chest.


It sailed all the way to the back row of the arena. Seeing the ball coming his way, Xavier jumped and caught it.


“As you can see, Kiana enjoys playing soccer. She played a very similar game in her homeland years ago. Since moving to World City and being introduced to television, Kiana has developed a fondness for watching and playing sports. The appeal to her is that she can watch sports, understanding the rules and how to play without knowing how to comprehend English”


In recent months, Kiana has discovered and taken a liking to basketball, football, and boxing. Playing sports serves as a way for her to release stress and interact with her peers.” The blonde professor said. And while Sara was speaking, Kiana picked up a basketball and started dribbling while still holding the sign in the other hand before throwing the ball into the crowd. She then picked up a football and threw a spiral pass which also landed in the audience. Lastly, she put the posters down momentarily and began to throw punches which elicited even more approval from the arena attendance. Afterwards, Kiana picked up her stack of posters again. The next picture she held up was an artwork of herself sitting in a chair being tattooed.


“You can probably guess that Kiana is a tattoo enthusiast. These tattoos are a tradition of her tribe which has been practiced for centuries. These tattoos are very painful and time consuming to get.” The professor detailed. Kiana then pulled out a small hammer and a spike from the inside of her coat and began lightly hitting the spike with the hammer.


“Unlike the tattoos of today, Kiana’s tattoos were done by hammering the ink into the skin. This takes countless hours to perform and is a ritual for transitioning from being a child into a young adult. Kiana earned her tattoos through her contributions and service to her tribe. She is an accomplished hunter, fisherman, tracker and navigator.” Sara explained to the crowd. Kiana posed confidently, crossing her arms and nodding her head with pride.


Due to the natural disaster which affected her homeland, Kiana’s tattoos were left unfinished. After moving to World City, she got them completed at a professional tattoo shop.” Kiana then opened up her shirt a little more to show off her chest tattoos before turning around so those in the crowd and people at home could see the tattoos. She then began to walk back and forth across the stage, imitating the gestures of the supermodels she saw since getting her first TV. The crowd laughed in response, however they weren’t laughing at her, they were laughing with her. She stopped at the edge of the stage and struck a “sexy pose” putting one hand on her hip and staring directly into the camera with a welcoming grin.


“Look! She’s doing it!” Xavier exclaimed as he felt her confidence growing before his eyes. He got up out of his seat, camera still in hand, documenting Kiana’s big moment.


“You go girl!” yelled Brass and both of the Makoto sisters loudly. Kiana picked up her signs again and held up one that depicted her with petting a lion.


“Kiana also likes animals.” Before Sara could continue, Kiana walked up to Sara and whistled into the microphone. At that moment, the doors opened to the auditorium entrance. Four individuals walked out each accompanied by an animal. The first was a cheetah cub which was being walked with a leash by his human companion. The second was a tiger, however it wasn’t just any tiger it was a Silver Mane. The beast’s fur was a grayish silver hue, darker than that of its relative, the white tiger. It once populated China and southeast Asia.There were less than 100 of them in existence. Alongside the tiger was the Red Lion. Another ultra rare breed hailing from Africa. The 4th individual carried the highly endangered Golden Fox, which caught Koko’s attention. This creature once inhabited both Japan and North America but diminished in population due to illegal poaching for black market fur sales.


“Ooooooh!” sounded nearly everyone in the audience. Spectators were curious as to why wild animals were walking down the aisle.


The 4 beasts and the humans who accompanied them made their way to the stage. Once there, the humans released the beasts from their respective leashes.


“What?…These are from….”


“Since arriving in World City, Kiana has worked at the World City Animal Conservatory. It is a habitat for endangered species like the ones we have here. She started off as a janitor, but shortly after she began working there, she developed a unique connection with the many species who reside there.”


Kiana approached the group of beasts as they got closer. The golden fox sped ahead of the rest of the group and jumped into Kiana’s arms. It affectionately licked her face much like dogs do to their owners. She responded by kissing him on the nose before putting him down.


GWOK!” Yelled the sexy first year recruit, which prompted the Red Lion to run towards her. Audience members stared in panic, fearful that she was going to be eaten!


Once close enough it stood on its hind legs as if he were trying to give her a hug. Kiana embraced the lion and the two tumbled to the stage floor. They rolled around the stage, playfully wrestling as if Kiana was a lion herself. This ended with Kiana on top and she appeared to be tickling the lion underneath its front legs like it was a human. The lion let out a long unusual sounding roar which bore similarity to human laughter. Attendees looked on in awe.


The crowd was left speechless, amazed that Kiana was able to control the ferocious red lion. After getting up she moved in front of the tiger and it too stood on its hind legs to greet her, extending its paw as to do a high 5 with Kiana. She accepted the high 5 and hugged the tiger before giving it a kiss on the cheek.


The cheetah cub then walked over to Kiana, prompting her to kneel down. The cub then rubbed its face against hers as she pet her.


“How is she doing this? Usually only trained zoology professionals ever do this kind of stuff.” Matsunami commented.


“I don’t know. This reminds me of comic book superheroes with the power to communicate and control animals.” Maihime replied.


Not done with her demonstration yet, Kiana then whistled into the microphone. Two birds then descended from the rafters of the arena. The first was the Red Beak Hawk, a bird whose natural habitat is in South America. It had black feathers along with white feathers on its underbelly. The Hawk swooped in, landing on Kiana’s wrist. The second bird was the North American Night Owl.


“Whooo! Whoooo!” sounded the owl as it perched itself on Kiana’s shoulder. After this, another bird came down from the rafters, a smaller red bird, the Scarlet Canary. This creature comes from Australia and has declined in population for both natural and man caused reasons. The Canary landed on Kiana’s other shoulder opposite the owl. Lastly there was a long legged water fowl that looked like a cross between swan and an ostrich. It was a beautiful creature indeed. It possessed black and white feathers and had very humanoid looking eyes. It had red markings that circled around the eyes and a long curved white beak. This is the Princess Swan, another endangered species native to Japan. It is also found in the United States in Kiana’s home state of Hawaii. The Swan walked up the stage steps and approached the purple haired woman, rubbing its head against her leg after getting close enough. Kiana picked up the swan, petting it on its head as Professor Reed resumed talking.


“The species at the conservatory respond very well to Kiana despite her having no Zoology knowledge or any experience with wild animals. This is a phenomenon that conservatory personnel cannot explain.”


“Whoa! This bitch is like, the beastmaster! Thats cool as fuck! Having a pet tiger would be badass!” Eric remarked.


“Pet tiger? You still can’t communicate with humans correctly.” Saitou joked, referencing Eric’s repeated mishaps with talking to women.


AWWWWK!” Kiana yelled which prompted all of the animals accompanying her on stage to roar or yell. This was a greeting or acknowledgment of sorts to the crowd.


“She told them to speak to us?” Koko asked herself in confusion. After this display, Kiana put the swan she was holding down and turned her head toward. The two birds on her shoulders took flight, returning to their human handlers who were waiting for them in the rafters. The other beasts then returned to the conservatory employees who were standing at the very end of the stage. The tattooed recruit then pointed her finger at the audience. It was as if she was commanding the crowd to cheer for her friends that were leaving the stage. Those in attendance responded to her swiftly, erupting into uproarious cheers and applause!


“You think she might be part beast herself?” Shikijou asked Rubii.


“I don’t know… She could just connect better with animals than she does people. There are some dogs and owners who are like that.” Rubii replied. After the group from the conservatory exited the stage, Kiana returned to the spot she was standing before and picked up her posters. She then held up a poster that had a picture of busty stick figure Kiana reading a book and another picture of her writing on a piece of paper.


“Kiana really wants to learn how to read and write. The English language is completely foreign to her right now, but she desires to learn it so she can communicate with the classmates she will meet at BSU.” Sara detailed. Kiana tossed that poster to the side, holding up another poster of herself behind the wheel of a car.


“She also wants to learn how to drive and get a driver’s license. She thinks driving looks pretty fun to do.” Explained the Professor. While Sara talked, Kiana sat down in a chair on stage and pretended like she was driving a car, turning the wheel from side to side and gesturing with her foot to step on an imaginary gas pedal.

“I can help her with that. Never taught anyone else how to drive before but it sounds fun!” Takiko remarked. Kiana then held up a sign which depicted a flower rising up out of the ground. The flower was of the orchid variety. This variant was one no one outside of Kiana’s tribe had ever seen. It black with a blue core center. The edges of its petals were outlined with blue while the petals themselves were covered in tiny white spots. This gave the Orchid a very outer space, milky way looking appearance. Along with the flower plant, Kiana had drawn several raindrops coming down on the orchid.


“Kiana wants to attend BSU for several reasons. Her tribe partakes in a ritual, a rite of passage so to speak. It is one in which a young man or woman must venture away from the comforts of home and seek the “Rain”. All life forms need rain to survive, grow and thrive. Every individual reaches a point in which they desire to know more and crave “The Rain” or knowledge and life experience. For centuries, Kiana’s tribe has done this, with the end result being wiser and more mature people returning home to impart their wisdom onto the next generation.” The professor expressed. Kiana stood with a curious facial expression, slowly turning her head to the left and right, scanning the crowd with her eyes as if she were looking for something.


That sounds like Musha Shugyo, a warrior’s pilgrimage.‘ Thought both Xavier and Matsunami simultaneously.


After looking around for a few seconds, Kiana stood up and held up another poster of herself with dollar signs in the place of her eyes. She then put her thumb up against the tips of her other fingers and did the “cash” hand gesture.


“Since arriving in World City, seeing American currency and some of the things that can be bought with it, Kiana has also become interested in generating a good income for herself. But also she wants to make money to help her family who have been displaced due to their homes being destroyed in the hurricane.” Professor Reed stated. The beautiful islander then held up a drawing of planet earth.


“Kiana never dreamed she would ever see that the world is so vast. So many places, so many people, from all walks of life, different races, backgrounds and history. So much stuff to learn. This is all so overwhelming!”


“But since she’s been given the opportunity, she is going to give it her best!” Sara declared. Kiana dropped to the floor and started doing push ups while Sara was speaking which was her way of visually communicating hard work. Next she held up a poster which depicted herself signing an autograph for a male stick figure fan.


“Kiana thinks it would be cool to have fans who admire her and wants to show everyone that no matter what circumstances you come from or things that have happened in the past, anything is possible!” Kiana then nodded her head along with Sara’s words. This left one remaining poster in the student’s hands. It showed Kiana standing in the center of a group of stick figures surrounded by hearts.


“Most of all, Kiana wants to make friends while she is with us. She didn’t have many while growing up so she sees her time here as a way to connect with other people. She hopes to get to everyone here and make an impact that no one will ever forget!” Declared the professor energetically.


“But there is one more thing she wants to say…” Sara said before handing the mic to her student.


“Thank….you!” Kiana said graciously. She blushed while humbly bowing to the audience. The crowd burst out with loud, long lasting applause for her as she stood on stage taking it in. Kiana fought to hold back tears of relief, for she had gotten past what was a major hurdle in her mind. However, she wasn’t the only one who was emotional. Leilani turned her head away from Taiyohime and did a fake cough to cover up the fact that she was crying.


“Are you alright Leilani?” Asked the Headmistress.


“Yeah, my allergies are just getting to me.” Replied the Dean of Students. Taiyohime accepted this and didn’t press any further. It was clear to her that something about Kiana’s presentation overwhelmed Leilani.


“She’s…like me…” Maihime told Matsunami while wiping tears from her face.


“Although I don’t know her, I feel like I understand her.” The younger Shinoda sister continued. As Kiana returned to her seat, Xavier, Brass, Takiko and Kaede stood up to greet her. She gave Xavier a big bear hug, mashing his face into her massive tits. He flailed his arms in an attempt to break free as his back started to pop. After a few seconds she finally let him go. Xavier’s eyes were swirling momentarily due to a lack of air.


“You’re welcome.” said the scar faced young man while falling into his seat. Kiana then proceeded to hug Takiko, Kaede and Brass before sitting down.


“Alright students, It’s time for lunch intermission. Be back in 45 minutes.” Sara instructed before leaving the stage.


The shy girl from Hawaii left the stage having gained something. Even though the school year hadn’t officially started yet, Kiana did something she thought she couldn’t. That in itself means something. Kiana Ma’halona has taken her step on the road to becoming a porn legend!


With lunch time now underway, BSU’s Orientation is going on break! What will happen during lunch? Find out on the next lewd, exciting episode of Welcome to BSU!

(Story by User: Strider_Seiryu)



• Nicole’s Voice Actress is Stephanie Wittels, who voiced Erina Nakiri from Shokugeki no Soma.

• Nicole’s Seiyū is Kaya Matsutani, who voiced Rangiku Matsumoto from Bleach.

• Nicole was previously known as Nicole Duvalier, a Bleach OC commissioned to Rtenzo a long time ago. Strider-Seiryu acquired Nicole from her previous owner.

• Nicole’s character and backstory is inspired by Kim Kardashian and the Kardashian/Jenner family along with their reality TV show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Nicole is the daughter of John Wellington, CEO of Wellington Petroleum. Nicole applied to BSU after being cut off from her inheritance and trust funds in order to earn back access to them. Nicole’s attitude comes from her upbringing. Having been spoiled nearly her entire life, she believes herself to be of the highest class, an elitist.

• Nicole’s body has been enhanced through plastic surgery. She has had work done to increase the size of her breast and rear as well as her lips. She was the first patient of world renowned sports physician, Dr. Pimpalicious when he expanded his practice to include plastic surgery.



• Kiana’s Voice Actress is Abby Trott, who voiced Nezuko Kamado from Demon Slayer.

• Kiana’s Seiyū is Yumi Uchiyama, who voiced Candice Catnipp from Bleach.

• The character was originally conceived as a Bleach OC part of the ‘Road of Legends‘ series. Set 40 years after the end of the Bleach Manga, Road of Legends tells a tale of new heroes in the battle for the fate of the world. In this series, Kiana’s name is Oboro Murasaki. In the decades that followed the defeat of Yhwach and the Wandenreich, Gotei 13 12th division captain Kaiju Fugai carried out Hollowfication experiments in secret conducting research in remote areas on the fringes of the Soul Society. His purpose was to create perfect hybrid warriors composed of Shinigami, Hollow and Quincy elements similar to former Substitute Shinigami and hero of the Thousand Year Blood War, Ichigo Kurosaki. Kaiju abducted Oboro and numerous other subjects from their villages and experimented on them. As a test of Oboro’s combat competency and obedience, he released her back into her own home village. Oboro blindly and mercilessly slaughtered her entire tribe before being recovered and taken back into captivity. Oboro was defeated and subsequently rescued by Substitute Shinigami Xavier Williams during his campaign to prove Kaede Makoto’s innocence on charges of murder and high treason. After being freed from captivity Oboro made Yosai City her home, forming a close bond with Xavier. She trained extensively with Xavier and his mentor, Nobunaga Shinoda to master hollowfication as well as awaken her Shikai and Bankai. Oboro has proven to be a powerful warrior, fighting alongside the warriors of the living world to protect the spiritual realms.

• Kiana is a highly skilled survivalist. While growing up on her island, she mastered hunting, spear, pole and net fishing. With every catch, she says a prayer of thanks to the beast that will become her next meal, honoring it for its sacrifice. She makes use of every part of her prey from the meat and bones to the fur, as to not allow anything to go to waste.

• Having not been exposed to modern society before, Kiana sometimes behaves in a very primitive, bestial manner. She has been known to break into her classmates’ dorm rooms and eat their food due to not knowing any better.

• Kiana does not know how to speak English or any other modern language. She primarily communicates by making sounds, doing hand/body gestures and drawing pictures. She carries a pen and notepad with her at all times in case she needs them to communicate. After moving to World City, she picked up a small number of English phrases from watching television.



• Elizabeth’s Voice Actress is Stephanie Young, who voiced Nana Shimura from My Hero Academia.

• Elizabeth’s Seiyū is Lynn, who voiced Princess Hibana from Fire Force.

• Elizabeth began as one of Strider-Seiryu’s character concepts for the Bleach: Road of Legends series. She was originally going to be a cow themed Arrancar who transforms into a minotaur form for her Resurrección. However, work on the series came to a halt before Elizabeth could ever be drawn. Elizabeth has found new life in BSU as a freshman student in Class 1-A.

• Elizabeth is a mutual friend of Brooke Beaumont and Kokoro Izumi, two former best friends turned arch rivals. Elizabeth is often forced to mediate and be the voice of reason when they have disputes with one another.

• Elizabeth is an outspoken animal rights activist who specifically challenges the farming industry for its treatment of domestic farm animals such as cows, pigs and chickens. She hopes that her Amazing Food brand will encourage people to be more open minded about Vegetarian/Veganism and decrease consumption of meat overall.

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The Mann
The Mann
1 year ago

Haven’t read this chapter just yet but I must say the designs for these girls are amazing. Elizabeth’s ass is amazing, I love Nicole’s hair and her lips, and I think Kiana may have the best overall design. Amazing work as usual.

Axel Rayne
1 year ago

No offense to Takiko but I can just imagine that driving lesson being a cuss filled fear ride. I really love reading BSU I remember back when Rtenzo started on deviantart so to see it branch out to something different is uplifting. No am not just saying that because it’s sex. I like the vision strider, ero, and sailor have, can’t wait for the next chapter looking forward to see if Xavier and Shinodas group meet and what happens. Question is it possible to send an of or help right just wondering if not okay than keep up the great work.

1 year ago
Reply to  Axel Rayne

lol That is probably an accurate description of her driving lessons. And thank you man! were you someone that commented back on Deviantart? I might remember ya. Happy you like BSU so far and I hope to continue to hear your thoughts as the story unfolds 👍💥

I’m not sure what you mean by your last sentence? I think you forgot a word so the meaning is unclear… Send what? help right what?

Axel Rayne
1 year ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Sorry I was reading this late at night and got tired what I meant was if you need help writing or want an oc written I would like to help if not I understand.
Also I wasn’t anyone important on deviantart just made K story and and favorite. To be honest your work and the bleach OC community really inspired me to start writing and get a deviantart, fanfiction, and the other stuff like that

1 year ago
Reply to  Axel Rayne

I would like to check out your writing, do you have some samples on your Deviantart I can check out? I’m happy you like my Bleach OCs and thrilled you finally messaged me, thats awesome 👍✨

Axel Rayne
1 year ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

I have some of my most recent writings on Archive of our own under Umbrawolf48. On deviantart is writings back when I was still getting a handle on grammar and punctuation so it’s bad.

Citizen V
Citizen V
1 year ago

Not a bad read and a hefty chapter also, I love that. Finally seeing more about Nicole from the rich girl trio (2 down 1 more to go or 2 if you count the pop star) the interesting fetish if a cow girl with a business mind. Also the grand debut of the wild island girl, who is more shy than I thought she would be, but also an very interesting background.(I will definitely be looking out for her in the future a little more than some of the other girls. I enjoyed many of the different references in this chapter especially the football ones. These ladies really put themselves out the for the world to see(2 of them at least) and I look forward to seeing their journey through the school year and their growth along with their development.
Now we wait for what happens during the lunch break. Something tells me it’s going to be wild.

Until next time.

polish dude
polish dude
1 year ago

put naruto,naruto and only naruto i mean seriously bro thats awesome

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago

Wow, this was a looooong read but certainly a worthwhile one! Starting the chapter with Nicole, one day before the Orientation, messing around with Violette’s younger brother, Jaune, was really funny and I really like the way you handled the party and how you described her outfit, since it’s one of the best BSU uniforms so far. And finally, my GOAT, my love, the best man in the whole series makes his return: Dr. Pimp (PH to the muthafuckin D)! Thank you! I can’t say how much I missed the man until he returned in this chapter. His reappearance also explains to the reader that Nicole’s body isn’t exactly natural. Or, to be more precise, man made by the charismatic doctor. I like it, although, given how big the natural assets of most women are in this show, I’d think that Nicole would go for something even bigger. Nonetheless, great to have him back. And Adam’s interaction with the two other guys in this opening sequence was also really good. Messing around with Jaune and later on going full berserk on Adam. While at Adam, the sex with him was described incredibly well and was perhaps one of the best of the series so far. It was bombastic in how she didn’t slow down and went total slut, fitting to her bimbo looks and personality. Her orientation was the most relatable, I would say, simply because mine wouldn’t be any different because I’m also a master of procrastination. Her words could have had more impact if we’d gotten more to see from her during Brooke’s Orientation than a little bit sobbing (I could be wrong at that part though). Love the outburst of Jaune in the end, really funny! I hope to see more of the guy in the future, since the show lacks male characters so far. Elizabeth on the other hand was a really unique, more profit based, presentation. With her making product placements for her own family business and basically presenting more the products than herself. The milking at the hands of Brooke was a really interesting idea and I’m glad that I predicted that right in the artwork review. The tasting section with Maihime, Hitomi, Ashani and Koko was really interesting, mainly because of two reasons. First: It clearly shows that Ashani is the smartest of the “rich-girl-group”, trying to act fitting to her role and planning ahead. She also knows how to act and to present herself, which sets her appart from Nicole. Secondly: Maihime. Kinda hate how anyone laughs at her eating habbits, since it basically just shows that the burger is really good. On the other hand, I don’t wanna hate, since I can be a messy eater too, at times, but the girl should know, when to dig in and when to be more temperate. I didn’t think of her to be so naive, because she dealt with those kind of situations before and should know, how others will react. Now moving on, we have a girl which is able to content with Mei in my little “favorite girl list” with just her one appearance in the story. I kinda like her backstory and her personality is just gold and spot on! The backstory is great and all, don’t get me wrong, I praise you for coming up with something so creative and unique, but I don’t really see how that lead to her joining BSU. Couldn’t it be more fitting if, let’s say part of “The Rain” revolves around finding the ideal partner, to find a life long companion and now that she is in the modern world, this search for a partner has gotten much bigger because of the sheer amount of people? It would make her application to BSU more grounded, since that would also highten her chance of finding that partner. These are just my thought and you did definitely a good job and undoubtedly came up with something even better. Her presentation was also really unique and the parts with the animals and sport stuff was basic, yet extravagant. I hope to see more of her. She was definitely able to become one of my favorite girls, with just this one chapter!

Nicole: I like how she changed her outlook on the whole school thing and believe that she has potential to become a really good girl (so far she is rather low on my list)
Elizabeth: Not much to say about her. She seems to be more business/profit driven, which basically revealed not much about her personally but I like how she is friends with both Koko and Brooke, two very different girls
Kiana: The only way she can go from here on out is down on my list, which I hope will NEVER happen

With only four chapters left (two of which aren’t really part of the Orientation) and so many more characters to introduce, I wonder how you will spin it. I kinda fear that we get an artwork with just the three guys (Eiji, Auron and Han) XD. Wouldn’t be as eye-catching as artworks with the girls! But I have full trust in your abilities and I am sure that everything will turn out masterfully!

1 year ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Ay! It’s been a while since the last BSU. I know this was pretty long but I had a lot of ground that needed to be covered. This was kind of a double chapter. I’ll begin with Nicole. She’s appeared multiple times in other characters chapters and little bits of her story had been revealed, so I felt like I had to give a full story and sex scene on her this time around given the dubious reputation I hinted at in her previous story appearances. She is one of the more wild girls in the class and one of the biggest if not the biggest attention seeker in class 1-A. I was trying to show her tastes as well as her pettiness lol. She has found herself competing with others for the attention desires be it against her sisters or her best friend Violette. She is a hound for the spotlight. Back during the SPLASH arc when she pulled Violette and Ashani away from Dragon Fuerte she had an ulterior motive, garnering attention for herself by being seen with Dragon since he pretty took over the Black Diamond Nightclub singlehandedly. However, I don’t think Nicole’s behavior is all her fault. She was spoiled by her father just about her whole life and was a daddy’s girl. And when you raise spoil a child all the time they often grow up to be lazy and entitled like Nicole.

She has altered herself a lot from her preteen years both in look and how she acts. As you mentioned? DR Pimp is responsible for her current appearance. With the sex scene I wanted to show what type of men she’s into as well her maneating ways in the bedroom.

Next you have Elizabeth. She is more of a business woman than a pornstar. Her attending BSU is more a promotional and marketing tactic for Bloomfield Farms and her subsidiary company, Amazing Foods. She believes that by becoming a star in the business she can increase profits for her business. It was meant to come off as being more business than personal which is why she spent more time talking about her products than she did hherself. You guys will get to learn more about Liz personally as the story goes on. There was no way I could do a cow character without some breast Milking lol. She is a mutual friend of Koko and Brooke which will play a part later on.

Kiana was the one I had the most fun doing. My definition of seeking the rain encompasses a lot of things. It is based on an old Japanese concept called musha shugyo which translates to warriors pilgrimage in English. Self discovery is a broad concept which has many facets to it including love so you may not be wrong with what you suggested. She is a young woman that has just discovered the world is vastly larger than the island she called home and up until now the rest of the world believed that island was uninhabited. So this like a cave woman waking up from being frozen for thousands of years and walking into modern civilization. Kiana is one of my OG OCs I acquired many years ago when I first linked up with RT so she’s one of the girls I’m most fond of. I tried to deliver a presentation that was funny, cute and had heart. Thanks again for your continued support and stay tuned.

1 year ago

What a way to resume the orientation arc. And to think we now have about four chapters left, including two that are based around the lunch break. I can already tell that would be crazy instantly. XD

But anyway, getting back to this chapter right here, as today’s focus is on Nicole, Elizabeth and Kiana, who we finally have exactly what they look like. Now this was quite interesting. Naturally I’ll start with the designs. Each one looks quite good. Though out of the three, I like Kiana’s the most if I’m being honest. Not only that, the colors really fit them too. Nicely done!

Now let’s talk about each of their portions. And who better to start with than Nicole, who took up the most time here in the chapter. Through her part, it’s pretty much confirmed to her being the most undeserving to be in BSU and was placed there as punishment for her out of control public behavior. Not only that, this also confirmed from the good pimp doctor from a long while back that she had the most work done on her body than anyone else in the entire class. Although this doesn’t stop her from claiming her lay the night before orientation, who was a rising star quarterback! That was crazy from start to finish, but I enjoyed it. Unfortunately this only created some big problems as she didn’t have anything prepared for her presentation {even though she had WEEKS to get ready for it!}, and like Xavier earlier on, she didn’t have the time to get anything ready, so her only option was to just be honest in her turn and cleared the air. And it turned out surprisingly well. Though Jaune, Violette’s brother, had to get the ball rolling, much to her annoyance. LOL

Next we have Elizabeth, the cow beast maiden and heiress to her family business. In fact, she used her time on stage to promote it, as well as her family background and of course herself. But strangely enough, she hasn’t said anything about the adult industry at all. Weird. Although we did get an idea of what she can do with her own body, as shown when she made Brooke get on stage with her for her breast milking showcase. But it went further with her vegan burger display by having a few of the others try them out, including Koko and Mai who got shamed and made fun of by some of the audience, which in turn others didn’t approve of. That was tough to sit through, but it clearly showed that Elizabeth is someone to look out for. I also liked that she’s old friends with both Brooke and Koko, and hopefully she’ll keep them both out of trouble. Providing it doesn’t start during lunch break. XD

And finally, we have the island girl Kiana. Now this was one presentation that required some help from Sara to really get into gear, but I think many of the others helped in a big way. We learned that she’s part of a tribe that got severely displaced and affected by a nasty storm in her native state of Hawaii, which Leilani calls home. I really liked that she has some strong interests, like caring for animals and sports. Not to mention her devotion to her home and tribe. This not only made people really cheerful, especially X, Brass and the Makoto sisters of Takiko and Kaede, but this even shows Leilani in a positive light, as she played a pretty big role in Kiana getting to where she is. She does have a heart. Awww. Personally, I loved Kiana’s part the most.

That said, we still have Mai, Kaede, Ashani, Yuriko, Koko, Eiji, Han, Skyla and Auron to step up. I wonder who would be next. Either way, I really liked this entry.

Can’t wait to see what’s next in Welcome to BSU. Keep up the good work! 😀

Last edited 1 year ago by Hiryu
1 year ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Brother Hiryu! What up homie! Nicole is quite the character. I loaded up her sex scene with multiple football reference for You to laugh at. I don’t know who the other Americans are who follow BSU so it’s mainly for you. Nicole literally put of her presentation until the last minute but I think what she actually ended up doing was better than something she would have prepared anyway. I’m glad you found Violette’s brother entertaining.

Liz is a design of my own creation so it looks good to know what you think of her. Her presentation was meant to show her business side, but like I told Akronym you will get to see more of her personality as the story continued. To clarify the Island she’s from was unknown to human civilization. It didn’t become a part of Hawaii/the United States until after the Storm/Hurricane ravaged her Island and several others. They were declared a part of the United States so that those who suffered could get American citizenship. Hawaii lead the way in the relief efforts. Leilani’s reaction came because she participated In the efforts and personally helped Kiana but she is an Islander herself of polynesian roots. Thought it would be nice to see her in a softer light.

I loved writing Kiana’s drawing bits and felt it was cute. I got the idea from Rukia drawing the chapters and other stuff in Bleach. Her interraction with the animals comes from two places. The first was a 1980s movie called the Beastmaster. It was like Conan the Barbarian with him using animals he can control. The other basis was an old cartoon from my childhood called Captain Planet. Thank you again for rocking with me and continuing to support my work. I’m looking very forward to presenting the next chapter.I think you’ll like it.

1 year ago

I thought you didn’t like lactation.

Dr. Pervert
Dr. Pervert
1 year ago


1 year ago

Kianas bio says father unwon


Hahaha. In all seriusnes how cool would it be if Kianas father was a Samoan wrestler that isnt around because of his 📅

1 year ago
Reply to  Edgar

Lol at one point I considered making Kiana’s last name Maivia or Ano’ai. Here’s some pro wrestling trivia for you. Maivia is the last name of the late great High chief Peter Maivia, grandfather of The Rock. The high chief wasn’t just a gimmick either. Peter Maivia held the rank of high chief in real life for his clan/tribe. At the beginning of Rock’s wrestling career he used the name Rocky Maivia. The Maivia’s are relatives of the Ano’ai family. Roman Reigns real name is Joe Ano’ai. He is the son of Sika Ano’ai who wrestled in the WWF In the 70’s and 80’s with his brother Afa as the Wild Samoans. Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed the chapter!

1 year ago

Interesting chapter. I don’t really have much to say in regards to it. Nicole is kind of the character type I don’t personally like as I don’t like bimbos both looks and personality wise. Of the three displayed though, she has the most character and development in regards to having an entire intro which supplements her short presentation.

Elizabeth is alright, most people love cowgirls and her design is fine. I would say her presentation lacked impact though. The milking part was fine and it was neat seeing Brooke have a more positive interaction with someone. The burger eating was just okay, though interesting choice on taking the focus off Liz to turn it on Mai with people heckling her. I’m also surprised no one stood up for her there, given how many times people have gone out of their way to help others during their presentations.

Kiana has the most interesting concept and is kind of an old porn cliche of the sexy savage. I will however say that it feels odd giving her a backstory such as her people being decimated by natural disasters and then make it so her dream or interest is entering a porn university. It’s just an odd tonal shift of priorities. I’m not much for tattoos or muscles, but I can see her fitting a good portion of people’s interests.

Overall, of the three girls I would say Liz will probably have the biggest general appeal as cowgirls are usually safe bets. While Nicole and Kiana are two different spectrums of interest and kinks. Let’s see where it goes from here.

1 year ago

You said something to a guy who went by Jonrocksthestar that Xavier signed up for a class that will cause major dick growth, a you still going through with that idea. If so can you tell me more about it. One more thing after Xavier goes through that class will he have the biggest dick in the series, I hope so?

1 year ago
Reply to  Whitis

Xavier signed up for a class called Martial Arts theory. We are still planning for Xavier to learn how enhance himself.

1 year ago
Reply to  Strider_Seiryu

After Xaviers major enchantment will he have the biggest dick in the series?

1 year ago
Reply to  Strider_Seiryu

Hey when Xavier gets his enhancement can you do that thing where xaviers dick is so big now he rips through his pants when he gets hard making Xavier act even more awkward because he has to constantly worry about ripping his about whenever he gets aroused and turned on and he has to buy special clothes in order prevent it from happen but their is still a colossal bulge.

1 year ago

You already know how much of a suckered I am for milk, so you can probably guess which of these three are my favorite.

1 year ago
Reply to  Emperor-k9

Lol. Cowgirls have always been weakness for me. This is a character I have had for years but I didn’t get to show her off until now. Glad you like her.

1 year ago

Nice to see more female characters. Thought this series was cancelled because of what happened a few months back.

1 year ago

I really like the look of the one with the tattoos

1 year ago

Thank you for reading!

Sorry this was a long one. The Orientation arc ends in 4 chapters, 2 of them being lunch break chapters, the other 2 being presentations. Following that, the story enter its next major arc of the series tentatively titled ‘The Dragon Fuerte’ arc, which will lead into the beginning of BSU semester.