Emergence of an Empire

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A navy blue luxury sedan pulled up to the entrance of Empire Escorts’ underground parking garage. The vehicle stopped at the garage door, right next to a wall mounted security device.The car’s window came down, revealing a caramel skinned, wild haired blonde. The woman reached out of the window with one hand and put her index finger on the device’s touch screen. The light on the the security system device turned green briefly


“Authentication: Step One Complete.” chimed a female voice from the system speakers.


The blonde woman took off her specs and then poked her head out of the window, aligning her face with a beam of light being projected from the security device. The beam made contact with her eye and the LED light turned green a second time


“Authentication: Step Two Complete” replied the voice after the successful retinal scan.


“Please speak.” said the voice on the interface.


“The World is Yours!” The blonde stated with authority, prompting the heavily secure gate to open for her.


It was a glorious morning for Melanie “Mei” Rodriguez. Having recently opened her business a couple days earlier, Empire Escorts had a very fast start. Empire Escorts is an adult entertainment service business that Mei had recently established. While the Adult Entertainment Industry was highly profitable for performers, the rewards were even greater for individuals who owned AE businesses.


Having grown tired of the corporate bureaucracy that looms over most office jobs and stagnates careers, Mei decided that she wanted to go into business for herself and be her own boss. She chose to get into the business of sex because of the profit potential. Unlike traditional businesses that sell goods, an escort service has unlimited assets which are the girls she employs. There is virtually no profit ceiling.


Ever the shrewd business mind, Mei launched Empire Escorts with money obtained from government grants available to immigrant Americans. Mei used these funds to purchase a headquarters of Goldstein Sachs, a now defunct bank and brokerage hedge fund organization that was shut down due to a massive corruption scandal. This allowed her to purchase the building at auction for mere pennies on the dollar. The busty caramel MILF intends to take full advantage of this opportunity.


After parking her car, the stacked latina stepped out and walked to a nearby parking garage elevator. Mei was looking especially radiant this morning, showing off a sexy business swagger. The milf sported a form fitting, cocaine white colored pantsuit that accentuated her meaty proportions. She wore her suit jacket open, underneath it was a blood red silk dress shirt that was left partially unbuttoned to reveal her massive cleavage. Her humongous boobs threatened to bust her top open and send buttons flying all over the place. The madam’s lips were painted black which matched her freshly manicured fingernails and black platform high heels. Mei’s eyes were hidden behind a pair of obsidian framed sunglasses. Their dark cherry red aviator style lenses reflected whatever she was looking at.


The Dominican bombshell stepped off of the elevator and into the lobby like a conquering queen about to address her mighty army before a major battle. The lobby itself was immaculate in its visual splendor. Its floors were lined with majestic looking ivory marble which had gold and speckled patterns going all the way across. The furniture was crafted of jet black Italian leather, wares that Mei inherited when she acquired the building. The walls were lined with various golden framed paintings from the various conquerors of the world from centuries past, including a massive one of legendary strategist and author Sun Tzu that was mounted just above the main entrance. These men and women were Mei’s inspiration. In the center of the room was a lounging/Conference area with a mini bar for customers to sit and associate with one another if they were waiting for an appointment or meeting. The walls were lined with opulent sculptures of nude women, goddesses of sex and love from every culture of the world. The windows of the building were tinted with a golden film which protected customer privacy while creating a bright heavenly lighting effect to the lobby interior.


The Empire Escorts Headquarters building was a state of the art building which Mei renovated to be a one stop location for all facets of her business. It’s primary purpose was to service clients, however due to the building’s massive size it was like a small military base rather than a mere office building.


This structure made it possible for Empire Escorts to conduct a number of support functions including on site training and licensing of new recruits; as well as provide rent free housing for staff who choose to take advantage of this option. New walls were built inside of giant workspaces to convert them into hotel-like suites for client service, as well as employee living quarters. The windows were replaced with new ones made of one way glass to prevent outsiders from seeing the debauchery taking place within the walls of the Empire.


As Mei made her entrance, everyone in the lobby stopped what they were doing to acknowledge her presence, from security guards to some of her young proteges who recently finished dates.


“Buenos dias mi gente!” (Spanish for “Good Morning my people!”) Yelled the Empire boss while throwing her hands in the air triumphantly.


“Good Morning La Reina!” (Spanish for “Queen”) Replied everyone in the lobby.


After the animated greeting, Mei said hello to the guard at the security desk.


“Have you seen Andre or Jin?” Mei asked.


“They are both on an outcall with Ms.Galactica.”


Mei proceeded up a curved, snake-like set of stairs. While going to the next floor, the well dressed blonde pulled up what looked like a floor plan of the building on her smartphone. There were several rooms, many of which were flashing green. This indicated rooms that were currently in use. With a swipe of her finger, Mei pulled up the next floor and the next all of which had numerous green flashing rooms.


“Excellente!” Remarked the madam as she reached the top of the stairs. Mei then looked to her left toward a set of giant double doors. Loud music can be heard from the outside.


The doors parted for Mei as she approached, and the music instantly became louder. The interior was almost like a club setting, the floors were precisely laid blue tile polished to a smooth mirror finish. Mei smiled down at her own reflection and adjusted her hair a bit. The idea was that most of the girls here rarely wore any underwear, so a floor like this was there to give visitors a little extra view as they walked about. In addition to that, tile floors were much easier to have cleaned after a sex filled event.


The walls were a form of artificial blue marble speckled with flakes of gold. Spaced neatly and evenly along the walls were sconces that put out a bright blue light that when reflected off the walls gave the feel of walking in an ocean of stars. Immediately inside the entrance were a few tables made of a light blue material. Mei wasn’t exactly sure what it was called, but it was lighter than metal, but far sturdier than plastic.


The tables were lit from within, adding more blue light to the area. She saw one customer, a stock broker of some kind, sitting at one of the tables, a drink sitting untouched in front of him as he leaned back in a white framed seat with blue leather cushions. Kneeling in front of the bald man was a young brunette who wore her hair in a short bob. She had her mouth wrapped around the man’s throbbing erection as her head slowly, and expertly bobbed up and down. The wet smacking sound of her lips gliding over his shaft was barely audible over the blaring club music.


Other girls danced in the laps of high salary earning patrons who held up bottles of champagne, celebrating a job well done at work the previous day. Recruits who were assigned to serve drinks pranced around carrying trays loaded up with shots, wearing nothing but gold thongs and crown shaped pasties. It had been a long and profitable night fueled by sex and booze! It was quite the hedonistic scene, one resembling tales of lust from the ancient Greek and Roman Empires!


Smiling to herself, Mei continued to walk through the aptly named ‘Blue Room’. Set at regular intervals along the walls were recessed, enclosed spaces where beds, tables, and booths were set up for various uses depending on the clients needs. Mei passed a pair of empty booths first. Well, not entirely empty, one of the girls was poking around in one for some reason.


“Niña (Spanish for “Girl”), Let maintenance do the cleaning up,” she told the young red haired girl. Though her hair looked almost purple in this blue lighting.


“Oh, boss!” said the young lady, “I’m not cleaning, I lost an eye contact in here earlier when the client came all over my face, I was hoping I could find it…”


“Ahh, I see.” Mei said, “Don’t worry about it, just go get a new set. I’ll take care of paying for the replacement.”


“Really?” the girl asked.


“I don’t want my girls getting pinkeye or anything from a dirty contact, just be more careful in the future.” she told her with a smile.


The redhead stood up and nodded, “Thanks so much, boss!!” she said, running over to give Mei a hug. Mei returned the gesture in kind, reaching a hand down to give her tight little ass a squeeze. The girl squeaked playfully and leaned up to kiss Mei’s cheek before heading out the way Mei had entered.


Mei continued on to the next set of spaces, these were both fully occupied with large beds, each with four people on them! The bed to her left held another stock broker, this one Mei recognized as she had answered his video call personally to arrange the event. He called Empire Escorts after seeing the Galactica billboard on the highway a few days ago. This particular stock broker was a short man with curly purple hair. All around him were three naked young girls. Mei smiled as she watched them work.


One girl laid on her belly in front of him, his balls both fitting perfectly in her mouth as she rolled them around with her tongue. Thankfully the music was too loud for Mei to hear his groans as he had his arms around the other two girls with him. On his left was a petite little blonde with her hair in pigtails, her only clothing was a choker with the word ‘CUMDUMP’ written in gold lettering across it. She ran her dainty hand over his chest as she leaned in close and nibbled on his ear. To his right was a VERY busty brunette, her hair tied back into a single long ponytail. She leaned her big heavy tits around his shoulder as his hand moved between her silky thighs to play with the folds of her perfectly smooth pussy.


Mei had spent a lot of money on brazillian waxes her first couple of days, but it was money well spent. She watched as the first girl spit out the man’s balls and moved to slowly run her tongue up the length of his cock, letting out a long erotic moan as she did so. She then easily took him in her mouth, and the broker groaned loud enough for Mei to hear. The man leaned his head back to savor the touch of the beautiful girl’s mouth on his less than impressive dick.


Keep it up ladies!’ Mei thought proudly as she turned to the other stall. It too had a large bed inside where a Beast Maiden was currently being spit-roasted by two more businessmen. Both were good looking young men with fairly average packages below their belts. Mei remembered this girl not just because she was a Beast Maiden, but because she was the only chameleon beast maiden in her employ and one of very few in World City.


“GUH GUG GUH GUG GUH GUH MMMMMMPH!” she moaned as both men plowed her mouth and pussy together. Her skin was a deep deep blue, matching the sheets of the bed she rested on top of. She was a fairly thin girl, with a long tail currently coiled around the waist of the young man behind her. Her long normally green hair was now a matching blue that hung off her shoulders like a waterfall.


MOAR… MOOOAR!!!” she gagged and moaned around the other man’s cock, pulling her mouth free and using her long tongue to continue stroking his dick quickly.


“Ahhhhh, hooman cawksh are da besht!!!” she moaned breathlessly.


“I luv dem sho mush… phuck meh harder pweash!!!” continued the chameleon, her mouth full.


Mei smirked while continuing to watch. Chammy, the chameleon Beast Maiden, was working here not just for the pay, but because compared to the Beast men of her species, even the most pathetically endowed human was massive by comparison. Mei supposed that made Chammy a ‘size queen’ among her people. On top of that, Chammy had a strong craving for the touch of human men.


The Empire leader left the blue room, pleased with what she saw. Mei then went to a nearby elevator and stepped inside, her destination was her office. She sang along with the Reggaeton music that pumped out of the elevator speakers while awaiting the arrival to her floor. On her way to the office she made a quick detour, stopping at the training area. Loud, bellowing screams could be heard coming from one of the rooms.


OOOOOH, OOOOOHO, OOOOOH!!!” a girl moaned deeply as she was sandwiched between two men, one in her twat, the other in her ass!


Mei recognized her as Sandi, a sweet girl new to the business fresh out of High School. She first encountered her during SPLASH during her long treks on the beaches of Sapphire Shores. Apparently she’d been offered a full scholarship to BSU, but turned it down because she wanted to get right to work and earn a living. She had short purple hair and pink eyes which had red pupils, a distinguishing feature that caught Mei’s eye when she first saw her. Mei watched as the two men alternated their hips in perfect synch, one pushing in as the other pulled out. Sandi’s rounded ass jiggled enticingly with the force of the thrusts of the man on top of her.


“Very good , now, take the third in your mouth.” said the voice of someone just out of sight. Mei walked further into the room so she could get a closer look at the action, taking note of the tall, statuesque beast woman who was giving instructions. Mei watched as a third man came over and kneeled next to Sandi. He pushed his thick, but short, cock into the girl’s mouth as she let out a long, needy moan.


“See Sandi, doing air-tight isn’t so hard.” Bambi said with a wry smile. Securing Bambi was a lucky break for Mei. She is a young, rising starlet who was formerly a free agent; she had nearly a dozen studio’s clamoring to offer her a new contract for her services. But when Mei called, she turned them all down in favor of joining the promising upstart team the empress was assembling.


MMMMMMPH!!!” Sandi moaned as she bucked between the three men as they all thrusted into her again and again. The young girl swayed her hips to meet their cocks every time they plunged deep into her waiting holes.


GUH GUG GUH!!!” she gagged lightly around the cock in her mouth as her entire body began shaking in pleasure.


Clearly she’s enjoying herself.‘ Mei thought as she listened to the girl moan in ecstasy while cumming hard!


“Si! El poder y la vitalidad de la juventud!” (Spanish for “Yes, The Power and Vibrance of Youth!”) the leader exclaimed while fist pumping to cheer on her young apprentice.


The man in her mouth groaned from the sensation of her throat vibrating around his dick as he pulled free just in time to dump his load all over her face!


“Ahhhaaa!!” Sandi gasped as the hot jizz splashed against her face. Above and beneath her, the two men DPing her other holes both grunted as they slammed themselves balls deep at the same time.


“Ahhhha, so waaaarm…” Sandi moaned as she felt their cum flooding inside her.


“She’s showing a lot of promise,” the tall beast woman said when she noticed Mei watching the show.


“Ah, Bambi Vixen, pushing the envelope I see.” Mei said as she came over to stand next to her protégé.


Bambi was a deer beast maiden, one of the first Mei had ever met in person. Her stage moniker was inspired by a movie character of the same name along with the namesake of one of Santa Claus’ famed reindeer, Vixen.


Bambi stood an impressive six foot three, with an equally impressive curvy figure, breasts that could put a bovine beast maiden to shame, and a pair of hips and thighs to match! Her skin was a perfect golden brown, the kind of tan color that people paid a fortune for in salons. The sides of her body were marked with cream colored speckles which went from her legs up to the sides of her arms and torso. This detail was easy to notice because of her attire, which was merely a pair of tiny gym shorts and a cut off tank top that revealed plenty of underboob.


Her torso area was a creamy shade that matched the color of the spots on the sides of her body. The woman’s eyes were large and doe like,which were a deep brown tint. A pair of thick branch like antlers protruded upward from the top of her head.


Her long white hair was speckled with brown spots and transitioned into golden brown tips. Some races had all the luck when it came to hair coloring. Mei would have had to spend over an hour in a stylist’s chair to get the same look, and it would be a nightmare to maintain it!


“Isn’t it a little early for the air-tight position?” Mei asked.


“I guess not!” Bambi answered excitedly while looking on.


“I know she was scouted by BSU but I didn’t expect her to take a triple team this early.” Mei commented, impressed by Sandi’s lewd display.


“Sandi, ready for more?” Bambi asked the new girl.


“Yeeeesssss…” Sandi moaned happily.


Bambi snapped her fingers and a second pair of men that Mei hadn’t noticed at the back of the compartment stepped out. Mei let out a low whistle, both of them were hung and then some! The two men climbed onto the giant sized bed with the 4 people already there. Mei watched as Sandi separated herself from between the two men she had been sandwiched between and knelt down, proceeding to suck off the next two guys.


“She is a spirited one!” Bambi remarked with a pleased smile.


“Si! She has la pasión!” Mei replied with a head nod and a confident smirk, certain that this recruit would become a success.


“Thank you again for accepting my invitation.” Mei said graciously.


“This is a chance to build something great. I had a lot of deals on the table but they all wanted to sign me to long term deals that give them exclusive rights to my likeness. I wanted some flexibility.” Bambi confessed to Mei.


“When this phase is complete you will still be able to do porn if you want, but on your own terms, control your own destiny and worth.” Mei affirmed as the two watched the 2 man gang glaze the new recruit with sperm.


“I trust you Ms. Mei. You haven’t steered me wrong yet.”


“And I believe in you too Bambi. You’re off to a great start as a trainer. I’m gonna go check on Training Room 2. ” Mei remarked while playfully slapping Bambi on one of her tits.


“Alright, who wants to be next?” Bambi asked while looking at the other recruits in the room.


Mei then walked further down the hall to another large studio sized room.


AHHHH YOU’RE SO FUCKING BIG! I’M GONNA BREAK!” screamed a female voice from inside the room. As Mei walked in, she recognized the shapely blue haired young woman lying on her back. It was Julia, the very first girl she met during SPLASH! The bedpost slammed into the wall repeatedly and the bed shook as an NFL linebacker sized stud continued to pump furiously on top of Julia. She held on tightly, squeezing his shoulders as her feet dangled at the sides of her head as he plunged his into her moist muff over and over. Her toes curled as the stud brought her to an overwhelming orgasm.


IM CUMMMMMMING!” she screamed viscerally! It was clear to both that while Julia had some skills to begin with, she hadn’t taken on a large cock in her short sexual career .


“She has some talent but needs breaking in.” Commented a curvy blonde with glasses. The round curve of her heavy ass stuck out from underneath the pastel blue miniskirt she was wearing. Her ample breasts filled out her sleeveless blouse very well. She was like the popular busty office secretary fantasy come to life! This was the very same woman whose image Mei conjured before Galactica and Leda at SPLASH days earlier.


“Yes, but that comes with the territory for most girls who get into this business. With your 22 years in the game Julia is in good hands Clara.” Mei chuckled.


“Hey! Are you calling me old!?” Clara snapped self consciously.


“No, I meant, you bring elite level skill and experience to the table. I need your knowledge to whip these raw niñas into escort shape Señora.” Mei answered, joking with the señora remark.


At 43 years of age, Clara Climax is seven years Mei’s senior. An award winning former pornstar and travelling stripper, Clara came out of retirement due to being bored at home. She is seeking a new challenge by advising Mei, training young recruits and escorting herself.


The big stud thrust even faster as he approached his limit. Unable to contain himself, he pulled out of Julia, shooting a big glob of cum on her face which she didn’t expect.


AHHHHH! MY EYES!” Julia screamed, drowning out her partner’s loud grunts. It was painfully apparent to Mei that she didn’t know how to take a facial and had never done it before. Julia quickly hopped off of the bed and ran to the eyewash station on the other end of the room to wash her eyes out. This prompted playful laughter from both Mei and Clara.


“Are you alright?” Mei yelled to the blue haired young woman.


“Yeah, I just never got it in my eyes before.”


“It’s ok, it happens to us all.” Mei replied.


“When you know your partner is about to blow, raise your chin up and tilt your head back slightly.” Advised the Empire Ceo while handing Julia a towel to wipe off the excess cum from her body.


“That way when the guy cums most of it will land on your chin, mouth and tits.” The Empire Escorts boss continued.


“Thanks for the advice!” Julia responded while giving them a nod.


“De nada!” (Spanish for “You’re Welcome!”) the green eyed madam acknowledged with a nod.


“This guy might have something as well. Phase 2 maybe?” Clara questioned.


“I have already selected our ACE for phase 2. He’s not ready yet, but he will be ready when the time comes to commence the next phase.” Mei declared confidently with a surefire smirk.


“Ooooh, now I want to know who it is.” Clara said curiously.


“You will get to meet him soon enough Señora.” Mei assured with a smile.


“Can you PLEASE stop calling me that?”


“I’m just showing the proper respect, mentora!” Mei joked before giving her an animated bear hug. Mei squeezed Clara tightly, so hard that Clara imagined her back breaking.


“Okay! Okay! I get it Melanie!” Clara strained for oxygen. She herself laughed as Mei released her grip.


“But seriously, thank you for joining me, Clara.” Mei said with a head nod before walking away.


After the spontaneous detour, the Empire Escorts owner went up three more floors to the living quarters area. Mei passed several room doors before stopping at a rather large set of double doors at the end of the hall. Loud music boomed from inside the room.




ITS OPEN!” Yelled a voice from inside the room.


Mei walked in to see three women only wearing bras and thong panties.The first woman was Tian, a busty Asian with long raven hair styled into a loose ponytail which folded over in the back. In the front she had thick hime cut bangs. She was seated on the edge of the bed in her room. Her silver bra and panties matched well with the color of her gray hued eyes. The second woman was Tasha, Mei’s best friend and day 1 homegirl since moving to the United States. She sat on a stool on the floor just beneath where Tian was seated. She possessed an exotic look which came from her from her mix of black and caucasian ethnicity. She had recently dyed her hair from a sandy blonde to a combination of it and a rich brownshade. She was currently getting her hair braided by Tian. Seated in the center of the bed was Eve, Mei’s youngest protege, having just turned 18; and the lobby receptionist for Empire Escorts. The young blonde painted her toenails while singing along to the songs with Tian and Tasha.


BEUNAS DIIIAAAAAAS BITCHES!” Mei exclaimed loudly, rolling her tongue on the Dias part.


“What up girl!” Tasha replied


“Hey boss!


“Good morning miss Mei”


“Y’all ready for the big day?” Mei asked. This was going to be the first official day for Tian and Tasha at Empire and the first day for Eve in industry altogether. Mei approached the bed, pulling out a card from her pocket. She then handed the card to Eve.


“Quite a few people have been asking about you Eve.”


“Really?” Eve asked shyly.


“Si, all I’m hearing from my secretary is people calling and asking ‘Who’s that girl at the front desk’”. Mei informed Eve.


“That’s why I got you this. This is your AEWA Provisional License. It will all allow you to work while training. Now you can make some real money.”


“Thank you Miss Mei!” Eve yelled as she hopped off of the bed and gave her mentor a hug, careful not to get the avocado cream mask she was wearing on Mei.


“Tasha, your client today is a real high roller.”


“Oh really?” Tasha questioned.


“Hell yeah, the kid is an up and coming gambler. He’s from out of town. He won a big poker competition at the Bigg Cupps Hotel a little while back. Violette Beauregard turned him down that night. During SPLASH he couldn’t party because he was in another competition. He’s leaving town tomorrow. Give him a reason to come back and show him how we get down.


“You know I got this on lock!” Tasha replied with a confident nod.


“This is an outcall. Jin will drive you to the Bigg Cupps Casino in two hours.”


“Check, but how do you know this information?”


“Julia. She used to work at Bigg Cupps. Her sister still works there at the front desk. They have access to lists of all the clientele including VIPs. Hotel employees don’t make much so their lips loosen for that paper. High rollers are always looking for the next big thing so they can try it first.” Mei answered with a smirk.


Mei then shifted her attention to Tian.


“Tia or should I say, Chyna Doll, your date is coming in. He’s 40, married with kids and doesn’t have a prenup. He loves Asians and tips well because of his home situation. He wants to keep this discreet. Meet him at the secret garage entrance.


“Got it!. He’s in good hands.” Tian assured her with pride.


“Fuck the SOUL out of him. This guy doesn’t like to deal with multiple services. Make Empire his new home to serve all his kinky needs.”


“After today he won’t go anywhere else to blow his money.” Tian answered with a wink.


“What about me?” Eve asked.


“I found somebody for you. Young, handsome and inexperienced. This one is critical, you see he’s one of the top high school quarterbacks in the nation. He’s in town to visit World City University. The objective is to get him to sign with WCU at all costs. They hired us to make sure he makes the right decision.” Mei explained while showing her a picture of the young man on her phone.


“Succeed and we will have a long term partner to do business with.”


“Shouldn’t a more experienced girl be doing a big job like this?” Eve asked nervously.


“You won’t be alone. Clara is going with you. This Client has a specific request. He has a fantasy for having a mother daughter duo. She will assist you, just follow her lead and act the part. You will meet him at the airport. This is a 24 hour date, so you will have plenty of time to get to know the guy and work him over REALLY good. We’re all counting on you Eve.


“I won’t fail you La Reina.” Eve assured, still sounding somewhat nervous.


“I’ll leave y’all to finish getting ready. I gotta go to the office and see what’s poppin with business. Buena suerte chicas!” (Spanish for “Good Luck Ladies!“) Mei declared with confidence as she headed out the door.


The boss continued on, to the elevator, her destination, the 8th floor. This is where her office as well as the offices of Galactica and her other officers were located. Mei then headed to the door that was labeled with a gold placard that read “Executive Secretary” Mei walked in the door. Sitting at the desk was a shapely, well formed redhead Beast Maiden. Her ears drooped to the sides of her head, resting on her red locks.The woman’s pupiless eyes matched the color of her hair.


“Good Morning Maxi.”


Maxi is Maxine “Maxi Muffins” McGregor, a former exotic dancer who now specializes in Administrative Services. She serves as Mei’s personal secretary and assistant. In addition to this, she is the Director of Human Resources at Empire Escorts. As Maxi’s name implies, she is best known for her plump, soft muffin-like ass. She also boasts bountiful pillow-like bosoms, enough to make most cocks disappear in between them. Maxi offered a warm smile as she replied to Mei.


“Good morning Mei.” Maxi greeted She chuckled lightly having overheard Julia’s training a few floors below with her keen sense of hearing. She is a canine Beast Maiden, her specific breed being Red Irish Setter. Given her hyper auditory abilities, Maxi could hear most of what goes on around her, including several floors above and below her.


“What’s crackin?” Mei asked her secretary.


“A lot actually. A man by the name of Nobunaga called and asked for you. He wanted to speak with you about representing us.”


“Ah, so Nobunaga is interested in working with us. It’s been almost 20 years since I last saw him. I heard he’s moving his practice to World City.”


“Yes, That’s what he told me. How do you know Mr. Nobunaga anyway?”


“Family connection. He is my father in law, Xen Williams’ lawyer and close friend. He has been by Xen’s side for decades.” the bronze woman answered. “I’m pretty close with my mother in law, Sharee. She must have told Xen about my new business, and he probably brought it up to Nobunaga and suggested me as a client.”


“I set up an appointment for tomorrow morning. He told me he’s flying in tonight.”


“Good. Did you hear anything from the liquor and food vendors yet?”


“Yes, they will be delivering in 2 days.” Maxi answered.


“Great things are falling into place.”


“Invitations have been sent out for the party in 2 weeks, costumes for the girls have already been delivered.” Maxi informed her boss.


“Thank you. Please add Nobunaga, Xen and Sheree Williams to the guest list for “The Event” The green eyed woman instructed.


“Will do. A new batch of applications is in. I have reviewed them. I forwarded them to you with my suggestions on the best candidates.


“I’ll look over them today and get back with you.” Mei replied with a smile.


“Also, the World City Journal would like to do an interview with you.”


“Set it up for Wednesday, Tika doesn’t have any bookings that day. We will do the interview together.”


“Ok. Also we have some potential investors.”


“Hmmmm…I’ll think about it. It depends on what kinds of terms they’re looking for. Investors will want to have some say in how we operate. I’ve worked too hard to establish this to relinquish ANY of the control I have. You can set up a meeting. I’m not answering to anyone, but I’m willing to listen to what they have to say.


I’ll set it up for you. How about friday?” Maxi asked.


“That works for me. Alright, I’m gonna go look at these applications.” Mei told her before stepping out


While en route to her office she did a quick salsa number while singing the words to an old salsa song she liked, continuing down the hallway until she got to her office door.


Mei entered the room and marveled at the sight of it all. She had told the architects and carpenters not to hold back, and by the looks of it; they definitely didn’t! Calling the room high end would have been an understatement. Nearly everything was polished or brushed steel. The floor was brushed steel tiles, with a rubberized blue grout in between individual tiles that also doubled as a light source. With a word, the entire room could become bathed in blue light like the Blue Room downstairs. The wall to the south end of the room had several shelves, one with a very expensive auto barista, where she could just press a button to have any kind of coffee drink she wanted in a few seconds.


Above that was a shelf with a few pictures of Mei and some exotic landscapes. To the side of the coffee machine was a bookshelf with all her favorite first editions of erotic novels by one of her favorite authors, “Blue Armor”. She even had a few self printed copies of his early work as an online novelist, before he went big time.


On the opposite wall, there was but a single shelf with a selection of top shelf liquors and an assortment of the proper glasses to drink them from. The other walls were adorned with plaques symbolizing numerous accomplishments during her career ranging from her Realtors License and Masters Degree in business management and administration from her Alma Mater, Queens Community College to her awards for various businesses she worked for. The most telling was a plaque that read “Adult Entertainment World Association Officer of the Year: Melanie Rodriguez, Special Agent, 1st class.” The plethora of awards on her wall served as a testament to her continuous pursuit of excellence in every endeavor she tried, as well as her knowledge and skill. Mei had scraped her way from obscurity to become a true master of her craft.


To the left of the entrance to the room, there was a door that led to another room within. On the other side of the door was a spacious, master bathroom, about the size of a master bedroom in a high end family home. It boasted a marble walk-in shower with multiple nozzle heads coming from the ceiling. Enclosed by glass, it was big enough for up to 6 people to shower in simultaneously. In addition to the shower, there was also a jacuzzi across from it which Mei can use after a hard day’s work running her business.


Mei’s desk was the real centerpiece though. A polished mirror steel desk, with what looked to be an obsidian surface, but was actually a touchscreen display. With a wave of her hand she could bring up her bank accounts, inventories, spreadsheets and employee pay records. As well as an Ultra 4K screen UHD display for watching the girls work, or the occasional romantic chick flick. As she sat down, a slot opened on the surface of the desk. A single basic glass rose up, and Mei said, “Agua.” out loud.


A small nozzle came up next to the glass, and pivoted before pouring high end spring water into the glass. The surface of the glass instantly began sweating as the water was prechilled to her preferred temp. Next to the glass, another, larger slot opened bringing out what looked like an assorted candy dish, but instead of hard candies, there was a selection of pills in the compartments.


“No thanks,” she told the computer that was always watching and listening.


The pill tray went back into the hidden compartment and Mei took a long sip of her water, relishing the cool fluid as it slid down her throat.


Mei took in a deep breath after sitting down at her desk, giving thought to what she had started. The boss lady then looked at numerous small framed pictures of her family back home in the Dominican Republic and of course her only son. Mei glanced over all of the pictures including one on the end that also included her and a smaller man standing next to her who was carrying the toddler aged Xavier on his shoulders. However, the man’s face was blocked by the glare of the rising sun that shot through her office windows. Mei let out a sigh as she briefly contemplated what could have been.


She then got up and walked over to the balcony on the other end of her office, opening the door to catch some of the cool breeze that was flowing through World City that day.


“Finalmente estoy aquí!” (Spanish for “I’m finally here!”) Mei commented while stepping outside to watch the sunrise.


She then went back to her desk and sat down to begin going through revenue records for the first couple of days.



(2 hours later……)




Mei looked over to the door as if she was expecting someone.


“Come!” said the CEO.


The door opened to reveal a woman with two toned purple hair, rosy cheeks and blue eyes. She smelled of tropical hibiscus flowers, having just stepped out of the shower minutes ago. Her voluptuous curves were hidden behind a pink bathrobe. Mei got up and approached the woman. They embraced one another, pressing their cheeks together


“Long time no see , how did it go?”


“It was pretty easy. This guy was a real freak. He’s heavy into S&M. He’s a sub too, so I didn’t have to work hard.”


“He wanted you to peg him the whole time?” Mei asked


“Most of the time he did… He liked getting whipped and paddled too.” Galactica chuckled.


“We need to talk but first let’s get a little more comfortable.” Mei suggested while grabbing a remote off of her desk.


There was a soft pneumatic humming sound as Mei pressed a button on the remote. She stepped away from her desk as it suddenly sank into the floor. A large seam appeared on the wall with her book collection and coffee maker. The panel then rotated around a full one hundred and eighty degrees, revealing a large circular bed with red sheets and large pink heart shaped pillows. The section of wall with her selection of alcohol then extended outwards, revealing a full bar with a mixer and all the tools one needed to mix any cocktail they could desire. There was even an instant ice maker for frosted drinks.


On the far end of her office, a once blank section of wall slid up to reveal another room entirely. This one was filled with all kinds of sexual fetish gear. Leather Mistress outfits, collars, crops, whips, and even a nurses outfit on a mannequin. Additionally, she had several other themed outfits such as French Maid, Police Officer, Doctor just to name a few. This room was like Iron Man’s room full of various armored suits for every scenario.


This was Mei’s personal storage room for her work equipment in case she accepted a job personally, an extreme rarity because of her role and responsibilities as Chief Executive Officer of the Empire Escorts organization


Galactica let out a low whistle. “Nice selection. You pay extra for this option?” she asked.


“Of course!” she told her in an absolute tone, mimicking an Xavier catch phrase.


Mei kicked off her heels and took off her jacket while Galactica flopped on the bed, clearly exhausted from her two day trip. The two hadn’t gotten to speak since the night Xavier was caught with Mai by Matsunami. The busty caramel goddess then climbed on to the heart shaped bed and moved behind galactica. Mei then slowly peeled back her bathrobe to expose Tika’s shoulders.


“Ahhhhhhhhh…..” sighed Galactica as Mei began to rub her shoulder.


“How did the meeting at the club go?” Mei asked sweetly.


“Peach said she wasn’t interested in a partnership. There is nothing for her to gain by working with us.”


“Hmmmm… it doesn’t surprise me that Taneisha answered the way she did.” Mei replied while rubbing Tika’s shoulders with more strength and pressure”


“Taneisha…. Do you know her? ”


“Yes… I used to be a dancer back home. She was a coworker back in the day.” Mei replied.


“Peach is the most successful strip club owner in the world” Galactica added


“She’s been on top for a while. That allows for complacency. From the top one can’t see what’s going on at the bottom. I gave Taneisha her chance, she went from potential ally to our competition. It’ll be fun to challenge them, I’m ready for it.” Mei said.


“But I can’t do it without you, mi querida Galactica. (Spanish for “My Darling Galactica”)” Mei whispered into Galactica’s ear before lightly kissing her neck, sending chills through her body.


“Oooh….So this is what working for you is like…” Tika cooed. However before the two women could go any further, they were interrupted by an announcement on TV.


“We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring to you this year’s BSU orientation event!” Said the voice on the television. Mei immediately stopped what she was doing and both her and Galactica stared up at the TV.


“This is a showcase for talent we can acquire.” Tika observed. Mei nodded, confirming her reason for wanting to watch the show. The two ladies leaned back and relaxed as they took in the event. The event begins with Taiyohime’s opening speech. They looked on, eager to see who the first student to go on stage would be.


“Good morning Mr. Williams. Nice of you to join us today.” said a female voice as all of the cameras focused on Xavier. Mei watched with her mouth hanging open in shock, for it was completely out of character for her son to show up late.


“You have just volunteered to be the first of the Freshman recruits to present yourself to the students and staff. Please come to the stage.” The voice of Taiyohime continued. Mei watched in horror as Xavier took the walk of shame to the stage. Her heart was breaking because there was nothing she could do about it. As Xavier addressed the hostile crowd Mei got on her feet and approached the TV. This confirmed to Galactica that the angry young man rapping on stage was Mei’s son. The fiery latina mom cheered and fist pumped as her little blue dragon rapped. She felt an avalanche of emotions, from sadness and anger to pride and reassurance as her little blue dragon proceeded to roast his enemies with his raging lyrical inferno!


“SÍ, SÍ!! MUESTRALES TU IRA!! (Yes, Yes! show them your wrath!) GET EM’ JAVI!! FUCK THEM HIJOS DE PUTA!! (Motherfuckers!) MATALOS A TODOS!! (Kill em all!!)” yelled the fiery mom while jumping up and down, her huge tits bouncing like basketballs! Galactica couldn’t help but giggle at how animated Mei was.


After several minutes Xavier’s freestyle concluded, the room became dead quiet matching the silence of the arena for a moment. That is until……


“YOU GO BOY! REPRESENT! QUEENS IN THE HOOOOUUUUSSSSE!!” Mei yelled at the TV as Xavier dropped his microphone


“You see that Tika?! THAT’S MY BABY! LOOK AT HIM!” Screamed the proud mother while jumping up and down, stomping on the floor and clapping her hands. Tika continued to chuckle, happy for both Mei and Xavier.


“Thats how you make em shut the fuck up.” Mei said matter of factly while looking back at Galactica, referencing the still silent crowd.


“So that little guy is your son huh, he’s cute! He has your eyes.” Galactica complimented while looking at Mei.


“I gave him my good looks, brains and my hustle. He doesn’t know it yet but Javi is gonna spearhead Phase 2.”


“So this is gonna be a family business?” Tika asked with an eager curiosity.


“He has his own dreams, but this will help him and us. You’re looking at the future top stud in the business!” Mei declared firmly while pointing at the TV.”


“He does need some help getting there though. He’s never had a full fledged woman before, I wanna set him up on a date with you. Maybe you can give him ‘The Rub’” Mei suggested with her brow raised.


“I’ll do a lot more than rub.” Galactica responded with a wink. Mei nodded in agreement while walking back to the bed.


“Is that so?” Mei asked prodding for more detail.


“I’ve heard he has a big ol’ thick horsey cock. I wanna test my new surgery against it.”


“Surgery?” Mei asked with her brow raised.


“Yes. I went under the knife for a new prototype procedure. It gives my mouth the feel and tightness of a pussy.


“Oooh. I didn’t know something like that was possible. Looking forward to seeing that in action.”


“I could help build his cock endurance with it.” Galactica said with a giggle before moving on to her next subject.


“Does he know what you do for a living?” Galactica inquired.


“Not yet, he has a bit of a temper. I know he won’t take the news well. He tries to fight every man who even looks in my direction. I was thinking I’ll tell him before the winter break internship. With a few months experience in the business maybe he will be more understanding of what I do.. I’m hoping to get him as one of our interns.”


“You think you can keep this under wraps that long?”


“I might tell him sooner, but right now isn’t the right time. He’s just getting started and he’s muy stressed out right now. I want him to at least settle in for a month or so. On top of his problems with women, he sent me a text and told me his tuition and all of his expenses were mysteriously paid in full. It wasn’t me.”


“Do you know who did?”


“I have a really good idea of who it is.” Mei answered in a tone that conveyed her annoyance with the mysterious benefactor. Before Galactica could press further the show returned from commercial break. Both members of the tittylicious duo shifted their attention back to the television. Violette Beauregard, the next presenter, made her regal entrance and took the stage. Violette grabbed their attention and held it with her absolute presence, and confidence although it crossed into arrogance territory. Galactica was fully sold on Violette, Mei was more skeptical of her. The blonde’s attention was more focused on someone else Violette was passing in the crowd during her stage exit.


I met her not long ago on the beach. We had a 4some with two guys at a resort. Violette is definitely worth recruiting. Her tits are so soft and squeezable!” Galactica remarked with a lusty grin.”


“From what I heard she’s a top recruit but from what I see… her ego is El Gigante. Those types think they know it all and don’t wanna listen to anyone.” Mei assessed while listening to Violette speak.


“I see what you’re saying, but she’s gonna be a superstar. She’s already well known and has talent that I got to see and feel for myself personally.” explained the superstar escort.


“We’ll see.” Mei replied. It was apparent to Galactica that there were other reasons Mei was reluctant to co-sign Violette.


“She is good but there’s someone else who will be presenting that you need to see.” The boss explained.


“I see…” Galactica commented skeptically


During the next comercial break, Mei got up and got herself and Galactica some coffee. Brass was up next. Both Mei and Galactica’s eyes widened, their pupils becoming big flashing green dollar signs and the sounds of cash registers rang out as the amazing amazon of a woman made her musical entrance to the stage. Neither of the two women had seen Brass before. They looked at one another and smirked before taking a sip of coffee in perfect sync with one another before shifting their attention back to the television.


“She has “IT!” Galactica exclaimed while pointing at the giant, nodding her head in an animated way.


“La Chispa!” (The Spark!) the bronze milf replied with a single head nod.


They watched intently as the giant told her story, compelled by what they were hearing.


“HMMMM… This girl is definitely raw. She has next to no experience but we can do something with her.” Observed the veteran escort. Brass impressed Mei and Galactica with her presentation, displaying grit, charm, humor and of course, her powerful velvet smooth singing voice. Mei and Galactica conversed once more during the commercial break.


“Brass has the attitude for it. That set of tetas on her aren’t hurting her chances either. They’re even bigger than yours.” Mei remarked while reaching out to poke Galactica in her tit.


“She could be presented as a special attraction if we get her come winter time.”


“Do you know how many students we are allowed to take in?” Mei asked suggestively.


“I’m not sure, but BSU won’t be the only AE school doing internships over the holidays. Harlot State is sending their first students to World City for it this year. We should check out their students too.” Suggested the rosy cheeked escort.


“So the two rival schools will be competing for internships… Interesting”


As the TV program returned from commercial, it was time for the next student to present. The Empire CEO and Vice President stared in awe as the kimono clad woman began her entrance. Mei’s eyes widened as the individual lowered the twin fans she held in her hands and revealed her face.


“THAT’S HER TIKA! The girl I wanted you to see!” Mei yelled in excitement for Matsunami.


Galactica gazed at the television screen, intrigued by Matsunami’s enigmatic entrance and her sense of style.


“Get it Nami!” Mei yelled out while clapping her hands. They both watched attentively as Matsunami told her story. Matsunami captivated Mei and Galactica with the account of her life and times. She backed up her title as the AEWA’s Rookie of the Year by delivering a spectacular impromptu striptease performance, making her victim cum in his pants without touching him.


“She is the girl I want. Matsunami is the complete package! Skill, Charisma, Knowledge. On top of her skills, she is down to earth as a person. Very approachable and easy to talk to.”


“You know her or something?” Galactica questioned in response, before taking another sip of coffee.


“Si! I do know Matsunami. I walked in on her and Javi a little while back. He was holding on to her thighs and she had her legs up in the air, ‘La carretilla!’” (The Wheelbarrow!). Mei recalled as she stood on the bed thrusting her hips back and forth, mimicking the image of Xavier and Matsunami from that night. Matsunami stood there and took in the uproarious cheers for a while before moving to exit the stage. Rather than going backstage to the dressing room on the other side of the curtain she walked down the stairs and went up the center aisle completely naked. She stopped at the end of the row where Violette was sitting. They locked eyes long enough for the cameras to get a close up shot of them.


“Is this the reason why you’re not sold on Violette?” Galactica inquired with her brow raised. Mei remained silent. After Matsunami went to the dressing room in the back of the building, it was time for an intermission.


“They’re taking a 20 minute break.” Mei pointed out, giving Galactica a suggestive smirk from the other side of the bed.


“We have time to finish before the show comes back on.”


Crawling across the bed, Mei smiled as she looked over at Tika as the other woman shed the bathrobe she had on, revealing her luscious naked figure beneath. Licking her lips slowly, she crawled over to Tika and pressed her mouth to the other woman’s. Their breasts pressed together softly as she pushed her tongue into her mouth.


Tika giggled, reached her hands between them, unbuttoning Mei’s blouse slowly, popping one button after the next. The blonde woman grinned as Tika freed her heavy melons from her top. Mei didn’t bother with a bra today, allowing them to spill out into the famous call girls skilled hands.


“Mmmmmmmh…” Mei cooed in pleasure as Tika’s hands squeezed in all the right ways. So many men just got grabby, squeezing and kneading the tits. Few knew just HOW to fondle them. It was something only another woman could possibly know.


“Mmmmmh, oh my,” Tika purred.


“Hmm?” Mei asked as Tika stopped just a little.


“Before today, I didn’t know you had children.” Tika said with a smile, kneading her breasts differently now.


“Your milk glands are expanded. Meaning you’ve breastfed. Even if I didn’t just see your son on TV, I would have known from groping these.” she told her.


“You, really are a professional.” Mei said with a giggle before kissing the other woman again.


“Mmmmmmmmh…” Tika purred into the kiss, sliding her tongue along Mei’s slowly, pulling it back into her own mouth gently. The blonde moaned back as Tika circled her areola with her thumbs, then pressed down on both nipples like a pair of buttons!


“Hmmmmmm!” Mei moaned, as that simple touch sent a wave of arousal through her. Tika’s hands then slowly pushed away from her breasts, spreading open the front of her blouse as Mei gently shrugged out of the fine silk garment. Their bare breasts came into contact, and Mei allowed herself a second to savor the warm, smooth, and sheer softness of another woman. Their tits rubbed and slided against one another as their lips remained locked together.


She felt Tika’s nimble fingers tracing up her spine slowly, sending a light tingle up and down her back. She broke the kiss and moved to lean her head down to smooch Tika’s neck and shoulder softly. From the way the purple haired woman shivered, Mei knew she was close to that spot every woman had. Taking a guess, she slowly brushed her tongue along the side of her neck, to the spot just behind her ear…


“Ahhhaaaa…” Tika gasped.


Bingo.’ Mei thought to herself, kissing that spot gently, then teasing it with her tongue more.


“Mmmmmmh…” Tika purred like a cat, her hands moving down to work at the front of Mei’s pants, deftly undoing the belt she had one hand on and opening the front with ease. Mei squirmed her hips slowly as Tika pushed down her pants and panties down simultaneously. Once down by her ankles, she freed one foot and kicked her clothes out onto the floor.


The two women then fell all over each other, mouths locked together as Tika rolled herself on top for a moment as their smooth silky legs interlaced. Mei could feel the heat coming off of Tika’s pussy with her thigh as the other woman gently humped herself against Mei. The blonde giggled and moved her hand to grab a fistful of Tika’s perfectly shaped ass, giving a nice firm squeeze. She loved the feeling of Tika’s skin, Mei could tell Tika took good care of her body.


Tika then broke their kiss and moved to nibble on Mei’s neck, her plump soft lips gently sucking on her caramel colored skin as she made her way from the base of her shoulder to the edge of her left ear. Mei then moaned herself as Tika instantly found her weak point as she took her earlobe between her teeth and gently tugged on it.


Mei bit on her lower lip softly as Tika had her fun before licking and kissing her way down her smooth body. She gripped both Mei’s breasts again, pressing them together before taking both nipples into her mouth. Mei let out another soft cooing moan as she felt Tika’s tongue slipping and sliding between and all around her nipples before her lips wrapped around both of them and sucked hard.


“Aaaaah…” Mei gasped in delight.


“Si Si… Just like that…” Mei moaned as she had a small orgasm right there.


“Guessing it’s been a bit since you had someone who knows what they’re doing, hmm…?” Tika asked playfully.


“So few men really know what it takes to please a woman.”


Mei chuckled in agreement before reaching down to pull Tika’s head back up so they were face to face. They kissed, and Mei rolled herself to be on top again. Their tongues wrestled one another once again as Mei rubbed her entire body against Tika’s; savoring the softness and warmth of the purple haired woman. She then broke the kiss gently, moving down to kiss and lick her neck and throat as she made her way downward.


“Mmmmmmmh. Yeahh!!” Tika moaned softly as Mei grabbed both her huge tits, squeezing them both firmly in her hands; pressing her index fingers on top of Tika’s nipples. The professional call girl giggled as Mei moved them around like little joysticks as she kissed her way down her body even further.


“Ahhhhhh!” Tika gasped as Mei wrapped her mouth around one nipple, swirling her tongue around the areola before sucking on it roughly.


“Mmmmmmm!!” Tika cooed happily, pressing her tit against the womans mouth, silently urging her to suckle harder.


Mei grinned, taking her nipple between her teeth and biting it ever so gently before lifting her head up and tugging her nipple. She then let go and watched as her tit jiggled like a jell-o mold before kissing her way over to her other pale breast and repeating the process.


“Mmmmm, yes don’t stooopppp!!!!” Tika moaned, licking her lips slowly as she watched Mei begin kissing her lower and lower. She traced a long line down her belly with her tongue, stopping only at her navel to swirl it around the rim of the tiny belly button before moving down even farther.


Tika moaned softly as Mei moved to spread her legs wide, exposing her perfectly pink pussy, with its clit sticking out from in between the folds like a pearl exposed from its clam shell. Mei ever so lightly traced her fingers along the outer labia lips. Feeling the raw heat coming off of Tika’s pussy and taking in her scent, Mei leaned her head down between Tika’s legs. She spread open the lips of Tika’s pussy, flicking her tongue up and down barely missing contact to tease her.


AHHHAAAA!!!” Tika moaned loudly as Mei’s tongue came into contact with her most intimate area.


“Dios mío, so sensitive…” Mei teased, slipping her tongue over her clit again.


AHHHH, YESSSS!!” Tika moaned, bucking slightly beneath Mei. The blonde giggled as she dove her head in fully, covering Tika’s pussy with her mouth as she brushed her tongue against her in long broad strokes.


“Mmmmmmmm” Mei cooed, enjoying Galactica’s taste as she delved her tongue in and out of the damp, warm, hole. She easily moved into a sixty-nine position with Tika, pushing her own cunt into the other woman’s face.


“Mmmmmmph, beautiful…” Tika cooed, then lifted her head up to slowly lick Mei’s dripping pussy.


“Ahhh!” Mei gasped, not expecting the feel of Tika’s tongue to be so intense as the other woman hit all the right spots!


Not about to be outdone, Mei moved to slide her tongue as deep as it would go, moving it around in long slow circles before shifting her focus onto the woman’s clit, sucking it directly and flicking her tongue gently over the pink little morsel of flesh. Tika moaned beneath her and matched her move for move!


The blonde executive then began using her fingers, slipping two of them into Tika’s pussy, wiggling them around as she searched for her g-spot.


Showing her professionalism again, Tika beat her to it with just one finger, finding Mei’s spot and giggling as she began rubbing it directly.


“Fuuuuuuck!!!” Mei gasped as she came hard! Her entire body shaking on top of Tika. Immediately after, Mei pinpointed Tika’s own spot, squeezing it in between her two fingers, triggering an immense surging shock through Galactica’s body.


“Gaaawwd Daaaamnnn!” Tika gasped in unison with Mei, also cumming hard.


After they came down, Mei got off of Galactica and sat up, kissing her again.


“Juicy!” Mei remarked.


Tika smiled back at her smugly.


“Open Number Three!” Mei said. There was a soft binging sound as a drawer on one side of the bed slid open. Mei reached inside and pulled out a black utility belt-like harness with a large silver colored dildo attached to it. The inner crotch area had a smaller dildo attached which Mei had been wanting to try out for a while now. Mei strapped the harness around her waist, pushing the smaller dildo inside herself, enjoying the feeling of something thicker than a finger filling her. She then buckled the front belt around herself tightly. She then stood on her knee proudly and stroked the length of her strap-on vibrating dildo.


“Fancy.” Tika said.


“Expensive.” Mei told her, flicking the surface of the strap-on with her fingernail.




The metal was from a small country in Africa, she forgot the actual term for it. This particular device was a prototype sex toy available in very limited quantities. Once it began vibrating from a small impact, it didn’t stop for quite a while. She could already feel the second smaller rod humming away inside herself as she prepared to ram her ready and willing Vice President.


“Well, bring it!” Tika said in a challenging tone.


Mei smiled and fell on top of the other woman, pressing her tits against hers and loving the feel of it as they kissed again. Using one hand, she gripped the vibrating metal and guided it inside Tika’s waiting pussy as she spread her legs wide.


“MMMMMMMH!!!!!” Tika moaned back into her mouth as she took in the humming metal dick.


Mei chuckled as she pushed her dildo in deep, smiling in response to the way it made Tika’s body quiver all over.


“Ahhh, oh fuck, oh fuck! OH FUUUCK!!!!” Galactica moaned in pleasure as Mei began swinging her hips slowly.


“Mmmm, I love seeing that look on your face.” Mei said, licking her lips as she saw the O-face Tika currently had on; as she began slamming her hips back and forth.




OH FUCK THAT FEEELS AMAZING!!!!” Tika continued as her boss pounded harder.


Still grinning, Mei continued smacking her hips into Tika, holding her legs with both hands now as she watched the silvery dildo sliding in and out of her. At the same time she could feel the smaller one buzzing away inside her, making her nibble on her lower lip to keep from moaning as she felt herself ready to cum again already.


She rolled Tika onto her side, grabbing her left leg in her arms and hugging it between her own heavy tits, moaning as she slammed the thick metal dick into the moaning woman. Mei loved watching as Tika’s hefty tits bounced and jiggled with the force of her thrusts as she slammed into her again and again.


MMMMMM!!! YEAH, HARDER, FUCK ME HARDERRRRR!” Tika moaned in pleasure.


“Si,ti Te gusta eso? (Yeah, you like that?), then how about THIS!” said Mei as she rolled Tika onto all fours, pulling her ass high in the air and brought her hands down on both creamy buns hard!


“Mmmmmh, yeah, spank me again!!!” Tika moaned, rocking her body back into Mei’s thrusts.


Putita caliente! (You naughty little whore!)” Mei told her as she spanks her ass with both hands again. Tika moaned in pleasure and Mei reached down to grab her shapely hips, holding onto them tight as she slammed her dildo in and out over and over again.


HEEEEEEEE!!!!!” Tika moaned, gripping at the sheets of the bed as Mei felt her hot juices pouring over her thighs. The busty blonde moaned with her, the vibrator inside her buzzing away non-stop as she felt herself cumming repeatedly!


CUMMMINGGG!!!” she screamed through clenched teeth as a hot spray soaked her thighs before chewing on the sheets like a dog.


Mei moaned with her, soaking her own thighs as she shuddered on top of her. The two women fell atop one another in a sweaty heap. Mei panted hard as she managed to pull the strap-on out of Tika and get it off. Tossing it to the edge of the bed, she smiled at Tika and moved to snuggle up to the naked woman. They kissed again and rubbed their luscious bodies together gently on top of the bed for a long while.


“So, what’s one and two?” Tika asked after a bit.


“Hmm?” Mei asked.


“You said open drawer Number Three earlier, I was wondering what’s in one and two.”


“Oh!” Mei said with a smile.


“Open Number Two!” she said, and another drawer on the side of the bed came up. Mei reached inside to pull out a double ended dildo made of a pink rubbery material.


“One is just a bottle of warming lube.” she told her as she handed the double dong to Tika.


The indigo haired woman accepted the offered item and turned it over in her hand.


“You know, in my time in this business, I’ve never used one of these.” she confessed.


“Really?” Mei asked.


“I find that hard to imagine, isn’t your female clientele equal if not greater than your male ones?”


“Very true,” Tika confirmed with a nod.


“Just never encountered a customer who had one….. And I never carry stuff like this on me, keeping it clean would be a nightmare.” she told her as she stroked the length of the double dong with one hand.


“Love the thickness on this.” Purred the purple haired beauty, tapping the end of it with her finger.


“Thanks, I had it custom made.” Mei told her.


Tika smiled at her and brought one end of the dildo to her lips.


“You have enough energy for another round?” she asked, “I’d love to give this a trial.”


Licking her lips, Mei moved to snuggle with the other woman again.


“Mmmmhmmm. I’m always up for more. There’s only ever been one man who could truly satisfy me and fuck me to the point of exhaustion.” Mei remarked with confidence.


“Ooooh? Challenge accepted!” said Tika as she kissed Mei passionately, wrapping her arms around her again and pulling her closer. The blonde kissed her back and wrestled her tongue with Tika’s, relishing her flavor.


“Mmmmm…” Mei cooed into Tika’s mouth as they rubbed their bodies together. Mei relished the silky feel of Tika’s skin as they mashed their breasts together, rubbing and fondling one another all over for a long while before finally breaking apart to move into a scissoring position.


“Now this, I’ve done many many times.” Tika said as she pressed her twat against Mei’s, making sure their throbbing clits flicked against one another. Mei cooed at the feeling, but she could never really get off with something like this. No, she needed something FILLING her pussy!


Smiling, Mei pulled away slightly as Tika positioned the double ended dildo between them. She let out another soft moan as she felt the soft, yet firm texture of the silicone pushing inside her.


“Ahhhhhh, Much better…” she said softly to Tika as the other woman loaded the opposing end into herself.


“Mmmmhmmmm…” Tika agreed,


“I honestly think girls who hate dick altogether are the ones who can really get off on this position alone.”


“Poor girls.” Mei said, and Tika laughed as they reached out for each other’s arms and pulled themselves together. The dildo vanished between their pussies as they both moaned again. Mei then began grinding herself against the professional escort. The boss pumped her hips strong and methodically , letting out a sigh as the long smooth double dong slid inside them.


AHHHHH!!!! MMMMM, YEAAAHHH!… This feels sooooo amazing!!” Tika moaned, moving to match Mei’s motions; rubbing their clits together at the same time. The dildo made lewd squishing noises as it slipped back and forth between them. Mei then moaned again as she felt her end pushing even deeper into her than before! It took her a second to realize Tika was tightening her inside to push the dildo out without moving.


Two can play at that!’ Mei thought to herself as she clenched her inner muscles, “See what a few years of yoga can do? QUIEN SOY!?” (WHO AM I?!)


OHHH! LA REINA!” Answered Galactica in a loud hollering tone!


UMMMMPHH! OH MY GAWD!! That’s it!” Tika screamed as Mei pushed the dildo back into her. The two women pushed their cunts together harder now, each one trying to see how much she could force the dildo between them into the other!


Si Si!! VAMOS! MAS FUERTE!!” (YES YES! COME ON! HARDER!) Mei yelled with excitement, finding herself enjoying this now as she rolled her hips lightly. While it wasn’t the same as a real dick, it was getting the job done.


“Like THIS?!” Tika asked, humping her crotch back against her with more force.


“AHHH!!!” Mei moaned, feeling herself cumming already, “Si!! MAS, MAKE ME CUM NOW!


Tika grinned at her and began moving her hips in the way only a professional could. Mei moaned in pleasure as she tried to keep up, but one orgasm after the next slowed her reaction time as she gripped at the sheets of the bed harder. Galactica was also overcome by multiple rapturous orgasms in rapid succession! Mei raised her hips higher and thrust her waist forward putting all her strength into it. Their pussies kissed as the dildo disappeared into the pair of wet holes!






“FUCK fuuuuuck…!” Mei moaned breathlessly as she felt herself actually getting dizzy with pleasure!!!” Galactica let out a heavy breath.


“Oh my God!….You’re better than I thought you’d be with girls.” Galactica complimented in a moaning voice.


“I prefer men, but I couldn’t wait to get you naked, with your little pink cheeks. Caliente!” Mei replied.


Tika giggled and pressed herself against the other woman harder as Mei let out a final
orgasmic moan, falling back onto the bed panting softly. Mei wrapped one arm around the purple haired woman as she flopped on top of her. The two women laid in bed and snuggled for a minute taking in the special moment they had just shared.


“If this is what working for you is like I look forward to a partnership that lasts for years.” Galactica gushed.


“We’re gonna make mucho dinero and have fun doing it!” Mei answered before giving her vice president a smooch on the lips. Mei then felt something, the feeling they had been watched the whole time. She looked into the corner of the ceiling across from them. It was a security camera Mei had installed in case she wanted to document a “meeting” like the one she just had with Galactica.


“The people in the surveillance control room have been peeping in on us.” Mei said as she noticed the red light was on indicating the camera was active. The two naked women walked over to the corner.


“Lower!” Mei commanded. The camera lowered down so that the lens was pointing directly at her face. She planted a kiss on the lens leaving behind the imprint of her black lipstick. Galactica followed suit leaving a light purple imprint with a kiss.


“Display Control Room camera!” Mei ordered.


The TV in the office then displayed what was going on in the control room. Mei and Galactica watched with their brows raised as a male security guard fucked his female partner from behind, oblivious to the fact that they were the ones now being watched.


“Watch this!” Mei said to Tika with a chuckle.


“AY!” yelled Mei into the intercom that linked to the control room. The two security guards scrambled to get dressed which could be heard in the office.. Mei struggled not to laugh, maintaining a hard scowl on her face.


“Now, officers, Should YOU TWO of all people be fucking on company time, MY time?” Mei asked rhetorically. Galactica tried to maintain composure but she couldn’t, breaking down in laughter.


“Stand by, I’m on my way there to address this. Next time wait until your lunch break. And don’t look in my office unless you’re instructed to!” Mei ordered sternly while beginning to get dressed. The two security guards stood at the position of attention awaiting Mei’s arrival. The TV returned back to orientation which was still on intermission.


“I’m gonna make em wait, let them sweat it out a little bit.” Mei admitted with a giggle.


“I see, you’re making them reflect. A warning like this will probably be enough… Hey! The intermission ended! The show is coming back on!” Galactica announced.


“Shall we?” Mei asked while taking Galactica’s hand.


“I’d love to.” Galactica answered sweetly. Mei led her back into bed where they snuggled, exchanging another wet, passionate kiss.


“Things are gonna get real pretty quick. Our enemies will be looking for ways to stop our rise to the top.” Mei said.


“They can try… But you have ME!” Galactica boasted confidently.


“TRUE…But Taneisha isn’t gonna surrender without a fight. Our other girls have to be on point as well.” Said the CEO.


“They are on their way. We’ll be ready to take over when the time comes.” Galactica assured her. Mei then glanced out of the office window, thinking to herself. Tika could tell she was having a moment of thought.


Taneisha, cherish your time running this city, it will run out soon. Voy por ti…‘ (I’m comin for you.)


“Te inclinarás ante la Reina!” (You will bow to the Queen!) Mei affirmed aloud.


As the Orientational special resumed, A tiny orange and blonde haired young woman in the back row stood up and approached the aisle. Mei noted that she had a petit figure and was about her son’s height. The cameras focused on the woman’s face as she pressed forward with a look of steely determination.


“This one looks interesting…”


“Yes.. She is quite the unique character, just wait and see!” Tika confirmed.


“And now, onto our next student presentation; Brooke Beaumont!” Announced the voice of Headmistress Taiyohime.


Empire Escorts has burst onto the scene in impressive fashion. Having pledged to take over World City’s Adult Entertainment scene, Mei has put herself on a collision course with Lady Peach. What is the connection between them? What will the young firebrand, Brooke say when she takes the stage? Stay tuned for the next exciting chapter of Welcome to BSU!

(Story by User: Strider_Seiryu)

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Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago

Herrlich! Ein Meisterwerk! Es ist- … Sorry. Slip of tongue there. But seriously, this artwork is probably the closest we’ve ever gotten to perfection. Yes, in the most recent artworks everything has an overall better lighting/shading/textures but this? It is basically perfect! The happy look of Galactica into the camera, next to Mei’s more sensual and challenging look is simply divine. Their voluptous bodies are also nothing to scoff at and I like the change of pace from all the Pin Up’s for the Character Profiles. Both women also have simply divine long hair and almost god-like bodies, which no man on earth could ever resist. I greatly enjoy the way, their lipstick marks are planted over each others bodies. Where Mei was more interested in Tica’s face and tits, it’s quite obvious that Galactica favored her partners more lower area. The cum version is also really brilliant. Simply seeing their cum splattered tits and the way it drops down their tits and in Galactica’s case even ass/thighs is hot as hell. And of course I just have to mention the third version, where they kissed the camera and just how beautiful it looks. I’m always a sucker for such details and the way it blends in and even explains their look towards the reader (basically revealing that we are the security men watching this) is simply majestic. The only thing that holds this artwork back in some way or form is the background. You (Strider_Seiryu) described the whole building in such a majestic glory, that the background here simply feels out of place and far too generic. Almost perfect artwork nonetheless.

Nice to see the beginnings of Empire Escorts and the way it pauses the rather monotonous Orientation setting. All the insight given about Empire Escort and the way it is run is really helpfull and tells nicely, what kind of woman Mei really is. She put everything she had on the line, just to secure Galactica and instead of starting small with nothing too fancy, she goes big. A multi level building, which basically everything such a company would need. An underground parking garage with multiple different security steps? Check! A lobby with marble optic and italian leather for the furniture? Check! Paintings of various conquerors and even one of the best philosophers ever (Sun Tzu)*? Check! A club like room called the “Blue Room” which many secluded areas for sex? Check! Training rooms for future sluts? Check! Living Quarters for the workers? Check! Mei’s office with shelfs full of liquor, wands plastered with her many degrees, retractable walls to reveal a hidden bed and a room full with fetish equipment? Check! I think it’s safe to say that Mei has big plans and doesn’t want to start slow. Some of it was almost described a little bit too much and slowed down the pace down a bit but overall it was pretty good to see the boss interact with her many employees. Her interaction with her secretary, Maxi, was quite informative and revealed that Xavier’s granddad will perhabs play a bigger role in the future. Maybe as the pervy old anime mentor like Jiraya, Roshi and even Urahara (if you wanna go to include him)? Who knows. The best part was obviously Tika’s and Mei’s interactions regarding the Orientation and their different feelings on Violette. Interesting to see how Mei plans ahead and even want’s to have a meeting between Xavier and Galactica to enhance his skill so that he can one day join the Empire and succeed her. Mei continuously manages to impress me and that is in no way simply because of the amazing sex scene afterwards. I like how it indiractly stated that Auron didn’t really please her, where as Galactica was able to hit all her right spots to get her off and how the sex almost feels more like a battle of dominance. The metal of the dildo, as stated by Anon, does remind me of Vibranium from Marvel but in a much more interesting twist. Instead of negating every impact on it, it enhances it, which lead to a really interesting scene between the two. I think it’s safe to say that the sex was pretty fantastic. Unfortunately it came right after two chapters with already pretty good lesbian action, which made this one not as outstanding as it could have been. The ending was also really funny with them scolding the security personal for peeping and later fucking on their own accord during their shift.

What an experience! Sadly the makeup you mentioned during the chapter wasn’t used for the artwork for it in the end but it was great nonetheless. To say it with my native language: Göttlich!!!

*As a history nerd, I do wonder who else is depicted there? Which emperor (good or bad) Mei decided was worthy enough to adore the walls of Empire Escorts?

1 year ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Back again ive been a little busy with work once again. I have make back the money I lost while I was out of work in February.

Hello once again. I have finally gotten to this chapter but first I will get into some of the stuff about Mei from previous chapters

Her entire reason for going to SPLASH was business. I wanted to show her charisma, ability to talk to people and her business mind. I tried to convey her magnetic aura and charm along with her drive, hustle and negotiation skills with Galactica. She is a risk taker, a gambler sorts like with using all of her savings to recruit Galactica.

Good guess on the man with red hair in the dream. This dream was somewhat of a metaphor for her unresolved feelings for the red haired man. As you saw in this chapter she still has family photos that include him prominently displayed in both her office and her house. The issues between them are complicated. When she told Galactica there has only been one man who has ever exhausted her and pushed her to her freaky, ahegao limits she was talking about the rex haired man. I plan to eventually do a past arc style chapters similar to the Bleach Turn Back the Pendulum Arc to show Mei’s life growing up as an immigrant kid, teen and young adult in the United States, having to go to school in a new culture and learning a new language, English, as well as her family life during happier times. I also am looking forward to getting to use the red haired man for an official story appearance.

As for the sequence with Galactica and Leda that wasn’t a hologram or drunkeness, this was indeed Mei’s doing. She is a top tier character in terms of sexual power and skill in the bedroom, a master of sex. Characters can become stronger and develop special abilities. Mei can project things she imagines and visulize them so that other people can see it. She didn’t always have this she developed it over the course of her sex life over the years. Xavier’s imagination and dream sequences that you have talked about are personality traits he has in common with his mom. However she managed to harness this and use it in a controlled way.

Now lets get down to business. You are correct on the idea of this kind of chapter giving you guys a break. It also give me a break from writing orientation presentation based material because normal chapters are easier and take a lot less time to write.

I wanted to show what a day in the office for Mei looks like, from her going in to the building to her having meetings with her subordinates and her talking to and giving advise to her younger, less experienced employees. I drew upon my own experiences with poor leadership shown by my superiors at various jobs I’ve worked in real lifwfrom the military to my current job doing counseling and mental health. I tried to show Mei as a highly competent, present and visible leader who always interacts with all her emoloyees no matter how low or high they are ranked. She has people to run the different departments of the Empire Escorts like training but she still shows her face in every department regularly to keep morale high and answer questions/help others when she can. I wanted her to be some I would like

I put a lot of details into describing the buildings interior because it was the first time people were seeing it. I wanted to get the image across right away so i dont have to go into a bunch of detail when in the future Empire Escorts Chapters.

In addition to showcasing Mei, I wanted to introduce some of the girls on the Empire Escorts roster. I’m going to create designs for Bambi Vixxxen, Maxi Muffins, Chammy the chameleon and Julia, the girl Mei recruited in her debut chapter. Clara Climax and Mei’s friends Tian, Tasha and her protege Eve have designs but just haven’t appeared in artwork yet.

As for the sex I went with a girl/girl sequence because I don’t feature her as much, as she is a supporting character and the main focus is BSU students and teachers. So her appearances are occasional and special. When she appears with a guy again it will be with a male character who is relevant to her story.

Thank you for your continued support of my writing and stay tuned!

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago
Reply to  Strider_Seiryu

No, no. I am the one who has to thank YOU for reading through the older chapters and my toughts of them. I hope you haven’t lost too much money during february. Corona is a bitch but luckily I am so far safe from anything negative that comes with the whole chaos. Stay safe.

2 years ago

so when Xavier IS DONE GROWING How big will his dick be in inches, centimeters, or feet and how thick/what will be the girth of is his dick? I know the size changes with pictures and angles but can you give me a grounded guess or assumption?

2 years ago

I wanna hear your guesses and assumptions first

2 years ago

Xavier isn’t done growing yet lol. On average men continue to grow until age 22 so he still has some years left. I don’t have any concrete numbers.

2 years ago

How would Mei deal with Xavier trying to stop her from having sex with one of his classmates?

2 years ago

Yo Stryder 😃

Sorry If i’m late for the review, got so busy with work and stuff lol 😂

Now about the chapter i loved, is always good to see the milfs in the stiry, we usually see more the younger girls, so having the milfs staring some chapters is always a pleasure to see lol.

So Mei is a business woman, that’s was a suprise, and she already knows Tika for years (atleast what i understand)

The reaction of both to the presentation was awesome, you added so much emotion here, Mei dropping F-bombs in spanish cursing and mocking everyone that underestimated X was the funniest part, i laughed so much lol

“Hijo de Puta” was the best ever 🤣🤣

Interested that Meu wants X to inherit the business, X is building quite an harem isn’t it? Imagine He working to a milf company after He graduates in BSU as the King of Porn lol

Amazing chapter 10/10 and looks like that Brooks is the next, curious to see her presentation and profile too, she’s probably the one that i’m more curious now because of her character that Is pretty much a SJW lol, How She Will fit on this crazy different University? I guess i Will have to see.

Talking about the profiles i’m really excited to see Eiji(Didn’t saw his character design yet), Rubii, Yuriko, Shikijou, the Makoto sisters Kaede and Takiko(Love her, she’s so hot, also the tsundere side of her make Takiko so cute)and Jade (excited to see her character design too, but i think i know of what character she’s probably based lol)

Man i love Galactica, she’s so charismatic and heavenly too (Bad atempt of pun with her name here lol), She is like a older Violette without the Ego and big pride lol

Now talking about Violette she’s probably my favorite girl alongside Matsunami, Mei reaction to her is quite interesting, Violette and X don’t get along but seeing X profile and one If the chapters of the story, looks like that she’s in love with his Alter Ego El Dragon, so It Will be very interesting to see their relationship progressing in the future.

Another detail, i love fit girls, and i noticed that There’s many gyms in the BSU, that’s why all these girls keep these thicc voluptuous bodies in your story (Is even more realistic, If you compare with most series that the girls have voluptuous body without explanation lol) so i really hope to see more of Shikijou in the future, i’m very interested on her, maybe She and X could have some wild gym sex in the future, maybe bringing Rubii too, or Kaede this time (Since X already had sex with Takiko in the gym, and I remember Kaede talking to one of her friends that she squats a lot, so everyone would probably love to see She working that booty in the gym)

Besides this could be a perfect scenario to the second sex for X and Kaede lol

Now returning to talk about Violette, i noticed in her profile, that Just like Matsunami She is quite the sportist girl too, doing Ballet, Tennis and other sports like Gymnastics, this is quite cool because she’s not your cliche rich girl that does Nothing lol(She even reminded me of Lili from Tekken that fighting style is a mix of ballet and Gymnastics moves) i wonder If Violette knows How to fight too because of Charles.

And since in the profile says that Violette loves to workout too, i would love to see a chapter that she hás a juicy erotic sex in the gym lol, could be with any lucky guy, even someone like the chapter of her presentation that she had sex in the restaurant, or a main character like Eiji, i’m quite interested to see a sex scene between Eiji and Violette since It was only mentioned in the story lol, so It could be in the gym too.

Or She could have sex with a teacher there i don’t know lol

Anyways awesome chapter and gere o finished my long review. 😁

Hugs Lizardon 🤗

2 years ago
Reply to  Lizardon888X

Thanks Lizard! No problem, I understand completely. I work in the medical/mental health field. Ive been working a lot of extra hours over the last few months.

Quick correction, It’s Lady Peach that Mei knows and has history with. Mei and Tika will become very close as the story continues. Mei is a very passionate person. She’s like the sports parent that is too loud, cursing the referees and getting into altercations with opposing parents.

Mei thinking about the future beyond herself and even Xavier. She is wanting to create generational wealth for her eventual grandchildren and generations after that. She is building Empire to last for decades and centuries.

Mei’s reaction is what it is forva few reasons. She hasnt forgotten that Violette embarassed Xavier early into the story by trashing him on linkum. She favors Matsunami which will be explained more in future chapters . Lastly, Mei possesses knowledge far beyond her age of 36. She knows what shes talking about when she was critical of percieved flaws about Violette. Funny you should mention lili, coimcidentally they have the same hairstyle.

Oddly enough the Xavier Takiko gym pic was originally planned to be Violette. It was changed to Takiko because I debuted Takiko earlier than expected. Gyms will be used more going forward. Working out and staying in shape is part of being a pornstar in this world. Eiji and Violette will be paired in art its among ideas im working on. Also working on Xavier and Shikijou ideas. I like the suggestion of X and Kaede in the gym. Thank you again for reading. I aporeciate the support

2 years ago
Reply to  Strider_Seiryu

It’s me that i have to thank you Stryder, nice to hear that you work in a medical environment thanks for saving people life, and even more for your dedication in this pandemic. About the story, that’s quite interesting so Violette would be used originally in that picture? That’s cool, anyways i Can’t wait for the next chapter it’s my favorite story in the website lol.

Hugs Lizardon 🤗 take care of yourself

2 years ago

Loved this new chapter, for a while I had been curious about what Mei has been planning all this time, now my questions have been answered and I see the scope of her plans with Empire. Now, this leaves me with a new question, how will Xavier react to this and what role does Mei want him to take on Empire for the so called ‘second phase’.

2 years ago
Reply to  xfuski

Xavier is going to be angry when he first finds out. Im not sure how he will find out yet though. He is very protective of her due to his father’s absence and being the man of the house so to speak. He also deep down in his subconscious mind wants his family back together. So Mei’s work will bother him for a while once he knows.

I was implying that phase 2 will be Empire Launching a gigolo service for all the freaky ladies out there. World City is also loaded with wealthy, unhappy housewives, busy career women who dont have time for relationships, lonely girls who have trouble securing boyfriends and girls who want to hook up with the big dick men they fantasize about in their dreams. Theres just as many women in world city willing to pay for sex as there are men, just most women dont have to. There arent as many gigolo businesses as there there are brothels and escort services. Mei views this as an untapped market, pun intended.

Thanks for helping me with the spanish translations and i appreciate the support!

2 years ago

Does Mei have a preference for younger guys (her son’s age and below)?

2 years ago
Reply to  Anon

That depends on the person. Mei is into tough, rugged manly men. In general, younger guys don’t have the experience or skill to keep up with her lol.

2 years ago

Would Mei be okay with Xavier watching her work?

2 years ago
Reply to  M1LF

Don’t think so because she knows how much this would bother him

2 years ago
Reply to  Strider_Seiryu

So she would be okay with him watching if he wanted to?

2 years ago

Is Xavier dick still growing. Will Xavier join his mother and if he does will he become her right hand man or something. If mei is the queen to her new empire does that mean IF Xavier joins her will he sorta be the prince.

2 years ago

Yes, He’s still growing. On Average men don’t stop growing untiI age 21 of 22. I can’t answer whether or not he will join her, but Mei plans for Xavier to be her successor in owning the company so he can give it to his future kids, Mei’s grandchildren. Mei already refers to him as her little prince. If he did join it would take literal meaning lol.

2 years ago

I have a hypothetical question, if Xavier decided to pay for a session with Mei would she accept?

2 years ago
Reply to  Anon

No she wouldn’t. Xavier wouldnt be interested in incest to begin with.

2 years ago
Reply to  Strider_Seiryu

I see, is Mei completely against incest then?

2 years ago

I wonder how Xavier will feel when he finds out what Mei does? Can’t imagine hell he too impressed when he finds out guys his age are banging his mom, wonder if he’ll try to stop that somehow.

2 years ago
Reply to  Yudda

Well he won’t be happy about it. Xavier is in a phase right now where everything has fallen apart for him. Hes rebuilding himself. He’d be humiliated by this and it would likely strain their relationship. With his busy school career he really doesn’t have time to rage over his mom’s activity. However he’d come to the realization that other guys have sexy milf moms too which gives him ideas

2 years ago
Reply to  Strider_Seiryu

Hmm, what other guys have MILFs for moms? Have we been introduced to them yet?

2 years ago
Reply to  Yudda

Id say all of the male students so far. I know for sure Eric, the security guard will have a mom who is a character in the story. Eiji’s sister Keiko will also appear. Han’s mom will also be a character eventually. There will also be other milfs around the city that will have encounters with the guys.

2 years ago

This was a good side plot away from the main story. Also the hottest chapter……so far. It’s going to be seeing how Mei and Tika take over WC Adult Entertainment and it’s definitely going to be interesting to see what Mei has planned for X and how he’s going to react when he finds out. The collision course with peaches is going to be big I can tell. It’s interesting to see that not only X has his battles with rivals and enemies he have to fight, but his mother does also. I hope we also see more of the other girls also especially the Beast maidens.

Now believe it or not I really am looking forward to Brooke taking the stage. Something tells me there is more to her than the girl going against the status quo . She was accepted to BSU for a reason other than her intent on being a journalist and she has a mass followers traveling with her other than they agree with her. She is hiding something.

Great job as always Strider

2 years ago

I agree Beast! Its been refreshing to get a break from the grind of doing character profiles which ive been doing since september. I’m glad the concept of intermission chapters is being well recieved. There will be more once every few orientation chapters which will feature other OCs that aren’t associated with the university.

The takeover is indeed starting. Xavier is a big part her plans. If you didn’t know “Phase 2” of her plan is to service female clients with male escorts with X as the main stud. She already knows X will react badly to telling him what her job is which is why she’s waiting to do it. Right now is not the right time because X is already overbudened between

Peach is a target but theres going to be many other foes that will get in the way. There will be some other organizations she will have to compete with along the way.

Mei’s employees will eventally appear in art. Tian, Tasha, Eve and Clara have designs made. Im working on concepts for how Chammy, Maxi and Bambi will look.

I’m excited to work with Brooke for more than a brief cameo appearance. IMO she is a complex individual. I’m gonna resume working on her tomorrow since im off from both my jobs on Monday and Tuesdays. Thank you for the continued support!

2 years ago

Wow…! For a intermission chapter, this really hit all the right notes. This is a lot to absorb, so I hope you don’t mind if I get right into it.

First, the picture and the updated designs for Mei and Galactica, or Tika for short. I personally like how it went. Not to mention that the colors and background really flowed quite well. Nicely done.

Now for the story of the chapter itself. This was structured in a fascinating way. Let’s start right with the first half. It really told and displayed the Empire Escorts business and starting routine very well. Not only do we have another chance to see and hear from Mei’s inner circle, Tian, Tasha and Eve, we also learned about some of the newer members of her rapidly growing roster, including Beast Maidens Bambi and Chammy, Clara and Julia, who we saw way earlier in the story. Not only that, we also met Maxine, who is not only a Beast Maiden herself, but also Mei’s assistant and secretary with a dancer background. All while learning some very interesting information and hints about things to come. This should be a interesting couple weeks in the story following the current arc.

Now for the second half of it. I liked how this partly acted as a recap chapter for the Orientation arc so far, with it being televised and all as well as Mei and Tika’s reactions and input. Not to mention seeing some of Mei’s accolades. Plus we also learned that she is now officially direct competition for Taneisha, aka Lady Peach, and that they worked together in the past. I got a feeling there’s gonna be some serious tension between them and their businesses going forward. And lastly we learn that they intend to help get Xavier up to code with everything during his time in BSU, but not before breaking the news about what they do first. I’m surprised he didn’t already know all the details yet. :O

Which leads us to the lesbian sex. I got to say, I really enjoyed it from beginning to end. It was also surprisingly unique too. I also liked how it wasn’t this full on wild and crazy sex either. Very creative.

Either way Empire Escorts will have people gunning for them, so they have to be ready. And the ending implies that super feminist Brooke is up next on the Orientation stage, huh? I can only imagine how that’ll go, considering she’s already becoming an antagonist just for her views, attitude and very public persona.

Either way I really liked this entry of Welcome to BSU. Very nice work! Can’t wait for what’s next. 😀

2 years ago
Reply to  Hiryu

What up Hiryu? Glad you liked. After months of presenting profiles we thought ot would be a nice change of pace to show a more traditional BSU chapter. The concept for this was to show what some of the characters not affiliated with BSU are doing. This is a big event and millions are watching on TV so i thought it could add another dimension by showing other OCs watching it while going about their business.

It was fun writing this chapter and getting to work with Mei again. I’m surprised you didnt say anything about Mei’s officer of the year award.

Parts of this was to refresh fan’s memories and to give a summary to new people who may not have read older chapters. My goal here was to present Mei’s empire and answer all the questions about itvin this chapter from her talking to her staff her daily routine in the office. Did you catch the scarface reference?

As far as the sex scene goes I was looking forward to getting to use galactica in stories. She and Mei have a unique relationship, a mix of business and pleasure. Tika is playful and knows how to lighten the mood for her on a hectic or busy day. They play off of each other very well IMO. I’m trying to improve my ability with girl girl scenarios.

Empire is a collection of individuals andpersonalities which I tried to display. Eve, Tian and Tasha all 3 have important missions that will affect the company. The guy Tasha has been assigned was rejected by Violette in favor of Xavier and then Eiji in an early chapter. Clara and Bambi represent old school and new school. Both are trainers. Clara is a legend while Bambi is still young and in her prime, a current era star. Clara showed Mei a lot of stuff in terms of the business back in the day.

Im looking forward to the next character as well. Brooke is very well, unique and shes fun to portray in writing.

Thanks for your continued support and stay tuned.

2 years ago
Reply to  Strider_Seiryu

P.S The reason why I didn’t say anything about the Officer of the Year award was because that was already a part of the accolades I mentioned. But it does explain a lot.

And I caught the Scarface reference alright! That takes me back. XD

2 years ago

Pretty interesting chapter, though I feel at times you went a little too heavy on the exposition which hurt the pacing. I’m noticing you have more of a taste for busty women over anything else as you pay particular attention to the size and details of women’s chests of over say their asses, legs, etc.

You know, for the longest time I was trying to put my finger on what makes Matsunami seem so familair, and I think I recall what it is. Her presence in the story reminds me a lot of Riri Williams (Aka Ironheart) from Marvel Comics. She’s young but already built up as one of the most intelligent, most charismatic, and one of the best super heroes. To the point that every team, even the Avengers, want her on their team.

It’s this sort of Mary Sue feeling, where it feels like one character is being given a major (to take a wrestling term) push to try forcing the audience to like them as even in this chapter a lot of attention is put on how even professionals see Matsunami as the next omega star. I’ve also yet to notice any real flaw in her character besides her body condition, which already seems conquered so is more of a conversation piece than upcoming plot issue.

Back to the actual chapter though, it’s a good set up for what Xavier’s mother does exactly and helps expand the rest of the world by showing us stuff outside of the school. It also shows what the hell everyone is actually striving for since we see where their schooling may lead them in this alternate reality. I will also agree, its probably better to get new contacts than to put jizz covered ones from a dirty floor back onto your eye ball.

2 years ago
Reply to  Unskilled

What up! Thanks for reading and for your opinion. It has been about a year since the last time Empire Escorts appeared in a story. Since them I’ve gotten a lot of questions from people about Empire. One such example is “How can Mei afford to own the building” I set out to answer that question and others i have been asked regarding Mei’s operation. With the exposition I wantes to give show how Mei runs things, who her employees are and how she interacts with her subordinates. Much of this i didnt cover when Mei did her vision sequence tour of empire with tika and leda last year.

As for Matsunami, I respectfully disagree my friend. Matsunami spent over a year under the tutelage of Lady Peach, her mentor and a legit Adult Entertainment Master. She worked at the busiest club in world city around not only Peach but several other veteran pros. She soaked up the knowledge they had to give her on top of getting a lot of reps performing every night and learn the “Psychology” of working a match to and getting the strongest reaction from the crowd to use wrestling terminology. Because of that time she spent in the business before enrolling at BSU she paid her dues working up from the bottom as the lowest ranking stripper at Peaches Gentlemens Club competing with more skilled veteran girls both at her job and against pro dancers from other strip clubs. It boils down to experience and prepation

To use a basketball analogy, American players are required to play a year of college before going to the NBA. This is not true for other countries. They can play pro ball overseas at as young as 14 years old. Luka Doncic a European player, played pro ball overseas with better quality teammates and opposing players to compete against. Luka came into the NBA as a rookie far more polished and skilled than his american counterparts who came into the league at the same time. In his second year he is scoring machine and a game changer for his team. I think Matsunami is a similar case. Even so shes still has a long way to go, as there “are levels to this shit” one must grind and continue to learn to in order to attain. There will be more challenges and obstscles for her to face.

Btw, thank you for the compliment. It was my intent to set up Empire and try and show their routine and how they function. I felt i needed to provide this info to build a strong solid foundation for Mei’ sorganization. I look forward to doing more work with

Glad you enjoyed the chapter! And Again I appreciate your support and opinions.

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Amazung art. From there feet to ther huge boobs. Good job

2 years ago
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Thank you Edgar 👍

2 years ago

“Strange metal from a small country in Africa”
…So vibranium?

2 years ago
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Not exactly though the idea was inspired by black panther. Can’t discuss the exact properties of it yet but it is different from vibranium in what it can do and how it works. Thanks for the support!

2 years ago

This was never brought up but did Mei’s romps with Auron go viral on the internet?

2 years ago
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I think either myself or RT has answered this question before but that hasn’t been determined.

2 years ago

Honestly I would love the entire series to just be focused on Mei.

2 years ago
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Thanks! Glad you enjoy reading about Mei. I look forward to showing some of my new ideas for her.

2 years ago
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I’d love to know what those ideas are, the more info about her character the better for me. Its so hard waiting for months to find out more about her.

2 years ago
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Well she has her business going and she will end up being in competition with other brothels, pimps hookers and other adult businesses in the city. Eventually I hope to do some flashbacks to her younger years including her past with Xavier’s father.

2 years ago
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I feel like I knew most of that, I was hoping for some juicer details. lol

For example, has Mei ever hooked up with any of Xavier’s friends in the past?

2 years ago
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Lol. To answer that question probably not. Xavier didnt have much in terms of friends. I havent thought back that far yet.

2 years ago
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I see, that top question is also interesting, did Mei’s and Auron’s romps go viral?

2 years ago

So excited to see more of the MILF Goddess Mei <3

2 years ago
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Thanks Jungos. I had fun writing this chapter. Glad you liked. Stay tuned for more.