Banging is Business

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(Empire Escorts Headquarters, World City, 8:30 AM)


It was a busy hour in the underground parking garage of Empire Escorts HQ. Many drunk or hungover men departed the area discreetly, being whisked away by their drivers out of the garage through its back exit. At the same time, other cars were pulling in. A bevy of beautiful buxom young ladies stepped out of the secret elevator that went to the garage level.


Leading the charge was a gorgeous, shapely and immaculately dressed Asian woman. Her form fitting gown squeezed her sizable hips and rear perfectly. It was so snug that fabric rode into the space between her ass cheeks, the outline making it fully visible that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. The woman’s silver Qipao inspired Chinese dress was embroidered with small light gold and red stitching which made for an elaborate pattern; one that featured the silhouettes of all the beasts that represented the Chinese New Year. This detail was something that could only be noticed when viewed from up close. The gown’s chest area had a large opening which revealed her oversized honeydew melon sized breasts which were barely held by the shimmering metallic silver bikini top she had on. Her stomach was completely flat which was evidence of her commitment to the gym. The collar of her dress was more western in contrast, complete with an ascot style tie which laid beautifully on her cleavage. She walked with an elegant sexy swagger that conveyed her unquestionable confidence.


The woman’s face was breathtakingly opulent. Her almond shaped dark grey eyes were lined with light blue markings and possessed a luster to them that made her look even more appealing. The sexy Asian’s hair was styled with thick hime cut bangs which partially hid her eyebrows. It was pulled back on the sides which formed a folded over, double ponytail which rested on the back of her head. She looked to her left and to her right at the escorts on the sides of her, giving them a nod.


“These men are the top executives from United Waste Management regional offices all across the country. They have chosen to hold their quarterly business meeting here with us. This is big. La Reina and Lady Tika put in a lot of work to secure this, we have to deliver. Remember, it’s not just about making them cum. Win their hearts and minds and they will keep coming back to give ALL of their money.” Instructed the leader of the group.


“Yes, Ms. Tia.” acknowledged the other escorts.


‘Ms. Tia’ was Tian Zhen, Mei’s protege’, long time friend, and one of her most trusted lieutenants. A fellow native of Queens, New York, Tian has been affiliated with Mei since the age of 12. In the absence of her own mother, Tian formed a strong mother/daughter-like bond with Mei, which dates back to when she was a babysitter for Mei’s son Xavier. Having spent 14 years being around the Williams family, she is considered an unofficial member. The gravity of this day’s event was heavy as it was the first major test for Empire Escorts. Tian made her way to a black luxury sedan, one of a convoy of vehicles that pulled into the underground parking area.


The driver stepped out and opened the back passenger door. A caucasian man who appeared to be in his early to mid 40’s stepped out of the vehicle. The man’s appearance was more Casual Friday looking than business. He had slicked back salt and pepper black hair with a thick beard with several streaks of gray in it. The man’s attire consisted of blue slacks and a white short sleeve silk shirt. Bob looked more like a tourist rather than one of World City’s captains of industry. It was clear he was prepared for a festive and enjoyable “Casual Friday” day at the office.


“Ni hao! My name is Méihuā (梅花, lit. “Plum Blossom“) good morning Mistahh….” greeted Tian with a warm and welcoming smile and a distinct Chinese accent. She laid the accent on rather heavily as she could tell with a glance that this guy had a thing for Asian beauties. That, and the file Mei sent her on their guests which included everything she needed to know about them, including their preferences.



“Tia or should I say, Chyna Doll, your date is coming in. He’s 40, married with kids and doesn’t have a prenup. He loves Asians and tips well because of his home situation. He wants to keep this discreet. Meet him at the secret garage entrance.”


“Got it!. He’s in good hands.” Tian assured her with pride.


“Fuck the SOUL out of him. This guy doesn’t like to deal with multiple services. Make Empire his new home to serve all his kinky needs.” Mei’s protege recalled having spoke to her earlier in the morning.



“You can call me Bob.” Replied the middle aged man as he gleefully power walked towards his date.


“How ahhh you today, Bob?” Tian asked.


“I’m feeling fantastic! Today is the quarterly earnings report! Profits are up!” Bob explained while interlocking arms with Méihuā.


“Oooh! You so stahhwong!” Méihuā complimented the man, after feeling his sizable biceps.


“I gotta stay in shape so I can keep up with these young fellas. I’m getting old, I work out every day to stay strong for my ‘meetings’.


“I definitely tell. You Amehwicans view things differently. Age is good thing, not bad. Age come with knowledge, wisdom and expehwience. Those ahhh gahweat fowah you to have, especially today.” she responded as the two stepped into the elevator. She gazed down at his pants noticing he was hard and winked at him while making her statement.


“I love these meeting events. They give me a chance to get away from home for a while and let off some steam. My kids are grown and things are pretty stale with my wife”


“How long you been mahhwied?” Méihuā asked.


“25 looong years.” the man answered.


“That long time to be with one woman.”


“Yeah tell me about it. We’re kind of on the rocks right now. The only reason we’re still married is because I don’t have a prenup.”


“People can grow apahht ovahh time. It happens. I saw it happen to my pahwents. Sometimes change is good.” Méihuā replied, expressing her sympathy.


The elevator slid up the shaft smoothly with almost no sound, they only stopped twice for the other girls to get off on their respective floors with their dates. After the second stop, Tian was alone with Bob on the elevator and she let herself lean on him a bit more, making sure to press her soft tits against his arm. She smiled at the way the tent in his trousers shifted slightly with the close contact.


The ride to their floor was brief after the second stop, the elevator pinging softly when they reached their intended level. Tian took the lead in escorting him out. The hallway would put most five star hotels to shame. The floors were a lustrous, polished marble. The tiles were an ivory hue with a shiny, smoky looking onyx pattern throughout. The tiles were trimmed with slight gold paint to further create the royal palace look Mei wanted for her empire’s stronghold. The doors along the hall were all framed with twenty-four Karat gold plated leaves over a steel substrate. Mei got the idea for this decor from the leafy golden crowns worn by magistrates and other officials from the era of the ancient Greek and Roman empires. The doors were all made with two inch thick tungsten carbide alloy. Lock any one of these doors and you’d need to take out the wall with a battering ram before you could get in. These doors were left over from the previous owner of the building, a now defunct bank and hedge fund group, but they more than adequately met Mei’s security specifications.


Mei took security VERY seriously. The last thing her organization needed was for a private investigator or an angry spouse to bust in uninvited on one of the many married clients. Though the likelihood of either getting past the security downstairs was remote at best. In addition, all the windows were tinted on the outside and even layered with lead and a thermal blocking material to block some of the more high quality and high end cameras now on the market.


The two reached their intended room a few paces away from the elevator, pulling away from Bob, Tian passed her hand over the panel next to the door. A sensor chip in the smart ring she wore read her ID and the door clicked open.


She allowed Bob to enter before her, his feet landing quietly on the sound muffling carpet inside. It was made of a new space age material that absorbed sound, but was as soft as silk. One thing Tian hated about this work was rugburn. And many guys never even made it to the bed, preferring to fuck on the floor like animals. Not that she minded that in the least, but a rough carpet was the worst and took a lot of the fun out of it due to chafing on her back, ass and thighs. The walls were painted a muted gold color meant to catch the light in the day, and help brighten the lights at night. Along with a couple of paintings on the walls, there were professionally taken photos of some of the girls working here mounted in screen frames that shifted the images every couple hours.


The one just inside the door showed Empire Escorts newest recruit, Leda Kino. Mei recruited her a few days earlier and at the same time and place she secured Galactica’s services. Tian hadn’t met her personally, but Mei and Tika both said she had promise. On this day, Leda was not present at headquarters, for she was attending the mandatory BSU orientation assembly. Further into the room, there was a large photo of Mei and Tika in a rather erotic yet tasteful photo of the two liplocking in the shower. It made Tian want to do a set like that herself with Mei. Other photographs that adorned the walls featured a mixture of established adult entertainment superstars such as Clara Climax and Bambi Vixxxen along with rising upstarts Chamille ‘Kammy Khameleon‘ Hibbert, Eve ‘Eva Euphoria‘ Wells and Natasha ‘Ta$ha Bank$‘ Bankston; Mei’s day 1 homegirl and best friend since moving to the United States. La Reina wasted no time in getting promotional photos shot edited and uploaded to the newly created Empire Escorts website and mobile app.


A massive bed dominated the main part of the room, with those new nano-fiber silk sheets that felt more like water on the skin than fabric. Tian followed Bob farther in and clapped her hands together twice in rapid succession. The room dimmed just a little as the tint on the windows darkened just a bit so the light wasn’t so bright anymore. Then music slowly filled the air, filtered in through high end speakers set inside the photo frames giving a full surround sound. A soft saxophone played gently, filling the room with a quiet jazz.


“Oh, I love Kenny B.!” Bob said, closing his eyes and listening to the music for a moment. The velvet smooth sound of the music set


Tian smiled and moved to press her body up against his back, slipping her arms under his to feel his well defined pectoral muscles. She made a purring sound in his ear, pressing her breasts more firmly against his back. When she felt him leaning back against her, she leaned her head up to nibble his earlobe, tugging it with her teeth gently. He shivered and she smiled inwardly, moving one hand down the front of his shirt to slowly trace the outline of his cock through his pants.


“Hmmm, That fahh me?” she asked in a sultry tone.


Bob nodded and slowly turned around in her arms, wrapping his own around her and pulling her into a passionate kiss. Tian moaned softly into his mouth, welcoming his tongue into her own. He tasted of mint gum and schnapps, but the new fake alcohol kind on the market. All of the heat and flavor of liquor, but none of the drunkenness. It was popular with business leaders today that wanted something to ease their nerves, but let them keep their wits about them so they could function properly in tense and often stressful business meetings. Bob usually took a couple of shots before big meetings to take the edge off


“Hmmmmmmmh…” she moaned against his lips, pressing her butt back against his hands when they reached down to grab it. His marriage really was on the rocks if he wanted this much intimacy. This much was all she needed to know which way to go now.


Sliding her tongue back along his, Tian returned the kiss in kind, her hands moving to his waist to buckle the belt at his waist and deftly remove it with a quiet sliding sound. The buckle clanked against itself lightly as she dropped it onto the carpet. She then expertly broke the kiss, pulling away just enough that he seemed to be the one to let go. Tian kissed his lips ever so lightly again before she took a half-step back. Raising her hands up, she began to slowly undo the buttons of the silk shirt he hand on. Most shirts like this were normally pretty cheap, but she could tell by the feel of the fabric that this was a top notch brand. The buttons came away easily, slowly exposing his broad chest. She smiled up at him, running her hands along his chest as her fingers traced the lines of muscle.


Tian then moved with the grace and elegance of a ballet dancer to stand behind him. Her hand moving up to his shoulders to slowly peel the shirt away from his body. She again hugged herself against his now topless body, letting him feel the warmth of her tits against his bare back. Bob let out a low groan at the feel of her against him and Tian smiled, purring like a cat again as she kissed her way across his shoulders. The dark haired Asain woman then danced around to stand in front of him again, gently pulling him into another kiss. She lovingly sucked on his tongue, enjoying the way he seemed to melt into her embrace.


She held the kiss only for a few moments though, breaking away to slowly kiss down the left side of his neck. She noticed he was right handed, meaning the left side of his neck was just a little more sensitive. She could almost feel his heartbeat as she made her way down. Moving her hands back to his waist, she undid the front of his pants, pulling them open and slowly pushing them down as she got down onto her knees. Dragging both his pants and shorts down together, Tian let out a happy sigh as his cock sprung up free of its confines. She looked up to his face and slowly, erotically licked her lips.


“Mmmmmmh, you’se hung like donkey,” she told him as she bowed down before him as if he were some kind of king. Bob smiled, flashing a happy grin in reaction to Tian cock worshipping him. Tian knew exactly what powerful men like Bob wanted to hear. In truth, Bob’s size was only average but she bowed and praised him to cater to his rather enormous ego.


After bowing before Bob, Tian leaned her face in close, making sure that his dick rubbed against her cheek as she moved to kiss his balls tenderly. She then made her way up the underside of his shaft from the base to the tip before moving back down to slowly drag her tongue along his cock. Bob groaned in response to the feeling and Tian smiled, making sure to keep eye contact with him as she kissed the tip of his dick again before slowly parting her lips.


She then slid her tongue out and swirled it around the head of his cock, coating it with her saliva before opening her mouth wide. Gripping his cock gingerly in one hand, Tian slowly took him into her mouth, downing half his length in one slow, deliberate motion. She made a soft gagging sound, as though she were having just a little difficulty. Men loved that kind of thing, but she only kept it up for a split second before taking his entire cock down her skilled throat.




“Mmmmmmmmph…” she moaned around his cock, making a sound like it was the most delicious thing she’d ever tasted in her life! Tian continued on bobbing her head back and forth like a pendulum. She maintained a consistent speed, not too fast, not too slow, allowing Bob to savor each moist repetition. The Asian siren placed her hands on her knees and picked up her pace, gazing up at Bob as to ask “Can you handle me?” with her eyes.


With her hands momentarily free, Tian stripped off her dress, baring her ample breasts as she began lifting her head away.


“Guuuuuh…” she slurped as his cock pulled out of her mouth. Lifting herself up a bit, she peppered the sides of his cock with kisses, leaving perfect kiss imprints up and down his length before taking him back into her mouth.


“Hmmmmmph, mmmmmph, mmmmph, mmmph, mmph…” she moaned, bobbing her head back and forth even faster than before!


“Sho phick and tasty…” she moaned as she took his balls into her hands and lovingly fondled them like they were prized gems.


“Ohhh, yeah, don… Don’t stop…” groaned Bob.


Tian let out a girlish giggle and deepthroated him again, holding his cock in her mouth as her tongue slurped and lapped at it like a cat with a fresh bowl of milk. She bobbed her head back and forth several more times, making sure to let her lips make all kinds of lewd slurping noises as she continued to work him over. Saliva ran down her lips and dripped from her chin, landing right between her tits.


She then lifted her mouth free and raised herself up so that his cock fell neatly between her heavy breasts. Pressing them around his cock, Tian resumed sucking at the tip of his dick while massaging the rest with her bosom. The thicc china doll used the excess spit on her boobs as lubrication, the sauce for her cock meat sandwich!


“Oh, fuuuck, yessss…” he groaned in pleasure as Tian swirled her tongue around the tip again before letting her breasts fall away from him and taking it all into her mouth again.


MMMMMPPPPPH! ANNNNNH!…” she moaned at length, vibrating her throat around his cock. She could feel his cock throbbing in her mouth as she listened to him groaning. She then quickly pulled her mouth free before he could cum, long trails of glistening drool flinging away from her lips as she separated from his dong. Tian then grabbed him again, smacking his dick against her face and letting out a low growl sounding moan.


MMMMMMH, so big and hawd…” she moaned, rubbing her face all over with his cock, planting small kisses on his length and balls. She gently took one fat nut in her mouth, rolling it with her tongue slowly as she used both hands to continue stroking him, keeping him just on the edge of cumming.


When she felt his cock throbbing again, she let go and got up slowly. Bob quickly pulled her close and kissed her fiercely, his tongue forcing its way into her mouth. She kissed back again and smiled as he let her dress fall to the floor. Once he had her completely naked, he lifted her up in his arms princess carry style and walked over to the bed. Tian giggled happily and reached a hand up to stroke his cheek as he laid her out on the bed.


“Mmmmmh, I’m so hot wight now, my pussy is itching for your big cock…” she moaned seductively as she spread her legs wide for him, giving Bob a full view of her glistening pussy, “It’s all yahh’s big man…” she purred while spreading the lips of her cunt wide with her fingers.


Bob smiled back at her and gestured for her to turn around.


“Get on all fours,” he told her. Tian smiled again and did as he said, rolling onto her stomach and pushing herself up on all fours like a dog. She waved her ass from side to side, moaning again.


“Mmmmmh, huhhwy, I can’t wait anymahh…” she pleaded.


Bob climbed onto the bed with her, his hand reaching down to grab her plump rounded ass. Tian let out a tiny squeal and began rocking her body back and forth, rolling her hips as she did so. She heard Bob chuckle as she felt his dick pressing against the walls of her pussy.


MMMMMH!” she moaned, pushing herself back against him and impaling her pussy on his cock!


OHHHHH, SO BIIIIG, IT FEELS SO GOOD IN MY TINY PUSSY!!!!” she moaned loudly, swirling her hips to stir his cock around inside herself.


“Oh fuck yeah!” Bob grunted, gripping her shapely hips now as he began slamming his cock into her. Tian moaned with him, her body swinging her ass back and forth from the force of his thrusts. The air was quickly filled with the rapid SMACK SMACK SMACK of their naked bodies colliding together.


MOAH, AHHH MOAH, SLAM DAT BIG CAWWK IN ME MOAH!!!!” Tian moaned as Bob leaned over her, reaching his hands up to grab her tits and squeezing them roughly. The horny businessman held on to her tits, using them as leverage to thrust harder into the escort’s twat.


“Yeah, you like that?” he asked as he pinched and pulled on her stiff nipples,


“Like having your nipples pulled?”


YES… YESSSS, I LOVE IT!!! MOAH, TWIST THEM HAWDAH!!!!” Tian screamed for him as she rocked her hips back, driving his cock deeper and deeper inside her.




“That’s right, you don’t need to think!” Bob told her, still slamming his cock in and out of her as his hands mauled her breasts. Tian moaned at the feeling as she continued swirling her hips back against his movements, relishing the sensation of his cock stirring around inside her overflowing pussy. Bob laughed and pulled her up onto her knees, his hands gripping her wrists like handles as he slammed into her from behind,


“You wanna think, alright, then think about THIS, and THIS, and THEN THISSS!!!” he groaned, slamming his cock into her harder with every thrust.


YOU DO IT SO GOOD! GIMME MOWAH! …!!!” she howled as she began panting for breath.


“Yeahhh, Heres some more!”


AHHHH, AHHHH, OOOOHHHHHAAAHHHH!!!” Tian moaned, her breaths coming in ragged gasps now as her breasts bounced and wobbled wildly in the air.


“Yeah, that’s it, take my cock, savor it, love it!!!” he groaned.


AHHAAAA, HAAAAAH, AHHHHH, FUUUUCK…!” Tian moaned, bucking her body back against him”she moaned, “BUT IT FEELS SO GOOOOD!!!!


Bob grunted and groaned behind her, pushing her back down on all fours and moving to grab her hips again. Before he could even begin to move Tian was already rocking herself back and forth.




Tian panted as she rocked herself back and forth, her tits swaying with her motions. She then reached out with both hands using it as a base to throw her ass back even harder. Tian thrusted he ass back at Bob, slamming into his stomach with her ass so hard that she knocked him off balance. The sound of flesh clapping together reverberated through the room, nearly drowning out the sound of the music playing in the background.




Tian looked over her shoulder at Bob with a lewd grin


HOW YAAH LIKE THAT?!” Tian squealed back loudly. She picked up her pace even more, pushing her herself backwards and using her legs to further increase her momentum.


OH SHIT! YOUR PUSSY IS SO TIGHT!” Bob yelled back while squinting.


Tian closed her eyes and launched her hips backwards like a cannon ball, bowling Bob over and knocking him on his back. Tian turned around to face him. Still on her hands and knees, the Chinese beauty crawled towards him slowly. She licked her lips as Bob lie on his back grinning in anticipation.


“I’m gonna whide that big Hahhley to ovahdwive!” Tian teased, referencing Bob’s affinity for Harley Davidson motorbikes. She then raised her body to an upright kneeling position, slowly climbing on top of him. While taking a firm grasp of Bob’s member, Tian lowered herself on it. Her slippery wet juices made it an easy fit. The busty escort began bouncing up and down on her partner, gradually picking up speed each time she came down on him.




YEAH! RIDE THAT DICK LIKE A FILTHY WHORE!” Bob replied happily while grabbing two big handfuls of booty. Tian’s juggs bounced and flopped around as she roughly rode him, knocking and squishing together like a pair of beach balls. She had become so wet that his cock nearly slipped out of her.


YESSSS! WAHHWIGHT THERHH. THAT’S THE SPOT OHHH SHIT BOBBY! OOOHHH!” screamed the oriental bombshell. Bob thrusted his hips upward, matching Tian’s now frantic tempo. Tian adjusted her position, shifting to a squatting cowgirl posture. She ricocheted wildly, taking hold of Bob’s wrists for greater leverage.


OH LORD! IT’S SO TIGHT CAN’T THINK NOW!” Yelled the business man


YOWWAAAHH! I’LL GIVE YOU SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT! TAKE THIS….AND THIS.” she screamed back. Her ass slapped against his thighs with every forceful rebound. Sweat ran down her pretty face and bountiful breasts, running down her stomach as he energetically rode him like a bucking bronco! She rose up, extending her legs slightly into an almost standing position with each successive bounce, driving his cock deeper into her snatch. Tian’s love juices trickled down her thighs as she screamed in pure pleasure!


I’M ABOUT TO CUMMMMMM!” Tian roared loudly. Bob strained and gradually slowed his thrusts until he stopped, completely surrendering to Tian’s dominant will. She got off even more on the fact she had tamed the free spirited wild man, so much so that it pushed her beyond the brink of rapture.


WHAAAAAHHHH! ANNNNHHHH YEEEEESSSSSS!” Tian bellowed as she climaxed. Just as she orgasmed she felt Bob’s cock pulsating once more. She quickly rolled off of him and knelt down in front of his dick and grabbed it with both hands; slurping away like she was licking a frosty sweet orange creamsickle.




Bob could no longer contain himself and had reached his pleasure threshold.


HERE IT COMES!” he yelled before he let loose with a big money shot, his eyes crossed as the eruption started! His cum shot explosively into the air like fireworks on the 4th of July, splatting her face, tits and hair as well as the ceiling above them. Bob just laid there with his arms outstretched to his sides. Despite the tremendous effort Tian put in to please him, it was Bob who was completely exhausted and gasping for breath. His eyes glazed over, becoming 2 large “X” marks signifying he was done for the day.


“Yuahh a stwong man indeed, but Méihuā stronger!” Tian said with a giggle before bowing to him once again.


“That was incredible!” Bob praised after gaining his wits back about him. He chuckled at Tian’s remark, clearly entertained by it. He then rose to his feet and walked over to his clothes and quickly got dressed, for he had a meeting in a few minutes. Tian grabbed a towel and wiped the excess semen off of her face and body while Bob put his clothes back on.


“I have to go to my meeting. We’ll have to meet again sometime.”


“It was an honahh to please you mistah Bob”. Tian said before walking up and giving her happy client a good by kiss. Bob headed towards the door while Tian made her way to the shower.


Bob then pulled out a rather large billfold held together by a platinum money clip. Bob usually carried around spending cash to tip restaurant waitresses, valets, barbers and of course, prostitutes. He peeled off 5 bills and laid them on the bed before leaving the room.


Meanwhile, Tian clapped her hands in the bathroom which turned on a waterproof tv screen that was mounted into the wall just above the main shower head. This feature is another one the amenities Mei requested when the building was renovated. Tian stepped just in time to see the BSU Orientation TV special. She let her hair down and stood under the steaming hot water as the hosts of the show gave the introduction. She poured body wash all over herself and began to lather up as the first presenter announced. Much to her surprise, Xavier Williams was announced as the first presenter. Tian looked on with great interest. She couldn’t help but smile as she watched the man she looked after as a boy verbally laid waste to his enemies. She bit her lip and squeezed her soapy titties as she witnessed Xavier’s display of fire, fury and unchained aggression. She hadn’t seen anything like it since attending his last amatuer boxing match 3 years ago.


You’ve come a long way from when I first met you as a kid. Get em Javi!‘ She thought to herself.


Tian stayed in the shower, continuing to watch the presentations that followed, bathing and washing her hair during the commercial break. During Matsunami’s presentation, she couldn’t help but to think that Matsinami looked familiar.


She looks like someone I’ve met before, but I can’t recall when and where…‘ she thought, impressed by Matsunami’s showing on stage. She continued to watch, taking note of the diverse group of personalities being showcased.


BSU has a nice collection of rookies so far. The wrestler, the singer, the stripper, the Bimbogel chick… And even that fiesty SJW activist. They all would make good additions to the team.‘ she affirmed mentally.


After another commercial break, Orientation resumed. Tian stared at the screen in awe as a procession of women scantily clad in steampunk style costumes carrying bottles of champagne and trays loaded with glasses. The outfits had plenty of lace and fishnet style leggings.


“Look at this! All these girls for an entrance plus bottle service. Whoever this is has some style!” Tian spoke aloud, impressed by the entrance theatrics of the soon to be revealed student. Tian focused on the main doorway at the back of the arena, eager to see just who was going to walk through. Her eyes widened as she saw the woman who walked down the aisle.


HUI-LING!?” she yelled in shock, recognizing the young woman who was approaching the stage. She continued to watch as Jade Zhen took the stage and started her presentation. She smiled while listening to Jade rhyme her late night sex story, impressed by her talent.


“Still poetic as ever. I remember when you used to write those nursery rhymes back in the day.” Tian recalled. Her eyes enlarged again as she witnessed Jade perform her lap dance on the couch and subsequently oral sex on a champagne bottle.


“That’s not the ‘sister’ I remember. You were always the good girl type.”


Though Tian referred to Jade as “sister” this was not actually the case. Tian is really Jade’s aunt. Tian’s older brother Feng Wei is Jade’s father. Because there was only a 5 year age difference between them they grew up as sisters. The two were estranged from one another due to a dispute between Tian’s father and brother over profits from The Hunan Kitchen, the Zhen Clan’s lucrative family owned business. When Jade was 15 years old, her father Feng Wei broke away from the Hunan Kitchen franchise and moved to World City to launch Peking Express, putting him in direct competition with Hunan Kitchen’s World City locations. This divided allegiance among other family members and as a result of the father son restaurant war, Tian and Jade hadn’t seen each other or even had a conversation in several years. Tian observed intently as Jade wowed the audience with her solo sex performance stunned by how lusty lewd and bold her niece had become in their time apart.


She’s grown up a lot. It’s been a while, I should call her, we need to talk…’ Tian thought to herself as the presentation concluded. The camera showed a quick shot of Matsunami before focusing back on Jade. At that moment, Tian realized where she remembered Matsunami.


“That girl, she’s Hui’s friend. Her and her sister were spending that night at Ling’s house last time I went to visit her in Coral Springs!” Tian recalled.


After finishing her shower, Tian walked out of the bathroom and immediately picked up the phone to initiate a call. Her face beamed with excitement as she waited for the call to go through. The receiver of the call swiftly answered in the middle of the first ring.


“What up Chica? How did it go?” Mei answered while driving. She was on the highway on her way to the airport after having a “Strategy Meeting” with Galactica. At the same time, Tian walked out of the bathroom and saw the folded bills sitting on the bed.




REALLY…I didn’t know thousand dollar bills were still in circulation. That’s pretty rare!”




“You really put that culo on him huh?” Mei asked.


“You know it. I wore that man out, his eyes were crossed, his tongue was hanging out and everything! I’ll tell you all about it when you get back.”


FANSTASTICO! You fucked him into submission! Nothin better than giving a customer a good Ahegao! That’s how you represent! I was right when I named you after me, Méihuā!” Mei praised her before taking a brief pause.


“When you get a minute, find out how the other girls did with the United Waste execs.” Mei instructed.


“Got it. There’s one other thing. I was watching the BSU Orientation. There’s this girl I really want on the team, we need to get her ASAP!” Tian stressed, her tone indicated this was critically important to her.


“Which one?” Mei asked.


“Her name is Jade……”


After successfully executing their first major event, Empire Escorts is poised to become a force in World City’s booming Adult Entertainment scene. With Matsunami already in their sights, Tian and Mei have targeted Tian’s niece Jade! How will she react? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, Orientation is in full swing. Who will present next? Find out on the next exciting episode of Welcome to BSU!

(Story by User: Strider_Seiryu)

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2 years ago

That was quie the amazing chapter, we had the debut of Tian and man she’s quite the babe
It’s kinda interesting that she’s involved with The Escorts also being one of the best of the business, her sex scene with her customer was really hot and we Saw How good She is even earning lots of money for her performance.

Another interesting point is that she was X babysiter when he was younger, Man after this i really hope we see sex scene between these two in the future it would be Amazing, also i really like she’s Jade’s aunt and now Jade has a future job to join during the University.

Amazing chapter Guys, i Hope to see more of it and i Can’t wait for the next chapter 😁😁

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2 years ago

Happy as always to see a new BSU chapter, it’s been a while since Tian’s first appearance in the story and I’m glad to finally see her in a pic. From the looks of it, Mei’s efforts are paying off and Empire is doing good. About the sex scene itself, I found it to be pretty hot and well done, I liked the detail of her faking the heavy Asian accent for the client’s pleasure, he clearly liked everything of their sex session if he gave her that big tip. She seems to be a very skilled girl, no wonder she is Mei’s protégé, aside from them knowing each other for a long time. It’s interesting to see that Tian’s related to Jade, I wonder if they’ll get along after all those years and the family dispute.
I enjoyed this chapter and I’m looking forward to seeing more of Tian and seeing her interact with more characters.

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What up Fuski! Been a while.Tian is one of my girls that I was looking forward to showing off. I decided to go with her doing the fake accent because thats something hookers do, playing a character and catering to the customers fetishes and fantasies. From the Asian Massage parlor girl to the big titty bimbo blonde white girl to, to the fiery latina to the stoic tsundere russian. Escorts use their ethnicity as part of their gimmick to sell themselves to customers which I have witnessed myself. Tian is skilled having grown up under Mei’s tutelage most of her life. She plays somewhat of an underboss role in the empire organization, supervising the younger recruits.

Tian’s relationship with Jade is very much in the air right now given the years they have been apart. Since they are so close in age they grew up having a relationship that is more like big sister little sister and little sister. It will be fun. Im glad you enjoyed the chapter. Thanks for the support.

Citizen V
Citizen V
2 years ago

Ah, a new chapter and this time one of Mei’s girls her protégé to be exact. I love this expanding on the characters that are also around Mei’s escort business I hope we get to see the other ladies in the stable the ones we met briefly seem interesting. It was a complete surprise that this chapter was on one of Mei’s girls but a pleasant surprise and learning her relationship with one of the BSU students. It makes me much more eager to see who is next for presentation. I can’t wait to see.

Good job strider

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What up CV! I can tell you that the other girls from Empire Escorts eventually appear. Any girl I bother to give a first and last name to will show up in art and stories at some point in the future. Glad you liked it. Thanks for the support.

The Mann
The Mann
2 years ago

Woohoo new picture means new chapter. I didn’t read this at all yet because I don’t want to spoil myself since I’m still on the last chapter of the Intro arc but I saw mention of Mei when I was scrolling down and I’m hoping we get to see some Mei action(if it hasn’t already been shown yet that is lol) definitely want to know more about her especially since her and that Ms. Tia character talked over video chat with Xavier and there was someone in the background he was curious of. I’m ready for the actual meat of the story to start really want to see how the actual school year turns out for all the characters. Best OC Fanfic ever!

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
2 years ago

Holy shit… I wasn’t expecting this. I was dead sure that we get to see another presentation. But this? I like it even more!! Tian is a damn fine girl and the way she played Bob, that lucky SOB, is just brilliant. Interesting how you wrote her accent, always great to see some more nuance when the characters speak. I never have heard an asian woman speak english before, so I can’t confirm how well this is done but knowing you, I assume that it was probably well researched and written. The sex scene was fantastic and her interaction with Bob were utterly fascinating. I really understand now, why there are schools like BSU, HSU and so on in this world. The building complex was described excellently and even Tian’s outfit showed just how much Mei cares about that “Empire” atmosphere.

With girls like Mei, Galactica and Tian, “Empire Escorts” is quickly becoming my favorite faction of this world.

Is it mandatory for women in “Empire Escorts” (or other escort companies/strip clubs/etc.) to have graduated from an adult entertainment school? You stated that Worlds End has many illegal prostitutes and hooker, so wouldn’t the same go for an escort company who employs girl, who didn’t undergo the right education?

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Hello! I am back again between BSU being temporarily moved to monday posting and me getting a promotion /Even more hours on a busy work schedule, Im getting behind again. I got the idea of the accent from some a few visits to massage parlors in my younger years lol.

To answer your question, no people dont have to get a degree/education from an Adult Entertainment University. There is a government organization called the AEWA (Adult Entertainment World Association) The AEWA regulates All forms of Adult Entertainent and sex work. People who work in the industry are required to have a license which is issued by the AEWA. To get a license one must pass a test. Getting a license is part of being a student at schools like BSU but going to school isnt required to obtain a license. Matsunami is already licensed, as she had to pass the test to become a stripper.

I’m glad you like the Tian and the Empire Escorts crew. There will be more girls from my little stable featured in the future eventually. Also check the Mei/Galactica chapter again, you might find something you missed before. Thanks for the support. Glad you liked the chapter.

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Now this was way out of left field! We not only have a brand new chapter of Welcome to BSU for the first time in months, we also have the showcase of a different character from Mei’s escort business too. In today’s particular case, Tian, also known as Tia and Meihua.

Now before I get into the story of this one, let’s get into the design of her first. This is quite the vibrant picture for her. Her design is very well made. Not only that the colors and outline really fit the bill. Same thing goes with the background too. Nicely done.

And with this out of the way, we’ll cut right to the chase with the story itself. It’s a unexpected change of pace with it being a normal chapter compared to the orientation ones. In fact it also makes sense, more so considering that it highlights another aspect of Mei’s escort business. More on point, this is also how we learn more about Tian, who we learn is Jade’s aunt and sister figure and also for a time acted as Xavier’s babysitter back when he was younger. As well as remembering seeing Matsu back in the old days. So she’s really connected here.

That’s not all either. This was also how we saw the more intriguing and engaging aspects of an escort’s performance, including fulfilling a cilent’s kinks and roleplaying, which was demonstrated in Tian’s performance with her very rich client as she put on that heavy accent. As well as her sexual skillset during it. Her getting that huge $5,000 tip for a job well done was only the cherry on top. Now I see why she’s a big part of Mei’s crew. :O

Which now brings us to the end of the chapter. Tian following up on the orientation up to now, as well as seeing Jade’s presentation, while keeping Mei in the loop of her job. That and highly suggested to scout Jade in their umbrella sometime. That should be interesting. Hopefully they’ll catch up with each other later on.

Overall, I really enjoyed what I saw here. Can’t wait to see who and what would be next. Keep up the good work! 😀

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What up Hiryu! Im back at it. Sorry for the delay on my response.BSU will be posted on mondays instead of saturdays for the time being while Season 5 of MHA is running. Work is a lot busier during the week than it is on the weekend so its slowing me down a bit.

I really enjoy these kinds of chapters because they are fun and much easier to wrote than character presentations. From what I read in the comments its also a good change of pace for the audience..

But now i will get down to business. You mentioned the name Meihua. This name was given to her by Mei. Its supposed to show the connection between them and also the status and rank Tian holds within the organization. Mei gave her this name
to name Tian after herself, kind of like a man naming his son jr. Tian is Mei’s handpicked successor to lead Empire Escorts which is why she gave her that stage name. Given her history with the Williams family shes an unofficial member which means she is trustworthy. Earlier on I had a bit of flirtatious moment between Tian and Xavier that Mei giggled about earlier. If anything were to ever develop between the two Mei would immediately give her approval of them as a couple.

As it has been stated before, making money and making clients wanna come nack is about the experience the girls give to the customers. Tian peronally thinks putting on a fake chinese immigrant accent is cringe and doesn’t like it but shes business minded enough to do it when needed and it paid off for her in the long run. She wore bob out and drained him him. I was looking switch things up and shift toward
Tian becomimg the dominant presence and overpowering Bob near the end. Tian is definitely all about her hustle and takes her work seriously. She’s been finding ways to make money since she was a kid from helping out at her father’s restaurant to doing odd jobs like shoveling snow and eventually babysitting X for many years. It no surprise she milked an extra 5k out of bob after she was already paid for.

As for her and Jade they will speak again and it should very interesting. Glad you liked the chapter and thanks for the support! stay tuned for more!

2 years ago

A neat chapter. It’s interesting jumping between the two perspectives of the orientation and the Empire place. Gives them some background and possible set up while also acting as a break from the orientation. It seems like they’re already talent scouting and these people haven’t even officially begun their school days hahaha.

I will say though that I found the fake Asian accent with Tian a little cringy. I understand her client seems to like fresh off the boat ladies, but for some reason the actual written dialogue makes it feel oddly racist. I’m not saying it is, but it has that feeling of stereotyping even though it is intentional given the clientele.