The Road of Legends: Introducing Brass

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8:00 A.M.


♪♪ Come and put cha name on it, put cha name on it, /
Come and put cha name on it, ya name, /
Don’t chu wanna put ya name on it, put cha name on it, /
Come and put cha name on it, bay-bay-bay-bay-uh ♪♪/


Brass sung heartily.


Steam filled the bathroom as hot water sprayed from the shower head, colliding with her soft olive skin. The thick mixture of soap suds trickled along her face, running down her enormous sandbag sized tetas, flat stomach and her thick ham-like thighs.




This was followed by a splashing sound as she snapped her head back and flung her freshly washed orange hair behind her. She continued to sing as all the flowing water washed away the soap bubbles from her TALL, buxom, statuesque figure. The orange haired woman then reached for the shower head and removed it from the steel holder mounted on the wall. She ran the nozzle all over her skin slowly, relishing the heat as she rinsed away the soap. Smiling to herself, Brass leaned back against the wall of the shower, setting the showerhead to a pulsating spray as she ran it slowly over both her heavy tits, she loved the way it felt against her nipple in particular.


She slowly licked her tongue along her upper lip at the feel of it, as she moved the nozzle from one breast to the other. Her free hand felt its way along her toned stomach, the index finger circling the rim of her belly button before inching down further to stroke the hot folds of her pussy.


“Mmmmmh…” she moaned to herself as she slipped a finger between the damp inner walls, finding her throbbing clit and rubbing gently at the little pearl of flesh.


“Yeah…” she breathed hotly, imagining her friend Xavier touching her all over, hands kneading at her tits as his big cock rubbed between her thighs, the thick manmeat rubbing along her pussy slowly.


The orange haired woman then moved the showerhead down, letting the pulse setting pound against her skin as she drew her other hand back up; licking her finger slowly and tasting herself as she moved the nozzle to spray against her pussy.


“Ooooooohmmmmmmmm!!!” she moaned, bucking her hips against the spray as a burst of sheer pleasure washed through her.


“Ahhh fuuuck…” moaned the tall vixen as she moved the showerhead back and forth, biting her lip lightly as the water pulsed against her pussy and clit.


She savored the sensation as she moved her other hand to grope at her own tits. The busty singer pinched the nipple between her thumb and middle fingers, twisting the stiffened nub and pulling on it hard until her tit was almost in a cone shape before finally letting go. Brass then use the thumb of her other hand to turn the dial on the showerhead, switching from a pulse to a steady spray setting.




The giant woman cooed, bending forward as she aimed the spray directly at her clit, nearly humping herself against the single jet of water as she began panting softly.


“Yeah, right there baby…” she moaned to her imaginary lover as she groped herself again, pulling one heavy tit to her mouth where she swirled her tongue around her hard nipple before wrapping her lips around it!




The towering beauty moaned as she sucked on her own tit, pressing the shower spray directly against her clit again before shifting the dial to a wide spray, a thick stream of hot water began spraying directly inside her pussy, making her howl around her nipple as she fought to keep from moving her hips too much.


Fuck,’ she thought, ‘It’s like a never ending cock keeps pushing inside meee…


“Mmmmmmmhmmmmm, ahhhh…” she gasped, releasing her breast from her mouth before using her free arm to hug them both close to her face. Her tongue swirled around both nipples as she tried in vain to fit both of them into her mouth.


FUCK FUCK FUUUUCK!…” Brass howled, turning the dial again shifting to the ‘all options’ setting.




The heavy chested titan drove the nozzle downward and proceeded to press it against her cunt with both hands! Brass screamed as the combined shower settings drove her wild with pleasure. Pulses of water pelted her clit while a thick and steady stream hosed the inside of her pussy. Meanwhile, tiny streams constantly sprayed over the now gushing folds of her labia as she bit her lower lip in bliss!!!


YES, DON’T STOP BABY, FUCK MEEEE!!!” Brass roared as she brought herself to one orgasm after the next.




“Fuck, how long are you gonna be in there already!!” a muffled voice came through the door.


Brass dropped the showerhead immediately and felt her cheek heating up as she realized she’d been in the shower too long! She hastily stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel to dry off with. After doing so, she wrapped the oversized towel around her body and grabbed a second towel to dry her hair, then wrapping it around her head when she finished. The orange haired giant stepped into a big pair of house slippers.


“Hurry up! You dill pickle pussy smelling, using-up-all-the-hot-water-ass-cunt!” yelled the female voice.


Brass opened the door and stepped out into rather large kitchen area. This was part of a common area that was positioned in between Brass’ room and the woman who lived next door to her. Both individuals share a kitchen and bathroom and have access to the common area via doors from their individual dorm rooms. Speaking of the woman next door, she was standing across from Brass, butt naked with a towel slung over her shoulder; loufah and bottle of body wash in hand. The woman was attractive with fair, semi pale skin. Her long teal colored hair was hanging freely for she was about to get in the shower. She had an impressive body with huge tits and curvy hips and thick thighs. The two made eye contact, with Brass shooting a stern, hard stare to her teal haired neighbor. The teal haired woman began to tremble slightly as she looked up at Brass.


“God damn! You are one huuuuuuuuge bitch!” said the busty teal haired woman. Brass continued to stare the woman down with a frown, not amused by the teal haired girl’s comments. She realized she had upset the giant.


“I didn’t mean it when I called you a cunt a minute ago…That’s just how I talk.” the teal haired woman nervously. Brass then stepped closer to the other woman and leaned downward as she raised her hand as if she were going to slap the teal haired neighbor.


“Sorry for taking so long the the shower. I get a little carried away sometimes.” Brass apologized while waving slowly. The teal haired woman let out a sigh of relief as she realized Brass didn’t raise her gigantic hand to strike her.


“No problem.” The teal haired woman said.


“Nice to meet you neighbor. I’m Bonfilia, but you can call me Brass.” remarked the amazon.


“I’m Takiko, best rideshare driver in World City! 5 star rating average!” Takiko commented while pointing at herself.


“You work for Voyager?” Brass questioned.


“Yeah, well I used to. It’s gonna be hard to keep working as a full time student.”


“I just quit a fulltime job so I could go to school here myself.” remarked the green eyed woman.


Brass nodded while stepping to her left and walking back to the door that lead back to her dorm room. Takiko proceeded to go in the bathroom and shower. The amazon looked in her closet at her uniforms and several pairs of shoes.


“I think imma wear these!” Brass exclaimed while picking up a pair of knee high white boots.”


Brass then got dressed, putting on a silver micro miniskirt so small it revealed the front of her thong panties. Next she put on a pair of fishnet style black leggings along with matching fishnet armbands. The titty titan then finished getting dressed, putting on a bikini top, a red tie and a silver coat which she wore draped over her shoulders.


“I look like a fuckin star!” she affirmed while standing in front of the mirror.


“There’s one piece missing” she thought while looking at a stack of hats. Brass grabbed a police style service cap, similar to the one worn by the Street Fighter character Poison. After putting it on, she posed and modeled in front of the mirror.


“Yeah! Im gonna rock this orientation.”


Brass then picked up her phone to make a call. After a couple of rings a female voice answered the phone.


“Hello.” answered the voice.


“Hello.” Brass replied.


“Good morning Brass. Everything is set and ready on our end. We’ll be there to watch you present. Don’t forget to come talk to me before you go to the arena.”


“Alright I will.”


“I’ll be in the parking lot.” Said the voice on the other end of the phone.


“Ok, I’ll see ya then.” responded the giant.


“I look forward to it.” said the voice before hanging up.


After Brass got off the phone she went back into the kitchen area and brewed herself a mug of hot vanilla chai tea with her K-cup machine. At the same time, Takiko stepped out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, having finished her shower.


“Is that chai tea?” Takiko asked while approaching big glass jar full of suckers that was sitting atop the kitchen counter.


“Yep I love tea. It helps my voice for singing.”


“I heard you in the shower. You’re pretty good.” the teal haired woman complimented as she unwrapped the lollipop she had in her hand.


“Thank you. Do you want a cup?” Brass asked.


“Fuck yeah!” Takiko answered before going through the door opposite of Brass to go to her own room to change.


“I haven’t seen you around. Did you just get here?”


“Yeah, I was one of the last freshmen to be accepted.” Brass answered.


“I was one of the first. I’ve been staying on campus for the last couple of months. I’ve been going to summer school here to make up the academic credits required to be accepted. I’ve been out of school for a few years, I’m 21 years old.” explained the Voyager driver. Brass wasn’t too sure what she meant by being out of school for a few years but didn’t want to press the topic further.


“If you can sing that good why don’t you pursue a career in music?” the busty yellow eyed woman questioned as she stepped back into the kitchen area from her room.


“It’s not that simple. There’s a lot of politics involved in making it in the music industry. Record companies and execs have their own vision of what a pop star should be. I don’t fit most people’s perception of what a “star” should be unfortunately.” Brass explained while handing Takiko a mug of piping hot tea. Takiko looked at Brass as they both sat down, noting her massive size.


“So you don’t fit their definition, shame on those filthy thieving asshole, no eye for talent, dirty sanchez taking bitches and their shitty record companies!” Takiko cursed. Brass laughed at the teal haired woman’s way with words.


“My lil sister is into music too. She’s the top DJ in the city. DJ K-Booty. I help her sell her mixtapes out of the trunk of my car.”


“I’ve heard of her! Her mixtape is really poppin in New York right now too!” Brass noted excitedly before taking a sip of her tea.”


“She’s a first year at BSU too. Maybe you two can link up and work together on some tracks. She makes her own beats.” Takiko offered while dipping her lollipop into her mug of tea.


“Yeah! I’m down! That would be awesome!” Brass nodded enthusiastically, her eyes beaming with stars.


“We’ll see her soon! I gotta finish getting ready. I’ll meet you at the arena.” Takiko remarked as she guzzled down her tea.


“Alright, cool. I gotta take care of some things real quick. I’ll see you there.” the green eyed titan acknowledged while exiting the kitchen to go back into her room.



(15 minutes later)


All eyes were on Brass as she made her way out of the lobby of Passion tower. People dropped their books, accidentally poured coffee on themselves and some even tripped over their own feet gawking at the 7 foot 3 specimen. Most people had never seen a human of her stature before, for she towered over even the tallest NBA centers. However, Brass was used to this kind of attention as she had gotten it most of her life.


Brass followed the sidewalk path which took her to the rear side of Busteez arena where hundreds of vehicles maneuvered to find parking spaces. She wandered through the parking lot, visually scanning the sea of cars and trucks until she spotted parking buses and other large passenger vehicles.


There it is!’ Brass thought to herself as she spotted a huge mobile trailer with a massive Carnal Carnival logo emblazoned on the side. Along with her former employer’s emblem, there was an image of a woman dressed in a black tuxedo and cape. Her face was partially hidden by a masquerade style mask. Her long dark colored hair was mostly covered by a magician style top hat. Brass frowned slightly as she saw the visage of the magician, it reminded her of the existence she walked away from as part of the Carnal Carnival. Brass approached and knocked on the trailer door before giving it several knocks. The door opened to reveal the black haired woman that was displayed on the trailer itself but without her magician costume. The two had a brief staredown with one another.


“Dana…..” Brass uttered with a slight tone of animosity in her voice. Dana was none other than Dana Copafeel, star of Carnal Carnival and it’s main event act.


“You’re welcome to come in at anytime Brass.” Dana remarked with a smug grin. Brass entered the room still wearing a tense expression on her face.


“So you walk away from the tour with no notice and then ask for our help. The nerve of you, so impulsive and emotional.”


“You know I deserve better than the scraps I got from the Carnival! I outworked everyone on the roster. I signed autographs, took pictures with every last fan after the show, hawked your t-shirts while you reaped the rewards!” Brass countered while looking down at her rival.


“There there, calm down Brass. Please have a seat.” Dana said while walking over to the kitchen table of the trailer. Brass obliged and sat down.


“In business we all have to pay our dues. Not just you. Everyone is trying to maintain their spot or get higher on the ladder.” Dana stated as she sat in front of the giant.


“You held me down! No matter how well I performed or how much extra work I did, like cleaning the buses and putting up sets. No matter what I couldn’t get any higher on the card!”


“You see, I’ve felt you coming to try and overtake me since you first started. Since the beginning, I acknowledged your effort and willingness to do whatever it took. You’ve outdone yourself every leg of the tour. But MY name is the one that is on the marquee and I had to KEEP it that way! No matter how great you perform, I’m the one selling tickets and filling up arenas. I have to protect my position. Yes, I DID tell the boss you’re not ready for prime time. I’m 26 years old and I’ve been doing this since I was 18. I wasn’t ready for you to take what I’ve worked so hard for my entire career.”


“You bitch! You’ve been sabotaging me this whole time. I should beat your ass right now!”


“Don’t forget, we did stop our tour and come back to World City for Orientation. That happened because of me!” Dana recalled fiercely.


“I wanna know….Why?” Brass questioned.


“Well, your success at BSU could be very beneficial to us. If you become a breakout star at BSU everyone will know where you came from. That will attract more people to our shows.” Dana explained before pausing.


“So you’re doin this for yourself huh!” Brass asserted with an unsurprised look.


“That is part of the reason”. The black haired woman answered matter-of-factly.


“What other reason is there?” the curious amazon questioned.


“I’ve been at this a long time. I started from the bottom just like you did. There was a time when people said the art of magic and illusions were not profitable and that no one would bother to see me perform. In this age of social media, there are so many other forms of entertainment it’s hard for a magician to compete. I busted my ass to get where I am and prove that stigma wrong…..”


“But I became stagnant and content with where I am in life. I’m the Queen of the Carnal Carnival but I could have been more.”


“Whaddaya mean?” Brass asked while looking Dana in the eyes.


“I haven’t had a challenge in a long time. Your arrival at the carnival reminded me of that. Your work ethic and dedication and not to mention your unique talent.”


“I wanted to some day headline MY OWN show on the Pueblo Diablo strip but here I am 8 years later still at the Carnal Carnival. I got comfortable and complacent. The truth is that I stayed so long because I was afraid to leave, afraid to fail.” Dana admitted. Brass sat stunned by Dana’s candor.


“You, afraid. I woulda never thought that. I thought you were happy with this.” Brass said, the surprise evident in her voice.


“I was for a while but you have made me realize that I wasn’t. You are taking your destiny into your own hands Brass. I wish I would have had the courage to do what you did.” confessed the magician.


“I had to make a move and change somethin! I don’t know what the future holds for me at BSU but it’s a start.” Brass told her rival.


“I really just want to be heard. I’ve been singing all my life. It’s what I love to do. It’s all or nothing now!”


“That’s why we came to support you. We have a couple of days off before we hit Chicago for our next show. All of the performers and crew decided to drive back to World City for this. Our engineers and technicians are gonna hook you up! Everyone agreed to forfeit a bit of pay for this detour to cover travel and equipment expenses. I want to see you begin your ascent to the top of the world!”


THANK YOU SO MUCH!” hollered the ecstatic giant before giving Dana a bear hug.


“About that……” Dana said before pausing. Without warning, Dana, stood up on her toes and pulled Brass as close as she could. Their lips collided. Brass’ eyes went wide with surprise as Dana pressed herself closer, she felt the other woman’s tongue brushing against her lips and gasped slightly; parting them for her and allowing her tongue inside.


“Hmmmm…?” Brass moaned against Dana’s mouth as she felt her tongue exploring every single inch of her mouth.


“Mmmmmmh!” Dana moaned back, moving a hand down to grab the taller woman’s toned ass as she pressed her thigh between Brass’ legs.


“Dana… I… Mmmmmh…” Brass began, but her words turned into a soft moan as she felt the dark haired woman sucking on her tongue expertly.


Wow, she’s goooood…’ Brass thought as she felt most of the tension bleeding out of her. Her tongue pushed back against Dana’s gently. She tasted so sweet, almost like candy!


Not sensing further resistance, Dana got bolder, rubbing her slender figure against Brass’ body as she traced the curves of her ass with one hand while moving the other to grab one of Brass’ heavy tits. She then broke away from her lips, but only to begin kissing her way down her soft neck slowly; stopping to nibble at a particularly sensitive spot just below her ear.


“Ahhhaaaa…” Brass gasped softly as Dana giggled.


“I knew it.” she whispered before licking at that same spot with her tongue. She then leaned up to nibble gently on her earlobe as she slipped her hand under the top of her uniform, pushing the bikini up gently and exposing her massive tit. Her thumb circled her nipple slowly then pressed down on it like a button.


“Mmmmmmmmh!” Brass moaned and began panting softly.


Dana then made her way back to Brass’ mouth, and the two locked lips once more as the orange haired amazon moved to pull at the sash holding her robe closed. Dana in turn grabbed both the taller womans tits, squeezing them roughly as she pushed her uniform top up and off of both breasts. Her fingers pinched her now VERY stiff nipples as Brass found herself humping her crotch against Dana’s soft thigh.


Her touch sent tingles all throughout Brass’ body as she opened Dana’s bathrobe. The dark haired woman pulled her arms away only long enough to lower them down so the heavy robe could slip away from her body silently. It pooled at her feet, revealing her naked body beneath!


“Mmmmmmh!” Dana moaned into Brass’ mouth as she pressed her naked body against her, her nipples rubbing against the other woman’s larger tits. The orange haired woman moved to wrap her arms around Dana’s slim figure, reaching down to grab her smooth sexy ass and lifting her up. Dana’s legs wrapped around Brass’ waist as she pushed her up against the side of the trailer wall.


The orange haired woman then broke the kiss again and moved to lick and suck on Dana’s soft neck. At the same time, Dana hooked a toe around the straps of Brass’ panties then pushed them down; her toes catching on the edges of her skirt along the way. She ran into some resistance around the curve of her ass, but she pushed past it and smiled as the other woman’s skirt and panties fell down her long skirt.


Grinning at the dark haired woman, Brass pulled away from the wall slightly and grinned at the way she yelped as she held her up before flipping her upside down. Brass surprisingly shoved Dana’s shocked face into her crotch! At the same time, Dana’s neatly shaven pussy was now in front of Brass’ face! Her pussy was perfectly pink, the folds already glistening with arousal as her pearl clit was revealed. Judging by how wet it was, Dana’s pussy was crying out for attention!


Licking her lips slowly, Brass leaned her face between Dana’s thighs and swirled her tongue against the other womans clit. She felt Dana shudder in her arms as she wrapped her arms around Brass’ thick thighs to help hold herself steady. She then used her fingers to pry open the folds of her cunt!


“Mmmmmh, such a pretty pussy!” Dana said as she slipped six fingers inside, pulling it open wide with both hands. Brass then felt her nibbling on her clit gently and shivered in pleasure as she began swirling her tongue all around the folds of Dana’s slit.


She was delighted at the way Dana moaned as she delved her tongue between her moist folds, lapping at her pussy like a dog. Savoring her flavor, she moved her hand up to dip her fingers into the other woman’s pussy. Her fingers made a squishing wet noise as she began dipping them in and out of Dana’s pussy.


“Yessss, right there!”


Dana moved as Brass slipped her fingers in deeper, easily finding the other woman’s g-spot and tickling it intently as she began sucking on her clit! The dark haired woman shuddered in her arms as her pussy began gushing like a little fountain, splashing against her face.


Brass then let Dana down and the shorter woman pushed her back onto the table after swiping her arm over the surface, knocking over the papers and dishes that cluttered the spot. The plates clattered on the floor, not shattering since they were made of a durable plastic. One thing about living on the move so often, there wasn’t any glass or china that could break easily. Brass let Dana push her back on top of the table before she moved away to retrieve something from the cabinet over the sink.


It was a long and thick silver object with a black base at one end. The length of it was covered with a bunch of small segments with little nubs around them that resembled ball bearings. Dana twisted the black base and the room was quickly filled with a low humming buzz as the vibrating dildo powered up.


“I’ve been wanting to use this baby on you for a long time.” Dana confessed as she touched the length against the juicy opening of Brass’ pussy. Her reaction was instantaneous as she leaned her head back and moaned as a powerful orgasm shot through her!


“OHHH FUUUUUUCK!!!” Brass screamed.


“The CumMaster 1000, uses little shocks to drive women crazy.”


“Ahhhaahh…” Brass gasped, her body still bucking slightly as she recovered from an intense orgasm. Dana only giggled before she pushed the entire ten inch length inside with a soft squishing sound. As Dana pumped the dildo back and forth, there was a series of tiny little pops as the dildo did it’s work. In response, Brass screamed and bucked her hips again and again and again.


“Mmmmmmh, your O-face is just as lovely as I imagined it Brass!” Dana said as she used her free hand to finger herself.


“Now, keep cumming for me, I wanna burn that image into my memory!”


AHHHH FUCK FUCKFUCKFUCK YOU CRAZZZZY BIIIIITCH!!!!!!” Brass screamed, though there was no anger in her voice as she leaned back on the table, moaning and shaking as Dana made her cum again and again.




“Mmmmmmmh, fuck I’m cumming just watching you cum!” Dana said as she leaned her head down and began sucking on Brass’ clit as she continued working the dildo back and forth. The amazon beauty clutched the back of Dana’s head and squeezed, pulling on her hair slightly. In response Dana pushed a button on the device shifting its speed to its highest setting. The humming sound grew louder as it ramped up, the length spinning like a professional kitchen power mixer.




Brass hollered forcefully, causing glass on the picture frames mounted on the wall to crack. Her body convulsed and her toes curled as Dana completed her two pronged pleasure attack. Brass’ joyous screams sent shocks through Dana’s body almost like the giant had penetrated her with the sound of her voice!


OH SHIT! AHHHH!!!!! BRAAAASSSS IM CUMMING!!!!!” roared the magician as she collapsed from being on her knees to sitting on her ass, a result of the mind-blowing sensation she felt. She could barely speak as she gasped for breath. A puddle of love juice ran down the table as Brass stood back up. She then kneeled down in front of Dana and locked lips with her again.


“Thank you.” Brass moaned softly at the end of the kiss.


“No, thank you Brass, for helping me realize what I need to do. You just might see me in that uniform next year.” Dana suggested.


“Really?! That would make me your senpai!” the giant chuckled as she rose again to get dressed.


“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Dana replied with a laugh of her own.


“Well, it’s almost time. I gotta go inside.” Brass said as she looked at the clock. Dana then stood up and grabbed a gym bag off the table, handing it to Brass.”


“I want you to have this.” Dana offered with a warm smile.


Brass opened the bag to reveal a pair of brand new, custom made black leather fingerless gloves.


“These are just like the ones you wear!” Brass exclaimed happily.


“Yep, Italian leather too! Now you’re just as stylish as me!” Dana giggled.


“These complete my look!” Brass said after putting on the gloves.


“Getting a pair made big enough for your hands costs a pretty penny, but it’s worth it. No need to thank me, just remember this for next year, I might need you to put a good word in for me.”


“Consider it done!” Brass answered before leaning down to kiss Dana one more time. Brass waved at her former rival turned ally as she walked out of the trailer.


What the hell was that? Did she make me cum from a scream alone???’ Dana thought to herself as she looked at the cracked frames on her wall.



Brass stepped out of the trailer, adjusting her uniform which she had just put back on. The giant began to power walk through the parking lot after looking at the time on her phone. After processing through the buildings security, she entered the main arena through a side door. Turning heads as she came in, the amazon stopped to scan the area for an empty seat. Her heavy hips swung, her gigantic tits bounced and her ass wobbled and giggled as she forcefully stomped towards the back row of the room. The green eyed titan noticed Takiko along with another woman with short black and red hair. She walked up and took one of two empty seats in the back row.


“Hey Takiko!” Brass greeted excitedly as she approached. The teal haired, neon eyed woman noticed the beads of sweat running down her cheeks and smirked.


“Looks like you had a little bit of a hold up. Did you finish what you started in the shower earlier?” Takiko asked with a grin that suggested she knew a hook up had taken place.


“Kinda… It was more business than anything.” Brass answered.


“This is….” Takiko said as she tried to introduce Brass to Kaede.


“DJ K-Booty!” Brass interrupted


“And you’re Brass Jazzsinger right?” Kaede replied. As it turns out Kaede knew Brass by reputation as well. She stood and the two did a light girl hug. Brass looked over Kaede’s shoulder.


“Your ass is humongous! Mind if I give it a touch?” inquired the giant.


“Sure, if I can see what those mega tits feel like!” Kaede countered.


Brass reached around Kaede with both hands, giving her ass a nice double squeeze, followed by an ass jiggling smack. At the same time Kaede reached inside of Brass’ bikini top and grasped her tits and squeezed.


“Ooooh! So soft and squishy! Your ass is fuckin incredible.” Brass complimented while continuing to grope Kaede curiously.


“Your boobs are perfect! They’re like jelly, so squeezable! You really slayin it with tits like these” Kaede confessed. Both women looked around and immediately noticed everyone else in the back row was staring at them. Both women quickly stopped groping and stepped away from each other, not wanting to give everyone the wrong idea.


“I was wondering how far that was gonna go.” Takiko remarked with a chuckle as the two sat down.


“I saw some footage of you singing at one of your shows on Youtube. I think we should hit the studio some time. We could make some pretty dope shit, I bet.” Kaede suggested.


“I was gonna ask you the same thing. I was looking for someone to collaborate with to make some sick beats and production.


“We will get in the studio and see wh….”


SILENCE!” Bellowed a forceful voice. The trio all let out wailing moans, which were followed by exhausted breaths. Kaede held on to the armrests of the seats. While Brass hugged herself tightly. Takiko bit all the way down, crunching through the thick, hard candy sucker in her mouth like it was nothing, squeezing her purse with her hands at the same time. After Leilani’s outburst, Taiyohime took to the stage and gave the opening address. A couple of minutes later at the conclusion of her speech a straggler arrived and attempted to sneak into the only empty seat in the last row in between Kaede and Brass.


“Good morning Mr. Williams. Nice of you to join us today.”


Brass, Takiko, Kaede and a 4th, heavily tattooed woman looked down to see the auburn haired upstart who had just walked in late.


“Xavier!” Gasped Brass, Takiko and Kaede.


(30 minutes later, Shortly after Violette Beauregard’s Orientation Presentation….)


Violette Beauregard walked proudly down the steps to exit the stage to a chorus of cheers. The reaction of her peers was mixed. Some were left in awe by her bold declaration while others were incensed by her sheer arrogance. As she made her way back to her front row seat, she met eyes with a woman sitting in the second row. The woman in the second row had short shoulder length brown hair with distinct green eyes. She stared at Violette with a cold grasping gaze, one that Violette couldn’t ignore. The socialite stopped in her tracks, staring back at the focused brunette. Violette felt the weight and intensity of the woman’s gaze as if the two shared a personal history. It was the same kind of tension that is in the air when two people are about to fight.


Who is this…’ thought the standout first year student to herself. The atmosphere had become unquestionably tense, so much so that the space that separated them could be cut with a knife. Violette tilted her head, as if she was looking down at her opponent. Neither woman would budge as Violette considered a staredown as a personal challenge to her superiority. She refused to turn away from her challenger as they fiercely locked eyes. Other people from all corners of the arena began to shift their attention, turning their heads to look. Ashani and Nicole looked over their shoulders at the brunette woman.


“Who is Vivi staring at?” Nicole asked.


“That’s Matsunami Shinoda. The AEWA’s current Rookie of the Year. Like Violette, She too got accepted on recommendations.” Ashani answered.


“OoooOOooOOo! Looks like Violette is staring someone down! BSU Orientation continues!” Hitomi announced into her phone as she live streamed to tens of thousands of her adoring fans.


In the back row, Xavier stood up to get a look at what was going on but he couldn’t see anything due to people in the next row in front of him also standing up to get a better view.


“What’s going on?!” The short statured male student asked Brass as he tiptoed, struggling in vain to get a better view of the action.


“I can’t tell for sure, but your buddy Violette stopped walking. I think she’s looking at someone in the second row.”


“She’s mad doggin somebody but I can’t see who.” Kaede added.


Kianna then hopped to her feet.


“Kianna….see!” remarked the tattooed woman before sprinting into the center aisle. She walked up close and looked at Matsunami before darting back over to her group.


Maihime tapped Matsunami on the shoulder to try and break up the staredown. “Nami, it’s not a big deal. I’ve moved on…” urged the younger Shinoda sister.


From her seat, Headmistress Taiyohime watched with concern, looking at Violette first and then to Matsunami. Her look softened as she stared at Matsunami for a few seconds before shifting her attention to Maihime.


This could be interesting after all, Tai-chan. Nothing stirs competition like animosity. So far there is plenty of it among the first years!” Leilani suggested with a smirk.


“I’m up next!” Brass told her friends as she got up out of her seat.


“Good luck girl! Teach em how to stunt!” Kaede said.


“Go break a fuckin leg…Well not literally, its a figure of speech, bitch!” Takiko added.


“I know what you meant!” Brass assured her. Xavier then looked up at Brass.


“Go kill it up there Bonnie!” Xavier remarked while flashing a cheesy sitcom smile, uncharacteristic of him to be doing. Brass gave him a nod before walking out of a side door that was nearby.


After a few minutes, the lights in the entire auditorium dimmed once again before becoming lit with multi colored strobe lights. A massive gleaming crystal disco ball lowered down from the ceiling. Jazzy upbeat, pop music began to play.




The main doors to the theater forcefully swung open. Everyone in the audience turned to see what was going on by the door. Brass stood in the doorway in magnificent splendor holding a cordless microphone in her hand. The crowd responded at the sight of the giant with a unanimous WOW! Brass stood proudly, long enough to allow everyone to gaze upon her as the music played. She had added two accessories, a big brimmed tall top hat along with some pink framed aviator style sunglasses.


Time to rock the house!‘ She thought to herself. This was the moment Brass had been awaiting for years, she was performing at a nationally and internationally televised event. No longer would she be held back or denied!


♪♪ No more hesitating, /
But my body is shaking, not obeying, /
Slowly decaying, /
And my self-control – it is breaking, /
Even the sun and the moon, /
I can’t count on them – My luck is all spent, /
But this isn’t the end, /
I’m repeating those words again and again ♪♪/


Brass sang as she started to walk seductively down the center aisle. The orange haired titan swung her hips melodically to the catchy beat and pushed her chest out with confidence. Her voice was powerful yet smooth and seductive.


Brass made a turn into the back row as she continued to sing, stopping in front of Xavier. She bent down so that she was face to face with him as she began the next verse. Brass looked him in the eyes seductively and ran her hand along his face as she crooned. The crowd began to clap their hands to the beat of the music starting with Xavier. He was followed by Takiko, Kaede and Kiana. More and more people clapped their hands until the entire rear area of the arena was following along.


♪♪ They’re poor odds I’m facing, /
But you won’t catch me fleeing, I’m not leaving, /
Don’t need a reason, /
I know the future’s ahead – let’s seize it, /
And it’s a chance that I’m taking, /
Eyes on the prize, /
I’m not holding back, the limit is the sky /
Cause the pride of winning is all you need ♪♪/


♪♪ I wanna dine on the sweet wine of victory, /
But we may only get the stale taste of defeat, /
But it’s fine either way, can’t wait /
I’ll take these threads of fate, /
And I will create a new world of our own! ♪♪/


The young man blushed as she serenaded him sweetly. People in the next row stared and took pictures of the 7 foot singer’s shaking rump as sung to Xavier. At the end of the verse, she removed her top hat and placed it on top of his head almost like she was publicly paying tribute for the assistance he provided her in getting to BSU. Sparkling bits of confetti and streamers rained down from above as she turned and approached the center aisle to walk to the stage. A contingent of Brass’ cohorts from the carnal carnival, led by Dana joined the clapping from their seats in the middle rows as Brass sang the chorus.


♪♪ Do or die, golden time lover’s gonna blow your mind, /
Raise the stakes – poker face, /
Give me all you got, here we go, /
Yeah, I know those illusions will drag you into the flow ♪♪/


Brass bellowed with passionate fervor.


♪♪ It’s the same, endless game, /
But somehow I’ll find my way, /
It’s a fine borderline, /
But I’ll walk it anyway, /
What’s the price – won’t think twice, /
I will pay it right here in this moment, /
For you, I’d give the world, and you know it! ♪♪/


“She’s winning them slowly. Some people aren’t clapping yet but they will be.” Dana whispered to one of the other performers.


Maihime nodded her head to the song as she too began to clap.


“This catchy. She can really sing!” Mai said while leaning in to Matsunami. As Matsunami listened to the lyrics further, she began to nod her head and tap her foot on the floor to the music as well.




The room lit up with a burst of explosions from big booms to light fast pops. An assortment of fireworks went off in a massive array of colors. The sparks from the fireworks formed words like “SEXY!” and “SASSY” in midair.


“Pyro huh, What an entrance, fantástica! She’s so big! She would make a great opponent at the next Slamfest coming in a few weeks!” Tigre observed.


Brass strutted down the aisle, squeezing one of her tits as she got closer to the stage. The clapping had spread like wildfire through the audience with nearly everyone clapping their hands including some of the professors.


“I’m surprised to see you of all people are having fun.” Damien Douglas, Professor of Psychology, joked to Cathy O’Malley, BSU’s Head Disciplinarian, who was clapping.


“Just because I’m strict here doesn’t mean I can’t fun” Cathy replied.


♪♪ In this game we’re playing, /
Only fact is what beats the fiction, baby, /
So no delaying – Make your move, /
Before they see through it, /
Reading between all the lines, /
You’ll know at first glance, your senses are enhanced, /
So don’t waste the chance to play your hand, /
‘Cause when you’re facing fate, it all weighs on your might, /
You gotta make a choice between the dark and the light!, /
Your demons you may meet, /
Yeah, you may face defeat, /
But not if you greet them with a fearless soul ♪♪/


Xavier stood up and moved to the center aisle with his video camera to document the performance. He cheered loudly while recording her walk to the stage. This was reminiscent of Mei’s loud, boisterous behavior during his high school graduation, in which she sprinted to the front row; cheering and taking pictures as Xavier walked across the stage.


“GO BRASS!!! Show em how it’s done!!” Xavier yelled loudly, causing Brass to smile.


The giant stopped in the center of the stage area and jumped up, rising way above the edge of the stage by a large margin while still facing the audience. She landed on the stage, sticking the landing on her feet.


“She is a monstrous physical specimen. I wonder how much she can bench press! I’d love to work out with her!” Shikijou noted as she watched Brass’ backwards jump from the floor to the stage.


“Her physical capabilities are closer to Beast Maiden than a human woman.” Rubii added.


“She’s a hottie too!” Leda chimed in with hearts forming above her head.


Brass’ landing on the stage triggered another wave of pyrotechnics to ignite. Several smaller explosions happened, one after the other, making a sequential line that moved along the edge of the stage.




There were 3 more loud explosions of rainbow colored sparks just above the stage. Brass’ name formed in big sparking letters above the stage.


“She has a lot of flare, literally and chemically speaking!!!” Skyla noted.


Brass went into the chorus part of the song.


♪♪ Take a stand – clap your hands, /
And just do the best you can, /
A worthwhile fighting style, /
You and me can go on as one, /
Attention! Don’t ya go alone, /
Your luck, it’s got limits, /
A detailed fairy tale, /
Give it life and make it real, /
It’s a sweet victory, /
You’ll never forget, /
You ready? Come with me, /
Throw away your doubt there’s nothing to fear, /
Take a step and we’ll move forward together no matter how far or how near! ♪♪/


The beat played for bit as Brass shimmied her torso and gyrated her hips from side to side. The amazon then flexed her chest, making her gigantic tits move around. She bounced them up and down one at a time and then simultaneously while swiveling her hips. Next she bounced them in an alternating pattern, left and right. Lastly, she did a windmill and twirled her breast in a circular pattern, clockwise and then counterclockwise. The crowd roared with ooohs and ahhhhs in response to her boobie dancing.


“Look at those titties!” Eiji exclaimed to Hitomi.


“She’s got a body, a voice and personality. I gotta get her on a future episode!” Hitomi said to her livestream audience. Hitomi’s phone lit up with thousands of heart and thumbs up emojis after making that comment, garnering the approval of the audience.


There was someone posted right in front of the stage who had two extra large duffle bags sitting next to him. He stood up, pulling a large steel pipe. He hurled it at Brass who then caught it between her tits. The Carnal Carnival performer then proceeded to squeeze her enormous boobs together, not even bothering to use her hands to assist. She applied so much force that she bent the pipe into a sideways “U” shape before letting it fall to the floor. The crowd erupted in cheers of astonishment at what they had just witnessed.


“So that’s why she requested approval to bring in all those objects. Performance props, how clever. Saitou remarked with surprise. Brass had applied for permission to bring numerous noteworthy objects into the arena. The request had been approved by Taiyohime but he didn’t know the specific reason why. Immediately after Violette’s performance, he went back to the first floor to meet up with Eric at his post


“I’d love to lay the pipe down on her!” Eric joked in response to Saitou while nudging him with his elbow and winking.


“You need to learn some tact kid. Not every woman is gonna fall for your crass tough guy act, especially not the girls here. BSU is an entirely new playing field.” Saitou cautioned, lecturing his subordinate, before chuckling a bit.


The man on the floor then threw a rather large brick at Brass which she caught in her cleavage, effortlessly shattering it into tiny pieces with her tit squeeze.


“How is she able to do that?! This is some ‘Worlds strongest man’ shit. I gotta ask her for some lessons!” Takiko commented in amazement.


“Imagine the titfucks she can give! If she can do THAT with her tits, maybe I can learn how to do it with my ass!” Kaede added while licking her lips.


“Do you know how shes doing that nee-san?” Mai asked Matsunami with interest.


“Why? Do wanna do it yourself?” Matsunami asked. Mai looked down at her own heavy chest and nodded.


“Yeah, I kinda do. I have the boobs for it! …right?” Maihime answered in a tone that reflected a mixture of excitement and nervousness. After that remark she took a bite of a chocolate bar she held in her hand.


Brass’ demonstration even amused Violette. The combination of the song and the boob feats entertained the socialite and took her mind off of the nonverbal confrontation she had just been in.


“That’s a nice move she has there. The giant has an impeccable feel for the audience. She knows just what to do and when to get the biggest reaction possible.” Violette assessed keenly.


“I think she’s a circus performer or something. You can find stuff like this in those types of shows. I’d love to attend one now that I’m going to be living here in World City.” Ashani added.


“Boob flexing is achieved by flexing the pectoral muscles back and forth. It requires big breasts to do and is a fun party trick. I’ve seen some girls able to do it but not to THIS extent. However bending steel and breaking concrete with tits is unheard of! ” Shikijou said to Rubii.


“I think I wanna see if I can do that later…” Rubii joked while grabbing her gigantic cups.


However, there was at least one person in the crowd who wasn’t impressed with Brass’ abilities. Koko sat silently with a rather dull expression on her face while holding open an assembly program.




Perhaps Koko’s non reaction was due to the fact there was another singer in the freshman class or that she didn’t view Brass as a threat; Or maybe she did.


The prop man then tossed a soccer ball at the giant. Brass knocked the ball high into the air with her tits and began to juggle it with them, repeatedly knocking the ball upwards with her mega massive mammaries. She juggled the ball in a manner similar to soccer players when they juggle the ball off of their heads. She did this 6 times to show it wasn’t a fluke. On the last bounce she swung her torso, batting the ball away and sending it flying down the center aisle towards Xavier who was still filming her. Xavier jumped up and caught the ball in between his left hand and his chest all while never losing the shot of Brass on his camera.


Brass then walked up to a table in the center of the stage which was covered by a large black sheet.




The tall singer grabbed the sheet and flung it away, revealing a solid block of ice that was at least 24 inches thick. Brass stood in front of the table and took a martial artist like stance. She leaned backwards slightly to prepare for what she was about to do next.




Brass drove her upper body forward, slamming into the block of ice, breaking all the way through and splitting it in half. The audience erupted in loud applause for this incredible feat. The music stopped playing after she broke the ice block.


After the cheers and applause subsided Brass grabbed a chair from the side of the stage and pulled it to the center stage area before sitting down. She held the mic close and took a deep breath.


“BUONGIORNO!! (Italian for “Good morning“)” Brass called loudly into the microphone.


“Piacere (Italian for “Hello“) students, staff and alumni of BSU. My name is Bonfilia Cantore but I’m known professionally as Brass Jazzsinger.” Brass said, opening up the second part of her presentation.


“I just got accepted to BSU a few days ago. I quit my job on a whim to be here today. As y’all have probably noticed, I’m a pretty big girl; 7’3 and 360 pounds to be exact. I have a rare medical condition called Gigantism.” Brass admitted candidly before taking a brief pause.


“Gigantism is a condition that starts at birth. The body produces excessive growth hormones which causes a person to grow at an accelerated rate. Now that the explanation is out of the way, let’s talk about me a little bit.”


“I grew up in Queens, New York. I’m the oldest of 3 kids so I’m literally the big sister. Ever since I can remember I have always loved music. Pop, Rock and Roll, Techno, Hip Hop, I liked it all so i listened to a little bit of everything. I used to sing around the house when I was little mimicking the girls in the music videos I watched on TV with my toy microphone. My parents ran a Karaoke themed dive bar so I guess the love of music is in my blood” the giant recounted.


“I was always bigger than the other kids my age. Even in first grade I towered over my classmates. It was a problem for me most of the time. Other kids used to tease me and say I was a monster. During recess none of the girls o wanted me around and the boys only wanted me around to be the evil giant monster woman to kill off in their samurai and knight warrior games because none of them wanted to be the villain.” Brass recollected.


“Kids around my neighborhood used to teepee my house and bomb it with eggs on Halloween. That time of year was always rough because everyone called me Frankenstein and said I didn’t need a costume for it.”


“This went on for years but I developed a thick skin over time. I learned to cope with it. I did that through music. It was my sanctuary. Whenever I had a bad day, I could go home put on some music and sing. I let everything go in the moment, I was free and happy.” Brass explained.


“I used to do Karaoke at my parents restaurant after school sometimes and every weekend. That feeling, the rush of performing in front of an audience, it was amazing! I still remember my first time singing in front of people, I had butterflies but I kinda liked that feeling. I stepped on stage and gave it everything I had not knowing what people would think about me. But when I finished my song I heard nothing but cheers. It was euphoric to see that there were people out there who appreciated me. It was at that moment I realized what I wanted to do with my life!” Brass affirmed to the crowd while talking with eccentric hand movements, something New Yorkers and Italians were known for doing.


“I joined the glee club in middle school, where I got to perform at all the school events. It was magical for me. When I was on stage performing it was like I got to be someone else, live out my fantasies ya know? The glee club is how I got my stage name. The teacher that ran the glee club said my voice was so powerful that it wasn’t human. She told me my voice was so strong and crisp that it was more like a trumpet and so silky smooth it was like a saxophone. Two key instruments in playing jazz music. On top of that, I knew how to play nearly every musical instrument the school had. She started calling me Brass after that and the name stuck ever since.” the young singer said fondly of those times.


“Around this same time, my PE teacher who was also the head coach of the girls basketball team noticed me. I was over 6 feet tall at this point and he thought I could be my schools secret weapon. I was big, strong and fast, beyond anyone he’d ever seen male or female, human or beast maiden. He told me that with my size and strength I could be a dominant player. I gave it a try but things didn’t work out. I had a terrible shot, I couldn’t make a damn basket to save my life! I couldn’t even dribble the ball!” the giant said with a chuckle which caused the audience to laugh as well.


“I guess this only made me believe I was destined to be a professional singer even more. I started taking it more seriously after that. I studied the art of songwriting and practiced writing my own songs to prepare. I enjoyed writing just as much as the singing itself! It was a way for me to express myself in my own words, ya know?” she asked rhetorically


“In the 7th grade, the school held auditions for the play “Annie”. We were going to perform at this 3 day long festival that all of the local schools were doing. I wanted the lead role so bad! I practiced my singing and even watched youtube videos about acting to get better at doing it! I was so pumped, this was my chance to be seen by everyone!” Brass exclaimed her excitement clear in her voice. It was like she was allowing the audience to live out her life through her storytelling. People watched at the edge of their seats as Brass resumed speaking, wondering about the outcome of the play.


“I remember the New York City drama festival from the 7th grade.” thought Xavier, a fellow Queens native.


“I totally killed the audition! I knew it and the judges knew it too. Ya know, it’s that feeling of confidence when you know you did your best but not only that, you were also THE best at that moment!? That’s what I was feelin!” Brass declared while moving the hand that wasn’t holding the microphone. Her words resonated with several of her fellow students and even the professors. Violette, Tigre, Skyla, Matsunami, Ashani, Auron, Takiko, Kaede, Eiji, Xavier, Maihime, Sara, Cathy Ryoko, Alexis, Damien, Taiyohime and even Leilani and Koko couldn’t help but smile in response because they could relate to the truth that Brass was speaking.


“I was the best but I didn’t get the role.” the amazon revealed with a very deflated sigh. the crowd let out a stunned gasp.


“I got passed over for the role because I looked and sounded too much like an adult. I was bigger than all the male teachers plus I had these already!” Brass remarked shaking one of her giant melons with her hand. I was crushed by the news and started feeling like I was born with a curse I could never get rid of.” the orange haired woman lamented with the sadness evident in her tone.


“On top of that, I continued to grow. I got so tall that I couldn’t stand up straight in my own house. I had to duck down to walk through doorways and I had a hard time fitting into most cars. When I sat down on the bus to go to school, my head was still touching the ceiling. It was like something right out of a cartoon. By my freshman year of high school, I was 6’7. My doctor said I’m still not finished growing yet so there’s no tellin how big imma be by age 21!” the green eyed beauty told the audience, giving a wide eyed expression to the crowd.


“I really got on my grind in high school. All of my free time was spent working towards my goal to get signed by a record company. I wrote and recorded my own songs. I had to work as a waitress at my parents bar to make money to pay for studio time. With that and school, I didn’t have time for anything else, including dating, not that any guys were interested in a mini giant anyways. New York City is the headquarters for most record company offices. So I made a demo CD and dropped it off at all the record companies. I was uploading songs online too under other both my name and other artists names hoping someone would stumble across my music and ya know, try to go viral.”


“After 2 years of doing this, I finally got a call from one of the record companies. They left me a message requesting a meeting. I met with an executive from one of the big labels, I won’t say who or which label though. So I got to this execs office and I’m excited as hell and trying to keep my cool, ya know? We talked for a little bit and he told me he liked my voice, the usual stuff. After that, he explained to me that they wanted me to provide “Vocal support” to another up and coming artist… I knew just what he was getting at, I didn’t fit the ‘ideal look’ of what a superstar these days should look like…” Brass revealed with a hint of frustration in her voice.


“He wanted to use my voice to represent someone else! Make me a ghost singer!” Brass’ disappointment and sadness showed on her face as she spoke.


“It was a high paying job, but it’s not what I wanted for myself. It wasn’t my dream. The idea of someone else reaping the benefits of my hard work was something I just couldn’t agree with so I declined the contract.”


“I graduated Highschool wondering if I had just passed up the biggest opportunity I would ever get. I had to do something after I graduated! I didn’t have the grades or the money required for college so I worked for my parents as a waitress for a while…..Until I saw the commercial for the Carnal Carnival!” Brass yelled into the microphone with zeal.


“The Carnal Carnival is like a sexy circus. We travel around the country and sometimes the world performing. As the newest act, It wasn’t all glamour going on stage. I volunteered to do whatever additional task they needed done to show them how serious I was about this gig. I helped set up and take down all the stage props and equipment, showed up early and stayed late to sign autographs and take pictures; anything I could do to help out and make myself useful. The veterans on the tour saw it as “paying my dues” because I was the new girl. Veteran performers even asked me to take out their trash and do their laundry for them. I did ALL that plus I worked out daily to stay in shape and practiced my act whenever I wasn’t performing. It made for some long days and nights but it was worth it for me to be able to go on stage and perform every night.” The giant remembered fondly. Unable to contain herself, Brass stood up.


“I got to travel and see new cities, meet with fans and make people happy. But after a year of being on the road, I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere. I was getting the loudest reactions, signing the most autographs and taking the most pictures and selfies but I wasn’t making any progress. Everyday became the same. I had the feeling that it was time for a change. I wanted something new.


“Over a week ago, we came to World City to do a show. After the show was over, I went to a local Ramen bar to get some food and a fan from the show was there. We sat and talked and I vented to him about life on the road. I was feeling so spent and drained from it all.”


“This guy told me about BSU and how the next school year was about to begin. He’s a student here too. He told me about how there are all kinds of courses available, even musical classes. I was interested in trying to get in. The problem was that the enrollment period ended and the freshman class had already been selected.” Brass sighed with a deflated look on her face.


“My new friend had recently got in at the last minute and he told me maybe there was a chance. We came up with the idea to make a demo tape of me singing to take to BSU to show them. He gave me a ride back to my trailer at the World Arena. I could barely fit into his car. I had to stretch out and recline the seat to make myself fit. Even then, my head was up against the backrest in the back seat!” The orange haired woman revealed with a candid chuckle, causing the audience to laugh with her.


“After we got back, I performed one of my songs for him and after a while I made things a little bit more ‘personal’. We ended up putting a lot more on the tape than just my singing if you know what I mean!” the giant admitted while turning flush. The audience responded with an enthusiastic ‘WoooOooooOOOooo’ as if they were an audience in a 90s sitcom and the main characters just kissed for the first time.


Matsunami and Mai looked at each other after that remark, realizing just who exactly Brass was talking about. Xavier had asked them both to go with him to the Carnal Carnival. Both had declined his offer due to prior engagements.


“I had a lot of fun. Doing it on camera is actually pretty exciting!” Brass gushed about the experience. Xavier stood embarrassed despite the fact that almost no one knew who she was talking about.


“The next day he showed Ms. Reed the tape and I got a call for an interview. She offered me a full scholarship! I quit the Carnal Carnival right after the interview was over. I was on cloud nine!” exclaimed the green eyed woman. The audience cheered in response.


“After my initial excitement subsided, the truth started to sink in. I had never done anything like this before. I’ve been so nervous the last few days. I was looking forward to this day and all but I wished I had more time. Then this morning I realized that the time is now!


“Change is a scary thing ya know? I’m in a new city, a new school and I’m surrounded by faces I don’t know. I was scared to go up here today, I was scared I would break under the pressure. These thoughts have been eating me up for days, I didn’t know what to do.” Brass revealed while putting on a confused face.


“I got to talk to someone I now consider to be my friend before coming here today. In that conversation, I realized that change is inevitable and necessary to move forward. It brings new challenges. I don’t know what the future holds but the only way to find out is to try….” She stated poignantly. She then pointed out to the audience, stomping her foot on the ground while doing so.




“It’s been a long journey to get where I am now and I still have a lot to do. To the people who have helped me, you know who you are and I appreciate it. Thank you BSU for welcoming me here. Someday you all might be my fans…” the giant said softly to close her statement. She flashed a sexy smirk with her closing statement.




BRASS! BRASS! BRASS!” Roared the audience, cheering the orange haired amazon. She stood there taking in the praise and adulation from the audience. It was obvious that Brass’ introduction to BSU was a success. Tears started to well up in her eyes as she stood. The orange haired amazon phenom was overwhelmed by the crowd’s reaction to her. She tried to hold back her emotions but she couldn’t. Tears flowed down her cheeks. Brass beamed contently with a bright smile.


This is the start of a new challenge…I believe in you Brass. Shape your own destiny.‘ Dana thought to herself as she clapped


“Fuck yeah! That’s right, you got this Brass!” Takiko cheered as she rose to her feet. After she stood up, others followed, causing a chain reaction through the auditorium.


“Brass Jazzsinger…She is a one of a kind package.” Ryoko observed.


“She has a unique combination of talents and a look all her own. Brass just might cause a new fetish craze.” Sara added.

(Story by User: Strider_Seiryu)

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2 years ago

If you wanna read more about the character, Check out Brass’ Character Profile here:

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago

It feels like ages, since we last saw Jazz, which is quite the compliment actually since we rarely get to see a girl appear more than two times in a short time. Instead much focus is given to a wide cast of various female characters who are very pleasant to look at, each with their very own shape and form. Speaking of shape, the pose the busty amazonian strikes here is very hot and much more dynamic than Violette’s previous one, which actually felt quite static. Her finger pointing into the audience/the reader, combined with her wide smile and friendly eyes are really inviting. Although I find the attire worn by Violetty overall sexier, the bikini Brass wears is also really hot and the pouches over the nipples are a really funny idea, which is also realistic, given that the girls here don’t wear clothes that would allow the pouches to be somewhere else. Unfortunately, the yellow makeup isn’t really that noticable and get’s overlooked quite easily. The confetti used for the special version fits her former occupation as a carnival member exceedingly well.

Brass’ and Takiko’s first meeting didn’t start off on the right foot, which isn’t a surprise, given the latters foul mouth and the formers light insecurities of her own height. Glad they overcame it quickly though and even found out that Brass and Takiko’s sister (Kaede) follow a similar profession. I wonder if Xavier has someone, he has to share his shower with as well. And if, who it might be? The songstress’ meeting with her former senior from the Carnal Carnival, Dana Copafeel, was quite the interesting one. Not only did we find out that the magician did slightly sabotage Brass’ career in the carnival but also how she now admires the songstress for her courage and determination to leave, to fulfill her real goal in becomming a real star. The following sex scene between the two women was absolute bonkers and really unique. I like the usage of the strap-on and how Brass used her Banshee Storm to end it, making the magician cum, with only her voice. Next up: the Orientation. Starting slightly before it really started gave us quite the nice look into the dynamic between the three girls, Xavier fucked over the course of the story. Glad to see that they like each other and how Leilani’s scream affected them. Now, for the real highlight of the chapter, theres no doubt about it, it has to be Brass’ excellent performance and how she absolutely killed it. Glad to see that Koko is slightly irritated/nervous/angry that there is a second singer in her class, who might be as good, if not better than her. Brass easily managed to overshine Violette’s performance who wasn’t just mediocre but also overshadowed by the battle between Saitou and Charles. Safe to say that Brass has now the best performance so far, which isn’t that difficult really. I also like how it was split into two sections. The first showing of her amazing singing-skills and the second one her incredible body and what she can do with it. However, I am not so keen about her monologuing about her dramatic past and the events that lead her into joining BSU. We already seen this stuff with Violette and Xavier and the “wiki article” basically does the same.

Really thankfull for the insight we got on Ms. Jazzsinger here. Her family really helped her, to become the woman she is today. Out of all the trivias so far, she has the least amount of new stuff in it. That isn’t to say it’s bad, far from it actually. I like how she managed to “defeat” Dana and that her former senior now want’s to attend BSU herself because she noticed how she got stuck in the Carnival and how that isn’t the place she envisioned herself to be in for the rest of her life. To be honest, at this point I’m much more interested in seeing more of Dana than Brass herself.
Brass: Not the biggest fan of her design, although I highly appreciate that you changed her slightly from her initial appearance, which looked like a clone of Rangiku from Bleach for me. I certainly like big girls/amazonians but something about her design/presentation in the series so far kinda puts me off. Perhabs I’m far too used to the fact, that most of the amazonians I watch in hentai are either futa or just very dominating during sex, which Brass isn’t or that they are mostly very ruggish/barbarian in nature, something Brass also isn’t XD. The orange glasses with pink frame and her ponytail is something I’m also not quite sure with, YET. Perhabs that will change in the future. Very kind and nice personality though.

Not much can be said about the artwork but the story was greatness incarnate.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Also: I hope, you’re well after your hospital visit. I hope it wasn’t something to serious/dangerous.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

I had some complications with Diabetes and had to spend a few days in the hospital. I’m recovering right now. Im having issues with my eyesight currently because of the Diabetes. It slows down my ability to write and respond to comments. I will be getting glasses soon so hopefully things get better.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Hello again, Im slowly catching up with these responses. I will go back after this and do the Violette.

First for the art. I was going for a 1980’s pop star look with her outfit. The high boots, fingerless gloves and fishnets on her arms and legs were a staple of pop and hairbands of that era. I designed the uniforms in way that each fits with the personality of of the character being being featured. I’m a huge fan of capcom fighting games and I try to incorporate ideas inspired from their characters into my OCs. For example Xavier is heavily inspired by Ryu from the Street Fighter series. His Rol design is based on Ryu. With Brass I drew inspiration from Poison from Final Fight and street fighter. The original draft of her uniform had a police style cap like the one poison wears. It didn’t make the final cut this time but I hope to feature her wearing it in future pics.

I’m not the original owner of Brass, she was given to me by a friend who doesnt do fanfic stuff anymore. I updated her design for the Rangiku similarity you mentioned. I thought the new hairstyle and the addition of the giant framed glasses would help distinguish her more as her own character.

I really had fun doing the dorm room scene with her and Takiko. There was bit of a moment where Takiko was shook when she saw how big Brass is. They have a fun dynamic with each other. Brass is a gentle giant while Takiko is the aggressive, foul loud mouth. They share a love for hot tea. Another part I liked writing was when Takiko introduced Brass to Kaede. The mutual admoration of each others assets was funny to me.

For the sex scene I thought bringing in someone who has history with Brass would fit. She briefly appeared in Brass’ debut chapter. The idea to include her came from Brass’ late night dinner with X in the ramen shop. I wanted to specifically identify who it was Brass was telling X about in terms of people who were causing her issues. I wanted there to be a tense verbal confrontation between the two where both women could vent their grievances and clear the air. Their beef was inspired by situations I’ve had and seen friends go thru in my professional career. People will throw you under the bus and put you down to the management behind closed doors, especially when youre competing for a promotion.

My goal here was to establish Brass as a positive and inspirational character. In the process I ended up humanizing Dana to the point you and some other readers want to see her more. That wasn’t by design, that part just kinda happened. Based on the reaction this scene recieved I will have to go forward with making Dana a member of the next year’s freshman class, however you may even see her in art before that.

I’m fairly new to writing girl on girl material. This is just my second time doing it. Guy girl scenes are easier to write because im a guy and I can use personal experience to help create those sequences. I did some research to help write this by watching some girl girl stuff so I could have a visual of strap ons being used.

As you mentioned the Violette presentation was a bit lackluster but that was by design. Like the uniforms, character presentations are influenced by their personalities. Violette is a very confident woman, so much so that she often ventures into the territory of arrogance. She came in believing she is the top dog and thinks shes going to steamroll the other girls like she’s Dio Brando performance wise. She felt like all she had to do show up and tell everyone how great she is. She was simply being herself.

Brass came in feeling like she had something to prove. This performance was a make or break in her mind. This was her first time being on TV and she was feeling the pressure and weight of it. She got into BSU by chance, having hooked up with Xavier the night before he met with Taiyohime the first time. To quote the great wordsmith Eminem,

“You better lose yourself in the music
The moment, you own it, you better never let it go! You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow! This opportunity comes once in a lifetime!”

This is the mindset she had as she prepared to go on stage. She walked away from a job and moved to a new city to take this uncertain gamble for her future. She had to go hard wreck with her performance. Brass had an edge because she has experience performing in front of a live audience. She developed her charisma and stage presence from years of singing in front of people and later being on the road every night with the Carnal Carnival. I wanted to capture the stakes and weight of this and show her deliver on the risk she took.

While I didn’t say it overtly in the chapter, Brass was also sending a message to Koko without addressing her directly. In terms of how Brass thinks, Koko is a representation of what the music industry thinks a superstar recording artist is. A little cute fox girl who has been set up for success and pushed to superstardom by the industry itself. They previously had a face to face meeting briefly in the Black Diamond night club during the Dragon Fuerte chapter. I put that in there to set up for this chapter. Koko got the message loud and clear and now she is feeling the heat from the pressure Brass is applying. And much like how Dana was, Koko now feels the need to defend her crown as queen of pop music. It will be interesting to see how Koko responds. She believes herself to be and is the top dog in music right now, so she sees this as a direct challenge from Brass. It will be interesting to see how she responds when its her turn to present. Thank you again for reading and I appreciate your support of my work!

2 years ago

You ever consider just a dramtis personae with character names and some basic information like physical stats, skin color, eye color, hair color, race and nationality. I love the story but god I cannot remember what characters look like half the time…for the male characters especially lol.

2 years ago

Love the existing rivalry between the two top girls. Love Brass giant with a heart of gold. Love to see what happens along the line with X.

2 years ago

Yay i was waiting for this chapter and you didn’t disappointed me 😁

That was pretty good, i really like Brass’s character she’s so cute and charismatic and suffered a lot in her life because of her different appearance, but glad that she overcame all of this. She’s so positive, the real world needs of more girls like her, not only girls but people in general.

I Can’t see She facing much problems in the Campus, she’s so positive, the person that can gives her problems already respects her, and It’s someone that can definetly change for better.

I loved the Bad blood staredown between Matsu and Violette, Can’t wait to see the girls interact with each other, i’m certain that Xavier Will play a major role on this, especially when Violette discovers his identity lol, can see a rivalry happening for another reason besides their bad blood lol

Anyways Awesome Stryder Can’t wait for more of this story, anxious for the next chapter and Happy New Year 😁😁

2 years ago
Reply to  Lizardon888X

Thanks Lizard! Brass definitely has the power of positivity which is something those around her can benefit from it. Its also something people can feel from her. Brass is not the type to make enemies, her good nature makes it hard to do so. The world would be blessed if more women existed like her in real life, specifically in the 18-36 demographic lol.

The staredown between Matsunami and Mai was one of the more fun parts to write. Id say this is the most heated feud between characters so far. I am looking forward to in the future

I appreciate the read. Happy New Year

2 years ago

Pretty new here, but been reading up on Welcome to BSU since Xavier’s workout with the girl with the BEST mouth Takiko (personal favorite chapter thus far, btw, well done), and the new year started out fantastic with the “start” of the unity between not one, not two, but the THREE (of the four) best girls in X’s oddball menagerie of friends and enemies coming together. Having lost count at maybe ten chapters, I’m still amazed by just how often Takiko gets around in the story, from split-second interactions on the road to being dorm neighbors with second-best girl and the ultimate giantess Brass, not to mention connecting the dots between her and close third-best and K-booty herself Kaede as sisters, along with their shared tenderness towards X by this point in the story: these three definitely hold the most support for X in terms of friendship and friends with benefits in my eyes, having lost the original and closer-to-the-heart two (for a time, fingers-tightly-crossed).
And speaking of Brass, her development throughout this chapter has definitely bloomed since her last appearance at Splashfest, let alone her BIG debut with X. Out of everyone he’s hooked up with, this hookup has been one of the more nurturing one between both parties, with each somehow managing to support the other in their journey towards BSU, and both their performances at orientation certainly proved that well into the after show moments. And not just X, but becoming quick friends with the BEST sisterly duo of Takiko and Kaede almost on the fly is always a bonus in this fan’s eyes!!!!
Apologies for not contributing to the feedback sooner, but with a new year as well as a new chapter featuring favorite players along with a pair of amazing profile pics and description to go with, now more than ever is a better point to start. Again, wonderful work on this chapter and equally awesome with Brass’ orientation profile, and incredible progress put into this series. I will be looking forward to the rest of orientation for the others (three or four in particular), and especially where the start of the school year goes!!!!!

2 years ago
Reply to  Iceberg

Welcome to the comments Iceberg! Thanks for reading and Im glad you liked it. This chapter did cover a lot of ground with Brass. She had only been the featured girl once prior so I really had to make her shine here. On the topic of best mouth theres a few contenders including some you may have missed in previous chapters.

Brass coming together with Takiko and Kaede was a nice moment. I couldn’t resist doing it because Brass is a singer and Kaede is a DJ. She and Takiko have good chemistry as well. With Brass’ bisexual tendencies theres no telling what could happen between them.

I got the idea of putting Xavier and Brass together from seeing the Big girl/ little guy trope being done in anime specifically an old 90s show called Great Teacher Onizuka. Its a very cute dynamic.

Just curious who are the 3 or 4 others you’re looking forward to? I hope will come back to comment more in the future and thanks again. I appreciate your support of my writing. Stay tuned!

2 years ago
Reply to  Strider_Seiryu

My pleasure!!! Brass has certainly stood out from most of the others X has interacted with, and she’s definitely become one of his “biggest” supporters all the way to this point in the plot. Oh, and I’m familiar with a number of those contenders, and they’ve certainly performed adamantly; Takiko just somehow manages to walk the walk and talk the talk with even more spice on that pierced tongue of hers than just about everyone else thus far: always had a thing for hot babes with fiery-hot vocabulary, with enough heart to make her lovable <3
I certainly see a developing bond between this unholy trinity, both friendly and beyond, and how they nurtured X following his performance at orientation certainly cements their positions as best baes in these eyes. Not to mention, out of all the girls, helping out Brass, Takiko, and Kaede with their troubles (some of which he caused lol) definitely put him in their favor. Also into those big girl/little guy scenarios, and Brass’ interactions with X are prime examples maxed-out. And a nice touch finding inspiration from GTO, pretty damn fitting, indeed.
In terms of the first-years specifically, two of the others would certainly be the tie in best sisterly dou of Matsunami and Maihime, given how far more intimate and personal X got with the two before the fallout months ago: despite this, both, Nami especially, still remain additional faves in the story overall. For the other two, I’m a fan of Eiji + Hitomi, given Eiji’s interactions with others like X has done and Hitomi’s dividing personalities, especially when around Eiji. Now, if I could add a fifth, I’ve suddenly been drawn by Skyla and her scientific antics as of late, even with her having a brief appearance WAY early on.
And no worries, my friend; I will certainly stick around for further adventures and aim to add even more feedback wherever I can!!!

2 years ago
Reply to  Iceberg

Good to see other people who know of GTO. its one of my all time favorite animes and i draw a lot of inspiration from it when writing. Takiko is certainly a lovable lady. Im partial to Tsunderes myself.

The parts with Xavier are there to establish his core group of friends/allies he hangs out with regularly. Theres some more stuff with Takiko in the works in the works in the future that I look forward to writing. Also im brewing some surprises for hitomi and skyla.

2 years ago

I’m always happy to see a new BSU chapter posted and as always this one doesn’t disappoint. I’ve loved the approach taken for the orientation arc so far, seeing the amount of things experienced by every character during orientation day and also getting to know more of them during their introduction shows. As for Brass’ specifically, it’s heartwarming to see that she’s found support from the people of the circus and specially from that girl Dana after becoming kind of an inspiration for her to make a change in her life. I’m also intrigued by the end of the sex scene, can she really make someone cum with just her voice? That’s crazy xD
Anyways, I really enjoyed the chapter and hope we can see BSU chapters more often, can’t wait to see whose introduction will be next 👍

2 years ago
Reply to  xfuski

Thanks Fuski! I Thought having Dana and the Carnal Carnival Crew show up would be a nice twist. You haven’t seen the the end of Dana yet. She will appear in a future picture. Yeah she can cause orgasms with her voice. It deals with soundwaves and vibration. Her screams are so powerful that her partner can feel it revetberate in their skin. Its her strongest ability right now. Will be fun to implrment this more. I have some ideas.

I apologize for the delay. Chapters in this arc take longer than the regular stories because of the character profiles that accompany them. They are significantly more difficult to write than stories because of developing powers and abilities which isnt my strong suit as a writer.

I won’t spoil who the next character is but it is a female. Im looking forward to hearing your opinion om the next one. I appreciate the support!

2 years ago

Happy New Years indeed I thought we weren’t going to see a BSU story till MHA was done but looks like this how the new year kicks off and damn it was good. These profiles for the characters are good at fleshing out the huge cast we know we’re going to be seeing. I actually hope and no rush we get through everyone profiles quick though and kick into when they go through their school days. Learning more about Bass was fun and I can’t wait to see more this year. Nice story Strider_Seiryu and nice start to the new year Rtenzo

2 years ago
Reply to  Jojoleo

Happy New Year to you Jojo! Im still churning them out. Real life has slowed me down with working extra for the holidays.

Im glad you like the profiles. They are optional supplementary pieces that give more information on the characters. They are also good reads for people who like spoilers because they cover some future events.

The plan is to cover each character from Class 1-a in a profile. Hopefully we are able to. Thanks for the support and Im glad you’re digging Brass.

2 years ago

Finally! We finally got a brand new chapter of Welcome to BSU after a longer than expected wait. And well, this is a lot to digest and take in! Take about a preempted strike to start 2020! If this longer reaction/review is than normal, then I apologize in advance. XD

Today’s focus is on the Amazon songbird Brass, I see? Wasn’t expecting her to take center stage so early in the arc. But I have to say, I am impressed!

Let me start from the top with Brass and her updated look. I really love it, as well as her uniform. Very nicely done here. It’s like she’s really ready to go on stage at any time. 😀

Now for tye s itself, let’s start right from the beginning. It was a smashing way to start with her in the shower imaging Xavier plowing her, which in turn introduces her to Takiko, who is now her next door neighbor, eh? Interesting. Vert interesting. Anyway, I really liked this development with not only how they get acquainted, but we also get to learn more about her and Kaede {Who I’m going to get back to later on in the review/reaction, don’t you worry about it. XD}.

Next we have her meeting and sex scene with Dana from the carnival she used to work at. This revealed a lot of information and opened up more doors than I expected it would. This even revealed Brass has bisexual tendencies to top it off. At the same time, this revealed why she was treated the way she was during her run in the carnival staff, which goes further in her turn on stage in Orientation. That was both hot and informative at the exact same time. I have a feeling we’re going to see Dana again later on.

Which now leads me to Orientation on her part. We finally got to see how Brass befriended Kaede, huh? It’s nice that they knew about each other by reputation, but actually meeting each other was something else entirely. I really liked how that went, including admiring each other’s assets {Kaede’s to die for ass and Brass’s impossible to ignore tiddies and height}. They’ve all become fast friends. Too bad Leilani ruined it, though. It was really getting good! Haha. But that wasn’t all, as we saw, Violette and Matsu had a dead serious staredown, which had everyone else there really worried. Honestly, I thought Matsu was gonna smack her one too, but luckily at least Mai managed to talk her down. {For all of you guys that don’t know what I mean about it, check out Violette’s BSU profile for more information. It’ll make a lot more sense to you then.} 😉

Anyway, getting back to Brass. Her musical style and speaking performance were the biggest highlights of the chapter. So much so, even the most strictest of teachers and the biggest antagonist in the story so far had to respect it. Not to mention her tell all background story really resonated with people, student, staff and teacher alike. The only person who wasn’t feeling it at first was Koko, but that changed quickly later on. Hell this is something I can relate to in real life too, honestly. I’m really looking forward to seeing where she goes from here.

My only real complaint about this one, and don’t worry it’s not a major problem, is that it felt like it was really dragging on longer than usually expected. That and certain parts looked and sounded like were put together at the very last minute. Again, it’s not a major issue in my opinion.

Now I have to read up on Brass’s profile after this. Hopefully we’ll get more chapters released more consistently later on. I’m really invested in this series as it’s fresh and unique.

Very nice work and Happy New Year, gentlemen. Especially you, Seiryu.

2 years ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Thanks Hiryu! Sorry for the long delay, the November/ December period is very hectic because of the holidays. From pre Thanksgiving up to New Years ive been working 90 hrs a week.

Brass is quite the woman as you can see. Her uniform design is based on 80s rockstars with the fishnets. Some of her style is based on poison from street fighter/final fight. The original sketch of her in uniform had a variant with a police officer style hat similar to the one poison wears.

The chapter started the way it did to show that Brass masturbates frequently. She’s rather inexpeeienced with sex because guys turned her down growing up. She used to getting herself off and isn’t ashamed of it
Takiko is a good match in terms of a neighbor. The foul mouthed driver and the gentle giant who cant fit in her vehicle.

As for Dana. If you remember this guy, Dana is a Parody of the famous 1990’s magician David copperfield. He had a lot of tv specials back in the day and had his own live stage show in las vegas for many years.

I wasn’t specifically referencing anything in terms of their rivalry and relationship but I do see why you made the guts and casca reference. You will eventually get to see Dana in future artwork. I have an idea for her Brass and X since hes a fan of Dana as well.

Dana views Brass in unique way. They are alike but different. Dana sees Brass as being able to reach the goals she didnt attain herself. Brass lacks the ego that held dana back. Over time Brass earned her respect.
If we get to year 2 for this class Dana will for sure appeear as member of the next first year class lol.

With her presentation I tried have her be candid and from the heart. While Violettes speech was very eloquent and refined Brass was meant to be rough around the edges yet still authentic and real. She is literally talking to her auidence and the readers. I was trying to make you guys feel her pain, go through her struggle along with her as she told her story.

Brass and Koko are on a collision course with one another. The upstart roikie vs the long reigning top dog of pop music. Koko has been on top for a long time has hasn’t been challenged by anyone in terms of talent or popularity. Although she wont acknowledge it publicly Koko does view Brass as a threat.

Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks again for your support!