Foodgasms and Booty Clapping

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of stories involving Original Characters)

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The Sapphire Shores spread out as far as the eye could see in either direction. Pristine white sandy beaches with blue waves lapping against the shores. The entire place was a modern marvel. The white sand and crystal clear blue waters were the result of new eco-rectifying technologies. Normally fine powdery sand like this was hard to find outside of Florida and parts of Southern California. To say nothing about the waters. In recent years, Eco-Tech had made massive advances in cleaning up the oceans, atmosphere, and even restoring some of the Polar Icecaps.


When she looked closer, Violette Beauregard noticed that the sand was actually sparkling in a rainbow of colors! “Quite the sight huh?” asked Leda Kino as she led Violette onto the sands. “I think they used pulverized glass to make that effect, I’m not sure how it all works myself, but it does look very pretty.”


“Part of the earlier eco-techs. Reducing beer and wine bottles back down to a sand-like particles. The granules are so small, they can’t cut anyone anymore than normal sand would.” Violette explained.


“Wow, you know a lot.” Leda said, clearly impressed.


Violette shrugged, “Not really, my family has a few smaller ventures in eco-tech, and I just remembered it when you mentioned the glass.”


“Ah, well that makes sense, come on, things are just getting started! Sucks that you weren’t here the other day, you missed the first couple of games, but we still nailed it!” she told her.


“Sorry, but I couldn’t get out here any sooner.” Violette said, having to deal with her mother as well as several other annoying issues with her family business. “It’s a long story, I’ll tell you about it later if we have the time.


“Meh, no biggie, you’re here now, that’s what matters!” Leda said with a smile.


Leda had invited Violette to Sapphire SPLASH, an annual event held in World City at the end of the summer. College students and people who wanna party from all over the country converged here every year at the main beach in World City. Adult Entertainment schools faced each other and showed their school spirit in competing events, everything from Volley Ball matches, dance offs, Beer Pong Tournaments, Blowjob contests, even Moonlight Orgies!


Beachside resorts, hotel, and motels were all booked to capacity. It was a big summer sendoff event that served as the last big party before the school year started anew. There were concerts on the beach, celebrities flying in to attend and in the cases of the singers, perform.


It was an event so full of booze and sex as to make Dionysus jealous. Or was it Bacchus? “Leda, you’re into the Greek life with your Sorority, which God was it with the Orgies and Wine, Dionysus or Bacchus?”


Leda laughed, “Both. They’re the same god, one is Roman, the other is Greek, but I forget which was which, but they still know how to PARTY!!!!!” she called out as they waded into the throngs of people already moving about the beach. Loud music pulsed from a massive stage off in the distance as a band performed live on it.


“WOOOOOO BSU RULES!!!!!!” cheered a muscle bound man wearing a black speedo. Violette felt a swell of pity for him. Trunks would be better for him, not that he wasn’t fit enough to wear a speedo, but it showed off how little he had below the belt! She kept close to Leda as she led the way through the crowd; they passed a fivesome of one woman and four men along the way. The brown haired woman was sandwiched between two men in a full nelson, being bounced up and down on their cocks as they plugged her ass and cunt at the same time. In the same instant she gripped the average sized cranks of two other men standing to either side of her as she moaned for them. Violette could tell they weren’t really DOING it for her, but the fools were too dumb to realize it. She had a fantastic body though, nice big tits with perfect nipples that bounced up and down wildly as she moved between the two men, and a set of abs that you could ALMOST grate cheese off of. What really made Violette even notice was the brunette was wearing some kind of mask, like one of those Mexican wrestlers. She couldn’t remember the exact word at the moment though.


Along with regular people fucking, escorts made a killing during the 3-day event. Violette guessed that must be who the brunette was, though because of the mask, she couldn’t see enough of her face to see if it was anyone she was familiar with as they quickly moved passed the open gangbang.


“I got a spot for us just up ahead.” Leda informed her. While technically here at Leda’s invite, Violette was planning to come anyway, though it was nice to be able to use a section of the beach reserved for the Sororities. Not being fooled, Violette knew WHY Leda invited her at all. She was still waiting for Leda to pitch her pledging to Pi Upsilon Sigma Sigma Epsilon, or PUSS-E, her sorority on campus. Too bad she couldn’t really pledge to any until the end of her first two semesters, a school rule to keep freshmen focused on their studies. But she gave the brunette points for trying to get ahead of the others that no doubt wanted her name in their ranks. She first met Leda several days ago, after taking the rest of her admission forms to Sara Reed, the head of admissions at BSU. She was invited, along with her friend, to a student hosted barbeque.


Leda had been watching them and gave Violette a quick introduction to her sorority. Not long after, she contacted Violette again and invited her here. Had it not been for the shipping delay that she personally had to deal with, Violette would have been here the day everything started.


Leda had been waiting for her at the entrance to the beach area, wearing only a black dental floss bikini that left ZERO to the imagination. And looked as if a strong enough wave in the water might simply wash it off her entirely.


The two of them broke through the crowd to a more open section of the beach far away from the stage. “It’s this way.” Leda said, taking Violette by the hand and guiding her over to a spot where she’d set up a large beach umbrella, towel, and a cooler already open with drinks and snacks stuffed inside. Leda picked out a can of green tea and snapped open the lid with a soft hiss of escaping pressure. Violette watched her take a long sip as she set out her own beach towel and laid her bag down.


“Hey Leda, do you…” Violette began to say when two soft, heavy, and warm orbs of flesh settled on either side of her head. Violette let out a soft yelp of surprise when she realized they were a pair of enormous naked tits! The huge pink nipples were stiff like rocks as she felt the owner of these udders leaning against her back just before she pressed her tits together around her head.


“Guess who!!!!!????” someone drunkenly asked.


“‘ey… I can’f… Breave!!!” Violette shouted as she struggled for air while smacking her hands against the womans gigantic knockers.


“Oooooo, smack ’em some more baby!!!” the owner said, pulling her breasts away just enough for Violette to take in a glorious breath of salty sea air! The woman behind her pulled away and then leaned against her again, rubbing those naked ta-tas with their glass cutter nipples against her back. “Goood, to, see, you!!!” said a woman with heavily flushed cheeks and multi-colored hair like a nebula from one of the Hubble Telescope images. Violette turned to get a better look and gasped in surprise.


“Tika?!” she asked. Galactica, Professional Escort Extraordinaire stood topless behind Violette with a smile. Her enormous tits hung freely, bouncing slightly as she giggled happily.


“Yay, you remembered!” she said with a smile before hugging Violette again. “SOOO good to see you!” she told her, “I didn’t think I would after last time, then Sara-poo called me and hired me to work here for the party and now I’m like… SOOOOO drunk I can’t think straight!”


“WOW!!!! GALACTICA, you’re like, my idol!!!” Leda guessed, stars sparkling in her eyes as she crunched her can of tea so hard it sent out a straight spray of fluid that splashing into the face of some guy in the distance.


“HEY, WHO DID THAT!!??” he shouted while looking around randomly.


“Hmmm, always nice to meet a fan, hiiiii!!!” Galactica said, still leaning against Violette. Jeez her tits were heavy, though they did feel kinda nice. Speaking of nice, how could Galactica still smell so good even while she was clearly plastered!? Normally drunk people smelled of whatever they had been drinking, but Tika smells amazing, Violette resisted the urge to bury her face in those tits and bask in the clean flowery smell coming off the other woman.


“Oh my gawd, I don’t get this way normally, just, wow, I… I can’t believe I’m meeting THE Galactica!!!!” Leda gushed again as she fumbled around her beach campsite, “Oh, oh, where is it; I know I had a notebook here somewhere… I’d die for an autograph!!!”


“Ohhh, I can give you something better than that cutie!” Galactica said, finally pulling away from Violette.


“Huh, wha…!!!!” Leda never finished her question as Galactica grabbed her face and pressed her mouth against hers in a powerful kiss! Violette blinked as Leda seemed to just melt into Galactica’s hands as the older woman thoroughly explored every inch of the brunette’s mouth with her tongue. The nebula haired woman leaned down as Leda practically turned into mush for the sands to soak up before she broke away.


“How’s that?” she asked with a sweet smile.


“Ahhaaahhhaaa… I can die happy now, ahhh, Angels are carrying me awayyyyy…” Leda muttered as a ghostly aura came out her mouth.


“Hey, none of that now!!!” Violette shouted, “I hate that gag!” she said as she shoved Leda’s spirit back into her mouth and pulled her out of the sand, shaking her back into a proper shape before smacking both her cheeks and bringing her tentatively back to her senses.


“Someday I’ll want you to teach me that.” Violette said to Galactica.


“Hmmmhmmm, okay, but you’ll have to pay the standard fees.” said Galactica with a smile.


“Anyways! I gotta go, but I’m staying at the Hotel Jessebelle, come see me tonight if you have time, we can have some fun like last time, tootles…” Galactica said as she wandered off, swaying slightly as she walked.


“Wow, well, that was unexpected.” Violette said to herself.


“VIOLETTE!” Leda said as she grabbed the strings of her swimsuit and pulled her close, “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME YOU KNEW GALACTICA!!!!!!????”


There was fire in the brown haired girls eyes now as she looked at Violette with a fierce expression, “Well, it never came up is all.” she answered honestly.




“Okay, okay, calm down, you’re starting to frighten me a bit here!” Violette agreed, then gasped as Leda enveloped her in a suffocating bearhug.


“THANK YOOOOOOUUUUU!!!!!!” Leda squealed.


Once Leda had calmed down again, and Violette’s lungs weren’t screaming for air anymore, the two of them moved through the throngs of people around them. It was still pretty crowded, but not nearly as much as outside the BSU only area.


“So, how do you know about Tika?” Violette asked.


“Are you kidding, how do you NOT know about her? She’s totally famous in the Pro Escort circuit. Not a single review under five stars even from her first arrival on the scene! Even the I.B.T.C. fans love her! Do you have any idea how HARD that is? Those idiots fail even an A-Cup!”


“I.B.T.C.?” Violette echoed.


“The Itty Bitty Titty Committee.” Leda translated. “I thought you were some big socialite, how do you not know all this already?”


“I wasn’t in the habit of hiring escorts.” Violette said, “The circles I normal ran in scrambled to have ME as their arm candy, as if I would stoop down for some low brow millionaire’s son. I preferred to have a handsome man hanging off MY arm, not the other way around.” Violette said proudly.


“Okay I guess that makes sense. Did you know she’s a famous BSU alumnus?”


“No, I did not…” Violette admitted. She didn’t like this; she’d already been humiliated the other day when that upperclassman fucked her ass senseless, now she felt like she was playing catch-up all of a sudden. No, she did not like this AT ALL! “She didn’t mention it when I told her I was attending here either.”


“Well, that doesn’t surprise me, she technically didn’t graduate.” Leda said.


“What, she’s a drop-out!?” Violette gasped.


“Well, it’s kind of a mystery, there’s like, a dozen versions of the story, and when you look at her current record none of them seem like they’d be true.” Leda explained.


Before Violette could respond, another girl stumbled across their path, forcing the two of them to stop in their tracks. “Oh, hey, sorry, I think I’m just a tinsy weensy bit drunk… Funny, I can’t remember drinking anything, oh well, sorry!!!” she said before shambling out of their way. Violette blinked in confusion before she finally recognized her as that Alexandra woman who stole Eiji off her arm before! But before she could get angry, her brain registered how she was acting the same way as Galactica was a few moments ago. Just what the hell was going on?


“Hey, Vivi, look over there.” Leda said, pointing over to a small crowd to her right.


“Please don’t call me that.” Violette said tersely, “If you’re gonna say my name, say the whole thing.” she told her.


“Sorry sorry, but check it out.” Leda told her. Violette followed the way she indicated. The crowd was gathered around what looked like a small food stand.


“OOOOOHHHHHH MY GAAAAAAAWD!!!!” squealed a wine color haired woman as she fell out of the crowd, her entire body flushed as she hugged her gigantic tits against herself and squirmed like a worm on the sidewalk after it rained, “SO GOOD, SO GOOD, SOOO GOOOOOOOD!!!!! AHHHHH I, I CAN’T… YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!” she moaned in ecstasy as she fell to the ground like a sack of potatoes.


“Dude, that’s like ten in a row!!!” exclaimed a male student.


“No way it’s just the food, he’s gotta be putting something in it!” said another.


“HEY, I take offence at that!!!” said another man, the one behind the counter, “There is nothing in my food except skill, if you don’t believe me, ask your girlfriend to try it!”


Violette and Leda made their way through the crowd for a better look. The man defending the food was a tall youth with sandy blonde hair and light skin. A sleek looking pair of glasses covered his blue eyes as he stood behind a steaming flat iron grille.


“No chance, come on babe.” said the man who had spoken before. Violette only caught a brief glimpse of him before he vanished into the crowd with a pink haired girl in tow.


“I wonder what all this is?” Leda asked aloud.


“Mmmmmmh, I’m so glad you asked my dear!” said the man behind the grill, “This is my oh-so-humble attempt to introduce Cooking to the adult world.” he explained with a dramatic bow. He then looked over to Violette and his eyes grew wide with pink hearts dancing in them, “OH MYYYY, is that Violette Beauregard I see, you’re beauty is every bit what I expected!!!” he said as he clasped his hands in front of his chest and wriggled around much like the girl they’d seen earlier, “Please, let me be your slave forever, I can promise you a lifetime of delicious meals that will make you melt with ecstasy!” he said as he dropped to one knee.


“No thanks.” Violette said coldly, a look of annoyance on her face.


“GUH!!” The man suddenly froze as if turned to stone, then fell over onto his side.


“Wow, that was cold even for you Violette!” Leda said.


“AHHHH, such loving sympathy from one whose beauty is equal to the great Ms. Beauregard!” he said as he suddenly appeared kneeling before Leda like a knight in some crummy romance movie, “Please my love, may I have your name?”


“Yeah, ah, no.” Leda said as coldly as Violette, “I hate gushy men.”


“AHHHHHHH!!!!” the man howled as if an arrow stabbed through his heart.


“Says the girl who was gushing over Tika a moment ago.” Violette snickered.


“HEY, that’s, TOTALLY different!” Leda protested.


“I see I will have to win your hearts then, fair maidens, please allow me to cook you both one orgasmic meal, free of charge!” said the man as he stood up as though nothing had happened. The chef pushed his glasses up on his nose some more and looked at them both with a smile that would have been handsome were he not such a weirdo.


“Free?” Leda echoed.


Faster than her eyes could track, the man was behind his grill again, “Oh my yes, ask for anything my lovelies, the sky is the LIMIT!!!!” he told them as he pulled out an apron so unbelievably white the sun made it hard to look directly at him.


“And,” he said, his voice a little lower now as he took off his glasses and quickly cleaned them before sliding them on as if he were some cool movie star, “If you two end up liking my food… Then how about you both letting me friend you on your Linkum accounts?”


“Hmm, fine, I like a challenge.” Violette agreed, “Leda, you in?” she asked her.




“Alright, I want a hamburger with the works using only A5 quality angus beef, and RAW onions, with the cheese minced into the meat itself!” Violette ordered.


“Grilled squid on a stick.” Leda said simply, and then turned to Violette, “It’s a great beach food back home.”


“Ahh.” Violette said with a nod.


She turned back to the man and looked at his food stall, the words ‘Auron’s Fine Dining’ were written in crude magic marker on a sheet of poster board taped to the front of the stall next to the logo for the Ivory Sands Resort. [Guess his name is Auron then.] she thought as he tightened the blinding apron around his waist. Violette’s red eyes went wide as Auron became a blur of motion. Seemingly from nowhere he produced ground beef which he began breaking apart as he mixed shredded cheese into it before reforming it into a patty and slamming it onto the grill. He then sprinkled what she guessed were seasonings onto the patty. An instant latter he was carving up three large squid, and pouring oils and season’s over them on top of a separate section of the grill. Next he took a tomato and tossed it into the air.




Four quick motions and the tomato fell apart, carved into several thick pieces the juiciest of which he also placed on the grill for just a second before flipping it and cooking the other side as well! The cook then set it aside and flipped the burger patty over with a single swift motion that she almost couldn’t see.


“Um, where is he pulling all these ingredients from?!” Leda asked.


“I have no clue.” Violette said, wanting to know herself but part of her was afraid of the answer as Auron produced an onion and chopped it into perfect rings on top of the cutting board. He then took the uncooked pieces of tomato and placed them in a bowl with some vinegar and several spices and seasonings that Violette couldn’t identify.


“No way, is, is he making ketchup from SCRATCH!?” Leda exclaimed.


“Looks like it.” Violette confirmed.


After mixing the ingredients together and mashing them slightly, he pulled out a hand mixer and began blending them at high speed. With his free hand he produced a jar of a yellowish brown substance. When he removed the lid Violette smelled the slightly acidic odor of mustard that he must have already made himself since the jar had no label.


Auron checked both meats on the grill, turning them again before pulling out a head of lettuce and with another quick swipes of a knife cut them into perfect portions. Violette then turned away, getting dizzy from the flurry of motion and the blinding white of his apron. She heard the people nearby gasping in awe as they watched. She looked out over the ocean in the distance; spotting a naked orange haired girl with one of the biggest asses she’d ever seen rubbing a very well hung man’s cock between her huge cheeks. Violette might have been impressed if not for the woman’s ass was a little TOO big for her own tastes. When it came to women, she preferred a more balanced distribution of TnA. She couldn’t even see the man she was hotdogging aside from his legs thanks to the size of the girls massive rump. [Honestly, is that natural, or did she just go nuts with the BimboGel?] Violette thought to herself.


“Annnnd done!” Auron said, “Ladies, enjoy.”


“Huh, how long did that take?” Violette asked.


“Well, I could have finished a little faster, but A5 beef is a little trickier to get cooked just right in hamburger, you wanna sear the meat just right to lock in the juices, but not so much that when you bite into it that everything from your chin down gets washed in them. Also the bun took a few moments longer to bake since the oven has been running all day and the heating element is getting worn out.” Auron explained.


“Wait, you baked the bun right here!?” Violette asked.


“Yeah, he did that when you looked away.” Leda said.


Looking on the counter of the food stall, the most beautifully constructed hamburger Violette had ever seen sat on top of a rather plain looking checkered paper napkin in the middle of a paper plate. Next to it sitting in a paper boat serving tray were two perfectly, or at least she assumed they were perfect, grilled squids on a stick. They were lightly drizzled with a sauce Violette didn’t recognize as she picked up her burger and held it in both hands. At the same time, Leda picked up one of the skewered squid.


“Wow, it’s so thick!” Violette said, impressed at the thickness of her burger. It was nearly a full inch! Lettuce and tomato were layered over top of it, and she could see just the hints of ketchup, mustard, and what she assumed was mayo as well, little dots of color peeking out from under sesame seed bun that radiated that fresh-from-the-oven smell!


[Well, here goes…] Violette thought as she brought the sandwich to her mouth and opened wide. Her teeth cut into the hamburger with a soft wet crunching sound. “OH… MY… GAAAAWWWWDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Violette said with her mouth full! The flavors, oh fuck, the sheer release of flavors that all hit her at once! Everything seemed to get brighter as her eyes dilated when she began to chew! She felt the ever so slight sensation of juices drizzling down her chin as she let out a low moan of sheer ecstasy! This, this burger, this simple hamburger was by far the most delicious food she had ever consumed in her entire life!!!!!!! She chewed her bite once, twice, eight times before swallowing and opening her mouth again to howl in orgasmic bliss!


“FUCK FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUCK!!!!! SO GOOOOOOOOOOOD!!! THE TASTE, I… I CAN’T STAND IT; I’M FUCKING CUMMING FROM MY MOUTH TO EVERY INCH OF MY BODY!!!!!!!!!” Violette screamed as she felt different juices streaming down her thighs as she fell to her knees and took a second bite, with the exact same result. Her nipples pressed painfully against the fabric of her top, so much that she couldn’t stand it and ripped off her bikini top, exposing her tits much to the delight of the men around her. She didn’t have time to care as she took yet another bite and fell squirming onto her back, her thighs clenching and unclenching every time she swallowed!


Before she knew it, Violette had finished her simple beach burger and was lying on her back in the sand. She turned to her left to see Leda in much the same state. Her bikini was gone now, exposing her naked body completely as she slowly traced the skewers, now devoid of the squid that had been pieced upon them, around her nipples as she giggled softly.


“What… The… Fuck…?” Violette said, then giggled, her voice sounded silly, it made her laugh.


“I’m glad you enjoyed it.” Auron said, “What you just experienced I like to call a ‘Foodgasm’.” he explained proudly. “I believe cooking is important to an adult actor’s success. No sex school in the whole world offers cooking courses, really, can you believe that? And so, I want to pave way for a new field in the adult world.” he said as he moved to kneel next to Violette as she felt her body still twitching lightly.


“With the right kinds of foods, I believe it can bring out an actresses latent potential. If I use the right ingredients, cooking methods, and recipes, I think, no, I know I can cultivate the greatest adult actors the world has ever seen! I wanna create drinks that enhance an individual’s sexual prowess! Foods that cure fatigue and instantly restore sexual stamina. Just imagine, a snack that’ll help focus and boost learning potential! In time I’ll perfect foods that can work like magic, boosting dick size, tits, even orgasmic recovery time!” he said, laughing as he looked up at the sky. “Though that last one is still proving a little tricky, you’ll be alright in a little while, but for now, you’ve foodgasmed so hard it’ll feel like you’re more than a little drunk, sorry, not sorry about that.” he said with a grin.


He then pulled out his phone from a pocket and tapped away on the screen. “I’ve sent a friend request to your Linkum account Lady Beauregard, and you miss, what is your name please?” Leda weakly gave her name while giggling incessantly. “And friend request sent! Thank you ladies and you’re welcome!” Auron said before moving out of her line of sight.


“Hey man! Can you make me something that can get me instantly hard again after climaxing!?” shouted someone from the crowd.


“NAH, I don’t cook for dudes!” Auron replied bluntly, his voice full of total disinterest!


“What?! OH COMON!!!” said the crowd of riled up men, a lot of them booing and voicing their displeasure.
Auron ignored the angry guys as he went back to his food cart, “Ladies, It is time for my lunch break so I’m afraid that’s all I can do for now, but please come see me tonight at the Ivory Sands Hotel and Resort, I’ll be working there all night making magnificent meals for the patrons.” The cook informed his female audience before making a theatrical bow.



So far the Sapphire SPLASH had been pretty nice. Fenixia looked around the gathered students and clicked her tongue. TCH! How the hell did that school have the number one spot with so few male students? Honestly? HOW!? Harlot State has more than triple the men of BSU, and yet… Fenixia sighed in frustration as she looked around; ignoring the catcalls of some of the men she walked by.


“Daaamn girl work dat ass!!!”


“Baby got back!”


“Oh yeah, work that junk in the trunk!”


The young orange haired girl gritted her teeth as she moved through the crowd towards her little sister Rizia. Normally she would enjoy entertaining those men, but right now she needed to find her sister! She was easy to spot in a crowd thanks to her aqua blue hair, and her wide sexy ass! Slapping a hand down of her own rump, Fenixia squeezed between two muscle headed men, the cheeks of her ass clapping with her every step. She slowly began catching up to her little sister as the MC on stage came back on.


“HIHIHI!!!!! Hitomi-tomi coming at’cha LIVE! Here at the SAPPHIRE SPLASH PARTY!!!! WOOOOO!!!” shouted the busty Idol as she pranced around the stage in a green sling-kini that looked like it might snap at any second. The overly peppy idol began introducing the next singer to perform on stage as Fenixia caught up with her little sister. Rizia was nearly the same height as herself, with a mop of aqua blue hair and hazel colored eyes.


“Rizia, stay close, we’re in enemy territory here!” she told her.


“Please sis, get over it already. I know BSU was your first choice, and you could transfer if you’d just improve your grades… But, you know what, never mind, I’m tired of this argument, I’m gonna have some fun, I suggest you do the same!” Rizia told her before vanishing into the crowd again.


“Rizia, RIZIA!!!!” Fenixia called out, but she completely lost sight of her sister as the crowd suddenly became thicker. The orange haired young woman stomped her feet. Rizia was always going off on her own and getting into trouble, their mother had charged her with preventing that while they were here! More irritating was how Rizia mentioned how she failed to get into BSU, she had the sexual skills, but her GPA had come up just a little short. They were supposed to be the #1 school when it came to training in the Adult Entertainment industry, so what if she sucked at math! Fenixia hated studying, especially boring subjects like Math and Science!


She’d much rather focus on her hobbies like the Sexual Histories of the world both before and after what she called the “Sexual Dark Ages” when the word itself was almost taboo! She also enjoyed food and cooking. She recently read this article in a magazine about some up and coming chef who thought he could improve an actresses abilities with the right kinds of food! She’d loved to meet that guy someday! Maybe even give him a nice blowjob as well!


When she got the rejection letter she decided to make a name for herself at Harlot State and show up BSU in the most humiliating way possible! She recently perfected a little trick that would make them RUE the day they turned her away.


“Hey babe, nice ass.” said one man as he grabbed her butt from behind. “Too many tits with their own orbits around here, nice to see someone who appreciates the booty like you!”


Fenixia blushed and turned. The man behind her was certainly handsome enough, the kind of boyish looks that hide age well; he could have been 18 or 28 she couldn’t have been able to tell. He eyed her with open interest and she felt her cheeks turning a soft red. She loved it when people admired her ass; she’s spent a long time refining it without using that bimbo gunk they sold in the high end stores. All the exact dieting and exercising to build herself the perfect fat sexy ass, it was for moments like this!


Her earlier anger evaporated as she smiled up at him with her soft pink painted lips, she reached her arms up and wrapped them around his shoulders. “Why thank you, it took a lot of work I’ll have you know, and not the surgical kind.”


“Heh, I can tell, no knife can make an ass this fine!” he said as he wrapped his arms around her waist and moved his hands to grab her bottom tightly, his fingers sinking into the soft flesh easily.


“Think you’d like a nice dog for these buns?” he asked.


“Well, you’re direct. I’d love that!” Fenixia said as she pulled him down into a hot lewd kiss, loving the way he continued fondling her ass as his tongue moved around every inch of her mouth!


Music began blaring from the speakers again as Fenixia and the young man began moving away from the crowd towards the edge of the water. She snuck her hands into the waistband of his swim trunks and felt herself smiling all the wider at what she felt there. [Not the biggest, but at least he HAS a dong worthy of my ass!] she thought to herself as she pushed them down while slipping out of the white bikini she wore.


At times like this, Fenixia loved that she always went with side-tie style bikinis and underwear, all it took was two little tugs and her bottoms fell away with ease. Knocking the youth down on his ass, the orange haired girl dropped to her knees, giggling happily as she kissed the tip of his huge dick. It had to at least be as long as her forearms and just as thick! She slowly licked his length from his balls to the tip, not caring who might see them as things would become a full on orgy soon enough here.


“Oh yeah babe, that’s the stuff…” the man groaned as Fenixia took her time, brushing her tongue up and down his dick as though she were painting it. She then worked her jaw up and down, then side to side, loosening the muscles as best she could before taking half of it down her throat with ease!


“Not bad girl, but try and do it in one motion if you really wanna impress!” called a womans voice. Fenixia couldn’t see who it was and she didn’t care as she felt her throat stretching around the man’s cock as she took him deeper and deeper into her mouth.


“Ohhh fuck yeah, that feels great babe!!! You’re a natural!” he told her.


Smiling to herself, Fenixia lifted herself up and grinned down at him as she moved to straddle his waist, pulling the wide cheeks of her ass apart with her hands as she pressed his massive dick between them. She then let go and clenched her butt muscles, clamping her ass around him with a loud ‘clap’!


“If you like that, then you’ll LOVE this!” she told him as she began rocking her hips in a slow circular motion. She made sure to move herself up and down at the same time, loving the way his dick felt between her asscheeks. She couldn’t get enough of the feel of her creamy soft cheeks enveloping that rigid hot flesh! It turned her on more than anything. That was the reason she worked so hard to make her ass bigger. True the Bimbo Gel stuff might have been faster, but there was that .1% chance of some sensitivity loss, and she just wouldn’t risk it!


Grabbing her already impressive tits, easily twice the size of her head, another natural trait in her family, the man beneath her groaned in pleasure as he kneaded and squeezed them roughly. Fenixia let out a low moan as he tugged on her nipples, pulling and twisting them in his hands while she began moving her hips faster.




The sound of her ass slapping against his thighs began to draw a slight crowd. In the distance, Fenixia saw a bigger crowd around a food cart where some chef was putting on a show for two girls it seemed. One of them looked familiar. Like someone from one of Rizia’s socialite magazines.


Turning away from the cooking show, Fenixia smiled as she decided to use her favorite new trick as she clamped her ass tight around the man’s fuckstick. She tensed her muscles while moving them at the same time. She could feel her ass jiggle and ripple as it began to vibrate softly. But she wasn’t done yet, no, not by a long shot!


“Fu… WHAT THE FUCK…!!!” the man groaned as Fenixia began vibrating her ass even faster! VRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! Her asscheeks were clapping together so quickly that it sounded almost like a motor running!


“MMMMMMMMMH, OH YEAAAAAH…!!!!” Fenixia moaned, she could feel every inch of the man’s boner throbbing between her buns as she rocked herself up and down again. “YEEEAAAAAAHHHHH AHHHHHH!!!!!” Fenixia moaned in ecstasy, rocking her body faster and faster now as she pressed her tits into the groaning man’s hands.


“Fuuuuuck…!!!” the man groaned as his cock began spurting hard, splashing her hair and back with his thick and hot cum. Fenixia slowed her ass down and smiled as she looked back at her ass, now coated with a thick layer of cum that ran down the curve of her ass in messy streams.


“OOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!” she heard two girls screaming in the distance. She turned in the direction of the moans to see the girls from earlier eating what the chef guy had made or them. The vaguely familiar girl was chowing down on a hamburger, while the other, a short haired brunette was eating what looked like, squid? Eww! But both of them were moaning and squirming. The brown haired one tore off her dental floss bikini as she fondled her own breasts, holding the stick that the squid was skewered on between her big tits as she took one bit after another and then moaned like she was cumming her brains out!


“FUCK FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUCK!!!!! SO GOOOOOOOOOOOD!!! THE TASTE, I… I CAN’T STAND IT, I’M FUCKING CUMMING FROM MY MOUTH TO EVERY INCH OF MY BODY!!!!!!!!!” screamed the other girl as she moaned over and over with every bite until she eventually ripped off her top and fell back on the sand. In front of the pair, the chef guy only smiled smugly as he watched the spectacle.


[What the hell did he put in the food?!] Fenixia thought to herself as she stood up and smiled down at the guy beneath her. “Thanks for the fun, but I gotta find my sister before she gets herself into trouble.” she told him as she moved to find her bikini bottoms. Over by the chef, the crowd began yelling at something he said as Fenixia walked by.


“Wait, wait, come baaaack!!!” someone shouted in the distance, but Fenixia figured it was those girls calling for the cook guy as she looked around for her sister again.



Walking along the beach dressed in the skimpiest bikini she could find, Sara Reed enjoyed her time at this year’s Sapphire SPLASH. It was the one time of year where she and other BSU faculty were REQUIRED to be off work. She’d already run into several of the promising freshmen as she and Taiyohime, the Headmistress of BSU, walked together from their hotel just at the edge of the beach.


“Still thinking about yesterday, Serrabelle?” the Headmistress said to the instructor.


Perhaps the challenge was a mistake… Mr. Williams wasn’t ready for such a spontaneous task.


“Well, he DID meet the conditions of your little challenge, the fact that he didn’t do very well shouldn’t be considered since you didn’t make that a stipulation.” Taiyohime told her.


“That’s true, I’m also taking into account WHO he hooked up with. I can’t fault his tastes,” Sara agreed, “I think in this particular instance, I just asked a first year to satisfy a second year basically, even if Ashani is a freshman.”


“Oh, how do you make that assessment?” Taiyohime asked, looking up from her screen.


“Consider Ashani’s social placement, she clearly has access to any manner of skilled studs if she’d want. God know’s her family wouldn’t let just anyone into her bedroom.” Sara explained.


“Huh, you do have a very good point there. Her tastes would be rather refined. Had she been one of the more regular women here he might have gotten a better review. I’ll mark him as above average in my notes then.” Taiyohime said as she tapped away at her keyboard.


“Really Hime, put that thing away and enjoy yourself!” Sara said to Taiyo as the other girl walked quietly while holding a small laptop on one hand while her other danced over the keyboard.


“I am enjoying myself Sara; I’m just getting some last minute work done at the same time.


Taiyohime was in her ‘youthful form’ wearing a simple one piece swimsuit with frilly bits along the leg holes and shoulders. It was hard to take her seriously when she was like that; she looked like a little kid pretending to be grown-up. The platinum haired Headmistress then reached down to her hip where she wore a loose fitting tourist belt and unclipped a sports bottle filled with a clear liquid. She squirted a bit into her mouth and swallowed quietly before going back to her work on the laptop.


Sara sighed, then a thought occurred to her, “Oh, I know, remember that student I mentioned a little while back? The one with the cooking skills?”


“The one you gave a full ride to because he cooked you a strawberry tart?” Taiyohime asked with a dour look on her face, “I still don’t agree with the idea of opening a new kind of course for a freshman. It seems like a waste of funds to me.”


Taiyo had pushed back when Sara approved the student’s idea for a new kind of cooking course. She even set aside some funds for him to experiment with and had gotten him something of his own kitchen. For now it was just a counter in the main kitchen inside Passion Tower, but that was only a temporary measure until something better could be put together. As Head of Admissions, Sara had a bit of leeway with allocating funds for some projects. It had taken more than a little convincing, but she got Taiyo to allow for the construction of a full modern kitchen in one of the new buildings, but it would be well into the semester before it was completed


“You won’t think that way for long. I happen to know he’s got a food stand around here somewhere today. So I’ll show you exactly WHY I approved him and his request.” Sara told her as she slapped the laptop shut and grabbed Taiyo’s hand, pulling her along as they moved across the beach.


They passed a pair of young women along the way. One a tall blonde, with a strip of pink dyed into her hair, the other a VERY well-endowed woman with pale skin and long purple hair. The two of them held hands as they walked. Sara offered a polite wave as they neared.


“Awwww, your daughter is adorable miss!” said the blonde. “And shuch a cute wittle swimsuit!” she said in a baby voice.


“Thank you very much miss…” Taiyo said, though Sara could hear a slight edge to her tone. This was a common occurrence for her when she walked around in that body. It was her own fault for using it so often was Sara’s opinion.


“Ahh, you talk so grown up!” exclaimed the heavy breasted lavender haired woman, “It’s so cute! Well, you just have lots of fun now honey!” she added as she patted Taiyo on the head before moving on with her companion.


Taiyo sighed, “Every time, honestly I don’t think I look all that young.” she muttered quietly.


Sara smiled and said nothing, continuing to lead her boss along the beach. They had made it a few dozen yards before she spotted something out of the corner of her eye. A bright mop of orange hair and one of the biggest asses she’d ever seen! She slowed her pace and turned to see one of the second year students making out with a girl she remembered from her admissions video. The memory stuck out to Sara from how big her butt was. She was one of the girls she rejected early on, her grades were average at best, and her application video didn’t really show anything all that spectacular.


She watched out of the edge of her vision as she began giving the young man a half-way decent blowjob. “NOT BAD GIRL, BUT TRY AND DO IT IN ONE MOTION IF YOU REALLY WANNA IMPRESS!” she shouted over to them before continuing on.


“Who’s that?” Taiyo asked with feigned interest.


“I believe it was one of the applicants that I had to reject.” Sara told her.


“Ahh. Such a shame. If I am not mistaken, her enormous ass looks completely natural. She must have worked very hard to attain such a form. Such dedication is an important character quality for our line of work.”


“Unfortunately, her grades did not meet our standards. Now, where was that cart parked?!” Sara muttered aloud as they wandered around for a few minutes.


“Sara, look!” Taiyo said, pointing over at the girl as she sandwiched the male student’s big dick between those fat ass cheeks. A cowgirl hotdog position, nothing special really was Sara’s thought until the girls ass became a BLUR of motion.


“What the hell! Is her ass, vibrating!?”




Sara could hear the sound all the way over where she stood, it was like a motor running as the man beneath her writhed and groaned in pleasure, his face was the male equivalent of an ahegao! Sara had only seen THREE female students EVER who could pull that off with a man! And that vibrating ass, how the hell was she DOING that!? She watched in awe as the student lasted barely even a minute before blowing a massive load all over the orange haired girl’s rump!


Next to Sara, Taiyohime yanked on her arm, pulling her down to eye level as she fixed her with a determined stare, “BRING. ME. THAT. ASS. NOW!!!!!” Taiyo told her in a tone that left zero room for argument.


Sara nodded and pulled away from Taiyo, looking back to where the girl and student were just a moment ago, but, now they were both gone! Sara looked around frantically, finally spotting the girl some distance away headed to where a few hundred spectators were enjoying the band currently playing on stage.


“WAIT, WAIT, COME BAAAAAAAACK!!!!” Sara shouted as loud as she could as she ran so hard her top had come loose. But she had no time to worry about that as she watched the girl vanish into the crowd like a fish moving into a whole school.


“Damnit!!!” Sara cursed as she made her way into the crowd, ignoring the multiple hands copping a feel on her exposed tits as she tried to find that girl again. But she couldn’t see her through the groups of people dancing and grinding against one another. “Ahh, Hime’s gonna yell at me…” she whimpered to herself. “No, I gotta find her!” she said to herself, an ass THAT talented BELONGED in BSU!!!!!! And Sara didn’t plan to rest until she found her again!

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago

Each ass cheek of Fenixia must have their very gravitational field, makes sense that so many cocks find their way in-between those massive amounts of flesh. While she certainly does look sexy, i mean, look at that ass, tits and sweet face, Fenixia is not really one of my favorites YET. I like her design and vibration powers and more importantly her goal to show off BSU, for not letting her join this prestigious school. I get real Xavier vibes from her, since she is also just a normal person, just with freakishly big ass and nothing else to her, which I really appreciate. All the other students so far are just to extraordinary in some cases for me to feel realistic: Eiji is a former top basketball player who once had the chance to become a pro player, Violette and Ashani are the daughters of massive influantial characters in this world, Koko is a world wide renowned actor who is also somehow quite experienced with sex (I will get to her later), Kaede is a DJ with quite the big audience, and so on. It feels kinda strange that you get all these extraordinary people in one school year together with a guy (Xavier) who has nothing outstanding to him in any way. The amount of cum splattered across her titanic ass is just right. The makeup version looks sadly a little bit disappoin-ting, with a rear that big you’d guess that a tattoo would look perfect on it but unfortunately none is drawn. Aside from that little nitpick, pink suits Fenixia really well and it looks great on the guys dick. Also: cute little monke!!! Other than that, the background doesn’t really look anything different from the other beach settings so far.

Using pulverized glass to create a somewhat multicolored beach is a really fascinating idea, which makes me wish that we at least get a little bit of it shown in the artworks. The Leda and Violette dynamic is overall great but becomes truly godlike once we’re reintro-duced to Galactica, with Leda being her biggest fan and whatnot. Not only does Galactica introduce herself again this chapter but also the concept of Foodgasms, her being the first girl/woman we see in this state. The inventor of Foodgasm is of course the charismatic and genious Auron and his behaviour around woman is just perfect. I like how you des-cribed the cooking process and the effects it had on each and every girl he served. Auron is, for me at least, easily one of my favorite male characters in this series. Having the whole event experienced through three different angles (Violette, Sara and Fenixia) is also a really intuitive idea and used to great effect. I already mentioned her personality and the sex with the random 2nd year student was quite enjoyable, especially her vibrating butt and Sara’s and Taiyohime’s reaction. Though I find it doubtful that any student would change her school four days before orientation, I already know the outcome so…

Other than a massive backside and a cute little monke, the artwork really hasn’t much going for it but the story more than makes up for it.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Thank you Akro. Fenixia was a patron OC that was added for fun. The monkey is one of my favorite parts. I dub him the pervert monkey. They creep around the background of some of my art. I’m also happy you like how Auron is. The character needs love too and glad he resonated with you. I’m very pleased you been enjoying your time in this BSU world we created, it means a lot to me that you are enjoying it.

3 years ago

Amazing update with this one. Loved the multiple view points/story in this. It’s definitely interesting to hear about using food in adult entertainment and how Auron wants to use it. But by far the best part is using fenixia story. The rejection making her very vengeful and wanting to defeat BSU is really cool. I’d love to eventually see a story with her and X, biggest cock meets biggest butt? And the fact they are in rival universities makes the potential story even better. And the mention that she basically wrecked a second year student who are considered to be a whole different league than Xavier and friends, means to me she is probably the female equivalent of Xavier maybe better.

3 years ago
Reply to  Princenoctis

Ay noctis did you get a chance to read the previous chapter?

3 years ago
Reply to  Strider_Seiryu

Yeah I did great story BSU is my favorite series

3 years ago

Neat having Galactica meet up with Violette again and making out with Leda. Lol having Alexandra act a bit funny, arousing a curiosity of what caused it leading to the crowd around a food stand. Haha great having Auron quickly offering himself to the duo, getting swiftly rejected, then recover like nothing happened. such skill performed while cooking being too much for Violette to keep up with. getting such steamy results from the food produced causing the women to orgasm hard. awesome having Auron state his purpose/goals after succeeding his challenge and simply making his leave, rather than taking advantage of the two. Interesting having Fenixia be a student of Harlot enjoying the event, and having a natural ass of that massive size. really nice having her scene really focus on her ASSive mass, with a bit of fellatio and mainly buttjob, steamy. interesting having 2 perspectives at that time with the food hut, having Violette’s reaction show earlier and Leda shown later with Fenixia’s point of view from the scene. ooo taiyohime in the story, loving the mention of her in a frilly one-piece, so cute. lol at the woman mistaking Taiyohime for a child XD and again interesting having a 3rd perspective with the BSU head faculty, hehe at Taiyohime’s demand of Fenixia’s ass. Aww, hope they find Fenixia and have her join BSU, it’d be a win-win for both the faculty and Fenixia for finally being able to join.