Virtually Lewd in the Lab

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It was lunch time at BSU.


Earlier, Maihime Shinoda had “volunteered” to help Elizabeth Bloomfield with her orientation presentation by sampling Amazing Foods’ new product, the Amazing Burger. However, some people in the audience laughed and even mocked Mai for her participation and the way she reacted to the Amazing Burger.


Maihime sat alone at the lunch room table, waiting for her sister Marsunami and her friends, Jade and Yuriko to come join her, as they were all in line to get hot lunches from the cafeteria. Mai had always chosen to bring her own lunch to school since she was a little girl. This was due to the fact that she could choose what her meal was going to be, and because she could give herself larger portions of food when preparing her own lunch every day.


She remained uneasy, sitting at her table. Her peers at the surrounding table continued to stare as she opened her lunch box.


“Look at her! That hungry ass bitch! Who would wanna fuck her?” Commented another female student.


“She already had that big ass burger and a plate of fries and she’s still not done yet?” Replied the female student’s friend.


“She’s so fat she’d get tired riding a guy after just a couple of pumps.” added another detractor. The trio all laughed.


Mai heard everything that was said. It was like she had superhuman hearing in that moment. As she waited for her sister and the others to get their food, mere minutes became like hours for the younger Shinoda sister.


Everyone is making fun of me… And I still have to go up there again for my own presentation.‘ She worried to herself. Mai’s breathing accelerated as her anxiety rapidly grew. It seemed everywhere she looked, someone was gawking at her. However, one person approached and took notice of Mai’s discomfort in the dining hall.


“Hey Maihime!” Exclaimed a cheerful nasally voice. Mai looked over her shoulder to see Skyla smiling with a disposable cup of coffee in hand.


“Hi Skyla…” Mai said in a low defeated tone. Skyla had already read the room and knew that Mai was feeling down.


“This is such a chemically boring place to go for a lunch break. I have somewhere better we can go to eat.”


“’Where?’ Come with me and you’ll find out…….” Skyla answered with a grin……


Maihime hesitantly rose to her feet and slowly approached the nerdy bespectacled inventor.


“That was chemically awesome foryoutogoupthere!” Skyla said in a hurried tone.


“You gotta have a huge set of ovaries to go up there like that the way you did! Skyla praised, causing the chubby silver haired girl to chuckle.” She then gave Mai a comrade-like slap on the shoulder.


“Well, I’ve never heard that said in THAT way before.” Maihime laughed lightly.


“Let’s go.”


“Alright.” Mai replied as the duo began walking toward the cafeteria exit.


“Don’tsweatyourhaters! We have something in common.”


“What do you mean? Asked the blue eyed young woman as they continued to walk towards their destination.


“You and I are both creators.” Answered the girl with the swirly lensed glasses.


“What?” Mai questioned.


“You’re about to see what.” Skyla answered as they walked into a building that was marked “Research and Development Department.” Mai looked at the sign curiously.


“Research and Development Department? Why does a college have and R&D section?” Questioned the aspiring fashion designer.


“The R&D department exists to support the plans and ambitions of inspiring inventors. I am an inventor myself. I came to BSU because of the resources and funding they offered to support my ideas.” Answered the green haired girl. as they walked down the hallway.


“The R&D department was first created by Professor Scarlette Beauregard”


Beauregard?‘ Mai thought to herself, recalling her run in with Violette Beauregard earlier in the summer.


“She’s a former pornstar and scientist. Most recently she created and patented BimboGel.”


“What’s BimboGel?” Mai asked.


“It is a body modification product that is used to enhance the size of our tits and asses! It’s a temporary enhancement that allows the user to shape their body the way they want. But looking at you I don’t think you’ll ever need it!” Skyla teased while playfully giving Mai a nice slap on the ass.


“Your boobs are chemically perfect! MindifItouchthem?!” Skyla asked while staring down at Maihime’s near fully exposed freckled covered rack.


“Ummm…Ok..” Mai answered hesitantly. Skyla then reached out and grabbed one of Maihime’s ample breasts. The short pudgy girl couldn’t help but to giggle. Skyla then stopped, put her coffee down and proceeded to grope her with both hands!


WOW! They’re so soft and squishy! Really your tits are perfect!” Skyla complimented, causing Maihime to blush.


“Do you like girls?” Mai asked nervously, recalling her bathing adventure at the soapland a couple of days earlier..


“I like guys, but I can definitely appreciate a nice rack when I see them.” Skyla chuckled before picking up her cup.


“Uhhh..Thank you.” Mai replied, offering an awkward smile.


“Wannafeelmine!?” The tech geek asked while proudly poking her chest out. Skyla’s boobs weren’t nearly as big as Maihime’s but still pretty impressive nonetheless. Not wanting to alienate her new friend, Mai nodded and slowly reached out, poking one of Skyla’s tits with one finger.


“Come on! You can do better than that! You’ve never grabbed another girl’s tits before?” Skyla inquired, encouraging Mai to grab her massive pair.


“No.” Mai answered nervously.


“So you’ve never touched your friend or even your sister’s boobs before out of curiosity?”


“Nope.” Mai answered matter-of-factly.


“Well, todayisyourluckyday! Go ahead and give em a nice squeeze!” insisted Skyla with an excited grin. Mai complied with her request and reached out with both hands. She lightly squeezed Skyla’s heavy hangers with her fingertips. Oddly enough, she liked the feel of them.


“Yours are pretty soft too.” Mai complimented while continuing to grope.


“Why thank you. I wish they were as big as yours though!” Skyla remarked while poking.


“But I guess we better get to it. 5 minutes have passed already.” Skyla said as she resumed walking.


The duo continued before turning at a set of double doors which led to a massive room. Mai looked around the room in awe at several robots Skyla had built and used on the show ‘Robo Battle’. They adorned her lab like trophies that hung on the walls, boasting Skyla’s expertise and accomplishments without her having to say it. On the left side of the lab, there were several tables aligned all facing a whiteboard and a jumbo sized flat screen television. This area was the one she had used to present her Virtual Reality device to the Cadre of professors that paid her a visit last week. The walls were decorated with several digital framed photographs of Skyla at various competitions. The other end of the room consisted of several workstations that had flasks, beakers, digital scales along with laptops and an array of other scientific equipment.


“Over here!” Skyla said as she walked over to another room within the lab. It was a fully operational kitchen which was twice the size of a kitchen in the typical 4 bedroom family home.


“You have your own personal Kitchen?”


“Yeah, it’s for those long nights when I’m working around the clock.” Answered the purple eyed, green haired girl while opening up the refrigerator. She pulled out a footlong sandwich she purchased from a local deli the day before.


“That’s Penski’s right?”


“Yeah, best sandwiches in the city!”


“I know right! I know the scent of that pastrami anywhere!” Mai chuckled while placing 3 plastic containers from her lunch box into the microwave. Skyla continued to grab more items out of the refrigerator including a cake which was on a large plastic tray with a plastic cover over it. The cake was much taller than a typical birthday confection from a store. It had multiple layers of both chocolate and vanilla cake with 2 different types of frosting, one which was dark brown and another which was a much lighter shade of brown.


“Did your birthday pass or something?” Maihime inquired.


“Nah, my mom got me this cake to celebrate me being accepted into BSU. It’satriplechocolatevanillacappuccino7layercake!!!!! It’s chemically delicious! You gotta try some!”


“I really want to! That cake looks absolutely delicious! ” Mai exclaimed excitedly. The microwave made sustained beeping sound, signaling that Mai’s food was done heating up. Skyla then led Mai to one of the tables to sit down. As the pair took their seats, Skyla smelled the strong smell of fish after Maihime opened the first of 3 lunch containers.


“What’s that you’re about to eat?” Skyla questioned curiously. Mai looked at her and gave a big smile, closing her eyes briefly as she spoke.


“It’s fried octopus with peanut butter!


YUCK! Thatsoundsrevolting!” Replied the robotics prodigy. Her face turned blue with an expression revealing total disgust.


HEHEHE!” the pudgy princess giggled as she watched Skyla’s reaction.


“It’s one of my favorites.” revealed the beautiful, aspiring fashion designer before dipping her piece of octopus into some peanut butter.


“I’ve heard of people eating octopus with Cocktail sauce, tartar sauce, soy sauce and even Marinara. Never, ever, ever heard of or seen anybody eating octopus with peanut butter before!”


“I have a “different” taste in food than most people. I’m willing to try just about anything.” Mai explained before taking a bite.


“Speaking of taste in things, what made you decide to choose BSU?”


“It was kinda on a whim. You see, I didn’t have a plan of what I was going to do after high school. I was at my last job at the Otaku Palace for the last two years. About 6 months ago I saw this ad online for BSU. They were looking for some new designs for their uniform and they were holding a contest for amateur designers to submit their ideas. I’ve been interested in fashion since I was a little girl. I made clothes for myself, my grandfather and stripping costumes for my sister to wear at her job but I had never done anything big like a contest before. So I figured I could give it a try, the worst that could happen was that they pick someone else. I submitted a ton of different designs for both men and women because I couldn’t decide on just one to submit. I thought having customization options for the uniform would be a nice addition.” Maihime detailed before pausing to take another bite of her meal. At the same time, Skyla took a bite out of her sandwich.


“A little while back Professor Reed contacted me and told me my designs had been selected and were being used for the new school year. She offered me a full scholarship on the spot.”


“Did you accept it on the spot?”


“No, I needed time to think it over. Going to a school like BSU is a big change for me. I don’t have a bunch of experience with sex plus I had a boyfriend at the time.


“Boyfriend? So you wanted to talk to him about it before you made your decision?” The busty green haired young woman asked.


“Yeah.. I was REALLY into this guy and he was REALLY into me. He’s cute, funny and he had a lot of things in common with me. I thought this guy was gonna be the man I married. We hadn’t been together long because he’s new in town and he was my FIRST. He took my virginity. I wanted to tell him about this before I made my choice because going to BSU would definitely affect our relationship.”


“So what happened?”


“To make a long story short, my boyfriend was sleeping with several other women including my sister the whole time since we first met. She didn’t know I was dating him.


“Whatafuckin ASSHOLE! Two timing bitch!”


“That made my decision a little easier. I broke up with him and gave my life, my future some thought. Porn isn’t the only career option BSU has to offer. They have specialized programs including one for fashion design plus as a student I can get exposure for design work. It was a no brainer. Opportunities like this don’t come along often.” Mai explained.


“Facts. I chose BSU for similar reasons. I get my own Laboratory and plenty of support for my projects.” Skyla added. As Maihime continued to eat she saw a clear plastic sleeve full of papers laying on the table. The cover sheet read ANDROMEDA in bold underline print.


“What’s Andromeda?” Inquired Mai as she looked toward Skyla.


“It’s a project I’ve been working on. I’m hoping I will have it ready soon. TOPSECRETG14CLASSIFIED!!!!” Answered the young scientist.


“But right now there is something else I want to show you….” Skyla said before a brief pause.


“Vic! Initiate FUNDAM Vivid System launch protocol!”


“Initiating Vivid system now.” Vic, the school’s Artificial Intelligence system, replied.


“Fundam?…What the?” Mai exclaimed


The laboratory illuminated with black and green light with several columns of bright green colored 0s and 1s moving along the walls and even flying around the room. Several numbers whizzed past Maihime’s face causing her eyes to widen in astonishment.


WOW! This is incredible. It’s like a video game but it looks so real!” Mai remarked as she turned and looked around seeing a torrent of 0s and 1s swirling around in the laboratory. The numbers then all converged in the center of the room, coming together. They combined to form the words “Wu Technologies”. The logo looked so clear it was like it was actually present in the room, not unlike the massive brightly lit up signs that are on stores, restaurants, shopping malls and arena buildings.


Maihime walked towards the logo and on a hunch slowly reached out with one hand and to her surprise she was able to touch it!


“It’s solid, I can touch it! This is crazy!”


SHA SHA! You are correct! This is what makes my virtual reality technology BETTER than everything else out there. My technology is capable of manifesting tangible images into the physical world, enabling us to truly interact with them!” Skyla boasted enthusiastically. Maihime stood speechless as she watched the appearance of the Research and Development office change in appearance. The atmosphere changed from that of a lab to a coffee shop. A line of people formed at the counter to order cappuccinos from. Maihime looked around in absolute amazement at what was taking place before her eyes. She slowly approached the counter where a barista stood on the other side making an iced latte. As the silver haired woman got closer the barista turned around.


“Chemically cool right!?” Asked the barista, It was none other than Skyla’s own digital doppelganger, Holo-Skyla.


“I’m Sky2. Nicetomeetcha!” Digital Skyla said while extending her hand. Mai accepted the handshake and held on for an extended time, feeling the texture of the clone’s flesh. Her ‘skin’ was soft to the touch with a texture that was indistinguishable from human flesh.


OH MY GOD! This is so real. It’s freaky!” Maihime blurted out.


“I’m as chemically real as it gets!” Replied Sky-2.


SHA SHA! Wehaveawinner! As my guest today, I will allow you to test out Vivid right now. Wanna give it a try?” Skyla asked.


YES! No way I can say no to that!” Mai answered vigorously.


“Takeoffyourclothes!!!” Skyla said quickly.


“What?!” The chubby girls asked.


“Sorry for talking so fast. I said, “Take your clothes off.”” Repeated the bespectacled R&D recruit as she started to shed her own clothing, starting with her lab coat. Mai stood hesitantly, watching on as her new friend stripped down before eventually undressing herself. Ever insecure about her body, she wore an uneasy expression on her face which got more and more flush with each article of clothing removed. After taking off her panties she quickly covered up, placing one arm across her tits and placing the other hand over her vagina.


“No reason to be shy! I’m butt naked too!” Skyla said reassuringly while sizing up Maihime’s nude figure.


“You got perfect breasts, I wish mine were that big and soft.” Skyla continued, looking at her own rack before shifting her gaze back to Maihime.


“I’m shy about my body because I used to get a lot of stares in the locker room getting changed for gym class. They were brutal with the fat jokes…”


“You know, people envy those who have things they don’t have. And when that happens they try to tear you down for it.” Explained the busty green haired woman. She then reached into her coat and pulled out two small patch-like microchip devices and approached Maihime. They were no bigger than a large sized bandaid. She took one of them and placed it on her own shoulder before handing the second one to Maihime.


“Putthison!” Skyla instructed while handing Maihime the device.


“What is it?” Asked the blue eyed girl inquisitive.


“You’ll see in a minute.” Skyla answered with a smirk.


“Vic, Launch interface!” Skyla yelled. Immediately after the command was given, both Skyla and Maihime were immersed in green 0s and 1s which covered their entire bodies, moving along their skin at a constant pace. In an instant, these numbers turned into outfits! A skintight silver and black bodysuit formed on Skyla’s body while Maihime became clad in a strapless two piece bikini style outfit. Volts of what appeared to be light blue energy surged through the digital costumes illuminating them for a few seconds. The laboratory appearance changed yet again, returning to its original form but this time engulfed in blue light. The floors and walls were now covered with digital circuitry which resembled the complex labyrinth of chips and wiring found on the inside of a computer.


“These patches connect us to the Vivid system and it’s AI. I ditched the idea of a headset after I finally got this device to function right.”


“How does it work?” Mai questioned.


“This device interfaces with the wearer’s brain, receiving the electricity the brain sends to the rest of the body. It quickly processes this information and sends it back to the brain and the central nervous system, which results in the images you see. It allows for the wearer to totally immerse herself into the world that Vivid projects. It gives you access to not only touch but taste and smell, the two senses no VR device has ever been able to engage with or replicate before.” The young scientist explained. After Skyla’s last sentence a bush suddenly grew out of the ground next to Maihime. Roses in an assortment of colors and sizes sprouted and bloomed right before her eyes. Grass quickly grew in the surrounding area as the lab took the appearance of the front yard of a luxurious mansion. Maihime took in a slow, deep breath, taking in the sweet scent of a white rose.


“This is so life-like. It’s like I really am in a rose garden.” Mai said in amazement. Suddenly the two heard what sounded like a lawnmower running. It gradually grew louder with each passing second. Shortly after, the source of this noise revealed itself. A tall, handsome brown haired man pushing a lawnmower came around the corner, stopping across from Skyla. She lustfully bit her lip as she stared at the shirtless landscaper. Rays of sunlight reflected off of his skin as beads of sweat ran down his broad chest and washboard abs. Skyla wore a seductive grin as she devoured the man with her eyes.


“The yard is all done.”


“Thank you darling.” Skyla replied. The shirtless blue eyed man then looked at Maihime.


“Welcome to Vivid.” He said while waving at Mai.


“Nice to meet you Mr. Vivid.” Mai replied while waving back.


“Go ahead and go get showered and changed, baby. I’ll be there to give you your “reward” in a bit.” Skyla instructed. The musclebound landskaper then disappeared and Skyla shifted her attention back to her new friend.


“There is something else I want you to see… Close your eyes and think about things you love. Something you truly value and cherish!” Skyla said to the freckle-faced girl.


“Okay.” Mai replied before closing her eyes. The young woman clenched her fists tightly as she focused for a few seconds. Skyla looked on as the environment around them transformed into something else once again. The sun was slowly rising at an outdoor location that was near a lake. The leaves of the surrounding trees and bushes were still wet with morning dew which had formed in the darkness of night. Crickets could be heard chirping in the distance. Two figures stood next to one another on a mound of rocks which surrounded the lake. The first was a hulking mammoth of a man, standing 7 foot tall. He was stout and strong in appearance with a physique that resembled the ripped, muscle bound, bearded, senior citizens found in popular Shonen anime and manga. His long flowing white mane hung down his back from underneath a brown fishing hat. His thick, rugged beard extended down to his chest.. The man was dressed in light brown khaki pants and a checkered red and black lumberjack flannel shirt with the sleeves cuffed at the elbow. His rolled up sleeves revealed a solid gold Rolex watch on his wrist.


Skyla looked on in awe of her own creation, as this was the first time she had witnessed this particular function of Vivid from a spectator’s point of view. She then looked at the second figure next to the old man. It was a younger, shorter Maihime.


“Now isn’t this beautiful?” The old man asked the young Maihime while slowly waving both hands outward towards the multi-colored orange, blue and pink sky.


“Yeah Grandpa. It’s so bright and colorful outside.” Mai responded while pointing to orange beams of light which lit up the surface of the lake.”


“It is the greatest light that exists in the world. Lemme tell you something about the sun, it is constant. It rises every morning and sets every night. No matter what happens with each changing day, this will always be true.” Explained the grandfather.


“What are you talking about Grandpa?”


“I’m talking about you Maihime. I know things can get tough for you at school. I want you to listen to my words and take them into your heart.” The grandfather said while casting his fishing line into the lake.


“Every sunrise represents opportunity, another chance…A new day. No matter your failures, or how difficult and dark things get for you there’s always the light of a new day. Keep your face to the sun and the shadows will fall behind you.” Said the grandfather while kneeling down to hand Maihime the fishing pole.


“What does that mean?” asked the young Maihime.


“It means keep your head up and be optimistic. Life will hand you both wins and losses but it is your state of mind that determines your actions and what happens next. The first step in achieving your dreams is believing you can. By doubting yourself you are accepting defeat before you even get started.” The old man advised. Maihime nodded to acknowledge her grandfather’s words.


“You have a gift Maihime. You can create whatever you want with your hands. You have the imagination to visualize what you want and skill to bring the things you imagine into existence. Like these pants. You know how hard it is for me to shop for clothes? I’m 7 foot 1 and over 400 pounds. It’s a real pain in the ass.” The old man said with a hint of laughter.


“I know right!” Mai replied with a chuckle


“The pants you made for me are the best, most comfortable I’ve ever worn in my life!” Nobunaga yelled while confidently putting his hands on his hips. The sound of a gong could be heard as a red and yellow sunburst appeared behind him, causing Maihime to laugh.


“Ok, Ok I get it grandpa!” Mai said, slightly embarrassed by her grandfather’s behavior.


A couple of minutes passed without Maihime getting any bites on her line.


AWWWWW! The fish aren’t biting!” Mai complained as her line remained still in the lake.


“You gotta have patience. In life the things you want will eventually come to you as long as you keep going and remain focused on what it is you want to achieve.” Maihime’s grandfather advised. The young Maihime stood holding the fishing pole in absolute silence. This lasted for a couple of minutes until she felt something pulling on her line.


“I got something!” She yelled out. Young Maihime pulled back, against the force that was tugging on her line. She leaned backwards with all of her weight, meaning that what she had could only be a whopper of a catch! As she reeled her line back in,she stumbled backwards, nearly falling to the ground. She had pulled with so much force it almost knocked her down. A giant bass emerged from the lake, flopping about in an attempt to get off of the hook it had gotten itself caught on.


“What did I tell you! Persistence always wins in the end!” Yelled her grandfather as he grabbed the bass and took it off of the line. The scenario paused at that point.


“This is……” Mai started before trailing off. She was filled with emotion from reliving this chapter from earlier in her life.


“Yeah, the things you can see and emotions you feel while in this world can be quite… profound.” Skyla admitted. Maihime reflected on this moment from her past, realizing her grandfather’s words of wisdom.


“I got an idea…What’s your favorite TV show?” Skyla asked.


“Sailor Moon!”


“Well how about we do a sailor simulation?” Skyla asked.


“Alright, let’s do it.”


Skyla extended her left arm out with her fingers upwards. To her left, a large circle of light appeared with a bunch of nonsensical symbols floating within its borders. The circle and lines of text began spinning slowly and Skyla snapped her fingers loudly. The circle then moved from the left to right, forming a basic magical girl sailor outfit with a light blue skirt and long white gloves on her hands. Maihime looked at Skyla with an expression that said “really?”


“Is that all?” Maihime asked while slowly shaking her head and closing her eyes briefly.


“That’s not how you do it. It’s more like this!” Maihime said as she closed her eyes and threw her arms up in the air. In an instant she began levitating in the air. The clothes around her body began shimmering a thousand different colors before melting away. She hovered naked for a moment before ribbons of pink light flew in from out of nowhere, coiling around her body to form a blue and white bodysuit. She then kicked out with one leg, more ribbons coiled around her calf and foot, forming a matching blue boot. When she brought her leg back down and tapped her heels against the opposing foot, a matching boot was formed there. Mai then threw her arms out at her sides, making as though she were grasping something. Skyla blinked as the air around her fingers seemed to be pulled, almost like she was grasping a cellophane sheet. When she pulled her arm to oppose one another, the air seemed to tear and wrap itself around her forearms, forming into a set of elbow length gloves.


Maihime then began doing a slow pirouette in place as energy that looked like glowing blue water formed around her, wrapping itself around her waist and forming into a deep blue pleated mini-skirt. More of that same energy then flowed in, forming a big bow over her heavy, buxom breasts. Lastly, a single blue spot of energy glowed on her forehead for a moment before transforming into a perfectly cut sapphire that was set into a lovely golden tiara! When she was finished, Maihime stood in an outfit similar to Skyla’s, only in a mix of deep blues and whites.


NOW THAT’S a Sailor transformation!” Mai said smugly. Skyla clapped for her.


“Points for showmanship! But a sequence like that leaves you really vulnerable for almost a minute!” the nerdy girl pointed out.


“Hmpf, that’s not the point! Besides, I always figured the transformation itself happened in like a second, but for the audience, time was slowed down so they could enjoy the show.” Mai explained logically. Skyla tapped a finger against her chin and nodded her head.


“Hmmmmmm, youknowwhat, I think you might be right!” She then snapped her fingers and a pair of men dressed in costumes that looked like they came straight out of one of those multiplayer role playing games. Maihime blinked when she looked at them closely. One was dressed in demonic looking red and black armor like some sort of a hell Knight, complete with a giant sword which was longer than his body! The other was in a Sengoku era gray Samurai outfit, complete with a set of swords on his hip and traditional Japanese armor. When she looked at their faces, she saw that they were the same person!


“Hey, this is the same guy…It’s the guy earlier from the Vivid launch program.” Mai muttered.


YEAH! I based them all on Eiji Nakamura!


“Eiji? Who is that?” Maihime asked.


“He’s a first year student at BSU like us, but more importantly, HESMYFUTUREHUSBAND! Eiji is so handsome, so athletic, so sexy; He is chemically perfect!” The busty scientist gushed as 2 wavy, wide streams of tears which looked like cartoon water ran down her face from underneath her glasses. Maihime giggled at Skyla’s fangirlish behavior, knowing just how the right guy can make a woman feel. Skyla then continued on explaining.


“So of course, I had to scan his likeness into the program. It’s faster than trying to make some random male image. Girls can be so picky about stuff like that.” Skyla explained.


“Don’t worry, this is just the Beta, for the official release you’ll be able to create the man you want for the simulation.” Skyla explained before.


“So, you wanna try a sailor-girl battle!?” Skyka asked excitedly.




“Ok… Oh, and safeties are a thing in here, quadruple redundant systems and a failsafe that shuts everything down when the safeties go offline. I know some people are thrill seekers like that, but it would be chemically bad if someone got hurt in here!” The bespectacled rookie detailed.


“So what now?” Asked the chubby fashion designer.


“We protect the citizens of World City!” Skyla yelled out. At that point a horde of minions appeared and began attacking the city.


RAAAAWWWR!” both the men began to yell as they drew their weapons suddenly and rushed at them. Mai was easily able to dodge the sword strike from the Knight as though it were nothing. She closed her eyes and framed a mental image.


“Breath of the Oceans Strike!” she shouted as she held out her palm. Droplets of water formed in front of her hand before a massive torrent of water shot out. Everywhere the water landed, it instantly froze into solid ice. The Samurai was barely able to dodge, and she grazed his arm lightly. The sleeve of his clothes was instantly encased in glittering blue ice. Grimacing, the Knight lifted his sword in his other arm, and for a moment Mai thought he might chop his own limb off. That would totally kill the mood.


Instead, he brought the blunt end of the blade down on his arm, shattering the ice and removing the armor and clothing covering his arm in the process.


“Impressive! But that won’t be enough to save you!” he said. Mai had to stop herself from laughing. His voice was completely flat and emotionless, like someone was reading from a script, but not trying to act in any way.


HAH!!!” Skyla shouted, the miniature rods that emerged for her bracelets crackling with lightning and lashing out with thunderbolts at the Samurai.


AHHGUHGUHGUHGUH!!!” he groaned, his body shaking with the electricity.


“How’s that! Bad idea going against me, I’m a big lightning rod!” Skyla said proudly.


The men grunted lamely, not at all showing the frustration that was supposed to be evident in their tone of voice. Each pulled out shards of black crystals.


“We will show you bitches the true power of Mistress Astromellia’s dark warriors.” Replied the Knight and Samurai weakly in unison as they stabbed themselves in the chest with the shards. They then grew into demonic, monstrous versions of themselves.


“Evil will not prevail today! I vow to save you from the darkness of Astromellia!” Maihime yelled with conviction while doing a series of super sentai/sailor moon-like action poses.


“No demon can defeat the power of righteousness!” Skyla added while doing her own assortment of poses. The two monsters both swung their swords, firing massive blasts of dark energy at the two magical girls. Mai then began summoning speckles of white energy which surrounded her as she levitated into the air once again. Her body began to glow as she materialized her princess scepter . At the same time Skyla crossed her arms across her massive bazoomz in an “X” posture. Yellow and blue surges of electricity crackled in the space around Skyla and loud claps of thunder rumbled through the area.


The light energy around Maihime converged on her royal scepter, causing it to take the form of a thick nodachi style sword. The blade radiated with heavenly light which reflected every color of the spectrum. As the light dissipated it revealed her sword to be completely translucent which alluded to Maihime’s pure and clear heart.


MOON GODDESS TWILIGHT PRISM BLADE!” Maihime roared as she rushed towards her opponent.


Simultaneously, Skyla readied her attack as she started to glow with alternating blue and yellow light.


THUNDER GODDESS SOUL PIERCING FLASH!” Skyla screamed at the top of her lungs.


Maihime charged forward and swung her sword, cutting through the wave of dark energy.




Maihime slashed the Knight seemingly bisecting him. His arms dropped to his side as he stood with his mouth hung open, unable to speak.


At the same time Skyla completed her attack, firing a massive spear made of lightning at the Samurai. It completely pushed back and absorbed the dark energy before impaling him square in the chest. He dropped his sword as his arms fell. Both Mai and Skyla struck poses as their demonic foes fell.


“We still have time to heal them. Let’s go”


“Right.” said Skyla as she approached the Samurai, who had shifted back to his human form while laying. On the ground.


“We will never surrender.” Said the Samurai in a rather dull tone.


Skyla was a wizard when it came to programming the setting and realism, but when it came to dialogue, vocal tones, and choice of voice acting she still needed a little work.


Mai grabbed the golden Knight’s helmet and pulled it off. The Knight was handsome, but not in a pretty boy kind of way. He was very much the athletic type, the kind of man who avoided her. When she was in high school.


“Just relax, you’re not gonna die but I have to treat you.” Mai said with a lecherous grin.


Mai knelt down and pressed her lips to his and was caught off guard by his scent. A manly musky odor that was both strong, but not overwhelming. Like one of those super expensive colognes they sold in the men’s section of the store.


“Hmmm…” Mai purred as she brushed her tongue against his lips.


“Mmmmh, mmmmmmnnn…” she moaned into it. For a collection of photons and force fields, the guy did know just how to kiss as he returned the favor! She slipped her tongue back against his, and the Golden Knight then moved his hand up and grabbed one of her soft breasts. His touch was gentle like a lovers, not rough at all as he squeezed and kneaded her breast gently. Tracing his thumb around her nipple before pressing it down like a button!


“Ahhhaaa…!” Mai moaned honestly, emboldened by the fact that this wasn’t an actual man. This made it easier for her to unleash her lusty side.


“Aheheh…” she giggled. Mai moaned again as he fondled her like a dirty masseur, squeezing and playing with all the right spots as she began to feel like butter melting in a pan.


“Haaaah…” she gasped as he then moved one hand down to caress her thigh gently, urging her legs apart slowly.


“What, ahhh… What is this…Mmmmmmmh…” she moaned coyly as she leaned back against him. How did this guy know just how she liked to be touched!?


“How do you like my little simulation?” Skyla asked. Mai was feeling so good she didn’t even care about the corny dialogue as he traced his fingers along her thing and around her pussy, but not touching it directly.


“Ahhhh, you heavenly bitches…I will never be evil again” the Knight hissed lightly. The codpiece that was there before had vanished, and Mai closed her delicate fingers around something thick and hard! She instantly began stroking it, becoming more and more excited as it grew in her hand; so warm and hard, yet the skin was soft, just like the real thing.


HAAAAAH…!” Mai heard Skyla moaning as she turned her attention over to her.


The bespeckled young woman was already bent forward, the Samurai gripping her wrists like a set of handlebars as he slammed his thick cock into her from behind. Her smaller, but still lovely tits swayed back and forth from the force of his thrusts.




“Gimmethatbigwarriorcock!” Skyla cooed as the artificial Eiji rammed her from behind. The green haired beauty pushed back with her legs and bumped him with her wobbling ass cheeks as he fucked her hard and deep!




“OOOOOOOH!!!” she screamed as the reformed Samurai villain began pounding into her faster, making her entire body buck back and forth now.


YES, RIGHT THERE, RIIIIGHT THEEEERE!!!!” Skyla screamed as her swinging tits smacked into one another.




Just as before, the Samurai did as told, pulling her up so her back was flush against his chest.


Mai got a good look at the Samurai’s cock as it penetrated her teammate, spreading the lips of Skyla’s pussy wide as her juices dripped down his length and off his balls.


It was at that moment that it hit Mai like a slap in the face. These guys were completely obedient to them. And then Mai made her first request of the Knight.


“My… My tits… Ahhh, squeeze them, play with them!” Maihime moaned lightly. And in an instant the Knight’s hands both grasped her breasts again, the fingers sinking deep into the soft flesh as she moaned again.


Simple verbal commands. The “men” would do whatever she told them. It had to be one of the safety features Skyla mentioned. But how did it know when she wanted something, and when she was just acting? She made a mental note to ask Skyla later.


“Ahhhhmmmm, nhooo, not… Not my nipplesss…! AHHHH!!!” Mai moaned as the Knight began pinching and tugging on her nipples, twisting them gently and sending an electric thrill through her. In spite of her command, the Knight continued to play with her nipples, pulling them just a bit harder as she gripped his cock tighter, stroking him harder.


Across from Mai, Skyla was now down on all fours, panting like a dog as she rocked her body back and forth. The former villain was now completely naked, showing off his athletic body as he held onto Skyla’s hips, plowing into her from behind.






Mai blushed at how into it the other girl was getting and turned her attention back to the Knight behind her just as he released her from his grip and urged her down onto her knees. Mai resisted as the man gently pushed her head down, refusing to go to her knees at first. Her pretty freckled face became flush as she wrestled with the thought of having a dick in her mouth. She did it with her ex boyfriend and once during her adventure in World City’s red light district just hours after their break up. She was a good girl and she had long believed that good girls don’t do this.


“AH AH! You…havenothingtobeshamedof Suck that dick!..UMPH ANHH!” Skyla called out in between her screams and moans.


This is a one is gonna know but me and her.‘ Mai thought to herself. She took Skyla’s words as encouragement, and slowly dropped to her knees before her holographic partner.


The Knight took hold of his dong and presented it to Maihime, waving it right in her pretty face. She was overwhelmed by the scent of his cock. It wasn’t unpleasant, yet mirrored the natural scent of a man. Maihime opened her mouth wide and took the holographic dick into her mouth! She moaned long and low around it, savoring the flavor as it pushed between her lips repeatedly.


HMMMMPH!” she moaned around his length, feeling her jaw ache just slightly as she began slowly moving her head back and forth. It was a common myth even now that women didn’t like sucking dick, and only did it to please their partner. However, Maihime relished this moment because she felt more at ease with herself in the simulation.


The feel of the rigid flesh moving in and out of her mouth got her even more excited as her inhibitions began to fade away. She could feel the tip of his dick poking the back of her throat. She tried to resist the urge to gag as she moved her face back and forth, gliding along his meat pole with her lips.


“Hmmmph, gugh, mmmph, gug, hmmmph…!” she gagged lightly, her lips making wet slurping noises around his meat stick as she worked to take it deeper and deeper with every motion.


HMMMMPH, MMMPH, GUGH, MMMPHh HMMM…!” she gagged a little louder as she took his cock in her mouth deeper and deeper. It drifted further down her until the Knight’s schlong went as far as it could go. Maihime revelled in the feeling of it sliding down her throat as she moved her hand up to massage his balls lightly.


“Oooh, ahhh…” the Knight groaned in pleasure.Maihime smiled and pulled her head back, gasping softly as she lifted her head free.


“Haah, ahhh, mmmmh…” Mai gasped, licking her way up his length, letting it rub against her face as she moved.


HAA AAHH…!” Mai then gasped as she grabbed his cock and pulled it back to her mouth, swallowing it back down her throat again.


“Ooooohh… Ahhhaa…!” he groaned as she took his cock all the way down her throat again. Mai moaned once as she felt his cum shooting down her throat without warning!


“Gug, gugh, gug…” Mai gulped loudly.


(Cough Cough!) sounded the silver haired beauty as she lifted her mouth away and rubbed his cock all over her face, feeling the warmth from that Knight’s still pulsating cock.


Across from Mai, Skyla moaned and howled as she knocked her opponent down onto his back. Squatting over him in a frog cowgirl position, bouncing her hips up and down. Her pussy clung tightly to the Samurai’s cock, the puffy wet lips hugging his shaft every time she raised herself up then dropped herself back down!


“Hmmmm, nice and deeeep…” Skyla moaned happily. She panted heavily as she continued moving herself up and down. Her meaty ass cheeks slapped together as she bounded on top of the Eiji Nakamura facsimile.




Growing even more comfortable in the situation, Mai pushed the Knight down onto his back.


“I’m only gonna ask once. Where is the crescent moon diamond!?” Mai asked with authority, trying not to laugh at herself.


“I can’t. Astromellia would kill me.” Replied the Knight


Mai then climbed on top of him and impaled herself on his dick. She moaned energetically, growing louder each time the digital cock pushed inside her! It was every bit as hard as the real thing. She rested herself on her knees atop the golden Knight, rocking her hips back and forth, stirring his cock around inside her.


HAAAAAHHH!!!! AHHHH! Now answer me, GIVE ME WHAT I WANT!” Mai moaned in pleasure.


“I don’t know where it is.” Replied the golden Knight.


THIS FEELS SO GREAT…” she moaned as she gripped her own naked breasts, pinching her own nipples and twisting them lightly as she pushed herself all the way down on the Knight’s cock.




HAH, AHH, HAH, AHHHH, CUMMING, I’M ABOUT TO BLOW…” Skyla moaned as she pressed herself down on top of the other hologram.


UMMM! YAAAHH!! YAHHH!!!” she screamed as she rode him like a horse, grabbing a hold of his muscular chest like it was a set of reins.


AREYOUGONNAGIVEUPNOW!…” she moaned. The Samurai did as told, and Mai watched as she bucked up and down on top of him. Mai glanced over again, noticing just how massively well hung the Samurai was. He was totally stretching Skyla’s pussy! Looking down at her own pussy, Mai felt a pang of jealousy then a thought occurred to her as she remembered the times she spent with Xavier, which caused a sudden epiphany.


“Get bigger!” she told the Knight. “HEEEEEEEEEK!!!” she then squealed as the Knight’s cock doubled in size! Maihime was completely stunned by the fact that the command actually worked.


AHHHH!!!!” Maihime screamed in pleasure as she came ever so close to a glorious rapture!


OH SHIT! , SO FUCKING GOOD! AHHH, THIS FEELS SO REAL, I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!” she moaned as her entire body began shaking in pleasure.


The Knight made a grunting sound as he began pumping his hips in time with hers.




The sound echoed through the city streets as the two fucked wildly. As she leaned forward, her hands on the Knight’s chest plate as his thrusts bounced her up and down rapidly.


HAAAAHAAHHAAAAAH…” Mai moaned, her voice shaking as she felt herself inching even closer to climax.


MMMMMMMMM! YES! TELL ME! HOW DOES IT FEEL!?” she panted in pleasure as she began shaking all over. She could feel the familiar pressure of a powerful orgasm building inside her body as she held onto the Knight.


LIKE HEAVEN!” The Knight grunted in response.


MMMMMMH, MMMMMMH, MMMMMMMH, CUMMINGGGG…!” she cried as her pussy pulsated rapidly around the Knight’s cock. She then leaned her body back, feeling his dick pushing up deeper inside.


HAAAAHHHH, YESSSS… GOOD, GOOOD, FEELS SOO GOOOD…!” she moaned in ecstasy as she grabbed her tits again, squeezing and kneading them roughly as she gyrated her hips against him.


Skyla was the same as shifted positions again, the Samurai stood on his knees, holding Skyla up by her shapely hips and driving his dick in and out. The green haired sexpot squealed and moaned erotically, her big tits jiggling about wildly as she clawed at the ground. Her legs stretched out behind him and Mai could see her toes curling in pleasure.


HAAHH HAAAH HAAAAHHH…!” Skyla panted in pleasure as she rolled her hips against his thrusts. The Samurai then got up to his feet, keeping his cock buried inside her as she held herself up with her arms. Grinning, the Samurai then slapped his hand down on the green haired girl’s ass, making a loud slapping noise as she howled in pleasure again.


HWEEEEE!!!” Mai then moaned in surprise as the Knight beneath her moved, pushing her up even higher as he moved into a crab position! Mai’s legs dangled over his sides as she felt his cock pushing even deeper inside her!


“Haaaah…!” she moaned as she suddenly found it easier to move and roll her hips on top of him.


“Yessss, ahhh, right theeeeere!” she panted hard as she began bouncing herself up and down like she was riding atop a horse. She bounced on him like a rubber ball, smacking his thighs with her ass cheeks.


At the same time…..


AHHH, HAAHHH, AAAH, HAAAH…!!!” Skyla moaned in pleasure as the Samurai began pushing her forward and she was forced to walk on her hands!


YAHHHHH! CHEMICALLY FANTASSSSTIC!!! SHA SHA!!!” she screamed as she rocked herself against him.






Mai screamed, her entire body shaking in orgasmic bliss! The young woman then fell back on top of the Knight as he collapsed back down to the ground. The world around them then seemed to flicker, like a TV screen when there was a power surge.


“Wuuhoh!” Skyla said as she flipped away from the Samurai easily, landing on her feet, “VIC shut down simulation!” she called out. Mai then grunted as everything around her then vanished, the Knight beneath her with it. She suddenly found herself sitting naked on the lab floor and rubbed at her ass with a plaintive expression.


“Apologies, but when the scene flickers like that it means the processor is overheating.” Skyla explained as she went over to a panel in the wall and opened it. Inside were a bunch of switches, wires, and something that looked like crystals. The green haired woman made a grumbling sound which confirmed her frustration . She then pulled out one of the crystals and turned it around in her fingers.


“This is one of the drawbacks I’m still working on.” She explained. “These crystals act kind of like a prism, shifting the lights around as needed to, for lack of a better word, ‘paint’ the imaging fields.” she told her as Mai got back to her feet and pulled the device off of her shoulder, making a sticky sound.


“They work fine for small stuff, the problem comes when doing a fully immersive environment. All that light can sometimes burn out the crystal.” she told her.


Mai blinked, “Huh, how can light burn a crystal?” she asked.


“Physics,” Skyla told her, “With light comes heat, and with the amount of light being refracted and projected, that’s a lot of heat. I’ve been experimenting with various kinds of crystals… quartz works best, but it also burns out the fastest.”


“Why quartz?” Maihime asked as she looked around for her clothes. Being shifted from one setting to another like that was a little disorienting.


“Easiest to find large crystals with flawless interiors. Diamonds are perfect, but right now I’m waiting for some to arrive. Once I get my hands on them, I’ll be able to move out of the prototype phase, but for now I’m using quartz to get by during the development phase.


“Are you trying to get this mass produced, you know like Playstation or Xbox?” Mai asked, finding her clothes and beginning to get dressed again. Not an easy task when her legs still felt like jelly after such an experience.


Skyla tossed her the crystal she’d been holding. Mai barely caught it as it slipped from her fingers twice. The surface was crazy smooth, almost like water. The crystal itself was clear, but the surface was so reflective that it looked like silver. Inside she could see a smoke colored crack that spread out from the center.


“Maybe…This isn’t my only project. I have another one you’ll get to see later.”


Before Maihime could respond the duo was interrupted by the turning of a door knob. Skyla had locked the door so whoever was coming had a key. Both women looked towards the door as it opened. A busty woman in a black skirt, red top and white lab coat like Skyla’s entered the room. Her skin was slightly tanned with a light gold luster to it. The woman had dark red hair that was styled into a very loose high ponytail. The tips of her bangs were blonde. She wore a pair of gold framed glasses which had square shaped lenses and were slightly tinted.


“So you decided to have a Virtual sex party during lunch huh. You should have invited me!” Chuckled the Buxom redhead.


“I was doing a demonstration for my new friend. It kinda happened last minute.” Skyla replied while getting dressed.


“Who is your friend? Asked the professor, looking toward Maihime as she got dressed.


“I’m Maihime Shinoda. I’m a new student here.”


“Shinoda huh. You’re one of Saitou’s girls aren’t you?”


“Yes.” Maihime answered.


“Welcome to Busteez Slut University Research & Development department! I’m Scarlette Beauregard, the Head of R&D as well as a professor here.


‘Beauregard?’ Maihime thought to herself. Her eyes enlarged with shock as she realized just who this professor was. Maihime had a rather humiliating and demoralizing run in with another member of the Beauregard family at work over the summer.


“Umm.. You’re Violette’s mom?” Maihime asked.


“Yeah, that’s me.” She answered while looking at her watch.


“It’s almost time for Orientation to resume. You two won’t make it on time. I can’t have one of my students and the Chief’s daughter get kicked out for being late.” She said while grabbing a rather large, instant cooling cup out of the refrigerator.


“Let’s go, I’ll give you a ride back to the arena.” Scarlette offered. Maihime and Skyla both nodded and followed the Beauregard matriarch out of the lab.


Although she is worried and full of self doubt, Maihime has found inspiration and made a new friend. As time continues to tick away, students will continue to take the stage. And eventually it will be time for her to face the crowd once more, only she will stand alone this time. What lies ahead for the young fashion prodigy? How will she deal with the pressure? Find out the answers to these questions and more on the next Welcome To BSU!!

(Story by User: Strider_Seiryu)

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8 months ago

Loved the lab story! Picture wise I’m w sucker for docking like that. Skylas design in that is amazing in regards to her glasses and glove combo. And maid still the plump goddess I love. Story wise do love Skylas assertiveness as well as Maihimes shyness and wonder at her creation. Glad we’re taking a look at bimbogel as well as more of her lab. Bit it a personal sucker for lab settings. Always was a bit of a sucker for VR settings for make believe settings. It was really nice to see what Mai created from her memories too. That’s definitely we’d all wish we could do with the tech. But it was certainly nice to read that Sailor moon transformation. It’s a bit if a personal love of mine so i got quite attached to that when reading…..and I also laughed when Mai explained the transformation logically since I too did that myself with buds. Starting to see a bit too much of myself in Mai pfft. Though all of this was pretty nice of a set up for the banging near the end too. Glad to see the VR set up used in a kinky matter too! I think if there’s any suggestions i have it’s that whenever characters speak fast together it may be better to reference them being excited, otherwise people might think that was an error or something.

1 year ago

Hey! Been a while since I commented on these stories. But I’ve been reading as much as I could. Despite the lewd contents I really enjoy the story and lore.

For this one, I really love seeing more of Mai. She’s a wonderful character who didn’t deserve to be sad. I’d love to see her progress more! Thank you!

1 year ago

Anyone here a fan of Tokyo revengers or lookism?

Last edited 1 year ago by Whitis
1 year ago

Quick question you think we could get art of maihime and her sailor outfit

Last edited 1 year ago by AxelRayne44
1 year ago
Reply to  AxelRayne44

I would do a slutty version of one!

1 year ago

I am happy to see Maihime and I like the look of Skyla. I just hope Maihime gets through her orientation, all in all I felt the chapter was great and the art gives enough detail to both women’s bodies.

1 year ago

You seriously delayed an MHA chapter for this?

1 year ago
Reply to  Pajeet

Hey I remember you, you complained about this series last time.

And yes, I would delay My Hero Academia and any other series as many times as I want for BSU. I hope that’s not a probleeem?

1 year ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Not for me, it’s only two days, no sweat.

1 year ago

Is this a one shot? It’s in the section, but it has the BSU seal in the art, making me think it’s a actual chapter. Just a little confused

1 year ago
Reply to  Xcelsior

Fixed! Sorry about that. And yes, it IS part of the series 👍

1 year ago

Fun chapter. I especially like the VR system she’s working on, got a lot of potential. The magical girl bit was cute. People always like to make fun of the Long Ass transformation sequences. Toriyama made fun of this in Dragon Ball Super when 17 attacked the girls because they were totally open. I agree with the idea that it was slowed down for the audience. Mainly because of one episode where I think is was Sailor Moon transformed quickly while running, or it might have been some other show of the same genre. Skyla’s fun, I love her verbal tic of putting Chemically in every other sentence. And her Sha sha laugh is adorable!

Mai I still hope at least one day clears the air with X. And I hope to see Mai in more stuff someday. But also Eiji, X, and Anya, really love that one. Look forward to the next one!

1 year ago

You should try and update BSU more regularly.

1 year ago
Reply to  Whitis

Hello whitis. I apologize for the delay. I have been dealing with ongoing health issues. Also I’ve been very busy at work due to covid and my jobs being understaffed. After the current arc ends chapter output will speed up.

1 year ago
Reply to  Strider_Seiryu

No worries my guy it’s just a suggestion. Also if you couldn’t tell I’m a massive fan of BSU, so prop’s.

1 year ago

Shame that there’s no Mei in this chapter.

1 year ago

It’s been such a long time since we had a picture or a chapter of any kind for Welcome to BSU, but now it’s finally back. And I have to tell you, this chapter DID NOT DISAPPOINT! You can also say it’s now one of my favorite chapters in the entire story.

But I’ll get to it as we go. Haha. But be warned, it’s a long one.

I already talked about the picture itself, but to give you the quick and short version, I loved it. It’s nice seeing the updated designs of both Mai and Skyla, who are today’s character focus. Very lovely work here. 🙂

Now then, let’s get into the story itself now as we start it right where we saw Mai in the last chapter. Like in that aforementioned chapter, she was sitting all alone trying to eat when she once again gets mocked for her appearance by some passing by female students, all while still knowing full well that she still has to go on stage herself later on in the orientation assembly. That alone was hard to read. But this was when Skyla popped up and took Mai with her. And now we know exactly where they went, and it’s the perfect segway to the real meat of the chapter.

This is where we get to the same R&D lab we were at when Skyla registered her spot in campus and demonstrated her experimental VR program. Last time it was for the teaching and faculty staff, including Scarlett {who I’ll get back to at the end, don’t worry XD}. This time, it’s for Mai. Though before we even get to that, this is where we see the two girls really start to bond and get to know each other, including the BBW sweetheart trusting the eccentric yet very likeable scientist & inventor enough to share her situation, including her bad breakup with Xavier. However, instead of mocking or belittling Mai like almost everyone else had, Skyla really did her best to cheer her up in her own unique way and even praised her looks and body and even wishing she had what her new friend has although she’s a real knockout herself! That was very nice work on that part. Really nice at that. Plus we also saw Digital Skyla again, which was just great to see. Hopefully we’ll get more of her later on.

And with that, we get into the other side of the chapter. The VR world. I won’t spend too much time with this part, but I will say this much at least: This was a nicely crafted part of the chapter’s overall story. Though my favorite part of this wasn’t even the Sailor Moon style foursome sex sequence although I did enjoy it. My favorite parts here were how it began with the male Vivid avatar that’s based on Eiji mowing the lawn and what I can only call an interactive flashback with Mai and her grandpa, which reminds me of Inception and some of Cyborg’s scenes of the Synder Cut of Justice League. Honestly, those I loved the most. That alone confirms that they’re both more creative than they look, and Skyla definitely has a serious crush and infatuation with Eiji. XD

At the end of this chapter, the system gets overheated due to the hot action and had to be shut down, but we at least have an idea of how far it can go when all the work on it is perfected. This is also where we see Scarlett reappear and gets an introduction to Mai. I like how she pops up and gets them to head with her back to orientation. I have a feeling that she’s going to play a pretty sizable role in the story, especially when it relates to the two girls and Scarlett’s own daughter Violette.

And with that, we’re going to head back to orientation. Who will be the next to face the music? Guess we’ll find out next time. Either way, I’m looking forward to seeing what and who would be next. Keep up the excellent work! 😀

1 year ago

I’m still surprised that in this universe with animal people, primitive people, and mini giantesses, a chubby girl is the most revolting and outlandish thing to people. Makes me wonder how they’d treat an elephant beastkin girl.

Interesting duo combination with these two girls. Skyla’s VR and AI combo reminds me of something I did with Mizuki years back. I’m surprised how open Mai is for someone who gets mocked a lot apparently. Wasn’t expecting her first creation to be her sharing a intimate and personal moment from her past like that.

Overall an okay chapter. I bet people are gonna ask about the holograms ability to grow bigger dicks and which hologram has the biggest dick hahahaha.

1 year ago
Reply to  Unskilled

Lol. Yeah the world is like that. With her and Skyla I was trying to further show that whiIe Mai there are people that ridicule Mai there are people that appreciate her as well, both in her persobality and looks. I like the buddy chemistry these two have.

Matthias Geri
Matthias Geri
1 year ago

BSU finally returns and the one thing that sticks out to me the most in this chapter is sadly how often I found misplaced punctuation marks, how one time the explanation part was made bold and not the actual “screaming/shouting” part, and how difficult it was at times to distinguish which girl was mentioned with “she”. Now, the last thing was probably just me and the story was pretty good, I just assumed a, I don’t know, higher quality? given that it’s a series of OG characters. I know this is nagging of the highest order but I felt like it needed to be mentioned.
As far as the plot goes, I’m pretty indifferent towards Maihime’s “body/self doubt” problem, since most of it stems from her. This may sound harsh but honestly, you either embrace your “weird” side (One Piece/Katakuri style) and live the life you want or adjust towards what society deems as “normal”. We live in a society after all and you are the only person who is able to change your own life. I myself was bullied during school time because of my body/weird antics/etc. and hated it. Did I change anything about me? No! I continued doing what I always did and eventually the bullies moved on with their lifes and I got accepted as the class clown. The only thing still remnant of that time of my life is my dislike of any underdog main characters.
Personal stuff aside, I really liked the little flashback we got with Maihime and her granddad and her interaction with Skyla. Skyla’s feelings for Eiji are a definite highlight, which makes it kinda weird how she started fighting him when they did their Sailor Moon thing but great nonetheless. The sex was pretty nice in general. What I don’t really understand about Skyla is how she mentions that Maihime has such perfect boobs, while her own are just as beautiful. I know, I know, girls here are usually always drawn with these almost too perfect tits but a bit differentiation in the artwork or some less gushing from Skyla’s side would have made it better.

Great science stuff and Skyla continues to grow on to me with each chapter. Maihime is nice as well, don’t get me wrong, but especially the “the haters are just envious of you”-part feels way too cheesy for me and (from my experience) isn’t exactly true as well. Good chapter though!

Last edited 1 year ago by Mr. Akrononym
Citizen V
Citizen V
1 year ago

This was dope and it’s great to have the series back.

Skyla is truly one of a kind its good to see her befriending Maihime I think they make an cool duo. Also damn, that girl is obsessed with Eiji, I guess we now know she got it bad for him.

Good to see ya back Strider!

1 year ago
Reply to  Citizen V

What up V! Its been a while, glad to be back. Yeah Skyla is thirsty for Eiji. Skyla first appeared in chapter 6, Eijii’s debut. They are next door neighbors outside of school She was watching Eiji fuck sara. Skyla is drawn to athlete muscular types. Glad you liked the chapter. Stay tuned!