The Road of Legends: Introducing Maihime Shinoda

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(Matsunami and Maihime Shinoda’s apartment.)


It was early in the morning on the eve of orientation and Maihime, the younger of the Shinoda sisters, sat on the city bus. She had just left downtown World City after an eventful night full of surprises. Although she was still hurting from realizing that her mate was sleeping with other women, it didn’t hurt as much. She had a crazy night that included having sex with two total strangers, getting bathed in a soapland bath house and having her first sexual experience with another woman. And to cap the night off she witnessed the debut Sailor Moon’s adult film adaptation. It was a night like no other for the silver haired big beautiful woman.


The rising sun shined brightly as Maihime’s bus pulled up to the stop at her apartment complex. She got off of the bus, stumbling and nearly falling down the bus steps because she was not yet acclimated to clear platform High “Hoe Heels” yet. She took them off and carried them in her hand as she walked back to her apartment. Maihime opened the door and crept back into her apartment, tiptoeing to her room as if she were sneaking back inside after leaving without her parent’s permission. Matsunami was sound asleep, having worked a double shift the previous day.


After successfully sneaking to her room, Mai shed her slut outfit and flopped into bed, not bothering to put on any clothes. She quickly faded from consciousness and drifted into slumber, entering the dream world that accompanies sleep…..



(Coral Springs, several years in the past……)


The portly young Maihime Shinoda walked home by herself. She looked straight ahead in an effort to avoid making eye contact with her peers and classmates who also lived in walking distance from school. Some kids rode bicycles and did tricks in the middle of the street, others ran around playing games and rival groups of boys yelled back and forth to each other, issuing threats and talking trash despite no one actually wanting to fight for real. This commotion was the standard every day, to the chagrin of motorists trying to get by.


Even though Maihime did her best not to draw unwanted attention, she couldn’t remain invisible to those who wanted to have a problem with her.


“Look there’s Mai, the fat ass pig girl!” Yelled a female classmate.


OINK! OINK! OINK! OINK!” Mocked the other girls around her.


“Mai sews and makes clothes because the store doesn’t have anything big enough for her!” The entire group laughed at her.


“She’s so fat, whenever she walks out with her yellow raincoat on everyone yells ‘Taxi!’” Joked a third member of the group.” This drew the attention of everyone else causing them to join in on the ridicule.


“Please stop. I didn’t do anything!” Mai yelled back.


AWWWW look at this, Hippo girls gonna cry!”


Mai’s sister Matsunami wasn’t around because their grandfather picked her up early and took her to the doctors for a check up on her heart. Unlike Matsunami, Maihime wasn’t a fighter and didn’t like violence so chose not to resort to it here. Instead, she picked up her pace to a brisk power walk.


“That’s right! Run away, get outta here you giant cow! Yelled one of the girls before picking up a pine cone and throwing it at her. Other kids on the street followed suit and started hurling pine cones at her. Mai then took off into a full sprint, tears flowing from her eyes as she ran home. Upon reaching her house she stopped and bent down, grabbing her knees as she took heavy, labored breaths. The chubby little girl opened the door to her home and walked inside, hearing the sounds of a cutting board. The aroma of roasted pork hit her nose as she took off her shoes.


“Hey Little princess!” Yelled a cheerful voice from the kitchen. Maihime followed the voice and headed into the kitchen. Waiting for Maihime’s arrival was a woman who was chopping green onions at the counter. The woman was breathtakingly beautiful so much so, that one couldn’t tell she was in her fifties. Not a wrinkle or blemish could be seen on her face. The only clue to her age was her salt and pepper hair which was mostly black with a few strands of gray every here and there. The woman possessed a curvaceous figure with big, bountiful bosoms that were even more massive than Adult Maihime’s rack! They were covered by a sleeveless purple sweater. The woman’s full hips and back made the denim skirt she was wearing stick out in the back. Her dark blue eyes were the same color as Maihime’s own eyes, a trait the woman passed down. She raised her head and looked at Maihime, taking notice that she had been crying. She put down the knife she was chopping and met Maihime at the kitchen entrance.


“Looks like you had a rough day Munchkin.” Remarked the woman as she approached Maihime.


“I’m ok grandma, all these onions are making my eyes water, that’s all. …” Maihime responded, not wanting to bother her grandmother.


“Come on now! You know you can’t lie to me, munchkin!” Remarked the woman as she leaned toward Maihime and gave her a hug. Maihime embraced her grandmother.


“So how about you tell me what’s bothering you, let’s talk about what’s going on.” Remarked the grandmother.


“Ok,” Mai replied.


“These kids kept making fun of me and calling me names. They were calling me a pig and making fat jokes. Somebody said I’m so fat that people yell ‘taxi’ when I wear my yellow raincoat.” complained the little girl.


“Well dear, who are these people?”


“Kids from school.”


“Do you care about any of these people?”


“Well…no.” Maihime answered.


“Then why should you care about anything they say?” The grandmother responded.


“In life people are always going to have something negative to say, that is human nature. The real reason people make fun of you is because they want to hide something about themselves. How did this start?”


“This one girl started it and another girl jumped in and it kept going until everyone that got off the bus was talking about me and throwing pine cones.” Mai answered.


“Here’s something to think about. People will try to bring you down in order to bring themselves up. I bet the girl who started this is popular too..”


Mai nodded her head to confirm.


As long as she is pointing you out and talking about you, that takes attention away from her and puts the spotlight on you. As for the other kids, they are followers. A follower will jump on any bandwagon to get accepted by the crowd, they don’t think for themselves. But you, little munchkin princess….You are different from them!” commented the grandmother.


“Different?” Mai asked.


“Yes, you might not think so yourself but you are an extraordinary girl. I see it, your grandfather sees it and your dad sees it in you. You have “the gift” munchkin. You’re so talented, how many 8 year olds can sew and make t-shirts by hand? It takes skill and immense knowledge of math to calculate and implement measurements for sizes. Name someone from your class that can do what you do.” The grandmother explained. Maihime stood there pondering her grandmother’s statements.


“It doesn’t matter if people call you fat, ugly or whatever princess because they don’t determine what or who you are. Only you can do that. Don’t try to change yourself to please other people. Whatever you do in your life, do it because you want to….” She further explained as she walked over to the deep frier and pulled out some tempura vegetables.


“It’s not dinner time yet but you can have a little sample for a snack.” said the old woman with a smile as she put some of the fried veggies in a bowl for her grandmother. The duo then sat at the dining room table.


“Princess, I want you to stop putting yourself down. You are capable of anything you wanna do, and you have time to figure that out. No matter what you will have me on your side, munchkin.” Said the grandmother passionately. Before taking a bite out of one the fried vegetables. Maihime followed suit and ate a few pieces of tempura vegetables.


“Just look at what you’ve grown to become Maihime.” remarked the grandmother. This statement perplexed Maihime. As she contemplated the meaning of her words she saw the exact reason for it in the window. She had grown from an 8 year old into the 18 year old version of herself within her own dream sequence. She got out of her chair and looked at her grandmother before looking at her own reflection again. Maihime’s grandmother stood up and approached her.


“I see you’ve grown up…and OUT munchkin.” Said the grandmother with a chuckle while sizing up her granddaughter.


“And you’re still growing. They’re gonna be bigger than mine!” she continued, grabbing Maihime’s rack before grabbing her own.


The younger Shinoda couldn’t help but to laugh at the dream version of her grandmother. Asuka Shinoda then looked down at Maihime, with a smile which revealed just how proud she was of her granddaughter. Her expression then shifted to a more serious


“There comes a time when we all have to make decisions that can affect the rest of your life. That time has come for you, my granddaughter.”


“What do you think I should do grandma?”


“Ultimately the only opinion that matters is yours….But I think you should give this BSU thing a try. You have the talent, dedication and knowledge, but you must find the belief in yourself to make the decision.”


“Belief?” Maihime asked.


“Yes Maihime. I have watched you since you were born. You have always given your best effort at everything you do. What you are missing is confidence. There is power in believing. Hard work is a great thing but it alone is not enough. Maihime, you have to think, well, know that you’re headed for greatness. You must truly believe you can achieve your goal. Seize the power and control your destiny!” Asuka said encouragingly. Maihime nodded as she looked around and saw all of the things she designed on the walls.


“It isn’t always easy Maihime, no matter what you do or where you go there will always be people out there like the bullies you told me about. Stand tall and stay focused and when you succeed they will have no choice but to acknowledge your greatness!” The grandmother pointed out.


“However, you shouldn’t do this for your critics. Don’t make this choice, for me,for your grandfather, for your father or even for your sister. If you choose to go down this path and attend BSU, do it for yourself.” Emphasized the Shinoda matriarch emotionally. The elderly woman’s eyes began to water as her surroundings began to fade away like dust in the wind.


“Yes I understand…” Maihime replied as she looked around and noticed her dream world was starting to crumble around her. She could not contain her emotions, for tears rolled down her pretty face as well. The grandmother and Granddaughter embraced each other. The area around them continued to dissipate into nothingness.


“No matter what you decide to do in life, I’m proud of you munchkin.” Maihime felt a familiar, comfortable, loving warmth around her, the type of feeling one could only get from grandparents.


“Grandma…” sniffled the silver haired girl.


“I love you Maihime. You will always be with my little munchkin.” Remarked Maihime’s grandmother as the room continued to dissolve away. As the dream world faded, Maihime’s bedroom began to materialize in its place. Asuka Shinoda gradually faded away like stardust in the night sky…….


At that moment Maihime sat up in her bed and opened her eyes, awakening from her hallucination filled slumber.


“Grandma..?” Questioned the still groggy young woman while looking around her bedroom. She then reached to the nightstand next to her bed and grabbed her cell phone to check the time. It was still morning, 10 am to be exact. Maihime didn’t sleep much because her mind wouldn’t allow it. With just days before BSU orientation, the snowy haired store clerk had to decide on whether or not to accept the scholarship offered by world renowned, award winning, platinum selling porn star,and BSU professor Sara Reed.


Maihime got out of bed and


“Yaaaaaaawwwwwnnnnnnnhhhh!” Yawned Maihime while stretching out arms upward.




Maihime looked towards the door.


“Come in.”


The door to Maihime’s bedroom opened slowly, revealing Matsunami. She walked inside the room and yawned, having just woken up herself. Like Maihime, Matsunami was barely wearing any clothes, with just a white tank top instead of a t-shirt.


“How are you holding up?” Matsunami, her concern was evident in her voice.


“I don’t know…I just have a lot on my mind right now….” Matsunami approached and patted her sister on the shoulder.


“I’m sorry about what happened last night.” Matsunami apologized.


“It’s ok.” Maihime replied. The conversation was then interrupted by the sounds of both stomachs rumbling. The two sisters looked at each other and then looked at the door simultaneously.


“Let’s get something to eat!” suggested the older shinoda sister.


“Yeah, I am a little hungry.” Maihime replied. The two sisters went to the kitchen and started looking for something to eat. A drum roll began to sound as she slowly opened the refrigerator to look inside. The elder Shinoda sister then looked over her shoulder at Maihime with a crooked frown and narrow, unenthusiastic eyes.


“We really need to go grocery shopping…” Matsunami remarked. Save for some milk, ketchup and a half empty jar of pickles, the refrigerator was empty.” Maihime’s eyes began to water and her lips trembled as she saw just how little there was in there. The younger sister then opened one of the cabinets and pulled out a box of Sailor Charms cereal. Sailor Charms is the Shinoda sisters’ cereal of choice, dating back to when the were both little girls. It consisted of heavily sweetened corn flakes mixed with marshmallows resembling various weapons and items from the popular anime series such as Sailor Moon’s crown and Sailor Mars’ fire seals.


“We have milk and cereal so it’s not a total loss.” Maihime pointed out before grabbing two oversized bowls, one red and one purple. She poured half of the box of cereal into each bowl. Mastunami poured the milk. The two sisters then went to the living room and sat on the couch. Matsunami turned on the TV, which was on one of the local World City television channels. Their eyes locked on to the TV as they quickly and silently shoveled away spoonfuls of the tasty cereal. On screen there was an older looking human man reading seated on a stage from a card in his hand. Seated next to him was a German shepherd breed dog woman and another human man.


“The results indicate that Johnny, you are NOT the father!” Recited the TV show host. The woman immediately lowered her head and began crying, for she wanted the test results to go the other way. Johnny sat for a second to process what he had just heard. He then got up and left the stage in frustration, not saying a word to his girlfriend.


“Please Johnny, don’t leave, I’m sorry!” The woman cried as her partner left humiliated at what had occurred. It was ironic that this was what was playing on tv, given the situation with Maihime’s recent break up. As the show went to a commercial break, Matsunami broke the silence.


“We need to talk,” Matsunami said after finishing chewing her food.


“What’s up?” Maihime asked in response.


“So, we haven’t seen each other much because of our schedules and we haven’t talked about what’s happening. I’m gonna move out soon, like today or tomorrow soon because I have to live in the dorms at the BSU campus. So we have to figure out what you’re gonna do. I’m sorry I didn’t bring this up sooner.”


“It’s not your fault. I’ve known this for months and I never brought it up either.” Replied the silver haired sister.


“So what are you gonna do? Do you think you can afford the rent here by yourself?”


“I don’t know. If I keep getting overtime maybe but then there’s other bills like, electric/gas water and internet. And then there’s the cost of food.”


“Yeah, that might not work.” Responded the short haired brunette.


“You could move back in with Grandpa?”


“That means I would have to go back to Coral Springs. I like it in World City. I mean, I would go if I had to, but I want to stay in World City.” Maihime emphasized. But before Matsunami could respond, Maihime’s phone rang. She got up and ran back to her bedroom and answered.




“Good morning princess!


“Good morning Dad!” Mai replied enthusiastically.


“Do you have to work today?”


“Nope, no work, off today so I’m free”


“I’m off today too, I’m thinking we can go out and get some lunch.”


“Yeah, let’s go! I know just the place we can go.”


“Ok, surprise me then. I’ll be there in about 45 minutes to pick you up. Invite your sister to come too. I’m pretty sure of what she’s gonna say, but it doesn’t hurt to make the offer anyway.”


“I’ll ask her.” Maihime assured. Matsunami shook her head silently while closing her eyes, answering Maihime’s question before she could even ask.


“Ok, See you in a bit. Love you princess!”


“I love you too Pop Pop.” Mai said before hanging up the phone.


“I’ll let you know what I’m gonna do when I come back.” The chubby young woman stated before going to take a shower.



(45 minutes later…)


Maihime stood in the parking lot of her apartment complex waiting for Saitou to arrive. She was dressed rather casually for the late summer day, wearing a pair of gray athletic shorts, a white Sailor Moon t-shirt and a pair of blue flip flops. Her fingers and toes were in pristine condition which made it clear that she consistently took good care of herself. On her shoulder hung a red purse which matched with the collar and the ends of the sleeves on her shirt which were also red. On her wrists she wore a gold watch and bracelet which her father bought for her 18th birthday. As she looked around she saw a big red pick up truck swiftly turn the corner to enter the complex. The truck quickly pulled up alongside the spot where Maihime was standing. She walked over to the passenger side and climbed in, immediately noticing her father’s shirt. It was a black T-shirt which had the phrase “#1 Dad” emblazoned across the chest area in gold print.


“You had that shirt on the last time I saw you, Pop Pop.” Maihime pointed out.


“What can I say, it’s my favorite. You did get it for me for fathers day after all.” Saitou retorted back.


“That doesn’t mean you should wear it EVERY time we are in public together.”


“I want the world to know I’m your dad because I have the best children in the world!” Saitou exclaimed passionately while raising up 1 finger high in the air. Due to all the windows being down, other people in the parking lot stopped and looked at Saitou. After a momentary pause of embarrassment, Maihime reacted with laughter, chuckling heartily at the scene her father had created.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Sounded the daughter as she broke down in laughter which made Saitou himself laugh too. Shortly after Saitou pulled off and left the apartment complex.


“So where are we going?” Saitou asked.


SAUCE STREET WORLD CITY BBQ!” Maihime yelled excitedly while raising her arms as high as the vehicle’s ceiling would allow her to.


“Heard of it but I’ve never been there before.”


“I first heard of it while we were still living in Coral Springs. It’s featured on this show I watch called Man Vs. Grub.”


“I remember Man vs. Grub. I used to watch that in lock up all the time. My favorite episode was when he did that 10 pound burrito challenge in LA.


“Yeah, How about the Rocky Mountain Breakfast Challenge in Denver? That’s one of my favorites.” Maihime added.


“Then there was the Molten Magma Wings spice challenge. The guy almost melted right there on screen! Recalled the father as he drove down the highway. Maihime then turned the radio on. The sounds of recent pop star turned porn star recruit, Koko pumped out of the car speakers. Maihime nodded her head to music as Saitou recalled just who Koko was.


“Who is this on the radio?” Saitou asked


“It’s Koko. You remember the Bleach movies you watched with me?”


“Yeah, I remember her.” Saitou answered while thinking back to Xavier’s incident with Koko. Saitou sensed that something was slightly off with his daughter today.


“Take the next exit dad!” Mai said while pointing to the exit to get to the restaurant. Saitou took the exit and went to the right. Off to the right stood a massive red building. The sign on the building read: [SAUCE STREET WORLD CITY BBQ]


Owned by the legendary Sam “Sauce” Johnson, Sauce street is renowned as the best BBQ restaurant in existence. People from all over come to World City to try Sam’s slow smoked meats. Luckily for the father daughter duo the crowds hadn’t built up yet.


“This is my favorite place to eat at!” Maihime said with fervor.


“Since when?” Asked the bewildered father, unaware that this was indeed her favorite food establishment.


“Since I moved out here. Nami brought me here to eat when I first arrived in the city.”


“I haven’t had “real” BBQ in years.” Saitou replied.


“Grandpa used to BBQ all the time when we lived in Coral Springs. He made the best Cheeseburgers!” Recalled the portly fashion prospect. Saitou’s briefly changed to one of unease, as he didn’t know what Maihime’s favorite food was because he missed out on her formative years. There was momentary silence between the two. However this was broken up by the strong, savory yet sweet aroma of roasted meats and dry rub seasonings, which hit Maihime and Saitou like an uppercut to the face, causing Maihime to stop and breathe in the scent.




Her eyes lit up and her pupils took on the appearance of two thick perfectly charred T-Bone steaks.


“Ooooohhhh… Steaks…. Ribs…. Chicken!”


Drool ran from the corner of her mouth and down her chin. She stood for about another second before grabbing her father’s hand.




The silver haired girl dashed across the parking lot so fast that she lifted Saitou off of his feet. His legs flailed about like a cartoon character.


MAI! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” Saitou yelled as his body blew in the wind like a piece of paper.


As they walked in the door they were greeted by a tall and shapely hostess, a dog woman dressed in a pair of skin tight overall shorts with one strap undone. Underneath she was wearing a rather small cow print bikini top. The brown and black skin color pattern along with her upward pointing ears suggested the K9 was of the Doberman breed.


“Welcome to Sauce Street! woof! Would you like a table or booth?”


“Booth please.”


The hostess led them to their seats. Once seated the pair were approached by a waitress. She was quite the eye catcher, with a curvaceous shape and big watermelon sized breasts. A pair of white daisy duke style denim shorts barely contained her assets. Despite having a totally stacked frame, her most noticeable feature was her hair. Its color was quite unusual, a bright neon shade of blonde which was nearly green. Her sharp pointed ends faded into an electric blue hue.


“Welcome to Sauce Street World City BBQ! My name is Diana. I will be serving you today!” greeted the waitress before handing Saitou and Maihime some menus.


Maihime perked up a little, recognizing the woman as a chef she saw working a popular stall during SPLASH.


“What would you like to drink?” Asked the waitress.


“I’ll take a Red Moon.”


“Sprite for me please”


“I’ll be back with your drinks in a few minutes.”


“So what’s on your mind princess? I could hear in your voice, what’s bothering you?” Questioned the father.


“Well it’s a lot to explain…” Mai answered hesitantly


“We have nothing but time. If you don’t tell me I can’t help you.”


“First off….Remember that boyfriend I told you about, Xavier?


“He lied to me. He cheated on me……” she admitted before taking a brief pause.


“Last night he came over. We were “you know” in my room. Nami came home early from work and walked in on us doing it….. And….. She recognized him and yelled at him.” Maihime explained. Saitou remained silent, for he was caught completely off guard. But before they could continue, Diana returned with their drinks.


“Would you like to try one of our Street Starters?”


“Yes, to start off I want the BBQ Pulled Pork Street Nachos.”


“And I’ll take the 20 chicken wings with sweet Thai Chili Sauce.”


“Alright, I’ll have that out in 10 minutes.”


“So what happened after your sister walked in?”


“She yelled and totally flipped out. She knew more about Jav…Xavier than I did. He was sleeping with Matsu regularly and hooking up with other girls too. She even showed me messages left on his Linkum account. He’s about to start college at BSU and he didn’t tell me.


“I’m sorry that happened to you princess.” Saitou remarked calmly, sensing she was still deeply wounded by the betrayal. He then stood up and reached across the table with both hands.


“It’s gonna be alright. Daddy is here for you.” Assured the father in a soft tone of voice. He gently patted her on the back. 2 light blue streams flowed down his face during the embrace. Other restaurant patrons stopped what they were doing to watch Saitou’s public display of affection..


“Daaaaaaad! We’re in public!” Maihime complained with embarrassment, unable to break free from her father’s grip. After a few more seconds.


“I just wanted you to know I always have your back, princess.” Saitou explained before sitting back down.


“I know you do, dad.” Maihime replied with a smile.


“Well, dating, and men can be that way sometimes. It happens to us all. You’re young and just out of high school. I know how it is.” Saitou explained. Despite knowing the truth about his protege’s actions, Saitou wasn’t at liberty to reveal the truth to his daughter. This was a matter for Xavier to discuss with Maihime himself.


“I’m not mad anymore, just hurt…and disappointed. He was my first boyfriend and first guy I……”did it” with. I thought he was special but I guess not.”


“It’s gonna sting for a while, the only thing you can do is learn from it and keep moving on. Most of the time, a person’s first love just doesn’t work out, whether it’s a few weeks, a few months or even a few years. It takes time to truly get to know someone. I know from experience.” The father stated before taking a big gulp of his beer.


“Lemme tell you a story. Back when I was your age I was fighting on the amatuer mixed martial arts circuit. It was my dream to be a fighter. My girlfriend at the time was a girl named Esme. I met her in high school. She was beautiful, intelligent and into martial arts like I was. She was perfect for me. She came to all of my fights on the amatuer and minor league circuit. We did everything together. I thought we were gonna get married.”


“So what happened?”


“People change. You know, grow up and want different things. I wanted to be a fighter, not just any fighter, but the SFC Champion, the greatest of all time! She wanted to go to college. She applied to a bunch of universities. She wanted me to go with her and enroll into a college nearby. I refused because school was never my thing. Oddly enough, she wanted to go to BSU and break into the adult entertainment business. We didn’t agree; I didn’t want my girlfriend fucking other guys and she didn’t want me risking my health fighting. She told me I was wasting my time on a childish longshot dream….It wasn’t going to work because we wanted different things.” Saitou remarked.


“So she left you” Maihime asked?


“Yeah, Esme took off and drifted around the country. She didn’t get into BSU like she had planned. And eventually my fighting career didn’t work out. Neither one of us got what we wanted.” He admitted before taking another gulp of beer.


“My point here is this. Everything happens for a reason. I lost Esme but I found your mom. And because of that I have you and your sister, so in the end I won.” Saitou stated with a smile on his face.


My mom?‘ Maihime thought to herself. The sheer mention of her mother made her tremble. She knew nothing at all about her. Growing up, neither one of her grandparents ever talked about her mother. It was as if there was some unspoken rule that prohibited them from speaking about Maihime’s mother. Matsunami held the same contempt for her mother that she held for Saitou so she never asked.


He’s never mentioned HER before. Who is she? Should I ask him?‘ She pondered mentally. Mai had never asked about her mother, despite wanting to for years because she was afraid. Maihime then looked at her father and parted her lips to speak, having finally mustered the courage to ask the question. However she would be interrupted before she could get the words out.


“Here’s your BBQ Pulled Pork Street Nachos!” Diana said as she took the plate off of the tray in her hand.She placed the plate in front of Maihime. She then shifted her attention to Saitou.


“And here’s your Sweet Thai Chili Wings!” remarked the neon haired waitress.


“Dad, I have an idea for what to order next.” Suggested the silver haired daughter.


“Let’s try the Superstar Street Mega Platter!” Maihime exclaimed energetically. This smorgasboard of heavenly BBQ goodness consisted of some of everything on the menu. It was quite costly but for Saitou the price didn’t matter.


“Ok, I’ll put that order in right away!” Diana replied before dashing off. Father and daughter looked down at their plates and then looked at each other.”


“Let’s dig in!” Maihime bellowed loudly, drawing the attention of fellow customers once again. Maihime steam rolled the nachos through the nachos while Saitou tore through the chicken wings like a barbarian feasting after a victorious battle.


It was like the two of them were racing to see who would finish first. Both made short work of the appetizers, however the main course wasn’t ready yet. Saitou gulped down the rest of his frosty mug of beer, while Maihime sucked down the rest of her soda, prompting a waitress to immediately drop off refills; On orders from Diana.


“There’s something else I wanted to talk to you about dad…..” Maihime announced hesitantly.


“What is it you want to talk about?”


During SPLASH, I spoke to Professor Sara Reed……” Mai uttered slowly before pausing.


“She offered me a scholarship to attend Busteez Slut University.” Maihime continued.


“How do you feel about it?” asked the caring father.


“I don’t know how to feel. I never imagined myself doing porn or sex work in general. But Professor Reed told me that I could use my time at BSU to launch a career in fashion. Dad, I just don’t know if can do all the sex stuff….” She remarked before pausing.


“Don’t you think it would be weird going to work now? Me being a student and you being security at BSU is awkward. What if you have to go to an area where I’m…. umm… “working?”” Maihime questioned.


“I’m the head of security. I don’t go on site for the classes or filming. I have other people to do that stuff. I’m in charge of running the security department. I’ve never seen your sister perform either.” Assured the father.


“Why are you ok with us doing going to BSU and doing sex work when Grandpa hates the idea so much? He hasn’t really spoken to Matsu since she started working at the strip club.”


“I’m ok with it because it’s honest, legal work. I know being the father of an adult entertainer can be difficult for some men out there, but not me. I struggled to raise you and your sister when you were younger. I got blackballed from fighting and I made some poor choices in order to earn money to support you. I got heavily into the criminal lifestyle, the bootlegging business to be specific. I got caught in a nationwide anti-bootlegging operation. I was selling illegal copies of almost every kind of media known to man, movies, tv shows, video games, music, Adult Entertainment, you name it. That’s why I went away when you were little.” recalled the bleached-blonde haired man.


Mai’s mouth dropped in surprise as she listened to her father’s admission. Although she knew he had served time, her grandparents never told her why he was incarcerated.


“I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did growing up. So if doing porn means you can make a good, clean living and take care of yourself I’m fine with it.” Saitou explained.


“I’m kinda scared to say yes. I’ve had sex only few times and that’s been recently. I’ll start off being way behind most other girls because they have experience.”


“That is true, but you’re going to face adversity no matter the path you choose in life. Look at it this way, what else are you doing right now?” Saitou asked.


“Well, I’m working at the Otaku Palace right now.


“And how is that going for you?”


“I got passed up for promotion twice. I do everything for them. I’m always on time, I’m the most productive and I come in whenever they need help on my days off. I deserve to be a manager!” Mai fumed angrily.


“See princess this is where you’re wrong. It’s not about what you deserve or even what you’ve rightfully earned. It’s about what you can negotiate. The management at your job, they know what you bring to the table and they don’t care, unfortunately.”


“What do you mean?” The daughter challenged inquisitively.


“From their point of view, you go above and beyond for them without any incentive to do so. To them you’re more valuable staying where you are. They will promote the people who argue, complain and challenge their authority before they will ever give the nod to you.” Detailed the bearded man in a disappointed tone of voice. Mai contemplated her father’s words before clenching her teeth and letting out a sigh of frustration. After a few seconds, Mai came to the realization of this herself.


“A lot of traditional businesses operate in this way. But what BSU represents is opportunity. A rare opportunity most people will never get. I’m not telling you what decision to make, just think about what your future could be……” Saiou dared.


Maihime began to think, venturing into the daydreaming world of possibility…



(World City, 45 years from now………)


After a long day at the office, a now 63 year old Maihime struggles to get off of the city bus, using both handrails to get down the stairs. Her friend and conversationalist Cliff the bus driver had long since retired from making his rounds through the city in order to spend time with his grandchildren and later great grandchildren. He was able to retire early due to the wealth of his step daughters and their husband, Xavier Williams, all 3 of whom found success in the entertainment business.


As Mai stepped off of the bus she slumped forward, much like the fictional hunchback of Notre Dame Quasimodo. Her face was weathered and wrinkled from decades of labor. Her beautiful white locks had changed color to a dingy, bland shade of gray. She walked slowly back to her apartment, sporting a very noticeable limp due to needing a hip replacement. Her apartment was in the same building she once shared with her sister Matsunami so many years ago when she was 18.


“Goddamn these stairs are getting tougher every day!” Grumbled the grumpy old woman as she traversed the steps at speed slower than molasses being poured onto a breakfast biscuit. After finally making it to her apartment on the third floor twenty minutes later, she fumbled over the many keys on her key ring, failing to find the correct one until giving up and knocking on the door. After a minute of waiting the door opened to reveal a balding older man. The little hair he had left on the sides of his head were bleached blonde. The stubble on his face was dyed black, signifying that the man was desperately holding on to the remnants of his youth that had left long ago. He wore an annoyed expression on his face as he held his walking cane with one hand


“Took you long enough to answer the damn door pop pop.”


“You’re one to talk princess. You can’t tell which key is which. You keep leaving your glasses at home in the morning when you go to work. I’m an 85 year old man, I can’t get to the door like clockwork, every time you can’t find your keys! ” Saitou retorted back before gingerly hobbling back to the couch. Maihime kicked off her orthopedic shoes and limped over to the other couch, letting out a sigh of relief as she let herself fall into her cushioned seat.


“Welcome to the Price is Right! I’m your host Eiji Nakamura coming to you once again from World City. Let’s win some prizes!” Asserted the tv show host and retired pornstar. Eiji graduated from BSU’s legendary Class 1-A of 42 years ago. Known collectively as “The Supernovas” That class is unanimously considered to be the greatest group of talent ever assembled in the history of the entertainment industry.


“I’ve been trying to get tickets to be in the audience for years. They NEVER select me goddammit!”


“That coulda been you up there hosting this show or better yet coulda had that clothing line you always wished for.” Saitou remarked.


“Daaaad! You don’t have to keep throwing that in my face!”


“But look at you. You’re sitting in a two bedroom apartment with my old, no hair having, cane walking ass!” Saitou joked.


“We shouldn’t be here.” Maihime lamented.


“Talk about luck! you turned down that offer to go to BSU and now we’re here.”


“It’s not all my fault you should have tried harder to convince me to go there! I was only 18 back then. I didn’t know better. It’s your job to help me through that!” Maihime argued back.


“I did, but that decision was yours not mine to make Mai.” Saitou replied.


“I know I fucked that up but you should of stopped me dad.


“It’s your life, those choices are your responsibility. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.” Saitou answered, reciting that old proverb. Maihime thought about her fathers words while looking down at her Otaku Palace T-Shirt.” Mai had been an employee there for nearly 50 years, She was the longest tenured employee in the history of the company.


“I’ve been here almost 50 years and all I have to show for it is this!” Mai grumbled while pointing to her Ass. Manager name tag.”


“The greatest Ass Manager of All time” joked her father.” The father remarked before taking a pause.


“I hate to say this but I told you so!” Saitou said jokingly.


“I’m gonna get some prune juice, feeling a little backed up. You want some?” Saitou asked with a slight smile.


NO…” Barked the elderly woman in an annoyed tone of voice. And then, in midstep Saitou felt a sharp pain in his hip, one so powerful it caused him to drop his cane. From there he lost balance until he collapsed to the ground.


DAMMMMMMMN ITTTTTT!!!!!” Yelled the old man as he fell down to the floor.


HELP ME! HELP ME PLEEEAASE! HELP ME! HELP ME PLEEEAASE!” Yelled the old man. Maihime sat there for a moment salty about the truth her father reminded her of.


“Hold on! Give me a minute! Mai demanded as she slowly pushed herself up to help get back to her feet from the couch.


HURRY UP!” Yelled Saitou!


I’M COMIN DAMMIT!” Mai yelled back while shuffling her feet to get to her father. After getting to him she extended her hand to her father. He grabbed her hand.


“Ok dad, on the count of 3, I want you to push yourself up and i’ll pull….1….2….3!” Announced the daughter. Saitou pushed himself up while Mai pulled. She strained to pull him up, slowly making progress.


“Almost there, just a little further.” Mai said with labored breath. However, before Mai could pull her father all the way to his feet she suddenly went stiff.




AHHHHH!!!! MY BACK!” hollered as she let go of Saitou’s hand. The sudden, intense pain shot up her spine, causing her to fall over herself.


SHIT! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” Maihime yelled loudly. Both father and daughter on the ground with no means to get back to their feet.


“Now see, things could have been different princess.” Chided the old man.


“You’re one to talk. You’re right here in this two room apartment, alone and unhappy just like I am. You have some nerve talking about MY life choices!” Mai fired back….The two remained on the floor and continued arguing back and forth until the daydream was interrupted.



“Mai! Are you okay?” Asked Saitou. Maihime snapped out of her frozen daze and looked at her father. The chip she was holding had been in her hand for nearly two minutes.


“Yeah, I just kinda zoned out for a bit.” Answered the daughter. However, Saitou knew something was going on in her mind at that moment. He chose to leave the subject alone rather than press to find out, because she would eventually tell him anyway.


“Dad, please finish what you were saying before..” Mai requested.


“Where did I leave off?” Replied the father as before taking another big gulp of beer.


“You were talking about opportunity.” Mai answered.


“Yes. The possibilities are endless. I know this is scary but life is full of terrifying challenges one must face. When I got out of prison, I was scared because I didn’t know if you and your sister would accept me or not. I was afraid to check out the job market and look for work, because for the most part nobody wants to hire a convicted felon.” Saitou explained.


“There will always be some difficult challenges you have to face no matter what path you take in life. And when you face them you have a choice.” Saitou remarked before taking a pause….He then looked up at Maihime. His eyes narrowed and a black shadow formed on his face.


“You can either run away… OR…YOU CAN STAND AND FIGHT….” Saitou declared forcefully. Maihime looked her father in the eyes as he made that statement. Something about that statement resonated with the silver haired princess. She thought back to the countless times she was chased away from the bus stop, the numerous instances of cyber bullying from her peers in middle school; the many heartless pranks played on her in high school…Maihime thought about her sister Matsunami when she was told she couldn’t become a professional MMA fighter because of her heart condition; her father Saitou when he emerged from the federal penitentiary penniless and jobless; and her grandfather Nobunaga in the aftermath of her grandmother’s death.


I think I know what to do now.‘ Mai thought to herself.


Her eyes narrowed as she nodded her head to her father. At that moment they locked eyes, each aware of what needed to be done. After a few seconds of silence Mai smiled at her father with her eyes closed.


“Dad! The food is ready!” Maihime exclaimed with a bright smile, pointing toward Diana who was approaching pushing a massive cart loaded with platters of meat along with every side dish on the menu.


“Are you ready princess? This is A LOT of food.” asked the father


“Yeah Dad….I am ready!” Answered the daughter.


Maihime and Saitou finished their massive lunch, leaving a healthy tip for Diana. After being dropped off at her apartment complex, Mai pulled out her phone and dialed a number. The person she was calling answered after the first ring.




“Hi. This is Maihime Shinoda. I talked to you a few days ago about a scholarship offer. I would like to accept.” Maihime revealed.


“That’s great to hear! Ms. Shinoda, I will be your homeroom professor. I look forward to helping you achieve your dreams.”


“I’m kinda scared but I look forward to starting school at BSU.”


“You start tomorrow. Freshman orientation is at 10 am tomorrow morning at the university auditorium. See you there.” Sara remarked before hanging up.


Maihime felt a strange sensation after hanging up the phone. Her heart began beating fast. It was a combination of anxiety and eagerness which made her whole body tremble as she stood in the parking lot. As she walked back to her apartment, Maihime thought about Matsunami and how she could potentially react to her decision. Upon reaching her apartment, she saw her sister in the living room packing her belongings.




“What?” Matsunami asked, with a look of confusion on her face.


“Sara Reed offered me a scholarship last week!….And I accepted!” Answered the younger sibling.


“Why did you accept the offer?” Matsunami asked curiously.


“Opportunity doesn’t come along often. Right now I’m working a dead end job at a store with little chance to advance my career. I feel like I need a change in my life.” Mai explained before pausing.


“BSU has fashion design courses. Plus the exposure I will get from being a student will get attention for my designs.” Matsunami then stood up and approached her sister, giving her a big hug.


“We will make it to the top together!” Matsunami proclaimed confidently. Matsunami’s support and approval of her decision empowered Maihime.


“Let’s do IT..” Mai suggested with a smirk.


“Really?” Matsunami asked, knowing what the “it” was that Mai was referring to.


“Yeah! It’s been years since the last time.”


“Ok!” Matsunami remarked with a sigh. The sisters stood side by side






The sisters yelled at the top of their lungs while reenacting the transformations of Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars. The spun around gracefully, powerful magical girl transformation music played out of nowhere! This sequence was capped off with Mai doing the signature pose of Sailor Moon and Matsunami doing the signature pose of Sailor Mars. After they were finished, both sisters laughed uncontrollably and hugged each other once more.


“This will not be easy but I believe in you Mai!”


“Thanks sis! I’m gonna have my own successful clothing line no matter what!” Mai yelled energetically while pointing her finger to the ceiling. Matsunami then walked over to the couch and picked up her purse.


“I’m gonna go to World-Mart to pick up some school supplies. You should start packing your things. We’re moving in the morning.” Matsunami suggested.


“Ok…” Mai replied


“Matsu….There’s one thing I have to ask. What should I do about Xavier?


“What do you mean?” Matsunami asked.


“We put him out before he had a chance to speak. And now that I’m going to BSU, we will see each other at school.” Mai said before taking a brief pause


“He said he could explain… but how could he?” Questioned the younger sister.


“I know you’re upset right now so take some time and think about it first. You can do this at your own pace so there’s no rush. Look Xavier in the eyes and ask him what happened. At the least, hearing his explanation could help you find closure so you can move on.” Matsunami explained reluctantly. Mai nodded silently. As Matsunami left the room, Mai picked up her phone and dialed….She failed to reach her former boyfriend because her call went straight to voicemail.


“*Sigh*” Maihime then started packing her things. She attempted to contact Xavier again and again, every 20 minutes or so..This continued for hours until Mai had packed all of her things. She sat and watched tv but she couldn’t focus. She had to speak to Xavier. Maihime then recalled Matsunami’s words before she left….


“I have to do this. I need to get closure…” Mai said while turning the TV off. She got up and walked out of her apartment, determined to find Xavier and get the answers she needed. She power walked to the bus stop and coincidentally the city bus pulled up right after. She stepped onto the bus and was immediately greeted by her friend and bus driver Cliff.


“Having another “Adult” adventure?” Asked Cliff.


“No, I’m looking for someone” replied the busty silver haired woman as she got on the city bus. Cliff could tell by her tone and the look on her face that something was bothering her. She took her seat and anxiously bared the long ride. Over the course of a few hours, Mai got off of the bus and searched various locations she thought her ex would be at, re-boarding the bus each time. She had no luck locating the missing young man for even his mom didn’t know where he was. She got off once again in the downtown area.


The big breasted chubby girl walked along the city streets glaring at places she thought her missing ex-boyfriend could be. There were many gaming spots and internet cafes in this area. But as she continued to walk, she took notice of another, more familiar establishment. The giant peach shaped light gave away the building’s identity. She stopped to look at the majestic club. The aspiring fashion designer felt like she was being pulled to go inside. Unable to resist the urge, Mai took a detour from her mission and moved towards the building.


“Peaches Gentlemens Club…..” Mai uttered as she approached the door. Just as she was about to get in line to enter……..


“Maihime! Come here!” Called out a voice. The chubby girl looked up and saw a vibrant fire haired, dark black woman standing at the door with security. Maihime recognized this to be Taneisha Johnson, otherwise known as Lady Peach; Owner and proprietor of the establishment whom she had just seen the night before at the Sailor Moon screening.


“What brings you to my place?” Asked Lady Peach with a curious smile.


“Uhhhh..I just kinda wandered over here…” Maihime answered honestly.


“So you wanna see what it’s like in here, don’t you?” Asked Lady Peach with a grin.


Mai nodded and Lady Peach just smiled as she ushered Mai past the bouncer and into the building. The bouncer at the door was a tree trunk of a man with shimmering bronze skin which almost matched the brown of his suit tie. When he smiled, his teeth almost seemed to glow. Lady Peach just smiled back at him as she led Mai past him and into the cool air of the building. Once inside, the first thing Mai noticed was the thrumming bass from strategically placed speakers. The very air seemed charged with a sound that she could feel reverberating on her skin and through the soles of her feet


The place smelled like a mix of very expensive cigars and some other scent Mai couldn’t place, but it smelled like a mixture of sweetness and spice. When she looked up at the stage, Mai saw a woman finishing her routine. She was a young woman with an almost cherry red hair that hung down past her butt in long waves. She moved her body in an almost fluid fashion, swaying her hips to the beat of the music. Her creamy skin was virtually flawless as she ran her hands over an impressive pair of natural tits judging by their shape. Either that or Dr. Pimp was her plastic surgeon.


The redhead was dressed only in a g-string thong that was more string than anything else. The straps of it were nearly bursting with hundred dollar bills! Mai focused on the paper notes that were stuffed into the dancer’s waistband. Some were wrinkled up and weathered, having been in circulation for decades. Others were crisp and completely flat which usually meant they were fresh out of the bank and withdrawn for the specific purpose of paying for the night’s debauchery. Even more bills of various amounts littered the stage floor as she grabbed at the pole in the center and began grinding her crotch against it. She let out a moan as she brushed up against the steel with her camel toe. Air from the vents up above swept over the redhead, causing the tops of the bills to blow and move around like a deck of cards being shuffled. The busty redhead leaned backwards and hooked one leg around the pole to keep herself up. She then slammed her hands down on the stage as she bent over backwards, ending her dance dramatically as the music stopped the moment her hands hit the surface of the stage. The lights then dimmed down to almost black and in the deep resulting shadows, Mai saw the woman get up and move off the stage. In the same resulting darkness, she could see someone with a large push broom moving over the stage quickly, sweeping up the money that was there.


“You want something to eat? How about a drink?” Asked the strip club owner. Maihime responded by nodding her head.


Lady Peach snapped her fingers and another young woman dressed in a stereotypical Naughty Schoolgirl outfit came over to them. The club owner had the girl show Mai to a table not too close, but also not too far from the stage. She handed Mai a menu that had the usual club foods listed on it as well as a list of girls available for private dances tonight.


Mai put her ordering ideas on hold as the young man in the DJ booth announced the next dancer, “Now, please bring your hands together for our special guest performer!


She’s the special attraction, here to bring the action! A legend of the porno scene, the big boned queen of your dreams! She makes the fellas’ pants go BOOM when she enters the ROOM! The one, the only BECKYYYYY BAAAAZOOOOOOMZZZZZZ!” Rhymed the DJ before tapping a control on his console and starting up the next music track.


A hard thumping old school song began playing. Mai thought she’d heard it before on tv somewhere but she couldn’t place it exactly. The curtain at the back of the stage parted as a voluptuous woman walked out onto stage to the applause of the audience. She had possessed an opulent, mature, yet still youthful appearance. Her pale blonde hair looked almost white in the spotlight as she walked across the stage. She was dressed in an even NAUGHTIER schoolgirl outfit with a pretty much nonexistent pleated plaid micro-mini skirt! Her costume resembled the traditional plaid laden uniforms common in private schools, though with a slutty twist to it. Her bright neon pink g-string panties stood out starkly against her olive colored skin which had a series of paw print tattoos on her hips, outer thighs, and breasts.


The white button up blouse she had on didn’t have a single button fastened. Instead she had tied the bottom front ends together under her heavy looking breasts. She had to because Mai could tell that the blouse was far too small to close over her breasts anyway. The edges of her nipples were clear for all to see as she came up to the pole and grasped it with a well manicured hand.


Mai then watched as Becky slowly circled the dance pole while gripping it, swinging her hips with every step. She then let go and moved to stand in front of the pole, placing her hands on her thighs and slowly dragging them upwards, pulling her skirt up even higher for a split second. Her hands then groped at her own breasts, pushing them up and fully exposing her nipples before she let go and they vanished behind the fabric again. Maihime gazed at the woman on stage with awe, as Becky’s body was different from all of the regular Peaches employees. She was wider than the average woman, with a chubby belly similar to Maihime’s own stomach.


The young woman watched as Becky began swaying her body to the beat of the music, quite the feat given the pulses were moving so fast. She then looked out over the audience with what Mai could only describe as “Bedroom Eyes”. It was like her gaze was actively stripping everyone it fell across. The sensation was so palpable that when her gaze hit Mai, she actually felt as though she were completely naked! Mai even covered her breasts with her arms out of sheer reflex. The silver haired spectator began to breathe harder and slightly labored as she continued to watch. The way she looked at Mai, it was almost as if Becky penetrated her very core with only a brief stare!


The sensation only lasted as long as Becky held eye contact, when she turned her gaze to the next member of the audience, Mai felt normal again, well, mostly… Her heart was still racing in her chest and she placed a hand over it in an attempt to slow it down by force of will. Had she kept looking at her like that, Mai felt almost as if she would have been pulled onto stage to stage with her. Mai was captivated and even spellbound by Becky’s display.


“W… Wow…” she whispered to herself as she watched the show go on. Becky continued her erotic dance, moving her body in suggestive motions that still followed the music. At one point she dropped to her knees and began moving like she was riding someone cowgirl style, making her panties pull up into the slit of her pussy. Mai could clearly make out the lines of her clit in the fabric as she humped the empty air on the stage.


Then with an agility that defied her figure and size, Becky leaned forward and put her palms on the stage floor. She then swung her legs outward into a planche posture. Finally, she shifted her body into a handstand position. With her back turned to the crowd, Becky shook her ass in an upside down twerking fashion. She masterfully moved and swung her booty cheeks while the rest of her body remained perfectly still.


The swarms of horny men, as well as some of the ladies began to cheer and clap, matching smacking sounds that came from Becky’s hind quarters coming together. In a tremendous display of strength and balance, Becky walked on her hands across the stage, taking steps and gyrating hips and ass to the cadence of the audience cheers. Becky then stopped and faced the audience while still standing on her hands. Her heavy flesh mounds dangled downward, nearly blocking the crowd from being able to see her face! Becky made her boobs dance, moving them around in a side to side pattern, covering and uncovering her face as if she were playing a child’s game of peek-a-boo with the audience. Every time she exposed her face she changed her facial expression. This caused some to laugh, while others continued to stare and fantasize about her.


She is in total control….people are laughing at her but that’s because she wanted them to…‘ Maihime observed.


Becky then sprung back up to her feet and began swinging her hips left and right as the beat of the music picked up. All around her, the audience cheered for her as more and more bills were thrown onto the stage. Money fell from the second floor balcony, like there was a blizzard taking place inside of the gentlemen’s club.


Though it was odd that no one was going up to the stage to stuff the money into her thong. She then saw a small but brightly lit sign near the back of the stage. The sign had two words on it, [DANCE] and [ACT], with [ACT] currently lit up. Below the sign was another sign that wasn’t lit, but was easily read from the light of the sign above it.




That explained it, this was some kind of show, though Mai still didn’t know what kind. To her, it just looked like the start of a strip tease. Becky was still doing her erotic motions when the music suddenly changed tones, becoming much slower, almost dark. With no announcement from the DJ, a large tanned, brown skinned man walked out from backstage. He was dressed a lot like a college professor, wearing a suit in a fine mix of grays with deep blue trim. He certainly wasn’t built like a teacher though. Even fully clothed, Mai could tell the man was JACKED!; An absolute physical specimen! The muscles on his arms were straining against the sleeves of his jacket, and the buttons of the dress shirt were likewise struggling to remain closed over a broad chest and abs that you could probably grate cheese over. The man possessed an exotic look which suggested he was latin, possibly from Central or South America . His long wavy black hair hung down his back in a loosely tied ponytail.


The man strode up to where Becky was dancing, looking almost angry. He then stomped his foot at the exact moment of a loud drum beat in the song. Becky froze, turning around slowly, her face looking nervous. The man then began making gestures as if lecturing Becky about her clothes. All the while, Becky stood still, her hands clasped in front of her with her head down. Though neither of them was speaking, the music somehow filled in the dialogue. Mai could almost HEAR the lecture about proper attire and school dress code from watching the man on stage.


Eventually, Becky looked up at the large teacher, a defiant expression on her face as the music changed again, becoming something like when the hero of an action film rose up to a challenge. She grabbed at the front of her top, pulling the knot apart, finally exposing her tits! They jiggled and bounced wildly, her nipples stiff against her olive colored skin. Becky began dancing again, moving around the big man, occasionally stopping to rub her body against him.


The music changed back to the darker tone for a second as he reached out to grab her shoulder, making more hand gestures in her face. Becky only stuck her tongue out defiantly and the man angrily gestured to the pole. Becky seemed saddened as she moved over to the pole, grabbing hold of it and bending over, sticking her ass out.


The man pushed up her skirt even higher, leaving her ass completely exposed. He then hooked the waistband of her thong and ripped it off of her. It came away with almost no resistance as he tossed it aside. Then, still matching pace with the drum beats, the man began spanking Becky hard, the slap of his hand against her ass nearly as loud as the beats of the drum. But louder than both were the moans Becky let out.




Becky moaned erotically, as she leaned into every spank, even wiggling her ass, making it jiggle and wobble. The man seemed angrier, and began slapping her ass in time with a loud series of drums, making Becky’s ass turn a cherry red color.


HAAAAH, AHHHH, OOOOOOH!!! NMMMMMMMMMH!” she moaned, clenching her teeth at the end as her pussy actually gushed! She was getting off! The slut of a student was actually getting off being punished by her overbearing teacher! Mai leaned forward, completely drawn into the near silent story playing out in front of her. The teacher pulled back slightly and Becky turned around, rubbing her hands down her nearly naked body, caressing her heavy breasts, pinching and pulling her nipples. She then slipped her hands down even more, spreading her legs wide to show off her hairless pussy to her teacher.


The man took a nervous step back and Becky pushed forward, dropping down to her knees as the music changed in her favor. She grabbed at the waistband of his pants, yanking them down as though the belt holding them up wasn’t even there. A huge dick sprung up from inside, nearly as long as Mai’s forearm and easily as thick.


Backy made a surprised face directed at the audience, and put her hands on her cheeks; then she looked up at her teacher with the same “I want to Fuck” expression! The platinum blonde then made a show out of leaning up and easily pulling one of his walnut sized balls into her mouth! Mai felt herself breathing heavily as she watched. She could imagine the soft yet firm feel of that thing in her own mouth, rolling it around with her tongue before spitting it out and taking in the next one.


The teacher openly groaned as Becky slurped and sucked away at his balls while her delicate hand gripped his fat dick! She pumped her hand up and down the thick length as she tugged on his balls with her mouth, amazingly fitting both of them between her cherry painted lips! Becky then spat them back out, thick saliva stretching away from her lips. After that, she pulled the man’s cock down and easily swallowed the entire thing! Her throat bulged from his cock moving through it as she pushed her lips down to the base of the shaft. She then slowly pulled her face back, her lips pulling away from her face lewdly. She looked up at the man, briefly making eye contact with him before resuming the “punishment” She peppered his meat pole with kisses before licking it several times in rapid succession. Her tongue strokes were so quick, Maihime could barely see what Becky was doing.




Mai nibbled her lower lip as she watched, clenching her thighs together as Becky moved her head back and forth with a practiced ease. Mai could feel her own throat tightening as she watched, imagining a huge dick in her mouth, the way it would make her jaw hurt as she fought back against her gag reflex. She could almost hear Beccky slurping and sucking at that huge dick. ‘OH MY GOD!’ Maihime thought to herself, still envisioning how she would fare against the teacher.


The sound of her going “GUH, NMMMPH, GWUEH, HUGHN, HMMMMPH!!!” as she moved her face back and forth was such an erotic sound to imagine. Becky went to work on the Teacher’s member like she was bobbing for apples. Despite the man’s girth, Becky sucked him off without ever touching him with her teeth, a task which can be difficult when dealing with dicks of the thicker variety.


Mai brought her hand to her face, lightly sucking on her index finger as she watched the student seduce her teacher. Using her hot, moist mouth to erode away his strict rules and regulations. Long stalactites of drool drooped down from the length of the teacher’s dick every time Becky pulled her head back, only to vanish the instant she took it back in. The teacher, now shuddering in pleasure, leaned his head back to groan as Becky began bobbing her head back and forth faster, the music moving to match her motions!


UGUH… GUH…. GHMMPH, GUG…..NUGGH…HMMMPH HMMMMPH HMMMMMPH!” she imagined Becky moaning, her lips smacking and slurping at that huge dick. Mai began sucking two of her own fingers as she watched, her pussy feeling hot and damp now as she squirmed in her seat.


Above Becky, the teacher groaned again, ripping open his shirt and exposing those ripped muscles barely contained by his bronze skin. Becky reached her hands up to feel his muscles, lifting her head away from his cock and slowly rising to her feet. Mai watched her drag her long tongue up and over his stomach and chest, making sure to rub that huge slick dick between her big fat tits.


The teacher then put his arms around her, pulling her up now and pushing his mouth against hers in a deep and incredibly lewd kiss. Their tongues were openly wrestling one anothers as Becky mounted his dick sliding it between her thighs so its length rubbed against her pussy. The top of his dick pressed in between the lips of her moist hole!


At the same time, the teacher was grabbing at Becky’s huge tits, gripping them tightly and making his fingers almost vanish into the soft flesh. The music shifted to a more triumphant theme as the teacher suddenly broke the kiss, pulling away from Becky and whirling her around so that her back was to him. He then pushed her forward, making the blonde grab the pole for support as he smacked her on the ass three times to the beat of a drum again. Next, he grabbed her wide hips, rubbing the length of his cock between the cheeks of her wide ass. It was still slick with her saliva, making it easy for him to ‘hotdog’ her, as the saying went.


He rubbed his dick back and forth between her ass cheeks several times as Becky looked back at him with her ‘Fuck Me’ gaze. The teacher then pulled back and RAMMED his dick into Becky’s hot pussy with a loud resounding SLAP.


OOOOOOOOOOAAAH!!!!” Becky howled in pleasure, thrusting her ass back at the man, driving his cock all the way into her tight love hole.


The teacher grunted, slapping Beky’s ass again and beginning to piston fuck his cock in and out. Beky’s olive colored ass rippled and jiggled from the force of his thrusts, and Mai moaned softly in sync with Becky herself as the silver haired princess moved her free hand between her legs to press against her pussy. She could feel the heat and dampness coming through her panties as she rubbed at it gently. She pulled her fingers from her mouth and moved her hand down to grip at her own breast. The man’s big, thick, long dick moved in and out of Becky wildly. Mai could only catch brief glimpses of it every time he took his dick out, only to mash it back in and make Becky’s pussy squirt!


The music continued moving to the motions of the pair on stage, pulsing every time the teacher slammed his cock back into Becky’s hungry pussy. The blonde girl gripped the dance pole tightly as she rocked back and forth, her mouth hanging open in a constant moan of ecstasy as she rolled her hips into every thrust!


Mai was panting softly now, her entire body felt tingly all over as she imagined the student moaning in ecstasy as her teacher plowed her from behind. He spanked her ass again, making it jiggle more as he rammed her pussy over and over. Her hot juices were streaming down her legs now as her huge tits swayed back and forth like a pair of cow udders. Mai risked a glance to her sides, no one was looking as they watched the show. With a single finger, she pushed aside the crotch of her panties, sliding her middle finger into herself and moaning softly as she imagined that big dick pumping into her!


AAAAH, HAAAAAH, AH FUUUUUCK, FUCK MEEE!!!!” she could just barely hear Becky screaming over the music. Her face was a picture of sheer pleasure! Eyes rolled back, tongue hanging out of her mouth as she panted hard for every breath. Mai couldn’t look away and added a second finger to join the first, dipping them in and out of herself as she gripped at her tit tightly.


“Nmmmmmmh…” Mai moaned as she felt a deeply unsatisfying orgasm push through her. She pushed her fingers in deeper, matching their movements with those of the man on stage. Mai bit down on her lower lip, trying not to moan too loudly as she began rocking herself in the chair. Her toes curled inward at the feel as she pictured that big fat dick pumping into her while he spanked her ass again and again.


HMMMMMMNN!!” Mai moaned with her teeth clenched, cumming again, harder this time as her finger became soaked.


On stage, the pair changed positions, Becky turning to face her teacher, her hands above and behind her head, gripping the pole as he grabbed her legs and lifted her up, lowering her back down onto his dick! Becky wrapped her legs around the man’s waist, locking them together as he held onto her ass, holding her up as he began fucking her again.




Becky screamed over the music….




She hollered through clenched teeth. The music lowered several octaves, allowing Mai to hear her more clearly.




HUUURR, HURR, HUUURRNNNH!!!!” grunted her teacher as he pumped her body up and down on his cock. Mai could see Becky’s hot juices running off his balls and felt the urge to get down and lick them clean as she rocked her pussy against her fingers. The music began to turn up again, reaching crescendo as the teacher began railing his student hard! Becky’s screams were harder to hear over the music but Mai could hear her begging for more.


The final pulses of the music rang out as the teacher slammed into his student in sync with them. Jamming his cock all the way inside with the final note as the song finally ended and the spotlight went dark, casting the room back into deep shadows. When the lights came back up, both performers stood proudly on stage. The man’s dick hung down, still half hard and dripping with their mixed juices.


Next to him, Becky stood completely naked, her breasts and pussy on full display. Mai could see the cum leaking out of her pussy as she and her partner both bowed deeply to the cheering audience. All around, the crowd cheered and roared their approval as more money was flung onto the stage. The spotlight then faded and the regular club light began coming back up.


Mai yelped lightly, pulling her fingers out of herself and quickly correcting her soaked panties.


Oh wow…’ she thought to herself


She’d never really seen a live sex show like that. Never even watched actual porn aside from some sex scenes in regular movies where the most you saw was bare tits and maybe ass. She never expected something like that to be so intense! She sat upright in her chair as the waitress from earlier came over to her.


“Have you decided on a drink, or would you like something to eat?” she asked her. “I recommend the day’s special, it’s a German sausage served with a thick gravy. It’s really spicy though, so just be warned. I take it with milk since that helps.”


The waitress either didn’t notice, or didn’t care how flushed Mai looked, or that she could smell her own juices currently soaking the seat.


“Ah, ahem, the special would be nice, thanks…” she said meekly.


“Coming right up!” the waitress said cheerily as she headed off.


Mai, just sighed while still gazing at the stage. Coincidentally Maihime and Becky locked eyes with one another. The retired porn pro simply flashed a smile and winked at Mai, acknowledging that she saw her. This caused her to blush humbly. As Mai left the establishment after her meal, she pulled out her phone and dialed a number. It went straight to voicemail again.


“Dammit!” Mai cursed as she boarded the bus once more, her destination, the mall…..



(Later on……)


Mai sat looking out of the bus window as it departed the Pleasureview Mall. She had looked through every store on each floor and surrounding stores including the Otaku Palace which was holding a tournament for multiple fighting games that he played. Xavier had previously told her he planned on attending during one of their phone calls last week.


“I just missed him….” Mai recalled, having seen his name on a tournament registration sheet in the store. Xavier was eliminated in the semifinal round.


“Where would I go if I were him…” she wondered to herself. After a few minutes of thinking, something came to her.



Welcome to Olympus!” yelled Xavier while raising his arms up as if he was a mighty Greek god.


“These are the best arcades in the world! They have everything you could want!” exclaimed the excited teen as if he was a child again. Mai went to Olympus where she found her former boyfriend standing alone in the dark. Maihime confronted him and listened to him explain himself. Ultimately Mai believed Xavier and forgave him for his indiscretions. However, their meeting did not end well….When she broke the news of her going to BSU it was like Xavier became a different person. He appeared to be heartbroken, sad, and then suddenly indifferent to her, for he disappeared into the night without bothering to offer Mai a ride home. Maihime boarded the next bus and went home.



(The next day, BSU orientation.)


As the crowd roared approval for Kaede’s spectacular rapping, DJ-ing sex tape show of a presentation, Maihime Shinoda slowly rose to her feet and walked towards the aisle. She shuffled slowly, as if she were going to the dentist to get all of her teeth pulled at once.


Oh no! “The time” is here. I didn’t prepare anything! What am I gonna do?!‘ Maihime thought to herself, terrified of doing her own presentation. Maihime herself wasn’t at fault for being unprepared to present, due to the fact that she was invited to attend BSU less than a week ago, with her finally making her decision at the very last minute. This was indeed a precarious predicament for the fashion design prodigy. Her skin gradually grew more and more pale as she made her way to the back of the arena. Maihime’s body trembled as she walked from one end of the arena to the other. The cheers from the crowd gradually died down becoming dead quiet, so much so that a pin drop would be heard.


The portly princess began to sweat, and absolute silence in the arena caused her to hear voices ridiculing and mocking her. Every instance of bullying, every humiliating moment of her social life played out in her head like a comedy highlight reel, except she wasn’t laughing. As she got closer to the backstage area, each step became more difficult to complete. It was as if there was an invisible force pulling at her ankles each time she tried to step forward. The sweat that ran down her breasts started to loosen the light adhesive pockets that clung to her nipples.


Observing overhead from a second story balcony, Saitou strained as he watched her struggle to make the walk, for he knew the reason she was walking towards the backstage area. He wanted so badly to yell out some words of encouragement, however this would be wholly unprofessional for him to do, given his status BSU’s Chief of Security.


Maihime hesitantly walked up the steps, causing the floor to creak each time she put her foot down.


There’s no turning back now…


She thought to herself while reaching out to grab the knob of the door that would take her to “Backstage”. Upon entering, she saw a vast area with curtains hanging down from the ceiling. Indistinguishable chatter could be heard, other students were spread out across the backstage floor, many of them practicing their presentations. She turned right and looked straight ahead to see a large blue curtain.


“There it is….” She muttered, the anxiety evident in her voice, as the main stage awaited her on the other side of the curtain. The crowd grew impatient and as a result started to chant loudly.




Maihime just stood in one spot staring at the stage curtain like she had been hit with an attack from one of those ice wielding anime swordsmen. However, Mai would suddenly feel a hand grab her shoulder.


“Cold feet?” asked a familiar voice. Maihime looked over and saw her sister, Matsunami, who was standing behind her. Maihime then turned around to face her.


“Don’t let the moment freeze you Mai. I know you can do this. Remember when I had my first big fight for the city Karate championship when we were kids? I thought I was gonna lose. The girl I had to fight was sooooo big!” Matsunami recalled.


“Yeah. I remember that.”


“You cheered me on from the sidelines that day. Without that encouragement I don’t know if I could have won. You made me believe. You got this sis!” Matsunami said energetically. Mai nodded back, however it was clear that Maihime was still extremely nervous. She started pacing around speaking in Japanese, saying the phrase “I’m not ready yet”.


“Mada junbi dekite imasen… Mada junbi dekite imasen… Mada junbi dekite imasen… Mada junbi dekite imasen….”


But before Matsunami could intervene once more, another well dressed woman approached the Shinoda sisters. She had long, silver hair like Maihime and green eyes the same shade as Matsunami’s own eyes. The woman was tall and statuesque, standing a few inches taller than Matsunami. It was headmistress of BSU, Taiyohime Kuriyue.


“I heard you speaking Japanese to yourself while I was coming over. You’re nervous aren’t you?” Maihime responded with a nod.


“You’re just like me. We have the same anxiety quirk. I talk to myself in Japanese when I’m nervous too.” Taiyohime commented. Mai smiled in response. The headmistress then looked at both girls


“Look how you’ve grown!” She remarked as she looked at the two young women. The headmistress then outstretched her arms as much as she could. She wrapped her arms around both of the sisters, embracing the 2 sisters warmly. To the confusion of the sisters, Taiyohime was for some reason interested in Maihime and Matsunami. After releasing her hug, she looked at the girls again.


“I’ve waited a long time to meet you.” Remarked the headmistress cooly.


“Why are you so interested in meeting us?” Maihime asked curiously.


Before the headmistress could respond, the stadium became restless.




The chants of the seemingly hostile audience grew into a roar. Maihime began to shiver in horror, so much so that she couldn’t move.


“I…..can’t move.”


Taiyohime then placed her hand on Maihime’s shoulder.


“It’s ok Maihime. I know how you feel. Listen to me and things will be alright.” the headmistress said. Maihime looked over at the professor silently and nodded.


“When you go up there on stage, firmly plant your feet to the ground, anchor yourself to it.” Explained the professor. Mai .


“Next, you have to focus your mind and relax your body.” Taiyohime continued. Mai continued to listen carefully to the professor’s instructions.


“Now this next step is important… so be sure to remember it.” Taiyohime emphasized.


Matsunami peeked outside the curtain at the sea of people before looking back at her sister and principal.


“Are you sure this is gonna help?” Mai asked nervously.


“Yes, please trust me. Believe in what I’m telling you, but more importantly believe in yourself.”


Maihime nodded to headmistress


“Anything else I can help you with?” Taiyohime asked. Maihime thought for a moment before answering.


“Yes, there is one thing, I need someone to run the audio/visual stuff for my presentation….” Mai explained before handing the headmistress a laptop from her bag


“Consider it done.” Taiyohime replied while accepting the laptop.


On the other side of the stage curtain, the crowd’s impatience had grown to a fever pitch.




And suddenly the lights went out in the arena. Maihime then walked out from behind the curtain. Shortly after, a single spotlight shined down on her. The audience reaction was a mixture of laughter and boos. This is the result of her appearing on stage earlier during Elizabeth Bloomfield’s presentation and her taking too long to grace the stage at the current time.


LETS GET IT GOING FATTY!” yelled one voice from the audience. Maihime continued to walk towards the microphone stand which was positioned at the center of the stage. The spotlight followed her as she made her way to the mic and the now hostile crowd continued to serenade her with boos. She looked hesitant, even intimidated to be on stage, yet she pressed forward. The pudgy princess stood and closed her eyes, bending her knees slightly while grasping the top of the microphone stand with both hands.


Imagine a future in which you realized your full potential and achieved your goals. Everything you want, you’ve earned. Envision the best version of yourself… Now imagine that person… is you.‘ Thought Maihime as she planted her feet to the floor and focused her mind. The headmistress’ advice continued to echo in her mind repeatedly. She stood firm, like the concrete that trailed through the BSU campus, steadfast and strong like the deep rooted trees that permeated the campus and serene like Busteez Lake. Maihime entered a meditative state, one that was immune to jeers of the angry crowd. A faint white light began to radiate from her. The general public were in the crowd and watching at home couldn’t see this but some in the audience could both perceive and see what was going on.


Did she just….?’ Matsunami thought as she watched from backstage.


“She can use Ki!?” Brooke whispered in shock to her lackey, Todd.


Han looked towards the stage in interest, an uncharacteristic smirk displayed his silent intrigue as he watched Maihime.


“The Shinoda family are quite interesting…” Sara remarked with a grin. Maihime’s display grabbed the attention of the BSU professors.


“‘The Spark’ might be genetic.” Added Professor Damien Douglass, having previously tested Matsunami before. Xavier felt something coming from Maihime. His sense began to go wild, causing his skin to tingle


What is this feeling? It’s like she’s powering up? I can’t explain it…‘ He thought to himself.


After about 90 seconds, the aspiring designer opened her eyes, showing a look of determination in them never seen before.


“Good Afternoon BSU! ” in a calm tone. She looked around scanning the sea of humanity before her.


“My name is Maihime Shinoda. I know you just saw me up here earlier, now it’s my turn, so bear with me.” Mai asked politely.” The crowd fell silent, effectively defanged by Maihime’s meek yet charming demeanor. After silencing the crowd with kindness, the silver haired bbw removed the microphone from its stand and stepped away from it. Soft slow music led by the keys of a piano played as Maihime began to stroll across the stage.


“Your reaction and ridicule of me earlier isn’t the first time i’ve experienced it, it’s been pretty normal for me, most of my life actually; So it’s ok.” Mai explained. Her gentle response moved the audience, causing many of them to turn away to avoid Maihime’s gaze because they were ashamed of their treatment of Mai during Elizabeth Bloomfield’s presentation. She continued to speak while walking back and forth on stage, her solo spotlight in tow. Xavier looked on with a grin, realizing Maihime’s strategy.


“That’s it! Get em!” Xavier mumbled under his breath, cheering on his ex girlfriend.


“It was hard for me dealing with the constant fat shaming, name calling and insults growing up, but on the other hand I didn’t have to deal with it alone. I had my dad and my grandparents, who raised my sister and I after my father had to go away for a while.” Stated the princess.


“I spent a lot of time with my grandmother. She liked to sew, knit, and crochet. She made beautiful clothes, quilts, blankets, anything that could be made with a needle and thread; I learned how to do it from her.” She recalled fondly, stopping to smile briefly. A photo of Mai at age 4, sewing with her grandmother is shown on the megatron screen.


“I didn’t really have many friends, just two; My sister Matsunami and her friend Jade.” Said Mai looking at the curtain behind her while speaking her sister’s name, knowing that Matsunami was peeking from behind the curtain. She then quickly shifted her gaze to where Jade was sitting in the audience.” An image of the trio dressed as Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter posing together


“The 3 of us used to be together all the time. We went to the movies, went shopping, and cheered my sister on whenever she had a Karate competition. Jade and I would stand near the sideline and make up different cheers. One of them went something like this….


“Matsu, Matsu you’re the best,
Punch em in face and kick em in the chest!
Lets go Matsu, time to smash,
Beat em up good and kick his ass!” Maihime yelled while mimicking some of Matsunami’s Karate moves. The audience erupted into uproarious laughter upon hearing and seeing her display.


“I remember those times,” Matsunami said with a smile. Headmistress Taiyohime looked on with a wide grin and nodded, acknowledging Matsunami’s statement.


“We were all really into Sailor Moon back then, Well I still love Sailor Moon today. My grandparents house had this huge wooded area behind the back yard. It was so big it stretched out for miles. Me, Matsu and Jade used to go out there and play Sailor Moon.” Maihime recalled fondly, while continuing to walk back


“Life was simple back then. I was happy living the small town life with my sister and my grandparents but things changed completely when my grandma passed away….” Maihime said with a pause. She lowered her head and looked down, trying to contain her emotions. It was clear to the audience she was struggling in that moment. As Mai explained this a close up photo of Asuka Shinoda appeared on the megatron screen, making it seem as if Mai was sharing a moment of silence for her deceased grandmother with the crowd.


Even the usually stoic Han frowned as he saw Maihime trying to keep her composure. After about 10 seconds, Maihime raised her head, showing the resolve in her eyes as she tried to not break down.


“It was hard for us but even harder for my grandfather because he had to raise two girls by himself on top of dealing with the loss of Grandma. We all dealt with it in our own ways, but we also became even closer together. Sewing was always one of her favorite hobbies, so I followed in her footsteps. It was at that moment, I decided that I wanted to get into fashion when I grew up, not only to honor my grandmother but for myself. She always told me that I could do anything and be anything I wanted to be, achieve my dreams from that point forward. It was up to me to realize that dream. So I practiced and practiced, watched instructional videos and studied hard for my math classes to get the highest scores I could. Working with the dimensions and sizes of clothes and fabric requires a lot of number crunching.” Explained the chubby presenter. Several slides displaying various clothing designs scrolled across the screen, one after the other.


“As I got older, I got better and better with my craft, to the point I could look at someone and immediately know their dimensions, what size clothes, shoes they wore, even the ring size for their fingers! By the time I hit the 6th grade I could finally show other people besides my family and Jade’s what I could do. Middle school opened up opportunities for art and crafts based elective classes. It was so fun to share what I could do with other people.” Maihime remarked while jumping up and down with excitement. Her colossal chesticles bounced and flopped around, hitting her in the face a couple of times, causing her audience to chuckle.


“Matsu and I stuck together like glue. She had my back and I had hers. We were true ride or die sisters. She kept the bullies away, helped me with my homework and became my best friend when I didn’t have any friends of my own. I made her gis for her to wear to karate tournaments, later on her Mixed Martial arts tights and her dancing outfits when we grew up and she worked at Peaches. When she won all those tournaments and awards it was like I won too because we’re a team!”


“But when I started 7th grade that team got split up. My sister moved on to high school and I was still in middle school. With her gone it was open season on me. The fat jokes, the mean comments on social media, the pranks it all got ten times worse than it had ever been. I wanted to be like the girls on TV that were considered beautiful. I tried exercising and dieting. I lost a few pounds but I could never get a body like the models on instagram. For a while I even stopped designing clothes. The worst was in high school, my junior year. This senior guy I liked asked me out to prom. I went all out and made this fancy dress. It was like the ones the actors wear on the red carpet!” She explained fervently as the Megatron screen shows a picture of Maihime in her prom dress before going to prom.


“My grandpa dropped me off. I waited for my date to arrive but he didn’t show….And out of nowhere a big truck pulled up with two guys I didn’t know sitting in its bed.”


SPLASH!” Maihime yelled


“These guys dumped big buckets of milk on me. After that the truck sped off, with mooing sounds coming from the truck speakers. It was the lowest, most embarrassing part of my life. ” Mai detailed in a whimpering, defeated tone of voice.” Murmurs of sad responses can be heard in the audience.


Damn… Those motherfuckers!‘ Xavier angrily.


“I was lost, I didn’t know what to do with myself. It was at that point I decided to make a change. I moved to World City to finish high school and lived with Matsu. She was stripping at the time and asked me if I could make some outfits for work. That was just what I needed at the time. I got back into fashion design and got a job working at the Otaku Palace to pay for the thread and fabrics I needed to make clothing. I got the hunger back, the desire to make it. Moving to World City brought back the excitement. My sister was winning awards dancing in costumes I made. We were really doing it!” The white haired princess exclaimed excitedly.


“About 6 months ago I saw an ad online. BSU was holding a contest to select a new school uniform design. People from all over the world were submitting their designs. This was my chance to make it happen. I drew up sketches, hundreds of them with different uniform combinations and accessories for both the ladies and the guys and submitted them. At the time, I wasn’t even thinking about the possibility of being a BSU student. I was still a virgin. I was sooooo nervous waiting to find out the results.” She said before taking a short pause.


“Well, I ended up winning the contest and got a cash prize for it. The uniforms you’re wearing right now are courtesy of ME.” Mai declared while flashing a smirk to the camera and scanning the audience as if she were looking for a specific individual. Violette frowned, knowing that Mai’s comments were an indirect shot at her. Matsunami couldn’t help but to laugh because she knew Maihime’s intentions with her words.


“All of this happened so fast. Just last week, Professor Sara Reed approached me and offered me a scholarship. I was stunned, speechless. I didn’t know what to do! I never thought of myself as being sexy and I didn’t think anyone else would see me in that way either.” Mai said while shrugging her shoulders. She closed her eyes for a moment.


“You probably figured it out, but I’m here today because I accepted her offer. It took me until yesterday to make up my mind. That said, I admit that I’m scared and I don’t know what’s coming my way, but it might be fun. I wanna make new friends, try new things and learn as much as I can on my way to having my own fashion line!” She yelled while striking a pose and pointing to the audience.


“Look at her, she’s doing it!” Remarked Maihime’s childhood friend Jade.


“I can see her confidence chemically growing!” Added her new friend Skyla.


“I know it will not be easy and I have almost no experience, but you know what they say, practice makes perfect. I think I’ll get PLENTY of practice on campus!” Mai said half jokingly. The audience laughed, this time, with Maihime. She paced up and down across the stage once more giving the crowd time to react to her statements for moving to center stage. Her expression then changed to a more serious one.


“I’ve been through a lot to get to this point, but I didn’t get here alone. I would like to take time to acknowledge the people who helped me get here. Dad, thank you for always being there for me and sharing your knowledge and wisdom. Giving me motivation when I was slacking, and making the best cheeseburgers ever! Next I want to thank my Grandparents, Asuka and Nobunaga Shinoda. Grandma, you taught me everything I can do today. You always made me feel better when I was sad. I know you’re watching over me. Grandpa, you’re such a strong man, a man of principle. I know it was difficult to raise us by yourself but you did an amazing job. Even if you disagree with my choice to be here, you didn’t challenge it and allowed me to make my own decisions. I thank you for that.” Mai explained. She then looked behind her.


“No matter what happened you were always there, sister. Whether it was beating up the neighborhood kids that bullied me, or being my best friend; you always supported me and I love you for that.” Spoke the younger sibling. Afterwards Maihime faced the audience once more and looked directly into one of the cameras.


“I have no memory of my mother. She left shortly after I was born. I don’t why she left, or even if she’s still alive….Mom, if you’re out there watching I want you to know I’m not angry about it and I don’t hold a grudge towards you. Everyone makes choices in life for their own reasons. I just want to thank you for giving me life. Because without you I would not exist.” Mai stated strongly, looking into the camera with a forgiving expression. She then shifted her gaze to the audience and looked toward the back of the arena, as if she were looking for a specific individual.


“There is one more person I want to thank. You know you are and I know you’re watching. We had similar paths and struggles growing up. The bullies, the lack of friends, the doubt from other people. I was afraid to take chances. Hearing you talk about achieving your dreams with such fire, desire and will touched me and made me believe that I could do it too. You gave me the courage to forge a new path for myself! I know things didn’t work for us but your words have stuck in my heart and I will never forget it! Thank you……..” She said with a look of fierce confidence. Xavier sat still with a straight face, forcing himself to hide the shock he was feeling from his new found friends. For any show of emotion on his face could reveal him as the man Maihime was addressing on stage.


“And last but not least I would like to thank you for watching and listening to me speak. You’re not as scary as I originally thought. Anyways, fellow students I will see ya around sometime!” Mai said in closing before putting the microphone back on its stand. Mai lowered her head and closed her eyes once more. The crowd remained quiet as they watched. After about 20 seconds the silence was broken by the sound of a single set of clapping hands. The clapping came from Matsunami backstage. The claps of Matsunami were followed by more applause. Jade rose to her feet, followed by Skyla and Yuriko who joined in the applause. This continued to spread until nearly everyone in the arena was on their feet. Xavier stood up and followed suit, stumbling slightly as he got to his feet . Sweat ran down his face profusely.


The audience applauded for over a minute. As Matsunami looked around her, she took notice of Headmistress Kuriyue, who was crying. Her eyes widened with surprise, shocked at how her sister’s speech seemingly touched the headmistress’ heart.


As Xavier continued to cheer and applaud, his balance continued to decline with each second he remained on his feet until he dropped to the floor.




Xavier collapsed, landing hard, face first on the arena floor. The impact of the landing knocked him unconscious. Takiko, Kaede, Brass, and Kianna all rose to their feet and surrounded him to check his status. Brass yelled for paramedics. This got the attention of the camera men. Mai looked at the Megatron screen and saw the image of Xavier, now lying on his back unconscious with blood running out of his head. Maihime looked on in horror as the paramedics left their post to get to Xavier.


The time had finally arrived for Maihime to confront her fears and she passed with flying colors! She faced off against the hostile crowd and subdued them with her unique humble charm. However, at the end of her presentation, Xavier suddenly fell unconscious. What happened to him? Is he down for count? How will Maihime react? Find out the answers to these questions in the next exciting chapter of Welcome To BSU!


(Story by User: Strider_Seiryu)



• Maihime’s Voice Actress is Stephanie Sheh, who voices Orihime Inoue from Bleach

• Maihime’s Seiyū is Yuki Matsuoka, who voices Orihime Inoue from Bleach

• While Maihime and Matsunami are sisters in Welcome to BSU, they are originally fraternal twins in Bleach: Road of Legends.

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1 year ago

still happy to see this go on . Keep on Truckin

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Yo Lizardon here 😀

It’s been awhile since the last BSU chapter, and i have to say this one didn’t disappointed. It was Really good 😄

Now we have the chapter about Mai talking about her struggles and i liked what you did here, adding some backstory and flashbacks, really good for character development.

Also her profile is very interesting, i noticed She Will have interest on Han too, do you plan to do a love Triangle involving Mai x Xavier x Han? It would be interesting lol.

By the way Can’t wait for the next chapters, and now i’m curious to see what happened with X to just blackout like that. ☹️🤔

Anyways awesome chapter, Can’t wait for more.

Hugs Lizardon 🤗

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Reply to  Lizardon888X

What up Lizard! I’m finally back. I struggled with the chapter due to ongoing health issues and moving into a new house recently. I’m not sure about a love triangle per se but Mai and X will both be building relationships with other characters and doing their own thing. I’ve already foresadowed some heat brewing between Xavier and Han, but you will have to keep reading to find out.

The next chapter will follow whats going on with X. Thanks for reading and Im glad you liked the chapter.

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Well well well. It’s back again and about time too. Nice to see an update again after all this time. So now we get to see the portly pretty Maihime huh? The chapter did seem like it flipped around time wise between the past and current, so the links to chapters were very important to keep track of everything. My thoughts on the chapter do.echo quite a bit from Mr. Akrononyms words too. While very informative and nice to see some Shinoda blood, it did feel like maybe it would’ve worked well with a small split. I still super love the chapter though and I hope to see.more of Mai!

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Reply to  Marorin

What up Maro. My apologies for the length. It is that way because this chapter closes out the orientation arc. I had to showcase everything in this chapter before the next arc starts. Feel free to checkout my response to Mr. Akronym if you want. I addressed a lot of stuff there. Thanks for reading and I appreciate the feedback. See ya later homie

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Its back baby, good to see a new chapter and to my surprise it was miss thick Maihime (that girl is not fat at all) got some more information on her family and it seems her blood line is very special especially since a certain headmistress is very invested into the 2 shinoda girls.( I have my theory and guess but I’ll let the story reveal what is really going on) Maihime seems to be making a big impact and it’s only a matter of time she gets the respect she deserves.

Very fun and informative chapter now we wait to see what’s going on with that boy X after that cliff hanger and who is going to be next on stage

Until next time, excellent work as always Strider and Rtenzo

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What up V! You brought up a good point with Mai making an impact. In movies and TV the wardrobe people are critical. Their choices of clothes and the ones they design are a key part of the characters. The example I point to are MCU films. The costumes affect the fans perception before a movie comes out. Another example I can think of is the first sonic the hedgehog movie. The first version of sonic didn’t look like him at all. He looked like a one of those furry mascots for sports teams with a pair of puma sneakers for advertising money. If they didnt change the design the movie would have tanked.

Maihime’s reach is pretty far because her work with clothes does affect the other characters when it comes to shooting scenes.

The next chapter won’t be a presentation because this is the end of the orientation arc. The next chapter begins a new story arc and It will kickoff following what happened to X. Thanks for your continued support and stay tuned for more!

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How can I upload fanfics 🤔

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago

Right from the beginning, I have to say that I’m so glad that you’re back. I kinda missed the BSU chapters and are more than delighted to have them back. It’s a pleasure to read your stories and to see in which direction this roller coaster of a series will go. It takes incredible courage, in my opinion, to create original characters and to publish stories with them, so I have nothing but the utmost respect for both you and . You two do phenomenal work, as a writer and as an artist respectively, and I hope that you will continue working together as such an excellent team. I don’t know exactly how you two opperate but I think that one can’t craft something so big and captivating as this BSU series without understanding one another.

Now, with the pleasantries out of the way, let’s get into the story itself, shall we? And I normally wouldn’t do this but it feels right to say it from the start. By no means is anything I say now meant as a direct attack at you or your work. I simply wanna give my honest opinion about a story, or rather, a chapter in this case, that… had some issues. At least to me. So, yeah, disclaimer and such.

This… was a convoluted chapter. It jumped around pretty frequently and showed us readers much about Maihime, her past, her motivations, her interactions with her family and her skills. The flashback portrayed her grandmother as exactly what one would expect from a woman in her role. She supports Maihime, teaches her the basics of sewing and comforts her after she was being bullied by other children. Her meeting with Saitou afterwards was also incredibly fascinating as he as well supports her in every way possible despite not having been there for her when she grew up. I like how supportive he is and that he doesn’t seem to mind that she’s attending BSU or that Xavier cheated on her. He obviously has feelings about it, especially about the latter, but he shows quite some character by acting so civil about it, despite him being the one who basically encouraged such behavior in Xavier.

Moving on though, we have the moment where Maihime searches for her ex, which ultimately leads her to Peaches Gentlemens Club. There, she bears witness to Becky Bazooms FANTASTIC and incredibly sensual performance on stage. I’m especially intrigued with how Becky was able to make Mai horny just by looking at her with those bedroom eyes. It reminds me quite a lot of how Leilani was able to silence everyone in the room and made some of them cum just with one word alone. At this point it’s only a theory, but I assume that both of those things are kinda linked together and have to do with some “mastery of the art of fuck” or something like that. Anyways, we get this information that Becky is similar to Maihime in terms of bodyshape (keep that in mind, I will get back to it in a minute!) and how she absolutely ROCKS the audience, performing in such a highly detailed way on stage that I simply can’t praise you enough for! She’s so good in fact that Maihime starts fingering herself to the sight of the perverted roleplay.

After that she remembers where Xavier could be and talks with him about the stuff that we already knew. Which ultimately leads us to the present day where she is about to have her big presentation in front of not only the school, but also the camera and thus thousands upon thousands of people in front of their TVs. Truly a frightening thought but with the continuous support of her sister, and later the headmistress, Taiyohime Kuriyue. The headmistress’ support, interaction with and reaction to what Maihime is saying and doing is also extremely interesting and I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up being… But alas, that stuff can wait for a later day. For now, we focus on Maihime’s speach and how most people in the audience make fun of her… which is… odd. More on that later though. Maihime starts her speach and acknowledges that she knows about how people view her and that it’s nothing new to her, which makes the audience shut up and reflect on their behavior… She goes on to explain her upbringing, her passion for creating clothes and that SHE was the one who crafted the very same outfits that every student was wearing. She thanks the people who supported her and that she’s looking forward to this new chapter in her life.

All in all, a really great chapter. Perhaps a bit too long in my opinion but it is warranted, given the long break since the last chapter. Now though, the issues that I had with this story here (once again, please don’t take anything that I say now personal. I just wanna give my honest opinion about the story I’ve read).

I’ve already addressed this in the previous chapters that featured a great deal about Maihime but I’ll say it again, I just can’t warm up to her. Her whole “bullied because she’s fat” problem doesn’t sit right with me for numerous reasons. First, I’m no stranger to being bullied because of my belly. For the longest time in elementary school and the early years of “Realschule” (middle school, I think, for americans) I was bullied as well because I was awkward, didn’t have friends and because I was fat. I think I know how a person feels and/or acts that lives through something similar. Now, every person is different and no two people act the same way under similar situations but I feel like I should be able to relate to and/or emphasize with Maihime. But for some reason I can’t. In my mind, it’s completely understandable for kids in elementary school or middle school to bully others. Children are complete and utter morons that do stupid and hurtful or insulting stuff because they can. I think you wrote this relatively good in this chapter.

What I do have problems with and can’t relate to, is when the same superficial stuff happens to her now that she’s essentially grown up. Maihime is 18 and you did a so far solid job at making this world feel like our own, just a bit more advanced, with animal people running around and with LOTS more sex! How can Maihime in a world, where we have seen AE stars like Becky (and I think it was established in a previous chapter that Peaches isn’t some small establishment) and special stores that sell sexy outfits for all kinds of different body shapes, called out for her body on stage and in front of a camera?! For crying out loud, those aren’t children any more! Those are adults in the crowd and they’re making fun of a girl because she’s a bit on the thicker side?! I mean, Maihime isn’t even “fat” in my opinion. None of the artworks she’s featured in made her seem like a fat person. Overweight, yes, but when I’m thinking of fat (women), I’m thinking of Kirio Hikifune from Bleach in her fat form or Big Mom from One Piece. I mean, we even see Maihime next to a “fat” guy in the last artwork of the “Introduction -Final Days- Arc”! If you’re under the impression that Maihime is fat, then okay, my apologies for getting too heated in that whole thing. I however simply can’t warm up to the concept in general. ESPECIALLY because we know that there is a SJW-group out in this world that will, and I can’t believe I write this, hopefully use material from this orientation to promote how “hostile” BSU/the Adult Film Industry is to people that don’t meet their beauty standarts. Is Maihime the only “fat” person in this entire school? Cause it sure reads like that given how childish the people in the audience reacted. And what if a pug- or boar-beast maiden or so wants to enter the school? Will they be booed as well because the students think they’re not (traditionally) hot enough? How can the teachers of BSU let something like this happen in front of a camera? I’m sure that not only Brooke’s supporters will think of that as highly controversial! There would be shitstorms all over the internet about how the biggest AE school of the entire world just sits there and lets a woman get bullied and booed because she’s “fat” and because she might have eaten a bit too fast in a previous chapter. At least, that’s what I think would happen if this would happen in our modern world. And given how you described this series so far, I think that both our real world and this fictional world, aren’t too far off in that regard. And how in the hell isn’t Maihime’s name known so far?! At least among the students. She created the uniforms for the biggest AE school of the world and yet nobody seems to recognize her. Did nobody mention her name when that was reveiled? That was a public contest ffs, so it would only make sense in my opinion if her name or face would appear in newspapers or the internet as the person who made all these outfits.

It’s just so… frustrating. I think I could emphasize with Maihime but there are so many things that I don’t really understand that she just ends up as though you want me to love her just because. And it’s not that I don’t want to like her. She has enormous potential and you’re an extraordinary writer, so there is definitely a way for me to grow to like her. For now though, it all feels so very contrived, as if you tell me “Hey! Love this girl! She’s an underdog!”. I know (or hope) that this isn’t the case, so we’ll see how this goes.

My apologies once again for the harsh words. Nothing I just said is meant to be personal or as a direct attack at you. It’s just something that’s been on my mind and that I think needed to be said. I really wish that Brooke would have her introduction in the chapter after this so that she could rant all over the people who laughed over Maihime before, telling them that they’re hypocrits or whatnot. But maybe something similar could happen with Auron and/or Han. Han in particular I think could have a similar moment where he could be ridiculed for his less than average size before he explains to them that a person shouldn’t be judged by their body shape or size but by how they use it. Or something like that.

It can only go up from here.

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Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Hello, Akronym. Good to be back. I apologize for the chapter length. This chapter is closing out the orientation arc and setting the stage for the next one. Theres a lot of ground to cover. I will start off by saying im not offended by your critique. I try to create a group of characters that are varied in personality storyline and motivations so that there is something for everybody. I understand that not everyone will like every character or chapter featured. Can’t please everybody.

As far as the BSU world goes I’d say it is very superficial moreso than the real world, especially with the women. This is an environment full of plastic surgery and girls buying cream to put on their tits and asses to make them bigger. Additionally, Id say that in general people in AE industry and the BSU world.

You are correct with Becky. However she is a forty something retired pornstar. Times frequently change over the passing decades just like in real life and that affects the perception of what is beautiful, cool or whatever. This goes back to the advancements of cosmetic surgery and other things people to to improve themselves. Mai’s story concept is valid as bullying is very prevalent in society, especially in the age of social media where views, likes and retweets are treated as currency for one’s personal value and self worth. Its an angle both RT and myself liked and thought the audience would invest in. You have said Mai isn’t necessarily fat per se but within the story world it is all up to perception of the people in it. Human beings can be petty and pretentious with a tendency to be dick riding followers, and thats what I was aiming to show with how Mai has been treated thus far.

We can’t present girls that are as huge as big mom to get the idea over because im certain most people don’t want to see that in the artwork.

In regards to Maihime not being known, this chapter was the revealing of her being the contest winner to the public. She will appear in the school paper following this.

I write the characters using a concept called the heroes journey. Maihime is one of the heroines of the story. In the heroes journey one must overcome obstacles both from within and from the outside to eventually achieve a goal. Maihime is battling against self esteem issues within and the perception of others coming from the outside. Mai’s journey is her time as a student in BSU.

In my humble opinion Maihime is not a contrivance, but one of many unique nuanced characters. Over the course of the story you will see her learn, develop and grow beyond what you see now. Thank you for reading and giving feedback! See you next time.

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Man I was looking forward to see Maihime introducing herself. Also, damn, what just happened to Xavier?

1 year ago

Whats up francis! Its been a really long time since I have spoken to you. Glad to see you’re back. Xavier is struggling dealing with Mai dumping him. He hasn’t eaten or slept and hes under immense stress. This stress manifests as him getting physically sick. BTW i have a discord now. Sonny_The_Great#0980. Thanks for reading

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Reply to  Strider_Seiryu

Thank you for your comment, I would like to contact you on discord.

1 year ago

Wow…! This was definitely a very emotional and shocking chapter to get us back to the world of Welcome to BSU. And for the first time in months too. Just like the picture itself, today we focus on BBW sweetheart Mai, huh? Let’s get right into it!

I can definitely say that I loved the work of the overall chapter, but I didn’t expect the ending to go the way it did. 😮
But let’s start from the very beginning. I really thought that the first two-thirds of the chapter were done really well. It not only establishes who and what Mai was growing up, it also displayed who she can become as a young woman, including her relationships with her grandmother Asuka [who had sadly passed away], her father Saitou, who we learn much more information about as well as his past experience and background, and her sister Matsunami, or Matsu for short. Don’t worry, I’ll get back to her in just a second! Anyway, this really displayed that and her thoughts and feelings quite well. Including that insane little future jump of her as a old woman. Now that was crazy. LOL 😆

Moving on, I also really liked how the other portions of her day played out, not just with her time out with Saitou [as well as a cameo reappearance from Diana], but also her trip to Peaches, where we had a very impressive sex stage show. That was impressive! No BS. Plus we also saw how she made her decision to go to BSU and even had a good recap of what happened with her earlier in the story, including her meeting with Xavier. And don’t worry, I’ll get to him in a second too.

Which leads us to the orientation segment. I really find it interesting that we pick up right after Kaede’s unpredictable presentation. Wasn’t expecting that move at all. But that’s not all either. Mai was really anxious about getting front and center, and understandably so. But that was where Matsu and surprisingly Taiyohime came in. For Matsu, it was as the supportive older sister trying to help as much as she’s able to, especially considering their long standing bond shown throughout the chapter and overall story. And for Taiyo, she was there not only as the headmistress, but also as someone who had been down the same road herself. But what really raised my eyebrow was how she interacted with both sisters, Mai and Matsu alike. Like what happened in Matsu’s presentation, she acted more like a parent here, which I really find intriguing and heartwarming. If she’s really who I think she is, then this would explain a lot! 🤔 This also revealed that Mai has Ki powers as well! Very interesting.

Finally, Mai really kept her composure during her showing and took off from there, including her not very subtle jab at Violette on the official uniform everyone’s wearing. Hahaha. She even thanked everyone, including X, even though he wasn’t mentioned by name but you could tell that she still cares about him. Even right at the end. I think she’s going to be a real force in class soon enough. This is where we reach the shocking ending. X collapsing to the ground head first and bleeding from the head. I knew he didn’t have any energy but the way he fell down certainly isn’t a good sign. Thank God for paramedics and his crew. But that’s a very shocking way to end it.

Overall, this was a very emotional chapter, but one I really enjoyed. I really hope that we find out what happens from here next time.

Keep up the phenomenal work! 👏 💪 😎

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What up Hiryu! Nice to see you again. I apologize for the long wait. Next chapter begins a new story arc. Now that the orientation arc is over I will be able deliver chapters much faster.

I was trying to establish her more beyond the fact that she is Xavier’s love interest. I want to show some of her past and what motivates her in life.

The dream sequence with her and Saitou was inspired by an episode of the fresh prince of Bel Air. In the episode will’s mom tried to convince him to move back to philly. He was faced with the choice of moving back home or staying with uncle phil. Will imagined what his future might be like if he went back home.

In her presentation I was aiming to show another way of dealing with a hostile crowd. The arc started with Xavier. He fought back against the laughing and boos with rage and aggression, dissing his adversaries with his freestyle while exposing his faults so that other people can no longer use them against him. He subdued the audience by force, verbally beating the crowd into submission.

Much like the yin yang necklace X gave her, Mai is other side of that coin. She approached it with humility, kindness and a little humor. A light pleasant breeze opposite the furious hurricane X brought in his presentation. This why Mai was saved for last. Also I wanted to show her beliefs and of view the world compared to Xavier’s Mai wants make friends, experience new things and create life long memories while X is singularly focused on winning and proving a point both to himself and the outside world. Mai holds no grudges and tries to find positivity in even the worst circumstances, like when she thanked her mom despite mom abandoning her when she was a baby.

Mai’s presentation was inspired by an episode of 90’s anime Great Teacher Onizuka. Tomoko Nomura, the big boobed goofy girl with no friends did a presentation at a teen beauty pageant and won doing it. I also wanted to show her displaying some backbone by standing up for herself when she subliminally dissed Violette.

Xavier is in bad shape. You will see the reasons why and what plays out with him in the next chapter. Thanks for the kind words. Stay tuned for the next chapter!

1 year ago

Man am so happy to see BSU again plus my favorite Maihime is the focus

1 year ago
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I am happy to see that you like the chapter and Maihime herself. Im glad to see you like her. There will be much more mai in future arcs. Thank you for reading and I appreciate the feedback.

1 year ago

Finallyyyyyyyy BSU…. I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR OVER 3 MONTHS… hope it goes with few chapters and new pics… it makes sense why there wasn’t a post yesterday

1 year ago
Reply to  RPE

Ay! Thanks for reading. The future chapters will be written and posted quicker. A new arc begins after this. I’m looking forward to presentingbit to you guys

1 year ago

Hello my old friend BSU. Not only another peak chapter, but another intro to the biggest baddies in the entire school. Maihime is great as hell.

I read her nicknames wrong and thought people called her Cow Fatty and I was wondering “aren’t all cows fat🤔”

Good to see your back Strider

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Reply to  Xcelsior

Greetings! It has been a while, glad to see youre still around. I enjoy writing the Mai character and Im happy you like seeing and reading about her. Stay tuned for the next chapter

1 year ago

Holy fuck, this was outstanding. The artwork may not be spectacular or out of the ordinary but the story justifies that by a long shot. Amazing work! (I’m assuming this is the story section😅)

1 year ago
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Ay! Glad you enjoyed the chapter. This one took a long time to write but future chapters will come out quicker. Thank you for reading and im glad you enjoyed it.