A Foreigner Affair

(Note: This story is part of an short series of Bleach stories)
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“As Rukia explained to you, there are several distinct ‘Worlds,’” said Retsu Unohana, “If we were to think of them kind of like a ladder, we would start with Hell, in the space between the bottom rung and the ground. On the first rung above that would be Earth’s world of the living, then in the space between Earth and the next rung would be Hueco Mundo, where the Hollows exist. Followed by the next rung which would be the Soul Society, then, the space above that would be the Soul King’s palace.” She explained as she held up a notepad with several lines drawn on it in the shape of a crude ladder. The lines and spaces between them were labeled Hell, then Earth, then the negative space between two lines was marked as Hueco Mundo, with the lines above that were marked as the Soul Society and Soul King Palace respectively.“Now, this is a bit of an oversimplified view, but it will have to do for the purposes of this explanation.” Retsu said.


“Hey, why does Hueco Mundo not get a rung!?” pouted Nel.


“Because unlike the other planes of existence, Hueco Mundo and the Soul King’s Palace don’t have a defined shape. Hell, the Earth and the Soul Society are all each their own globe or solid definable shape. As such, each in some ways mirrors the other.” explained Retsu. “For instance, The Earth and Soul Society in many locations are almost exact mirrors of one another.”


“Like Reverse London.” spoke up Ninny, the girl who had been traveling with Noel.


“Yes, one of the more modern examples.” said Retsu, “The Soul Society you’re familiar with Kurosaki-san, is less modern comparatively speaking because the government in control of that area was until recent years incredibly resistant to change.”


“Yeah, our boss said the guys in charge of the East Branch were mostly assholes only interested in the status quo.” said Noel.


“East Branch?” asked Orihime.


“I’m getting to that.” Retsu said.


They were all in Retsu Unohana’s apartment. After clearing things up with Ninny, Ichigo had taken the pair of foreigners to where he planned to meet up with his wife and new fiances. Together, the five of them went to the address where they’d find the now retired Shinigami Captain Retsu Unohana. Now, the six of them were all sitting completely naked in the woman’s living room. Apparently, Isane, her sister, and several others would be arriving later, as they were all currently out doing their own things. When Ichigo expanded his senses, he could distinctly sense the Reiatsu of Isane and Chizuru (whom he still couldn’t believe his wife had brought here). Along with them he sensed Yoruichi, Byakuya, Toshiro, Kiyone and Hanataro. There was also the unfamiliar Reiatsu of the local shinigami moving around in the main city area. Along with a slightly familiar Reiatsu, but something felt a bit off about it, so Ichigo couldn’t identify who the owner was. The familiar Reiatsu were slowly drawing closer to the apartment where Retsu lived and would likely arrive soon.


“This next part gets a bit more complicated.” Retsu said, turning the page on her notepad. She drew two circles, one within the next, then below that, two separate circles.


With the combined circles, Retsu marked the inner one as Earth and the other one as the Soul Society. The circles beneath that were marked the same. “Think of Earth and the Soul Society as occupying the same space at the same time, just separated by a kind of barrier. The land masses are somewhat similar on both planes, though the Eastern Branch you’re familiar with, Ichigo, never broke off from the mainland section of Asia. Now, the Eastern Branch is the section mainly in charge of managing the flow of souls between the two worlds. The Western Branch, which is located in the part of the world where Europe is, is in charge of managing the other beings that inhabit the Soul Society.” explained Retsu as she drew land masses on the two separate circles. One he recognized as the earth by the familiar shape of the American continents. But the other had a slightly different shape, with smaller oceans and more land.


“Other beings?” Orihime asked before Ichigo could.


“Dragons,” Noel said, “Wing Bind, the organization Ninny and I work for, manage them in Reverse London, and we TRY to keep them from getting over to Regular London when we can. They tend to cause a lot of trouble when they come here.”


“Okay, so the East Soul Society runs Asia, while the West Soul Society manages dragons. That part I’m starting to understand. But what about the people who die in the rest of the world? Are they all just transported to the East Branch?” asked Ichigo.


“No, we have our own Shinigami,” Ninny said, “We call them Reavers. They handle the dead where we’re from. But personally I don’t like those guys. To me they’re a bunch of Emo freaks who are obsessed with death and the dark.”


“Couldn’t you have had one of these Reaver guys help you then, Noel?” Ichigo asked.


“It wouldn’t have helped. Reavers are just guys who collect souls and move them around. They don’t really do very much in terms of magic. And none of them know anything about this Kido stuff.” Ninny explained for Noel.


“Kido and Magic are similar, but not exactly so. The seal I released from Noel here would have been very difficult for a magic user alone to break.” said Retsu. “But a Dark Dragon with cursed breath placed a Kido seal, and that is quite unusual.”


“Okay, and what’s a Dark Dragon? How is it different from a regular dragon?” Orihime asked.


“To put it in the simplest terms possible: Dark Dragons are created when normal Dragons come into contact with Humans and absorb their negative emotions. They usually look like large black dragons with a light underbelly, four thick legs and two enormous wings. Dark Dragons vary in appearance past that point, though.” Noel explained.


“Not only that, normal dragons can be even more varied and fall into any number of groups.” Ninny said. “There are a bunch of them too, like Broombuggies, Woolly Wallys, Hammerbacks, Conductors, the list goes on. There are some really highly evolved dragons that can speak and use magic too. Most of them live far outside of Reverse London though.”


“Yes, those ones are in something of a war that’s been going on forever, I think they’re called the Harmony, Chaos and Spectator factions. I’ve never met any of them myself though.” said Noel.


“I think the Harmony Faction is keeping the rest away from Reverse London or something.” Ninny said.


“You think?” Ichigo asked.


“Hey, my job is dealing with the dragons that come into town and wreak havoc. Plus arresting people who have illegal contact with them, and so on. I’m not some walking encyclopedia of dragon knowledge, you know.” Ninny said to him with an annoyed expression.


“Alright,” Ichigo said, acknowledging that fact, his best guess is that these two were roughly the equivalent of foot soldiers, like Rukia had been when they first met. They knew what they needed to and maybe a little more, but they didn’t know everything.


“Say, if Japan and Asia are the East Branch of the Soul Society, and England and Europe are the west, where does North and South America fit?” asked Orihime.


“The New World Branch.” Ninny, Noel, and Retsu said together.


“Who even names these things!?” Ichigo asked.


“They all had other names long ago, before even Yamamoto was born. Names change as centers of power move. The New World Branch’s headquarters is in Peru right now I think.” explained Retsu, “They’re the ones that mainly deal with those three factions of dragons. As far as I know, those dragons stay in the Soul Society and just do their own thing. They can come here just like Hollows, Arrancar and Shinigami, but they have some very strict rules they follow, so there’s nothing to worry about there. Even the Chaos Faction follows those rules pretty strictly. I met one of the leaders once, when I was younger. He was called the King of Demise if you translate his name into a human tongue. Very old, and also very powerful. One of the few beings even I’m afraid to fight.”


“The stronger dragons use magic as easily as breathing,” Noel said, “Even I’ve heard of that one, though all I know is you don’t want to tick him off.”


Ichigo sighed, “Just when I start to think I might have the world figured out, I find out it’s a lot more complicated.”


“Such is the way of things.” Retsu said whimsically. She then turned to Noel, “Well, I’ve dispelled that curse as you asked, though you might want to stick around for a little while just in case. You mentioned that Ichigo was affected when he touched you while it was flaring. That has me seriously concerned.”


“Tch, great, more time in Perv World…!” Ninny spat.


“Hmmm, what was that?” Retsu asked the blonde girl with her dangerous smile.


“Ah, uh, I meant, greeeat, more time in this interesting place… Aheheh…” Ninny corrected herself nervously.


“Well, since I’m going to be having so much company for dinner, Orihime, would you mind helping me in the kitchen?” said Retsu, changing the subject.


“Sure, no problem.” replied the orange haired girl.


“Nel, Rangiku, can I count on the two of you to help set the tables for everyone?” Retsu asked the other two women.


“Yeah, that’s fine.” Rangiku agreed.


“Sure!” Nel said happily.


The dark haired woman then walked over to a desk set against one wall. There were notebooks and stacks of paper piled on top of it. Ichigo had wondered what they were, but hadn’t thought to ask about it with everything else that had been happening. Retsu pulled out a drawer on one side and retrieved a small coin shaped object. The coin itself was made of a red metal and blank on one side, when Retsu held it up to the light, Ichigo saw the other side had a familiar blue flaming skull painted on the other side. It was the symbol of something that could be used to expel someone’s soul from the body.


“Ichigo, here.” Retsu said, walking over and handing the coin to him. “About three blocks from here is a small love hotel that rents by the day as well. Take Noel and Ninny there, they can check in for a couple of days, and by the time they’re done and you all walk back, dinner should be ready.”


“Okay… What’s this for then?” Ichigo asked.


“Two things,” she said, holding a hand up with two fingers extended, “First, in case you draw the attention of a hollow, you can use that to defend these lovely ladies by slapping the skull side against your chest and expelling your soul from your body.” she explained, lowering one finger, “And second, if you show that to the manager at the hotel, he’ll give you a room on my tab. As you ladies are my guests, I’ll pay for your sleeping arrangements. Also, I happened to place a barrier of sorts around that hotel, it’ll keep the hollows away, well, the simple ones anyway.” she said, lowering the other finger while looking at Noel and Ninny. “You’ll still need to fill out some paperwork, but that won’t take very long. When you’re done, head back here, and we’ll all have dinner together.”



“So that dragon I saw when we got here was a Hollow?” Noel asked as she filled out a form at the front desk.


“If it had a hole in its chest like you mentioned, then yeah, probably.” Ichigo told her. “This means I’d likely be able to see dragons if I went to London then? Seems like being able to see spirits is semi-related to seeing dragons.”


“Yeah, it shouldn’t be an issue. Just don’t touch them. Minimum sentence for illegal contact with a dragon is a hundred years. At worst, they’d execute you.” Ninny said.


“Seems a bit excessive to me.” Ichigo said.


Ninny shrugged, “Hey, we don’t make the rules, just enforce them. Naturally there are some exceptions, but that would take more explaining than I feel like doing.” she said before stretching her naked body as she stood in the lobby of the love hotel. “Hah, I can’t wait to go home and wear clothes again!”


“It’s not so bad, Ninny, really. Everyone else here is naked after all, that makes it like no one is.” said Noel.


“Yeah yeah, except not everyone here feels like fucking in the street like animals.” Ninny said, “Honestly, the things we’ve seen!”


“Women in Japan seem very flexible,” Noel agreed.


“Yoga does wonders for your muscles.” Ichigo said jokingly.


“That why you and your twin are so cut?” Ninny asked.


Ichigo blinked, “Huh, twin?”


“Yeah, your pervy twin brother with the smaller dick. We ran into him not long after getting here. He hit on us pretty heavily, which is why I thought you were attacking Noel back in the park.” Ninny explained.


“The guy looked exactly like you, Ninny and I figured he was your twin.” Noel said as she handed the form back to the desk manager. He passed her a pair of key cards and the three of them left the lobby. Ninny and Noel had only a few belongings with them carried in a duffel bag that Ninny was carrying. It took Ichigo the time needed to walk the girls to their room to figure out what was going on.


“Kon. I should’ve known,” Ichigo muttered aloud.


“That your brother’s name?” Noel asked.


“He’s not my brother, but yeah, that’s what we call him. He must have snuck in here with Orihime.” Ichigo said aloud. “Explaining what he is is another headache altogether.” he told them as they walked into the hotel room. Everything was a mix of pink and red, with hardwood floors. It looked like a room where Valentine cards went to die.


“This’ll do.” Noel said as she looked around the room. Ninny meanwhile tossed her bag in the closet by the door before heading over to the bed.


“Oh hey, they give those little chocolate things!” the blonde said excitedly as she picked up a small foil wrapped disc about double the size of a 500 yen coin. “Yo, Ichigo, you like dark chocolate?”


“Got nothing against it.” he said before snatching one of the discs out of the air when Ninny tossed it to him, “Consider it an apology for clocking you with the sign post earlier.” she told him as she unwrapped one disc and popped the candy in her mouth.


“Gee, thanks.” said Ichigo as he unwrapped the disc and popped it in his mouth. The chocolate was pretty high end, it had the initial bitterness of dark chocolate, but past that was a sweet fruity taste like berries. The piece of candy melted almost instantly in his mouth, Ichigo barely had time to chew at all. There was a slight heat on the back end of the flavor, hinting that the candy had been mixed with some kind of alcohol as well.


“Hmm, not bad for a hotel choc…” Ichigo began saying before a slight heat passed through his entire body. Had he not felt effects like this before, he’d have dismissed it as just the alcohol, but he knew better. “Fuck.” he cursed as he looked down at his now completely erect dick jutted out from between his legs.


“Hnnnngh…” Ninny moaned suddenly, clenching her creamy thighs together as she put both hands between her legs, “What the fuuuuuugh…!?” she moaned, her words slurring badly as she dropped to her knees next to Ichigo. She then reached up with both hands to grasp his dick, a look of shock and awe on her face.


“Noel, how are you still alive!?” she gasped, “Haah, fuck it, don’t care!!!” she said before crawling over to kneel in front of Ichigo, still gripping his cock with both hands. “Ekadekimas!” she said in horribly pronounced Japanese before opening her mouth wide and wrapping it around his cock with a soft moan.


AHHHHGUUUUPH… HRMMMPH, NRMMMMMPH, AGUH, GURMMMMPH…!” Ninny gagged and moaned around his dick as she began trying to fit the entire thing down her throat, “OGH GHAHD!!!! AYE CAHN’T SHTOOOOOB!!!” Ninny gagged as she bobbed her head back and forth, “MUH PUSSHYYYY… MUH PUSSHY’SH ON PHIRE! WHANNA SHUCK, WHANNA PHUUUUG!!!!” she gagged and moaned as her green eyes rolled back in their sockets as she moved her hands from Ichigo’s dick to her average sized breasts.


“Ninny! What the hell!? What’s gotten into you!?” Noel asked.


“Aphro…disiac…” Ichigo groaned between clenched teeth, “In the chocolates… Oh fuuuuck…” he groaned as Ninny managed to fit half his cock down her throat now. Her slender neck bulged visibly from the sheer thickness of his cock as she let out a low throaty moan of pleasure, making her neck vibrate around his dick!


“Huh!?” Noel, “I thought drugs like that were just porn comic make believe!?” Noel said as she went to squat behind her partner, “Ninny, try to control yourself!” she said, “I had a curse when it happened to me, but this is…” Noel said as she struggled to pull Noel off his cock.


NHOOOOO, PWEASHE… MUH PUSSHY!!! AGUUUGUUH, AHHHH, MUH PUSSHYYYY!!!!” Ninny moaned, as Noel pulled her off and back. The two girls fell away from Ichigo, his cock flinging into the air once freed from her hot little mouth. Ninny landed with her back against Noel and her legs spread wide as her pussy let out a wide spray of juices.




Ichigo understood, the girl wasn’t actually being overwhelmed by whatever was in the chocolate, she’d just been keeping her own desires bottled up this whole time! It had just reached a critical mass when the aphrodisiac in the chocolate provided the final spark. The situation wasn’t all that different for him after coming here, before he finally just gave in. Ichigo let out a long sigh as he stood up straight, his cock throbbing in the air as Ninny struggled to get free from Noel’s grip.


“Just let her go.” Ichigo said, “We’re all adults here. Better to just let her get it out of her system.”


“You sure?” Noel asked, “I mean, with me there was that cursed mark, so your wife understood, but…”


My wife wants me to marry two other women and enjoys watching me have sex with them. As crazy as it sounds, I doubt she’ll really mind.” Ichigo told Noel.


“Huh, well, there is that.” Noel said before she let go of the blonde. Ninny let out a happy yelp as she went back to Ichigo’s dick, easily downing more than half of it now!


OOOOOH GAAAWD, ID PHEELSH SHO GUUD IN MUH PHROAT!!! AHHHMMMMMMMPH HMMMMPH NMMMMMPH GRMMMMMPH!!!” Ninny moaned in raw lust as she began masturbating roughly with one hand while stroking the other over Ichigo’s length. She had almost no technique at all, but the blonde was moving almost on raw instinct now. He’s seen it a few times in some of Lisa’s dumb ero-manga’s, but it seemed a woman really did have her breaking point with desire, and Ninny was well past hers now. He mentally commended her for lasting as long as she had. Likely she was channeling anger and attitude to keep her sanity, but she was past that now.


GRRMMMMMMPH AGUK, GURK, NMMMMPH, AHHHMMMMMPH, WHHY, AHHHUGH, WHHY DOESH ID PHEEL SHO GUUD!?” Ninny moaned in pleasure as she tried to take Ichigo’s cock even deeper than before. He groaned as he felt his dick sinking further down into her stomach as he looked down at her green eyes. He watched as they rolled back in her head as her pussy let out another hot spray of fluid. The whole room reeked of sex now as Noel knelt behind her partner, resting her larger tits against Ninny’s back as she put her arms around her and began squeezing the blonde girl’s smaller tits.


“I asked myself the same thing.” Noel said, squeezing both the blonde’s tits roughly, making Ninny moan again.


NMMMMHMMMMMMMMPH, AGUH GUG GUH GUWEH…!!!” Ninny gagged as she tried to howl in pleasure. “HAWDER, SHQUEESHE DEM HAWDER!!! AHHHGGGGUH, NMMMMPH, HMMMPH, HRMMMMMPH…!” Ninny moaned as she began shoving three fingers in and out of her pussy hard, the slim digits making a lewd and wet SQUISH SHLICK SQUISH SHLICK sound as they moved in and out of her.


With a stoic expression, Noel did as she asked, squeezing Ninny’s tits in both her hands. Pinching and pulling on the blonde girl’s nipples as Ninny struggled to take all of Ichigo’s cock into her mouth, Noel leaned her head down on Ninny’s neck and began sucking on it softly.




Ichigo then reached down with both hands, grabbing hold of the twin tails Ninny kept her hair tied up in. Gripping them tightly, he used them like handles as he SHOVED the rest of his cock down her throat!


HUUUUUURKLGUUUUUUGH!!!” Ninny choked, her eyes turning completely white as her pussy gushed even harder than before! Ichigo then groaned and grunted loudly as he began pumping his hips back and forth, fucking the blonde Brittish girl’s face roughly, “AGUGH, GURK, GUH, GUH, GUG, GURRRF, GUH URK, GUUUUUH…” Ninny choked repeatedly as she gave up any and all resistance.


“Haah, ahh, hah, ahhh, haaah, fuuck… So tight…” Ichigo groaned. This wasn’t like with Noel, when some weird curse had turned his dick into a steel hard-on that wouldn’t relent, he felt this so much more intensely as he groaned in pleasure.


“Do it Ichigo,” Noel told him calmly, “Cum in her mouth!”


GUUUUUUURK!!!!” Ninny responded, though Ichigo didn’t know if that was in confirmation or protest as he pushed his cock in so deep he could feel the pit of her stomach as he came! His dick throbbed and pulsed inside Ninny, depositing his cum directly into her stomach, bypassing her mouth and throat entirely.


Panting, Ichigo then pulled his cock out, Ninny coughed out several thick globs of cum as she gasped for breath. Noel just held onto the blonde as Ninny touched a hand to her jaw and seemed to pop it back into place with a wet cracking sound. Once she had it back in position, Ninny stood up on her knees and looked up at Ichigo with a fierce look on her face, “Wot, you’d best nawt be done already!” she said with a thick Cockney accent.


Ichigo didn’t bother saying anything as he lifted the petite blonde up like she was a rag doll. Lifting her by her armpits as he tensed his cock so it pointed straight up before he impaled her pussy on his length. Ninny’s stomach tented up dramatically with an outline of Ichigo’s massive length.




AAAAH, YES, CUMMING, I’M BLOODY CUMMING ME BRAINS OOOOOOUT!!!! AHHH HAAAH AHHHHH, SO GOOD, SO FUCKING GOOOD!!! HARDER, FUCKING RUIN ME, DON’T STOP UNTIL ME CUNNY IS A GAPING RUINED MESSSSS!!!!” the blonde screamed, her thick accent making it harder for Ichigo to follow her. Luckily, he didn’t need to understand her accent well, he knew from experience now what ecstasy sounded like as he began slamming his hips up and down while lifting Ninny’s slender figure in sync with him.


YES, MORE, MOVE IT DEEPER, MAKE BE FUCKING CUM HARDERRRR!!! AHHH, SHIIIIIT, FUCK, SHIT FUUUUCK!!!” howled Ninny as her head bobbed back and forth with his thrusts, her mouth hung open with her tongue lolling off her lips. Her eyes were crossed and almost all traces of sanity were gone from her face.




“Haaah, ahhh, ahhh fuuuuck!!!” Ichigo groaned as he slammed his cock all the way inside Ninny’s tight pussy! The blonde woman let out an almost inhuman scream of pleasure as he came inside her.


“Ahhhhh haaaaaah…!” Ninny moaned, her voice cracking as her green eyes rolled back until they became completely white.



“Ugh, fuck…” Ninny cursed later, holding her head, “Why the hell would they put crap like that in a hotel chocolate!”


“You really need to ask?” Noel asked her, “After everything we’ve seen since coming here? Anyway, you feeling any better now?”


“Yeah yeah, fuck that’s embarrassing being heard like that.” said Ninny.


“So you talk with your old accent during sex. So what? You know a lot of people speak with that accent right?” Noel said quietly, “I don’t see what there is to be embarrassed about.”


“It’s personal!” Ninny spat, “Hey you, promise not to tell anyone what you saw and I promise not to tell your wives you boned another girl you just met, deal!?” she asked Ichigo with an angry expression.


“I don’t think Orihime would really care, but you got a deal.” Ichigo said. The three of them were still in the hotel. Ninny lay on the bed, having passed out briefly after she’d finished cumming hard. She wasn’t out long, so Ichigo didn’t think they’d be too late getting back to Captain Unohana’s condo apartment. He only wondered just what else this place had in store for him?


(Story by User: SailorIo)

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Ichigo Kurosaki
10 months ago

espero y ninny y noel reaccionen y sean amantes de ichigo con tal de que orihime apruebe eso aun asi excelente historia

10 months ago

Dick is his name XD

10 months ago
Reply to  Xcelsior

Hey, puns used to be considered the highest form of humor!

10 months ago

I wasn’t expecting this much lore in a single chapter, but it’s definitely something that’s really informative.

Aside from that, I liked this chapter overall. Especially how the two BTW girls were utilized. It was also pretty good to see how different they were compared to the Bleach cast too.

Plus the sex itself was very well done as well, including how Ninny reverted to using her old Cockney accent during it, which was something Noel picked up on. XD

Overall, it was definitely a fun chapter. Nice work. 😎 👍

10 months ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Yeah, it was lore heavy, but I was primarily combining two loosely related series together. You only found out BTW was related to Bleach with the drop of the Soul Society at the end of the short lived anime. There were a few blanks I filled in with supposition and assumption. Like the Reavers. Every continent has it’s version of a Death figure. The most common one is the Grim Reaper, but I wanted the BTW ones to be a little more unique, so I went with Reaver instead. To make a joke of them, I have them as those Emo kids who go on and on about death and the dark, and how no one likes them. Should I ever do more BTW after the time slip, I might introduce one, maybe use that guy from Kaguya Love is War as a base.

Smiling Fiend
Smiling Fiend
10 months ago

Wasn’t expecting this much lore. I think we didn’t get that even in the first volume of the Burn The Witch manga.
So far I’ve enjoyed these chapters focused around the witch girls a lot. Ninny letting out a thick accent when aroused was funny and hot, british girls talking dirty is always a delight to hear. It’d be nice if we had more of them and Ichigo having sex, I don’t know if it’s just me but I really like seeing the protagonists getting along and fucking each other’s brains out.

10 months ago
Reply to  Smiling Fiend

Yeah, I watched the anime of BTW to get to know the girls a bit. The only thing that severely disappointed me was how it’s set in London, but no one had an accent. Hell, even Dr. Who does the varied accents and no one bitches. The dubbing guys were likely afraid of offending someone.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
10 months ago

That was a LOT of reading and lore at the beginning. Kinda fitting but kinda monotone as well. I certainly don’t mind, but I can definitely see it being somewhat boring for others. All that epxplanation does kinda drag on for quite some while after all. Anyways, I really enjoyed Ichigo’s time with the two british ladies and how he fucked Ninny while Noel watched.

Hot stuff as always.

10 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Well, it was bringing Ichigo up to speed on things. Too bad Rukia hasn’t been brought in officially yet, I could have made jokes with her drawings again.

10 months ago

King of demise, interesting. I like how you created new stuff in order to fill in the blank spots.

10 months ago
Reply to  Whitis

I just merged lore a bit, there’s not much that’s new really.

10 months ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Really? But I’ve never heard of the king of demise before?

10 months ago
Reply to  Whitis

Here’s a hint: MKDM

10 months ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Oh, the father of Tohru.

10 months ago
Reply to  Whitis