Taboos to Titilate Fibers

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Sitting in her bed, Satsuki Kiryuin poured over Iori’s latest reports. Most were pretty usual, nothing of great importance. Life Fiber collection and activation was on schedule. The first wave of Goku Uniforms were nearly ready for distribution, all One Star models, but that was fine.


She tapped the screen of her tablet and brought up the latest images of the approaching Primordial Life Fiber. The images were barely discernible, to the amatuer astronimer the images just looked like some high resolution images of Neptune. Tapping through the images, the shot zoomed in on one of the 14 moons, she didn’t know which. It was still fairly grainy, but the odd gourd shape was unmistakable.


Looking at the image brought back bad memories. Fighting her mother as she stood atop the original Life Fiber that had come to Earth. Even though she knew it was her plan, seeing her little sister cut in half like that… Even the memory of it was hard to face. All those years, thinking Ryuko had died just a few moments out of their mother’s womb, without even being given a name. The anger that brought back helped her overcome the painful memories.


“Thank you, father…” she whispered aloud. When he’d disappeared, Satsuki had thought for some years that her mother had had him killed. At least once she was old enough to fully comprehend such things. Now though, she knew he’d faked Ryuko’s death and had taken her away to safety in order to prevent her from becoming like their mother.


“Nnmmmh?” a soft voice murmured next to her.


Satsuki turned as Rei stirred in her sleep. The dark haired girl smiled and reached over with one hand to stroke her cheek. Rei made a cooing sound and leaned into her touch, rolling her naked body towards Satsuki’s. She smiled and set aside the tablet after turning the power off. Pulling the blanket up over her own naked body, Satsuki snuggled up to Rei, enjoying the smooth warmth of her skin sliding against her own.


“Mmmmmmh…” Rei purred as Satsuki pulled her close. Still smiling, Satsuki held Rei in her arms, lacing their legs together as Rei moved to rest her head against Satsuki’s breasts. The dark haired girl began slowly stroking Rei’s lavender colored hair as the sheets of the bed began to glow a soft red.


“Interesting.” Satsuki said quietly.


“Wha…?” Rei asked as she stirred again.


“Nothing, sleep now.” she whispered back still stroking her hair.


“Mmmhmmm…” Rei breathed, her body going slack against Satsuki’s as her breathing slowed to an even rhythm as she went back to sleep. Satsuki just watched the subtle glow of the life fiber infused sheets until sunrise.



“So sis, why are we doing this again?” Ryuko asked as she watched Satsuki lift a pair of open crotch panties out of a small box. They stood in the hallway of the on-campus Mansion Satsuki had built. Unlike the Kiryuin Manor, this place had a more rustic feel to it. Wall paper in place of expensive marble walls like out of a Greek temple, wooden banisters instead of brass ones. Satsuki never told Ryuko, but she’d had the plans for the Matoi Manor used as the base for this one in hopes it might get her to visit more often. She’d called her sister here to help her test a theory she’d come up with after the odd phenomena she had observed the other night.


“Why, don’t want to enjoy another sexual encounter with your older sister?” Satsuki asked as she passed the purple underwear over to her little sister.


“Don’t make me hit you.” Ryuko said as she snatched the panties away. “I’m already over that taboo crap. I said I’d do what it takes, and I meant it!” she snapped as she quickly stripped out of the dark blue jeans and orange t-shirt she had one.


Satsuki raised an eyebrow at the lacey thong panties she had on under her jeans. It was odd, Ryuko wasn’t usually the type to wear such things. Her personal tastes trended towards more cliched and traditional tastes in lingerie.


“Yes, I heard you’ve been rather enthused in your classes as of late.” Satsuki said, pulling a second pair of crotchless panties out of the box as she began stripping herself as well. “I must say I am impressed, I never thought you’d have an oral fixation.”


“If you’re trying to piss me off it’s workin’ nee-san.” Ryuko said as she pulled the panties on and turned to face her, a light red tinge to her cheeks.


“It’s nothing to be ashamed of Ryuko, I myself do greatly enjoy the feel of a man, or woman’s cock in my throat. It is a rather thrilling experience.” Satsuki said calmly.


“Speaking of a woman’s cock, I heard your girlfriend isn’t quite so unique now.” Ryuko said snidely.


“You’re referring to the Kiryu girl?” Satsuki asked, “Yes, I’d heard about her from Nonon, though I haven’t had the chance to meet her personally yet.”


“Yeah well, be nice when you do. I found out she’s far from home and won’t be able to see her family for a while.” Ryuko said, “Parents probably moved pretty far away after the Academy got demolished. Probably wasn’t easy getting work as a teacher with some of the negative press Honnouji Academy built up after you guys trashed Osaka.”


“Hmmm, yes, that was a bit of a problem.” Satsuki admitted, “Though that money grubbing fool Takarada did have most of the city rebuilt within a year. And I was certain reparations were made to all affected and displaced.” She then noted something odd in Ryuko’s statement, “Wait, so her parents were teachers?”


“One for sure, she didn’t give me a lot of details and I didn’t want to pry.” Ryuko said.


“Hmm.” was all Satsuki said in response. So far as she knew, none of the faculty from Honnouji Academy had any trouble finding work after things had settled down. She made certain of that, and none had moved far enough away that visiting family would have been difficult. In fact, nearly 98% of the University’s faculty were from the original academy. ‘Very interesting,’ Satsuki thought. She didn’t share any of this with Ryuko though. She had a burgeoning friendship with the girl, if she thought she might be a spy of some kind, that would change how she interacted with her. No, best to do her own investigation first, no sense in ruining a friendship if there was no need.


“So, remind me of what we’re up to nee-san?” Ryuko asked, drawing Satsuki’s thought’s back to the present.


“Something occured the other night that I would like to test.” Satsuki told her before explaining what she observed the other night while in bed. “I turned the sheets over to Iori, now I would like to have some freshly activated fibers using the other method to see which is more efficient.” she said as she hefted her own breasts and smiled at her sister.


Ryuko grabbed her own large and heavy tits as she glared at Satsuki, “You mean there could be a way to do this without acting like a bunch of sex crazed skanks?”


“Possibly, though it may not be as efficient. Disgusting as Nui Harime was, she did have one point,” Satsuki said as she let go of her tits and moved closer to her little sister. “Taboo’s are the things that feel so good…” she said as she reached a hand up to slowly trace her fingers along Ryuko’s chin and up her cheek. She then cupped her hand against the back of her head and brought Ryuko’s face to her own in a deep and passionate kiss. Before, Ryuko would stiffen for just a moment at such intimate contact, but now Satsuki’s tongue slipped past her lips with no resistance at all.


Loathe as she was to admit it, moments such as this with their mother were the only times Satsuki felt any kind of real connection to the woman. The soft supple feel of her naked skin against her own so many times in the baths. The only thing about all of it that ever made Satsuki truly uncomfortable was how cold her mother’s hands felt.


It wasn’t like that with Ryuko though. She was warm, so very warm. The kind of warmth Satsuki only ever found in those nights alone with Rei in bed. For so long, Satsuki felt so alone. Yes, she had her most trusted comrades, but even then, she needed to keep a certain distance, knowing not all of them might survive the battle they so carefully prepared for. Even without discussing it, she knew Ryuko could understand that sense of loneliness.


“Mmmmmmmh, nee-shan…” Ryuko moaned back against her lips as Satsuki pulled her close. Their heavy breasts mashed together, Satsuki could feel Ryuko’s nipples already stiff and poking against her own. She moved one hand down to her little sisters fit and toned ass, tracing her fingers along the shapely curve before gripping it firmly. Ryuko moaned again as she pulled the other girl’s pelvis against her.


Satsuki only cooed into her mouth gently as she felt the heat of Ryuko’s pussy radiating against her own. The dark haired girl slowly moved her tongue around inside Ryuko’s mouth, exploring every inch she could reach. She then felt Ryuko’s arms moving to ecircle her waist, hugging her body closer. Moving her hand from Ryuko’s ass to her thigh, Satsuki lifted her sister’s leg up and wrapped it around her hip. Both girls moaned softly as Ryuko began gently humping her crotch against Satsuki’s thigh. She could feel the dampness of her pussy against her skin as she pushed back against her. She inhaled sharply through her nose, loving the scent of Ryuko’s body as she slid her tongue against the other girls.


“Mmmmmmmh…” Satsuki moaned softly as Ryuko pushed her back against the staircase behind them. She felt Ryuko’s hands exploring her bare back slowly, fingers drawing a line down the length of her spine. Her touch sent an electric thrill through Satsuki. She could feel a longing heat between her legs as she began rubbing her body back against her. Satsuki moaned again as Ryuko began sucking on her tongue roughly and pressed her mouth against the other girls even more.


“Mmmmmh, yesh shister… Nmmmh, jusht wike dat…” Satsuki told her as Ryuko moved both hands down to grab her ass and squeeze it tightly. She pressed her butt back against her hands only to have Ryuko pull her hips back against her as she began gyrating her crotch against Satsuki.


“Haahhhmmmmmh…” moaned Ryuko as Satsuki moved both her hands up to her head, pressing their faces together even harder before finally breaking the kiss. Both girls gasped for breath, staring at one another for a long moment before kissing each other once again even harder. Satsuki couldn’t help but moan at the feeling of Ryuko’s tongue pushing back against her own, forcing its way into her mouth just as she had done only moments ago. She welcomed it as the two of them began moving through the hall, slamming one another against the walls every few steps to rub their nearly naked bodies together.


“Nee-shan, nee-shan…” Ryuko panted.


“Ryuko… Mmmmmh, Aye… Aye… Wiph you…” Satsuki slurred back, unable to force out a sentence as their tongues wrestled one another for dominance. She moved her hands back down to Ryuko’s ass and thigh, caressing them both as they found their way into a nearby bedroom. Ryuko let out an uncharacteristically girlish yelp as Satsuki threw her down on top of the mattress. Her breasts bouncing and jiggling enticingly as the bed creaked in protest. Satsuki fell on top of her, grabbing both her huge and heavy breasts in hand and squeezing them roughly. Ryuko let out a long moan as her entire body became flush with desire. The scent of her pussy filled Satsuki’s nose as she squeezed both the younger girls breasts together. She then brought her face down to them and struggled to fit both nipples into her mouth.


AHHHHHH, ONEE-SAN…!” Ryuko moaned, bucking on the bed as Satsuki felt a hot spray of wetness against her abdomen.


“Hmmmhmmmhmmm, you have some interesting weak spots little sister.” Satsuki chuckled. She then swirled her tongue around one nipple slowly, loving the way it just kept getting stiffer and bigger as she teased it with her tongue. “Hearing you moan like that makes me want to tease you more…” she purred before wrapping her mouth around that nipple and sucking it roughly.


HMMMMMMMMMH, YEAH, NEE-SAN… D-DON’T STOP, KEEP SUCKING IT, AHHHH, IT FEELS SO GOOD… MY NIPPLE, MY NIPPLE FEELS SO GOOOD!!!” cried Ryuko as she came again just as Satsuki bit down on her nipple hard. Ryuko let out a squeal of pleasure, her entire body shaking. Satsuki then moved to her other nipple, sucking it next and making sure to take her time with it. She could feel Ryuko’s body getting hotter as the Life Fiber’s within her became more active. The red strip of hair in her bangs began glowing a soft red as her breathing slowly became more labored.


Moving back up to Ryuko’s face, Satsuki kissed her again, letting her sister suck on her tongue as their legs interlaced. The two sisters began grinding their pussies against one another’s thighs with wet slick noises. Satsuki pressed her breasts a little harder against Ryuko’s, loving the feel of their stiffened nipples flicking against one anothers. Satsuki’s pussy felt as though it were positively on fire now as she grinded her cunt against Ryuko’s thigh. She felt an equal heat from the other girls’ pussy against her own thigh as they rolled onto their sides on the bed.


Ryuko pulled away, breaking the kiss and moving to lick and suck on Satsuki’s neck. “Haaaaaahhhh…” Satsuki moaned softly as Ryuko found one of her own weak spots. The short haired girl then began nibbling on that spot gently, sending ever increasing waves of arousal through Satsuki.


“Yesssss, right there sister… Right therreee mmMMMHHH!!!” Satsuki moaned as she felt an intense orgasm rip through her like a mack truck through a tissue paper wall! “YEESSSS, AHHHHH…!!!” screamed Satsuki as Ryuko moved to be on top now. Their mouths connected again, each of them trying to devour the other as their bodies slided and rubbed against each other.


Ryuko broke the kiss again after a long while, lifting her head up, a long rope of saliva connecting their mouths for a moment before vanishing with a silent snap. Satsuki laid her head back against the soft pillows of the bed as Ryuko kissed down her neck and shoulder. She gasped sharply when the other girl reached her heaving breasts and began sucking them just as roughly as she did a moment earlier.


“Yessss, mmmmmh, don’t stop little sister, ahhhh, this feels amazinggg…” Satsuki breathed as her legs spread wide on their own. She desperately wanted to feel something inside her now, Rei’s cock, Mataro’s dick, Gamagori’s dick, anything would do! Ryuko seemed to sense her thoughts as she pulled away from her nipples and wasted no time. She dived her head between Satsuki’s legs, covering the older girl’s pussy with her mouth!


OOOOOHHHHAAAAAHHHH!!!” Satsuki screamed as she came the instant Ryuko’s tongue slipped between the dripping folds of her pussy! “YESSS, RIGHT THERE RYUKO, RIGHT, FUCKING, THEEERREE!!! AHHHAAAAA, MY PUSSY, MY PUSSY FEELS SO GOOD NOW, LICK MY PUSSY MORE, LICK YOUR BIG SISTERS PUSSY MORE!!!!


“Now who has weak spots nee-san?!” Ryuko teased before covering Satsuki’s pussy with her mouth again. The other girl wrapped her arms around Satsuki’s thighs for support as she kept her face buried in her crotch. Satsuki could feel Ryuko’s tongue delving deep into her as she used her upper teeth to tease her swollen and sensitive clit. Satsuki gripped at the sheets of the bed as her toes curled in pleasure.


OHHHHHH YESSSSSS! YES YES YES YEEESSSS!!!” Satsuki cried out as Ryuko made her cum again and again, “I’M CUMMING, RYUKO AHHH I’M CUMMING SO HARD BABY SISTER!!!


She heard Ryuko chuckle as the other girl shifted positions on top of her, moving them into a sixty-nine position, shoving her steaming hot pussy into Satsuki’s face! “I’m only a year younger, that hardly counts as “baby” sister bitch.” Ryuko told her.


Satsuki only smiled and reached her hands up to grab the other girl’s ass again. She gave Ryuko’s round butt a loud spank before lifting her head to press her mouth to the other girl’s pussy. She noted with some satisfaction that the crotchless thong panties she’d given Ryuko were glowing a brilliant red as the Life Fibers within were supercharged by their passions.


MMMMMMH, NEE-SAAAAAN…!!!” Ryuko moaned before moving to lick and suck on Satsuki’s pussy again.


“Ryukooo…” Satsuki moaned into the girls pussy, loving the flavor of her overflowing juices as she licked and lapped at her pussy for a long while before moving to suck directly on her clit! Ryuko shook on top of her, moaning into Satsuki as both girls brought each other to one final massive orgasm!


The two of them then lay atop one another, panting as they recovered. Ryuko tried to get up, but failed miserably as her limbs couldn’t seem to lift her weakened body.


“Ryu…ko…” Satsuki panted.


“Nee-san… You’re… So far… Away…” Ryuko gasped.


With her remaining strength, Satsuki managed to reorient herself so that they were face to face again. They kissed and Ryuko rubbed her body against Satsuki slowly, cuddling into her as Satsuki held her tight, silently vowing never to let her feel alone again.



“So Iori, what did your analysis conclude?” Satsuki asked as she sat in the study of the campus mansion. Soroi quietly poured her a cup of her favorite tea as the blonde explained. Around her sat Ryuko, the Elite Four, and Ryuko’s lover Mankanshoku, though she was completely asleep in Ryuko’s lap. Rei stood behind Satsuki’s chair listening intently.


“The sheets you provided were indeed fully charged despite there being no sexual activity performed on them. In fact they were better charged than the panties you and Matoi provided later.” he said, adjusting the mask he wore over his mouth and nose. “Given your description of events at the time of charging, I concluded that Life Fibers can be charged not only by feels of lust and ecstasy, but by sensations of joy and contentment as well. However, at Honnouji Academy, many students who were friends and lovers spending their free time together also had to have experienced the same emotions at one time or another, but no supercharging ever occured.”


“What does that mean then?” asked Ryuko who was also in the room drinking from a can of soda.


“Your experience with Senketsu at times of perfect synchronization gave me this conclusion:” said Iori, “Joy, contentment, harmony, these states and emotions at their most perfect embodiments are few and far between. That is why you were only able to accomplish them a few times. The same can be said for Lady Satsuki and Ms. Hoomaru. That night, the two of you were in a moment of perfect contentment. That allowed the fibers within the sheets to charge more efficiently than in other instances.”


“Then using those emotions is better, but far more difficult to achieve with any degree of consistency.” Satsuki finished for him.


“Correct. Not unlike a Diesel engine and Unleaded engine. Diesel runs very efficiently, but getting it up and running is in some circumstances difficult. Whereas an unleaded engine can run much faster and with less work.” the blonde told them.


“So after all that, we just need to keep going like we have huh?” Nonon asked in a dry tone.


“Correct.” Satsuki said as she finished her tea and stood, “I had hoped to find a method that could involve all students from the University, but it would prove too time consuming and difficult to foster such relationships on that grand a scale. And time, whilst still plentiful at the moment, is not something that should be wasted.”


“Yes, Milady!” the Elite Four said together.


“Whatever, it’s not like you’d have the rest of us stop anyway. Not after going through all the trouble setting up this kinky sex college.” Ryuko said. “Hey seamstress guy, how long before you can bring Senketsu back?”


“I prefer the term Tailor, but I have made much progress on that front. All that is left is going through the rest of Professor Matoi’s notes and the notes from the Nudist Beach experiments. I will have more for you then.” said Iori.


Satsuki then went over the more mundane details of their plans before calling the meeting to a close. As everyone left, Rei came over to Satsuki as she handed some signed forms to Gamagori.


“Milady?” she asked.


“Yes Rei?” said Satsuki.


“So, you were, really content, just lying in bed with me?” she asked, her voice just a little timid.


“Indeed,” Satsuki said without hesitation. “It was truly a peaceful moment. One I hope to have again in the future.” she told her, “Come, we still have much to do today.”


Behind her, Satsuki could almost FEEL Rei blushing as she answered, “Yes Milady Satsuki!”

Story by Sailor Io

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1 year ago

Fun and well written chapter, I like it a lot

1 year ago
Reply to  Shadowdragon


1 year ago

To be honest; I don’t really like when you draw lips like Satsuki’s in this pic, but the makeup version make it look okay

Boruto Uzumaki
Boruto Uzumaki
1 year ago

Hey just wondering when are we gonna get more Naruto stories and can we have Boruto hotdogging Samui please

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Reply to  Boruto Uzumaki

(Not really the spot to ask bro)

I don’t know. Naruto isn’t the focus this month or even next.

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So when will you actually draw Rei? You’re no stranger to dark-skinned chicks, how is she any different?

1 year ago
Reply to  Bleh

Likely it’d have to be a waist up shot if ever, given how I’ve written her. Sent Enzo a possible work around, but I don’t know what he thinks of it yet. He’s pretty busy with so many projects at once, so I understand.

1 year ago

It was nice that Ryuko and Satsuki got to bond a little more. Albeit a bit kinky.

1 year ago
Reply to  BroKey69

Still fits the Kill la Kill cannon, Ragyo was into that stuff in several key scenes

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Pretty fun chapter, got some more story building up at the beginning and end as well. Who would have thought they prefer nipple sucking huh?

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Both those ladies have a bit of an oral fixation

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i like the softness of their breast thats perfect art.i like the story to but i hope there be more of rai and satsuki story. i give you a 7 score

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There’s more Rei and Satsuki planned, don’t worry! I’m glad people are enjoying the pairing.