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New School for Sluts

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Kill la Kill stories)
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Ryuko Matoi still couldn’t get over how much Honnonji Academy had changed from its first iteration. Then again, the entire campus and surrounding township had been completely demolished in the final battles with her mother and her underling Hoomaru. But, in a week, the entire town and campus had been rebuilt, with a few major changes. The disparity between the classes was entirely non-existent now. The surrounding city was made up of several skyscraper apartments and some office buildings for the families.


Honnonji Slut University itself was a completely new design as well. When Ryuko looked at the campus from a distance, it looked like a pair of giant tits doing a boobjob to an equally giant dick. The dark haired girl shook her head, her big sister never did ANYTHING halfway, that was for sure. The big Four Student Council had already been reestablished, though most of them were on the college level, as the university covered Freshmen Highschool to Grad Student curriculum now.


Ryuko had enrolled with Mako for their senior highschool year. And because Satsuki either didn’t believe in school entry tests or because she was her sister, Ryuko wouldn’t need to take an entrance exam for college next year. She couldn’t decide which, as even now Ryuko had no idea what was going on in her big sister’s head.


While the construction of the school and town had been finished a couple months ago, classes wouldn’t be starting until tomorrow. After her big announcement and opening speech, Satsuki wanted to give people the time to move into their new homes and adjust to life here. Many of the jobs and occupations here were adult themed or related. Even the laws in town were different than the world outside. Here, a woman could walk around stark naked if she wanted, or even fuck in public! The latter of which was now encouraged.


Ryuko, Mako, and their family had moved into a modest apartment near the main campus itself. Ryuko had chosen it herself, just in case the Disciplinary Committee decided to play the once a semester obstacle courses again. That first time was annoying as hell, and Ryuko wasn’t about to get caught in that a second time.


“Oooooo, everything’s so different now!” said Mako as she walked alongside Ryuko onto the campus. She smiled as she watched her lover look this way and that like a curious bird. “Oh lookit that! And that! Ooooo, what’s that Ryuko?!” Mako said in rapid succession as she moved from one spot of the main quad to the next.


“I think it’s a school supply shop,” Ryuko said, “That sells, double, penetrating, dildo, panties…” she said slowly as she felt her face becoming flushed. The display openly showed a pair of fancy looking panties, that had been fitted with two dildos to plug the wearer’s ass and pussy at the same time!


“Jeez sis, maybe a LITTLE restraint!” Ryuko said as she turned her head away only to come nose to nose with a familiar face.


“I don’t think restraint is in your sister’s vocabulary.” said Aikuro Mikisugi.


“Mikisugi!” Ryuko yelped, jumping back from him. “Wah!” she yelped again as she saw him in a mix of his Nudist Beach “outfit” and his old teacher’s disguise with that pair of lame sunglasses on his face while he carried a paper umbrella with him.


“What are you doing here?” she asked.


“Lady Satsuki asked me to resume my role as a teacher and combat instructor.” he answered simply.


“Uh huh, that explains the get-up.” Ryuko said dryly as she reached a hand out to cover Mako’s eyes as she leaned forward to look at Mikisugi’s junk which was hanging freely. She fought to keep her eyes level with his, “Dare I ask what you teach this time?”


“Oral Technique and DTR piloting.”


“Figures, wait, oral technique? You don’t mean!?” she asked, but one look at his face gave her the answer. She sighed and gripped Mako’s wrist as she began walking away.


“See you in class.” he called after them.


“Yeah yeah…” Ryuko replied bitterly as she took Mako into the main building that was the big dick between the huge tits. No sooner than she walked through the wide double doors did she run into the back of a short girl with silver lavender colored hair.


“Oh, sorry about that.” Ryuko apologized.


The girl turned around, and Ryuko gasped at how beautiful she was. Her skin was like a fine mochaccino and her eyes were some of the darkest blue she’d ever seen. She was dressed all in white with blue accents. Her outfit looked like one of those military type uniforms from one of those super fancy schools in Kobei. Her silvery lavender colored hair was tied up in a pair of twintails that came down just past her shoulders with a slight curl at the ends.


“It’s alright.” she said, “I was looking for the admission’s office.”


“Oh, you sure, cause this school is kindaaa…” Ryuko said.


“I’m aware.” the girl said with a smile, “It doesn’t bother me in the least. I was raised in a pretty kinky family.”


“Ah, well I THINK admissions is on the second floor, but the school is nothing like it was before, so I could be wrong.” Ryuko told her.


“Oh, are you a new transfer student!?” Mako jumped in, “Are you here looking to avenge someone? Hey Ryuko she’s just like you, we should all be friends! I’m Mankanshoku Mako, I’m super happy to meet you!” the bubble headed girl said in a rush as she hugged the three of them together.


The mocha skinned girl smiled and laughed, a delicate sound as she reached a hand out, “I’m Jai, Jai Ki…ryu, Jai Kiryu. Pleased to meet you Mankanshoku, I’d be happy to be your friend.”


“Yay!” Mako cheered happily. “Our first day and we already have a new friend Ryuko!”


Ryuko chuckled and smiled, “Come on, let’s find the admissions office, classes don’t start for a little while longer. So we got time.”


“My thanks.” Jai said, returning her smile.


The trio of girls began walking down the hallway together and Ryuko asked, “So Jai, what brings you to a pervy school like this?”


“Oh, several reasons. My mom told me about the first battle with the life fibers, so I thought I’d help with the new battle.” Jai told her.


“Your mom, was she a teacher at the first academy or something?” Ryuko asked.


“Yeah, something like that. She worked with the Elite Four for one.” Jai told her.


“Oh, I didn’t know those guys worked with any of the teachers.” Ryuko said, though it made sense, Nonon and the others had to have SOME contact with the faculty to run all those clubs. But since Satsuki was the one in charge of everything, they all probably just kept their heads down as much as possible.


“Oh, speaking of the Elite Four, where are they?” Mako asked Ryuko, “I haven’t seen Lady Satsuki since that time at the beach a while back. You know, when we saw Hoomaru had a big… Mmmmph mmmf mmmmh…” her words turning muffled as Ryuko covered her mouth with her own in a deep kiss. Mako then turned to jelly in the dark haired girl’s arms. That always did well to shut her up, it was a good trick to know. Ryuko was pretty sure Hoomaru didn’t want her not so little ‘secret’ out for the public to hear.


“Hmm?” Jai asked, tilting her head and blinking her eyes.


“Oh, it’s nothing, my girlfriend says some silly things sometimes…” Ryuko said.


“Oh, you two are an item?” Jai asked with a smile. There wasn’t even a hint of judgement in her voice, which Ryuko was grateful for. “My mom and her wife hooked up in school too!”


“Oh, is that so?” Ryuko asked as they reached the stairs.


“Yeah, though they knew each other through my grandmother before that. Things then were kinda complicated from what I was told. Mom and nana don’t like talking about it.” Jai said, “But, they’re happy together, that’s what really matters.”


Ryuko nodded in agreement as they reached the second floor and found a sign pointing the way to the admissions office. The three of them followed the signs and parted ways outside the office itself after exchanging numbers.


“It was nice meeting you both, maybe we’ll have some classes together, bye.” said Jai as she went inside. Ryuko and Mako both waved back to her just as the bell rang.


“Oh crap Ryuko, we’re gonna be LATE!!!! On the first day, that’s bad, I know Satsuki is your sis and all, but you know how Gamagori gets with being on time!” Mako said in a panic as she pulled Ryuko along behind her as they rushed through the hallways.


hr />


Having made it to class with just barely a second to spare, Ryuko sat in the second row of seats and leaned her head against one hand as she fought not to yawn. Another detail that set Honnonji Slut University apart, all the classes were set up like a university. Instead of a simple box shaped room with a bunch of loose desks and chairs, every classroom was a lecture hall. All the seats were long benching set behind one long desk. Evenly spaced along each desk was a computer terminal with a touchscreen keyboard. At first, Ryuko thought it was because her sister wanted everything to look all fancy, but she quickly realized after a few minutes that it was for a far more practical reason.


Not even five minutes into class and Ryuko was watching as Omiko Hakodate was bent over her desk by a man in her row while he plowed his cock up her ass. Ryuko was no prude, after all, she had sex with her own sister in front of a big crowd, and watched her suck off Gamagori at the opening ceremony. Still, there was just something so, odd, about public sex like this…


HMMMMMM, YEAH, DEEPER, FUCK MY ASSHOLE HARDER!!!!” Omiko moaned as she drooled onto her desk. The touchscreen keyboard was typing a bunch of random characters over her screen. And once she saw that, Ryuko understood the fancy set-up was just for ease of cleaning. Wiping off a flat screen was easier than cleaning bodily fluids out of a keyboard.


The young man behind the blonde looked to be Omiko’s age, with long dark brown hair and eyes, and a pair of dark scars across his face that almost looked like cracks. He was built like a pro body-builder and had a dick that would make an elephant jealous! Ryuko watched as he slammed that massive meat stick into Omiko’s asshole, spreading the orifice wider than Ryuko thought humanly possible. She watched as the blonde’s butt jiggled and rippled erotically as she howled in pleasure, her long tongue lolling from her lips.


Ryuko squeezed her thighs together as she felt a twinge between them in spite of herself. The class professor was talking about something to do with technique and how to boost pleasure, but Ryuko barely heard him over the girl’s moans. Though it was more than clear Omiko was getting off from how brightly her uniform was glowing a bright red. All of the school uniforms were made with at least 1% Life Fibers and were required to be turned in for cleaning once a week. Though they weren’t being cleaned so much as harvested. The activated Life Fibers being swapped out for inactive ones.


Ryuko gulped lightly as she watched the young man suddenly slam his entire dick into the girl. Omiko screamed in ecstasy as she ripped the front edges of her desk and arched her back until she was almost a complete U shape.


“Wow…” Ryuko breathed, her hand moving to rest against her thigh. The heat between her legs only grew more intense as her fingers drifted toward her inner thigh.


“Hmm, flexible, isn’t she?” asked the young man sitting next to her in her row. Ryuko snatched her hand away from her leg and sat up straighter, feeling her face getting hot. She then turned to look to her left as the man sitting next to her.


“Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you.” he said quietly.


“N… No, it’s fine.” Ryuko said, fighting to make herself stop blushing. She kept her face away from him as the dark haired rolled Omiko onto her back and lifted her legs up high. The long haired blonde panted and moaned as her breasts bounced and wobbled all over the place as he began piston fucking her faster.


YEAAAAH, MY ASSSSS, MY ASS FEELS SO GOOD, OH FUCK I’M CUMMING!!!! YESSSS, YESSSS, YESYESYESYES!!! FUCK MEEEEE, FUCK MY ASSSSSSS!” screamed Omiko as her pussy spurted like a fountain, spraying a stream of hot juices almost a foot into the air! Ryuko chewed her lower lip lightly and shifted in her seat, annoyed by the wet squishing sensation.


Fuck I’m soaked!’ she thought to herself as she watched the man reach down to grab Omiko’s fat tits and pinched her nipples.




“As you can see, public displays such as this can increase endorphin production and highten orgasmic release.” their professor said.


“No kidding.” the man next to Ryuko said as Omiko’s outfit began glowing a painfully bright red as she screamed in ecstasy. Standing above her, the dark haired man grunted as he slammed his tree trunk of a dick into the blonde and unloaded his balls into her stomach. Omiko’s belly visibly swelled a bit as her legs wrapped around his waist, locking him inside her.


The bell then rang loudly signaling the end of the class as their professor spoke up, “I’ve emailed everyone their assignments for the week, please have them completed by Friday. For the time being I’ve left partnering up to you, but if I have any uncompleted projects by then I will assign them for you.”


Turning back to her desk, Ryuko brought up her email and felt her eyes double in size! “Jeez sis, no grace period huh?” she muttered. The assignment was to practise the blowjob techniques that they covered at the start of the class. ‘Great, and I’ll likely have to do this in Mikisugi’s class too.’ she thought. Sighing to herself, Ryuko wondered where Satsuki even was, she hadn’t really seen her since that trip to the beach. She’d taken a few calls from her when she and Mako’s family were moving into their new apartment. On one video call she’d seen Satsuki had cut her hair again for some reason.


Steeling herself, Ryuko remembered when Satsuki had challenged her resolve to get Senketsu back. She placed a hand over her heart as she again read the assignment on the screen while the student’s began slowly filing out of the class. Turning to her left, she finally took a look at her desk neighbor. He was fairly handsome at least, with silver white hair and sea green eyes.


“What’s your name?” she asked.


“Marcus Valentine.” he said, “We met before once, I was a one star in the Biology Club, saw you take out the club leader like he was nothing. I tried telling him it was a bad idea, but…”


Ryuko blinked. She VAGUELY remembered that guy, but she couldn’t place Marcus’ face. Then again, so many of the quote unquote ‘regular’ students back then all seemed to look alike. Shrugging inwardly, she thought, ‘Fuck it.


“I need a guy to practise sucking off, wanna help me out?” she asked bluntly.


“Sure.” he said just as bluntly, “Saves me the embarrassment of asking another girl.”


Ryuko laughed, straight up, no nonsense, and didn’t flinch at her question, she liked him. “Tonight after seven, your place. My family will peep at mine.”


“It’s a date.” Marcus said before giving her his address. “You gonna kick my ass if I ask you to wear something slutty?”


Ryuko thought about it, he’d already seen her wearing Senketsu, and stark naked after her final fight with her bitch mother, so honestly there was nothing unreasonable about that request. “Nah, I think I can find something in the school shop.” she told him with a smile before holding out her hand, “Good to meet you Valentine.”


Marcus took her hand and shook it, “Marcus, I’m from the states, the whole last name first thing never really sat well with me.”


“Whatever, see you tonight.” she told him.



Marcus’ apartment as it turned out was on the other side of Honno Town, though Ryuko couldn’t tell just from looking at the place. Things really were equal now for students and family living here, as far as living conditions went. There were no “slums” to speak of, though like all cities there were shady places if you looked for them. Not that Ryuko wanted to go looking, she didn’t mind the slums and such, otherwise she wouldn’t have let Mako’s family adopt her the way they did. She remembered the early days of her ‘Fight Club’, when she, Mako, and her family all lived in the One Star district. Those days were the same as the days in the slum, just with a roof that didn’t leak. Things only turned sour when they had too much wealth and privilege and began to drift apart.


“Can have too much of a good thing,” she said aloud as she stepped off the elevator, “Right, Senketsu?” she asked, clutching a hand over her heart again.


A door opened a few meters from the elevator and Marcus poked his head out, “What’s that about a good thing?” he asked her.


Ryuko felt her cheeks heating up again, “Nothing.” she lied, then fixed him with a fierce look, “What, you so eager for a blowjob you had your ear to the walls waiting for me?”


He smirked, “Hardly, the buildings are nice, but the walls are like paper, you can hear a pin drop from five floors up on some nights.”


It was her turn to smirk, “Whaddya expect, this whole city got built in a month! Bet I could punch your door down with no effort at all.”


He laughed, “You could do that even if the place were built like a fortress. Seriously, you’re more overpowered than a gorilla.”


“Call me a gorilla again and see what happens to that pretty boy face of yours!” she threatened.


“Oh, you think my face is pretty? Thank you, you’re beautiful as well Matoi.” he said to her. Ryuko felt her whole face turning bright red as a tingling sensation traveled down the back of her head and neck. “I mean, better you than that Hakodate chick, seriously, those teeth, what guy in his right mind would wanna let that mouth anywhere near his junk.”


Ryuko’s blush faded and she balled a fist, “Jerk!” she said as she forced her way past him and into his apartment, “Let’s get this over with already!”


Marcus’ apartment was one of the smaller units, basically everything was one room with a few partitions aside from the bathroom which was closed off just inside the door. The kitchen was separated from the main room by a counter that also served as an eating area. The rest of the room was just a large bedroom dominated by a queen sized bed, a desk, and a TV on a stand next to the window. Nearly every inch of the walls were covered with anime posters of various Waifu girls. Ryuko recognized a few of them by sheer popularity alone, as well as a few she also liked herself. The God Tongue girl from that cooking anime for one. Ryuko related to her a bit, because like her, her gift in some ways was also a curse. To have a tongue so sensitive that most food tasted awful unless it was made perfectly. It sounded awful to her.


Ryuko’s own gifts came with a similarly heavy price tag, making her less human than she liked to admit. The only times she ever truly felt normal was when she wore Senketsu, someone who’s uniqueness mirrored her own.


“Yeah, I’m a fan of Anime.” Marcus said when he noticed her staring. “It was one of the few clubs that got rejected because there were no combat applications to appreciating the various art styles used in it.”


“Huh?” Ryuko asked.


“You could say it’s my passion. I love anime, all kinds, the hyper realism, the hyper exaggerated body styles, and everything in between. More compelling than that are the stories they tell, the deeper meanings in the plots told in entertaining ways and the like.” he explained.


“You’re a geek.” she snickered.


He shrugged, “Maybe, but my club got approved this time, so long as we focus on the Adult Genre.”


“Figures.” Ryuko said.


“On that note, love your outfit.” Marcus said, giving her a thumbs up.


Ryuko blushed and looked down at her attire, or lack thereof. She wore a black top that was like an ill-designed bra that barely contained her heavy breasts, it even showed off her nipples partially. With it was a matching micro-mini skirt that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. Accenting that were a pair of what she thought of as ‘Dental-floss Panties’, a set of bright pink strings that ran neatly up her ass and into the folds of her freshly shaved pussy.


She looked back up at Marcus, “W… Whatever!” she shouted, “I didn’t wear it for you! I wore it, cause I think it makes me look sexy…” she said more quietly.


“You looked sexy even in that outfit back in school when it wasn’t in stripper mode.” he told her.


“Sh… Shut up! I’m already here to suck your dick, no need to flatter me!” she snapped even though she felt her cheeks turning redder.


“It’s not flattery when you’re just stating a fact,” said Marcus, “Anyway, let’s get started.”


“Yeah, lets!” she said, trying to sound more haughty than she felt. “Drop the pants pal, and I hope you got something worth my time under there!” she said snidely as she pointed to the dark blue shorts he had on.


“Right away, Matoi-san.” he said, undoing the front of his pants as he moved over to the bed.


“Tch, you can just call me Ryuko if you want me to call you by your first name.” she said quietly, “But put a ‘chan’ on it and I’ll belt you into next year.” she added. Only Mako was allowed to call her that, and her parents sometimes.


“Alright, Ryuko.” he said as he dropped his shorts.


“Good, glad we understaaaaaand…!” Ryuko yelped as her eyes expanded to the size of dinner plates at the sight of Marcus’ half hard dick! She couldn’t fight the deep red blush that spread over her entire body as she stared at the young mans dick. It was easily as long as her entire forearm from the elbow to the tip of her middle finger, and twice as thick!


She’d never seen a man’s cock this close before, let alone this big! Gamagori might have been bigger, but she only saw from a distance. Rei was even huger, but she didn’t count as she wasn’t exactly a man. And Mikisugi, well, he’d never gotten hard around her in true Nudist Beach fashion. He explained to her once that getting erect at a nude beach was actually considered rude. Marcus sat on the edge of the bed as his cock expanded to its full might. Ryuko gulped as she moved over to kneel in front of him. Could she really do this? She’d already had sex with her own sister in front of a crowd, but that was different, she’d been with Mako many times before that, so it wasn’t really anything new to her.


Tentatively, Ryuko reached her hand out to lightly touch the side of him. She gasped when Marcus’ cock twitched lightly at her touch, jouncing away from her. It didn’t feel anything like she’d imagined it would. The surface of it was soft and a little loose, but just beneath that it felt insanely rigid. Almost like a wood beam with a soft strip of leather around it. Next was the smell, a heady, potent, musky odor that made her feel more than a little dizzy! The scent seemed to travel throughout her entire body from her nose to her groin and back again to the top of her head. She found herself taking in deep lungfuls of it, the dizziness getting stronger with each inhalation. Ryuko’s nipples turned stiff under her top, straining against the fabric.


“Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you.” Marcus said.


Ryuko was snapped back to reality by his words and fixed him with a fierce glare, “Yeah well, keep still and lemme do this already!” she said harshly as she reached out and grabbed his cock more firmly. He groaned slightly at her touch, and Ryuko was amazed by how hot it felt in her hand as she began stroking it slowly like she’d seen in movies before. Marcus groaned a little louder this time as she moved her hand in slow steady motions. She then moved her free hand to grab one of his grapefruit sized balls. They felt softer and heavier than she imagined they would, and she finally understood why a good kick would hurt so much.


“Ooooh…” Marcus groaned, “Your hands are so soft…”


Ryuko blushed again, but glared at him, “D… Don’t talk!” she chided him. He nodded and she began moving her hand up and down his meat stick a little faster. She could feel his dick trying to twitch away from her again and gripped it a little tighter as she leaned her head in closer. The smell got even stronger as she neared, and Ryuko felt as if the room was beginning to spin around her as she opened her mouth and closed her eyes.


Slowly, the dark haired girl stuck out her tongue and slowly dragged it along the side of his cock opposite her hand. Marcus let out a long low groaning sound as she licked him from the base to the tip. The taste was absolutely nothing like she imagined. For the longest time she always thought a man’s dick would taste revolting somehow, like some badly cooked piece of beef or under steamed cabbage. But in reality, it tasted like skin. No different than if she licked the skin of her forearm.


She tried to hide her surprise as she slowly ran her tongue over the ridge at the mushroom shaped tip of his cock before pulling her head back. Steeling herself again, Ryuko opened her mouth as wide as she could.


AHHHHHMMMPH…” she said as she took the top of his cock into her mouth. Her jaw ached almost instantly, but it wasn’t painful, just, unfamiliar. She slowly brushed her tongue against the underside of his dick as she lowered her head down just a bit more until she felt it pressing against the back of her throat.


This was the part she was worried about, she knew from class that she might have to overcome her gag reflex. The words of Mikisugi echoed in her mind, “Don’t worry if you choke a little, that just means you’re doing it correctly ladies.”


Asshole.’ Ryuko thought as she kept her eyes closed and pushed her head lower. “GUUUUHMMMMMMPH!!!” she moaned as she felt her throat filling and expanding from the sheer thickness of his cock. “MMMMMMPH…!” she moaned again at the feeling, it felt good. Ryuko moaned a bit louder as she took his cock deeper, the feel of it moving through her mouth and throat was oddly pleasurable. She liked it, she liked it a lot! Before she realized it, her nose was being tickled by the pubic hairs of Marcus’ crotch as she took him all the way to the hilt. His heady smelling balls pressed against her chin as she held his cock inside her mouth, feeling the tip all the way in her stomach!


SLUUUUUUURP!!!” she moaned as she slowly lifted her head back up, struggling not to moan again at the feel of his cock head dragging up through her throat. Ryuko clenched her thighs again as her pussy got hot, hotter than she could have imagined with anyone other than Mako. The dental floss that was her panties suddenly felt painfully uncomfortable as it pressed against her clit which had now become agonizingly swollen!


MMMMMMPH, SLURP, MMMMPH, SLURP, MMMPH, MMMPH, MMMMMPH MMMMPH MMMMMPH MMMMMMMMPH!” Ryuko moaned as she began moving her head up and down faster. She distantly heard Marcus groaning, but she ignored him as she pulled aside the crotch of her panties and began fingering her hungry pussy! Her head was spinning with pleasure as she bobbed it up and down like a piston. The room around her blurred as she dipped three fingers into her pussy and moved them back and forth in synch with her head.


MMMMPH GUMMMPH, MMMMPH GUMMMPH, MMMMPH GUMMMPH, MMMMPH GUMMMPH, MMMMPH GUMMMPH, MMMMPH GUMMMPH!” she moaned softly, “HMMMMMMMMMPH!!!” she then squealed as she felt her entire body tense in pleasure! She was cumming!!!! She was actually cumming from sucking a guy off! And it felt amazing!


“[Ohhh man, that feels incredible Ryuko… Ahhh fuck, don’t stop!]” Marcus said, though Ryuko didn’t understand a word since he’d said it in English. The only part of the sentence she did understand was her own name.


“Dhun’t dalk, Aye cahn’t un’dershtand Engrish dummy…!” she tried to say, but his cock in her throat and against her tongue slurred her words until they were barely intelligible.


Marcus just groaned again, and she thought she heard him apologize, but she couldn’t be sure. Not over the loud wet slurping noises of her mouth and throat moving up and down faster and faster!


HMMMMMMPH, MMMPH GUMMMPH GUMMMPH MMMMPH GUGH GUG GUG GU MMMMMMMMPH SHO GUUD, MUH MOUPH, AHHHHGH, ID PHEELSH SHO GUUUD!!! GUMMMPH MMMPH MMMMMPH MMMMMPH!!!!” Ryuko moaned around his cock, pulling her hand away from her cunt and gripping the shaft with both of them as she moved her head faster. Her pussy continued to gush and twitch all on its own now as she moaned in pleasure.


“Yeaaah, oh fuuucking fuccck…” Marcus groaned in Japanese, his hands slamming against the top of the bed and gripping the sheets tightly.


MMMPH MMMMPH MMMMMPH MMMMMMPPPHHH!!!!” Ryuko moaned as she lifted her ass up in the air to give herself a better angle as she deepthroated Marcus’ cock like never before. Her pussy sprayed like a fire hose as her head spun like a carnival ride! Her moan was a strangled gargling sound as she felt something thick, hot, and heavy suddenly pumping into her stomach. A feeling of fullness like she’d eaten a satisfying meal of Sukuyo’s mystery meat croquettes filled her stomach as she felt his cock throbbing inside her mouth!


GUUUUUUUUMPH, AHHHHHH!” Ryuko gasped as she pulled her head free and took in a deep breath of sweet air just as Marcus’s cock sprayed her face with another thick wad of hot and sticky cum! It smelled like his cock, only a thousand time stonger, her already swimming head felt like it was drowning now as she slowly licked her lips, loving the flavor of it on her tongue. Salty and bitter at the same time. Her entire body felt hot, and she could see a subtle glow coming from the red strip in her bangs. The kind of glow she only saw when she was really, truly, getting off!


In front of her, Marcus panted as well, his cock still rock hard and throbbing in her grip. Without even thinking about it, Ryuko climbed up onto the bed with him. Reaching her hand down, she grabbed the front of her floss panties and pulled! The flimsy string was stronger than it looked as it now glowed a brilliant red. But Ryuko was stronger as she yanked, snapping the string and pulling the panties away from her body. The Life Fibers in them instantly repaired the fully charged panties as she tossed them aside.


“What are you…?” Marcus asked as he sat up.


“Extra credit!” Ryuko said, shoving him back down before impaling her pussy on his cock! “MMMMMMMMH FUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!” she moaned, “OOH GOD, SO FULL, FUCK I NEVER THOUGHT IT’D FEEL LIKE THIIIIISSSSSSS!!! IT’S LIKE I HAVE A TREE TRUNK INSIDE MEEEEEE!!!!” she screamed as she moved into a squatting position on her hands and feet.


MMMMMH, YEAH, FUUUCK, FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUCK…!” Ryuko cursed like a sailor as she bounced herself up and down on Marcus’ pole. She could feel every millimeter of it as it moved in and out of her. “MY GOD, IT FEELS LIKE YOUR FUCKING MY ORGANS! AHHH THIS IS SO GOOD!” she screamed.


“Fuck, Ryuko… Ahhh, you’re too tight, fuck so tight!!!” Marcus babbled, trying to thrust his hips with her until she pressed her hands down on his waist.


DON’T. YOU. FUCKING. MOVE!” she warned him, her tone leaving zero room for any argument. She then began bucking herself up and down faster, her pussy making all kinds of lewd and rude sounds as she plunged his cock in and out of herself.


YESSSSSSS, YES, YESYESYESYES, OH FUCK I’M CUMMING!!! IS THIS WHAT CUMMING FROM A DICK IS LIKE, OH FUCK IT’S SO GOOOOOOD, AHHHHHHH!!!! I’M GONNA CUM I’M GONNA CUM AGAIN, I’M CUMMMMMMMINGGGGGGGG!!!!!!” Ryuko screamed so loud her throat and lungs ached from the strain, but she didn’t care as she continued slamming her ass back down on Marcus’ pelvis.


“Ryuko, Ryuko… Ah fuuuuck, Ryukoooooo….!!!” Marcus groaned with her as she brought herself down on him and held herself there just as he came inside her again. Thick liquid warmth filled her insides as Ryuko let out a long low moan of sheer pleasure.


The dark haired girl then felt her strength leave her as if someone had simply flipped a light switch. She fell forward on top of Marcus, his cock still half buried inside her as her body twitched lightly.


She didn’t know how long the two of them laid like that, but when she finally had the strength to move again, a quick glance at the clock told her it was well past midnight. She mentally cursed herself as she climbed off him and looked around for her underwear. Her clothes were all aglow with the charged Life Fibers in them. She then blinked as she caught her reflection in the window. The hair on the sides of her head, right next to her ears, had also turned red and glowed lightly like the locke in her bangs. The last time she’d seen anything like that was when she wore Senketsu!


Senketsu?’ she thought inwardly. But there was no reply, not that she really expected one. She hadn’t heard his voice again since that final battle with Rei in the ruins of Old Honnonji Academy. Her hair returned to normal before her eyes as the heat in her body lessened to a small warmth.


“Hey Marcus,” she said.


“Yeah?” he asked, picking her panties up off the floor and handing them to her.


She shook her head and gave them back to him, “That Adult Anime Club of yours, where do I sign up?” she asked with a grin.

Story by Sailor Io

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3 years ago

First off damn it cool seeing this story off hiatus. Second this was well done seeing that the world is a bit more developed from the other characters view is as to how the school is now being a mix of Highschool amd college. Reading the part the Omiko was a treat and hope to see her in a future story she was one of my favorite female characters next to Mako. The new characters flesh out this fanfic really well adding more to the cast of students around their age getting to see new and old chacters doing their thing in this school. All in all nice story Sailor Io. As for the picture really sexy Rtenzo the you gave that sexy look was gold. Can’t wait to see more kill la kill work from you guys keep up the good work

3 years ago
Reply to  Jojoleo

So glad you enjoyed the story, I’m really looking forward to writing more. I have a lot of stuff planned. Still on the fence about a new oc kamui.

3 years ago

For those curious, here’s what Jai looks like.

3 years ago

This was a fun story for KLK, especially after so long. We not only had a pretty insane sex sequence, we’ve also seen firsthand how the school will be like now.

Not to mention how the faculty will be operating, but we certainly got it loud and clear. Somehow I think this was definitely a Trigger level chapter. There’s no denying.

And I liked how some newer people were introduced too. Very creative.

Well, I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s next. Good work. 😀

3 years ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Thanks. The series was a little overdue for some world building. I loved bringing Jai in finally, I have some big plans with her. Marcus we may see more of in story at least, I don’t know what pics if any, but I wouldn’t mind using him more. He makes for a good male romantic interest for Ryuko as until now Mako was the only viable candidate, though I know a lot of people (myself included) also ship Mako with Gamagori as there was definately chemsitry there. I don’t count Senketsu as a male romantic interest as I see him more as a soulmate type thing, but not in a romantic way. Though I do have an idea for HOW things can get intimate between Ryuko and Senketsu if need be.

Doctor Scruffy
Doctor Scruffy
3 years ago

I caught something in your story… I won’t say it but I think it’s gonna be mentioned in “TIME”

3 years ago
Reply to  Doctor Scruffy

Hehehe, I was nearly shouting it, I’m guessing you figured out a key plot point.

3 years ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

What is it?! tell me, I wanna know!

3 years ago

Pretty fun story, nice new set up for everything with some world building as well. The school design is pretty silly but knowing Trigger, if they did something porn related they’d basically do the exact same thing.

I’m not the best with names, but I’m fairly certain a few characters introduced here weren’t in the show which is rather interesting. I don’t mind more original characters being dropped into series with smaller rosters as I feel it gives you folks more creative freedom with the stories.

I am curious. In the weird over the top world of Trigger, what would anime even be like? Would it be more mundane to help people escape. Or would it be even more over the top? Either way, fun story, keep it up.

3 years ago
Reply to  Unskilled

Omiko was the Tennis chick from the early episodes, Mikisugi was the stripper teacher guy with Nudist Beach. The nameless guy plowing Omiko was a shout out to my current anime obsession Dr. Stone, he was Tsukasa. The scars being a reference to the cracks on his face. But that guy was just a throw away. Marcus and Jai were the only OC’s we may see more of going forward.

3 years ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Thanks for clearing that up! Actually would like to see more Omiko/Tsukasa in the future if that’s a possibility…

3 years ago
Reply to  V60

This is Tsukasa, and I’ll try.

Tsukasa Shishio _ Dr_ Stone.jpeg
Smiling Fiend
3 years ago

Cool ! I love Ryuko and this pose, this pic is easily top tier. She looks drop dead gourgeous with and without this bikini (she’s already good looking anyway). Enzo, if you’re reading this you should consider doing more of this pose, commission or not. I think it has a lot of pontential, I mean look how great this is !

3 years ago
Reply to  Smiling Fiend

Thanks man! If someone wants to commission me or patreon request me this pose I would not mind it 👍

3 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Mitsuki(MHA)/Deku would be fun in that pose.

Leda(BSU)/X or Eiji (I’d happily write Eiji with her)


BTW, I’m not requesting all these, just tossing out pairings I wouldn’t mind.

3 years ago

You’re posting a lot of new images this days (and they all are beautifull) there is a partucular reason for this much activity? Sorry for my bad english

3 years ago
Reply to  Eatos27

I’m not posting anymore than I usually do lol

So no particular reason.

3 years ago

Okay the story is nice and all, but the picture is what really got me here. Ryuko is my favorite kill la kill character and waifu! Great job on this! Ryuko looks so good! And the story helps the picture as well! I hope we see more of her in the near future!

3 years ago
Reply to  Anon

There will be, I’m glad you enjoyed the story

3 years ago

Really hope everyone enjoys the story, I really had fun doing it.