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Perverted Plan for Protecting the World

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Kill la Kill stories)
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Sitting in the study of her new mansion, Satsuki Kiryuin slowly sipped her favorite tea in silent contemplation. Dressed only in a loose fitting white silken robe that some might have found risque, she’d fallen into a habit of wearing only the minimal amount of clothing whenever she could. She hated the idea of completely covering herself like her mother had. It had been just over a year since she and her sister had defeated their mother and the Life Fiber threat to humanity. Her second year of college would be starting soon. She had to admit, living as just a regular student did take a lot of getting used to. She had thought of becoming a student council president again, but before that was only a cover so she could monitor and manipulate things as she needed. That goal met, she didn’t see the need to place herself in a position of power like that again.


Of course, she could have just sat back and lived in luxury. Her family wealth even after the dissolution of Revocs’ primary holdings was far beyond anything she could have spent in three lifetimes of binge shopping. Material things didn’t really interest her. The only reason she even bothered to have a new mansion built on the remains of the original was to keep all her servants employed. Not long after the event of the Honnōji Academy graduation, she sought out her little sister Ryuko, still living with her odd girlfriend and the Mankanshoku family. Their reaction to her haircut at the time still made the heroine smile when she was in private.


Satsuki sought her out with the intent of inviting her to live together as a family. But she declined, saying she was happy with the Mankanshoku’s, and bringing them to live with her wasn’t a good idea as they didn’t take to luxury well. Both of them had seen first hand what that had wrought.


“Hmmhmm,” she chuckled.


“Something amusing Lady Satsuki?” asked Soroi, her butler.


“Just a whimsical memory, nothing more.” she said quietly, taking another sip of her tea before holding the empty cup out for a refill.


“Very good, Lady Satsuki.” Soroi replied.


A soft knock at the door drew her attention.


“Enter.” she called out just enough to be heard.


The door opened silently as Rei Hoomaru entered. Now her personal aide and trusted confidant, the beautiful African woman walked over to where she sat. Dressed in a casual business dress suit, Rei carried a tablet computer with her as she came to stand by her side.


“Lady Satsuki, an email has just arrived from Shiro Iroi, marked urgent.” Rei reported.


“Very well,” Satsuki said, holding out her hand after placing her teacup on a small table next to her chair. Rei handed her the tablet and Satsuki opened the email browser. The message was still unopened, but marked with a red exclamation point. Satsuki clicked it open, her eyes darting back and forth as she read the contents.


“Lady Satsuki!”




Rei and Soroi both gasped as she stood up abruptly and read the message a second, then third time.






Satsuki quickly told Soroi and Rei the contents, “Rei, see that Shiro gets whatever he needs, this is a top priority now!”


“M’lady!” Rei said with a nod as she took the tablet back and made a quick exit. Satsuki then untied the sash holding her robe closed, letting it all away from her naked body. She felt no shame with her butler starring as she walked over to the window facing the east wall. She looked out as the sun began setting in the distance, letting it’s warmth bathe her naked flesh. She wanted to feel the last rays of this days warmth with her entire body.


“It wasn’t long, but it was a welcome peace.” she said. “Soroi,”


“Yes, my Lady Satsuki?”


“Call everyone, even those naked pigs, and find my sister, we don’t have long to make plans.”



“So wait, how the fuck do you know this is another of those overgrown gords?” Ryuko asked as she looked at the image Shiro had projected up onto a large screen television She sat with her legs spread wide in a large dinning room in Satsuki’s mansion, wearing her favorite tracksuit as Mako flitted about the room like a humming bird.


“Ooooh, this place is sooooo big, our whole house could fit in this room alone!” Mako said as she picked up a large vase and traced her fingers along the intricately painted pattern along its surface.


“Nah, not quite, but close.” Ryuko told her, smiling at the brunette’s constant energy. “Back to my question, how do you know? I mean, it just looks like a dot in a bunch of other dots.” she said, looking at the image again. It looked like any other picture of space she’d seen, nothing special about it. The room was full of people she hadn’t seen in nearly a full year. The entire elite four sat to Satsuki’s right. Nonon at her direct right, next to her was Gamagori, and to his right was the hacker Inumuta, and lastly was Sanageyama.


Sitting with Ryuko was her former teacher Aikuro Mikisugi, and his right hand Kinagase. Also with them was that Hakodate girl, and Mako’s father Barazo Mankanshoku. Why HE had been invited was beyond Ryuko, but she had given up on trying to figure out how her sister thought.


“Several things,” Shiro explained, “First it’s spectrographic signature is nearly identical to the primordial Life Fiber we fought a year ago. Also, it’s moving with purpose. The astronomers who I’ve had monitoring the skies have already noted two course corrections base on other stellar objects in its immediate path.”


“Fuck.” Ryuko cursed.


“I share that sentiment Ryuko,” Satsuki said, sipping her tea. Ryuko was annoyed at how calm her elder sister appeared, sitting at the head of the table looking like some queen again.


“Ahhhh, this sucks!” Nonon said, “It almost feels like we went through all that for nothing!”


“Not true Nonon, we bought humanity time.” Satsuki said, “And time is something we still have some of. Shiro.” she said, urging the blonde to continue.


“That’s the good news. From all we can see, the cruising speed we saw with the original Life Fiber seems to be the maximum speed that they can travel. Right now, this new fiber is just now passing Neptune, projections say it will take at least five years to reach Earth’s atmosphere, longer depending on how it navigates the asteroid belt when it passes Jupiter.” he explained.


“So there you have it, we have five years to mount a counter offensive.” Satsuki said. “To that end, Shiro, tell them about Project Reclamation.”


Nodding, Shiro changed the image on the large screen TV to a stylized font with the words in all caps; PROJECT RECLAMATION.


“As you know, after graduation I continued my research into Life Fibers. And in the last year I have made a few discoveries.” explained Shiro as he adjusted the mask her always wore. “This next part gets what some might call perverted, but I assure you the science is sound.”


“Social taboos fall by the wayside when faced with extinction Shiro, please continue.” Satsuki said.


“Yes M’lady. In the course of my research, I have concluded that Life Fibers strengthen both themselves and their hosts through both dopamine and endorphin production. These two chemicals allow the fibers themselves to grow, and strengthen the host both against pain and fear.”


“Ummm, what are endorphins?” Mako asked as she raised her hand.


“They are the chemical the brain secretes during moments of heightened pleasure or pain. Their true purpose is to block pain in cases of severe trauma so that the body can continue to function and survive. Extreme happiness also causes their release.” Satsuki explained matter-o-factly. “However, they are mostly released during sexual ecstasy.


“Which is why mom and Nui were such total pervs.” Ryuko spat.


“Correct.” Satsuki agreed.


“My time with Ragyo was limited, but that does explain her odd behavior.” Gamagori said.


“It’s why I limited contact with her as much as I could for all of you.” Satsuki said, “I had no doubt she would have tried to seduce everyone if given the chance.”


“Ok, we’re getting off topic now,” Ryuko said, then turned back to Shiro, “So basically, the more the wearer is getting off, the stronger the Life Fibers, right?”


“Basically, yes.” Shiro confirmed. “Now, over the last year, Revocs has reclaimed all Life Fiber laced clothing through a thorough recall. The fibers are all currently dormant, but I believe they can be made active again through…” he paused, a blush spreading over his face, “Certain means.”


“Go on Shiro, we are all adults here.” Satsuki said.


“Very well. It is my theory that is we make new goku uniform clothing, and through use of extreme sexual stimulation of the wearers, we can activate the Life Fibers again and once more draw on their power for our own uses.”


“SAY WHAAAAT!?” Mako screamed, “Se… Se… Sexual.. You mean… GETTING BUSY!?”


“Basically, yes.” Shiro confirmed, closing his eyes and hanging his head slightly.


“Kinky…” Nonon finally spoke up, turning a slightly lecherous grin in Satsuki’s direction. Ryuko didn’t miss the ever so slight grin her sister sent her friend in return. Just how close were those two?


“So, to be as direct as possible, for the next five years, anyone who will be involved in the coming battle will need to become rather active sexually speaking.” Shiro explained, “This next part directly involves you Matoi-sama.” he said, turning his attention to Ryuko.


“NO WAY!!!” Mako shouted, moving to stand in front of Ryuko, her arms crossed over her head. “Ryuko-chan is still a virgin! She can’t so naughty things like this until she finds that super special someone! It’s not right, she needs to save herself so she can get married and have that perfect wedding night. It’s IMPORTANT! IMPORTANT! IMPORTANT!”


“If she does become sexually active, I believe we can revive Senketsu.” Shiro said. he then blinked only to find himself face to face with Ryuko, an intense fire burning in her eyes!


“You, had, better, not, be, joking.” she said slowly and evenly.


“He’s not, Ryuko.” Satsuki said, “It was the true reason I had Shiro begin project reclamation. The world owes Senketsu a debt that should be repaid. If you join us in this, I promise you we will do everything in our power to reunite you with, how did you put it Ms. Mankanshoku? Ryuko’s Sunday best.”


“I’m in!” Ryuko said.


“Ryuko-chan…” Mako said, as Ryuko stomped her foot down.


Light seemed to bathe Ryuko’s entire body as she spoke with strength and determination in her voice, “Not a day has gone by that I haven’t missed Senketsu! I still feel my connection with him, every day. Without it I could have never won when you went nuts!” she said turning her gaze over to Rei who looked away in shame. “So I don’t care what it takes, if it’ll bring back my friend as well as save the world? Fine, I’ll seek pleasure and sex no matter how depraved!”


“Well said little sister!” Satsuki said, standing up and filling the room with even more light as she stomped her foot down heel first. “Today marks the beginning of our journey towards a new battle with the Life Fibers. Unlike last time, there will be no need for secrets and lies. It will be a road paved with debauchery and ecstasy, but at the end will be peace and freedom for humanity. If my sister is willing to walk this path, then I shall do the same. Now, who here is willing to follow us?!” she asked.


“Satsuki-sama!” the Elite four all said in unison as they got out of their chairs and kneeled at Satsuki’s feet.


“You people are still as crazy as ever, but what the hell. I’m in, I’ve missed my old uniform anyway.” said Mikisugi, speaking up for the first time.


“What uniform?” asked Kinagase.




“Well, I um, don’t exactly understand everything, but my clinic is at your disposal miss…” Mako’s father said eyeing Ryuko’s body lecherously.


“Okay nee-san, looks like everyone’s in, so where do we start?” Ryuko asked.


“About that, I did have an idea…” Satsuki said with her usual superior grin.



“I’ll say this for you sis, you never do anything halfway.” Ryuko said as she walked alongside Satsuki onto the stage. The two of them were in a local strip club called ‘Busteez’. The entire place stank of cigarette smoke and bad booze mixed with sweat, body spray, and various kinds of scented body oils. To put it mildly, the placed smelled exactly how one might expect a seedy strip club to smell. The place had a reputation for whoring out some of the girls, but only at extremely high costs and the girls could always turn down a job. That last part was the reason why Satsuki had selected this location.


“You know what they say little sister, ‘the best way to learn to swim is to dive right in.'” Satsuki said as she swung her hips suggestively. Pulsing music began to play and Satsuki reached for the clear plastic dancers poll. Gripping it tight as she stepped out with one leg, giving the hooting and hollering audience a good look at her thigh.


“That’s also a good way to drown, but if we’re doing quotes, then ‘No risk, no reward!” Ryuko countered as she moved out ahead of Satsuki, leaning forward to show off her big tits and how the bounced inside the tight fitting top she wore. Ryuko and Satsuki wore identical outfit that looked like black PVC, but Shiro had actually taken the outfits the manager had given them and laced them with Life Fibers. Only about five percent, but it was enough to begin. It would be a while before they could reproduce any Kamui’s, let alone goku uniforms.


“Well said Ryuko!” Satsuki agreed, moving to rub her own breasts against the dancers pole, pushing her ass out and twerking it so that her bottoms would ride up her ass tightly. The audience was loving it as they tossed money up onto the stage. A paltry amount, but they weren’t here for the money, they were here to charge the Life Fibers adorning their sexy bodies!


“Ugh, this feels embarrassing…” Ryuko muttered.


“No complaints!” hissed back at her, “If your resolve is this weak, you’ll never see Senketsu again!”


“Grrr, I’ll show you resolve!” Ryuko said as she unzipped her top and shed it like someone tossing away tissue paper. A deep blush spread over her face as she shook her chest from side to side, jiggling her tits for the roaring crowd.


“Now that’s the resolve I’d expect from you little sister!” Satsuki said with a grin as she moved up behind Ryuko after shedding her own top. “Let us show these men just how deep that resolve is!” she yelled as she grabbed Ryuko from behind, pressing her tits against her naked back as her hands reached around to grab Ryuko’s tightly.


“Ahhhh!!!” Ryuko gasped, a blush spreading over her cheeks as Satsuki gripped her tits tightly.


“Wow, they are a bit firmer than I imagined. With all of that woman’s junk food you eat, I thought they might be softer.” Satsuki breathed into her ear as she circled her index fingers around the other girls rapidly stiffening nipples.


“Pervert…” Ryuko moaned softly.


“It runs in the family.” Satsuki told her as she began kissing the side of her neck as she rubbed her naked breasts against Ryuko’s back harder. Ryuko let out another moan and leaned her body back against her older sisters as she reached her own hands behind herself to grip Satsuki’s firm ass. She let out a little snicker.


“You really are a tight ass bitch.” she told her.


Satsuki grinned back and moved her hand down over Ryuko’s belly, snaking her fingers into her panties to probe at the folds of her pussy. Ryuko bucked against her touch, the contact sending a lightning bolt of pleasure through her as her pussy gushed instantly.


“Hooh, you like that do you?” Satsuki asked as she began rubbing her fingers in slow circular motions over her clit.


“Haaah… That feels, so GOOOD!!!” Ryuko moaned as she came again, harder this time.


“That’s it Ryuko, let yourself give in, feed the Life Fibers flowing through you.” Satsuki told her. Ryuko turned in her sisters arms,pressing her mouth to the older girls and forcing her tongue into her mouth! Satsuki offered no resistance and kissed her back. All around them, the crowd roared its approval as the two of them began rubbing their tits together.


“Shut up and kiss me!” Ryuko hissed back at her sister as they laced their legs together. Ryuko moaned into Satsuki’s mouth as she rubbed her crotch against the other girls thigh. Ryuko didn’t understand how or why, but her body just kept getting more and more sensitive the further they went. She felt Satsuki move her hand back between her legs, pulling aside the crotch of her panties to fully shove her fingers inside!


“AHHHHHHAAAA, CUMMMING!!!!!!” Ryuko screamed in pleasure, her entire body bucked against Satsuki’s.


“Ahhhhh, me too little sister, mmmmmmmh, it feels amazingggg…” Satsuki moaned in a lower tone as the single locke of red hair in Ryuko’s bangs began glowing an even brighter red!


“That will do Miss Ryuko, Lady Satsuki!” said a voice from inside the crowd. A single figure stood up from the group of cheering and screaming men. He had silver blue hair and glasses, and was wearing a high collared jacket that covered the lower half of his face.


The crowd murmured and whispered to eachother, wondering what’s going on?


Hōka Inumuta unzipped the collar of his jacket as he spoke, “According to my readings, the Life Fibers in the clothes you had on are fully active now. This test run has been successful.”


“Excellent!” Satsuki said, climbing out from under Ryuko and standing up proudly. “Then we are finished here.”


“HEY, WAIT, HUH!?” Ryuko gasped, her face still flushed as she got up on her knees and covered her exposed breasts with one arm, “WHAT’S THE BIG IDEA!?”


“We are finished here, that’s what.” Satsuki said matter-o-factly, “There’s no need to continue entertaining these pigs.”


“ARRRRGH, YOU KNOW YOU CAN BE REALLY TWISTED ONEE-SAN!!!!!” Ryuko screamed as she recovered her top then put it on as Satsuki climbed down from the stage.


“Contact Shiro and send him all the data you’ve collected. We need to get ready for the next series of awakening procedures.” she explained to him calmly, standing in front of the youth topless as if it were perfectly natural.


“HEY, WHAT GIVES!?” complained one patron in the crowd.


“Get back up there and lez out some more!!!” shouted another from the back of the crowd. More joined him and in a moment everyone was screaming for the show to continue.


“SILENCE!” Satsuki shouted as she stomped her bare foot down onto the stage. Spotlights switched on all around her, making her the brightest point in the room, “WHAT WE WERE DOING HERE IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN INDULGING YOUR PRIMITIVE PERVERSIONS, THE FATE OF THE WORLD IS AT STAKE, AND I WILL NOT BE SLOWED DOWN BY A GROUP OF PIGS IN HUMAN CLOTHING!”


That silenced the room as Ryuko climbed down from the stage, “There you go again, acting like the Queen Bee of the universe.” Ryuko muttered as she handed Satsuki’s top back to her.


Satsuki nodded a thanks, accepting the top, “Let us take our leave little sister, this was just the first step down a very long and perverse road.” she told her as she turned to leave. “I just hope it will be worth it.” she said under her breath.

Story by Sailor Io

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4 years ago

Ok this was good Sailor Io can’t wait to see how far you take the story with all the Kill la Kill pictures Rtenzo already released hell if this keeps going hopefully we can see the other and maybe some new one nice man can’t wait for the next part

4 years ago

Okay I wanna see Mako x Gamagori
Maybe Sanageyama with one of the sisters
Also Sukuyo considering see and Ragyo are the only Milfs. Maybe this new life fiber revives her and Nui and they get captured for some fun. Great story all in all.

4 years ago
Reply to  Blackstriker94

I can do all that.

4 years ago

Love this! Hope we get to see more

4 years ago

Hmm…not quite sure where this is going, but the idea does have my interest. Looking forward to more. 🙂

4 years ago
Reply to  Anon

To sum it all up in a single sentence: Theres an enemy threat coming and the good guys need to rebuild their outfits thru sex.

4 years ago

Not bad for a new story. I like where this is going, honestly. 🙂

4 years ago

If this gets a positive enough response, I will continue the story using both old and new pics.