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Welcome Back Senketsu

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Kill la Kill stories)
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“You, um, wanna run that by me again?” Ryuko asked after she finished listening to her sister explain things.


“You’re not hard of hearing little sister.” Satsuki said. “If you want us to bring Senketsu back, that is what must be done.” They were in Satsuki’s mansion, having just returned from one of her meetings with the Kiryuin Conglomerate Board of Directors. Mako sat next to Ryuko on the couch, listening intently, but Ryuko could tell everything said just completely went over her head. After Satsuki turned over the latest batch of activated life fibers over to Iori, she took them into a small study where tea and coffee was served. It was then that he told her everything was ready for collecting the pure Life Fibers needed for making a Kamui. And the details of HOW they were going about it.


“Okay,” Ryuko said as she leaned back on the couch, “I get the whole extracting the fibers from my blood bit. That makes sense, but why do we have to have sex while doing it?!”


“Life Fibers have a unique reaction to endorphins, the greater the levels in your blood at the time of extraction, the better quality of fiber we will get.” Iori explained. “To make a single, let alone two Kamui, we will need the highest quality Life Fiber we can possibly get.”


“Is your resolve wavering now sister?” Satsuki asked her, “You seemed to have enough at the club when we began this endeavor. Not to mention the other day.


“Screw you,” Ryuko snapped back, staring her older sister down.


“Exactly.” Satsuki said as she sipped her tea. “We can begin now if you like. You’ve already created a device for extracting the fiber right Iori?”


“Yes Milady, it hasn’t been tested, but all the simulations we’ve run show it will work.” the blonde young man told her.


“I suppose a field test will yield the best results.” said Satsuki.



“Huhmmmmmmmh!!!” Ryuko moaned as she lay in bed with her sister. Aside from some odd armband that Iori had placed around her left bicep, she was completely naked. She laid back on the plush bed with it’s white satin sheets and fluffy pillows as Satsuki kissed and nibbled on her neck softly. The older girl’s soft tits pressed against her own as she rubbed her equally naked flesh against her. Standing on the other side of the room was Mako, the Elite Four, and Iori.


“Hmmmmm, you’re trembling little sister.” Satsuki said demurely. “Are you that nervous?” she asked.


“Nhoooo…” Ryuko said as she began breathing a bit harder, her entire body was tingling now as Satsuki moved to nibble her earlobe, “Ahhhh, why does it feel so good!?!?” she moaned as she bucked against her older sister.


“Ahhh, so that’s it!” Satsuki said with a chuckle, “Enjoying this skinship with your big sister?”


“Mmmmmmmh…” Ryuko moaned as Satsuki laced her legs together with Ryuko’s, rubbing their bodies against one anothers more. ‘Ahhh, her skin feels so niiiice…” Ryuko thought as her head began to feel fuzzy, “Mmmmmph!” she gasped when Satsuki pressed her lips to Ryuko’s, her mouth parted instantly for her older sister, allowing her tongue inside. ‘Ahhhh, my body… It’s getting so turned on, this feels so good!’ she thought to herself as she began humping her crotch against Satsuki’s thigh.


“Ooooooo, Ryuko and Lady Satsuki are really getting into it!” Mako said as she stood next to Gamagori.


“Of course, Lady Satsuki never does anyone half heartedly. When it was decided that we would all indulge in our carnal nature to build our arsenal against the Primordial Life Fiber on its way to Earth, Lady Satsuki did nothing short of fully devoting herself to that goal!” he said.


“I just think you enjoyed getting a blowjob.” Nonon said snidely.


“Of course!” Gamagori said shamelessly, “It would defeat our purpose to not enjoy our work.” he countered.


“I just look at it as a different kind of training.” Sanageyama said. “Another way to discipline the body.”


Did they have to do a viewing commentary?’ Ryuko thought as her tongue wrestled with her sisters. It was getting harder for her to think straight as Satsuki sucked on her tongue softly. “Mmmmmmmh…” Ryuko moaned into her sister’s mouth as Satsuki held their kiss for a long while.


“Mmmmh, I’m going to send you to the heights of ecstasy.” Satsuki told her.


“Nee-sama… Nee-sama…” Ryuko panted, her body feeling hot all over now. Her pussy felt as though it were on fire as she humped herself against Satsuki. The device on her arm began humming softly and she could see a soft red glow coming off of it.


“That’s it Ryuko, just, let yourself go…” Satsuki purred seductively, kissing her again as she spread Ryuko’s legs wide, placing her soft hand over the folds of her now soaking wet pussy! Her touch sent an electric surge of wild pleasure through Ryuko, her hips bucking instantly.


AHHHAAAA!!!” she moaned as her pussy sprayed all over Satsuki’s hand. The older girl grinned and pushed her middle and ring fingers inside Ryuko as she leaned her head down to suck on her right nipple. “AHHH, SO… SO GOOD, NEE-CHAN… MY PUSSSYYYY…!!!


“Mmmmmmmh…” Satsuki purred around her nipple, working her fingers in and out of Ryuko faster now. The device on her arm seemed to hum even louder as she bucked again in orgasm. Satsuki then licked her way over to her other breast and suckled it harder, making Ryuko moan even more.


YES, DON’T STOP, DON’T STOOOO…!!!” Ryuko gasped as she began cumming harder every time. She couldn’t understand why it felt so good, and she didn’t care, she just wanted to cum more and more as she felt her sister’s fingers dipping in and out faster, making wet squishing noises as her cunt overflowed with juices.


“Wo… Wow…” she distantly heard Nonon say, “I’m getting a little jealous now…”


Satsuki didn’t respond as she moved back up to kiss Ryuko again, her tongue swirling around the younger girls as she began digging her fingers in deeper. The two girls locked the lips together as Ryuko kissed back. Her head was in a fog of pleasure now as she humped her pussy against her sisters fingers. “Moar… Moar… Neee-shan… I wan’ moar…!” Ryuko moaned, her words slurring now as Satsuki began sucking her tongue again. “Ahhhh, dish pheelsh sho guud…”


“I know little sister…” Satsuki said as she kissed her way down Ryuko’s neck slowly, her lips hitting all the most sensitive spots as she pushed her fingers into her hard!


CUMMING!!!” Ryuko moaned, bucking her hips up as she felt her cunt spraying hot juices all over. “Haaaah, moar, I wan’ moar!!!” she panted as it felt like something inside her took over. She wanted to cum, she wanted to cum BADLY!!!! Nothing else mattered!


She felt a hot sensation on her arm, but she ignored it as Satsuki suddenly pulled away.


“Nhoooo…!” Ryuko moaned, sitting up and wrapping her mouth around Satsuki’s left nipple, sucking it hard, loving the way it felt in her mouth as she swirled her tongue around it.


“Mmmmmh, yes, that’s the way sister.” Satsuki moaned as she looked to something in her line of sight.


“It’s ready Milady.” said Rei Hoomaru’s voice.


WOOOW!!!! I’ve only ever seen those in naughty magazines under my little brother’s bed!” Mako’s voice said.


“Isn’t that a little big?” asked Nonon.


“As per Milady’s order, I used my own penis for the mold.” Rei said.


“Jeez…” Nonon said. Ryuko turned her eyes over toward the group watching them in time to see Rei walking over carrying a long pink tubular object. The rounded and flared ends let her lust addled mind identify it as a double ended dildo, but it was nearly as long as Rei was tall!


“Paaahh…!” Ryuko gasped as she fell back from Satsuki, her body felt so hot right now, her breast was actually steaming in the air conditioned room. “Nee-san, nee-san…” she whimpered as she spread her legs wide again.


“I know Ryuko,” Satsuki said as she picked up the massive double dildo and slowly ran her tongue across its entire length! Ryuko panted harder as she lay on top of the bed, the device on her arm still humming loudly. She saw a red light out of the corner of her eye and realized that the red lock of hair in her bangs was actually glowing!


Why is it doing that?’ Ryuko wonder only for a moment before moaning in ecstasy as Satsuki pushed one end of that huge dildo into her pussy! Her cunt made a wet squishing noise as she felt herself being stretched wide! She felt as much as she saw her abdomen swelling up with a distinctive phallic shape as the dildo moved into her womb. “AHHHAAAHH, SO… SO GOOD!!!!! CUMMING!!!!!” she moaned as she humped her hips against the thick shaft of whatever this thing was made of. It felt firm, yet yielded slightly as her inner muscles reflexively clamped down around it!


“Ooooooo, Ryuko-chan’s pussy is actually taking it all in!!!” she heard Mako saying.


“Ma…ko…” Ryuko moaned softly.


GO RYUKO-CHAN!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!! BRING SENKETSU BACK!!!!” Mako cheered her as Ryuko felt her body surging in pleasure again as her stomach tented with the sheer girth of the dildo inside her womb!


Above her, Satsuki moved to insert the other end into herself. Moaning softly as she moved to scissor her legs with Ryuko’s, the dildo slowly vanished between them, until only a small bit remained exposed. Her sister then began gyrating her hips in slow purposeful circles, causing the dildo to undulate between them.


AHHHH, FEELS SO GOOD, I CAN’T THIIIIINK!!!” Ryuko moaned, her hips rocking back against the motions of the dildo inside her.


“Mmmmmmmh, yes, we don’t need to think now sister, just let it all go, let the pleasure just wash over you! Ooooohaaahh…!” Satsuki moaned with her as she continued moving her hips, her breasts jiggling and bouncing with the force of her motions. Sweat beaded all over her skin as Ryuko let out a long moan of ecstasy.




“Yes… I feel it in mine as well Ryuko… Ahhhh, it feels so amazing…” Satsuki moaned, her own breath showing in the air now.


“Nee-shan… You’re so far away from mee…” Ryuko whimpered as she looked down at her sister. She was close enough that Ryuko could feel the heat of her pussy radiating against her own, but it wasn’t enough, she wanted to feel her even closer!


“Mmmmmmh, give me your hand Ryuko.” Satsuki said, reaching out for her. Ryuko reached back, and Satsuki pulled her closer, the last of the double dong vanishing as their pussies touched, their swollen clits flicked against each other as Ryuko moaned in orgasmic bliss!


AHHHHHN, NEE-SAN, NEE-SAAAN…!” cried Ryuko, her hips rocking back against Satsuki’s, their swollen clits flicking and rubbing together. Long waves of pleasure washed over her as Ryuko moaned in ecstasy.


“I’m right here little sister!” Satsuki told her as she moaned with Ryuko, still humping herself against the younger girl.


I’M CUMMING!!! CUMMING! CUMMING!! CUMMING!!!” Ryuko screamed as her hair flashed bright red, then a hot pink color that was almost blinding.


AHHHH, YES SISTER, DON’T FIGHT IT… AHHHH, I’M CUMMING AS WELL, HMMMMMMMMH, THIS FEELS AMAZING!!!” moaned Satsuki as she began gyrating her hips harder. Ryuko moved her hips in kind, moaning at the sheer pleasure of it all. The band on her arm felt almost painfully hot, but she didn’t care, her body healed from even the worst of injuries.




Satsuki smiled back at her, moving to press their bodies together again. Ryuko could feel her stiff nipples pressing against her own as their tits mashed together like large soft meat buns. Satsuki’s lips found her own, and Ryuko kissed her sister passionately, swirling her tongue with Satsuki’s, taking in her taste, savoring it.


Wo… Wow…” she distantly heard Nonon gasping.


“Ryuko…” Satsuki breathed against her, “Mmmmmmmh, I love you little sister…” she whispered.


Ryuko’s body bucked against Satsuki as she tried desperately to press their clits together again while they still kissed. “Nee-shan, nee-shan…” she slurred around her tongue, then moaned as Satsuki began sucking it as though it were a tiny cock. “HMMMMMMMMPH!!!!” Ryuko moaned as another wave of orgasms washed over her one after the next.


“Moar, ahhhhnnmmm, moar, phuck me moar nee-shannn…” Ryuko moaned, her arms wrapping around Satsuki to hug her pale skinned body against her own. Satsuki moaned back into her mouth, moving her hips against Ryuko’s, dueling their swollen clits as the double dong stirred around inside them both.


Ahhhh, this feels so incredible… I can’t stop cumming! This huge thing inside me, is also in my sister, it’s connecting us…!’ thought Ryuko as she reached her hands down to grab Satsuki’s fat sexy ass, squeezing it tightly. She gave her ass a quick slap, enjoying the way it made Satsuki moan against her. She then pushed back against her sister, rolling herself to be on top now before scissoring their thighs together again.


AHHHH, YES RYUKO, FUCK ME, FUCK YOUR BIG SISTER!!!” Satsuki screamed as Ryuko hugged her long creamy leg against her body, her heavy tits squishing around her calve. “OHHHH FUUUUCK YESSS, MORE, FUCK ME MORE, JUST LIKE THAT, AHHHHN YOU’RE MAKING ME CUM RYUKOOOOOH!!!” screamed Satsuki as she began humping their crotches together. Satsuki’s big tits jiggled and wobbled wildly until the long haired girl grabbed them in her own hands and squeezed them firmly.


MMMMMMMMMMH!!!! YESSSSSSSS!!!!” screamed Satsuki.


Ryuko dragged her tongue along Satsuki’s leg, her eyes rolling back in her head as she lost count of her orgasms. As perverted and taboo as it was, Ryuko had never felt closer to Satsuki as she did now, she didn’t want it to stop as their bodies bucked and rolled against one anothers.


AHH, HAH AHHAA, HAAH AAHH HAAAH…” the two sisters both panted in unison as Ryuko pressed her pussy against Satsuki’s even harder. Not a trace of the dildo could be seen between their pussies, but it could be seen as a long undulating phallic lump on both their bellies.


AAAAAHHHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!” screamed Ryuko as the most intense orgasm she’d even felt rocked her right to her soul as her hair flashed a violet color before everything seemed to turn white, then black as she felt her consciousness fade out as she fainted.



“It worked better than I could have hoped.” said Iori as he looked at what appeared to be a gigantic ball of glowing red yarn. It was easily the size of a small bus, and almost painful to look at with how brightly it glowed.


“All that came from me?” Ryuko asked, dressed only in a white bathrobe as Mako looked her over again and again.


WOW RYUKO-CHAN!!!! That was amazing, you were moaning and moaning, and your entire body was glowing!!! And all this red yarn just kept pouring out of that thing on your arm! And then Satsuki took this big double dildo and pushed it WAAAAY up inside you, and you were moaning even more, then even MORE red stuff came out!!!!” Mako described in a rush.


“Uhn, my head feels like someone took an ice cream scoop to my brain.” Ryuko said, “I only remember a little bit of all that.”


“Iori?” Satsuki asked from her seat across from Ryuko. They were all back in the study, Soroi was serving tea as she sat dressed in her own robe, only she hadn’t bothered to close hers, leaving her naked body exposed for all to see.


“My best guess is that when activated by arousal, your life fibers hyper stimulate your body. It would explain many of my readings during the extraction.” said the young blonde man.


“Huh, what readings?” Ryuko asked as she grabbed Mako and sat her down next to herself. The brown haired girl’s head fell into Ryuko’s lap and she instantly fell asleep with a contented expression.


“You’re body temp shot up to almost forty degrees celsius and your endorphin levels were at nearly toxic levels.” he told her. “The extraction device on your arm also monitored your vital signs. Lady Satsuki didn’t want your life to be endangered during the process.”


“Heh, I didn’t know you cared so much sis.” Ryuko said with a smirk.


“I lost you once when we were children, never again.” Satsuki said then sipped her tea. Setting her cup down, she asked, “Do you have enough high quality fiber to remake Senketsu?” she asked.


“More than enough, I can also remake Junketsu and even another Kamui if we wanted, though I don’t know who would wear it. Aside from the two of you, only Lady Ragyo could control such a thing.” Iori said as he looked at his readings displayed on a tablet he held. “It will take me about a month to weave it all together, and I’ll need blood samples once a week from both of you.”


“Seriously!” Ryuko asked, standing up suddenly, Mako falling out of her lap and onto the floor, but remaining asleep, “You really can bring him back!?”


“Without a doubt. And if your description of you still feeling him as a part of you is correct, his memories should also be intact.”



(One month later)


Standing naked in the room, Ryuko could help but feel a sense of trepidation as Iori emerged from the lab carrying two boxes, one white, one black. The black one was sealed with a red bow, and the white with a blue one. Gulping softly, she waited until he set them down on the table in front of her and her sister. The three of them were in one of the large dressing rooms in Satsuki’s mansion. Mako, Gamagori, and all the others were waiting outside in the garden.


“They’re complete.” he said, “I used your father’s notes and recreated them in every detail while including the enhancements.”


“Enhancements?” Ryuko echoed.


“Nothing that will affect their functions, I just increased their ability to transform is all. Both Junketsu and Senketsu can both shift their unactivated forms to whatever might suit your needs at the time. A pantsuit, gown, swimsuit, whatever you might need.”


“And, Senketsu’s memories?” Ryuko asked quietly.


“If my theories are correct, once you awaken him with your blood, they should be completely intact.” he told her as he handed each of them a small sewing needle. Ryuko snatched hers out of his hand and stabbed it into her index finger! She then tore the lid off of the black box and felt her heart skip a beat at the black sailor uniform sitting inside, complete with the scarf that was like a set of eyes, with the right one scarred closed!


Senketsu…’ she thought, remembering the day she first encountered this outfit, the way her blood had woken him, and how he forced himself on her. They’d been through so much together after that day. And ever since the day they stopped her mother, there hadn’t been a single one where she hadn’t missed hearing his voice, or feeling him around her body, giving her a sense of intimacy that went beyond what she could feel with another human being. Not hesitating for a second, she pulled the pin from her finger and dripped her blood over the dark fabric!


The reaction was instant! Her blood vanished into the material and it began to glow as the ‘eye’ on the scarfe blinked.


“Ehhh, wha… Ryuko…?” Senketsu’s voice said tiredly, “Where…”


SENKETSU!!!!!!!” Ryuko cried, tears welling in her eyes then falling down her cheeks unbidden as she yanked him out of the box and hugged him close. “SENKETSU!!! SENKETSU!!! SENKETSU!!!” she sobbed over and over as she pressed her face into him.


WHAT’S GOING ON?!” Senketsu screamed, “I, we, where’s Honnouji Academy?” he asked, “You were fighting some machine, and I… I can’t remember anything after calling down the scissor blade for you.”


“That’s right!” Ryuko said, pulling him away to look down at him, tears dripping off her face, “That’s the last time I heard your voice!”


“Welcome back, Senketsu.” Satsuki said softly. “And before you ask, yes, I can hear you now as before.”


“Satsuki!” said Senketsu, his eye then blinked as he looked at both girls. “Um, why are you both naked?”


“Right, hurry up and get on me you sailor outfit!” Ryuko said, sniffling and wiping at her eyes with her forearm.


“Gladly!” Senketsu said as he moved on his own, wrapping himself around her tightly. Ryuko let out a soft moan as she felt him all over her, his power combining with her own as he shifted instantly into his battle form!


“Ahhh, I missed this feeling!” Ryuko said, “It’s like I’m whole again!” she said as she hugged her arms around herself.


“Ryuko, we obviously have much to discuss, but for now, I’m happy to be worn by you again.” Senketsu said, and she felt his warmth with every inch of her body as he clung to her tightly. She didn’t even mind the way he rode up the back of her ass as she stood there.


“Well done Iori, let’s see how Junketsu performs now.” said Satsuki as she calmly removed the lid of her box, pulling out the uniform within and draping it over her left forearm. She then pricked the index finger of her right hand with a needle, and let a few drops drip down onto the fabric. As with Senketsu, the reaction was instant, the blood was absorbed like a sponge, and the uniform began moving on it’s own!




“What the!” Satsuki said as Junketsu latched itself onto her and she began struggling as her body was enveloped. “AHHHHHH!” Satsuki screamed as Junketsu forced himself onto her body and shifted into his battle form!




“Hang on, since when does Junketsu talk?” Ryuko asked, tilting her head in confusion.


“Baby Gurl, I could always talk! You bitches just wouldn’t hear me, pay attention a little more and you’ll feel me quite clearly!!! Sorry about the whole body take over shit, by the way, your hoe ass mama was one scary biiitch!” Junketsu said. “And with that said, you shorties are da shit!!! Satsuki, baby gurl do some squats for me, drop it all the way down to the floor! Lemme feeeeel that smooth, tight pussay some more!”


AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!” Ryuko burst out laughing, “Figures you’d get the pervy one nee-chan!” she said, still laughing and holding her sides.


“It matters not.” Satsuki said as she stood proudly. “Junketsu, I look forward to getting to know you properly this time. Will you lend me your power once more.”


“Satsuki, babe, for you, annnnnnything, just please keep me on this brickhouse bod, behave and be a good girl, you just might get the Junketsu rod!” Junketsu said as Satsuki’s tits bounced on their own.


“Well sister, shall we go inform the others of our success?” Satsuki said.


Ryuko was still laughing and wiped a tear from her eye. She could hear Senketsu snickering as well just at the edge of her hearing. “Yeah, let’s go.” she said.


The two of them walked around Iori and out of the dressing chamber. “Hey sis, race you to the balcony?” Ryuko asked as the red lines on Senketsu’s battle form began glowing a vibrant pink. Then, without waiting for an answer, took off at full speed. She could feel the floor tearing up beneath her feet as she flew through the mansion. Ryuko laughed at the feeling, “God I missed you Senketsu!”


“I’m happy to be with you again as well, Ryuko.” said Senketsu.


“Do try to keep up little sister,” said Satsuki as she suddenly appeared beside her, the blue lines on Junketsu glowing vibrantly, “Unless you’re out of shape now.” she said with a smug grin before charging ahead.


“Like hell I am!!!” Ryuko said as she doubled her pace, and the two of them arrived on the balcony overlooking the garden outside.


Mako was the first to notice them as Ryuko looked down at their friends. “Heeeeey, Ryuko’s got her Sunday Best back!!!!” said Mako.


“Lady Satsuki!” the Elite Four said as they all stood and bowed.


“We have successfully reached a major milestone.” Satsuki announced as she stood next to Ryuko. She then turned to walk back inside, but stopped half a step away and turned back to add, “Our real training, now begins.” she said before leaving.


Ryuko blinked, “Hang on, that’s all!? You’re usually more long winded Nee-san!”


“Time shouldn’t be wasted on speeches, besides, I have an appointment to keep with that friend of yours. There’s something Nonon told me I need to confirm, and I wanted Junketsu with me before I even tried.” said Satsuki.

Story by Sailor Io

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1 year ago

Hot, amazing, and so excellent! It’s also really good to see Senketsu and Junketsu again, but I wasn’t Junketstu to talk so hilariously loud, improper, and gangster like that.

I thought he would be just cold, emotionless, and could speak proper English and have a kuudere like personality, but your interpretation of Junketsu is funny, yet awesome.

3 years ago

after everything Iori has done he better get a raise or better get some intimate appreciation from at least satsuki (maybe even add nonon since they are all childhood friends).

in fact i always saw iori to not have some stereotypical ginormous cock at the very least have it be extra long but not so thick, but have his real carnal qualities being his masterful fingers and knowledge of the human anatomy. this would be extra so for satsuki and nonon who i could see him make them cum off of touch alone if he was told to due to not only his knowledge of the human body but his own experiences being their tailor and thus having better knowledge of how their naked bodies when fitting them for clothes for years getting to know every inch of their bodies and what make them tick.

3 years ago

WOW. This was quite a lot here. Don’t know what was better, the sex between Ryuko and Satsuki or the reappearance of Senketsu and Junketsu, who not only can speak but speaks like a pimp. What? XD

In any case, add in the picture itself and you have a very engaging experience.

There’s really no other way to put it. Nice work. 😀

3 years ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Yeah, I really wanted to give Junketsu a personality other than a malevolent parasyte like we saw in the original anime. I like to think if Satsuki could hear him then, she’d have gotten fed up with him fast, but now, since she’s embraced her carnal nature, she’s more than willing to indulge him. We may see more of this next chapter.

3 years ago

The best part? With that behavior an dmindset, I don’t think Junketsu will let Satsuki wear anything else. SOmething tells me he’ll shit clothing form ala symbiote suit kjust to keep drinking her blood day in and day out.

3 years ago
Reply to  Kino

Pretty much. I got a bit more planned after the next major event that’s coming. His personality is loosely based on A Pimp Named Slickback. My plans involve that like Senketsu, he could always talk, but no one could hear him. He always got roudy on Satsuki and needed to be forcibly removed because he was desperately trying to be heard, and no one listening was pissing him off. And when he took over Ryuko, he didn’t have a choice because Ragyo scared the crap out of him, he actually didn’t want to do that to her, AND, when Ryuko finally snapped out of it, it was Junketsu who snapped his own fibers away from her so she could survive removing him. He tried to get away after that cause he’d had enough of all the bullshit.

3 years ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

I knew Junketsu sounded familiar. A Pimp Named Slickback is great and hilarious inspiration.

3 years ago

The fact that we may know get to see Satsuki take what is basically Kamui BBC is fucking awesome. Can’t wait for more of this!

3 years ago
Reply to  Bendsman

Thanks, and yeah, that’s the idea. I got something fun planned next chapter that Satsuki does for him.

3 years ago

No but really, when will Enzo do Rei for real?

3 years ago

Why is Junketsu talking like a bad SoundCloud rapper? Not that I’m complaining, but…why?

3 years ago
Reply to  Emperor-k9

Cause I thought it’d be funny to give him a rather unique personality. Someone as chatty and emotional as Satsuki is quiet and calm.

3 years ago

More Sister v Sister action. A battle that raged on for two chapters in a row as they fought for love and pride. Fun chapter, who would have thought one could be so emotional over getting their shirt back? Hahaha

I wonder how he’s gonna react to the new Ryuko who is getting plowed left and right. He’s been reborn in a new world, of lewds and love. 😛

3 years ago
Reply to  Unskilled

He’ll adjust, lol.

3 years ago

I hope you all enjoy the story, it was fun to do!