Steamy in the Bathhouse

(Note: This story is part of an short series of Bleach stories)
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“So!” said Orihime Kurosaki as she sat with her soon to be sister wives, “We should go out and have some sexy fun to celebrate!”


“Hmmm, whatcha got in mind?” asked Rangiku as she stretched languidly, thrusting her huge tits out and making them bounce erotically.


It was in the early afternoon and the girls were sitting outside of Retsu Unohana’s condo apartment building. Retsu had asked Ichigo to accompany her to see those two girls from England again. Something about making sure the one named Noel’s Kido curse mark was fully dispelled.


Byakuya had returned to the Soul Society, promising to give Ichigo’s best to Rukia when he saw her. Orihime and Ichigo had both been surprised to learn Rukia was pregnant! Rangiku never even bothered mentioning it since she figured they had already known. Pregnancies in the Soul Society were as difficult as they were rare. So Byakuya had surmised that she hadn’t told them because if things didn’t go well, she didn’t want them feeling sorry for her. Which made sense to Rangiku.


The dark haired man had simply mentioned her pregnancy over dinner in casual conversation. Ichigo wanted to go and see his old friend, but sanctioned trips to the Soul Society meant going through the official channels, which could take a couple of weeks. And since it wasn’t an emergency, that meant he’d have to deal with the bureaucracy.


Yoruichi, Toshiro and several others had gone off to do their own things while in town. While Chizuru was sticking to Isane like glue, not letting go of her Master! The platinum haired woman had gone to fill out forms of some kind, so that left Orihime to spend some time with her future sister wives!


“Well, Retsu-san told me about a really fun cafe she likes to frequent. I thought we could go there for lunch, then start looking at possible wedding gowns for the two of you!” said Orihime.


“Isn’t it a little early for that?” Rangiku asked, “Been a while since I really thought about it, but don’t weddings have like, a ton of other things that need to be planned first? Like invitations, the venue, catering, and about a half dozen other bits before even looking at dresses? Not to mention, I have a frightening amount of paperwork to fill out as well so I can leave the Gotei 13.”


“That’s true, buuuut, I’d like us to look here, because Retsu said the gowns here were incredibly unique, and I at least wanted to have a look at them before we left.” Orihime said with a smile.


“What kind of paperwork?” Nel asked.


“It’s something the Captain-Commander has been asking me if I wanted since the end of the War with the Quincies.” Rangiku said, “I’ve been offered decommission with honors.”


“What’s that?” Nel asked, blinking her hazel colored eyes and tilting her head cutely.


“It’s one of the ways a Shinigami retires.” Rangiku said, “There are several ways for it, decommissioning is usually done when a Shinigami can no longer fight for medical reasons. Such as having their Saketsu and Hakusui severed. Usually that’s the most common cause.” she explained. “In my case…” she trailed off. She didn’t really like to talk about it, but her lifespan as a Shinigami had been greatly reduced as a result of her injuries in that battle. She still had well over a hundred years ahead of her, but past that…


The strawberry blonde explained this to Nel and Orihime, “Shunsui offered to allow me to be decommissioned so I could enjoy my remaining years however I liked.”


“Rangikuuuu!!!” Nel cried, running over and embracing her tightly, rubbing her naked tits against Rangiku’s. “Nel is so sorry!!!”


Rangiku smiled as she returned the teal haired woman’s embrace, patting the top of her head gently before she looked over to Orihime. Her crystal blue eyes blinked in surprise when she found the orange haired woman’s eyes all puffy and ready to burst with tears at any moment! Was it really that big of a deal? Rangiku didn’t like talking about it anymore than she did her shortened lifespan, but she was well over… ‘Nope!’ she thought, cutting off that line of thinking immediately, ‘They don’t need to know how old I am!


“Okay, enough of this depressing talk!” she said cheerfully, “We’re getting married, right!?


That snapped the two girls out of their funk.


“So, how about we go and grab a nice refreshing bath before we start doing everything else?” asked Rangiku. Retsu’s building had a fine open air bath, but Rangiku wanted to see what kind of public bath’s this resort had to offer. Both women readily agreed and they began walking into the city itself.


“Say, Nel-chan, what about you? Will you have to do any kind of paperwork to stay here in the living world?” Orihime asked. Rangiku had been wondering about that herself and watched as Nel tapped her chin in thought.


“Hmmm, no, not really!” Nel said cheerfully. “Tier onee-sama is still in charge of everything in Hueco Mundo, and Nel is not really part of the Espada anymore.” she explained, “So long as Nel doesn’t make trouble for the peace, Nel can do whatever Nel wants!”


“Huh, no bureaucrats in Hueco Mundo eh? I’m almost envious.” said Rangiku.


“The strong rule the weak. That’s just how it is back home. That’s why Aizen and that meanie Yhwach were able to take over so easily.” explained Nel.


“That actually explains a lot.” Rangiku said. Not exactly the best system of government, but it’s very straightforward and easily understood. Though she wondered why Nel wasn’t in charge. She talked like a child, but Rangiku could tell she was FAR stronger than she let on. She was easily as strong, if not stronger, than that Harribel chick. Maybe, much like herself, Nel just didn’t want the responsibility that went with rank.



The public bath that the trio of women found was about a block or so away from Retsu’s condo apartment building. The exterior of the building was rather drab, a plain looking one story building with beige walls and a single entrance that Rangiku could see. There was a sign outside that simply read “Bathhouse”.


The interior however…! The inside of the building was like something out of a luxury hotel! The walls were a bleach white with a lot of landscape paintings of lakes and ponds. Though Rangiku could tell one lake was a place you really didn’t wanna bathe, unless you wanted to get to the Soul Society faster. The image was of a beautiful greenish blue lake that looked almost divine in its coloring. But the strawberry blonde also knew that it wasn’t a regular lake. It was a sulfuric acid lake! Just breathing the air there would likely be fatal for a human as the gasses that settled around such areas were incredibly toxic. The proprietor either didn’t know or was counting on customers not to know what the image really was.


The floors of the building were hard black marble with flakes of gold laced through it. A closer look showed that the floor was just very well tiled and not one giant slab. Which made sense as something like that would have been really expensive.


Orihime went up to the main counter just inside the doorway and paid for all three of them. The trio of naked women then walked into the back area where a number of small lockers were lined up in rows. Each of them just slipped off the sandals they had on and placed them in an empty locker space. Orihime needed to get a slightly larger one to accommodate the purse she was carrying with her. As they entered the washing area, Rangiku noticed Orihime fidgeting with her wrists while the three of them lathered up.


“Something wrong?” she asked.


“No, not really. I guess I’m just not used to being in a Gigai yet. My limbs feel a little weird.” Orihime said, “My wrists especially feel, I dunno, stiff?”


“Oh, that’s probably one of the newer features. You’re not a Shinigami, so you wouldn’t have the slot filled with your Zanpakuto.” Rangiku explained. “I heard about this from Nemuri before I left the Seireitei,” she said as she bent her right wrist forward at a ninety degree angle then snapped it back with an audible ‘pop’!


With a flash, a sword appeared above her palm and Rangiku grabbed it before it could surrender to gravity and clatter to the floor. It was Haineko, her Zanpakuto.


“Ooooo, neat!” said Nel as she leaned over from where she was sitting atop a small green plastic stool. Her sexy naked body was almost completely covered in a thick lather that smelled like flowers. She then tried to copy her motion, but with no result, “Awww, it doesn’t work for Nel!” she said with a pout.


“You have to set your blade in the slot first.” Rangiku told her as she began twirling her sword around idly. Haineko bitched in her ear about not having been able to join in all the fun over the last couple of days. Not that she could have. Even though she could manifest her now, she didn’t think Zanpakuto spirits could use Gigais. And even if they could, it would have been exhausting for Rangiku. It took a very concerted amount of effort to manifest her, and was physically taxing as well. Setting the blade down next to her, Rangiku began the process of washing her hair slowly.


The three women chatted together about several topics, mostly about Ichigo though, and what they would do once they were all married to him. Rangiku for one just wanted to fuck every day and she told both of her soon to be sister wives as much.


“Nel too!!! Nel too!!!” said Nel with a giggle. “Nel wants daddy to fuck her in the butt lots!”


Orihime and Rangiku both giggled and moved to tackle the teal haired woman, “Don’t worry Nel-chan, Ichigo has lots of stamina when he gets serious!” said Orihime as she grabbed Nel’s big tits and began playing with them gently.


“Don’t gotta tell me that. I found that out after the first few hours here.” Rangiku said as the three of them began rubbing their slippery naked bodies together. The smooth slick feeling was surprisingly arousing as Rangiku found herself hugging Nel from behind. Her arms around the woman’s waist as she pressed her own huge tits against Nel’s back. She rubbed her hands over Nel’s flat stomach, making her giggle as her touch tickled her.


Maybe we can have Ichigo fuck you for twelve hours straight next?” Orihime suggested with a giggle.


“Nmmmmmh, that sounds yummy!” replied Nel.


“It is!” said Rangiku, “By the end I couldn’t think at all I was cumming so much!” she told Nel as she moved a hand between her thighs to stroke her slippery pussy. Nel moaned and squirmed in her embrace as Orihime leaned forward to kiss her. Rangiku watched as the two women dueled their tongues together. The image was so sexy, two beautiful women kissing so passionately, even Rangiku felt herself getting turned on as she gently pushed her middle and ring fingers into Nel’s hot little pussy with a sloppy wet squish sound.


“Ooooooh!!!” Nel moaned and Rangiku giggled, pushing her fingers in and out of the teal haired woman’s pussy.


“Mmmmmh, you have such sexy moans Nel…” Rangiku purred into the woman’s ear gently.


“Oooooaaaaah, Nel feels so good…! Mmmmmmh, play with Nel’s naughty pussy more!!!” Nel begged as she wriggled between the two women. Rangiku continued moving her fingers in and out of Nel’s slippery pussy as she moved her other hand up to grab her left breasts gently. She squeezed it softly in her hand as Orihime moved away to grab a bucket of warm water that she then poured over all of them, rinsing away the soap. Once the soap was gone, Rangiku moved to nibble on the other woman’s ear, drawing out another sexy moan from her as she leaned back into Rangiku. Orihime then moved to suck on Nel’s nipple tenderly as the teal haired woman began panting.


“Haaaaaah, yessss… Nel… Nel is… Cumming…!!” Nel moaned loudly as Rangiku felt her entire body tensing in her arms.


She continued holding onto Nel for several moments before finally letting go and the three of them finished rinsing themselves off. Rangiku picked up Haineko and they then walked together into the main bathing area. The entire room was done in a pink color scheme, but somehow didn’t seem very feminine. The walls had various flower motifs stenciled on them with the stems reaching down into the water, making it look almost like they were sitting in a massive vase. Steam wafted through the air almost like a fog, denoting that the water was very hot. The bath itself though wasn’t unoccupied. A single tan skinned young man sat at one end of the bath.


“Hmm, Chad?” asked Orihime, “What are you doing here?”


“Hello Orihime. You girls are loud.” Chad said in his near emotionless voice.


Rangiku smirked and giggled when she saw Orihime blushing lightly. Nel on the other hand stepped forward with a wave, “Hi Chad!!” she said cheerfully with a big grin.


Chad nodded to Nel before he turned back to Orihime, “I’m working in town here.” he said in answer to Orihime’s earlier question. “Riruka told me I could make a lot of money in a short time working some of the jobs here in town.”


“Oh, did you need money?” Orihime asked.


“Yes, but not for anything super vital. I just want to take a trip to Mexico for the Día de los Muertos celebration coming up later this year.” he explained. “My grandfather wanted to take me when I was younger, but he passed on before he ever got the chance to. Now, I’d like to go on my own. I have some vacation time saved at my regular job, and a little savings, but…” he trailed off.


“You want some extra spending money?” Rangiku finished for him, “I understand that.”


He nodded, “Yes, and Riruka told me about this town and how the jobs here pay very well for part-time work. Just the other day I made over 70,000 yen for just a few hours of work at a cafe nearby. Some of the ladies from Squad 4 stopped in.”


“Ooooh! That must be the cafe Retsu was talking about!” Orihime said, “Where you can have the men there service you while you eat!”


“Is THAT where you’re taking us?” Rangiku asked with a grin, “Well, if all the guys there are like our friend here, I can see it being very popular!”


The trio of women moved into the bath together. The water was almost painfully hot, just a few degrees below scalding. Rangiku could smell that it had been infused with some kind of bath salts that had a very pleasant gender neutral floral scent. Walking over to Chad, she noticed a faint tattoo on his chest over his heart. It was of a lotus blossom, similar to some of the flowers that represented Gotei 13.


“You sealed some of your power?” she asked, reaching out to touch the mark and trace her finger around it.


“To not burden some of the people I work with, yes. I can release it at any time if need be.” he explained before making a cross gesture over the mark, causing it to fade.


“That explains why I never sensed you in town.” Rangiku said.


The three women then sat down in the hot water with Chad. Rangiku noted with some mild amusement that the water was just deep enough that all the ladies’ breasts had been left above the water line. Chad had obviously noticed this as well, as he had a HUGE erection that was sticking up out of the water. Nearly as long as Ichigo’s, but equally as thick!


“…So, I asked if Rangiku and Nel-chan would like to marry Ichigo as well!” Orihime explained cheerfully as she brought Chad up to speed on events. He had been rather surprised that Orihime wasn’t pregnant any longer. Since he was worried that she had miscarried, Orihime began explaining everything that happened.


“Is that legal?” Chad asked in a calm tone.


“It is in the Soul Society,” answered Rangiku.


“Hueco Mundo too. Well, sorta. We don’t exactly have marriages there in the same sense.” added Nel.


“There’s a loophole.” Orihime answered with a smile.


“Aside from that, you want some help with that?” Rangiku asked, pointing at Chad’s dick with one hand.


“Oh my gosh, Rangiku you’re so right! Chad, I’m sorry!” Orihime said, clapping her hands together and bowing her head slightly, “That can’t be comfortable!”


“I’ve dealt with worse, believe me.” Chad said calmly even as his cock twitched in the water.


“So have I,” Rangiku said with a smirk as she moved in close and pressed her huge tits around Chad’s fat cock. It felt so intensely hard against her breasts as she mashed them around it and immediately began stroking his length up and down. Chad grunted and groaned softly as she moved, making her smile as she leaned her head down to begin kissing and licking at the tip of his cock.


“You said we should have some sexy fun, right Orihime?” asked Rangiku.


“Yep!” the orange haired woman answered and Rangiku heard the water sloshing behind her followed by the sound of Nel giggling. She then heard the distinct sound of lips smacking together as both women moaned softly.


“Good! AHHHMMMMMPH!” Rangiku said as she opened her mouth wide and slid her lips around the top of Chad’s throbbing erection with a long low moan. Her jaw immediately began to ache from the strain, but she’d dealt with worse in recent days as she began using her mouth and tits to stroke his cock.


“Ahh, oooh…” Chad groaned in pleasure.


NMMMMPH, ‘OU WIKE DAT, AYE CAN DEW BEDDER!!!” slurred Rangiku, “AHHGUUUMMMMPH, MMMMMMPH…!” she gagged as she took his cock even farther down her throat. She could feel her neck bulging with his immense girth as it began inching down into her stomach! The strawberry blonde woman loved this feeling as she began moving her body back and forth in the water.


NMMMPH, HRMMMMPH, AGRMMMMPH, GUH, GRMMMPH, GUG, GURMMMPH…” Rangiku moaned as she slowly increased her motions. Eventually she let her breasts fall away from Chad’s dick as she bent her body forwards at an almost ninety degree angle, taking his cock even deeper!


“Nmmmmmh, Orihime… Rangiku looks so sexy right now, doesn’t she?” Rangiku heard Nel saying.


“Nmmmhmmmm, very sexy, her big butt looks really good up in the air like that!” Orihime said, followed by the sound of both women kissing again.


Rangiku giggled and gave her own ass a spank before moving it from side to side. She then wrapped her arms around Chad’s waist and began pulling herself onto his cock harder. She felt the tip pressing against the pit of her stomach as she let out a moan from deep in her throat!


NMMMMHMMMMMMPH, AGUUUH, YESH, AHHH, MUH MOUPH AND PHROAT ARE SHO PHULL!!! AHHHGUUUHHH… PHUCK MY MOUPH, PHUCK ID!!!!” she moaned in pleasure as her crystalline blue eyes rolled back in their sockets.


“Nmmmmmh, you don’t need to hold back Chad…” Orihime said.


“Nmmmh, kiss Nel more!” Nel said to Orihime. Orihime giggled and went back to swapping spit with the other girl as Rangiku felt Chad grabbing onto her by her shoulders before he began swinging his hips.


AHHGUUUUURK!!!! GUG, GUH, GUK, URK, GUR, GUG, GUH, HURK, GURGH, AGUH GUH GUH GUH!!!!” Rangiku choked loudly as the large man began fucking her face hard!


YESSSSSSSH, HAWDER, HAAAWDERRRRR… GUH GUH GUK GURK GUGH AGUH GUH GUH…” she moaned in pleasure as her pussy began gushing hard and her entire body began shaking in pleasure. She could feel the entirety of Chad’s cock pistoning in and out of her mouth as she struggled to stay upright. Her knees knocked together as she felt her pussy spraying again and again as she came every time his cock pressed against the bottom of her stomach!


“Nmmmmmh, does it feel good Rangiku?” Orihime asked from behind her, “Having your mouth and throat fucked by such a big dick?”


YEEESSSH, GUUD, PHEELSH SHO GUUUUUUD, GUUMMING, AYE CAHN’T SHTOP GUUMMINNNGH!!! AGUH GUH GUG…!” Rangiku choked back as she moaned hard around Chad’s dick. “MOAR!!! MOAR!!! PHUG MUH PHASHE MOOOOAAAR!!! AGUUGUUGH GURK GUH GURK…!” she howled in pleasure.


Chad grunted and groaned softly, moving his hips in swift powerful strokes as Rangiku felt her mind beginning to slip away from lack of oxygen. The edges of her vision began to darken slightly but then cleared instantly as sweet air flooded back into her lungs as Chad pulled his dick back out of her mouth. Rangiku coughed roughly several times, taking in deep breaths of air as she knelt in the water. She glanced back to Nel and Orihime to find the two women watching as they grinded their crotches against one another’s.


“Nmmmmmh, don’t stop!” Nel moaned.


“Yeaaaah, keep goingh…!” Orihime told them as she rolled her hips against Nel’s, the water sloshing around them.


Rangiku turned to look back at Chad, grinning cheekily, “You heard ‘em big boy!” she said, then yelped as Chad easily lifted her naked body up as though she were little more than a rag doll. She almost dropped Haineko into the water as she suddenly found her feet being pulled up over her head before Chad speared his cock up her asshole!


HWEEEEEEEGH!!!!” she hissed, as her teeth clenched tight as she gripped her sword in her left hand. “YESSSSSSS, MY ASSSSS!!! AH FUUUUCK, FUCK MY ASSSSSS!!!!” Rangiku moaned, “POUND THAT FAT DICK INTO MY ASS!!!!!


“Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm…!” Chad grunted as he began slamming his cock up and down inside her. Rangiku’s vision went double as her eyes crossed. She breathed through clenched teeth as she felt Chad’s thick cock plunging up into her ass over and over again!


YEEEEEAAAAH, HON’T STOOOOOOP, AHHH FUUUUCK, FUCK MY ASSSS!!! SHIT FUCK CUMMINGGGGH!!! AHHH YEAH, DO IT, POUND MY ASSHOLE HARDERRRRRR!!!” Rangiku howled as she felt Chad’s cock slamming up into her guts. It wasn’t as deep as Ichigo’s but right now she didn’t even care as she felt herself cumming every time his heavy balls smacked against her cunt!


HRMMMMMM, NMMMMMMH, OHHHHH, FUUUUUCK, I’M CUMMINGH, AHHH, ORIHIMEEEE, NELLLL, I’M CUMMINGH!!!!” Rangiku screamed in pleasure as she bounced up and down again and again.


“Ahhhhhn, yes, make her cum more Chad!!! Rangiku’s O-Face is amazinnngh…!!” Orihime moaned as she fondled her own breast while watching.


“Ahhhn, Nel is… Nel is gonna cuuuummmm!!!!” Nel moaned with her, panting hard as she rocked her body against Orihime’s, the water around them a churning mess.


AHHH, AHHH, YESSSS, DON’T STOP, DON’T STOOOOOOP, AHHH, CUMMING, I’M CUMMINNNNGH!!!” Rangiku screamed in pleasure as she felt Chad thrust his cock all the way up her asshole, stretching her stomach up visibly as he began cumming inside her!


HEEEEEEEEEEGH!!!!” she screamed again as she felt thick liquid warmth flooding into her stomach as her entire body convulsed with pleasure before both she and Chad fell down into the water with a large splash!





“Paaaaaaah, that’s the stuff!!!” Rangiku said as she downed a bottle of flavored milk in the resting room that was connected to the main bath. Orihime and Nell both sat in vibrating chairs that hummed away as they lay in them.


“So, are you totally sure Ichigo won’t be mad?” Rangiku asked.


“Na-aa-aa-aa-ah, He-ll be-ee-ee fi-ii-ne…” Orihime said, “We-ee-ee di-ii-d a th-ree-ee-so-mee wi-th Re-nn-jiii on-ce… O-ur fi-rs-t an-ni-ver-s-aa-ryyy…”


“Oh, well I guess that’ll be alright then.” said Rangiku as she downed another bottle of milk, “So, where to next?” she asked with a grin, “I wanna get some of the wild out before I settle down if I’m gonna do this!”


(Story by User: SailorIo)

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Ichigo Kurosaki
2 months ago

Excellent history jejeje chad is chad xD

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
2 months ago

Lovely story from beginning to end. I like how the focus is (for the most part) purely on the three wives, giving them some much needed time for interactions. This gives us some very interesting and indepth look at Rangiku’s reasons for joining this harem. I think her shortened lifespan was only brought up once, maybe twice, before, right? So having it addressed again makes her quite a bit more deeper than “I’ll join this harem because I wanna fuck”. With this alone I’m actually pleased quite a lot since I’m usually not really a fan of harem in general cause the women seem just kinda uninteresting to me there. Their trip to the bath and ultimate meeting with Chad was quite nice. While on it, Chad and Rangiku make for a quite interesting team and having him silently fuck her while she screams her soul out as the two other women watch was definitely hot as hell.

As always, I liked the new additions you wrote for the older chapters. You somehow managed to flesh them out even more than you already did the first time around. Thanks for the effort!

If I’m correct, then we should get a timeskip after this chapter or so, right? I wonder how you’ll handle Kazui, given that he can’t really appear directly in artworks.

2 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Yeah, that detail seems to have been forgotten about. Yamamoto was over 2000 years old, so I figure he was at the far end of a Shinigami lifespan. When Mayuri said their lives had been drastically shortened, I figured a little over a century would work well. Granted that was the main reason she joins the harem, but she’ll also enjoy being one of Kazui’s mothers.

Smiling Fiend
Smiling Fiend
2 months ago

Good to know Renji wasn’t left out of the threesome action. I mean, I like Ichiruki but that doesn’t mean I have to hate Orihime or Renji.

2 months ago
Reply to  Smiling Fiend

Yeah, as some might remember, after the timeskip, it was very much an open marriage thing for Ichigo and Orihime

2 months ago

Chad just being.

…Well a Chad.

2 months ago
Reply to  Xcelsior


2 months ago

It’s wonderful to see Chad receive some attention, especially in a threesome. The man needs some more love.

Last edited 2 months ago by Censored_King
2 months ago
Reply to  Censored_King

Was tricky to do Chad again, as male Kuudere’s are kinda rare.