Slammed into Submission

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Kill la Kill stories)
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Slowly drifting through the vast emptiness of Space, a massive gourd shaped lifeform was moving past the planet Saturn at a lazy pace. The lifeform had no consciousness to speak of, just an instinct to evolve life, then consume it to reproduce itself.


That was until it encountered a single glowing red thread that had been drifting away from the earth for some time. Recognizing its own kind, the Primordial Life Fiber assimilated the thread into itself, and was endowed with consciousness, memory, and will! The instinct pulling it towards the Earth became a Desire to conquer and consume! To get revenge by tormenting the people who had defeated its predecessor.


The second Primordial Life Fiber could not propel its mass towards the earth any faster than it already was. Gravity would see to that, however, it could easily send out a small vanguard to begin it’s revenge! Small openings dilated on the surface of the end facing towards the earth. From those openings, much smaller, lighter versions of the Life Fiber took shape. Detaching themselves from the original, they launched themselves forward at several million kilometers per hour. At that speed, they would arrive on Earth in several days, long before the several years remaining for the main force to make the journey.


The will infused into the Life Fibers relished the thoughts of revenge, of seeing the faces of its enemies in anguish and despair!



Rei Hououmaru was worried. The young futanari woman had never seen her Mistress so upset! It had been three days since Lady Satsuki’s reformed mother, Ragyo Kiryuin, had somehow managed to escape from confinement in the storage rooms below the newly refounded Hounouji Slut University.


After learning of her escape, Satsuki had barely slept, and she ate even less. Every day she would don Junketsu and search for her. Only returning when her Elite Four brought her back with the aid of Lady Ryuko. She couldn’t maintain this pace for much longer, Rei knew that, but she would not listen. The lavender haired woman sat in the cafeteria of the school, sipping lightly at the same tea Soroi often made for Satsuki. Outside, the sun had already set and stars had begun dotting the night sky.


“So, she’s sleeping now?” asked Jai Kiryu, one of the new students of the university. Satsuki had been leery of the girl since her past had a few curious gaps in its story. But what little she gave had been confirmed by Inumuta. Rei was about to begin her own investigation into her when the incident with Ragyo’s revival occured. Now the matter seemed trivial at best.


Rei nodded to her fellow futanari. It was odd, and yet somehow a relief for Rei to learn she wasn’t a unique existence. Now, she rather enjoyed sharing a drink with the young nineteen year old. “Yes,” she spoke after a moment, “The Medical Club gave her a powerful new sedative they created. She should be able to rest for several hours now. Junketsu was relieved to be off of her it seemed. He said something about her blood getting too hot.” she explained.


“Will, will she be okay, Lady Satsuki I mean?” Jai asked.


“The captain of the Medical Club thinks so, she left her own practice to come back to the University. Though I can’t recall what she is a doctor of at the moment.” Rei admitted. “She just needs to rest and eat. I know Lady Ragyo, better than anyone aside from Lady Satsuki. I was her… Nevermind, I know if she hasn’t done anything now, she’s not likely to soon. Lady Satsuki’s mother was only subtle when it came to long term plans. Revenge, that she wouldn’t wait very long for, and she was easily a match for both her daughters in combat without a goku uniform.” Rei sipped her tea again. “I can’t seem to forget the look in her eyes.”


“What do you mean?” Jai asked, munching on a cookie that was on the table between them. The pigtailed girl had brought them over when she noticed Rei sitting alone. She was grateful for the company, Rei didn’t really know how to interact with the Elite Four or with Lady Ryuko, she felt they still hadn’t forgiven her for what she’d done in the past. When she was with Lady Satsuki it was easier, she simply let her speak, and only spoke herself when appropriate.


“I knew Lady Ragyo before.” Rei said, “I was her… Let‘s just say I was more than just her secretary. What I saw in this Ragyo’s eyes was different. Something I’d never seen before.”


Jai was quiet, and Rei looked up to see the young woman paying attention.


“Regret, regret and sadness.” Rei said, “Emotions I never thought her capable of.”


Jai nodded, “I heard nan… I mean, I heard Lady Ragyo was quite the terror before.”


Rei nodded, “Terror is putting it politely. She was a monster, there isn’t a better word for it really.”


“But you were still loyal to her.” said Jai. Her voice was factual, not accusing, Rei didn’t sense any malice in her voice at all. In fact, when she looked into the girl’s deep blue eye, all she saw was compassion and she knew she was just being a friendly ear for Rei.


“I owed her.” Rei said, finishing her tea. “Lady Ragyo saved me from marauders who were attacking the village where I grew up. My parents abandoned their freak child, and I grew up just trying to get by in a world of bloodshed and anger. She saved me from that, gave me a new name, and a purpose. Even if that purpose was the extinction of the world in the end. I was grateful to have someone accept me.”


Jai nodded, “I can understand that.”


“Was it rough for you?” Rei asked. “Growing up as neither gender I mean?”


Jai shook her head, “No, actually my childhood was very pleasant. My parents both loved me very much. There were a few, um, complications after I was born, or so they told me. But with support from their family, I was able to pull through. I don’t really remember it though.”


“You were an infant, I doubt you would.” Rei said, “Lady Ragyo used Life Fibers to ‘stabilize’ me. She tried to make me like her, but I was too old. The best they could do was bring my hormones and body into a proper balance. Futanari like us don’t generally live very long, or well. Our hormones are a mess.”


Jai nodded, “I know, I do remember some medicines I needed to take as a child and when I hit puberty.” she said with an unpleasant expression. Rei smiled, enjoying being able to talk about it with someone who understood. Jai munched down another cookie before speaking again, “Mind if I ask you something? Though, it’s a bit personal…”


“Go ahead.” Rei told her.


“What was your name, I mean, before Lady Ragyo found you?” Jai asked her.


Rei smiled weakly and looked down at her lap. The white life fiber infused shorts she had on constrained her gigantic cock and balls, allowing her to look like a normal woman. They were just like the panties Jai used to do the same, only a different exterior design. Lady Ragyo had had them made for her, though the design wasn’t a secret. Jai’s parents must have found them in Revox’s patent files and adapted the design.


“Funny you should ask,” Rei said, “In my village, they called me Jai, same as you. I was told it meant freak, but it didn’t, the villagers were just being mean.”


“Oh, what does it mean?” Jai asked.


“It’s Hindi, the villager who took care of me until I was six was from that region. I found out later it means victory when most directly translated. I would have gone back to using it, but I am still grateful to Lady Ragyo for everything she did for me. So I kept Rei Hououmaru.”


Jai smiled at something, reaching out for another cookie, “My parents told me it’s tied to the Divine Feminine, and that they gave it to me so I would never be ashamed of my own body.”


Rei nodded, “It is, though I only found that out some years later. Your parents named you very well.”


Jai blushed, “Th… Thank you.” she said.


“If you don’t mind, can I ask you about your past? It might give me something to get Lady Satsuki’s mind off of things, at least for a little while.” Rei probed.


Looking up at her, Rei saw conflict in Jai’s expression. She definitely wanted to tell her something, but wasn’t sure if she should. What was it about her story that made her so vague and elusive? What could be so bad that she had to remain so guarded?


“Well, I…” she began to say.




Rei and Jai both stood up at the sound of the explosion! The chairs they’d been sitting in toppled backwards at the motion as they turned to look out the window.


“Lady Satsuki!” Rei called as she saw smoke coming from the floor where Satsuki’s offices were.


“Go!” Jai told her. Rei nodded and took off at a sprint an olympic runner could never hope to meet. The life fibers in her clothes boosting her speed and agility as she literally ran up the wall outside the building where Satsuki was resting. Smoke still billowed out from the side of the building as Rei reached the floor where a hole had been blasted out of the wall.


Covering her mouth and nose with her sleeve, Rei moved into the room. “Milady Satsuki!” she called, “Milady, are you alright!?”


Through the smoke, Rei could make out a blue glow several feet away. Using the Life Fibers in her clothes to form a large fan with her other sleeve, Rei blew away the worst of the smoke, and gasped as she spotted Satsuki standing in the center of the rubble. She was wearing Junketsu, but not the Junketsu from before. This one was a deep dark blue, almost black, with glowing light blue ‘teeth’ made of bits of energy coming off the shoulder armor. Satsuki’s once jet black hair now glowed a brilliant blue that matched the energy. Her face was a stern look of fierce determination. Even less of her body was covered by her Kamui, her large breasts barely contained by strips of dark blue fabric.


When Satsuki turned to her, Rei heard Junketsu speak, “Rei, babe, get this bitch to calm the “Fuck” down will ya? Her blood is burnin like a mothafucka! It’s hotter than fish grease up in here!”


“Be silent Junketsu!” Satsuki said, her voice sharper than her sword. She then flexed her hand testingly, “Yes, this will be enough, I will find her and stop her this time!”


“Milady please, you must calm yourself!” Rei pleaded, “At this rate Junketsu may go out of control! That nearly killed your sister when it happened to her!”


“Be silent!” Satsuki shouted at her, making Rei flinch back slightly. She made a swiping motion with her arm, blowing out another wall with just the pressure from that single motion. “Yes, this will do nicely.” she said as she jumped out into the night sky. The glowing blue tooth-like bits of energy expanded out into wings and Satsuki began to glide away.


Fanning away more smoke, Rei followed to the edge of the opening in the way and extended her arms outwards. With a thought she formed her sleeves into a pair of wide wings and lept outward. She caught the wind with ease and flew after Satsuki. It was easy to keep her in her sights with the way she was lit up like a neon light.


What’s gotten into her!?’ thought Rei, ‘This is irrational for her! Could it just be a lack of sleep? Or is she frightened by her mother’s return and escape?


Satsuki landed in a field just outside the university grounds. Rei remembered it was the place where she had briefly dueled with Jai a while back.


“Yes, this will be enough, with this power I will defeat her!” Satsuki shouted, laughing almost maniacally. “I will call this power; JUNKETSU SHINZUI!!!


“Milady please!” Rei called as she came down behind her, “Something is wrong, let us help you!”


“Out of my way! I have no time to waste on my mother’s pathetic lackey!” Satsuki said, “At my current level, not even she can hope to defeat me, let alone a small fry like you!” she said bitterly. She then hugged her arms against herself, “This power, it feels amazinggg…! Haah…” she breathed, her breath actually steaming in the air.


“Babe, you got’s ta stop her, whatever dope they shot her up got her all fucked up in the head!” Junketsu said. His voice seemed to struggle as he spoke as Satsuki made a fist.


Rei looked closer, Satsuki’s face was slightly flushed, and the crotch of her kamui was just a little darker than the surrounding material. She remembered that the drug they had given Satsuki was meant as a tranquilizer to be used on someone wearing a kamui. Satsuki was clearly having an unintended reaction. But it gave Rei an idea. It took only a thought, but in that instant, Rei’s entire outfit came apart at several seams. Her huge cock flung out from inside her shorts as she used the last few moments of contact with the Life Fibers to propel herself forward, tackling Satsuki to the ground before she could react!


HAAAHHHH!!!” Satsuki screamed as Rei pushed the part of Junketsu covering Satsuki’s pussy aside with her dick before plunging it in balls deep! Rei groaned at the familiar tightness of Satsuki’s pussy wrapping around her cock. The dark haired woman’s stomach stretched up from the sheer length of Rei’s cock as she pushed into her womb.


BHIG, TOO BHIIIIIG, AHHHHH….!” Satsuki moaned and Rei began slamming her cock in and out of her burning hot pussy. “ST… STOOOOP… GET OFFF… AHHHH IT’S SO GOOOD… MY PUSSY, MY PUSSY IS SO FUCKING FULLLL…!!!


“Milady… Miladyyy…!” Rei groaned, still thrusting her cock back and forth as she felt Satsuki’s pussy spasming around her cock. Her flailing arms had no strength as she tried to push Rei off of her. The chocolate skinned woman pinned down Satsuki’s wrists as she continued slamming her cock back and forth. “Haaaaah, Junketsu, help me hold her down!” she hissed.


“Already got u baby! Imma hold it down, but I can only keep her on lock for so long. Handle your business and keep on pounding that sweet thang with that fatass dang-a-lang baby!!! It’s cooling her blood down!” Junketsu told her.


“Go… Got it!!!” Rei grunted, “Ahhhh, so tight, Miladyyy… Your pussy feels so good!!” Rei told her as she kept slamming her cock into Satsuki.


AAAHHH!!! UN… UNHAND MEEEE, OH FUUUUCK, I WILL DESTROY YOOOUUUU…!” Satsuki moaned, though her struggles had no strength in them. Even without Junketsu trying to restrain her, Satsuki could have easily broken Rei like a twig. The fact that she hadn’t meant some part of Satsuki was still sane and trying to come back. Rei hooked her arms under Satsuki’s knees, pushing her legs up over her head, pinning her further as she slammed her cock in and out mercilessly.


MMMMMMH…!” Rei groaned in pleasure, trying to keep herself from cumming as she felt Satsuki’s pussy clinging tightly to her cock every time she pulled back. “Mi… MILADYYYY… I WILL SAVE YOUUUU…!” she moaned as she drove her cock in and out harder and harder.




Rei grunted in pleasure, driving her cock into Satsuki’s pussy harder and harder, keeping her full weight on top of the dark haired woman. She then used one hand to pin Satsuki’s arms above her head before grabbing a fistful of her hair. Gripping it tight, Rei held Satsuki’s head in place as she kissed her hard.


HMMMMMMPH!!!” Satsuki moaned against her mouth as Rei forced her tongue between her lips. Rei could feel her pussy clamping around her cock again as hot juices sprayed all over her. She then broke the kiss and Satsuki screamed again, “AAAAH, FUUUUCK YOUR COCK IS SO BIG!!! AAAAH, AHHH FUUUCK… SO THICK, YES!!!


“Miladyyy… Haaaah, I… I will… Save you… From yourself…!” Rei groaned and grunted as she shoved her cock in as deep as it could go and held it inside her. Satsuki hissed in pleasure as her hair began flickering between its normal back and the teal colored glow it now had. The armor that was Junketsu also began shifting colors randomly as Rei moaned with Satsuki.


What felt like hours went by as Rei kept Satsuki pinned down on the ground, her cock slamming into her repeatedly. Satsuki howled over and over again as her belly tented upwards from the sheer length and thickness of Rei’s massive erection. As time went on, Rei could feel Satsuki’s strength waning slowly as she forced her mistress to cum again and again.


“Yous almost there Rei-Rei! Wreack dat ass and take her “THERE“! We gon take her to 24/7 climax heaven!” Junketsu told her. “God damn! Her blood is getting so fucking sweet! WHOOO! A Kamui could get hooked on this shit right’chea!”


“I’m not, uhhh, doing this… For you! I won’t let Lady Satsuki hurt herself.” Rei groaned, “I love her too much!” she moaned as she fought to keep herself from cumming once more. The lavender haired futanari woman then let out a long moaning howl as she began piston fucking her cock in and out of Satsuki’s pussy. The dark haired woman moaned in ecstasy beneath her as her entire body shook from the relentless onslaught!


I SUBMIT!!! I SUBMIT!!!” Satsuki screamed as Rei felt her pussy clenching and unclenching around her cock. “AAAHHHH, AHHH AAAAHHHAAAA!!! YOU ALREADY DEFEATED ME SEVERAL HOURS AGO!!!” she moaned as her fingers dug deep gouges in the dirt beneath them. “OOOOOOH, OOHHHH, OOOOOHH… I CAN’T TAKE ANYMORE OF YOUR HUGE DICK!!!” Satsuki confessed before her body bucked again, driving her cock even deeper inside!


FUCK! I CAN’T STOP CUMMING!!!” she howled in pleasure before Rei pressed her mouth to the other woman’s, forcing her tongue into her mouth. She then felt Satsuki’s arms wrapping around her neck as she clung to her tightly.


YESH, YESH, YESHYESHYESH!!! PHUCK MEEEH, POUND DAT MONSHTER DHICK INTO MUH SHOPPING WET HOOOOLE…!” Satsuki moaned into her mouth, their tongues sloppily sliding and wrestling against one anothers. “AAAHH PHUUUCK… AYE… AYE’M CUMMING SHO MUUUSH… AYE’M AHDDICTED TO DISH HUGE CAWK!!!” she told her as she kissed back now, rolling her hips into Rei’s thrusts.


“Mmmmmh, Mihlahdy…!” Rei moaned back, “Mmmmh, gonna cum… Can’t htop it any mooar…!” she told her as her thrusts slowed, but became more forceful.


Satsuki broke the kiss and looked at Rei without a trace of the near madness that had been there before. All Rei saw was the same fierce determination that she loved about her, “Yess… Do it!” she commanded, “MMMMMH, FUCK!!! AHHH FLOOD MY WOMB WITH THAT HOT STICKY CUUUUM!” she screamed as Rei felt her cumming again around her throbbing cock.


“Hah, hah, haaah… Miladyyyyyy!!!” Rei howled as she slammed her cock balls deep inside Satsuki again. She then let out a deep grunt as her cum shot into Satsuki like a firehose!




MMMMMMMMH, YES, FILL ME UP, FILL ME ‘TIL I BURST WITH CUUUUM!” Satsuki screamed as Rei moaned on top of her.



It felt like an eternity before Rei’s cum finally stopped pouring out from her balls. The two women rolled onto their sides, panting and gasping for breath. As Rei’s cock softened, Satsuki felt it push out of her tight cunt, a huge flood of cum washing out with it, soaking the ground beneath them and likely killing the lawn’s grass.


When she finally had the strength to speak again, Rei said, “Milady…” but Satsuki reached up and pressed a finger to her lips, stilling her words.


“You’ve done well Rei. And you have my thanks.” she told her, then looked down at Junketsu, “And you have my apologies Junketsu.”


“Ain’t no thang baby, It’s just…” he stopped mid-sentence. Satsuki understood why, somehow, she could FEEL it! At the very outermost edges of her hearing, Satsuki heard it coming. Using both arms and legs, Satsuki shoved Rei away from her, kicking herself clear as well as a huge hulking monster came down on top of where they had just lain.


Clods of dirt were thrust into the air, raining back down onto the ground as Satsuki rolled herself onto her feet. The blue glow of Junketsu Shinzui was flickering in and out. Satsuki could feel she wouldn’t be able to maintain the form much longer. She’d only just unlocked it with the aide of an untested drug, there wasn’t any way she could use it reliably right now! In the center of the newly formed crater was a thing Satsuki had hoped never to see again.




That’s what her mother had called them. Massive suits made entirely of Life Fibers. But they weren’t Kamui, they had no will of their own, at least not one she could understand. They were the soldiers of the Primordial Life Fiber. ‘But how, the Life Fiber is still years away!’ she thought. ‘Could it be Ragyo, but where did she get enough Life Fibers to make a Covers?


“So here you are!” shouted Ryuko’s voice as she appeared overhead, “The school’s under attack, this ain’t a good time to be getting your freak on onee-san!” the dark haired girl shouted as she tossed something at Satsuki’s feet. A pair of twinned swords. She’d used them before in her little duel with the mystery girl. Grabbing both hilts, Satsuki drew both blades with a metal on metal sliding sound!


“I apologize little sister, I wasn’t quite myself.” Satsuki said as she dropped into a fighting stance.


“Yeah whatever, there’s about a dozen of these guys all over the school! The student’s are holding their own for now, but they’re gonna need help!” Ryuko said as she landed on the other side of the Covers.


Smirking, Satsuki held both blades up as Ryuko split the Rending Scissors into twinned Scissor Blades. “Alright then, let’s deal with this mess first!” Satsuki said. She then glanced over to where Rei knelt, still completely naked from earlier. “Rei, get to safety! You can’t fight in that state!”


“Understood!” Rei said diligently, standing and running back towards the school. Satsuki and Ryuko made instant work of the Covers, both of them slashing in a cross pattern together. In a blink, the Covers was shredded into bits of fabric, and a young naked man fell out from the inside. Satsuki didn’t recognize him immediately, not until Ryuko ran over to him.


“Marcus! Are you alright!?” she called.


Satsuki smirked, now she understood why Ryuko had followed the Covers out here. She then wiped the look off her face and shouted at her sister, “Worry about your boyfriend later sister, we have work to do!”


“Tch, he’s not my boyfriend!” Ryuko denied even though she had a deep blush on her cheeks.


Satsuki allowed the matter to drop as the two of them leapt into the air and back towards the school. “You think mom sent them?” Ryuko asked as she flew alongside Satsuki in the Senketsu Shippu form. “Also, what’s up with the blue Junketsu?”


“I’ll explain later, and yes, that would be my thoughts. Though where she got enough active Life Fibers is beyond me.” Satsuki answered her. The two of them approached the school. The main courtyard was a mess, huge chunks of concrete lay in random slabs. Here and there students in Goku Uniforms did their best to fight, but were only barely holding the Covers at bay. One student was doing better than the others, and Satsuki recognized her instantly.


Jai Kiryu.


The silver lavender haired young woman was taking on three covers together, her red edged black sword a flurry of motion. She’d hack off the attacking limbs of the monsters only for them to grow right back and renew their assault.


“Get back inside!” Jai shouted to a small group of students not wearing their uniforms. Unsurprising since it was after class hours. They’d been caught with their pants down so to speak! The students nodded their thanks and scurried back inside.


Together, Ryuko and Satsuki came down into the ruined courtyard, smashing a new crater into the concrete. “You go left!” Satsuki told Ryuko.


“Got it, come on Senketsu!” Ryuko replied.


“Understood!” Satsuki heard the Kamui reply before Ryuko was gone from her line of sight. Small explosions could be seen on that end of the courtyard as her little sister went to work.


“Are you ready to split a few fibers, Junketsu?” Satsuki asked.


Bitch, this is why I was made!” Junketsu replied excitedly, “Jus’ keep grinding that sweet pussay against me. I don’t mind being second, after all, ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none!”


Grinning, Satsuki just nodded and launched herself into action! Junketsu Shinzui was more than ten times faster than his previous form. In less than a second, Satsuki had sliced several of the covers into so many ribbons, freeing the students trapped inside.


RAGYO! I WON’T LET YOU WIN!” Satsuki shouted into the air.


“Hmmm… Lady Ragyo? Gnope, gnope gnope!” said an insanely and sickeningly cheerful voice that made Satsuki’s blood run so cold even Junketsu shivered. The nearest Covers turned to face her, and the front of the monster rearranged itself to form the face of someone Satsuki had hoped never to see again!


Nui Harime.


“Hihihi!!!” Nui said with that disgustingly sweet smile of hers, “Wow Lady Satsuki, you’re all grown up now! Look at those tig ol bitties!” Nui said. “Nopey nope, Lady Ragyo is gone, but the Life Fibers found me, so I thought I’d send a little hihi to see you!”


“How…?” Satsuki began, but then the glow of Junketsu Shinzui faded completely and Satsuki felt as though someone had tied weights to her entire body! Before she could try to adjust, the Nui Covers took the opening, knocking her back and slamming her against a wall of broken concrete. Nui just laughed as her face vanished and the Covers closed in on her.


Satsuki looked up just in time to see the Covers-like creature looming over her like a Grim Reaper. She silently cursed her own carelessness as her eyes darted around, she was boxed in, no way out, no way to dodge.


“Mother, no!!!!” shouted Jai as she was suddenly between Satsuki and the monster. The silver lavender haired girl instantly drew her blade, “RENDING KAZE, CHAINSAW MODE!!!” she called out, and Satsuki’s eyes went wide as the red edge of her sword suddenly became serrated with razor sharp teeth in opposing directions. Those teeth then began to move in those directions with a high pitched VRRRRRRRR sound.


Slashing upwards, Jai parried the monster’s bladed arm with her own weapon, stopping it in its tracks. Glowing purple lines then appeared in her hair as she pushed back with so much force that the ground beneath her sank inwards!


YOU WILL NOT HURT HER!!!!!” Jai screamed in sheer rage as she pushed the Covers creature back as she deflected the attack. The monster stepped back, and though it didn’t really have a face, Satsuki could see it was just as shocked as she was! But the thing recovered quickly, forming both its arms into scythed blades and bringing them down on her. But Jai slashed with her sword again, severing its arms, the ends of the life fiber completely shredded by the chainsaw-like motion of her sword. Satsuki expected the limbs to instantly recover, but they didn’t. The Life Fibers in it didn’t even regenerate!


“Die.” Jai said in a cold voice completely devoid of emotion now as she slashed again and again, her blade moving so fast even Satsuki couldn’t follow the motion! In less than a second the Covers was rended into scraps as the student inside fell naked to the ground, completely unharmed. Satsuki felt as though she’d witnessed something like this before. No, she’d heard about it from Nonon, when her little sister was raging against their mother after first learning the truth about herself.


Small red fibers from the Covers wafted through the air like fallen bird feathers before being drawn into the purple streaks in Jai’s hair which glowed a powerful violet for a moment. When the glow faded, the streaks faded with it as Jai turned to her. The battlefield had gone silent, and the sense of the Covers that Satsuki had felt just moments ago was gone. She couldn’t be sure, but Satsuki suspected the battle was over now as Jai looked at her.


“Are you alright?” she asked breathlessly.


“Mother?” Satsuki echoed, and she saw Jai go stiff.


“Oh, um, I…” Jai stammered.


“I heard you, you called me ‘mother’.” Satsuki said as she stood up and looked at the nervous young woman.


“Did I…?” Jai said nervously, “I uh, um, hmmm…” she stammered nervously.


Satsuki looked at Jai, then down at her sword, one so like Ryuko’s and her own. A melding of the two weapons. She thought about Jai’s fighting style, so like her own, but stronger, more driven to attain victory. Then there was Jai herself, a futanari girl who used Kiryu as a pseudonym, a substitute for Kiryuin. Looking into her eyes, Satsuki put it all together, she was looking at her own child, one not yet born in this world.


“I see…” Satsuki said quietly, “You deserved more from me than one sword and a world of troubles, I’m sorry.” Satsuki said softly.


Tears welled up in Jai’s eyes then overflowed and ran down her cheeks as she threw herself into Satsuki’s arms and began to sob, “Mother!” she cried, “Motherrrr…!!!”


Satsuki hugged the girl closer, letting her cry into her shoulder. It was both strange, and oddly natural to hold her this way. Strange hearing herself being called mother, and yet, she couldn’t deny she felt the connection.


“Can you tell me how we failed? If I know where we went wrong, maybe I can prevent the ruined world you came from.” Satsuki asked.


Jai pulled away and blinked her eyes in confusion, she sniffled once before saying, “Huh, what do you mean ruined world? Everything’s fine where I come from. You, mama, Auntie Ryuko, even nanna are all fine. To be honest, I have no idea HOW I even got here.”


“Wait, what?!” Satsuki exclaimed.

Story by Sailor Io

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1 year ago

A little something Unskilled made for me to go with this.

1 year ago

The KLK stories are some of my favorites on this site (next to One Piece and maybe Fairy Tail) used to be OPM as well but we haven’t gotten an update in a while unless the story was finsished or whatever. Honestly can’t even remember the plot at this point.

Anyways fuckin love instant loss play and the futa on female action, especially when it involves strong or charismatic characters like Satsuki getting filled up by someone shorter than them. But I guess in this case its her own future daughter xD.

Hope we get some Narui action later on in the story or maybe even Mako I feel like she way past overdue

1 year ago
Reply to  souljamantwn

Well, it was her future daughters father in this instance. Though since mother/daughter stuff is heavily implied in the anime, we may see that soon.

Who’s Narui?

Citizen V
Citizen V
1 year ago

Pretty cool and interesting so far, it’s a nice surprise seeing Satsuki has a kid from the future.

1 year ago
Reply to  Citizen V

What I thought everyone might enjoy was that Jai wasn’t here to try and change the future as is standard fare in most children come back in time tropes. She’s more along the lines of Marty Mcfly, here by accident. Only missing a cool DeLorean to take her home at 88mph.

1 year ago

WOW. O_O This wasn’t the chapter I was expecting, but it was certainly one I enjoyed.

Not only that, it’s been too long since we had a KLK chapter in general, and this was a welcome surprise.

Overall, this was fun. More so considering how it went down. Especially the information that came out during the story.

Hopefully we’ll get more sometime. Nice work. 😀

1 year ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Thank you very much! I hope everyone likes the next chapter, it’s been mostly done for over a month now, just gotta finish the sexy bit with Satsuki and the closing sequence.

1 year ago

The truth finally comes out. Though don’t know how Satsuki feels now that she know that she got her ass stretched out by her daughter from the future. Can’t wait to see where this goes now.

1 year ago
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Meh, she’d be fine with it, given how she’s done other things with Ryuko before. Pleasures, especially the taboo ones, bring out more power in the life fibers, that’s actually canon from the anime.

1 year ago

A nice mixture of things in this chapter. We got more plot, some drama, and some action scenes. It appears that the cat is finally out of the bag with Jai, at least as far as Satsuki is concerned. I wonder if she’ll expose her to the others or keep it to herself at the moment. I do wonder if this makes Satsuki view Rei differently now as she is now aware that she ends up married to her and with a daughter. Speaking of Rei, it was nice to finally see her actually interact with her future daughter for the first time, even though she’s unaware of this fact in the moment. I wonder what kind of father she’d be.

Interesting Chainsaw mode on her sword, I’m curious how it’d function on her blade. It’s fun having Nui come back, though I wonder if there’d ever be a picture with her.

1 year ago
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Thanks, and yeah, Rei’s gonna be FLOORED when she finds out. Though Jai doesn’t look at Rei as a father. When she said ‘mama’ she was referring to Rei. She calls Satsuki ‘mother’ and Rei ‘mama’.

Jai’s sword was modeled after the scissor blade, so it has multiple forms.

1 year ago

Are we ever going to see a full picture of jai

1 year ago
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Here’s one

1 year ago

Have you ever thought about making kill la kill a shared universe with other manga/anime, maybe where marcus becomes the Simon or the Takkun of the story, you know spiral energy or N.O. energy.

1 year ago
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Nah, crossovers aren’t really planned for this series. There’s one that MIGHT, and I stress MIGHT happen later in a different series. Right now, it’s just a little easter egg.

1 year ago
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What different series might have a crossover and a crossover with which other series.