Joining in the Fun (Special Edition)

(Note: This story is part of an short series of Bleach stories)
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Leaning back in a beach lounge chair, Ichigo Kurosaki groaned as he looked down at Rangiku as the strawberry blonde swallowed his cock! He watched as her pink lips glided along his shaft, leaving a glistening trail of saliva every time she lifted her head up. The orange haired man could feel his cock sliding through her throat and down to her stomach. He groaned at the sensation as he turned to look at the orange haired woman laying naked next to him.


Orihime giggled happily, watching Rangiku as she continued to bob her head up and down slowly. Groaning again, he turned to look at his wife as she began tracing her fingertips along his abs. She smiled back at him and leaned in close to kiss him deeply. He welcomed her tongue into his mouth, pushing back with his own.


“Mmmmmh…” Orihime purred against his lips, sucking on his tongue softly.


“Mmmmph, mmmmph, mmmmph…” Rangiku slurped against his dick, making lewd sucking sounds every time she pulled her head back up.


“Mmmmah…” Orihime gasped as she broke the kiss and looked down at Rangiku, “Mmmmmh, you look so sexy right now Rangiku. Does my husband’s cock taste good?” she asked softly.


“Yeeessh, sho guud, Aye wuv dish phlavour…” she slurred. Ichigo groaned again at the feel of her throat vibrating around his cock.


“Mmmmmmh, I know what you mean…” Orihime said, pressing her naked body back against Ichigo’s. He loved the feel of her skin against his own as he moved a hand between her thighs. She let out a soft moan as his fingers moved along the folds of her warm and sopping wet pussy. She’d shaved it recently, he could tell by how perfectly smooth it felt as he slowly dipped his fingers inside her.


MMMMH!!” Orihime moaned, pushing herself onto his fingers harder. She then began kissing his neck and shoulder slowly as Ichigo looked back at Rangiku. Her ice blue eyes sparkled with lust as she deepthroated his cock, her neck bulging with his sheer girth.


“Oooooh, fuck that feels good…!” he groaned.


Rangiku giggled and slowly pulled her head up and away. Long ropes of drool stretched away from her lips and slowly snapped away one by one. She let out a long sultry moan as she made a show of licking his balls while his wet dick smeared her drool all over her face.


“Ooooh, yeah…” Ichigo groaned.


“Does it feel good darling?” Orihime asked, “Do your balls feel good in Rangiku’s slutty mouth?”


“Yessss…” he hissed as Rangiku took one fat testicle between her lips. He could feel her rolling it around with her tongue as his wife moved to grasp his cock in one hand. Her slender digits couldn’t completely wrap around his length as she slowly continued stroking him by hand.


Orihime then leaned herself against him more, her huge breasts mashing against his chest. He could feel her hard nipples poking at his skin as he dug his fingers deeper into her pussy. Meanwhile Rangiku began focusing on his other ball, licking and sucking it lovingly before licking his cock from the base to tip.


“Oooooh, yeah, suck it again…” he told her.


“Mmmmh, gladly…” she breathed, moving to take his dick between those puffy pink lips again.


“Mmmmh, go deep again!” Orihime told her, pushing Rangiku’s face down on his cock.


MMMMMPH!!!” Rangiku gagged, “AGUGH GUG GUH GUUH…!” she gagged repeatedly as his wife pushed her head up and down.


“Ooooh yeah, oh fuuuck…” he groaned at the feeling as Rangiku moaned in pleasure with him.


“Yesss, suck him, suck my husband’s big fat dick!!!” Orihime moaned, “Mmmmmmh, yes, fuck you look so sexy right now! Ahhhnnnn, more Ichigo, play with my pussy more darling!” she moaned, rocking her hips against his fingers now, “Ahhhh, that feels so good, mmmmmmh…” she moaned before kissing him again deeply.


Ichigo dipped his fingers deep into Orihime’s pussy, enjoying the feel of her pussy spraying hot juices against his hand. He then broke the kiss, pulling her up until her fat tits dangled over his head. He quickly wrapped his lips around one stiff nipple, sucking it roughly and listening as his wife moaned in delight.


AGUG GUH GUH MMMPH MMMPH GUG, MMMPH…!” Rangiku continued to gag and moan around his cock. Ichigo closed his eyes, swirling his tongue around Orihime’s nipple as he savored the feel of Rangiku’s mouth. Since their arrival at this crazy resort, he’d become accustomed to having sex in the open like this. He never really thought of Orihime as kinky, though his wedding gift from her should have been a sign.


This wasn’t his first threesome, even before the one with Kiyone he’d had one with Rukia, again at Orihime’s arrangement on their honeymoon. Now, here he was again, another woman’s mouth around his cock as he sucked at his wifes tit. Above him, Orihime moaned in bliss as she moved to straddle his waist, holding his head to her breast as Ichigo moved to grab her ass. He gripped the soft buns roughly, moving to trace his fingers down the soft line between them, teasing her asshole and pussy together.


“Mmmmmmmh, yes… Oh that feels so good darling!!” she moaned. Ichigo then felt Rangiku pulling her mouth free without Orihime holding her head in place. He could feel her licking his cock from the base to tip before she gripped it in her hands and guided his length into Orihime’s pussy!


“Oooooh…” Ichigo groaned at the feeling of her hot pussy, loving the feel of it wrapping around his cock like a warm moist blanket.


MMMMMMM, SO BHIG, AHHHH, MY PUSSY FEELS SO FULL DARLING!!!” Orihime screamed as she sat back, taking Ichigo’s cock all the way into herself. He watched as her stomach distended from his size as she rolled her hips in slow circles.


“Mmmmmh, I know, oh fuck it feels so good Orihime…” Rangiku cooed as she moved to sit behind her, pressing her massive tits against the other woman’s back as she hugged their bodies closer. She leaned her head over Orihime’s shoulder and kissed her neck softly as her hands wrapped around her waist. Ichigo watched as she grabbed Orihime’s tits in hand and began squeezing and kneading them. She pinched Orihime’s soft pink nipples between her fingers and slowly twisted them toward one another. Ichigo then groaned as he felt Orihime’s pussy getting tighter around his cock as she leaned back into Rangiku.


MMMMMMMH, YESSSSS, SO GOOD, MORE, PLAY WITH MY TITS MORE, AHHH, SO BIIIIG, MY PUSSY, MY PUSSY IS CUMMINGGGGG!!!” Orihime screamed in ecstasy. She then turned her head and began dueling tongues with the other woman as Ichigo watched. Such an erotic sight seeing his wife kissing another beautiful woman as he began bucking his hips, boucing the pair up and down on his dick.


YESH, AYE… AYE MISSHED THISH PHEELING SHO MUUSH…” Orihime moaned against Rangiku’s tongue.


“Mmmmmmh, Aye’m sho jealoush Orihime…” Rangiku slurred, still squeezing her breasts as they slid their tongues together.


Orihime giggled and continued swirling her tongue against the other woman’s as she rolled her hips into Ichigo’s thrusts. The strawberry blonde then moved one hand down to trace the outline of Ichigo’s cock as it moved up and down.


“Ahhnnnn, sho bhig, Aye wanna pheel dish cock phuck meh evehry dhay…” Rangiku whined.


Still giggling, Orihime swirled her hips now, making Ichigo groan in pleasure as he thrusted harder! He loved the feel of her pussy clenching and unclenching around his cock.


“Mmmmmmh… dhat can beh ahrranged…” Orihime slurred back, breaking the kiss with Rangiku and moving to whisper in her ear.


“Oooooooh!!!” Rangiku squealed, “Yes, I like that very much!” she told Orihime before kissing her passionately, her tongue wrestling with his wifes.


Orihime cooed into Rangiku’s mouth and moaned as she let her full weight fall onto Ichigo’s cock, driving it deep into her womb! “OHHHH GAWD… SHO GUUUD, ISHIGOOOO, PHUCK MEEEH… PHUCK MUH PUSSHY MOAR!!!! AHHHH, SHO GUUD DAHLINGGG… AYE’M CUMMING, AYE’M CUMMING SHO MUUUSH!!!” she slurred against Rangiku’s lips. The other woman broke the kiss and rocked her body against the two of them, stirring his cock inside Orihime faster.


“Mmmmmmh, yessss, fuck her Ichigo, make her cum more!!! Ahhhnnnn, I love how you make her moan!!! It’s so sexy!!!” Rangiku panted, grabbing both of Orihime’s tits, lifting one up high so she could suck on her nipple.


AHHHHHH, YES YES YES!!!! CUMMING, I’M CUMMING DARLINGGGG, FUUUUCK, FUCK FUCK FUCK, MY PUSSSYYYYY!!!” cried Orihime as Ichigo slammed his cock all the way inside her again, grunting in pleasure as he came inside, blasting her womb with his thick cum. He watched as his wife’s stomach bulged slightly from his cum, her womb completely flooded.


MMMMMMMMH, YESSSSSSSS…!” Orihime moaned in ecstasy.


Rangiku smiled and began kissing and sucking on his wife’s neck lovingly. She continued kneading Orihime’s tits roughly as the orange haired woman shook in orgasm before slowly going still. Her heavy breasts heaved up and down in Rangiku’s grip.


“Awwwww, Nel goes away for five minutes and you all have fun without me!” whined a woman’s voice.


Ichigo looked past his wife and Rangiku to see Nel waded over to them through the water. There was a small shack a few yards out where she had gone to freshen up after her arrival with Orihime a short time ago. Somehow though, that felt like it was hours ago as he felt his cock still throbbing inside the orange haired woman.


“It’s okay Nel-chan!” Orihime said, pulling away from Rangiku and leaning her body down against his. He felt her heavy tits mashing against his chest as she hugged him tightly then pressed her mouth to his in a passionate kiss. She then lifted herself off his cock, his thick length pulling out of her with a rude sucking noise as his cum washed out of her gaping hole. There was a flash of light from the ornaments in her hair as Orihime triggered her powers, sending two of her Shun Shun Rika two his balls. They quickly created a barrier around them and Ichigo felt his cock shoot to full erection so quickly that it actually made a thwicking noise like a board of wood when flicked!


“See?” Orihime asked cutely.


Ichigo groaned, Orihime had done that before, using her powers to restore his vitality until she was completely satisfied. She only giggled and kissed his forehead as Nel grinned happily. As she drew closer, Ichigo saw the body paint she had applied to herself. A teal lipstick that matched her beautiful hair went nicely with the writing over her large breasts. The beautiful Arrancar woman had written ‘Welcome Daddy’ over them in green and teal body paint, complete with a little heart under the word daddy. Just above the neatly shaved folds of her pussy was another heart painted in yellow.


“Daddy?” Ichigo said.


“Something I told her about, how some girls like to call their lovers daddy.” she told him, “She liked the idea and wanted to do the same with you.” she explained with a cheeky grin.


“Oiy…” Ichigo groaned in exasperation. Orihime only smiled as Nel ran over to them, the water splashing around her as she came ashore. “Orihime, what did you say to Rangiku?” he asked.


“Nothing you need worry about right now dear.” she said mischievously as Nel reached them. The teal haired woman moved to straddle his legs as Rangiku moved aside for her. She then leaned forward and pressed her big tits around his massive erection. Ichigo leaned his head back and groaned again at the feeling. So soft and warm, and so slick with Orihime’s hot juices acting as a lubricant while Nel began moving her chest up and down.


“Mmmmmmh, Nel loves this…” said Nel as she slowly licked his cock. “Do Nel’s big boobies feel good daddy?” she asked him.


Ichigo tried not to roll his eyes at that, instead he just nodded, then groaned as Nel opened her mouth and slowly took his cock between her teal painted lips. “Oooh, that feels great…” he told her as Orihime and Rangiku moved to lay on either side of him. The two women both giggled as they took turns kissing him.


Rangiku then took his hand and moved it between her creamy thighs. Ichigo smiled at her and began playing with what she herself had declared was “his” pussy. The strawberry blonde moaned happily as she rocked her hips against his hand. He still worried about what his wife might have to say about that, but given the watch she was watching Nel take his cock down her throat… He began to wonder if he had something else to worry about.



Orihime Kurosaki hadn’t been so turned on in over a year as she watched Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck slowly sucking her husband’s cock! The teal haired woman’s lips easily slid up and down Ichigo’s massive cock as she took it down her throat. Her neck bulged from Ichigo’s girth as she gagged softly around it.


“Oooh, Nel… That, feels amazing…” her husband groaned.


“Does it feel good darling?” Orihime asked.


Ichigo nodded, leaning his head back on the towel where they lay. After Nel had come back from the small washroom shack, she’d watched as the other woman began servicing her husband for a few minutes before their little group had moved out to the beach. She would have been happy to stay where they were, but that lounger didn’t have enough room for four people to be comfortable.


Orihime lay back on the towel and began to masturbate as she watched. Nel looked so very sexy right now, the way her lips dragged along her husband’s dick. The way his cock glistened with her saliva every time she pulled her head back. It just turned her on so much! She moaned as she dug three fingers into her own pussy, rocking her hips against them slowly. The orange haired woman just loved seeing another woman with her husband. Orihime couldn’t pass up the opportunity. She would have loved having Chizuru joining them, but she ran off the moment they arrived. Orihime had no idea where she’d gotten off to, but she was sure she was having her own fun.


She loved Ichigo dearly, but he could be so uptight! On their wedding night, when she’d brought Rukia in, she thought he was about to have a heart attack. Though once he’d calmed down, she knew he’d had a great time. And after everything she’d read about this place, she knew he’d enjoy himself here as well. Being so far into her pregnancy, Orihime couldn’t attend to her wifely duties as much as she wanted. And while he would never in a million years admit it aloud, she knew it bothered him as well.


Which is when Rangiku called and told her how good of a time Ichigo was having, Orihime had a brilliant idea! Though breaking that idea to her husband and getting him to agree to it would need a little…. Finesse. For now though, the orange haired woman loved seeing the look of ecstasy on his face as Nel took his entire cock between her pouty lips.


Lying opposite Orihime, Rangiku moaned as Ichigo toyed with her pussy! He continually dipped his fingers in and out of her neatly trimmed pussy. The wet squish of his fingers moving in and out excited Orihime as she moved her own fingers in and out of her pussy.


“Mmmmph, mmmmph, mmmmph, hahh…” Nel gasped as she lifted her head up slowly, Ichigo’s cock slipping out of her mouth slowly. Long glistening ropes of her drool stretched away from her lips and hung in the air until they drooped down to his pelvis and snapped away. “Mmmmmh, such a tasty cock Daddy…” she purred. Orihime giggled, she’d told Nel about how some girls like to call the lovers who provided for them ‘Daddy’. She liked the idea and had taken to calling her husband that.


“You like my darling’s cock Nel-chan?” Orihime asked.


Nel nodded, “Yes, it’s so yummy and feels so good in Nel’s mouth, Nel just wants to suck and suck and suck!”


“Mmmmmh, then get back to it!” Orihime told her as she reached her free hand down and pushed Nel’s face back onto Ichigo’s cock! The teal haired woman moaned happily and gagged lewdly around it as she took it all the way into her mouth.


“Oooooh, yeah…” Ichigo groaned.


“Mmmmh, enjoy it darling!” Orihime told him, then looked to Rangiku, smiling as the strawberry blonde woman continued humping her pussy against his fingers. “And you…” she said to her, “Kiss me.” she said as Rangiku looked up at her.


“Mmmmh gladly…” Rangiku cooed, leaning her head across Ichigo’s chest. Orihime leaned in from the other side and kissed the other woman deeply. Her lips had a sweet taste to them, as if she’d dusted them with sugar. Orihime savored the flavor as she slid her tongue along Rangiku’s. The two women swirled their tongues together openly, making sure Ichigo had a full view of the show. Orihime could almost feel him watching as he groaned again, his body jerking slightly between them. She heard Nel gag slightly and looked out the corner of her vision to see the green haired woman gulping loudly as she swallowed down Ichigo’s cum!


“Mmmmmmmh, Ranghikuu…” Orihime slurred against the other woman’s tongue.


Rangiku moaned back, reaching across Ichigo to pull Orihime closer, closing their mouths together. Orihime let out a long low moan as she kissed back, her tongue now wrestling with Rangiku’s. The orange haired woman’s pussy felt like it was on fire now as she continued fingering herself furiously. She let out a little squeaking moan as she felt herself cumming, a minor orgasm, but she loved it just the same, it only made her crave more. Orihime loved feeling like this, loved being able to indulge in her base desires with the people she loved!


Suddenly Ichigo pushed the two of them apart and Orihime gasped. Rangiku whined plaintively, but then giggled as Nel crawled between them, licking her way up Ichigo’s chest.
“Mmmmmmh, Nel wants her butt stuffed with Daddy’s big dick!” she giggled.


“Hmmhmmhmm,” giggled Orihime, “I think we can arrange that! You’ve been wanting that since we got here!”


Nel smiled back at her as Orihime moved down to her husband’s legs. His balls were as big as coconuts, she could almost see them pulsing with the cum stored inside! Using both her hands, Orihime gripped the base of Ichigo’s cock, holding it steady for him and helping guide it up and into Nel’s puckered asshole. The insanely thick phallus made a squishing sound as it slid into Nel, stretching her hole wider than she imagined it had ever been before!


HAAAAH, NEL’S ASS!!! NEL’S ASS FEELS SO GOOD DADDY!!!” Nel moaned as she pushed herself down fast, her rounded ass smacking against Orihime’s face. “HMMMMMMMMMMM!” she squealed, and Orihime giggled, the woman truly was a masochist. The orange haired woman gave Nel’s ass a kiss and lick as Ichigo thrusted his hips. The baby fat of Nel’s butt jiggled from the impact and Orihime felt a shiver run through her at the sight.


“Mmmmmh, yes darling, fuck her harder!” she moaned, licking Ichigo’s huge balls, “Ahhhn, make her feel it deep inside!”


Ichigo only grunted as he continued thrusting his hips hard! The wet SMACK SMACK SMACK of his balls slapping against Nel’s ass was one of the most erotic sounds Orihime could imagine. She then heard the now familiar sound of Rangiku moaning and tilted her head to look past Nel. Orihime giggled at the sight of the heavy breasted woman straddling Ichigo’s face! She could see his tongue slipping out and brushing along the dripping folds of the other woman’s cunt.


MMMMMMMH!!! YEAH! THERE, RIGHT, FUCKING, THEEEERE!!!” Rangiku howled in pleasure, gripping her own massive tits and kneading them roughly as Ichigo held onto her thighs. Orihime smiled and moved to crawl up Nel’s bare back, sliding her arms around the other woman. Nel moaned happily, leaning her weight back against Orihime, squishing Orihime’s tits against her back. Leaning her head over Nel’s shoulder, Orihime kissed and sucked on Nel’s neck. She moved her hands to grab her big fat tits, loving the feel of them in her hands as she hefted, kneaded, and rubbed them together.




Orihime loved Nel’s little quirk of always referring to herself in the third person, and the way she called Ichigo ‘Daddy’ only turned her on even more! She released one of Nel’s tits and moved that hand down between Nel’s long creamy legs. She then slipped three fingers into her tight little pussy, giggling at how hard it gushed at her touch!


“You like that Nel-chan?” she whispered into her ear, “Like feeling my husbands fat dick fucking your naughty ass!?” Nel could only nod as she panted hard, rolling her body into Ichigo’s thrusts. Orihime giggled and nibbled on Nel’s ear gently, “How would you like to have him fuck you like this all the time?” she asked her.


YESSSS!! NEL… NEL WANTS THAAAAT… OHHH NEL CUMS JUST THINKING ABOUT IIIT!!!!” she replied. Orihime smiled and pushed a fourth finger into the other woman, holding her body tight as Nel shook in one orgasm after the next.


“Good, because there’s something I wanna offer you…” she told Nel then whispered her proposal into the other woman’s ear like she had with Rangiku earlier. When she was done, Nel turned her hazel colored eyes towards Orihime. They shimmered with open lust and desire as she nodded and moaned. Orihime kissed her and held the other woman tight as Ichigo brought her to another orgasm! She then released her other breast and moved that hand down to feel the way her tummy distended up and down from Ichigo’s cock.


So big…’ Orihime thought, ‘Ahhh, it’s stretching Nel’s body so much! I bet she’s already addicted to him!’ She then giggled as Ichigo thrusted his cock balls deep into Nel’s asshole as he came.


AHHHHN, YES DADDY, CUM IN NEL, CUM IN NEL’S ASSHOLE, FILL MY BELLY UUUUP!!!” Nel begged. Beneath them, Ichigo grunted and kept his cock buried inside the teal haired woman.


Rubbing her hand over Nel’s belly, Orihime chewed on the other woman’s ear gently, “Does it feel good Nel-chan, having my husband fill your stomach with his cum?” she asked her aloud.




Across from Nel, Rangiku giggled as she watched the entire display, “Mmmmmh, I see why you like this Orihime, Nel looks so sexy right now I want to kiss her!”


“Then go ahead!” said Orihime as she urged Nel to lean forward. The two other women kissed, their tongues invading the others mouths. Nel moaned into Rangiku’s mouth as she came even harder than before!


Nel then practically went limp in Orihime’s arms. The orange haired woman held her up as she gave her a few moments to recover.


“Ahhh, hahh… Ahhh, haaaah…” Nel panted slowly, still barely conscious. “More please…” she begged weakly.


Orihime and Rangiku both giggled as they helped the teal haired woman up, Ichigo’s cock sliding out of her ass with a very rude noise. She laid Nel back on the towel, letting the cum drain from her stomach. It didn’t take long as Nel’s asshole was still gaping wide. Orihime could have put her entire fist in there and not touch the inner walls!


“Nel’s ass is destroyed…” Nel giggled.


Orihime smiled, “Don’t worry, I’ll fix it right up later.” she promised her. She then watched as Nel’s stomach returned to its normal, smooth, well toned size. Rangiku then stood up slowly and smiled as she stretched like a cat.


“Mmmmmmh, I’ll be right back.” she said and headed off in the direction of the ladies room on the beach. Now that Nel had agreed, all that was left was how to get her husband to agree to the idea of a second, and third wife! Orihime had no doubts Rangiku could get the leave, a single human lifespan in the living world really wasn’t much to the Soul Society. And Nel, well, Nel was free to do as she pleased!


Ichigo could be so old fashioned though, this was gonna be tricky…


“Okay! Now how about we try something new!?” Rangiku said when she returned.


WAH!?” Nel, Ichigo, and Orihime exclaimed altogether. Rangiku had returned from the bathroom, and for some reason she had on what could jokingly be called bikini bottoms, if bikini bottoms were made of dental floss. But stranger than that, her tits were now GINORMOUS! Orihime had never seen breasts so big! She didn’t even think that size was even humanly possible. If Chizuru were here, she’d die of blood loss from the nosebleed she’d have at the sight.


“I read about this feature being introduced to new female gigai models. Wanna try it out Ichigo?” she asked with a smile. “Though, I might need to go even bigger to satisfy your dick after blowing that big a load!”


“Not a problem!” Orihime said as she used her powers to restore Ichigo’s vitality again.


“You ladies are gonna kill me…” Ichigo groaned in surrender.


“We’ll just get you a new gigai body if that happens dear.” Orihime said impishly.


(Story by User: SailorIo)

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Ichigo Kurosaki
2 months ago

excellent history really three wifes for ichigo please Hikifune next wife Ichigo xD jejejeje
Nell x Rangiku x Orihime x Ichigo
Toshiro x Harribel or Momo

2 months ago

all depends on images I’m given, I don’t control them.

2 months ago

Last one before November boys. Do what you must, because tomorrow, we ride.

2 months ago
Reply to  Xcelsior

Oh, you’re talking about that NNN mess?

2 months ago
Reply to  Xcelsior


2 months ago

I just have one thing to say about this storyline. Don’t worry, I’ll keep it to the point.

I really like how the story is coming along so far, especially with the special edition of some chapters to expand upon the overall story. Naturally this is including this one right here.

All to say, I’m really enjoying this. And that the writing overall has really improved too.

So I hope you keep it up. 😉👍

Last edited 2 months ago by Hiryu
2 months ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Thanks man, I’m hoping to tell the story of the wedding itself this time around.

2 months ago

I wonder when we’re gonna get a picture for Ichigo like the one you did for Hanataro where it shows it’s full size in all its glory while also showing how truly disproportionate it is to his body.

2 months ago
Reply to  Whitis

I have no say on that unfortunately, you’ll have to ask Enzo for that.

Smiling Fiend
Smiling Fiend
2 months ago

Everytime Rukia is mentioned when they talk about their honeymoon I grow stronger.

2 months ago
Reply to  Smiling Fiend

It’ll be in a flashback, promise!

2 months ago

If you had to do an official listing of cock size for all the males in this series what would it look like?(Including Kazui and post wedding gift Ichigo)

2 months ago
Reply to  Whitis

I won’t be answering dick size questions anymore. Sorry 🙁