Breaking Out the Bitch

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Kill la Kill stories)
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The sleeper was restless in her slumber, voices, distant voices were beckoning her back to consciousness. ‘Please,’ she thought to them, ‘Just let me sleep, I don’t want to wake.’ She didn’t know how she knew, but consciousness would only bring her pain. Something she’d done, something unforgivable. She didn’t want to face that, she just wanted to rest.


“…Did this happen Iori? How!?” asked an irritated female voice.


“We’re not entirely certain Milady, I’m still running tests. For now it just looks like a spontaneous event when we were working to make a third Kamui.” said a young man’s voice.


“It can’t be her,” said a second woman’s voice, just as irritated as the first, but with a gruffer attitude, “Senketsu and I SAW her die. She ripped her own heart out and crushed it. All that was left were a few stray Life Fibers that floated off into space.”


“Yes, once she knew she lost, Ragyo ended her own life in an instant of defiance.” said a second males voice.


Ragyo, yes, that was her name, the sleeper remembered it now. Ragyo Kiryuin, and she was a sinner, a terrible sinner, beyond forgiveness. ‘Why!? Why am I here? Is this Hell? I deserve it, my girls, my precious girls, oh God, what did I do!?’ she thought in her slow drag back to wakefulness. But she remembered, she remembered everything! The memories were hazy in places, like she was viewing things through someone else’s eyes. She remembered her death, but the memory was odd. She saw herself, naked, floating in space, and she ripped out her own heart as the girl had said. She crushed it and dissolved into nothing. The memory was followed by a profound feeling of pain and loss, of connection severed.


Ryuko, this was Ryuko’s memory, not her own. There were others as well, memories of fighting herself, of seeing herself standing in a room with a profound feeling of loathing. In that memory, there was a mirror, and the reflection in it was not her own, but of her other daughter, Satsuki. It was hard to figure out who she’d hurt worse. Ryuko, whom she’d thrown away like so much trash, or Satsuki who’d grown up hating her for such a cold and heartless action.


No, please,’ she begged whoever might be listening, ‘Don’t let me wake up, please, I don’t want to face them! I can’t, let me die, I deserve to die a thousand times!’ The things she’d done, the things she’d tried to do. She remembered all of it, she remembered why. But now, those actions, they were the acts of a true monster, of something less than human. She knew that’s what she was, but she didn’t want to be. She loved her children, she knew that now, she felt it with the core of her being. But she didn’t deserve their love in return.


“…Used a mixture of yours and Matoi’s blood, along with a remaining sample from Ragyo. Aside from Matoi’s blood, her’s had the highest concentration of life fibers. We had hoped to use it to augment Ryuko’s Life Fibers in producing a Kamui.” said the first voice, the one belonging to Iori. She remembered him, the grandson of her eldest daughter’s personal attendant. She’d only ever had a few interactions with him, barely saying three words to him.


“Somehow, instead of making a high density life fiber, it completely regenerated her.” Iori said.


“Is she alive?” asked Satsuki’s voice.


“In the most basic of definitions, yes, but she isn’t conscious yet, I’ve been keeping her sedated, but the drugs have been losing effectiveness.” Iori said, “When it happened, I knew better than to risk her waking up, even I don’t know whether or not she will have her memories. Cloning was never something I’d studied.”


“I’m no scientist, but don’t clones start as babies?” Ryuko’s voice asked.


“Who can say, this isn’t what you might call a normal clone.” Iori said.


“I want her under guard at all times, use the new Five Star brigade! And I want her cell rigged with thermite explosives!” said Satsuki.


“Jeez sis, overkill much?” Ryuko asked.


“You of all people should understand how dangerous our mother is!” Satsuki shot back.


“Not denying that, but I’m worried about her guards if those bombs go off.” Ryuko said.


“If she manages to get past them, then they already won’t be alive to worry about some explosives.” Satsuki said. “Thermite can still burn life fibers, correct?”


“Yes, in a high enough concentration,” said Iori.


“Milady, you’re thinking this Ragyo will even have any sense of self?” asked a familiar woman’s voice. She remembered her too, Rei, the girl she’d rescued from that hellish African country. Not a girl fully, but a rare futanari, one Ragyo had used many times to sate her carnal needs after her husband Soichiro had left her. Yet another person she’d wronged, used, and then cast away.


“I will not take any chances. Use this opportunity to learn what you can from her physiology then dispose of her!” Satsuki ordered coldly.


Ragyo felt her eyes heating up, Satsuki’s words stung like a million bees, but she deserved every single one. ‘I’m sorry, I’m so sorry my girls,’ she cried, “I’m so sorry…” Pain burned in her throat suddenly as she realized that she’d spoken.


“Holy shit!” Ryuko’s voice said.


“Satsuki, baby, time to git with it!” said a voice she hadn’t heard before, “I got’s no desire to see that scary beeyouch again!”


“Agreed Junketsu.” said Satsuki.


New pain stabbed Ragyo in her eyes as she opened them. Bright white light burned her rentinas! Everything was fuzzy and distorted, as though this was the first time she’d ever opened them.


“What’s with her eyes?” asked Ryuko’s voice, “They look, different.”


“No time to worry with that now! Transform, little sister!” Satsuki shouted.


“Right!” replied Ryuko, then she heard her daughters speaking in unison.




“My… My girls…” Ragyo said in a scratchy voice before the darkness from before rose back up to claim her again.



When consciousness returned to her, Ragyo opened her eyes slowly, wherever she was now, it was cold, and the air was almost painfully dry. The lights weren’t as harsh here, and she was lying on something soft. Looking around, she was obviously in some kind of prison cell, albeit a very sterile one. The floors, walls, and ceiling were all a bleach white. Fluorescent lighting overhead cast everything in a muted offwhite glow. The shelf she was lying on was built into the wall, with a single strip of memory foam for a mattress. To her right was a single sink and a simple toilet.


“Sorry if the accommodations aren’t what you’re used to,” said Satsuki’s voice as a patch of wall at her feet flickered, turning into a screen that showed her daughter’s face as a larger than life image. “The room you’re in was designed to contain even a kamui wearer, so don’t think you’ll be able to break out Ragyo.”


Ragyo didn’t answer, what could she say, how could she even begin to explain herself? Sitting up on the bed, Ragyo looked down at the floor and tried to fight back the tears that were stinging in her eyes. It was then that she noticed she was naked, with not a shred of clothing to cover her body. She felt no real shame though as she just looked at the floor.


“Hmm, nothing to say mother? No banter or threats? Maybe you have changed.” said Satsuki.


Ragyo looked up and was about to speak, but all she could see in her daughter’s large blue eyes was contempt. So she remained silent. “You should know that out of what little is left of our familial bond, I’ve decided to spare your life for now. Cooperate and you will be treated well, resist, and well, let’s just say pigs ready for slaughter are better treated than you will be!”


With that, the image vanished from the screen wall, leaving her surrounded on all sides by white walls. It was then that she felt the tears running down her cheeks, “I’m… I’m sorry… My girls, I’m so sorry…” she said as she began to cry. She still didn’t know what had happened to her, but she knew all she felt was regret. Regret for her actions, regret for what she’d tried to do, and a deep sense of self loathing for all of it.


The platinum and rainbow haired woman remembered what she’d heard in the other room, how she was some kind of clone. A copy of the original Ragyo Kiryuin, that made sense. With what she knew of the Life Fibers, the sample of her blood that had been used could have regenerated her. She had all the memories of her original self, all of the intelligence. Her mind put it together in a few minutes once her consciousness had become fully aroused. Somehow their experiment had stimulated the life fibers in her blood to regrow her body and mind, but not her soul. Not the same one anyway. This version of Ragyo Kiryuin was more human than Life Fiber. All of her human instincts and drives were what motivated her now, not the will of the Primordial Life Fiber she had served before. It explained her sense of guilt and pain at what she’d done, as she now looked back on her actions as a human would, not a Life Fiber monster.


Not that it mattered, how could she explain it to her daughters? What reason would they have to believe her, after everything her original had done? Tears still running down her cheeks, Ragyo closed her eyes and wept softly, the part of her that was a mother longing for a forgiveness she knew she didn’t deserve.


Several days went by in that room. Ragyo only knew from the regular intervals that meals had been brought to her. One every five hours, followed by a nine hour break. Her food was served through a slot in the wall, a single tray of basic nutrient blocks and water. Using her feeding schedule as a base, she estimated that she’d been alive again for about a week. She knew she was being watched, but she didn’t nothing but sit on her bed, and eat when the food was brought. She guessed if she did anything other than that, she might meet a violent punishment. It made sense, as that was what SHE would have done were the situation reversed.


Maybe this is justice.’ she thought to herself as the slot in the wall opened ahead of schedule. Ragyo blinked at this sudden shift in the monotony. The wall then flickered, turning transparent, revealing a glass partition that looked out on a blue steel hallway and several other empty cells. Standing on the other side of the glass was a young girl she didn’t recognize. She had light mocha colored skin, a silvery lavender colored hair that was tied up in a pair of twin tails on either side of her head, and deep blue piercing eyes. The girl was dressed in a silver and purple sailor uniform that was the equivalent of a 1 Star Goku Uniform and carrying a Katana that was similar in make to Satsuki’s Bakuzan.


“Finally, I found you!” the girl said as she began tapping at the door control pad, soft beeps chiming every time she pressed a button. “When I saw them bringing you down here I wanted to talk to mo… To Lady Satsuki, but she was waaaay too pissed off to listen. Getting through to her when she’s in a mood like that is like pulling your own teeth. Doable, but really painful!”


“Who, are you?” Ragyo asked, her voice still sounding hoarse from lack of use.


“Right now, I’m the person who’s getting you out of here. So long as you’re down here, Satsuki won’t listen. Aunty might, but that would mean explaining things I’m not ready to yet.” the girl said. “I’m taking a big enough risk now, but Sensei mentioned it just once, that she didn’t calm down until AFTER you escaped, and then didn’t cause any trouble. I can only pray I’m doing the right thing.” she explained in a rush.


“What are you…?” Ragyo began to ask, but then the door lock beeped and clicked as it unlocked. The girl grabbed the handle that was on her end and opened the door.


“Got it, thank you Uncle Bow Wow.” she said with a smile before looking over to Ragyo, “You know, I’ve always wanted to say this; Come with me if you wanna live!”


“No, I should stay here,” Ragyo said, “I deserve to be punished.”


“Nanna please, I…” the girl began, then clapped a hand over her mouth and quietly cursed, “Listen, Satsuki and Ryuko WILL forgive you, but not if you stay here. Right now they think you’re just biding time, no matter what you say or do. You gotta prove you’ve changed, and I, well I’m not exactly sure how but just trust me, I know!” she said, holding out a hand to her.


“Nanna?” Ragyo echoed, tilting her head.


“It’s a really confusing story, and one that’ll take way too long to explain here, just please, come with me! I know a place where you’ll be safe for a while.” the girl pleaded.


Reaching her hand out, Ragyo took the offered hand, not knowing why, but something in the girl’s eyes, her voice, the way she carried herself made Ragyo want to trust her. “My name is Jai.” she told her, “We gotta hurry, I set up a few blind spots in security, but they’ll only last a couple hours, and they’ll notice for sure at shift change, so we gotta go.”


“Alright,” Ragyo agreed, then looked down at her still naked body, “I don’t suppose you brought anything for me to wear, I’ll definitely draw attention like this.”


“No, but I know where they’re keeping the new 5 Star uniforms, you can use one of those to get out of here. There’s a small cabin up in the mountains, it belonged to Aun… To Ryuko’s father. It’s rustic, but livable. You know how to live off the forest right?”


“Of course, I, well, my original survived in war torn Africa with ease where food wasn’t always readily available.” she told her.


“How you met mom…” the girl, Jai, said under her breath as she kept a hold of Ragyo’s hand and led her through the halls. They took a pretty twisted path, but Ragyo sensed the girl knew exactly where she was going. She turned the corners like she’d been through them a thousand times.


They quickly arrived in what looked like a storage room of some kind. Rows and rows of shelves ran up and down the length of the chamber. On them were vacuum sealed and folded uniforms. Ragyo could sense the life fibers in them, though most were fairly dormant. The rows were marked with a number of stars indicating the rank of uniforms stored on them. Jai took her past the one, two, and three star shelves, all the way over to the five star shelf. There was a sign under the Five Star marking; Experimental, Authorize Use Only!


“If you can wear a Kamui, then a five star uniform won’t be a problem.” Jai said as she grabbed one of the girls’ uniforms and handed it to Ragyo. Ragyo tore open the seal and unfolded the outfit. It was a sailor outfit like the ones worn in Honnouji Academy, though she knew there had never been a five star rank before as all the experiments with making one had failed.


She put on the skirt and top easily enough, though she noted with mild amusement that there wasn’t any underwear in the package. Odd, since all the three star uniforms the elite four wore were complete right down to the undergarments. As she was tying the scarf part, the label on the plastic packaging caught her attention.




Interesting name,’ she thought, “Oh, this might be a problem.” she finally spoke once she was dressed.


“What’s wrong?” asked Jai, not looking at her but keeping her eye on the corridor they’d come through.


“The fibers in this outfit are completely dormant.” she told her, “I can’t activate its secondary form like this.”


Jai slapped her forehead and sighed, “Right, I forgot, four star and above are always kept dormant when in storage…” she muttered to herself.


The girl seems to know an awful lot, but I don’t think she’s in Satsuki’s inner circle.’ thought Ragyo, ‘I also sense something odd about her.


“Jai was it? Tell me, who are you?” Ragyo said.


“Everybody keeps asking me that.” Jai said, “It’s… It’s complicated, but I’m not anyone’s enemy. And if you want to know what it is I want, honestly, I really just wanna go home, but right now that isn’t possible.”


Ragyo couldn’t sense any deception in her words. Satsuki had only fooled her because she was Ragyo’s daughter. Nodding, the platinum haired woman moved over to Jai, “Very well, I’ll leave it at that for the time being. Now though, I do hope you know the means by which we can turn on this uniform…” Ragyo purred as she looked down at Jai and traced a fingernail along her jawline. The girl was just her type, fine skin, and nice high cheekbones, full but not too pouty lips, and a nicely sized bust. Ragyo slowly licked her lips as she imagined how those lips must taste.


Jai shivered softly at her touch, though not in revulsion, Ragyo could see the desire on Jai’s face as she leaned down and kissed her softly. She then slowly deepened the kiss, sliding her tongue into the other girl’s mouth. Jai didn’t offer even the slightest resistance, sliding her tongue back along Ragyo’s.


“Hmmmmmmh…” Jai cooed against her mouth, her arms sliding around her waist and hugging her closer.


“Mmmmmh…” Ragyo purred back, sucking lightly on the girl’s tongue. She tasted so sweet, like a fine cotton candy, Ragyo drank her in as she returned the embrace. She felt Jai’s hands moving down to grab her ass, squeezing it roughly before she moved one hand to pull up the back of her skirt. The chocolate skinned girl then dipped her hand between Ragyo’s thighs, sliding her fingers along the folds of her pussy. Ragyo moaned again, pushing her ass back into Jai’s hand.


This girl’s not bad,’ Ragyo thought, “Mmmmmmh…” she moaned softly as she felt Jai’s fingers gently probing into her. “Mmmmh, yeah, jusht like dhat…” she moaned into the girl’s mouth.


“Hmmmm, ahhh…” Jai gasped, breaking the kiss and moving to gently nibble on Ragyo’s soft neck. She felt her tongue tracing a line just beneath her right ear.


Ahhh, it’s like she knows just how I love to be touched…’ Ragyo thought as she felt her pussy getting hotter as Jai moved to lightly nibble on her earlobe.


“Mmmmmmh, yessss…” she hissed softly, pushing her ass back slightly, driving Jai’s fingers into her pussy. A slow trickle of heady juices began dripping down her left thigh as her breath became heavier. She chewed on her lower lip as she moved her hands down to grasp the younger girl’s soft breasts. She loved the feel of them in her hands as she squeezed gently.


“Mmmmmh, hah…” Jai gasped as Ragyo pulled her shirt up, sliding her hands under the fabric to grab them more directly. The platinum haired woman then slid her thigh between her legs and blinked as she felt a large lump where it shouldn’t be.


“Hmmm, now what’s this…?” she asked, pulling her hands away from Jai’s tits to lift up her skirt. A pair of purple and white striped panties greeted her, panties currently struggling to contain what could only be a very large dick! “Well aren’t you full of surprises?” Ragyo said as she pulled those panties down. Jai let out the cutest little moan as her cock spilled out, already as long and thick as Ragyo’s forearm and growing bigger by the second.


“And I thought my little Rei was unique…” Ragyo giggled, her pussy getting even wetter as she grasped Jai’s cock stroking it slowly, loving how she just seemed to get bigger and bigger, her melon sized balls spilling out of the confines of the compressing Life Fiber panties now. The scent of her cock was both manly and womanly at the same time. Ragyo felt her pussy practically drooling at the sight as she licked her lips and slowly got down on her knees.


“Haaahhh…” Jai moaned as Ragyo slowly licked her cock from the base to the very tip, savoring the salty flavor.


“Mmmmmmh, yes, this is the size I crave…” Ragyo breathed, licking and kissing her way along the girl’s dick.


“Nnnmmh, nan… Miss Ragyo… We… We don’t have tiiiime…” Jai moaned, then gasped deeply as Ragyo opened her mouth wide and engulfed the girl’s fully erect cock. She moaned around it as she felt her throat bulging with its thickness, the tip already reaching deep down into her belly.


GUMMMMPH, YESH, SHO PHIIICK… HMMMPH, MMMPH, MMMPH…” Ragyo gagged and moaned around the girl’s dick, loving the feel of it moving through her throat. She took it deeper, wanting to savor the ache in her jaw and the way her neck was being stretched out as her entire throat was stuffed.


“Hooooohh… So… So good…” Jai moaned, reaching her hands down tentatively. Ragyo smiled and let out another long moan of pleasure, moving her head back and forth faster now.


HMMMPH GUG, MMMPH, GUG, MMMMPH GUH GUG, HMMMMMMMPH…!” she lewdly slurped and sucked at her dick. She could feel the Goku uniform around her body getting warmer as the Life Fibers woven into it began feeding off her arousal, slowly rising from their dormant state. A soft flow began emanating from the cloth as she continued bobbing her head back and forth.


YESSSH, DISH PHEELING… AYE… AYE WUV DISH PHEELING SHO MUSH…” Ragyo moaned as she felt herself beginning to cum already just from the feel of the young girl’s cock in her mouth and throat.


“Ahhh, yesss, it’s so good!!! Mmmmmmh…!” Jai moaned, biting her lip to keep her voice down. “I… I can’t hold back much longer…!” she whimpered.


“Mmmmmph, yesh, gimme ur cum gurl, phill muh shtomach with ur phick jish…” Ragyo gagged softly around her cock.


“Hah… Hah… Hah…” Jai panted as she leaned back against the wall, her hands on her own breasts now as she bit her lip hard enough to draw a little blood. “Mmmmmh, haaah…” she moaned before grabbing the sides of Ragyo’s head and shoving her cock all the way down her throat! Ragyo gagged loudly, her eyes going wide, then rolling back in her head as Jai began fucking her face hard! Thick ropes of drool flung away from her mouth as Jai’s cock pumping in and out of her lips.


AGUUGH GUG, GUG, GUH, GUGH…” Ragyo choked, then moaned at length as she felt herself cumming hard, her entire body shaking in ecstasy. “YESSSH, HAWDERRRR, PHUCK MUH FASHE HAWDERRRR… GUGH GUGH GUGH…!” she gagged louder, her uniform shimmering a deep red now, its light painting the blue steel walls a muted purple.


MMMMH, MMMMH, MMMHMMMMMH… CUMMING…!!!” Jai moaned as a rich thick liquid warmth filled her stomach as Jai’s cum poured directly into it! Ragyo could feel her belly swell from what felt like gallons pouring into her. Her eyes rolled back until her vision was completely gone.


Ragyo felt her pussy spraying like a sprinkler, soaking her thighs in hot and heady smelling juices. Jai then released her head, and Ragyo pulled away, coughing and gasping for breath. The two of them only glanced at one another before Jai shoved her up against the wall, lifted her left leg up high, and drove her still rock hard dick into her waiting pussy!


MMMMMMMH, YESS, FUCK ME, STUFF THAT HUGE FUCKING DICK INTO MY WOMB!!!” she hissed as Jai moaned, slamming her cock all the way inside her, tenting her belly upwards. The phallic shaped lump reached up between Ragyo’s large heavy breasts and began going up and down as the girl began fucking her hard.


“Mmmmmh, yes… I… I… I love this feeling so much!” Jai moaned, swinging her hips quickly, her balls smacking against Ragyo’s ass as she rolled her hips into the girl.




MMMMH, MMMMMH, MMMMMMH, NANNA… AHHH, SO, SO TIIIIGHT…!” Jai said as she slammed her cock all the way inside her over and over, slamming Ragyo’s back against the wall hard. She then buried her dick all the way inside her and pressed her face into Ragyo’s cleavage to muffle the sound as she screamed in pleasure. More hot, thick, and potent cum flooded Ragyo’s womb.


Jai then fell against Ragyo, panting hard as she began to recover. Ragyo hugged her close, smiling and savoring the afterglow of such an intense fuck. The glow of her Goku uniform slowly began to fade, and Ragyo could feel it’s power beginning to flow through her body and soul.


Once she had recovered enough, Jai pulled her panties back into place, her cock hidden beneath them perfectly. Had she not seen it for herself, Ragyo couldn’t have known the girl was a futanari.


“We need to go, now.” Jai said, still panting softly. She then retrieved her sword, which she had dropped a short while ago. She opened a hidden compartment in the hilt, pulling out a small rolled up bit of paper and wrote something down on it, an address.


“Here, just lay low there for a while. I promise, I’ll come find you and we can talk about how to convince mo… How to convince Lady Satsuki you’ve changed.” Jai told her.


Ragyo looked down at the girl and examined her face. It clicked in her mind in an instant and suddenly she understood. She didn’t know how this girl was here, but she knew now that she could be fully trusted. The older woman had questions, a thousand of them, but neither of them had time for her to answer them. She followed Jai as the girl expertly led them out of the corridors and up into a bright afternoon sky.


Triggering her Goku Uniform, Ragyo felt it’s power flowing through her as it reshaped itself around her body. The sailor schoolgirl uniform quickly became a white leather tube top held closed around her breasts by white strings. The skirt shorted considerably, until one could barely call it a skirt anymore, as it left her pussy and rainbow colored pubic hairs completely exposed. The socks and shoes turned into a pair of white thigh high leather boots, completing the look.


“Five Star Goku Uniform; Stripper’s Regalia.” Ragyo said. She could feel its power, if not it’s full abilities, but she knew this uniform might have enough power to go against a Kamui when worn by a skilled enough user. Her daughter had been busy since her death. Had Satsuki possessed these, then her former self might not have gotten as far as she did with her plans.


“Wait three days at the very least, a week would be better, then come find me.” Ragyo told her, “I’ll want you to tell me everything, magomusume.” she told Jai before jumping high into the air, leaving the shocked looking girl behind. In less than a second, Ragyo found herself flying high over the city below. ‘Put a little too much into that jump,’ she thought, ‘Landing will be annoying, but I’ll manage.’ She then turned to the west, the forest wasn’t far, and if she read the address correctly, once she was there, she would find the cabin about a three hours hike into the woods. She still didn’t know what she would say to Satsuki and Ryuko, but Jai’s presence gave her hope that they would eventually listen. And strangely enough, worry, just how had the girl gotten here?

Story by Sailor Io

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1 year ago

This is good, i only wish that someday we might get to see Ragyo as a giantess like she is in the picture

1 year ago
Reply to  Mercy

Um, that’s not a giantess image, that’s a perspective, she’s high in the air. I don’t do giantess stuff, never saw the appeal of it honestly.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Oh, my mistake then, the perspective made her look huge

1 year ago

Still waiting for satsuki to “repay” iori for his years of service. Maybe go the extra mile and add nonon and have them have a threesome as three childhood friends who used their childhoods plotting to bring down ragyo.

Last edited 1 year ago by Kielian
1 year ago
Reply to  Kielian

If I get a pic that allows for that, I’ll do it. 🙂

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

I also thought that if iori was put in this works that he would be a hands person more then a dick person. That he would use his years of studying human biology to make cloths to allow him to know just where to touch to get the greatest pleasure reaction.

And this would be even more effective on satsuki and no on since likely iori is very intimate with how their bodies work if he has been making cloths for them for years.

1 year ago

It’s been quite a long time since we had a KLK chapter here, and I have to tell you that this wasn’t what I expected.

First, Ragyo has finally appeared! And her coming back to life was pretty creative. This felt similar to how some of the dead characters in Naruto for the Ranko Island timeline. Very clever.

Secondly, we’ve gained some more intriguing insight in the story for Jai too. As well as further info on how it would all affect everyone else later on. Ryuko and Satsuki more so.

And third, I just really like the sex itself here. It was very well done from beginning to end.

Overall, it’s been a very meaty chapter, which I quite liked. Well done! 🙂

P.S Love this picture! It’s a really nice piece. 😀

1 year ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Coming up with how to bring her back was tricky at best. I got the idea partially from Alien 3, but in the way of an accidental clone. Given how the Life Fibers can do just about anything, I figured I could get away with it. Details for where Jai comes from are coming soon. Though I guess almost everyone should have figured it out by now.

I SERIOUSLY LOVE this outfit. When I first saw it in an old Hinata/Hanabi pic I was in love. Then when Sakura wore it I only loved it more. I hope it gets used again in the future.

I’m really glad people like the OC Jai. Her creation gave me a secondary plot to build around. The primary plot of the approaching PLF could get boring. I gave them a five year count down to allow a good amount of time before the battle, also a reason to bring Senketsu and Junketsu back. We saw from the OVA epilogue episode that Senketsu is still a part of Ryuko, so bringing him back was easy. Junketsu was a bit of a stretch, but I did what I could. I had fun giving him a pervy pimp persona. Some don’t like it, but I thought it was a riot.

1 year ago

Man it’s been a while since we’ve seen this story. Interesting chapter. I like the idea of her seeing events while also feeling the emotions behind from other people’s point of view helped her feel remorse. I would suspect that since there’s three peoples DNA in her, that yeah there would be a more human element to her as well that wasn’t there before.

I would say Jai’s involvement was a smart move as if I stop to think about it, I’m not sure how else you could have gotten her out of that room. Obviously no one else was gonna help her, and having her break out on her own would only seem to validate Satsuki’s suspicions and lead to even more issues in the future.

It does seem like an odd time to fuck though hahahaha. Here’s hoping they didn’t leave any “DNA evidence” behind. Though with how much Jai seems to cum, I feel like it might be an issue. Anyway, good job, can’t wait to see more. I’m also curious if we’ll actually get to this battle Satsuki has been preparing for.

1 year ago
Reply to  Unskilled

Yeah, figuring out how to bring Ragyo back was a little tricky. I had to rewatch the series to make sure there would have been blood from the last fight sequence on Earth. Then figuring out a plausible means for her to be cloned by accident. This “new” Ragyo though isn’t ruled by her Life Fiber instincts. Most of her memories are intact, aside from her last few minutes in space. Her personality as well, but what drives her is more human now. Hence why she feels so horrible about everything she’d done.

As for the DNA, given how the outfits are activated, I figure it’s safe to say there’s ample DNA down there already, and that the room has an auto cleaning function. I’ll cover it more later on.