After Battle Arousal

(Note: This story is part of an short series of Bleach stories)
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Walking along the sidewalk, Rangiku laughed with Orihime and Nel as the orange haired girl finished retelling the story of her first real date with Ichigo. Her ability to mimic his expressions was spot on! Especially when she got to the part where she asked him to take her to a love hotel.


“I didn’t think you were the type to fuck on the first date, Orihime.” Rangiku said, still laughing as she pictured Ichigo’s face with the expression Orihime had mimicked.


The three naked women were in the main part of the Busteez Nude Beach Resort and Colony. The entire area was akin to a real city, with a few buildings that were almost tall enough to be skyscrapers. Rangiku had seen a few offices among them, though she wasn’t sure what kind of businesses were conducted in them. One she knew to be a law firm judging from the name on the building being a list of names followed by Attorneys At Law.


“I’m impressed you just took your top off in front of him like that. Very bold!” Rangiku told her sister wife to be, “Though, after everything I’ve seen and experienced here, I really shouldn’t be surprised!”


“Heheh!” Orihime said with a cheeky smile.


“So, where to next!?” asked Nel, clapping her hands together in front of her bare breasts. They had just left the cafe that Orihime had mentioned. It had been an interesting experience, having so many well endowed young men waiting on them hand and foot while they just drank some tea and ate some pretty tasty dark chocolates. Rangiku was still mildly wet from watching Orihime jerking off that one guy while casually talking to them about what she wanted to do for the wedding.


“Well, I did wanna go to a boutique Retsu told me about. They do wedding dresses styled for this town.” Orihime explained.


“What does that mean?” Nel asked.


“It means they’re styled to be sexy over everything else.” someone answered before Orihime could speak.


“Oh, heya Isane. What are you doing out here?” Rangiku said as she spotted the platinum haired woman walking towards them from the far end of the sidewalk they were on. With Isane was her new ‘pet’ Chizuru, clinging to her arm with a contented look on her face.


“Filing out some forms at the town City Hall.” Isane answered, “Retsu has convinced me to put in for long term leave and take a residence here.


“I’m going to be living with my Goddess as her personal servant!” said Chizuru excitedly. She then pulled away from her and touched a hand to a slim black strip of leather around her neck with a small brass plate on it that had her name inscribed on the surface.


“A collar? Really, Isane?” Rangiku asked with a smirk as she raised an eyebrow.


“Chizuru insisted.” Isane responded with a blush.


Everyone giggled and Orihime spoke up next, “So… Living here huh? Hmm…” she said, touching a hand to her chin in thought. Rangiku could almost see the gears turning in her head as she smiled. She was thinking the same thing. Rangiku rather liked it here, and if she was going to retire from Shinigami work and settle down with a family, this was as good a place as any!


“I…” Orihime began to say, but she stopped short as a sudden pressure filled the air.


“Rangiku!” Isane shouted.


“I feel it too!” said the strawberry blonde as she hit the emergency release for her Gigai. Isane did the same and there were two loud pops as the women abandoned their physical bodies which fell lifelessly to the sidewalk. The Shinigami Captain and Lieutenant stood together in the street, looking up into the sky.


“What’s going on, Megami-sama!?” Chizuru asked, looking at Isane in her true form while cradling her Gigai protectively.


“What’s one even doing this far east?” Isane asked.


“Likely followed the two girls from the West Branch!” said Rangiku as she drew Haineko from its sheath.


“What’s going on?” Orihime asked.


“Dragon!” Isane and Rangiku said together, then looked up to the sky. A trickle of worry ran down Rangiku’s spine. Orihime mentioned the other day that her powers didn’t work so well while she was in a Gigai like she was now. And as for Chizuru, while she could see the threat, she was in no way able to face it safely.


“Nelliel!” Rangiku said, using Nel’s full name to make sure she had the teal haired woman’s attention, “Take Orihime and Chizuru to Hueco Mundo right now! They’ll be safer there with you than here right now. Check back in an hour to see if it’s safe!”


“Right, leave it to Nel!!” said Nel as she gave a salute, then moving faster than Rangiku’s eyes could track, grabbing both naked women in her arms after making a sideways slicing motion with her left hand. A small ovoid opening in space split the air next to her, beyond it was a smokey blackness.


“Huh, what the heck is that!?” Chizuru asked in a panic.


“Don’t worry, Nel will keep you girls safe for Daddy!” Nel said as she jumped through the opening which quickly closed behind her. Chizuru tried to protest, wanting to stay with Isane obviously, but her words were cut off when the Garganta closed behind them.


“Okay, that’s one less thing to worry about.” Rangiku said as the dragon overhead took notice of them. She didn’t know if it was either them being out of their Gigai, or the Garganta that Nel had opened, but it was coming down. Fast!


Rangiku dropped into a ready stance, with Haineko gripped in both hands, “You ever fought a dragon before, Isane?”


“Not really. I took a class in combating them back in my academy days, but this is the first time I’ve ever even seen one outside a textbook.” Isane responded.


“Same here. Captain Shiba said he fought one once a long time ago. Told me they’re not all that different from fighting a Hollow with a similar shape.” Rangiku said as the creature came close enough for both of them to see it in detail. It was shaped like a western dragon, with a lizard-like body with large wings coming out the back. Its scales were bone white, but they had a rotted look to them. And there were patches of missing flesh where both women could see exposed bone.


“Looks like it’s a dark dragon.” Isane said, “Be careful. Decapitation and destroying its heart together are usually the best ways to dispatch one. Though this one looks undead, so we might have to obliterate it entirely!”


“Hado 91,” Rangiku said, “Can you cast it if I buy you enough time?”


“Yes, just be careful!” Isane quickly agreed.


“On it!” Rangiku said, jumping upwards and kicking herself higher and higher by making invisible footholds from the Reishi in the air.


“Hey! Zombie boy, over heeeere!!!” she shouted at the dragon, raising her Reiatsu as high as she could to grab its attention. Beneath her, Isane held her Zanpakuto out in one hand, and placed the flat of her other palm against the back of the blade as she began chanting.


“Limit of the thousands hands, respectful hands, unable to touch the darkness. Shooting hands unable to reflect the blue sky…” she heard the platinum haired woman say.


GRRRRAAAARRRGH…!” the dragon roared, it’s howl almost like a Hollow’s, but with a deeper grating sound.


Rangiku held her sword at her side as she placed her other hand against the side of the blade, “Growl, HAINEKO!!!!” she shouted, as the blade turned a deep gray color before disintegrating into a massive cloud of ash that she sent out towards the dragon.


Beneath her, Rangiku heard Isane continuing her spirit chant, “The road that basks in light, the wind that ignited the embers, time that gathers when both are together, there is no need to be hesitant, obey my orders….”


The ash from Haineko landed in several patches on the dragon’s body and Rangiku instantly made a slashing motion with the hilt of the blade. Instantly, deep gouges dug into the areas where the ash had fallen. Thick looking coagulated blood poured out from the wounds, followed by a rancid stench like rotten meat.


GRROOOOAAAARRROGH!!!!” the dragon roared in utter hate and rage as it turned its attention to Rangiku.


On the ground below, Isane was nearly finished with her chant, “Light bullets, eight bodies, nine items, book of heaven, diseased treasure, great wheel, gray fortress tower…”


Rangiku allowed gravity to reclaim her as she began falling back towards the other Shinigami woman. Above her, the dragon’s mouth was open wide as a deep indigo colored energy began building in its open maw.


“Isane, do it now!” Rangiku shouted at her just as the dragon unleashed its breath attack!


“Aim far away, scatter brightly and cleanly when fired, HADO 91, Senju Kōten Taihō!!!!” shouted Isane as ten pink points of light formed in the air around her. Rangiku landed just in front of Isane as the platinum haired woman unleashed the attack. The points of light shot out like spears, all striking the dragon at the same time with a massive explosion just as the black flames hit both women.


Rangiku braced herself for a lot of pain and damage, but to her surprise, the flames didn’t burn at all. In fact, they didn’t even feel warm!


There was a massive blast in the air above them as Isane’s Kido spell did its work, blasting the dragon into oblivion! Rangiku suggested it because she knew how powerful it was even if you tried casting it without the chant, but now, she admitted it might have been overkill. Especially since the dragon’s attack didn’t seem to do any damage at all. Maybe it was because both of them were Shinigami? No, that couldn’t have been it. Otherwise the West Branch would have their Reavers deal with dragons instead of the Witches. Would be quite the advantage to have a dragon hunter that wasn’t hurt by a dragon’s breath attack.


Rangiku stood up and looked around, there wasn’t anyone around at the moment. Which was good because their Gigai on the ground currently looked like two dead bodies just laying naked in the street. Most people were at the beach right now, aside from the shopkeepers and anyone working the offices. Thankfully, none of them would have been able to see or even sense the dragon. A small few might have heard its roar, but it would sound like something far away and indistinct.


The two Shinigami women then picked up their Gigais off the ground and got back into them. Rangiku found herself going from fully dressed to completely naked, but it had the sensation of actually putting ON clothes. ‘I wonder if that counts as irony?’ she thought to herself as her sense of weight completely shifted and her limbs suddenly felt a little stiffer.


“Huh, what the…!?” she heard Isane call out next to her.


“What’s wrong?” Rangiku asked as she found herself kneeling on the ground., “Was your Gigai damaged by the breath attack?”


“You tell me!” said Isane as she turned around, with her big tits swinging and wobbling from the sudden motion. Rangiku’s crystalline blue eyes blinked as she immediately saw what Isane was concerned about. Just above her pussy, right about where her womb would be, was what looked like a tattoo of a Spade from a deck of cards with a large Q in the middle.


“Huh, what’s that?” Rangiku managed to ask before both women stiffened as though hit with a jolt of electricity!


It felt like someone had touched Rangiku’s clit with the end of a live wire as her pussy went from perfectly normal to sopping wet in the time it took to blink! She gasped at the sudden and intense shift in her mood as she looked down at her crotch. Like Isane, she had a mark over her womb, but hers was shaped differently. Where Isane’s was a black Spade with a Q in it, Rangiku’s was more complex, it looked like two hearts, a larger one on top of a smaller one. The larger one had horns and a pair of demonic wings, and the lower point of the smaller one flared outwards and came down to a second sharp point. What was also different was the color. Isane’s mark was black whereas Rangiku’s was a bright pink.


All of this registered in her mind in a split second, along with the fact that this was very similar to the mark that had been on Noel’s body when she came to Retsu looking for help. But in the end none of it mattered because Rangiku was suddenly, insanely, unbearably HORNY!!!


AHAH!!!!” she moaned, grabbing at her crotch with both hands. “MY PUSSY!!! AHHHH, MY PUSSYYYY!!! DICK, DICK, GIMME A DICK RIGHT NOOOOOOW!!!” she screamed in raw lust as she pushed four fingers of one hand into herself, her pussy letting out a powerful spray as she felt herself cumming almost instantly!


ME TOO, AHHH, ME TOOOO!!! FUUUUCK, I NEED SOMETHING BIG AND HARD INSIDE ME, I WANT IT STRETCHING OUT MY CUUUUUNT!!!!” Isane moaned in wild wanton lust as she stood up on her knees, her fingers digging in and out of her pussy while the other hand grabbed at one huge tit! Pulling it to her mouth, she sucked her own nipple with a low moan of desire.


HMMMMMMMH, CAHN’T THIIIIIINK, GOTTA FUUUUCK!!!” Rangiku moaned, struggling to try and get to her feet. Somehow she managed to get up and with even more effort, she pulled her hands away from her crotch. It was almost like they’d been superglued in place. Still, she managed. Her skin felt so sensitive that just the soft breeze blowing through the road was almost enough to make her cum.




Her pussy was on fire! She hadn’t felt this unnaturally horny since Ichigo had used that aphrodisiac laced sun oil on her a couple days ago. Her entire body felt like it had become an extension of her clitoris. Every touch, and every movement was pure, maddening pleasure! She wondered HOW in the world Noel was still even sane after dealing with this for a couple of days. Rangiku had been cursed for less than a minute, and she already felt herself going mad!


Somehow, Rangiku helped Isane to her feet, even as the feel of her skin pressing against the other woman was electric. Rangiku would have begun fucking her right there in the street if she thought it might help, but she wanted something INSIDE her! Draping Isane’s arm around her shoulder, she led the woman into a nearby park. Hopefully, they could find a couple of horny studs to take care of them long enough to get in touch with Retsu. Isane might have been a Captain now, but dispelling curses this intense was meant for the work of a Kido Master.


The two of them barely made it a short distance into the park before they both fell back on their knees. Rangiku knelt on three limbs, with the fourth back between her legs, and began masturbating furiously. While Isane lay next to her on her back, writhing in what looked like agony even though she was moaning in lust.




YES, ME TOO, ME TOOOOO!!! AHHH, I’M SO HORNY I COULD DIIIIIE!!! I DON’T WANNA DIE YET, I’M GONNA GET MARRIED AND FUCK EVERY DAY FIIIIRST!!!” Rangiku moaned, bucking herself back and forth on three limbs as she pushed four fingers in and out of her pussy with a loud wet sucking noise.


MATSUMOTO!!!” called a young man’s voice as she heard running steps. At the edge of her senses, Rangiku could feel Toshiro Hitsugaya’s familiar Reiatsu getting closer.


“Captain Kotetsu!” called another voice Rangiku recognized as Yoruichi’s annoying little brother, Yushiro.


“Cap…tain… Hitsu… AHHHHHH!!!! MY PUSSYYYYY!!! FUCK MY PUSSY, SOMEBODY, ANYBODY, FUCK MEEEEEEE!!!!” Isane began to say, but she quickly devolved back to screaming and masturbating furiously.


Rangiku managed to stand up on her knees again and looked over as Toshiro and Yushiro came running over. The two of them must have seen or sensed the dragon as well. Even if they hadn’t, there was no way any of them missed the lightshow made by the Hado 91. That likely meant Ichigo had seen and sensed it as well, but unless he put in serious effort, there was no telling when he might get here.


“Matsumoto, what’s going on with you!?” Toshiro demanded as he came within speaking distance. Rangiku remembered what Ichigo had told her about when he touched Noel when her curse was active. She could apologize later if need be, but she felt her sanity slipping away with every second! The moment Toshiro came close enough to reach, Rangiku reached up and grabbed his free hanging dick.


WHA…!?” Toshiro gasped as Rangiku felt an electric bolt running through her arm and into his dick. She then let out a happy yelp as his cock shot to a full erection in the time it took her to blink.


OH FUCK YESSSS!!! AHHHGUUMMMMMPH!!!!” Rangiku cried out, grabbing Toshiro’s cock with both her hands and pulling it into her mouth. She felt herself cumming the instant it slid down her throat! “NMMMMMHMMMMMPH!!!! AGUH, MMMMMPH, GUH, MMMMMPH, GUG, HMMMMMMMPH, GURK GUH GUG… AHHHH YESH, CAWK, DEWISHOUS CAAAAAWK!!! AYE NHEEED DIIIISH!!!” Rangiku moaned lewdly around his cock as she began bobbing her head back and forth quickly.


“Matsu…MotoooOOOO!!!!!” Toshiro groaned, grabbing her thick strawberry blonde hair and SHOVING his long and thick dick down her throat and into her stomach. He wasn’t as huge as Ichigo, but he was certainly big enough for what her body was craving as her pussy let out another hot spray of juices!


YEEEESSSSSSSH, HAWDERRRRR!!! PHUCK MUH PHROAD, PHUCK ID HAWDERRRR, AGUH GUH GUH GUG GUH…!” Rangiku choked around Toshiro’s cock, as her jaw ached, but she loved the feeling as she felt his long and thick cock fucking her stomach!


AHHHHNNN!!!! YES, DHICK, DHICK!!! AHHH, I NEED THIIIISSSS!!!!” Rangiku heard Isane screaming across from where she knelt in front of Toshiro. Yushiro had moved over to try and help the platinum haired woman, and now had her bent over on all fours, his hands on her hips as he drove his cock in and out of her. Rangiku could see her flat stomach stretching forward from the raw size of the mocha skinned young man’s dick. The phallic shaped lump moved back and forth with his movements as she rolled her body against him.


YEAH, AHHH, YEAAAAH, FUCK MEEEEE, AHH, AHHH OOOOOHHH FUUUCK, CUMMING, I’M CUMMING SO HAAAARD!!! KHEEP GOING, DRIVE THAT GIANT DICK INTO ME EVEN HARDER!!!!” Isane begged, with her tongue hanging out of her mouth like a dog as she panted.


HAH, HAH, HAAAAAAH, WHY CAN’T I STOOOOOP, AHHHHHHH!” Yushiro groaned as he swung his hips harder, “AHHHH, MY DICK, MY DICK FEELS LIKE IT’S GONNA EXPLOOOODE!!!!” he said as he slammed his cock in and out faster, bringing his hand down on Isane’s ass with a loud SLAP!


NHOOOOOO, DHON’T STOOOOP, FUCK ME, FUCK MHEEEEE!!!!” Isane begged, her gray eyes rolling back in their sockets as she panted in pleasure. “OOOOH GAAAAWD, I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING SO MUUUUCH, I… I’M GOING INSAAAAANE!!!! MORE, MORE, MOREMOREMORE!!! FUCK MY BRAINS OOOOOOUT!!!


HUGUUUUUURKLE!!!!” Rangiku choked as Toshiro pulled on her hair, shoving his cock all the way down her throat again, cutting off her visual of Isane and Yushiro. Her own crystalline blue eyes rolled back, obscuring her vision as she felt herself cumming every time he shoved his dick into her mouth.


“Haaaah, Matsu…moto…. What the… Fuuuuuck!!!!” Toshiro groaned as he pounded his cock in and out of her throat even harder.


AGUUUUUAGH!!! GUH, GUH, GURK, GUG, GUR, GUR, GUG, GUH… YESH, DHON’T SHTOOOOP!!! AHHH, DISH PHEELSH SHO GUUUUUD, AYE’M GUUMMING WIPH MUH MOOOOUPH!!!” Rangiku gagged, while at that point just letting herself relax as Toshiro continued pounding her mouth and throat relentlessly.


“Ahhhh, haaaaaah, Matsumotoooo, what the fuck did you do to meeeeee!?” Toshiro roared as he shoved his entire cock into her mouth. Rangiku could feel the tip pressing against the pit of her stomach as he began cumming hard, flooding her belly with thick, warm baby batter.


AHGUUUH GUG GUH GUG GURK GUGH… AGUUUUH, AYE’M GUUMMMINGH…!!!” Rangiku moaned around his cock as her entire body shook with pleasure.


AAAAH, CA…. CAPTAIIIIIN, CUMMING, I’M CUMMINGH!!!!” Yushiro groaned across from them as he pushed his cock all the way inside Isane’s pussy.


YES, DO IT, CUM INSIDE, PUMP ME FULL OF SAAAAUCE!!!!!” Isane begged, rolling herself back against his thrusts! “AHHHHHHN, SO MUUUUCH, SO MUCH CUM IN MHEEEEEE, IT’S SO GOOD, MORE, I WANT MOOOOORE!!!” Isane moaned with a look of almost total madness and ecstasy on her face.


HAGUUUUUUGH!!! HAH, AHHHH, HAH…!” Rangiku gasped as Toshiro pulled his cock out, letting her breathe finally. His dick flung away from her face, with cum still shooting out as it began slowly going flaccid again.


“What… The fuck, Matsumoto…!?” he cursed at her again. She fell back against the ground, her legs splayed wide and Toshiro’s ice blue eyes went wide, “Oh, I see.” he said when he looked down at the mark over her womb, “So that really was a Curse Dragon I sensed. One second, I’ll try and dispel that…” he began, but stopped short as Rangiku grabbed his shoulder and she felt a jolt running through her arm and into him again. Instantly, his cock shot out to a full erection once more as she gave a frightening chuckle.


“Fufufu, we’re not done yet, Toshiro-chaaaan…” she said as she looked up at him with a frightful, lust filled expression.



“So, you got kidnapped to that scary place?” Chizuru asked Orihime, then turned to Nel, “And you LIVE there!?”


“It’s not really scary…” Nel said with a pout. “Nel has lived there forever! It’s a really fun place to play tag!”


“Uhhhh, right…” Chizuru said. They had just spent the last hour in Hueco Mundo. Nel had taken them to a spot in the middle of the seemingly endless desert area. Orihime had passed the time by telling Chizuru about when Aizen and the Espada had taken her hostage and held her there for a while. And how Ichigo had come to her rescue with Nel. She skipped the part where Ichigo had gotten a hole blown in his chest, as that still gave her nightmares. Not the part where he became a full Hollow and defeated Ulquiorra, but just seeing Ichigo with that massive hole where his heart should have been and the vacant look in his eyes.


When the hour Rangiku told them to check back in was up, Nel had opened another Garganta and the three of them returned easily. She hadn’t really noticed it the first time she was there, but the sand really did get EVERYWHERE! Being naked in the middle of a desert probably didn’t help.


They had returned to the exact spot where they had left, but Orihime didn’t see Rangiku or Isane anywhere. There were remnants of Reiatsu still in the air, kind of like what she felt whenever Ichigo had launched off a massive Getsuga Tensho, but it felt distinctly like Isane’s power. She looked around, but there weren’t any obvious signs of a battle aside from a small circle of scorched ground. Though she doubted anyone normal would even be able to see the burn mark.


“Where’s Megami-sama?” asked Chizuru, “You don’t think… I mean, that WAS a dragon…” she said, sounding worried.


“She’s fine, Rangiku too.” said Nel as she shielded her eyes from the sun and looked around, “Nmmmmmmh, thataway!!” she said, pointing to a park that was nearby. One that was filled with blooming sakura trees.


“How do you know, Nel-san?” Chizuru asked.


Orihime forgot Chizuru couldn’t feel out Reiatsu like she could. Her spiritual power was only really just strong enough to see spirits. Without special equipment from Kisuke, she couldn’t really fight.


The three of them walked into the park and quickly began to hear the sounds of moaning, panting, and pained groaning. It didn’t take long for them to find the source in the form of Isane and Rangiku standing side by side in a kind of squatting position, kind of like a sumo wrestler’s ready stance. Lying beneath each woman was a young man with a rather large dick currently buried in their pussies. Orihime recognized both of them, Yushiro, Yoruichi-san’s little brother, was beneath Isane as the woman moved her body up and down on his dick with a look of insane pleasure on her face! Beneath Rangiku was Toshiro in an identical position. The two women each held their partner up by their ankles as they bounced themselves up and down on their cocks, panting and moaning in ecstasy.


“Pleeease, heeeeelp….” Yushiro groaned, reaching out to Orihime, his face looking almost skeletal with his eyes sunken and cheeks hollow.


“They…. They can’t stop…!” Toshiro groaned, looking better off than Yushiro, but still badly weakened.


“Again, Megami-sama!?” Chizuru said, “There’s not a bath to rehydrate this one!


(Story by User: SailorIo)

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Ichigo Kurosaki
1 year ago

Excellent story 10/10 the dynamics of what the city offers, the appearance of the dragon and the marks which turn each woman into a sexual beast (that turns me on.jpg) hehehe well the point is that Rangiku and Isane were very urgent for feel a cock like Yushiro and Toshiro’s (that man is my idol apart from Ichigo of course) excellent I hope to see Toshiro fuck the blonde beauty with brown skin my beloved Harribel

1 year ago

The debate over her name has been renewed, been watching the dub of the latest season, they most certainly are pronouncing it HaLibel in it.

1 year ago

“I didn’t think you were the type to fuck on the first date, Orihime.” Rangiku said

Neither did i. neither did i at all

1 year ago
Reply to  Xcelsior

Actually, she’s not. HOWEVER!!! With everything they’d been through together already, do you really think they needed more time to get to know one another?

1 year ago

Well that escalated quickly! Really quickly! 😳

I’ll get right to the point here. This was a great chapter, and a pretty creative one too. Right from the start, the character dynamic was pretty balanced. Which is something that I enjoyed. Plus that bit about Isane considering making a long term stay at the resort area with Chizuru. I really liked it. 🙂

In addition to that, I really liked how the dark dragon battle was handled too. Not to mention how that Hado was built up. Nicely done. Plus the short Hueco Mundo segment was also done really well too. 👍

Which brings me to the main point of the chapter itself. That was insane! Like what happened to Noel, both Rangiku and Isane were given cursed marks due to dealing with that dragon and effectively making them abnormally horny. But the primary difference being Rangiku having the Inmon and Isane getting the Queen of Spades on her, which was something I wasn’t expecting! 😯 And as soon as Toshiro and Yushiro showed up, it only got further escalated from there! I really enjoyed how it went overall, including how it ended with them being in the Amazon position. 😁

I am really looking forward to seeing how the following chapters play out whenever we get them. And I’m hoping we can get an story explanation of why Isane has the Queen of Spades mark rather than the Inmon one (even though I’m pretty familiar with both of them in any other case or situation). 🤔

Nice work overall. Can’t wait for what’s next. 👍😎

1 year ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Yeah, the Queen of Spades mark kinda threw me, but I work with what I get. It was a fun chapter to do all around.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago

REALLY surprised to have an actual fight scene in this Bleach story! I think this might be the first time you wrote this kind of action for Bleach. And outside of some stuff in your MHA stories here or there, I don’t think you wrote that many action parts. Or at least I don’t remember most of them. Either way, I like the switching between Isane preparing the Hado while Rangiku kept the monster busy. And while the outcome was predictable from the get-go, I still liked reading that part. And I think I know that you needed some kind of excuse to get the other girls out of the picture for this story, but I still find it incredibly hilarious/dumb with how you basically shoved them into Hueco Mundo. Like, “Oh no! We’re getting attacked by what’s essentially a Hollow! I know! Let’s get them all to Hueco Mundo. Y’know, the place where TONS of and ONLY Hollows are around!” I dunno… I’m not sure if I should think of that as hilarious or stupid. Regardless of that, I love how Isane and Rangiku basically manhandled their partners. Just goes to show how threatening the dragon really was, since neither Rangiku, nor Isane cared about the risk of touching Hitsugaya and Yushiro. They simply needed to get the thing out of their system.

Great story once again. Makes me wonder if the “dragon curse” will stick around now that the dragon who caused it is “dead” or how you’ll explain the inmon marks in the future, if they appear.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Depending on if I get more inmon images in the near future. But yeah, I needed some excuse to split them away for a bit. The fight sequence was mainly for fun. I had to hunt down the spirit chant for the kido spell.

Sending them to Hueco Mundo was a safer bet than having them just run. Nel was with them, and with as empty as that place is, it really was a good hiding place.

1 year ago


1 year ago
Reply to  Matthew