The Pounding Beats

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(6 PM, The day of BSU Orientation)


The sun was beginning to set in World City, with the sky taking on a bright orange shade. The BSU campus was bustling with activity. The overall feeling was one of jubilance and triumph, for BSU students are on the precipice of commencing yet another school year. Third year students are excited to almost be done with higher education while second year students are happy to no longer be the rookies on campus. First year students were thrilled to have independence from their parents and looking forward to life on campus!


Two of the new first students, Kaede Makoto and Brass Jazzsinger were seated at Burger Haven, one of the restaurants in Passion Tower’s food court. Kaede and Brass along with Kiana and Takiko had recently visited their friend Xavier Williams at Busteez University Hospital following the conclusion of BSU orientation. The two conversed about their new peers who presented at orientation.


“We got a lotta competition ‘ta deal with. I’m kinda worried, ya know?”


“Yeah, I feel ya but you got a lil advantage… girl you can sing your muthfuckin ass off. The more other shit you know how to do, the more you can put into yourself out there as a pornstar.”


“Ya, like Koko. She has the music, the acting and cosmetic business going on. ” Brass said, putting emphasis on Koko as being her main competitor.


“Ehhrbody has sumthin they’re workin with. Speaking of workin with….We should get in the studio and bang out some tracks.” Kaede suggested before biting into her last handful of french fries.


“I didn’t know you could rap too. You killed it on that entrance ” Brass complimented.


“That was my first time spittin a rap in front of anyone, girl.”


If ya wanna do that session today, I’ll be free. I just gotta go shower and change clothes first.”


“Cool. Imma go to World Mart real quick. Meet me at my room in like, an hour bitch.”


“Ok see ya there hoe.” Brass replied. The two both got up from the table and put their trays away.



(10 minutes later…)


Kaede walked down the aisles of World Mart and pulled up a list of items she needed to buy.


-Red Hair Dye
-Body Wash
-Tooth Paste


Kaede quickly picked up what she needed and paid for it. On her way out of the store, she heard a voice call her name.


“Kaede Makoto!” Yelled a man’s voice. She stopped and looked over her shoulder to see a tall blonde haired man with a 5 o’clock shadow beard. The thicc DJ recognized the man as Saitou Shinoda, the Head of BSU Security.


“I didn’t steal anything! I got a receipt for everything! I aint gettin profiled today!” Kaede yelled loudly and raised her hands like a suspect, drawing stares from other World Mart patrons leaving the store.


“I didn’t say you did, but I do need to talk to you. Please come with me. You’re not in trouble.” Saitou replied before walking toward the side of the building. The short haired woman followed Saitou to a nondescript door which appeared to be a staff only entrance to the World Mart building. The security chief opened the door for her and nodded for her to walk inside. She went in and upon entry, she saw several anti-theft posters and signs on the wall that said ‘loss prevention’.


“Please have a seat,”Saitou insisted. Kaede put her grocery bags down and sat down in a chair across from the desk. Saitou followed and went to a refrigerator.


“You want something to drink before we get started?”


“No thanks. I ain’t falling for that soda can DNA trick!” Kaede answered, recalling a technique from numerous police procedural TV shows, commonly used to get DNA from suspects without a court order.


“Ha Ha!” Saitou laughed.


“Really it’s not like that.” Assured the Head of Security while pulling out a can of soda from the fridge.


“I figured that this was a better place to talk than my office. With everyone partying and celebrating at the tower, you would have been seen going to my office. Now we don’t need rumors of snitching getting started.” Saitou explained. Although his main office is located at Passion Tower, there are several security stations all over BSU’s vast campus, all of which served as posts for the many security officers under Saitou’s command. And as the Chief of Security, he had access to every station.


“I got a question. If you’re the boss of all the security guards on campus, why are you always working the front desk at the dorms? Shouldn’t you be calling the shots from your office?” Kaede asked.


“It’s to show my presence. I want the students to know that I’m here for them. I’m not going to make my officers do any task I won’t do myself. Besides, it gets boring being cramped up in the office all day.” Saitou answered with a smile before taking a sip of his soda.


“So you just like being in the field then?”


“Yeah, it makes time go by.”


“So how did you know I was here?” The black and red haired girl inquired.


“It’s your badge. We can pinpoint the location of every school ID that’s been issued to anywhere in the city. Just about everyone carries their badge all the time so we can find you if you’re having a problem and need our help, on campus or off.” Saitou detailed.


“So if I got arrested off grounds you would automatically know?” Kaede asked


“Yep!” Saitou responded before pausing. He pulled out a cigarette and lit it.


“I answered some of your questions so now it’s time for you to answer some of mine.” Saitou asserted calmly.


“Mind if I have a smoke?” Saitou asked after the fact.


“Nah, I’m used to it. Some of my homies around the way smoke squares all the time.” Kaede revealed.


“So that last mixtape you dropped was pretty good. You have some fire tracks on it. Are you planning on going pro in the music business?” Saitou asked curiously.


“Ya, eventually I wanna be a music producer. Nowadays people just don’t use music in porn anymore. Its just people fuckin with no backdrop. I wanna bring it back. My music is gonna be the soundtrack to the bedroom, the streets wherever people go to fuck. My shit is gonna be the sound of lust, love and gettin freaky!” Kaede proclaimed.


“How do you know about my music anyway?”


“I’ve been around the block a few times. I may be 40 years old but I’m hip to what you kids are into. Last year I was moonlighting working security and I heard about you from my daughter, she plays your mixtapes while she works on her fashion stuff.”


“Mai is your daughter?”




“What she’s doing is pretty dope, she got mad skills with the needle.” Kaede complimented.


“Of course! I’m so proud of my little princess!”


“So you’re perfectly fine with her going to school here and, you know, hoeing around with all the boys here?


“Yeah, she’s making an honest living. I’m happy, this gives her the opportunity to pursue her dream. Everyone explores sex this time of their lives. This is just a little more public than how most people do it. What does your dad think of you going here.”


“He accepts it. We don’t talk about it much.”


“So he has reservations?”


“You could say that, but he’s been cool about it.” Kaede replied.


“So how are you liking it here? Have the staff been helpful? What about the security officers?” Questioned the security chief.


“It’s been all gravy so far. I haven’t had any issues with security.”


“Do you know Officer Eric Solomon?”


Kaede thought for a minute unable to put a face to the name, until something clicked in
her mind..


That’s the guy that Purity bitch was talking about earlier. Yeah I know him. So you hit me up to ask about him.”


“I have received a number of complaints about Officer Solomon following Ms. Beaumont’s presentation. I have received emails about this since orientation ended. I’m conducting this investigation to find out if Mr. Solomon has been abusing his authority as a security officer here.”


“So you’re a police officer too?


“Yes, law enforcement is one of the duties of maintaining security on the campus” detailed the bleach blonde haired man, with a look of conviction in his eyes.


Do you have any issues or concerns about officer Solomon?


“He’s pretty annoying. Dude has no game at all. He don’t know how to talk to bitches out here. He got at me a couple of times but his talk game is weak. I don’t pay it much attention.”


“Can you tell me more?” Saitou asked while exhaling menthol scented smoke like a bull.


“Well, there was this one time I saw him off campus in the Edge. I was DJing this party in the hood.” Kaede recalled…..



(1:27 AM, World’s Edge, about a month ago……)


The booming sounds of rap music could be heard coming from “The Loft” a local spot in World’s Edge where the 18 to 20 somethings occasionally gathered to drink, dance, socialize and have a good time. The sidewalk was littered with cigarette butts and recently emptied beer and liquor bottles. Men and scantily clad young sluts piled into the already overcrowded building to join the late night affair. The Loft was not actually a nightclub or a bar, but an abandoned building. This was one of many such vacant buildings in this area of the city. The residents of the area didn’t mind such debauchery as long the party people cleaned up their mess afterwards. The Loft was formerly a Recreational Center which once served the youth of World’s Edge.


The interior of the building was packed with so many people it would cause the fire marshall to have a heart attack if he saw it. DJ K-Booty stood at the front of the room, playing and spinning records for the crowd to dance along with. It was Kaede’s last song in her set before it was time for another DJ to take the stage.




Girls all over shook their asses to the beat of the music, grinding their lady cakes into the welcoming laps of their male dance partners. The guys responded in kind by dry humping them back. Some couples went even further, fucking out in the open on the dance floor. The smell of sex mixed with aroma of booze, smoke and sweat created a unique raw scent that permeated the room.


Among the people trying to get in there was one group that appeared out of place in World’s Edge.


“I heard these parties are lit as fuck!” remarked a black haired young man with a stylized mohawk to his friends


“You sure about this Eric? It might not be safe for “us” to be here…” remarked one of Eric’s friends a white young man with naturally green hair. He scanned the area taking notice of the men walking around with blue colored doo rags on their heads and blue bandannas hanging out of their left pants pockets.


“This place is full of gang members.” Whispered another friend.


“You guys wanted to get some wild girls. In World’s Edge there’s plenty of em!” Eric said enthusiastically. Eventually, the line moved enough for Eric and his buddies to get into the old rec center. The group walked in and saw bodies upon bodies dancing to the music. There was barely any room to move. It was a fire marshall’s worst nightmare! The smell of marajuana smoke permeated the air, mixing with the strong aroma of liquor and sweat from the countless people dancing.


“God damn! Look at them!” Remarked Eric’s friends.


Eric’s friends spotted a pair of girls that caught their eyes. The first was a dark skinned black girl who sported blue hair to match the nearly all the way unzipped romper suit she was wearing. It barely fit over her monster curves. The blue haired woman was holding a lot in the rear for sure. Her breasts were decently sized, Double D cups to be specific. Her eyes were a hazel hue which contrasted her rich dark chocolate skin. The second woman was a lighter shade, more of a milk chocolate hue. Her hair was also dyed, but instead of blue, she wore a lime green color. She was thicker than a stack of pancakes as well, but her thickness was distributed more up top than in the rear. Her tits were amazing. They threatened to snap the lime green bare midriff halter top she was wearing. The two chocolate hotties swiveled their hips and bounced their asses to the beat as Eric and his friends contemplated what to do.


“I call the one with the green hair!” Remarked the first friend.


“I’ll take one with the blue hair” the second friend chimed in. They then approached the duo and left Eric standing there.


“Mind if we get a dance?!” Asked the first friend. The blue and green haired girls looked at each other and then at Eric’s friends.


“You’re actually pretty cute in a preppy sort of way.”


“Never had a white boi before.” Remarked the blue haired girl as she moved in front of friend #2. Eric continued to wander around, propositioning various girls and being turned down. He then approached another girl and…..


“Girl, how about we get a hotel and you can dance on my dick.” Eric suggested, prompting the girl to move away from him while giving off a look of disgust. He continued on delivering weak pick up lines, being rejected by every woman he spoke to. Kaede had been watching from afar and couldn’t help but to laugh. She had seen this play out over and over with Eric at the BSU campus where he worked.


“Hey you!” Kaede yelled out to Eric. He stopped and watched as DJ K-Booty walked towards him. She needed to complete a date assignment given to her by BSU Professor and Head of Admissions, Sara Reed. It was common for Admissions Chiefs to assign such tasks to students, especially the recruits they are unsure of. For Kaede, Eric was the perfect mark for it.


“What brings you to the hood, Mr. Campus Security?”


“Well I came out here cuz I heard it gets pretty lit at the parties in World’s Edge and I wanted to score some girls .”


“You ain’t scoring shit with that weak ass game.” Kaede retorted


“Ok, you know what, ya talk game is lame and your swagger is on zero but it would be a shame for you to come out here from the suburbs and everyone in your crew got some ass except you. So, I’ll tell you what, let’s get out of here and have a lil fun!” Kaede chuckled, pitying the failed pick up artist. Eric’s face lit up like the night sky on the 4th of July.


“Really… I mean, I’m gonna give you the ride of your life girl!” Eric stammered, surprised to have gotten DJ K-Booty.


“Come with me,” Kaede urged. Eric followed Kaede down a couple of blocks away from the rec center. She led him to another abandoned building. A decrepit abandoned building. It had once been one of many low income housing projects in World’s Edge. They entered the building and immediately the security officer was punched in the nose by the putrid scent of long dried urine that permeated the hallway areas. Kaede was unfazed by this having been raised in World’s Edge for most of her life. Eric, on the other hand, had been raised by an upper-middle class family and was not accustomed to being in this environment.


“Damn this place stinks!” Eric complained


“This shit normal for places like this.” Kaede replied


Upon reaching the second floor, the DJ led the way to the front door of one of the apartments and opened the door. As the door opened a large rat, the size of a puppy dog ran out of the room.


AHHHH!!!” Eric screamed in terror. He jumped back and sprinted away making a mad dash for the nearest corner, at the end of the hallway.


GET AWAY FROM ME! YOU DIRTY BASTARD!” Eric screamed. His voice cracked, making him sound like an adolescent girl as he tried to escape the rodent that trailed him to the stairs. The mohawked young man was in such a hurry he stumbled over his own feet.




Eric fell down in a corner, near the top of the stairwell. The rat stopped, looked at Eric and continued on its way down the stairs.


HAHAHAHAHAHA!” Kaede laughed, doubling over and nearly coughing as she watched Eric’s display of fear.


“If you’re scared of the rats, ain’t no way you could make it here!” Kaede joked.


“I wasn’t scared, just a little surprised…”


“Bring yo surprised ass in here!” Kaede instructed before walking into the room. Eric got back up and dusted himself off before following Kaede into the apartment. The room was nearly empty save 1 chair. The walls were covered in graffiti. Holes in the walls revealed cheap, low quality drywall and hardly any insulation. This apartment had definitely seen better days in the past. Eric then walked over to the chair but continued to look around, reading the spray painted messages that were tagged on the walls, including one that read “Other way around” but flipped in the reverse direction.


“Over here.” Kaede said to get Eric’s attention. It was clear he didn’t know what to do at this point. He had frequently approached women on campus regularly with his lame pick up lines and overly aggressive approach, but in fact he was completely prepared for the moment in which someone accepted his offer for sex.


“Let’s go!” Kaede asserted before pushing him down in the chair. There was no kissing, no foreplay, for the aspiring music producer was ready to get busy! She dropped down to her knees.




The short black haired recruit undid Eric’s belt with one hand, pulling it off with a whipping sound. In the same motion she unzipped his pants with the other.




The big booty vixen grabbed the legs of Eric’s pants, yanking them down to Eric’s ankles. This revealed Eric’s moderately sized but throbbing hard cock. The young security guard sat in the chair anxiously awaiting K-Booty’s next move. She grabbed a hold of his knee with one hand and his balls with the other before leaning forward and opening her mouth. The short haired whore pressed her tongue up against the underside of Eric’s shaft and dragged it up and down.


“Aaahhhhhhaaaaah…” SLURRRRRP!


Kaede licked Eric’s dick up and down like she was slurping down a firecracker popsicle on a sweltering, late summer’s day. Eric squirmed in his chair, giddy about getting a blowjob, and still stunned that he was getting it from a girl of Kaede’s caliber and high status.


OH MY GOD THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING!‘ He thought to himself.


Kaede then slowly took his dick into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down like a see-saw! Lifting her head all the way up until only the tip of his dick remained in her mouth before going down again.




“That’s right suck on that big dick, bitch! Ooooh!” Eric groaned as K-Booty sucked away his dick. She gradually increased her pace, the black and red haired temptress squeezed tightly with her soft lips, sliding up and down Eric’s meat over and over. He trembled in his seat as she simultaneously sucked his dick and played with his balls.




“Mmph! Yu wike it huh sub buoy!? Kaede asked


OH YES! Savor the taste of my dick hoe, love it, cherish it!” Eric gloated before grunting some more. With Eric’s member well coated in her saliva, Kaede opened her mouth as much as she could and consumed his dick inch by inch, taking his length into her throat. This wasn’t much of a challenge given Eric’s average size and the fact that K-booty was used to bigger ebony studs. She held it in her throat for a few seconds, resisting the urge to gag. The plump rumped beauty inhaled hard which caused the muscles in her neck to tighten around the security guard’s cock. She looked at Eric, smiling at him with her eyes; she could tell by the look on his face that he couldn’t handle what she had to give.


“Oh Shit! Oh Shit! Oh Shit! Oh Shit!” Eric said repeatedly while gripping the ends of the chair’s arms.


The sexy DJ then gradually pulled her neck back slowly releasing Eric from the deep throated grip she had on his cock. Eric reached down with both hands and grabbed Kaede’s boobs.


“You got a lotta ass, but you’re pretty nice in the titty department too.” Eric complimented.


“I eat real good, subby.” Kaede replied while leaning in closer to Eric. Kaede then squished his cock between her juggs, grabbing hold of them before starting to move her up and down. She jerked his rod vigorously with her rack, progressively picking up speed the longer she went. She tugged his pecker towards her lips with her tits before locking her lips around its tip.


MMMMM ! ANNNNN! GLUG SLURP! WUURRRSH!” Sounded the short haired hoochie as she continued her paizuri BJ combo.


ARRGGGHHH! UGGGGHHH I THINK I’M ABOUT TO BUST!!” Eric grunted loudly. Kaede then stopped momentarily to allow Eric a little time to recover. She slowly got back to her feet. A long strand of spit connected her mouth to his cock stretched and stretched until it eventually broke. She smirked as she looked down at Eric. She then turned her back to him and started twerking. Kaede shifted and gyrated her hips, swinging them from side to side; making her ass cheeks wiggle and wobble like a bowl of jello being shaken from side to side!




Kaede took a step back, inching closer to Eric’s face. The hip hop whore proceeded to slap him in the face with her ass. She did it several times, making the horny security literally turn the other cheek repeatedly. He grasped his dick tightly and jerked away.


OH…..YEAH….SHAKE……THAT ASS….FOR….ME!” Eric hollered in between slaps.


“You ever had an ass this big in your face before, subby boy?”


“No, this is my first!” Eric answered, yelling enthusiastically.


Kaede then bent over and pushed her ass all the way into his face, which caused the back of his head to press up against the headrest of the chair. Eric’s excited cheers were suddenly muffled by Kaede’s enormous ass. While being smothered with booty, Eric inhaled Kaede’s scent which was a mixture of the sweetness of her body wash and body spray along with sweat from her working and performing at the party earlier. Eric’s eyes crossed and looked like they were staring at each other. A cheesing, teeth-baring smile was affixed to his face.


“Let’s see how you work with that dick!” Kaede remarked and she squatted down and lowered her ass into his lap. The security officer held his dick in place as Kaede sat down on it. It was a snug fit surprisingly. He let out a sigh of pleasure as he felt his dick slip inside her cunt. The thicc sexpot grabbed a hold of Eric’s knees and slowly began rocking herself up and down, clenching her inner muscles around his length as she felt it slipping in and out of her.


“Haaah, oh fuuuck…” Eric groaned as he began moving his hips with her, slamming his cock up inside her as deep as it could go. At the same time, he brought his hand down on her ass hard, making a loud SMACK sound.


“Nmmmmh, yeaaah, slap it baby, smack that ass harder!!” Kaede moaned, pumping her hips up and down faster, adding an extra swirl to her motions, stirring his cock around inside herself. She gripped at her own tits again, squeezing and pressing them together as she bucked herself against his thrusts.


“Yeah, yeah, yeeeeaaah!!!” groaned Eric, bringing his hand down on Kaede’s wide ass again and again, filling the dilapidated building with the hard smacking noises.


HAAAAAH, YEEEEAH, HARDER, SMACK THAT ASS HARDERRRR!!!! AHH FUUUUCK…!!” Kaede screamed in pleasure as she leaned herself forward more, rocking herself back against Eric again and again.


“Nmmmmmh, fuck yeah, take it, take it, take it!!! Arrrrgh… Fuuuck…” he groaned as he stood up from the chair, grabbing her hips as he bent her over a nearby desk that was tilting at an odd angle since one of the legs had snapped off.


Kaede grabbed the edges of the desk, slamming herself back against his cock as the desk wobbled and knocked around loudly, scraping against the floor.


AAAAHHHH, SHIIIT, FUUUUCK, FUCKING SHIT FUUUUCK, MORE, POUND MY BITCH ASS HARDERRR!!! YEAAAH, FUCK FUCK FUCKKK!!!” Kaede moaned, her voice echoing through the building’s crumbling walls.


“Oh yeah, like that, you like my big dick stuffing your tight little hole!?” Eric asked, pounding his cock into Kaede from behind as he looked down at the way her pussy clung tightly to his dick every time he pulled back.


NMMMMMMMH, I FUCKING LOVE IT!!! YEAH, DO IT HARDERRRR…!!! STUFF MY HUNGRY PUSSY MORE, AHHH, FUUUUCK, MORE, MORE, MORE MORE MOOOORE!!! AHHHH FUUUCK!!!” Kaede screamed as she leaned her body on the desk harder, letting most of her weight rest on it as she used her legs to hold Eric against her.


Eric groaned in pleasure, leaning his body over Kaede’s, placing his hands on either side of her as he continued swinging his hips wildly. The desk they were on top of bucked and skidded against the hard floor. The surface then suddenly became level again as another leg snapped off, letting it rest on one side of the support frame.




“Yeah, that’s it, ah shit, your pussy feels so fucking good around my dick!!! Hurr hurr hurr. Fuuuuck, yeah, fucking love this feeling!!!” he grunted as Kaede bent her knees with his thrusts, pushing his dick into her harder every time.




“Yeah, you like that!?” Eric asked, smacking her ass with both hands and gripping it so tight his fingers sank in so deep they almost vanished. “Like my meat!? Haaah, fuuuck, this hole feels greeat!!” he groaned as he began moving his hips even harder.




“Ahhh, yeah, that’s it, cum for me you horny bitch!!! Cum from my fat dick!!!” Eric shouted at her.


HWEEEEEEEGH, GONNA CUMMMM, YEAH, I’M GONNA CUM SO HAAAAARD!!! DON’T STOP, KEEP FUCKING MY BITCH PUSSY MORE, STUFF MY HOLE COMPLETELY FULLLL…!!” Kaede moaned as she lowered her legs back to the ground and then moved her body with all the grace and skill of a practiced gymnast as she rolled herself onto her back while keeping Eric’s cock inside her pussy. The feel of his cock twisting inside her was enough to make her squeal again in pleasure.


“Haaaaah, fuuuuck…” groaned Eric at the feel of her pussy twisting around his dick before she encircled her legs around his waist again, humping her hips against him.


NHOOOO, DON’T STOOOOP, KEEP POUNDING THAT DICK INTO MEEE, I WANT IT, I WANT YOUR DICK…” she panted, slurring her works slightly as her breasts swung up and down.




“Hahah, just like a slut like you! You just keep wanting more and more don’t you!?” Eric asked, grabbing both her tits and gripping them tightly.




I CAN’T EVER GET ENOUGH OF IT!!! AHHH, HARDER, HARDERRR!!! GONNA CUMMMM, I’M GONNA CUM SO HAAAAARD!!!” she screamed in pleasure as she rocked her hips into his thrusts, the desk beginning to creak now as the frame started to give away under the constant assault.


Eric then moved to slip his arms under Kaede’s legs before he grabbed her ass and lifted her up off the desk. He grunted from the exertion as he held her up in the air, her legs dangling over his shoulders.


HAAAH, YEAH, KHEEP GHOOOOINGHH… POUND THAT DHICK INTOOOO MHEEEEEEEH…” Kaede moaned as she was bounced up and down on his cock with a loud SMACK SMACK SMACK as his balls slapped against her wide ass.


“Haaaaah, fuck, I’m gonna nut!!!!” he groaned as he began slamming her up and down even harder. His knees screamed in protest of her added weight, but he ignored it as he swung his hips harder, groaning at the hot wet, and oh so TIGHT feel of her pussy stroking his dick with every motion. Eric stumbled slightly. That combined with the force of their bodies slapping together caused Eric to fall back and land in the chair.




“Ahhhh, shiiiit, fuuuuuck, cum… I’m cumminghhh!!!!” Eric grunted and groaned, Kaede quickly hopped off of his dick and dropped down to her knees. She licked his dick up and down causing Eric to erupt like a volcano. He glazed Keade’s face and tits as he shot his seed high into the air. Kaede wiped the cum from her face, having closed her eyes to prevent the salty substance from burning her eyes. A clump of Eric’s cum dropped from the ceiling….




The glob of genetic material landed in Kaede’s hair.


YOU MOTHERFUCKER! I just got my hair done!” Kaede yelled at Eric. He just slumped back in his chair and relaxed, letting out a sigh of accomplishment. Kaede quickly got dressed……..



“And that’s about everything that happened. He didn’t take advantage of me. I just felt sorry for him. I exaggerated a bit with the moaning and screaming. He just didn’t do it for me. I prefer my dick to be much bigger and more of the black variety.” Kaede explained, smiling with exuberance at her own mention of BBC.


“Do you know anyone else who may have had interactions with Officer Solomon?”


“Well there’s one, Heidi, she works at the Busteez Student Store. I think the store is part of his patrol route. I know he’s in there a lot. You should check her out.” Kaede answered.


“I’ll talk to her then. Thank you for your time. And Ms. Makoto, you are free to go.” Saitou replied with a half smile, which implied his mixed feelings about the situation. He was hesitant because he might find proof of his subordinate’s guilt, but also optimistic due to Kaede’s statement.


Only a few hours after BSU Orientation concluded, Chief Saitou Shinoda launched an investigation into his own subordinate Eric Solomon. It looks like Saitou’s next interview subject is Heidi from the Busteez store. The investigation is about to heat up. What will Heidi say? Can Eric make out of this with his career and freedom intact? Find out in the next exciting chapter of Welcome to BSU!



(Story by User: Strider_Seiryu)

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Citizen V
Citizen V
1 year ago

Well surprise surprise, its a new chapter in the BSU. This chapter was interesting Kaede and Eric?. Who would of thought I guess he gets lucky once in awhile ey?. But it looks like Brooke’s accusations may have done some damage and earned him some heat. I wonder what Heidi will say she can be the one that condemns him or saves him. Even though Eric maybe a wannabe cassanova and douche he doesn’t seem like a predator type especially with how many L’s and strike out he gets with his weak game.

Good read as always strider and great art as usual enzo.

1 year ago

A school I’d kill to be in. Glad I found this a while back.

1 year ago

BSU comes out of nowhere and fails to disappoint. Kaede is quickly joining Top 10 waifu’s in these stories.

1 year ago
Reply to  Xcelsior

I’m glad you like her. Thanks for checking out the chapter

1 year ago

Before I get into the meat of the reaction, let me just say bravo first and foremost! This was just spectacular from beginning to end. And probably one of your best in the entire story so far. Bravo! 👏 👏 👏 👏

With all that being said, let’s talk about it. 😎 This was definitely a fun follow-up to the last chapter, and it’s also a very refreshing one too as it’s a Kaede focused chapter this time. Though it looks like somebody’s in really deep shit. 😳 But we’ll get back to that in a bit, don’t you worry about it.

First, I really like how it all got started with Kaede and Brass eating together right after seeing Xavier at the hospital. They’ve really become fast friends, but also really good friends. Having the same love for music can do that. I approve.👌 We really see and hear them get into their competition and goals for a bit, particularly Brass on Koko and her current position business wise for a second, making it known that she’s going to be her rival. Plus between that and the next segment, we also got more details on Kaede herself and her own goals for making it in BSU. Which is the perfect segway for the next part.

On that part of the story, we see her get stopped by Saitou on her way out of the store she shopped at and took her aside for some questioning. To be honest, I thought she was in trouble too at first, considering how she initially reacted to him. But thankfully it wasn’t her. 😅 It was right about then that they actually got to know each other better. In Saitou’s case, he prefers to be out in the field than in his office and to take a more direct approach than most. As for Kaede, not only becoming a successful musician, but also a professional producer. Being a local celebrity really helps there. 😄 Plus I liked that she’s really into Mai’s work too, something her old man appreciated. Haha. Though it was right around here that we got to the main point of the chapter, and the one who was actually in trouble: His junior officer Eric. 😳

This is where Kaede recalled that one time she had to deal with him a month back while she was doing a DJ job at World’s Edge, her and Takiko’s neighborhood. Now this took up the majority of the chapter so I won’t take up too much time explaining it. 😅 BUT! I can tell you this much, I really like and appreciate how everything was handled. Yeah I can see why Eric has the reputation that Brooke was talking about earlier on in the story as well as his earlier appearances, with him and his buddies trying to hit on every girl they saw. And all Kaede could do was laugh. LOL 😆 Though she did use it as the perfect opportunity to get her date assignment from Sara in. Although she mostly did it out of pity and feeling sorry for the guy as he didn’t have any game, especially in the talking department. Or his fear of rats. 🤣 Anyway, she knew he was in way over his head with her, and boy did it show! That was handled perfectly, especially her dirty talk and her skills sucking and fucking him. Including calling him subby or sub boy during it. Haha. Then he exploded on her and especially her hair after that. That really killed the mood for her, but it was quite the show!

After everything was said, Kaede ended her trip down memory lane reconfirming that he didn’t take advantage of her but he also didn’t do it for her either, as she preferred bigger and darker dicks. So X, consider yourself lucky, my dude! You really got yourself a keeper right there! And now Saitou’s internal investigation on Eric rolls on, which sounds like Heidi of the student store is next to be questioned. Guess we’ll find out about what happened with her next time.

Overall, I can proudly say that this was definitely one of my favorite characters of Welcome to BSU, and it really solidified Kaede as of my top favorites in this series. Hope we get more of this talented PAAG {that means Phat Ass Asian Girl, if you didn’t know} BBC loving cutie soon.

Take a bow! And keep up the excellent work! 👏 😃

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Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago

Ngl, I kinda like how “short” this chapter was in contrast to the ones before it. It made for a much easier reading experience, while still providing us with some nice character interaction. That’s not to say though that this chapter is perfect. It personally feels a bit more like filler than anything else and there was some stuff in there that could have deserved some more explanation. For example, Kaede’s talk with Brass at the very beginning. It was just… there and wasn’t really resolved in any way (maybe that’ll be in the next chapter though, so who knows…). The other would be that I think her first interaction with Saitou to be kinda clunky. I don’t remember if it was ever mentioned in the story that she has history as a shoplifter or anything or that she met Saitou before, so reading this scene without any more details felt kinda weird. I do like however that we get some info about the other student’s assignments and how she just kinda felt sorry for Eric’s “luck” with the ladies. Also, I absolutely LOVE the way the women treated him in this chapter. It may sound strange, but this was the first time in all the stories so far that I actually would have loved to be the dude. Actually, the entire “sex” scene could have just been with her sitting on his face or something and I would have been beyond happy! It felt really in character for such an “ass-focused” character like Kaede and her calling him “subby” just added kerosene to my fire of lust (if that makes any sense whatsoever XD). Anyways, the rest of the sex was just as fantastic as the beginning and I like how she faked her emotions to make him feel good.

I wonder how Eric’s story will play out. Decent story with a BEAUTIFUL sex scene!

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I assure you that this chapter isn’t filler material. What Saitou is doing is going somewhere. Kaede doesn’t have a history shoplifting. Her being stopped is an in joke, a reference to racial profiling by the police. Kaede acts like shes black, and prefers black dudes in terms of sex and romantic relationships. The reference is that shes being profiled as if she actually were black. This is a joke/reference that lands best with American readers. (I’m Black and also an American in real life)

Eric’s continued failure with the ladies is meant to be entertaining. Im glad you liked it. He over rates his own charisma and skill with women. The term subby has a double meaning. First its a reference to him from the upper middle class suburbs. The second, more obvious one is that Eric is a submissive guy when it comes to women. I did this purposely to contrast his super aggressive and often off putting approach to women.

I wish I would have thought of the face sitting idea myself while writing this. Eric is the type of guy that would suck a woman’s toes or even eat her asshole if she told him to lol.

Thanks for reading,

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
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Ah, thanks for the clarification about the Kaede-Saitou scene. I myself never had anything like this, nor will I probably/hopefully get in such a situation (living in the european countryside and all), so I just found it a somewhat strange reaction, especially due to the lack of further explanation.