The Cutest Cosplay Couple

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing crossover series of stories)
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Coco-Komi: I did it, Marin. I finally had sexual intercourse with Tadano-kun!


You: For real?!? You go girl 🥳🥳🥳 Tho that means I better get things moving with Gojo-kun then or you’ll think I’m some kinda forever virgin😜 XDXD


No matter how often Marin Kitagawa read the message her new friend had sent her, she would never NOT get giddy about it! It was as if she could feel the raw, unbridled emotions with which Shouko Komi wrote to her! Yet, at the same time, Marin knew just how much courage that must have taken her, given her problems with communications.


“Kitagawa-san, is everything alright?” Wakana Gojo asked her, having taken a brief stop on his way up the narrow path to see what kept his friend occupied.


“Oh!” The young cosplayer felt her ears heating up as she quickly put her phone back in her purse, “It’s… it’s nothing. Just a message from a friend.” she explained before hurrying the hill up towards the black haired doll-maker.


A warm breeze blew across the valley, causing the trees and the grass to dance with the motion. From up here, they could hardly see the train station from where they had set out to stretch their legs after the hour-long journey they had to the port town where they would then set out for their journey across the world!


MMMMMMMMHHHH!!!!!’ Just thinking about being able to go on the Helicruiser together with Gojo made her feel like a little girl on Christmas Eve! Not only would she be able to test out the so-called “Cosplay Theater” that was praised on almost every leaflet or ad, but she would also be able to do so with the man that she loved!


It was a dream come true!


“We’re pretty far away from the station…!” Gojo realized, looking over the valley. “Do you think that’s okay? What if the train drives off without us?”


“Oh, come on!” she replied and boxed him lightly against the shoulder as she catched up with him, “We might be a bit far away from that village, but we’ll still hear it when they make that announcement before the train drives off.” She reassured him as she looked with him over the valley.


Mountains to their right were the last obstacle between them and the port town where they would set sail, acting as a natural barrier that separated them from a world of adventure and fun. Somewhere up ahead, she heard the sound of a river splishing and splashing while the buzzing of a bazillion insects filled the air.


Inhaling a deep breath of the pristine, mountainous air, Marin forced her rapidly beating heart to calm down as she prepared herself for what she would do next. ‘Okay Marin! You can do this! Just tell him that you find him super duper cool and that you want to be his girlfriend!


She took a look to her left, only to find Gojo looking over the valley with the same mesmerizing look in his brown eyes that he had whenever he talked about hina dolls or when he watches a series, taking in the details of what makes the clothes of the characters so special.


GAH!!! I can’t do itttttt!!’ she screamed in her mind, her heart beating so loud that she feared Gojo could hear it. Marin shook her head and clapped her cheeks one, two, three times. ‘Okay, let’s go with another plan! Just tell him that you want to do more than just cosplay with him! That he and you can…


Her mind wandered off somewhere in the distance, never to return again as she once again looked at Gojo’s bewitchingly handsome face!


FUCK!!! How can he look so cool???’ she began gnawing on her lower lip as tears formed in her eyes, “It’sh nod phaiwwww…!” the blonde girl murmured silently, with her pussy heating up and soaking as all kinds of indecent thoughts flooded what little was left of her mind.


“Hm?” The odd sounds next to him finally managed to pull Gojo out of his trance. “H- Hey, what’s going on, Kitagawa-san? Is everything alright? You’re crying!” he pointed out, while waving his hands in front of him as the first tears started to roll down her cheeks.


“I- I’m not crying, you dummy!” she said, whilst wiping away the tears from her eyes and face as fast as she could. “It’s just… such a beautiful view!”


“It is!” he agreed, while looking over the many wheat stalks swaying with the wind, bending ever so slightly in one direction before returning back to their original state when the wind calmed down again. “I’m glad that you wanted to come here! It’s much better here than staying at the train station!”




The sound of her own irregular beating heart almost startled her to death as it threatened to burst out of her chest like some alien from an old horror movie, ‘GAWD!!! You can’t do this to me, Gojo-ku~n!!’ she thought right towards him, all while desperately searching for the courage to say what she HAD to say!


For what felt like an eternity, the two of them simply stood on top of the hill, watching as butterflies fly through the air, a handful of clouds drift through the otherwise crystal clear blue sky, or one or two deer strolling through a nearby forest.


“K- Kitagawa-san?” Much to her surprise, Gojo’s voice finally broke the silence.


“Hm?” she turned around to see him red as a beet as he fidgeted with his fingers, pressing his index fingers together as sweat pearled down his surprisingly thick and muscular neck. She never really noticed it before, but he had quite the well-trained body despite not going to the gym or lifting weights. Her knees began shaking just imagining him without his usual samue. “Hnnnnnnnnngh…!”


As if he hadn’t noticed her reaction, Gojo rubbed the back of his head as his ears became just as red as the rest of his face, “W- well… I just… erm… I just wanted to kno- ask if… if you would… if you…!” he stammered, steam rising from his ears as his entire body took a bright red hue. “If you wanted to do more… more than just erm… cosplaying?”


“Huh?” Marin tilted her head to the left, unsure if what she just heard him ask was actually happening.


“You… you know! Like, waphing… I mean, watching movies on the cruise. Or… or, explore the… the cities we travel to. Just… just the two of us.” he went on to mutter while swaying from side to side as if he was drunk, or as if he suffered a heat stroke. “If… if you don’t want to, then that would be perfectly fine as… as well! I just waAAAH!!!


His mumbling and stuttering turned into a surprised squeal as he found himself tackled into the grass at the side of the path by the busty cosplayer. Sitting on top of his crotch, Marin smiled down on him with a grin that shined brighter than even the sun above them, “YES!!!” she answered overly loud, her eyes bursting with joy and tears. “Yesyesyesyesyes!!!!”


Is this is how women feel when they get proposed?’ she asked herself as her hands moved like they had a will of their own, stripping Gojo out of his blue samue.


K- KITAGAWA-SANNNN????” Before she even realized it, she had stripped him out of every single piece of clothing, leaving him naked on the grass. Above him, Marin practically tore her top off of her body, revealing a bra that was nothing more than a handful of red strings connected with each other and a few golden rings here and there. “Wh- what are you doing??”


“Something that I wanted to do for a very long time!” she admitted, completely indifferent towards how corny that sounded, even in her own ears!


Within seconds, her nipples became hard as diamonds as she reached one hand behind her to grab Gojo’s cock, “Aorrrrrgh…!!!!” the young doll-maker groaned, with his cock twitching in response to his crush’s gentle touch.


“Ooooooohh… it’s so big already!” the blonde moaned out loud, ‘Like…’ she turned her head and looked past her butt to take a look at Gojo’s cock. It wasn’t even remotely hard, yet he was already thicker than her wrist!


On pure instinct, Gojo began thrusting his hips into the air, fucking her hand with his rapidly growing dick. “Grrrrrr… I’m sorry, Kitagawa-san…!” he grunted lowly. “It just…!”


No way!’ moving to sit down on his chest without ever letting go of his cock, Marin watched as his cock grew! And grew! And grew some more! When he finally stopped growing, his dick was almost as thick as her thigh, and covered in over a dozen mesmerizingly throbbing veins that just begged her to touch them. “You’re SO bigggg!!”


“Kita… gawa-san…” Gojo groaned in response, his voice even lower than before due to the weight on his chest.


A trickle of heady smelling juices gushed out of the blonde’s pussy and onto his chest as Marin immediately began stroking his cock! Since one hand wasn’t enough to even attempt to grab him, she used both, moving them up and down in slow but steady motions.


How can a cock be this huge?


This thought crossed the young model’s mind as she couldn’t help but drool as she worked her hands over the throbbing meat, whimpering every time she felt the veins pulsing against her the palm of her hands.


Is that why he always wears those long clothes?’ she then asked herself. For a brief moment she took her hands away from his dick, only to spit into them so that she could masturbate him even better. ‘No way in hell he could hide that… that monster of a cock in shorts or ordinary swimming trunks!


“Hrrr… hrrr, hrrr, hrrr…!!” beneath her, Gojo groaned in growing ecstasy. His fingers sunk deep into the dry earth as he began thrusting his hips even faster!


GAWWWWWWWDDD…!!!!!” she moaned louder than she actually wanted, her pussy clamping around thin air, simply due to feeling the love of her life’s cock rub against her hand. “Fuck me!”


Gojo closed his eyes and gritted his teeth, feeling his balls starting to itch as he got closer and closer to blowing his load, “What…?” he then asked, only having understood half of what she asked of him.


A strong wind blew through the valley as Marin stopped stroking his cock, “I want you to fuck me! Right here! Right now!!!” she declared, with her eyes beaming with arousal and wanton lust. “I wanna have your fat fucking cock all the way inside my tight little pussy!!”


It felt like an eternity passed before Gojo finally replied to her sudden, outlandish, and incredibly lewdly phrased request, “Okay?’ he gasped, making it sound more like a question than an actual declaration.


YES!!’ she screamed in her mind, almost cumming simply because she finally got the chance to have sex with the man who stole her heart just a few months ago.


Her heart skipped a few beats as she let go of Gojo’s dick. Now glistening in the warm summer sun due to her saliva spread all over it, it looked like the most beautiful thing in the entire world to her! A few seconds went by where she simply stood there, admiring that beautiful piece of meat. The veins all over it continued pumping blood through the whole thing, keeping it nice and hard, despite her having stopped stroking him.


Stripping out of the rest of her clothes, she positioned herself right above the bright red tip. But then she realized something, ‘Will this thing even fit inside my pussy?’ her legs began to shake as uncertainty grasped her heart. ‘What if it hurts him… or what if he splits me in two with it?


“It’s… alright…!” Gojo’s voice rang through to her. She took her eyes away from his dick and looked into his brown eyes, “If you don’t want to… then we can…” he began, with his voice low, hoarse, and full of lust.


Precum gathered on top of this magnificent cock and rolled down its side, making it clear that he was still more than just a little bit desperate for relief, ‘No! I have to do this!’ she shook her head as she forced her legs to stop shaking. ‘It’s my duty as a girl! If I don’t do this now, then when!?


After taking several deep breaths, she gave Gojo a thumbs-up, “I got this, Gojo-kun!” she said to him as she grabbed his cock as best as she could with one hand while spreading the folds of her pussy as wide as possible with the index and middle finger of her other hand, “Okay…” she inhaled as much air as she could, bracing herself for what was coming next. “Here I go!”




For a brief moment, Marin could solve quantum physics! Every mystery on this earth and even the universe unveiled themselves in front of her! She saw dinosaurs walk around her and the very dawn of human civilization! A multitude of colors appeared in front of her inner eye, shining brighter than a thousand… than even a million suns! She knew the answers to every question known to men!


But more than anything else, she saw and knew that she found her right place in life! As if she watched through the eyes of a bird, she saw herself sitting on top of Gojo, her stomach visibly stretched because of the overwhelming size and girth of his dick!


Butterflies! More butterflies than there existed in this world flew inside her stomach, signaling to her that this is where she belonged! With Gojo’s cock as deep as possible in her pussy, she found herself as the most happy woman on this earth!


“-awa-san? Kitagawa-san? KITAGAWA-SAN!!!!” Gojo’s words brought her back to reality.


Just as quick as the moment came, it went again, leaving her only with the feeling of Gojo’s cock balls deep inside her pussy! He took her virginity!


AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!” she screamed from the top of her lungs as she came hard!


Her pussy squirted its sweet nectar in every direction possible as she began bouncing up and down on Gojo’s cock. A loud, wet, and lewd SQUISH SQUISH SQUISH sound echoed across the hill as her pussy took hold of that impossibly huge cock, never wanting to let it go again!


MMMMMH, AHAAAAA, OOOH, OOOOH, HOOOOO…!” moaned Marin, finding herself unable to see clearly as her eyes rolled back in their sockets, “G- Gojo…” she panted hard as she found it increasingly hard to concentrate. “I’m cumming… Your dick… it’s making me CUM!!


“Ohaarrrrrrghaa!!!” was Gojo’s only response as he grabbed her by the hips with his dirty hands, matching the speed of his thrusts with the motion of her entire body. Sweat ran down his face as he gritted his teeth hard enough that she feared for a moment that they could break!


Then the moment passed and she was more occupied with rolling her hips against his thrusts, stirring his cock around inside of her like it was the joystick of a gamepad. She didn’t know where she came up with that analogy, but she found it more than fitting, considering that this “stick” gave her more “joy” than she ever thought possible!


GAWWWWD… CUM… I’m cumming so much…!” she admitted shamelessly as her pussy released spray after spray of juices aroung Gojo’s length. “HRRRRM… MMNNNH, GWWWNG, AAAH, HAAA… HAAA… HAAAAAAA!!!!!!!


“K- Kitagawa-san… I… I’m cumming!!” he announced just a little too late!


Boiling hot jizz flooded her womb before he had even finished talking, “OH~♥!” Her mind went blank, leaving her with no way to process the raw emotions that she lived through as Gojo emptied his balls inside her pussy. At the same time, an orgasm of her own rocked her harder than all the other ones before it, making her go drunk with pleasure. “AYEEEEEEEHH!!!!!


“Sorry, I’m so SOORRRRRRYYYYYYY!!!!!” Gojo shouted underneath her as the last drop of cum filled her womb!


She blinked once! Then twice! And then three times as she tried to get ahold of the situation. Sweat covered her entire body. She felt more exhausted than she ever had before in her life! At the same time though, she felt happier than she ever thought possible!


With shaking hands she traced the outline of Gojo’s cock through her stomach, beginning from right under her heavy tits, and ending right at her pussy. There, she felt something gooey and hot oozing out of her still stuffed hole. She scooped a little bit of it up with her fingers and brought it in front of her eyes, “So much cum…!” she whispered drunkenly after identifying the strange liquid.


Beneath her, Gojo panted for breath, sounding as if he had just run three marathons right after another, “I… I’m sorry!” he apologized again, tears streaming down his face. “I… I couldn’t help it! It all went so fast… I couldn’t stop! And… you just felt so good! But I didn’t even wear a condom and… and… and…”


“Shh! Shhshh!” Marin hushed him as she laid down on top of him, putting her head on his rapidly beating chest, “It’s alright… I’ll manage it!” she reassured him as she was about to drift into the world of dreams.


In the distance, she could hear the announcement that the train was about to drive off again, signaling to her that she spent almost half an hour fucking the man she loved!


“Crap! Kitagawa-san, we gotta move!” said Gojo as he pulled his cock out of her, eliciting a plaintive whimper from the blonde cosplayer as he moved to dress up again.


“Mhm…!” she nodded but didn’t even try to stand up, given that she couldn’t even feel anything below her waist at that point in time. A thought crossed her mind as Gojo helped her put her clothes on. “Next time… let’s film it!”



(Story by: Mr. Akrononym)

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9 days ago

Well done! Splendid work!! 👏👏👏😊

This is by far one of your overall best in this storyline to date. And quite honestly, one of your most detailed. 🤓👍

So, let’s cut to the chase and start from the top. The overall chapter here is definitely a grand read, to say the very least. Not to mention a surprisingly wholesome one. 😌

It seems like the relationship between Marin and Gojo, who I’ll now call by his first name of Wakana, is now going into its next level. Not only that, we also get a closer look at Marin’s mindset too. Personally I think it’s handled well. 😁

Plus their interaction prior to the sex scene, which took up a good bit of the second half of the chapter, really did a great job of establishing and building things up. Like you can tell that both Marin and Wakana really wanted to be more than just a couple of cosplay friends and partners. But rather a full on couple. That was quite a sweet direction to go on. 😊

Which now officially brings us to the sex itself. I don’t know about anyone else who read it, but I personally liked the direction it went, as well as the finale. Strangely enough, it was a major change of pace compared to most of the sexual parts in much of the other stories up until now. You can even say that it’s oddly refreshing to have this kind of sex here. My only gripe about this is that it was a fairly short affair. So basically, love the direction, not so much the length. 😅

Still, nicely done here. Very nice.👏

Looking forward to seeing what’s next. 😃

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
9 days ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Very happy to read that the chapter resonated with you so much! I think I know what you mean with the change of pace during the sex. I want to keep the sex as close to “real” as possible. The girls (aside from Komi, as established in her last chapter) won’t be those huge screamers during sex like you see in my One Piece story or in almost all of Sailor’s. And given how over the top some of those slice of life anime can be in terms of emotions, I just felt like doing this sex scene way more sensual than usual.

I’ll try to keep the sex longer in the future. There are some pics that I can work with in the future, that have the potential to be almost 100% sex.

Thanks for your continuous support! You’re the boss!

10 days ago

Marin stay one of the best non action anime female characters there is. Peak plot

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
10 days ago
Reply to  Xcelsior

Yeah, she is pretty cool. Not my favorite slice of life girl though.

10 days ago

Really excellent and good story. First of all, how you portrayed Marin’s thoughts and actions are perfect, especially when she was flustered. The sex scene was good, Marin used the skill that she learned from Shizuku-tan. The chat was a nice way to connect with Komi and finally, Marin and Gojo they are together. 9/10

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
10 days ago
Reply to  Shadowdragon

Hey, happy about the good score. Glad to read that the chapter resonated so much with you! I hope the next chapter with them will be just as much to your liking! I have quite some stuff planned with them XD.