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Looking for a Cruise Cosplay

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing crossover series of stories)
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“Now for some good news!” said the newscaster. “After several months of terror, the residents of Shibuya can finally sleep save again as the so-called “Butcher of Shibuya” was finally caught by a special police force. In this task they were aided by none other than the famous “Sleeping Kogoro” who not only ma-”


The rest of his words were cut off as the two youths who overheard the news from the radio of a parking car hurried past it, “Come on, Gojo-kun! Hurry up!” cheered Marin Kitagawa, pulling the dark haired boy alongside her through the busy streets.


“N- Not so fast, Kitagawa.” he said nervously, a crimson red blush on his face as he tried his very hardest not to stare at her softly swaying hips and ass. It was bad enough that the girl’s eccentric and loud behavior caused many of the other passersby to follow them as


The buxom blonde was dressed in a lavender crop top that left her pierced midriff completely exposed while a black miniskirt did its absolute best to cover her shapely butt. A sticker in the shape of a so-called “inmon mark” just below her navel attracted the attention of the many people around them, even if they only get to see it for a brief second. It was part of the cosplay that she wore just before they began their shopping spree and Marin just couldn’t bring herself to get it off already. It was too darn cute! AND it made Gojo blush ever so cutely whenever he looked at it, which was a huge bonus! Stockings of the same color as her top adorned her long and slender legs, basically forcing every man on the street to follow her as she marched on with Gojo at her heels. In stark contrast to his friend’s very racy outfit, he was dressed in the jinbei that he bought when he went shopping with her a while ago. Bags filled to the brim with different stuff they bought for their trip and with the outfit from Marin’s most recent cosplay flew with him as she led them through the streets at a rapid pace, breezing past the many smaller stores and shops along the way as her eyes were set on one shop in particular further down the street.


OYUME’S BEACH WORLD” proclaimed the shield over the shop’s doors in large golden letters. The “O” was actually a large beach ball with several multi-colored sections that lit up in regular intervals, capturing the interest of every person who was walking by. Even from outside Wakana could see the many different bikinis, swimming trunks, parasols, floating islands and all kinds of different stuff for the “perfect” day at the beach.


“Don’t be such a slowpoke.” Marin then went on to say, looking over her shoulder with a playful smile on her face, “We still need tons of stuff for the cruise!” she said as she stepped through the automatic doors of the shop. “Ahhhhh… that’s just what I needed!”


In stark contrast to the hot day outside, the store was pleasantly cooled down, thanks to an AC unit at the corner of the room. Leaving themselves and one shop assistant out of the count entirely, only three other people were currently strolling through the aisles. One was a very muscular man with biceps that could bend steel and skin as dark as chocolate. The others were two dark haired women that seemed to be sisters, if their facial similarities were anything to go by. Both of them were strolling through the aisles, with the short haired woman pointing out different things to the long haired one.


Before Gojo even had the chance to look around the shop, Marin already pulled him to a clothes rack at the side with nearly a dozen different bikinis on it, one more daring than the other. The young doll maker could feel his head burning as Marin picked up one of the more modest ones, a green bikini with a flowery pattern and frills at the hemline.


She held it in front of her body and turned around. “OMG! That’s like the cutest bikini I have ever seen!” she exclaimed happily, eyes sparkling. “Don’t you think that this will look totally cute on me?”


“Ah… Erm…! Y- Yes. It w- would look good on you. K- Kitagawa-san…” he stuttered as he imagined her being dressed in it and how it would accentuate all her features.


“Hmmm…” Marin looked at the bikini more thoroughly, “But don’t you think the colors would be a bit too similar with the ones I already have?” she mused out loud, already looking through the other bikinis on display, “I have so many green and yellow ones… what would you say about a red or a pink one?” She picked up a white V-sling bikini with red stripes that didn’t seem to be more than two shoelaces put together. “Wouldn’t that one be hella hot?”


Steam literally shot out of the young man’s ears while his face turned several shades redder, resembling that of an overly ripe cherry. “I- I- It sure would be… hot!”


Marin nodded, lost in thoughts as she checked the price of the bikini when something suddenly came to her mind, ‘Wait a minute! What kind of bikini am I suggesting right now?! He would see me practically naked!!!!’ In an impressive display of rising body temperature, Marin’s face became even redder than Gojo’s. She quickly put the bikini back where it was and waved her hands in front of her. “Nevermind. That was just a dumb idea!”


“Y- Yeah.” Gojo nodded in agreement, his voice still cracking and on edge, “Though…” in the skip of a heartbeat, he suddenly sounded like a completely different person as he scratched his chin. He picked up another bikini, a basic pink one with black outlines of stars all over it. “I would think that this one would look rather good on you.”


Blinking a few times, Marin had a hard time comprehending what she just witnessed. In a matter of seconds, Gojo changed from a stuttering and mumbling geek into someone completely different. Someone who walked through the aisle, examining the different bikinis without so much as a shred of shame on his face. It was moments like this AND all those moments where he was too ashamed to even look at her when she wore some too racy cosplay that made her feelings for him that much clearer!


I wuv him! I wuv him so frigging much!!!’ she shouted in her mind as she followed him, nodding occasionally whenever he talked about the different kinds of fabric from the various bikinis.


At the corner of her vision she vaguely noticed how the dark skinned man left the store without buying anything and how one of the black haired girls walked towards her, halting every now and then to turn around to her short haired partner who simply nodded and gave her an occasional thumbs-up. Just looking at the other girl made Marin feel insecure. Not only because of the aura of uneasiness she felt coming from the dark haired girl but also because of how hot and beautiful she was.


Like, REALLY hot and beautiful!


The girl, she couldn’t be older than Marin herself, looked like a natural born supermodel. Thanks to her part-time job as a model, Marin knew quite a bit about how much it took to keep such a buxom and healthy body. Doing sports and exercises regularly, eating food that doesn’t have too many calories in it, and all that other boring stuff ensured that she would stay in excellent shape and could continue with the model job to earn some money for all her cosplays. But this girl… she made having a body like this look easy!


The way she carried herself was indication enough for Marin that she didn’t do all that much more sport than the one in school. And even with that strange aura around her, Marin could tell that this girl was a natural born beauty, probably being the star of her class and maybe even of the entire school. Her light blue summer dress even managed to further accentuate her shapes and curves in all the right places, making Marin feel even as though someone had poked her with a knife. As though she could feel the blonde’s inner turmoil, the other girl suddenly started to sweat and turned around herself, looking for guidance from her friend or to simply not meet Marin’s gaze.


What is with her?’ thought Marin to herself, turning her attention back to Gojo who now held a pitch black bikini in his hands that was adorned by several rhinestones, giving it the appeal of a beautiful night sky, “Oh, wow! CUTE!” exclaimed the buxom blonde, her eyes sparkling almost in the same way as the bikini that she laid her eyes upon. “I wanna have it! Wannawannawanna!”


“Hmmm…” Gojo mused, a nervous smile curling spreading across his face as he tried to ignore his friend’s overly enthusiastic antics as best as he could. Though her breath against his neck certainly didn’t make it easy, causing the hair all over his body to stand on edge and his dick to get harder inside his pants! He raised the bikini over his head and inspected it with a skilled eye before checking the price. “Don’t you think that this one is gonna cost a bit too much?”


Taking the price tag in one hand, she waved off his question with the other, “Please! They’re just some rhinestones just how much more can a bikini cost just with… THAT MUCH?!?!” she suddenly gasped, taken completely by surprise by the three additional zeros to an otherwise completely reasonable price. “How? Why?”


Gojo scratched his chin again, “Probably since it’s from a large brand.” he thought out loud. “Regardless, I could try making them myself. Adding the rhinestones, I mean.”


“You could really do that???” asked Marin. Her eyes widened, once again taken by surprise of her love interest’s confidence in his own skill.


“I mean…” he chuckled nervously and rubbed the back of his head, taking a step away from the girl to get some distance between them. “I could try. I’ve never done something like that before but it… hm?”


He had turned around and raised an eyebrow at something happening behind Marin. Before she had the time to turn around herself, she suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder that felt to weigh more than the heavens while something stared into the back of her head with the intensity of a thousand suns.


Gulping, Marin slowly turned around to see a patch of black hair since the girl it belonged to also had turned around to stare at the woman who seemed to have pushed her forward. “What are you waiting for?! Just go ahead and ask her!” she said, encouraging the long haired girl.


The dark haired girl faced Marin, breathing heavily as if she was about to have a panic attack while her heart pounded fast and loud enough so that even Gojo could hear it, “Erm…” the girl raised her phone, showing Marin the zoomed-in image of something black.


“Erm…” a single drop of sweat rolled down Marin’s neck as she turned towards Gojo for guidance, unsure what to think of the whole situation. Gojo on the other hand seemed to be just as lost as she was and only shrugged with his shoulders.


“Mmm…” the girl leaned her head to the side and looked at her own phone again, freaking out when she saw that the photo was zoomed in. Once she corrected the mistake, she showed Marin the photo again. It was one of the photos they took with the Inui sister back when she cosplayed as Black Lobelia. She pushed her phone into a perplexed Marin’s hands and fished out a note block from somewhere on which she then immediately started to write.


“Is that you?” Marin read the text on the note block two times.


Why is she writing this?’ she asked herself, giving the girl her phone back. She then nodded and put on a friendly smile in an attempt to ignore the uneasiness in her heart. “Yes. That’s me in the pic. Why do you ask?”


Cat ears popped out of the girl’s hair as she quickly began writing on her note block again, more excited than before. “I’m a fan. I like your stuff.”


Marin’s face turned into a light pink as she blushed slightly upon hearing the praise. Behind her, Gojo only smiled warmly, “You’re a fan? Oh, I’m super happy to hear that you like my cosplays!” she said, with her heart starting to beat harder as well. It wasn’t often that random people on the street would come and talk to her about the cosplays she did. Everytime that happened she felt incredibly unsure what to do or say next, but the giddy feeling that spread across her entire body.


The girl nodded vividly, visibly happy to meet her idol. The other woman stepped forward and put an arm around her shoulder before beaming at her, “See that, Shouko? That wasn’t too hard, now was it?!”


“So you’re Shouko?” asked Marin, extending her hand to meet that of her fan. She trembled and shook like a twig in the wind but accepted the offer and shook her hand, “And you are…?” she then asked, her attention now on the other woman.


“Komi Shuuko!” She introduced herself. “Her mother and forever seventeen!” said the woman struck a double-V-sign at both Marin and Gojo.


Marin nodded, immediately finding a liking towards the two now that they had told them their names, “Well, I’m Kitagawa. But I’m sure you already knew that. And this is Gojo-kun, my… my…” she trailed off as she didn’t find the right words to introduce him with. “My… partner.”


He waved at the two women, looking not the least bit distraught by Marin’s stuttering introduction for he was simply happy that she saw him as a partner. “Hi. Nice to meet you.”


“So, what brings you two here?” asked the mother, her eyes wandering between them as if she could see the feelings that connected them. “Looking for outfits for new cosplays? I must say, I never was all that interested in them personally but I saw how happy my little girl became whenever she saw you. Even from characters she never heard about before!”


“Awww… that’s so darn cute!!” gasped Marin. She clasped her hands in front of her mouth and looked at the now blushing Shouko. “I didn’t know you were that big of a fan! You’re actually making me all giddy and stuff!”


Gojo watched Marin’s antics for a while before turning his attention towards the mother. “To answer your question, we were just having a photo shoot at a nearby location and were now looking for some things we need for our trip. Kitagawa-san here managed to get some tickets for this Helicruiser and talked me into joining her as well.”


His words were instantly rewarded by a light punch against the shoulder from his crush. “Don’t say it like that, dummy! You make it sound as if I’m forcing you to come with me. Trust me, you’re gonna enjoy it!”


“The Helicruiser…” repeated Shuuko, “What a surprise. You see, my dear daughter here will go on this cruise as well. With her entire class no less.” Shouko nodded in agreement, beaming with excitement and anticipation.


WHAT??? No way!” Marin squealed like a little kid on Christmas Eve that just found its presents. She grabbed Shouko’s hands and jumped up and down in front of her. “That’s so cool! So we will be able to see each other there as well?”


“Mhm!” while not smiling as brightly as Marin, Shouko seemed just as excited.


Wiping a tear of joy from the corner of her eye, Shuuko watched all of them for a good while longer as they talked about the different things that they were looking forward to seeing on the cruise. Marin was apparently mostly interested in some strange “Cosplay Theater” that was advertised in the different pamphlets and brochures. Though there were also some rumors about some actors of a Netflix life-action show being on board as well for some meet-and-greet with fans, as well as to promote the new season of it. By now, they were all kindly asked to leave the store by the shop assistant, who sensed that they all no longer seemed interested in buying anything and only held up business more than they needed to. They all headed over towards a nearby park where they promptly sat on a bench at the bank of a small river. And all the while the three youths continued talking with one another.


Well, it was mostly only Marin talking, with Gojo chiming in every now and then and Shouko nodding and agreeing while writing occasionally on her note block. Shuuko couldn’t help but feel happy for her daughter. Ever since she met this guy, Tadano, in school, she was doing so much better with other people, gradually overcoming her communication disorder and actively interacting with them.


“Ahhhh… anyways…!” Marin looked across the river, her eyes fixed on a young couple that sat there, their hands interlocked while they kissed each other, “Hey! I think I haven’t shown you my newest cosplay yet. Wanna see it?” she then suddenly asked Shouko, lifting the bag with the outfit in it and swaying it from side to side in a hypnotic way.


Shouko instantly perked up, with cat ears once again “pomph-ing” out of her dark hair. She quickly wrote her answer on her note block. “If you and Gojo-san are okay with it. It wouldn’t feel right if out of your many fans would be the one to get special treatment!”


The black haired man quickly waved her concern off. “Don’t worry. If Kitagawa-san says that it is okay, then it’s okay.”


“See. No biggie.” The buxom cosplayer reached for Shouko’s hand and pulled her to her feet, “We’re gonna find a nice spot to change clothes and you can see me in all my “Dora Gonshofu”-glory! It’s gonna be epic!” Before they left the riverbank, she turned around one last time towards Gojo. “And no peeking, ‘kay!”


Despite it being clearly meant as a simple tease, Gojo’s face still turned red as a tomato. “I- I- I would have never d- done anything!” he defended himself, much to the visible happiness of his blonde friend. “I- I’ll wait here with Komi-sama until you come back.”


“Hahahahahaah… You should see your face, Gojo-kun!” said Marin before walking back the way that led them to the river. “Okay. We’ll be back in just a bit.”


As the two girls headed off, Shuuko leaned a bit closer towards Gojo, “You have feelings for her, right?” she then asked immediately.


Gojo nearly jumped up and away from the forever-seventeen mother, “Wh- What are you talking about??? W- We’re good friends, nothing more. And… and…” he stuttered for a moment before lowering his head. “And she’s way out of my league anyways, so it wouldn’t matter even if I have feelings for her!” she listened to his half-hearted explanation, already sensing and knowing of the small flame of hope burning in his chest that kept him thinking, ‘Maybe there is a chance! Maybe she will love me back!


Shuuko couldn’t help but laugh, “You know, you remind me a lot of my daughter’s friend.”



(Meanwhile with the girls…)


Despite their best efforts at looking around the park, they couldn’t find anything! No public toilet, no other building where she could put her cosplay on. Nothing!


“Man! That can’t be happening!” Marin ran her fingers through her hair, gradually growing more and more annoyed. “I was so totes looking forward to showing you my Dora Gonshofu-cosplay!”


“Dora Gonshofu?” asked Shouko through her note block. “Who is she?”


Marin blinked in surprise, “Dora Gonshofu? You don’t know her?” her question was immediately answered by Shouko shaking her head, “She’s the main character of an anime that came out half a year ago. It’s an Isekai, so she essentially, and totally accidentally, stepped into this bus that transported her to this other world where she was promptly transformed into a half-human, half-dragon hybrid and was forced to work as the evil Demon Lord’s right hand.” she explained. “It received numerous awards for its fantastic animation and the adorable stuff that Gonshofu does to escape her new life.”


More surprised than anything else after hearing the explanation, Shouko leaned her head to the side and wrote on her note block. “Haven’t heard about it.”


“No problem. It’s called, “I stepped into the wrong bus and now have to serve this evil Demon Lord as his right hand!” in case you wanna watch it for yourself. I lolled so hard when Gonshofu saw Reficul, the Demon Lord, naked for the first time. It was totes adorable!”


The two women walked through the park for another few minutes in their search for a good place, talking about God and the world. After some time Shouko wrote something on her note block that made Marin’s heart skip a beat the moment she read it. “You love Gojo-kun, right?”


WHAT???” Marin answered with a shriek, turning red all over again, “I- I- I- I…” she sighed. “I wuv him so much! He’s so darn cute and considerate and talented and kind and cool and handsome and… the way he blushed and stuttered when he took my measurements for the first cosplay he did for me was a total cuteness overload. GAAAAAH!!!! He’s perfect!”


Shouko blinked several times, having received more information than she could process. But she wouldn’t have to wait for long as Marin clapped both her hands against her cheeks in an attempt to regain her focus. “Okay, okay. And you, Komi-san? Is there someone that you love? Didn’t you say something about this guy who helped you find your first friends? How is he?”


Much to Marin’s joy, Shouko’s face turned just as red as her own. Instead of writing anything down on her note block though, Shouko answered directly “Y- yes, I- I- li- like him.”


“Awww… Really?!” asked Marin back, leaning forward until her face was only a few inches away from Shouko’s, “You sure it isn’t anything more? Do you have a picture of him?” she waved her own question off before she even finished asking it. “Wait! I know something better!”


She reached for Shouko’s hand again and pulled her towards a couple of thick bushes and trees next to the path. The trees and bushes were so full of leaves that they couldn’t see what was behind them even when they stood right in front of them, “Hm?” Shouko raised an eyebrow as the blonde led her through the thicket until they found a small clearing inside.


“When we can’t find some other place to put on the cosplay, we just have to do it here!” decided Marin, her voice as clear and determined as it could be, “Or rather, would you want to try to cosplay?”


Taken completely abback by the sudden question, Shouko only blinked in confusion. “Hm?”


“Come on! Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about dressing up for your friend at least once! Just imagine the look on his face when he sees you in this cosplay!”


Shouko swayed from side to side like a metronome, unable to come up with an answer even when Marin already stepped in closer and began snipping away the spaghetti-straps of her blue summer dress, “HM???


“Relax. It’s just the two of us here and I doubt that anyone will even see us between all those bushes. If you don’t like the cosplay, you don’t have to wear it, and we don’t have to send a pic to your friend.”


The dark haired girl kept thinking for a solid minute before nodding. She stripped out of her dress and accepted the bundle of clothes that Marin handed to her without even looking. To call it an actual outfit was quite daring since it wasn’t more than two thigh highs with blue scales all over them, and identical long gloves, a bikini top and a minidress. She gulped audibly but the prospect of getting a compliment from her friend once he saw the photo of her in this cosplay was enough to keep her going!


She just finished putting on the thigh highs when Marin suddenly turned around. “Oh, I can’t wait any longer!” flesh rubbed over flesh as one of Marin’s heavy breasts pressed against Shouko’s smaller, but just as sensitive ones!


EEEK!!!” Shouko squealed in surprise and arousal as the blonde’s stiff nipple poked deep into the soft flesh of her breasts. “W- W- W- Wh- What? Why…?”


“I’m sorry.” said Marin, clearly not sorry at all, “But… It feels like I’m finally with someone who understands me and who knows what I’m going through! Like… not only from an outside perspective or something. You’re like going through almost the exact same stuff as I am!” she explained excitedly. “And I just wanna… I dunno. I didn’t think this through!”


Even with the bizarre situation she found herself in, Shouko couldn’t help but agree and nod, “Y- yes. It… it is weird.” A sudden heat like that of a furnace on its highest temperature suddenly filled the clearing as Shouko’s face started gleaming red. The black haired beauty picked up her note block and wrote what she couldn’t say out loud. “But I don’t mind.”


“Really?!” Marin asked, honestly surprised that Shouko wasn’t running away or calling her a weirdo. “W- Well… if that’s so…”


Dropping to her knees, Marin put both her hands on the other girl’s ass cheeks and squeezed them tightly between her fingers, making her squeal and moan throatly. “Hweeeg!”


The blonde put her cheek against Shouko’s buttocks as though she tried to listen to a pulse while continuing to fondle and squeeze them, “Wow! I’m, like, so jealous! What did you eat to get such a perfect butt?” her hands then wandered further down and caressed her thick thighs, “And those thighs… hrrrrrm!” Marin moaned throatly as her pussy became incredibly wet and hot just by talking about the dark haired girl’s body.


Shouko moaned with her, getting just as turned on by her touch as Marin herself, “Hmm… Mmmmhhh!!!” She arched her back a bit as Marin’s gentle hands moved up again, slowly and steadily getting closer towards her damp and hot little pussy while moving and touching over every nook and cranny of her legs.


“Yeah! You like this, right?!” Marin asked teasingly, not expecting an answer in the first place as she moved her index finger in slow circles around the other girl’s privates. The heady smell emitting from down there was something she had never experienced before. “You know, this is my first time ever doing something like this before! So, just in case I do something wrong or take things so far, just give me a signal or something and I will stop!”


“Mmmhmmm!!!!” Shouko closed her eyes and gave in to the sensation that spread across her entire body once Marin got closer towards her pussy.


For both girls, this was completely new and unexplored territory. Not only did they never do something like this with someone, much less another girl, before, but it also was the first time that they explored their own bodies in such a way. Aside from the occasional and “thorough” cleaning under the shower or in the bathtub, both of them were complete strangers to this kind of pleasure and experience in general!




The sound of Marin pushing her middle finger inside her new friend’s sopping wet pussy echoed across the clearing and was quickly followed by a surprisingly loud and throaty moan from the usually so silent girl. “HRRRRRRRMUH!!!!!


“Not so loud!” gasped Marin, worried that against all odds, someone would end up hearing them. “I’m sorry. Did I hurt you?”


“Nnnnngh…!” Shouko shook her head. Her entire body shivered and trembled as jolts of electricity raced from her pussy across her entire body. She put her hands to rest atop of Marin’s head and took several deep breaths to stabilize herself again. “I- I’m g- ghuud!”


Needing no further words, Marin began pushing her middle finger in and out of the other girl’s pussy, making her gasp and moan cutely with every single move, ‘How can she clamp so hard around my finger?’ she asked herself as Shouko’s inner muscles clenched around her digit every time she pushed it in. The insides of the beauty’s pussy felt hotter and wetter than she could have ever imagined, turning her on even more!


Shouko’s face was one of pure erotic pleasure that only became more intense as time passed by. After a while, Marin pulled her finger out entirely, long strings of pussy juices connected it with the hole it was buried. Out of sheer curiosity, she brought the finger to her lips and, under the watchful eyes of Shouko, licked it clean of the viscous fluids that covered it.


“Hmmm!” she gasped in surprise. The taste wasn’t anything that she had expected at first. It was sweet but with a strangely salty taste to it that kept sticking to her tongue even after she swallowed it all. And it made her thirsty for more!


WEEE?!?!?” Shouko’s eyes became as big as dinner plates as the blonde pried open the entrance to her pussy with her index and middle finger. Like in trance, Marin leaned forward and kissed her right above the entrance to her pussy. “Hmmm!!!”


“Does it feel good?” asked Marin, interested in getting feedback in any kinda way. She eyed the moist glistening pussy, getting hornier just by imagining what it would taste like. She licked her lips. “Would it be okay if I-”




The sound of her phone ringing interrupted her. She quickly crawled over towards her clothes that she threw to the ground so carelessly earlier and picked up her phone. It was Gojo, “H- Hi, Gojo-kun. What’s up?” Gojo’s answer caused her jaw to drop down to the floor, “What? Almost an hour? It didn’t feel like that for us!”


“Should we come to pick you up?” he asked, his voice full of concern.


“N- No! Don’t come. We couldn’t find a place and just ended up strolling a bit too far away. We’ll be with you in a minute!” Marin answered. They ended their call and she was left in the silence that followed. For some strange reason she hated Gojo for calling so suddenly, interrupting the fun time she had with her new friend. On the other hand, she admired him even more for checking to see if everything was alright. “Haaaaaaaaa…!!”


Next to her, Shouko already began putting her own clothes back on before taking a quick pause to write something on her note block. “We should probably head back.”


Marin hated it, but she agreed. “You’re right.” whilst closing her bra behind her back, she met Shouko’s eyes and came to a decision. “Komi-san, let’s do this again once we’re on the cruise!”


Shouko didn’t even have to think twice about her answer. “Yes!” She said, with her voice as clear as a crystal.


“Heheh. Cool! Now I have even more things to look forward to!”


(Story by: Mr. Akrononym)

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1 year ago

Very well done! I really enjoyed this one!

Because of this latest chapter, we now know who and what else is a part of the crossover storyline, and honestly, it was really quite a surprise. 😲 But at the same time, it’s also a very welcome one.

Not only that, I really enjoyed how it was all handled, including Marin’s introduction along with Gojo. Plus I like how Shouko and Shuuko were handled here as well. I also like how Shouko communicated with the note and clear speech at the end.

And I like the Yuri part at the end, but too bad it was cut short. Though it certainly won’t be the last time we’ll see them together. XD

Oh by the way, I liked the Detective Conan bit at the very start of the story. Very interesting way to use it too. 👍

Can’t wait for the next entry. 😎

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago
Reply to  Hiryu

So happy that you caught on to that Detective Conan easter egg. I felt like it would fit right in with this crossover series (just like with the Dr. Stone easter egg the chapter prior).

And sorry for the short sex scene. It didn’t feel right for them to go “all-out” right away or to be experts in what they’re doing, so cutting it short felt like the best way. I’ll definitely plan to make the next sex scene more detailed!

Ichigo Kurosaki
1 year ago

more this marin x gojo
komi x hito hito

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago

Definitely in the future. I just didn’t get the chance for something with them just yet.

1 year ago

Place your bets. Which girl is going to fuck/get fucked by their respective man first?

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago
Reply to  Kielian

I don’t wanna spoil anything, but it’s probably not the one you are thinking about XD.

1 year ago

Two of the greatest Slice of Life female’s

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago
Reply to  Xcelsior

That’s for sure. Komi-san’s one of my personal favorites and Dressup Darling is pretty good as well.

1 year ago

Espero que Gojo y Marin tenga su momento

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago
Reply to  AL-720

They will. This chapter just didn’t feel right for it and focused way more on the meeting between two characters from different series.

1 year ago

I absolutely love how you’ve been exploring new anime recently. Keep it up!

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago
Reply to  Srmemeo

Glad that you like it. There are probably a few other new stuff appearing from time to time, so I hope you’ll stick around.

1 year ago

There are a lot of things really amazing with the image and the story. First Marin with the Busteez body is simply perfect and beautiful. The best pair of breasts for her and a cute ass, the face is straight from the anime. Komi-san’s body is excellent as well. 10/10

In the story, Mr. Akrononym depicted perfectly Marin and Gojo’s personalities. The whole story was perfect and the bikini scene for Marin was funny in both ways. The Marin x Komi yuri scene was amazing, love how Marin explore slowly Komi’s body and starts giving her pleasure.
Hope to see the full yuri action of both of them in the future and the Marin x Gojo confession.


Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago
Reply to  Shadowdragon

Thanks for the high praise. I wouldn’t have expected a 10/10, which makes your words even better. Make sure to tell Rtenzo your thoughts about the artwork as well. I’m sure he’s as happy as I am about such a high score.

Dr. Pervert
Dr. Pervert
1 year ago

Detective Conan news intro?

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago
Reply to  Dr. Pervert

Yep. I thought it would make for a nice little easter egg. Glad to read that you noticed it.

1 year ago

Will there be a chapter with tadanoxkomi?

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Most definitely. This chapter just didn’t feel right for it.

1 year ago

Komi my dress up darling dragon maid Eiken and Kaguya this is one hell of a cross over all is missing is Nagatora in my personal opinion but man can’t wait to see how this keeps going

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago
Reply to  Jojoleo

I definitely wouldn’t mind Nagatoro in the future. I haven’t watched/read it yet but I will do so after finishing the Kaguya-sama manga. In the meantime I will probably include Nagatoro and her senpai as background characters.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Them being background characters is a start you and Enzo keep up the good work👍