Sexual Sword Clash

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Kill la Kill stories)
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Standing in Honnouji University’s main gymnasium, Satsuki Kiryuin watched as the students in the Kendo Club went about their daily practice. Sanagayama was standing on a small stage watching over them as they went through their drills.


“Satsuki baby, what we doin’ here?” Junketsu asked. He was in his inactive state, resembling the old “Wedding Dress” her father had made her before. Though now the skirt was just a tad shorter, leaving the crotch of her panties fully exposed. At his request, Satsuki had added a pair of kamui panties to him, to which he had formed into a very tight thong that ran up her ass tightly. The folds of her pussy were perfectly outlined in the fabric of those panties, but none of that mattered to Satsuki as she answered.


“Investigating a mystery.” she told him.


“Hmm, mystery?” he echoed.


“Yes, there’s a student in the university of somewhat dubious origins.” she told him, “Nonon brought her to my attention, and Inumuta’s investigation was inconclusive, and that alone concerns me.”


“Damn, I never thought you’re one to be concerned ‘bout nuttin.” Junketsu said, “No problemo, I’m rockin witch’a, ain’t no thang but a chicken whang! .” he told her, and Satsuki felt the string running up her ass tighten just a bit, “Hmmmmm, yeah, best believe I’m down wit you! So, who’s the ho you wanna check?”


Satsuki nodded to one girl in the line of kendo fighters. She had deeply tan skin like a fine mochachino. And lavender colored hair with a slight silver sheen to it. Her hair was tied up in a pair of twin tails and she was dressed in a silver sailor style one star uniform with indigo highlights. An interesting choice of colors. She had allowed students a little leeway with the colors on their uniforms, and this was what she’d gone with.


“Jai Kiryu,” Satsuki whispered as she watched her move through some basic movement drills with the grace of a lifetime’s worth of training. “Just who are you?”


MEN DOU KUTE!” Sanagayama shouted, watching over the club members as they copied his commands. Many of the students moved well, but this new one definately had her interest. To the laymen, it seemed she was only moving with a moderate level of skill, but Satsuki could see it, she was holding back, a lot.


“That bitch is half-assing it.” Junketsu said.


“Indeed.” Satsuki said as she stepped forward, her heel making a loud clacking sound as it came down. At once, everything in the room came to a standstill as a spotlight lit up behind her, bathing Satsuki in a radiant light.


“Lady Satsuki!” said Sanagayama as he bowed forward, all of the students in the club following suit.


Saying nothing, Satsuki came forward, walking through the students to where Jai stood. “Why do you hold back Ms. Kiryu?” she asked.


“Mo… Milady?” Jai queried?


“Nonon spoke to me of your skill with a blade. Why do you not show that same skill in practice?” she asked her.


The young woman looked to be thinking about her answer for a moment. Satsuki could almost see the gears turning in her head as she gestured to her uniform, “I don’t want to damage the building. Even a one star uniform can do some serious damage if I’m not careful.”


“Truth,” Junketsu said, the eyes of his inactive form looking up at Satsuki, “You lot tore Osaska up, got it lookin like a hot mess out here.


“Hmm…” Satsuki said as she sized the girl up, she was certainly well trained, she could tell that much just by looking. Excellent muscle tone without being bulky and losing any of her femininity. “Alright, I’ll accept that. Though I do have a request.” she told her.


“Name it.” said Jai.


“I need a sparring partner. Normally I would ask my little sister, but she is busy today, and I’d like a worthy opponent to try out my new swords.” Satsuki explained.


“Swords?” Jai echoed. Satsuki snapped her fingers and Gamagori was instantly behind her, in his meaty hands were a pair of sheathed katana identical to her original sword Bakuzan. Reaching her right hand over to her left shoulder, Satsuki snapped the clasped of her shoulderband closed, sending a small amount of her blood into Junketsu.


“Awwwww yeeeeeah baby, Sookie Sookie nowt!!” Junketsu said as he wrapped around her body tightly, shifting into his battle form. Satsuki closed her eyes and savored the feeling. It reminded her of the final time she’d worn Junketsu against her mother, after finally taming him. Though she wondered if she could have heard him speak before, would she have had the difficulty she did back then at all? She made a mental note to ask him later.


HMMMMM, dat’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout baby, that fine, fine, one of a kind Kiryuin pussay!!!” Junketsu said as the part of him covering her slit practically vibrated against her folds as it clung tightly to her, making a perfect outline of her pussy in his fabric. She smirked and clenched her buttocks for him, pulling him tighter against her privates.


“Satsuki baby, you know how to treat a brotha!” he told her.


“Wow, really, a little unfair taking me on in a Kamui while I just had a simple one start uniform.” Jai called her on. She was right, against Satsuki in full Override Mode, Jai might as well be naked against her. She then said something that surprised her, “Alright, I’ll indulge you.”


“Ho, confidant, aren’t you miss Kiryu?” Satsuki asked. She’d hoped to intimidate Jai into telling her the truth about herself. But looking into her fierce blue eyes, Satsuki could tell this girl had been raised never to flinch in the face of a superior opponent.


“I’ve always wanted to fight you at your prime.” Jai said. Satsuki raised an eyebrow at that, had they fought before? No, Satsuki would remember her from the determination in her eyes alone. Had they met before, she’d have definitely wanted her at her side against her mother.


“Though, I gotta draw the line at facing you with a training sword, mind if I use my blade?” Jai asked her.


“Not at all, I’m not over confident that I’d want to fight you at such a massive disadvantage in weapons.” Satsuki told her, “Let’s meet outside, in the field on the west end of campus, I’d hate for us to do any damage to the building in just a friendly match.”


“Be there in five.” said Jai, tossing her bokken over to Sanagayama who snatched it out of the air with ease before heading back to the gym locker rooms. Once she was out of sight, Gamagori spoke up.


“Lady Satsuki, is this wise? I do not mean to question you, but it is difficult to gather information from a corpse.” he said.


“Very true, but I know how to hold back. Besides, I think the young lady needs a proper lesson in humility.” Satsuki said, “Wouldn’t you agree, Junketsu.”


“Word.” he agreed, “This hoe needs a good ass whoopin’! In more ways than one!” he said as she felt a tingle in her crotch as Junketsu reformed the patch in front of her pussy, turning his material into a rather large dildo, “Maybe you wanna poke her up with dis!?”


Satsuki’s eyebrow went up, “Impressive, your new abilities will prove very useful.” she said. Though he didn’t have a mouth, Satsuki could feel Junketsu grinning against her body as she turned and took her blades from Gamagori. The blades each shared the same name, Kuroi Sora, the Black Sky Blades. Made from the same unique metal alloy as Bakuzan, though with tungsten added for extra strength. It did make both of them far heavier than a normal blade of the same dimensions, it held an edge on par with her sister’s Rending Scissors. And with the strength Junketsu gave her, they felt lighter than a feather in her hands.


Satsuki would have liked to use the shards of her original sword, broken in two then reforged by her friends into two blades. Only to be later shattered by her mother, but only a few small fragments of it had been recovered. Satsuki had had them framed as a reminder of everything lost and everything gained in that battle. Giving both blades a test swing, the force of which carved two curved slashes into the hardwood floor of the gymnasium! Satsuki could now see why Jai might have been holding back as she’d observed.


“My apologies Sanagayama, I will have this repaired immediately.” she called out to him as she left.



The field Satsuki had chosen for this little match was an undeveloped piece of real estate, a plot of land still covered in weeds and brush, with sunflowers dotted about. She planned to build a new adult training facility here, one lined with beds so the students could practise their techniques in relative comfort. Afterall, most personal “training” took place in a bedroom. Before they could begin building, the land needed to be cleared, a fight like this would make for a good start. She spotted Jai already waiting for her in the field, sheathed sword in hand, sitting in front of her like a cane. Satsuki had taken that pose many times. The girl was nothing if not sure of herself, stealing Satsuki’s pose like that.


Jai nodded to her as she approached, lifting her blade and withdrawing it slowly from its sheath. Nonon had been right, a blade as black as her own, but with a bright red edge like Ryuko’s scissors. The metal made a soft hum as it was drawn out, like an animal growling before a confrontation. Jai dropped into a fighting stance, sheath in one hand, blade in the other. It was the same style Satsuki used in formal matches with live blades. In actual combat, she’d toss the sheath aside, wanting both hands on the hilt for the extra power of a dual handed stroke.


“Shall we begin, milady?” Jai asked. Then, without waiting for a reply, she launched herself forwards, kicking up a mountain of dirt behind her as she closed the distance between them in the blink of an eye! Satsuki instantly crossed her swords in front of herself, catching the strike head-on! The pressure wave from the clashing blades tore up the ground beneath them, kicking clods of dirt and grass everywhere.


“Impressive, attacking before your opponent is fully prepared, where did you learn that?” she asked.


“From my mother!” Jai replied, backing off, “She taught me never to give my opponent the advantage, especially when they were stronger than me!” she explained as she attacked again, and again. Satsuki parried the strikes, surprised that she was actually needing to give some effort! This girl was strong! Far stronger than a normal Goku uniform wearer. This was the kind of strength that only came from a high compatibility with the Life Fibers combined with actual talent and training.


“Who are you, Jai Kiryu? Really?” Satsuki asked, shifting to the offensive, slashing with both blades. She felt a heavy resistance in her arms from Junketsu, but then, she’d asked him to help her hold back. Not only for the girls safety, but for her own strength training.


“My name is Jai, that’s all there is to me! My parents worked at this school before, well, my mother did at least.” Jai told her, easily blocking all of Satsuki’s dual bladed strikes with a practised ease. Satsuki was impressed, but gave that to her abilities with her uniform.


“Really? Nearly all of the former faculty is here, and NONE of them are your parents!” Satsuki said, pressing back harder now. “So I ask again, WHO ARE YOU?


“Just who I said, and NEARLY all, did you look up any that just left after the first mess? A few left the country after all, and declined your offer to return, liking their lives where they are NOW!” Jai grunted, moving faster now. Satsuki’s eyes went wide as she had to actually focus to keep Jai from exploiting the few holes in her fighting style. Twice already she’d barely avoided being cut in her arms. She wasn’t fully used to using twinned swords yet, and this girl knew it!


She hadn’t lied though, ten of the former teachers declined or flat out didn’t reply to her requests for them to return. And one of them WAS named Kiryu, a woman in her late thirties, but, her spouse was a WIFE, not a husband. So Jai couldn’t have been their daughter, unless… No, Rei was a rarity, but not wholly unique. Inumuta could tell her more. Still as the two of them exchanged blows, Satsuki could tell, this girl wasn’t her enemy. There was no aggression in her attacks, no anger, instead, this little battle felt more playful than anything else. She watched closely as Jai moved in for another strike. She was smiling!


Grinning as well, Satsuki whispered to Junketsu, “Gloves off.” she told him.


“You got this!” he replied, and suddenly Jai seemed to be moving in slow motion. Satsuki smiled and struck her abdomen with the butt of her left blade, sending her flying backwards! Jai grunted from the blow, the ground tearing up from her impact. To Satsuki’s further surprise, the girl actually got back up! Though now she was standing unsteadily on her legs.


“Hah, I was wondering, if you were gonna stop holding back…” she said, her eyes spinning in their sockets. She then quickly shook her head, her vision straightening. “Now we can really…!” SNAP! Jai stopped mid-sentence and Satsuki heard the sound of fabric snapping! A pair of pastel red striped panties then fell out from under her skirt, followed by a cock and balls that were as big as Rei’s!!!


“Aww crap!” Jai said, though from her tone she wasn’t embarrassed, so much as annoyed. She didn’t even try to hide her sizable cock as she sheathed her blade again. “Time out?” she asked. Satsuki nodded, raising an eyebrow, she’d heard about it from Nonon, but seeing for herself was still quite the surprise. She could feel her pussy getting hot at the sight as Junketsu practically buzzed against her cunt. She looked at the remains of her panties and deduced they were life fiber made, and were compressing her cock and balls down to allow her to look like a normal girl with them on. That could be the only explanation, as Rei’s clothing did the exact same thing.


Satsuki called Gamagori over and resheathed her own blades before turning to Jai, “How very interesting.” she said.


“Not for me, that was my only pair! Though I shouldn’t be surprised, washing them every day like this, it’s no wonder they got worn out this fast.” Jai muttered.


“Was that your only pair?” Satsuki asked curiously.


“Yeah, the only ones I could use with a skirt anyway.” Jai confessed.


“Strange you only brought one with you.” said Satsuki, “Very well, I have a new challenge for you.” she said, slowly licking her lips at the sight of the girl’s heavy looking dick. Her pussy was getting damp just imagining it at full erection.


“Mmmmh girl, your pussay tastes almost as good as your blood! Lawd have mercy!” Junketsu said, vibrating the crotch of her outfit against her pussy again as a trickle of juices actually soaked through him and ran down her thigh. Jai looked at Satsuki as she whispered to Junketsu, “You got it girl!” he said as his form shifted again, the main “body” of his battle form pulling away from her torso, exposing her naked flesh beneath, leaving her clad only in the boots and gloves. Satsuki felt her own tits bounce free of the tight confines of Junketsu, her nipples tightening at the feel of the cool wind blowing across the field.


At the sight of her naked body, Jai’s cock swelled, already at half mast by the time she closed the distance between them. Satsuki reached a hand down to slowly trace her fingers along that thick shaft, “How about a different kind of duel…?” she breathed into the girl’s ear. “First one to cum loses. You win, and I’ll make sure you get a whole wardrobe of life fiber panties, I win, and you answer all of my questions, and I’ll still get you some new underwear.”


Jai grinned at her, “Oh, you sure, I’m even better with my god given ‘sword’! Just ask Nonon.”


Satsuki grinned back and moved to straddle the girls now throbbing erection, grinding her dripping pussy against it. Jai closed her blue eyes, shivering lightly as her cock twitched against her pussy. “Well…?” Satsuki pressed, squeezing her thighs around Jai’s cock and savoring the feel of its heat against her body.


“Don’t complain when you lose!” Jai said before grabbing both Satsuki’s tits and squeezing them firmly, pressing her thumbs against her nipples and pushing them down like buttons. Satsuki moaned at the feeling as she began pulling off Jai’s Goku Uniform. Licking her lips at the girl’s succulent body, she watched as Jai leaned her head down and sucked her nipple between her lips.


“Mmmmmmh…” Satsuki purred, becoming more and more turned on as the lavender haired girl bit down on her nipple softly. She continued rubbing and grinding her pussy against that huge cock, already eager to feel it stuffing her hole! Jai then leaned up, pressing her lips against the side of Satsuki’s neck.


“Haaahh…” Satsuki moaned as she began nibbling at a very sensitive spot at the point where her head met her neck. Her touch sent a tingle down the dark haired girl’s spine as she hugged her closer, loving the feel of their breasts pressing together. She then moved one hand down to grab her ass firmly She then moved her fingers between the mocha skinned girls thighs, feeling the dampness of her pussy located just behind her balls. ‘Just like Rei,’ thought Satsuki before she moaned again as Jai began nibbling the bottom of her earlobe. She felt her knees going weak at the feeling as Jai knocked her back. The futanari girl then fell on top of her, grabbing both her heavy tits again and pulling both her nipples to her mouth. Jai let out a low moan of desire as she swirled her tongue around both Satsuki’s nipples before biting them both hard.


MMMMMMMH, YESSSSSSS…” Satsumi moaned, her pussy clenching tight. Jai then moved herself up to kiss Satsuki again. She parted her lips for the other girl, pushing her tongue back against hers. Both women moaned into one another’s mouths, their tongues swirling around the others before their lips connected. Satsuki pressed her pelvis against Jai, her pussy was absolutely on fire now! The futanari girl was kissing her just the way she loved, finding all her weakest points. Satsuki’s entire body felt like pudding as Jai began sucking at a spot where her neck met her shoulder.


Above her, Jai giggled and moved to spread Satsuki’s legs open, kneeling above her as she began rubbing the underside of her cock against her clit. Satsuki moaned at the feeling, pushing up with her thighs as she felt the heat in her body intensify. She marveled at the sheer size of the girls dick! It easily reached from her crotch to her chin, and was thicker than both her arms put together! She wanted it! She could already see herself taking it, Rei’s, and Gamagori’s cocks all at once! Filling her every hole and sending her into orgasmic madness.


Still rubbing her dick against her pussy, Jai leaned over, pinning Satsuki’s wrists above her head with one hand. “You want this?” she asked teasingly, “Want my big chocolate cock inside your hot little honey pot?”


“Hmmmmm, think you can make me beg?” Satsuki said back, “Shove it all inside me, let me show you what a well trained pussy can do!”


“Since you ask so nicely.” Jai said, then ramrodded her cock inside! Satsuki leaned her head back and screamed in pleasure! Her belly stretched up impossibly high, her womb being conformed around the girl’s massive rod.


OOOOOOOOOH…!” she moaned, feeling her pussy being stretched wide as she began bucking her hips against her. She smiled as she heard Jai moan in pleasure as she began slowly thrusting her hips, clenching her inner muscles tight around that magnificent dick! How she loved this feeling, of having her cunt stuffed fuller than full, stretched so wide she could barely think. She listened to the sound of her pussy squishing and stretching around the girls dick as she rolled her hips into her thrusts.


“Mmmmmmh, so tiiight…” Jai moaned as Satsuki felt her cock twitching inside her. Satsuki grinned at her, wrapping her legs around her waist as she began rolling her hips faster.


“Harder…!” she moaned, “You’ll never win like that!”


“Cocky slut!!!” Jai grunted, slamming her hips faster, making Satsuki’s tits sway and wobble wildly.


AHHHHHH, YEAH, POUND MY HOLE!!!!” Satsuki moaned, “FUUUCK, SO GOOD!!! I LOVE THIS FEELING!!!” she moaned as the blue lines of Junketsu began glowing on her arms and legs.




Jai moved her hands to grab Satsuki’s bouncing breasts, squeezing them good and rough as Satsuki hissed in pleasure. She then moaned again as the girl twisted her nipples hard. Her back arched and she bit back an orgasm as she continued rolling her body into Jai’s thrusts!


MMMMMH,” moaned Jai, “I know… this won’t…. Beat you…” she told her.


“Conceding already?” Satsuki asked with a smug grin, eager to have all her questions answered.


“Not, MMMMMMMH, even…! I know your weakness, Satsuki KIRYUIN!!!” Jai groaned, piston fucking her cock in and out of Satsuki’s gushing pussy, nearly lifting her up with just her cock alone! Satsuki ran her hands over her distended belly, closing her eyes at the feel of her body being stretched so intensely. That one moment of distraction cost her though as her legs uncrossed from around Jai’s waist. The girl then shoved Satsuki off her cock, her dick pulling out with a wet sucking noise and a low whoosh as air blew over her gaping pussy. In the same move, she rolled Satsuki onto her hands and knees, pulling her up on all fours quickly.


FUUUUUCK!!!” Satsuki howled as Jai then expertly rammed her cock up Satsuki’s ass! “MY ASSSSS… MY ASSSSSSS!!!!!” she screamed.


Jai laughed, slamming her cock in and out of Satsuki’s anus mercilessly. Her cock felt like it was reaching all the way up into her organs as she screamed in pleasure. “I know your type Satsuki, and now that I have you on all fours like a bitch in heat, your ass is MINE!!!” said Jai as she began slamming her cock into Satsuki over and over.


MY ASSSSSS!!!” Satsuki repeated, “FUCK MY ASSSS!!! YESSSS, DEEPER, STUF ALL OF THAT COCK UP MY SKANKY ASSHOLE!!!” she begged, then hissed in pleasure as Jai did just that! “MOOOORE!!! I WANT MORE!!! FUCK MY ASS MOOORE!!! KAH… HAAAA… AHHAAA…. MMMMMMMH!!!” she moaned.


MMMMMH, I can feel you clamping down on my dick even harder Satsuki, does my fat shedick feel that good?” Jai asked.


Satsuki could only scream and moan in response as she fought to keep herself from cumming. It was too much! Such a big dick, and it was being shoved in her just how she liked! Her fingers clawed at the ground as Jai began pumping faster, her massive balls slapping against her but as her pussy let out a near constant spray.


OOOOH… MY ASS!!! MY ASS… FEELS SO GOOD…!” Satsuki moaned as she felt herself cumming hard! She didn’t even care now as she rocked herself back against the other girl, “YOUR DIIICK, IT’S STIRRING UP MY ASS!!! AHHHH, I LOVE IT!!! I LOVE BEING FUCKED UP MY ASS!!! FUCK MY ASS HARDER!!!! MAKE MY BODY MEMORIZE YOUR DIIICK!!!


She heard Jai laughing and moaned over the SMACK SMACK SMACK of their bodies and her own screams. She then felt Jai’s hands reaching down to grip her wildly swaying tits, holding them tight and squeezing them like cow udders!


“Yeah, you like that!?” Jai asked, “Like my cock up your ass SatsUKI KIRYUIN!!!!” Jai moaned.


YESSSS, I LOVE IT!!!! IT FEELS SO GOOD!!! SPREAD MY ASSHOLE WIDERRRR!!! AAAAHH HAAAAAH!!!! I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING SO HAAAARD!!!!” Satsuki screamed as she felt Jai ramming her entire cock up her ass! She then felt the familiar fullness of hot cum shooting up to her stomach. The girl’s orgasm seemed to go on forever, and Satsuki felt as though her stomach might burst from the sheer volume of cum filling it.


The edges of her vision began to blacken as she felt her consciousness fading when Jai finally stopped cumming! The dark skinned girl lay on top of her, her dick throbbing and twitching inside Satsuki’s asshole.


“My room is in building D22, apartment 404, I like striped patterns.” Jai told her smugly.


Coughing lightly, her throat raw from all the screaming, Satsuki slowly turned her head back to Jai and said one word in a hoarse voice as cum bubbled in her throat, “More…”

Story by Sailor Io

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1 year ago

Now we need jai and rei pounding satsuki at the same time

1 year ago
Reply to  TheG123

That’d be fun, oh my yes!

1 year ago

So you only do anime or other things like anime games like danganronpa

1 year ago
Reply to  Jorge

Mainly anime

1 year ago
Reply to  Jorge

I wouldn’t mind doing games I’m familiar with, but Danganronpa I found far too depressing. I hate nihilistic stories.

1 year ago

And so it finally happens hahaha. First off I want to mention that it was a well done fight scene, probably a little short but I can understand why it was done that way. Also Jai’s cheating! She has future knowledge so she knows everyone’s weakpoints before engaging in these special “battles”. Also pretty good on Jai to find loopholes to keep her identity secret even with people actively looking into her, clever girl. Still this was a fun chapter and it was neat seeing what Jai could do as well as Satsuki’s reaction to such. Can’t wait to see more of this story!

Though I do wonder how Jai would fare in a fight against Ryuko, maybe next time! hahaha.

1 year ago
Reply to  Unskilled

She’s as quick witted as her mom, and also like her, she’ll take any opening. Having known Satsuki’s weak point wasn’t something she’d fail to exploit.