Prepping for Date Night

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Izuku (20:32 JST): Momo, would you like to go out on a date next week? Not a Busteez booking.


Yaoyorozu (21:55 JST): YES!!! Um, is sometime after 7p.m. okay?


Izuku Midoriya looked at the text on his phone for the hundredth time in an hour, he still hadn’t replied yet. The fact that it had taken Momo over an hour to reply to him had him very worried that he’d worded it wrong. He’d finally worked up the nerve to just text his classmate since all his attempts to contact her in person had failed miserably. His timing couldn’t have been worse if he tried. Either he, or Momo were doing their work studies at school, meaning he couldn’t ask her at the dorms. And every time he tried to come into Busteez to see her, she wasn’t working that night. Kacchan and Cassie both told him just to call or send her a text. He’d tried calling, but his three attempts all rang through to voicemail.


I waited too long to do this…!’ he thought to himself. He was sitting inside the restaurant room on the first floor of the Busteez Hero Agency. Well, restaurant and bar technically. It was quieter here, though he could feel the thrumming of the massive bass speakers in the ballroom a short walk away. Dressed in civilian clothes consisting of an old All Might T-shirt that had seen better days and some casual khaki cargo pants, Izuku sat quietly at his table. He’d just come from the “Glory Hole Hall”, having been taken there by Kacchan to give them a go and get him to relax as his friend put it. After they left, Kacchan got paged by Burnin, one of Endeavors full time sidekicks, saying he was needed for a mission. Izuku found that odd, usually they were both called in to work, but then, Kacchan had done that team-up with Mirko recently, so maybe it was something only his skills were needed for.


[What are you so worried about?] Nana Shimura asked inside his mind, [She said yes didn’t she, so relax already, we can feel your frayed nerves in here!]


“Sorry…” Izuku muttered aloud, his head falling to the table with a light thud.


“For what, Deku-bae?” asked a girl’s voice overhead.


Izuku lifted his head from the table and looked up at Camie Utsushimi as the blonde walked up to him. Unlike the last time he saw her, her breasts were almost a normal size! They were still bigger than her head, but now they were smaller than her entire body. He remembered Rie telling him that the enhancements she gave the girls wore off after a few days unless they changed their diet to maintain them.


Camie was dressed in a variant of her hero costume, it was still black, skin-tight, PVC, but it was also completely see-through! Given everything he’d been through over the last couple of days, he actually found this look to be rather tame.


Izuku shook his head, “Nothing,” he lied, not wanting to explain how he could talk to the previous holders of One for All at will. A few people worried for his sanity when he explained that he had eight other consciousnesses in his head. Granted they for the most part left him be, and with only the slightest bit of conscious effort he could put them on ‘mute’. It really wasn’t even an effort to keep it that way, he just had to do it, and then once done, maintaining it was practically a reflex. He only allowed them to speak as he felt it was rude to silence them. Some might argue differently, but they were still alive, he felt it best not to silence them like servants or something. That said, they still only spoke with him when he asked them to. Well, Nana was a little more vocal sometimes. She was like a second mother, offering sage advice and trying to cheer him up when he was down.


“Oh wooow, you finally asked her out! Good on you, bae!” said Camie when her eyes fell on Izuku’s still open phone screen.


Izuku was too tired to try and hide his phone and simply nodded, “Yeah, I still feel bad that I couldn’t ask her in person. This feels so impersonal.” he said as he set his phone down.


“Psshaw! That’s like, soooo last century! People make dates on their phones all the time now Deku-bae! I get like a dozen requests a day now, look!” Camie said, reaching into her bodysuit and under her left tit to pull out her phone. She opened up the text app and showed him a series of tests that were listed as Non-Contacts. “And before you ask, this is sooo MY phone, I gots another for my work here.”


“Why do so many people know your number…?” Izuku asked.


Camie blinked, as though the thought hadn’t occurred to her before, “You know, I dunno, I don’t THINK it’s listed, but I can’t be sure. Huh, that’s a good question, but that’s beside the point. What I’m trying to lay down is that it’s totes normal!” she told him with a smile.


“I… I guess you’re right.” said Izuku.


“So why you still look so down in dumpster-ville?” Camie asked as she moved to sit down in the chair across from him. “Momo-bae is hot, and you know she likes you, so what’s the problemo?”


“I’m… I’m worried she might have had second thoughts, it took her an hour to get back to me and all.” Izuku said, wondering if maybe Kyoka had told her about things after all. But he doubted it, she seemed to really understand after the last time.


Camie snatched up his phone, the messages only had a timestamp as they were from tonight, the date wouldn’t be added until after midnight. The caramel blonde then took her phone and with only her thumb she tapped away at the screen. After a few minutes she smiled and passed it over to him. The display showed Creati’s webpage and Camie tapped a spot on it that showed current events.


TONIGHT: Doing a commercial with Uwabami, then heading to hospital to help make Chemo Medicine for Cancer patients, phone will need to be off for a while, updates after!


“You worry too much, Bae!” said Camie after he read the notice.


The website then beeped as a new update came on;


TONIGHT: Got asked out by someone I admire, so excited!!! Hope he accepts my time, so busy, don’t wanna wait too long!


“There, see? You should sooo get back to her. Like soon.” said Camie.


Izuku picked his phone back up and switched it back to the texts.


Izuku (22:38 JST): Yeah, that works, see you then!


He punched send then let his head fall on the table as he let out an exasperated sigh.


“Wow, like, I’ve never seen someone so down about going on a date before. You okay Deku-bae?”


“Yeah, it’s just…” he trailed off.


“Just what?” Camie pressed.


“I’ve… nev… date… fore…” Izuku muttered quietly. When Camie blinked at him he sighed and spoke up, “I’ve never been on a date before…” he said dejectedly. Not ENTIRELY true, there was that time with Rie at the hotel, but was that really a date? He wasn’t so sure.


Camie blinked again, her expression completely neutral. Then, slowly, she smiled before snickering gently, then outright laughing!


“It’s not funny…” said Izuku.


“Sure it is, like for realsies! Honestly, haven’t you been on like, a thousand dates by now!? You can date like, any girl you want here, all expenses paid!” Camie asked.


Now it was Izuku’s turn to blink, “I don’t think it counts here…”


“Wow, you’re really picky huh?” asked Camie, “Well, what about Rie-Bae? She said she really loved the little date you two went on!”


“Huh? But we never…” he said, then he remembered, “Does that really count?” he asked.


[Yes.] said several voices in his head at once.


Camie smiled brightly and clapped her hands together, “Tell ya what, let’s go on a date, you’s and me, right now! Totes call it a trial run or some junk.” she told him with a smile.


Izuku blinked twice, “Huh!?”



Izuku felt incredibly awkward.


It was the only word he could use to describe the situation as he and Camie walked out of Busteez together. She had changed into some surprisingly regular clothes. It was almost surreal, seeing her in something so, so normal. She wore a pastel pink skirt, white button up blouse, and white high heeled pumps with pink heels that matched her skirt. If Izuku didn’t know better, he’d take her for any normal girl he saw on the streets at any given time. She smiled and giggled as she clung to his arm, leaning herself against him.


There had been a tense moment on their way out when the two of them ran into Kyoka as she came into work for the night.


“What’s going on here?” Kyoka asked, a definite edge in her tone.


“Oh heeeey Kyo-Bae!” Camie said in her bubbly voice.


“Please, don’t call me that…” Kyoka said, openly trying not to roll her eyes.


“Yeah, sure!” Camie said, oblivious or openly ignoring Kyoka’s irritation, “Deku-Bae here just made a date with Momo-Bae, but like, he’s all nervous and junk cause he’s never taken a girl out before!” she explained. Izuku stiffened at that, but before he could try and complain, Camie continued, “So, I’m totally taking him out on a pre-date! Gonna tell him all the do’s and don’ts for a perfect date!”


“Oh, really?” Kyoka asked dryly.


“Yep! Totes! When I’m done, Deku-Bae here will show Momo-Bae like, the BEST time! I wouldn’t be surprised if they got like, all hitched ‘n stuff after!” Camie said excitedly.


“Married!?” Izuku and Kyoka both said together.


Camie winked and stuck out her tongue, “Wellll, maybe that’s a bit much, but you never know! Come on Bae, let’s go!” she said, pulling him along and out the door. Izuku turned back to see Kyoka staring after them, the look of mild anger on her face now replaced with one of, pity? And Izuku suddenly worried about just what he was in for!



“So, first, you wanna like, totally take her shopping!” said Camie as they emerged from the subway into the Shinjuku shopping district. This area had been badly damaged during the chaos the escapees from Tartarus Prison had caused. Izuku remembered many burnt out windows and gutted buildings. Dabi had caused a decent amount of damage in his battle with Shouto Todoroki.


Looking at it today, one couldn’t see even a hint of the previous devastation! Izuku had clearly underestimated the power of commerce to recover an area.


“Momo-Bae can like, make anything she wants, but in spite of that, she loves shopping more than I do!” Camie said excitedly as they went into a clothing store.


Izuku chuckled, remembering how he, Iida, Todoroki, Kirishima, and Momo had all gone to rescue Kacchan when the League had kidnapped him in a useless attempt to recruit him to their cause. It was crazy, and stupid, and almost a forgotten detail of All Might’s final battle in Kamino Ward. Like his defeat of Stain alongside Iida and Todoroki, that particular detail was somewhat suppressed by the police.


“She doesn’t like hurting the economy.” said Izuku, remembering the half assed excuse Momo gave them when one of their group pointed out she could have made their disguises.


“For realsies!” said Camie as she grabbed a t-shirt and held it up to her chest, “That’s what she said! Beeteedubs, how’s this look?” she asked, glancing down at the shirt, “And unless it is either A: Looks really really bad, B: Is waaaaaaaay out of your budget, or C: Makes her look fat, you always say great! Don’t be afraid to say C, that’s a good way to avoid things when either B comes up or A, but she doesn’t realize it!” Camie told him.


The t-shirt was a simple pink shirt that was a few shades darker than the skirt she had on. The word PINK itself was printed across the chest and would be made all the more prominent by her breasts when worn. It didn’t really go with her skirt as the differing shades seemed to clash. Strange as it was, Color Coordination was something taught at UA when it came to their Hero Costumes.


“It’d look better if you were wearing something blue with it.” he answered honestly.


Camie beamed at him, “See!? That’s the spirit! Oh, if you can spot that, you should totes recommend something like jeans or a skirt. Little tip, always grab something just a little too big, and make like you notice that and put it back to try and find the right size. NEVER grab something too small, like seriously, that’s like stepping on a landmine! If you do, be very careful, just put it back and be all like: “This wouldn’t look good on you.”” said Camie, deepening her voice when she told him what to say. “Then quickly find something similar, preferably something on display with a mannequin so you can get her looking for her size. Oh, beeteedubs, you can get a girl’s size politely by looking at what she picks out, tries on, and decides to get. The hangers ‘n junk have the sizes marked on them here.” she told him, pointing to a plastic tag on the hanger. “Good places keep ‘em straight. Or you can ask, but that’s a whole different minefield…” she said.


“Uh, c… Couldn’t I just say I grabbed something too small?” Izuku asked. “Like say this is a child size?”


Camie blinked twice, then smiled at him again, “Heeeey, you’re pretty good at this!” she told him, then narrowed her eyes, “You sure you’ve never been on a date before?” she asked suspiciously.


“Ah hehe…” Izuku laughed nervously. In truth, Nana had given him that little recommendation just now. She also told him to stand closer to Camie as he was currently more than twice arms length away from her. He moved in closer to her, until he could easily smell the fruit scented perfume she had on.


Camie took him around the store, giving him tips and tricks all the while. When they reached the lingerie department, she got extra serious all of a sudden. “Don’t look so nervous! It is SOOO not a crime for a guy to be here, especially with a girl!” she told him, “You can look at all the sexy stuff and not be a perv. Well, so long as you aren’t breathing heavily or drooling. Just so you know, good places don’t let anyone try on stuff like this, especially anything with a T-back. Health reasons ‘n all that junk. Well, bras might be okay, but a lot of places won’t let a guy back into the changing area. Just be honest, if a girl really likes you, then she wants to wear sexy stuff for you!” she explained while holding up a cupless bra that was coupled with crotchless panties not unlike the bikini she had worn when her tits were bigger than her body.


Izuku gulped, “White or black would be better than purple with that.” he said without his voice cracking.


Camie blinked and looked at the lingerie again, “Fer sure?” she asked, turning the ensemble this way and that in the bright lights of the store, “Yeah, you’re probably right. So, which one you like better, black or white!?” she asked excitedly as she grabbed those colors and leaned in close, steam practically shooting out her nose!


“Oh and Beeteedubs, when it comes to something this kinky, the color is VERY important. White means you might be thinking “wedding night”, black means, “one night stand.” Now, neither is good or bad, but you can use it to tell her what you might be thinking for later tonight.”


[Black.] Nana’s voice told him. [And say it’s for her!]


“For you, um, black…” Izuku said. Camie gave him another smile and reached her hand up to pat his head like a dog.


“Oh, just so you know, say it with more confidence next time, for realsies.” she said as she handed him the lingerie and took him to the next part of the store.



In the end, Izuku ended up buying the lingerie, t-shirt, and a soft blue miniskirt to go with that. When they left the store, Izuku fully expected to have to carry the bag for her, but Camie snatched it away and ran into the nearest bathroom! She came out a few moments later wearing the shirt, skirt, and he suspected the underwear as well. In fact, he knew it as he could already see the outlines of Camie’s nipples through the fabric of the shirt.


He wondered where her other clothes had gone for only a moment until he saw a white bracelet on her left wrist. It looked like one of those slap-on band things and he saw a couple of tiny buttons on it. A Quickband. Smiling brightly at him, she hugged his arm between her big tits and leaned herself against him.


“Now, play it coolsies, just stick your hand into your pocket and let me cling. PLEASE don’t be all old fashioned and not like PTA.”


P.T.A., Public Displays of Affection. It was a bit overstated in Manga cliches that such things were Taboo in Japan. Izuku honestly didn’t have anything against couples like that, but, as he felt his arm resting between those two soft orbs, he did feel his heart beginning to race as his pants got a little tighter.


So close!’ he thought nervously, his heart jumping in his chest as Camie leaned her head on his shoulder as they walked through the area again. It was already late, but only a few shops were actually closing up for the night. They had no trouble finding a small cafe where they stopped and had a light meal. Camie told him a movie would have been better, but sadly, there weren’t any more showings of anything at the theater. Just bad timing on their part as far as this little training session went. Camie did however give Izuku several tips for how to get close during a movie, how to read a girl’s body language for signs to see when it was okay to put his arm around her. She also said horror movies are only good if the girl brings it up as an option, otherwise it’s too clear that the guy just wants an excuse to hold onto her if the movie is particularly scary.


After they ate, Camie took the lead, guiding him through the shopping district with the ease of a local who knew the area like the back of her hand. When they finally stopped, Izuku felt his nerves fraying again as he looked at a sign outside a Love Hotel!


Rest: 4,500 – 5hr max
Stay: 9,000 – Breakfast included!


Still linking arms with him, Camie giggled as she half led, half dragged Izuku inside and paid for a full day’s stay! It was already after midnight, so the woman at the front desk said that they could stay until morning of the following day. Though they only provided breakfast as part of the fee, lunch and dinner would be extra.


“Coolsies, that works!” Camie told the woman as she accepted the room key and took Izuku further inside. Once they were out of earshot she spoke again, “Just an ef whyeye, normally you should pay for the hotel too, but since you got me this nice little ensemble, I gots this!” she told him as she moved out in front of him and did a little twirl, stopping with her back to him as she pushed out her butt and gave herself a loud spank.


“Uh, um, Camie-san, you don’t need…” he began.


“Well of course I gotta!” Camie said as she came up close to him, “I told you I’m gonna totes teach you how to do the perfect date and that’s totes what I’m gonna do!” she said, clenching her fists under her chin as she looked at him with a determined expression.


Their room was actually more normal than Izuku expected. He’d been in a few actual hotel rooms, and this looked like any one of them. With the type of hotel this was, Izuku actually expected some kind of kinky theme or fantasy setting. Though he freely would admit, the room Rie had gotten for them after the accident at the hotel restaurant was nicer than this, but not by much.


Camie locked the door behind them and walked out into the center of the room, smiling so sweetly that Izuku actually felt himself smiling back at her. He then blinked as Camie then nonchalantly stripped off the t-shirt he’d gotten her, exposing her big tits, currently supported by the open cupped bra. Her pink nipples stiffened quickly in the air conditioned room as she walked over to Izuku, reaching up and draping her arms over his shoulders.


“Hmmph…!?” Izuku started as Camie leaned forward, mashing her heavy breasts against his chest as she pressed her mouth to his. He felt her tongue invading his mouth and moving all around as she made a purring noise almost like a cat. Her sweet fruity scented perfume filled his nostrils as she hugged herself against him. He then felt her moving one hand to run her fingers through his messy green hair as she pulled his face against hers. Camie moved her tongue around the inside of his mouth slowly, as if she were trying to feel out each individual tooth. The caramel blonde then moved her other arm off his shoulder and began pulling at the bottom of his shirt that was currently tucked into his pants. She managed to pull it free after a moment and he felt her hand sliding underneath to feel on the muscles of his chest.


Izuku flashed back to all the times Hatsume did the same thing, though when she did it, her touch was actually analytical, almost like a doctor doing a physical. Camie though, her touch was clearly meant to be intimate as he felt her circling her index finger around his nipple, teasing it until it turned hard.


“Hmmmwah…” Camie gasped softly as she broke the kiss. “Come on Bae, don’t tell me you’ve forgotten everything I taught you last time!” she said, sounding almost hurt.


“Oh, uh, s… Sorry!” he said, and Camie giggled.


“I can see why she likes you.” she told him before kissing him again, less forcefully this time. Izuku gulped internally before he forced himself to relax and return the kiss. Sliding his tongue back against Camie’s and into her mouth. She made the most erotic little moan, moving both hands under his shirt and pushed the fabric up to expose his chest. She then made a point of pressing her big tits against him, letting him feel her stiff nipples rubbing against him while moving her hands to his belt. With a surprising amount of dexterity, Camie undid his belt and the fasteners to his pants. As they were slightly oversized by design, they quickly fell down around his ankles, the belt buckle making a metallic clicking sound when it hit the floor.


Next, he felt camie grabbing his right hand and moving it to her left hip. At first he thought she wanted him to squeeze her butt, and she giggled playfully. She then moved his fingers to a near invisible seam along her hip. It was the zipper that held her miniskirt closed. Picking up on her intent, he found the tiny little handle for it and tugged it down. It pulled away surprisingly smoothly, never catching on itself once. There was the softest of snapping sounds as the zipper came apart at the base and the skirt fell to join his pants.


“Mmmmmmh, now you can squeeze my butt!” she said with an impish little grin.


Izuku nodded and moved to kiss her this time, to which Camie made a happy sound as he grabbed her ass with both hands. Her butt was both soft and firm at the same time. Izuku could tell Camie worked out regularly as all heroes should. He found his fingers caressing the soft curve of her rear, tracing along the thong back of her panties. It was then that Izuku remembered that her panties were crotchless, and had been since she changed into them after the store. Couple that with the miniskirt she had on… Wait, why did he suddenly feel disappointed that he hadn’t spied a glimpse of her pussy this entire time?


Camie purred again into his mouth and began pushing his shirt up even more. Izuku was forced to break their kiss and pull his hands away from her as she pulled his shirt up and off his body. She stepped back a bit and looked him up and down, her gaze focusing on the ruin of his upper right arm. She reached her left hand up to trace her fingertips along the edge of the large patch of scar tissue. Her big brown eyes then moved to lock onto his own eyes.


They kissed again, more passionately this time, and Izuku found his hands almost moving on their own, sliding up her back to where her bra was secured. He fumbled only slightly because the straps were secured so tightly, but he undid the hooks. Still keeping her lips locked against his, Camie managed to shrug her bra off, pressing her now completely naked breasts against his chest. They felt nice, so soft, so warm, he didn’t even hesitate as he moved a hand up to grab one of them and squeezed.


“Mmmmmmmh…!” Camie moaned into his mouth and he felt her moving to push down his boxer shorts. Her delicate hands then quickly found his dick, gripping it tightly as it rapidly hardened, the length pushing between her legs. “Nmmmmmh…!” she moaned, and Izuku could hear the desire in her tone.


They moved over towards the bed. Izuku nearly tripped over his pants as his shoes got caught in the fabric, but he somehow managed to stay upright and pull his feet out of them. Stepping on his toes with his heels, Izuku managed to ditch his socks without incident as they both climbed onto the bed together. Camie laid on her back, her legs spread wide, showing off the crotchless black panties she had on still. She then kicked her legs in the air as she made a little show of taking them off before tossing them on his head with a giggle. Izuku pulled them off and tossed them aside, smiling back at her as he leaned down on top of her.


“Ooooooh…!” she moaned as he grabbed both her tits, leaning his head down to lick her right nipple slowly, swirling his tongue around the painfully stiff nub. She then moaned again as he took her nipple into his mouth, sucking it gently.


MMMMMMMH! Harderrr… S… Suck it harder! Yeah, like that, yeeEAAAH…!” Camie moaned, thrusting her chest upwards. “Ahhhhnnmmmmh, that feels good, yes… More, suck my titties more, oooooh…!” she moaned as he tried taking more of her fat tit into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the nipple before he moved on to the other and repeated the motion. Camie cooed and moaned, dragging her nails gently along his back. Her touch sent tingles down his spine and to his now rock hard cock, then back up again to the base of his skull.


He kissed her, pressing his tongue against hers roughly. Both of them moaned into the other’s mouth as their tongues began wrestling with a wet slurping sound. She then pushed back against him, rolling them over until she was on top of him. He could feel their mixed drool running down his chin before she finally broke away. Camie then began kissing her way down his neck and over his chest. She gave each of his nipples a lick, winking up at him before she moved down further. Grabbing his massive cock with both hands, Camie hugged it between her tits. They weren’t nearly enough to engulf his cock like last time, but they still felt amazingly good!


Camie obviously had no intent on using her breasts to stroke him this time as she kissed around the tip of his cock, her ruby colored lipstick leaving a perfect mark on the pink tip. She began peppering his length with kisses, cooing softly all the while.


“Nmmmmmh, like, so hot…!” he heard her saying as she covered his dick in lipstick marks before moving back up to the tip. She then opened her mouth wide and Izuku groaned as he felt his dick sliding down her throat! “UUUUGMMMMPH…!” Camie gagged and moaned, her throat bulging visibly from his thickness.


“Ahhhh, ooohh…” Izuku groaned at the now familiar feel of a woman’s mouth and throat around his cock.


GUUMMMMPH, HMMMMMMPH, AGUH, MMMMMPH, GUH, MMMMMMPH, GUG, MMMMMMMMMPH, BHAE, UR SHO PHICK AN’ HAWD… AHHGNNMMMPH, IT’SH MAKIN’ MEH SHOW WHEEEET…” Camie moaned as she moved around him, kneeling over him in a near sixty-nine position, but she didn’t straddle his body. Izuku groaned as Camie began moving to take his cock deeper, gagging and moaning as she pushed herself up with her knees to position herself. Izuku had a clear view of her pussy, it was swollen and pink, with clear juices moving down her thighs in long glistening rivulets.


Izuku moved his arms to reach up and grab her ass again, squeezing and rubbing them all over the soft cheeks. On impulse, he gave her ass a slap, and Camie made a happy noise as she gagged again. So Izuku spanked her again, then again, and again!


MMMMHMMMMMMPH!!!” Camie moaned deeply, her throat vibrating around his cock as she held it in her mouth. He saw a soft spray of heady smelling juices gush out of her pussy and moved his hands down to the puffy pink folds. Using his fingers, he gently pried open the lips, marveling at how the opening seemed to clench and unclench all on its own. With his other hand, Izuku probed his fingers into the wet, warm tightness, making Camie shiver and moan as she began moving her head up and down faster.


MMMMMGMMMPH GHMMMMMPH, GUH, GUH GUH!!!” she gagged and moaned as he began stabbing his fingers in and out of her pussy. Her juices trickled down his fingers, making all kinds of lewd noises as he pushed his digits deeper and deeper.


MMMMMMMPH, GOOOOOMMINGGGGGH!!” she gagged around his cock as her pussy let out a powerful burst, the hot fluids splattering against his face. She then slowly lifted her mouth away. The sensation of his cock sliding back out of her throat was almost enough to make him cum that instant!


“Gwaaahahh…” gasped Camie and she lifted free, turning her head to look at him with a cheeky smile, “Naughty boy…” she teased as she moved to climb on top of him face to face again. She then began slowly grinding her crotch against the topside of his dick, Izuku could feel her hot juices running down his length as she kissed his face all over.


Izuku let out a low groan at the feel of her pussy dragging over his dick, his hips slowly pumped on their own as his cock twitched in the air. Camie giggled at this and raised her hips up high, grabbing his dick with one hand and moving it into position. She then pushed herself back down, his cock sliding into her with a squishing sound. She was so tight inside, Izuku closed his eyes at the feeling of Camie’s body engulfing his dick slowly.


NMMMMMMMMMMMH!!! YEEEEAH, RIGHT THEEEERE!!!!” Camie moaned loudly as she straddled Izuku cowgirl style. Her stomach stretched upwards, his length pushing deep inside. When he looked down at her crotch, he was mildly surprised to see she’d taken his dick up her ass, not her pussy.


AAAHHHHHMMMMMMMMH, SO THIIICK, AHHH, SO THICK SO THICK SO THIIIIIICK!!! MY ASS, AHHH, MY ASS FEELS GOOD, IT FEELS SO TOTALLY GOOOOOD!!!!” Camie screamed, grabbing at her own breasts as she took his cock all the way inside. A perfect outline of his cock could be seen in her stomach as Camie let out a long wordless moan of pleasure. Izuku groaned with her as he began moving his hips, thrusting them upwards, pushing his cock in even more.


AHHH, HA, AHHHH, YES, MY ASS, MY ASSSSSS!!!” screamed Camie as she began bouncing up and down on his cock, “MMMMMMMMMH, MY ASSHOLE IS SO GONNA GET ALL STRETCHED OOOOOUT!!! BUT IT FEELS SO GOOD, CUMMING, I’M ALREADY CUMMINGGGH!!!” Camie moaned, clenching her teeth tight as a bit of drool ran down her chin. “NMMMMMMMH, BAAAAAE, YOU’RE GOING SO DEEEEEP, IT FEELS GOOD, IT FEELS SO GOOD, DO… DO IT MORE, FU… FUCK MY ASS HARDERRRRR…!!!!


Izuku nodded as he groaned, moving to pump his hips faster, making Camie’s tits bounce up and down with the force of his thrusts. He then reached his hands up to grab both her tits, pushing her hands aside and gripping them directly. Her nipples were like diamonds pressing into his palms as he squeezed them tightly, his fingers sinking in deep as he pumped his hips faster.




“Camie, haaah, Camie….” Izuku groaned as he slammed his cock in and out of her before rolling the two of them onto their side. He then leaned his head down to wrap his lips around her nipple again, his green eyes looking up at the expression of sheer pleasure on her face as he continued to move his cock in and out faster and faster.


IT FEELS GOOD! SPREAD MY ASSHOLE WIDER!!! AAAH HAAAH!!!” Camie screamed as she moved a hand to grab her own ass, pushing her body down against his thrusts in an effort to get his cock in deeper. “AAAAAH, I CAN’T STOP CUMMING!!! MY BUTTHOLE JUST KEEPS CUMMING AND CUMMING AND CUMMINGGGGG, IT FEELS SO GOOD, I LOVE IT! MORE, MOREMOREMOREMORE BAAAAAAE!!!


Izuku grunted and groaned, rolling over on top of Camie now, hooking his arms under her knees to support her legs as he swung his hips. Camie’s hands clawed at the sheets, her big soft tits bouncing and wobbling around wildly as she howled like a banshee. She leaned her head back, tongue hanging out of her mouth as Izuku slammed his cock into her over and over with a loud SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP noise. The tent in her belly reached up to almost block her entire face from view as Camie let out a long scream as her pussy gushed hard enough to spray a stream of clear fluid in the air.


I’M CUUUUUMINNNNNGGGGGGG!!!!!” Camie screamed as Izuku buried his cock inside, cumming with her.




He could hear his cum spurting into her belly as Camie’s toes curled in the air, her entire body taking on a pink flush that nearly matched Mina’s skin.




Izuku heard his cum sloshing around in her stomach as Camie let out a long moan, “Aaaaahhhaaaah, so fuuuull, my belly’s like, all full of cuuuum, it feels totally amashingh…” Camie muttered, drunk with pleasure.


Gasping and groaning, Izuku fell back onto the bed, his cock pulling out of Camie with a disgusting sucking noise like when you suddenly unclog a drain. His cum then poured out her ass in thick white globs.


The blonde and green haired youth both panted for breath as they recovered. Izuku didn’t know how long they lay like that on the soaked bed, but he didn’t have the energy to really move right now. He thought he might have fallen asleep for a moment, because he opened his eyes when he felt the bed shift slightly.


“Hup!” Camie grunted as she sat up suddenly, looking surprisingly refreshed for someone covered in sweat with her skin flushed a bright pink. “Right! Now, just do all that and you’ll be fine!” she said with a cheery smile. She then blinked and tapped a finger to her chin as if she suddenly remembered something, “Oh, right, but use Momo-bae’s pussy, I have zero clue on if she likes anal or not. Some girls like, gotta train for that, like I had this cousin who…”


Izuku stopped listening as he just let himself lay there on the soaking mattress while an ambulance siren wailed off in the distance outside the building, reminding Izuku that this was the real world and not some crazy dream.



Story by Sailor Io

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8 months ago

Wow! This was probably the best chapter you’ve written to date.

All I can say about this is excellent work! Very well done! 👏

Especially with Camie giving some serious insight. And Izuku finally asking Momo out. About time too!

All that and the sex was just perfect. Nice work.

Overall, amazing work! This is probably going to be hard to top. XD

8 months ago
Reply to  Hiryu

One of the things that stuck with me about Camie was that she lamented that she wasn’t allowed to date at Shiketsu High. Since the new series is set in their third year, that means Camie is a full graduate and doing pro work. I figured she’d be dating up a storm to make up for lost time.

Smiling Fiend
Smiling Fiend
8 months ago

Their dynamic is so cute, I love it. But I won’t ask for her to join his harem or anything like that, I just think it’s nice of Camie to help Izuku, it makes for some kinda wholesome unexpected moments.

8 months ago
Reply to  Smiling Fiend

Nah, Camie won’t be in the harem, sex friend at most.

8 months ago

10/10. I liked the image it was great but it would have been perfect if the dick going inside of Camie was more colossal, oversized, and super veiny. Like if izuku was struggling to put it all inside of her and Camie was struggling to handle and fit it all inside of her.

8 months ago
Reply to  Whitis

That depends entirely on who commissioned the image.

Adrian AL
Adrian AL
8 months ago

Buen capitulo 9 de 10 nada mal a historia el entrenamiento de Izuku para la cita por cortesía de Camie está muy bien pensado espero que llegue pronto la cita ya que tengo una duda con respecto a la perspectiva de Momo ya que según yo ella piensa que Izuku es todo nervioso para esto de amor en general y las chicas y todo eso si Izuku actúa como lo hizo en este capítulo en su cita real Momo tendrá un nuevo pensamiento sobre el cómo de decepción porque pensó que era diferente y no como alguien que solo busca sexo y si eso pasa ahí entra Kyoka ¿no? ya que sus reacciones al ver a Izuku y Camie dan de que hablar

Last edited 8 months ago by Adrian AL
8 months ago
Reply to  Adrian AL

Just wait and see. 🙂

Emmanuel Cadichon
Emmanuel Cadichon
8 months ago

You should do Camie more often. She’s starting to become my favorite in your stories.

8 months ago

Thanks, will try!

8 months ago

Can’t wait for the izuku/Momo date but come to think of it does Izuku’s OFA semen still has any effects on Momo?

8 months ago
Reply to  N0bod4

Yes, just she hasn’t had an event to trigger it yet

8 months ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Oh good to know

8 months ago

Hopefully we get deku to kiss and pound-date mitsuki bakugou, even if katsuki may get furious.

8 months ago
Reply to  Matthew

There WILL be Deku/Mitsuki, please be patient! 🙂

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
8 months ago

Glad to see that Midoriya finally grew some balls and decided to ask Momo on a date. And with a teacher like Camie, things can only gone well! …right? Well, that remains to be seen but her enthusiasm should be appreciated. I mean, she went through all that effort, teaching Midoriya about (what she thinks to be) the perfect date; what clothes are okay, what certain colors mean and even that horror movies are only okay if the girl comes up with the idea, otherwise it would look like an excuse to get his hands around her. He even makes the selfless decision to take him to a love hotel to see how he fares with sex. So yeah, Camie = MVP of this series so far! The sex between her and Midoriya was really beautiful. Kyoka’s scene earlier in the story was also quite insightful. It showed that she still is not sure how to feel about Midoriya and how easy it is for him to “play” with all those different girls but knows that he can’t help it. He’s just the main character and build different.

I hope we see more of Camie with other guys later down the line! Girl deserves it!

8 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

LOL, Yeah, Camie’s something else. She means well though. I’d be happy to write her more with someone else, but those images are few and far between. Only reason the Pin-up was with deku was for plot reasons.