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Climbing Mt. Lady for BustTube

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of My Hero Academia stories)
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Busteez Hero Agency was as bustling as ever, noticed Izuku Midoriya as he walked in through the main entrance. The hotel turned Hero Agency building was slowly becoming more and more distinct to itself as time went on. Midnight seemed to always have some kind of renovation done every time he came in. When she had it done he didn’t know, but whoever it was sure worked fast. He couldn’t recall seeing any construction going on any time he came by.


She must have used some company with a guy who has a remodeling Quirk. He’d heard of such companies and Quirks. People who could reshape matter at will, they were among the rarest of Quirks, and also the most highly regulated as some of them could literally turn lead into gold! Momo, whom he was here to see, was one such person, though he knew she’d never use her power to make precious metals or stones unless it was to save a life.


After his encounters with Camie and Kyoka (who now asked him to call her by her first name), he’d learned how the dark haired girl really felt about him. And what he should do about it. Standing behind the main desk in the lobby was a young rookie Heroine he’d come to know well, he even counted her as a friend now.


“Hi Rie,” Izuku said to her as he neared. He managed to successfully hide his shock at the Ero version of her costume that she wore. It was even more racy than the last one he’d seen as this one left her tits completely bare as well as her crotch!


“Heya Deku! Good to see you,” replied the giant breasted heroine with a wave of her arm, making the breasts that she was so well known for jiggle and sway. He smiled and waved back to her. The dark haired young woman was only a couple of years older than himself, he wasn’t sure what school she’d graduated from, but she only recently was allowed to do hero work. Apparently, before the entire mess with All for One, the Commission viewed her bust augmenting Quirk as too risque to issue her a license. But after an appeal from Midnight, she was allowed to work as a proper hero. Izuku suspected it had more to do with how the Commission had used her body as an experiment to test the limits of Eri’s powers than any kind of argument she put forth. Though he readily admitted he wasn’t sure.


“Hey, you see the news?” she asked once he was close enough.


Izuku shook his head, “I haven’t checked it in a few days, what is it?”


Rie pulled her smartphone from between her gigantic tits, making them jiggle all the more. Izuku felt ashamed looking, but he couldn’t help it! Though from what he’d been told, Rie might actually like the attention. The girl tapped away at the screen with a practiced hand before handing the device over to him. It was warm, and maybe a little slick, but he immediately forgot about where it had been only seconds before when he skimmed the headline.


“Star and Stripe is alive again!?” he said with an astonished expression.


“Yeah, that was my reaction! She’s here in Japan right now! Apparently, some of, um, what was left of her, was recovered after the battle. They tested that little girl’s powers with it and she’s fully recovered.”


Izuku nodded as he looked at the headline again; MIRACLES IN JAPAN, AMERICA’S STAR BACK FROM DEATH! The article didn’t mention Eri directly, as her identity was tightly guarded by the government, a fact other world governments were protesting. All they knew was the source of the resurrections was a young girl’s Quirk. But the only way Aizawa-sensei would even allow them to test the limits of her abilities was if she was kept safe. She had the full protection of UA, the Hero Commission, and even the J.S.D.F.


He’d heard that they wanted to move her to a secure facility, but Aizawa wouldn’t let them. As he skimmed the article further, he saw one thing that made him worry, “Could this girl be the theorized Quirk Messiah?” A lesser known and lesser believed theory that existed alongside Dr. Garaki’s “Quirk Singularity Theory” was the so-called “Quirk Messiah”. The theory was like the Singularity one, but a total opposite. It started as Quirks merged and evolved over time, then someday, a child would be born with near god-like powers who would lead humanity into the future. It was a nice sentiment, and more pleasant to hear about than the doomsday one, but in a lot of ways, more dangerous. Izuku knew first hand how dangerous Cults could be, his experience with HumaRise taught him that. It was likely why Aizawa-sensei was so protective of Eri, well, one reason at least. He wanted to make sure she didn’t become the center of some cult because of her powers.


Still, it was nice to hear Star and Stripe was alive again, Izuku silently prayed her recovery would go better than Midnight’s did. He’d heard she was an emotional wreck at first. But something like this was bound to give someone emotional difficulties.


After parting ways with Rie, Izuku headed into what had once been a ballroom inside the hotel. Now though, it was closer to a large strip club. The back third of the room was dominated by a large stage into which several poles had been installed. Dancing around those poles were a handful of heroines Izuku recognized instantly. From America there was Cow Lady, a pro who’d been around in All Might’s rookie days. She had to be older than sixty, but she sure as hell didn’t look it! If Izuku didn’t already know, he’d have guessed her age at twenty-five at the oldest. He knew there were some youth restoring quirks out there that were available to those who could afford them. Places like America where people with such Quirks could use them on anyone willing and able to pay their fees. The changes were cosmetic though as far as he knew, they didn’t actually restore one’s youth like Eri’s could. So the blonde woman must have kept herself in great shape.


On another pole was a heroine he’d only met once, Clair Voyance, the woman with the x-ray vision quirk. He didn’t know much about her aside from how her Quirk worked and the search and rescue type of hero work she often did. She could often be found at disaster sites like places ravaged by earthquakes or worse terrorist bombings.


The third pole held someone he hadn’t expected to see, Ibara Shiozaki, better known now as Vine. She was in class 3-B, the rival class to Izuku’s 3-A, though unlike Monoma from the same class, she was fairly easy going, if a little preachy sometimes. She was dressed in a fig leaf costume that people often attributed to the Biblical Eve, though those leaves didn’t really cover much! Izuku found his eyes drawn to her hips and breasts as she moved her body with an amazing amount of erotic grace. Her face looked flushed lightly as she began grinding her crotch against the silver pole she was hanging off of for the crowd gathered near her part of the stage.


The green haired youth made his way over to a table that was more near the middle of the room. There was already a menu there, though he knew it by heart already since his mother was the head chef/bartender here. So instead he picked up the “other” menu. These were printed nightly and listed the girls available to do VIP services. His plan was to book Momo for a private session and talk to her. He didn’t think he’d be able to speak with her at the dorms, since he had no idea who might be listening.


Before he could open the folded sheet of paper though, a gloved hand slapped down on top of the menu, holding it closed. When Izuku looked up to see the hands owner he was greeted by a massive pair of tits! At first, he thought it might be Camie again, but she didn’t wear purple gloves, and the skin was fairer, less tanned than hers. The nipples were also different, something he was beginning to notice with girls. It wasn’t that he thought that they were factory built or something, just, until recently the only naked female body he remembered was his mothers from when he was a little kid in the bath.


“Hey, you won’t need that,” said Yu Takeyama, better known to the public as Mt. Lady, “I got all the TnA you could ever want right here!”


Izuku suppressed the urge to gulp, feeling nervous already as he looked up at the beautiful blonde woman. She was dressed, or rather, undressed in a racy version of her costume. Normally, it consisted of a beige bodysuit, gloves, thigh high boots, mask, and fake horns. Now though, it was just the gloves, boots, mask, and horns. Everything else was gone.


Yu grinned down at him almost like a shark and Izuku remembered that look from the day she first appeared on the scene, back before he enrolled at UA. The blonde woman was a shameless opportunist, often stealing the spotlight from other heroes on minor incidents. When lives were actually on the line she tended to be more serious. Izuku knew that from personal experience when he and his classmates rescued Kacchan from OfA and the League. She’d taken an attack full in her face for them to allow their group to get out of there, thus allowing All Might and the others to fight with their full strength.


“Ah, heh heh…” Izuku chuckled lightly, trying to hide how nervous he was. He could almost hear Camie and Itsuka yelling in his ear as he tried to maintain eye contact with her. “He…” he said, his voice cracking slightly, he then cleared his throat and spoke clearly, “Hello, Mt. Lady-sama.” he said.


The blonde waved her hand, “Puhlease, Yu is fine. There’s no reporters here, and I saw you take down OfA, the least I can do is drop the formalities.” she told him before sitting down in the seat next to him at the table. She’d clearly been to see Rie, as her breasts were so big, if he curled up into a ball, he’d be able to fit his entire body inside one and still have room. She also had an ass to match. He remembered her mentioning she could do the same with her butt, but she didn’t like to because it made her costume ride up uncomfortably. Stood to reason she could enhance girls in that way too.


Keeping his voice clear, Izuku said, “Actually, I came to see someone specific,” he told her.


“Aww, boo…” Yu said with a fake pouting expression, moving to rest her arms on top of her tits as she rested them on the table. Izuku had a profound feeling of deja vu in that moment as Yu looked at him with a smile. “Who’s the lucky girl?”


“Yaoyorozu-san.” Izuku said, “Actually, I really need to talk to her, this is just a good way to get some privacy.” he confessed.


“Hate to disappoint, but Momo’s not here tonight.” Yu told him.


Izuku blinked, “Huh, but I thought…” he began, then pulled the menu out from under her tits and looked inside. Sure enough, Momo wasn’t listed with the available girls tonight.


“Yeah, she got called to help some company that’s experimenting with some weird material that’s all hard to make and stuff. Nothing dangerous or illegal, just producing it normally takes a long time, and her Creation thing could shave months off their time table. She seemed really excited too, something about helping better society with her powers. I don’t know, she started talking really fast and I stopped listening.” said Yu.


Izuku’s shoulders sagged and he let out a sigh. Momo wasn’t even here! It’d taken him two whole days to work up the nerve to do this and she wasn’t at the agency tonight.


“Hey, don’t look so down!” said Yu with a smile, “You can book her through the Busteez App later. Besides, wouldn’t you like to play with a fun girl like me instead? I give really good head and tit jobs…” she said to him with a grin.


Leaning back in his seat, Izuku looked at Yu’s body, she looked unbelievably erotic right now, with her huge tits and round ass and thick creamy thighs. He could already feel his dick getting hard looking at her, but then, he’d been getting aroused since he walked in and saw Rie at the entrance.


Suppressing a sigh, Izuku stood up and said, “Sure, why not!?” Though he tried to sound confident, his voice still cracked lightly. He may as well take her up on the offer, if for no other reason than to try and boost his confidence with women. When he spoke to Momo finally, Izuku didn’t want to be a stuttering mess.


Yu stood up with him, her huge tits bouncing and jiggling wildly at the sudden movement. They even made an audible ‘BOING’ sound as she moved. “Great, I have JUST the room for it too!” she said excitedly, taking him by the hand and quietly leading him out of the ballroom.


‘Well, at least she isn’t dragging me by the wrist.’ he thought.



The room was very pink. Unlike many of the previous rooms Izuku had seen in the agency to date, this one wasn’t “enchanted” for lack of a better word, by Camie to look like anything else. Well, that wasn’t totally the case Izuku noticed on closer inspection. There was an illusion going on, but it wasn’t the setting so much as the decor. All around the room, rose petals were falling as if from nowhere. When Izuku put his hand out to catch one, it felt right through his hand then vanished when it hit the floor.


The room smelled strongly of roses as well, and on the dresser sitting against one wall was a large heart like one might find on Valentines Day that was made entirely of rose petals. The floor of the room was also different, being made of hardwood and not a plush carpet. A big screen TV dominated the wall behind the dresser and was currently shifting between several scenic backgrounds.


“Olexi, open Netflix.” Yu said to the room.


OPENING NETFLIX.” answered a sexless voice from the room itself. The TV screen shifted from nature scenes to a red screen with the Netflix logo imposed over it. Izuku had heard of Olexi, a new Smarthome computer system that could be installed on Smart TV’s and the like. Yu then turned to smile at him as she snapped her fingers and a small disc shaped object floated off the table in the far corner. It was some kind of small drone, one of the ones with the really stable hovering ability. A small but obvious camera was mounted in the front.


“Mind if I record this for my channel?” she asked.


“Channel?” Izuku asked.


“Oh, it’s new, Midnight is currently calling it BustTube, it’s a streaming video service where Heroines can record fun little movies heroes can pay to watch.” explained Yu.


Izuku was weary of that and Yu seemed to read that on his face. “Oh don’t worry, I’ll blur you in editing.” she told him, “Most don’t wanna see the guys anyway.”


“Oh, um, alright.” Izuku said.


Yu clapped her hands together, making her huge tits wobble, “Great, then let’s get you out of those clothes!” she said before moving closer and reaching down to grab his belt.


“Ha… Hang on!” Izuku said, “I have this,” he said, holding up the quickband bound to his wrist.


“Oh, alright,” said Yu, sounding a little dejected. Izuku wondered why, was she that eager to strip him down? In the end he decided not to think about it as he used the quickband to strip away his clothes. The look of disappointment on her face vanished along with his clothes, replaced by a wide eyed expression as she gulped audibly.


“Fuuuuck, I thought they were just joking around!” Yu said.


“I get that a lot.” said Izuku, knowing that the blonde woman was referring to his dick. Now that it wasn’t confined by his clothes, it shot up to a full erection in the span of a couple heartbeats. The feeling was a bit of a relief since trying to keep it contained was more than a little uncomfortable. Still, having every woman react like this was getting a bit overdone for him.


That being said, he still had no idea where to even begin! As luck had it, he didn’t have to make the first move as Yu tapped a small button on top of the drone before striking a pose in front of it!


“Hey hey, Mt. Lady here with another hot video!” she said to the camera, “Tonight I’m gonna get some GOOD dick, this thing is almost as big as I am!” she said before moving over to Izuku, grabbing his dick and hugging it between her massive melons. Izuku groaned softly at the familiar warmth and softness of her tits as she pressed them around his length.


“Mmmmh, I could probably get off on this even in my gigantified body!” she said as she flicked her tongue against the tip of his cock. Personally, Izuku didn’t want to find out as he watched her drag her tongue all around the tip of his cock. She looked back up at him with a lustful gleam in her two tone eyes. The green haired youth watched as Yu moaned while she rubbed her heavy tits up and down his length, enveloping his cock in their soft warmth. The feeling was different than the other times he’d gotten this treatment. Yu’s tits weren’t as smooth as Rie or Momo’s, making them pull against the skin of his cock slightly. The difference wasn’t a bad thing though, as Izuku groaned and moved his hands to grab thick handfuls of pliant soft titflesh.


He then began moving his own hip, gently thrusting his cock between her canyonous cleavage. The blonde let go of her breasts and smiled, moving to grab the upper length of his dick with both her hands as she moved her face closer. He watched as she kissed and licked at the tip as he moved it up and down. She then gripped it tighter, stroking his cock gently before she opened her mouth wide and moaned as she somehow managed to fit the entire tip inside!


“Ooooooh…” groaned Izuku at the slick, wet, and warm feel of Yu’s hot little mouth. Her lips dragged away from her face every time he pulled his cock back, refusing to relinquish the tip.


HMMMGUH, MMMMGUH, MMMMPH, HMMMMPH…” Yu moaned around his cock as Izuku began thrusting his hips faster, pushing his cock deeper and deeper into the blonde’s mouth. He then moved his hands away from her tits, allowing them to fall away from his cock. Yu immediately leaned herself forward 90 degrees and let out a strangled gagging noise as she took his cock all the way down into her stomach!


AWWWW GAWWWD, SHO PHICK, DISH CAWK ISH PHILLING MUH WHOLE PHROAD!!!!” she slurred, her eyes rolling back in her head as she moaned around his length. Izuku groaned as he felt her throat vibrating around his dick as she held his cock in her mouth for a long moment. He then remembered what Rie, Itsuka, and Camie all told him as he reached down and grabbed fistfuls of her hair.


HMMMMUUGH, AGUH, GUG, GUH, GURK GUH, GWEH, GAH GWEG…!” Yu gagged and moaned even louder as Izuku began shoving his cock in and out of her mouth roughly.


“Haaaaaah, so tight…” he groaned.


YEEEESH, MOAR, OH PHUUUUCK, DHON’T SHTOOOOP, PHUCK MUH MOUPH-PUSSHYYYY!!! CAWK, SHUCH A BHIG CAAAWK IN MUH MOOOOUPH, CUMMING, AYE’M CUMMINGGGG…!!!” Yu cried in pleasure as her pussy gushed so hard that he could see her juices spraying across the room!


Izuku grunted and groaned as he continued swinging his hips, slamming his cock back and forth into Yu’s tight mouth. When he looked down at her face, he watched her lips pulling away from her face erotically every time he pulled back. Long stringy ropes of her saliva stretched away from her plump lips as she let out one strangled gagging moan after another.


“Haaah, how… How does… It feel…?” he asked, struggling to talk “dirty” to Yu, not because he was nervous, but before it just felt so amazingly good as he felt his dick sliding in and out of her very stomach!


GUUUD, GUUUUUD, PHEELSH SHO GUUUD, MOAR, PHUCK MUH MOUPH PUSSHY HAWDERRRRR….!!!” Yu slurred back at him, her eyes sparkling with lust, he could almost see tiny hearts glimmering inside them as she moaned deep in her over stretched throat.


Izuku was about to grab her horns when he remembered they weren’t actually a part of her like Mina’s. So instead he dug his fingers into her hair, gripping it tightly as he groaned.


FWEEEEGUH GUG, GHEEE GUG, AGUUUGUUUBEEE, AGH AGH AGHH GOOOOOPH…!” Yu gagged loudly as her entire body shook in pleasure. He could actually FEEL her cumming from the way her entire body seemed to get tighter around him every few seconds. He then shoved his cock all the way in again, his balls pressing against her chin as he groaned like some kind of animal, his cock spasming inside her as he came hard!


“Ooooooh, fuuuuck…!” Izuku groaned, his cock surging again and again. Yu howled in pleasure with him as he felt her tighten around him in another orgasm.


BULEEEGH!!!” Yu gagged as Izuku pulled his cock free. She coughed hard several times, taking in a few deep breaths. The blonde then looked up at him with the goofiest look on her face. Her eyes remained crossed and her tongue hanging out of her mouth as she panted like a dog.


Izuku had all of one second to feel worried before Yu sat up on her knees like nothing had happened and knee walked closer. Hugging his cock with both arms and pressing her face against it as she looked over at the camera. She made a peace sign with her left hand and made a show of licking the underside of his dick while still facing the camera.


“Finawy, a weal mhan…” she said, then blinked, opening and closing her mouth several times before there was an audible “POP” as it snapped back into place.


“Ahh, that’s better!” she said cheerfully before nuzzling his dick while looking up at him again, “I hope that wasn’t everything you had in these…” she said with a giggle as she hefted his balls with both her hands, leaning down to kiss them each gently. “Ahhhn, when I think of how much cum must be in these… Mmmmmmh, it makes me so wet, I can barely think straight!”


Yu then pulled away from him and put herself down on all fours with her ass in the air. Izuku moved behind her, resting his cock between the wide cheeks of her ass. In an impressive show of glute control, Yu clamped her asscheeks around Izuku’s dick, then began rocking herself back and forth, stroking him with her ass!


“Yeah, look at this beast! I can’t wait to feel this thing stretching out my womb!” Yu said more to the camera than to him. “Be sure and subscribe to my channel for regular updates!” she said as she continued moving her ass back and forth quickly.


Izuku hesitated only for a moment before he brought his hand down on Yu’s wide ass, his hand making ripples across her creamy cheeks. Yu let out an approving moan, arching her back like a cat and rocking herself faster.


“Mmmmmmh, yeah, I’m such a bad girl, spank me harder!!!” she moaned.


Izuku did, slapping his hand down on her ass again with a loud noise.


HMMMMMMMH!” moaned Yu as she continued using her asscheeks to jerk him off. Groaning in pleasure, Izuku moved his hips with her, his spit coated cock slipping and sliding easily between her asscheeks.


“Haah, Y… Yu… Your ass, feels greeeat…” he said with a low groan. Pumping his hips faster, his balls smacking against her thighs with a wet SLAP SLAP SLAP sound.


“Yeaaah, like my ass? Like fucking my big, fat, ass!?” Yu asked, “MMMMMMMMMH, THEN FUCK IT, FUCK MY ASSSSS, STUFF YOUR BIG FAT COCK IN MEEEE!!!” she moaned.


Izuku gripped her ass with both hands, finding it slightly difficult to get a decent hold because her expanded butt was remarkably soft. He then pulled his cock back, enjoying the feel of her butt rubbing against him before pressing the tip of his cock against the puffy pink folds of her pussy.


“You want it?” he asked her, “Want my fat monster dick? THEN TAKE IT!” he yelled before pushing his dick forward. He groaned at the surprising tightness of her pussy as his cock slipped inside her with relative ease.


HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM…!” Yu moaned from deep in her throat as Izuku’s cock slid all the way inside her. Her pussy was tight and warm and incredibly slick. He could feel it clinging to every inch of his cock as he struggled to get a good grip on her ass. “YEEEEEAH, OH FUCK, YEAH, THAT’S THE STUFF!! STUFF MY HOT, LITTLE, HOOOOLE!!!” Yu moaned, never looking away from the camera. “SO DHEEEEEP, AH FUUUUCK!!!


Hugging his arms around her ass, Izuku groaned as he began moving his hips, Yu’s reaction was instant as she let out a low moan as her knees began shaking, “OOOOO!? OOHHA…! WHAT THE FU….!!! SHIIIIIT!!!! IT’S GOING SO DHEEEEP, STRETCHING OUT MY PUSSY!!! SHH FUUUCK, MORE, KEEP GOING, POUND THAT BHIG DHICK INTO MEEE!!!” Yu howled in pleasure as she began rocking herself back and forth while swirling her hips.


Izuku nodded, still struggling to hold onto her, but managing somehow as he began pumping his hips with her. He looked down at his cock as it slipped out of her pussy, the wet pink lips clung to his dick as he moved, making Yu moan even louder.




“Nnghooh… So good…!” groaned Izuku, “Yu, your pussy, ahhnnn, it’s gripping me too tight… haaah…!” he said as he continued slamming his cock back and forth, loving the feel of being inside the blonde woman.


UUUOOOOOOOOH, CUMMINGCUMMINGCUMMIIII~HIING!!!” screamed Yu as she bucked against him, the distention his cock caused in her belly by moving around inside her, marking just how deep he was inside. “YOUR SUPERCOCK IS SHOVING INTO MY PUSSYYYYY!!! AHHHHN AHHH HNNNNNGH!!!


Izuku grunted and groaned as he continued moving his body with hers, his balls making lewd wet smacking noises as they impacted her thighs. It felt good, really good as he finally managed a solid grip on her and began moving faster. Yu’s enhanced ass rippled like a jell-o mold every time his pelvis smacked against it as Izuku gave her ass another spank, making Yu moan again in pleasure.


“Haaaa, Yu, it’s so great, ahhh, gonna… Gonna cum soon…!” Izuku told her.




“Huuurn, hurr, hurrr…!” grunted Izuku, loving the sound of Yu’s moans as he slammed his cock back and forth. The feel of it was amazing, Yu was moving her body perfectly, as though she knew exactly how to make his dick feel good. He didn’t even feel himself triggering One for All, but he noticed the red lines of energy spreading across his skin like cracks. Suddenly holding onto her became easy as he moved his hips faster! The impact of his pelvis against her ass produced even greater ripples as Yu’s moans turned to howls.




“Haah, hah, hah, hah…” Izuku groaned, panting as he slammed his cock in and out, trying to hold back from cumming, but her moans didn’t make it easy.


CUMMINGCUMMINGCUMMING!!! I’M CUMMING SO MUUUCH, I CAN’T THIIIIK, MY HEAD IS FULL OF NOTHING BUT DHIIICK, YESSSS…!” Yu moaned as she panted with him, her tongue hung out of her mouth like a dogs as her head swayed back and forth with his thrusts.


Izuku couldn’t hold back much longer, he pushed One for All up to 15 perfect just to slow his movements down a little, but it only seemed to charge his balls up even more! He slammed his cock all the way inside her as he came, hard!


UUUUUOOOOOOOGH…!” Yu moaned as the thick cum quickly reached a point where her pussy couldn’t hold it in any longer and he began pouring back out around his cock.


CUUUM, SOMUCH CUUUUM, IT’S LIKE A THICK LUUUBE, AHH FUUUCK, I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING SO HAAAAAARD…!” screamed Yu as she let out a long low moan like a braying animal.


“Fuck, fuuuuuck…!” Izuku groaned, his balls rapidly emptying into Yu’s cunt as a wave of fatigue washed over him. He released One for All and fell backward, his cock pulling out of her with a wet slipping noise. His cum then gushed back out of her as Yu moaned again.


AHHHH, CUMMING, I’M CUMMING FROM YOUR CUM GISHING OUT OF MEEEE, THERE’S SOOOOO MUUUCH OF IIIIT!!!” he heard her moaning as he landed on his ass with a thud.




The sound of his cum rushing out of her was a disgusting sound as Izuku panted for breath. He distantly heard a quiet BLEEP as Yu turned off the camera and moved over to the wall, bracing one hand against it to keep herself up.


“Heh, not bad kiddo, not bad… You got a great dick, hah, but you got almost no technique…” she said quietly. “If I wanna be honest, I give it a six outta ten, three points of it just for size though.”


Izuku blinked, “Eh, huh!?” he said as he tried to get up, but his feet slipped on the cum splattered floor, knocking him back down, “But you…?”


“Oh that? That was for the camera. Don’t feel bad, I did get off a few times there, especially when you started getting serious near the end.” Yu told him as she stood up more steadily, “Fuck, I’m gonna feel this in the morning…” she grumbled as she came over to help him up.


“You got potential, a lot of it. But I couldn’t shake the feeling you’re holding yourself back. But, I think that’s cause your afraid of hurting me. We women are a lot tougher than we look, you know. You guys with the super strength tend to forget that a lot.” she told him as she reached a hand up and flicked his forehead. “I say again, don’t feel bad, this is all just a lack of experience. If I were you, I’d put that gold card to good use, and ask a girl’s honest opinion after. Take notes if that helps. Oh, but ask the girls who are over… No wait, scratch that, no need to bring ages into this.” Yu said with an annoyed expression, though it wasn’t directed at him. She then plucked the hovering camera out of the air.


“Ooookay, I got a TON of editing to do on this before I post it at the end of the week. Thanks for the help, I should get a fuckton of views on this one. Guys and girls alike love seeing me take big ones like yours!” she told him as she began walking towards the door. “By the way, there’s a mop and bucket in the closet, don’t let the floor soak too long or the wood may warp, thanks for taking care of that for me!” she said before rushing out the door.


“Hang on, wait, you mean I gotta clean this!?” he asked incredulously.



Story by Sailor Io

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Dr. Pervert
Dr. Pervert
2 years ago

Points for incorporating the Netflix screen in the background instead of leaving it as a distraction.

Stripes is alive!

Those three dancers surprisingly drew my attention. While she didn’t wind up being the Kaminari family member shown in the opening prologue like the previous two movies, Clair did still intrigue me. Having Ibara in a place of sin is bound to be fun to see. And Cow Lady. Maybe she’ll be the more mature lady Yu suggested for Deku to get experience with? Maybe Milk?

2 years ago
Reply to  Dr. Pervert

Actually, no one knows who the electric lady fighting Dabi at the beginning of Heroes Rising was. Her name doesn’t appear in the credits. Most believe she’s either Kaminari’s older sister or mother. Clare was an entirely new character for World Heroes Mission. I would like to see both used though. I spoke with one of Horikoshi’s assistants, the one who created Tetas (10t), she didn’t know who she was either.

2 years ago

If deku is struggling when not to hold back on his thrusts, I wonder how mitsuki bakugou would with all his energy.

2 years ago
Reply to  Matthew

Hehe, trust me, things are gonna get interesting next week.

2 years ago

[“You got potential, a lot of it. But I couldn’t shake the feeling you’re holding yourself back. But, I think that’s cause your afraid of hurting me. We women are a lot tougher than we look, you know. You guys with the super strength tend to forget that a lot.”]

Fun stuff yet again.

Uh, I really hope Yu is in the know as to Izuku’s quirk nature. Izuku is doing them a favor in holding back. He stops and goes 100%, his partner dies. Period. UNless, Izuku finds a way to improve and maintain enough control to not kill said partner.

Too bad Izuku and Momo couldn’t have their talk but it’s still early to get his own feelings in check, so might as well give it time to develop and be sincere about it. Yu leaving him with cleanup was a lousy move though. As high tech as the setting is, I doubt there isn’t some more efficient method, and she just trolled him.

Til next time.

2 years ago
Reply to  Kino

Yeah, he knows better than to go 100%, he’s got more than enough control now to manage that. The only reason Izuku and Momo haven’t really met up yet is that scene deserves a pic to go with it, and currently there’s nothing new with Momo for it. So far as I know anyway. Hint hint nudge nudge all you high tier Enzo Patrons!

2 years ago

That smug smile in the pic for this chapter makes me laugh so much. Loved the chapter Sailor

2 years ago
Reply to  Xcelsior

Thanks, I’m happy you enjoyed it!

Smiling Fiend
2 years ago

I like how Deku is being portrayed. He’s good at sex but there’s room for improvement and it makes me excited for the next chapters cause this setting could open up possibilities to see him with more girls while not being a gary stu.
… And on an unrelated note, this whole BustTube thing makes me wonder if there’s a hacker villain who leaks videos from there or something, that’d be kinda funny.

2 years ago
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Interesting subplot for later, I’ll see if I can use that!

2 years ago

Mount Lady
Well written story

It’s another Deku story

2 years ago

My Lady is in my top 5 MHA girls and honestly prefer her over Midnight. The way she can easily handle Izuku while playing it up for the camera made sense for someone like her. It’s nice to see characters acknowledge that raw size or power isn’t everything when it comes to good sex.

Also Stars N Stripes being teased possibly for the inevitable America arc we never fully gotten. Unless she shows up at Busteez agency where hopefully she gets some good interactions with All Might. Deku too I supposed (possible team up) but I sorta want AM to get his own chapter.

2 years ago
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Tune in next week then! I’m a bit behind on chapters right now due to an ear infection, I just got some antibiotics for it, hopefully I’ll be back on schedule tonight. Knowing what I’m in so much pain helps me deal with it better, just gotta wait for these ear drops to be absorbed.

2 years ago
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Wish you the best bro!

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Yeah, it’s a nasty infection, something commonly known as swimmer’s ear. Hurts like hell, and the infection is pretty deep, they gave me topical and internal antibiotics for it.

2 years ago

Love it but I hope you will make Izuku learn some ‘techniques’ to pleasure his partner cause a 6 out of 10, ouch

2 years ago
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Yeah, I plan on that very soon!

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
2 years ago

That was an interesting chapter. One one side I’m quite happy with how Mt. Lady seems to be leagues ahead of Midoriya and doesn’t simply fall for his dick/personality. On the other side, why didn’t Midoriya call/text Momo if she has time? I’m relatively sure that they would have each other’s phone numbers and calling/texting her seems more natural for him than to go into Busteez and request that she spends time with him. I don’t know, it just feels kinda weird that Midoriya, despite knowing that Momo (and the other girls) does this job willingly, would go to the club where all their “troubles” began. I know, I know, you have to make the story fit the artwork, yada yada yada… but still… Them making out a date via texting or meeting somewhere outside of “work” (in Momo’s case) seems in my book a lot more natural than the conclusion that Midoriya arrived on. Regardless, it hardly matters cause she isn’t even there to begin with, which gives plenty of room for Mt. Lady to shine and show what an excellent actor and slut she is! The sex she had with Midoriya was fantastic from beginning to end. If the girls in your stories wouldn’t all be screamers, her acting could have even been considered over-the-top. As it stands, it was a really nice sex scene that showed that Midoriya has still much to learn before he takes on the real heroines. Makes me wonder how a sex scene with Mirko, Star and Stripes, or so would go… Speaking of Stripes, interesting to hear that she’s back and the stuff with the Quirk-Messiah stuff is also a nice inclusion.

Aside from how Midoriya ended up in Busteez, I really liked this chapter.

2 years ago
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Because plot, and he didn’t think of it. Also as you pointed out I gotta do the story to the image, and so that’s the best thing I could think of.

Yeah, the Singularity thing had to have a flipside, though I freely admit I got the idea from the final arc of X-men 2099 back in the 90’s, shame about that series. I liked it

2 years ago

Sailorio, will you use images, like of la brava, from the fanbox as part of the stories(not with the image of course) or you it in the histories of the discord or pantreon?

2 years ago
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I can’t use her, it’s too dangerous for Enzo. Patreon and others don’t bother looking up the character they only see a loli girl when they look at her.