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Gaping Through The Gloryhole

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of My Hero Academia stories)
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“Never been to a place like this?” asked Rumi as Melissa followed her into the building.


“Not personally, no.” Melissa answered. On the outside, Busteez Hero Agency seemed like any other agency she’d seen in passing. The inside however was a totally different story! She’d heard of strip clubs, titty bars, brothels, and the like. But she never thought she’d actually be in one, let alone as a potential employee!


“Come on, I’ll introduce you to Midnight.” Rumi told her as she guided Melissa through the building. Distantly she heard loud music and felt thrumming bass speakers through the floor. She could also smell food cooking somewhere. Rumi told her the agency offered all kinds of different services both sexual and non. Apparently Deku’s mother worked here in the kitchen serving up home cooked style meals. And that was a large reason some heroes came back on a nightly basis!


“Hey Rumi!” called a young woman’s voice from down the hallway they were moving through. Melissa looked up to see a dark haired young girl walking towards them. Her breasts were ENORMOUS! That was the first thing Melissa noticed. It was hard not to, since every step the girl took made them bob and sway. Her costume was obviously designed with drawing attention to them in mind as well. A bright yellow 10t was written over her bust on the purple bodysuit.


Melissa had heard of this girl, the Paizuri Hero, Tetas! Quite the bold name, given her name basically meant boobjob tits. Melissa wasn’t the type to judge though, given her own personal fetishes.


“Yo, Rie!” Rumi called out with a wave, “I didn’t know you were on tonight.”


“Nemu-chan asked me to fill in for Clare since she got called out for a search job.” Rie replied, she then turned her eyes over to Melissa and blinked, “Oh, hello, I’m Tetas, pleased to meet you!” she said with a pretty smile.


“Ah, hello,” Melissa replied with a slight bow, “I’m Melissa Shield, likewise.” she introduced herself.


Rie blinked, “Melissa? Oh, you made Rumi’s arm and leg?


Next to Melissa, Rumi grinned, holding up her left arm and flexing it, “She sure did, it’s pretty badass too, I can feel through it and it has a function that makes it look normal!”


“Oh, that’s from the nerve mimic function!” Melissa explained. “Remember the way it burned when I first connected it?”


“Ugh I do, that was fucking bad.” Rumi said with a wince.


“Yeah, sorry, it’s unavoidable, but because of that, the sensors I built into the arm can mimic your nerves and give a sense of touch. Though it’s a little less accurate than the real thing, but I’m working on it.” Melissa said.


“Nah, I’m not complaining. Thanks to you, I can feel when I give some dumb punk a good socking!” Rumi said, punching her synthetic fist into her palm with a wide grin. “Anyway, speaking of Nemuri, where’s she at?”


Rie turned and pointed down the hall she’d come from, “She’s in the manager’s office last I heard.”


“Oh, you were coming from seeing her Tetas-sama?” Melissa asked.


“Rie is fine, and no, I was coming from the stairs, I was just up on four visiting Mina and making sure she’s alright.” Rie explained, “I had an extra slice of cake today, so I wanted to work a little of it off, so I didn’t take the elevator.”


“We need a gym.” said Rumi.


“Oh we have one of those!” Rie said.


Rumi blinked, “For real? Where?”


“Second floor, that room that’s still roped off.” answered Rie.


“Oh, is that what’s in there? Why does Nemu-chan have it roped off?” asked Rumi.


“Still waiting on all the equipment to be delivered. All I heard was that there was a set of dumbbells and a broken treadmill inside.” Rie told them.


“Good reason.” Rumi said. Rie then excused herself and walked off. Melissa turned to look at her as she walked back the way she and Rumi had come from just in time to see her pulling a wedgie out from the back of her costume. The young blonde had heard of Tetas’ powers and guessed she was still using slamex fabric for her costume. Many heroes with gigantification Quirks used that material, but it had a bad habit of running up in places. Mt. Lady avoided the problem by already having her costume running up her ass by design.


I could probably make her something better.’ Melissa thought idly as she and Rumi continued on. They rounded a corner and Melissa blinked her blue eyes as she heard something faint. It sounded almost like an animal, but Melissa couldn’t be sure. As they moved closer towards a plain gray-blue door, the sound grew more distinct.


“…oooOOOOH, OOOOOOH, AHHHH, HAHHH, D… DON’T STOOOOOP…!” she heard a woman’s voice calling out.


“Oh, sounds like she might be, um, busy…” Melissa said bashfully, blushing lightly at the sounds of pleasure coming from the other side of the door. She heard a soft SLAP SLAP SLAP sound coming from inside the office. MANAGER was written over a yellow plastic plaque that looked a little dinged up. Melissa figured it was left over from before Midnight had bought the building.


“Yeah, probably, come on!” said Rumi as she tried the door, finding it unlocked, she pushed the door inwards just as Midnight cried out again.


AHHHHH FUUUUUCK, SO BHIIIG!!!!” Midnight howled in pleasure.


Melissa quickly spotted the dark haired woman sitting in a plush looking office chair made of a deep red leather. She was practically naked, wearing an erotic varient of her heroine costume. Instead of an ultra-thin gray bodysuit with a bondage-esque harness over it, she had on just the harness, but now with the lower half missing. Her breasts and crotch were completely exposed. Sitting beneath her in the chair she spotted Uncle Might!


He was completely naked, and in his muscle form! Melissa felt her cheeks heating up at the sight of the biggest dick she’d ever seen in person! It was easily as thick as her thigh and as long as her leg. Midnight’s abdomen stretched and tented upwards every time All Might’s cock pushed up into her as he bounced her up and down on his cock. He held her legs in his thick arms, spreading them wide.


Melissa had heard that Uncle Might was doing better, his injuries from several years ago had been reversed by that girl some were calling the Quirk Messiah. Though One for All was no longer a part of him, he could at least hold his muscle form for long periods once again. It made for decent interviews which he still did, telling the story of One for All to people.


The young blonde felt her cheeks heating up as her eyes were drawn to the sight of All Might’s massive dick moving in and out of Midnight’s pussy. The thick rod was spreading the woman’s pink pussy lips so wide, Melissa wondered how it even fit!? She could see Midnight’s pussy juices running down the thick rod as All Might thrusted his cock up and down.


HAH, AHHH, HAH, YES, SO BHIG, CUMMING, I’M CUMMINGGGH…” Midnight moaned through clenched teeth as her blue eyes rolled back. She gripped at her own bare tits, pinching and twisting her own nipples as she panted hard. Drool slowly ran down the side of her chin, dripping down onto her naked breasts.


So big…’ Melissa thought, unable to look away, ‘I wonder how it feels? She looks so happy, could it really feel that good?


“Hur, hurr, huurrr… Mid… night…” groaned All Might.


NUUUUGH, NHOOO, DHON’T… DHON’T YOU DARE… STHOOOOP, FUUUUCK, AHH FUUUUCK, YES, HARDER, SLAM THAT BHIG HARD COCK INTO MEEEEEE… SHIIIT, I’M CUMMINGGGH, I’M CUMMINGH SO MUUUUCH!!!!” moaned Midnight as she continued moving up and down. Melissa watched as she pulled her left tit to her mouth and began swirling her tongue around it, thoroughly coating it before she wrapped her lips around it and began sucking it hard.


“Nnnmmmh…” Melissa moaned as she watched, clenching her thighs together as she felt a powerful heat between them.


“Hmmmmmh, I… I couldn’t…. Stop… If I wanted…” All Might groaned, “That, stuff… Young Hatsume made, has my dick so hard… It feels like it’s been injected with steel!” he said as he continued slamming his cock into the moaning woman.


YEAH, YEAH, COCK OF STEEEEEEL, FUUUCK, FEELS SO GOOD, MORE, AHHH, MMORE, FUCK ME HARDERRRR… SHIIIT, CUMMING, I CAN’T STOP CUMMING, MY PUSSY FEELS SO GOOD!!!” screamed Midnight. Beneath her, All Might groaned as he began slamming his cock into her even faster, his volleyball sized balls slapping up against her thighs.


Melissa made a soft sound as she crossed her legs and moved one hand between them to press against her crotch. Midnight looked so erotic she couldn’t help it as she began chewing her lower lip lightly.




HEY, NEMURI!!!!” Rumi suddenly yelled loud enough to be heard over Midnight. “Brought that girl I told you about!”


AHHH, HAHHH, AHHHH, AHHHH!! Ah, huh…?” Midnight panted and moaned as she finally noticed them. “Oh, ahhh, he… Helloooooooh!!!” she moaned as All Might continued bouncing her up and down on his dick.


“Uh, h… Hi.” Melissa said with a polite bow.


“Nmmmmmmh, uhnnnn, yeah… Soaaah… Ru…miiii… Rumi say’s… You’d like a jooooob…?” Midnight said.


Melissa nodded, “Yes… I uh, um… Rumi said…” Melissa stumbled over her words as she watched the dark haired woman continue to be bounced up and down on Uncle Might’s dick. She couldn’t stop looking at the way her stomach tented upwards every time she was lowered all the way down onto his cock. The way it made the other woman moan was only making Melissa even more aroused.


“Mel said she was looking for a way to unwind and I told her this is a good place to blow off some steam!” Rumi said, slapping her hand against the blonde’s back.


“MmmmmHMMMMmmm, I seeeeee….” Midnight said, still groping at her own tits, pulling both of them to her lips and twirling her tongue around them. “NMMMMMMH, AnnDD, RuMi sAys… YOU’rE qUIrklEssssss…?” asked Minight, “AHHH FUCK THAT FEELS GREAT, HARDER, HARDERRRRR…!” she then moaned as All Might began slamming her up and down faster. Midnight screamed again, her legs bobbing up and down at the knees. Her pussy then let out a powerful burst of fluids that splattered against both Melissa and Rumi’s faces.


Melissa moaned softly as she felt a dampness through the fabric of the khaki pants she had on. She glanced to her right to see Rumi use her thumb to wipe away the splash of fluids from her cheek, then licked her thumb lightly.


“That a problem, Nemuri?” she asked Midnight.


NhOOOOOO, nOt At Allll… AHHHH FUCK, CUMMINGGGGH!!! I… wAnt, tO shOw wE dhOn’t dIscrImInAtE hEEEErE!!!” moaned Midnight as she began rocking her hips, stirring All Might’s cock around inside herself. “AlsOOOOH, yOU’rE cUtEEE… YOU’rE hIrEd… Ahhhh FUUUUCK!!! FUCK FUCK FUCK, FUCK MEEEEEE!!!!! RUMIIIII, YOU… SHOOOOOW HER, AROOOOUND… CUMMING, I’M CUMMING CUMMING CUMMINGGGGHHHH!!!!


Rumi chuckled and slapped a hand against her back, “Come on, we can worry about the paperwork and crap later.” she told her.


Melissa nodded and followed Rumi out of the office. “I… I can’t believe Uncle Might was doing that…” Melissa muttered in the hall.


HAH! I don’t think he could have stopped babe, you heard him, he was on something Hatsume made, and it’s not like he didn’t know you were there, he was sweating bullets the moment he heard your voice.” said Rumi. “Don’t hold it against him, men need to blow off some steam every now and again too you know, that’s why Nemu-chan founded this place!”



“So, why this room?” Melissa asked Rumi as they walked out into what looked like a filthy bathroom with peeling wallpaper and graffiti all over the walls. Though there were no toilets to speak of, neither the common western style most places used, or the Japanese style squatting ones. The floor was tiled, and while it LOOKED filthy, when you looked close, the dirt and stains were all actually a part of the tile itself. The room was actually so clean you probably could eat off the floor. Melissa could smell bleach in the air along with fresh plaster. There were a number of holes in the wall of varying sizes. Rumi explained that they had a one way hologram on them, so no one could look through and see the girls in this room. Along the wall were several stalls, each housing two of the holes to the connecting room. What the reason was for the partitions Melissa couldn’t fathom.


“Meh, I figured it was good for a first timer, that’s all.” Rumi said. “You’re familiar with the whole glory hole thing right?” she asked.


“Yeah, I understand the concept at least, never actually been in one.” said Melissa as Rumi closed the door connecting to the hallway outside.


“Well it’s simple, the guy puts his junk through the hole here, and you do whatever you want to get him to blow his load.” Rumi explained crassly as she led Melissa over to a large hole in the wall. “You can stroke it, suck it, fuck it, whatever. Though with those beauties, you might wanna try giving a titty job first off.”


Melissa looked down at her new breasts. After her so-called interview, Rumi took Melissa to meet with Rie and explained how her Quirk could be used to augment the other girls here. The blonde girl was fascinated as Rie gave a quick demo on her own Quirk. Followed by enhancing Rumi’s tits until they were twice the size of her own head!


Seeing it in action, Melissa asked Rie if they could talk more later, “I’d like to do some scans if you’ll permit it.” she had told her, “I think the way your Quirk works might help me with a project I’ve been working on. In exchange, I might be able to make you a costume that doesn’t ride up so much.”


“You got a deal!” Rie said excitedly before offering to “boost” Melissa as she had Rumi. An offer the young blonde accepted. Now, Melissa’s breasts were easily four times as big as her head, with an ass to match them. Melissa didn’t really know why she’d chosen this size in particular, she’d really just done it on a whim.


Smiling at her new tits, Melissa gripped them in both her hands, cooing softly at the feel of her fingers sinking deep into the soft flesh. She and Rumi then both stripped down. The platinum haired bunny girl had offered to stay with her tonight and work the room with her. Melissa found her eyes moving up and down Rumi’s sexy body. Her skin was like a rich milk chocolate without a flaw to be found. She could see the lines on her bicep and calf where Melissa had fitted her prosthetic limbs. However, Melissa knew exactly where to look and what to look for. Any other person wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference.


Rumi spotted Melissa staring and grinned wickedly back at her, “See something you like?” she asked, turning to show off her ass, twitching her tail as she gave herself a spank. Melissa blushed mildly and went back to stripping herself down completely.


“So that project you mentioned to Rie, that’s that big girl dick thing I saw the other day?” Rumi asked.


Melissa nodded, “I’m close, but I’m still missing a few key details to perfecting it. Rie’s Quirk might hold the key to size control being a part of it.”


“So what, you mean like, you could make the damned thing as big or small as you want?” Rumi asked.


Melissa nodded and the rabbit-eared woman grinned again, “That could be fun!” she said, “Promise to let me have first crack at it when you get it working okay?”


The blonde smiled, “Deal.” she said. She then saw Rumi’s ears twitching.


“Looks like your first customer is on the way, want me to show you how it’s done, or you wanna dive in head first?” she asked.


“Best way to learn is to dive right in.” said Melissa. Rumi grinned at her as Melissa finally heard some approaching voices.


“Kacchan, I really don’t think…” Melissa heard Deku’s voice.


“Shut it Deku, you need to fucking get over it already.” said a voice she recognized as Bakugo’s. He still sounded angry at everything, “If you’re gonna call or text her, just get it over with already!” Melissa wondered what they were talking about when she heard Bakugo speaking again.


“Fuck, this place looks like a dump.” the blonde said.


“I think that’s the point…” said Deku.


“Yeah whatever, people are fucking weird.” Bakugo said, “Hado wanted us to use these dumb holes right?”


“She said that they needed a trial run.” Deku replied.


“Must mean new girls or something,” said Bakugo before he let out a frustrated sigh, “Whatever, I hope they know what they’re doing.” he grumbled.


Melissa heard the sounds of belts coming undone along with a zipper being pulled down. A few feet away from her, she saw a fairly large cock slide through the hole near where Rumi stood. It wasn’t even half hard, but still Melissa was impressed.


Rumi wasted no time as she grabbed a hold of Bakugo’s cock, pulling it up towards her mouth as she leaned down. She parted her lips wide as she easily swallowed down the young man’s cock!


“Hmmmhmmmph…” Rumi moaned softly in pleasure as she began slurping and sucking at his cock through the hole. Melissa could hear Bakugo groaning softly as his cock steadily grew thicker and longer. Rumi’s neck bulged from the sheer girth of Bakugo’s cock as she took it deep into her throat.


HMMMMMMPH… MMMMMPH, GUMMMMPH… SLUUUURP…” Melissa watched as Rumi worked, sucking that cock like it was perfectly natural. She looked over at Melissa with her ruby colored eyes, clearly getting off on having the blonde watching her work. She then lifted up a hand and pointed to the spot next to Melissa. The blonde girl turned and gasped at the sight of the biggest dick she’d ever seen now sticking through the hole! She could tell from the green pubic hairs that it was Deku’s.


Holy crap!’ thought Melissa, ‘That’s as thick as my leg!


GUUUUMMMMMPH!” Rumi gagged loudly around Bakugo’s cock, reminding Melissa of why she was here.


Right!’ she thought, steeling her nerves as she grabbed hold of both her breasts and moved to press them around Deku’s dick. She felt him tensing slightly when she did, but he quickly relaxed as she began rubbing his cock up and down with her soft and heavy tits. The strong manly scent of his cock clung to the inside of her nose, making Melissa feel more than a little dizzy. Add to that his dick was still getting bigger as she worked was almost enough to make her pass out!


HMMMMPH, GUG, MMMMPH, GUH, MMMMMMMPH, SLUUUUURP…” Melissa listened as Rumi worked next to her, her mouth making lewd wet noises as she took the blonde man’s cock down her throat again and again. When Melissa looked over at her, Rumi had the most erotic expression on her face as she took his cock all the way into her mouth!


MMMMMMHMMMMMMPH!!!” she moaned from deep in her throat and Melissa could hear Bakugo groaning on the other side of the wall.


For reasons she couldn’t put into words, Melissa felt a sudden need to compete with the platinum haired heroine as she moved to press her tits around Deku’s cock harder. She pushed aside the shock she felt at his raw size as she began rubbing her tits up and down now. The room was slightly humid now, making her new tits get a little sweaty, but that only made it easier to slide them up and down the huge length! Melissa could smell the musk coming from between Rumi’s thighs as the bunny hero continued. She chanced a glance over at her and saw that she was squatting down slightly, her legs wide and both hands on her pussy as she rocked herself back and forth.


AGUH GUG, GUH, GUH, GUGH, GUG, GUH, GUH GGUH…” she gagged rapidly as she continued to move, her juices running so heavily they dripped off her fingers now, making the room reek of sex.


Not about to be outdone, Melissa leaned her head forward, licking her tongue along the underside of the cock in front of her. She felt Deku shuddering through his cock and took that as a good sign. Having been a college student, Melissa was no stranger to a blow job, though this was the first time she’d tried it with something so big! She worked her jaw open and closed several times as she let go of her breasts and moved to grab Deku’s cock with both hands!


So thick…!’ she thought, unable to close both her hands around his cock as she opened her mouth wide.


HUUUGGGGMMMMMMPH…!” Melissa choked and gagged hard as she took the top few inches of Izuku’s cock into her mouth. Her jaw felt as though it were going to unhinge, and she could barely breathe, but somehow, she managed it! “HUGUUUMMMPH, HMMMMMPH, AGUG, MMMMMMMPH, GUH, MMMMMMMPH…!” she gagged as she began moving her entire body back and forth, slowly taking his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth.


“Oooh, ahhh…” she heard Deku groaning through the wall and she smiled inwardly, moving her body faster. The strain on her jaw was almost painful, but she pushed through it with some effort, feeling her neck bulging from the sheer girth of the cock moving through her throat. She let herself drool openly, making Deku’s cock more slick and slippery and thus easier to move her mouth around.


HMMMMMPH, MMMMMMPH, MMMMMMPH, MMMMMMMPH…” Melissa moaned, looking down at Deku’s cock as it glistened in the fluorescent lighting overhead. She heard him groaning again and Melissa found herself smiling as she wondered how his face would look if he knew who it was servicing his big dick. Deku was a great friend, and someone she both respected and admired. When she learned of his story with the rest of the world, that admiration only grew!


AHMMMMMPH, HMMMMMPH, GUMMMMMPH GUG, MMMMMPH…!” Melissa moaned, moving her body faster now, enjoying the fact that SHE was the one doing this to her friend! Her pussy was already hot and damp, juices running down her thighs. She thought back on earlier, when she saw Midnight bouncing up and down on Uncle Might’s huge dick, the way she almost felt jealous of the dark haired woman, taking in something so big, and thick. Now, here she was, working her mouth around something just as big!


AGUMMMPN, HMMMPH, MMMMMPH!” she moaned, slurping her mouth against his cock now as she felt her thick drool running down her chin.


Next to her, she heard Rumi gasping as she pulled her mouth free, “Mmmmmhmm, still impressive you dumb punk!” she muttered quietly as she stood up and reached her arms up to grab a pair of hand holds bolted into the wall. She then pulled herself up, squatting against the wall itself as she moved one hand to grab Bakugo’s dick and shoved it into her pussy with a wet squishing sound!


MMMMMMMH YEAAAAAH, THAT’S IIIIIT…!” she moaned in a deep tone as she took every inch of his cock into herself in a single go!


Melissa knitted her eyebrows and narrowed her eyes, she wasn’t gonna let herself be outdone! She suddenly pulled her mouth free, wiping her chin clean as she moved to turn around, leaning her body against the opposing wall of the stall. It was awkward in the confined space, but she was able to move Deku’s cock to press against her asshole. She then looked over at Rumi with a smug expression as she bucked herself back, shoving Deku’s cock up her ass! It was still slick with her drool, making it slide inside easily. Melissa bent herself forwards, leaning against the wall for support as she chewed on her lower lip, her eyes crossing slightly as she let out a low, deep moan!


It was so THICK! How she managed it on the first try, Melissa didn’t know, but she could already feel herself cumming! Her pussy let out a burst of juices with a PSSH sound, soaking the wall behind her as she began rocking herself back and forth.


HMMMMMMMMMH…” Melissa moaned as she moved, the feel of her asshole being spread so wide was almost more than she could take, but it also felt so amazingly good! She began rolling her hips with her motions, feeling Deku’s cock moving around inside her as she moaned in pleasure.


HOH YEAH, THAT’S IT… AHHH FUUUCK…” Rumi moaned next to her as she bounced herself up and down on Bakugo’s cock, “YEEEEEAH, HMMMMM, FUCK, FUCK THE BUNNYYYY…” she hissed in pleasure.


NMMMMMMMMH!!!” Melissa moaned next to her friend, pushing her ass back against Deku’s cock faster and faster. “CUMMINGGGGGH…!” she moaned, her pussy already leaving a real stain on the walls of the stall.


AHHH HAAAH AHHHH FUUUUCK!!!” Rumi screamed, her pussy suddenly gushing a thick wad of cum out as she made Bakugo pop his load inside her. She pulled herself up and off of the youth’s thick cock and then made a plaintive noise when his dick pulled back through the hole.


“Ahh boo, I don’t have Cassie here to keep ‘em going!” she muttered.


“Casssssiie…?” Melissa moaned, still rocking her body back and forth, her ass slamming against the wall again and again.


“I’ll tell you later,” said Rumi, “Oh before I forget I should warn you…” Rumi began, but she stopped mid-sentence as Melissa suddenly felt an immense feeling of FULLNESS in her stomach as Deku groaned loudly behind her! Hot, thick, and sticky cum flowed into her ass with such force it almost knocked her off his length.


“Ooooh…” Melissa groaned as she felt his cum pour into her seemingly without end! “OOOOOOOOPH…!” she moaned as the feeling of fullness only got worse with every passing second!


“Yeeeeah, he cums a lot…” Rumi said apologetically.


Melissa groaned and felt her stomach rumbling in protest before the flow finally let up and Deku withdrew his cock. The cum in her ass then flowed back out with a disgusting noise as Melissa moaned in orgasm once again, falling down onto her knees on the now soaking wet floor.


“You okay?” Rumi asked.


“I’m good…” Melissa said weakly, “I just… Need a minute…” she gasped as she felt her asshole actually gaping enough that when the air conditioner turned on, she actually felt a chill inside her ass. “Wooow… I almost feel bad for Ochaco…” said Melissa.


“Hmm? The gravity girl?” asked Rumi, “I thought it was Momo that had the hots for him.”


Melissa blinked her blue eyes, “Huh?” she asked. Rumi looked back at her with an equally confused expression.


“Come on, I’ll buy you a drink and we can swap info.” said the bunny girl.


“What about the room?” Melissa asked, looking around at the mess surrounding her.


“We don’t gotta clean it, come on, I need a beer!” Rumi said with a grin, helping Melissa to her feet.



Story by Sailor Io

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2 years ago

Fuck! Well done! Very well done!👏

Looks like Melissa is going to really fit in here just fine, thanks in no small part to Mirko. Not only that, she took that dick quite well, especially in her ass! Nicely done with that one.

Plus I like how Rie was used here too, as well Midnight getting some action in too, and even All Might of all people!

Lastly, Izuku still hasn’t spoken to Momo yet?! Not even a phone call or text message?? I hope he actually does something about it sooner rather than later.

Overall, I very much liked it. Nice job. 👏

2 years ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Be sure to check out this Saturday’s episode! I’m rather proud of how it turned out. People who can’t wait can read the next TWO chapters on my patreon right now!

2 years ago

Habrá capitulo este sábado?

2 years ago
Reply to  Soldadorayan


Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
2 years ago

11/10! Right of the gate, I absolutely respect the hell out of you for including both Bakugo and Mirko in this chapter (in really important roles no less), despite neither being in the actual artwork. Must have been quite the extra work instead of just going only with Melissa and Midoriya. Melissa’s introduction to the club was handled really nicely, although I think that them meeting Tetas twice is a bit of a missed opportunity. Why not let them meet another girl that hasn’t had much time to shine so far at the beginning instead if they meet Tetas later anyways? Still, I ain’t gonna complain. Their meeting with Midnight and thereby All Might was brilliant and I liked how the two kept fucking even during the “interview”. The actual sex between Melissa/Midoriya and Mirko/Bakugo was brilliantly executed and I like how Melissa kinda sees Mirko as a rival during sex. I wonder if she’ll find out that this bunny is better not messed with XD.

Nothing more to say.

P.S. Something that I forgot to mention in the last chapter was the fact that Bakugo reminded Midoriya of his “dumbness” regarding the fact that he could have just texted Momo to meet her. I’m really glad that you brought it up.

2 years ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

I like Tetas, especially since her designer praised what I’ve done with her. I have Horie’s blessing to write her the way I have been. She even liked the forename I gave the character. So I try to use her as much as I can.

Hehe, Melissa I was writing as someone that throws herself into something. She’s not as bad as Mei though when it comes to designing new things. Melissa is all about function over form while Mei is the opposite to a degree. Which is why her stuff tends to go awry a lot.

As for the bit with Deku being told to text her. That was pointed out to me before, so I decided to address that.

2 years ago

Would it be possible to Mineta bang Momo, Mirko, Mitsuki, Melissa, and/or Midnight in one of the next chapters?

2 years ago
Reply to  Dan

Mineta will be in an upcoming chapter, but his imagery appearances will be strictly limited.

2 years ago

Why does Melissa feel bad for Uraraka?

2 years ago
Reply to  Whitis

She knows how Ochaco feels for Deku

2 years ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Wait does that mean she feels bad for Ochaco because she herself is beginning to develop feelings for izuku.

2 years ago
Reply to  Whitis


2 years ago

First and foremost glad to see All Might actually show up in the story and getting some action himself. Always thought the former no 1 hero would also be drowning in pussy like his protege does even in his nerfed form. Seeing Melissa get horny watching him gave me the thought of them getting a chapter together. Hell maybe throw Deku in there too for some DP action. (Though I do hope she mainly goes the futa route and fucks other girls too)

Sorta wish Mirko was in the pic as well but I’m sure Melissa was supposed to be the main focus so I guess it’s fine. Atlease Bakugou was thrown in there too which is good.

2 years ago
Reply to  souljamantwn

Actually, Melissa was meant to be seen as getting horny from watching Midnight there. I really loved the idea of a woman getting fucked while trying to do some mundane task like conducting an interview for a job. It was fun to write.

2 years ago

Finally, I’ve been waiting for a gloryhole scene in your mha series for awhile. I love em

2 years ago
Reply to  Pebbles

Thanks. They aren’t easy to do, believe me.

2 years ago

Love it but when it is Tsuyu/Izuku turn?

2 years ago
Reply to  N0bod4

When I get a pic featuring her or both of them.

2 years ago

Buen capitulo me gusto espero que ya podamos ver pronto que pasa con Deku y Momo y tambien tengo la espina de que por lo que dijo Melisa al final de que se sentia mal por Uraraka al tomar antes a Deku me hace pensar que pronto vamos a ver la perspectiva de Uraraka pronto digo no creo que ella no se valla quedar callada

2 years ago
Reply to  AL-720

Melissa has an inkling as to how Ochaco feels about Deku. In this series, I’m going with the bit where she pushed those feelings deep down so as not to hinder his hero development. But I do plan for things to get interesting soon in her department. That bit I did with her a while back about showing off her dancing privately, that wasn’t just a throw away line.

2 years ago
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ohhh una frase con mas de un significado eso si que es interesnate y para nada sospechoso *Giño de ojo*