Megumi’s Meat Handling

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Megumi Tadokoro was nervous! Standing in the kitchen of the Busteez Restaurant and Brothel, she fought the urge to write the kanji for MAN on her palm and swallow it. She’d come a long way from her First Year status, when she was just one failing grade from being expelled. Now, she was in her second year, and had a seat on the Council of Ten.


Never, not even in her wildest dreams, had she thought that something like that would happen. She never even really wanted a seat on the council, things just sort of happened that way. Now, in her position as the #10 seat, Megumi had volunteered to help Erina in her long term Shokugeki against some second year Transfer Student named Sara Reed. Transfers were rare enough even for first years, second years were nearly unheard of. But somehow she’d managed it. But the moment Sara’s transfer was approved, she challenged Erina to one of the rarest forms of Shokugeki. Rarer even than the Regimental Shokugeki.


The challenge was to take a failing or failed business and turn it into a five star establishment. The challenge was so rare, Megumi discovered, that in the 91 year history of Totsuki Academy, it had only been held three times! Sara had challenged Erina for her position as the Director of Totsuki. Megumi didn’t know why Erina accepted, but now here she was! Standing in the kitchen dressed in a sailor schoolgirl uniform with a skirt that was ten centimeters too short, Megumi watched as Soma cut off the tiniest slice of tofu meat she’d ever seen.


“And uhhh, you’re sure this’ll work like you said? I mean, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want them bigger, but there is such a thing as too big!” Megumi said.


“With this stuff, nothing’s 100% certain, but thanks to a little trial and error with Alice and her mother, we think we have the size to portion ratio figured out.” explained Soma. “The bigger the bite you take, the larger the swelling,” he told her, “So a smaller bite like this, a single square centimeter shouldn’t have such insane results. But Megumi, you know you don’t have to do this, right?”


Megumi managed not to blush as she put on a brave face, “I know, but I want to help Erina! We’ve all been through too much together to let her lose at something like this. If not for her help, all of us would have been expelled and Central would be running the academy.”


Soma nodded to her, “Alright, so long as you’re sure.” he said as he held out the plate he’d placed the tiny cooked cube on. Taking a pair of chopsticks, Megumi easily plucked up the bite of food and ate it. Ikumi, Erina, and Alice were all right, had she not known better, Megumi would swear she was eating a morsel of extremely high quality meat!


At first, Megumi didn’t feel anything. She’d read about allergies many times in the middle school courses. From what she knew, she should be feeling the effects almost instantly. But so far nothing. It was the second weekend of their Soft Opening, Erina was doing several short weekend openings for a handful of exclusive guests. The first one had gone well, the guests had even used those, what did Leda call them? Glory Holes! Ikumi and Alice had been a little upset to learn it was the two guests that had come that night, but both men left with smiles.


“Yo, anyone back here?” called Leda’s voice as the brunette burst through the doors with a smile. She was dressed in her usual attire of a pair of extremely short shorts, a tanktop that left most of the undersides of her breasts exposed, and a light leather jacket. When she spotted Soma and Megumi, she smiled and gave a friendly wave, “Yo!”


“Hi Leda, have the guests arrived?” Soma asked.


The brunette nodded, “Yep, Erina’s playing hostess right now, I came to see if Country Mouse here was ready.” she said with a grin, then raised her eyebrows, “And from the look of those sweet jublies, you are! I guess the stuff works now eh?”


Megumi blinked, then looked down at herself. “Eh? EHHHH!?” she exclaimed as she saw a deep cleavage extending out from her chest. Her once barely average breasts had quadrupled in size! Now each one was easily the same size as her head.


Walking over, Leda grabbed both of Megumi’s big soft tits, hefting them in her hands and kneading them like bread dough. “Not bad, they totally feel natural, not swollen or like implants at all! Maybe I should give that faux-meat stuff a try. Though you know, we really need a better name for the stuff.”


“Ummm, could you stop that, please…?” Megumi asked, blushing a deep crimson as Leda continued to fondle her.


“Hmm? Oh come on, don’t be so old fashioned!” Leda said with a grin, giving her breasts another firm squeeze. Megumi suppressed a moan at the sensitivity in her new tits. She’d heard about it from Ikumi, and from Soma when it came to Alice’s mother, but still…


She hadn’t even noticed her breasts growing, but she DEFINITELY felt the tingling heat now building in her body. She’d heard of an aphrodisiac before, even heard tale of what it could do. But to feel it herself… Megumi’s pussy was tingling like never before! Like a thousand tiny fingers were teasing her in all the places she liked to be touched. Leda’s getting all handsy hadn’t helped either. Just feeling her breasts being squeezed like that alone was almost enough to make her cum right there! Even now, she was using all of her willpower not to start masturbating right here in the kitchen!


“Well, anyway, you’d best head out there,” Leda said, “Erina’ll want you to do your best waitressing.”



Two hours later, Megumi sat on Osaji Kita’s lap as he finished eating his appetizer. He’d ordered the house Specialty of Time Fuse: Brazen Youngster-Style Primeval Meat. Mr. Kita had been a presiding judge for several Shokugekis, Megumi remembered him mainly from the Fall Elections her first year.


He’d said he wanted to sample the dish that had brought Central to Heel. Megumi was acting both as waitress and as hostess while Erina was in the kitchen making her specialty with Soma. Up next was the main dish, Le Plat Véritable ~Delinquent Daughter Style~.


Osaji patted his stomach as he set down the bone prop Soma’s specialty was served with, “Ahhh, I must admit, that is a very unusual appetizer, it’s filling enough to be a main entree, but still, I can’t deny it is something that would bring Azumi to his knees.”


“Mmmmmhmmmm, Soma really worried all of us at first.” said Megumi as she shifted her ass in Osaji’s lap. Her pussy was aching now, even the feel of the saucy white panties she had on rubbing against it was driving her wild! She could barely think as Leda’s lessons from when they first began echoed in her mind.


Sex isn’t nearly as sacred as people make it out to be. First thing you girls gotta do is ditch those antiquated values. Virgin’s are only good for one thing, sacrifices. So unless you’re planning to marry an Arabian Prince, it doesn’t matter.’ she had told them, ‘All of you can still get married after this, believe it or not, most guys don’t like getting with virgins. It’s kinda messy, and they get put off when you flinch once they pop it in! In all honesty, it doesn’t hurt all that much, and if you’re really into it, the pain is all gone in no time.


Leda was a career prostitute, but to Megumi, she was like Coach Shinomiya! Showing her everything she needed to know to help Erina. She’d spent the last week teaching her all kinds of moves. Most of which made Megumi blush just thinking about, but they were serving her well right now as she saw the way Osaji was staring at her cleavage!


“Hmmmmmmh…” Megumi moaned softly as the old man’s hand moved to stroke her inner thigh gently, sending tingles throughout her entire body. She felt her cheeks heating up, but not from embarrassment.


“Ohho, you like that?” he asked.


“Mmmmh, mmmhmmm…” Megumi moaned nervously. As Leda has said, the whole inexperienced bit seemed only to encourage him as he looked at her with open lust.


“Sorry to keep you waiting.” said Erina’s voice as she came back from the kitchen. “I trust Megumi has been keeping you entertained?”


“Quite,” Osaji said, “In fact Madam Nakiri, I’d like to upgrade things to a full package tonight.”


“I thought you might, so I had a room prepared for you.” said Erina as she set a plate down on the table in front of them. “Please, enjoy.” she said as she cast a sidelong glance at Megumi. The blue haired girl could practically hear Erina’s unasked question; ‘You ready?’


Megumi looked back at her with an expression that was easily read. ‘Yes!’



Half an hour later, Megumi slowly stripped out of her schoolgirl uniform in one of the VIP rooms inside the restaurant. There were several smaller rooms like this behind the main stage area. It was kind of like a Love Hotel, though the apartment upstairs was the only one set up for someone to actually live in. This room however was set up like some Highschool Girl’s room out of some shoujo manga, with pink walls and blue tatami mat floors.


Standing across from her, already stripped out of his clothes was Osaji Kita. His pot belly hung over his rather large cock as he breathed heavily while watching Megumi undress. His eyes leered at her while his thick cock jounced up and down. Leda had told her about this kind of situation as well.


Some guys’ real perv faces come out in the bedroom. If that’s gonna bug you, you really oughta back out now. Personally it doesn’t bother me in the slightest, it just means the guy finds me so hot he can’t hold back. So it’s a form of flattery.’ she had said.


Stripping out of her sailor uniform top, Megumi felt her newly enlarged breasts jiggle and bounce free. It was a new and welcome sensation for her. Her breasts felt so full and heavy, and they were so sensitive now, she hadn’t realized it until she took her shirt off. The feel of the fabric rubbing against her nipples with her every movement was keeping her in a near constant state of arousal. It actually made it easier for her to play the slutty schoolgirl persona her outfit invoked.


Wasting no time on wordplay, Megumi stripped off her panties last and threw them aside before dropping down onto her knees. Kneeling in front of Osaji, she reached her hands up to grip the man’s thick cock. She marveled at how hard it felt to the touch as she leaned her face in close. A harsh musky odor hit her nose, but instead of being sickened, Megumi was amazed to find that the smell was turning her on!


“Ahhhn… So big…” she breathed as she began kissing the old man’s cock all over, her blue lipstick leaving perfect marks all over his length before she opened her mouth wide to swallow the thick length down. “HMMMMMMPH…!” she moaned at the feel of it in her mouth. Much like Sadatsuka’s cooking, it stunk, but tasted delicious! Megumi was instantly enthralled by it as she began taking his length farther into her mouth. Her jaw ached from the thickness as she began moving her head back and forth slowly. ‘Ahhhh, this stink, this is a man’s smell, it fills my nose with every breath, but the more I take it in, the more my pussy feels like it’s going insane! Ahhhn, I just wanna suck it more and more, I… I can’t stop…!


“Ohhh yes, that’s a good girl, oooooh, such a hot slutty little mouth!” Osaji groaned, looking down at her lewdly. Megumi felt dirty, degraded, and disgraced. But she loved it! Those feelings only served to make her even more aroused as her pussy began dripping an almost constant trickle of hot and heady smelling fluids.




“You like that, country girl?! Then have some more!” Osaji said, grabbing her braided pigtails and pulling on them like handlebars. His cock forced its way down her throat as Megumi made a strangled gurgling sound, her eyes rolling back in her head as tears ran down her cheeks.


HMMMMMMHMMMMMMPH!!!!” Megumi gagged and moaned around his cock as she felt her entire body twinging in pleasure. She distantly remembered another of Leda’s lectures at the dorm.


When you’re sucking off a guy, making sure not to bite is obvious, but more important is when you choke. You guys know about the gag reflex and all that I’m sure, but it also can serve to tell you you’re doing it right. The more you choke, the better you’re making him feel, and if you’re REALLY doing it right, then you’ll get off on it too!


HAAAAGUH, AGUH GUG, GUHMMMMPH, HMMMPH GUG, HMMMMPH!!!” Megumi gagged and moaned as her pussy sprayed over and over. She wasn’t even touching herself, but she was cumming, she was actually cumming with just her mouth! ‘Ahhh, Leda, you were right, ahhh, this feels so good in my mouth, I just wanna get it in me more!’ she thought as Osaji slammed his cock in and out of her mouth over and over. Megumi had stopped even trying to move as she just moaned deep in her throat!


AGOUH, GUG, GUMMMPH, HMMMMMPH!!!” she continued to gag as she felt herself getting light headed, ‘Ahhhh, this is so guud, I… I don’t know how much longer I can go on!’ she thought through the fog settling over her brain.


HOUGH GWAAH, AHHH, HAH, AHHH, HAHH…” Megumi gasped suddenly as Osaji pulled his cock out, allowing rich sweet air to fill her lungs again! Her head cleared surprisingly quickly as he pulled her up to her feet and whirled her around, his fat cock slapping between the cheeks of her ass.


Ahhhn, this is it, it’s gonna go in, it’s not how I pictured it but…’ she thought as the old man pulled back. “HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!” she squealed as she felt that same thick cock slamming up her asshole! “THAT’S NOT MY PUSSY!!!!” she cried as the huge cock stretched her asshole wide. “HAAH, AHHHH, SO THIIIIICK, AHHH, I… I CAN’T… OH GAWD, MY ASS IS FULLER THAN A PIG BEFORE SLAUGHTER…!” she moaned, her country twag seeping into her words. She had such a good handle on it normally, but she was so surprised by the sudden intensity of it that she couldn’t help it.


“Hahah, you like that, country girl!?” Osaji asked, slamming his cock in and out of her ass, “Like having my fat dick spearing you like one of those monkfish you made for us?” he asked her.


AHHWAHWAH, IT’S SO THIIIICK, MUH ASS FEELS LIKE IT’S BEING SPLIT LIKE A LOG IN WINTER, I… I CAN’T… IT FEELS SO GOOD, MUH ASS, MY ASS FEELS SO DARNED GOOOOD!! AHHHNN, I CANNAE THIIIINK….!” Megumi moaned, her accent getting thicker with every thrust as the fat man grabbed her thigh and pulled her leg up high. Her pussy gushed and gushed every time she felt his cock slamming into her all the way. Megumi felt her heavy tits swaying back and forth with the force of his thrusts as she moaned, her pussy squirting over and over as she came again and again.




“Yeah, ahhh, so tiiiight, hur, urr, huuurrr… Ah fuuuuck…!” Osaji groaned as Megumi felt a sudden thick wet warmth in her belly. He then pulled back and out of her, his cock making a SHLOOP sound as it withdrew. Megumi fell forward and onto the bed as the fat man wiped at his forehead with a handkerchief. “Ahhh, hah, ahhh… Yes… Mmmmh, not bad at all…” he said as he began gathering his clothes. Megumi sat on the edge of the bed while he got dressed again before walking out of the room.


Megumi didn’t know how long she sat on the side of the bed, only that it was several long minutes before she had the strength to move again. “Wow… I… I didn’t…” she said, not able to form a proper sentence just yet. She never imagined her first time would be anal. It hadn’t really hurt, and that surprised her, could it be another side effect of the tofu? When her legs finally stopped feeling like rubber she got up and managed to put on a plain white robe that was in the closet of the room. She wanted to go take a quick shower before reporting back to Erina to see how things went overall.


“Megumi!” shouted the voice of Yuki Yoshino as she appeared on the other side of the door.


“Huh, Yuki?” Megumi asked as the petite girl grabbed both her hands.


“Are you alright!? I saw the whole thing on the monitor, that jerk judge, how dare he go in like that!?” Yuki said, “Does it hurt at all, you need to lie down?” she asked in a rush.


“Huh, wait, how did…?” she stammered again.


Yuki pointed to what Megumi thought was a smoke detector on the wall, “All the rooms are monitored for the safety of the girls. We all watched from Erina’s office.”


“Huh, EEEEEEEH, you, you mean, everyone saw that!?” she asked. When Yuki nodded, Megumi felt all the blood draining from her face as she turned as white as a sheet. ‘That means Soma saw me acting like such a… A whore…’ she thought as she tottered back and forth before falling down to the floor. ‘So much for saying it was no big deal later…’ she thought as Yuki cradled her in her arms.


MEGUMIIIIIIIII!” she cried out loudly.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago

Nice chapter! Megumi’s inclusion into the story was done pretty great (as to be expected) and the sex she had with the Ugly Bastard was fantastic. I like that the Ugly Bastard was an actual named character and not just some random guy. It made the sex scene feel much more intense and dare I say nasty (in the best possible way). Love the ending where everyone watched Megumi getting absolutely fucked by her partner and her reaction to it.

Great chapter for the first completely new SnS artwork in this series!

1 year ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Well, when I saw the male was UB theme, I remembered one of the judges in the series fit the role. I’ve been rewatching it a lot lately as research. So I used him to do the story around. And the over dramatic name crying is a gag I wish they used more in the anime, it was a riot.

1 year ago

Love this chapter and Leda´s project with Megumi worked perfectly. Like this lewd side of Megumi and how she looks post growth. Really sexy boobs and thicc thighs. When Megumi finds a teacher, she really shines and maybe Leda can work with her on stage or with Rindo (both of them with the meat will exhaust the clients).
Yuki and Megumi friendship and the last part was just like the anime. Yuki must be waiting her turn.

1 year ago
Reply to  Shadowdragon

Leda is more than just an agent of chaos as some called her. She’s the wise sage who gives them the knowledge they need to succeed, like what Erina did in Third Plate.

Yeah, Yuki wants a bite of that faux meat. I’m really looking forward to using some of the other irls, including a certain witch with a penchant for foul smelling foods.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Yes, if Jiraiya is the pervy sage maybe Leda can be the lewd sage for the girls. Soma should be careful with the portions because megumi can jump into him to practice her skills.
If that witch taste the meat, Hisako should be really worry that she can be her test subject. And nice to see other girls like her, Yuki, Nene or maybe Hojo.
Great work 10/10 this chapter

1 year ago

I hope Souma has a special and strange reaction to the growth food compared to most males where his cock and balls become the equivalent to Leonora’s breasts and his cock and ball become so big they’re terrifying to the point people think he’s considered TOO big. Also that the growth food lowers his inhibitions and makes him less dense and more perverted.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mitchkin

That depends entirely on the images I get. Soma still has to wake up to the fact that he has at least three girls that LIKE him as more than a friend. At least one has declared her intentions, though he was completely clueless as well.

1 year ago

I hope Souma has multiple people in love with him, that they what his affection.

1 year ago
Reply to  Whitis

Cannonically, he has three already. One Tsundere, one Moe, and I don’t know what trope Nikumi is meant to be.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

She’s a Tsundere.