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Glory Hole Training

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“So, why am I in here again?” Alice Nakiri asked as she stepped into the large room. She was sure the place had a name, but she wasn’t an expert in the perverse, so she had no idea what it was.


“Because it was YOUR stupid faux meat that did this to Erina and me!” Ikumi answered her.


“Huh!?” Alice replied, “Hey, I already apologized for that! And besides, you’re still walking around with those giant sweater puppies!” she said with a pout, pointing at Ikumi’s naked tits.


“Hmmm, is that jealousy I hear, huh, Himedere-chaaaan?” Ikumi asked with a smug smile as she tensed her pectoral muscles, making her massive tits jiggle and bounce.


“Hmmmmmmm! Now don’t YOU start calling me that, it’s bad enough that professional Harlot started saying it.” Alice shot back.

“Ouch, harlot’s a little much don’t you think, Himedere-chan?” asked Leda Kino as she walked into the room as well, “I prefer Callgirl, or Escort. They sound so much more professional. Hell, even Whore would work, at least that refers to this line of work. A harlot is a loose woman who would screw anyone just for the sake of it because she loves sex so much.”


Ikumi blinked as Leda walked into the room casually, completely at ease with her own nudity. Being in a bath was one thing, but this place somehow left the blonde feeling a lot more exposed. The room itself was fairly nice. It was set up almost like a bath, though there were no tubs anywhere to be found. The walls and floor were covered with elaborate tile work, and a number of towels hung on bars placed at regular intervals. Thankfully the floor was heated, so at least Ikumi’s feet weren’t freezing.


It was the day of Busteez’s soft opening. Ikumi could hear loud music thrumming through the walls from the massive speaker system set up in the main area. By now Ryoko or Rindo would be doing their dance routines on stage. Erina would be showing the invited guests, no clients to their tables. Leda had put her in touch with a number of high enders who could spread the word about this place in the world of Brothel Restaurants. All the girls had drawn lots on what jobs they’d be doing.


Ikumi had pulled the room Leda had said would be most likely not used much at first. It was the rooms where the girls working the “Glory Holes” would be stationed. Before Alice could even try to draw for herself, Ikumi had told her she was coming along as well as punishment for getting them mixed up with that funky soy meat.


She threw one of her usual tantrums and that’s when Leda began calling her Himedere-chan. Leda then volunteered to take the third spot in the Glory Hole room to act as coach for them. Right now there were only three “Glory Holes” that could be used. Which was fine as the room was barely large enough for four people to begin with.


“I wonder how Soma is doing?” Ikumi wondered aloud.


“Jeez, Nikumi, if you wanted to work with him you shoulda just said so!” Alice yelled at her, “Anyone working kitchen detail wouldn’t have to do this stuff.”


“You just want a chance to try and make that soy junk of yours work!” Ikumi said back to the pale skinned girl, “And don’t call me Nikumi!”


Alice just stuck her tongue out as Leda moved to lean against one wall next to one of the “holes” that connected with the next room. “We opened up what, about an hour or so ago?” Leda asked, “Given how fast I’ve seen him work, him and that Akira guy are probably done with the meals by now. I’d wager everyone’s eating while getting blown by Tsundere-ojousama and that Country Mouse girl.”


“Her name is Megumi!” Ikumi shouted at the brunette.


Leda ignored her, then placed her hand against the tiled wall and closed her eyes, “Hmmm, this is Ryuu-onna’s song, so she’s dancing now.”


“Who?” Alice asked, blinking her ruby red eyes and tilting her head.


“Chef Rindo.” Ikumi answered, “And how can you tell? All I hear is the base from the speakers.”


“Like I said, I’ve worked at plenty of places like this, you’ll pick it up too after long enough, the subtle changes in the pulse of the base to tell you what’s being played.” Leda explained, “I remember Ryuu-onna picked this song to dance to when she was going through the music library.”


“So, you really don’t think anyone’s gonna be popping through these?” Alice asked, rapping her knuckles against the edge of one hole.


“No client is, no.” Leda said, “Glory holes are mainly for when the main list of girls are all booked up and a guy is just looking to blow off a quick load. On a quiet night like this, with fewer clients than girls, this is just a good place to grab a smoke.”


“No offence Leda, but you really seem to know a lot about this business, but you don’t look all that older than us. Just how long have you been doing this kind of thing?” Alice asked.


“Hmm? You wanna hear my tragic backstory now? Sorry, don’t got one. My mom was just one of the first ones to open up shop when the law passed. I learned everything from her, that’s it.” Leda said with a shrug.


“Wait, then were you… I mean like, since you were little…” Ikumi ventured, not sure she wanted to know.


“Naaaah, I first started when I was about nineteen or so. I wanted to buy my own car, and this was the fastest way to make that kind of cash in a short amount of time. The little Country Mouse is REAAAALLY gonna clean up, guys just LOVE that whole inexperienced routine!” Leda said with a grin.


“So uh, just what do we need to do if some guy does put his thing through there?” Alice asked.


“Eh, that’s up to you mainly. Blowjob is the most common, but you can use your hands, your tits, whatever. Honestly it’s a lot easier than it looks. This spot is where you go when you’re feeling lazy. Now the bedroom is where you gotta get creative when you’re not playing the first timer.” Leda explained, “You girls should watch some American porn, the kind without the blurred out bits. Though there’s some hentai anime that might help if your English isn’t up to par.”


“Hang on, YOU speak English?” Alice asked.


“[You bet your pasty little ass I do!]” Leda said.


Alice blinked her eyes several times, “Say whaaaaat?” she asked.


“She said you have a pasty ass.” Ikumi translated.


“How rude! I’ll have you know my complexion is considered quite lovely in my mother’s country. It’s a sign of wealth because you don’t have to work outside in the fields! Women with skin as lovely as mine are highly sought after by the men seeking the perfect trophy wife. Before I moved back to Japan I had guys chasing after me left and right and treating me like a princess trying to earn just ONE date with me.” Alice snapped at her.


“Himedere-chan.” was Leda’s only retort. Ikumi snickered, making her still swollen tits jiggle, Leda certainly had Alice pegged. The brunette then spoke up in a more serious tone, “Oh yeah, you guys ever figure out what was up with that goofy meat stuff?”


“No, not entirely.” Alice said, “I mean, I ate some myself when I first ordered it, and I didn’t have any kind of reaction like Erina or Nikumi.”


“Don’t call me that.” Ikumi told her.


“Yeah yeah, anyway, I got the rest of the stuff in the freezer for now and I’m waiting to hear back from the company I bought it from, why?” Alice asked.


“Oh, I just think that’s got potential if you can figure out a way to control how big it makes you. You have any idea how useful something like that could be? Able to adjust the TnA on the fly without surgery?” Leda said.


“Huh, what’s TnA? I’ve never heard that term before.” Alice asked.


“Tits and Ass you idiot, even I know that!” Ikumi said, shaking her hips to make both of them bounce on her own body. “The two things guys look at first before your face.”


“Oh, okay that makes sense.” Alice said innocently.


Leda smirked as Ikumi moved to sit under one of the lead sized holes in the wall. The brunette gave her an approving thumbs up gesture and looked like she was about to say something when Ikumi felt something heavy and warm land on top of her head. The sensation was so sudden she almost bolted upright but Leda held up a hand sharply and Ikumi somehow knew moving up would be a very bad idea.


Slowly, the young blonde girl turned her green eyes upwards and felt her jaw falling open at the side of a HUGE cock over her head! ‘What the fuck!?’ she thought. The thing was easily as long as her leg from her hip to her knee and just as thick! Alice began snickering before a second darker skinned cock slipped in through the hole she had been kneeling next to. It wasn’t as long or as thick as the first, but it was still VERY big.


“Huh, I thought…!” she began to say, but Leda shook her head in the negative and pantomimed that the men on the other side of the wall could hear them!


She then mouthed but didn’t speak, [Don’t sound like you don’t wanna be here, that’s really BAD!]


Both girls nodded and gulped silently. Alice began moving first, leaning up to kiss the chocolate colored balls, her purple lipstick leaving perfect lip marks on them. The man on the other side of the wall made a soft groaning sound and pushed his dick through harder, pressing his balls against the pale skinned girl’s face.


“Uhn, smells like curry!” Alice whispered, “I bet this is Akira, the jerk! If he wanted something like this he could have just asked!”


Akira Hiyama was working with Soma in the kitchen tonight to help out. Jun wouldn’t let up about him helping out his friends. Ikumi then looked back up at the cock above her. That means this had to be Soma! They probably came here because no one would be using this area tonight. The feeling of shock melted away as she looked closer, ‘Yeah, this has gotta be Soma! It’s the same size and all.’ she thought, ‘He probably heard my voice and picked this hole knowing I was here. Suck on that Erina!’ Ikumi thought smugly as she turned around slowly


“Ahhh, this smells so strong…” she moaned as she got a full noseful of the manly odor coming off the huge dick. Wasting no more time, Ikumi pushed herself up on her knees, leaning her body back and grabbing both her heavy tits. She was a little more used to moving around in this body now, so it was easy to press the heavy mounds around the huge stick of fuck meat! She grinned as she felt him shaking on the other side.


“Mmmmmh, you like that!?” she asked a little louder, knowing she’d be heard. There was an affirmative grunt and Ikumi licked her green painted lips. “Then you’ll love this! Lemme show you just how much I know about handling my meat!” she said before opening her mouth wide and taking the head of the cock between her emerald lips.


“Mmmmmmmph!” Ikumi moaned from deep in her throat as she slurped her tongue against the tip of the thick cock. She then began rubbing the shaft back and forth with her tits, stroking it slowly while she swirled her tongue around the tip. It tasted salty and sweaty, no surprise since the kitchen was no doubt a large oven when everything got running. Heavy air conditioning often ruined the food before it could go out, one of the few downsides of being a chef. But like they said, ‘If you can’t take the heat…’ and all that.


Ikumi heard Soma groaning on the other side again and grinned, “HMMMMMPH!” she moaned, releasing her tits and getting up to take that massive cock further down her throat! She could feel the huge thing reaching into her very stomach as she moaned loudly. ‘Ahhhh, it’s so thiiiick, I love it!’ the blonde thought as she held it in her mouth for a long moment. From the corner of her vision, she could see Alice and Leda working Akira’s dick together.


The brown haired girl looked completely in her element now, a lustful look in her dark turquoise eyes. She slowly dragged her tongue along the top of the dark skinned length, leaving a thick trail of saliva in its wake. She and Alice then began kissing the tip all over. Leda then pushed Alice’s head onto the cock, forcing it down her throat. The pale skinned girl let out a strangled moan as her red eyes rolled back and her entire body stiffened. Her throat bulged visibly with the sheer girth and Ikumi heard her gagging loudly as her arms flailed about wildly.


“Ah, ahhh…” Leda said softly, “Don’t worry Himedere-chan, if you choke a little, that means you’re doing it right!” she whispered.


HMMGUUMMMPHHH!!!” Alice gagged and protested as Leda began pushing her face back and forth, “HMMMGUH GUMMPPH MMMPH, GUMMPH GUG…” she gagged repeatedly, long ropes of saliva trailing away from her purple lips every time Leda pulled her head back. Slowly, her struggling stopped as she gagged less and less.


“Ahhh, that’s the way girl, I knew you’re a natural, must run in the family!” whispered Leda.


Ikumi smirked to herself, turning her attention back to Soma’s cock, gripping the base with both her hands as she rocked her entire body back and forth. ‘I’ll show you I’m way better than the God Tongue!’ she thought at him. All those times she had used the dildo Rindo had gifted her were proving useful as she barely gagged at all. ‘Haaah, this feels good! Soma’s cock is fucking my throat and I love it!’ she thought, moving her entire body now.


The huge cock moved in and out of her mouth more and more easily the longer she worked. Ikumi moved both hands between her thighs, her fingers rubbing furiously at her clit.


MMMMMPH, HMMMMPH, MMMMMPH, GUMMMMPH, GUG, GAAH…!” Ikumi gasped, pulling her face free to breathe again. Filling her lungs with sweet air, Ikumi pushed the cock upwards and slowly licked at the underside of it as she buried three fingers in her pussy. She could feel her own overflowing juices running down her thighs as she moved back again and swallowed Soma’s cock back down her throat!


HMMMMMMMPH!” she moaned deep in her throat again, “HUGUG, GUG, MMMMPH, GUG, MMMMPH, GUH…” she moaned as she began bobbing her entire body back and forth again.




“Yeeeah, that’s a good girl take it nice and deep, ah fuck your soaking wet!” Leda said and Ikumi could see the two women across from her. Alice was bent over at a 90 degree angle, her body rocking back and forth while Leda fingered her pussy. Leda looked just in time to see Alice shake and moan as a hot spray came out of her puffy wet hole, soaking Leda’s hand as Alice moaned in pleasure.


HUUGHEEEH!!!” Alice then gagged as two white streams shot out her nostrils as her red eyes rolled back again. Leda quickly pulled the girl free and covered Alice’s mouth with her own, lapping Akira’s cum off the other girl’s lips as Alice panted hard!


HMMGUUHG!!!” Ikumi gagged as the cock in her mouth suddenly came hard! She could feel it throbbing in her throat as the hot spunk was deposited directly into her stomach! Her vision blurred as Ikumi’s eyes rolled back in her head. She suddenly felt as though she’d drunk a gallon of hot milk in one gulp! The blonde pulled herself back and coughed hard several times as the cock suddenly pulled back through the wall and vanished.


“Hack, hack, jeez, a thanks, hack, would have been nice.” Ikumi muttered.


“That would go against the theme, sweety.” Leda said as she tossed Ikumi a towel, “But good job over there!” she told her with a thumbs up.



A couple hours went by uneventfully. Ikumi was beginning to get bored when the door to the room opened up and Erina came in dressed in a sexier version of the Totsuki school uniform. It looked a lot like how Ikumi wore her own uniform, just without a bikini top, and the shirt was a lot more sheer. The skirt was half the normal length, leaving nothing to the imagination thanks to the lack of panties she had on.


“We’re done for the night, good job everyone.” Erina told them.


“How’d they like the food?” Ikumi asked.


“Hmmph, as though you’d need to ask!” Erina said with a smile as she crossed her arms over her chest. “I think when we fully open up, we’ll reach our goal in half the time we’ve been allotted!”


“Careful Tsundere Ojou-sama, pride cometh before the fall.” Leda warned.


“Ugh, will you PLEASE stop calling me that!?” Erina said, “Hmmph, never mind, you guys can get dressed and meet everyone in the main room, we’ll discuss the schedule for the next few nights.” she said in a huff before leaving.


A few minutes later, Ikumi sat with Erina, Soma, and the rest of their group as Erina began explaining her plans going forward. Ikumi only paid partial attention as she scooted over to Soma. He smiled as he turned to look at her.


“Hey Nikumi, how ya doing?” he asked.


“I’m good, um, thanks for earlier, but you didn’t have to leave like that you know… I would have been happy to do more.” she whispered to him.


Soma blinked his gold colored eyes, “Huh, what do you mean, I was stuck in the kitchen all night.” he told her.


Ikumi blinked her eyes twice before she screamed, “EEEEEEEEEEEH!?!

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
2 years ago

Amazing job once again! Alice’s naivety when compared to Ikumi or Leda is a really nice breeze of fresh air and lets Leda do some nice exposition for the two new sluts. I’m gonna be honest and say that the whole opening came a bit too fast in my opinion. We barely had time to understand the situation/rivalry between Erina and Sara and we’re already with the restaurant/brothel being opened. It just went a bit quick, you know? The sex scene with “Soma” and “Akira” was pretty great as well and showed that Ikumi defintely had more skill when it comes to handling the meat of her customers. Really like Leda’s involvment in it as well when she pushes Alice’s face down like that. Really raunchy; I love it!

Looking forward to see what’s coming next!

2 years ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

It was the best I could think of for the image, however, I did a “Soft” opening. As seen in 2nd Plate I believe, where he went to that asshole Chef’s new Tokyo restaurant for their soft opening. It’s like a trial run of things, see if there are any kinks that need working out. There’ll be a few more chapters before things are really moving at the restaurant.

2 years ago

This new series are AWESOME!!! They have the perfect combination of body expansion, pretty ladies, guys with huge cock who aren’t shotas, incredible sex scenes…and the characters personalities are great too! I can’t wait to read next chapters.

2 years ago
Reply to  Wotno

Thanks so much man! The next chapter will be coming soon hopefully, dealing with some personal stuff IRL right now, so things might be a little delayed.

2 years ago

Really enjoyed the nickname for my girl, Alice. It goes perfect with her. The Nakiris can add another skill for their family record as Lena just discovered a weak point for the Nakiris. Rindo and Ryoko dancing is a great star. Nice to see Ikumi with her improved size, not sure if Erina still had or just going normal. Nice design for the uniform of Busteez. The only bad news is that Alice didn’t react to the meat but she will find a way to make it work

2 years ago
Reply to  Shadowdragon

Yeah, Alice is a total Himedere, girl who insists on being treated like royalty and gets mad when she isn’t. Fits her to a T

2 years ago

Really makes you wonder who that guy that Ikumi was sucking off really is. Great story and art! I’m really loving all the Ikumi content we’re getting and hope for more!

2 years ago
Reply to  Anon

We may find out later. 😉