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Flavorful and Bustyful Meat

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Ikumi Mito cursed softly as she dug around in her dresser, “Where is it!?” she muttered as she pulled out several pairs of sexy panties that sadly no longer fit. Not finding her objective, she slammed the drawer shut and pulled open the next one. Inside were some tight fitting halter tops she hadn’t bothered with in a while. She much preferred her standard bikini top to show off her breasts which she knew the boys loved!


Too bad none of those would fit her either. Not currently anyway. “Dammit Hisako, what’s keeping you!?” she said to no one as she moved away from the dresser, trying to ignore the constant tingling in her crotch. The sensation only kept getting worse as time went by as she dug through the drawer. She tossed aside another halter top and heard a loud thud when it landed. Turning around quickly, Ikumi was thrown off balance as her now gigantic tits continued to move, their weight pulling her along with them.


WAH!” she shouted as she stumbled to the side, waving her arms around wildly to try and regain her balance. “Stupid fake meat!” Ikumi said. After what happened with Erina, Alice had asked her to take a look at the ‘meat’ she’d been messing around with. Ikumi was skeptical at first, she’d seen her fair share of phoney meat products. All of them couldn’t hope to come close to the real thing. This new stuff was different, if Ikumi didn’t know better, she’d swear that it was some A5 level beef! The look and feel of the fat, even the smell were all spot on! The only thing to throw it off was that it didn’t look like a real cut and that the shape was all wrong.


On a lark, she took a cut and gave it a simple grilling over an open flame with some light seasoning. Erina’s reaction was some kind of allergy everyone had guessed. When Hisako brought her the holistic version of an epi-pen in the form of a thick soup, her body returned to normal in an hour. So Ikumi was curious to see if it was just a unique reaction.


Sadly, it wasn’t!


The tanned and blonde young woman didn’t know what was triggering the reaction, it could have been the estrogen commonly found in soy. The hormone was known to promote breast and hip development, but not to this level! But then again, this could have been a result of tinkering with the amino acids and enzymes in the soy to naturally flavor it like meat. Turning genes on without fully knowing what they did was dangerous!


And now, Ikumi’s body was a shameful thing out of a bad porno anime! Her tits were as big as thirty gallon trash bags with an ass to match. The sudden shift in her body weight made it almost impossible to move in her apartment. She’d already knocked over two lamps and a vase just by turning.


But that wasn’t the worst part.


No, the worst part was how HORNY her body had become! Her breasts, her ass, her lips, and especially her crotch wouldn’t stop tingling. A persistent NEED for stimulation in all those areas was slowly driving Ikumi insane! She tried to ignore it at first, but the longer she did, the worse it got. Her pussy was drooling like a dog with a full rack of beef in front of it now. Her breasts were so sensitive that even the slightest motion was almost enough to make her moan. She had to fight the urge to fondle herself constantly as her nipples became so stiff they hurt!


When she finally couldn’t stand it anymore, Ikumi began looking through her dresser drawers for the dildo she’d been given by Rindo for her birthday. She was sure the redhead meant it as a joke, but Ikumi kept it anyway.


Finding where the top had landed, Ikumi saw her dildo roll out and onto the floor. It was a simple clear silicon rubber one, firm to the touch, but slightly flexible. Ikumi had used it more times than she wanted to admit. That time during their break in her first year, when she helped Soma out with his shopping district was one such instance. Not that she’d ever in a million years admit that out loud.


“Hahah!” she cheered, falling to her knees and crawling over to where it had landed near her desk. Her now gigantic tits dragged across the carpet, making her moan from the friction of the rug against her stiff nipples. ‘Ahhhn, why does it feel so good!?’ she moaned mentally as she reached the space next to her desk and grabbed the dildo off the floor. She wasted no time, bringing the thick phallic shaped thing to her lips and opening her mouth wide.


“Ahhhmmmph…!” Ikumi moaned happily as she began slurping and sucking on the firm silicon. “Hmmmmmph…!” she moaned as her mouth felt so good all of a sudden! ‘What? What’s going on? Ahhh, why does my mouth feel so good when I suck this… Mmmmmh, I… I can’t stop…’ she thought as she began sucking the thick purple cock deeper, loving the feel of it against the back of her mouth and throat.


“Mmmmph, hmmmph, mmmph…” Ikumi moaned softly, pushing the dildo in and out of her mouth and throat. ‘Ahhh, it feels like my mouth is becoming a pussy, ahh, I can’t stand it, I wanna suck more, I wanna cum, I need to cum!’ she thought as she began fucking her own throat quickly. She didn’t even hear the knock on the door or the sound of someone coming inside.


“Hey, Nikumi! You home? Hisako asked me to bring you some soup!” called Soma Yukihira’s voice. Ikumi barely registered his voice, slowly pulling the dildo out of her mouth as she stood up on her knees and slowly turned to look behind her. Sure enough, Soma was standing there holding a large thermos in his left hand, the hand towel he kept wrapped there hanging off his wrist.


“Uh, this a bad time?” he asked lamely.


Ikumi could feel her face heating up as her cheeks flushed a bright red. Hisako would’ve been one thing, but Soma!? She felt her lips trembling as she struggled to keep from screaming like some cheap anime cliche girl.


“You tried that fake stuff Erina ate, huh?” he asked while shaking his head, “Guess it wasn’t just her own reaction.” said Soma as he chuckled and turned his head away politely.


“I… Ah… Nmmmh…” Ikumi stammered softly before clenching her thighs together as her juices began running down her thighs again. That tingling sensation was rapidly turning into a full-on itch! Ikumi slowly turned around, not bothering to hide her body, not that she could even if she wanted to. “Soma…” she said softly.


“Hey, I’m really sorry!” said Soma, “I’ll leave this soup Hisako made here and go.”


“Will you shut up you idiot, this is hard enough as it is!” she shouted at him.


“What is it, Nikumi?” he asked her, still keeping his eyes turned away.


Pessing her lips together tightly, Ikumi steeled herself before saying, “Look at me when I’m talking to you!”


Soma slowly turned his head towards her, his golden eyes glancing up and down her naked body quickly. He tried to hide it, but Ikumi could see the ever so subtle movements. ‘At least he’s not totally blind!’ she thought. “You, you’re helping Erina with the Restaurant right?” she asked.


“Yeah, she wants me to be head chef, make my position as #1 seat on the ten a selling point.” he answered, looking more excited when it came to cooking. A Totsuki student through and through.


“I uh, um, don’t suppose you’d be using the um, other services, will you?” she asked quietly.


He blinked, “Huh, what other…” he paused and she could actually see the gears turning inside that stupid head of his, “Ooooh, um, well, I hadn’t really thought about it, why?”


“Ugh, a-are you really gonna make me say it!? Honestly, how clueless are you? Seriously, look at me, anyone else would have tried to make a move or something but you’re always so… J-just take the hint you i-idiot!” she shouted, her face turning beat red as she said it.


“Nikumi…” Soma said quietly.


“Arrrgh!” she growled at him, then slowly got up to her feet, trying to ignore the feeling of her tits and ass jiggling on her body. She heard the soft sound of Soma walking close and turned her green eyes to look up at him.


“Ikumi,” he said quietly. The blonde felt her heart actually skip a beat as her face flushed red again, but not from anger. Throwing her arms up and around his shoulders, Ikumi pressed her lips to his, moaning softly at the feel of her first real kiss. She felt Soma stiffen at first in surprise, but he didn’t pull away, that was good. Hugging her naked body closer, she deepened the kiss, brushing her tongue over his lips gently. When he opened his mouth she didn’t hold back, sliding her tongue between his lips to meet with his own!


“Mmmmmmh…!” she moaned into Soma’s mouth, her entire body shaking with nerves. She then stiffened herself when she felt him put his arms around her waist, but it only lasted a single heartbeat before she felt herself melting into him like beef fat of a grill. She let out a soft sound when she felt his hand on her now wide ass, but she welcomed his touch. Any other time a man grabbing her like that would have earned him a right cross from her, but now this time.


Gasping softly, Ikumi broke the kiss and hugged herself against him tightly for a long moment. That itch seemed to spread all over her body, but when she was like this, it was bearable. She then pulled away slowly, helping Soma out of his light jacket, exposing the Yukihira Eatery shirt he always seemed to be wearing. It smelled of grease, onions, and other kitchen smells, just like he did, the mark of someone who spent most of their waking hours in a kitchen. She inhaled it deeply before pulling his shirt off, happy when he lifted his arms for her and didn’t bother to say anything stupid again.


With his shirt off, Ikumi felt his bare chest against her giant tits. The feeling made the heat and itch in her body grow even stronger. Pressing her lips to Soma’s again, Ikumi wrapped her arms around his shoulders, hugging him tight against her body as she began moving the two of them over to her bed. She then broke the kiss softly, pushing him down onto the soft mattress with its cow print sheets. She then quickly and almost expertly unbuckled his belt, though it was different from removing the belts that held transport wrapping around large slabs of beef. Soma scooted back onto the bed as she pulled his pants down, uncovering the large meat pole she was interested in!


The young blonde let out a happy gasp, Soma was more well endowed than she had imagined. She knew all that confidence had to come from SOMEWHERE other than diner experience! Opening her mouth wide and swallowing his cock down her throat before she even had his jeans down to his ankles!


HMMMMMMMMPH, SHO PHICK… SHUCH PHICK TASHTY MEEEAT…!” she slurred around his cock, loving the feel of it moving through her mouth and down her throat. She closed her plump lips around his thick shaft, relishing the feel of it in her mouth! It was so much different than her dildo, the stupid toy paled in comparrison! She heard Soma groaning something, but she couldn’t make it out over the sound of her own moaning and the thrum of her own heartbeat in her ears.


AGUGH, MMMMPH, HMMMMPH, NNMMMMH, GUH, GEH, GAH, AHHH, FUCK, THIS FEELS SO GOOD, MY MOUTH, AHH, I CAN’T… I CAN’T STOP MYSELF!!!! MMMMMMHMMMPH!!! MMMMMMPH, MMMMMPH, MMMMPH, MMMPH!” she moaned loudly, taking his cock back into her mouth quickly. Her pussy was dripping a constant flow of juices down her thighs now as she felt Soma’s pulse through his dick. His heart was beating almost as fast as her own. Ikumi’s jaw ached so much it hurt! But she didn’t care, she needed this! This feeling, this flavor, this PERSON!


Ikumi Mito moaned in almost rabid need as her head moved up and down Soma’s length. Her tan lips slurped and smacked against the surface of his cock as she moved. “HMMMPH, MMMPH, MMMMPH, HMMMMMMPH…!” she moaned as she felt it! Her entire body was a quiver with pleasure as she felt herself cumming! She was cumming, her first real cock induced orgasm! ‘Ahhh, this feels amazing! I’m cumming, I’m actually cumming just sucking dick! I didn’t know that was even possible!’ she thought as she felt her pussy clenching tight as if crying out in protest.


While technically not a virgin in the physical sense, her hymen was lost in a riding accident when her father took her to a cattle farm in America. They had to take horses out to inspect the cattle, and the one she was riding got spooked by a rattlesnake, running wildly. Ikumi held on, but the ride was so rough it actually tore her hymen. Even after that though, Ikumi was still a virgin at heart. Now, with her first real dick, she’d cum, and she wanted to cum MORE!


“Mmmmmaaahhh…” Ikumi gasped, lifting her head free and taking in a deep breath. She turned her green eyes up to look at Soma, he was panting softly as he looked down at her. Ikumi smiled up at him and slowly dragged her tongue up the side of his cock before she moved to climb up onto the bed with him. His huge cock was almost completely engulfed by her gigantic cow udder tits as she crawled along his body, his torso all but engulfed by her cleavage. She felt her stiff nipples dragging against the sheets of her bed, sending electric thrills through her body. The blonde then pinned Soma down by his shoulders as she moved to straddle his waist. She could feel his cock against her crotch, the throbbing length pressing between the puffy wet folds of her pussy.


“You ready?” she asked him. She didn’t wait for him to reply though, raising her heavy ass up into the air and IMPALING herself on his cock! “HWEEEEEEE!!!” she squealed like a prize pig as she felt a real dick inside for the first time.


“Ahhhn, Nikumi…!” Soma groaned, his hands gripping her thighs tightly as his hips bucked up, driving his thick cock even deeper into her!


AHHHHHN, YES, NIKUMI, CALL ME THAT ALL YOU WANT…!!! AHH FUUUCK, THIS IS MORE INTENSE THAN I EVER IMAGINED…” Ikumi moaned, grabbing Soma’s hands and moving them to her tits. Her nipples were as large as his palms as he gripped them tightly. “YEEEAH, SQUEEZE MY MEAT SACKS, AHH FUCK YES, IT’S SO THICK, SUCK A THICK PIECE OF FUCK MEAT INSIDE MEEEEE…!!!” she moaned, bouncing herself up and down on his cock. Her wide ass made her hips roll with every motion, stirring his cock around inside her every time she came back down. Ikumi loved it, wave after wave of raw pleasure radiated through her, spreading out from her pussy to her head and back again!


“Haah, Nikumi, tight… So tight…” Soma grunted, his hands still gripping her tits, squeezing them tightly. Ikumi covered his hands with her own, silently urging him to fondle her more.


“Yeah, you like that?” she asked breathlessly as she continued bouncing her body up and down on top of his. A thin layer of sweat dripping down her body, running in small rivulets down her naked back. “Like fucking my A5 pussy!?”


“Hnnnmm, ah… Yeah, yeah, it… You feel amazing… Nikumi…” Soma groaned.


MMMMMMMMH…” Ikumi moaned as he called her by that stupid nickname. She didn’t care though, he was allowed as far as she was concerned. The blonde then yelped lightly as Soma sat up, rolling her onto her back so that he was suddenly on top of her. “H… Hey!!” she tried to protest, she LIKED being on top. But her anger evaporated the instant he began moving on his own!


“Ahh…? AHHHHH, YEAH, DON’T STOP!!! AHH FUCK, POUND THAT BIG FUCKING MEAT STICK INTO MEEE… AHHH, IT FEELS SO GOOD SOMAAAA, I’M CUMMING!! I’M CUMMING SOMAAAA, YESSSSS…!!!” Ikumi screamed as Soma grunted and groaned on top of her, slamming his cock in and out of her sopping wet pussy. The wet SMACK SMACK SMACK of their bodies reminded her of tenderizing beef with a mallet, and by how jellied her legs began feeling, she imagined it might feel the same as she cried out in ecstasy.


“Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm, Ni… Nikumi… I…” Soma groaned.


With a sudden burst of strength, Ikumi wrapped her thickened legs around his waist, locking him against her as she hugged him tight in her arms. “YES!” she cried, “DO IT! CUM, DO IT INSIDE, I WANNA FEEL IT STUFFING ME FULL OF THOSE HOT JUICES!!!” she moaned in maddened pleasure.


“Ahhaa…!” she heard Soma grunt as liquid warmth began flowing into her.


AHHH, I FEEL IT!!! I FEEL THAT HOT CUM BLASTING MY INSIDESSSS…!” Ikumi screamed as she heard Soma groaning with her.


When it was over, both Totsuki students lay on the bed panting hard. Soma didn’t try to get off her and she didn’t blame him. She couldn’t have moved if she wanted to. A profound feeling of relief flooded through her as the itch and tingle were both blissfully gone. All she felt was a liquid warmth inside as Soma continued breathing heavily.


When she finally felt she could talk without panting again, Ikumi opened her mouth to speak, if ever there was a time to tell him how she felt, it was now! “Soma, I…” she began, but was interrupted by a new voice.


“Well, I’m glad to see you’re getting ready for your role at Busteez already, Mito-san.” said the cool and even voice of Erina Nakiri. Ikumi’s words caught in her throat as she turned her head slowly, her neck suddenly so stiff it actually creaked as she moved.


Erina and Hisako both stood in the entrance of her bedroom. Erina’s expression was completely neutral while Hisako’s face was beet red as she covered her eyes with her hands.


“Honestly Soma, we just needed to park the car.” Erina said, “If you wanted to have sex with Mito-san, couldn’t it wait until AFTER we left?”


“Well I uh…” Soma began.


“You don’t need to say anything Soma.” Ikumi interrupted him. When she felt she had the strength to move again, Ikumi managed to get out from under him and stood up proudly in the middle of her bedroom. Completely unashamed of her nudity she stood with her hands on her hips. “Erina Nakiri,” she said, pointing to Erina, “We’re at one/one, consider this my declaration of war!”


Erina’s purple eyes blinked once, twice, three times before her face turned red from the neck up like a thermometer. “Wh… What are you t-t-talking about Mito-san!?” she stammered, “AS IF I would be interested in this loser romantically!” she shot back while pointing over at Soma.


Ikumi grinned, “Yeah, then why are you blushing?” she asked, “And why do you get so flustered when Leda calls you Tsundere-Ojousama? I’ve seen how you look at him, and I’m declaring my intent here, it’s as good a place as any!”


Still blushing a beet red, Erina pressed her lips together so tight they were trembling. She then took a deep breath, seeming to will herself to calm down, “Fine, whatever! I just came by because I was hoping you could help us secure some high grade meats for the soft opening next week. The distributor I was working with just suffered a massive refrigeration failure at their processing facility and won’t be able to make the order on time. That’s all.”

“T-that’s right, Erina-sama is here on business only!” Hisako said, still covering her eyes.


“Uh, am I missing something here?” Soma asked with a dumbfounded look on his face. All three women fell backwards with a loud thud.


“Oh my god, how clueless are you!?” Erina shouted at him.


“That’s what I asked him.” Ikumi said with a smile. Her and Erina’s eyes then met and for a moment she saw a playful smile there. But the other blonde quickly wiped the expression off her face as did Ikumi. The two of them then turned away from one another with a simultaneous, “Hmmmph!”


“I’ll get you in touch with my family’s main distributor.” Ikumi said calmly.


“That would be lovely, thank you.” Erina said, “Hisako we’re leaving.” she then said quickly.


“R… Right, Erina-sama!” Hisako said, then turned to Ikumi with a quick bow, “Have the soup while it’s still hot, it works best then, you should be back to normal in a couple hours.” she explained quickly, then left with Erina.


Moving over to where Soma had put down the thermos, Ikumi lifted it up and looked at it, then over at her reflection in the mirror mounted on the wall. “You know, I think I’ll stay like this for a while.” she said.


“I’m still totally lost here, are you and Erina having a Shokugeki or something?” Soma asked.


Ikumi fell flat on her wide ass again!

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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2 years ago

Amazing work with our sexy Ikumi. The art and how sexy she looks is great. Another happy and satisfied customer of Alice fake meat: Unleashing your kinky and sexy nature one bite at the time.
The story was great and the pacing from timid to full embrace the itch between her legs and taking advantage of her body to go for Soma.
Hisako was great as chef for the cure and embarrased with the situation contrast with Erina tsundere mode. It will be interesting to see who would make Hisako less shy and go wild with new curves (guess on Erina). Yuki is the one most excited to know it worked kn other girl

2 years ago
Reply to  Shadowdragon

Yeah, I hope to play with Yuri Fangirl Ojou-san as Leda will call her later, loosely translated, “Little Miss Yuri Fangirl”. I like the idea that Leda as a professional prostitute, can read people like a book better than any therapist. It’s a survival instinct some prostitutes develop in the business. Able to see which John’s will be safe, which ones to avoid like the plague. In Leda’s case, she’s just seeing the tropes. Like later I might have her tell Megumi if she wants him, she better make a move soon because he’s the type who NEVER makes the first move.

As to Alice’s fake meat, I do plan to explain what’s going on with that soon!

2 years ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Nice I will love to see the change of role from Hishoko to Yuri ojou. The other one that can be a yuri fangirl ojou or more of an oppai girl will be Yuki.
Love Leda as an agent of chaos to start making the girl act now with Megumi and maybe teach her some tips. Hope we see her image like Tetas in MHA. Leda and Rindo are a dangerous pair and I love it

2 years ago
Reply to  Shadowdragon

Leda will get along swimmingly with girls like Rindo, Nao, and maybe Alice.

Combodestroyer( nalu forver)
Combodestroyer( nalu forver)
2 years ago

Ok now this is a 10/10 finally some hard core fucking and its done with our beautiful bronze meat general ikumi meat meat!( yes I watched the dub sue me) the art is simply astounding as her gaint tits and enormous fat ass are heavenly! The story is also amazing from the idea that ikumi eat the same bad stuff and her already stacked body got bigger. The humor shines and parts of the raw fucking is what puts this at the top, all meat jokes for ikumi, how gaint her tits are! Trully amazing work! I love the ending as the war for soma begins! Ikumi layed down the challenge to erina.

2 years ago

And Soma completely failed to read the situation. Anything outside the kitchen might as well be from another planet to him. Lol. Don’t feel bad, I watched the dub too, had too in order to watch it all quickly for my research. I have watched season five btw, but decided it best to set things after 4th Plate.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
2 years ago

Interesting how Ikumi also caught some of the booby allergy. And even more interesting to see how horny it made her when compared to Erina. I personally would have loved if the dildo would have played a bigger role but Soma is fine as well. Especially with how the sex ended and how Erina and Ikumi now seem to have some soft of rivalry over Soma, which spices things up nicely.

The first story with a different girl than Erina was done quite fantastic. I like it!

2 years ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Yeah, I thought about having her using it more, but it killed the pacing. I’m glad you liked it. Like I mentioned above, I’ve seen 5th Plate in subtitles, but for the sake of story I’m setting things after 4th. So Erina hasn’t QUITE realized her feelings yet. Not consciously anyway.