Learning of True Lust

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Kill la Kill stories)
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Sitting in the classroom, Jai Kiryuin squeezed her thighs together as she watched the erotic display at the head of the class. A young blonde haired girl stood naked save for her thigh high socks and shoes as a young man with light pink hair stood behind her. He had both arms around her, grabbing her big heavy looking tits, pinching and twisting her nipples as he squeezed the heavy mounds. At the same time, he thrusted his impressively large cock between her legs, rubbing the upper side of his dick against the folds of her pussy. Hot glistening juices drooled freely from the blonde girls cunt, filling the class with the familiar musky scent of sex.


“Ahhhhhn, nmmmmmmh, pl… Please hurryyyy….” the girl, whose name Jai couldn’t remember, begged needily. She had her shoulder length blonde hair tied in a sideways ponytail and had an odd pink bird-like tattoo on the back of her hand.


“Not yet.” the professor said, “You must build the arousal further.” he instructed, “The longer she remains at the edge of climax, the greater the release when the actual penetration takes place.”


“Waaah, I don’t wanna wait anymooore, I want it, I wanna feel this big, hard, cock stuffing my pussy so bhaaaad…!” she whined. rocking her hips with the pink haired man’s motions. The wet squish squish squish of her pussy was almost as loud as her panting moans. Jai chewed her lower lip lightly as she continued to watch, her cock was already straining against the life fiber infused panties that kept it hidden. She shifted in her seat again as she watched the blonde continue to roll her hips against the other student’s dick while he squeezed and kneaded her breasts like they were made of dough. The professor continued his lecture on the technique. Jai only half listened, since she knew everything about this kind of stuff already. Still, it was such a lovely sight, a nearly naked girl, riding a huge cock like that. Her moans were like music as she moved one hand to her own breast. Squeezing it gently, she watched as the professor finally allowed the pink haired youth to slide his thick dick into the girl.


AHHHHH, OH FUUUUUUUCK, SO THIIIIICK…!” she cried as her pussy was spread wide as the long cock slid inside. Her flat and lightly toned belly stretched upward visibly with his cock. Her pussy let out a light spray of juices as she came just from the act of his cock moving inside.




Behind her, the pink haired man, who Jai had also forgotten the name of, groaned as he began pumping his hips. He had the same tattoo as his blonde partner, though it was red and on his right shoulder. Jai figured it meant they were in the same club. His dick, easily as thick as his arm and half as long, began moving in and out of his blonde lover with a wet SLAP SLAP SLAP noise. Jai began to breathe heavily as she watched, loving the sight of the blonde’s pussy being stretched so wide. Still squeezing her breast, Jai moved her other hand to stroke her thigh gently. Inside her panties, her cock strained against the compressing fabric as she rocked her butt in her seat.




My mom and I are bigger…’ Jai thought with a smirk, though she doubted the blonde could’ve handled her. So few women in school could, something her mother pointed out recently. In fact, she could count them on one hand. Her mother Satsuki, Aunt Ryuko, Auntie Nonon, Nanna Ragyo, and Mako-Mako were the only ones who could take her sheer size and remain conscious. It had been a nightmare, the months she’d been here in the past, unable to be with her family, and yet having them right there.


Jai had never felt so alone before during those months. Or so frustrated, without a woman who could handle her size, her only release was with outercourse sex. Also the sex she’d had with guys who didn’t mind fucking a girl who had a dick bigger than theirs. Ryuko had been a wonderful friend, but they didn’t really have any classes together, so she couldn’t even go to her for help in doing her ‘homework’. There was that time with Nonon at the beach, and that had allowed Jai to let off some much built up steam. But then it was back to just the mild orgasms she had with a couple of the girls who liked rubbing their sexy naked bodies against her cock. While it helped, nothing felt better than blowing her load inside a nice, tight, hole…


She was actually happy that her mother had found out. At least now she wasn’t alone anymore, even if she did have to watch what she said. In fact, Jai wished her mother or any of the other girls who could handle her were here right now… So she could let her cock out and show these students how it was really done!


The pink haired student then suddenly bent the blonde girl forward. Grabbing her wrists like a pair of handles as he began piston fucking his cock in and out of her sopping wet pussy!


OH FUCK, OH FUCK, OH FUCK, OH FUCK, OH FUCK, OH FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUUUUUCK!!!! FUCK MEEEEEE!!!” she squealed in ecstasy as she began cumming hard.


“Hmmmph, you call that fucking!?” asked a stern voice from the door. Time seemed to stand still for a moment as everything turned their heads to see Satsuki standing in the door frame. Her mother was dressed in Junketsu, though the kamui had shifted his form to look more like a pantsuit than the skirted uniform he normally appeared in and wearing a blue lipstick. The top half of the kamui was stretched tightly over Satsuki’s huge tits, and the pants were so tight they looked like a second skin. Jai could clearly see the folds of her mother’s pussy defined sharply through the fabric. There was even some subtle, but distinctive movement that Jai knew to be Junketsu’s life fiber dick slowly moving in and out of Satsuki’s pussy. She carried her twinned swords made of the same metal as Bakuzan. One hung from her left hip inside its scabbard, held there by a thin red Life Fiber cord. The other she had against the floor like a cane as she looked up at the class.


DEPRAVITY IS FREEDOM!!! PERVERSION IS LIBERATION!!! ECSTASY IS STRENGTH!!!” she yelled to the class, “As I said before, these are the new truths of our world. Embracing the carnal side of human nature is the best way to bring out the full power in our new Goku uniforms. But I look at this display and I see that it isn’t enough! You must work harder to truly give in to your basest of urges.”


“Jeez nee-san, you have a flair for the melodramatic.” said Ryuko’s voice as she came into view. Like Satsuki, she was dressed in her Kamui, Senketsu, though he was in his usual sailor uniform form. She also had on a ruby colored lipstick that went well with Senketsu’s scarf. Though it was odd, Ryuko rarely wore lipstick. “I always say, it’s better to show then tell!”


“Agreed little sister, shall we give these students a proper demonstration then?” Satsuki said with a smirk.


“Lady Satsuki, we’d be honored to receive a personal lesson from you,” said the professor with a theatrical bow. Jai watched her mother walk in, still smirking lightly. Ryuko followed after her and the two went over to the two students. Satsuki reached out to touch the girl’s chin, leaning down to kiss her hard, her tongue slipping past her lips easily. Jai gulped silently, watching as Satsuki dueled tongues with the blonde for a long minute before pulling away.


The blonde looked positively dizzy as she leaned forward, pulling herself off of the pink haired man’s cock with a wet sucking noise. “Hmmm, not bad,” said Satsuki as she held the blonde in her arms, one hand fondling the girl’s big soft breast gently.


“Junketsu, off.” Satsuki said.


“You gots it, baby!” the Kamui said, his form shifting and pulling away from the dark haired girl’s body, leaving her naked at the head of the class. Jai smiled, adoring the sight of her mother’s naked body as Ryuko stripped Senketsu off as well. The pink haired man, whom Jai still couldn’t remember the name of, shot twin jets of blood from his nostrils as his cock began shooting cum hard. Long thick strands of white fluid spurted out from the tip of his cock, landing with a wet PLAP PLAP PLAP on the girl’s naked back.


“Heh, looks like you got some admirers, sis!” Ryuko said with a laugh as the man’s cock went soft and he fell back against the desk behind him.


Satsuki raised an eyebrow, “He could just as easily be an admirer of yours, Ryuko.”


“Huh!? That’s not funny.” Ryuko said.


Satsuki just shook her head, “Nevertheless, we’ll need another Is there anyone virile enough to satisfy my sister and me?” she directed at the class.


When no one replied for several breaths, Jai raised her hand up, “I can, Lady Satsuki.” she said, making a conscious effort not to call her ‘mother’ in front of the other students. She then stepped out from behind her desk, reaching a hand up underneath her skirt and pulling on one of the string ties that held her panties in place. The simple knot came away easily and Jai let out a relieved breath as her cock shot out, fully hard and throbbing with raw need.


“Damn…” said one male student.


“Haaahn… So bhig…” said another student, a red haired girl named Reina. Jai had only spoken with her a few times, but she remembered her name because she had such bright red hair, the same color as life fibers. She also had the most piercing blue eyes Jai had ever seen. Jai turned to look at her and winked playfully as she walked across the classroom to where her mother and Ryuko stood.


“Hmmmph, good to see at least one of you has the courage to take us on.” Satsuki said with a smile


“Did you come just to see me, mother?” Jai asked, her voice barely a whisper. Satsuki had been coming to see her more often this last week. While they didn’t talk very much, Jai was still happy to be able to spend time with her. Though she still hadn’t taken her to go see Ragyo, who was still holed up in a cabin in the forest. She was probably still debating just what she might say to her reborn mother. Jai knew there was some seriously bad blood between them still. Though that wasn’t an issue in her future.


“Yes, though I am honestly disappointed you’re the only one to raise their hand.” Satsuki answered back as she smiled and ran her hand along the length of Jai’s dick. The silver lavender haired girl shivered at Satsuki’s gentle touch, her cock jouncing up excitedly.


“Now, allow my sister and I to show you the proper method!” Satsuki said as she pushed Jai back onto the professor’s desk. Ryuko moved behind her and began helping Jai out of her remaining clothes. Jai offered no resistance, eagerly stripping naked as she enjoyed the softness and warmth of Ryuko’s bare skin, and the sweet familiarity of her scent. Reaching her arms around Jai, Ryuko cupped her hand around the futanari girl’s soft breasts which seemed small when compared to Ryuko’s, but that never bothered her. Jai’s nipples were as stiff as her cock as she moaned softly, turning her head to meet Ryuko’s lips in a deep and lewd kiss!


Their tongues mingled together as Ryuko hugged Jai’s slender frame against her own. At the same moment, Satsuki wasted no time in hugging Jai’s enormous dick against her naked flesh. The mocha colored rod stood out against Satsuki’s pale skin as the dark haired girl lightly kissed the tip of her cock. Her lips left a perfect swatch mark everywhere they touched as Satsuki pressed her massive tits around Jai’s dick. They felt so incredibly soft and warm, Jai moaned at the feel of them, fighting the sudden urge to thrust her hips.


“Mmmmmmmh, ahhhh… Such a strong smell, it clings to the inside of my nose and makes me dizzy…” Satsuki breathed in a husky tone. She then dragged her tongue over the tip of Jai’s cock, making the girl moan again as her cock twitched in reflex. Satsuki responded by gripping it tighter, hugging Jai’s cock between her tits harder as she peppered it with kisses.


Jai moaned into Ryuko’s mouth as she continued to duel tongue with the girl. She closed her eyes as she relished the feel of being so close to both of them. For a moment, Jai forgot she was lost in time due to unknown reasons. For just a moment, she was home again, with the family she loved and cherished.


She only came back to reality when one of the students in the classroom sneezed loudly. Jai looked up in time to see her mother fixing the student with a glare, making him flinch back as if struck. She then turned her attention back to the huge cock in front of her, kissing and licking it all over before opening her mouth wide and taking the tip into her mouth with ease.


“Wow…” she heard the blonde say, “So big, and she’s sucking it like it’s nothing!”


“Hmmmmmph, mmmmmph, mmmmmmmph… Dish mush ish nophing!” Satsuki slurred around her cock, bobbing her head up and down, taking Jai’s length deeper and deeper every time. Jai could see Satsuki’s throat bulging with her sheer girth as she gagged loudly. The warm wet feel of her mouth was almost enough to make Jai cum then and there!


She moaned as she looked down as Satsuki took her cock even deeper! Satsuki let out a deep moan, making her throat vibrate around Jai’s cock. Jai moaned in pleasure, unable to stop herself from thrusting her hips and fucking the dark haired girls mouth.


AGUG, GUH, GUH, GUG, GWEH, GUG, GUH, GUH, GUH…” Satsuki gagged around Jai’s cock, her blue eyes rolling back in her head as she moaned in pleasure. “YESSSSSH, PHUCK MUH FASHE, PHUCK MUH PHROAT… AGUH GUH, GUG…!!!” she slurred deeply.


“Haaaaah, yessss… So good, So good, mo… Satsuki-samaaaaa…” Jai moaned as Ryuko pulled away, letting Jai lay back on the desk as she moved to squat over the futanari girl’s face. Jai’s hands immediately locked onto the other girl’s thighs, pulling her face into Ryuko’s crotch.


“Ahhhhhnnn…” Ryuko moaned as she grinded her pussy against Jai’s mouth as she dipped her tongue in and out, loving the other girl’s flavor as she lapped away at her cunt.


HUUUUGUH, AGUH, GUUPH, MMMMPH, PHUUUMMMPH, HMMMPH, AGUBU…” Satsuki slurped and gagged around Jai’s cock, managing to fit her entire length down her throat now! Jai felt her entire body heating up as the life fibers infused with her body began feeding off her ecstasy. She could feel Ryuko’s body heating up as well as the girl squatted over her face, her hand pawing at her own fat tits. Ryuko pulled one of her own breasts to her mouth, sucking at her nipple roughly as she rolled her hips against Jai’s tongue, smearing her face with hot cunt juices.


HAAAA, AHHHH, YEAH, RIGHT THERE, RIGHT, FUCKING THEEEERE…!!!” Ryuko moaned, “HMMMMMMMMH!” she moaned deeply as she bit down and tugged on her own nipple.


Next, Satsuki pulled her face free, gasping deeply before she began kissing Jai’s cock again. At the same time, Ryuko leaned forward, hugging her upper body against Jai’s dick, kissing and licking it as well. The two sisters took turns sucking the tip of Jai’s ock, both of them moaning as though it was the most delicious thing they’d ever tasted. Jai just moaned into Ryuko’s pussy, slapping one hand against her creamy ass, making it jiggle lightly. She then felt Satsuki and Ryuko pressing their breasts together around her dick. She moaned at the warm softness of their pillowy tits as the two of them began moving together, stroking her cock between them.


Jai then felt both their mouths on the tip of her cock, licking and sucking as their lips connected to one another’s around it. She could hear the students watching in awe as the three of them moved on top of the desk.


“W… Wow… Lady Satsuki is amazing!” said one female student.


“What’d I’d give to be Kiryu’s face right now…” said a male student.


“Ahhh, such a big dhick… I want it…” said another female student, and Jai could hear a wet squishing sound as the girl moved one hand between her legs to stroke her pussy through the fabric of her panties.


“Mmmwaa…” Satsuki gasped, pulling away slightly, but keeping her breasts pressed against her sisters around Jai’s cock. “Little sister.” she said to Ryuko.


“Nee-san,” Ryuko replied. The two of them nodded to one another and pulled back. Ryuko climbed off of Jai and moved to stand with Satsuki on the desk. They grinned at each other before turning to be back to back and pressing their shapely asses together around Jai’s dick!


“Ooooooh…!” Jai moaned as she felt the heat from both their pussies as they began moving themselves up and down together, using their butts to stroke Jai’s cock. Their asses were firmer than their tits, allowing for a stronger grip as they moved. Jai let out a long moan of pleasure as they moved together, her cock slick between them.


“Hmmm, mmmmmh, hmmmmmh…” Satsuki moaned, twerking her ass up and down with Ryuko’s as Jai moaned between them. She slowly thrusted her cock up and down between them.


“Haaaaah, this feels so good!” Jai moaned, moving her hands to grip at her own breasts. She then looked down at Satsuki just in time to see her lifting her ass higher than Ryuko did, tilting Jai’s cock towards herself. When she moved back down, both Jai and Satsuki moaned loudly as her cock slipped deep into her tight pussy!


HMMMMMMMH, FUUUUUCK!!!” Satsuki moaned as she took Jai’s cock all the way into herself, her normally flat stomach stretched forwards as Jai’s cock easily moved into her womb and pushed it upwards. “YESSSSS, SO FUCKING THIIIICK, AHH FUCK, FUUUUCK, I LOVE THIS FEELING!!!” Satsuki howled as she began bouncing herself up and down rapidly, her huge tits jiggling and wobbling with her quick movements. “STUFF THAT GIRL DICK INTO MY, HOT, TIGHT, HOOOOLE!!!” she moaned with Jai as the silver lavender haired futanari thrusted her hips with her, her pelvis slapping loudly against Satsuki’s ass!


“Ohhhh, yesss… Yesss. So good, so tight, ahhh, yeah, yeah, yeeeeaaah!!!” Jai howled, relishing the feel of Satsuki’s tight pussy. Thrusting her hips as fast as she could, the SMACK SMACK SMACK of their bodies echoing in the classroom.


“Yeah…!? You like that Kiryu…?” Satsuki panted, “Like fucking my tight, Kiryuin, cunt!?” she hissed, slamming herself down on Jai’s dick with every thrust.


“Yeaaah, I love it, I love your Kiryuin pussy, I love this pussy so muuuch!!!” Jai moaned, pounding her hips faster, “Oh fuuuuck this pussy feels so good!!!”


“Yeah, and what about THIS!?” asked Ryuko as Satsuki lifted herself up and away, while at the same time, Ryuko grabbed her cock and guided it into herself with a loud wet squishing noise. Both women moaned deeply as Ryuko’s stomach stretched forward now, the tight warmth of her pussy was a familiar and welcome sensation to Jai as she immediately began slamming her hips towards her aunt.


“Mmmmmh, mmmmh, mmmh, fuuuuck! My pussy, my pussy’s getting stretched so wiiiide… Ahhh, it feels like I’m being split in half, but it feels so good!!!” Ryuko screamed.


“Mmmmmh, I know it does little sister, but take it all!” said Satsuki as she turned and placed her hands on Ryuko’s shoulders, “Take it DEEP!” she yelled, pulling Ryuko down hard on Jai’s cock until it was balls deep inside her.


OH FUCK, CUMMINGGGGGGGG…!!!” Ryuko hissed between clenched teeth as Jai felt her pussy clenching tightly around her cock. The heat building in her body only got even hotter as she felt Ryuko’s body temp shooting up to feverish levels. Satsuki hugged her naked body against her little sisters and turned her head to lock lips with her, their tongues dancing in each other’s mouths.


CUMMING, CUMMING, NEE-SHAN, CUMMING SHO HAWWD…!!!” Ryuko slurred around Satsuki’s tongue, still bouncing her entire body up and down Jai’s length. Jai moaned in pleasure as she felt the pressure building rapidly in her balls as Satsuki pulled Ryuko up and off her cock only to take her place again.


MMMMMMMH, YESSS, ME TOO, ME TOO LITTLE SISTERRRRR… OH FUUUUCK, THIS COCK IS SO BIG, I’M ADDICTED TO IT’S SIIIIZE…!!” Satsuki howled as Jai moaned with her, unable to hold back any longer as she came deep in Satsuki’s pussy! Satsuki’s already distended stomach grew even bigger, bloating with the sheer volume of cum Jai was unloading inside her.


AHHHHHH, FUUUUUUCK!!!” Jai moaned as her cock and balls seemed to surge endlessly. Satsuki’s stomach only grew bigger and rounder as she kept Jai’s cock buried inside.




Jai let out a long howling moan as she felt her balls draining into Satsuki’s pussy. Sweet relief flooded through her as she lay back on the desk. When it finally stopped, Satsuki wasted no time as she stood up, cum pouring out of her pussy in thick globs. With a snap of her fingers, Junketsu lept from the flow and was on her again as though she’d never removed him.


“Sweet jezzus baby doll, your blood be sweeter than Carolina honey!” Junketsu said in his sexest voice.


“Precisely!” Satsuki agreed as she jumped down from the desk and faced the class. “THIS is what you must do!” she told everyone, “Just fucking isn’t enough, one must fully surrender to their lust and carnal needs to bring out the fullest potential in the Life Fibers! Nothing is too far or too much, there are no taboos in preparation for our battle. Hesitation is Weakness, Inhibition is Death, shed them all so that we might claim victory for humanity!”


“Yes, Lady Satsuki!!!” the class said as one.


“There she goes, all over the top again…” Jai heard Ryuko saying as the still naked girl climbed off the desk next. “You doing okay?” she asked Jai in a soft whisper.


Jai gave a weak thumbs up gesture, “I’m fine auntie…” she whispered back, “Better than fine…” she added with a near drunken giggle.


Ryuko smirked, “Sorry for busting in without warning, Satsuki said something about charging your life fibers more. Inumuta recently found a way to measure the energy built in them and was worried how your levels were lower than mine.”


Jai understood that, statistically speaking, Jai and Ryuko should be equal in terms of power from the life fibers in their bodies. But since being stuck here, without a solid means of release, Jai’s energy must’ve waned considerably. Before she could respond though, Ryuko slapped her forehead roughly, “And don’t call me that!” she hissed.


Jai only smiled lovingly back at her aunt.

Story by Sailor Io

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1 year ago

I know it probably won’t happen, but any chance of Mako getting an actual dick and fucking Ryuko?

1 year ago
Reply to  Suriah

An ACTUAL one, unlikely.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

What about Ryuko getting an actual dick through life fiber shenanigans?

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago

Nice chapter. I can’t really talk much about it because I don’t know much about Kill La Kill but from what I’ve seen it’s pretty alright. Not much story stuff happening but I like the Lucy/Natsu cameo. On a smaller note, and this isn’t anything story breaking or anything, but I do find it quite interesting that you made the sex take place during class, despite no students in the background of the pic. Again, nothing bad or anything but the sex could then also happen just after class, which would fit the empty classroom in the background. Stellar sex scene with some pretty imaginative positions.

I like it although I’m not the biggest fan of having the central character (Jai) as some sort of super-stud who’s too big for anyone (except a certain few) to handle.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Yeah, I know Jai’s been a little too central lately, but I promise to get back to the main characters very soon, next chapter even. I’m glad you enjoyed the story though and I look forward to your thoughts on the next chapter.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

I don’t know if I’d call Jai a super stud. If anything this shows her size is more of a problem than a gloating point. She’s also not building a harem or conquering women on campus like you’d expect from a stud on campus. She just happens to be really endowed, sorta like Gamagoori who probably has the same problem too now that I think of it. Granted like you mentioned, you never saw the series so you probably aren’t aware of who that is. Actually I think Rei has that problem too, which is why shes only had sex with Satsuki and Ragyo.

1 year ago
Reply to  Unskilled

correct on all counts. Though Jai might be getting a GF soon.

1 year ago

Pretty fun chapter. Not much advancement in the plot and a decent amount of time was given to the fairy tail cast funny enough. It was interesting to see Jai in the actual class setting as well as her thoughts on how other people have sex, showing she at least has a small competitive side to her if she’s judging other people’s size and performance.

I was a little surprised how on-board Ryuko was with having sex with Jai. I would have thought their first sexual encounter, especially with knowledge of who she is, would have made the girl more reluctant or hesitant but she seemed to just jump right in.

Fun chapter all around though and Jai got to finally unload after months of stress and loneliness which is nice.

1 year ago
Reply to  Unskilled

Given that Ryuko has already done stuff with Satsuki for the sake of their preperations, I think that her hesitation and all have gone out the window now. As for plot motion, yeah, sorry about that, I’ll see what I can do next chapter along those lines.

1 year ago

Are the kill la kill stories the only stories that are not deleted?

1 year ago
Reply to  Han

no. there are also the food wars, jjk, and dbz stories as well as the bsu oc stories.