Grappling Dragon Desire

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing crossover series of stories)
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A light wind blew through the many open apartment windows. Clouds drifted over the sky as the moon gradually rose higher and higher. Surprisingly chill air caused the heat that had built up during the day to cool down quickly, making it much more bearable than just a few hours ago. Sitting in front of the television, Kobayashi, Tohru, Kanna and Ilulu were watching a talk show with the leading scientists behind the Helicruiser, the ship with which they will all soon be boarding to travel across the world. Kanna’s head rested on the dragon maid’s lap as she listened to the discussion between the host and the scientists with only one ear. Next to the young dragoness, Ilulu tried to do the same with Kobayashi, though Tohru viciously defended her mistress’ lap from the pink haired girl’s attempts to lay down on it.


In short, it was a typical evening inside the apartment. The only differences from usual, were the many different colored suitcases and bags all over the floor that they needed for their trip, and that the fridge was almost completely empty so that nothing would spoil during their time abroad. Instead, Kobayashi insisted on ordering pizza.


“Aaah! You see, making the ship fly wasn’t as hard as we initially thought.” explained Dr. Wingfield. His blonde hair was kept in a pompadour which kept his face hidden in shadows almost the entire time. “Well, that was at least after my colleagues and I cracked the math for it!”


“Impressive. I’d imagine that it’s pretty hard to make a ship fly. The way you say it makes it sound very easy.” stated the host, a short, bald man with a thick mustache covering his mouth.


“Hahahahaha!” the American scientist laughed, though his eyes stayed as cold and calculating as ever, “That might be the case for a layman like yourself.” he explained, not caring whatsoever about how rude he sounded, “After we cracked the code though, it was only a matter of time until we got our hands on metal that could put our theories and the Float System to the test!” he waved his hand through the air. “Luckily enough, the Shinomiya Group was more than willing to invest quite a lot of money into the whole thing to make it become reality!”


The host wiped some sweat from his forehead, trying his best to follow the scientist’s quick way of talking, “Mhm… That’s… good to know. Something else that might interest me and many viewers at home, might you be able to tell me and the viewers at home what you will be doing from here on out? Will you continue working with the Shinomiya Group, in case something goes wrong with this Float System or…?”


Dr. Wingfield’s smile vanished into thin air, “There is nothing that will go wrong!” he explained with a dangerously low voice, “I checked the math more than eight times and our test flights have shown that the Helicruiser can even handle small tornadoes and hurricanes without issues!” crossing his hands in front of his chest, he took a sip from the water on the table. “And no! I will gladly take the money I earned from working together with my fellow elegant scientists, but I can’t wait to return back to NASA again. There’s much to be done with the knowledge I gained during the time working on the ship!”


“How reassuring!” exclaimed the host with a nervous smile as he faced the camera, “There you have it, folks. With such a competent scientist working, things seem to be off to a great start! It was an honor talking with you today!” he stood up and shook the hands of the blonde scientist, wincing slightly due to the other man’s surprisingly strong grip. “I hope you have a pleasant trip towards wherever your path will take you next and-”


CAN YOU PLEASE STOP THIS ALREADY!?!?” Tohru snapped at Ilulu, sick of the pinkette’s attempts to put her head to rest on Kobayashi’s lap. “Can’t you see that Kobayashi-sama clearly isn’t in the mood for this right now!?”


“Tsk! You’re one to talk…!” said Ilulu. Dressed in her usual black cloak and matching string thong, she crossed her arms underneath her incredibly large tits, “Don’t think I didn’t notice your lecherous stares at Kobayashi’s crotch the entire time!” she shot back, with her breasts beginning to glow in a crimson red as the fire bags inside of them started heating up.


Blushing at that comment, Kobayashi tried her absolute best to give them her dead-fish-eyes-glare, “C- Could you two please stop talking about something like this?” she sighed. “I’m really not in the mood for either of your shenanigans right now.”


“I wanna see the pyramids and the ship!” Kanna then said out of nowhere. The other three women looked down on the youngest of the three dragons, seeing her already half-asleep and with a blissful expression on her face.


Tohru nodded, stroking Kanna’s white hair, “Mhm! I’m definitely gonna teach that Hayasaka girl a lesson! Calling herself a “maid” and all…” she shook her head, with a smug grin spreading across her face. “I’ll show her what a real maid looks like!


After taking one last sip from her beer, Kobayashi rose to her feet, “Sure, do what you must, simple-gon!” she said, her joints popping as she stretched her arms, “Just try to keep it down until we’re on the ship, okay? Unlike Lucoa and Shouta, who are already there, we’re going to this port city in a few days, so try to contain your excitement until then.” The flat chested woman took a look at the time on her phone and yawned. “Well, it’s probably best to call it a day for now. Can you two bring Kanna to bed?”


“Wait!” Ilulu said as she jumped to her feet, careful to not wake up the short dragoness. “I still need you to see the outfit I bought the other day!”


“Is it really that necessary? Can’t that wait until tomorrow?” Kobayashi asked, suppressing another yawn as she already began walking towards her bedroom.


“No! As a matter of fact, it can’t! After all, I need you to breed me when I’m wearing it, so you have to tell me if you like it or if some other outfit will get you more in the mood!” the pinkette answered in an instant. Before Kobayashi or Tohru could say anything in response to the ludicrous idea, Ilulu rushed towards her room, only to come back a few seconds later.


Her black cloak was gone, now replaced with a white nightgown that left almost nothing open to the imagination. Intricately patterned garter belts accentuated her legs and made her thong and the inmon mark above it stand out even more than anything she wore before. The inmon mark in particular was definitely screaming to get noticed, symbolizing a heart with several sperm moving towards it. Ilulu’s nipples could be seen clearly through the thin fabric of her bra, causing Tohru to wonder why even wear it in the first place.


“And? What do you think?” She asked before putting both her arms behind her head to lift her tits a bit and nearly causing them to spring out of the bra. “Don’t I look absolutely breedable with this?”


“Wowwww!” Kanna rubbed her eyes a bit after rising up from Tohru’s lap.


Trying her best to hide her mixed feelings about both Ilulu’s getup, as well as her intentions behind it, Kobayashi decided to change the topic. “That womb tattoo is from that new Anime or whatever, right?” she asked, not even turning around as she walked over to the next window. “The one we watched a while back. I’ve heard that people are going all-out cosplaying the lead girl.


Ilulu nodded, “Yes! I’ve read about the whole concept and found out that the different patterns and styles of those tattoos all have different effects apparently.” she massaged her stomach. “This one is able to make impregnation much easier. So, as soon as I turn you into a man again, we can-!”


HELL NO!!!” Tohru called out, “As if I will ever let something like that happen! You wanna know why? Because Kobayashi-sama will be far too busy doing… heheheh… making love with… heheh!” The blonde dragoness lost herself in drunken giggles as images of what could happen between her and Kobayashi on the cruise crossed her mind.


“Oh, and how do you wanna do this, then?” the pinkette asked teasingly. She stepped closer and crossed the distance between them. “Last time I checked, you haven’t bought any nice clothes for any nights together with Kobayashi at all!”


Before Tohru could reply anything, Kobayashi raised her hands in a placatory gesture, trying to calm down her roommates, “Don’t worry, I won’t sleep with either of you two.” she explained while picking up Kanna to carry her into her bedroom. “I will be far too busy working for that rich kid, so I probably won’t have much time lazing around, or visiting any of the places we travel to anyways.”


“But, but, but…” both dragonesses stammered, not knowing what to say to that.


Already in the hallway that led into the many other rooms of their apartment, the young computer programmer turned around one last time, “You can gladly continue this conversation. But please do so somewhere where I won’t notice it.”


With their objective now gone, Ilulu and Tohru exchanged perplexed looks, “Shall we wrestle to find out who’s right?” Tohru asked after a while.


“You’re on!”


Stepping out onto the balcony, both dragons enjoyed the pleasantly cold air on their skin before jumping into the night. In mid-air, both of them changed back into their original dragon forms and flew off into the distance. After less than two minutes, they found an uninhabited island somewhere in the northern pacific. Only a couple pine trees grew at the western edge of the small island, with the rest of it being nothing more than barren black rocks, created due to an active volcano just a few miles away that they flew over on their way here. Northern lights danced over the sky as the two women took a fighting stance in front of one another, a hundred meters separating them.


GO!!” they both shouted at the same time as they lunged towards one another. “RAAAA-



“-aah… haaa… aaaaaaaahhhh!!!” Ilulu panted in defeat. Sweat covered her entire body while her tits slowly regained their original color. Though she currently sat on top of Tohru’s stomach, she had no energy left in her to go any further.


Tohru wheezed, her entire body a bright red, “So… haaa… haaa… haaa… willing to admit defeat?” she asked, ready to go another round or two if necessary.


“N- hurr, hurr, hurr…!” the world around Ilulu spun as she started to feel really exhausted all of a sudden, “Never!” she managed to say before falling off of the other dragoness’ stomach.


A myriad of stars lit up the sky, illuminating the wasteland that the island has turned into. Large chunks of it have fallen into the ocean, almost every tree was burnt to a crisp, and several craters of various different sizes and shapes adorned the landscape of the island. Even the volcano a few miles away now featured a giant circular hole straight through it, caused by Ilulu narrowly avoiding one of Tohru’s fire blasts. Surprisingly enough however, both their clothes remained completely unharmed, save for the sweat that drenched them through and through.


“Still acting so high and mighty, huh?!” Tohru asked while a vein began throbbing on her forehead. Rolling to her side so that one of her tits rested on top of the other, she looked at the short stacked pinkette, “Then how about this?”


Ilulu’s eyes widened as a loud and wet SHLICK sounded across the ruins of the island, “AAAAAHHH!!!!!!” she gasped as Tohru shoved two of her fingers past the sweaty black thong and into Ilulu’s pussy!


“You like this, hm?” Tohru asked, this time much more teasingly than before. The pink haired dragon’s pussy clenched tight around the intrusive digits, making it quite hard for Tohru to move them around.


“Y- Yeaaaaaaaahhh…!” Ilulu answered honestly with sweat once again starting rolling down her body. “So… So gooooooooooddddd!!!!”


Jamming her fingers back and forth, Tohru couldn’t help but smile at the many different erotic moans escaping her friend’s lips, “Seems like somebody’s getting in the mood.” she said, watching as heady smelling juices began running out of Ilulu’s pussy and down her hand.


MMMMMMHHH!!!!” as she rocked her hips back against Tohru’s fingers, Ilulu couldn’t help but moan louder and louder, “Yes! NNNNNGH!!! Feels so… HMMM!!! So… MMMMMHHH!!!” reaching up with shaking hands, Ilulu then pushed her bra to the sight and started fondling her oversized tits, causing her pussy to gush even more.


It became harder and harder for Tohru to move her fingers, the other woman’s pussy clenched just too hard around her digits, almost as if she wanted to keep them inside of her forever and ever, ‘Hmmm… Who could have known…?’ Tohru asked herself, wondering just how naughty Ilulu really was. With the fingers of her left hand still inside the pinkette’s pussy, Tohru pushed herself up and knelt directly above her friend, “Such a naughty little slut.” she whispered, shoving one of Ilulu’s hands to the side so that she could grab the tit for herself.


OOOOOOOOHHH!!!!!!” Ilulu howled. Her nipples perked up even more, cutting into her and Tohru’s hands, “D- Don’t stop…” she begged, almost whimpered, as the rising pleasure made it harder for her to think.


Tohru chuckled, “How demanding…! Then again, I don’t really mind!” she declared with a large smile on her face before wrapping her mouth around the stiff nub of pink flesh!


With eyes as wide as dinner plates, Ilulu’s legs thrashed through the air as Tohru started sucking on her tits, “AAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!” her eyes started crossing at the feeling of another woman’s tongue moving all over her own breasts. Tohru made sure to bathe as much of her flesh as she could with her saliva, running her slithery tongue all over the pinkette’s areola and rock hard nipple. “Th- THORRRRRRRRUUUUUUU!!!!!!


The other woman’s scream echoed in Tohru’s ears, making her giggle inwardly as she bit down on her nipple, “Weady to admid dephead?” she asked again, as her words badly slurred and were almost impossible to understand due to the sheer size of the nipple. ‘Seriously, that thing’s basically as thick as my wrist!


NHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” Ilulu shook her head from side to side, smashing the rocks left and right of her head to pieces, “Don’t… DON’T STOP JUST YEEEEEEETTTTT!!!!!!!” she begged, her inner muscles clenching even harder than before around Tohru’s fingers.


It was impossible to say what turned her on more! The two fingers pushing in and out of her needy hole between her legs, or Tohru’s tongue dancing all over her nipple as she kept nibbling on it? She did not know! Nor did she care! All that mattered was that her friend continued making her feel so good! This, however, made the loud PLOP that followed after Tohru managed to pull her fingers out of Ilulu’s sound even more heartbreaking.


She was already about to complain, when Tohru suddenly moved her leg between Ilulu’s, pressing her knee hard against the younger dragon’s swollen red clit, “MWEEEEEEHH!!!” Ilulu whimpered, her eyes rolling back in their sockets as the other woman moved her knee back and forth, and up and down, bringing her closer towards orgasm than ever before!


Letting go of Ilulu’s one tit, Tohru moved over to the next, effortlessly pushing her hand to the side so that she had free access to the invitingly hard nipple that topped off an already perfect mountain of flesh, “MMMMMMHHH… you tashte pwetty ghuud!” she moaned, putting her hands on Ilulu’s waist to stop her from wiggling and thrashing around so much.


Ilulu shook her head, arched her back, moaned, howled, and rocked her entire body against her partner’s knees. She didn’t know how or when, but in the end, they somehow ended up scissoring one another, their pussies rubbing over one another and creating a series of loud and obscenely lewd SHLICK THWAP SHLICK THWAP SHLICK THWAP SHLICK sounds. At one point, Tohru even slipped out of the maid outfit that she wore the entire time, leaving Ilulu as the only one to wear anything. Not that either of the two cared, the pleasure that coursed from Ilulu’s body, through her pussy, into Tohru’s, and back again made them forget about any and all troubles or other things that might stand in the way of preventing them from this heaven on earth!


AAAHHH, YESSSSSSSS!!!” Ilulu hissed as she came once more, squirting her juices right on her partner’s stomach.


Throwing her entire body back against Ilulu’s thrusts, Tohru bit her lower lip as she came as well, not wanting to come off as shameless and desperate for orgasm as the other woman. That right should belong to Kobayashi-sama, once they’re all on the cruise. Though, it did become harder for her to stay silent and composed, the longer they continued making out with one another, “Nnnnngh…!!” she groaned, sweating even more than she did a few hours ago during their fight.


THWOMP THWOMP THWOMP!!! The very earth itself shook as they came time and again. Puddles of all kinds of bodily fluids were on the ground, filling the air with heady smells that clogged both their noses as they held hands.


GOD!!! SO GOOOOOOOODDDDDDD!!!!!” screamed Ilulu. She stared at the starry sky above, her crossed eyes doubling the amount of stars and moons she could see. “I WANNA DO THIS FOREVER!!!! AND WITH LUCOAAAAAAH!!!!! AND SHOUTAAAAAAH!!!!!! AND KOBAYASHIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


In an instant, images of the two dragonesses and Kobayashi fucking together flooded Tohru’s mind, making her cum harder than she ever did before in her life, “YEAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSHHHHHH!!!!!!!” she roared her approval into the sky, followed by a burst of flames from her mouth that evaporated the clouds directly above them.


Both women fell back to the ground, indifferent to how rough and hard it was. Seconds turned into hours as all they did was lay down, panting for dear life as they waited for the breath to return back to their lungs.


Much to Tohru’s surprise, Ilulu was the first to rise to her legs again. Though shaking, and with juices running down her creamy thighs, Ilulu was able to smile a smug smile as she grabbed her own tits, “Well, looks like this is one island that we won’t visit during this cruise.” she said, with her eyes wandering over the desolate wasteland of an already empty and barren island.


Knowing that they can restore it back to its original shape in little less than a minute, Tohru only shook her head. “I don’t care!”


(Story by: Mr. Akrononym)

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3 months ago

*me seeing Iluhu when open the site from my favorites bar*

3 months ago
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Thanks man, I’m honored

3 months ago

I thought llulu wasn’t going to be in this story because you know she looks kinda way to young

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 months ago
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Was kinda surprised when I got the artwork as well, not gonna lie. But I ain’t gonna complain XD. Hope you enjoyed the chapter.

3 months ago
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Was talking to Patreon thru emails and they said it was okay to post this image. 👍