Food to Cum For

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Mana Nakiri sat in the small living room of the mansion she called home. Dressed only in a loosely fitting yukata, she waited for her guest to be shown in. It had been over three years since she had seen her, and Mana was curious as to what her brother’s wife wanted. More curious as to how she found her.


The door opened and a man entered, he had long jet black hair that he kept in a kenseikan, an odd looking hair accessory that she personally found a little over the top. But he was a skilled bodyguard. Like the man whose name she could never remember, he tended to her ‘needs’ from time to time.


“Ms. Leonora Nakiri,” he announced as a near deathly pale woman walked in behind him, looking rather annoyed.


“That Misses Leonora, and you not forget!” Leonora chastised him in her horrible Japanese.


“I see you haven’t gotten any better at speaking Japanese. How is it that your daughter speaks fluently in several languages and you can barely speak a second of just one?” Mana asked, switching to Danish so that the other woman would speak properly.


“Hmmmph, it’s nice to see you too Mana! And I see your manners and your attitude are still as terrible as ever. Not even a hug for your sister-in-law?” Leonora asked.


“We’ve never been that close.” Mana answered dryly, “How is my brother doing these days? And father for that matter?”


Leonora sat down across from Mana, “Both of them are fine, and both are very worried about you. You’re becoming quite the shut-in. Your husband as well. I trust you heard what he recently tried to do”


Mana sighed, “Yes, I heard. Azumi is a skilled cook, I suppose, and a decent businessman. As far as running a restaurant. But really, he’s lucky our daughter and her friends shut down his little coup attempt.” she said, “Had it gone any farther than it did, I don’t think even my influence could have kept him and his Central out of jail.” Azumi knew well how to run a business, but he didn’t know a thing about law. Japan had very strict Anti-Monopoly laws, and once those in the government discovered what he was planning, his dreams would have come to an even more bitter end.


“Hmm, you say that right now, but you sent Sara to try and expel Erina from the school?” asked Leonora, “I have to say, when I heard her name, I had to compose myself.”


“I have my reasons.” Mana said. She did, the path Erina was on would only lead to the same despair Mana suffered from. She needed to get her out of the world of fine dining before it was too late! Mana loved her daughter to no end, and she didn’t want to see her suffer like she did. Being in the thick of the cooking world would only hasten her downfall.


Mana shook her head, pushing away such thoughts lest she begin crying. “So, what brings you here anyway, and how pray tell did you even find me?”


Leonora grinned, “It wasn’t difficult, the W.G.O.’s properties are a matter of public record. I just had my people check to see which ones were in regular use. And which ones were having a regular shipment of medical equipment shipped to them. Honestly Mana, it can’t be THAT bad.”


Mana slammed her hand down on the coffee table, “What do you know of it!?” she snapped, “Do you have any idea how much I long for a meal of REAL food? How every time I try just the smell alone makes me sick. And how just thinking of Erina…” Mana stopped herself as she felt her eyes begin to water. She pushed her emotions down before they could overwhelm her.


Leonora sighed, “Yes, yes, I’ve heard this before.” she said before turning to the guard that had shown her in. He looked somewhat confused, no doubt he wasn’t able to follow a word of their conversation.


“Young man, please to be bringing me the package I have when I arrive.” she said in her terrible Japanese.


The guard nodded silently and left the room. He returned a moment later with the red haired guard from the other day, the two of them carried a pair of boxes with them. One was a basic tupperware that held a cube of some gray substance. The other was a rectangular shaped thermos large enough to hold nearly half a gallon of liquid.


“I brought something for you to try. It’s the latest in molecular gastronomy technology. A tofu that is 100% flavorless until infused with the food it is intended for, but packed with enough nutrition that one could sustain it indefinitely. We developed it for use by those Doomsday Prepper types in the United States.” she explained, switching back to Danish. “I was hoping you could test it for us.”


Mana’s curiosity was piqued. A food with zero flavor would be just what she needed! It was better than taking needles constantly and sucking off her male staff. Though she didn’t mind the latter so much. Keeping her expression neutral, Mana sighed and nodded, “Very well, though don’t cry to me if I throw up after the first bite.”


“That’s why I brought this.” Leonora said, gesturing to the thermos, “You can still drink refined teas, yes? This is the finest pan fried green tea, using only the most pure of water from a melting glacier. I made it so it would be timed so that when I arrived it would be at the peak of readiness.”


“How thoughtful.” Mana said genuinely. Drinks were the one thing she could still enjoy to an extent. Though the measuring of the ingredients in things like coffee were still a bit tricky to her liking. Mostly, Mana stuck to teas and the like. They weren’t heavy on nutrients, but they allowed her at least one simple pleasure in her cursed existence.


Leonora took the thermos from the red haired man while the dark haired one set the tupperware down on the coffee table. Opening the thermos, Mana saw two cups stored inside the lid which Leonora placed on the table. She then opened the thermos itself and the wonderful scent of green tea filled the room.


“Bring me a bucket.” Mana told the red haired man. He nodded and left the room, returning a few moments later with a large metal pail. Leonora pried open the tupperware box and Mana braced herself for a wretched smell.


Only to smell absolutely nothing. The block of tofu inside was an unappealing gray and looked not unlike a large boxy kitchen sponge. Leonora poured both of them a cup of the tea before taking a knife that had been tucked inside the tupperware and slicing off a small sliver of the cube. She then stabbed the knife and held it out to her. Since this wasn’t a formal meal setting, Mana decided against holding her to the proper dining etiquette as she accepted the knife.


Mana took a deep breath, pinching her nose shut as she took a bite. The texture wasn’t unlike a dense cake, and there was very little moisture inside the tofu, but somehow it wasn’t crumbly either. The taste was… Nothing. Mana tasted absolutely nothing! She could feel the texture of the food with her mouth, but there was zero flavor. Mana was so astounded by this that she began chewing a little harder. Bracing herself for a burst of foul flavor when she began breaking it down with her teeth. But still, there was nothing!


Mana swallowed, while looking across at Leonora as the pale woman regarded her with a smug expression.


“How, how is this even possible?” she asked.


“Company secret, although we did manage to make this thanks to that other tofu you sent to Erina. Though our people did remove the part that caused such an extreme allergic reaction.” Leonora said. She then cut a slice of it for herself, biting into it without fear and making a face, “Hmm, like chewing on water.”


“Water has flavor too, though far more subtle, this stuff doesn’t even compare.” Mana said, slicing off another bite for herself and chewing it slowly. She closed her eyes blissfully, to be able to eat SOMETHING again, even something with no taste whatsoever, it was something she had all but forgotten the feel of. The salmon-pink haired woman swallowed and reached for her drink. The smell of the tea was first rate, and Mana hoped that the balance was equally top quality. She took a cautious sip, then a more ambitious one.


“Hmmmm…” she sighed blissfully, slowly sipping at her tea before cutting off another bite of the tofu block. “I don’t suppose…” she began.


“I already have much ready to deliver here.” Leonora said in her bad Japanese. “You should try with tea, yes?” she offered, dipping a piece she had taken for herself into the cup.




The tiny bit of tofu almost doubled in size as the tea went from a pale green to almost clear! The tofu itself also turned to a matching green, having completely absorbed the flavoring in the tea itself.


“Oh my!” Leonora said, clearly not having expected that reaction. She held up the tea flavored tofu to the light. It wasn’t dripping or anything, but it had clearly changed color. She took a bite of the square and her eyebrows raised up, “Hmmm, like tea flavored cake it is!” she said.


Wary, Mana did the same with her cut of food. The reaction was the same, and the tofu block had now been infused with the scent of the tea. Strangely enough, the infusion wasn’t muddied like when she’d tried other variants of flavored tofu. The thing she hated was that while yes, tofu absorbed any flavors around it, it also weakened them in a most revolting way. Pulling the bucket closer, Mana took a bite.


MMMMMMH!!!” the woman moaned in utter bliss at the pure flavor of perfectly prepared green tea. The taste was exquisite! Not watery or muddied, it was as though someone had turned the liquid into a solid and gave it the texture of a dense cake!


“Hmm, I take it you approve, Mana?” Leonora said in perfect Japanese.


When Mana opened her eyes, she saw Leonora sitting naked across from her. Mana’s own clothes had been stripped away, the bra she had been wearing now hanging off the edge of the table. Both the guards in the room had also been stripped naked, though they showed their true professionalism by simply standing watch like nothing had happened. Both women continued eating quietly in the nude for several minutes until the block had been completely consumed.


Their impromptu meal concluded, Mana got up to gather her clothes again. No sooner than she stood up though did a wave of dizziness slam into her. Her vision became wavy and distorted. Mana had felt these symptoms before, when she had gone too long without proper nutrients. But this felt different.


VERY different!


“Hwegh…!” Mana grunted as she felt a powerful twinge between her legs, as though someone had run an electric current through her clit that shot straight up into her brain! She fell back into her seat, a hot spray of juices shooting out of her pussy!


HEEEEEK!!!” Mana heard Leonora moan, she turned to look over to the other woman, her eyes doubling in size. The pale skinned woman was leaning back in her seat, her legs spread wide as she furiously dug her finger in and out of her sopping wet pussy!


“Wh… Why…? Ahhhnn, All of a sudden, I need to masturbate!!! I can’t stop!!! AHH, MY BODY NEEDS TO CUM!!!!” Leonora howled, pushing three fingers in and out of herself with a lewd squishing sound. “AHHH, AHHH, AHHHH, WANNA CUMMM!!! NEED TO CUMMM!!! I FEEL LIKE I’M GOING CRAZY!!!!


In any other circumstance, Mana would have yelled at her sister-in-law, telling her to get ahold of herself. Even the guard’s professional stances broke slightly as the two of them glanced at one another. Clearly they didn’t know exactly what they needed to do in this instance.


Mana wasn’t sure how to direct them either as she moved a hand between her own legs to rub at the folds of her pussy! “HMMMMMMH!!! What… WHAT IS THIIISSS!?” she hissed. Her entire body tingled with a burning NEED to be touched, fondled, stroked, and stimulated. It was like having ants crawling all over her skin, teasing her in all the places she liked to be touched. She began to pant softly, her breaths becoming labored as her fingers began digging into her pussy like Leonora’s. Mana distantly remembered Leonora mentioning it was made using molecular gastronomy, as was the faux meat that Mana had sent to sabotage Erina’s efforts!


HEEE, HEEEE, AHHHHAAAA!!! CUMMING!!!!” Leonora squealed as her pussy let out a wide spray of juices that splattered onto Mana’s body. Her body’s sensitivity had been dialed up so high she could feel the heat coming off of every drop as she began fingering herself harder while fondling her own tit.


NHOOOOO, IT’S NOT ENOOOUGH, MORE, I NEED MOOORE!!!!” Leonora moaned as she looked over at Mana with a wild lust in her ruby colored eyes. That look sent a wild twinge through Mana as though her clit had been struck by a live wire again. The two women launched themselves at one another! Hugging their naked bodies together as they locked lips.


NMMMMMMH, AHH, HMMMMH…” Mana moaned into her sister-in-law’s mouth as they dueled tongues ferociously for a moment before Mana began kissing Leonora’s face! Her lips left black marks from her dark lipstick that stood out on her pale skin.


HMMMN, NMMMMH, AHHHH…” Mana gasped and moaned back into Leonora’s mouth as they locked lips several times. She then turned to the two still dumbfounded guards, both of whom were now VERY erect. The red headed one’s cock was incredibly thick when compared to his partner. But the dark haired one was insanely long, easily the length of Mana’s arm from her shoulder to the tip of her middle finger. That alone made up for it being only half the thickness of the other.


“Don’t just stand there, you fools! Get over here and do something!!!” Mana yelled at them.


The men were quick to move. Mana didn’t know if it was their professionalism or eagerness, but right now she didn’t care! Her pussy was on FIRE with NEED. The red haired man, being the one closest, came over to them first. Leonora and Mana both scrambled over to him, as their hands began grabbing at his dick. The smell of it made Mana dizzy with lust as she and Leonora both began kissing and licking his length up and down, coating it with lipstick marks. Black for Mana, and a teal blue from Leonora’s lipstick.


“Nmmmmh, ahh, cock, yummy!!!” Leonora panted in her bad Japanese as she grabbed the red haired man’s dick with both hands and stuffed it into her mouth. “HUUUUGUH, AGUH, HMMMMPH, HMMMMPH NMMMPP…!” she moaned loudly, her throat bulging with the sheer thickness of his dick. Mana watched as she quickly began forcing it farther and farther into her mouth. The salmon-pink haired woman felt her lower lip trembling with jealousy as she waited her turn.


“Ma’am,” said the other guard as he came over, his long cock standing out proudly from his groin. Mana didn’t waste a second, grabbing it with both hands and dragging her tongue along its length.


HMMMMMMMPH, AHHMMMMMPH!!!” Mana moaned in utter lust as she opened her mouth wide, swallowing the huge length down her throat. ‘Ahhh, this feels so good in my mouth!!’ she thought as she quickly began bobbing her head back and forth, loving the feel of it pushing down towards her stomach!


The two women knelt down side by side in front of the two guards, their lips dragging back and forth along their dicks, smearing them with a thick layer of saliva. “NMMMMMMPH, AGUMMMPH, GUH, HMMMPH GUH, GUG, HMMMMMMPH…!” Leonora moaned, moving her head back and forth faster and faster, her ruby red eyes rolling back in their sockets as she rolled her hips against the air in open lust.


CAWK, CAWK, SHO GUUD, MOAR, NHEED MOAR CAWK, GOTTA CUMMMH…!” she slurred horribly as she pulled her face free and turned around, bending over to present her ass to him, “HURRY, HURRY AND DO FUCK MY PUSSY, I NEED COCK, INSIDE, MUST CUM NOW!!!” she begged. The red haired guard quickly knelt behind her, grabbing her hips and driving his cock into her pussy with a loud wet SQUISH.




Mana tried not to roll her eyes, her Japanese just seemed to get worse with how horny she was. Not that she could blame her right now. Mana’s body felt so worked up right now, she doubted she could have strung together a coherent sentence to save her life! She moved her head back and forth several more times, feeling her entire body tensing in pleasure as she came just from her mouth alone. All the while, the heat between her legs only grew more intense.


When Mana couldn’t stand it any longer, she pulled her mouth free and moved to kneel in front of Leonora as the dark haired guard moved to get behind her. The two women locked lips again as she felt that long cock sliding all the way up into her womb! Mana had never cum so quickly in her life, it was as though the instant her pussy was filled someone had just flipped a switch.


“Nmmmmmh, Manah, Manaaah…” Leonora panted against her mouth as the women dueled tongues once again.


“Jusht shut up and phuck…!” Mana shot back as the two of them were pressed together.


AHHHH, CUMMING!!!” Leonora moaned as she bucked back against the guard fucking her.


CUMMINGGGH!!!” Mana moaned with her as they broke apart, a long rope of saliva stretching between their tongues.


The two women kissed repeatedly, locking lips together in wet sloppy kisses as their guards tended to them. The hot, wet, SLAP SLAP SLAP of body against body was the only other sound in the room save for the panting moans of the two women.


Mana lost count of her orgasms a few minutes in. She couldn’t think any more. All she knew for sure was her pussy was craving dick! And no matter how many times she came, it still needed more!


YESH, SHO GUUD, MANA, DESHE CAWKSH ARE SHO GUUD!!!” Leonora moaned, rocking her body back and forth against her guard’s dick. Mana could hear the wet SQUISH SQUISH SQUISH of the huge thing sliding in and out of her pussy.


YESH, GUUD, SHO GUUD, CUMINGH, AYE’M CUMMINGGGH!!!” Mana howled as she felt her entire body shaking in pleasure as her pussy seemed to burst like a broken dam! An orgasm more intense than any of the previous ones rocked her very being as she howled in ecstasy!


When it was finally over, Mana found herself in a puddle of sweat with something warm and sticky leaking out of her pussy. At some point, she had been moved to her bedroom, and though the sheets did a decent job of absorbing the sweat, she still felt gross as she sat up.


The red haired guard came into the room when he heard her moving, “Lady Leonora has left.” he reported, “Do you require anything else ma’am?” he asked.


“An explanation of what just happened.” she said dryly.


“Lady Leonora said she would contact you again through this.” said the guard as he held out a small smartphone. “She suspects it has to do with the food she brought.”


“You think?” Mana asked both rhetorically and sarcastically. “Did she leave any more of that tofu before she left?” The guard nodded, “Good, bring me another cube, and have at least two other guards come with you. I’m hungry.”

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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17 days ago

Well this confirms that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to Erina and Alice horny sides. Love to see Mana and Leonora in action and the aphrodisiac version of the tofu without the expansion. The yuri at the start was nicely written before going crazy for the guards. Hope to see more of Mana and Leonora in action together or challenging their daughters for her boys attentions or sharing them with Mana and Leonora. Amazing art as always. 9/10

19 days ago

Because its Food Wars, i find it funny to imagine the character currently slobbing the knob to stop, lean away and say “Good soup”, before going right back to their business

19 days ago
Reply to  Xcelsior

Would make sense, yes, LOL.

19 days ago

Aphrodisiac food now, huh? Can’t say I’m too surprised, but also a bit shocked to see there wasn’t any growth food this time around. Granted, you can do lots of things in a series based around cooking haha

Appreciate there was some girl-on-girl this time around, although reading that they were still latched onto one another while getting railed from behind was great. Seeing their attitudes change on a dime like that and how they seemed to pull the guards into their madness was good. Makes me wonder if we’ll get an orgy with Souma at some point .

Looking forward to more of this!

19 days ago
Reply to  Fei

Possibly, again, depends entirely on images provided.

19 days ago

So this new food still makes you feel turned on but doesn’t make you grow

19 days ago
Reply to  Jorge

Yeah, I would have had it be the faux meat itself if the pic called for it. But since their proportionals were more normal, I decided to go with something that just acted as a very powerful aphrodisiac. BUT, I’m not sure if you noticed, it only does that based on how you flavor it. My current line of thinking is that it’s affects will vary depending on what you use. Given the Blue competitions haven’t happened in this timeline as of yet, I needed something Mana could eat.

19 days ago

Does Expansion meat work on males as well?

If so will souma eat some?

Great to see this series continue,100/100!

19 days ago
Reply to  Whitis