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Shoreline Sexytime

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“Haaaah, this is great!” said Alice Nakiri as she swam naked in the ocean. The water was perfect, not too warm, and not too cool and so wonderfully refreshing. A surprising thing given how late at night it was. She adored the feeling of the water moving over her newly “augmented” body! Erina, Nikumi, Megumi, and her mother were all right about the horniness and increased sensitivity. An hour ago, Alice had eaten several bites of the weird faux meat she’d accidentally acquired for Erina’s business. It really was different from the stuff she originally sampled, and the effects on her body were unbelievable!


She’d already cum several times just swimming in the water now, feeling the currents and eddies moving over her skin was so ridiculously intense. It was better than the most skilled lover’s caress. Even now, she shuddered at the feel of her nipples moving through the water. She loved the way they tingled all throughout her body with the slightest motion.


Her breasts had grown so big she could barely stand up straight, with each one nearly the size of her torso. She had an ass to match too. Her only regret was not stripping down before she’d taken that first bite. She really liked that blouse which was now in so many shreds. Once her tits had stopped growing, Alice decided to head out to the beach just outside to test a theory about boobs and butts this big. The pale skinned young woman had been rather surprised when it turned out to be true that at this size, her tits were practically flotation devices.


Looking back to the shore, Alice smiled when she spotted Ryo Kurokiba walking onto the beach from the boardwalk area next to Busteez. She had called him a short while ago and asked him to come by with a change of clothes for her. The dark haired youth had his usual sleepy look about him as he walked out onto the beach sands.


“Heeeey, over here Ryoooo!” she called out, standing in the water while keeping herself mostly submerged. She raised up one arm and waved to him.


“Hey,” he called back so quietly she almost couldn’t hear him over the waves lapping against the shore. Alice began swimming back towards the shoreline and then waded out of the water. She smirked when her huge tits rose out of the water’s surface and suppressed a soft moan at the feel of the water getting cold against her skin now that she was no longer submerged. Ryo stiffened visibly at the sight of her naked body as she came towards him and Alice smirked again. She always suspected that the dark haired chef had a thing for her, what man wouldn’t? Adding a little swing to her hips as she walked, Alice moved closer to Ryo, her feet sinking slightly in the mud of the shore just beyond the edge of the water.


“Eh, uh…?” Ryo said as Alice walked towards him naked.


Alice gave a sly smile as she walked up to him as though nothing were the matter. “Thanks for coming,” she said to him.


“Y.. Yeah, sure.” he said, his eyes closely examining the odd aurora overhead. It had been pretty at first, but Alice got bored of it quickly. Something about odd solar flare activity for this time of year.


“Ugh, hellooooo, I’m down here you big fish monger!” Alice chastised him, “It’s fine, I give you permission to look, after all, this isn’t my normal body, so it doesn’t really matter.” she told him as he held out the clothes she’d asked him to bring. A massively oversized sundress complete with the wide brimmed hat, and a pair of underwear that would totally be a thong on her wide ass right now.


She then snickered as she realized something, “Oh, or is it you can’t handle looking at my glorious new boobs and sexy new butt?” she asked, “Really Ryo, I thought you’d be more mature than THAT, getting all hot and bothered by just seeing a girl’s naked body. Do I need to look under your mattress for dirty magazines now?” she asked in a teasing tone. She already knew full well he had some, and he didn’t keep them under the bed, but on a shelf in his room. And unlike most guys, he really DID buy them for the articles, as every single one of them had on the cover a blurb about a new cooking method featured inside.


“But then again, I AM just to die for aren’t I? If not for my name and my seat on the ten, I’d probably have the boys in school falling for me left and right.” she said with a grin. She then moved in closer to Ryo, pressing her enormous breasts around his body, enveloping him in their soft warmth. “You know, it always surprised me that you never made a move on me. Granted I probably would have slapped you in the face and stormed out of the room for a bit, but still. What is it, am I just not your type?” she asked him.


Ryo’s face was stiff, his head tilted upwards as the edges of his mouth twitched. Alice rolled her eyes, “Jeez, you can at LEAST tell me that you like this sexy body, that it turns you on and the only thing holding you back is your loyalty!” she told him. She then raised her eyebrows as she realized something, “Oh right, I forgot!” she said, reaching under her breasts and feeling around for the hand that held the panties he’d brought for her. She found them quickly enough and moved her arms around his shoulders again.


It was a simple white pair with no frills or anything, but the waistband was nice and stretchy. Gripping the sides with both hands, she turned them upside down and pressed the back against his forehead, pulling the sides around his head and tying them tightly at the back.


The reaction was instantaneous, the sleepy look on Ryo’s face was replaced by a fierce expression as his eyes sharpened to a near glaring expression. She startled lightly when she felt his hands reaching around her waist to grab her ass and grip it tightly.


“You little tease!” he hissed at her, “Running around naked in public like some kind of whore! What are you thinking!?” he asked her. Alice giggled then gasped lightly as she felt something hard pressing against her as Ryo pulled her hips closer. “I’m gonna make you take responsibility for this!”


She smirked at him, “Oh really?” she asked, “And just what, WAH!” she yelped as Ryo suddenly pushed her down on her knees. “Hey, what do you think you’re…” Alice complained, not liking being handled so roughly by her attendant, but she trailed off mid-sentence when Ryo pulled the waistband of his pants down, unleashing one of the biggest dicks she’d ever seen! “Oh, oohh…!” she gasped.


Moving almost on their own, Alice’s hands went up to grab Ryo’s cock tightly. It was so thick she needed both hands just to hold it! The smell of it made her dizzy, even dizzier than that time when she was working the Glory Hole room with Ikumi and that pro-whore bitch. It felt so hard, like a piece of stone wrapped in smooth and very soft leather. It occurred to Alice that she’d never seen Ryo naked before, now she was regretting that. Had she known he was hung like a donkey, she’d have taken things further with him a long time ago. Having an attendant who could also take care of her in bed was a bonus she never thought she’d have!


Still gripping his cock, Alice worked her jaw several times like Leda had shown her before, opening wide and swallowing Ryo’s cock down her throat! “GUHMMMMMPH!!!” she gagged lightly as she felt the thick rod moving through her neck and pushing down towards her stomach. She remembered everything Leda had told her from before as she struggled to take all of it into her mouth.


“Don’t worry Himedere-chan, if you choke a little, that means you’re doing it right!” she had said.


Easy for you to say, god knows how many dicks that mouth has sucked!’ thought Alice as she worked to overcome her gag reflex. Though she had to admit, this did feel really good! Especially without someone shoving her head back and forth before she was ready.


HUGUUH, MMMMMPH, GUH, MMMMMPH GWEE… HMMMMMPH…!” Alice gagged and choked around Ryo cock, working her head back and forth slowly, working to take it deeper every time. She could feel her throat bulging from the effort as her red eyes rolled back lightly. ‘Ahhhhn, this feels great!’ she moaned in her mind.


“Stop going so slow, I know you can do better!” Ryo snapped at her, grabbing her head with both hands and shoving his dick all the way into her mouth!


HMMMMMMMMMMPH!!!!” Alice gagged and howled around his cock as she felt her pussy gushing hard! She came! She’d just cum hard from having his cock pushed roughly down her throat!


“Oh yeah? You like that!?” Ryo asked, “Seems the little princess has a bit of a masochistic streak in her!” he said, gripping her head tighter, “In that case, take THIS!” he said, pulling his cock back until just the tip remained in her mouth, then shoving it back down her throat without mercy.


HWOOOGUUUFFFFPH…!” Alice moaned, gagging, choking, and cumming even harder than before. “AW GAAWD, SHO GUUD… MUH MOOOUPH… MUH MOUPH PHEELSH GUUUD…!” she said, unable to form her words properly with Ryo’s thick meat pressing against her tongue.


“Oh yeah, then how about THIS!” he said, shoving his cock into her mouth again, “And THIS!!” he said, pulling back and plunging forward again, “And THIS!!! And THIS!!!! And THIS!!!!! And THIS!!!!!! HURRRRAAAAAGH!!!” Ryo roared, fucking her mouth over and over again.


HUGOOOPH, GUGH, GUG, GUH AGUEH, GUH, GUH GUH GUH… MMMMMMHMMMMMMMPH!!!!” Alice gagged and moaned, her pussy twitching on its own every time he pushed his cock back down into her stomach! “YESSSSH, MOAR, MOAR, PHUCK MUH MOUTH MOOOOAR… AGUH GUG, GUH, GUG, GUUUUHMMMMPH…!” she moaned, her words slurring even worse until all she could do was moan as her head was rocked back and forth again and again. She felt dizzy, she couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t even think! But she felt amazingly good!


CUMMINGGGG, CUMMMING… AYE’M CUMMMMINGGGGGGH…” Alice slurred from deep in her throat. “AHHHH PHUUUCK, DHON’T SHTOOOP, DHICK, GHIMME MOAR DHIIIICK!!! AGUH GUH GUH GUUUMMMPH, CUMMINGGGG…!” she moaned as Ryo swung his hips faster. Thick strands of her own drool flung away from her lips every time he pulled his cock back, her lips making a lewd slurping down as they did. She would then gag and moan as he pushed his cock back inside, making her cum all over again.


So good, so good, ahh, this feels so good, I love it, I love having my mouth fuuuucked…!’ she thought to herself as Ryo face fucked her faster.


YEEEEAH, TAKE IT, TAKE IT, TAKE IT ALLLLLL!!!” Ryo roared as he pushed his cock all the way down her throat again. Alice let out a long moan from deep inside her throat, her vision blurred as her eyes rolled so far back they turned as white as her skin. She felt something thick and warm flowing into her gut, like she’d just drank a gallon of thickened soup stock.


AYE’M CUMMMINGGGG…!” Alice gagged loudly as she felt Ryo’s cum shooting into her stomach. She felt her pussy shooting an almost endless spray of juices as her entire body seemed to shake with pleasure. She then felt Ryo’s cock pulling back slowly, sliding out of her throat. She especially enjoyed the feel of the mushroom shaped tip pulling through her before his cock withdrew completely. Long sticky ropes of cum and her own drool stretched away from her lips as Alice panted hard for air. Her body felt so hot that her breath was steaming lightly in the nighttime air. She gasped again as Ryo slapped his cock against her face. She could feel the heat coming off it and shivered lightly in need as she extended her tongue forward to lick at it.


Only for Ryo to pull away again, “No!” Alice gasped.


“Hoh, you want some more of this?” he asked her while leering down at her.


Alice suddenly felt exposed, vulnerable, and out of control.


And she liked it!


“Y… Yes, more, please, I want more in my mouth…!” she moaned, looking up at him with pleading in her ruby red eyes.


“I don’t know, I…” Ryo began, but Alice didn’t wait, grabbing his dick with both hands, she sucked it back down her throat and hugged her arms around his waist, locking her body against his. “H… Hey!” he shouted.


AGUG, GUH, MMMMMMPH, GUG, MMMMMMMPH, GUH, MMMMMMPH, GUG, GUG, GUH…!” Alice moaned, bobbing her head back and forth rapidly, loving the feel of his cock getting hard in her mouth again.


“You crazy little sluuuut, HUUUUURRRAAAH!!!” Ryo roared, grabbing her head again and pounding his cock into her mouth like before. Alice let out a strangled moan as her pussy would gush every time he shoved his cock into her mouth. Her mind became hazy as she continued clinging to him and gagging loudly around his cock.


AGUGH, GUH, GUG, GWEEE, GUH, GEEEPH, PHMMMMPH, MMMMPH, HMMMMMMPH. GUH, GUH, GUH… CUMMING, CUMMING, CUMMMMMINGGGG…!” Alice howled in pleasure as her vision began to darken at the edges. She could feel herself blacking out from the lack of oxygen as Ryo shoved his cock all the way down to the pit of her stomach again. More of that thick liquid warmth flooded her belly as Alice let out a long low moan like she’d heard Leda demonstrate, only she wasn’t faking!


GWAAAAH…!” Alice then gasped, her vision brightening again as Ryo pulled away and sweet air flooded her lungs. She fell back onto the sand, gasping and coughing lightly as her entire body shuddered. She let out a single drunken giggle as she tried and failed to sit back up. The sheer weight of her new tits made that impossible from this angle.


Above her, Ryo pulled her panty bandana off his head, his demeanor returning to the lackadaisical one he normally had. “Ryo…” she said in her sweetest voice, “Be a dear and help me up please.” she said, her voice having only a slight edge to it at the fact he didn’t do so during her first attempt.


“Yes Milady…” Ryo said, sounding bored as he helped her to her feet again. Alice put on the white sundress, which was more of a wide white tent around her without anything to make the fabric show off her curves properly.


“Hmm, well this is a problem!” she said, “Come on Ryo, we’re going shopping!”


“As you say, milady.” he replied.


“Oh and Ryo?” she asked.


“Yes?” he replied.


“Next time you’re fucking my ass!” she said with a sweet smile.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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2 years ago

Love the chapter as finally my favorite girl has a chance to have an augment body with even better tits and ass. The interaction between Alice and Ryo was great and the introduction of Alice to her new sexy body. Probably in the future we would see her reaction growing as based on what we read the apple didn’t fall away of the tree as she acted similar to Leonora after she tasted the meat. 9/10

2 years ago
Reply to  Shadowdragon

Thanks, I figured it’s past time Alice had her chance. As I wrote it, I had the idea that with her personality she’d enjoy it rougher than others.

Last edited 2 years ago by Sailor_Io
Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
2 years ago

Very short but nice story. I like how the girls slowly start experimenting with the food and therefore their newly enhanced bodies. The interaction between Alice and Ryo was quite enjoyable and using a panty as a bandana was a pretty interesting and funny idea. The sex was rough beyond believe, which I quite like and showed pretty good how good Leda taught these soon-to-be super sluts. The ending with Ryo getting all quiet again made for quite the enjoyable contrast to the rough sex from before.

Could be longer but otherwise, great job!

2 years ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Well, the chapters never were all that long, but I’ll see what can be done. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it still!

2 years ago

Erina para el proximo capitulo?

2 years ago
Reply to  AL-720

No idea.