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Extra Thick Cut Mito

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“Tch, damn you Soma!!!” cursed Ikumi Mito as she stood out in the parking lot of the Busteez Restaurant and Brothel at night. Normally, she wouldn’t be bothered by this, not even by the racy outfit she had on, which currently was just one of those v-sling swimsuits and a silk hoodie. What annoyed her was the fact that currently, her body was warped by eating some of that stupid fake meat crap! Both her tits were each larger than her entire body was normally, and she also had an ass to match!


It was the result of Soma telling her to help herself to some of the hors d’oeuvres that he’d left in the fridge at the restaurant. She told him over the phone she was debating what to eat after having made a few test dishes, so he informed her that he’d left a plate of hors d’oeuvres on one shelf that she could have. Not that she would admit it, but Ikumi LOVED Soma’s food, and it sounded better than just slapping something random together.


The plate was right where he’d said it would be, so Ikumi had helped herself. The dish was a simple sliced meat over crackers with a mix of other fixings. The ingredients of the dish weren’t all that special, but the arrangement was rather striking. They looked like tiny perfectly balanced pyramids, Soma didn’t even need toothpicks to hold everything together. The flavor was equally as balanced, before she knew it, Ikumi had finished off the entire plate!


It was only a few minutes later did she discover that Soma had used the faux meat when her tits and ass had ripped through her clothes like they were made of tissue paper. After that, Ikumi found that there was a second plate on the shelf below the one where she’d found the first one. The snacks there were almost identical to the previous plate, only with a small green bit of tape on the edge of the plate.


He could have told me to grab the one with the green tape on it!’ she thought bitterly.


She was jarred back to the present by the sound of a light motor approaching and she purposefully set her face in ire as she spotted Soma coming in on his scooter. She stared sternly in his direction as the headlight from his scooter washed over her and he rapidly applied the brakes. The small bike skidded to a halt just a few feet in front of her. Soma’s momentum however propelled him forward slightly, slamming his face and most of his upper body into her tits! Ikumi had to suppress a smile as she suddenly thought of airbags for a brief moment.


Soma quickly pulled his face out of her cleavage and shook his head.


“Well?” she asked, “Got anything to say for yourself, Soma?”


“Oh, uh, oops, guess I forgot to mention that you needed the plate with the green tag I put on it.” he said in a lame voice.


Ikumi’s gigantic tits bounced up and down with a wobbling sound as she crossed her arms under them. She meant to make herself look more annoyed, but due to the sheer size of her breasts, Soma wouldn’t be able to even see what she’d done. Ignoring the issue, Ikumi spoke, “Well, I’m glad I don’t have to explain it to you then!”


“Yeah uh, sorry about that, aheheh…” Soma chuckled, “Shouldn’t you have called Hisako though? Why call me out here?”


“Because this is YOUR fault, Soma Yukihira!” replied Ikumi, jabbing her finger into Soma’s chest, “And YOU’RE going to take responsibility for it!”


“Uhh, okay, how do I do… NMMMMPH!” Soma began before Ikumi grabbed him by the front of his shirt and pulled his body between her tits, kissing his mouth hard, forcing her tongue between his lips!


“Nmmmmmh!!!” Ikumi moaned softly into his mouth, finally feeling the slightest bit of relief from the burning heat between her legs just from kissing him! What they said was true, a woman could cum just from a kiss alone. Ikumi had never believed it before now. She held the kiss for a long moment and moved her hands to pull away the flimsy straps that jokingly covered her nipples. She then shrugged out of her swimsuit and hoodie all in the same motion, standing naked in the street save for the boots she had on.


That done, Ikumi wrapped her arms around Soma’s shoulder and kissed him harder. To the red haired young man’s credit, he slipped his arms around her waist as he returned the kiss. Ikumi felt her cheeks heating up as she dueled her tongue against his. She didn’t even really feel the two of them moving, but suddenly, Ikumi noticed their surroundings had changed. They weren’t in the parking lot anymore, but inside the brothel itself. In one of the private rooms to be exact.


The walls were done in a mix of red and pink, with lighting to match. The floors were a thick red carpeting that still smelled new. The mix of paints and glues made Ikumi feel even dizzier than she already did as Soma broke the kiss. Ikumi didn’t wait for him to say anything stupid as she dropped down to her knees, most of her weight resting against her gigantic tits as she grabbed at Soma’s belt. Her deft hands moved with the same precision as when she was slicing up a slab of beef, unbuckling the belt and yanking down his pants.


“Ahhhaaah!!!” she gasped happily at the sight of a huge erection that sprung free from his pants. Just like last time, she could barely grip the huge thing, even using both hands. The young blonde girl didn’t care though as she grabbed Soma’s thick, hard, throbbing dick. “AHHHHMMMMMPH!!!” she moaned, opening wide and taking his cock between her plump lips.


“Oooh, ahhh…” groaned Soma as Ikumi slowly took his long stick of 100% A5 Fuck Meat down her throat!


NAAHHMMMMMPH, AHMMMMMPH, HMMMMMMPH, NMMMMMMMMPH!!!” Ikumi moaned, not gagging even a little as she moved her head back and forth. ‘Ahhh, this feels so good!!!’ she thought, ‘My mouth feels so good, I can’t stop sucking this big, fat, juicy cock! I don’t wanna stop! This flavor is so stroooong, my head feels like it’s spinning spinning spinning!!!’


NMMMMMHMMMMMMPH!!! AHMMMMMPH, MMMMPH, MMMPH…!” she continued to moan in raw pleasure as she felt her pussy throbbing between her legs almost painfully, as though it had become jealous of her mouth.


“Haaah, Nikumi-chan… That feels… Amazing…” Soma groaned.


AHNMMMMPH, HMMMPH MMMMMPH, MMMMMPH…” Ikumi moaned around his cock in response, moving her head back and forth, loving the feel of the throbbing shaft against her tongue. She could feel it throbbing in her mouth as her throat was stretched out over it.


AHHH, SHOMA, SHOMA, GMMMMPH, MMMMPH, MMMMMPH, YESH, AHH, AYE NHEED DIIISSSSH, GMMMMPH…!” Ikumi slurred badly around his cock, moving her mouth back and forth faster. Soma’s cock was so slick with her drool, moving it in and out was so easy now, it made Ikumi dizzy with desire as she pushed her face all the way down into his pubes. The short hairs tickled the inside of her nose as she moaned deep in her throat, loving every second of this.


She held him there for a long while, her green eyes rolling back in their sockets, “AAHHHHH, CUMMINNNGH…” she moaned around his cock as her entire body shuddered in pleasure, “AYE’M CUMMINGH WIPH MUH MOOOOUPH, SHO GUUD!!! AGUH…” she moaned, finally gagging as she tried to speak.


“Ahhha, Ni… Nikumi, ah, are you okay…?” Soma asked her.


AGUUUH…” Ikumi gagged softly as she lifted her head off his dick, gasping for air slightly, “NO YOU IDIOT!!!! I’M FUCKING HORNY AS HELL THANKS TO THAT STUPID MEAT AND YOU’RE GONNA FUCK MY PUSSY UNTIL I’M SATISFIED, GOT IT!?” she snapped at him as she got up and turned around, presenting her huge ass to him, “NOW HURRY UP AND SHOVE THAT BIG DICK WHERE IT BELONGS!!!!” she shouted at him. She was actually grateful her ass was so big right now, because it prevented Soma from seeing how badly she was blushing! If she wasn’t on the verge of losing her mind from how horny she felt, she never could have said all that to him with a straight face.


“Ahha…!” she gasped as she felt Soma’s hands grabbing her caramel colored asscheeks.


“Nikumi?” he asked, sounding concerned.


JUST HURRY UP!!! DON’T MAKE ME REPEAT MYSELF!!!” she shouted again, then moaned in utter BLISS as she felt something, hard, thick, and insanely long sliding into her pussy with a soft wet noise. It was like she’d been on fire and just jumped into a cool pool, the raw relief alone was almost enough to make her pass out.




YEAH, YEAH, RIGHT THERE!!! AHHHAAAA, HURRY, PUMP IT INTO MEEEEE…!!” she screamed, rocking her body back against him, trying to push the youth’s thick hard cock into her deeper. Soma grunted and groaned as he did as told, pushing his thick dick deeper inside. The feeling of fullness was incredible, Ikumi could only moan at the feeling. Soma groaned again as he pulled back slowly, Ikumi moaned at the feeling, she could feel the tip of Soma’s fat dick dragging against her insides as it pulled out.


HWEEEEEEEEGH!!!!! YESSSS, HARDER, SHOVE IT IN ME HARDER!!!!” Ikumi howled when Soma slammed his cock back inside. His hands gripped fistfuls of her enlarged ass as he began to swing his hips back and forth with a loud and wet SMACK SMACK SMACK!!!


“Eegh, tight…!” Soma grunted.


THAT made Ikumi grin genuinely, “YEAH, YOU LIKE THAT!? THEN POUND MY PUSSY HARDERRRR!!!” she moaned as she rocked herself back against his dick, “HMMMMMMMMMN!! SO BHIIIG!!! YOU’RE FILLING ME UP SOMAAAAH!!! AHHH, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT!!! SLAM MY PUSSY HARDER!!! AHHHH, CUMMING, I’M CUMMING SO HARD!!! MAKE ME CUM, MAKE ME CUM, MAKE~ME~CUM!!!!!” Ikumi panted, her pussy gushing without end.


“Haaaah, Nikumiii… You’re squeezing so tiiiight… Ahhhaa…!” Soma grunted, his movements slowing down, forcing Ikumi to buck and roll her hips to keep movement going.




“Ahhhaaah…!” Soma grunted, then groaned weakly as Ikumi felt that welcome liquid warmth pouring into her. She then felt Soma’s upper body resting on her ass as she reveled in the feeling of his cum filling her. She lightly chewed her lower lip at the feeling as she let her body relax, all of her weight now resting on her giant tits. The blonde girl lay there like that for what felt like hours, but could only have been a few minutes. When she finally felt strong enough to move, she used her legs to try and push her butt up, but felt Soma’s weight still on her back.


“Hey, Soma, you can get off now…” she said, then blushed as she added, “Um, if that’s alright.”


When she was greeted with silence she called back to him again, “Soma?”


More Silence, “HEY, YUKIHIRA!!!” she shouted, managing to lift her upper body enough to turn her head just enough to look back at him. “Eh…?” she gasped. Soma was passed out, his body laying overtop her expanded rump, and his eyes now a pair of swirls as he let out a weak groan. Ikumi was about to growl in annoyance, but she quickly realized he wasn’t passed out from cumming. Not entirely, anyway.


“Hey, Soma? Soma, talk to me! Soma!!!” she called out to him.



“Okay… You know, I don’t even wanna know how this happened,” said Hisako as she stood in the doorway looking at Ikumi and Soma. The latter was still passed out, drooling slightly in his unconscious state. Ikumi had managed to get over to one of the room phones to call the pink haired girl over.


“Good, because I don’t feel like explaining.” Ikumi countered as Hisako handed her a thermos filled with a soup that had holistic anti-inflammatory properties.


The situation was thus, the swelling from the faux-meat was so severe now that her pussy had tightened to the point that it was actually HOLDING Soma’s dick inside her! The pressure had gotten so intense that it had actually knocked the young man out. Now, he lay on his side at an awkward angle, his cock still locked inside Ikumi no matter how much she relaxed herself.


“I really need to be more careful with that stuff…” she muttered as she took her first few sips of the mildly salty soup.


(Story by User: SailorIo)

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1 year ago

I completely missed this chapter how the hell XD. Meat Meat looking meaty as hell

1 year ago

I wonder if Souma will ever eat the growth meat and if it works on men?

1 year ago
Reply to  Whitis

Undecided currently.

1 year ago

I like it the chapter ans the limits of the faux meat in their bodies. At first thought that Alice made something funny to see her friends grow. Even she can dare to invite all the girls and put the meat with the snacks to see what happen which each girl or Hisako as she is the only one that hasn’t tried it. Artwork good as always and the story nice with a horny Ikumi in full mode 7/10

1 year ago
Reply to  Shadowdragon

Thanks, I wish it could have been better though personally. Maybe I’m just being over critical of my own work.

Most loyal fan of Rtenzo
Most loyal fan of Rtenzo
1 year ago

Rtenzo, what stands out most in your works is your color style and how disproportionate your characters are, but you are the only one who can make it look so GOOD, I recommend that you put a Spoilers section where we can see a live of how you draw, that can make more people recognize you.

1 year ago

lol watching a stream of me draw would be boring because I get distracted A LOT so there will be long periods of time where nothing is happening on screen.

more normal fan of rtenzo
more normal fan of rtenzo
1 year ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Anyway, many people like to see the process, they can also see you draw again 😀