Erotic Blessed Energy

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing crossover series of stories)
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Seriously!? One of the last days before the summer vacation, and we have to sit through this stupid lesson?!’ Nobara Kugisaki thought to herself as she continued listening to Satoru Gojo’s teachings, “Tsk!” she clicked her tongue in annoyance and looked out of the window.


Leaves in the trees were moving in a gentle west wind, the sun caused shadows to dance over the ground while making the temperature inside the classroom rise to roughly a bazillion degrees, birds were hopping on the ground in search of worms or other things to eat, the sound of cicadas could be heard, even in the classroom. Overall, it was just another ordinary summer day! And she had to spend it by listening to some stupid lecture instead of going out and enjoy it to the fullest!


“And that’s why it’s essential to have fun and to let loose every once in a while! Spread positive energy and such! Be a hippie!” Gojo said as he continued writing on the blackboard. “Curses are born through negative emotions, after all!”


Nobara rolled her eyes, ‘Then why do we sit in the classroom instead of having some fun?’ she thought, while looking at the clock at the corner of the room to check for how long this class would continue to drag on. Much to her chagrin, it would still take another two hours until the lessons were over. ‘Come to think of it, why is it only my class that has to sit through boring lessons today?! Maki-san is preparing some stuff for some kinda mission we will have during the summer vacation. And Inunmaki and Panda are having their own missions with Nanami-senpai!


From the looks of it, both Yuji Itadori and Megumi Fushiguro were thinking the same. Well, Yuji anyways. Sukuna’s host stared with blank eyes at the blackboard, almost as if he couldn’t decipher what was written on it. And Megumi, surprisingly enough, looked as if he had a hard time believing anything that the white haired Sorcerer taught them today.


Putting the piece of chalk with which he wrote on the blackboard down, Gojo turned to face his class again, “So, with that all out of the way, I want you three to come up with a way to create as much Positive, or Blessed, Energy as possible!” he spread his arms in an elaborate gesture. “It’s a Sorcerer’s duty to beat the hell out of Curses, after all. And that can start with the most simple of things passively!”


“So… Can we go now?” Nobara asked carefully, but with hope in her voice.


“Hahahahahahaha!!” Gojo arched his back and laughed, “No!” he then answered shortly after, crushing all the hopes that Nobara had, “We’re still in school, so I can’t simply let you go early! What kind of teacher would I be!?”


A cool one!’ all three students thought simultaneously and with grim looks on their faces.


The white haired teacher shook his head. “No. No no no no! What we’re going to do instead, is that you three create as much Blessed Energy as possible until I’m back from the preparations for our trip!”


Yuji raised his hand, “Erm… What kinda trip?” he asked, scratching his cheek in confusion. “I mean, Maki-senpai was telling us something about a mission that we have together, but that’s about it.”


“Mhm.” Megumi nodded in agreement. “Seems like something bigger, right? Then why haven’t we heard about it until now?”


“Ahhhhh, so impatient…” Gojo sighed, “Well, I initially wanted to make it a surprise, but since you’re sooo insistent, I just have to tell you!” spinning around on one leg, confetti started raining down on him through some kind of mechanism that neither of the three 1st year students had noticed. “We’re going on a cruise!!!”


WHAT???” both Nobara and Yuji pushed themselves off of their seats as they couldn’t believe their ears, ‘A cruise? This has to be a joke!’ they thought at the same time.


Even the usually composed and stoic Megumi couldn’t help but sweat upon hearing the news, “Seriously?” he asked, his voice full of doubt and uncertainty.


“Did I ever lie to you?” the blindfolded man asked in retaliation. Before any of them had the time to reply to that however, he quickly continued. “I’m sure that by now, you all have heard about this new Helicruiser of the Shinomiya Group, right? Well, with so many different people on board, attacks from Curses would be absolutely devastating! To prevent this from happening, I have been chosen to keep an eye on the many innocent passengers on board. And since I can’t protect an entire ship all on my own, I’ve chosen you to aid me during this task!”


He just wants to relax and let us do all the work!’ his students thought at once before quickly shrugging it off. If it means that she would be allowed to get on the Helicruiser, Nobara would do so much more than protecting some passengers!


Sensing their anticipation, Gojo couldn’t help but smile, “With that all out of the way, I’ll go now. And remember, I’ll only take you with me when you show me some good results in gathering Blessed Energy!” before he left the room, the white haired Sorcerer pulled one of the principal’s, Masamichi Yaga’s, Cursed Corpses out of nowhere. “This little guy here will keep track of the amount of Blessed Energy you gather! The more you gather, the more green he will turn. If he’s not green as an olive by the time I’m back, you’ll have to stay here during the summer!”


With that said, he left his students alone. Not even a second after he closed the door to the classroom, Yuji and Nobara started dancing around one another, “Cruise Cruise Cruise Cruise Cruise!” they chanted like they were possessed, and with their eyes beaming with excitement.


Still sitting in his chair, Megumi scratched his chin and rolled his eyes in annoyance, “Blessed Energy… Who the hell does he think he can fool with that?!” he thought out loud, with his eyes locked at the crimson red, lion shaped Cursed Corpse in front of him.




“Stop those gloomy thoughts immediately!” Nobara said after slapping Megumi on the back of his head. “We’re supposed to have happy thoughts to get this thing going, right?! So just look forward to this cruise like every normal person, and be happy about it!”


Eyes twitching in irritation, Megumi looked up at his classmate. “Please tell me you don’t actually believe in that “Blessed Energy”-crap!”


“Who cares?!” she countered, crossing her arms under her breasts. “We’re going on a cruise, so we have any reason to be happy about it!”


“Yeah!” Yuji agreed. The pink haired youth still jumped up and down, pumping his fists into the air. “Like, I’ve heard that they even have arcade machines and stuff on board! What’s there not to be happy about!?”


Megumi sighed, “Then don’t you find it strange that, despite your overwhelming anticipation for that cruise, the Cursed Corpse still hasn’t changed color at all?!” he asked, pointing at the still unchanged object.


“Then we obviously weren’t happy enough yet!” the brunette concluded. She reached for Megumi’s collar and pulled him up until only a few inches were between their faces, “Look, I don’t care if you believe in this Blessed Energy or not!” she said, eyes full with determination. “But I make damn sure that we will be allowed to get on this cruise, no matter what! There are a bunch of people that I follow on Instagram that will be there! This might be the only chance that I get to meet them, you hear me!? So stop whining and be happy, you dork!”


“Which people do you follow, anyway?” Yuji asked, both out of actual curiosity and to cool down the situation.


“Some cosplayers, livestreamer and of course some actors and such.” said Nobara as she let go of Megumi’s collar. “I’ve even heard rumors that the famous “Sleeping Kogoro” will go on board as well! But since he doesn’t have any social media accounts, that’s mostly just speculation.”


“Anyways…” Megumi interrupted them and picked up the Cursed Corpse to examine it closer. “That thing still hasn’t changed color despite you two being so hyped about that mission. So either you’re doing something wrong, or that thing just isn’t working!”


Walking over towards her classmate, Nobara put a hand on his shoulder and gave him her sweetest smile, “Or… someone’s doubtful thoughts are negating all of our efforts.” she squeezed his shoulder a bit harder, causing him to wince slightly. “Seriously, stop being such a bore and pulling us down just because you don’t like this thing!”


“Fine! But I seriously doubt that any of that will work.” He replied as he put the Cursed Corpse back on the desk, “This one is definitely created by Masamichi-sama, but hasn’t reacted to any of our actions. Even if I’m not as excited as you two are, some sort of change should have happened by now!” Megumi said before silently muttering so that only he could hear. “If something like Blessed Energy even exists!”


Nobara scratched her chin as she bent forward to eye the Corpse, “You aren’t wrong about that…!” she agreed, “So, we need something that makes us happy… but what could that be…?” the brunette thought out loud before adding in her mind. ‘Damn you Gojo! Why did you take our phones away?!?!




Yuji’s sudden question caught his two classmates completely off guard. They slowly turned towards their pink haired friend and blinked at him a few times, “What?” they both asked at the same time.


Droplets of sweat made their way down the pink haired youth’s neck as he felt his friends’ eyes on him, “I mean… ehm… it is a way to get happy or whatnot, right? So, I thought that…” he fidgeted with his finger as he looked at the floor, with his face turning red in embarrassment. “You know…?”


“Seriously?! How do you even come up with so stupid ideas!?” Nobara snapped at him while her face became just as red as Yuji’s. Though, she had to admit that she did silently think about something like this before. Due to her being a Sorcerer and all, finding a real partner was nigh impossible, and Megumi and Yuji aren’t exactly the worst looking people around. Not beautiful of course, but definitely not bad either.


Next to her, Megumi shrugged with his shoulders, “Well, he isn’t wrong.” he stated, much to the surprise of the other two, “During sex, lots of different chemicals are being released, all of which make us feel good. So it would be safe to assume that one would be able to create “Blessed Energy” through sex as well.” the black haired Sorcerer concluded.


“Hehehehe…!” Yuji chuckled nervously as he listened to Megumi’s explanation, “Yes! Exactly! That’s what I thought as well!” he said with false bravado.


Nobara gave him a fierce glare at the comments, “So your intention from the very beginning was that you wanted to have sex with me?” she asked him, her voice dangerously low. The only thing that ruined it was that she was still blushing and that she couldn’t but let her eyes wander between the two boys, wondering if they’re actually serious.


“No! Of course not!” he answered in an instant, raising his arms between them, almost as if to protect himself from her wrath, “But, you know…” his face became the same red color as a cherry as he mumbled. “It would be one way to become happy.”


Silence spread across the room as all three of them waited for the others to continue. After two minutes of silence, Nobara sighed, now done with her classmates’ uncertainty, “Any other suggestions?” she asked, catching the two boys by surprise. Both of them shook their heads. “Okay. Then let’s do it!”


Nobara didn’t know what possessed her to pull through with that absolute idiotic idea! It sounded like a decent idea and worth enough to give it a chance. But how she actually managed to make Yuji AND Megumi to go along with it was something that she would never understand! And yet… Here she was, kneeling on the floor in front of her two friends as she stroked both of their rapidly growing erections. Both of them were inhumanly large and girthy! Yuji’s cock alone was just as thick as her arm while Megumi’s seemed to grow longer with every stroke.


“Hurr… hurr… hurr…!” Yuji groaned, thrusting his hips forward ever so slightly. “Damn! That feels good!”


Copying his motions, Megumi nodded, “Mhm…!” he agreed with his friend while Nobara continued to stroke their cocks.


Boys…!’ she thought. It was her first time actually giving a handjob to something else than her dildo. Hearing the praise of the two men was a surprising turn-on for her though as she felt her own juices streaming out of her pussy and down her thighs, “Mmmmh!!” she cooed at the feeling of their cocks pulsing against her hands. She could actually feel the warmth of their blood pumping through the veins as her hand moved back and forth on their lengths!


“Oarhhh!!” Megumi groaned as she stopped stroking his dick and instead reached for his balls. Cupping them with both hands, she kept him at edge and too occupied with groaning for him to notice that she came closer and closer with the tip of his cock. Then, “Whaaat??” he suddenly gasped as he found her lips locked around his cock!


Fighting her own gag reflex, Nobara moved closer and closer towards his crotch, taking more and more of the black haired youth’s cock down her mouth and throat, “Mmmmh, guhh, hmmm, gug, gug, gughgh!!!!” she gagged and slurred while saliva streamed down her chin and dropped onto her tits uncontrollably. ‘DAMN! That’s harder than I thought!


Her attempts to stroke Yuji’s dick came to a halt as she had to focus entirely on sucking Megumi’s cock without throwing up, “OAARGH!!!!” Megumi roared as Nobara managed to deepthroat his entire dick. With her chin resting against his balls, she made sure to drag her tongue over as much of his entire length as she could, bathing it in her saliva. “Haa… haa… haa…!!!”


“Gugh, hugh, muah, hugh, ugh, ugh!!!” the brunette moaned with him as she bobbed her head back and forth now, gradually growing accustomed to his sheer size. Her lips dragged slightly behind as she pulled her head back, letting her see his now with her saliva coated length. ‘Mmmmh… Better than I expected!


Out of the corner of her eye she could see Yuji fidget awkwardly next to them. His dick was still throbbing with energy, even though her entire attention was now focused on Megumi. She could see him squirming in place as he watched her blow Megumi, slowly stroking his cock to the perverted performance. Fondling Megumi’s balls with one hand, she put her other hand to rest on the black haired man’s hip as she swallowed his dick again.


SHLIGG, GUGH, GUHG, GUGH, GUGH, MMMOPH!!!!” she slurred and gagged, her eyes starting to cross as she became overwhelmed by pleasure. The musky smell that filled her nostrils as she buried it once more in the thick bush of black pubic hair further enhanced the entire experience as it became harder for her to string together any coherent thoughts. ‘Sucking dick… sooo good… who could have thought!?


Pushing his hips forward a bit, Megumi managed to shove even more of his length down her throat, “OOOOOHHH GODDDD!!!” he groaned at the unbelievable tightness of his classmate’s mouth.


MMMMMMPH!!!” the brunette gagged as her eyes bugged out. Shooting him a mean glare, she moaned. “UH WITTWE WAWNINGGGH NEGSHD DIME!!!!


It was basically impossible to make out even a single word from Nobara as she continued bobbing her head back and forth. Both boys watched in amazement as her throat distended unbelievably wide as she sucked Megumi’s cock. In a brief moment of clarity, Nobara congratulated herself for her brilliant idea, that Megumi and Yuji should lock the door and pull the curtains in front of the windows. No way in hell would she live with the shame of someone finding out about the things she’s doing right now! Even now, a puddle formed at her feet, a mix of her saliva that dropped and their combined sweat and other sexual fluids!


“Holy shit…” whispered Yuji. Sukuna’s host continued rubbing his length to the sight in front of him. Drops of his precum flew in every direction as his cock continued aching and begging for Nobara’s touch.


FUUUCK!!!!” roared Megumi.


HMMM? WHAAAA????” Nobara sputtered as Megumi unloaded his seed. Thick streams of cum shot straight down her throat while he held her head in place, leaving her no chance to escape. “UGGGGHWAAA!!!!!” her eyes rolled back into her head as she was overcome with arousal. The feeling of his sticky cream making its way down her body was enough to make her spasm in pleasure!


Just as quick as it began, it ended again. Stumbling back, Megumi let go of the brunette’s head and let himself fall on one of the chairs. Both Sorcerers panted for breath as they waited for their beating hearts to calm down.


I did it!’ thought Nobara. She swallowed each and every last drop of Megumi’s cum! The only cum left was that that still kept oozing out of his cock. Then, after a minute or so, the realization hit in, “JERK!!” she shouted at her classmate, making him wince in shock as he was still dealing with the aftermath of the blowjob. “You could have at least said something!”


Megumi looked at her with almost dead eyes before raising his arms in a placatory gesture. “S- Sorry! I forgot!”


Groaning in annoyance, Nobara moved her jaw from side to side a few times to relieve it of the aching sensation that spread through it, “Ugh… Anyways! Yuji, you’re next!” she told him without even looking in his direction.


“What?” Yuji asked almost as if she got him out of some sort of trance. He blinked in surprise as Nobara rose to her feet, his cock twitching excitedly at the sight of her naked body. Her nipples looked as if they cut glass as they pointed straight at him, while her several rivulets of juices found their way down to the floor as her pussy begged for something to stuff it.


Nobara walked over to him, “You heard me!” she said, putting a hand against his bare chest to push him into the puddle of bodily fluids beneath. “Now lay back, relax, and let me have some fun with that fucking meatstick!”


Both males exchanged shocked looks as Nobara climbed on top of the pink haired man. Licking her lips erotically, she then lowered herself, impaling her pussy with the fat cock beneath her!


OOOOOOOOOHHHH!!!!!!” she gasped as a bolt of lightning coursed from her pussy through her entire body and back again. Underneath her, she could feel that Yuji experienced the same thing as she was since his entire body spasmed in ecstasy upon entering the hot folds of her clit, “Soooo… GHUUUDD!!!” she then moaned as she felt her stomach contort to the shape of his dick.


A large, crimson colored blush spread across Megumi’s face as he actively avoided looking in their direction. On the other hand, Yuji clawed at the wooden floor beneath as the brunette’s pussy juices began coating his entire cock due to her moving up and down. In a little less than a minute, a heady smell filled the entire room as Nobara got fucked closer and closer towards orgasm!


RRRRRHG, No- Nobara…!” growled Yuji.


“Mmmmmmmmmh… What’s… What’s the matter?” Nobara asked, unable to prevent herself from smiling due to the waves of pleasure that crashed down on her. “You’re not gonna cum yet, aren’t… aaaaaah, FUCK… are you?!”


He shook his head, “NoOOOH!!!” he managed to groan before her inner muscles clamped even harder around his dick. “But… I’m not wearing a condom or-!”


WHO CARES!? FUCK!!!!” she interrupted him as she slammed her hips down again. Like a hammer on an anvil, the sound of the two bodies colliding echoed throughout the room. She could feel her entire body bulge as the pink haired youth’s cock stirred her insides around. “It feels… way… too good! HAAAAA!! To care about any of that shit!”


“Uh. Guys?” Megumi asked next to them.


“Not now!!!” Nobara hissed, far too occupied with getting fucked by her classmate. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK!!! The rhythmic sounds of flesh hitting flesh drowned out every other noise as both students gave themselves even more to the carnal pleasure. “Good! Good!! SO FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOODDDD!!!!!!!


NO– NobaraAAAAAAHH!!!!” Yuji moaned with her. “I’m gonna…”


“Yes!! YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!” she howled. The very instance before he climaxed, Nobara took his cock out of her pussy, only to shove it back into her ass!


Their eyes twitched and widened in ecstasy as they screamed, “AAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!” what felt like a literal gallon of cum got pumped into her ass. She could actually feel Yuji’s balls getting smaller as seemingly his entire sperm got released at once!


Sooo… hard… think!’ only the white of her eyes was visible as she climaxed for two entire minutes straight! She could feel her tongue hanging out of her mouth as if she was some kind of bitch in heat, or some girl from a cheap hentai anime. “OUUUHH!!!


Even after Yuji stopped cumming, Nobara remained on top of him, relishing in the sensation of her now completely filled stomach. She was so full in fact, that cum kept oozing out around Yuji’s cock since her body couldn’t handle it all, “Ahh… ahahahahaha!!!” the pink haired youth laughed in between his deep breaths for air. “That was… that was nice!”


Looking over her shoulder at the thick river of cum that coated his cock, Nobara couldn’t help but agree. “Mhm!”


“Guys?” Megumi asked again.


“What?” she asked back, much more willing to listen to any of the stuff he had to say, now that the rush of adrenaline came to a stop. “If you want to go next, then just give me a second to…”


She trailed off as she became aware that they weren’t alone in the room anymore. Somehow, without her or Yuji noticing, Gojo managed to enter the room again. With a large grin on his face and the still red colored Cursed Corpse in his hands, he looked down at his two students, “Hi.” he greeted them with a carefree smile. “Looks like you two are definitely in the mood for some time on the cruise!. Good to see!”


(Story by: Mr. Akrononym)

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24 days ago

Nice seeing a JJK related story again, whether it’s a stand-alone story or this already outrageous crossover we’re all looking at.

The way it was all handled was very well done, not just with the characters and pacing, but also the overall story and direction.

The characters in particular were the main highlight here, especially Nobara and the very lazy and eccentric Gojo. 😆 Though Yuji and Megumi had their moments too. Plus we now have an idea of what their role in this crossover storyline will actually be.

Plus the sexual second half of the story while trying to make the cursed corpse doll change color was another highlight. Very nice work on it. Though the end bit was pretty hilarious. 😂

Either way, can’t wait to see what’s up for them next. Though I’m hoping we get more from the other JJK storyline later on. Fingers crossed!🤞

That’s it from me. Keep up the good work! 😃

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
24 days ago
Reply to  Hiryu

As always, thanks for your kind words and detailed input. I had fun writing the chapter, especially Nobara. Glad to read that it resonated with you.

Dr. Pervert
Dr. Pervert
24 days ago

Wasn’t expecting Jujutsu Kaisen to be included.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
24 days ago
Reply to  Dr. Pervert

Yeah, I’m kinda not a fan of using JJK in hentai stuff in general and became quite a bit bothered by the old story, so we ultimately decided to include JJK into the crossover as well.

I hope you enjoyed reading it.

24 days ago

Nobara’s cursed energy is a little…thicc

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
24 days ago
Reply to  Xcelsior

Who needs cursed weapons, when you have your own sets of weapons of mass-destruction? XD