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Waterfall Whoppers

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“Okay, Erina: you can do this. You can do this,” she repeated to herself, staring down at her phone. All she had to do was hit ‘SEND‘ and Soma would get her message for a private meeting…just the two of them…and her new body…


Groaning, Erina hung her head, which gave her a fabulous view of her tits. ‘They’re so big now…I can’t even see my desk! Do I really want to go through with this?


Unbidden, the image of Ikumi’s smirking face and massive boobs came to her mind; Erina’s grip on her phone tightened, almost cracking it. Before she could second guess herself again, she sent off the message.


Yes. I do.




Soma had expected the usual cooking or food related activities, like their weekly Shokugeki, when meeting with Erina. Even the location, in front of a small waterfall, didn’t make him suspicious; maybe she wanted to try a new fresh fish recipe.


Even Ikumi’s recent revelation of the discussion she’d had with Erina had slipped his mind, so Soma’s surprise was near total when he rounded the corner and almost walked into Erina’s enormous breasts. Eyes bulging, he stared at her body and outfit, jaw wide open.


Though calling it an ‘outfit‘ was a misnomer. Consisting of black latex thigh high boots, a few strings for a bottom, and a pair of rings around her nipples to hold up her massive boobs, it was clearly designed to titillate rather than cover anything. And it was doing it’s job, Soma reflected, his cock abruptly swelling.


Erina watched him, doing her best to stay calm and collected, even as a blush spread across her face and she could feel sweat starting to roll down her body. And it wasn’t just sweat either; she clamped her legs together as a hot wetness started forming between her legs.


“So…I’m guessing we’re not going to be doing any cooking today?” Soma drawled, doing his best to keep his eyes on her face. He couldn’t help but chuckle at her annoyed expression; yep, that was Erina all right.


“No!” she snapped, before closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. “No,” she repeated more calmly. “That wasn’t what I had in mind. And if you can’t figure out what I want, you’re even dumber than I thought.”


“Pretty sure that I have it figured out,” Soma agreed with a chuckle, eyeing her up and down, enjoying how Erina looked like she wanted to protest while at the same time enjoying it. “Not that I’m complaining, but what brought this on?”


Erina fidgeted, shuffling her feet and swinging her arms, which brushed the side of her breasts. “Well…I’ve seen how you looked at Ikumi and Alice when they looked like this, and I thought…well…”


“Erina,” Soma interrupted, his expression turning serious, “you should never have to change yourself so drastically just so someone will like you. You’re just fine the way you are.”


She stared at him, mouth slightly open, a warm feeling in her chest-


Then he smirked. “Again though: definitely not complaining,” he added with a lascivious leer.


Aaaannnd, good feeling gone. “Jerk!” she shouted, giving him a shove.


Unfortunately, she forgot about her new center of gravity; with a squawk, Erina tumbled over as well, landing in a tangled heap with Soma.


When things settled down, she found herself sitting in his lap, facing away from him. Before she could do or say anything, his arms came around her body; when he grabbed as much of her boobs as he could manage, she gasped. “AHH!”


“You’re the one that wanted to be fucked by this jerk; isn’t that right?” Soma whispered in her ear, groping her huge tits with all his strength, his fingers sinking into her soft flesh.


“AHHH! MMM…M-Maybe?!” Erina did her best to sound nonchalant, but she was rapidly discovering that her breasts were now much more sensitive, causing her blush to darken dramatically, her nipples to harden, and her pussy to really start gushing.


“Well, if you want me to stop…” Soma teased, beginning to remove his hands.


NO!” The shout echoed in the air, and Erina thought her face would literally catch fire. “No…I want you to keep going…please?”


Soma smiled, though she couldn’t see it. “Sure thing.” Bouncing her boobs in his hands, he began kissing and licking the back of her neck and her ears.


Throwing her head back and closing her eyes, Erina panted and moaned, squirming in Soma’s lap and feeling his cock get larger and harder, pressing against her ass and back. Her body got so hot, so quickly; even more sweat formed, dripping from her chin and nipples.


“Feels like someone is excited…well, both of us are, actually,” Soma acknowledged with a blush and chuckle. His cock was so hard and ready, but he held back. “I know I want more; what about you, Erina?”


She only hesitated for a moment. “Yesss…” she hissed. “Fuck me. Screw me with that big cock I can feel digging into my ass and back!”


Smirking, Soma lifted her up and then plunged her down…his cock going straight into her ass! “Surprise!”


AAAAARRRGGGGHHHH! YOU BASTARD!” Erina screamed in surprise and embarrassed anger. It didn’t hurt all that much, but it was the principle of the matter!


“Hey, what do you know: you don’t actually have a stick up here, like so many students claimed!” Soma teased, getting a better grip under her legs.


Eyes widening with outrage, Erina opened her mouth to tell him exactly what she thought of him and all the rumormongers out there. “YOU-FFFFUUUUCCCKKK!” she howled as Soma lifted her up and slammed her back down; her breasts bounced wildly, almost hitting her in the face.


Then he did it again…and again…and again…


Very quickly, a steady rhythm was established, and Erina found herself grunting and moaning as her ass was pounded relentlessly. “UGH! AHH! HMMM! ARRR!” She wasn’t sure if she loved it or wanted it to stop, but her body made itself very clear. Her pussy was gushing like a fire hose, and her nipples were so hard and sensitive, she could feel the air rushing over them.


HOLY SHIT, YOUR ASS IS SO TIGHT!” Soma gasped, working up a good sweat of his own as he pounded her anally. He loved it, and he could tell Erina was close to cumming as well.


Well, if she liked this…


Erina barely noticed when Soma lifted her extra high, his cock slipping out of her ass…but she DEFINITELY noticed his dick pushed deep into her pussy! With a wordless howl, she shrieked wildly, bucking and thrashing as she orgasmed.


And he wasn’t finished.


As Soma bounced her up and down, thrusting his hip up at the same time, Erina came again and again. She could feel her mind going blank, her jaw hanging open with her tongue out as her eyes rolled up into her head.


“I LOVE YOUR HOT, TIGHT PUSSY! IT’S SQUEEZING MY DICK SO HARD!” she distantly heard Soma shout, as his thrusts became faster and more frantic. When he came, it triggered the biggest orgasm yet, and Erina let it wash her away.


When she slowly woke up, she blinked up at the sky, slowly becoming aware of Soma lying next to her, his head pillowed on one of her boobs. He shrugged when she looked at him through half-lidded eyes. “These make for some nice pillows,” he told her shamelessly.


“…idiot,” she muttered, feeling utterly drained in the best way possible.


“Oh? Does that mean you don’t want me to fuck you again?~”


“…Shut up. And…no, that’s not what I meant…”

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3 years ago

Love it also do u have an I idea when the next one punch pic will come out

Smiling Fiend
3 years ago

I’m starting to see a real nice pattern with these shokugeki no soma pics and stories, keep it up and keep it coming dudes !

3 years ago
Reply to  Smiling Fiend

lol and whats that?

Thank you man

Smiling Fiend
3 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Summing up a lot it’s just that I like girls with colossal breasts the way you draw them (the Hisako pic being one of my very favorites to this day) and the story is good because they’re having a good time with each other ,perhaps this is too short of an explanation but I wanted to keep it simple, this is pretty awesome.

3 years ago

Really good chapter, I like it a lot to see Erina join Alice in the big boobs leagues. Hope to see Alice watch her cousin new size so she can return to that size at least for a couple of days and don´t be jealous. Hisako probably will join her beloved boss to be included and most likely she helped Erina get to that size and will talk with her friends in Polar Star about the secret as Megumi and Yuki would want a boost up.
Erina character was on place as she is especially that she will forget her new center of gravity and Soma nice works was appropiate. Hope to see more of this

3 years ago
Reply to  Shadowdragon

Thank you man, I’m pleased that you enjoyed this chapter and I appreciate the feedback. Hope you hear from you again 👍