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Mouthfuls of Monstrous Breasts

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Soma whistled cheerfully as he cooked. While he wouldn’t deny he loved the competitive nature of school, it was also really nice to just set up a small stand on a beach and cook simple food for the crowd and his friends. It was a beautiful day, not too hot, with a nice breeze blowing off the ocean. He was making money, and the scenery was great too.


In more ways than one,‘ Soma thought with an internal smirk as he watched all the lovely ladies in swimsuits stroll past. Several of them stopped to buy some food, giving him a chance to admire them up close and personal.


“You look like you’re enjoying yourself,” an amused, and familiar, voice said to him.


“What can I say, Nikumi?” Soma replied with a smirk as turned towards her. “All work and no…play…” His voice trailed off when he saw exactly what the blonde looked like; for several seconds, Soma was unable to lift his eyes from her ginormous breasts.


When he finally managed to look her in the face, Soma was unsurprised to find Ikumi smirking at him, though she did have a blush across her cheeks. “Really?” he deadpanned. “They weren’t big enough before, so you went to extremes? You’re bigger than the very first time you enhanced your chest pillows. How can you even stand up anyway?”


Ikumi gave him a wink. “A girl has to have some secrets. Now,” she leaned forward, resting her tits on his stand; Soma winced when it let off a loud creak, “I would like a hot dog on a stick and a mug of root beer, please?~” She fluttered her eyelashes at him, and Soma chuckled as he hurried to fill her order.


“No problem, but be sure to eat and drink as you walk; I don’t think my humble stand can bear the weight for too long.”


“Are you calling me fat?!” Ikumi demanded in mock outrage, giggling when Soma just rolled his eyes at her. Laying her payment on the counter, Ikumi took her food and drink, giving Soma a smoldering look. “When you have some free time, maybe you can come and find me; I bet we could have all sorts of fun.~”


Soma’s answering grin made Ikumi squirm and rub her thighs together. “Looking forward to it. Try not to give Erina an aneurysm, okay?”


“No promises,” Ikumi replied airily. “It’s not my fault she’s so easily flustered.”


Soma snorted. “Trust me: you, looking like that? Would fluster anyone.”


Ikumi blinked at him before blushing darker. “Flattery will get you everywhere with me,” she managed to joke back before hurrying to join their friends, her massive boobs bouncing and jiggling wildly with each step.




Ikumi was snickering to herself as she walked back towards Soma’s food stall. He had been almost prophetic: when Erina saw her, the other girl had turned a color that Ikumi had never seen before. Hisako had been on the verge of calling for an ambulance before Erina managed to calm down, her face still bright red.


But the reason Ikumi was laughing now was because Erina had pulled her aside before she left, asking in a very soft whisper how she had managed to get her boobs so big. Ikumi had been happy to tell her, watching with amusement as Erina scurried off.


She wondered if they would see Erina with some changes soon…


But that was for later. Right now, she was feeling horny, and she was hopeful that Soma was still around to help her with that little problem.


She grinned happily at seeing he was still there; bent over as he cleaned up some trash, she licked her lips at the sight of his butt. Sneaking up behind him, Ikumi jumped him, her enormous tits squashed against his back as she grabbed his cock through his shorts.




“…ow!” Soma said mildly from his sprawled out position on the floor, trapped under Ikumi’s boobs.


“Ummm…oops?” Ikumi tried sheepishly, face red with embarrassment. “I didn’t quite think that through; I’m used to how heavy these are, but surprising you with them…yeah, not surprised this happened.”


“Me neither,” Soma grumbled good-naturedly, managing to roll over onto his back and smile wryly up at Ikumi. “No real harm done, although,” his golden eyes got a gleam in them that made her equal parts excited and nervous, “I think you should be punished for that little trick.”


“Punished howOOOOOO!” Ikumi moaned as Soma pulled down her top, freeing her enlarged breasts completely, and immediately grabbed both of her nipples, pulling them to his mouth and sucking on them. Biting her lower lip, she ground her body against Soma’s, feeling his erection swell and harden under her.


Still sucking on her nipples, Soma reached his arms around her body, grabbing onto her ass. Squeezing and fondling it, he pulled her even harder and closer against him, smirking as he felt her pussy already getting wet. Biting down lightly, he chuckled when Ikumi squealed.


“AHHH! You bastard!~” Ikumi told him breathlessly, worming her hands between their bodies. Once that was done, she almost ripped Soma’s shorts off his body, moaning when his rock hard cock pushed against her pussy and stomach. “Stop teasing me already!”


“That’s pretty ironic, coming from you,” Soma teased as he adjusted her body. “But fine; I’m pretty eager myself, as you can tell.”


“Yeah, yeah, just fuck me already!” Ikumi demanded before giving him a deep French kiss. Squealing into his mouth when his cock plunged into her, she immediately began bouncing herself, her rock hard nipples now rubbing against his chest.


Keeping his grip on her ass, Soma used it as leverage to pull her against him, loving the way it jiggled and shook with each matching thrust of their bodies. Deciding to make good on the ‘punishment’ he had mentioned, he started spanking her round ass, just hard enough for her to feel it.


Squealing with each spank, Ikumi retaliated, biting at Soma’s lower lip until he gasped. “That’s not very NICE!” she told him, blushing hard when she squeaked at the last word, a slightly harder spank landing on her ass.


“I did say you needed punishment,” Soma reminded her with a smirk. “But fine; I’ll stop spanking you.”


Pouting, Ikumi opened her mouth to tell him he didn’t need to stop, when he grabbed onto her hips and really started pounding her, his balls slapping her pussy hard! “OH FUCK! AHH! MMM! OHH!!


“You like that, you fat titted slut?” Soma asked her, right before latching onto her right nipple again, sucking and chewing on it.


AHHH! YES, I LOVE IT! FUCK ME RAW! I LOVE YOUR FAT COCK SLAMMING MY NAUGHTY PUSSY!!!” Ikumi screamed, her body spasming as a small orgasm shook it. She could feel another, much bigger one building itself up, and she wanted it, she wanted it sooo much. She ground her body against his, pushing his dick even deeper inside of her. When Soma stiffened, she knew it was coming.


Sure enough…


Ikumi shrieked and Soma roared; his cum filled her pussy to the point of overflowing as she thrashed and writhed in the grip of a powerful orgasm. Collapsing on top of him and feeling his seed trickle out of her, Ikumi sighed happily.

“Whew! That was fun, especially with these humongous tits of yours,” Soma said breathlessly, eyes shining up at her. “Any chance that you could convince the other girls to do the same?”


He was clearly joking, so Ikumi was able to surprise him when she smirked. “Well, I can’t promise anything…but Erina did ask me about it, and she was looking very intrigued when she left…”


Soma blinked and then, slowly, began to grin.

(Story by User: S22132)

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Combodestroyer( nalu forver)
Combodestroyer( nalu forver)
3 years ago

this chapter is quite good some things are missing but it plays very well and has some great dialogue between meat meat and soma. The art itself is amazing. As you drew ikumi super sexy and very well, the beach setting is nice and soma’s shadow in the background is nice. The mug of rootbeer and her hotdog is cool due to the story. 7.5/10
The story is fun and nice with some action and its overall a great read. The story begins with soma cooking on the beach before being approached by the now walking tit mountain ikumi which shocked soma as they talked about her size and making plans for some fun later ikumi left. A great funny scene is how erina and her assistant saw the new set of jugs ikumi has, me thinks we might be seeing erina all busty and super sized soon. As time passes ikumi comes back and surprises soma reaching for his cock and knocking him down by accident. Soma pays her back by grabbing both of her thick nipples and sucking and biting them before ikumi starts to ride soma’s gaint cock and soma spanks the hell out of her ass while they have some cute and sexy banter. The story ends when soma cums deep in her pussy as they talk about getting other girls to increase there tit sizes. 9/10
The characters in this are so well done it’s amazing! You drew ikumi so fucking sexy with her gaint tits and they way soma and her interact with each other is fucking hot. 8/10
Overall this chapter was great and really well written the only thing holding it back is the lack of titfucking! When you got super sized tits and soma being the biggest cock you need to have some titpounding. But besides that this was a great fun and exciting story.

3 years ago

Thank you as usual Combo, always appreciate your recaps, and happy you like how the Soma x Ikumi sex turned out. 👍👍👍

Smiling Fiend
3 years ago


3 years ago
Reply to  Smiling Fiend

lol happy you like it!