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Peeping and Copying

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“Oh my, Soma!” Ikumi whisper-shrieked, almost jumping out of her skin when Soma sneaked up behind her and grabbed her boobs. “How bold! We’re in the middle of your dorm! Anyone could come in and see us!~ So kinky.” She wasn’t admonishing the red haired cook, but she was curious how far he would take things.


Soma chuckled next to hear, making her bite her lip in anticipation. “Nikumi, you’re cooking wearing nothing but an apron. They were going to get a show no matter what I did. And besides…” she could hear his grin. “That just turns you on even more, doesn’t it?~”


Ikumi giggled, not in the least bothered by the accusation. She could already feel her pussy getting wet; his erection rubbing against her butt cheeks made it even better. Why had she never considered cooking like this before? After all, she had seen Satoshi doing so, and it certainly worked for him.


EEP!” she squealed playfully as Soma squeezed her breasts extra hard, while also licking her ear. She almost hoped someone would walk in on them; that would be so hot…


(Outside the dorm…)


Ryoko watched through glass door with wide eyes, hardly believing what she was seeing. Ikumi was being groped and fondled by a nude Soma! It was scandalous! Disgusting! Perverted!


“…hot,” she whispered, rubbing her thighs together desperately, her face bright red with mingled embarrassment and arousal. She really should put a stop to this-


“Quite the show, isn’t it?”


YIPE! SHUN!! DON’T DO THAT!” Ryoko barely managed to keep her voice down, but her tone made it clear how unhappy she was as she spun around. “Can’t you make some noise when you walk?” she grumbled.


“You’re the one who was so distracted that you didn’t notice me.” Shun’s usual emotionless face faded slightly as he looked her over. “You’re also looking a little hot and bothered, Ryoko-san.” Something that might have teasing was in his tone, making Ryoko blush harder.


A loud, if muffled moan, from inside drew their attention, and Ryoko watched in stunned amazement as Ikumi laid down on the floor, now completely naked, with Soma opposite her. From the size of his dick, it was clear what they were about to do.


So caught up was she that Ryoko nearly jumped out of her skin when Shun pressed himself against her from behind. “I know I’m not usually this forward…but I’m getting seriously turned on right now. How about you?”


Her nipples hard as rocks under her clothes, Ryoko moaned… then she whirled around and kissed Shun wildly, tearing at her clothes as she listened to his chuckles.




OOOH GOD!” Ikumi hissed as Soma’s cock slowly slid into her. She still couldn’t believe she was really doing this; having sex on the floor of a dorm, where anyone could walk in and see them at any moment? Even though she’s done much sluttier things in public, this was a situation she’s never encountered!


It was like one of her wildest fantasies come true!


But she couldn’t deny how good it felt, and Soma’s smirking face made it clear they were in for a good time


“I knew you would enjoy it,” the redhead told her cheerfully, loving the look on Ikumi’s face as if she was experiencing a mixture of pleasure and pain at the same time. “And don’t worry: the others shouldn’t be back for a couple of hours yet. Plenty of time.”


Ikumi winked at him with a lascivious smile, and that spurred him on to pump his hips back and forth. Ikumi threw her head back and moaned; her own hips began moving in time with his as her fingers dug into the carpet. ‘Mmm… Did his dick get even bigger? FUCK! I’m so horny!




“I have to admit, I’m a little surprised to see this side of you, Ryoko-chan,” Shun commented, his voice a bit hoarser than usual due to his arousal. He matched Ryoko’s pumps with his thrusts perfectly, smiling just a little as she came. “I never would have taken you for the exhibitionist type.”


SH-SHUT UP!” Ryoko tried to snarl at him, though it came out as more of a moan. She was so hot and horny, and despite Shun quiet personality, he was was picking up on sex quickly. She’d already orgasmed once, and another one was quickly building up. “I’m not a pervert like yoooooouuuuuuu-ugh!”


Shun couldn’t help but chuckle, even as he tensed for his own orgasm, Ryoko’s pussy tightening around his cock as she came once again. “Whatever you say…”


The glare she tried to send him through half-lidded, pleasure filled eyes only made him laugh harder.




If Ikumi hadn’t been biting her lower lip almost to the point of drawing blood, it was very likely her shriek would have been heard for several meters as the cock pushed into her ass. “FFFFUUUUUUUCCCKKKKK!!!!!


“Damn, this has to be the tightest ass of all the women I’ve fucked! I can barely get my cock inside it-EEP!” Soma gulped as Ikumi suddenly glared at him.


“You had better be able to! Just keep fucking me, and make it good and hard!” Ikumi ordered, thrusting herself against him and making her tits bounce and jiggle.


“As you wish,” Soma chuckled, burying his cock all the way in her butt, loving how she stiffened and tried to keep herself from screaming, and he watched with delight as her eyes rolled up into her head with pure pleasure.




In the middle of taking a short break to catch their breaths, Ryoko and Shun had both witnessed Ikumi taking it up the ass. For a few seconds, Shun was worried he would either have to revive Ryoko or keep her from doing something stupid, as her face turned purple.


Then she had turned to him, looking like she was fighting with something. He gave her a raised eyebrow and a smirk; for an instant, he feared she might slap him, but instead, she readjusted her position, so that her ass was pushed up against his dick. And she was the first one to start thrusting, letting out a low squeal.


Shun quickly followed suit, and it wasn’t long before they were both cumming, with Ryoko thrashing and writhing on the ground while Shun shuddered with pleasure.


And that was just the start for both couples…




Slipping into the dorm, Ryoko blushed at the sight of Ikumi cooking by herself, now wearing a bikini with her apron. Shun was right behind her before walking off to the living room where he joined Soma on the couch, channel surfing.


“Oh, hey Ryoko! How are you…wait…” The grin on Ikumi’s face gave Ryoko a bad feeling. “You’ve been fucking! You have that look about you, just like me! Who’s the lucky guy? Let me guess, Shun?!”


Ryoko sputtered, waving her hands wildly, only for Ikumi to laugh and clap her on the shoulder.


“Ah, no worries: I’ll keep it a secret. Although…” With a purely evil smile, the dark-skinned blonde leaned in to whisper in Ryoko’s ear. “Maybe next time, we can make it a group project…”


IKUMI!” Ryoko shrieked, her face the same color as her hair, as Ikumi roared with laughter.

(Story by User: S22132)

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3 years ago

That was awesome and a good way to continue the SnS story. I like the saga and the couple of Shun and Ryoko. Especially that Ikumi and Ryoko are good friends, maybe Yuki will feel alone too. Great work for both of you

3 years ago
Reply to  Shadowdragon

Thank you!! I barely get comments for the SnS series so this feels good

Smiling Fiend
3 years ago

Ah yes, another good SnS story added to the mix, keep up the great work gentlemen !

3 years ago
Reply to  Smiling Fiend

Thanks man, good to know there are peeps that enjoy this series

Combodestroyer( nalu forver)
Combodestroyer( nalu forver)
3 years ago

This was incredible! Both ships I love and honestly the right pairings. The art is quite fantastic as it shows both girls getting there pussies pounded hard and there expressions are top notch. The backgrounds are well done and amazing. Art: 8.5
Characters are very well done as I can see ryoko being a closet pervert and then shun one of my fave characters comes in and just fucks her like she needs it. And soma and ikumi are just too hot. 8.5
Now the story is where this chapter shines cause it packs in so much hot stuff into quite the enjoyable read. It starts off with soma surprising ikumi in the door as they are cooking his huge cock between her ass as they are about to fuck before we see they have a spy. The beautiful soy girl herself ryoko as she first comments how perverted they are but finds it so hot and then shun pops in giving her a nice escape as they both watch on getting horny and hard. As soma pounds ikumi pussy, ryoko and shun get busy outside the two couples fucking like crazy. The dialogue between the 4 is also very good. As soma switches to anal to destroy her ass. As the two teams finish up ikumi and ryoko meet later for some funny exchanges and a idea that I like to see. Story: 9
Overall: this was fun and hot! I love all 4 characters in this story and need more shun as well.

3 years ago

Its too bad they didnt do much with Shun or the rest of Soma’s gang. I liked his design. I’m happy you enjoyed the story man