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Walking into Sex

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In the mood for a snack, Megumi Tadokoro headed into the kitchen, only to stop dead in her tracks, her yellow eyes getting wider and wider as her face became redder and redder.


“Oh, hey Megumi!” Soma greeted her cheerfully, turning from the oven to give her quick wave. “Looking to do some cooking? I’ll be done soon, and the kitchen will be all yours.”


“S-S-Soma…why are you just wearing an apron?” Megumi whimpered, feeling like she was about to faint. She tried her very best to keep her eyes on his face, but they kept slipping, stealing peeks of his bare body. They were especially drawn to the bulge at the front of his apron…


“Well, it seems to work well for Satoshi, so I thought I would give it a try?” He gave her a sly look and little shake of his body. “See something you like?~” he teased.






EEP!” Megumi slapped her hands over her mouth; she could almost feel the steam coming out of her ears as her face burned with embarrassment.


“Well… we are all alone today… what do you say we do some ‘cooking’ together?” Soma asked softly, walking towards her with an intent look in his eyes.


Eyes widening as far as they would go, Megumi watched him… before slowly nodding.


🌟The Newbie🌟


Toma knew all the facts about Totsuki Culinary Academy; how it was the best cooking school in the world, with a drop-out and failure rate that scared off all but the most talented or egotistical individuals.


But lately, there had also been rumors. Rumors about the beautiful ladies on campus, and how a lot of them had very casual attitudes about sex.


Toma hadn’t thought much of the rumors… until now, when he found himself abruptly pulled into a greenhouse, shoved against a wall, and kissed with full tongue by one of the sexiest redheads he had ever seen.


Not that he was complaining, but he was very confused.


When she finally stopped kissing him and drew back, Toma tried to ask her what was going on, but she had a finger over his lips before he could get the words out. “I like the look of you,” she explained simply, her cat-like eyes gleaming. “Any problem with that?”


He immediately shook his head, and her smile grew, showing some wicked looking teeth. “Good boy. I’m Rindo-senpai, and I’m going to give you an orientation you’ll never forget.~”


Then she was kissing him again, while also stripping off both of their clothes, and all Toma could think of was that this was already an unforgettable day.




Megumi moaned as Soma kissed her neck, moving steadily down towards her breasts, with nipples that was hard and tingling. With both of them now naked, she could feel his cock as it rapidly grew and hardened, swelling as it pressed against her body.


She nearly lost control of herself when Soma began kissing and licking her nipples. “OOOHH GOD!” she squealed, wrapping her legs around his body as she squirmed on the floor. Megumi could feel her pussy start to drip onto the floor; normally, she would be beyond mortified, but right now, she was so hot and eager…


“You sure you want this, Tadokoro?” Soma asked, and while a part of Megumi appreciated his consideration, another part wanted to yell at him.


YES!! Please, just stick in me now!” she begged and panted, not caring how desperate she sounded.


Soma grinned and chuckled; then Megumi was squealing with joy as his cock pushed into her pussy. It was so big and hot; she almost came right away. When he began pumping it with strong, steady strokes, she was quickly reduced to moans and gasps, her eyes rolling up into her head.


This feels amazing! I don’t want it to ever end!


🌟The Newbie🌟


“Oh fuck! FUCK! FUCK!” Toma did his best to keep his voice down, but it was extremely difficult when you had an incredibly sexy girl sucking and kissing your cock like it was the best thing in the world. The way Rindo’s eyes kept watching him only made him more turned on.


She used her teeth, just a little bit, and Toma fell flat on his back with a strangled scream. “Heh heh, none of that now; I need you to fuck me, and I need it right now,” he heard Rindo tell him.


Lifting his head, Toma saw Rindo also lying on her back, her boobs pointing straight up and her legs spread wide, showing off her dripping wet pussy. The sultry look she was giving him spurred him onward; before he could think about it, he shoved his dick into her with all his might!


“Mmmmmm…” she moaned softly, biting at her lower lip with her sharp teeth. “I can see I was right about your potential. Now,” she grinned and stuck her tongue out, revealing the piercing in it while also flashing him a peace sign. “FUCK ME RAW!


“YES MA’AM!” he shouted back with own wide smile; pulling back his hips, he then slammed them forward, delighting in her squeal of delight and appreciation.


I love this school! THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!




OH SOMA! OH SOMA! OH…huh?” Megumi blinked as she woke up, looking around at the familiar sight of her room.


Then the memories of her dream hit her, and her face turned purple. Grabbing a pillow, she buried her face into it and screamed out her embarrassment. ‘I CAN’T BELIEVE I HAD A DREAM LIKE THAT! I’LL NEVER BE ABLE TO LOOK SOMA IN THE EYES AGAIN! ARGH!!!


🌟The Newbie🌟


“NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Toma screamed when he woke up and realized the entire encounter had just been a dream. “HOW COULD THE WORLD BE SO CRUEL?! I WAS JUST ABOUT TO FUCK HER IN THE ASS!! THIS IS SO UNFAIR!!!”


“SHUT THE HELL UP! SOME OF US ARE TRYING TO SLEEP!” Banged the wall of his dorm neighbor.

(Story by User: S22132)

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3 years ago

Soma must by with Rindo.

3 years ago

Finally Megumi joins the club with a boost in her bust. It´s good to see one of the best girls of Totsuki, Rindo, back in action. She looks great and that boy have a really good dream as Rindo personality matches. Hope to see more of her and maybe Alice and Yuki. Keep it up with the fanfics as they are really good

3 years ago

About time you show one with Megumi from SNS, she was only one that never shown in this site Rtenzo. Plus the two panel nude shot with her and Rondo looks very attractive.

The story was also great, but seriously, another wet dream chapter and I thought it was for real, only to read at the end that it was all dream. Though it was really funny with the reactions of both Megumi and Toma. Megumi being the timid girl that she is, having a flustering outburst and Toma having a frustrated uproar, this part was well-written.

Can’t wait for more SNS artworks and fanfics in future including with more Megumi ones.

3 years ago
Reply to  NamelessR04

Thank you Nameless! I appreciate your comments for enjoying this series

Why you lookin at the name
Why you lookin at the name
3 years ago

Who is Toma?

3 years ago

A random OC I made for the story, since very, very few canon characters in the story have that shade of skin.