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BSU Legends 04: The Troublemakers

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The sky radiated with a blinding orange and pink light as the sun began to wane, signifying that day was nearly over. Xavier, fresh off of his overnight adventure at Sapphire Falls pulled into the driveway of his home.


♪♪ You better lose yourself in the music
The moment, you own it, you better never let it go! (Go)
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow!
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime! ♪♪


The loud bass pumping from Xavier’s car rang throughout the neighborhood, causing his sister Xaria to look out of the window from her spot on the couch in the living room. Unaware that his sister was home, Xavier got out of the car and immediately sprinted up the steps to the front door, key in hand. The young man was ready to open the door and go inside his house before any of his neighbors and other members of the community could see him in the nude.




The naked young man opened the door and walked into his home. Though he avoided being spotted by the neighbor, he didn’t avoid the eyes of his sister. Immediately after Xavier walked inside the house Xaria got up and approach


“Hey What up br…..” Xaria said, abruptly stopping before she could finish saying “Bro”.


Xavier looked over to his side to see Xaria staring at him with a perplexed expression. Upon noticing this, the auburn haired brother moved behind the coat rack which was in the foyer next to the front entrance. While the young recruiter was able to hide the length of his dick behind said coat rack, he was unable to completely obscure his dong due to its tremendous girth.


“So when did you become a nudist? I never figured to be the type… haha!”


GO BACK IN THE LIVING ROOM!” Xavier ordered in a fiery tone.


“Seriously though, what happened to your clothes?” Xaria asked, ignoring Xavier’s command. She giggled profusely after presenting her question. Xavier stood silently and flashed a scowl at his sister for disobeying his instructions.


“That brunette I caught ya with last night must be a super freak! She didn’t let you take your clothes when you left huh?” She guessed, laughing again after finishing her sentence.


“This reminds me of elementary school when that bully would always jack your clothes! HAHAHAHAHA!


“Yeah, laugh it up Xar.” Xavier grumbled as he remained posted up behind the coat rack.


“What was her name again?? Ah! LaToya Washington! I know you remember her right? I bet that’s what happened!” Xaria guessed again while pointing at Xavier and continuing to chuckle over his nudity.


“Just go!” Barked the big brother. Having had enough laughs at her brother’s expense, Xaria returned to the couch to resume watching television. Upon hearing Xavier yell, Jett came back into the house.


ARF! ARF!” (“What happened to your clothes?”)


“It’s a long story, man. I’ll tell you later.” Xavier replied.


Xavier and Jett rushed to the stairs and went up, heading straight to his room to finally put some clothes on. He put on some boxer shorts and a white tank top to sleep in.


X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOM LEFT YOU A NOTE IN THE KITCHEN!” Xaria yelled from her seat at the coach.


OKAAAYYYYYYY!” The older brother yelled back as he sat on his bed putting on his socks. He went downstairs to the kitchen where he found a note with an envelope next to it. He picked up the note and opened it up.


“Javi, I need you to go to the store and pick up some groceries. There’s a list and some cash in the envelope. Love, Mom.”


Xavier immediately raised his arms and yawned after reading the note out loud.


“I’ll go in the morning!” the scar-faced young thought out loud. He then went back to his room, stopping before he got to his bed. He yawned once more to the point that he was standing on his tiptoes and reaching for the ceiling as he stretched his arms out. Jett also yawned before walking to his bed, a much smaller version of Xavier’s bed, scaled to fit with the pomeranian’s body size. Xavier and Jett both fell backwards onto their bed’s mirroring one another as they passed out.



(6am, The next morning, June 23rd, 20XX)


Xavier was ready and dressed earlier than usual because he had to go to the store before work. He served Jett his breakfast.


“See you when I get back.”


“Arf!” barked while reaching out his paw to fist bump his human. The young man grabbed the grocery list and the envelope from the kitchen and went to his car. He turned on some rap music and input ‘World-Mart’ into the vehicle’s GPS system. He pulled out of the driveway and followed the directions which took him to nearby Lincoln Square, the location of the World-Mart / Shane’s Club Super Center. Due to the time of day, Xavier was able to get a parking space right in front of the entrance. While walking up to the store, he saw an elderly black man gingerly pushing a shopping cart at the crosswalk. He had to be at least 90 years old. His hair was completely gone on the top of his head and was white on the sides. The senior citizen was small in stature, standing about 5’5, 3 inches taller than Xavier.


Suddenly, a car pulled up speeding towards the crosswalk and the old man. Without a moment’s hesitation, Xavier sprinted to the crosswalk and grabbed the old man, moving him out of the path of the car.


WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!?” Xavier yelled to the driver of the car, who heard him because his windows were down. The driver immediately realized he nearly hit the old man and stopped. Xavier noticed that the driver had his phone in his hand.


STOP TEXTING AND DRIVING!” the young man yelled. He then looked at the old man.


“Sorry about that sir. Are you alright?”


“I am, thanks to you, young man.” Replied the older man gratefully.


“Let me load these up for you.” Xavier assured while grabbing the old man’s shopping cart.. The old man led Xavier to his car and he put all of the man’s grocery bags in the trunk for him.


“I appreciate your help, young man. What is your name?” asked the senior citizen.


“I’m Xavier.”


“Well, Xavier, we need more young guys like you in the world. You have a bright future ahead of you.” The old man complimented while pulling a $10 bill from his pocket.


“No need for that. I’m just happy to help out.” the young man replied while putting his hand up to refuse the tip. He then opened the driver’s side door for the man.”


“Have a good rest of your day, young man.” the old man instructed.


“You too. Drive home safe, sir.” Xavier replied as the man got in his car. He then made his way into the store and grabbed a shopping cart.


Xavier quickly grabbed all of the items on the list and made his way to the self checkout station to scan, bag and pay for the items he picked up. As he was paying he heard a loud commotion.




“Back!.. Hooman!






“You 4 thieving savages are coming with us. We’re pressing charges to the full extent of the law.


He looked ahead and saw 4 familiar individuals being escorted out of the grocery area by multiple store security agents.


It’s those goblin girls from the Jake-N-The Box parking lot the other day!’ He thought as he finished paying for his groceries.


The first member of the goblin gang was a lighter, yellowish shade of green. She had sky blue hair which was styled in a high bun which was held in place by a gold colored ring clip. Her bangs had a hime-cut style with tapered strands that framed the sides of her face. She possessed a thick curvy build which was complemented by the tight fitting black leggings and the small white t-shirt she had on. Her eyes were a dark green hue which appeared to have a glint of orange in them.


The second goblin girl was a brunette with skin that was darker shade of green than the first goblin. It was more akin to the color of a green Granny Smith apple. The girl had freckles that ran across the middle of her face, which gave her a naturally cute quality. Her dark brown hair was short and messy, similar to the text book shonen protagonist look. She too had an impressive figure for her size. While her breasts were not as big as the first goblins, she boasted a plumper rear and meatier thighs. The brunette sported a pair of tattered denim shorts which had holes and tears in them that weren’t there by design. Her eyes were a bright crystal blue with an almond shape that made her very easy to look at.


The third member of the goblin crew had olive green skin, not unlike the green found in military camouflage uniforms. She possessed a strong, fit physique with defined musculature which made her look like a miniature female bodybuilder. Her hair, which was worn up, matched the color of her skin. The muscle goblin wore tiny black athletic shorts which showed off her well toned, huge thighs. Along with the short shorts, the dark green goblin had on a white tank top which showed off her bulging biceps, triceps and trapezius muscles.


The last member of the goblin quartet was the most noticeable, for she had an oversized red mushroom hat on top of her head. She had enormous breasts which were large enough to fit the body of a full sized woman and still be considered huge! Short purple hair could be seen hanging from underneath her hat. The jumbo breasted goblin was dressed in a pair of worn, old looking jeans and a red t-shirt which almost couldn’t hold her bosoms. The one thing all 4 goblins had in common was the fact that none of them were wearing shoes. After spotting the goblins, Xavier left the checkout area and followed the group as they made their way to customer service, where the loss prevention office was located. He power walked and nearly broke into a run while pushing his shopping cart to catch up to them.


Damn… It’s only been a couple of days and they’re in trouble again. Let’s see what’s going on here. Maybe I can help them out…’ Xavier thought as he got even closer to the group.


Okay… Keep a straight face… Stand tall… and sound believable!’ Xavier continued as he adjusted his posture before getting ready to speak.


AY! I’ve been looking for them! What’s the problem here?” Xavier yelled, questioning the security guards.


“We caught these savages shoplifting. Why is it any of your business punk?!” Retorted the leader of the security guards disrespectfully.


“Well….” Xavier started to speak before abruptly pausing. He scanned the walls of the customer service area and saw various missing persons posters along with flyers for “Woodriver Demi-Youth Services.”


That’s it!’ he thought.


“They’re with me. I’m Franklin St. Patrick of Wood River Demi-Youth Services.”


“That’s that children’s home for Mons—” The security guard said before being interrupted.


“Don’t you DARE finish that word!” Xavier said in a calm, yet forceful and threatening tone of voice. The lead security guard looked at his cohorts and they looked back at him as to say “You know you done fucked up right” with their eyes.


“Don’t call them the M-word! it’s hurtful and disrespectful to them!”


After a moment of discomfort for the security guards, the young man continued. “Now, I’m at fault here because I let these 4 young ladies out of my sight. However, so are you. Your statements towards these youth are not only rude and disrespectful but highly unprofessional!” Xavier asserted aggressively, chastising the security guards like they were children.


“I heard what you said walking up here. You referred to these young ladies as freaks too. You should be ashamed of yourselves…And afraid.” The green eyed man continued coldly. All 4 security guards’ eyes became tiny black dots as they nervously looked at one another, none of which had a response for Xavier. The 4 goblin girls looked at one another in confusion over the altercation happening before their eyes. None of the shortstacks understood what was going on.


“We can resolve this matter one of two ways, the easy way or the hard way. You can release them into my custody and allow us to leave…Or you can try to bust them like you’re doing now. If that’s the way you wanna do things, I will have a conversation with the store manager about your comments…” The young man promised with a narrowed eyed stone faced stare, one suitable for a killer.


“Uhhhh… Uh…. Okay you win! Take em and get outta here. I’m sorry Franklin.” the lead security guard replied meekly.


“Call me sir.” Xavier retorted back. The 4 goblins smiled as they realized that the man they tried to rob the other day had just gotten them out of trouble.




“C’mon let’s go.” Xavier said to the 4 goblins while nodding his head forward towards the store exit. The 4 goblins giggled amongst each other as they walked down the parking lot to Xavier’s car.


AY! This ain’t funny! Ya’ll were about to go to jail and would have gone if I didn’t show up!” The young man chided as they got closer to his car.


“What….Jail?” asked the short haired Brunette. Just as she asked her question, they arrived at Xavier’s car. Xavier stopped which prompted the 4 goblin girls to also stop walking,


“Jail is a place they send you when you commit a crime, it’s not fun at all.” Explained the green eyed young man. After he finished speaking, the busty goblin with the red and white spotted mushroom hat took her hat off and put it in the shopping cart. Next, she spiked up her short purple hair to look like Xavier’s hairstyle and did a facial expression that made her face look exactly like Xavier’s serious face. Her round eyes got more narrow and her eyebrows grew longer and became more prominent. She then mimicked Xavier’s “Power Walk”, walking back and forth with her fists clenched and a furious scowl on her face.


DON’T YOU DARE FINISH THAT WORD!……” said the purple haired goblin to the short haired Brunette and the blue haired goblin girls, who played the roles of the security officers.


“Lil Hooman, Big mad!” Remarked the muscular dark green goblin while pointing at Xavier.


“Mesosorry!” replied the brunette goblin while backing away from the faux Xavier, her hands were up to show she’s not hostile. Xavier stood with his arms crossed wearing an annoyed look as he watched the reenactment.


“No…mean..it..Franklin!” added the blue haired goblin.


CALL ME SIR!” said the buxom, purple haired goblin. At that moment Xavier could no longer hold a straight and broke down in laughter, which in turn made all four of the green girl crew erupted hysterically. After chuckling for a moment, Xavier returned to being serious once again.


Well they do have a sense of humor. That’s a good thing,’ Xavier observed.


“So what are your names?” Xavier asked.


“Me…Moka!” answered the goblin girl with short brown hair, while pointing at herself with her thumb.


“Kalada!” Said the muscular dark green one while extending her fist out to Xavier.


“Poppi…” remarked the blue haired goblin as she stood with her arms folded, not even bothering to make eye contact with Xavier.


“Rumii… nice… meet you.” greeted the hat wearing goblin girl. The young man squatted down slightly and extended his hand to Rumii for a handshake. She looked into his green eyes and grabbed his hand with both of her own hands.


“Nice to meet you too Rumii…” Xavier said with a polite smile while shaking her hands. Rumii blushed in response, her face turning the color of a maraschino cherry.


“That’s a nice hat.” Xavier complimented. Rumi smiled, still blushing with rosy red cheeks.


“Who u Hooman?!” asked Kalada, Poppii and Moka, pointing and shooting inquisitive stares at him in unison.


“My name is Xavier… Xavier Williams.” The young recruiter answered while getting back to his feet and giving a 2 finger salute gesture. Xavier knelt down and faced the others to speak with them face to face. He extended his hand to Moka first. The brunette goblin moved to shake his hand but just as their hands were about to touch she pulled her hand back and ran it through her hair.


“Sike!” Yelled the green girl with the brown hair, causing Xavier to chuckle. She then completed the handshake. The recruiter moved to shake hands with Kalada next. The dark green girl instead offered her closed fist, causing Xavier to adjust and change his gesture to a fist bump. Afterwards, He turned to Poppi and extended his hand. She reluctantly shook his hand quickly and lightly, seemingly dismissive to Xavier’s attempt to ingratiate himself to them.


“What are you about to do?” Xavier asked. Kalada, Rumii, Poppi and Moka all looked at each other with confused faces, shaking their heads from left to right. Kalada then looked over to Xavier and shrugged her shoulders.


“Me no know.” Kalada said while still shrugging her shoulders.


“Let’s get some breakfast then.” Suggested the green eyed youth.


YEAH! FOOOOOD!” Moka yelled out while jumping up and down. Her big breasts bounced around in her top.


“Hun…gry!” Kalada followed, nodding her head in an exaggerated fashion while speaking. “Get food now!”


Rumii’s eyes narrowed once more as she shifted her facial features/expression to mimic Xavier. She raised her eyebrow and flashed a friendly grin mirroring Xavier’s face when he introduced himself to them.


“Let’s get some breakfast then!” Rumii said in response before copying Xavier’s saluting gesture.


Xavier nodded while laughing once again and then walked to the driver’s side of the car. The four goblin girls raced one another to get to the passenger side door.


“Me… Sit front!” The purple haired goblin said.


NO! Isitfront!” Moka contested while trying to pull Rumii away from the front door.


“Poppi get front!” Poppi yelled while trying to wrestle both Rumii and Moka away from the door. While the 3 struggled for the position, Kalada took a few steps back and then got a running start.


FRONT!….MINE!!” Kalada hollered while chagrin toward Moka, Rumii and Poppi.




Kalada hit her cohorts with a running shoulder block which hit with such force that it sent the four of them to the concrete like a sack of potatoes! A cloud of dust emerged from the pavement which obscured the 4 goblin girls. A fight between them quickly broke out. Fists and feet could be seen coming out of the cloud of smoke and several grunts and growling noises rang out which drew attention from other World-Mart Patrons.


AY! Yall stop it! Cut out!” Xavier yelled to no avail. He looked around and noticed a crowd was starting to form. At that moment, he sprinted towards them and dived into the cloud of dust to break up the fight. The spiky haired recruiter ended up getting punched and kicked in a few spots during the scuffle. After the smoke dissipated, Xavier was sitting on the ground with Kalada holding his left arm, with Poppi holding his left knee and Rumii twisting his right ankle. His right arm was the only limb that was free.


OUCH!!!” Xavier grunted as felt a sharp pain on the back of his head. Moka had latched on to the back of it like a pitbull! He shook his head back and forth rapidly in an effort to throw the brunette goblin off of him, to no avail.


AY! Let go of me!” Xavier ordered while shaking his left arm up and down. He kicked his legs in an attempt to get Rumii and Poppi off of him while also shaking his head from side in an effort to get Moka off his head. Using his right arm for assistance, he got back to his feet with the 4 goblins still attached to him. After he stood up, the quartet looked at each other and then looked at Xavier, which brought the realization that they were no longer attacking each other but were attacking the good samaritan that rescued them from being arrested. Upon that realization they all let go of Xavier. Moka landed on her feet after releasing her bite.


Damn, she has a strong jaw. All 4 of them are strong as fuck actually. I couldn’t get out of their grip this time.’ The young man mentally surmised.


“Hoomantastegood!” Moka remarked before licking a spot of blood from her bottom lip. Her bite had opened a small knick-like wound on his head. Xavier pulled a tissue and a container of hand sanitizer from his pocket and used them to cleanse the wound. The four goblins then looked to Xavier to make a decision on who would get the passenger’s seat.


“How about this, you all take turns sitting in the front seat.”


“Mefirst!” Moka said immediately after he finished his sentence.


“No…Me!” Kalada interjected.


“Poppi go first!” Poppi added.


“I… Go first” Rumii declared.


The 4 goblin girls argued and debated one another over the matter.


This is gonna lead to another fight!’ Xavier thought to himself.


AY AY AY AY AY!” Xavier said, interrupting the dispute.


“Poppi, you get to go first.” decided the young man.


“Yeah!” Poppi commented while teasing her fellow goblins by wagging her index finger at them.


“Chill out y’all. Everyone will get a chance to sit in the front seat!” Xavier remarked, hoping this would keep Rumii, Kalada and Moka calm. He opened the back door and signaled for the three to get in. Rumii got in first, followed by Kalada and lastly Moka.


“Put your seatbelts on.” Xavier instructed however they just gave him a blank stare.


Wait, this is probably their first time being in a car.’ He thought.


“Okay I’ll show you how to put a seatbelt on.” the auburn haired man said before reaching for Moka’s seatbelt. He then strapped her in with the seatbelt and buckled it. Watching what Xavier did, Kalada put on her own seatbelt. On the other side of the car, Rumii struggled to get her seatbelt across her mega sized melons. Afterwards, Rumii readjusted the seatbelt for comfort, positioning it between her sizable tits. Xavier then went to her side of the car and fixed her seat belt for her before assisting Poppi in the passenger’s seat. The young man then got in the car himself and pulled off. He took the group to Burger Queen, a popular fast food restaurant, well known for their burgers, fries and breakfast menu items.


“Alright, let’s go in.” Xavier said as he parked his car. He looked back and saw all 3 of the girls in the backseat gnawing on their seatbelt straps.


“Ay! Stop it! You can’t eat that!” Xavier barked in panic. The goblins continued until he reached into the back seat area and grabbed Moka’s seatbelt.


NO.” the chaperone commanded in a calm but serious voice. Moka looked at Xavier’s face and saw that he was serious. She then opened her mouth and let the seatbelt fall out. Kalada, Poppii and Rumii followed suit.


Eating car seatbelts?…Are their stomachs made of iron?’ he thought to himself before thinking about the potential consequences of the car damage.


Mom is gonna kill me..


Xavier got out of the car and opened the doors to let the green quartet out. While walking to the building, Xavier looked down, again noting the fact that none of them were wearing shoes, feeling bad for them.


They can’t afford shoes…’ observed the auburn haired man. He also noticed that there were no wounds, blisters or scars on the bottoms of their feet.


They’re pretty durable. I guess goblins gotta be if they can walk on concrete and gravel without hurting their feet.’ The young man thought as they got to the entrance. He opened the door for them and kindly gestured for the goblins to go inside. After entering the establishment, Rumii, Kalada, Moka and Poppi looked around and took in the scenery.


“I gotta go to the bathroom real quick. Don’t touch anything!” Xavier commanded before walking off.


It was pretty busy at Burger Queen, as there were several other customers sitting at tables around the restaurant. The interior of the eatery was decorated with lights as well various pictures which depict Burger Queen’s history over its numerous decades of existence. Near the front of the store, there was a life sized display of the Burger Queen mascot, the Queen. She stood about 5 feet in height dressed in a regal purple gown. The figure possessed a drastically oversized head which emphasized the giant crown that sat atop her hair. Poppi rushed to the Burger Queen and stared at her in amazement. The blue haired goblin grabbed the fabric from the Burger Queen’s dress and rubbed it between her palms.


Meanwhile, Moka walked around the building and started taking promotional posters off of the wall. Rumii approached the condiment and napkins station and started eating packets of ketchup and mustard, getting it all over her face! At the same time, Kalada pulled a chair up to the drink dispenser and stood on the seat. She then found a button for grape soda and pushed it, sticking her mouth under the valve where the soda comes out; proceeding to guzzle down the carbonated beverage like she was drinking from a water fountain. After seeing this, Poppi and Moka pulled up their own chairs and started drinking from the soda fountain machine as well. After getting her fill of ketchup and mustard, Rumii wandered off to the unisex bathroom. Burger Queen staff looked at the green gang with absolute disgust. Seconds later, Xavier emerged from the mens bathroom and returned to the lobby, completely flabbergasted by what he saw taking place.


AY! Stop it!’ He said in a base-heavy tone. Upon hearing his voice, Poppi, Kalada and Moka hopped off of the chairs and returned to Xavier’s side.


“Where’s Rumii?” the annoyed young man questioned. All 3 of the goblin girls pointed to the bathroom door.


“Stay with me.” The unlikely chaperone instructed while waving for the trio to follow him. Xavier went to the bathroom where he could see a pair of green bare feet in the stall. He then walked to the stall, opened the door and found Rumii repeatedly flushing the toilet, staring at the swirling water as it gradually disappeared down the drain.


“Stop! You can’t do that Rumii.” The recruiter scolded. Rumii turned to Xavier and contorted her face to resemble his facial features once again.


“Stop, you can’t do that Rumii.” She mocked, causing the other 3 to erupt in laughter once more. The big breasted goblin then followed Xavier out the restroom with the others trailing behind them. The young man led the way to counter to place their order.


“I am so sorry about this…” Xavier apologized while giving the cashier a cash payment.


“Oooh! Mur d’licious gween paypa!” Moka announced while pointing at the bill while it changed hands.


“No, money isn’t for eating. We use this to buy stuff.” Xavier coached while looking over his shoulder at the 4 goblins. He then shifted his attention back to the cashier. There was a brief delay before the green eyed man placed his order.


Delicious green paper?…They ate the $80 I gave them the other day?! Damn it!’ the young man thought to himself momentarily before refocusing on placing his order.


“I would like the Royale Family Breakfast Feast.” requested the man with green eyes. This was a Family style meal which consisted of 10 of the monstrous Royale breakfast sandwiches, 5 extra large orders of Hash Brown bites, 5 cinnamon rolls and 5 large drinks. This was a meal meant to serve 5 people or more depending on the size of their appetite. Xavier paid for the order and then collected the 5 drink cups from the cashier. He led the way to the drink dispenser and started a demonstration. The soda fountain area was a mess, with soda splattered on the counter and the immediate area around them including the floor below.


“But first, I’m gonna clean this up. I want yall to remember this. Whenever you make a mess, YOU HAVE TO clean it up.” The chaperone detailed before wiping the station area with napkins until there was no soda left on the counter. A store employee saw what Xavier was doing and wheeled out a mop bucket and proceeded to clean the floor.


“Thanks man. Sorry about the mess.” Xavier said while handing the Burger Queen worker 3 crisp one dollar bills. He then resumed his instruction on the correct way to get a drink from the soda fountain. Other Burger Queen patrons glanced over to Xavier and the goblins and shook their heads with disgust. One woman who appeared to be in her late twenties to early thirties looked at her 10 year old daughter.


“Don’t be like those girls over there.” She said.


A man then looked over to his friend sitting across from him.


“That guy needed to do the house training with those things at home, before coming here.” The man said. Although they were talking in low tones, Xavier heard every word clearly. It was like his hearing amplified the moment other customers started being rude and disrespectful.


“This is how you get a drink.” Xavier said while showing the goblin girls how to properly get something to drink. He then proceeded to hand cups to his 4 guests. They stood on top of the chairs and to his surprise they all mimicked him correctly. Afterwards he took them to a table and instructed them to sit down while he went to pick up the food. While he was getting food, the girls examined and played with the salt and pepper shakers that were on the table. Kalada shook up the salt while Moka controlled the pepper. They shook the condiment dispensers with the open ends outward, essentially attacking one another with flying grains of seasoning. After a few seconds of this Poppi and Rumii took the shakers and took their turns playing with the condiments. Having grabbed the massive double tray of food, Xavier walked back to the table.


They think the salt and pepper shakers are toys to play with?’ The host thought, letting out a sigh of frustration afterwards.


AY!….GIRLS…C’mon! stop playing with the salt and pepper!” Xavier ordered, to no avail. They continued to ignore his instructions as he walked up.


DAMMIT!” Xavier cursed out of frustration as he got closer to the table. His entire face turned a bright cherry red. Piping hot steam shot out of his ears, making a loud siren-like noise, akin to the sound of a boiling hot tea kettle.


NO.” Xavier said, the seriousness evident in his tone. They put the shakers down and sat quietly each giving a sad, ‘I’m sorry’ look Xavier’s way.


Well they DON’T KNOW ANY BETTER. You have to teach them X,’ Said the voice in his head. He looked at the goblin quartet’s faces, his anger melting away as he put the tray of food on the table. He sat down and started handing out the Royale breakfast sandwiches. Poppi got hers first and immediately took a bite out of it without bothering to unwrap it first. She chewed through aluminum lined wrapping paper like it was nothing, The spiky haired man let out a slight sigh followed by laughter.


First the seatbelts and now burger wrappers. I guess it’s true, goblins really can eat anything.’ He thought to himself.


“Hold up.” Xavier remarked, prompting Poppi to stop chewing. “This is how you eat these.” Xavier instructed while unwrapping his first sandwich. The 4 goblins marveled at how utterly delicious the sandwich looked once unwrapped. The two pieces of thick sliced, toasted and buttered sourdough bread held a huge folded egg topped with a slice of ham and 3 strips of perfectly cooked candied bacon. The egg rested on top of a big maple infused sausage patty. Slices of melty monterey jack cheese completed the morning titan of a sandwich.


“Ooooh..” said all 4 goblins in unison.


Xavier took a small bite out of his sandwich to show them how to eat. After chewing and swallowing, he nodded.


“That’s how ya do it girls!” He said energetically. Rumii, Kalada Poppi and Moka then picked up and took bites out of their sandwiches. Xavier fist pumped and banged on the table, giving praise for the goblins, which in turn encouraged them to continue eating the right way.


YUM YUM!” Rumii exclaimed after finishing her first bite.


GOOD…….LIKE!” Kalada followed.


“Dis taysti” Poppi echoed. Moka said nothing because she was busy champing away at her sandwich. He destroyed the first one and immediately unwrapped her second sandwich and went to work. Xavier couldn’t help but laugh at Moka’s gluttonous pace.


“Such disgusting, low level creatures.” remarked a man who walked past Xavier’s table after getting his breakfast to go. Xavier paused, for he overheard the man mumbling under his breath as he passed. The youth shot the passerby a piercing stare and briefly locked eyes with him, causing the man to increase his walking pace to get out of the building faster. However, the goblins were oblivious to this interaction due being preoccupied with their meal. After the man left, Xavier shifted his attention back to the girls.


Next the recruiter opened up the box of hash brown bites on the tray and put one of them in his mouth.


“These are hashbrowns. You pick em up and put em in your mouth exactly like this.” Explained the World City newbie. Instead of simply opening the box the 4 girls all ripped the tops off of the hashbrowns and poured them into their mouths.


At least they didn’t eat the box this time.’ Xavier thought to himself. Next, he opened his straw and put it into his drink. The goblins copied this action without Xavier having to give an explanation. The woman sitting across from Xavier’s group shook her head and placed her hand over her face in disgust as she watched him teach his crash course on dining etiquette.


“So what do you like to do? I mean what do y’all like to do for fun?” The young man asked.


“Eat!” Moka answered. Kalada, Rumii and Poppi all looked at Moka and nodded their heads in agreement with her.


“Well… Besides eating, what do you like to do?” The recruiter questioned further. The 4 goblins looked at one another in silence. It was so quiet in the Burger Queen dining room that crickets could be heard chirping.


“Ok, let’s talk about something else then. I know you all like this!” The young man pointed out while pulling a $20 bill from his pocket.


GWEEN PAYPA!” they all said in unison, staring at the bill as if it were gold in his grasp.


“I can show you how to make your own money.” Xavier continued on with a confident grin on his face. The goblin foursome each looked into the air towards the ceiling, letting Xavier know that they were in thought. A big long thought bubble appeared over the girls’ heads, showing a video image of Xavier showing the girls how to LITERALLY make money.


[A huge stack of white paper sat on the floor. Along with 4 pairs of scissors and multiple cans of green paint. The girls cut rectangle shaped pieces from the paper, which were similar in dimension to a dollar bill. The girls then picked up their paint brushes and started painting the pieces of paper green.]


The girls laughed and giggled amongst each other as they all envisioned the same scenario. Xavier looked puzzled at first, But as he continued to observe, he noticed something. He laughed uncontrollably for a couple of seconds before he made his statement.


“Ay! That’s not what I meant when I said I’d show you how to make money.” Xavier asserted, breaking down in laughter himself while making his statement. He paused for a moment and then pulled out his phone and did an internet search.


“I meant I can find you some jobs so you can work and get paid.” The young man said while turning his attention to one of the goblins. “Moka, You really like food don’t you?” The young man said observantly. Moka nodded her head to signify that Xavier was correct.


“Is food hard for you to get? Do you have much money?” Xavier asked, recalling that none of them had shoes on


“Nah…wepoor…” Moka answered gloomily.


Now it all makes sense…’ The young man thought to himself.


“Money can buy food. It can buy most material things people want and need. People do work to earn money. This food here? that cashier and the people in the back made our food. This is their job. They get paid to do this.” Xavier explained.


“You can work with me.” Xavier assured, looking each of the four goblins in the eyes while speaking.


“The school I work for has a lot of jobs and positions available. We need maintenance workers to fix stuff, Janitorial workers to clean up and maintain the campus appearance. We need security officers to protect the students and staff. We need a construction crew to help set up buildings on campus. We can train you so you can earn money. Once I think you’re ready I want you 4 to work with me in the recruiting department. What do ya say?” Xavier explained.


“Yeah!” Answered the quartet, interested in Xavier’s offer.


“Any ideas of what kind of work you wanna do?” The young man asked the goblins. Poppii, Kalada, Rumii and Moka thought about it. It was clear to the young man that they were deep in thought because they were all either staring into space or looking around the room. Poppii was the first to have an idea. She pointed to a poster of a woman in a Burger Queen uniform holding up the Giant Burger, the company’s flagship sandwich.


DERE!” Poppii yelled while pointing at the poster.


“You wanna work at Burger Queen?” Xavier guessed. Poppi shook her head “NO” and continued to point. Xavier pondered Poppii’s meaning. Poppii the stood up in her chair and started doing glamour poses. Xavier looked at her, prompting a glowing light bulb to appear over his head


“You wanna do modeling?”


He then held up his phone and showed them a video that was playing on its screen. The video depicted the set of a photo shoot, with scantily clad women posing for photographs and video footage. Poppi nodded her head rapidly while pointing at Xavier’s phone screen.


“Ooooh! Ooooo! Yes! Want dat!” Poppi yelled out, excited about the concept of modeling. Rumii got out of her seat and started imitating the models posing. She pointed at Xavier and tipped her hat to him while licking her lips. Kalada also got out of her seat and proceeded to flex her muscles with body builder style poses, flashing her small, yet chiseled physique.


“Okay!” Moka replied in between bites of food. She glanced at Xavier’s phone and gave a thumbs up hand gesture.


“Well…I do have a camera in the car… And I do need to take some new pics for my portfolio. I guess we can do a photoshoot today…” Xavier remarked before resuming his meal. The goblins loudly cheered and high-fived each other, drawing the ire of the other Burger Queen customers once more.



(10 minutes later….)


Xavier and the goblins left Burger Queen and went back to his car.


“Good riddance. Finally that guy took his little mongrels and left.” Remarked the female diner to her child daughter as the group departed.


Xavier furled his brow in annoyance at what he heard.


“I gotta take y’all to pick out some outfits.”


“Mall?!” Poppi asked excitedly.


“Nah, I know a place that has good costumes for a better price.” The young man replied as he opened the passenger door.


“Rumii, it’s your turn to sit in the front seat.”


YAAAY!!” Rumii said before getting in the passenger seat next to Xavier. He turned on the radio and flipped through some of the channels, eventually stopping on a station that’s currently playing rap music. He then pulled out of the parking lot of Burger Queen and headed towards their next destination.


Rumii looked out of the windows while the others nodded their heads and danced in their seats.


BOOOM! BOOOMM!” Kalada, Moka, and Poppi really got into the music, and started banging on the armrests and the backs of the front seats.


“Chill back there!” Xavier requested while trying to drive safely, nearly missing his turn as he got onto the highway. The young man continued to follow the GPS directions, and after a few minutes, he took an exit that took him to the infamous World’s Edge district. He looked at the cracked and pothole laden road as he pulled into the city within a city. Old, dilapidated school buses stopped to pick up unruly middle school students on one sidewalk while an old man dressed in worn and tattered clothing pushed a shopping cart full of his personal belongings on the opposite sidewalk. In the distance he could see a police car cruising around on patrol. Meanwhile, Kalada, Poppi, and Moka continued to jam to the music, pushing and chest bumping one another wildly. They continued their frantic behavior despite Xavier’s pleas for them to calm down, pushing it to the point of ripping out pieces of the seats and eating them. Xavier started to slow down because the car in front of him was slowing down. A stop sign was coming up. The goblins continued causing ruckus in the back seat and started banging on the windows. Given their above average physical strength, it was highly possible for Kalada and Moka to crack or even shatter the rear windows and Xavier knew this based on his 2 previous tussles with them.


AY! STOP! YOU’RE MESSING UP MY CAR!” Xavier yelled to the goblins, frustrated with the goblins behaving like unruly children. He took his eyes off of the road and looked back at Kalada, Poppi and Moka, continuing to demand them to stop.


C’MON! Cut this shit out!” Xavier barked while still looking back at them, not paying attention to the road.




Xavier had rear ended the SUV in front of him. The SUV stopped at the stop sign while Xavier continued going forward, resulting in the unfortunate collision. The impact wasn’t enough to deploy the vehicle’s air bags, but it was enough to jerk his neck forward, creating a whiplash effect. After the crash, the young man immediately looked at each of the goblins with concern for them evident in his eyes.


“Are you all ok?” Xavier asked while scanning each of the 4 goblins for injuries. Rumii nodded solemnly. Moka, Poppi and Kalada followed, each looking at Xavier and nodding meekly in his direction, as if they knew they were at fault.


“I’m gonna check on the other driver. Stay here…And don’t move.” Xavier instructed before stepping out of his vehicle. As he approached the SUV, a familiar figure opened the door and hopped out. The figure was a busty, curvy woman with teal hair and sunglasses. She was dressed in a pair of tight fitting dark denim booty shorts and a cut off t-shirt which revealed the lower half of her breasts, just under the nipples. The shirt had the word ‘Voyager’ written across the chest area in blue print. The stick from a lollipop stuck out from in between her black painted lips. As she approached, she removed her sunglasses to reveal her striking, bright, neon-yellow eyes.


IT’S HER! The girl from the mall parking lot the other day! FUCK!’ the young man thought. “Are you o…” Xavier said, attempting to check on the stranger. However she interjected before he could finish asking his question.




Chill X. Just let her vent until she runs out of shit to say. Afterall, I did just crash into her car. I’m the one that is at fault.’ Xavier thought.




But, before she could resume her expletive laden tirade, Xavier cut her off.


“Are you alright? Are you hurt?” Xavier asked, seemingly unaffected by the dressing down.


UGH! I’m fine I guess. I’m not hurt but you DID do some damage to my ride!” The teal haired woman fumed angrily.


“I’m really sorry about this. I really am.”


“How the FUCK did this happen?! Are you stupid or something?!” The mystery woman asked. Her disrespectful tone was starting to annoy Xavier at this point.


“Now, here’s what happened. I have these 4 goblin girls that I’m looking after. I stopped them from getting arrested for theft at World Mart. So I took them out for breakfast at Burger Queen because they looked pretty hungry. On the way over here they were banging on windows, tearing up seatbelts and ripping chunks from my backseat and eating them. So, I looked back at them and told em to stop. At that moment, I took my eyes off the road. I forgot a stop sign was coming up and I rear ended you. I know you’re pissed about this, I get it but I really wanna work this out.”


“Work this out? There’s no possible way we can work this out asshole! I have to work, I’m a Voyager driver. I can’t do my damn job without a motherfuckin car to pick people up with! You got your insurance card? You do have insurance right?! Don’t tell me you’re one of those broke motherfuckers that don’t pay the insurance bill!” barked the busty woman with yellow eyes.


“Yeah, I got insurance….” Xavier replied while handing her his insurance card. She looked at it and took a picture of it


Mom’s gonna kill me!’ he thought to himself. The woman then handed Xavier her insurance information.


“Xavier Williams, from Queens, New York. What brings you to World City? And whatcha doin in da Edge of all places?” Asked the woman curiously.


“I came to see my uncle. He owns a shop in this area.” the young man answered.


“Looks like you were telling the truth with your little story about the goblins.” The woman remarked.


“What do you mean?” The green eyed recruiter questioned. The teal haired woman pointed to Xavier’s car. Rumii, Kalada, Moka and Poppii’s heads were sticking out of the now open car windows watching the conversation between Xavier and the unknown woman. To his surprise they followed his instructions and didn’t get out of the car.


“Good Job!” Xavier yelled while looking back at them. He gave the goblin quartet a head nod and thumbs up hand gesture to acknowledge them. The teal haired woman’s angry expression softened as she watched Xavier interact with his new friends.


“The Goblins have it rough around here. The way people treat them is pretty shitty.” The woman pointed out.


“That’s why I have these 4 with me. A helping hand can go a long way.” Xavier added. “Speaking of helping out, this is my fault and you shouldn’t have to miss work because I fucked up your car. So how about this. I get your car towed to the shop and cover the damage. And while you wait for the repairs, you can get a rental car… On me. That way your hustle doesn’t get interrupted and we don’t have to get the insurance guys involved. How does that sound?”


“Sounds doable… By the way, the names’ ‘Takiko’… Shorty!” She retorted with a smirk. Xavier immediately frowned in annoyance.


“My name is X, NOT SHORTY! DON’T YOU EVER CALL ME THAT AGAIN YA UNDERSTAND!?” Xavier yelled. His head grew 5 times in size, with veins visible in his now oversized forehead. The area around them turned into a blue and yellow sunburst while Xavier loudly corrected Takiko.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Takiko roared in laughter. She laughed so hard that she started coughing slightly. Xavier looked over his shoulder to see his goblin cohorts laughing at him as well.


AY! IT’S NOT FUNNY! You want me to take you back to World Mart Security?” Xavier said, issuing an empty threat he had no intent on enforcing. Takiko and the goblins continued to laugh as Xavier’s head returned to normal size. His eyes became tiny black dots as he stood there watching them.


“Go ahead and laugh it up.”


“Why are you helping me?” Takiko asked curiously.


“This was my mistake. I don’t wanna hold you up by waiting for the insurance guys to go through the claim. I try to put good out into the world because eventually that good will come back around. One day I might need some help.” Xavier explained.


“Creating some good Karma, huh?” Takiko concluded.


“A little bit, but really it’s because you have such a charming personality.” Xavier remarked sarcastically before smirking slightly.


“I’ll show you charm, asshole!” Takiko retorted back while pulling out a tootsie pop and pointing it in his face as if she were holding a knife. Xavier chuckled at her candy threatening gesture before responding.


“I ordered you a rental car and a tow truck to take your car to the shop.” Xavier detailed.


“Thanks, you no driving asshole little bitch!”


“You got a filthy mouth.”


“You have no idea, shorty!” Takiko teased suggestively with a grin as the tow truck pulled up.


“You’re welcome, sucker.” Xavier retorted back. As the tow truck arrived, Xavier walked back to his goblin filled car.


“Now, let’s chill out for the rest of the ride ladies!” The young man instructed while turning his vehicle on. Xavier kept straight for a few block blocks which brought him to his destination.


“You have arrived.” said the voice on the vehicle’s navigation system. The building looked as if it didn’t fit in with the other buildings on this block. The sidewalk in front of it was clean and free of trash and debris while some of the other places nearby were just the opposite, sullen and with brick walls covered with graffiti. Old cars marked with for sale signs on their windshields sat in the vacant lot next door. Weeds branched out from the cracks in the pavement like jungle vines one would find in the amazon rainforest. Xavier wasn’t surprised by the dilapidated environment, for he had seen this many years ago as a little boy growing up in the southside of Queens. After taking in the visual of the area, he parked in the designated parking lot across the street.


“Let’s go yall.” Xavier said before stepping out. Rumii, Kalada, Poppi and Moka followed. They all looked up and took notice of the red, white and blue barber pole patterned sign which read ‘The Oddjobs Pawn Shop’. A stout, burly frog man dressed in black shorts and black fur lined vest, which showed off his muscular biceps as well as a bit of a gut. He looked like the mercenaries often seen in action movies.The imposing amphibian stood as sentry at the ready, glaring at Xavier and his cohorts.


Damn, that’s some big security.’ the recruiter thought while approaching the frog.


“Excuse me, is the manager available? I need to talk to him.“ Xavier asked. The frog looked at him and made a forceful croaking sound before stepping in front of him. He reaches toward Xavier with both hands, prompting the spiky haired man to take a step back.


“Ay…Hold up…” the young man remarked. The frog persisted and stepped forward again.


“Hey Pog! He’s good!” Someone yelled. Xavier looked in the direction of the voice and saw a tall figure with bronze skin wearing a scarf, a mask over the bottom half of his face, sunglasses and a baseball cap which obscured his hair and facial features. The seemingly disguised man looked in Xavier’s direction, took off his glasses and lowered his scarf for Xavier to recognize him.


“Lil Man! Long time no see!”


“Uncle Sidd! What up unc!” Xavier replied while walking towards the man. The two met in the middle of the store and commenced a complicated multi step secret handshake which included several hand slaps, fist bumps, and hand signs, ending with a 2 finger salute. Upon completing the hand shake the two men hugged, each still grasping the other’s hand.


“Sorry I couldn’t be at your graduation, I was out of the country handling some business. But here!” Sidd urged while pulling out a large billfold held together by a 14 karat gold money clip.


“This covers graduation and your birthday.” Sidd said while flashing a grin before putting his sunglasses back on and raising the scarf back over his face.


“Thanks unc! I appreciate it. How you been?”


“Can’t complain. Business is booming. I hear you got accepted by a university. Congratulations.”


“Did you know about what my mom has been doing over the last year?” The scar faced teen asked with his brow raised.


“Yeah, I did but Xenna swore me to secrecy. Your mom wanted you to test the college market and see what other offers you got.”


“I didn’t get any offers from the film schools I applied to but then I got a letter in the mail from THE Amaterasu! That was pretty cool, I didn’t realize the headmistress was her until after my interview. You know who she is?”


“Oh yes, I’m quite familiar with her.” The uncle responded with a chuckle.


“Ya so she told me mom is the owner and CEO of BSU when I talked to her. That’s cool and all but me getting a scholarship at my moms school is odd.”


“Why do you say that?” Sidd asked.


“I want to stand on my own, be my own man.” Xavier answered while clenching his fist.


“Make your own way in the world… I get it. X was the same way.” Sidd recalled, referring to Xavier’s father, who also went by the nickname ‘X’. Xavier looked away silently in response to Sidd’s mention of him.


“So, what brings you to the shop?” Sidd inquired.


“I need to get some swimsuits for my friends here.” The young man answered, while nodding his head backwards, referring to the goblins standing behind him. Sidd looked past his nephew and didn’t see anyone behind him.


“Where are your friends at?” Sidd asked. Xavier’s eyes enlarged as he looked over his shoulder and confirmed the goblins were no longer there. The 4 goblins had dispersed throughout the store.


He looked and saw each of them in a different part of the store. Poppi was in the clothing department fiddling around with clothes hangers while wearing a bra on top of her head, Kalada was in the sporting goods area putting on a pair of boxing gloves that were too big for her hands. Moka was in electronics pushing buttons on an old stereo system. As he continued scanning the store area he noticed the top Rumii’s mushroom hat. She wandered around aimlessly, staring at a glass display case behind the cash register. Xavier went to each department and rounded up his crew.


“C’mon girls, we got work to do!”


“They are some friends of mine. They tried to rob me the other day. I was at World Mart earlier and I saw security busting them for theft. I didn’t want them to go to jail so I’m helping them get jobs working at BSU.” As Xavier and Sidd continued their conversation,


“I’m gonna do some photoshoots with them. I came here to see if you had some sexy swimsuits small enough for goblins to wear.”


“Actually I think I have something that will work.” Sidd answered. Xavier then looked over his shoulder to see that the goblins were no longer standing behind him.


“C’mon girls! Time to go shopping.” the man called out, waving his hand as he spoke. The goblins gathered around Xavier and his uncle Sidd.


“This way!” Sidd instructed. He led them to the clothing department, going further past where Xavier had seen Poppi playing bras at. This took them to an area loaded with womens swimsuits. He then pointed to a rack loaded with hangers with small sized sexy swimsuits.


“These suits here were originally designed for mini women, but I think they will fit them.” Sidd explained.


“Go ahead, look and see what you can find.” Xavier instructed. Moka, Kalada, Poppi and Rumii rushed over to the racks and started their search. Meanwhile Xavier and Sidd resumed their conversation.


“You know Goblins can be pretty hard to control. People in this city view them as a nuisance, criminals that damage and destroy everything they touch. I don’t agree with it.”


“Yeah, I’m seeing that now. No one has ever tried to give them a helping hand so I will. I need staff to help me recruit. I’m only one man going up against porn college superpowers like Harlot State. Besides, we have something in common! There were times when people counted me out, fuck, all of the all of the cinematography programs did. I figure if I round up other people that need that 1 chance, they will develop into capable workers I can trust.” The young man detailed to his uncle. “Giving them jobs will keep them out of trouble and help me do what I need to do so it’s a win for all of us.”


“That’s a good start Lil man.”


“Ya know since I do live here now we should get together and cook sometime, like we used to back in the day. I remember it like it was yesterday, cooking and watching basketball together on the kitchen TV. Those Sunday dinners were fire!” Xavier recalled.


“Yeah and you were a pretty good assistant chef. You learned how to measure working with me.”


“That actually helped me in math class.” The young man pointed out.


“Now that you mention it, we’re throwing a surprise party for Xaria soon. I could use a hand in the kitchen. I got a hold of a rare type of beef and I need some help preparing it.” Sidd requested.


“I’m in unc!” the auburn haired man replied. The goblin quartet then sprinted back to Xavier holding up their swimsuit choices.


“Dis!” Poppi yelled excitedly while holding up a zebra print two piece bikini. Its top was a pair of black fur pasties. It came with 2 zebra print arm and sleeves which were lined with the same black fur as the pasties.


“I…Like!” Moka followed, holding up a cheetah print slingshot style bikini. It was lined with brown fur and came with leg and wrist sleeves with brown fur lining.


“I want!” Kalada added while holding up a two piece tiger striped bikini with orange fur lining and matching sleeves.


“Gotta have it!” Rumii exclaimed while holding up a cow print slingshot bikini along with arm and leg sleeves to go with it.


“Alright let’s get ready!…Where’s the bathroom?” Xavier asked his uncle.


“It’s at the end of the building to the left.” Sidd answered while pointing. Xavier walked the goblins to the women’s bathroom.


“You can get changed in there.” the young man instructed while pointing to the ladies room. Rumii then tugged on Xavier’s pants leg.


“You.. come.” she urged. Kalada, Poppi and Moka all nodded their heads in agreement.
“I can’t go in there.”


GO!” Kalada said firmly. The girls refused to move unless Xavier went with them.


“Mus…See!” Moka and Poppi added.


“(Sigh) I guess we can go in the mens bathroom.” the recruiter acquiesced. He then looked in the men’s bathroom to make sure it was empty and grabbed a nearby “Restroom is being cleaned” sign that one of Sidd’s employees left laying out. They then went into the bathroom. Xavier went into the stall and closed the door to give the girls some privacy. The goblins immediately stripped off their clothing. Moka then pointed to the door of the bathroom stall Xavier was waiting in while flashing a mischievous grin to her friends. They stood there for about a minute to make it seem like they were getting dressed. Rumii nodded and tiptoed her way to the door, Moka, Poppi and Kalada followed, also doing an exaggerated tip toe walk, straight out of a cartoon.




“You ready?” Xavier asked.


YEAH!” answered all 4 goblins. Xavier opened the door..


BOOOO!” yelled the goblin girls much to Xavier’s chagrin. Kalada turned around and started twerking and gyrating her shapely ass like it was Saturday night at the strip club. Poppi and Moka joined in and shook their big asses and titties while Rumii provided beatboxing sound effects to serve as music. Poppi and Moka smacked their tits together while Rumii joined Kalada and two bent over bumped asses with one another, causing Xavier to blush and face palm shortly after.


“C’mon! Let’s stop playin around and get dressed please so we can do the photoshoot.” the young man declared before stepping out of the stall and walking out of the bathroom. The goblins looked at each other briefly.


“Hooman…too…serious!” Moka commented while picking up her swimsuit from the bathroom floor. The others followed and all 4 got dressed and left the bathroom. Sidd led Xavier and the goblins outside.


“I have a good spot you can do your shoot at.” Sidd suggested while leading the way. Xavier stopped and got his backpack out of the car before catching up to the group.


“Yeah, this vacant lot will work.” Approved the amateur photographer.


FIRST!” Poppi yelled out while pointing at herself with her thumbs. Xavier got his camera out and starts snapping photos. Poppi did a variety of poses getting over hundred solo photos taken of her. Xavier did this for Kalada, Moka and Rumii. The girls were all smiles throughout the process.


“I wanna get some group shots. Let’s go into this alley over here!” Suggested the photographer. The group walked over to the alley. The walls in the alley were marked with crude graffiti messages.


“Ok, Poppi I want you to go to the left, Kalada you move to the right, Rumii you get in the center and Moka you get in the front.” directed the camera man. Moka laid down on the concrete, Poppi took a kneeling posture, Kalada got in a squatting pose and Rumii stood up.


“Say Cheeeeese!” Xavier yelled before snapping the first photo. He continued taking pictures with the girls taking turns being in the front. They moved locations to street corner bus stop to take more pictures but the goblins had ideas of their own.


“U..get…in…picture!” Poppi yelled out while pointing at Xavier.


“C’mon…Hooman!” Kalada demanded.


“Give…Camera!” Moka exclaimed while pointing to Sidd.


“Get in the picture!” Rumii said, mimicking Xavier’s voice and face once more.


“No. I’m not getting in any pictures.” the young man answered.


PLEEEEAAAASE!!!” begged the 4 goblins.


“C’mon Lil Man. Be a good sport and take a few for your new friends. No one else is gonna see them.” Suggested uncle Sidd, chuckling after finishing his statement.


“Fine…” Sighed the green eyed man reluctantly. He walked over to the bench and stood in front of it with his hands in his pockets and a frown on his face. The 4 goblins moved in front of him and assumed squatting “Prison” style poses. Sidd then snapped a few pictures.


“You gotta smile at least once Lil Man.” Urged Uncle Sidd jokingly.


“Say DRAGON TITTIES!” Sidd yelled, causing Xavier to laugh. He snapped pictures at that moment. They continued taking pictures and Xavier lightened up a little bit, making funny faces with his green friends. After taking several silly photos with his new buddies, Xavier wanted to wrap things up.


“I think that’s enough girls.” Xavier remarked. Kalada looked at him and shook her head “No”. She then pointed at Xavier and did a gesture that looked like she was taking off an imaginary shirt and pointed at Xavier. Knowing Kalada wasn’t going to let him off the hook he let out another sigh and took his shirt off.


WOW!” exclaimed the 4 goblin girls after Xavier removed his shirt. Their mouths dropped in shock, for not a single one of them expected the small statured man to have the ripped physique that he did. Kalada smirked while pointing at his abs and then her own six pack. Rumii’s eyes lit up taking the form of bright pink hearts. Poppi’s eyebrows raised and her forehead wrinkled in surprise. Moka cheered and made catcalls much like men typically do when a pretty woman walks by. Xavier’s face turned redder than hot sauce in that moment, as their reaction to his shirtless look caught him off guard. Kalada ran up and started flexing her muscles next to him, making him laugh. He then joined Kalada and started flexing with her leading to the two striking a number of professional wrestler style poses. They scowled, growled and did everything they could to look tough for the camera, causing Sidd, Poppi, Rumii and Moka to burst with laughter. At that point a few hours had passed since Xavier and his crew walked into the Odd Jobs Pawn Shop.


“Alright now it’s time to pack it in. I still have groceries to drop off at home.” Xavier announced to the goblins. They went back into the shop and changed back into their clothes.


“Thanks unc.”


“You’re always welcome Lil man.” Sidd replied while slapping him on the shoulder.


“There’s one more thing I wanted to ask.”




“I got these flyers for BSU and some business cards that have my contact information on em. You mind taking some off my hands? I need as much help as I can get to spread the word about BSU and get recruits.”


“Yeah, I’ll do better than just taking some off your hands. I’ll post these in the shop and around the neighborhood and have my staff pass them out. I’m gonna put your business cards on the counter at the registers next to the candy racks so every customer sees them.”


“That’s what’s up. I appreciate the help.” the young man said before reaching into his backpack and pulling out thick stacks of flyers and business cards.


“Did you have any frozen stuff in the groceries you mentioned?” Sidd asked with his brow raised.


OH SHIT! I DO!” Xavier yelled before sprinting back into the shop. He rounded up the goblins and took off.



(1 hour later…..)


Xavier sat on the couch in his house having grabbed lunch for the goblins on the way back. They enjoyed a family mega meal from Georgia Fried Chicken and were at that point passed out in a food coma on the living room floor. He put the groceries away and stuffed the frozen goods he bought into the freezer. He then grabbed his phone and sent a text.


Xavier: I got 4 recruits today!

Ms. Tai: 😍

Xavier: I’m at my house. I took them out for breakfast, did a photoshoot with them and took them out for lunch. They’re sleeping in my living room right now. I’ll get to the office so you can meet them as soon as possible.

Miss Tai: No rush. Take your time. I have some tickets 4 a show 4 u. I can’t go, got a lot of paperwork still needing to be done. I think seeing this show will help the recruits get a better understanding of what we do.

Xavier: What time?

Ms. Tai: 7pm. I’ll email you some digital tickets.

Xavier: Ok


Xavier allowed Rumii, Kalada, Poppii and Moka to sleep while he waited for the appointed time to come, eventually falling asleep himself.



(6 PM, Beauregard Arena, World City)


After falling asleep for a few hours, Xavier woke up. He left with Rumii, Moka, Poppi and Kalada to go to the Beauregard Arena. Security granted swift access to the group of 5 after Xavier showed the VIP Pass Badge he was wearing around his neck. Security escorted them through the arena, leading them to the backstage area.


“It’s different than I expected,” Xavier said as they followed the guard into the backstage area. It was a large space with a high ceiling that held a number of bright fluorescent lights. The lights cast a harsh illumination on the otherwise drab area. The hallway was loosely decorated with a number of old posters, but little else, aside from the occasional trash can and some water fountains. There were a number of doors along the hall, most of them were closed and marked with plates that read either PRIVATE or STORAGE. One door that they passed was open, revealing a mess of electronic equipment and an electric guitar that was snapped at the neck.


That guitar could be worth some money,‘ Xavier thought to himself, wondering which rock star the guitar may have belonged to.


The guard leading them turned right at a T-junction, Xavier, Poppii, Moka, Rumii and Kalada following him as he trailed after the woman. She was a muscular figure with particularly strong looking legs.


LOOK!” Kalada yelled out while pointing at the female security guard’s thick calf muscles.


They passed another door that was partially open, the interior looked like a kind of break room for employees. The young man could see a basic looking couch and coffee table inside, and the smell of cheap coffee wafted out from inside. Laying on the couch was a female security guard, one with shoulder length free hanging purple hair.


The purple haired security guard was laying with her shirt open, showing off her big tits. Her shorts as well as her thong panties were pulled down around her. Her booty shorts were lying on the floor as she lay back with her legs spread wide. Kneeling between her spread legs was a young blonde haired man with his face buried in the security guard’s snatch! The big woman let out deep moans of delight, taking a deep breath after every sound she made. Her eyes rolled into her head as she pressed the man’s head against her crotch hard. Xavier stopped momentarily to peek into the door opening. The goblins stopped as well.


“Mmmmmh, stick your tongue in deeper!” the purple haired said, her voice deep and thick.


Moka, curious of what it was that was going on approached the door and attempted to enter the room.


“No!” Xavier said in a strong and force whispering tone.


At that moment, the purple haired worker looked up and locked eyes with Xavier, startling him.


SHIT!” The young man cursed. He felt his face heating up and quickly moved to follow their escort again!


The female guard took them deeper into the backstage area and the place slowly took on the air of a festival as more people began appearing. He recognized a few as some are pornstars he’d seen in a bunch of videos on Smuthub and Pornsta$h. All of them were wearing very sexy and skimpy outfits, one was even in a costume that looked like a Greek style dress that was so sheer, nothing was left to the imagination. The magnificent attire of stars backstage immediately drew Poppii’s attention and that in turn drew Xavier’s attention.


“You like those outfits?” The young man asked. Poppii looked up at him and nodded her head in a slow deliberate manner, gleefully closing her eyes while doing so.


“Once we start working, you’ll be able to buy some nice outfits.” The man remarked encouragingly while patting her on the shoulder.


Eventually the group arrived at a very large room with a higher ceiling, making the noise of the chatter inside echo slightly. There was a long table to one side that was piled high with what looked like a 5-star buffet as well as a full bar. Rumii, Moka, Kalada and Poppii stopped and stared at the numerous buffet tables loaded with nearly every dish imaginable. The scent of freshly cooked food nearly intoxicated the goblins, entrancing them to the point their pupils turned into various food items such as cheeseburgers, fried chicken, pizza and steak. The 4 of them stood trembling in anticipation for the next meal.


“All..mecaneat!” Moka remarked.


“Buffay!” Poppi added.


“Want…Stayke!” Kalada said.


“Mongolian BBQ! Stir Fry!” Rumii said, again mimicking Xavier’s look and voice. All 4 goblins looked at him with puppy dog eyes and pointed to the buffet area.


I can’t let them go crazy in a buffet full of famous people. That will get me and BSU on the news for all the wrong reasons.‘ The recruiter theorized. He looked at his 4 companions.


“We have to get to our seats. We’ll go to a buffet and get dinner after the show. We’ll have more time to eat if we wait. More time means more food for you, alright?” Xavier explained. Moka took the lead in responding.


“Wewait…Aftershow!” she replied while nodding her head to her fellow goblins.


The crew resumed walking, and while doing so, Xavier recognized various actors, professional athletes and other celebrities. Most were B-listers, though he did spy a few A-list ones as well. The first person he noticed was a man dressed in a suit tie with a Native American Chiefs headdress crowning his dome. He was flanked by an entourage of gorgeous women. In the distance Xavier saw several large men dressed in all black presumably the man’s security team.


I know that guy. That’s Ron Rainwater! He owns the Bigg Cupps Casino!’ The scar-faced man mentally noted, recalling conversations his mom and his aunt Xenna had about going to drink and gamble in Pueblo Diablo, World City’s sin-filled gambling district. The young man continued scanning the area to notice a collection of pictures of various athletes, celebrity business people, actors, singers and other personalities posing with the arena’s owner.


Man, everyone is here,‘ he thought before seeing a 7 foot mammoth of a man helping himself to a glass of cognac.


“That’s Devonte Ennis!” Xavier remarked in reference to the famous NBA superstar piling mashed potatoes on his plate.


“Over there, that’s Farah McCall, the SFC Women’s Middleweight Champion!” Xavier blurted out in regards to the beautiful, photogenic redhead cutting herself a piece of cheesecake at the dessert station. Further down to the right the young man noticed someone else.


That’s the Brown Recluse!‘ Xavier realized as he looked at a familiar woman he’d seen in movies.


The Brown Recluse was Carla Jenson, famous for playing the popular spider-nicknamed, ass kicking, crime fighting, federal agent in the popular “Gun Spiders” action movie series. The Brown Recluse always got her man, usually with lethal results, hence her being named after a deadly spider. The Brown recluse and her Tarantula named partner, Big T, had kicked down the box office doors and read rights to hundreds of millions of fans over 3 installments of the spiders movie series with 4th about to begin shooting soon. A brown complexioned black male approached Carla and handed her a drink.


“That’s Bullet!” Xavier remarked in a loud whisper.


Bullet is the moniker of rapper turned actor Marcus Weatherspoon. He was Big T, Carla’s partner and fellow protagonist in the “Gun Spiders” movies. Xavier was a big fan of Bullet’s music growing up and supported him when he crossed over into movies. It had been rumored that Bullet and Carla were in a relationship due to being seen together at public events over the years.


Carla and Bullet were talking to another celebrity, A pale skinned woman with pastel green, twin braid style colored hair with purple blended into it. She had light pastel yellow eyes which complimented her light hair. She was dressed in a tight fitting full body suit which was unzipped halfway, displaying her buxom gazongas.


“Who is that? I’ve seen her before but I can’t remember who she is.” Xavier mumbled to himself. The goblins gave him a puzzled look for he unintentionally asked them a question they didn’t know the answer to.


“Dunno…” Kalada replied while shrugging her shoulders. The gesture made Xavier laugh, which made all 4 goblin girls chuckle as well.


“U..Kay?” asked Poppii, snapping him out of his stupor.


“Yeah, I’m good.” he murmured, looking over to the blue haired goblin. And then it came to


“Ask…4..u?” Rumii suggested before starting to approach.


“Nah, it aint a big deal. Let’s keep going but thank you for offering to help anyway.” The young recruiter answered, nodding his head to Rumii, seemingly giving her positive reinforcement, just like he’d done with Poppi and Moka before.


“Wait! I know now that’s that model chick CALISTA!” Xavier recalled. Calista is the mononymous world renowned super model and host of ‘Queen of the Runway’, a popular modeling competition show.


“Her pictures are all over the Valentina’s Secret store,” Xavier remembered, unfortunately, recalling a time his sister and cousin dragged him into the store to pick out birthday gifts for his lingerie loving grandmother against his will.


Xavier nodded and the group pressed forward and the guard escorting them spoke.


“Make yourselves at home. Everything is complimentary here in VIP.” The security guard assured.


Xavier’s thoughts were completely derailed as he felt something warm and soft enveloping his head. His vision went dark a split second later, but he caught a glimpse of what seemed to be a wall of flesh passing over his eyes.


“Oh!” said a sweet voice, “Excuse me, I didn’t see you.”


GOOMMMPH!” Xavier grunted as he impacted something. Like whatever was around his head, it was warm, and soft, but very solid. He tried lifting his arms, but whatever was around his head now was so heavy it was holding them down!


“Mom, you okay?” asked another voice. It was muffled, like he was listening through a thick wall, but he could still hear. The first voice said something back, but Xavier couldn’t hear it very well now, and he suddenly was having trouble breathing!


“Hmmmnmmmph!!” he yelled, waving his arms frantically. Kalada, Moka, Poppii and Rumii broke down in laughter at their new supervisor’s predicament.


The second voice made an amused sound before Xavier felt a pair of hands grabbing his shoulders and pulling him back. He gasped deeply for breath, the edges of his vision clearing up. He hadn’t even realized they had begun to darken.


“Whoah!” The young man accidentally exclaimed as he saw something.


In front of him, a beautiful woman with some of the biggest tits he’d ever seen in person stood. Seriously, they were enormous, each one was so big Xavier could almost fit his whole body inside if he curled up in a ball! She was very tall, easily a foot taller than him, maybe more. She had long hair the color of milk chocolate that was tied up in a single high ponytail that was held in place by a red band with a rose decoration on it. Her hair was very straight, and her bangs hung over her eyes and were cut at an angle like a very wide V. The woman’s eyes were some of the deepest blue he’d ever seen as well.


She was dressed in a long emerald green gown that left most of her gigantic tits exposed. The gown was held on by what looked like a pair of spaghetti straps. A gold belt was around her waist to hold the lower half of the gown in place so it didn’t hang off of her like a tarp. She also had on an odd looking choker with a green heart shaped gem in the center.


WOAH!” Xavier exclaimed in shock, “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to…” he trailed off.


“Relax guy,” said a younger woman next to the first. She bore a strong resemblance, though her hair was cut much shorter and her eyes were a blue green aquamarine. She was also considerably shorter, maybe just half a head taller than himself.


“My mom didn’t see you either when she was turning around.” the second girl explained. She held out a hand and gave a friendly smile, “Leda Kino, this is my mom, Maki.” she told him, introducing herself. Leda was dressed in the same emerald green as her mother, though in comparison, her gown was far less revealing. Not that her tits were small, they were easily the size of her head! Just when side by side with Maki…


“Um, hellooo?” Leda said, and Xavier shook his head, realizing that he was staring at Leda’s breasts, “Yeah, eyes up here, not that I really mind though.” she said with a smile. She then grabbed her own tits and hefted them a bit.


“I mean look at these beauties. Staring is a compliment!” she said with a cheeky grin as she bounced her tits up and down in her hands, exposing her left nipple for a second.


“Uhhhh..hello, I’m Xavier… Xavier Williams, and these are my friends, Rumii, Poppii, Kalada and Moka!” Xavier said, introducing his goblin companions. The quartet slowly waved at Leda and her mother after Xavier spoke.


“Well, that’s out of the ordinary,” said Leda, “Normally people don’t like keeping goblins around, oh, no offense intended.” she said to the goblin girls who were mostly unaware of how society felt about them.


“Out of the ordinary ain’t a bad thing.” replied the man with the scar going down his left eye.


“Still, stereotypes are bad.” Leda said.


“Ain’t that the truth.” Xavier said.


“So, why do you have a troupe of Goblins with you?” Maki asked.


“They’re my staff.” Xavier said.


“Staff?” Maki and Leda asked in unison.


“Yeah, I need people I can trust with me for my job. If no one else is willing to give them a chance, I am.” Xavier explained. The 4 goblins all crossed their arms and nodded their heads in solidarity with their new leader.


“Oh, what do you do?” Maki asked while getting a drink for Kalada who was too short to reach the top of the table with the cups of punch.


“I’m a recruiter for a new AE university.” Xavier said before holding up his VIP pass.


“That’s actually how I got a pass to get back here.” he explained, still holding up the business pass which allowed him and the goblins access. They were all considered covered by the single pass since they were his subordinates.


“I got this from Amaterasu, she operates the school I’m recruiting for.” he answered, using Taiyohime’s stage name.


“No shit!?” Leda exclaimed, “THE Amaterasu? I’m SUCH a big fan of her work!” she said, “Especially her girl on girl stuff, soooo hot. I wanna be able to be just like her. It’s why I applied to Harlot State, Skank Tech, Tramp Institute of Technology, Bimbo International College, and a couple others. I already got an offer from Harlot State. Still waiting to hear back from the rest.”


“Harlot State,” Maki said, “I don’t care for that school.”


“Mom, they’re one of the most respected AE schools in the country!” Leda shot back.


“Well, I still don’t like the idea of you going to that one. I don’t want you to become a casualty of their system…


What are they talking about?‘ Xavier thought while looking confused.


“Well, their standards are ridiculously high. It’s a cutthroat, every-woman-for-herself battlefield. The professors have the power to cut students and dismiss them from their program regardless of how well they’re doing. Even if your grades are all passing, if a professor or someone in administration thinks you’re not giving enough effort you’re out. They use this as a form of motivation for students, survival of the fittest… You can get sent home at any time and at their whim. So going there is a risk, even as a second generation performer. However, those who make it through and graduate have great careers and go straight to the top of the industry.” Leda explained.


“I’d still prefer you go to Whoremore Academy.” said Maki, “They’re a fine school with a completely untarnished reputation.”


“I know mom, it’s just…” Leda sighed, “I don’t wanna look back and think I missed out on what could be.” she told Xavier.


“Ohh, yeah, I get that, but there’s another option.” Xavier said as he fished around his pockets and pulled out one of the cards Taiyohime had given him. It was a little wrinkled because he didn’t have it in the case he used when actively recruiting. He passed it over to Leda.


“For your consideration,” he told her.


“Busteez Slut University.” Leda said, reading the name on the card, “Interesting name. And Amaterasu is the head of the school, so I’d get to meet her if I went?”


Xavier nodded, “Absolutely.”


“I’ll definitely consider it then!” Leda said with a smile as she placed the card into the purse she had at her side, one of those really tiny ones that were as overpriced as they were impractical. Leda noticed him glancing at it and grinned.



“Don’t tell, but it’s a knock off.” she said with a wink,


“Going backstage at these events is like being at a fashion show. Everyone tries to show off for each other with their jewelry and outfits. I wanna look the part but I’m not spending that kinda money.” Leda remarked with a chuckle.


“You come to a lot of these concerts?” he asked, “How do you get passes for all of them?”



“That’d be because of me.” Maki said, “Honestly, since you work for an AE school, I’m surprised you didn’t recognize me.”


“Oh, I’m so sorry Mrs. Kino.” Xavier said.


“It’s ‘miss’, I never married. But on second thought, don’t even call me that. You can call me Maki, or my stage name, Demeter.” said Maki.


“Oh! I do know that name!” Xavier said, “I didn’t recognize you with the longer hair!”


“Yeah, that doesn’t surprise me,” Leda said, “Mom’s stuff isn’t as popular in the states. They still censor the hell out of porn back home. The old stuff recently got released without the pixelated bits.”


Xavier nodded and Maki spoke next, “So, tell us a little more about this AE school you work for…”



(3 hours later…)


Xavier cheered with the rest of the crowd at the beautiful woman dancing on the main stage. Loud, nearly deafening music played over speakers as big as houses, making the very air thrum and vibrate. Bathed in the spotlights on stage was Leda’s mother Maki, or ‘Demeter’ as she was introduced when she came on stage. He understood finally why she was wearing such a loose gown and not something more intricate.


It was so she could quickly change out of it and into the sexy sailor girl outfit she had started out in when she came on stage. Said outfit was now completely gone, stripped away bit by bit as Maki danced erotically to the music. It was almost like she was telling a story with her movements. Like one of those monster-of-the-week magical girl animes from when he was a kid. Every time the villain landed a blow, parts of her costume were ripped away.


How Maki could even move so fluidly with such big and heavy tits was beyond his comprehension. He had to give the woman props for the sheer amount of work and skill it must have taken.


There were several other shows before this one, an opening act for tonight’s main event. Each one lasting twenty to thirty minutes. As Maki finished her act, a number of bills tossed up by the other spectators fluttered down like snow, only to be sucked into vents around the stage by a nearly silent vacuum. A clever trick that saved the dancers from having to pick up the bills themselves or having someone go out and do it for them.


Maki blew kisses at the crowd as she made a graceful exit off the stage. Xavier caught a glimpse of her daughter waiting there for her, grinning broadly.


From a booth to the side of the huge room, a DJ began speaking into a mic, his loud voice blasting from the speakers. How it didn’t cause some nasty feedback, Xavier had no idea.


THANK YOU ALL FOR WAITING LADIES AND GENTS!!!” the DJ shouted from the speakers, “TIME TO SAY GOODBYE TO OUR CO-HEADLINER, DEMETER! SEND HER OFF WITH SOME LOVE Y’ALL!” The crowd roared in approval for Maki, chanting her name as she departed


And now it’s time for the show you’ve all been waiting fooooor!!!” he said as new music began playing. Inside the massive area, all the gathered fans and guests began cheering even louder than before. All across the stage, sparks began shooting into the air with a vibrant display of colors. Xavier could smell the gunpowder as it burned even with the AC vents sucking up all the smoke.


“Now, appearing for her final performance, a legend in her own time, one of the most inspiring and beautiful AE actresses to ever grace any screen, FREYA… VALKYRIEEEEE!!!!” As the DJ introduced, the pyrotechnics surged, expelling a harsh light that forced Xavier to look away for a second. The music changed its beat, and when he looked back up at the stage, a cloud of smoke filled it like a fog. Sounds like footsteps could be heard, which was odd, until Xavier realized it was the music. At least he thought it was, until Freya Valkyrie herself emerged from the cloud, her high heeled steps in perfect sync with the footstep sounds.


She was absolutely stunning! She looked every bit the Scandinavian goddess that her stage name advertised. Freya was indeed a warrior beauty, with jaw length, spiky and slightly wild and unkempt looking sky blue hair which was parted to one side. Her blue locks obscured one of her glowing emerald green eyes. The other was narrow slightly giving her the seductive mature look. She smirked confidently, for she possessed a perfect body that had to have been bestowed upon her by the Norse Goddess from which she took her stage name. Her viking warrior outfit couldn’t hide her voluptuous, momentous assets and curves. This was evident by how far out her armor plates stuck from her chest and hips. Her beefy thighs jiggled and her rotund backside bounced with her every step, so much that her rear armor skirt armor plate moved every time she did.


Dressed in a set of armor worthy of her Valkyrie title, she looked like she’d stepped right out of a Viking Gods movie! A leather bodysuit that perfectly hugged her figure and a clearly custom fitted breast plate made of a metal that looked like polished silver. Her long legs had on a pair of high heeled thigh high armored boots, and she had matching gauntlets on her arms that went up to her biceps. Over her shoulders was an expensive looking cape with white fur around the top. She carried with her a long, silvery spear with a very intricate tip. She walked out to the front of the long stage and slammed the butt of the spear down with a booming THUMP!!! Instantly the music stopped, casting the entire area into stunned silence.


Overhead, in the still hovering cloud of smoke, arcs of electricity buzzed along with the BOOM of thunder. The sound was so powerful, the goblin girls jumped out of their seats.


OOOOOH….!” Sounded the 4 green women.


Xavier rose up out of his seat slightly from surprise before sitting back down. Then, the stage began to shake as if it were experiencing a small localized earthquake. Freya released her grip on the spear, but instead of falling over, it remained standing upright. There was a flash of lighting from the clouds of smoke. The bolt struck the spear, and suddenly, it wasn’t a spear anymore, but a long silver gleaming stripper’s pole!


“Wow! How’d they do that?” he said, though his voice sounded soft in his own ears as music began playing again. The goblins nodded their heads in an exaggerated way. Freya stood center stage. The music paused momentarily.


WELCOME, CITIZENS OF WORLD CITY!…YOUR WARRIOR GODDESS HAS FINALLY COME BACK HOME!” Freya announced loudly. A mini microphone earpiece projected her voice to the crowd roared for her.




“Are you ready?” Freya asked the crowd. They responded with raucous cheers and chants for the viking pornstar.


I SAID ARE YOU READY!?” Freya yelled back. The crowd responded, cheering 3 times as loud as the first time.


“It’s been a long run, 25 years. I couldn’t think of a better way to end my career than being RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW! LET’S GO TO VALHALLA!” Hollered the retiring pornstar. The DJ restarted the music after.


Freya started her performance by moving her shapely hips to the beat of the music as she reached out to grab the long pole. She leaned back while gripping the pole, grinding her crotch against it as she looked out over the audience with an expression that seemed to scream; “I want to fuck!”


When her eyes locked with Xavier’s for a second, he felt his heart skip and his pants tighten painfully. ‘Her eyes, she’s looking at me…’ he thought as he shifted in his seat, trying to move his erection into a more comfortable position. Looking back up at the stage, he watched as Freya stripped away her bustier, exposing her naked tits beneath. If ever there was a time to describe a girl’s boobs as immaculate, this was one of those times! They had perfect shape and bounce as she moved herself to the music. Her entire body flowed with the beat as though it were a part of her.


Xavier didn’t recognize the music, but the DJ playing it was doing a hell of a job. The song seemed to change every few moments, and with every shift in the tempo and beat, Freya discarded yet another bit of clothing! She was down to just her armored leggings, a thong that seemed to have been made from shoelaces, and her cape. Kalada, Rumii, Poppi and Moka stared at the goddess performer on stage with looks of complete awe, admiring her commanding presence on stage, her control of the crowd, and the raw sexuality she exhibited.


She shifted into a dance where her every movement was accentuated by a pulse of music, swinging her hips in a way that constantly drew Xavier’s eyes back to her pussy. She boasted a pretty large one at that The way her thong sunk into her snatch. Xavier could see the way the tiny triangle of fabric hugged around the lips of her pussy, outlining her clit. He could feel his heart beating rapidly in his chest as she dropped down into a squat and began twerking her ass expertly. Though he couldn’t hear it over the pounding music, he knew her sexy ass was making a satisfying CLAP CLAP CLAP with every move of her ass!


Freya then grabbed at the crotch of her thong panties, jerking hard and ripping them off. The thin string that held them on snapped with ease and she quickly tossed the now completely useless garment out into the crowd, which made them all roar with approval! Her twat now on full display, Xavier took a moment to admire the beauty of the woman’s pussy.


My goodness! God must’ve known what he was doing when he designed that!‘ The young man thought.


Glistening and wet, Freya’s pussy was a vibrant pink under the blinding spotlights set into the ceiling of the arena. Xavier looked and noticed the moisture running down her thighs.


She’s this turned on by the crowd?’ Xavier thought, unsure whether or not that was sweat or her love juice, but she was WET! The pink folds of her labia were positively dripping with juices as Freya leaned back on one hand in a kind of crab walk position. Her other hand was already between her legs, stroking away at her pussy as she humped her crotch at the air. Her beautiful tits jiggled and wobbled on her chest, the pink nipples perfectly stiff.


Every time she thrusted her hips up into the air, she sent droplets flying. The music matched the rhythm of her movements. Her fingers moved in quick circular motions, occasionally dipping deep into her pussy. In moments, her fingers were completely drenched as more juices dripped down to her ass and down onto the stage.


Next, in a sudden display of agility, Freya managed to push herself back to her feet, stripped off her cape, and tossed it out towards the crowd. Whatever fabric it was made of must have been crazy light, because it seemed to float in the air almost lazily before falling over a group of onlookers.


There was a loud CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK as the front of the stage moved forward in segments, forming into a set of three steps that led down into the audience. With a series of stomping steps that were accentuated by the pounding music, Freya descended the steps.


Being right in front row center, Xavier was the first person in Freya’s path. She looked at him with those same ‘I want to fuck!’ eyes that made his heart feel like it had stopped for a split second. The blindingly bright spotlights fell over him, which made him shiver in fear.




Despite how hot and heavy things were getting, Xavier was frozen in fear, terrified by bright lights and TV cameras focused on him.


Before he’d even realized it, she was straddling his lap, her big tits in his face! She felt lighter than he would have expected as she placed her hands on his shoulders firmly, thrusting her tits in his face and twisting her upper body from side to side. The sides of her tits smacked at his face, smearing a thin layer of sweat all over his face.


This is really happening!? She smells good!‘ he thought. Even covered in a fine layer of sweat, Freya exuded a clean, sweet smell that made Xavier feel dizzy. She was so close now, he could even smell the musky scent of her pussy as she rolled and gyrated her hips, grinding her crotch against his lap! She humped her entire body against him, the weight of her ass rubbing against the lump going down his left pant leg.


Suddenly, Freya leaned back, grabbing the armrests of his seat and grinding her pussy into his lap even harder. Xavier grunted in response to his pants getting ever tighter as he looked out at her shaking tits. Freya then sat up again, grabbing his head in her hands firmly, tilting his head up so that he was facing her.


HMMMNMMPH!?!?!” Xavier gasped, Freya’s mouth firmly pressed to his own! He felt her tongue force itself into his mouth, drawing his own back out. She swirled her tongue around his in classic “porno-kiss” fashion. Every time he tried to pull his tongue back she’d close their mouths together again and suck his tongue back out. Freya only broke the kiss to twirl herself around on his lap. She began moving to roll her ass against his lap, bringing her hand down hard on her ass, making a loud SLAP that he could hear with her this close. The goblin girls, all but Rumii watched on excitedly, clapping their hands and cheering for Freya. However the goblin with the red mushroom hat took offense to Freya’s interaction with Xavier. She crossed her arms and stared at Freya with a scowl.


Freya then grabbed his wrists, placing his hands on her hips and holding them there as she pulled him up to his feet. She started bucking and rolling her rump against his crotch like he were fucking her from behind. His cock strained against the fabric of his pants, and sweat was beaded all over his body.


Xavier wasn’t sure if it was nerves or the blazing heat of the spotlights. She placed his hand on her hips and he hesitantly started moving his hips to match her movements. When she looked back at him, he could have sworn he saw a sly smile spread over her lips as they pushed against one another.


She kept this up for several long minutes, and Xavier felt like his dick was gonna rip straight through his pants. Next, Freya gripped his wrists again and bent herself over like she was folding herself in half, yanking him down to his knees so that his face became buried in her ass! She shook her butt from side to side, slapping his face with her ass like she had done with her tits. Her hands then reached between her legs, grabbing at his belt and pulling at it, trying to get it undone.


Shit, is she actually gonna let me fuck her!?’ he wondered to himself. As appealing as that idea was, he wasn’t so sure about doing it in front of such a massive crowd. The thought of such a public display caused his erection to recede rapidly. At that moment, Freya pulled away.


WHAT THE FUCK?!‘ Xavier thought in a mixture of panic.


Xavier blinked as Freya stood up and quickly moved away. As soon as she pulled away from him, the light around the young man plunged into darkness as the spotlights moved to follow Freya. As his eyes adjusted to the sudden absence of light, he saw that there were a bunch of hundred dollar bills laying around him. He looked back at Freya as she walked up to one man several seats away from him. It was a tall mahogany skinned man in a suit that looked like it was expensive enough to buy a couple cars with the cost. The bills on the floor made a light trail leading right to him, like he’d thrown a fat stack of them to get the retiring star’s attention.


When she reached the man, she placed her hand onto the front of his pants, the fabric tore away like it was made of tissue, exposing his big dick. Freya then jumped into the man’s lap, spearing herself down on his dick as the crowd roared in approval!


Whew…That was close!‘ Xavier thought, relieved that Freya had chosen another target. Kalada Poppii and Moka laughed as Xavier wiped the sweat from his forehead. Rumii then got out of her chair and hopped in Xavier’s lap to “protect” him from Freya and other performers.


“No!” Rumii remarked to him, making him laugh.


Xavier looked as Freya began rolling her hips against the man. Her mouth was open wide, but he couldn’t hear her moaning over the combined noise of the music and the cheering crowd. The man she was riding had an almost goofy expression on his face, his head leaned back as he thrust his pelvis against her.


Freya then lifted her left leg up high, looking almost as if she were trying to fold herself in half. The teal haired woman then spun herself around on the man’s lap, his dick still inside her. Once she was facing away from him, she grabbed both his wrists, gripping tightly as she pulled herself up, forcing him to stand with her.


With a look of raw and unadulterated ecstasy on her face, Freya rocked herself back and forth on her feet while twerking her hips. It almost looked like the man was doing a ‘stand and deliver’ position, but Freya was clearly the one in control, the man was just along for the ride! Her shapely butt jiggled and bounced with her increasingly powerful motions, the goofy expression on the guy’s face going full on stupid. His eyes crossed, rolling back in his head as his mouth hung open in a silent scream while his tongue lolled off the edge of his lower lip.


The way his lower body jerked and stiffened, it was easy to tell he was cumming, milky colored liquid leaking out of Freya’s pussy. She released her grip and stood up as he fell back into his seat, his dick completely soft, like she’d milked it dry!


Sitting next to the man was what was obviously his date, a young woman in her very late teens to early twenties. She had long blonde hair and part of her bangs dyed a neon pink that seemed to almost glow in the spotlight. Her expression was one of annoyance and near outright anger as she glared daggers at Freya.


That was until the legendary AE Star grabbed her face and kissed her full on the lips! She pulled the young blonde up to her feet, her arms out at her sides in shock. Her gray, almost silver colored eyes were wide, then began to slowly close while rolling back in their sockets as Xavier saw her tongue swirling around with Freya’s. The crotch of the woman’s low riding, high cut short shorts visibly darkened as clear juices began running down her thighs.


Did she actually bust!? From just a kiss? Just how intense was it?‘ Xavier wondered. When Freya broke the kiss, the man’s date fell back into her seat much like he had, a complete ahegao on her face. Freya then moved onto another part of the area, the main stage blocking Xavier’s line of sight. He had to look up at the Ultra High Definition Jumbotron screen hanging from the ceiling as the show continued. She made her round giving “Special Treatment” to whoever could afford to pay.



(1 hour later…)


Xavier pulled up to the Mugen Buffet, a well known all you can eat restaurant he found online. Named for the Japanese word for ‘infinity’, the establishment’s title comes from the fact that it is one of the few 24 hour around the clock buffet restaurants that existed in the United States. Mugen was a popular buffet restaurant with people from all walks of life due to its 24/7 schedule. After parking, Xavier, Kalada, Moka and Poppi headed inside.


Seeing Xavier enter through the doors, the Headmistress as she flagged him down with a wave of her hand. “Come on in! I already paid for you guys!” she yelled. The young man saw Taiyohime and Sara waiting for them at a nearby table about 50 feet behind the host stand.


Sara looked confused as she witnessed 4 goblins marching up to their table behind Xavier. “Goblins?” She whispered to her superior.


“Good evening ladies!” Xavier announced as his group arrived at Taiyohime and Sara’s table. The two professors looked at him and then looked at the 4 green women in confusion. The man with the scar on his face smirked confidently, proud of his choice. Taiyohime got out of her seat to greet them, prompting Sara to follow.


“These 4 beautiful young ladies are my first recruits!” Xavier said to the two professors. He then looked down at the goblins.


“Ladies, the two women standing in front of you are Headmistress Taiyohime Kuriyue and Professor Sara Reed. I work with them.” The goblins looked at the two women and all gave a polite smile.


“This lean, mean, green, shredded killing machine is Kalada!” Xavier introduced, hyping while introducing her. Kalada flexed one arm and fist pumped with her other hand.


“Next we have the elegant, stylish and beautiful blue haired princess, Poppi!” Xavier announced loudly, so much so that the other customers could hear him. Poppii took a bow in front of the two BSU officials.


“And now we have the charming and wholesome, wild freckle-faced adventurer, Moka!” Xavier said energetically.


“And this woman right here is the thicc and curvy, hat wearing, lover girl, Rumii!” the young man emphasized. Rumii blew a kiss at Xavier before stepping forward and tipping her hat to the two professors.


“This is my team! They will be filling in various roles around campus and doing jobs that we need done. I think they can really help me out in the admissions department as recruiting assistants. However, eventually I want them to choose their own futures and forge their own paths! I think they have what it takes to be great! And they could even be the first ever goblin adult movie stars!” The 4 goblins fist bumped one another and shook hands.


After the introduction, Sara tapped Taiyohime’s foot underneath the table with her own foot, signaling the need for a private chat.


“Excuse us for a moment X, we need to go to the ladie’s room to freshen up a bit.” Taiyohime said before standing up. Sara also rose to her feet and followed Taiyohime to the bathroom. The ladies ignored the wolf whistles and catcalls of nearby patrons as they navigated their way through the crowded buffet area. Upon entering the bathroom, Sara locked the door for privacy.


“Tai-chan, we cannot accept his recruits. Goblins are incredibly difficult to teach due to their primitive and feral nature. It would be like trying to raise an adolescent into a fully functional adult with the added difficulty of needing to do that before the school year begins. Plus, there’s the issue of property damage. They would wreak havoc on the campus. There’s millions going into the renovations and construction. They would need constant supervision.” Sara advised her mentor while touching up her make up, the acoustics in the bathroom made her voice seem louder than intended.


Taiyohime contemplated Sara’s words in silence as she applied glitter lip gloss and reapplied her eyeliner. “You might be right Serrabelle, I will inform Mr. Williams that–” Before she could finish, Sara continued.


“There’s also the social stigma. Goblins are viewed as troublemakers, pranksters, and hooligans. Because they scavenge to survive, they often steal, shoplift and loot property. This causes them to be viewed as the same socioeconomic level as homeless people. As a result, the ceiling for their star potential is very low. There is absolutely no demand for goblin porn. It would be unwise to devote our time, energy and resources on such a futile task.” The blonde professor added as she applied scented lotion on her arms.


Taiyohime stopped combing her hair and stared at her reflection in the mirror for a long, quiet moment before speaking. “We owe it to Xavier to hear his reason for choosing these ladies.” After finishing, the two left the bathroom and walked back to the table. Taiyohime looked as Xavier was pacing back and forth. She could tell he was nervous about their discussion. The goblin girls were standing a couple feet away taking in the fun and lively atmosphere of the restaurant.


“X, we need to talk.” Taiyohime remarked to the recruiter.


“Wait here.” Xavier instructed the goblins before stepping off to the side with the Headmistress and the blonde professor.


“Why did you choose these 4?” Taiyohime asked.


“Why did I choose them?” Xavier asked, surprised.


“Yes, I want to know, why did you recruit these girls to attend BSU?” Taiyohime questioned inquisitively.


“Well, goblins are treated like shit. I saw it for myself today. People look at them like they’re trash, nuisances being in everyone’s way. Everywhere we went I heard people whispering insults about them, calling them names. No one has ever given them a chance to be anything. I know how it feels to be underestimated, overlooked, and passed over. But the truth is, no one knows what these 4 are capable of, not you, not me, not Ms. Reed. No one is born a star, that has to be achieved, and I think they can do it. I believe in my soul they can do it! But we won’t ever know if we don’t give them a chance to reach their full potential. Because NO ONE should be counted out!”


Sara crossed her arms with skepticism. Meanwhile, Taiyohime paused after hearing Xavier’s words. His words took her to another place in time…



It was a freezing winter night on the streets of Tokyo. Taiyohime, a lithe light haired little child, found space in an alleyway and used it as shelter from the blistering cold winds that were blowing through the city streets. She sat huddled up against a nearby wall, hugging her bent knees with her arms to retain as much body heat as possible. A tattered blanket rested on her kneecaps, serving as a shield against the frigid night air. Taiyohime shivered, causing her knees to knock together intermittently. After sitting in the alley for hours since sundown, a cloaked female figure with bronze skin approached the child. The woman dropped down to one knee and extended her hand to young Taiyohime…



Taiyohime opened her eyes and snapped out of her memory, she saw Xavier engaged in conversation with the skeptical blonde professor.


“Please, Ms. Reed. You gave me a chance after 17 schools, I’m asking you to trust me, trust me with giving them that same chance!”


Taiyohime then fell to one knee and reached her hand out towards the goblins. Xavier and Sara halted their discussion to watch. The goblins stared meekly at the silver haired professor.


She then echoed a similar phrase as that person said to her on that bitterly cold night long ago, “Come, little ones.” The Headmistress called out while looking at the goblin quartet. Rumii, Kalada, Moka and Poppii gathered around her. Taiyohime pet each of them on the head softly prompting smiles from the group. She then pulled the four into a tight hug.


“You’re gonna make fine students, I promise. Welcome to BSU!” Remarked the silver haired administrator. Xavier fist pumped in excitement after hearing what Taiyohime said.


“Now that everything is in place, let’s eat!” Xavier exclaimed while pointing to the buffet tables, now holding a fork in hand. Xavier, the goblin girls, Taiyohime and Sara went forward to begin their late night meal!




Story by Strider_Seiryu


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18 days ago

I really want to see more Mei.

22 days ago

Pretty good chapter! interesting world building too to showcase how monster girls fit into this universe and establish the relationship between humans and them. also a lot was done to flesh out Xaviar’s character outside of sex/his relationship with Xarya.

It is also interesting how many new characters this chapter introduced,even beyond the 4 Goblin girls that star in it. Wonder if we’ll see Freya andTaiyohime in the future for example,