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BSU Legends 03: Enter the Seamaiden

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The raging tide ripped Xavier away from the base of the rocky cliff he jumped off of, pulling him closer and closer to yet another waterfall. The young man fought the current that threatened to sweep him away, swimming as hard as he could to fight against it. He struggled to resist being dragged down into the dark abyss of the Atlantic Ocean. Flashes of lightning struck the water which were accompanied by booming claps of thunder. If it had struck near Xavier, he would no doubt be a goner.


“I ain’t dyin’ today!” He yelled out while continuing to swim against the current. The young man put up a valiant fight to survive, but after swimming against the powerful tide and treading water for over an hour, Xavier was no longer able to move. He tried to paddle but got no response from his limbs.




While Xavier’s mind was still strong, his body was at his limit. The muscles in his arms and legs burnt out from exhaustion.


NOOOO! THIS CAN’T BE IT FOR ME!!!” Xavier yelled while being swept away.





“Wake up! Wake up, sleepy boy!” suggested a smooth yet exotic female voice. Xavier opened his eyes and what appeared to be the silhouette of a woman’s face hazily came into view.


The young man had drifted atop the ocean the entire night, carried along by the gentle waves of the Atlantic. Looking around, he was far from the beach shore of Sapphire Falls. As he began to sink, the woman grabbed him so he wouldn’t go under.


“Ya get lost playin’ in da cliffs ova dere?” asked the voice in a thick Caribbean-esque accent. As seconds passed by, Xavier’s vision came into focus, making the woman’s facial features more clear to see. She had piercing red eyes which were a light shade of scarlet. Her eyes had an almond shape to them which sloped downward slightly at the ends. As he continued to stare upward, he noticed that the woman’s skin was gray. Her charcoal gray cheeks were marked with 2 sharp facial markings on each side which almost resembled war paint donned by the indigenous tribal warriors from the continents of North and South America, as well as Africa. He glanced up slightly and observed the very unusual “hair” on her head. The locks were very thick and rounded on the ends, with black marking patterns on the outer sides.


These look more like tentacles… Tentacles like an octopus… Wait a minute…’ Xavier thought to himself. He looked at her one more time.


She’s a Merfolk for sure! I get to meet another one so soon!’ The young man recalled, briefly revisiting the embarrassing moment he had with the clownfish girl in the mall yesterday.


He briefly surveyed the area once more, scanning the area for any boats or signs of people nearby. After observing his surroundings he shifted his attention back to the feminine face in front of him.


“Oh, you’re awake now… Bet’ya wonderin’ what’s goin’ in here aint’ya?” asked the mysterious gray woman.


“Who are you?”


“My my, I just saved ya life and da first ding dat come out ya mouth is ‘who are you? A bit rude don’t’ya tink? I should be askin’ you dat boy, considerin’ that ya trespassin’ on my turf ya know.” remarked the woman with her eyebrow raised.


“Thank you.” Xavier simply replied.


“Dats more like it!” responded the unknown woman with a smile.


“I heard a lot about da surface dwellin’ men from my granny but I never saw one in de flesh until now.” Commented the gray skinned woman. Xavier then felt something wrap around his waist and squeezed him with light pressure. And to his surprise….


AY! What are you doing?” Xavier yelled out as he was unwillingly lifted up out of the water. He looked down and saw the tentacle that coiled around his lower torso. He then looked across from him and saw that the tentacle indeed came from the mysterious gray woman that rescued him. What shocked him even more is that the woman was no longer in the water but standing on top of it!


“What the fuck!? You’re…..” Xavier commented in disbelief before trailing off.


“I know, it’s kinda hard for ya to process ain’t it? Neva seen a fish girl before, especially one that can walk on watta, huh?” Asked the woman.


Xavier took a moment to gather his thoughts and visually examined the tentacled sea woman further. The same black marking patterns he saw on her tentacle hair locks were also on her body. They covered the outer sides of her legs, arms and torso as well. As he continued his visual inspection, he glanced at her hands and saw that they were webbed. She had flesh in between each of her fingers which connected her five digits together. This was something commonly featured on the sea monsters of fiction, however this was the first time he had seen it on an actual person. While still looking at her hands, he noticed she had claw-like fingernails which were noticeably longer than his own. Xavier then looked at her body. The gray woman had a shapely figure with a well toned physique. Her breasts were enormous in size with a very round shape to them. They stretched her sleeveless, purple belly shirt to the point it looked like it could snap at any moment. She possessed a rotund, apple shaped rear end which stuck out from the bottom of her tiny tight fitting purple shorts. Also, she had wide child bearing hips and long, thicc legs. The tentacle haired babe was indeed a tall one, given the significant height difference between herself and the man she had ensnared in her grasp. Simultaneously, the woman was also checking out Xavier, eying him up and down.


“Ya know, it’s rude to come into my territory wiffout introducin’ ya’self. Ya don’t even say hi now.” remarked the woman in a semi-serious, but joking tone.


“Well, I’m tryin to figure out what’s happening. Still a little bit dizzy here. Shocked I’m somehow alive though. I’m just trying to make sense of this. Afterall, I am being held up in the air by a pretty octopus girl. Plus you’re standing on top of the water! I’m just a little overwhelmed at the moment.” Xavier answered back with his eyes closed, slowly waving his hand.


“I ain’t no octopus girl! I’m a cuttlefish, get it right, landboy. Ya got no manners but you’wa a handsome little surface man; A strong little piece of dark meat with green eyes. Ya got that scar too. Are you a warrior or a gladiator where you’wa from?” Asked the sexy cuttlefish.


“Yeah, you could say that…” answered the former amateur boxer. “So how about this, you let me go and then I’ll introduce myself?” prompted the young man. The cuttlefish woman nodded and let him go. Xavier fell about 13 feet before splashing and going underwater. After a few seconds, he poked his head out of the water.


AY! What was that about?!” Asked the green eyed young man, annoyed by the drop.


“Ya did ask me to let you go now didn’t ya?” The cuttlefish retorted back. “It ain’t my fault you forgot we ain’t on da ground.” The cuttlefish continued with a chuckle, causing Xavier himself to laugh. The sea lady then allowed herself to fall into the water. While starting to tread water, Xavier stared at the woman once more.


“So, Ya know your way around da watta uh?” Remarked the sea maiden


“Yeah, I know how to swim. By the way, I’m Xavier… Xavier Williams.” The young man said while extending his hand to her.


“Why do you have ya hand out?” Asked the Sea Maiden.


“It’s a human gesture called a ‘handshake’. We do it when we meet new people and introduce ourselves to them. To return the gesture, you grab my hand with yours.” explained the spiky haired man. The sea woman then accepted the gesture by grabbing Xavier’s hand. Xavier finished it off by doing the shaking part.


“My name is Calypso.”


“Nice to meet you, Calypso.”


“It is a pleasure to meet you as well, Xavier.” Calypso replied.


“What we just did is what most humans do when meeting one another for the first time. It’s customary in my country to do this. I didn’t introduce myself earlier because I was a little shocked to be alive.” Xavier explained, maintaining an uncontrollable grin.


“Ya been smilin since ya opened ya eyes! What’s wit dat, ya happy ta see me?” Calypso questioned, looking down at Xavier’s waistline. She noticed a slight bulge in his shorts.


“You’re the second Merfolk woman I’ve gotten to meet and talk to in person.” Xavier answered. Calypso could detect that he was a bit shy by the redness in his cheeks and the instant beads of sweat that formed before her eyes on his forehead.


“Merfolk? Watch talkin ‘bout boy?” asked the fish woman, seemingly not knowing what Xavier was talking about. Calypso’s words caused Xavier to raise his brow in bewilderment.


“Merfolk, you know, fish people, water beings.” the young man remarked back.


“Dat’s not what my people are called. My people are da Seafolk. I am a Seafolk woman. We run da seas down here land laddy. Ya must be confused or somethin..”


Seafolk, never heard that before.’ Xavier thought to himself. He briefly pondered the difference between Merfolk and Seafolk.


“Ya know I’m surprised I found you alive. From what I heard, humans are too frail to survive da cold. Da Atlantic Ocean is freezing cold at night.” Calypso said with her brow raised somewhat. Xavier looked at her briefly and thought.


She’s right. I should have frozen to death being out here all night.


“I guess I DO have good luck.” He said aloud with a chuckle.


“What are you talkin’ about?” asked the fish maiden.


“Well, long story short I ended up here because I jumped off of a cliff. Someone dared me to do it and I did. Last night actually.”


“What was the point of dat?” Calypso asked.


“To prove to myself that I had the courage, the balls to do it. And in order to achieve my goals, I need to let go of my fears and hesitations; and just take a leap of faith.” Xavier answered curtly.


“You a crazy one I see. Adventurous yet reckless, I like dat!” Calypso added while moving closer to him. The tentacle on the right side of her head moved and started rubbing Xavier on his cheek. At the same time Calypso slid her hand up his shirt and started rubbing on his abs and chest.


“You’waa muscles are so tight, like a gladiator ready for combat. Yet, you’waa skin is so soft and smooth. So small, yet so strong. I gotta show you off to my friends!” Calypso yelled excitedly. She then brought her hand lower and felt the huge bulge in the left leg of Xavier’s pants. Her eyes enlarged and her mouth formed a lustful grin as she realized what it was she was grasping with her hand.


“Dats a BIG buddy ya got b’tween ya legs dere! So long…and thick! The gods have blessed you with mighty leviatan’!” exclaimed the cuttlefish while going up and down Xavier’s lengthy dick with her hand. His manhood grew even longer and thicker as she stroked him to a partial erection.


“Hold up!” Xavier ordered before backpedaling himself out of Calypso’s reach.


“I have some questions I have to ask.” Xavier declared, seemingly ruling out a sexual encounter between Calypso and himself. The sea woman crossed her arms and raised one eyebrow, as Xavier surprised her with his response.


“And I dought ya human boys all had a one track mind ya know, always dinkin’ about de PumPum. Well dat’s what de ancestors told me. Go’head and ask me whateva questions ya got.” Calypso replied with interest.


“Where am I and where are you from? The way you talk about me being from “The Surface” and being a “landlad” tells me you’re not from land.” The spiked haired young man remarked while stroking his chin.


“Ya know, I can show ya better than I can tell ya green eyes!” answered the cuttlefish while raising her hand slightly. A large portion of water, about the size of Xavier himself rose up and separated itself from the ocean after she made the gesture with her hand. The water moved, jiggled and rotated in midair, causing Xavier’s eyes to enlarge and his mouth to drop.


“What the fuck?!” exclaimed the young auburn haired man in total disbelief of what he was seeing. It was like something straight out of a shonen anime. Calypso moved her hand some more which caused the water to bend and stretch eventually taking human shape which perfectly matched the dimensions of Xavier’s body.


“Before I can show ya anyting, I have to get you ready.” Calypso explained before waving her hand once more. The water figure quickly advanced toward Xavier until it clashed with his body and submerged the young man into it. The water made a thin outline around his body, enveloping him as if it was a light suit of armor.


“Whoa! What is this!?” questioned the youth while looking at his arms and legs. The remaining water covered his head, making a hydro helmet of sorts.


“Ya gonna need this where we’re goin.” Calypso asserted with a smirk. Before Xavier could respond, Calypso took his hand.




She leapt out of the water, ascending high above the surface of the water taking Xavier with her as she sailed into the air. A pillar of water rose up at her feet and pushed her upwards, propelling them even higher.


WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Xavier asked as they gradually elevated even higher into the air. Xavier’s heart began pounding just like it had on the cliff with Matsunami the previous night. The sensation he felt was similar to the feeling experienced when one is going up on a roller coaster right before the big drop.


“Havin a lil fun!” Calypso answered with a big grin. Calypso waved her hand, which caused the pillar of water to lose its form and fall. Calypso dropped and fell, taking Xavier with her head first.


OHHHHH SHIIIIIIIIIITTTTTT!” Xavier yelled as they descended down to the ocean below.




Calypso hit the water first, but Xavier smacked into the sea right after. Upon penetrating the water, the two were sent about 20 feet deep below the surface. Xavier looked around for a moment but then heard a familiar noise, the sound of his own breath. He inhaled and exhaled, surprised that he was able to breath while encased in the hydro armor Calypso placed on him. He then looked down and saw his chest expanding and contracting.


How is this possible?!’ He thought to himself.


“I know what ya thinkin. You can breave because dis watta ain’t da same anymore. Air is able to pass and get to ya lungs now.”


“How can you talk under water?….Wait, how am I talking underwater?” the young recruiter asked.


“I am a Seafolk. Da watta doesn’t affect me da way it does land creatures. Da shield I made for you makes it so you can do most of da tings you can do in da surface world.” Calypso explained before taking his hand once again. She paddled and kicked her legs effortlessly, carrying herself and Xavier deeper into the ocean rather quickly. Xavier looked around as they descended further. A family of dolphins approached them. Xavier stopped to watch, staring in awe as they got closer to him. He let go of Calypso’s hand and swam towards the group of dolphins and waved at its leader to get its attention. Calypso looked on, unsure if the dolphin would determine Xavier to be a friend or foe. The dolphin approached Xavier and gave him a friendly nudge with its nose.


“Ay what up homie!” Xavier remarked while petting the dolphin. Calypso was unable to keep a straight face as she watched Xavier playfully engage with the group of dolphins.


“I’m surprised dey take so well to ya Xavi boy! Wasn’t expectin’ dat!” Calypso yelled out.


I guess dolphins can judge a man’s character, kinda like dogs?‘ He thought to himself. He looked over to Calypso to see her waving for him to come back to where she was.


“Ya not at all like how I dought a land lad would be.” Calypso admitted before swimming further down.


“What do you mean? We just met, you don’t know anything about me yet.” Xavier asked.


“We Seafolk believe dat our bredderen, the fish and uvva creatures of da sea are good judges of character. Da dolphins accepted ya fast. Dolphins are some of da smartest beings living and dat includes humans and Seafolk.” Calypso explained before taking a brief pause.


“For centuries da Seafolk have told stories about humans and da tings dey’ve done. Dey say ya land walkers are men of war, greed, destruction and conquest. No loyalty to one anuvva and no respect for the world around them.” The fish woman explained. Xavier remained silent as she continued to speak.


“The Seafolk have clashed wit humans a few times in the distant past and since dose few dust ups, both humans and seafolk have minded dere own territory and stayed apart. Ya’ll have da land and we have da sea.” Calypso pointed out. While descending further, Xavier saw a big gray and white figure swiftly approaching. As it got closer Xavier realized what it was.


OH SHIT! A SHARK!” Yelled the young man as he darted away in terror. He paddled furiously and kicked his legs frantically to escape the great white, however the shark continued to stalk him.


BE STILL!” Calypso yelled. Xavier reluctantly stopped swimming. He trembled uncontrollably, fearful as the shark reached him. The great white was close enough to bite off his torso if it wanted to.


“Easy now..” Calypso said softly as she neared Xavier and the great white. She extended her “hair” and petted the shark.


“Runnin’ away makes em chase ya more. Da great whites sense movement and smell blood.”


“I’m not bleeding though.” Corrected the auburn haired young man.


“Ya were movin pretty fast doe, gettin da bloodflow goin. Ya don’t have to be bleedin’ for dem to smell ya blood landboy.” She said while continuing to pet the shark.


“Now, on ya way Silver.” Calypso remarked while nodding to the great white. The apex predator followed the Seafolk woman’s instruction and continued on its way.


WHOA! You can control fish?!?”


“Control ain’t da word for it. It’s more of an understanding, ya know?” Calypso answered before taking her guest’s hand.


“Da Seafolk have ruled da ocean wattas for dousands of years now. Every creature has a role to play for tings to work, a circle of life. We’all predators and we’all prey. Dat great white will eventually be food for da plants of da sea when it passes. It is da Seafolk that connect the life here together. We have a connection to all da other life forms that exist in da sea, so we understand them.”


“So, how does this thing you’re doing work ?” Xavier asked.


“I can’t directly control them but I have connections wif some of dem. If dat woulda been a megaladon, fuck savin ya pretty boy ass, i’m gettin outta here!”


“Hold up, I thought those were extinct. And how do you know the name megalodon? That was made up by humans?” Xavier questioned.


“Megs neva went extinct dey just changed deir location. There are many species ya people dought was dead. As far as da names go, we study and research humans and surface beasts as much as you study creatures of da sea.” The teal eyed sea woman answered.


“So where are you taking me anyway?” Xavier asked.


“You’ll see, just be patient.” Calypso urged before waving him to resume swimming.


As the two ventured deeper toward the bottom of the ocean, Xavier felt a slight pressure on his body. He began to open his mouth wide and stretch his arms out.


“What are you doin?” Calypso asked, puzzled by Xavier’s odd behavior.


“I’m tryin’ to make my ears pop. I have this weird feeling in my ears.” The young man answered while continuing to stretch.”


“I know da feeling. It’s because you’re getting deeper.” Calypso answered, sending a subtle message with her double entendre. However, Xavier didn’t catch the innuendo because he was still trying to get his ears to pop.


“This feeling happens to humans when we ride airplanes, during the take off and landings.” Replied the 1st BSU student.


“Airplanes? What are doze?” Asked the fish woman.


“Well, planes are these vehicles that humans use to travel around the world. They fly like birds.”


“Wait a minute…Dis is unbelievable. Ya shittin me now boy. Ya mean ya humans can fly!?” asked the cuttlefish in utter disbelief.


“No bullshit. This is all true and real. Planes move a lot faster than boats do. You can get from one end of the world to the other in hours instead of days.” the young man explained.


“I wanna ride one. Me flyin around in dee air like an eagle sounds like a hell of a time now.”


“Flying on a plane can make you feel weird. It turns some people’s stomach.” he added. The duo proceeded further down and as Xavier and Calypso continued to swim, Xavier began to fall behind.


“C’mon landboy, what’s wrong, ya can’t keep up?” Calypso asked playfully.


“You do have a bit of an advantage, miss cuttlefish.” Xavier answered in a sarcastic, yet factual manner.


“I guess you got a point dere” Calypso answered, looking back at Xavier with a grin. After a few more strokes she took Now dat ya mentioned goin on a ride, imma about to take you for one now!” Calypso yelled out as she stopped briefly and continued swimming, heading east. Calypso moved at a fast pace that Xavier couldn’t keep up with. Seeing that her partner was still falling behind, she extended one of the tentacles on her back to him so he could grab a hold of it.


“Grab it and hang on! Da place we’re goin is a lil far from he’ya,”


AHHHHHH WHAT THE FUCK!” Yelled Xavier as Calypso took off. She kicked both of her legs simultaneously at full power which shot her forward like a cannon! Calypso’s speed accelerated even further as she paddled with her remaining tentacles. Xavier swung from side to side like a pendulum.


AYYYYYYYYY!!” Xavier yelled out as he swung around. Calypso masterfully moved her tentacle around slightly to prevent Xavier from slamming into rocks and other fish who were nearby. After the initial scare, Xavier started to enjoy himself. The spiked haired young man held on tightly.


This is kinda like a roller coaster!’ he thought for himself. Calypso reached speeds up to 60 miles an hour, the average speed limit for driving a car in the United States. Xavier flailed around, going up and down and side to side, cutting through the dense ocean water like a hot knife going through butter. The armor that Calypso provided shielded him from the intense water pressure and the whiplash that would come from traveling at such high speeds. As a safety precaution, she coiled her tentacle around Xavier’s waist, as it would be easy for him to lose his grip on her appendage while she moved at such a speed.


WHOOOOHOOOO!” Xavier yelled as Calypso took him on this sea adventure. He observed various plants and species of fish as Calypso pulled through the water.


“Havin fun!?” Calypso yelled back to Xavier. The green eyed visitor grinned back at the sea maiden and gave her a thumbs up. The cuttlefish woman then ascended back up near the surface.


We’re going back up to the surface? Where is she taking me?


The cuttlefish babe snapped her head forward, causing her long tubes of “Hair” to rise up out of the sea, taking Xavier airborne.


AHHHHHHHHH! WAAAHAAAAA!! YEAH!” Yelled the young man while sailing through the sky. Calypso then snapped her head back, which flung Xavier backwards while still in midair.




Calypso continued to play around and jerked her head from side to side. Her movements swung her hair and Xavier from left to right. At that moment Calypso kicked her legs at full power again and launched herself out of the water, 20 feet in air.


YEEEAHH! DIS WHAT HANGIN OUT IN DA SEA IS LIKE LANDBOY!” Calypso yelled while floating the the air.




Calypso retracted her tentacles which pulled Xavier back to her.


AY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” Xavier yelled to her. Calypso’s tentacle continued to contract, pulling Xavier close enough to touch her.


GRAB AHOLD BIG BUDDY!” Calypso yelled back while falling. Xavier wrapped his arms around her waist. She assumed a diver’s posture as she descended downward going through the surface of the water like a spear hitting its target. After going back underwater, the fish woman continued to swim forward.


“So, where are you taking me?” Xavier asked.


“Damn! You’re an impatient one. We’re almost dere.” Calypso answered. Xavier looked around and noticed that there were several large, jagged rocks coming up from the ocean floor, like the spikes that rose out of the ground in a platformer video game. As Xavier and Calypso went deeper and approached the ocean floor, Xavier saw something that looked like the opening to a giant arch shaped cave. Sharp jagged crystals poked out of the rock which shined brightly and cast several rays of white light in the direction of the two visitors.




“Dis is what I wanted to show you, da combs.” Calypso said with a smirk. The duo entered the cave with Xavier still on Calypso’s back. He looked around in awe, taking notice of the cave’s interior. Stalactites hung from the ceiling of the cave like sharp javelins ready to fall and impale their targets. Stalagmites pointed up from the ground like lances made from granite. The stone spikes coming from both above and below, stopped them from proceeding straight forward to go further into the caverns. Calypso zigged and zagged around the spikes changing directions repeatedly like a mouse making its way through a maze to get to the wedge of cheese at the end of the path. She swiftly navigated her way through while staying careful, making sure Xavier, who was still on her back didn’t get poked by the stalactites which all hung to various lengths, some which could impale him if Calypso’s body went too high while swimming. Xavier nervously looked up at some of the stalactites as they made their way through. He notices other caves which extended from the walls, meaning there were multiple paths and directions one could go. The water ahead had a very deep dark blue, nearly black look to it, completely different from the bright hue of the water outside of the catacombs.


“What is this place?” Xavier questioned.


“It’s home for some friends of mine.”


“There’s many ways to go. This is like a world within a world!” The young man said with a hint of childlike wonder in his voice.


“Ya right on dat dere X. We call this place da Abyss!” Calypso explained.


As they went further ahead Xavier saw a GIANT shadowy figure moving towards them from the distance. Xavier’s eyes enlarged while Calypso continued to swim in the direction of the silhouetted creature. Xavier’s eyes enlarged and his body began to shiver as he felt a slight bit of fear in his bones.


“Uhhh.. What is that big shadow!?”


“You’ll see. Ya ask too many questions ya know! Ya gon pee ya pants huh lil X?” Calypso asked.


NO! I ain’t scared!!” Xavier answered fiercely, denying the cuttlefish woman’s assertions. However, she could feel him trembling as he held on to her. Once they got closer, Xavier got a better look at the beast. His eyes popped out of his head in astonishment as he recognized what the creature was. It had a long, cylindrical, yet highly agile body covered in scales of varying colors. It was mostly blue but its body had sections which smoothly faded into other colors such as red, yellow, green and purple. Its back was lined with a sharp spine that ran from its head all the way to its tail. The beast possessed a ferocious looking face with a mouth full of fangs sharp enough to shred even the most heavily armored anti-shell vehicles to nothingness. Its somewhat small arms bared blade-like claws so razor sharp they could rival the clean cuts of katanas forged out of the best Tamahaagane (玉鋼, lit “Jewel Steel“) from Japan’s foremost blacksmithing masters. Two thin Fu Manchu mustache looking whiskers dangled from the creature’s lips. At that moment, everything clicked in Xavier’s mind.


OH MY FUCKING GOODNESS! THAT’S A REAL LIFE DRAGON!” Xavier yelled at the top of his lungs, awed by the majestic, god-like creature in front of him. He immediately released his grip on Calypso and started swimming towards the Dragon.


X, WAIT!!!!!” Calypso screamed out as she watched Xavier approach the Dragon with reckless abandon. The concern for Xavier’s safety was clear both in the sound of her voice and the look in her eyes. However, her new human companion couldn’t hear her, for he was hyper focused on meeting the legendary beast from ancient myths.


A real dragon, like the ones from video games…and TV!’ He thought to himself. Calypso watched frozen in terror over what might happen.


YOU DAMN FOOL GET BACK! YOU’RE OUT OF YOUR BOMBACLOT MIND!” Calypso ordered with authority. Her words again failed to reach Xavier.


“Hello!” Xavier remarked before making his next move. He clinched his right fist into his left palm and performed a martial artist style bow before the dragon in a gesture of honor and respect to the regal sea serpent. The dragon made a light grunting sound in response to Xavier’s attention. The dragon then moved forward slightly.


NOOOOOO!” The distressed seafolk yelled as she darted forward towards Xavier, finally breaking free from the frozen state she was in. ‘Gotta get to him before he gets eaten!’ Calypso thought while advancing forward.


The dragon opened its mouth seemingly about to devour the young recruiter. Xavier made no effort to escape the dragon, for he was entranced by the sight of it. However, rather than take a bite out of Xavier, the dragon stuck out its tongue and lightly tapped him on his face. After about 3 seconds of stillness the dragon lightly nudged the ocean visitor in the chest with its nose.


“My name is Xavier. What up, almighty one?!” Greeted the man with green eyes. The dragon grunted once more and then lowered its body to the point that its back was level with Xavier’s legs. After this gesture the dragon nudged Xavier again.


“He acknowledged da human….Not jus dat but he offered his back to da boy!” Calypso uttered, baffled as she watched Xavier climb on the dragon’s back. The Dragon then moved to where Calypso was.


“Now Gotdamn! King Willie takes a fancy to ya! He usually don’t let most seafolks get dat close but he acknowledged you AND let you get on his back.” Calypso said while getting on top of King Willie’s back.


“Well I do like dragons..Maybe he sensed that.” Xavier joked.


“Willie here is a Leviatan. Dere’s a difference ya know.”


“I see!” Xavier replied. King Willie slithered through the cavern waters carrying the duo as if he were giving them a ride somewhere.


“Ya like dragons huh, what else is dere to know about Xavier Williams? Ya got me curious bout you now green eyes.”


“Well I just moved to World City recently. I came here from New York City.”


“New York City, I heard’a dat place. Dat’s up norf right?”


“Yeah it is. I spent my whole life up until now there.”


“What’ya doin around my way?”


“I was hopin to find somethin I needed.” Xavier answered curtly.


“Well I hope ya found what ya were lookin for then” Calypso quipped flirtatiously, prompting X to blush and chuckle somewhat.


“Maybe I did…” Xavier replied cryptically, making Calypso smile even more.


“Earlier ya said ya were a gladiator. What’s ya record like? How many duels have ya won? Ever did challenges to the death?” The sea maiden questioned.


Gladiators, duels, fights to the death?’ Xavier wondered.



Xavier then imagined the world around him transforming into a massive coliseum. He himself stood in the center of the dirt covered coliseum grounds. He was surrounded by thousands of seats occupied at full capacity by fanatical ticket-buying fans. Xavier was clad in a black Hakama style pants with very light blue steel armor. He clutched an eastern style sword in his hands, holding on with a grip so tight that his hands were nearly turning completely red! He didn’t want to be here, but fighting to the death for entertainment was the only way he could earn the money needed to free himself and his family from captivity. He had carved his way down a long road of blood to get to this point.


One more win…. That’s all I need.


KILL HIM NOW! KILL HIM NOW! KILL HIM NOW!” Chanted the bloodthirsty crowd, alternating between that and booing Xavier. The spiky haired, scar-faced young warrior stared at the tall, wide gate at the end of the coliseum floor. The clanging of steel could be heard as the coliseum workers pulled chains to open the gate.




A giant green orc approached the gate. He stood 11 feet tall, with a chiseled, adonis-like physique which looked like it was sculpted by one of the master artists from Italy’s renaissance period. The monstrous orc fighter was clad in flashy Roman gladiator-style armor made from a combination of steel, gold and animal skin. His face was hidden underneath the skull and tusks of an elephant which served as his barbaric yet stylish helmet. The gladiator carried a hand ax in his right hand, one that was longer and heavier than Xavier’s body. In his left hand he carried a round golden shield, reminiscent of the apsis shield that were wielded by the legendary Spartans during their last stand in the Battle of Thermopylae. The crowd roared in approval as he stepped onto the coliseum’s hallowed grounds of combat.


AR-O-TOK! AR-O-TOK! AR-O-TOK! AR-O-TOK!” Cheered the thousands of people in the mostly drunken assembly. Arotok raised his ax towards the sky and played to the crowd as he met Xavier in the center of the dusty coliseum ring. Xavier assumed his stance and held his blade in front of him with both hands. Arotok stood across from him with his ax and shield to his sides, making it clear that the diminutive human warrior was no threat to him. He arrogantly nodded, signaling for Xavier to make the first move.




Xavier rushed in and attacked with a downward slash.




The orc smacked Xavier away with a stroke of his shield. The blow sent him flying 50 feet away. He smacked into the ground and slid another 15 feet in the dirt. The barbarian then leapt the full distance to get to Xavier, landing in front of him as he tried to get back to his feet. But before the challenger could stand back up, Arotok punted him away like a field goal in football.




Xavier’s body slammed into the coliseum wall and slid down to the floor.


“C’mon little man! GIVE ME CHALLENGE!! I WANT FIGHT!” Yelled the orc competitor. He swung his mighty ax down, however Xavier tucked and rolled out of the way before the monster could cleave him in two. He swung again, prompting the hero to jump backwards. Xavier bent his knees as his feet hit the coliseum wall.




Xavier pushed off of the wall and shot himself toward Arotok like a cannonball. Due to Xavier’s amazing speed Arotok had no time to react. Xavier performed a flying kick as he flew toward the giant. Arotok put up his shield to absorb the blow, but its force was so great it knocked the behemoth back 5 steps. Arotok regrouped and swung his ax down at Xavier once more, however, he was prepared for it. Xavier ran towards Arotok and performed a baseball slide on the floor. The slide maneuver carried him between Arotok’s legs and placed him behind the giant. He then glanced at the back of Arotok’s knees.This was one of the areas that couldn’t be covered in armor because that would restrict movement of the knee joints.


I’LL GIVE YOU A FIGHT!” Xavier retorted back in a calm, yet forceful way.




Xavier struck his target with a two handed horizontal slash that nearly bisected Arotok at the knees.


AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” Arotok hollered as he fell to the dirt. Xavier didn’t give him any time to act, and swiftly chopped off both arms at the elbow, leaving the giant with no means to attack or defend.




Xavier looked his opponent in the eyes and dashed towards him




Arotok’s head fell from his shoulders and hit the dirt in utter silence. His body made a loud thud as it fell face down into the dirt. Thunder began to clap as Xavier stood with his back turned and his head down. Rain started falling from the clouds as if it were god weeping tears of joy for him, as he had completed his mission and could finally reunite his family after years of bondage in Rome.


“Mom, Xaria, I’m comin to get you out…”



“Ya alright dere X? Ya gon finish what ya were gonna say bout bein a gladiator?” Calypso asked, noticing he had a slight grin on his face as she spoke.


“Oh yeah, sorry about that. I kinda faded off a little bit.” Xavier replied honestly. Calypso made a slight frown, annoyed with the thought that he wasn’t paying attention to what she was saying.


“I used to compete in a sport called boxing. In boxing, two men step into a square shaped ring and fight using our fists.” the young man explained before clenching his fist on his right hand to show Calypso what he meant.”


“Boxing matches last for 12 three minute rounds. The objective is to knock out your opponent. If neither fighter scores a knockout there are 3 judges who decide the winner. Boxers wear gloves to protect our hands and to minimize the damage from getting hit.” Xavier explained.


“So are you a boxing champion where you’re from? How many knockouts do you have? Have you lost any fights!?” Calypso asked excitedly.


“Nah, I never became a champion. I chose not to become a professional fighter. My heart wasn’t in boxing enough to wanna do it for a living. As far as knockouts go, I have a lot of em. I lost 4 fights during my amateur career. I’m cool with it tho, because I moved on years ago.”


“If ya not a boxer anymore how da ya make ya livin up dere?”


“Right now I work for a university. I’m a recruiter for my school. It’s my job to convince prospective students to go to my school instead of other ones.” Xavier explained.


“What’s a university?” Calypso asked. Xavier’s eyes widened in confusion upon hearing this.


She doesn’t know what college is?’ He thought to himself.


“It’s a place humans go to learn skills that we use to earn money and make a living.” He tried to explain.”


“Money? So is dat like gold and gems da seafolk use den? We trade gold and silver coins and gemstones for food and supplies.”


Gemstones… What?!’ Xavier thought to himself.


“Yeah, gold, silver and gemstones work as money for you.” Xavier acknowledged.


“So what job ya gonna go into after you compete dis university ting?” Calypso questioned curiously. The eager expression on her and the bright twinkle in her eyes were a hint that she wanted him to give her more than information about his life on the surface. Xavier smiled nervously as he started to answer her question.


“I’m gonna work in cinematography. Working on movies and tv shows.” the young man answered.


“Movies? TV? I have no idea what doze are. Tell me a lil more.” Calypso insisted.


“It’s kinda difficult to explain what they are. I can show better than I can tell you.” The green eyed man explained. Just after that their conversation was interrupted by King Willie. He grunted once again to get Xavier’s attention. He looked down and saw an oversized squid that was all black in color. It had 2 sharks coiled in its tentacles. The tentacled behemoth then pulled both sharks to its head and easily stuffed them into its mouth, like a man casually eating potato chips.


“What the hell is that!?” Xavier yelled out. His eyes enlarged so much they were bigger than his head and his jaw dropped so low that his chin hit King Willie in the back.


“Dats Da Kraken. It’s one of da apex predators of da Atlantic!!” Calypso answered.


“Giant Squids exist! This is crazy!”


“Deres a lot ya humans don’t know about da sea.” The seamaiden pointed out as King Willie passed the Kraken.


“So, you’ve never been to the surface before?” Xavier asked deducing this from her not knowing anything about moves or college.


“I neva been further den da shore right at da surface.” Answered the white and black colored fish woman. Xavier felt something was off..


She’s never been to the surface… And she called her people Seafolk earlier. I never heard of seafolk before…’ He thought to himself.


“What are the Seafolk?” Xavier asked Calypso.


“We are da masters and commanders of da ocean. We been here foreva! We inhabit da sea much like how ya humans walk da earth.” Calypso explained. Xavier’s eyes rolled upward in thought as he reconciled this information with what he knew about the merfolk people who lived on the surface.


Merfolk and Seafolk… Two types of fish people?’ Xavier pondered to himself.


“I bet I know what ya tinkin green eyes. I will start at da beginning.


“My people have inhabited the seas for even longa dan ya humans have existed on dry land. But since humans came into existence, tings ain’t been good between Seafolk and humans.”


“What do you mean?” Xavier questioned.


“From what I’ve heard, da humans have been makin a bad reputation for demselves.”


“Many Seafolk families, includin mine encourage deir kids to stay in da ocean, with our own kind. Dey say da surface is dangerous because of the humans and land beasts that hunt our fish brederen, huntin and fishin our sea life into extinction. Dey tell stories of battles humans had against eachovva back in the day. My granny told me about how da landfolk invaded da sea wif deir war tubes. Many Seafolk died as collateral damage.” Calypso detailed.


War tubes? Does she mean submarines? It’s gotta be that!’ Xavier thought to himself.


“I know exactly what your grandma was talking about. It’s a conflict we on the surface refer to as World War 2, or the Second Great War.” Explained the green eyed young man.


“Even so, I still wanna see what’s up dere ya know?”


“I feel you on that!” Xavier affirmed and nodded to his new friend.


“We Seafolk have our own past too ya know.” Calypso pointed out before taking a pause.


“What do you mean?” the young man asked curiously.


“Imma tell you one of of da stories ma granny told me. A long, long time back, dousands and dousands of years ago my people were in danger. Our existence was dreatened by humans. Da Seafolk grew to hate humans because of deir dierty deeds against us and our wattas. We called dem “Land Devils” because day hunted and fished away at us beings, slaughtering our people for deir kings. Our fathers, husbands and sons disappeared from da sea neva to be seen again. Dey were hunted down by da land devils wif deir “brown beasts” dat day used to travel on top of da sea.


“One day, da sea stirred like it neva had before or since den. It was da storm of storms, da tempest of prophecy . “Da Prophecy” was da belief dat one day da seas would rise up and destroy all humans for deir sins, deir sins against da wattas and dee earths. Da elders said dat dis was punishment, justice for what man has done to da world since dey came into existence. Retribution from dee gods!.” Calypso explained while Xavier listened closely.


“When da time came, da wattas swirled and rose up to da skies, higher dan da cliffs you came from. Da winds blew harda dan dey eva had before in history! Dis was, Da Reckoning…Some of ma people rejoiced dat da prophecy was comin true, but some of da Seafolk felt empaddy for da “Land Devils” and didn’t want them to suffer da fate so many of our people had at deir hands! Dis split da Seafolk into two sides!” Detailed the cuttlefish girl.


School never taught us anything about human’s history with Seafolk…‘ Xavier noted mentally. Before he could finish his train of thought, Calypso resumed speaking.


“Dere is blood on our hands too. Dis next ting is gonna blow ya mind. Da prophecy I mentioned, it didn’t just happen on its own. According to my granny, da 7 kings of Oceania got tired of waiting for it to happen, so dey got together and combined their powers to create Da Reckoning demselves. Usin deir combined power they created a storm big and strong enuff to drown out dee entire earth.


“Dose who disagreed wif da kings and da majority of our people dought it was wrong to massacre all of humanity and left da ocean for the surface world. Dis upheval lasted for sev’ral fortnights. Wif dee aid of da rebels humanity survived. But as punishment for disobeying the will of Da Seafolk and our 7 kings, da rebels were banished from da seas, neva to return again.” Calypso explained. Xavier sat quietly contemplating Calypso’s words before thinking about the Merfolks he was familiar with which she denied being a member of.


As Xavier continued to think, a light bulb appeared over his head. “I think I got it now…The Merfolks I mentioned are descendents of the Seafolk rebels!”


“Dats right, now ya got ya tinking cap on!” Calypso commented while tapping herself on the head.


“To my knowledge none of da rebels returned or tried to return to the 7 Seafolk kingdoms…So, tell me somethin about deez Merfolk you mentioned earlier.” Requested the sea maiden.


“Well, many of the Merfollks I’ve seen on the surface look well, human but with some of the fish features. For example, a shark girl might have sharp teeth and a dorsal fin coming out of her back, but her skin color and texture is the same as human flesh.” he explained.


“So it’s a mix of human and seafolk features.” Calypso replied as King Willie took them out of the catacombs.


“Ya, Merfolks look mostly human since they remained on land to live among and breed with human society. WOW, that’s a lot to take in.” the young man commented.


“Dere’s a lot I need to take in too!” Calypso retorted back with more innuendo, causing Xavier to blush once more.


“Uhhh….uhhhhh…I’m gonna have to go soon. I’ve been gone since last night.” Xavier replied, changing the subject. Calypso giggled in response to Xavier’s boyish nerves.


“Okay we can go back, but ya promised to show me dem movies and TV ya told me about.” The fish woman reminded him.


“King Willie, will ya kindly take us back to da cliffs?” She asked the dragon she and Xavier were sitting atop.


King Willie nodded and took them back to an area close to where Calypso found Xavier. The beast moved with such speed, it was almost like teleportation. To Xavier, it was a momentary haze of blue and white flashing lights. Immediately after arriving, Calypso dismounted from the colossal dragon, still underwater. Xavier followed. While floating in the water Calypso turned her back to her new companion.


“Get on.” The sea maiden instructed. Xavier stared at Calypso’s bubble booty. Her meaty cheeks were damn near sticking all the way out of her shorts.


“Hellloooo! C’mon let’s go.” Calypso said, snapping him out of his lustful stare. Xavier quickly raised his head and looked her directly in the eyes to play off the fact he was caught looking at her assets. Calypso chuckled in response while waving Xavier to her. The sea maiden bent over slightly and exposed her back, amongst other body parts to him. Xavier swam up to the young fish woman and wrapped his arms around her waist once again.


“You’re the first human I’ve ever met and ya seem like a pretty good dude.” Calypso said as she swam upward toward the surface. She pushed her back into Xavier, rubbing her ass against his dick and balls while talking.


“Some of the stuff you heard is true, but this stuff happened centuries ago. People change with the time. While there are people who are bad you can’t say everyone from this group or that one is bad.” Xavier replied optimistically.


“You can’t judge stuff you haven’t experienced yourself.” The young man continued. Calypso’s continued teasing gradually made him stiff in shorts.


“Den you can show me what humans are like, give me…an experience!” Calypso suggested while quickly swimming to the surface. After getting out of the water, Xavier’s hydro armor collapsed and fell back into the ocean it was summoned from.


“I was planning to show you a lil bit of what my life is like.” Assured the man with the scar on his face. Calypso then guided Xavier to the beach shore where she found him. Xavier hopped off of her back and pointed to a set of stairs at the base of the waterfall.


“This way!” Directed the young man. He grabbed Calypso’s hand and led her to the steps.


“These are stairs. My world uses these a lot. You just take a step with one foot and then the other, one at a time. ” Xavier explained while taking a couple of steps himself. Calypso clumsily attempted to walk up the stairs and bumped one of the steps with her foot.


AHHH!!!” Yelled the fish girl as she fell. Xavier quickly broke her fall by catching her. He put one arm under her legs and the other around her hips and scooped her up like many anime and comic book heroes have done with damsels in distress they rescued. Calypso’s cheeks turned a bright rosy red, showing that it was now her turn to blush.


“You’re not used to walking on dry land so falls are to be expected. But you’re in good hands now!” Xavier remarked while giving her a raised eyebrow smirk.




The former boxer demonstrated his speed by quickly ascending the stairs while carrying his sea maiden companion. Her humongous tits bounced up, and like two red rubber dodgeballs, slapped him repeatedly in the cheeks and chin, nearly popping out of her top. They made it to the top of the stairs in 30 seconds, which was an impressive feat of both speed and strength, considering he was carrying a woman much taller and twice his weight. After making it to the top of the steps he put her down on the concrete.


OUCH! AHHH!! IT’S BURNIN UP LIKE BOMBACLOT FIRE!” Calypso yelled as she started hopping up and down on the sizzling hot concrete. She jumped so much that it looked like she was trying to make one of those titty bouncing instagram videos heavy chested women were so fond of doing. Xavier briefly chuckled at Calypso, as he forgot Calypso didn’t have shoes on.


“You can get on my back now!” The spiked haired recruiter remarked returning the favor from earlier. The cuttlefish girl awkwardly hopped over to Xavier and jumped on his back.


“What’s dat ting? Da big blue ting? Calypso asked.


“It’s my car. Cars are a form of transportation that humans use to travel long distances. When we operate them, it’s called driving.” Xavier explained as he approached his car.


“Dats a door on the side ain’t it!?”


“Yeah.” Xavier answered before opening the door. He grabbed his phone and his backpack.


“Take this, put your arms through the straps.” Xavier instructed while handing his backpack to Calypso. Once she secured the backpack, Xavier walked back down the stairs to get back to the beach.


“What is dat hot stuff I stepped on when you put me down?” Asked the seamaiden.


“It’s called concrete. It’s used to make the roads humans drive their cars on. A road is like a path that people travel. It gets hot because it absorbs the heat from the sun. In the winter, concrete will freeze because of the cold wind, snow and rain.” Answered the young man patiently. As they duo got closer to the sandy base of the waterfall.




Calypso looked up and saw a cross shaped figure flying in the air, hundreds of feet above them.


“Dats one of doze airplanes you told me bout earlier!” Calypso yelled excitedly while pointing up at the aircraft.


“Yeah, that plane is landing at the airport. The airport is the station that all planes leave from and land at. There’s several airports in cities all over the world. World City is so big it has 3 airports that service travelers.” The young man explained. After getting all the way down the stairs, Xavier picked out a spot in the sand and stopped there. Calypso hopped off of his back and sat next to him as he lowered himself to the ground. She took off his backpack and handed it to him. He then held up his phone and input a 4 digit pin number to unlock it. Upon doing, so his phone went crazy with text messages and missed calls from his mom, his sister, his aunt and cousin, as well as several missed calls and texts from Taiyohime and Sara.


Mom: Javi, are you alright? CALL ME ASAP!

Lil Sis: Bro! Where R U? You okay? Hit me up when you get this.”

Miss Tai: Xavier, you missed work today. Is there something wrong? Let me know that you’re ok


“What’s dat ting in ya hand?” Calypso questioned.


“It’s a cell phone. It’s a communication device people on the surface use to communicate. We can talk to anyone else who has a phone no matter how far away they are.” Xavier answered.


“Can you show me?” Calypso asked. The man nodded and dialed his mom. She answered on the first ring. Her face appeared on his phone screen. Calypso looked over his shoulder quietly as he talked to her.


“Javi! Are you okay hijo?”


“Yeah. I’m good. I had a work thing going on that took longer than I thought. I’ll tell you more when I get home.”


“Okay I’m about to head into a meeting. Be safe my little prince! I love you.”


“Love you too mom.” Xavier replied before hanging up


I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! How does this work?” The curious cuttlefish asked.


“Really don’t know.” Xavier answered flatly. Next he turned on the mobile hotspot on his phone and then pulled his laptop out of his backpack. He opened it up and turned it on. Calypso gasped as she watched the computer turn on and load.


“This is a computer. It does a lot of different things. Remember when I was talking about videos?” Xavier asked.


“Yeah!” answered the fish girl. Xavier then opened a youtube video showing a clip from a kung fu movie. Calypso’s mouth hung open and her pupils tripled in size as she watched two of the combatants in the video.


“Movies are a form of entertainment that we watch on the surface. None of this is real, it’s acting and is simulated to look realistic. They are pretending to fight.”


“Got Damn! Dis is incredible!” Calypso remarked, captivated by what she was seeing. After the fight scene was over, Xavier put on another video, clip from his favorite anime, Bleach


“Look at dat! All of da colors. Is dat lady controlling watta?” Calypso asked as she watched the 3rd Espada Tia Harribel face off with 10th Division Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya.


“Yeah, she’s a shark woman.”


“She looks a lot like ya mama!” Calypso pointed out, leading to Xavier shaking his head slightly.


“I don’t see the resemblance.” Xavier answered back. The fish girl continued to watch, cheering for Harribel to be victorious over the ice wielding captain, however she was disappointed by the finish of the fight.


“What da fuck was dat!? Dat guy just interfered in da match and ruined everything! Is she still alive?” Calypso asked in regards to the female combatant.


“Yeah she’s alive, but there’s something else I wanted to show you.” Xavier said before typing something into the address bar.


“The school I work at specializes in making a different type of movie, a different type of entertainment altogether…” The young recruiter vaguely explained. His face reddened and sweat poured down his face so fast you would think he drank a whole bottle of hot sauce before he started typing! He pushed enter.


UGHHHH!!!! AHHHH YES BABY! RIGHT THERE!” Screamed a voice which pumped out of the speakers. On screen a video played of thicc silver haired woman being pounded from behind by a tall man with spiky blond hair and a scruffy beard. Each cannon-like thrust sent the silver haired woman sliding forward on the bed. Calypso’s eyes widened in shock as she put her hand over her mouth… Xavier witnessed her nipples harden before his eyes as he watched her watch video. They were throbbing so much it was like they had a mind of their own!


I know she’s flirty but would she be into performing in pornos?’ Xavier asked himself. Calypso inched closer to Xavier and started rubbing her body against his. Calypso continued to watch the video clip, still brushing up against Xavier and even lifted up his shirt to rub his chest with one of her tentacles.


AHHHH!!!!!!UNGGHHHH I’M CUMMMMMINNNNGGG!” Hollered the silver haired starlet. After her climax she turned around and kissed the older bearded man on the lips.


“I love you honey!” she exclaimed before kissing the man. At that point the clip ended.


“Uhhhhh…Ummmm…These are the kind of movies we will be making at my college.” Xavier explained apprehensively.


“Was dat fake too?” asked the cuttlefish as she crossed her legs to keep from climaxing on the spot.


“No…That was very real. They were fuckin for real in that video. People in the surface world pay to watch these types of videos. They’re called Pornography or porn for short. The college I work at is called Busteez Slut University or BSU.”


“Dats hot! Dis is kinda like some of da tings from my culture. Dere is da mating dance. It’s technically only supposed to be performed when mating but many Seafolk men are willing to trade gold and silver to look at da ladies do it. Sometimes it goes a lot furver dan dat.” Calypso explained before running her hand through Xavier’s auburn spikes.


“Whoa!” Xavier cried out stunned by what Calypso just revealed.


“I…uhhh…I wanted to invite you to attend college at BSU.”


GO TO COLLEGE…AND LIVE ON DA SURFACE!?” exclaimed the Sea Maiden.


“Yeah, it’s my job to recruit students for BSU. I think you would be an excellent fit. You’re gorgeous, sexy, unique and fun to be with. I think you have the potential to be a star. So how about it?” Xavier asked.


“As fun as it sounds, I gotta say no…I can’t, my family won’t approve of it. Da bad blood between seafolk and humans is too great.”


“But you’re an adult you don’t need approval from your family or anyone. You can do what you wanna do.” Xavier urged.


“It ain’t like dat for me X. I have a duty. I serve my queen! This would be a betrayal. I can’t do that, it goes against the honor of the Seafolk.” Xavier thought about her words, he understood what she meant because of his willingness to protect and uphold the honor of his family, especially his mother and sister. He stood up and put his laptop back in his backpack.


“I really have to get home. I’ve been gone since last night. Thank you for saving my ass. ” Xavier said abruptly after rising to his feet. The young man put on a stone face to hide his disappointment. Calypso stood up and looked down into his eyes.


“Don’t be such a bombaclot party pooper! We ain’t done yet. Dere’s one other ting.” Calypso replied with a seductive grin. She looked up and down at Xavier’s muscular body, paying particular attention to the hulking muscle bulging in his shorts.


“How about ya SHOW me how grateful ya are for savin ya life.” Calypso suggested, undressing Xavier with her eyes as she spoke. She moved in closer, stroking her fingers along his left arm before moving to press her body against his, making sure that his shoulder fell neatly between her tits. When he made no attempt to pull away from her, the Sea Maiden decided to get a little bolder!


Leaning in closer, she pressed her mouth to Xavier’s softly. He still didn’t show any resistance to her, so Calypso decided to go even further; as she slipped one of her tentacles around his waist. At the same time, she pressed her mouth to his a little harder, tentatively brushing her tongue over his lips. To her delight, he parted his lips for her and slipped his own tongue back against her own. Xavier’s heart pounded uncontrollably


MY GOODNESS! SHE KISSED ME!’ He thought while locking lips with the sea beauty.


“Nmmmmmh…” she cooed as she tasted him. He then slowly turned towards her, his hand moving to rest on her hip gently. Giggling softly, Calypso moved another tentacle to coil itself around his wrist and move his hand onto her ass! He squeezed it gently, then more firmly when she let out a soft moan. The aquatic woman then placed her hands over his chest, feeling the toned muscles beneath. At the same time, Calypso moved the tentacle around his waist towards his belt. With a well honed dexterity, she managed to undo his belt, yanking it off with a sliding ZIP sound. The buckle clattered against the floor when she tossed the thing aside. She then slipped that same tentacle into the waistband of his pants. His skin felt hot to her as she coiled the appendage around his dick slowly. She loved how hard his still growing pole felt in her grip.


“Nmmmmmh, oh my…” she cooed, breaking the kiss slowly.


“Such a big buddy…” she said as her tentacle began sliding up and down his length as she coiled more of her tentacle around it. She could feel his pulse throbbing through his length as her tentacle slipped back and forth. It felt so hot against her naturally cool skin, she loved it!


HOLY FUCK!!! NOW SHE’S SUCKING MY DICK!?‘ He thought excitedly, somewhat in disbelief of what was going on. His hands quivered with a mixture of excitement and nervousness. Although he was currently palming soft, fleshy rear with one hand, it was Calypso who put it there.


Matching her boldness, Xavier moved his other hand up to grab one of her hefty, soft tits gently. He slipped his fingers sliding under the top she had on to feel the stiff nipple beneath brushing against his palm. In the same moment, he pressed his mouth against hers again, kissing her more aggressively. Calypso responded by moving her hands to grip the front halves of his shirt, pushing her webbed fingers beneath the fabric and pulling them apart!


With a series of soft snaps, most of the buttons on X’s shirt flew off, scattering in all directions and clattering on the floor. She then slipped her hands around his chest and towards his back, pulling him closer until their bodies were practically flush with one another’s. Her tentacles moved in a flurry of motion, stripping off his clothes quickly and deliberately.


Calypso smiled when he tried to do the same, though he was clearly trying not to damage her clothes and was futzing about with how to remove her top. She giggled and stepped back, using two tentacles to tear off her top, exposing her hefty tits to him. She felt his cock twitching at the sight of her naked breasts and she thanked him by using her tentacle to stroke it faster. The tensing and throbbing of his dick only intensified and she giggled as she began stroking him faster, paying special attention to the tip. While fondling Calypso’s breasts, he noticed the feel of her skin was unique, different from the texture of a human woman’s flesh.


Oooh! Her skin is so cool…and slick..I like it!‘ He thought to himself. He felt an unusual sensation stirring within himself, one he had never experienced before. Maybe it was due to Calypso’s presence, or maybe it was because Xavier was on the precipice of slaying his very first Seafolk woman. Whatever it was, he acted on this feeling.


Xavier grunted lightly, his dick throbbing harder in the coiled grip of her tentacle as he leaned forward to kiss her again. She happily kissed back, sliding her tongue back against his as they closed mouths with one another. She moaned back into his mouth softly as she felt him sucking gently on her tongue as he squeezed both her breasts in his hands. Calypso tightened her tentacle around his cock, sliding it all up and down his length faster with a wet sound. Her sensitive skin could feel the warm precum oozing from the tip, making things slightly sticky.


The young man then pulled one hand away from her breasts, sliding it down the side of her waist and grabbing her ass again in a firm grip as he kissed her harder. She gasped softly as he pushed her up against a tree, his hand moving from her ass to her thigh, pulling her leg up. She wrapped her left leg around his waist, grinding her pussy against his tentacle wrapped cock as he broke the kiss and moved to kiss down the side of her neck. Her skin felt cool and smooth, and slightly moist, but not slimy at all, just like her tits which he had just groped. The patterned patches of darker skin had a slightly rougher texture, like they were raised just barely. He brushed his tongue over her neck softly, making the girl shudder softly as she grinded her crotch against him harder.


“Haaaah…” she gasped, her hands feeling the muscles of his chest again as the tentacles of her hair caressed his body all over.


Xavier pressed more aggressively, nibbling on the cuttlefish woman’s lower neck for a bit before shifting his focus to one of her hair-like tentacles. He pressed his lips against the side of one of them, which sent a powerful shock through her body.


“Annnnhhhh!” Calypso sounded in approval. Her knees knocked together and moisture trickled down her thighs signifying that Xavier had found her “Soft Spot”. He suckled and softly chomped on her “Hair” getting her off even more before suddenly stopping as if he was teasing her.


Xavier couldn’t resist the urge to play with Calypso’s juggs. “Hnmmmm…” Xavier growled like a beast, moving from kissing her tentacle to sucking on her painfully stiff nipple!


“Ahhhh!” Calypso moaned, thrusting her chest against him as he sucked more of her nipple into his mouth. She could feel his tongue swirling around the tip of her nipple before he nibbled it gently between his front teeth.


“Nmmmmh harda…!” she gasped out, “Bite it harda!”


Xavier did so, and Calypso let out another breathless moan, grabbing his head in both her hands to pull his face back into hers for another heated kiss. She rolled them so his back was now against the tree as she humped her crotch against his dick harder. Xavier could feel the wetness from her pussy running over his length, making her tentacle slide up and down his manly meat even faster. Calypso held the kiss for almost a full minute before she broke away. Xavier gasped softly, not realizing he had been oxygen deprived until she pulled back. Calypso looked into his eyes for a second before crouching down. The tentacle coiled around his cock slowly moved down, exposing the upper top 12 inches.


“Ahhhh, that smell… Da scent of a REAL MAN! It clings to the inside of my nose… “ she breathed as she leaned her head forward to lick and kiss the exposed section of his cock. Xavier shook with pleasure at the soft and wet feel of her tongue.


“Oohh yeah…” Xavier growled in pleasure, looking down and watching as she closed her lips around the tip of his dick. Her tongue peeked out and swirled around the glan before she took it in farther. He watched as his dick slowly disappeared between her lips as she bobbed her head back and forth.


KEEP IT TOGETHER!’ Xavier thought as he watched the cuttlefish slurp away at his meat.


“Guhnmmmmmmph….” moaned Calypso as she took his dong in farther and farther, uncoiling her tentacles from around his length the deeper she went.


“Nmmmmph, tastes so guud…” she said, barely slurring at all. She closed her throat slightly, causing it to contract around his length as it went further down her neck. She began slowly pulling her head back, then she moved to take his length back into her mouth. Xavier shivered in response!


HMMMMNPH AHMMMPH NMMMMPH HRMMMMMMPH!!!” Calypso moaned as she began moving her head back and forth quickly. However her moans turned into coughs, for she had taken in too much dick at once. She pulled away from his dick.




Calypso took a quick break before pressing her lips against Xavier’s wood once more.




“Ahhh… Oh… Oh yeah… Don’t stop…” Xavier grunted as he looked down and watched his cock sliding in and out of her mouth smoothly. He then watched as she pulled her tentacle away from his dick completely as she sucked his dick down, going at a slower and more careful pace this time; taking about a quarter of it into her throat!


HNMMMMPH MMMMMMPH NRMMMMMMPH…!” Calypso moaned, her head moving in long strokes as she bobbed herself back and forth. Xavier reached his hands down to stroke the top of her head while Calypso coiled two more tentacles around his wrists gently.


“Ooohh…” Xavier groaned as he gripped her head and began pushing her up and down on his dick faster. Her lips pulled away from her face erotically every time her head moved back. Her throat felt so smooth and wet around his cock as he felt the length reaching down into her belly.




“Haaah…” groaned Xavier as he began slowly thrusting his hips into her movements. The cuttlefish maiden made a joyful noise in her throat and he felt her mouth get even TIGHTER around his dick.


NMMMMMMMPH, SHO TASHTY…” Calypso moaned as her “hair” began waving about before moving to coil around Xavier’s waist.


“Whoa…!?” Xavier yelped in surprise as he found himself suddenly lifted up into the air. The tentacles of Calypso’s hair held him aloft as though he didn’t weigh anything at all. Xavier was by no means fat or anything, coming in at 160lbs last he checked. Still, for her tentacles to be able to effortlessly lift that without the buoyancy of water was impressive.


Calypso lifted Xavier directly over her head, holding him up over six feet off the floor. His still throbbing erection pointing straight down at her upturned face. Opening wide, Calypso began to lower him down so that his dick slipped down her throat again. Her slender neck bulged visibly from the girth of his dick as she began moving him up and down quickly.


NRMMMPH MMMMPH HMMMMMMPH…” Calypso moaned as Xavier was bobbed up and down like he was in some kind of child’s ride outside a supermarket. The feel of her throat sliding over his length from this position was incredible. The scarred young man groan in pleasure as he listened to the lewd wet sound of his dick sliding in and out of her throat.


“Ohhh fuuuuck…” grunted Xavier, his dick tensing in the woman’s mouth.


“Ahhhhhaah…” Calypso moaned, lifting his cock out of her mouth and dragging her tongue over the length of it several times before sliding it back into her mouth.


HNMMMMMPH…! HRMMMMPH NRMMMMPH HMMMMMPH…!” she moaned as Xavier found himself being bobbed up and down even faster.


“Ay… ay…” Xavier grunted, “This is… Great and all… But I can’t really do anything… Like this…” he told her haltingly.


HNMMMMMMMH…!” Calypso moaned and Xavier suddenly found himself turning in midair.


“Haaaah…” he groaned at the feel of his cock spinning around inside her mouth and throat before he suddenly found himself hanging upside down in front of her. She began moving her head up and down slowly instead of raising and lowering him. It took Xavier all of half a second to understand why as he looked at her waiting pussy right in front of him!


Not hesitating, X reached out with his hands, grabbing her smooth thighs. Her skin felt smooth and cool, but not too cold, similar to soda fresh from the refrigerator. He pulled himself closer and leaned his head between her legs slowly. He then opened his mouth wide and slowly dragged his tongue over the folds of her pussy.


To Xavier’s genuine surprise, she possessed a sweet taste, one he couldn’t identify. Feeling emboldened, Xavier covered her pussy with his mouth, slipping and sliding his tongue all around and between the folds of her labia.


“Hnmmmmh mmmmmmnh, hrmmmmmmh!!” he growled into her pussy as he found her clit and began sucking on it directly.


AHMMMMMMPH, NRMMMMPH HMMMMPH AHMMMMMMPH….” Calypso moaned, moving her head up and down even faster now.


DAT PHEELSH SHO GUUD…” she moaned around his cock as Xavier began swirling his tongue around her clit now, teasing the tiny nub until it swelled and exposed itself to him even more stimulation. He then used his fingers to pry open her pussy even more, licking at the moist insides and making her moan even louder!


“Hunmmmm, nmmmmh, hmmmmh…” Xavier hummed as he continued sliding his tongue all around. He figured it wasn’t as intense for her as when she moaned around his cock, but it was all he could do. He began moving his fingers in and out of her pussy quickly, his digits becoming thoroughly soaked in her juices.


It wasn’t long before he began feeling slightly light headed from hanging upside down like this. All the blood was rushing to his head, making the world seem to spin around him. Oddly enough, it felt like his dick was becoming even more sensitive as it was taking a conscious effort NOT to bust early! The feel of her mouth and throat moving along his length was so intense, he began to feel like his entire body was floating.


AHNMMMMMPH!!! HMMMPH HRMMMMPH NBOMMMMMMPH…” Calypso moaned as she felt Xavier’s tongue hitting ALL of the right spots in her pussy. She could feel his thick and hard pipe throbbing in her mouth and throat as the pleasure began rapidly mounting. Her knees shook and began weakening, refusing to stay straight as she stumbled slightly, his dick going DEEP in her stomach.


HNMMMMMMMMMPH!!!!” she moaned loudly as her entire body shook with ecstasy, her pussy gushing hard all over his face as her knees finally gave in and she fell backwards. She managed to catch herself though with the tentacles at the base of her head, before she could fall on her butt and potentially harm him.


“Gotcha…!” Xavier remarked playfully before picking up the remnants of his shirt and wiping his face.


Slowly, she pulled him up again, sliding his dick back out of her throat, the wide tip felt like it was trying to pull her stomach inside out as it withdrew, making her moan even more. “Huagh, gwah…” she gasped as his dick popped free of her mouth. She set him down on the sand, uncoiling her tentacles from around his body. Xavier looked at Calypso with a grin and a raised eyebrow.


“I hope ya ready for dis here, lil landlad!” Calypso retorted back.


The two of them quickly moved together, with Xavier moving to grab Calypso’s wide hips, moving her to kneel on all fours on the ground. The pale skinned Sea Maiden moved her body with him, pushing her ass out in the air and shaking it from side to side with her legs splayed wide. Xavier grabbed ahold of one of Calypso’s buns, squeezing several times before giving her a few firm slaps, causing his partner to giggle.


“Ahhhn… Hurry an’ stuff dat big buddy in me… I canna wait any longa…” she said in a breathless voice. She then reached behind herself, grabbing the edges of her pussy with her webbed fingers, pulling them open wide.


Xavier grinned, grabbing her hips with both hands as he laid his dick against her ass with a soft and wet ‘splat’. The thick and long rod glistened in the light, made slick from her saliva. He slowly dragged the length of his rod back and forth between the shapely cheeks of her ass. She could feel the raw heat coming off of him as she rolled her hips back against him.


“Nhoooo, don’t tease me…” she whined, rocking her hips a little harder.


Xavier smirked, moving his dick a little faster, tensing his inner muscle so that it bounced up and down several times against her butt. He then began pulling his dick back slowly, making sure she could feel every inch dragging between the cheeks of her ass. He liked the way she shuddered in anticipation as the tip of his cock slipped down to press against the entrance to her cunt. With a soft wet SQUISH sound, X shoved his length inside Calypso!


HWEEEEEEGH!!!” she hissed through clenched teeth as his cock sank in easily.


HAAAAHN, IT’S SPREADING ME SO WIIIIIDE!!!” she moaned, pushing herself back against his thrust, driving his meat all the way inside her.


“Ooooh, tiiiight…” Xavier grunted as he felt her pussy clamping down around his dick even tighter than her tentacle had before.


“It’s insiiiide… Your ‘toto’ is so hawd… Inside meeee…” she whimpered weakly as her entire body seemed to shake. Xavier pumped strongly and forcefully, slamming into her ass with his lower abs each time he penetrated the cuttlefish woman’s hole.




“Ahhh…Unnnnnn. Show me ya motion in de ocean!” Calypso moaned.


Xavier moved his hands up to grip her tits again as he began moving, pulling his length back and pushing forward again and again. It took genuine effort as he felt her pussy squeezing so tightly, as though it didn’t want to let go of his dick. When it pushed back inside, it felt as though she loosened up enough to allow him back in with ease.


“Ahh yeah, keep squeezing it like that…” he instructed. “Hmmmm… This feels amazing, you’re so tight and slippery inside…”


AHHH YES… PLEASE… DON’T STOOOOP… AHHHH… DIS FEELS SO MUCH BETTER DAN ID DID IN MY MOOOOUF…” Calypso screamed, her voice echoing throughout the beach area below Sapphire Falls.


HMMMMH, HMMMH, HMMH!!!” grunted Xavier as he pumped his hips back and forth harder and harder, his balls slapping against her clit as he hugged himself against her back. His hands gripped and kneaded her breasts softly, his fingers sinking into the soft cool flesh.




Xavier nodded, slamming his cock into her harder and harder. Calypso leaned farther forward, her cheek pressing against the ground as she bucked her hips and ass back at the green eyed young man.


“That’s what I’m talkin’ about. Throw that ass back.” Xavier encouraged before giving her rump another stiff smack.




The scar faced recruiter happily fulfilled Calypso’s request and picked up the pace. He pulled back his hips all the way before slamming her with quick driving thrusts.




I got an idea!‘ Xavier thought.


The young man pulled himself up and moved into a standing position. He put his arms around Calypso’s slender waist to pull her up with him, keeping his dick buried inside her. He then grabbed both her wrists, holding onto them like the handlebars of a bike as he slammed his cock back and forth harder. Her “hair” waved about wildly as she moaned in pleasure, the pale skin of her ass jiggled from every impact of his hips against her backside. From this standing position, Xavier could put the full power of his legs into his thrusts and power fuck Calypso the way he wanted to.


HEEEEEE, AHHHHH, SO FAR…. AHHHNN, IT FEELS SO GOOOOD… MORE!! OH GAAAWD!!! HAH AHHH HAAAH… I’M GONNA… AHHH…” she moaned in raw pleasure as he felt her pussy clamping down almost painfully tight around his dick!


MORE, HARDA! POUND MY HOOOOLE!!!” she begged as she rocked back into his thrusts. Xavier pulled her upright again, leaning his head over her shoulder and kissing her hard. Their tongues swirled around one another’s as he moved his hands from her wrists to her tits and gripped them roughly. He could feel her entire body clenching and unclenching as she climaxed repeatedly.


The young man then sighed in pleasure as he couldn’t hold back any longer, dick throbbing inside her as he let off his load! Her pussy was still clenched so tight that his cum gushed back out of her with a squirting noise. Xavier let out a primal battlecry-like grunt which rang out simultaneously.




“Ahhh, ah, hah…” Calypso panted softly as her body went slack in his arms all at once. Her body, once so tight and rigid, was suddenly like a puppet with its strings cut. He caught her easily though as he felt his dick slip out of her now relaxed pussy. Xavier supported Calypso fully as he moved them to lay down on the warm white sand. She let out a soft cooing moan as she curled up against him in a spooning position.


Xavier put his arm around her waist, hugging her closer. The Sea Maiden cooed again, snuggling close as they both took a few moments to recover. The scarred young man passed the time by moving his hand to gently fondle her breast, his fingertip tracing around the edge of her nipple. At the same time, he planted soft kisses on her neck, causing visible goosebumps form on her skin. He could feel her rubbing her ass back against his still hard dick, slipping it between her thighs and grinding it against her pussy again.


“Hnmmmmm, buddy still wants to play…” she purred softly..


He grinned and gave her breast a soft squeeze as he grinded his dick back and forth between her thighs. Xavier felt her hands grabbing onto the length of his cock that stuck out between her thighs, stroking it slowly. Her hands felt so nice as she rubbed them over the sensitive tip of his dick. X groaned softly as she began rubbing her hands over the tip in wide circles, making his dick twitch between her thighs.


Xavier leaned his head over her shoulder again after a few minutes of this. They kissed again, and Calypso managed to somehow turn herself around to face him without breaking the kiss. Calypso pushed Xavier onto his back gently as she climbed on top of him.


“Imma put dis Pum Pum on ya so good ya gon’ wanna marry me.” Calypso whispered in his ear.


The aquatic maiden straddled his waist with his thick dick pressed lengthwise against the folds of her pussy. She smiled down at him as she slowly rubbed her pussy back and forth against his cock, thoroughly coating his dick in her still overflowing juices.


The scarred young man grunted softly, moving to thrust his hips up against her as his dick twitched and throbbed against her. She giggled, moving her hips faster until her pussy made a lewd wet SHLICK SQUISH SHLICK sound against him. She then lifted her hips up high, letting his huge dick stand straight up. She then slowly IMPALED herself on his length, the thick rod making a visible indentation in her slender abdomen.


“Ahhh, fuuuuck! You’re squeezing my dick so tight!” Xavier remarked with pleasure, thrusting his hips up against her, and plunging DEEP into Calypso.


HNMMMM YESSSS…” Calypso moaned as she began bouncing herself up and down on his length quickly. Her hair whipped around her before planting itself on the floor and beginning to lift her up and down even faster!


AHHH, SO GOOD, THIS TOTI, AHHH, IT’S FILLING ME UP SO MUUUUCH!” she screamed, her voice ringing out across the sands of the secluded tropical getaway.


“Hrmmmm…!” grunted Xavier as he matched her pace, slamming his dick in and out of her as quickly as he could. Calypso moaned in ecstasy as she began moving her hips in a circular motion as she moved, stirring his dick around inside her!


YES, DON’T STOOOOP!!! FU… FUCK ME!! DRIVE THAT HUGE BUDDY INTO ME MOOORE!!! AH FUUUUCK, I’M CUMMING!!!” she screamed in mad pleasure, her face turned up towards the sky and her mouth hanging open as she panted.


“Ahhh, yeah, work those hips more! Ahhh fuck, this feels incredible!” Xavier said as he felt his cock throb inside her as her pussy clamped down tight around it. He thrusted harder, watching as his length vanished inside her again and again. Her pussy seemed to cling to his dick every time it pulled back, as though it didn’t want him to leave!


Xavier moved to grab her hips as he leaned up and pushed Calypso onto her back. He grabbed her legs just under her knees, spreading her thighs wide as he began slamming his cock into her harder and harder. He grunted with every thrust, watching as her tits jiggled and bounced with the force of his motions. Waves from the ocean swept up to the shore as the sun began to set, surrounding them as they made love.




Xavier grabbed hold of her meaty thighs for leverage to fuck her harder. The force of his thrusts sent the waves of ocean water rippling in the opposite direction. Xavier gleefully smiled as he railed Calypso, pulling her into her thrusts. He brought his pace up the highest level he was capable of, pumping the sea maiden’s pussy like a madman. Veins bulged from his arms and forehead as he brought her closer yet another orgasmic explosion!


AHHH, YES, YES, YES!!! IT’S DEEP, OH GAAAAWD!!! GONNA CUM!!..I’M GONNA CUMMMM!” she cried out as she rocked herself into his thrusts. Calypso dug her fingers into the wet sand beneath her and bit her lip, losing control of her body and movements.


I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING X!!!! WHAAAAAHH!!! ANNNNHHHAHHH!!!!” screamed Calypso as he felt her pussy clamping down around his cock even harder than before. She arched her back up high as her entire body shook.


“Ahh, HAAAH..!” grunted Xavier as his dick literally became STUCK inside her! He couldn’t pull back at all as he felt her pussy convulsing around his pole. He felt his balls throbbing as he came inside her hard! The tightness of her pussy was almost enough to lock his cum inside his dick as he roared like a conquering lion after killing its prey!


The dark haired young man then fell over on top of Calypso, his head landing on her tits and bouncing slightly against them. His breath came in short gasps for several long moments. His entire body felt like a wet noodle, as though he’d finished a marathon workout and was finally resting. In some ways, he had. When he tried to move his arms, X found that his limbs didn’t feel like cooperating. Calypso didn’t seem to mind however as he felt her tentacle hair moving to close around him like a cool blanket.


He felt her hand lightly stroking the back of his head, sending tingles down his spine at her touch. When he could finally move a little again, Xavier looked up at the aquatic beast maiden as she smiled down at him. The two of them moved to kiss again, a gentle kiss that he found more relaxing than erotic. When they broke apart, Calypso eased his head back to her breasts and continued stroking his head slowly.


X’s eyes began feeling heavy all of a sudden and before he knew it, he’d fallen asleep. Calypso only smiled and coiled her hair around him a little tighter as she watched over him for a long while before she fell asleep as well.



(Several hours later…)


Xavier woke up from being asleep and sat up. He looked ahead and saw Calypso walking towards the ocean. He hopped to his feet and ran after her.


“Calypso!” Xavier yelled while sprinting to catch up. She stopped walking and looked over her shoulder at him.


“Xavier!” Calypso yelled back.


“Thought you get the dick and dip huh?” Xavier remarked with a grin.


“Ya looked so peaceful. I didn’t wanna disturb you.”


“I know you said you can’t come with me, but if you ever change your mind and wanna come visit me, the door is open. I’d be happy to show you around.” Xavier promised.


“It ain’t goodbye green eyes, I wanna see ya again sometime…” Confessed the cuttlefish.


“My address is 808 Victory Drive!” Xavier yelled out, but then he thought again on it.


Wait! She can’t navigate her way around the city to find my house!‘ Xavier realized as he thought about what he just said.


“How about this? You can stop by next week. What time do you wanna meet up?” The young man asked eagerly while walking up to her. Calypso then placed her hand on his shoulder. Suddenly, Xavier felt a burning sensation.


What’s this feeling?’ He thought to himself as he got to her..


“Now we are connected. I can find ya whereva ya at. You’ll know when it’s time to come see me.” Calypso asserted with a sultry grin.


“That burning feeling right?” Xavier guessed


“Yeah, when ya feel it ya better cum for me!” Calypso commented back, smirking as she delivered more sexual innuendo. Xavier couldn’t help but laugh.


“Until we meet again!” Xavier said while grabbing Calypso’s hips. He pulled her in close. Calypo lowered her head and kissed him on the lips as she embraced him once more. They locked lips for about 10 seconds. After breaking from the kiss Calypso spoke once more.


“Until we meet again, green eyes…” Said Calypso, repeating Xavier’s words to her. She then stepped back and turned away from Xavier, looking back at him with a warm smile. The spiky haired young man reached out and gave his cuttlefish companion one last squeeze in her ass. Calypso then leapt towards the ocean, waving at Xavier as she drifted in the air before going underwater. At that moment, Xavier turned around and started walking towards the steps on the side of the cliff.


“Wait a minute! She tore up my clothes! This means I gotta drive home naked! How am I gonna explain this to Xaria!?” He yelled aloud before sprinting up the stairs as fast as he could.


Though Xavier didn’t succeed on his impromptu recruiting mission, he managed to land a new friend in Calypso. She admitted she wanted to see him again so the door isn’t completely closed on recruiting her to BSU. What will Xavier do next? How will he explain being naked when he gets home? Find out in the next exciting chapter of BSU Legends!




Story by Strider_Seiryu


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5 months ago

Once again, the goat, Xavier, strikes again, pulling all the ladies 🙂

5 months ago

An interesting way to start this chapter,right in the middle of an intense life or death situation.

Makes Calypso’s debut all the more memorable.

Speaking of,fantastic/unique design! most would go for just a regular old mermaid in this type of scenario. but Calypso’s design is not only unique,but still quite attractive.

Also some nice world building on her end. wonder if we’ll see other Seafolk later,also if there is a connection between them and Merfolks…

It’s also quite funny seeing the consequences of the “tear off your clothes to have sex” trope play out for Xavier at the end there…it’ll be one very long trip home.