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BSU Legends 02: Snakebitten

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(Afternoon, June 19th, 20XX)


Xavier pulled up to his house shortly after leaving BSU. There is a blue Japanese luxury sedan in the driveway. He stepped out of the vehicle and stared at the car. At that moment it dawned on him that signing to work for BSU made him his mother’s employee.


“Damn, technically this makes her my boss…” Commented the new BSU staff member while slowly walking to the door of his home. As he walked into the house, the smoky aroma of freshly cooked meat, bell peppers and onions filled his nose. His stomach rumbled in response to the tempting scent. As he made his way to the kitchen, Xavier saw the door at the back of the kitchen swing open. Mei walked through the open door wearing a navy blue cooking apron over her clothes, and carrying a deep steel sheet tray loaded with steaks, chicken sausage and ribs. On the counter he saw a spread of side dishes, including deviled eggs, corn on the cob, baked beans and coleslaw. It was a feast fit for a king. She put the tray of meat down and approached her son, showing a warm motherly smile as she walked up.


“Javi!” Mei yelled excitedly.




The mother and son hugged and Mei briefly kissed him on the forehead.


“How did the interview go?” Mei asked with a smirk on her face. The son looked up at his mom, raising his eyebrow before giving his answer.


“It went ok I guess. They offered me a job on top of a scholarship to go there. I was shocked when the Headmistress lady told me who BSU’s new owner is.” Xavier replied back.


“¿Quien? ¡Yo quiero saber! (Who? I wanna know!)” Asked the milf with a grin as she made her son a platter of food. The platter was enormous, about 5 times the size of a normal plate, like one of those big party platters used for catering.


“I think you know already.” Xavier answered, flashing a grin identical to his mother’s expression. Mei then walked the dinner to the dining room table before sitting down in front of her own plate.


“¡Si!” Mei remarked with a sly nod.


“So, what do you think of the idea of going to BSU? And what do you think of Tai-chan?” Inquired the sandy haired blonde.


“Well… Ya know, I’m not thrilled about the idea of being in porn movies. Of all things, why would you wanna start a pornstar school?” Asked the green eyed son curiously while cutting into his perfectly medium rare cooked porterhouse steak.




¡ES EL FUTURO! (IT IS THE FUTURE!)” Mei yelled out while pounding on the table passionately.


“This is the new wave! This is what’s gonna be hot. The sex industry is growing, and I wanna invest in it. Javi, 17 film schools turned you down. You have no control over that, and neither do I, but I do have control over this! That’s why BSU will have the film school program you want!” Mei remarked energetically. Xavier took another bite of the meal and looked at his mom skeptically. Even though he agreed to attend BSU, the look in his eyes told Mei he was still unsure of his decision.


“Getting into Hollywood is a difficult task. I figured that by going the adult industry route you can get experience being a director and producer. There’s a lot to being a leader that you have to learn soon, and I think your time at BSU will create a strong foundation for you as an executive, El Jefe (The Boss).” Mei explained.


“I don’t think this porn or recruiting stuff is for me. I couldn’t convince most girls to give me a chance in school and I couldn’t convince the one that did to stay. And now I’m expected to convince hundreds, thousands of people to go to BSU?” lamented the young son. He lowered his head and looked away from his mother showing his lack of confidence with the ladies. He was quickly overwhelmed by just the thought of the task.


“Javi, you will just have to try. I know it’s not easy for you. Yes, people will tell you no but that’s part of business. Not every attempt will be successful, in fact most won’t be, starting out. Don’t think about recruiting hundreds and thousands of students, just focus on getting 1 recruit, that’s all I’m asking. Eres Guerrero. ¡Los Guerreros siempre encuentra la forma de ganar! (You are a warrior. A warrior always finds a way to win!)” Mei remarked while giving her son a reassuring nod.


“I guess I’ll see what I can do.” Xavier said in return. After taking a sip of root beer he looked at his mom and asked another question.


“What is your goal in doing this mom?”


Mei then got up out of her seat and started pacing slowly back and forth before stopping and looking Xavier in the eyes.


“I come from the slums of Santo Domingo. I’m talking about a shanty town full of drugs, violence and little opportunity to rise above it. When you were first born I vowed that you would never have to fight and struggle to survive the way my family did. I do this for mi familia… For you, for Xaria. But more importantly I do this for your future children, grandchildren and every generation that follows! BSU will grow and it will provide for my descendants long after I’m gone! BSU is my legacy, a legacy I will leave behind for the future!” Mei declared fervently while raising her clenched fist in the air.


“Legacy……” Xavier said, surprised by the true motives behind his mother’s ambition.


“This legacy can’t be established without you Javi.”


“I understand.” Replied the son as he felt the weight of both Mei’s words and the responsibility he agreed to take on as BSU’s recruiter. He then looked at his mom with an overwhelmed expression.


“So, how do I recruit? I mean what do I do?” He asked honestly, not having a clue of how to recruit someone.


“Well, Javi, It’s basically a sales pitch. You have to convince your target that you are offering them a product, service, or opportunity that benefits them, one that they just can’t live without.“ Mei explained. Xavier nodded.


“So I just walk up and tell them what BSU has to offer?” Xavier asked.


“No, you can’t just walk up to a girl and say BSU wants you to sign up and go to school here. That’s too cut and dry. Show some finesse while talking to them.” Mei replied.


The milf then continued, “The people that you will be talking to will also have questions. They will be looking for an excuse. You have to be able to answer any questions they have. Your targets will be looking for excuses to say no. Your answers and explanations have to be stronger than their excuses to deny you.”


“Alright, but I don’t know much about the school except that it’s an AE (Adult Entertainment) University. ” Stated the son with a perplexed look.


“SI! Estoy contenta de que hayas mencionado eso! (Yes! I’m glad you brought that up!)” Remarked the sandy blonde before getting up. She walked over to a box that was sitting in the living room and went back to the table. She placed the box on the table and pulled out a thick blue binder, placing it in front of where her son was sitting.


“This binder contains all of the information you need to know about Busteez Slut University. Our mission statement, course plans and curriculum, different programs we offer, the facilities that will be established, anything a potential recruit may ask questions about will be in here. I suggest you read this before you go into the field. Study it, know it. You definitely don’t wanna get stuck or stumped by a question. The silence that comes with that will lose the person you’re talking to and they will move on.” Mei stressed, pressing her hand down on the binder to further emphasize her point. The spiky haired young man picked up the binder and flipped through some of the pages, quickly reading and browsing through its contents.


“This is really detailed!” Said the green eyed youth, continuing to scan through the documents.


“Remember when I kept leaving and coming to World City for business trips?” Mei asked.




“I was meeting with Tai-Chan to write the pages you’re looking at right now. We spent hours upon hours working on this.”


“So how long have you been preparing for this?” The son questioned.


“It’s been almost a year. We had to present this to the banks as well as the federal board of education to get government grants and other means of funding to help me with purchasing the land that BSU sits on.” Mei answered informatively.


“Wow, this is a lot of planning you’ve put into this. Why didn’t you tell me about this before?” Xavier queired


“I didn’t want to disturb you with this while you were still in school. Also I wanted you to weigh out your options with other colleges first, you know, see what’s out there and go through the application process. I didn’t want to take that opportunity from you and force you to attend BSU.” Mei responded candidly as she returned to her seat. Xavier saw his mom’s actions with more clarity now.


“Thank you for letting me do that mom. I get it now. I WILL GIVE IT MY BEST!” Remarked the scar faced teenager pounding table as he spoke.




The force of the table strike caused the dishes in front of him to fall off the table and break. He looked at the broken plates and glasses on the floor and slowly glanced back at Mei, who was sitting with her arms crossed, wearing an unamused expression on her face. Her eyebrows were twitching which was an obvious sign to him that she was annoyed, even upset about what just happened.



Uh oh! She looks pissed!’ Xavier thought to himself with a panic.






Mei unlatched her belt and flailed it out of her pants, making a cracking sound with it like it was a whip in her hand! Beads of sweat ran down Xavier’s face as he hesitantly stood up, staring at his mother with sad puppy dog eyes.


GET OVER HERE! I’m gonna whoop yo ass boy!” Mei commanded while lumbering toward him, snapping the belt with both hands on approach. Xavier took off running at a speed so fast his legs became a blur. He ran through the living room accelerating at a pace that would make Sonic the Hedgehog jealous! Mei immediately gave chase, her legs also turning into a blur. She chased Xavier down the street drawing the attention of all their neighbors!


I’M SORRY MOM! I’LL REPLACE THEM!” Xavier yelled while sprinting as fast as he could to get away from Mei.



“Javi!” Mei called out, snapping her son out of his daydream.


“Sorry about that mom!” Apologized the daydreaming son.


“Don’t worry about it, I’ll clean it up.” replied the busty milf with a forgiving smile. There was not even a bit of anger in her voice, only the satisfaction, which no doubt came from Xavier buying into her plans for the future.


“There’s still a lot of time left today. You should get ready. You have a busy day tomorrow. You start in the morning.” informed the BSU owner.


Xavier read up and studied for the rest of the day, pushing as hard as he could until he passed out at his desk at 2am….



(6AM, June 20th 20XX, The next morning…..)




The blaring sounds of Xavier’s alarm clock brought an end to his slumber. He was slow to get out of bed due to the previous night’s study session. He laid there for a moment before eventually turning off his alarm clock. Xavier slowly sat up and turned to the edge of his bed.


“Uuuuuugggghh!” Yawned the sleepy young man while stretching his arms above his head. He meandered to the bathroom to take a cold shower to wake himself up completely.


After showering and ironing his clothes he got dressed. Xavier’s attire consisted of a pair of black dress pants, a cream white, long sleeve dress shirt, and a black and yellow patterned tie. Along with this sported a pair of black dress shoes. It was a rather bland outfit choice, one which made him look like an employee for a cellular phone service. Once dressed, Xavier then went downstairs where Mei was waiting for him.


“Buen dias!” Mei said excitedly after seeing her son go down the stairs.


“Good mornin mom!” Xavier greeted before going to the refrigerator to grab a bottle of water.


ARF! ARF!” Barked Jett after seeing Xavier run into the kitchen


“What up Jett!” Xavier responded while kneeling down in front of his dog. Jett quickly stood on his hind legs and extended his paw to Xavier. The young man completed the fist bump with his pet and then poured the bottle of water into Jett’s bowl.


“Thanks for feeding Jett mom.”


“¡De nada! (You’re welcome!) Do you think you’re ready for today?” Asked the proud mom while grabbing a couple of breakfast sandwiches out of the microwave. She then put them on the table.


“Yeah, I think I get it with the recruiting stuff. I know where I’m gonna go today. The mall is gonna be packed early because school is out. There’s gonna be a lot of girls who are 18-21 out shopping.” answered the auburn haired man before taking a big bite out of one of the breakfast sandwiches. He quickly finished off the first sandwich in a matter of seconds.


“Si, that’s a good place to begin. There’s also a lot of other stores and shopping centers in the area.” Mei commented, nodding with approval to her son’s game plan.


“But, I’m so nervous. I’ve been going up and down like a seesaw in my mind. First I feel scared and the next minute I’m pumped up and motivated.”


“Could you give me a ride over there?” Xavier asked.


NO! I CAN’T!” the mother answered sternly. Xavier was dumbfounded by the answer she gave him, wondering if she was in a bad mood. Mei then reached into her pocket and pulled out her car keys.


“You can drive yourself there. Take it, it’s yours now. You will need a car to get around to all the places you will have to go. You don’t have time to wait for someone to give you a ride, walk or take the bus to get around. Consider it a late birthday gift!” Mei remarked with a giggle.


YES! YES!” Xavier yelled, jumping up and down and fist pumping repeatedly. He then rushed over to his mom and gave her a hug.“THANKS MOM! THIS IS SO DOPE!” He yelled out as he kissed Mei on the cheek.


“Don’t go getting any speeding tickets. And wear your seatbelt!” Mei instructed as she returned the cheek kiss.


“I won’t… and I will!” remarked the son. He then stuck his hand out. Mei extended her hand and the mother son duo did their secret handshake routine!


“I’ll see you later!” Xavier remarked while grabbing the other breakfast sandwich off the table.


“Show them the man you are!” Mei yelled as Xavier sprinted out of the house.


After getting in the car he set the navigation on his cell phone to direct him to the BSU campus once again.



(20 minutes later…..)


Back on the BSU campus again, he headed for Headmistress Taiyohime’s office.




“Come in!” Answered Taiyohime from inside of the office. Xavier tiptoed into the room and sat down. Unlike yesterday, Taiyohime was in her adult form already. The aroma of freshly brewed Vanilla Caramel flavored coffee blended with Taiyohime’s designer perfume and filled the air as he stepped inside of the room.


“Good morning X!” greeted the Headmistress while pouring a pitcher into a large aluminum temperature control cup.


“Good Morning Miss Shin… Headmist….How do I address you?” Xavier asked, as his knees shook out of anxiety.


“You can call me Miss Tai,” replied the silver haired administrator.


“Well, good morning Miss Tai.”


“Would you like some coffee?” She asked.


“No thanks, drinking hot stuff makes me feel like I’m burning up inside.”


“I can make you some iced coffee if you’d like.” Answered the busty teacher as she got out of her chair and turned around. Xavier couldn’t help but to admire the headmistress’ big, round derriere. Taiyohime’s shapely rump was on full display, courtesy of the form fitting pants she had on.


Look at all that ass… Wait, she’s your boss! You can’t fantasize about her!’ the young man thought before immediately correcting himself. By the time he had finished his thought she was done preparing a french vanilla iced coffee for him. Taiyohime handed him the iced coffee and took her seat.


“Thank you.” remarked the new BSU recruit before taking a sip of his drink.


“I had these made for you last night.” Taiyohime said while opening a drawer on her desk. She pulled a small box out of the drawer and put it on the desk, pushing it towards Xavier. He pulled the lid off of the box which revealed several cards. He pulled one of them out. The small white cards read:


Busteez Slut University
Xavier Williams
Recruiting Agent


Along with this information, there was an unfamiliar cell phone number listed.


“My own business card! Now this feels official! Who’s phone number is printed on here though?” he asked with a confused look on his face as he examined one of the cards.


“It’s yours.” Taiyohime replied before placing a brand new cell phone on the desk.


“Not everyone is going to be receptive to you right away. Some of the people you talk to might shut you down in the moment. Others will need time to think things over. Out of those groups, some people will change their mind. And when they do, they will want to get a hold of you. That’s what this phone is for. Keep it with you at all times!” Instructed the Headmistress.


“Got it.”


“Also take this.” Taiyohime continued while pushing an envelope to him. The green eyed youth opened the envelope and discovered a credit card.


“What is this for?” Xavier questioned.


“This is a company credit card. Some recruits will take more time and effort than others. This credit card will help with that. You can use this to take your targets out for meals and or activities to buy more time for you to work on them. However, don’t use it recklessly. This doesn’t mean go out and buy something for everyone you try to recruit. This card is for use on individuals that you see to be exceptional recruits.”


“I get it, don’t waste money on dumb shit. But what makes you think I can identify someone who is exceptional?” Questioned the young man.


“The truth is that I don’t know. I’m trusting you and your instincts. As an executive producer, you will have to train your eye and your gut to recognize talent and potential. Now is your opportunity,”


“I understand.” Acknowledged Xavier while nodding his head.


“So, have you decided where you’re gonna go first?”


“Yeah. I’m going to the Lincoln Heights area. I know where it is because I went through there to get here twice and it’s close to my house.”


“That’s an excellent choice. Lincoln Heights has a mall and several stores, restaurants and shopping centers nearby. It’s a highly populated area, plus there will be even more people there because it’s summer time. The Lincoln Heights mall opens at 8.” Informed the administrator.


“Time to get going then.” Xavier replied while rising up from his seat. He picked up the cell phone, put it in his pants pocket and opened up the box of business cards. He took a stack out and put them in his shirt pocket before packing up the rest of them.


“There’s one more thing you will need.” Remarked the porn superstar before pulling out a stack of brochures. The young recruiter walked up to the headmistress and grabbed the brochures. Xavier nodded to the silver haired mentor before heading for the door.


“Let me know how it goes!” Taiyohime yelled as left the room.



(15 minutes later…)


Xavier arrived at Lincoln Heights Mall. Despite it being just 8 in the morning, the vast mall parking lot was packed with cars. He cruised around the lot, unable to find any empty parking spaces.


Damn… I’ve never seen a parking lot so cramped before!‘ He thought to himself. After failing to find an open parking spot at 3 different mall entrance areas, he went to the food court entrance. There were a few spaces on the far end, which appeared to be a mile away. The frustrated teenager drove to the front of the area hoping he could catch someone leaving the mall and claim their parking space.


“There’s one!” Xavier remarked after seeing a car backing out of a parking space.


Xavier inched his way into the road just enough to block anyone else from swooping in on the space to steal it from him. He then pulled into the parking spot right after the other car pulled out. However there was another vehicle, a black SUV on the other side of the exiting car, which was approaching from the opposite direction of Xavier. The SUV had been waiting before he pulled up. He had unknowingly stolen the parking space from another motorist. His tunnel vision and determination to claim the parking spot for himself prevented him from seeing the waiting SUV.




SORRY!!” Xavier yelled out to the other vehicle. It was too late for him to turn back, for he was almost completely parked


The SUV sat there as the driver continued to honk the horn. The young man sat in his vehicle waiting for the SUV to leave in order to avoid a confrontation with the driver. However, the driver of the SUV refused to leave the area.


“I guess this guy ain’t goin anywhere, so I gotta get out.” Xavier remarked with a sigh, instantly regretting his parking spot theft. He cautiously stepped out of his car, keeping a vigilant eye on the SUV. He couldn’t see the driver due to its heavily tinted windows. His eyes narrowed as he walked away from his vehicle, his fists clenched as if he anticipated a road rage incident to happen. Xavier ignored the loud screeching of the SUV’s horn while watching the driver’s side door to see if the driver was going to step out. Adrenaline surged through his body while he crossed the street, causing veins to bulge underneath the skin of his forearms. He continued to watch the SUV, prepared to defend himself if he had to.


It was an accident. Hopefully this guy is understanding. Last thing I need is a parking lot fight on my first day of work, or even worse, getting caught and arrested by the police for fighting….again…



The door to the SUV opened. A 6 foot 7, heavily muscled shadowy male figure in a tank top emerged from the SUV cracking his knuckles.


“My goodness! That’s one… big… motherfucker!” Xavier commented nervously as he watched the man approach him.



Xavier’s day dream wouldn’t last, for it was interrupted by the uproarious shouting of an angry female voice.


YOU DUMB FUCK!! YOU STOLE MY MOTHERFUCKIN PARKING SPACE, YOU CREAMPIE CONSUMING, SHORT DICK HAVING PUNK PIECE OF SHIT!!! I SHOULD GET OUT AND BEAT THE FUCK OUTTA YOU! YOU 3 FOOT TALL DRAGON BALL Z REJECT! YOU’RE LUCKY I GOT A SCHEDULE TO KEEP OR ELSE I’D PUT MY FOOT SO FAR UP YOUR ASS YOU’D TASTE MY TOENAIL POLISH BITCH!” Yelled the angry woman. Xavier saw the driver’s side window was open, revealing a woman’s face as she continued to berate him with profanity laced insults. She wore an outraged scowl on her pretty face. She had long hair which hung down her shoulders on the sides. A high ponytail hung from the back of her head. The stick from a lollipop stuck out from in between her black painted lips. The woman’s neon yellow eyes radiated pure rage as she yelled at him.


Whoa! Is she crazy?! She’s been going at me for a while now. Yelling for this long without stopping to take a breath is pretty damn impressive!‘ Xavier thought to himself as he stared at the owner of the SUV, struggling not to break down in laughter at the woman’s comical expletive filled tirade as he was almost unable to contain his amusement.


AND YOU THINK THIS SHIT IS FUNNY BITCH!?” Barked the enraged Teal haired lady. She quickly pressed the gas and then the brakes immediately after, causing her vehicle to go towards him as if she were going to run him over and then stopped before actually hitting him. He reflexively jumped backwards to avoid being hit.


WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!?” yelled the young man in response.


“Yeah! You better back up bitch!” Barked the woman with neon yellow eyes. She then took the lollipop out of her mouth and threw it at Xavier, hitting him in the forehead with a strawberry flavored sucker. It broke on contact, leaving splintered shards of hard candy on his face. He stood there silently for a couple of seconds with a scowl on his face before letting out a frustrated growl.


“Ha Ha!… BITCH!” Yelled the woman in the SUV before pulling off. After she left, Xavier continued walking towards the mall, wiping his face off with some tissue and hand sanitizer he pulled from his pocket. Upon walking up the steps and going inside through the second floor entrance, he saw just how packed the building was. Women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and species roamed the premises. Xavier stared in astonishment at the sights before him.


Look at all the women in here! Xenna wasn’t lying about the ratio!’ He thought while gawking at the multitude of scantily clad honeys. To his left, he saw a tall and stacked sheep babe with soft woolen beige blonde hair. Her big boobs and ass stretched the skin tight bodysuit to its capacity. He looked to the right and saw a shorter, more slenderly built Beastmaiden, dressed in a pair of acid washed denim shorts and a tie dye patterned cut off T-shirt. She had fair, pearly skin which was so light that it was literally white. Her brown hair hung a couple of inches past her shoulders. Several red feathers sprouted from the center of her head which made it look like she had a crimson, swept back mohawk. Xavier scanned her body with his eyes. He noticed that her hands and feet were a different color than the rest of her all white body. They were a golden yellow hue with long black fingernails and toenails. Xavier’s eyes widened upon realizing what species the girl was!


“Oh shit! A chicken girl!” Gasped the green eyed recruiter. Despite the smorgasbord of T&A, Xavier quickly refocused his attention on the task and set up shop at one of the food court tables, placing a stack of brochures on it along with a sign that said college recruiting. After looking around for about a minute, he spotted his first target, a thicc alligator woman. He power walked to get to her, not noticing the wet floor sign ahead.




FUUUUCK!” Xavier yelled as lost his footing and went flying into the air.




Xavier crashed to the mall floor. Everyone in the area stopped what they were doing to look and laugh at the fallen recruiter, including the alligator woman he was trying to catch up to when he fell down.




One mall patron even managed to capture this on her phone. Knowing that he couldn’t just lay there and fume over his humiliating fall, Xavier wasted no time getting back to his feet. The young man quickly picked up his glasses, which had fallen off of his face, putting them on and acting like nothing happened.


Not the ideal way to start recruiting but I have to keep it moving.’ Xavier thought to himself. He power walked his way to the alligator woman. However once he got close enough to speak to her he felt an unusual sensation in the pit of his stomach. The feeling one usually gets before vomiting.


“Uhhhhh…Ummm… Excuse me miss!…Ahhh…Can I talk to you?.” Xavier asked nervously. The woman giggled and continued walking away. He realized his mistake of unconsciously saying Uhhh, Ummm, and Ahhhs while trying to address the woman. Although he was briefly shaken by his blunder, He didn’t allow this mistake to deter his efforts. He continued looking around. Xavier then saw his next target, an olive skinned human woman with strawberry blonde hair and hazel eyes.


“Good Morning, I have something that could change your future.” remarked the young man, this time he consciously remembered not to fumble over his words before opening his mouth to speak.


“What’chu got goin on?” asked the woman.


“An opportunity to go to college!” Xavier answered while handing her a brochure.


“Busteez Slut University? Is this an AE school?” replied the young lady while opening the brochure.


“Yes it is.”


“Sorry, I’m already rollin’ with Harlot State. Why would I leave there for some new, unproven shit? I mean, what can BSU do for me that Harlot State can’t?” The woman asked. Xavier froze in the face of this challenge, unsure of how to respond. His confusion was clear to the girl, which prompted her to walk away, leaving him bamboozled by what happened. The struggling recruiter sighed and pressed forward, finding another target.


“Excuse me!” Xavier yelled as he speed walked to another passing girl. She just continued walking away, not even acknowledging his presence. The young man continued trying to get the attention of mall goers with negative results. Xavier tried and tried again, despite the relative disinterest in what he was selling. Time passed just as quickly as the young women who walked by him or cut him off in the middle of speaking. As Xavier was walking to another area of the mall, his phone suddenly went off, alerting him to new notifications he had. He pulled up his Instagram account and was stunned by what he saw. It was his ex girlfriend in an assortment of picture and video updates with her current boyfriend, the guy she left Xavier for. He was immediately saddened by this.


I should have blocked her.’ he thought to himself, regretting the decision not to do so months ago. Despite this thought, he hesitated to do so right then and there. Rather than block her, he simply closed the Instagram app.


I’m trippin. Gotta stay focused.’ He thought while going to the next area. He then noticed lots of traffic outside of Rosé, a popular women’s clothing store and subsidiary of Valentina’s Secret, the world’s most popular lingerie brand. They had a special summer sale promotion going on.


That’s it! Look at all those girls going in and out of the store.’ he thought before increasing his walking pace. The first potential target he saw was a tall orange colored woman with strawberry blonde hair. She walked out of the store carrying a large bag of items she bought from Rosé.


Wait a minute, is that a fox girl?’ Xavier asked himself. After confirming this with a second look, he approached the tailed beauty. “Hello, how are you doing today?”


“I’m fine.” answered the fox woman casually, watching Xavier approaching her.


“That’s something we agree on.” the young man commented riskily. The risky comment paid off because she responded with a smile.


The man continued. “You have a cute smile.” Xavier complimented. The novice recruiter was doing well, but before he could continue his pitch he was interrupted by a hulking tank top wearing behemoth. He was a monster of a man who was 7 feet in height! The man’s muscular tree trunk like arms were covered in tattoos and his face was obscured by the baseball cap he was wearing. The man was looking from around another store.


“What’s up here kid? This is my girl!” growled the angry giant.


“My bad man, I didn’t know!” Xavier replied, thinking it was better to apologize and move on than to try and explain himself. Although he did nothing wrong, something about this interaction bugged him. It kinda reminded him of the situation with his ex. However he didn’t dwell on this and continued the hunt for his first recruit. The next girl he noticed was a scantily clad African American woman dressed in some tight fitting jeans and purple and white striped bikini top. She had long dyed lime green hair which was braided in a cornrow style. Her long braids hung past her back. Xavier swiftly approached the woman.


“Excuse me ma’am. How ya doing today?” Xavier asked.


“I’m good, just doing some shopping.” Answered the young woman.


“I feel you there, trying to catch all those pre-summer sales!”


“I came in at opening time so I could get my shopping in before I go to work. So what are you doing here this morning? What are you selling?” replied the beautiful lime green haired woman with a duo of questions.


“Oh! You got me kind of. I’m not selling anything though. I’m here trying to get people signed up for college. If you don’t mind me asking where are you about to go work at?”


“I work at Bournes and Noble bookstore.” Sighed the woman.


“Sounds like you’re not looking forward to going in. I might be able to help you. But before I go any further, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Xavier, nice to meet you.”


“I’m Ra’shell, nice to meet you too.” replied the curvy lime green haired target while extending her hand.


Did she say… Ra’shell…?’ Xavier thought while accepting the handshake. After taking Ra’shell’s hand Xavier started to see something. Ra’shell’s facial features and skin color began to change. Her skin got somewhat lighter in tone, a mixture of olive and brown. Her green braids shifted into two dark blue thick, puffy twin ponytails which draped down nearly to the floor. Her brown eyes changed to pink shade which appeared to lack pupils. Freckles appeared underneath her eyes. Xavier started to have quick visions of himself and the blue haired woman from his past hanging out in arcades, riding roller coasters at amusement parks and even having sex!




“Xavier, Xavier!” said Ra’shell, finally getting his attention. He looked down and noticed he was still holding Ra’shell’s hand


“Uhhh.. Sorry about that.” apologized the young daydreamer.


“You ok?” asked Ra’shell, somewhat spooked by Xavier’s erratic behavior.


“Yeah…Let me think, where was I?” He asked himself aloud. Stood there for several seconds trying to recall what he was saying before his unintended daydream.


“You know what, I don’t have time for this. I gotta go.” Ra’shell said, feeling that Xavier had wasted her time.


FUCK!” Whispered the young man under his breath as she walked away.


The young recruiter scanned the area once more. While conducting his visual inspection, he spotted another eye-catching recruit candidate. She stood out to him because of her bright exotic orange skin. Her skin was marked with several thick horizontal white stripes that were outlined with a solid black. She was tall and slender, standing about 6 foot 2, with long onyx hued hair. The skin-tight white leggings she wore revealed her shapely, yet not oversized rear end. Her sleeveless white mini halter top held a pair of nicely shapen D cups, however that’s not what grabbed Xavier’s attention. On the sides of her perfectly flat and toned stomach, he noticed 3 distinct slits on each side of her torso.


Those are gills! She’s a Merfolk girl! Holy shit! I’ve never ever seen one in person before!’ he thought to himself. He power walked behind her in an attempt to catch up, trying not to run because of how it might make him look in public. As he rushed to close the distance, she looked over her shoulder at him.


EWWWW! a stalker!” the fish woman cried out. At that moment Xavier immediately stopped and turned around. He quickly darted off to the men’s bathroom to get out of sight. Once inside he googled the term “Orange fish”.


“She’s a clownfish…!” He remarked out loud.


“This shit ain’t funny tho!” Xavier said as he left the bathroom to resume his recruiting efforts.



(11:30 AM……)


Xavier’s stomach rumbled as he stood at his makeshift recruiting station, which prompted him to check the time on his phone.


“Now would be a good time to get some food… I’ll try again after lunch.” He said to himself in a low tone. He scanned the food court and saw a variety of options to choose from, including Sub Station, Burger Queen, Taco de Casa, Chuck’s Cheesesteaks, Jade Garden Chinese Cuisine, Supremo Pizza, Captain JJ’s Fish and Shrimp, Georgia Fried Chicken, and Tony’s Gyros and more. Each of these eateries had a giant line that Xavier didn’t want to wait in, plus the food court area was overcrowded. So instead he went back to the car and drove around. He found a Jake-N-The Box, a popular fast food place just outside of the mall parking lot.


No lunch rush? Doesn’t look like it’s super busy in there.’ Xavier thought as he parked his car. He got out and checked his phone which had 1 new text message.


Taiyo: How is it going so far?


Xavier: Nothing yet, still working on it.


Taiyo: Keep trying X! 😀👍


Xavier put his phone away as he resumed walking towards the restaurant. He noticed a short green woman dressed in black shorts and a red t-shirt approaching him. She was small in stature, significantly shorter than Xavier himself. Despite her diminutive height, her body was thicc and meaty with huge breasts more befitting of a taller woman. Her thighs were massive and fleshy, so much so that she could probably crush a watermelon with them! The girl’s bubble shaped rear wasn’t something to ignore either. However the most noticeable feature about her was the oversized mushroom cap style hat on her head. Her short purple hair hung from underneath the hat. She smiled at Xavier and pulled out her cell phone as she got closer.


OH SHIT! That’s a goblin! This is the first time I’ve ever seen one… and she wants my number!’ Xavier thought excitedly. He kept a calm, nonchalant expression to avoid looking desperate or over eager to talk to the green young woman. In response to seeing the goblin pull out her phone, he casually took his phone out.




Xavier felt a sharp, deep pain in the back of one of his knees.


SHIT!” Xavier cursed while dropping to one knee. He looked over his shoulder and saw another goblin girl behind him. She was more slender and her skin was a darker shade of green than the mushroom hat wearing girl that approached him from the front. She was dressed in a pair of tight fitting brown leggings with an off white cut off t-shirt which displayed her 6 pack abs. Her well defined thigh muscles were clearly visible underneath her pants, while her equally shredded arms looked like they were strong enough to break a giant’s neck. Xavier briefly made eye contact with the goblin behind him and noticed her long dark green hair which was worn in an up style. She flashed a joker-like grin at Xavier as she grabbed on to the back of his leg.


THIS IS A SET UP! The one with the big boobs and the hat was the distraction. And the one with the muscles kicked the back of my leg… They’re tryin’ to rob me!


Xavier then felt multiple hands grabbing him. 2 more female goblins ran up and joined in on the mugging. The third goblin, a busty short haired brunette in jeans and a cow print bikini top grabbed Xavier’s left arm and twisted it. She stared at him with her blue eyes, attempting to force him to give up and allow them to complete the robbery with sheer eye contact.


“Let go of me!” Xavier yelled furiously.


The 4th attacker, a yellow hued goblin girl charged Xavier. She reached into his pocket to grab his wallet. The 4th attacker had light blue hair which was styled in a high bun with hime-style bangs and 2 squared off sections of hair which hung down the sides of her face. The 2nd dark green goblin pulled at the straps of his backpack while the mushroom hat goblin grasped Xavier’s right arm, trying to wrestle his phone away from his hand. The young man planted his feet and held his ground, like a martial artist establishing a base to throw a destructive knockout blow. Xavier clenched his fists tightly, causing his flexor bicep and tricep muscles to tighten. His veins bulged underneath the skin of his forearms.


BACK OFF!” Ordered the young man, with the hope that his continued resistance would make them give up on their efforts to rob him. He swung his arms from side to side, flinging the mushroom hat and brunette goblins. Next he quickly spun around while turning his hips and immediately stopped and planted his feet, creating a braking effect. The force of this maneuver sent the dark green goblin flying. Xavier then grabbed the blue haired goblin by the top of her head and pushed her back.


RARRRR!” growled the blue haired goblin as she tried to get to him again. Xavier stepped back while keeping his palm on the goblins head, causing her to run in place like a gag from a saturday morning cartoon. And then he suddenly released his grip. The blue haired goblin’s forward momentum sent her crashing into the pavement. The 4 goblins got to their feet and took off running toward the bus stop across the street to avoid the police.


AY! STOP RIGHT THERE! !” Xavier yelled while sprinting toward the goblin quartet! Surprisingly they stopped after seeing Xavier give chase. The goblins stared at him with a terrified expression, like he was an angry beast looking to deliver retribution to them. The would-be robbery victim gradually slowed down as he got closer to them. After reaching the goblin gang, Xavier raised his hands to show he wasn’t seeking revenge.


I know they tried to rob me but something seems innocent about them.‘ He thought to himself. His expression softened, further letting the girls know he wasn’t hostile.


“Don’t worry! I’m not calling the cops!” Xavier announced. A look of relief came across their faces after hearing Xavier promise not to involve law enforcement.


“You don’t have to rob and steal. We all have hard times but robbin’ and stealin’ is NOT the way to get ahead,” The young man continued. The 4 goblins looked at each other in confusion, wondering what the man with green eyes would do next.


“So, how about this… You can have this if you promise not to rob anyone again.” Offered the young man while pulling 4 $20 bills from his pocket. The goblins ladies looked at one another once more before shifting their attention back to Xavier. They each nodded silently with smiles on their faces, unanimously accepting his offer. He handed each of them one of the $20 bills.


“I’m serious, please don’t try to jack anyone else. The next person might not be as forgiving as me. I don’t want you to get hurt.” Xavier explained. The 4 goblins nodded once again. But before Xavier could say anything else the group resumed running away from him. He looked ahead and saw the city bus pulling up to the bus stop.


Damn, I’m down 80 bucks. Chances are slim but maybe they will honor the agreement…‘ lamented the auburn haired man in a rare moment of youthful optimism.


He then walked back to the parking lot and picked up his cell phone. Other patrons entering and exiting the eatery stared at him awkwardly as he retrieved his backpack wallet and glasses. He then proceeded to calmly walk into the Jake-N-The Box restaurant as if nothing happened. After entering, Xavier looked around and noticed that it was packed inside just like the mall food court, but with one difference…


At least the lines’ not full.’ Xavier sighed, relieved at this sight. He immediately took notice of the woman placing her order at the counter, a slightly tanned brunette with shoulder length hair. She possessed a magnificent body, one so pristine that he couldn’t tell if it was created on an operating table like many of the so-called models online, or if it was the result of eating and exercise. The woman flaunted a brickhouse frame with abundant curves which were covered up by a magenta colored women’s business suit. However this didn’t stop him from making out her exact shape from behind. Her big bubble booty stuck out several inches past the back of her thighs. It was clear she had chosen pants with the idea of showing off her rotund assets, as they were so tight Xavier could see each of her individual cheeks, the crack that separated them and the thong she had on underneath.


“Welcome to Jake-N-The Box! How may I help you?” asked the cashier, a golden retriever breed dog girl.


“I’ll have the Jumbo Jake combo with a large fries and drink… And a strawberry shortcake.” requested the brunette mystery woman. She then swiped her card to pay and pulled out her phone while she waited for her food to arrive.


“I can help the next guest!” said the friendly cashier. Xavier couldn’t hide his smile as he approached the canine cashier.


“Welcome to Jake-N-The Box! How may I help you?”


Xavier stared at the menu for a few seconds and took notice of the promotional menu item.


[TRY OUR NEW AMAZING BURGER!] read the text on the screen. Along with this text, was a picture of what appeared to be a cow woman holding a cheeseburger in her hand.


“I want a Teriyaki Beef Ramen Bowl with extra beef.” While Xavier was ordering, another Jake-N-The Box employee handed the mystery brunette her tray of food and she went to sit down and eat.


“I have a question… Who is the girl in these Amazing Burger ads?”


“That’s Elizabeth Bloomfield from Bloomfield Farms. She’s promoting meat free vegan substitute dishes. The Amazing Burger is a new menu item being tested at all of our World City locations. It hasn’t gone national yet.”


“Thanks!” remarked the young man while stepping away from the counter. As he waited for his lunch, Xavier googled Elizabeth Bloomfield. The results brought up her instagram account, which listed her as having over 600,000 followers.


I’ll have to try that sometime.’ The young man thought in reference to both the Amazing Burger and its creator Elizabeth Bloomfield.


“Liz B. Entrepreneur, Vegan, All Around Boss Bitch. Accepting College offers.” Read the profile section of Elizabeth’s page. Before he could look any further, the cashier called for him to get his food. As Xavier collected his tray he noticed that the brunette woman who was ahead of him left her phone on the counter. He picked it up, put it on his tray and walked over to the woman. She was sitting at a nearby table, positioned so that she was facing the direction Xavier was walking in. This gave him a glimpse of how she looked from the front. What he saw left him completely speechless.


MY GOODNESS!’ Xavier thought to himself. The brunette looked absolutely splendid, a dazzling marvel of beauty. Xavier was captivated by her soft welcoming, emerald green eyes, which appeared to have no pupils. He briefly locked eyes with her as he continued walking and became so bewitched by her gaze that he nearly stumbled over his own feet trying to get to her. His faux pas didn’t go unnoticed, for the green eyed, dark haired lady giggled slightly in response to his near fall. Despite this, the scar-faced young man couldn’t abort the mission because he had her cell phone in his possession. He had NO CHOICE but to follow through and return it to her.


Don’t react to it!’ X thought to himself as he recovered from his misstep. His walking pace got slower and slower and slower as he neared her table. Drops of sweat formed instantly. Before he could get a single word out she addressed him first.


“Looking for somewhere to sit?” Asked the sultry green eyed brunette. Xavier quickly scanned the area and saw that there were no open tables or booths to sit at.


“I guess so..” Answered the recruiter as he grabbed a napkin from his tray and wiped the sweat from his forehead.


“You can sit here.” Replied the woman while pointing to the empty spot across from where she was seated. Xavier promptly sat down and put his tray on the table.


“Thank you.” Xavier remarked before grabbing the girl’s cell phone.


“You left this on the counter.” said the young recruit with the phone in his hand. He looked down at the screen and saw a photo of the brunette butt naked, sucking a dick. His eyes widened, his mouth opened slightly and both of his eyebrows went up, in reaction to the Not-Safe-for-Work picture that was staring him right in the face. It was almost as if the woman in the image was looking at him. Xavier immediately looked away from the image displayed on the phone’s screen and shifted his gaze to the window next to him. The woman with the emerald eyes caught him, and noticed that he was trying to downplay what he saw on her phone.


“Ya like what you see?” asked the mystery woman, suggestively smirking at Xavier while speaking.


“Uhh…I didn’t see anything. I don’t know whatchya talkin about!” Xavier replied instantly in an attempt to play dumb. His voice cracked slightly as he gave his untruthful response.


“Ok… sure.” Answered the short haired brunette, continuing to smirk at him. She grabbed the phone away from him and put it down on the table. He smirked slightly before quickly straightening out his expression, which confirmed the mystery woman’s skepticism.


“Hello… My name is Xavier.” Remarked the recruiter as he extended his hand to her.


“I’m Matsunami… Nice to meet you Xavier.” replied the green eyed brunette while accepting his handshake. Xavier couldn’t help to notice the woman’s ivory smooth skin during the handshake. The aroma of sweet fragrant tropical roses flowed through the air. It could be her perfume or it could have been the body wash she showered with.


“Nice to meet you Matsunami. I like your name. Xavier commented with a head nod and a shy smile.


“Thanks. It means “waves of pine” in Japanese.”


“Where are you from? Japan?” Xavier asked with curiosity.


“I’m from a little town called Coral Springs. It’s a few hours away from here. My family moved here a while ago. My dad came to the US from Japan and joined the army back in the day. So, where are you from?” asked the busty brunette.


“I’m from Queens, New York. The Rotten Apple itself. World City is a big change from what I’m used to.” Xavier answered, slightly chuckling when he said Rotten Apple. “My mom is an immigrant too. She came here on a boat from the Dominican Republic when she was a kid.”


“Do you speak Spanish?” Matsunami asked.


“SI! He hablado español toda mi vida. That means ‘I’ve been speaking Spanish most of my life’. My mom taught me.” detailed the recruiter.


“So, what was happening with you outside a few minutes ago?” Matsunami asked.


“Oh, that? Four girls tried to rob me in the parking lot. I managed to shake them off. It’s been a rough morning,” Xavier explained with a brief sigh.


“Bad day at the office?” Matsunami asked curiously before taking a sip of her drink. Xavier shifted his attention back to Matsunami after hearing her voice again.


“I guess you could say that.” the auburn hair man answered back before dipping his fork into the hot bowl of Ramen soup.


“So what do you do for work? Are you a salesman or something.”


“No, but you’re close. I work as a college recruiter for one of the universities in the city.” The man proceeds to take a bite of the noodles entwined around his fork. “So what brings you out to the mall dressed up like this on a Saturday?” Xavier questioned.


“I just finished a job interview.” The Brunette answered.


“How did it go?’ Xavier questioned curiously.


“I dunno. Interviews are always a coin toss. I just have to wait and see,”


“Yeah, I know how that can be sometimes. Mind if I ask what kind of job you interviewed for?” Xavier asked inquisitively.


“I interviewed for a position as a Mixed Martial Arts coach.” Matsunami answered. Xavier’s eyes widened in interest.


“So you’re a fighter?”


“Yeah, I used to be. I was a top ranked undefeated amateur a few years ago. The state athletic commission refused to give me a license to compete on the professional level due to health concerns.


“Sorry to hear that, but being a coach would be pretty cool.”


“Do you practice MMA? Or are you just a fan of the sport?”


“I’m a big time fan of the sport. I’ve been watching the SFC (Supreme Fighting Championships) for years.” answered the spiky haired teenager.


“What else do you like to do X?” Matsunami asked, wanting to learn more about the man sitting across from her.


“I like movies, especially the really old movies from back in the day. I love action movies and martial arts flicks, especially Bruce Lee.”


Waaaaa WHAATA!” Xavier yelled loudly while throwing a quick burst of punches, ending the combination with a one inch punch. “Boards don’t hit back!” remarked Xavier, reciting a famous Bruce Lee quote, imitating his voice while speaking. The airflow generated from the force of Xavier’s punches blew through Matsunami’s hair slightly.


“Hahahaha” chuckled the former MMA fighter, entertained by his display.




Matsunami threw a snapping punch of her own.


“Movement number 4: Dragon seeks its path.” Matsunami said, quoting line from another of the legendary movie star’s films


THWACK!” sounded the brunette, mimicking the sound effect of a kick landing.


“Dragon whips its tail,” Matsunami continued while also mimicking the martial arts legend’s voice causing Xavier to laugh heartily. Matsunami then locked eyes with Xavier. “The food!” she exclaimed.


“It’s gonna get cold!” Xavier added. The duo looked at each other and then glanced down at the meals on their trays.


The two proceeded to go to work on their food smashing through it with gluttonous fury. A couple of minutes passed as the duo devoured their meals. Xavier quickly glanced up at Matsunami and noticed just how fast she was eating.


She eats like me.’ He thought to himself in observation of her. After she was done, she raised her arms up over her head and stretched out, letting out a deep yawn. She unintentionally poked her chest out. Her already partially unbuttoned shirt revealed even more of her big healthy sized boobs. It was at that point Xavier noticed something. She had two long, deep scars on her breasts that appeared to make an X shape. The young man focused all of his attention on them. Thoughts of various scarred figures from anime and video games cycled through his mind, causing him to imagine her as a samurai with an “X” shaped scar on her chest. However, his daydream would not get the time to develop into anything more than his vision of her as a feudal Japan era warrior.


“Ouugh! I’m actually pretty tired. It was a long, late night for me yesterday.” Matsunami yawned, interrupting Xavier’s imagination.


“You go out or something last night?” Xavier asked.


“Nah, I was at work on a late shift. I didn’t get back until 4 this morning.” Matsunami explained. “I work at a club.”


“I guess that explains it. Friday nights are busy every week at nightclubs no matter what city you’re in. Outside of working and martial arts, how do you spend your time?”


“There’s a lot of stuff I like to do. I’m willing to try just about anything at least once. But I like traveling and going places, seeing the world. I have a list of places I want to go and things I want to do!” the brunette answered before picking up her fork and attacking her strawberry Shortcake dessert.


“I wanna go to Japan someday but I have to find the time to do it.” Xavier said.


“You have to just do it then! Like what they say at Nike: Time ain’t waiting on us. You have to do things with urgency. Life is too short to waste. So if you wanna go to Japan you should get going on it.” Matsunami suggested before yawning again.




“I’m sorry!” Matsunami apologized politely. “I don’t want you to think you’re boring me.”


“It’s ok, you can’t help being tired. Maybe you should go home and go to sleep.” suggested the young man.


“I think I will,” added the Emerald eyed woman before yawning a third time.


“Yeah, it’s about time for me to go back to work too,” the scar-faced man said after looking at the time on his phone. Both Xavier and Matsunami got up from the table at the same time.


“Uh…umm… Well, You know the Supreme Fighting Championships is having a Pay-Per-View tonight. I ordered it. If you want you can come over and watch it with me.” Xavier offered, resisting the nervous urge to scratch his head while speaking.


“Tonight is a triple main event, 3 Championship fights. You know what, count me in! I’ll come over later.”


“That’s what’s up. Mind if I get your number?”


“How about I get yours instead?” Countered the brunette.


She won’t give me her number. This could be a set up. What if I give her my number and she doesn’t call?’ Xavier thought to himself, referencing scenarios like this he experienced before already. ‘Well if I don’t give her my number I’m guaranteed she won’t come over and today will be a total failure!


“Sure.” Xavier answered, going with the only response he could give. Matsunami then handed her phone to him so he could input his number. He quickly dialed the numbers and then pushed save before handing his phone back to her.


“You didn’t give me a fake number now, did you?” Matsunami asked while giving him a slight giggle.


“I guess you’ll just have to see for yourself.”


“I will… when it’s time. But for now I gotta go.” Matsunami said


“I have to get back to work myself. Good luck on your interview. ”


“I’ll see YOU later.” Matsunami remarked before walking away. She waved at him and flashed a slight smile which made Xavier question what was going on.


There’s something about HER” Xavier thought to himself.



(4 hours later….)


After lunch with Matsunami, Xavier moved throughout the Lincoln Heights area, visiting different stores and shopping centers, as well as parking lots and street corners. However his efforts were fruitless. He was declined, turned away, and flat out ignored a dozen times over. After a while he decided to call it a day and go home…


X: Today was a failure. No recruits 🙁


Almost immediately after he sent the message he got a response.


Taiyo: Don’t get urself down over it. 😀 Learn from what u did today.


X: Might have someone for you later…



Xavier then made his way back home… Once he arrived, he stuck his key in the door.




Before he could open the door all the way, he could hear Jett hopping from step to step to meet him at the door




Jett stood and waited for his human to open the door all the way and walk inside.




“What up homie? Today was a little rough. Shit didn’t go as planned.” Xavier replied while kneeling down to pet his dog.


ARF ARF!” Jett barked reassuringly. He raised one paw and reached out to Xavier for a fist bump.


“Thanks man. You hungry?” Xavier asked.


ARF!” Replied Jett with a head nod. He then followed Xavier into the kitchen. The young man grabbed a rather large, thick porterhouse steak out of the freezer along with a package of pre-sliced bell peppers and onion mix and a tub of garlic parmesan butter out of the refrigerator. Next, he grabbed a skillet and a small boiling pot out of one of the cabinets. He set the stove burners on extra low and put the steak, butter, peppers and onions into the skillet before putting a cover over it. Next, he filled the pot with water and put it on the other stove burner before going upstairs


After about 15 minutes, Xavier came back down the stairs and returned to the kitchen. The room was filled with the aroma of sauteed beef, garlic, peppers, and onions filled the house. He flipped the steak over to its other side and added some seasoning.


“Tonight’s gonna be critical for me. I have a deal I have to close. Maybe I can get at least one recruit today. I need your help to make this work.” Xavier remarked looking down towards his K9 comrade. Jett stood on his hind legs and fist pumped with one of his paws to tell Xavier he was all in on the plan. Xavier then turned up the burner that was boiling the water.




Xavier answered his phone after the second ring. Mei’s face appeared on his phone screen.


“What’s up mom!”


“How did it go?”


“Well, today sucked. I didn’t get anyone to sign up… But I do have a potential recruit I’m not done talking to yet. I’m meeting with her again later.”


“That Supreme Fighting thing comes on tonight though.”


“Yeah that’s the point. This girl is a former MMA fighter. I met her at Jake-N-The Box. She was preparing to go to a job interview. There’s something about her… She has… something special about her that I can’t really explain.” Xavier detailed while opening a package of instant red skin mashed potatoes.


“So Javi, what if this Chica had a good interview and gets offered a job. This will be a waste of precious tiempo y dinero (time and money).”


“I’ll deal with that if we get to that point.” Xavier replied back while pouring the instant mash potato flakes into the boiling water. He stirred them with a whisk for 20 seconds until they took the form of mashed potatoes.


“¡Javier! ¡Apurase y arregla la casa antes de trajer a ella! (You can’t have guests coming over with boxes and shit still laying around.)” Mei demanded.


“Right now, I’m about to feed Jett. After that I’ll get started on the house.” responded the son.


“Mom, where are you anyway?”


“I’m out of town for some business. I’ll be back in a couple of days. Jari is staying with Xelina and Xenna right now so you have the house to yourself. No hagas bebés cuando estoy lejos! No es parte de tu trabajo, ¿oíste (Don’t be making any babies while I’m gone! That ain’t part of your job with BSU! You hear me?)” Mei demanded with a serious scowl on her face, so much so that it scared Xavier.


“Yo MOM! Chiiiillllllll…..I’m careful. I ain’t making you a grandmother anytime soon.”


“Just wanna make sure you understand hijo (my son). It’s too early to have a bunch of Javi Jrs running around. We have business to handle so make sure to put that coat on before you go playing in the rain. I put some in your bathroom just in case you need them.” Explained the concerned mother.


“Really mom?”


“Si, en serio! (Yes, really!)” answered the mother in a flat, serious tone.


“Ok, see you when you get back.”


“Keep me updated on your work.” Mei said while nodding her head.


“Love you mom.”




“Love you guys too MMMMMMMMWUUAHHH! Jett, make sure Javi does right while I’m gone.” Mei instructed before hanging up the phone. Xavier then put Jett’s food in a multi-sectioned dish which appeared to be a combination of a dog’s feeding bowl and a human dinner plate. Additionally, he poured some water and some fruit punch into a 2 section doggie bowl for Jett to drink. After feeding his dog, Xavier proceeded to clean up the house.



(2 hours later….)


Xavier had done a hell of a job cleaning up. He hid boxes in closets and took others to his bedroom to keep them from being seen. He vacuumed all of the carpets in the house, swept and mopped the floors, cleaned the bathrooms and set up pictures that his mother wanted displayed.


Now for some snacks!’ He thought to himself. He looked in the refrigerator and saw that there were several packs of Deli meat, Turkey, Ham, Roast Beef, Salami, Pepperoni and Pastrami left over. There were also several types of cheese and other condiments such as lettuce, tomatoes, and red onions, as well as a huge ziploc bag full of raw chicken wings. There was a sign on the bag from Mei.


“I prepped these for you for tonight. Just bread em and fry em. Love mom.” Read the note. Xavier then quickly started making sub sandwiches. His 5 years of experience working in food service at Pizza Shack and other places enabled him to quickly assemble the sandwiches to look as good as the ones found in Delis and on catering menus.




Xavier rushed to the other side of the kitchen to answer the phone, not bothering to look at the caller ID first.




“Xavier… This is Matsunami. I’m ready to come over.”


“Do you need a ride?”


“Nah, I got transportation. What’s your address?”


“I’ll text it to you.”


“Alright, see ya soon.” Matsunami said before hanging up. Xavier sent her his address and then sprinted up the stairs to take another shower and change clothes, this time opting for a more casual look than he had earlier in the day. He sprayed on some cologne and a New York Yankees fitted baseball cap.




Hearing the doorbell, Xavier sprinted down the stairs to answer the door. Jett followed close behind him. He answered the door to see Matsunami on the other side. She was wearing considerably less clothing than before. Her outfit consisted of a light blue denim micro miniskirt which was cut so small it stopped short of the revealing fat cameltoe underneath. This gave him a full view of her smooth, squishy thighs. The skirt was paired with a magenta colored, sleeveless, bare midriff, spaghetti strap top that revealed her well toned belly. It fit so tight that it was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra under it. The two sized each other up quickly.


GOD DAMN! SHE’S FINE!!’ Xavier thought to himself.


“Welcome to Club X!” Xavier greeted her with a smile. Matsunami stepped inside and looked around. As he was closing the door, Xavier noticed a Japanese sport style motorcycle in the driveway.


“This is a pretty nice “Club” you got here.” Responded the brunette before sizing Xavier up again. “You clean up pretty nice yourself.” Matsunami complimented, having compared his current appearance to how he looked earlier.


“I try.” replied the auburn haired man humbly. Jett then rushed to the door to greet the visiting house guest.




“Matsunami, this little guy here is my homie Jett. He’s been my best friend since I was a boy.” Xavier explained. Matsunami dropped down to one knee to pet the black Pomeranian.


“So you like dogs too huh? I have a pug at home.”


“Maybe our dogs could hang out sometime.” Xavier suggested jokingly.


“Sounds fun, I’d love that.” Matsunami added.


“I think the prelims are about to start!” the green eyed youth said while grabbing the remote and turning the TV on.


“Do you want anything to drink? How about a snack? I have a few things in the fridge and I’m about to make some buffalo wings.” Offered the scar faced young man.


“Buffalo wings!” Matsunami said instantly and excitedly. She then cleared her throat and amended, “I mean, I’d like that.”


“Comin’ right up!”


“Do you have any grape soda?”


“In fact, I do. I’ll get you one.”


Xavier walked to the kitchen and put on a blue cooking apron and came back with a grape soda for his new friend.


“Here. I’m gonna go take care of this chicken real quick.”


“Thank you!” remarked the brunette with gratitude.


“You’re welcome” answered the host politely. While Xavier worked in the kitchen, Matsunami looked around at all of the family photos on the wall. One of them really caught her attention. It was a framed picture of a younger Xavier dressed in boxing trunks posing with who she assumed to be his mother and sister. His clenched, taped fist was raised, posing after a victory in the squared circle.


That explains the force he generated with his punches in the restaurant.’ Matsunami thought to herself. She continued to look around the living room and saw another photo that caught her eye. This second picture was a halloween themed photo which depicted a much younger child Xavier and his mother as Bleach characters Ichigo Kurosaki and Tier Harribel respectively. Meanwhile, Xavier quickly floured the chicken and put it in the deep fryer.


“I’m back, it’ll be a few minutes before the chicken is ready.” Xavier said before sitting down on the couch with her.


“Did you just move here?” Matsunami asked.


“How did you know that?” the auburn haired youth questioned while leaning back on the couch.


“The dumpsters and the recycling bins out front are full of broken down cardboard boxes.” Asserted the observant young woman.


“Yeah. I moved here a week ago. We got here before our stuff did. My mom finished the paperwork for the house after we got here and the movers arrived with our stuff yesterday. I really haven’t gotten the chance to check out the city yet but my family are already saying good things about it .”


“They say this is the land of dreams. That’s why so many people move here every year.” Matsunami added with a head nod.


“Yeah, we moved out here because my mom found a new job in the city. I hope you’re right about this being the city of dreams.” Xavier explained.


“Wanna know something? I actually saw you before we ran into each other at Jake-N-The Box. You were in the mall before that weren’t you? I saw a short guy with Khaki pants that looked like you.” Matsunami suggested, raising her eyebrow while asking the question. Xavier was taken aback by her statement, which caused him to drop the bag he was holding on the counter.


“You saw… that?” Xavier asked, stunned by Matsunami’s admission, recalling the incident where he slipped and fell in front of everyone.


“Yeah I did. You said you’re working as a college recruiter.” Matsunami recalled.


“Not a great first day but it’s not over yet.” The young recruiter quipped with a slight smirk on his face.


“Are you trying to recruit me to sign up for college?” asked the scantily clad beauty playfully.


“Maybe, new opportunities might be closer than you think.” Xavier said slyly.


“I’ll get back to you on that.” responded the short haired girl.


“I’m just sayin, don’t overlook the chance.”


“Seems like plenty of other people did.” Matsunami retorted back with a smirk.


“Ay! Today was my first day. It’s a work in progress.”


“So, what made you get into college recruiting?” Matsunami asked while locking eyes with him.


“Good question, considering I wasn’t able to recruit anyone today.” Remarked the BSU employee, mocking himself. He paused briefly before speaking again.


“I did it to help my mom. She’s the CEO of this new college that’s launching at the beginning of next year. I don’t have any experience in sales or doing this kind of work. She’s working on getting people to fill staff positions such as professors and administrative people to help get the university up and running.” the young man explained.


“It sounds like there’s a lot that has to be done before everything is ready…” Matsunami said before pausing briefly.


“So what college are you recruiting for?” Inquired the curious guest.


“Uhhhh… BSU…uh… It’s an Adult Entertainment University.” Xavier answered nervously.


“Adult Entertainment, so it’s a porn school?”




“Ooh, that’s interesting. I always wondered what it’s like to attend one of those.” Matsunami continued on, giving him a suggestive grin. “So, are you looking forward to “working” in front of the camera?” She asked, looking at him with interest to hear what he was gonna say next.


“The chicken is ready!” He said before getting up and rushing back to the kitchen. Once there he swiftly sauced and tossed the chicken and poured them on a long oval shaped platter. He brought out the platter of Buffalo Chicken Wings along with another platter full of sub sandwiches.


“Here it is!” Proclaimed the former pizza man. Matsunami picked up one of the wings and took a bite.


“Mmmmmm! This is delicious!” Matsunami announced joyously.


“It’s my own secret sauce recipe!”


“Did you work at a restaurant before you got into the recruiting thing?” the sexy green eyed girl asked.


“Yeah, I work at Pizza Shack and I was a cook at a couple of other places. I’ve been doing food service work since I was 14. I played around making my own “off the menu” items all the time. I learned a lot from watching the more experienced cooks,” Xavier answered while grabbing a sandwich.


“You’re working two jobs?” Matsunami asked inquisitively.


“Yeah, but I’m quitting Pizza Shack soon. I won’t have time to do both. It was cool while I was there though. I’ll miss the 50% employee discount.” Xavier answered while playfully slapping his stomach. He then asked Matsunami a question of his own.


“Is that your motorcycle out there?” The scar faced man questioned, surprised by the fact she rode one to get there.


“Yeah! It’s how I get around. Though I like to ride it just for the fun of it. It’s one of my hobbies.”


“You’re not at all scared about crashing?”


“No. I don’t live my life in fear of what COULD happen. We don’t know how long we have on Earth, so I live everyday like it’s my last. That way I have no regrets.”


“You like fightin and ridin dangerous motorcycles. So you like livin on the edge, an adrenaline junkie huh?” The young man asked with his eyebrow raised.


“Ya, you’re right hun. I love the rush I get from riding my bike. There’s some other crazy stuff I wanna try too!” Matsunami explained before taking a pause, knowing Xavier would ask a question.


“Like what?”


“I wanna go skydiving someday. You wanna do it with me?” Asked the brunette with a suggestive smirk. Xavier hesitated to answer, wondering if she intended a double meaning. Before he could respond they heard an announcement.


“Welcome to the Supreme Fighting Championship live on Pay-Per-View! Tonight we have a stacked card of fights lined up ladies and gentlemen!” said the voice of one of the announcers.


“That’s right! We have 3 championship fights. We’re in for a slugfest tonight Dave!” replied a second announcer on TV.


“You wanna wager on the main event?” Matsunami asked while raising her brow.


“How about $20? I got Smith.” Xavier commented, choosing the favorite and defending champion.


“You’re on, I’ll take Rogers then!” Matsunami agreed before taking a bite of a chicken wing.


Just as the Pay-Per-View was starting its first fight, Xavier’s phone went off. He looked at his notifications and frowned in a mixture of annoyance and distress which Matsunami noticed.


Over the course of the SFC event, Xaver checked his phone 3 more times, unintentionally grabbing Matsunami’s attention with his actions.



(4 hours later…..)


With the SFC event now over, Xavier and Matsunami discussed the outcome of the fights.


“Damn I thought I had it! Smith was winning the whole fight. Rogers got a lucky punch with 10 seconds left. This is bullshit!” Xavier cursed passionately while pounding on the coffee table in annoyance. Matsunami was tickled by his complaining. She giggled as he reached into his pocket. Xavier pulled out his wallet and removed the folded $20 bill.


“Here…” remarked the young man as he handed Matsunami the $20 note.


“No, it’s ok you don’t have to pay me.” Replied the busty brunette before scooting closer to Xavier. She moved closer to him before resuming speaking.


“It’s time for the real main event.” Matsunami remarked suggestively while leaning in towards Xavier.


“Hmm, what do you meanmmmmmph…!?” Xavier said, gasping as Matsunami jumped on top of him, covering his mouth with her own.


He felt something wet and slippery brushing over his lips before forcing its way into his mouth. He tasted something soft and sweet and his eyes went wide once he realized it was her tongue!




The brunette purred as she ventured inside of his mouth with her tongue. She then grabbed his left hand and pulled it to her huge right tit. Xavier’s fingers flexed on impulse, squeezing the insanely soft mound. Xavier’s heart stopped for a few seconds due to the sudden nature of the situation.


Damn! That escalated quickly!‘ Xavier thought to himself, not expecting to be THRUST into such a scenario! His adrenaline started to pump at a heavy pace like a boxer just before the ringing of the opening bell for round 1 in a championship fight!


This ain’t a test!‘ The young man thought, noting the difference between his previous encounter with Sara and his current escapade!


Xavier’s heartbeat accelerated even more as he intentionally squeezed that big soft tit. He could FEEL her stiff nipple pressing against his palm as he slipped his own tongue back along hers. The scar faced teenager pressed down on it with his thumb, mashing into it like a well timed button press on a fighting video game.


Matsunami cooed as she tongue grappled with Xavier, leaning into him and pushing his back against the couch. He felt the back of his head come to rest against the cushioned armrest of the couch before Matsunami broke the kiss and sat up slowly. She then reached down with both hands, grabbing the edges of her top and pulling it up and over her head, letting her big tits spill free.


MY GOODNESS…” Xavier said in awe as he looked at the huge mounds now hanging above his head as Matsunami leaned back down over him. This revealed the “X” shaped scar on Matsunami’s breasts in full.


WOW…” gasped the auburn haired man, in admiration of her imperfection. The scar enhanced Xavier’s physical attraction to her even more!


The brown haired girl gave a cute giggle, shaking her body from side to side, making her tits sway in his face. He gulped at the soft BOING BOING sound they made. The dark haired young man felt his pants getting tighter at the vision hanging over him.


“Get to work.” she told him.


He grinned, reaching his hands up to touch both breasts, cupping his hands around them. They felt heavy, warm, and incredibly soft. Xavier pressed and fondled Matsunami’s breasts like an excited child experiencing putty in his hands for the first time. He pressed his thumbs on the scars on the inner sides of meaty melons and rubbed up and down on them, eliciting sudden yelps and moans from Marsunami.


“Ahhhhh! Uuunnnnhh!” Sighed the busty scarred beauty as her upper body jerked slightly. Xavier gleefully manipulated her tits, moving them up and down. He peppered her left breast with kisses all over, saving the areola and nipple for last.


“Ooooooh! Ahhhhhh….”


Goosebumps formed on her left breast as Xavier paint brushed her nipple with his tongue. Xavier did the same with her right breast.


“Annnhhh!” Matsunami moaned softly as he squeezed both of them firmly, pressing them together and moving them in slow circles. Her nipples stood out against her tan skin and Xavier couldn’t help but trace his thumbs around them both. Xavier then pressed her nipples with his thumbs like a pair of buttons on a video game controller!




Matsunami moaned, an erotic sound that made Xavier’s pants tighter than they already were. He could actually hear the fabric of his pants straining against his dick!


“Ahhhmmmmh…” Xavier grunted, opening his mouth wide as he leaned his head up, closing his lips around one stiff nipple then swirling his tongue around the hardened piece of flesh. He began sucking on her tit roughly, savoring the feel of it in his mouth. Xavier closed his eyes, focusing entirely on the sensation of her nipple against his tongue.


“Mmmmmmh, yeah, don’t stop…” cooed Matsunami, lowering her chest towards him more.


“Mmmmh, ahmmmh…” Xavier groaned, trying to suck more of her breast into his mouth, relishing the taste and feel of her skin. He then pulled his mouth free with a soft ‘pop’, licking his saliva from her nipple before moving over to the other one once more. He sucked her nipple into his mouth and bit down on it softly.


“Ahhhn, yeah… Mmmmh…” Matsunami moaned, licking her lips slowly as she looked down at him. He looked back up at her as he took both her tits and pulled her nipples to his mouth. Xavier flicked his tongue between the hard points as Matsunami moaned in bliss. He then pulled both nipples into his mouth as he moved his hands down to grab her rounded ass.




Matsunami moaned as he gave her butt a firm two handed slap. She then smirked at him as he began pushing down her tiny skirt she had on. He’d hooked his thumbs through the waist straps of her panties as well, stripping her entire lower half in a smooth, shimmying motion.


Matsunami wiggled her ass for him, gently sliding out of her clothes as she sat up on her knees on the couch. Xavier sat up with her and she helped him strip out of his clothes hurriedly. He pulled his shirt up and over his head while she undid his belt and pants. Next, she YANKED down his pants, tossing them aside like so much trash. She then stared at his cock with an expression of awe as it stood up tall, thick, and proud. His monster dick rose high, extending past the height of his head!


“Damn!” she said, her eyes wide.


Slowly, Matsunami licked her luscious lips as she let out a slow breath. She grabbed Xavier’s dick with both hands, her look of awe returning when she couldn’t make the fingers of her hands meet around its girth. The expression of awe turned to one of open lust and wanton desire as she slowly pumped her hands up and down his meat shaft. Her index fingers traced along the veins throbbing on the sides as she got down and opened her mouth wide.


“Haaaaahhhhhhmmmmh…” she moaned, dragging her tongue along the underside of his cock from the base to the very tip. She then kissed the wide head of his dick before purposefully drooling all over his length. The brown haired young woman then spread her spit with her hands, making his cock all glistening and slippery before she pressed it between her huge tits!


“Ooooooh…” Xavier groaned in response to the feel of her bare tits pressing around his dick. They were soft and warm, and felt like silk as she began moving them up and down very slowly. He grunted again at the way his pole moved between them smoothly.


“Like that?” she asked playfully, moving her tits up and down a little faster.


“Oh yeah, ahhh… Su… Suck the tip!” he gasped, fighting the urge to thrust up with his hips.


“Haahmmmmmph!” Matsunami moaned, closing her lips around the tip of his dong.


“Nmmmmmmmph… Yummmmh…” she moaned, swirling her tongue around the flared end of his cock as she slowly sucked and slurped loudly. Xavier leaned back, closing his eyes at the sensation of her moving her mouth up and down on the top several inches of his dick.


“Hmmmmmph, ahnmmmmph, hmmmmph…” Matsunami moaned as she slurped away at his dick while rubbing her heavy melons up and down his length. Xavier focused his mind and tried to think about something else to help resist busting an early nut. He thought about the most boring thing that came to mind!


BASEBALL!‘ Xavier exclaimed mentally. Thoughts of the long, time-consuming sport helped him stay poised and composed in the face of Matsunami’s Blowjob-Paizuri combo attack.


“Yeah, That’s what I’m talkin about…” Xavier sighed in pleasure as Matsunami bobbed her head up and down faster, still moving her tits with her head. The brown haired young woman kept her tits pressed tightly around his meat, making it feel almost like his entire length was moving down her throat!


“Nmmmmmph, hmmmmph, GUUUUMMMMMMPH!” Matsunami moaned, then gagged loudly as she let her tits fall away from his cock before suddenly deepthroating the entire thing! She took her time and slowly took his length at deliberate pace so as to not overwhelm herself.


A feeling of slick, wet, warmth engulfed his entire dick as Matsunami lowered her nose down to his balls! It was so intense that he almost came right there!


“Haaaah…Hold up!” Xavier grunted loudly. He looked down at her as she held his cock in her throat. Her neck bulged from the girth of his dick. If she had been wearing a choker, it surely would have snapped off!


GUUUHMMMMMMMMPH!!! HMMMMMMMMWAH!” Matsunami gagged, then gasped as she pulled her head up and off slowly. Long strings of her saliva stretched away from her lips as she pulled back and smiled up at them. He watched as she used both hands to stroke his cock again, her grip made all slippery from her spit. Xavier smirked as the girl pumped her hands up and down his cock faster, her fingers making a wet squishy sound as they rubbed along his shaft.


“Mmmaaaaah…” she then moaned, licking the side of his dick from the base of his shaft to the tip again with a playful gleam in her eyes. She then climbed back up onto the couch with Xavier, pushing him onto his back before getting on top of him in a classic sixty-nine position. The dark haired youth reached his arms up around Matsunami’s thighs, slapping her ass again before grabbing her cheeks with both hands. He clapped the buns of her ass together several times as he looked at the moist lips of her pussy.


“Oooh, you got a phatty!” he told her before craning his head and licking his tongue between her wet pink petals.


OOOOOOH! Mmmmmmmn…Ahhhhhh!” Hollered the brunette in pure pleasure. Xavier slowly flicked his tongue, gently caressing her vaginal walls with it.


HAAAAMMMMMMPH!!!” Matsunami moaned loudly before swallowing his cock back down her slender throat.


Matsunami sighed in delight and took deep heavy breaths as Xavier covered her pussy with his mouth, sliding his tongue in as far as it would reach before pulling back. He then moved his tongue in wide strokes, starting at her clit then moving up. Next, he used his fingers to spread the lips of her pussy, exposing the bright pink insides before pushing his tongue farther inside her.




Matsunami moaned as she bobbed her head up and down on his cock. Xavier could feel it moving through her throat with every motion, letting out a soft grunt every time. He gripped her ass tighter with his hands, his fingers sinking into her fleshy buns a fair amount before encountering the muscle of someone who exercised regularly. The spiky haired young man squeezed and gripped her ass, playfully moving her cheeks up and down.


NMMMMMMMMMPH!!! UUUAHHH!!!!!” Matsunami screamed when Xavier switched tactics and began sucking roughly on her clit. The brown haired girl bucked on top of him, pressing hard against his face; but he held on firmly, focusing his attention on her clitoris even more. Matsunami then grabbed his balls in her hands, rolling them around with her fingers; she began bobbing her head up and down faster, gagging loudly every time she pulled her head back up.


HMMMMMMPH, GUG, NMMMPH, GUH, HRMMMMPH, AGUG…” she moaned in sync with the motions of her head. Xavier then thrusted his hips on reflex, making her choke loudly.


GUHMMMMMMMMMPH!!!” Matsunami moaned, as her love juices began to flow on his face.


Oh, she likes that huh?’ thought Xavier as he thrust his hips again as he resumed sucking and nibbling on her clit.


HMMMMMMMMPH!!! AGUH GUH GUG GUGH HURK GURK GUG GUH GUH GUH!!!” she gagged repeatedly, her entire body shaking on top of him.


The brown haired hottie moaned in pleasure, her wails growing louder as she moved into a fixed, still posture and allowed him to just wildly fuck her mouth and throat!


This might get her!‘ Xavier thought in regards to recruiting Matsunami, nibbling on her clit lightly once more. He kept up the pace for a full minute before he had to stop to let the girl breathe. Matsunami pulled her head free with a loud gasp, panting heavily as she kissed her way up and down his dick, marking it with her lipstick. Xavier suddenly lifted Matsunami, spun her around and laid her on her back.


“Are you ready for this?”


Xavier then laid on his stomach, placing his head between her thighs. He alternated between sucking, nibbling and licking Matsunami’s clitoris. At the same time he slid two fingers inside her pussy. He hooked his fingers and pushed them as deeply as he could into her warm moist hole.


AHHHHHH! OUUUGHHH! ANNNHHHAHHH!” Howled the woman with the emerald eyes. She squeezed the couch cushions with both hands. The brunette clenched her teeth and her toes curled, reacting to Xavier’s cunnilingus skills. Despite only having sex with two women prior to this, he was very familiar with the art of pussy eating. This is a result of his ex-girlfriend loving to receive oral sex and her insistence on him performing it on her regularly.


UUUWAAAAAAH! OOOOOOHH! DON’T STOP! I’M ALMOST THERE!!” Matsunami demanded. Xavier seized the moment and drove his fingers in and out faster while also spearing her clit with the tip of his tongue!


I’M CUMMMMMINNNNNGGG!” Matsunami bellowed in uproarious lust, reflexively wrapping her legs around his head. Her body quivered rapturously as she unknowingly squeezed his head with her thighs. After a few seconds she relaxed her body, releasing him from her grip. Xavier sat up and took a deep breath.


“Hmmmmmh fuuuuck! That was sooo good…” Matsunami moaned before rolling over on her stomach and grabbing onto the armrest in front of her. She continued getting into position by getting on her knees and assuming the doggy style posture. Xavier hurriedly sat up and moved up onto his knees behind her. Grabbing her ass with both hands again, Xavier slipped his meat stick between the buns of her ass. He chuckled, it really did look a lot like a hotdog!


Slowly, Xavier began sliding his dick back and forth between the cheeks of Matsunami’s ass. A soft wet smack sound echoed in the room as his balls slapped against her pussy, with her ass cheeks rippling from the impacts. The brown haired girl rolled her body with him, clenching her buttcheeks around his thick cock as she let out an erotic moan.


“Hmmm, hurry up!” she moaned, “Spear me with that thick, fat, hard beef stick! I wanna feel you deep inside me! Spread that pussy wide!”


“You sure you want it?” Xavier asked playfully, smacking her ass, making it jiggle and shake.


“Yeeeaah, show me what you can do with that beast cock!” she said excitedly as he continued sliding his length back and forth slowly, loving the silky feel of her skin. He then pulled back and pushed his cock down, the tip rubbing against her pussy before he began sliding his length along its folds from beneath. Her hot juices ran all over his dick as she pressed her thighs around his dong. Xavier pulled his rod back again and pushed it between her ass cheeks once more.


“Haaaannnn, stop teasing me!” Matsunami moaned, rolling her hips wantonly.


Xavier grinned and pulled back again, lining his dick up with her pussy. He grabbed a hold of his dick with one hand and grabbed a big handful off Matsunami’s meaty ass with the other. Just as he was about to penetrate the scar chested woman, he saw bright light shining through the blinds on the window near the front of the house.


“Shit! Someone’s here, probably my sister! But she’s not supposed to be here!” Xavier panicked. Both Xavier and Matsunami scrambled to get dressed. After about a minute there was a click of the door knob. Xavier then stood up nervously as the door opened.


“Who’s motor…” Said a voice before suddenly stopping. It was Xavier’s sister Xaria who walked through the door.


“Xaria… I thought you were staying with Cuz?” Xavier said, confused by his sister’s presence.


“I am, I just came back to get something. Am I interrupting something?” Xaria asked suspiciously.


“No, we were just watching SFC…” Xavier answered, partially telling the truth.


OOOH!” Xaria gasped after taking a closer look at Matsunami. “You’re making “friends” faster than I thought. Impressive job bro. She’s prettier than your ex!” Xaria teased.


“It’s not like that. This is my friend, Matsunami!” Xavier countered while blushing uncontrollably. Matsunami remained silent, choosing not to insert herself into the family discussion. She instead waved and nodded to acknowledge Xavier’s sister, Xaria.


“Well…uhhhh It’s getting late. We gotta go! See ya later!” Xavier said abruptly, causing Matsunami to laugh. Xavier then grabbed Matsunami by the hand and power walked to the door. Once outside Matsunami questioned him.


“What was that about?” She asked.


“I’m the only boy. My sister and all the other women in my family are nosy and overprotective when it comes to what’s going on with me. Especially after how poorly my last relationship went.” Xavier answered.


“So what now?” Questioned the short haired woman.


“Well, we could get a hotel and finish what we started…” Xavier suggested with a perverted grin.


“Nah, I’m not in the mood anymore. That unexpected walk in killed the vibe we had.” Explained the busty green eyed woman. Xavier stood there unsure what to say or do next.


“You know what? There’s something I wanna show you!” Matsunami remarked before walking over to her motorcycle which was parked on the other side of Xavier’s car.


“C’mon! I have an extra helmet!” Matsunami encouraged, waving for Xavier to follow her.


Riding on the back of a motorcycle?… What if she crashes? I can’t do that!’ Xavier thought to himself, panicked by the notion of getting on a motorcycle with Matsunami.


“Uhhh…Uhhhhh. How about I just follow you to where you’re going?” Xavier suggested instead.


“Sigh… Ok, go ahead.” Matsunami answered back in a slightly annoyed tone. She then put on her helmet and got on her bike. Xavier got in his car and followed Matsunami as she took off.


Matsunami rode her motorcycle fast and hard, weaving back and forth through the multiple empty lanes of traffic. She did wheelies, bunny hopped and did a variety of stunts on her bike as if she was trying to entertain Xavier as he followed her.


Whoa! What is she doing?!’ Xavier thought to himself as he followed the motorcycle riding brunette.


After about 30 minutes of driving, they took an exit which led them to the Sapphire Falls, an area of steep rocky cliffs and mountains which were separated by towering waterfalls. The falls had several tiers each leading to more waterfalls below. The waters on the very bottom tier fed directly into the Atlantic ocean. Sapphire Falls was a beautiful combination of high mountain cliffs, and a continuously flowing, powerful current of white and blue waters. The raging river-like tide rippled with waves of shimmering bubbles.


Wow!..This is incredible! I’ve never seen anything like it!’ Xavier thought to himself stunned by just how high the waterfalls were.. The treacherous, unforgiving, river laced mountain ranges looked like a death trap, but at the same time were so opulent it rivaled the look of the landscape style screensavers prominent on Windows PCs. Matsunami continued walking from the parking area to one of the large cliffs. Once parked, Xavier got out of the car and walked up to Masunami.


“What are we doing here?” Asked the spiky haired young man with a look of confusion on his face.


“I wanted to show you this. Matsunami answered while walking closer to the edge of the cliff. After getting close enough, she sat down on one of the many boulders near the edge.


“Look around, isn’t it beautiful up here?” Matsunami asked while waving her hand from left to right high above her head. Xavier looked down and realized just how high up they were.


“Damn, this is hundreds of feet in the air!” Answered the young man, still confused about what they were doing here. “But the view of the water does look nice.”


“Have a seat hun!” Matsunami yelled while slapping the rock next to her. Xavier sat down next to Matsunami.


“You know, you’re an interesting guy.” Matsunami said.


“Why do you say that?” Questioned the green eyed man curiously, scratching the side of his head. A drop of sweat ran down his face once again, a combination of the humid night air and Xavier’s own nerves.


“Because you made me laugh with your Bruce Lee routine earlier today. I grew up watching kung fu movies too. We have a few things in common like liking Martial Arts flicks and MMA. That, and the time I first saw you, you were in the middle of shaking off a group of girls trying to rob you in the parking lot… ya don’t see that every day. You picked up my phone off of the counter and returned it. All these things made me wanna learn more about you. That’s why I came over tonight. You look pretty cute when you do ‘that look’” Remarked the girl with the scar on her chest.


WHAT?” Xavier answered back, dumbfounded by her admission. The nervousness was evident in his expression.


YA! That’s the look I’m talking about. The same one you did when I asked if you liked what you saw on my phone.” The brunette pointed out as Xavier blushed once again.


“I get like that sometimes.” Xavier admitted briefly looking away from her. “I get nervous around women, especially beautiful ladies like you. My anxiety over women makes my work more difficult.” Xavier admitted candidly.


“I understand how you feel, X. It can be like that sometimes. I was once like that when I first started at my job 2 years ago. I was nervous about interacting with customers.”


“What do you do at your job?” Questioned the young man.


“I work in the “service industry”. I regularly have to convince customers to spend their hard earned money. On top of that I’m always competing against my co-workers for customers and sales and tips.” Matsunami explained. Before Xavier could ask any further questions the brunette resumed speaking.


“You told me you’re a recruiter. How do you expect to recruit anyone if you’re scared to talk to people? You’re gonna have to be confident, or at least give the appearance of it. You have to make people believe in you, ya know?” Matsunami pointed out. “To do that you gotta share stuff about yourself, to get other people to trust you. There is no way around it.” Stated the brunette. Xavier sat silently for a few seconds.


“You know what, you’re right.” admitted the young man while looking at Matsunami seriously. He gathered his thoughts once more.


“Like I was saying earlier. I’m working as a recruiter because my mom is the owner. There is a lot at stake here. I have to get at least 3,000 students signed up and enrolled to attend school or we will not be allowed to begin the school year.” Xavier pointed out.


“I don’t know if I can pull it off. A lot of people are counting on me. My mom has gotten a few loans to pay for everything she’s trying to set up. If I can’t make things happen on my end all of this can collapse. The way today went, it makes me think it’s not gonna work out. I mean I don’t have any experience or training on how to do this stuff.” the vulnerable young man further pointed out. Matsunami could tell by the look on his face that he was completely overwhelmed by the task that faced him at work, but before she could respond, Xavier resumed speaking.


“After the recruiting period is over I’m supposed to begin as a student at the university too. My own future is tied up in this as well. I don’t know what to do here.” Xavier lamented before looking off into the distance. Matsunami then took notice.


“While we were watching the fight you kept checking your phone. Every time you checked it you looked sad after… It seems like something else has been bothering you all day.


“Since you brought it up I guess I’ll tell you. While I was at the mall working, I looked at the notifications on my phone. I saw a bunch of posts from my ex girlfriend. There were all kinds of pictures and videos, mostly thirst traps but there were a few pictures of her and her new boyfriend. You see, Me and my ex grew up together. She was awkward, a nerd like I was, so we really clicked as friends. After a while things just kinda happened and we fucked one night. After that we were inseparable. She was my first girlfriend and I thought we were gonna get married later on. But things didn’t work out that way.” Xavier explained.


“What happened?” Matsunami asked eager to hear what happened next.


“She was always very self conscious about herself, especially with her looks. I always thought she was beautiful but she didn’t agree. When we were growing up she always talked about how she wanted to get plastic surgery so she would look like all of the popular girls with status and respect. One day her parents let her get the surgery. I didn’t really agree with the idea but I supported it because that’s what she wanted. After she got the surgery it seemed like she was finally happy with herself. She changed how she dressed, wearing less clothes. She got contacts because she thought she looked better without her glasses. She was happy with herself but she got more distant with me. She spent less time with me and gradually stopped taking my calls and texts.” Detailed the scar faced young man.


“I thought maybe she was just going through a little phase. Maybe she was just finding herself or something but I was wrong. One day I was at the mall with my sister and my cousin and we saw her with another guy. It wasn’t just any guy either, It was the starting Quarterback from the football team. And that’s when I realized that this was what she wanted all along. Maybe I wasn’t good enough, maybe she used me, maybe it was some of both. It’s been 6 months and I still haven’t gotten over it. It bugs me a lot.” Xavier explained. Matsunami’s expression shifted to one of sadness for him.


“I know how you feel X. Relationships can be like that sometimes. Especially at our age. It’s not your fault it didn’t work out. I believe that everything happens for a reason. That bitch wasn’t for you. Someone better will come along.”


“Right now I have a perfect storm of bullshit going on. Fuck whats happening with my ex, the bigger problem is that I botched the recruiting job. The pressure feels like it weighs a ton. Tomorrow, I’m gonna have to tell my supervisor at work and my mom how badly today went. This is a lot of responsibility. I’m thinking that maybe this isn’t for me, maybe I should find a different path.”


NO!” Matsunami countered firmly. Xavier was stunned by her loud disagreement. He focused his attention on her, wondering what she was gonna say next.


“This is only round 1 of your fight X. In life, I have had some terrible first rounds both in and out of the cage. This isn’t over. Now you’ve seen what’s out there, what you’re up against. It’s time to adjust and go back out there.” Matsunami said purposefully.


The brunette continued, “You wanna know why I brought you here?.”


“Yeah.” Xavier answered in a low tone.


“Follow me.” She replied while walking towards a trail that branched off from the side of the cliff. The two walked into an area that appeared to be the inside of a mountain itself. They were surrounded by walls of rough and jagged rock. Xavier could hear the loud and steady sounds of running water. Eventually they got to the source of that noise, a giant waterfall!


“I brought you here to see this!” exclaimed the green eyed woman while waving her hand in front of the waterfall.


“What is this about?”


“This waterfall is one of the hidden gems of World City. People come here every year because this waterfall brings good luck. But to get it you have to take the leap of faith.”


“Leap of faith!? You mean jumping off of the cliff? Are you crazy!? How the fuck is that good luck?”


“Well, if you die you don’t have good luck!” Answered the brunette with a slight chuckle. Xavier then walked to the edge of the cliff and looked down.


She’s lost her damn mind.’ The young man thought to himself.


“It is believed that a person who emerges from the waters of Sapphire Falls after taking the leap is not the same person as the one before they have lept. I brought you here so we could jump hun.” Matsunami explained wearing an adventurous grin on her face.


“Why?” Questioned the Auburn haired young man.


“You see, my mother once said, ‘In order to fly, you must let go of everything that holds you down.’ Fear, Self doubt, anxiety, insecurities. You’re frozen in time, still stuck in the past. You have to rise above it all in order to move forward again.”


“You have a lot holding you back X, just let it all go and see where it takes you.You’re never gonna be able to move on, if you’re stuck in the same spot. I wanna see you fly!!” Matsunami yelled. And then without warning, Matsunami jumped forward and lept off of the cliff. Xavier watched her, stunned that she actually did it. She sailed gracefully in the air with her arms and legs in a full spread eagle posture. It looked as if she were moving in slow motion. At the apex of her jump, Matsunami turned and positioned her body vertically like she had just done a high dive off the highest diving board in the world!


MATSUNAMIIIII!!!!!!” Xavier yelled frantically as he watched her descend further and further until he saw a small splash in the ocean at the bottom of the waterfall. “FUCK!” He said as he sprinted back to where his car and Matsunami’s motorcycle were parked and threw the bike into the trunk. Xavier then got in the car and raced back down the road to the base of Sapphire Falls.


MATSUNAMI!” Xavier yelled as he got out of his car and sprinted towards the caverns at the base of the waterfall. All he could see were the overpowering waves of water that flowed through the area. He looked on for about 2 minutes. With each second that passed the chance that Matsunami survived lessened more and more. Xavier then reached for his phone, but before he could call 911, the brunette emerged from the water completely naked. She swam back to land and rose to her feet with a wild, invigorated look in her eyes.


“Have you lost your mind?! Are you ok!?” Xavier asked.


“I’m REALLY cold but aside from that I’m perfectly fine.” Matsuanami answered while shivering. Xavier took off his jacket and put it over her.


“Why didn’t you jump?” Asked the soaking wet adventurer with confusion.


“Because it’s INSANE!! You could have killed yourself!” exclaimed the young man, still in a frenzied state.


“I guess I do have good luck then.” remarked that scar chested woman while flashing a smirk.


“So maybe you do have good luck. That doesn’t mean I will.”


“Not every decision you make is a safe and sound one. Things that are worth having, are worth risking your life for. And to make a choice, sometimes you just gotta close your eyes, breathe and take a blind leap of faith.” Countered the shivering young woman.


“I already made my decision.” Xavier replied while looking away from Matsunami.


“I guess there’s nothing else for us to talk about.” Matsunami said, ending Xavier’s hopes of recruiting her to BSU.


I lost this one too…’ Xavier confirmed, based on Matsunami’s last statement.


“I’ll give you a ride home. You’ll get sick trying to ride home like that. You’re freezing.” Xavier pointed out while walking to his car. Matsunami got in the passenger’s seat.


“I stay in the Lincoln Villa Apartments, 2020 Vermillion Circle.” Matsunami informed. Xavier nodded before inputting the address. Neither spoke a word as he drove her back to her apartment.



(30 minutes later…)


Xavier pulled up to Matsunami’s building. After parking, he opened the trunk and removed her motorcycle for her.


“I know it’s dangerous and I understand why you didn’t do it… but I’m still disappointed that you didn’t jump.” Matsunami remarked.


“Disappointment is part of life…. Goodnight.” replied the young man calmly before getting back into the car. As he sped off in the direction of his house, he noticed the rain clouds gathering in the sky. After getting home he flopped onto the bed and fell asleep.



(The Williams Residence, 8PM, June 21st 20XX, The next day…)


The next day Xavier’s struggles continued. He went to another area of town to recruit, however his efforts were fruitless. Stuttering and blundering his way through enrollment attempts, he appeared unfocused to the girls he tried to recruit to BSU. He sat in his bedroom staring at the wall as if he was looking to it for an answer to his problems. His cellphone contained unread messages and missed calls from his mother, Taiyohime and Sara.


“Somethins gotta change… I can’t keep going like this…” After a moment of contemplation, he came to a realization. “I know what I gotta do…!” He immediately got up and went to his car. He drove off, his destination clear in his mind. He was going back to Sapphire Falls! After arriving at the mountain waterfall, he got out of his car and walked towards the edge of the very same cliff. Thunder began to clap and drops of rain fell from the sky. The young man looked up towards the heavens above. The falling raindrops accelerated. The wind picked up causing the water below to pound the sides of the mountain with even greater force!




The wind blew through Xavier’s hair as he stood, taking in the moment. Matsunami’s words reverberated through his mind.


[“This is only round 1 of your fight X. In life, I have had some terrible first rounds both in and out of the cage. This isn’t over. Now you’ve seen what’s out there, what you’re up against. It’s time to adjust and go back out there.”]


[“I know how you feel X. Relationships can be like that sometimes. Especially at our age. It’s not your fault it didn’t work out. I believe that everything happens for a reason.”]


[“You have a lot holding you back X, just let it all go and see where it takes you.You’re never gonna be able to move forward, if you’re stuck in the same spot. I wanna see you fly!!”] Xavier recalled in his mind. Then he heard the voice of his mother, Mei ringing out loudly in his brain.


[“Javi, you will just have to try. I know it’s not easy for you. Yes, people will tell you no but that’s a part of business. Not every attempt will be successful, in fact most won’t be, starting out. Don’t think about recruiting hundreds and thousands of students, just focus on getting 1 recruit, that’s all I’m asking.”]


[“This legacy can’t be established without you Javi.”]




Lastly, he thought back to the promise he made to his mom the night before.




“Can I truly give my best with so much bullshit weighing me down? I gotta free my mind of this, let it all go!” Xavier recalled again thinking back to Matsunami’s words to him the previous night.


“There’s no turning back, I have to do this!” Xavier affirmed fiercely. Now soaking wet from the storm, Xavier stood firm and clenched his fists tightly. It was as if the raging thunderstorm around him was an outward reflection of the storm brewing within his heart and soul! The fear which held him back the night before was washed away. Xavier closed his eyes and took off running at a full speed!


YAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!” Xavier yelled as he leapt off the edge of the cliff. It was as if he was falling in slow motion. He looked down in pure terror as he descended hundreds of feet at a speed comparable to someone sinking into quicksand.


“There is no surrender… I refuse to accept defeat!” The young man affirmed loudly while falling to his unknown fate. Gone was the fear in his heart that plagued him the night before. It was replaced with fiery conviction.


The white water at the bottom of the fall grew larger in Xavier’s view as he torpedoed his way towards the torrent of water below. He stared directly into it, clenching his fists while continuing to fall.


“No matter how hard I get hit or how many times I get knocked down, I will stand and fight!” Xavier declared ferociously as he continued to drop. Lightning struck around Xavier hitting the mountains that surrounded him. Chunks of rock broke off and fell with Xavier, narrowly missing him.


“Mom, Xaria, Miss Tai, Sara. They all have faith. They’re betting on me! I can’t allow their faith in me to go to waste!” Proclaimed the man with the scar on his face. The area immediately around him turned black, almost as if he were in outer space. Xavier looked to his left and then his right and saw bright, ethereal, burning blue orbs of energy, which encircled his body!


“I will decide my future…and make BSU successful!” Announced the young upstart drifting even further down. Xavier had arrived at the moment of truth, he was near the end of his leap of faith and would soon know if he was “Lucky” or not. Time elapsed at an even slower pace than before.


Let go of everything that was… AND STEP INTO WHAT IS!’ He thought to himself as he came face to face with the aquatic abyss at the base of Sapphire Falls!


Thousands of images from his time on earth ran through his mind as his life flashed before his eyes. Nearing the end of his quantum leap, Xavier closed his eyes and braced himself for what was coming next!




Everything faded to black.


Story by Strider_Seiryu


Busteez Slut University Roster:


🌟University Staff🌟

Meilani Williams – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Taiyohime Kuriyue Shinoda – Headmistress / Chief Operation Officer (COO)
Sara Reed – Homeroom Professor


🌟Student Body🌟

Xavier Williams – Student / Recruiter



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8 months ago

Since I already went into this in detail through the BSU Discord {which you guys can join through Patreon if you didn’t already}, here is the short version for you guys:

This was a very heavy but satisfying followup to the starting chapter. It hit nearly all the right boxes in about all the right ways. This naturally includes Xavier’s talks and interactions with the other people he’s met or known, including his mom Mei, his supervisor Taiyohime and his date {and hopefully future friend} Matsunami aka Matsu, who was today’s focus. 😁

But he’s got a tough road ahead of him though, as his first day of the job as a recruiter went exactly as one would expect, and that was pretty horribly. 😬 This could easily be chalked up to having no experience with scouting or public speaking, but it’s also due to his thoughts and insane imagination, which was very reminiscent of GTO. 😅 Seriously, that was tough to watch. ☹️

On the flip side however, this chapter really displayed a taste of the demi human side of things, which I loved. That was something we didn’t get a lot of in BSU 1.0, but thankfully it was really showing here. Plus I liked how diverse and colorful it was too. Including the goblins. 😏

There’s also the cameos that came out. Last time we had Yuriko. Here we got dirty mouthed spitfire and driver Takiko and food business heiress and cow girl Elizabeth. Their pop up appearances were done in a pretty creative way. Not to mention they’re also similar to how they were in the original story. Good thinking. Hope we get more of them later on. 😉

And lastly, there’s Matsu herself. Like in her debut in BSU 1.0, she made an instant impression. As well as really showing a lot of her personality and traits, especially her tomboyish and daredevil tendencies. Check out her old BSU profile for more details on this one. 🤓 Plus we got a good idea of her sexual skills, but it just sucks that Xaria, X’s sister, really spoiled the mood. That and X’s mood at the later half of the day really didn’t help, though I got why. 😤

Overall, this was a really impressive display of work. I’m really hoping X makes things right with Matsu later on in story. And I can’t wait to see how he comes back from this roadblock as it’s just his first day. I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s next for BSU Legends, aka Welcome to BSU 2.0! 😊

Keep up the good work! 👏 😃 – Hiryu

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
8 months ago

Incredibly happy to see this story finally on the site. Not much more to say than what I originally said on Discord. I understand where you’re coming from with the inspiration for Xavier’s daydreams, but it doesn’t really change the fact for me that it seems incredibly weird that the others just accept it. Realistically speaking, it should be a bigger deal that someone just paces out for a couple seconds and doesn’t respond to anything. This has nothing to do with me hating or liking it, but in a world so realistic and modern such as BSU, it’s something that does strike me as odd. I’m actually kinda indifferent towards it. It is a nice gimmick and makes Xavier stand out, but the fact that other characters just… don’t address it at all, when it could get him into serious life-threatening situations (like when they happen while he drives a car for example), just breaks the immersion for me a bit.

It’s not a big deal, and I’m more than aware of artistic liberty, but still…
Anyways, great chapter!

8 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Other characters don’t necessarily accept Xavier spacing out. What’s going on in his mind/daydreams are taking place at a much faster speed whats happening in the outside world around him. Sometimes his daydreams go by so quickly that there isn’t lull in what hes doing and so there isn’t a spacing out moment to be seen. In both this version and the original BSU there have been moments where I have had other characters notice when he is in thought for too long and spacing out

8 months ago

That was a pretty good chapter, and glad to see Matsunami again, and I’m pretty sure we’ll see her sister sooner. I’m curious how different the story will be from the previous one, but I’m liking this version far more than I should.

By the way, I have a question, how did you get inspired by making this world of BSU? You see, I’ve been thinking of doing the same thing, but I don’t know how should I start.

8 months ago

Glad you enjoyed the chapter As far as differences between this BSU and the original are some of the roster changes Some characters were dropped but there will be some new characters that are better than the ones we severed ties with. Another difference is that Busteez is a start up company rather than an established house of higher learning. You will see a lot of stuff being innovated. Many of the ideas from the original BSU will appear in the the reboot in a remixed form of sorts.

The initial idea of the porn school is from RT. As far as my part, I take influence from things I see daily, both real and fictional. I suggest start with something simple and then build up around it. For example The takiko character. She was inspired by my interest in custom Japanese street racing cars, like the ones in the early fast and the furious movies. it evolved over time with thought and new observations we made such as the rising popularity of ride services like uber and lyft so I made her an uber driver for her job. I keep building brick by brick with story pieces that fit along with the original idea.

8 months ago

The proper words capable of expressing my excitement haven’t been created yet. BSU is peak.

8 months ago
Reply to  Xcelsior

Thank you for your kind words. I try hard to tell tell compelling stories with my writing. I look forward to seeing you thoughts on chapter 3