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Medicine for Massive Mammaries

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Highschool of the Dead stories)
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August 10th, A.O. year 1


For many of us, the changes weren’t all bad. Some of us found our true calling in life once the old ways were left behind…



Panting heavily, Kohta Hirano slowed his run to a brisk walk as the pain in his side became even worse. His entire body felt soaked in sweat, and in the heavily humid air of the island of Busteez, it couldn’t do anything to cool him off. Thankfully, it wasn’t very hot yet as it was still early in the morning.


Kohta waited for the cramp to subside to a more bearable level before he resumed his morning run. He wanted to get back to the main colony area before the communal breakfast was served. After that he was heading over to one of the smaller islands in their archipelago.


Boomstick Island!


Kohta grinned, as he had gotten to name the island himself, and Rika, Shizuka’s friend, heartilly endorsed the name. The island itself was a little over half the size of Busteez, and it was loaded with natural hot springs! Though that was reason enough to enjoy the island, what really gave it value wasn’t so much the springs themselves, which people were already building into a Japanese Style Bath. But rather the sulfur around the springs!


Sulfur + Charcoal + Potassium Nitrate = Gunpowder!!!


The other islands had lead deposits, and they had so many empty shell casings that they wouldn’t need to worry about making new ones for a while at least. Just new slugs and gunpowder.


The dark haired young man jogged the rest of the way back to the main hotel area. His legs felt like jelly, and his lungs were both freezing and burning at the same time. Still, he wanted to get himself in better shape now, as he’d already switched to a better diet thanks to the limited options available on the island. There weren’t a lot of deep fryers available here, so he had begun eating a much healthier diet rich in vegetables and such.


Still, he’d do just about anything for a proper hamburger right about now!


The communal area where everyone ate was already beginning to fill. He had taken longer than he intended on his run. The smell of the food being prepared made his stomach growl as he approached.


“Yooo, Hiranooo!” called a voice. Kohta turned to see one of the newcomers from a few days ago. A young man roughly Kohta’s age, with spikey, messy blonde hair and blood red eyes. His name was Kei. He was from a prestigious school like his own, though Kohta couldn’t remember its name at the moment. He and Kohta got along pretty well for the most part, though he did have something of a short fuse. Which meshed well with his knowledge of explosives. Like Kohta, he was a complete Otaku, only his passion was for everything that went boom!


Something that saved the lives of him and several of his classmates. The story he told was not all that dissimilar to his own, only he’d gotten holed up in the chemistry lab of his school. Using his knowledge of explosives and combustibles, he made a number of small but potent bombs that he used to clear a path through “Them”. From the way he explained it, he took some of the hand soap from the lab and converted it into nitroglycerin. With that he had been able to clear out large swaths of the infected, allowing himself and several of his classmates to escape relatively unscathed.


But not before he’d been forced to put down his best friend who’d gotten bitten after trying to fight off one of “them” hand to hand in the early stages of the madness. Takashi sympathized heavily with that when he heard their story.


Kohta waved back to Kei as he came over, “You seen that blonde nurse with the big tits? She wasn’t in the hospital this morning.”


“Shizuka-sensei? No, not since the other night.” Kohta confessed, “Is someone sick?”


Kei nodded, “One of the girls from my class was feeling a little nauseous this morning.” the young man said, gesturing over to a group of girls that had escaped to the island with him. Kohta spotted the one he meant sitting in a chair surrounded by her friends. She had short cut chestnut hair and rosy colored cheeks. Kohta felt worried for her almost immediately, as she looked positively green, though it seemed it was from the smell of the food.


“Mandi doesn’t wanna say it, but we think she might be pregnant.” he said to Kohta.


“Which one is Mandi again?” Kohta asked.


“Black hair, messy ponytail, leaves her shirt open to show off her cleavage.” Kei told him.


Kohta spotted her quickly after that, standing next to the sick girl, laying a comforting hand on her shoulder. The gun nerd wasn’t surprised that some women were starting to get pregnant, was only natural given the only way to effectively treat the Swelling Sickness was to fuck.


“I feel bad for being the one that likely knocked her up, with her having been my best friend’s girl, but I promised him I’d take care of her in his last moments.” said Kei, “And she was really suffering when the swelling thing hit her.”


“I’ll go see if I can find Shizuka.” said Kohta.


“Thanks, we still on for making gunpowder later? Some of the army types were excited to hear we might be able to resupply bullets without having to hit up police and military bases.” Kei said with a grin.


Kohta grinned back, “Oh yeah, you know it!” he said in accented English while doing a thumbs up. He then headed into the building that currently doubled as the Hospital for the island. Kohta wasn’t sure what it was originally, but it was a small two story building with a very box-like design. The first floor had a lot of tiled rooms, making it perfect for turning to a sterile environment, thus, it had become their hospital. He’d heard of a surgeon being rescued, but had yet to meet the man personally.


Shizuka had set up a residence on the second floor, which had several small apartment-like rooms equipped with a shower and toilet, if little else. They finally had running water thanks to a pumping station on one end of the island that took sea water and converted it to relatively fresh water. It was some kind of new age prototype that some of the engineers had gotten fully up and running. Though they had a steady supply of fresh water now, restrictions were still in place on how it was used, which is why some were looking forward to getting the bath house up and running.


Kohta moved up a short flight of stairs to the second floor. There was an elevator, but no one really used it unless they were taking something heavy upstairs. Besides, why should he use it to go up one floor when he was trying to get in better shape?


Shizuka’s apartment was at the end of a short hall, facing southwest. He remembered her saying she wanted to be able to watch the sunset. When Kohta reached the door, he raised his hand and knocked on it softly.


“Shizuka-sensei, are you awake?” he asked through the door.


“Uhh, ahhh, ye… Yessss… I’m… I’m awaaaaake…” came her reply, “I’m just, having a little trooouble, leaving… Hah, ahh, hah…”


Kohta heard a thud from within the room and immediately grabbed at the handle of the door. It turned smoothly and the door swung inward with a very soft creak. The dark haired youth rushed inside, his eyes doubling in size as twin jets of blood shot out of his nostrils!


“Hiii…” said Shizuka in a soft voice as she knelt naked in the middle of her apartment. Well, Kohta guessed she was naked, all he could see of her were her naked tits, shoulders, and head! The blonde woman’s breasts had grown HUGE! Bigger than any of the other times she’d suffered from the swelling sickness. Each of her tits was easily bigger than her entire body had been before. So big, that he didn’t know how she was even able to move.


“Shi… Shizuka-sensei!!!” he gasped, an insane amount of pressure in his pants as his cock tore through the tracksuit he was wearing with a loud SHRIP!


“Oooooo…!” she muttered angrily, bringing her fists up into view, “Don’t just stand there, help meeee…!” she whimpered. Her golden eyes then moved down to his giant erection that had just ruined his tracksuit pants. It was nearly as big as his torso and stood out proudly from his body, still throbbing.


The blonde haired woman then licked her lips slowly and erotically as she let out a slow breath that seemed to steam in the humid air somehow. She then locked eyes with Kohta and let out a soft cooing moan.


“Hurryyyy…” she said softly.


“Shizuka-senseeeiiii!!!” Kohta yelled, moving over to her island grabbing ahold of her gigantic tits as he shoved his massive dick up between them.


AHHAAAHHHH, MY TITS!!! AHHH, MY TITS FEELS SO GOOOD!!!!” Shizuka moaned as he gripped her breasts tightly, his fingers practically vanishing into the soft creamy flesh as his cock slipped between them easily. Both his and her bodies were sweaty, especially between her breasts, making everything all slick and slippery as the tip of his cock peaked up from between the fleshy mountains!


HMMMMMMMMH, YUMMY COCK!!!!” she moaned giddily before opening her mouth wide and wrapping her plump lips around the tip of his dick!


“Ahhhaaah…” Kohta moaned, his voice cracking slightly as he felt the inside of Shizuka’s warm and wet mouth.


MMMMMMH, SHO MUSHKY AN’ WHARM… MUH MOUPH PHEELSH SHO PHULL, AYE WUV DISHHH…” Shizuka slurred happily, her eyes closed with a blissful expression on her face as she pressed her gigantic tits around his cock harder. “HMMMMMHMMMMMMMPH, PHEELSH SHO GUUD BEHTWEEN MUH BOOBSH, AHHHMMMMPH, SHO BHIG AN’ HAWD!! AYE JUSHT WANNA SHUCK AND SHUUUCK… AGUMMMMPH NMMMMMPH HMMMMMMNNNPH!!!” she moaned, letting her body’s weight rest more on her tits, pushing his cock farther between them and into her mouth.


Kohta could see her slender throat bulging from the girth of his oversized dick as she took it further into her mouth. The way her lips pulled away from her face every time she moved her head back was so erotic that Kohta couldn’t help himself as he grabbed hold of her blonde head with both hands!


HUGUUUUPH AGUGH GUH GUMMMMMPH!!! AGUUUH, YESH, AHGUGUGH YESH, PHUCK MUH PHASHE!!! AHHAAAUUGH, YESH, MOAR, HAWDER, DHEEPER!!! MMMMMMPH GUH GUH GUG GURK GUH GUH GUH…!” Shizuka moaned around his cock loudly as he began swinging his hips hard, shoving his length in and out of her mouth roughly.


“Haaaaah, Shizuka-senseeeiiii…” he groaned, trying to deepen his voice as he pumped his cock back and forth faster.


AGURK GUGH GUG GUH GUMMMMPH!!! AHHUUGH… NMMMMMPH, MUH MOUPH, MUH TIDSH… AHHH, SHO GUUD, GUUMMINGH… AHHHGUUUGUH… GUUD, GUUD, PHEELSH SHO GUUD…! MOAR, PHUCK MUH MOUPH AND TIDDIESH MOOOOAR!!! GUH GUH GUG GUH GUGUH…” Shizuka howled in pleasure as he felt her completely submitting to his movements. Her gold eyes were almost completely white as tears of pleasure ran down her cheeks.


HMMMMMMPH, AGMMMMMPH, GUH GUG GUH GUG GUUUUMMMMMPH… AHHH GUUUMMMINGH, YESH, GUUMMMINGH!!!!” she moaned again as Kohta moaned with her, his voice going higher than he wanted, but he couldn’t help it.


“Shizuka, Shizuka, Shizuka, ahhhh, feels so good, your big naughty tiiiiits!!!” Kohta moaned as he pushed himself between her titanic tits and shoved his entire cock into her mouth. Shizuka’s arms and legs flailed wildly, an almost inhuman moan of pleasure radiating from deep in her gut as she came so hard, he could see her juices spraying out behind her!


AGUUUUUUPH, AGUG GUH GUG GUH GUG GUG GUG… NMMMMMMMPH!!!!” Shizuka moaned as he felt her body shuddering in pleasure again as Kohta pushed his cock all the way into her mouth again, her nose buried in his pubic hairs as he began cumming!


GUH GUH GUH…” she gagged as his cock throbbed in her throat, Kohta let out a slow soft groan as he felt his orgasm let up and he fell back, his cock sliding out of her throat. His length flung a mixture of cum and drool up at the ceiling as he fell back on his ass with a thud.


“Pwaaaah…” Shizuka gasped, taking several deep breaths before she used the back of her hand to wipe her mouth. She then licked her lips as her gold colored eyes stared at his still hard cock, “Nmmmmmmmh, thank you, Kohta-chan!” she said in a sweet voice before turning around, her tits making a rough sliding sound against the floor.


She then presented her ass to him, “Here’s your reward!!!” she told him as she used both hands to spread wide the lips of her dripping pussy. It was a vibrant pink, the folds puffy and swollen with need as her juices ran down her thighs like long rivers. Kohta felt his cock throbbing again as he groaned loudly. He didn’t even remember getting up, only that suddenly, he felt his cock sinking deep into Shizuka’s tight pussy!


“Haaaaaah, so tiiiiight…” he sighed in pleasure as he felt her pussy wrapping around him warmly.


HWEEEEEEGH!!!! YESSSS, AHHH, SOOOO… BHIIIG!!! CUMMING, I’M ALREADY CUMMINGH!!!” Shizuka wailed in pleasure, instantly rolling her ass back against him.


Kohta placed his hands on Shizuka’s shapely hips, grabbing them tight as he pulled back, looking down at the way her pussy clung tightly to his length. He then groaned as he pushed it back inside her with a loud wet squishing noise! Kohta could feel Shizuka’s entire body shudder as his cock moved in and out of her again and again with a loud SLAP SLAP SLAP sound.




“Waaaah, Sensei, Shizuka-senseiiii!!! Ahh, haah, ahhh, WAHAAAAAH!!!!” Kohta groaned, moving his hips faster and faster, the baby fat of Shizuka’s ass rippling with every impact of his pelvis against it.




“Hah, hah, haaAAAAAAHHH!!!” Kohta groaned, slamming his cock into her faster and faster until finally jamming it in and holding it there as he came hard!


AHHHH, SO MUCH CUM IS POURING INTO MY WOOOOOMB, IT FEELS SO GOOD!!!!” Shizuka moaned in pleasure as she shook like a leaf in the wind.


“Haaahhh…” Kohta breathed, falling back with his cock pulling out of her with a wet ‘pop’. He landed flat on his back, panting even harder than he had with his run earlier. He felt completely spent as he struggled to keep enough air in his lungs.


Several long minutes passed before he felt strong enough to sit up again. When he did, he found Shizuka standing by her bed, wearing just a sexy bikini bottom. Her breasts were a great deal smaller than before, if still impossibly huge. She was looking at several oversized white shirts made of a rough looking fabric. When she saw he was sitting up, she dropped the shirt and smiled, moving over to him with her tits bouncing and wobbling.


“Ahh, Kohta-chan, thanks so much!” she said cheerfully as she bent down and kissed his cheek, her huge tits rubbing against his shoulder.


“Ahhaaah, n… No problem!” he said, his voice louder than he wanted.


“When I woke up, my boobs had gotten so big, I could barely move, let alone fit through the door! Thanks for helping me bring the swelling down to something more manageable.” she told him, standing up and hefting her huge tits which were now only as big as her torso. They made a soft ‘BOING’ sound as she played with them.


“Ahh, I see. I came to find you when some of the newcomers couldn’t find you in the hospital.” he explained. “One of the girls might be pregnant thanks to treating the swelling disease.”


“Oh!” Shizuka gasped, “Oh my! I’ll go look into that right away!” she said, stepping over him and running out the door of her apartment.


“Shi… Shizuka Sensei, you forgot your top!” Kohta called after her.



(Story by User: SailorIo)

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1 year ago

Wow you managed to make the best titty blonde girl unappealing with that fucking flesh tumor on her chest and her weird hands that don’t fit on right.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago

Seems like Midoriya (or his easter egg counterpart in this world) won’t get a harem this time around. Well, at least that means that Bakugo Kei gets more time with the ladies and some sweet time building bombs as it seems. I like the premise of that and hope it will lead to some nice action scene later down the line. I also like how you addressed the whole pregnancy-thing, given how often they had sex by now. Hope that will become a thing in the future where they have to find a way around that problem in order to not be pregnant all the time. Kohta’s sex with Shizuka was quite hot as well and made good use of her enlarged boobs.

In the end, a pretty good and (potentially) last chapter to end the year. I hope you had pleasant holidays.

1 year ago

How much highschool of the dead is scheduled for next year

1 year ago
Reply to  Jorge

No clue

1 year ago

Really good to see more of the building of the Busteez island and to hear more of Kohta. Nice sex scene and looks like Shizuka sensei forgot to reduce her size before it was too big (or she was enjoying her new body and never expected to become so big). New characters is a nice inclusion to the roster. Hope to see more of HOTD next year. Thanks and late merry christmas and happy new year for both rtenzo and sailorio

1 year ago
Reply to  Shadowdragon

Bit of both. I needed some other characters for the group to interact with besides each other.

1 year ago

This man Kohta clibing through a island of boob is hilarious

1 year ago
Reply to  Xcelsior

Kohta deserves some hot ass every now and then